Punishing Little Danny by White Shadow and Electra

Punishing Little Danny

Danny was a 12-year-old boy in the seventh grade of elementary school. He was interested in girls... well... obsessed might be closer to the truth. Since he had started puberty girls were about all he could think about. Danny found that the horny girls his age were fun to play around with, but they could hardly compete with a mature woman such as Miss Phillips.

Ah, Miss Phillips, the 25-year-old gym teacher with long blonde hair and light brown eyes! In sharp contrast to the nervous little girls his age who were just starting to fill out, Miss Phillips was at the pinnacle of sexual maturity, and she exuded sexual ripeness. Miss Phillips was strikingly beautiful and had a slender athletic body with full firm breasts and long legs. Most of the boys had a crush on Miss Phillips and little Danny was no exception.

Miss Phillips had a reputation for being very strict, but all the boys loved to look at her, and many would immediately develop boners from just one glance at her voluptuous body. Miss Phillips was quite aware of the effect she had on men of all ages, including young boys and it made her wet thinking about it. She knew she was pretty, with an athletic body that aroused the passions of all the boys. When she first arrived at the school, Miss Phillips liked to go around without her bra under her shirt. One day the principal took her aside and pointed out the effect the display of her full breasts and big erect nipples pressing through the sheer fabric could have on impressionable boys (as if she didn't know it). So, she started wearing a bra and resorted to tantalizing the boys by wearing tight track suit bottoms, or a very short gym skirt!

Blonde-haired Danny was growing rapidly, having entered puberty late in his 11 year, but he was still not particularly large, only about 5 feet tall and weighing around 100 pounds. Danny could recall that some months before, something had happened that created an appetite he had been unaware of up to that time. He was lying in his bed on a Saturday morning. As usual, he had a morning erection. This time, though, he was lying on his stomach when he noticed how nice it felt to move his hips, causing his penis to rub against his boxer shorts. After a while he took his shorts off and rubbed his penis with his hand. His penis was very large, almost four inches long and curved. It looked like a small banana when it was hard, which was much of the time.

That morning, Danny made an exciting discovery. He found that the more he rubbed his rock hard penis the better it felt, until he suddenly realized something was happening he had never felt before. It was an extremely intense, wonderful sensation that was accompanied by a discharge from his penis. The feeling only lasted about 5 seconds but it was the most terrific feeling he had ever had. Soon after that experience he realized that his first sexual release had opened a Pandora's Box of needs. Now it seemed his penis was a terrible creature that had a mind of its own and the incessant need to release sperm. He discovered that even if he masturbated several times in a morning, by evening he again could be preoccupied by a persistent erection that would go down only after orgasm.

Danny found it exciting to look up girls' legs to hopefully catch a glimpse of their panties and every now and then his efforts were rewarded by a good view of a pair of pink or blue panties. He also loved to sneak a peek at his older sister as she was getting dressed. She was aware of his peeking and secretly enjoyed knowing the effect her parading around in the nude had on him, although she would never openly admit it. Danny also made an interesting discovery at his grade school. The school was housed in a very old building. There were cracks in some of its walls. He found a crack behind one of the commodes in the boys' restroom that, after some work by him, allowed him to peek into one of the stalls of the girls' restroom next door. Danny often found it "necessary" to use the toilet there for 15 minutes at a time or longer, when he would press his eye close to the crack to observe a young girl or possibly a teacher as she would tinkle, or occasionally even poop! He especially loved it when he could watch a girl grunting on the toilet. He would stroke himself while watching her and squirt his cum all over the door to his stall. It required some clean-up afterwards but it was worth it.

One day, Danny was watching through the crack when Miss Phillips, the woman of his wet-dreams, entered the stall on the girls' restroom side. She closed the door to her stall and walked up to the toilet, then turned her back to the toilet and the watchful Danny. She was wearing a pair of her skin-tight track suit bottoms. Danny watched as Miss Phillips placed both her thumbs in the elastic waistband of the bottoms. She tugged downwards and soon Danny could see her firm white ass and pink ass crack appear in his peep hole. He almost gasped out loud as he watched her bend forward and sit down on the toilet. The seconds dragged by as Danny waited in anxious anticipation for Miss Phillips to start doing her business. After several seconds, he heard a tinkling sound as Miss Phillips released her pee into the toilet. Then he became ecstatic when he heard Miss Phillips emit a low grunt. It sounded as if she were going to poop for him!

