Daily Dump Stories

pooping girl's Stories

(July 10, 1996)

I love to poop and see and hear other females go to the toilet. I go into the stall and pull my skirt up and my panties down to my ankles then sit down. I start to work on relieving myself, I grunt and strain. I keep pushing as a loud fart comes out and I feel the poop sliding out. I know more is on the way and I grunt more and I pass more gas and another big poop comes out of my fanny. I sit and relax a while for my effort and hope somebody else comes in to go to the toilet in the stall next to mine. When I finish I wipe myself, check my work, pull my underpants up, and look forward to my next trip to the toilet.

(July 10, 1996)

Sometimes pooping accidents can be fun. I sometimes fill my panties just to feel it, although I must grunt harder to get it out.

(July 12, 1996)

I was at a park yesterday and had to go to the toilet. I found the ladies toilet and went in. There were 6 stalls, 3 on each side, only 1 with a door which was occupied. I needed to poop so I took my shorts and underpants down and sat down, another lady came in and sat down in the toilet next to mine. I started grunting and a big wet fart exploded followed by about 5 loud poops, the lady next to me said "Oh my!" and she let go with a big wet load herself. After she did this we started talking like we were at a picnic table, but we were grunting and pooping the whole time. It was wild. I wiped my fanny and said good-bye as she gave me one last fart to send me off.

(July 14, 1996)

I set up the room earlier with some paper and a dish pan to pee in because where there is poop there is pee. I have on a tee shirt and light blue panties. Time to go to work. Huuuuuuuuuuh huuuuuuuuuuugh. I farted long and loud. I can feel it coming now. Huuuuuuuugh! Oh god, its huge, it won't move. Huuuuuuuungh, its coming out. Huuuuuuuuuungh it's touching my panties as I squat here. Huuuuuungh, I'm filling my underpants. I got to tinkle -- pull crotch aside and go there... Here comes more poop. Oh I need more room in my pants to take it. I'm pulling my underpants down a little for more room. Huuuuuuuuungh, more gas again. More gas. Here comes another jobbie. Oh this is great. I think I'm finished. I just looked in the mirror and what a load! You can see my poopy because my pants are so full, it bulges. I waddle like a duck with my load. I'm going to go clean my fanny and shower and clean my underpants.

(July 14, 1996)

I'm bi- and I did have a girl friend who would clean my fanny. Then she would do a little more than powder it. I haven't found a man who would change me but they liked watching. I'm in a relationship now with another woman but no pooping yet. We're just starting.

(July 15, 1996)

Well after I pooped my panties yesterday my system seems to be back to normal. I went to the toilet 3 more times yesterday, well at least I got the paper read. I didn't use it to wipe my fanny though. Everyone who just reads these posts tell about your pooping experiences.

(July 16, 1996)

I stated earlier that I am bi- and in a new female relationship. We were sitting around last night when my friend says she has to go to the toilet. She picked up a magazine and heads off. I followed her and listened outside the door. I heard one of the loudest farts ever and she started grunting. I didn't hear any poops, just a lot of effort being put into it. I knocked on the door to see if everything was OK; another big fart came forth. She said she was having trouble pooping. I opened the door and there she sat with her jeans and underpants down on her calves. She looked so cute sitting on the toilet leaning forward looking at the magazine. She continued grunting and farting until a huge jobbie emerged from her fanny. Then the flood gates opened and she must have dropped about 8 logs loudly into the bowl. I helped her wipe her fanny and then well she didn't get her pants back up for a while. I haven't pooped for her yet but I think it is just a matter of time.

(July 17, 1996)

Patty and I were fooling around a little when the call of nature hit me. I headed to the toilet. I got my shorts and underpants down and sat on the toilet and started to poop. I grunted a little and let loose with some wet farts, followed by a mushy load. I didn't close the door to the bathroom and Patty was lurking outside in the hall and she asks if she can come in like I did the other day on her. Another wave of poop hit at that time as I strained out "Sure!" to her. She walked in and started scratching her butt. I watched from the toilet as her shorts went up and down as she dug at her fanny. I farted and pooped another mushy log and stared at her. I told her I could take care of that itch and helped her take her pants and panties down, now both our pants and underpants were around our ankles. I turned her around and drove my tongue up her fanny. I sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes more with my face buried between those sweet cheeks. She helped me wipe my butt and took me right there on the floor of the hallway by the bathroom. She said later she got turned on by my pooping and she wants to try some other toilet games. Any suggestions?

(July 18, 1996)

I've been a grunter for as long as I can remember. When I have to poop I take my panties down well past my knees before I sit down. I notice some of the uppity ladies barely get their pants past their butts and then pull them up so if you look at their feet there isn't a crease out of place. Sometimes when these same people fart its like a squeak as they try not to let it out even on the toilet. I myself sit down and go for the gusto. I grunt, fart loudly and pass some very big jobbies. I enjoy pooping and it's time for all us ladies to relax and just go.

