The Open Window by Karen

The Open Window

It was the middle of summer, a Saturday morning about nine. Thirty-four year old Megan walked into her kitchen, totally nude. She was a beautiful woman, high breasts tipped with pink nipples. A narrow waist flaring out into luscious hips and butt. She ran her hands across her butt lightly, then turned to the cupboard.

Next door, eighteen year old Brenda caught sight of the naked older woman. The kitchen windows faced each other no more than ten feet apart. Brenda watched a few minutes, standing to the side of her window. She was not by any means a lesbian, but she did notice how alluring this redhead was. She noticed her full, well-developed breasts. She also noticed this lady next door begin to masturbate. This really amazed Brenda because she had never seen a grown woman masturbate before.

Megan masturbated for only a few minutes, licking her fingers clean before she opened her cupboard doors. Taking out an expensive china plate and a champagne glass, Megan set them on the table. Putting a set of tableware beside them, she started masturbating again.

At this point, Brenda just knew she would have to have photos of this behavior so she quickly went to get her Polaroid. When she came back, the woman was up on the table, holding the champagne glass up against the lips of her pussy. 'What is this woman about to do?' Brenda wondered as the woman sat the glass down full of piss. Then the woman turned her full ass to Brenda, and the girl watched the woman actually defecate right on that plate! And it wasn't a normal sized turd by any means, although Brenda wouldn't know what other ladies defecated ... but she never shit this much. This turd reached from one side of the plate to the other and looped back! Well, maybe not back again, but it did loop back across the first part ... and Brenda knew it was far more than what she ever shit.

The woman got down off the table, turned and sat down right before the plate. This was impossible, Brenda thought and watched as the woman picked up the champagne glass and tilted it towards her lips! She was drinking her own piss! Brenda snapped a photo of this. Setting the glass down, the woman picked up her knife and fork. Slicing through her turd, she sawed off a chunk, laid the knife to the side and raised the piece of shit to her mouth! Brenda watched as the woman placed the shit in her mouth and closed her mouth before chewing it! This woman was eating her own shit! Brenda snapped two more photos. Piece by piece, the turd disappeared into the woman's mouth! She was eating it! She was actually eating her own shit!

Brenda snapped a few more photos until she had used up her 12 exposures, wishing she had more film, but she would have to make do. When the woman finished her plate of shit and glass of piss, she began masturbating again. She did this until she climaxed, then got up and washed her plate, glass and flatware before leaving the kitchen.

Wheooo, was that ever a filthy thing to do! Taking the photos into her own bedroom, Brenda began looking at each photo she had snapped. For some reason, she began to get wet.

Several times throughout the day, Brenda would take a look at the photos ... until she decided what to do. Placing them in an envelope, Brenda left her apartment. She found a copying machine and, making sure no one was around, duplicated each photo. Placing the photos and duplicates back in the envelope, she returned home to look at them. She noticed immediately that the duplicates were in black and white and about half of them did not show much of this woman's face. The other half showed explicitly what the woman was doing, from the pissing in the glass to shitting on the plate and putting it all in her mouth. Brenda had a plan:

On Monday morning before the woman left for work, Brenda went outside and waited. Her heart raced when she saw the lady come out. She was even more alluring clothed and with make-up. Conservatively dressed, this woman had to work in some place of high regard. Brenda followed her outside of town to an insurance firm. So this was where she works, Brenda thought, making a mental note of the address and name of the firm. Then she went back home. In her apartment again, Brenda took out her phone directory and dialed the number. She asked for the woman - not knowing her name, she described her to the lady on the phone. The lady on the phone quickly recognized who Brenda was talking about and told Brenda that the lady's name was Megan. When the lady answering the phone buzzed Megan's private phone, Brenda hung up. 'I have her now,' Brenda thought.

Brenda had just started college and she had a half day today. After her classes, Brenda went shopping. She had already decided that this evening she would need something special to wear so she bought a new dress, new heels and even went to the hairdressers. She couldn't really afford this, but she just had to have it for this coming evening.

Back home, she modeled her new dress and heels. She was as alluring as Megan, she thought to herself. Removing her clothes, she took a long, leisurely bath. She stayed in the tub for over an hour before she climbed out. It took her another hour to redress and brush her hair into a stylish coiffure before applying her make-up.

By this time, it was close to seven in the evening. When she checked, sure enough - Megan was home. Taking up the duplicates of her photos, she left her apartment and went to Megan's. She rang the doorbell to 4-B and waited several moments before the door opened.