Miss Phillips leaned forward and let out a couple rather quiet grunts. "Uuhhhnnn! Uuuuggghhh!" she grunted as quietly as she could. Danny heard gas passing slowly out of Miss Phillips, making a long hiss sound emanating from her butt. Shortly he heard a plop sound as a log dropped from Miss Phillip's butt into the toilet. At this point, Danny's penis was so hard, it felt as if it was going to poke straight through his pants. He quickly undid his pants to free his throbbing penis. He grabbed his hard-on and slowing started rubbing it. He didn't want to come too quickly -- he wanted to prolong the pleasure from this special moment.

Unfortunately for Danny, he was now only semi-conscious of his surroundings and made the mistake of letting out a loud groan right next to the crack in the wall. Miss Phillips heard this. She used the mirror of her compact to furtively examine the wall behind her. She noticed the crack in the wall and could see some movement on the other side of the wall. Some boy was watching her!

Although she had more poop pressing against her rosebud, wanting out, Miss Phillips simply could not release anything else. Her face flushed a bright red as she grabbed some tissue to quickly wipe herself. She flushed the toilet and quickly pulled up her pants, walking quickly to the bathroom door. Danny was a bit disappointed at seeing her finish so quickly. He decided to go ahead and finish jerking off while the memory of Miss Phillips' pooping was still fresh in his mind.

Miss Phillips suddenly barged into the boys' restroom. The boys at the urinals were shocked to see her enter the bathroom, but not as shocked as Danny, who heard Miss Phillips pounding loudly on the door to his stall.

"Yes?" said Danny, shakily. His penis and balls had that exquisitely full feeling that signaled he was only a few strokes away from an explosive orgasm.

"Open the door this instant!" shouted Miss Phillips.

Danny immediately pulled up his pants. His penis pressed forward on his pants, and a small spot was forming from the pre-cum that was oozing out of his twitching penis. He opened the door sheepishly. Miss Phillips brushed past him, rushing over to the crack in the wall, where she was able to look through into the stall she was just in. "You'll come with me to my study this instant, young man!" Miss Phillips snarled at Danny through her clenched teeth. She grabbed him by the shirt and half-dragged Danny with her over to her study.

She closed and locked the door to her study to provide privacy for punishing Danny. She said, "Just what were you doing in that stall, Danny?" while looking at the wet bulge still throbbing in his pants.

Danny looked down and blushed. "I was, um, w-watching you, Miss," he nervously confessed.

"Well, that is unacceptable behavior!" admonished Miss Phillips, who felt some cramping in her lower belly from her incomplete poop session. "You will have to be punished. Take down your pants and bend over the front of my desk!" she commanded.

Danny was extremely embarrassed since he still had a raging hard-on and his balls were aching for release. He slowly unbuckled his belt as his penis continued to throb. He unfastened his pants, and pulled his pants down. He stood in front of Miss Phillips in his briefs, a wet spot very noticeable where his penis pushed against his underpants. "The briefs too!" ordered Miss Phillips, her face flushed with excitement. Danny reluctantly complied. His penis stuck out lewdly, curving upwards, bouncing slightly with every rapid beat of his anxious heart. The angry red knob of his penis was glistening wet and looked very shiny to Miss Phillips. Danny bent forward, exposing his hard little buttocks to Miss Phillips.

Miss Phillips picked up a gym shoe to use as a paddle.

WHACK! She hit Danny's butt very hard with the shoe. It stung him badly, but increased his excitement and humiliation. Danny grit his teeth as Miss Phillips pulled back and...

WHACK! She hit him again. Danny's butt felt like it was on fire. His penis throbbed from the overwhelming pain, excitement, and humiliation. He felt orgasm was imminent. Danny fought against it, or tried too when...

WHACK! Miss Phillips again hit his butt very hard. This was too much for Danny. In his extreme excitement he ejaculated! Long streams of white cum shot forward out of the tip of his penis as he let out a scream -- "Aaaagggghhh!!"

Danny's hips thrust forward involuntarily as stream after stream of white liquid shot out of his penis and onto Miss Phillips' desk and chair. When Miss Phillips saw this she stopped immediately and gasped in shock and excitement at watching Danny climax so explosively.

Her knees felt weak from sexual excitement as blood rushed to her genitals and her clitoris started to tingle and ache. Miss Phillips intended to deliver five blows, but she felt too weak to continue. She was breathing heavily. Struggling to regain her composure, a sweating Miss Phillips said, "Danny, I hope you have learned your lesson. I will have that peep hole of yours filled in immediately. You must promise never to do that ever again!"

