Prisoner by Electra


I have thought of an idea for a further "punishment" adventure:
I probably mentioned before that I believe in the punishment fitting the crime, and I firmly believe that men who are violent towards women should receive their punishment from women, and especially should be humiliated by women. The scenario is that women put this idea into practice as an experiment, to punish and treat sex offenders to humiliation. The punishment toilet is used for this treatment (of course), and rather than bringing the women into the prison, it is decided to take the offenders out into the community to be punished. I picture myself as a student at a local college (studying physical education perhaps), and we are approached to see if we would care to take part in the experiment. The college has been contacted by the prison to see if it can help in this punishment experiment, and it is thought that the women on the physical education course would be best suited for this. A group of us are called to a meeting, where it is explained to us what is required. A small group of prisoners will be brought to the college, each day for a week. They are to be in a special bus, in which the upper floor is like a public toilet, with cubicles, and the prisoners are contained within the lower floor; fastened into special punishment toilets. The bus will be brought to the college during the lunch hour, and they need one woman to use each of the toilets, each day for a week. We will be able to wear masks, to remain anonymous, and the prisoners are not told where they have been taken. The preference is to find volunteers who normally have a dump at this time of day, and who are not on a period that week. After some discussion, a small group of us are picked, and for the first week, it is to be Karen and myself who get to use the loos! That's the background, and from now on I will use the third person to describe what happens, and I will call myself Jane.

Phil is a bit of a loner at college, and isn't very good when it comes to talking, and socialising with girls. For a while now, though, he has been infatuated with Jane, a rather athletic PE student, and he loves to watch her from a distance, but finds it difficult to get into a conversation with her. One Monday lunchtime, he is in the canteen, sat where he can see, from a discrete distance, Jane having lunch with her friend Karen. He has often watched these PE students at lunch, and is amazed at the amount of food they put away; and today they seem to be eating even more than usual - seconds; thirds - they are certainly hungry. The two seem to be laughing and joking about something as they eat, and Phil watches them, fascinated.

Now back to the story. Phil is watching Jane and Karen as they enjoy lunch together. He is rather infatuated with Jane, and he has noticed before that she has a good appetite, but this meal today is amazing. After a while they get up and leave the canteen, and Phil watches, and then follows at a distance - fully expecting them to go to the loos. He has noticed before that Jane usually goes to the loo after lunch; and he has had a few naughty thoughts about watching her in there. To his surprise, they walk on past the loos and out into the car park. He follows as they walk across the car park, headed for some kind of bus that he hadn't noticed before, right out of the way at the far end. There is a small group of students, mainly girls, stood near the bus, and Phil casually gets closer to try to find out what is happening. He approaches the bus from the opposite end to the students, taking a close look as he does so, and he notices a "Prison Service" logo on the cab door.

Now Phil had read something about experimental forms of punishments for sex offenders, and he remembered that one of these experiments involved putting the offenders into special toilets, to be used by women. He was thinking about these things as he dew near to the group. Karen and Jane had climbed the stairs onto a sort of entrance platform, where they were waiting by a door, chatting to the rest of the group below. Karen, the loud one, was laughing and joking with a group of girls, as she stood there in her tracksuit. Jane, wearing a white blouse and tennis skirt, was leaning against the railing, looking contemplative, and joining in only occasionally. To his delight, Phil found a position, where he could look up at Jane, behind her, such that he could see up her skirt as far as her white knickers. The sight of her strong, tanned thighs and the outline of her shapely bottom were almost too much for him, and anyway, he thought he should move before she noticed him! Just at that moment, to his surprise he heard someone break wind quite audibly, followed by much laughter. It was quite obviously Karen, showing off to her friends, but almost at the same time, he thought he detected a gentle hissing fart coming from Jane, who was very close to him and facing the other way. His thoughts were confirmed shortly afterwards when the smell of the "Silent but Deadly" reached his nostrils! Just then, Jane turned and noticed him. She blushed slightly, and then smiled, and moved over to where Karen was joking with the others. The door of the upper deck opened and a man in prison service uniform invited Karen and Jane inside. Phil stood there for a while thinking, and listening to the conversations of the girls nearby. It was all falling into place: This prison van was obviously a mobile "punishment toilet", and Jane and Karen had just gone inside to use it. Someone inside that van was about to be confronted with the bottom that had just let off that smelly fart, the owner of which had recently eaten a huge lunch. Phil didn't know whether to take pity - or to be a little jealous. He sort of wished he could see what was happening!