"Yes, can I help you?" Megan asked.

"Well, I'm one of your neighbors," Brenda smiled. "I thought I should come over and introduce myself to you and get acquainted. My name is Brenda." Brenda held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Megan." Megan took her hand and stepped aside for Brenda to enter.

"You have a lovely apartment," Brenda said as she entered the room.

"Thank you." Megan seated herself.

"I saw you the other day and just had to get acquainted," Brenda said.

"Wonderful," Megan remarked. "Have you met any of the other tenants?"

Brenda shook her head 'no'. "I just moved into my apartment a month ago. I'm going to college."

"That's great, an education is paramount in anything you do anymore." Megan smiled again. "Is there some reason you picked me out from all the other tenants?"

Brenda nodded, "Yes, there is. I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Oh?" Megan moved closer to Brenda. "A problem with a boyfriend?"

"No, nothing like that." Brenda noticed Megan had moved closer.

"What is it my dear?" Megan asked again. "I'd like to be your confidant."

"Well ..." Brenda chose her words carefully. "I saw something I don't know how to tell you about ... but I need to tell someone."

"You may tell me," Megan remarked. "Go ahead. I promise it won't go beyond me."

'I bet it won't,' Benda thought. "I saw ... I saw a lady doing something nasty."

Megan shivered. "Nasty?"

"What she did was totally disgusting!" Brenda looked straight into Megan's eyes.

Megan shivered again ... "Oh?"

"I took some photos of her doing this." Brenda noticed the change in Megan's attitude.

"Photos of her doing what?" Megan turned white.

"This," Brenda dug into her purse. "Here."

With shaky hands, Megan took the envelope. The duplicates fell out in her hands and she gasped. Although they were just black and white photos, it was obvious that these photos were taken of her. With trembling hands, Megan asked. "How much do you want?"

"You mean money?" Brenda smiled back at the shaking woman.

Megan nodded.

Brenda shook her head 'no'. "I'm not after money, I don't want your money."

"What do you want?" Megan was afraid of the answer.

"You will eat MY shit!" Brenda smiled.

"I won't!" Megan backed off.

"I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter," Brenda answered. "Notice that these photos have been duplicated. I have the originals in a safe place. No, not at home, they are in a safe deposit box in a bank," Brenda explained. "Now what would happen if your insurance company should receive these photos?"

"You'd do that?" Megan slid to her knees. "Please don't let my company have them. Please ... I'll ... I'll do anything!"

Brenda smiled down on the woman, "I know you will ... AND ANYTIME I say! I might come over EVERY day!"

"Every day?" Megan gulped. "That will make me sick!"

"Maybe," Brenda smiled again. "Not today though. I want to build up a nice, good one for you!" Brenda got up. "I'll leave now, just be prepared ANYTIME I want you ... YOU DISGUSTING CUNT!" With that Brenda was gone.

Megan thought about this young girl almost continuously for several days and was beginning to think the girl was just messing with her mind. However, the following Saturday morning, the doorbell rang:

Megan answered the door to find Brenda. The girl did not wait for an invitation, she just walked in.

"Are you ready for a big breakfast?" Brenda smiled.

"I was beginning to think this was all a joke," Megan remarked.

"Joke? You knew good and well I was serious about this whole thing!" Brenda sat down. "I see, though, that you're not ready for recall I DID SAY, be expecting me ANY day!"

"Are you serious about this?" Megan quivered.

Brenda stood up ... "I am going to shit right in your toilet mouth ... A LOT! But I don't want to shit in your face-toilet like you are. Go put some make-up on. That way I can have a pretty toilet to shit in!"

Megan stood, not believing her ears ... then slowly turned to walk into her bathroom to the vanity. There she re-arranged her hair, tying it up and back so it would be out of the way ... then began putting make-up on. She took her time, smearing her make-up several times. Before she finished, Brenda stepped into the bathroom.

"It's good you are taking your time, I want a pretty toilet to shit in!" Brenda laughed.

Megan laid down her make-up and turned to Brenda ... "Won't you please reconsider this?"

"Reconsider? Gosh no, I've been looking forward to this all week! Hurry up and finish your toilet face," Brenda grunted. "I have to go VERY bad!"

Megan sighed and finished her make-up.

"Do you have a full length mirror?" Brenda asked.

"Yes, in my bedroom," Megan told Brenda.