"I promise, Miss," replied Danny, who was very relieved to be permitted to pull up his pants and leave.

"Just remember, if you ever do it again, I will devise a punishment to fit the crime!" warned Miss Phillips as Danny quickly made his exit. He breathed deeply to catch his breath after he was outside Miss Phillip's study. He had never had such an intense experience in his entire life.

After Danny left, Miss Phillips locked the door to her study again and walked over to her desk. Long strands of white boy cum decorated the top of her desk and was oozing down the back of her chair. She wiped up a gob of it off the chair with the side of her left hand as her right hand reached down into her pants to touch her hot pussy. She collapsed in her chair, enjoying the dampness of it and the strong odor of Danny's cum. She slowly and deliberately licked the cum off her left hand as she made a soft mewling sound while rubbing her two middle fingers on opposite sides of her erect, throbbing clitoris. The warm thick cum of that young boy had a sweet but salty flavor. She allowed it to gradually dissolve in her mouth.

Miss Phillips cleaned the top of her desk by scooping up gobs of Danny's potent cum and licking it off her hand. She fingered herself, becoming very aroused. She ached for the relief of an orgasm. It had been a long time since she had had sex and she now felt very uncomfortable from the swelling in her genitals. She also felt the uncomfortable pressure of some hard poop pressing against her sphincter. She decided to get two kinds of relief at the same time in the girls' restroom.

Miss Phillips walked over to the girls' restroom and entered the same stall she had been in 15 minutes earlier. She pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet, spreading her legs. She fantasized Danny was there watching her. She rapidly stroked her pussy, intent on reaching a quick climax while her poop started to push out of her. She imagined the hard turd moving slowly out of her butt hole was actually Danny's hard penis moving in and out of her anus. She stopped pushing and savored the full feeling of the poop halfway out of her as she picked up the tempo of the stroking between her legs.

She rubbed the hard nipples of her breasts now with her left hand as she inserted two fingers of her right hand into her hot vagina. She now imagined she was experiencing double penetration in both her vagina and rectum as she feverishly finger-fucked herself. Her body now was on the verge of orgasm. She raised up several inches off the toilet as all the muscles in her well-toned body tensed. Her whole body clenched, her eyes closed, the veins in her neck sticking out, her face registering a look of pain as she felt the orgasm become unavoidable. She now pushed the turd out rapidly as her whole body shook and she gasped as the gorgeous pleasure and sweet relief of orgasm swept through her. She collapsed on the toilet and a thin stream of pee dribbled out of her as she tried to catch her breath.

About two weeks later, Miss Phillips was approached by a girl. The girl who was obviously in some distress told Miss Phillips without drawing a breath, "Miss, I was excused from class and permitted to go to the restroom, but I saw a boy sneak into the girls' restroom and I think it was Danny!" Then the excited girl tried to catch her breath as Miss Phillips thanked her and walked toward the girls' restroom.

Since Miss Phillips' first encounter with Danny, she had been thinking about what she would do if she caught him again. She was rather hoping she might catch him as it would give her the opportunity to do something she had long wanted to do!

Striding into the bathroom, Miss Phillips looked under the door of the one occupied stall. Sure enough, she spotted a boy's shoes. She angrily commanded "You come out of there this instant, young man!"

Danny emerged from the cubicle, sheepishly, with a very red face. Miss Phillips saw some feces in the toilet, apparently left by an absent-minded girl. "So, you have been looking at some poo left in the toilet by one of the girls, huh?" she asked Danny.

Danny blushed and replied, "Yes Miss, I have."

"You find female poop exciting?" she asked accusingly.

"W-w-well, it is interesting to look at and smell, Miss," Danny nervously replied.

Miss Phillips noticed Danny had another erection that pushed forward against his pants. She shook her head at Danny. "So you like looking at poo, do you?" she asked, "Then see me outside the lunchroom at 12:30. I will teach you a lesson!"

Miss Phillips briskly walked off, leaving Danny dazed and humiliated in front of two young girls who had entered the bathroom during the commotion. They giggled at him as he sheepishly walked out, his eyes on the floor.

