Surprise Girls! by Karen

Surprise Girls!

It was late in the afternoon, almost time for the all-girls school to call it a day. Abby glanced at her wristwatch again, five minutes of three. Standing, she smoothed her skirt down over her wide hips and called attention to her class of fifteen year olds: "Class, remember to bring your report tomorrow with you to class, these will be graded over the weekend and I expect a good report from each of you this time. Your last report showed you didn't put much thought into your work ... so I am expecting a dramatic improvement this time, don't disappoint me!" Abby looked at her wrist watch again ... "Class dismissed."

The girls all began talking at once as they gathered up their assignments and slowly departed the classroom.

Abby began her work, grading other papers the girls had handed in that day. She worked at it for the better part of an hour before she gathered up the paperwork and began putting it away. Before she left the school for the day, she headed for the restroom. As she was passing a room next to the bathroom, she heard a noise coming from the spare room. Silently, Abby crossed over to the door and placed her ear against it. She heard a strange moan coming from the room. Gripping the knob, she gently twisted it until the door opened a fraction of an inch. Seeing nothing from her vantage point, she became bolder and pushed the door open further. The moans were louder now and she slipped into the room.

Over in a corner, behind some old desks, was a long table and one of her students, named Rebecca, was seated on it, her skirt pulled up above her waist. Her panties were lying on the table beside her as she was leaning back, eyes closed and softly moaning.

The reason she was moaning came from another girl, kneeling on the floor performing cunnilingus on Rebecca.

"What do we have here?" Abby charged over to the two girls.

Rebecca grabbed up her panties as she slid her skirt down as the other young girl hid her face in her hands.

"So ... you've been eating Rebecca?" Abby grabbed the kneeling girl by the hair and yanked her head back. "Shame on you girls! And you, Keri? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Keri remained in this position, kneeling as Abby kept her fingers entwined in her hair and remained quiet, her face covered with Rebecca's secretions.

"Please don't tell my parents about this, they will kill me!" Rebecca pleaded.

"I don't know," Abby studied..."It might be best if I tell them!"

"Oh don't do that!" Rebecca fell to her knees before Abby, "I'll do ANYTHING you ask, just don't tell my parents about this!"

"Anything?" Abby raised an eyebrow. "ANYTHING covers a whole wide spectrum, my dear."

"I promise I'll do anything you ask, I'll dust the erasers, stay in detention as long as you like ... just don't tell my parents!" Rebecca begged.

"Well ... there might be something you can do for me ... say, this weekend?" Abby loved the way the young girl groveled.

"YES! YES! That would be wonderful," Rebecca had tears in her eyes now ... "just don't tell my parents about this!"

"Well maybe, that is if you'll do whatever I want ... then I won't tell your parents about this," Abby smiled.

"Oh thank you, thank you very much!" Rebecca hugged her teacher's legs.

"Now you get out of here, Rebecca...but you stay Keri...I want a word with you," Abby watched Rebecca pull on her panties and hurry out the door. "Now you, Keri, you keep your mouth shut about all this. And Saturday, you come to my place as well, say around 7:00?"

"Yes Ma'am." Keri got to her feet and was gone in a moment.

Saturday at 7:30, Rebecca rang Abby's doorbell and quickly the door opened.

"Right on time, at least you've learned one thing from me." Abby stood to the side as Rebecca slid nervously into the front room of her teacher's home.

"You have a lovely home, Ma'am," Rebecca said as she looked around.

"Thank you, Rebecca., but follow me now." Abby started down a hall and turned into her bathroom.

"You want me to clean something in here?" Rebecca asked.

Abby laughed at this idea, "Well, maybe ... later though." Abby picked up a small chain that was lying on the floor that was wrapped around the base of the toilet. The other end went into a shower stall. Abby opened the shower door ... "You may come out now, slave."

Within seconds, a young girl came crawling from the shower stall.

"KERI! What are you doing here?" Rebecca gasped.

