The Tutor, Miss Laura by Karen

The Tutor, Miss Laura

Joy was going to a small country school, so small that the eight grades were all in one room and numbered only about 35 students. Being in the eighth grade, Joy figured it was her duty to help the teacher, Miss Laura, in any way she could. In fact, she had developed a schoolgirl crush on this pretty 35 year old woman. Secretly, she had admired Laura's full breasts and wished that her own breasts would in time grow this large. But everything about Miss Laura was perfect - she had shoulder length blond hair, a slender waist and long slender legs, but most of all, Laura had a butt that Joy craved to run her hands over. At night, when she masturbated, she always masturbated to thoughts of Miss Laura. And generally, Joy's dreams were of her performing analingus on this beautiful woman.

Joy checked her wristwatch, it was almost time for Laura to go to the bathroom in the outdoor toilet. She hurriedly did her chores for Miss Laura and asked if she might be excused. At Laura's permission, Joy hurried out the building, taking her books with her.

The outdoor toilet was about fifty feet from the main building and Joy had noticed that Miss Laura always used the side nearest to the main building. Joy went into the backside of the toilet. These outdoor toilets were situated back to back, both girls and boys had their own.

Joy waited only about fifteen minutes when she heard Laura come into the opposite side toilet and lock the door. Joy waited until Laura had seated herself and then silently stuck her head down through the opening on her side. Laura sat there several moments before she began to pee. Joy reached over and played her hand around in the steady stream. Pulling her hand back, she licked at the moisture on her fingers and quivered with the salty flavor.

Then Miss Laura started defecating! It was beautiful, Joy thought, simply beautiful! It looked so creamy as it slowly crawled out Laura's asshole. Joy just could not resist the temptation and she stuck one of her hands out and caught the turd before it fell. Pulling it back into her side of the hole, she marveled at the dirty piece of filth and sniffed at it before she began squeezing it in her hand. It mushed up real easy as the warmth of the turd caressed her hand and fingers. She continued doing this until Laura unlocked the door and left. Dropping the mess of filth down the hole, she began taking big, long strips of toilet paper off the roll to clean her hand. It took a lot of paper, but finally she had it nearly all wiped away ... but the smell. That seemed to linger about her fingers. Taking up her books, she hurried home and washed her hands with soap.

The next day at school, Joy noticed Laura always looking at her. Remembering what she had done the previous evening made her blush right down to her toes. Every time she looked at Laura, she found Laura looking at her with that ever so slight smile. When Laura dismissed the class for the day, she told Joy to stay. Had she seen me handling her turd? ... Joy panicked.

When all of the students had left, Miss Laura said, "Joy, we need to talk about your math test - it seems you haven't been studying lately. However, I'm willing to tutor you at my home if you like. I think you need some guidance," and Laura again smiled. "You know where I live, so be there at seven ... sharp!"

"Thank you, oh thank you, Miss Laura," Joy gleefully exclaimed when she found out that her dirty deed had not been discovered after all on the previous evening. "I'll be there."

"Bring your books along, I think you need at least three hours," Laura smiled again.

Joy, taking her books, explained to her parents where she was going and within minutes was bouncing along the sidewalk towards Miss Laura's home. Ringing the doorbell, it was opened almost immediately by Laura, who looked at her clock. "Very punctual. I like that in a girl."

"It is such an honor for you to take such an interest in me," Joy beamed.

"Well ... you come with me, I have a room just set up for this tutoring," and Laura led Joy downstairs to a room with just one chair, a chair that had several attachments fastened to it. At once, Joy noticed the warmth of the room and asked about it.

"It's a faulty thermostat. Why don't we take our clothes off to start with?" Laura suggested. "It'll be much more comfortable that way."

Joy was beside herself, the thought of this beautiful woman nude set her loins afire and she was soon down to bra and panties.

"Take those off too," Laura demanded as she too slipped out of her underwear. Joy could not take her eyes off this woman as she stood there in the nude. "Sit it that chair," Laura pointed to the chair Joy noticed when she came in.

"What kind of chair is this?" Joy asked as she sat down in it.

"It's a special chair I had designed for my unruly girls." Laura dropped to her knees and began placing leather ankle cuffs on Joy.

"But I'm not unruly!" Joy watched Laura who was now placing wrist locks on her.