Phil, wandered around outside the prison vehicle; thinking about what he had seen, and about what might be happening inside, and catching snippets of conversation from amongst the girls who were waiting by the entrance. Uppermost in his mind was the glimpse of Jane's thighs and bottom as he had crept up unseen; and he remembered the smell as she had broken wind quietly, whilst waiting, so it turned out, to use the toilet. Was it his imagination, or had she actually smiled at him as she turned to enter the truck? Above all, he tried to picture the two girls using the toilets, and the prisoners within the vehicle - suffering a messy and humiliating punishment...

Meanwhile, Karen and Jane had entered the vehicle and were being instructed by a prison officer. Jane was anxious to get on with it; she could feel her bowels were full, and she looked forward to the moment of relief. She had been rather apprehensive, that when the moment came to use the punishment toilet that she would only need a pee, or that she would only be able to poo a little; but the way she felt at the moment told her that this was going to be a big one. She was going to give her prisoner a punishment to remember! Both girls were handed masks, which they put on, and then they were shown to the toilet area - a room similar to most mobile toilets. There were four cubicles, but only two of them contained prisoners today. Jane strode forward into one of them, and closed the door behind her. The toilet looked like most other toilets; the lid was up, and the seat was down, awaiting her; but instead of water at the bottom of the fairly shallow pan, was the frightened face of a man. Jane smiled at him wickedly. She was going to enjoy this!

As Phil wandered around, he noticed a door into the lower portion of the vehicle, and he figured that this must be the way in to the lower floor - probably to where the prisoners were held. Curious, but at the same time frightened that he might be seen, he checked that no one was looking, and then quietly opened the door. Inside, there was a light on, and no sign of anybody, so he crept in and shut the door. He listened, but could hear nothing, so after a while he plucked up courage to open the internal door to his right. He stepped through and immediately he noticed the smell - someone, not far away, was having a dump. Listening again, he could hear a man spluttering and coughing, and the sound of paper rustling, and guessed that one of the girls was wiping her bum. There were some mechanical sounds, followed by footsteps somewhere above him. There was a row of hatchways to his left, and he carefully opened the nearest one. Immediately he noticed the strong smell of poo, and holding his nose he peered through the hatch to see what was causing it. It was fairly dark inside, and his heart was pounding as he tried to make out the shape in front of him. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a torch, and shone it through the hatch. There, two feet away lay a man, strapped onto a small platform, and his face was completely covered in poo!

Just then he heard a noise behind him and turned to see a prison officer standing in the doorway. "OK - come over here sonny," said the officer. Phil was led trembling to another room within the vehicle. "Can I go now?" he asked. "In a moment, you may go," said the officer, noting down details from Phil's student card. "You are to report back here at 12.30pm tomorrow promptly". "What for?" asked Phil, his heart sinking. "You wanted to see what happens in here - well you are going to find out. We have two spare cubicles so we can fit you in!" smirked the officer. "Now get lost!". Phil was shown out into the bright sunshine outside. The group of girls was just dispersing, but he noticed a couple of them turn to look at him, and then giggle. Red-faced, Phil made his way back to the college building. He wished he could be anywhere but here - and what was going to happen tomorrow?

Phil was in a daze as he walked back towards the college for afternoon lectures. What had he done? He felt so humiliated - but he realised that the worst was still to come. He found difficulty concentrating during his afternoon lectures; his mind kept wandering. At one point the lecture was interrupted while a secretary delivered an official looking letter to him; he guessed what that was about. He sat there reading through it: He was to report to the prison van at 12.30 promptly tomorrow, and if he failed to turn up there would be a warrant issued for his arrest. Phil felt like a criminal. He gazed out of the window, and realised that he was looking at Jane, out playing tennis in the sunshine, obviously happy and contented, probably with no idea what mental torture he was suffering. He had to turn away, the sight of Jane running around the court; her chest, her thighs, was all too much to bear.