"My dear, Keri has been my slave for the better part of this year. She needed quite a bit of training to get her accustomed to what I need, but now she is a well-trained slave." Keri was already bestowing kisses on Mistress Abby's feet.

"You mean Keri is your slave?" Rebecca stammered.

"Does that surprise you?" Abby smiled. "Keri is a well-trained slave now, look at the way she is kissing my feet!"

Rebecca watched Keri kissing Abby's feet. "Is that what you want me to do for you?"

"To begin with," Abby smiled down at Keri.

"There's more?" Rebecca grimaced.

"Yes, there's a WHOLE lot more ... slave, you may remove my clothes now."

Immediately Keri stopped kissing and started removing her Mistress's clothing until Abby was standing entirely nude. She was heavy, not overly fat, but heavy.

"Remove your own clothes now," Abby told Keri. "I've got Keri trained to kiss ANYTHING now...and lick it too! But slave Keri has a very special taste for something, don't you, my dear?"

Keri slid out the last of her clothing and on her knees slid around behind Abby and began kissing her back there.

"Do you know where she's kissing me now, Rebecca?" Abby asked.

"It's obvious where she's kissing you now," Rebecca blanched.

"Where?" Abby questioned.

"She's kissing your rump." Rebecca moved back a little.

"Yes, she's kissing my ass," Abby wiggled her butt in Keri's face. Keri moaned loudly.

"She likes that?" Rebecca gasped.

"Yes, very much ... if I let her, she'll just stay back there," Abby nodded and stepped away.

Rebecca glanced at Keri and saw her eyes glazed over.

"You may get my chair now," Abby nodded to Keri.

Still on her knees, Keri slid over and brought forth a low chair that had the legs cut off to about half their original length. Sitting the chair in the middle of the room, Keri slid beneath the chair, face up. Abby sat down in the low chair and the lipsmacking sounds began again. "She's kissing again!" Rebecca said.

"Slave, you may start licking now," Abby permitted.

"Thank you Mistress," and the slobbery sounds quickly filled the room.

"You want to watch her licking me? Get down on your knees so you can watch...go on. Get down on your knees," Abby ordered as she drew Keri's legs up high and draped her own legs out over the arms of the chair.

Rebecca dropped to her knees in front of Keri to watch her tongue work .... "SHE'S.... SHE'S licking you right where you go to the bathroom!"

"Yes, and it feels so good too!" Abby moaned out loud ... "and you know what comes out of that hole, don't you?"

"Yes," Rebecca answered.

"What?" Abby questioned the staring girl.

"Poop!" Rebecca answered.

"That's right my dear ... hot, stinking shit!" Abby remarked.

Keri moaned again.

"Look at how wet her pussy is now. Do you now see how much she loves my asshole?" Abby asked. "Open your mouth wide, slave."

Quickly Keri stopped licking and opened her mouth.

Abby's face changed as she strained hard and the nose of a turd quickly appeared in her asshole and marched out till it was out about two inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick.

Keri's tongue came out again and began washing the end of the turd.

"She's licking your shit!" Rebecca could not believe what she was seeing.

Keri closed her lips around the turd and bit through it, severing it completely and began chewing it.

"She's eating it!" Rebecca gasped. "She's chewing it up! Does she swallow it?"

"Yes, she swallows it. She loves to eat my crap!" Abby grunted again and more shit came sliding out, much softer in texture this time.

"That is disgusting!" Rebecca turned away, but quickly came around to view this obscene spectacle.

"Yes my dear, your friend is a shit-eater!" Abby grunted again.

Keri chewed and swallowed as fast as she could to get as much as she could without it touching the floor.

"EAT MY SHIT!" Abby grunted obscenely.

"Keri! You are the filthiest bitch I ever knew! This belies description or belief! That is so nasty!" Rebecca uttered.