(July 18, 1996)

When I'm on the toilet or pooping in my pants there are always noises coming from my fanny. I don't know if I would call the smell great, but it does smell.

(July 19, 1996)

Had a doctors appt today at the gyn. All ladies know that this is not very pleasant but necessary. After the exam as I headed out I noticed the nurse who was in with me pick up a magazine and start to leave. She was very cute with a cute fanny. I left and went down the hall to the ladies room as since I had the exam I felt the need to poop. I noticed in front of me the nurse going into the toilet. There were 5 stalls, 3 were occupied. I looked for the one with the white pants lowered and went into the toilet next to her. I took my pants and underpants down and sat on the toilet. 2 of the occupied stalls flushed and left. I started to grunt and a nice big fart came followed by about 3 more. I strained again and a nice big jobbie started to emerge. This hit the water with a loud splash followed by a few more poops and farts. I sat and relaxed a minute and heard the cute nurse turn some pages and tinkle, she then grunted real loud and nothing happened. she grunted harder about 4 more times then I heard a poop hit the water like dropping a rock into a lake. She grunted more and more followed by what had to be about 5 farts and a good load of poop. She finished with a "whew." I wiped my fanny and pulled my pants up and went out to wash my hands. The nurse emerged from the stall and her face was still red from straining. I smiled at her and she said "That was a tough one." I told her mine too and I would see her at my next appointment. This made an unpleasant appt. worthwhile.

(July 20, 1996)

More years than I care to remember I had an accident while being punished in the eighth grade. Back then you got your fanny paddled for misdeads. I made the mistake of saying "shit" and was heard by one of the nuns. I had to stay after school for five licks with the paddle. I needed to use the toilet and asked for permission to use the girls room before my punishment. I was not allowed to go. My uniform skirt was lifted and tucked into the waist band. Paddlings were given on your underpants. I bent over the chair and waited. The first one came and it hurt. The second one came and I let gas escape rather loudly. For that I got another one. I asked again to please let me go to the toilet. The third hit came and I squeezed my fanny to hold my jobbies in. The fourth hit came and I did what I was being spanked for. My poop just exploded into my underpants. The last 2 hits were directly on my poop load. My fanny was on fire and was sent to the toilet to clean myself up and go home. I got to the stall and what a mess! I wrapped the pants in paper towels and threw them away. When I got home I took a bath to wash my fanny. It seemed like it was red for a week.

Maybe this is why I poop my undies sometimes and enjoy my fanny getting spanked.

(July 24, 1996)

After the other day I stayed pretty close to the toilet, in case the need arose. I got to work today and felt a gas pain so I headed to the toilet. I took my slacks and panties down (red bikini style) around my ankles and sat down. I grunted and farted and a nice solid poop slowly emerged from my fanny and splashed in the toilet. This was followed by a few more logs and farts as I grunted, relieved my movements were back to normal again. I carefully wiped my fanny as it was sore from the runny poops. I usually wipe until the paper is not stained and I wipe once more for good measure. I pulled my panties and slacks up, looked at my work and flushed the toilet. As I left the ladies room, I warned a co-worker that it might not be safe to go in there yet.

(July 29, 1996)

Yesterday I went to the toilet figuring on a nice poop to get the day off right. Well I got my pants down and sat on the toilet and started to push. A fart came out that I thought would rattle the windows. I started to pee and I grunted again and another explosion occurred. My gf came down stairs and came into the bathroom and said "Was that you ?" She heard it all the way upstairs. I grunted some more and a large poop started out, but stopped, it took 3 more grunts to get it out. I just kept going and going. I sat on the toilet for about 25 minutes and passed an awful lot of loud gas. I wiped my fanny and looked at my poops in the toilet. I had 1 very large log and 9 others of varying size. After I got my underpants and pants back up I flushed the toilet. Everything went down but there were stains on the bowl which I finally had to use the toilet brush on after 3 flushes wouldn't take care of it. I felt relieved after pooping and it was enjoyable. I think everybody should just relax and enjoy what their body does. See ya later. Oh I forgot my gf spent the time with me while I went to the toilet.

(August 2, 1996)

Well nothing spectacular to report, just my standard pants around the ankles, farting grunting and poop producing day. Relationship ended as my gf went back to her husband for another try. This is good as they are both nice people. I'll be going to a camp for 5 days with about 10-12 other people that I know on Sunday so I'll post about any experiences I had when I get back.