As Karen and Jane had made their way back into college after their adventure using the punishment toilets, they compared notes, and details about how they had just humiliated their prisoners. Both girls were feeling very satisfied and in high spirits as they walked in to a meeting with their tutor. As soon as they walked in, Mrs Adams, their tutor took them both aside for a word. She asked how they had got on, and what it was like, and Jane got a suspicion that Mrs Adams was rather jealous of them! She explained to them that a student had been caught spying, and that he would be punished by being put in one of the punishment toilets tomorrow. She had already contacted Sue, another PE student, and arranged for her to make up the numbers. However, there was a slight complication, in that Sue, not having done it before, was reluctant to punish a student who might recognise her; and Mrs Adams was asking if either Karen or Jane would mind using that particular toilet. Jane had a fairly good idea who the unfortunate student was, having caught Phil looking up at her knickers, and without hesitation, volunteered to do the deed. She would show that pathetic loser what she thought of guys who sneak a look up her skirt!

That night, Phil found difficulty sleeping. Every time he closed his eyes, he found himself picturing the scenes of the day: The girls in the canteen; the sight of Jane's knickers and the sounds and smells of the girls farting; then the smell inside the van, and the sight of the prisoner with that huge pile of poo on his face. He wondered which of the two had done it, and which of them would be using the toilet he was to be placed in tomorrow. He tried to imagine how it would feel to be fastened into a toilet, awaiting his punishment; and of course the humiliation that was sure to come as other students found out about what he had done, and how he was to be punished. Yet somehow as he thought of Jane. His infatuation got the better of him, and he actually found himself becoming aroused....

Meanwhile, Jane had had a very pleasant evening out with some friends at a restaurant. Some rumours had got around about the punishment sessions, and when asked if she had taken part, Jane had to admit to it. "Oh I wish I was at your college," said one of her friends. "Go on - tell us all about it" said another; so Jane gave them a brief explanation of her adventure. "...And you did a number two on him?" said a friend, rather too loudly, and Jane blushed as she noticed a man at the next table looking at her. "Shhh! You don't have to tell the whole world!" she said, but secretly she was rather pleased at all the interest and envy she had aroused. "Do you get to do it again tomorrow?" "Of course!" smiled Jane as she helped herself to another large portion of vegetables; and she went on to tell them how Phil had been discovered spying, and that she was to punish him tomorrow after lunch...

Next morning, Phil awoke feeling quite wretched. He had had very little sleep, and he had hardly managed to eat at all since yesterday's unfortunate event. He looked again at the letter he had received, and realised that he had to go through with it or he would be in worse trouble, and might end up being kicked out of the college. Arriving at college, he began to imagine people were looking at him, and more than once, he distinctly saw people turn and point at him. He wondered just how many people knew of his plight.

Jane arrived at college, looking forward to the day ahead. After the meal she had suppressed the urge to go for a dump, as she reasoned that if she could wait, she would get all the more satisfaction from her lunchtime movement. The urge passed after a while as she thought it would, and she had slept peacefully, and woken to a hearty breakfast. The only drawback to not having moved her bowels last night seemed to be that she had rather a lot of wind, and was letting off a few smelly farts, but she was able to keep them quiet on the whole; a technique she had practised more than once before! She had talked to Karen and Sue and they had agreed to meet up for lunch together, and Jane went about her studies diligently, looking forward to lunchtime.

Time was passing all too quickly for Phil, and he was still having difficulty in concentrating. In between lessons he had noticed Karen striding down the corridor, and shortly afterwards, as he was reading a noticeboard, he suddenly noticed a smell, like someone had broken wind, and he turned in time to see Jane walking away. She turned briefly and smiled as she went on her way. Phil felt wretched. He wanted to speak to her, but he felt sure she knew all about him and how he was to be punished. Then he wondered if it was to be Jane that carried out his punishment, and he consoled himself with the thought that perhaps he might get a close view of her bottom!