Laura stood up and surveyed her work and then placed a tray, much like that placed on a baby's crib, across the arms of the chair. Then she fastened a leather strap around Joy's neck and attached a cord to this strap.

"What kind of chair is this?" Joy began to get scared.

"Just the kind a girl like you needs," Laura stood with her hands on her hips. "But now we need to talk about what happened out in the toilet yesterday evening."

Joy blushed, "How did you know?"

"When you were playing with my piss, you splattered it all over my ass, so I looked down between my legs to see what was going on and I saw your hand," Laura grinned.

"How did you know it was me?" Joy quivered.

"I recognized your mole on the inside of your wrist," Laura admitted. "But now we need to talk about that incident. What did you do with my shit?"

"Please let me go!" Joy wailed.

"Oh no, not by a long ways! You have a lot of learning to do. So I guess I'll start explaining a few things to you. Look down, see that big dildo right below your ass?" Laura went around behind Joy and smeared the girl's asshole with a lubricant and then cranked the dildo up until it kissed Joy's asshole. "I hope you took notice of the size of that dildo and saw how fat it was. It is about ten inches long and about 3 inches at its widest point."

"That'll split my poor anus in two!" Joy cried.

"Not if you do as you're told!" Laura picked up a plate and, turning her back to Joy, began to defecate on this plate. When the turd plopped out onto the plate, it was about 9 inches long and Laura squeezed out several more small pieces which stuck to the top and sides of the original turd.

Once she was through shitting, she picked up the plate and placed it on the cross tray right before Joy. "Now, I need to explain a few more things to you, Joy. Is my shit as beautiful as it was last night? I guess it really doesn't matter. You're going to EAT that shit! All of it!"

"Oh no, I couldn't eat it," Joy drew back. "It would make me sick!"

"I doubt that. Maybe the thought will make you sick, but that is what you deserve, handling my turd in the toilet the way you did. But, back to business. Notice that plate of shit is sitting on a scale. The weight of the plate has already been subtracted from the weight of the shit, which weighs about an ounce an inch."

"You can't make me eat that dirty stuff!" Joy grimaced.

"Make you? I don't think that will be necessary at all. You see, that dildo will slowly be driving up into your rectum. If you don't eat fast enough, that dildo will bury itself up your ass and I don't need to tell you the discomfort of feeling a 3-inch thick dildo that first time, ten inches up your rectum!"

"Can I stop that dildo?" Joy quivered.

"You can't make it pull out, but you can make it stop going in. I have set the timer for fifteen minutes. If you eat all that shit in fifteen minutes, that dildo will reverse, but only after you have licked the plate clean! That collar around your neck serves another purpose. Notice the cord from that collar leads down to the dildo machine. This signals the dildo if you've thrown any of that shit up, and if this happens the dildo will bury itself in your tight ass." Laura then opened a closet and took out an armchair which she sat in and threw her legs out over the arms of the chair as her fingers found her already moist cunt.

"It will be so nasty tasting!" Joy gazed down at the pile of shit.

"I hope it is!" Laura stated. "I hope it's so nasty tasting that you throw it all up and I get to watch that dildo splitting your ass open." Laura pushed a button and Joy felt the dildo start up her ass.

"Oh stop it! Eeeooowww! It's going up my ass!" Joy tried to raise her hips.

Laura laughed at Joy as her fingers worked faster at her little button. "You had better start eating that sweet shit!"

Joy lowered her face, but drew back in disgust.

"Shit is terrible smelling, isn't it? It will taste as bad as it smells, maybe worse, but I think in a few moments, you will be gobbling it as fast as you can, just to get it down and that dildo out!"

Joy began to cry, "Whatever did I do to you to deserve this?"

"For one, you turned out to be very pretty. That is probably your biggest fault. I love browning a pretty girl's mouth. EAT SHIT! EAT SHIT! EAT SHIT!"

Joy lowered her face down to the pile of shit, trying to hold her breath as she bit off a small mouthful.

"Now you've only got ten minutes, you'd better start gobbling it down!" Laura's fingers were racing between her thighs.

Joy swallowed her small mouthful and almost threw it up, but managed to keep it down and bit off a bigger bite.

"You're a shit-eater, aren't you?" Laura laughed at Joy.

Joy nodded her head yes.

"Tell me, I want to hear you say it!" Laura demanded.

