Linda's Slave

Linda's Slave

It seemed that whenever we were talking about feelings or emotions, I was in control. Linda tried to avoid the subject, told me that she was too serious with Sam, her "real" boyfriend and that he was the first person she ever really loved. I would tell her that she couldn't love two people at once and that because she couldn't bring herself to tell me to simply "go away" that meant that she really loved me more and needed me more. "Think about what you are doing to Sam," I would also say. This always made her feel extremely guilty and anxious. Sometimes we wouldn't talk for days and avoided each other at the office. But we were both drawn to each other and eventually found ourselves back in each others arms.

While I seemed to control our discussions, Linda definitely grew more powerful in the bedroom. She increased her control over me slowly... forcing me to perform little tasks, and before I knew it, I became this submissive partner, doing what she commanded. I actually consented to everything and I always told myself that I didn't HAVE to do any of the things she asked me to do but the truth was, and I was afraid to admit it, I wasn't sure if I could really say "NO" to her, if I really had the will power to deny her. And Linda got more and more assertive as our relationship deteriorated.

One day I came home to Linda's apartment and she was waiting for me in the bedroom naked. Standing at the foot of her bed, Linda told me to undress and lick her feet. I wanted to say "fuck this" but I didn't, I couldn't find the power in me. So I undressed and began to lick her feet. I quickly realized that she hadn't even washed them yet. They smelled from the day's work. My tongue roamed over the bottom of her feet and then I sucked her toes. I was sickened and turned on at the same time. Linda was playing with herself, rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts. It was humiliating but arousing. Afterwards, I always felt ashamed that I had done as Linda asked.

Another day, after making love at my place, Linda told me to wear her sweaty, cum soaked panties to work the next day. I protested but eventually gave in. At work, Linda kept on asking the other women in the office if they thought I had a nice butt and I was terrified that someone would find out that I was wearing her dirty panties. Linda always said she would leave her other boyfriend and devote all her time to me, but I guess I finally realized that she wouldn't. In one of our protracted separations, I had started seeing another woman, Beth.

Beth was different in every way. She was taller, with blond hair, high cheekbones, ample breasts, and a shapely little rear end. For a while I saw both of them at the same time and had a little insight into what Linda went through with the guilt over her other boyfriend. If it wasn't for that, I don't know if I would have had the power to break it off with Linda.

One night, the last night with Linda, She was putting me through my paces, having me dress up in women's clothes, lick her feet, she even slapped me around some. I think she sensed that she was losing me and became more domineering, more dangerous. She wanted to tie me up, which we had never done before, everything so far had been consensual. I let her tie me to the bed post with both my hands together, but not so tight that I couldn't get out if I really wanted to. Once tied up with my arms uncomfortably above my head, lying on my back, Linda stripped and crawled onto the bed. She stood over me her feet straddling my head.

"You little slut," she said, "you LOVE it when I tell you what to do! You love licking my feet and wearing my cheesed in panties," She said as she squatted over my face. I couldn't help it but something in her attracted me to her. I hated myself for it but it was true, and Linda could tell because I was getting an erection quickly. Linda's cunt was half an inch from my face. I could smell her hot steamy juices and became more and more aroused.

"You little FUCK," Linda continued, " you think you can live without me? You think you can get by without me, don't you? You little shit heel." As she talked she began to grind her cunt into my waiting mouth. I sucked her clit and shoved my tongue into her vagina. Then, Linda's motion became more hard and she pressed down firmly onto my face.

"I know about you and that slut you have been seeing," Linda said, "is she a better fuck than I am? Does she fuck you like I do? I bet she's just a simpleminded bitch that doesn't know how to control you like I do!"

I was shocked. Linda had obviously found out about Beth. I wanted to leave right then, get out of there and leave that whole situation behind but something prevented me from struggling. Linda ground her cunt hard down into my face, suffocating me.

"Do you love her?" Linda asked, "Do you want her more than me?" Quickly, Linda ground her ass whole into my face hard. The pain must have snapped something in me because I finally began to struggle to get free.