(August 9, 1996)

Camping was fun and did me a world of good to relax. This was an old boys camp and it was fairly secluded. The toilet and shower facilities were in two buildings separated by a short hallway. Since it was a boys camp there was only 1 room of toilets and one room of shower heads. They had five toilets on each side of the room with a curtain down the middle to separate men's and women's facilities. The shower was separated the same way. There were no stalls just toilets lined up and when you entered the building you could look into either side before you went to your designated area. Since the place was so secluded there was some nudity but they prohibited any sexual behavior out in public. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed throughout my stay. The first time I needed to pee I saw how the facilities were set up as I entered I looked on the men's side (of course) before I went into the ladies side. There was one man on the toilet reading the newspaper. I went into my side and picked the toilet opposite his. The curtain didn't go to the floor and I could look and see almost to his knees. I started to pee and had a couple of gas pains and let go with a couple of good farts. This must have relaxed the guy as he grunted and farted and I heard about 4 or 5 logs hit the water. He pooped some more as I just sat there and listened. I wiped myself, pulled my pants up, and flushed. I left and gave him another quick glance (of course) as he let go of another fart. I'll post about some of my dumps as time goes on.

(August 9, 1996)

My first poop after I arrived was not an easy push and poop type. I think I was a little nervous about the facilities. I went into the toilet and there were 3 men on their side and 2 other ladies on my side. I pulled my pants and panties down low and sat on the toilet. I peed and waited. After about 2 minutes one of the guys farted loudly and grunted hard. I really needed to go so I started to grunt and all I got for my effort was a couple of weak farts. I strained again and leaned forward on my toes. All shyness disappeared as I needed to unload. A big log started to come out as I grunted loudly. I kept coming as I'm sure everybody saw since I leaned forward with my fanny off the seat and pushed. It felt like I was pooping a bowling ball. It finally fell from my fanny with a loud splash.

I settled back down on the seat and things progressed a little easier, but my gas and pooping were quite loud though they passed with not much grunt work. As I relaxed on the toilet another lady came in and cropped her pants around her ankles and started pooping loudly into the bowl. As she finished her first wave she stated that she was glad she didn't have to carry that load around with her any more. I finished my poo and wiped my fanny as I heard more men relieving themselves across the way and saw 4 sets of feet under the curtain. I pulled up my underpants and shorts and headed out. I was much less nervous after that.

I must admit I did spend more time than I really needed to on the toilets. I did have some observations also. Men seem to be much more relaxed about pushing their pants and underpants down low and grunting and straining to poop. More ladies became silent when there were men going to the toilet, it was almost like they were trying not to do what they came in there for. I also noticed that all the men would look into the ladies side but would pretend not to look. I on the other hand would look right in, where some ladies would look and others would put their heads down and go into the ladies side. Everybody looked into the shower area, both men and women.

One final observation was that men are wearing much more colorful and bright underpants rather than the plain white jockey pants.

(August 10, 1996)

On one of my days away I wore a one piece sun outfit with purple panties. Well I had to go to the toilet so after looking at the men pooping and peeing I went to the ladies side. This outfit while looking nice is not set up for easy removal as you are undressed completely to remove it. I unbuttoned the buttons and let it drop right down to my feet. I wore no bra and after my underpants went down to my ankles I was on the toilet nude from the ankles up. I proceeded to strain and farted a few times followed by a few good size jobbies falling into the toilet. I was sitting there listening to the others do their work when two ladies came running in and were pulling down their shorts and panties as they went. These two had the runs badly and were moaning and straining with loud wet farts as a torrent of liquid poop left them. I heard a man on the other side going through the same thing. One of the ladies said "Is that you Bob?" A strained "Yes" came back. The lady replied "Nice dinner you made," as another blast erupted from her fanny. I just kept reading a magazine and giving little toots from my butt every once in a while. The first lady wiped her fanny. pulled up her pants, then took them right back down as she pooped some more. The smell was getting pretty tough from both sides so I wiped my fanny. put my outfit back on, and headed out. About 3 or 4 men complimented my outfit that day. I wonder if the first saw it while it was around my feet?

(August 13, 1996)

One last camping story. I was on the toilet with shorts and panties around my ankles when a girl and her bf came in. He kissed her and said he would be on the other side taking a dump. She said she thought she could go too. She walked in and pushed her shorts and undies down low and sat down and said "Hi!" I had just started to push and delivered a combination poop and fart at the same time as I uttered a strained "Hi!" back to her. She said she hadn't pooped in 3 days and really needed to. She leaned forward (now I know how I looked a couple days before) and pushed and grunted hard for it seemed like a minute before a poop started to descend. Her jobbie wasn't real wide but it was long. She kept straining hard as she was sweating from her effort as one poo fell another began. After she pushed out about 4 good logs she sat back and rested passing gas about 4 times loudly. I myself was grunting out a good load as was her bf on the other side. It was grunt heaven in there. The girl said to her bf that she felt much better as she took a mighty one, and asked me if I wanted to hang around with them that evening as her bf grunted out "A good idea" from his toilet. I thought it would be a fun time so I agreed. The gf still had more pooping to do as she grunted more, farted, and delivered more jobbies to the toilet. I was finished so I wiped my fanny and pulled up my underpants and shorts as we continued to chat.