Keri continued to chew each morsel that dropped from her Mistress's asshole. By now they were just nuggets and soon these were finished. At this point Keri began licking and sucking at her mistress's asshole, trying to retrieve every last little particle of her crap ... but finally it was finished and Abby got up from her chair and Keri rolled over on her knees.

Abby turned around, settling her knees on the chair and pushing her ass out full and open. Keri began smearing a vegetable oil all over her Mistress's butt hole, letting some trickle inside the hole. Setting the oil to the side, Keri slid two fingers up her Mistress's rectum. This was quickly joined by a third and a fourth.

"WOW!" Rebecca uttered.

The thumb followed and very soon her whole hand was embedded up her Mistress's rectum. Keri twisted her hand back and forth as she pushed deeper and deeper until her elbow was now about to pass through her Mistress's asshole.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Rebecca starred.

"NOOOOOOO! It feels soooooooo gooooooddddd!" Abby rasped and grunted.

"Eeeeeee... !" Keri squealed as her elbow bumped her Mistress's asshole and she began to pull it back out. When her hand popped free from her Mistress's asshole, her hand revealed a soft, goopy slab of filth --- hot and steaming --- and Keri quickly jammed her fingers into her mouth. Her hand had come out with at least a half handful of shit, a soft almost runny crap and it dripped down her face, covering her face as she tried to keep most of it in her dirty mouth. That was a losing battle as shit covered her face now as she plunged her fist back up her Mistress's rectum. For thirty minutes longer, Keri plunged her fist in and out of her Mistress's rectum before she pulled her fist back out and glued her mouth up to the rear cavern and began sucking as her tongue swabbed the walls of that stretched out rectum. Her arm was covered now with a thin film of vegetable oil and crap which Keri was beginning to lick up as Abby got up from her kneeling position.

"Isn't Keri a GOOD slave?" Abby asked Rebecca.

"That's incredible!" Rebecca answered as she was still watching Keri.

"Rebecca, I am going to call your parents now." Abby left the bathroom.

"NO!" Rebecca jumped up and followed Abby from the bathroom.

"No?" Abby stopped in her tracks ... "That reminds me, you DID say you'd do ANYTHING I wanted of you??????"

Rebecca blushed with remembering her earlier words.

"And .... I would just LOVE to train you to be my slave," Abby slid her arm around Rebecca's waist.

"Would I have to eat ...?" Rebecca blushed again.

"Of course ... but that would come later though, after I've trained you to be a complete toilet!" Abby looked the girl in the eyes. "You can always stop right here and let me make that call."

"I... I don't know... that is just so terribly disgusting!" Rebecca answered. "How can she do that?"

"I've got news for you, she LOVES to eat my dirty crap! She just can't get enough of it. There have been times I have been able to get a Mistress from Chicago to help me with her!" Abby explained. "At first, I had to whip her a great deal. I used hot wax on both her breasts and cunt several times ... nipple clamps and pussy lip clamps. So you see, I DO have my methods to get a slave agreeable to my needs!"

"And you want me to do this?" Rebecca hid her face.

"Yes ... VERY MUCH!" Abby smiled.

"Oh I can't! That is just REVOLTING!" Rebecca began to cry.

"You see, it's the very idea about it all that makes you sick! Keri has often told me that my shit tastes like candy .... you see, the smell is not the very best ... but I will accustom you to that smell and you will be able to lick me back there in no time ... that's the way I trained Keri," Abby explained.

"You mean I won't have to eat anything?" Rebecca asked

"In time you will, but first we'll just go slowly, build you up to this spot .." Abby consoled Rebecca. "Now why don't we go back in with Keri and start?"

"What do I have to do?" Rebecca asked as she tried to stop crying. "First, take off your clothes and we'll go into the bathroom again ... there your training will begin," Abby smiled. "Go on now."

Rebecca began fumbling with her blouse and slipped out of her bra. Abby eyed the young girl's breasts as they came free and, when Rebecca hesitated with her slacks, Abby pulled them down for her ... "Get out of those panties ... NOW!"