All too soon the hands of the clock reached half past twelve, and the end of morning lectures. Reluctantly Phil made his way across the car park towards the prison van that was already parked there, in the same place as yesterday. He was aware of one or two people pointing and staring at him as he made his way, and some girls close to the van giggled as he went past. He knocked on the door, which opened almost immediately, and a prison officer led him inside and closed the door. He was led into a small room where the prison officer took some details and asked a few questions. There were two other men there, who were handcuffed to rings on the wall. The two men sneered at him, and made remarks to each other about him. Phil was showing signs of fear now, and one of the prisoners spoke to him. "That was a stupid thing to do yesterday," he said. Phil agreed, "I just wanted to see what went on". "Well you will soon enough - and you won't like it," said the prisoner. "I still haven't recovered from yesterday's session, I have hardly been able to eat a thing, and I was sick all afternoon". "Yeah, I didn't feel too good either," said the other; "and the worst thing was - she was actually enjoying herself as she did it!" The conversation ended abruptly as a woman prison officer appeared and led Phil out of the room. He was taken to the place where he had been caught yesterday, and told to lie on the bench. As soon as he was laid down, the prison officer applied some fastenings to his hands, his feet and his head, so that he could hardly move any part of his body. She operated some machinery, and the bench moved upward towards the low roof where there was an opening into which his head fitted. He heard her walk away, and a short time afterwards he heard footsteps above him, and then light flooded in as she lifted the lid, and he realised his head was inside a toilet bowl and he was looking at the underside of a toilet seat. The officer smiled at him as she fitted a toilet roll into the holder and then she whispered "I wish I could use this toilet - but I'm not allowed!" and she walked off, leaving Phil to ponder his fate.

The bowl of the toilet was arranged such that anything that was dropped into it would end up on the prisoner's face. All Phil could see was the ceiling above the loo; the underside of the seat; and the bowl itself, which curved down to the ring into which his face was held. He was unable to move his head at all, and his arms and legs were fastened as well. He judged that his face was about eight inches below the seat, and he couldn't help imagining a bottom sat above him as he remembered what he had seen yesterday when he had looked in and seen a prisoner with his face covered in poo. There was a light in the rim of the bowl - probably, thought Phil, so that the user could see what she was doing. Then his mind turned to Jane and Karen. He thought back to yesterday, and how he had seen them in the canteen, and he realised they were probably there now, feasting, as they laughed and joked about what they were going to do to him. Right now, although he was actually hungry, food was the last thing on Phil's mind!

Meanwhile Jane had met up with her friends in the canteen, and they were tucking into a hearty lunch. The fact that she had delayed her bowel movement from last night didn't seem to affect her appetite at all, and she was pleased to see that Karen and Sue were equally hungry. Jane liked Sue. She was quieter than Karen, who was always the life and soul of her social group. Sue was full of questions about the punishment toilets - what was the inside of the van like? How about the guards? Do you actually see the prisoners? Do they see you? - and Karen and Jane explained each point, telling her not to worry, just relax and enjoy. "The important thing" said Karen, "is that these prisoners deserve what they get". "We just have to make sure we give them as hard a time as possible; I made sure of that yesterday, and I am preparing an even bigger load for today!" "Same here!" grinned Jane, and they all giggled. After several helpings of food, Karen went to fetch the coffee. "Don't worry," said Jane to Sue, "you will love it!" "I am going to be punishing that creep Phil, and I don't care if he recognises me - in fact I want him to - I have been really looking forward to this!" They sat drinking their coffee, and Karen announced that she was beginning to get the urge, grinning broadly, and rubbing her abdomen. Jane had done a pee early on, and again mid-morning, and apart from several smelly farts, she hadn't really felt how full her bowels were - but now, after a big lunch, she could feel some activity down there, and she too knew that very soon she would be needing a poo.