Little Danny could hardly eat his lunch, he was so nervous and excited by the prospect of another punishment session at the hands of Miss Phillips. At 12:30 he was waiting, in trepidation, outside the student lunchroom. Miss Phillips arrived and gestured for him to follow her. She then turned around and briskly strode toward the staff dining area. Danny meekly followed her. She led him into the staff dining area, and told him to sit next to her at a table. He sat quietly, rather terrified, as she tucked into a big lunch, chatting with other teachers and ignoring him. She finished one plateful of food and large glass of water, and then fetched another, which she attacked, obviously still hungry and very thirsty!

Danny watched, fascinated by the amount this strong, slender woman was eating. He then thought about Miss Phillips using the bathroom. He remembered back to the time he watched her poop and imagined what it would look like to observe her pushing out of her butt all of the food she was busily devouring. Danny looked down and gazed along Miss Phillips' short gym skirt over to her luscious thigh that was just inches from his hand. He could feel the warmth and sensuality radiate from Miss Phillips' hard body. Danny's penis got hard, although he tried to fight it.

Miss Phillips noticed Danny was getting aroused again, but pretended to ignore it, and ordered herself a pudding for dessert. When at last she finished eating, Miss Phillips turned toward Danny and said "Be outside my study in ten minutes." Then she strode off.

Danny nervously waited outside of Miss Phillip's study. He knew he should be worrying about his punishment but instead he keep thinking about Miss Phillips' thigh that was inches from his hand a short while before and remembering the look of her naked butt as she sat on the toilet two weeks before. Danny tried to imagine what the rest of Miss Phillips' body looked like under her gym clothes, especially that mysterious and forbidden area between her legs. Thinking about that made it impossible for Danny to get rid of his erection. He was powerless to get rid of it. He adjusted his pants so that his throbbing hard penis stuck straight up (or as straight as a curved penis can be) and was not too noticeable. Danny just hoped Miss Phillips would not notice it and would not make him suffer the extreme humiliation of ejaculating in front of her.

Danny was waited outside Miss Phillips' study until a while after the ten minutes were up as he tried to prepare himself to go in and take his punishment. Apprehensively, he knocked lightly. "Come in!" Miss Phillips commanded. Cautiously he opened the door and stepped inside.

Miss Phillips stood facing him. She had one leg up on a stool, giving him a view of her panties. He gasped quietly when he also noticed that she was no longer wearing a bra under her sports shirt. Her large, full breasts were pressing directly against the material. Her erect nipples were pushing out very noticeably like the ends of little fingers against the fabric of her shirt. She gave Danny a very stern look.

"Shut the door -- and lock it!" she snapped, "Why are you late?"

Danny opened his mouth to speak but Miss Phillips cut him off, "I distinctly said ten minutes. I do not like to be kept waiting!"

Danny locked the door and turned partly around while keeping his eyes on the floor. He was trying to talk while keeping his body turned away from Miss Phillips to prevent her from seeing his obvious erection. "Sorry Miss, but I was scared..."

"Scared?" scoffed Miss Phillips loudly. "Scared of what?"

Again little Danny tried to reply but Miss Phillips cut him off again. "More likely you were excited, judging from that bulge in your trousers!" she barked at him; "You should be scared, you are here to take your punishment, and delaying it will only make things worse for you!"

"Yes Miss..."

"So you are interested in poo are you?"

Sheepishly, he replied "Yes Miss..."

"And what excited you about what you saw in the girls' bathroom?"

"Well... er..."


"I saw some poo that had come out of a girl's bottom, Miss."

"So what?"

"I found it exciting Miss!"

"So I noticed, Danny. But this is the second time, isn't it? -- and you must be punished, you do understand that?"

"Yes Miss..."

"So! What do you think I should do to make sure you don't do it again?"

Danny didn't know how to answer that, and his eyes kept being drawn to Miss Phillips' thighs and the glimpse of panties that was still quite visible. After a pause, Miss Phillips continued: "I have to tell you that right now, I need to use the toilet, and you need to be punished. It has occurred to me that I could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak."

"What do you mean, Miss?" Danny, still staring up her skirt, was puzzled, but her intention was dawning on him.

"I am going to punish you by using you as a toilet -- a very suitable punishment don't you think?"

Danny's head was in a whirl. She was going to pee on him -- he would get to see her private parts! But what if she needed a poo? He remembered the big lunch he had seen her eat. He didn't think he would be able to cope with that. He didn't know whether to be aroused or frightened, but Miss Phillips noticed the increasing bulge in his trousers.

"I wouldn't advise that you get excited about this, Danny. This is a punishment and I don't expect you to enjoy it!"