Quickly Rebecca slid her panties down and blushed brightly from the way the school teacher was looking at her. Taking Rebecca's hand, Abby pulled her towards the bathroom. When they entered the bathroom, Keri was still licking at her arm. Abby took her position in the chair again and pushed out her ass ... "Smell my ass now!"

Slowly, Rebecca sunk to her knees behind Abby. Holding her breath, she held her nose right up to the puckered opening which was still big because of the fisting she had just endured.

Reaching back, Abby held Rebecca's face up to her ass ... "I know you're holding your breath so I'll just hold you this way until you get a good whiff."

Rebecca held her breath as long as she could before she had to take a whiff. Strangely, there was little odor because of the amount of time Keri had spent licking and sucking back there earlier.

"There now, it doesn't smell so bad, does it?" Abby asked. "So why don't you give my butt-hole a nice juicy kiss?"

"I've never done that before!" Rebecca pulled back.

"You mean you and Keri never did this to each other?" Abby asked.

"I never even ate her pussy!" Rebecca answered.

"Maybe I over-estimated you. I'll go make that call." Abby started to get up.

"No!" Rebecca pleaded. "I'll do it!"

"That's a good slave, plant your pretty lips right on my shit-hole and give it a nice, big kiss!" Abby wiggled her ass.

Rebecca puckered up her lips and gave Abby's asshole a light kiss.

"You call that a kiss?" Abby growled. "Come on, give my shit-hole a real big kiss! Do it or I'm going to have to get out my whip!"

Rebecca puckered up again and gave Abby's asshole a longer kiss.

"That's much better ... but you can do better this time ... give it a good long one this time... like you really love that nasty hole!" Abby wiggled her hips again in Rebecca's face.

Again Rebecca kissed, but did not kiss long enough to satisfy Abby so Abby got up from her chair. "You leave me no choice," and walked over to a hidden camera in the wall. Taking the camera down, she said "Guess what is in this camera?"

Rebecca swallowed hard ... "You had a camera all this time?"

"Yes, sweetie, and I have a shot of you kissing my asshole ... just what do you think your parents would do if they saw that photo?" Abby laughed. "I bet they never thought their own little girl was so nasty!"

Rebecca swallowed hard as Abby took out the polaroid and showed it. Indeed it was exactly as Abby had said it was, it showed her kissing the teacher's asshole.

"Aren't polaroid's wonderful?" Abby laughed. "Now are you going to do as I ask, or I am going to have to send this to your parents?"

"That's blackmail!" Rebecca answered.

"Yes it is! This is the way I trained Keri ... and see how she is now. Tell her Keri, tell her that my shit is delicious!" Abby encouraged.

"It's true, Rebecca. It tastes like candy to me!" Keri smiled.

Rebecca started crying as Abby took her place again on the chair. "Remember, I want a good, long, juicy kiss this time!"

Rebecca wiped her tears away and leaned forward, planting the juiciest kiss she could right on Abby's asshole ... and lingered long enough to satisfy Abby.

"There now, that wasn't so bad ... was it? Now I want you to lick that hole until I tell you to stop!" Abby demanded of Rebecca.

Tentatively, Rebecca's tongue touched Mistress Abby's butt-hole. She hesitated a moment before her tongue started licking and within moments her tongue was rolling around in Abby's back door opening.

Abby's fingers glided between her thighs and found her clit and began massaging it wildly as Rebecca's tongue made love to her asshole. She let Rebecca lick at her butt-hole for about ten minutes before she pulled away ... "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" and pulled down another polaroid camera and flipped out another photo. This photo plainly showed Rebecca licking the woman's asshole.

"Another photo?" Rebecca whined. "How many cameras do you have in here for this?"