As they finished their drinks and got up to leave, Sue said that she definitely needed a pee, and she thought she could feel a poo coming. Together they walked across the car park to the prison van. It was a lovely sunny day, and Karen walked in front, keen to get on with the task in hand, and arriving at the platform entrance to the upper deck, Karen farted loudly, provoking a small cheer from the group of friends who had come to see what was happening. "Who gets to punish Phil?" asked one of the girls, and Karen pointed at Jane, who smiled, slightly self-consciously as there was a small cheer from the crowd. Then the door opened, and the three went inside, eager to begin the task of punishing those who deserved it. Sue and Karen were given masks to wear, but Jane declined. She rather wanted Phil to know who was punishing him. She took time to tie her hair back, as she felt sure she would be bending forward to look between her legs while she was using the toilet. As she stood there, getting ready, and watching the others, she could feel that her bowels were very full indeed, and that she needed a poo in no uncertain terms - and very soon! The woman officer led them through to the toilets, and Karen and Sue were shown to the loos that contained the prisoners. Then she came back for Jane who was still preparing herself. She showed Jane to the loo that contained Phil, and smiled broadly at her as Jane stepped inside. Jane closed and bolted the door before she turned around, and looked down. There below her, framed by the seat of the toilet, was Phil's face, gazing up at her with a horrified expression. Jane grinned wickedly at him, whispering "I've been waiting for this!", and then turned and lifted her skirt. She stood for a while, astride the toilet, savouring the moment as she let Phil stare at her bottom, before slowly lowering her knickers, and making herself comfortable on the seat. As she sat there, feeling the comfortable wooden seat under her bum, she removed her knickers completely, allowing herself full freedom to hold her legs apart, so that she could look down at her victim.

Phil had lain there for some time, and was feeling more and more uncomfortable. He could hear the other prisoners having a conversation of sorts, until the officer told them to shut up. In the silence that followed, Phil thought he could hear voices outside, and he guessed there was some sort of crowd gathered around the van. Some time after that he heard voices, and then footsteps up on the top floor, and he knew that his time of reckoning was close. The footsteps went by and he could hear the doors closing in the other cubicles, but still no-one appeared in sight. He heard the other prisoners moaning and cursing, as the girls got ready to use their toilets, and Phil was puzzled. He thought perhaps that Karen and Jane had both gone to punish the same prisoners as yesterday, and perhaps after all he would be spared - and then the door opened, and his heart sank. There, above him, but with her back turned, he could see a girl's fair hair, tied back in a pony tail, and having locked the door Jane turned and gave him a wicked grin. Phil's nightmare was coming true! He watched transfixed as Jane hitched up her skirt and stood over him. He was looking directly up at her smooth thighs and her large, but firm bottom and he couldn't stop himself becoming aroused by the sight. As he watched, she slowly lowered her knickers, and her bare bottom descended until she was sat on the seat above his face.

Jane sat for a while, fingering herself. She wanted Phil to know how much she was enjoying this - that would teach him to look up her skirt like that! As she sat there, she could hear sounds of action in the other toilets. Karen was letting off several noisy farts, and she could hear Sue grunting gently. The aroma of poo was starting to fill the place, and she wanted her prisoner to hear and smell all this, as he awaited his own punishment. Her bowels were telling her it was time to start, and she bent forward and looked down, as she started to pee.

Phil could indeed hear and smell what was going on, and he could see only too clearly what Jane was up to as she sat there stimulating herself. Her bottom seemed to fill the hole in the seat completely, and it would have been quite dark, had not the light in the rim of the pan been provided. Phil could see the hairs around Jane's crotch and the moistness of her pussy, as she rubbed it. He was only about eight inches below her, and he could sense the womanly odours, as well as the toilet smells. He could also see her pink rosebud pouting at him, and he couldn't help wondering about what was probably about to emerge from it. Then he saw Jane looking down and grinning and suddenly there was a torrent of pee splashing all over his face. He closed his mouth and his eyes, but he could taste and smell her urine as it continued to pour down. Phil began to wonder how long this would last, and how good the seal between his face and the bowl was. If Jane continued to pee faster than it drained away, Phil feared he would have to drink it - or drown.

As she looked down, Jane could see the look of anguish on Phil's face as the bowl began to fill up. She kept the pee going as long as she could, and saw to her satisfaction that he was trying desperately to hold his breath. Then, just as her pee slowed to a trickle, she released a long hissing fart, and watched Phil's eyes widen. She paused and then farted again, as she began to push down. Now she could feel her bum opening, and as she looked down again, Phil had a horrified expression, and he was trying to plead with her. She pushed some more, deliberately trying to prolong the moment, and she could feel the poo was going to be very thick indeed. Jane continued to finger herself as she pushed, and as she looked down she could see the tip of her poo moving slowly down towards her victim. One more push, and the poo was starting to touch his lips, as he desperately tried to avoid it, but he was held much to securely for that. Again Jane paused, savouring the moment. She had the dual pleasure of feeling a very large poo sliding out of her bum, and at the same time, aiming it at her intended target, and observing the look of absolute revulsion on his face. It was as though, yesterday had been a mere rehearsal for today's performance!