Danny was quite aware of the special feeling deep in his testicles that signaled that a climax was near. He felt that now, with a load of goo building in his tight balls. He wasn't sure what he would do if it happened now since he was sure there would be considerable wetness as the result of it. His briefs were already becoming wet from the precum that had started oozing out the engorged pink head of his penis.

At the same time, he was very concerned about his punishment. Just what it meant to be used as a toilet was not at all clear to him. As he was thinking about this, Miss Phillips spoke, "Danny, you are my toilet. The toilet belongs on the floor, so now you must lay on your back!"

Danny sat down on the floor, then leaned back. He stretched out his legs so that he was flat on his back. Embarrassed by his penis that was pressing forward against his pants very noticeably, he put both his hands over his penis as he looked up at Miss Phillips expectantly.

Miss Phillips reached up to a shelf and took down a piece of rope she had put aside for this purpose. She walked over to Danny and stood at his head. Danny could see her panties very clearly now, and noticed what appeared to be some moisture creating a dark wide line in the crotch of her panties. Miss Phillips bent down and pulled Danny's hands off his crotch. She then began to tie Danny's hands behind his back; she didn't want him masturbating himself while he was being punished.

As she tied him she could feel herself becoming more aroused at the thought of what was to happen. She had thought quite a lot about this possibility in recent days. She had dumped on a guy some years ago, while at college, and had hoped for an opportunity to do it again -- only better! Danny was in no position to make complaints about what happened because he had been caught spying -- and she figured that he was so infatuated with her anyway, that he would keep quiet, and maybe even let her do it again!

Having tied him securely, she stood up, and moved astride his head, making sure he had a good view up her skirt. The feeling of power was amazing! This was a situation she had hoped to be in many times, and recently she had fantasized about it while she had sat on the toilet. Miss Phillips always enjoyed a good regular healthy dump, and since she had caught Danny the previous time, there had been several occasions where she had wondered what his response would have been if he had been there to witness a particularly good dump. Well, right now, she certainly needed one, and she could see that, despite the anxious look on his face; Danny still had a large bulge in his trousers!

Miss Phillips lifted her skirt and grabbed the bottoms of her panties, then tugged downwards. She squatted slightly as she stepped out of her wet panties. She dropped her panties on Danny's face. He inhaled the musky scent of her cum and felt the warm moisture of her arousal on his face. Miss Phillips then stood astride Danny's neck. She squatted down and brushed her panties off of Danny's face.

Now Danny had a clear view of her bottom. She had a lush growth of very curly light brown pubic hair that stuck out at least two inches from her pubic mound. The hair continued down both sides of a dark red slit. Her slit was glistening from the moisture of Miss Phillips' arousal and opened as Miss Phillips squatted. Danny looked beyond her slit and saw the mysterious dark crack of her ass which opened as she squatted further down.

"Are you ready for this, toilet boy?" Miss Phillips asked.

"I don't think so Miss," came the reply.

"Well I am!" she said firmly. She continued to squat further down, lowering her bottom until she felt it touch his face. Then she wiggled slightly until she could feel his nose right in the crack between her cheeks.

Danny was breathing heavily, and moving his head about as Miss Phillips squatted over him. He was completely helpless, his hands tied securely. He could smell very strongly the heavy odor of a woman who was highly aroused. The smell was intoxicating him. His head was spinning, his heart pounding as he waited for Miss Phillips to use and abuse him.

Miss Phillips could feel herself lubing heavily. She was getting very hot and was breathing hard. She felt an exquisite tension building in her. She was becoming lightheaded and felt she was entering a dream world with time suspended. She moved her right hand down between her legs.

Little Danny watched intently as Miss Phillips slowly rubbed all around her pubic area, then put the two middle fingers of her right hand around the red fleshy area sticking out of the end of her wet gash and started rubbing it slowly as she slightly moved her hips in synch with her finger movement. Danny's rock hard penis twitched fitfully against his trousers. He was in agony, his balls aching for release, feeling like they were going to explode from the huge quantity of cum that was building in them.

Miss Phillips felt an intense, uncomfortable pressure of gas and poo trying to push out of her rosebud, so she knew she had to get down to business and relieve herself very soon. She loosened her sphincter slightly and felt the big build-up of gas rumbling through her bowels. She contracted the muscles in her tummy and let loose a long, hot, very smelly fart directly into Danny's nose. The putrid smell overwhelmed Danny but he was helpless and could do nothing but endure the intoxicating smell of the fart that was quickly making the whole room reek.