Abby laughed ..."You'd be surprised at the number. I need several to properly train a toilet slave! Now that I have these photos, I know I've got you all to myself. Next time, you'll lick my asshole BEFORE I shit! Won't that be nice? You can go get dressed ... but I'll expect you back here next weekend for that next lesson ... meantime, I have a few more games for Keri ... I need to piss really bad! Go on, you may leave now!"

Rebecca rushed out of the bathroom and dressed hurriedly before leaving.

During the following week, Abby did not in the least show Rebecca any difference in the class ... and Rebecca asked Keri about it.

"That's just the way she is, honey. She doesn't ever give you away, she is very discreet about this." Keri walked with her.

"How can you do that? It must taste terrible? Are you doing it because she has got you blackmailed?" The questions came rapid fire.

"Heavens no, girl. I actually love that nasty taste! You actually get so you LOVE that taste and it gets me soooo hot to know I am making her come when I am dining on her shit," Keri whispered as a couple of other girls came along. "To tell you the truth, I am kind of jealous of you."

"Jealous of me? Why in the world for?" Rebecca asked.

"Because you're going to get what I want so very badly!" Keri answered.

"That's NOTHING to be jealous of, I would think you'd be glad to not have ALL of it," Rebecca replied.

"You just don't understand," Keri looked up at the clock. "It's time we got ready now. In just an hour we have to be over at Mistress Abby's home. I wouldn't want to be late for that!"

"Yes, that would be a shame ... but I am looking forward to it!," Rebecca said.

"Really? I just knew you'd come around!" Keri said.

Within an hour, both girls were at Mistress Abby's home. They let themselves in and both went towards the bathroom where they both knew their Mistress would be waiting for them.

"Right on time," Mistress Abby beamed with pride. "Hurry up and get undressed. Keri, you place that collar around your neck and then place that second one around Rebecca's neck. I've really got to shit tonight ... but this time, Rebecca, you will lick my shit-hole first, before I shit for Keri! Hurry now girls, I'm on fire!"

"Yes Mistress," both answered and quickly removed their clothing.

Meantime, Mistress Abby had assumed her position in the chair again, face down as before with her big ass outward.

"Hurry girls, my asshole is tingling with anticipation!" Mistress Abby wiggled her rump.

Rebecca assumed her position and thrust her face between the moons of Mistress Abby's ass and quickly rolled her tongue out.

She had licked only a couple of minutes when another woman slipped into the room and grabbed Abby's arms and twisted them up behind her back. With a lurch at this predicament, Abby tried to get away, but this woman quickly had Abby's arms held tight with duct tape strapped around the arms of the chair. Then she went to work with the kicking legs. Within minutes, Mistress Abby was all tied up.

"Hi, mommy," Rebecca finally broke in. "I thought for a moment you'd never get here."

"Thanks for leaving the door unlocked darling ... but now we have more pressing needs at hand." Rebecca's mother, Francine, turned to Abby. "So, you were blackmailing my daughter were you? Threatening to expose her little affair with Keri ... well, you're going to get your due tonight. Tonight, YOU'RE the one that's going to eat shit!"

"Yes mommie, she was going to make me eat her shit soon. She had all kinds of methods and ways to make a girl succumb to this desire," Rebecca gloated at the tied up position Abby was in.

"I have a few ways of my own." Francine reached into her bag and pulled out a big butt-plug and, without any lubrication, jammed it up Abby's ass to a high pitched squeal. "Hurt, huh? Well that's what you deserve, you filthy cunt!

Francine began removing her jeans while Rebecca got a china plate from Abby's kitchen cabinet.

"Thanks, honey." Francine took the plate and set it down on the floor under her ass and within moments was delivering a thick, long turd. It coiled about on the plate and by the time she finished, it had to be somewhere around 12 inches long. "There now, bitch, stick your face down into that pile of shit and start eating!"

Abby shook her head no.

"Too good for you?" Francine laughed. "By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be wolfing that dirty pile of crap down! Honey, hand me that candle from my bag."

Rebecca handed Francine the candle.