"Good, that's where we will do this. Walk ahead of me to your bedroom."

In the bedroom, Brenda saw the full length mirror. "That's just right. Remove your gown ... then lay down on your back, your head away from the mirror," Brenda explained. "I don't want your nose blocking this foul deed ... AND I AM GOING TO WATCH IT!"

Megan removed her robe and laid down. Brenda squatted over her face.

"Hungry?" Brenda smiled down. "You'd better be, because I haven't shit since last Wednesday! This will be three full days since I moved my bowels. You were looking forward to this, weren't you?" Brenda grunted and pushed. Nothing came out. She tried several times, pushing with all her strength. "Lick my asshole, get it good and slippery."

Megan pushed out her tongue and began licking.

"Stick your tongue up inside my butt!" Brenda ordered.

Megan tongued the girl's asshole for a full minute before she felt a hard, firm surface .... her tongue tasted it.

"Tongue-fuck my asshole, toilet!" Brenda wiggled her ass.

Megan started sliding her tongue in and out until the hole was slippery from her saliva.

"All right, toilet, get your mouth open for me!" Brenda grunted and pushed hard several times before a turd started outward. "Here it comes, commode mouth!"

The piece of shit hung out about an inch. "Lick it shit-lover. Lick it like it was a lollipop!"

Megan's tongue rolled out and began licking at the turd hanging from Brenda's ass.

"I bet my shit tastes much better than yours, I'm much younger than you. Lick down around the base of it so more will come out."

Megan rolled her tongue all around the base of the turd.

Brenda pushed more out until she had at least three inches of fat turd hanging from her ass. "Bite it off now!"

Megan bit through the turd, severing a two inch bite.

"Chew it! EAT MY SHIT, commode mouth!" Brenda ordered.

Megan started chewing. It tasted rank to her, fermenting in this young girl's ass, and since it was so firm, she had to chew it at least two full minutes before it had dissolved in her mouth. Before she could swallow it, Brenda spoke: "I want you to bubble it up and out of your mouth so that it covers your lips and chin and runs down your neck..... yes, that's it! You look so nasty and filthy now... but what do you expect from a toilet. You LOVE to eat shit, don't you? SHIT-EATER! A FILTHY DEGENERATE! That's what you are, Megan. This is worse that being disgusting, it's perverted! It's so perverted you were afraid to contact another woman for this ... you are a shitfreak ... a filthy shitfreak! Ready for another bite? TAKE MY SHIT IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU PERVERT! Here it comes, get your mouth open ... but you'd hold your mouth open if I didn't order you to do it, wouldn't you? Chew it real good and then flush it down your sewer throat into your sewer stomach. EAT SHIT! EAT MY STINKING SHIT! This is so gross it's actually beautiful ... only dogs eat shit ... I suspect they are doing it just to get something warm in their mouths ... but you eat shit because you like it ... no you LOVE it! Swallow it! That's it, shit-lover, here's another mouthful for you! Chew it! Before you swallow, open your mouth, I want to see what my shit is doing to your brown mouth. Do you like me browning your mouth? Of course you do ... look how bad your pussy is seeping now! Did you ever eat it out of a regular toilet? I bet you have, shit-eaters like you can't help their addiction. I can't even see your lipstick or rouge you put on your face, your face is totally covered with my shit. Swallow! That's my bitch dog. Here's more, I'm starting to loosen up now, it's getting softer. Chew my shit, you perverted depraved bitch. I bet you'd even eat dog shit ... wouldn't you? I'll find out one day too! Swallow. Now stick your nose up my ass so you can REALLY smell my bowels and I'll really brown your nose!"

As Megan stuck her nose up the girl's ass, Brenda started shitting again and it ran out all over Megan's face.

"It's a shame to waste it all like that, open your mouth! I'm going to fill it again! Over and over since I haven't shit for three days ... OH, damn, are you ever nasty! Eating shit like this ... but then I ALREADY saw you eating YOUR OWN shit! Is eating my shit better than eating your own?"

On and on it went. Finally Brenda stopped crapping into Megan's mouth. "Could you come back next weekend?" Megan asked.

"I'm going to do better than that. Next time I come by, I'm going to bring my girlfriend over," Brenda promised. "She thinks I'm just telling a story about you."

"You told someone else about me?" Megan inquired.

"Yes, my girlfriend. You be ready this coming weekend!"

Brenda left and Megan cleaned herself up, happy to have found a girl to do this with and eagerly anticipating the following weekend!

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