"You love it you little shit, you love eating out my ass, you sick fuck," Linda screamed as she drove her but onto my head and clamped down. I finally got free and twisted Linda off my head and threw her to the floor. I got up and quickly gathered up my clothes. Standing naked in front of Linda with my clothes in hand with a full erection, I couldn't hide the fact that Linda's aggressive attack HAD turned me on. I felt deeply embarrassed but there was no way to hide the fact. I looked at Linda as she lay on the floor, expressionless, and part of me wanted to stay, to be her slave, to let her force me to do whatever it was that she wanted.

But thoughts of Beth prevailed and I left Linda lying there on the floor.

Beth and I quickly became serious. She was so NORMAL compared to Linda. The sex was normal and that seemed like a great relief to me. I loved the fact that sex wasn't a major part of our relationship and that I was the more adventurous one in bed. Linda left work not long after our final scene and married Sam. And shortly after Linda left, Beth and decided to get married. I told her about Linda but never about the weird and kinky stuff we did -- I just thought that Beth wouldn't understand -- the past was the past and why delve into all that stuff was my line of reasoning.

Beth and I lived happily for a year or so. Everything in our marriage was perfect, except that the sex wasn't great. At first that didn't bother me at all because of the relationship with Linda that I had just left. But as time wore on I thought more and more about my adventures with Linda. I tried to get Beth to be more experimental but didn't have much luck.

Then things in my life changed dramatically -- Linda showed up! Friends of mine at work who had kept in touch with her told me that she was coming back to town to visit. I said that I didn't think I wanted to see her but in my heart of hearts I wasn't sure how I would react. That week, Linda showed up at work. A bunch of "the old crowd" was going out to dinner, so I went along. Linda and I wound up sitting next to each other and everything seemed pleasant at first. Sam and her had gotten a divorce. It turns out that he had been cheating on her, and she threw him out when she found out about it. We flirted a little harmlessly. As the evening wore on, and as the drink set in, we became a little more flirtatious. She moved her hand slowly and placed it on my knee.

"Remember how this feels?" Linda asked.

"I remember," I said. I knew that I should have asked her to remove her hand but I didn't. It's harmless I thought. No one here can tell and it's just a hand on my knee, so what?

"Do you miss it?" Linda said I didn't say anything. Everyone else at the table seemed engaged in different conversations and we were left to ourselves. I knew I HAD to put a stop to Linda's advances or they would lead to my infidelity -- maybe even to the end of my marriage. But I didn't move. And just sitting there with her hand on my knee gave me a tremendous hard on. Linda then asked me to go get a drink for us from the bar. And when I got up, you could SEE the erection. Linda was staring right at it. No one else seemed to notice, however.

Nothing else much happened at dinner. When we were all breaking up to go home, Linda asked me to drive her to her hotel. I knew I shouldn't but found myself saying yes anyway. In the car on the way home, Linda placed her hand on my knew again and began rubbing and stroking my leg. I didn't stop her. I was horrified by my own lack of will power but Linda was so compelling, so sexy to me, I was amazed at my inability to stop her.

"What would your wife say if she knew we were here in the car alone, with me stroking your leg this way?"

I didn't say anything.

"What would she say if she knew that we were here in the car and I was fondling your penis? Linda moved her hand up to my zipper and let out my throbbing cock. God I was so horny I couldn't think. I could barely concentrate on driving the car. I wanted to fuck Linda so bad and I wanted to run home to Beth but I sat in the car, motionless except for Linda stroking my Penis.

At the hotel Linda said, "Come up to my room." It was more of a command than a request.

"Don't do it," I said to myself, "don't do THIS! Beth, Beth Beth, oh God, what about Beth?" I kept on thinking. In spite of all this, I found myself parking the car, zipping up my pants and following Linda upstairs.

Once in the hotel room Linda was in complete control. "You want me, don't you? You want to FUCK me, don't you?"

"Yes," I said.

Linda commanded me to take off my clothes and then she walked into the bathroom. I took off my suit and stood there naked.

My mind was racing, "Get out of there, what are you doing!" something in me shouted. But I didn't obey. Linda called to me from the bathroom and I followed her there. Linda slipped off her skirt and panties. The two of us stood there in a naked embrace, groping each other. I kept thinking of Beth and that I should stop but I didn't.

"Kneel down and lick my cunt," Linda ordered.

"Please Linda, " I said with the last ounce of resistance I had, "don't make me do this. Don't do this to me."

"DO IT!" Linda barked and then slapped me hard.