"Now I'm going to set this plate of shit right down under your face and you can start eating it ANYTIME you like ... which I believe will be very shortly!" Francine yanked the fat butt-plug from Abby's ass, covered now with a thick film of shit.

Keri grabbed it quickly and tried to get it in her mouth, but the plug was too big, so she just licked at the head of the plug.

"Now, you stinking slut ... I'm NOT going to wax you in the normal method ... this wax is going straight down that stinking butt-hole of yours!" Francine laughed. "I always wanted to do this to a woman ... this is my chance!" Francine started the wax dripping. She didn't hold the candle up high so the wax would have time to cool as it dripped, she held it only six inches above Abby's asshole. As the wax started dripping and running down into Abby's asshole, she let out a high pitched scream. "That's it bitch, scream your head off," Francine said and she dripped several more drops.

"You MAY start eating my sweet shit ANYTIME you like ... when you start eating it, I will stop the waxing!" Francine promised. "But NOT before!"

Rebecca dug into her mother's bag and pulled out a camcorder and positioned herself right in front of Abby. "START EATING MY MOTHER'S SHIT!"

Abby squealed again and tried to jerk away, but her wrists and ankles were secured very tightly. The wax in her rectum had built up until her asshole was full by this time ... so Francine blew out the candle and brought out a big spoon and she began digging the hardened wax from Abby's rectum.

"STOP!" Abby groaned. "That is killing me!"

"Who cares?" Francine laughed. "Do you think eating shit is a healthy thing to do ... that is what you were going to blackmail my daughter into doing!" and she continued to dig out wax and shit from Abby's rectum. When she had halfway finished her digging, she lit the candle again and started waxing all over again.

Abby squealed and twisted about heavily and suddenly dipped down and took a bit of the shit, a small bite.

"Chew it up REAL good, DON'T just swallow it quickly. Chew each bite at least a dozen times!" Francine laughed. "Like you really LOVE it!"

Abby bit down through her bite and made a sour face. Rebecca began the film, directly towards Abby's face.

"Stop making that face!" Francine slapped Abby's butt.

Abby chewed her small mouthful the dozen times before Francine told her to swallow it. "Does my shit taste good? Take another bite, a bigger bite this time!"

Every time Abby stopped eating, Francine began waxing her all over again and this always caused Abby to take another bite. Over and over she took bites until her lower face was covered with a sloppy mess from chewed-up shit. She even had shit in her ears and her hair from it hanging down into the pile ... but finally she finished.

"You THINK you're through don't you?" Francine laughed again. "Lick that plate clean! Lick it, bitch!"

Abby began licking the plate, trying to get up the sticky shit and finally she had licked up the final traces of shit. "All right, miss blackmailer, we'll take our leave, along with our film. "I'm sure Keri will untie you after we leave ... so good-bye, YOU FILTHY SHIT-EATER!" Francine pulled on her jeans as Rebecca dressed hurriedly and soon the two left the house.

On the way home, Rebecca scooted over close to her mother, "I ... I was just thinking ... mommie .... Keri liked eating shit so very much ... I ... I ... I ... was just wondering?"

"Yes?" Francine smiled, knowing full well what her girl was going to say.

"Well, I was just wondering...what shit tastes like!" Rebecca blurted out. "Maybe ... you could ... you know."

"Baby!" Francine giggled. "You want to eat my shit?"

"Maybe a little," Rebecca blushed at the thought.

"Well, I can't just now," Francine wiggled her hips. "Tomorrow morning I can do it for you."

"OH, THANK YOU, mommie, thank you!" Rebecca hugged her mother.

"What if you were to shit for me?" Francine asked. "Would that be better for you, I mean it wouldn't be so humiliating."

"You'd do that?" Rebecca hugged her mother.

"Bite for bite!" Francine smiled warmly as she looked at her inquisitive daughter.

The ride home was spent with Rebecca's arms wrapped around her mother's waist!

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