"I'm a shit-eater," Joy voiced.

"A dirty, filthy shit-eater! Does it taste good?" Laura quivered in orgasm.

"No, Miss Laura," Joy chewed.

Glancing at her wrist watch, "You've got a little over five minutes now. Eat it fast. That dildo is half buried now!" Laura grinned.

Joy, in fear for her rectum, started eating this filthy crap much faster, taking but three or four chews until she swallowed and bent for more. She devoured the complete turd and started licking the plate.

Watching this girl eat her shit and then lick the plate, Laura had had three orgasms before she dropped her legs. Getting up, she reversed the dildo movement and Joy sighed relief.

"I've got one more thing to show you." Laura revealed a camcorder. "You were filmed eating that shit," and she popped the tape into a VCR. She rewound the tape and then hit the play button. Joy could not believe that she was watching herself eating shit. The camcorder had been so close that you couldn't see the shackles or hear any volume. Her mouth dropped open as she watched herself doing something so filthy.

"What are you going to do with that film?" Joy asked as Laura began unshackling her.

"It will be just a reminder to you, I WILL expect you back here next Friday for more shit games. But if you don't, I'll make copies of that film and your parents as well as your friends will receive a copy. Think you'd like to come back next Friday?"

"I don't have much choice, do I?" Joy blanched.

"No, you don't. But make sure you're here by seven. I will be able to save up a good, big turd just for you," Laura laughed. "Now get out of here."

Joy gathered up her clothes and hurriedly put them on and quickly left Laura's house. When she got home, she went directly into the bathroom, turned the sink water on and tried to throw up in the toilet. But surprisingly, she managed to throw up only a little of her ghastly meal.

The week went by very fast for Joy, much too fast. And seeing Miss Laura every day seemed to play havoc with her mind, but not once did Miss Laura mention anything about their meeting, even when Joy stayed late to help her. Friday evening came and once again Joy found herself sitting with Miss Laura in her living room with Laura putting lipstick on Joy. "You have a pretty mouth, and this lipstick really sets it off."

Joy's eyes brightened with this compliment.

"You have a crush on me, don't you, dear?" Laura asked. "I can always tell when a girl gets a crush on me," and Laura leaned over and began to kiss Joy.

Joy moaned deep with the kiss and her arms went out around her teacher. They kissed for several minutes before Laura began painting Joy's lips again with lipstick and then stood up. "Come, dear, we have an important engagement," and Laura took Joy's hand and led her into the bathroom and closed the door. "Take all your clothes off sweetheart, and hang them up."

Joy began taking her clothes off and hanging them one by one as Laura did the same.

"I'm going to dispense with the dildo this time ... if you behave yourself. Are you going to be a good little girl?" Laura questioned Joy.

"I'll try," Joy meekly answered Laura.

"That's a good girl. Now sit down in front of the commode and lean your head back over the stool. I'm going to teach you to drink my piss." Laura straddled Joy's face and lowered her pussy to within three inches of Joy's mouth. "Open your mouth, little cunt, I'm going to give you some delicious piss!"

Joy opened her mouth. Laura began directing her amber stream of piss right into Joy's mouth, not a full gushing stream, but a slow steady stream. When Laura had filled Joy's mouth, she stopped her flow and told Joy to swallow.

"Tastes real salty, doesn't it?" Laura watched Joy swallow and shake her head 'yes'.

"Open your mouth again, I'm going to fill it up once more," Laura stated as she began to piss again. Three big mouthfuls followed in this fashion before Laura had Joy lick the piss droplets off her pussy lips.

"You did a good job honey, but it's time to do something else for me, isn't it? You are prepared aren't you?" Laura asked.

"Do we have to do that?" Joy asked.

Laura reached out with both hands and took Joy's nipples between her fingers and started rolling them back and forth, gently squeezing and pinching on them, "What happened to your crush? I was led to believe that a girl with a crush on her teacher was willing to do ANYTHING for her?" Laura teasingly pinched at the young girl's nipples.

"Ooooh," Joy moaned at this gesture.

Laura slid her fingers down to Joy's pussy.

"Oh yes!" Joy moaned when Laura found her clit.

"I won't let you come until you've eaten my ass candy. ALL OF IT! Laura took her fingers away from Joy's pussy.