My knees buckled and I found myself kneeling down in front of Linda's dripping wet cunt. She placed one leg up on the toilet and I brought my face slowly, hesitatingly to her vagina. I reached up and placed my hands on her fleshy, pair shaped ass for support and kneaded my hands in her ass cheeks. With my tongue outstretched I moved my head toward her cunt until Linda grabbed the back of my head and thrust my face into her pussy. "Fuck me with your mouth, you prick! Linda commanded. I shoved my tongue into her, lapping up her flowing juices, her hot, stinky smell oozing into my nostrils.

"Yeah, you thought you could do without me, didn't you?" Linda said. "I bet that that bitch of yours doesn't let you fuck her cunt this way. What would she say if she knew you were here eating out another woman?"

I felt so ashamed. I couldn't believe that I let this happen to me. But I kept licking and sucking Linda's cunt. And she pumped my mouth with her groin until she was about to come. Then suddenly, Linda sat on the edge of the toilet and pulled my head slightly under her outstretched groin.

"You make me sick, you little shit heel! How could you cheat on your wife like this? You aren't worth shit!

And with that, Linda began to PEE INTO MY MOUTH. Her hot urine streamed out of her, pouring into my mouth and over my face. I could smell the hot acid of the urine and taste the sickly-sweet liquid. I struggled to close my mouth and move away from Linda but her legs clamped around me tightly and her hands grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her. The urine streamed over me, off my face and down my chest to the floor in little rivulets over my body. Linda came loudly in convulsions.


When she was done, she let up and I pulled away slightly. I looked up at her and she smiled in a devious, chilling smile . She reached down and rubbed her hand in her own urine soaked crotch. Then she brought her fingers to her nose, inhaled deeply, and then licked them. I was stunned. paralysed. I couldn't believe that I just had someone piss in my face. In my mouth even!

"You liked that, didn't you?" Linda said and glanced down at my still stiff cock. I couldn't hide the fact from her or from myself that Linda's domination of me and her urination on me turned me on.

"But I know what you really want because I know what you really are." I didn't know what she had in mind but I knew it was bad. Linda turned around and placed her hands over the back of the toilet and shoved her ass toward my face.

"No Linda, Please," I pleaded, " don't make me do this, god!"

"You LOVE it," she said, "You've ALWAYS loved it. Now DO IT!"

I couldn't believe myself or what I was doing. It was like I was some other being or person. Slowly I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and the I brought my head close to her anus. I could smell the stink of feces. It made me excited and I hated myself for it. I stuck my tongue out and moved it closed to her ass hole. Gently I placed my tongue on her little pink rosebud, tentatively I began to lick her but crack. My mind was racing. I couldn't believe this was happening to me -- that I was doing ANY of this! It was all so absurd but I couldn't stop myself. Once my tongue touched her naked, smelly shit-hole I became more eager, licking harder and faster. I licked all over her crack. The smell of urine and shit filling my nose. My dick rock hard from the smells and tastes. Linda began gyrating her butt back into my face. I took my hands and spread her ass cheeks far apart, opening her anus. Then I plunged my tongue into her, pumping her back and forth with my tongue as Linda moaned and pushed back into my face. Pumping faster and faster, deeper and deeper I slipped my tongue into Linda's ass.

"OOHHHHH, LICK MY ASSSSSS!! FUUUUKK IT WITH YOU TONGUE!! OHHH MYYY GOD, IT FEEELS SOOOOOO GOOD!! LIIIICK IT, LICK MY ASSSSS," Linda moaned, "Do you know why you like to taste my shit hole?" Linda asked as I buried my face into her butt, "because you ARE a shit-hole cheating on your wife. That's all you are, shit! OHHHHHH, I'M CUUUUMING!" Linda screamed. As Linda came, shit poured out of her rectum, pushing past my tongue and into my face which was pressed hard against her ass.

"EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT! YOU SHIT" Linda screamed as she defecated on me. Totally unable to muster any resistance, I did. Lapping up the brown turd as I did the urine. Pressing the foul shit into my waiting and hungry mouth. Mashing the shit into the back of her ass as I buried my head in it, smearing it over my lips and nose. Linda knew now that I was her total slave and that I could not resist ANYTHING she wanted to do to me. I knew that from here on out, whatever happened, whatever Linda decided to do with me or to me or to Beth and I, that it was Linda's decision. She owned me totally.