Miss Phillips commanded Danny, "Open your mouth toilet boy! I really hope you're thirsty!"

Danny obediently opened his mouth wide. He was breathing rapidly, his eyes wide with terror.

Miss Phillips lifted her butt slightly, adjusted her balance -- and began to pee into Danny's mouth.

She had been drinking a lot of water that day, so her piss was diluted -- not too salty or strong tasting. Danny gulped down the hot pee tea as quickly as Miss Phillips could deliver it to him.

Now Miss Phillips pushed and softly grunted to force a turd out for Danny. Danny watched, fascinated by the sight of Miss Phillips' rosebud. It was kind of star-shaped with just a slight amount of short brown hair on each side of it. The star was opening and he could see the pointed curved end of a slender dark brown turd start to worm its way out. Now he could smell a slight odor of it as it slowly moved in and out of her butt -- the knobby turd moved out half an inch then back in a quarter of an inch. It appeared to be maybe an inch or so wide but it just kept coming. Now two inches of it was sticking out and touching his tongue. It tasted like a very strong kind of cheese.

After three inches came out, it broke off and dropped into Danny's mouth. Danny fought the urge to gag as he quickly chewed and swallowed the turd, which included several kernels of undigested corn, giving it an interesting texture. His stomach rebelled at the feces he had eaten, but Danny was able to keep it down.

Miss Phillips pushed and grunted some more. Some gas hissed out of her butt, followed by a softer turd which dropped into Danny's mouth, together with another thin stream of her urine. Again Danny chewed and swallowed it.

All this time, Miss Phillips was rapidly stroking her clit. A thick dollop of her cum slowly oozed out of her vagina as her body clenched and started moving spastically. Her cum dropped into Danny's open mouth as she shuddered through an intense orgasm. She let one more turd drop out into Danny's waiting mouth as she reached a second orgasm, her hips rocking involuntarily as she gasped and panted loudly.

Miss Phillips now stood up and pulled her panties back on. To her amazement, Danny hadn't spilled a drop and the floor of her study was as clean as ever.

"Now, young man, it is time to complete your punishment!" she barked at Danny. She untied him and ordered him to stand up.

She announced, "I am going to spank your bottom!" and positioned young Danny in front of her desk.

She unfastened his pants, and pulled them down. His underpants were wet from the pre-cum that had been oozing from his rigid penis the past half-hour. She pulled down his briefs and his hard penis sprang into view.

She said, "I can't have you making a mess of my desk as you did last time. I'm going to cover that penis of yours with my hand, just in case you lose control again." She cupped her left hand on the red, engorged knob of his throbbing penis.

Danny felt her warm soft hand on the extremely sensitive head of his penis. She squeezed it slightly, making him shiver from the intense sensation.

Miss Phillips used her gym shoe on Danny's small white butt. She pulled back and...

WHACK! Danny felt it sting his butt. He thrust his hips forward, moving his penis against the clutching left hand of Miss Phillips who drew back the shoe and...

WHACK! It hit him again. He knew he was again on the verge of climaxing. He couldn't prevent it as...

WHACK! Danny's hard penis swelled up, sticking straight up and started throbbing regularly. Miss Phillips knew his orgasm was starting so she dropped her shoe and reached her right arm around him, hugging her large breasts against his back as she used her right hand to jerk him off through his orgasm and her left hand rubbed his penis head while catching his semen.

Danny yelped out loud as he felt the incredible pleasure of an orgasm. Stream after thick stream of his thick white cum shot forcefully into Miss Phillips' hand.

Miss Phillips' left hand was full of his cum by the time Danny finished. He collapsed onto Miss Phillips' desk, panting rapidly and moaning from pleasure.

Miss Phillips slowly released his softening penis from her right hand and then ran her hand over his body, feeling the muscles of his body and the warmth of his body next to her as she slowly licked his delicious cum out of her hand and savored the flavor of it.

A minute later, both had recovered and both now had to resume their schedules, so Miss Phillips had Danny pull his pants back up as she straightened up, taking on the appearance once again of a strict disciplinarian.

"Now, young man," she told Danny, "I hope you have learned from your punishment!"

"Yes, Miss!" replied Danny, "I've learned a lot from it!" He smiled warmly at Miss Phillips as he left her study. In spite of herself Miss Phillips couldn't help but return the smile.