"Don't let me cool off! Please, Miss Laura," Joy pleaded.

"You're real hot, aren't you? Promise that I won't have to take you downstairs to that dildo chair," Laura again began fingering Joy's clit.

"No! Please don't tie me in that terrible chair! That hurts so bad!" Joy said.

"What do I want you to do for me?" Laura again stopped her fingering.

"You want me to eat your shit!" Joy groaned.

"Nasty, filthy shit! You're a very nasty girl, aren't you?" Laura began fingering again.

"Yes, you've made me into a very nasty girl," Joy moaned.

"I haven't shit since Wednesday night. That means I haven't shit in two days!"

"Miss Laura! I don't know if I can eat that much!" Joy pleaded.

"Nonsense!" Laura barked. "A girl has lots of room in her tummy and it can be stretched out a lot!"

"I'm afraid!" Joy said.

"Of the taste, or the stretching?" Laura giggled.

"Both," Joy answered.

"I want to hear you say just one thing," Laura smiled down at Joy.

"What's that, Miss Laura?" Joy questioned her.

"I want to hear you say that you love me and want to eat my shit!" Laura demanded.

"I never admitted it, but I do love you," Joy blushed.

"And?" Laura questioned.

"Do I have to say that?"

"YES, YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT!!!" Laura pinched Joy's nipple.

"I never thought I'd say something like that ... but .... Miss Laura, may I eat your shit?"

"You nasty little girl. Come on, get over here on the rug and lay on your back. I'm going to squat right over your face. Close your mouth, bitch. I want to shit all over your mouth, and a big load it will be!" Laura stated as she squatted astride Joy's face. "Keep your mouth closed until I get off you!"

Laura grunted and blew out a couple of farts before her asshole opened up real wide and her shit began to come out. She looked down at Joy's mouth as her shit dropped onto Joy's closed lips, watching it and shifting her hips slightly as she watched her shit coil back and forth across the girl's full mouth. But still she kept shitting, building a huge pile of dirty shit on Joy's mouth. It was soft, real soft, barely able to hold it's shape as small pieces began to drop out of her rectum. When she finally finished this huge shit, she must have put out two pounds of crap! Two pounds! Laura stood up and then laid right beside Joy on her elbows, "Stick your tongue out and into that brown sugar!"

Slowly, ever so slowly, Joy pushed her tongue out into the pile of soft shit lying across her mouth until she had her tongue extended fully.

"Suck in some of my brown sugar!" Laura commanded.

Joy sucked in a big mouthful and it almost dissolved immediately before she swallowed it.

"MORE! Eat more!" Laura began masturbating.

Joy sucked in another mouthful, the bitterness and vileness setting her taste buds in revolt as it permeated every fiber of her mouth.

"EAT SHIT! EAT SHIT! You filthy little girl. Toilet-mouthed shit-eater! You are the filthiest girl I've ever had do this for me! More! More! Eat more of my dirty shit!" Laura demanded.

By now, with Laura fingering Joy's pussy, Joy was gobbling it down. The pile became smaller with every second and all at once, Laura leaned over Joy and began licking the girl's shit smeared face and mouth. With her fingers still working on Joy's cunt, she lapped away at her brown smeared face. Joy was wide eyed at this happening - she would never have believed this of her teacher and she too shot out her tongue, lapping at Laura's now-brown tongue. Laura was swallowing her own shit as fast as she could get it in her mouth. Before long, the shit pile had completely disappeared and all that was left was the streaks of brown saliva on Joy's face.

Rolling Joy onto her stomach, she began licking at the girl's asshole. Joy reveled in all this attention she was getting and couldn't believe what she had just seen.

Laura continued licking Joy's asshole for a good ten minutes before she raised up. "I used to be a toilet girl myself, I still do it once in a while!"

"Miss Laura! I can't believe what you just did!" Joy babbled.

"Now, I won't do that every time you come over, but make sure you're back here next Friday so you can eat more of my shit. I love watching a pretty girl eating my shit. It reminds me of myself when I was younger... now scoot out of here, I have to scrub my mouth out now.

On the way home, Joy relived every instant of the evening, especially Laura licking her own shit off her face.... it was unbelievable Suddenly the thought of eating Laura's shit wasn't so bad; humiliating maybe, but not something she didn't want to do. Friday, Joy thought to herself ... next Friday!

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