For Phil, things could hardly have been worse. Having received an unintentional mouthful of pee, which he found he couldn't spit out; he heard and smelt those farts which he knew heralded the start of his real ordeal, and that the dreaded moment had arrived. As he tried to beg for mercy, his eyes were fixed on Jane's rosebud, as it opened, slowly, wider and wider. Phil could see the tip of her poo emerging slowly, and pausing tantalisingly as she looked down and watched his reaction. Phil was taken aback by the thickness of the emerging poo. He hadn't imagined anyone could produce poos of this size. He had noticed an enormously thick poo lying on the track at his local railway station a few weeks ago, and he had wondered then, what sort of a person had done that - and now he was looking at one even thicker, and it was inching it's way towards his face. The stink inside the pan was appalling, and Phil couldn't take his eyes from the huge log above him as it hesitated, and then moved on with a gentle crackle as it emerged from Jane's anus.

For a while, Jane waited, her poo touching Phil's lips, as she continued to stimulate herself, all the while revelling in the situation. Then gently, but firmly, she pushed down again, and she could feel the resistance as the tip pushed against his face. "Open wide you loser", she whispered to him. "Go on - do as you are told". To her delight, Phil opened his mouth, and she pushed some more, and watched as her filth started to invade his mouth, and he began to cough and splutter. As she looked down, she could see that a couple of inches of her poo had forced into Phil's mouth, which was open at full stretch to accommodate her huge log. Jane relaxed, and the poo was severed, and remained sticking upright from his mouth, as she sat looking down at what she had done, and preparing herself for the next poo. She could feel her bowels had plenty left in them yet. Sitting a little more upright, Jane pushed again, and there was a gentle fart as her bum started to open, and another poo as thick as the first began its journey down towards her victim. This one was coming out faster than the first and Jane enjoyed the feeling of the smooth, thick log passing easily through her passage. As she looked down again she was able to aim the log so that it slid across Phil's nose, and then she released it so that it lay diagonally across his face and up the side of the pan.

Phil felt utterly disgusted and sick as the poo forced it's stinking way into his mouth. The taste and smell were indescribable, and he suddenly wanted to vomit, but he managed to control himself, although it brought tears to his eyes. As the poo dropped away from the rosebud above him, Phil was hopeful that his ordeal was almost over - but then he heard the fart and saw the hole opening again, and he realised she was teasing him. As he lay there, helplessly watching this second big log descending, Phil realised that far from hating his tormentor for the treatment he was receiving; he was actually admiring her more. Despite feeling sick and humiliated as he lay under her filth, he began to recognise what a creep he was, and that this girl was quite entitled to do what she was doing, and in a strange way, he was glad that she was enjoying herself.

Not that Jane had finished yet. She could see the tears in his eyes, but she meant to teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget and besides, she still had more to do. Once more she began to push, and this time, two big logs came out quite quickly, and landed over his nose and eyes. Then there was a noisy fart, and a few small pieces of poo landed on top, followed by a further stream of pee. As Jane looked down, she could hardly see any of her victim at all - just a panful of her poo; and as she looked down she brought herself, panting, to a climax. For about a minute, she sat there, breathing deeply before she carefully wiped herself, pulled up her knickers, and walked out in search of some fresh air. She had heard the others finish and leave some time before, but as she left the toilet area and opened the door to the reception room, there they were, both waiting for her with huge grins. Together, the three of them emerged triumphantly from the van to be met by cheers from friends waiting outside. They had some stories to tell that afternoon.

Back inside, Phil was left, his face completely covered in poo, and with the remains of Jane's pee dripping own onto his face. The taste in his mouth was absolutely vile, but he didn't care any more. Phil had the satisfaction that his discomfort was Jane's pleasure, and that was what really mattered to him. He realised that he actually wanted to be Jane's slave...