My Cousin! by Horny boy

My Cousin!

This all started about 3 years ago. I was 17 and my cousin Kierstin had just turned 16. She was at my house and my parents had gone out to celebrate an anniversary. I mean, being normal parents they thought nothing of leaving a boy and his girl cousin home alone. They wouldn't be back until about 8 at night the next night.

I was in my room and my cousin was on my computer, writing a story or something. And she did something she hadn't done around me since we were little. She leaned to the side, looked at me and smiled, then she let a monster fart go. And for some strange reason, I became as hard as a rock! I now loved it whenever my cousin farted.

As I was sitting there, I started thinking of ways to make her do it again, and again, and again. Then after about 10 minutes of fantasy thought, I remembered she was lactose intolerant. So I went downstairs and brought her some milk and said it was lactose free. I really had lactose-free milk just in case she asked or checked. But hers was regular 100% milk full of lactose.

About 20 minutes later she said to me "Guess what?"

I said "What?"

She smiled, stood up, and cut a window-shaking fart! Now, my cousin is petite with a big juicy ass, and another turn on is, last summer she was talking about her having small boobs. Well, there's my other turn on. Over the summer her boobs skyrocketed from about A something to C something.

Anyway, now she looked at me and said she didn't feel well, so I suggested she get in bed. She went and laid down face up. Now with her butt on the bed she let a monster fart go, and screamed as if to be in agony as she did. I was in hard-on heaven. So after about a half-hour still farting like crazy, she said "Are you sure about that milk?"

I gave her some crappy story, about me mixing up the milks. And she forgave me. She said, "Besides, you're the one suffering, having to smell my fumes." But I was in heaven.

So, as she was lying on the bed, I scooted up next to her and stroked her stomach. She asked, "What are you doing?"

I said, "Calming you down." And just like that I kissed her.

She said, "Are you crazy?"

I said, "No, just horny."

And then I saw a side of my little cousin I never seen before. A SLUT! She kissed back and groped. And all. And she said, "That milk was no accident. I can tell -- you actually like it when I fart, don't you?"

Then all the confessions came out. After we got naked she said, "Let me try something." She spread her ass cheeks and sat on my cock. So my cock was vertically running up her ass fault, if you get what I'm saying. And she began a series of low murmuring, vibrating farts. And surprisingly enough it was orgasmicly stimulating. Like having a vibrator on my cock. And I couldn't take it any more. I bent her over and slipped my cock in her ass. And at the exact moment her velvet walls snapped around my cock head.

She did something that brings me many masturbation sessions until this day. She said "My stomach hurts."

And I said, "What kind of hurt?"

She said, "This kind," and stuck her ass way up in the air, and farted a 20-second fart where I could feel the air on my face. Reeked of eggs, was as loud as a ship horn, and vibrated like an earthquake. When it paused, she inhaled and asked, "Do you want me?"

I immediately replied "Yes!" And with one deep breath she farted a sound barrier breaking fart, and shot out of her ass 4 to 6 logs of pure shit. And she continued to shit logs, sheets, and chunks of diarrhea everywhere until her actions drove us both crazy and she pooped one last turd and let one last mighty fart, and we both came, and came, and came. That was the first of many experiences with my cousin that still to this day continue. Whenever she visits my apartment, she stocks up on lactose products, and can sometimes make me blow my load without her or me ever touching my cock.