It was a very pleasant evening. I practice safe sex as did they but it was quite a wonderful workout that night (sorry no further details about the sex, won't kiss and tell). I will finish this with mentioning that the gf had to go to the toilet to poop again about an hour later and she delivered another full load. This was the last night of my vacation and it was definitely the best. Well, back to the everyday world.

(August 13, 1996)

My underpants are mostly colored, some with prints, I do wear white pants while wearing white shorts or slacks. People seemed pretty relaxed after a while when on vacation. Remember, I reported mostly on the more comfortable people, there were still many women who kept their head down when the walked in until they finished their business, almost as if they were ashamed for having to go to the toilet. Never checked the woods for dumps, so maybe there were people too nervous to poop in the open toilets. I do grunt most times when I poop. I have been a grunter from way back as far as I can remember. Not every poop is a red faced strain to get it out, but I usually need to bear down some to get moving so to speak.

(August 17, 1996)

I had a nice relaxing poop this morning. I sat down on the toilet and pushed a little and started pooping right away. Of course there was some gas to wake up the neighbors. I couldn't believe how much I pooped this morning, No real big jobbies but it seemed like I dropped about 15 logs into the toilet. I was sitting on the toilet for about 25 minutes, after I wiped I looked at my fanny in the mirror and I could see the outline of the toilet seat. No ring around the collar, but ring around the fanny. I guess I shouldn't remain perched for so long. I felt great after I finished.

(August 18, 1996)

Yesterday I pooped a nice big load, today I've tried about 4 times and all I've had was a lot of gas. On a lighter side, I went to a show this afternoon and went to the ladies room to sit and do nothing as it turned out, but I think some of us women are starting to loosen up about their toilet habits. There were about 10 stalls and as I glanced under to find an open one I actually saw some shorts down touching the persons feet. I even saw a couple of pairs of underpants appearing below door level. Most of the crowd was in the 20-30 yr. age group, so maybe things are getting more relaxed. Another good thing was I wasn't the only one on the toilet farting. It was pretty loud at times. Ill try to poop again later, seems like this happens every month or so, must need more fiber.

(August 20, 1996)

After not pooping Sunday or Monday, I got up this morning and felt the urge again. I took my undies down and sat on the toilet. I grunted and strained hard as the first jobbie started out, it felt very hard and I pushed some more as it dropped out of my fanny and splashed into the water. More poop followed with not too much grunt work. I could feel it in my stomach as more jobbies and gas emerged from me. I was tinkling when I passed about a 20 second fart. I had to stop it and take another breath to finish it. It took a lot of wiping to clean my fanny after this, but I was grateful to get things moving again. Since this morning I went to the toilet twice at work and once more when I got home. I pooped a fair amount each time. I may be empty now but only time will tell.

(August 23, 1996)

I did just finish a nice one on the toilet and I'm typing this in my underpants and tee shirt as I get ready to leave. My panties were around my ankles as I started to grunt and my fanny just seem to explode with both gas and poop all at once. It felt so good as I just sat there after I started and listened as more jobbies hit the water. I passed some more gas and just relaxed sitting on the toilet. I did push out a couple more longer logs before I wiped and got up. I turned around and looked in the toilet and all I could see was poop and some toilet paper. I filled the bowl with a lot of poop. I pulled up my underpants and flushed the toilet. It took 2 flushes to get it all down.

(August 25, 1996)

On my drive home yesterday I felt the urge and stopped at a rest area to go to the toilet. I headed to the ladies room as a young couple talked, he said "I'll meet you here," Her reply was "OK" but it will be a little while before I'm out. He said "Take your time" and off she went. The ladies room was the biggest I've ever seen, 3 rooms of toilets with 5 stalls on each wall. I went into the toilet next to the girl who would be a while. I took my shorts and undies down and sat down on the toilet. I started to pee when a very loud fart came from next stall. This was followed by at least 6 more long loud farts. I heard very soft grunting as her poop started splashing into the toilet. She would poop some and then about 10 seconds later another load would come, this went on for 4 loud splashing loads. My poop was rather uneventful after hers, couple of farts and about 3 medium size jobbies plopped into the bowl. The girl used a lot of paper to wipe as I was out of my toilet before her. I was by the sink as she came out and she was so petite. She must have had to wait a long time between poops to go as much as she did. As I washed my hands, her underpants must not have been right as she pulled them out of her butt. It took 3 tries for her to get them right. I left before her and saw her bf, waiting and I thought, if he only knew what just went on with his cute gf.