Little Abby's Shit Adventure by Sally

Little Abby's Shit Adventure

Abby was 11 when she first truly discovered the potential of her clit. Sure, she had examined herself a bit before then, but up until now had generally been uninterested in her 'front bottom' as her mother coyly referred to it. She'd heard her older sister & her friends talking about their 'buttons' &, being a smart girl, had figured out that this was something that could be used to bring 'funny feelings'. Abby had wasted no time that summer's afternoon in the cool, dark attic in finding and playing with her button, giving herself wave after wave of orgasm. Although she sometimes played with herself in the bathroom ('Abby - why are you taking so long' - her mother would shout) and in bed, it was in the attic, with the sunbeams shining through the ventilation bricks, illuminating the dancing dust motes that she always associated with her best sexual experiences.

Abby was now the grand old age of 12 and this particular afternoon, with her sister out, dad at work and mum busy in the kitchen that she decided it was time to 'visit the attic' - even thinking of it made her bowels feel loose.

When she was thinking or even just bored, Abby had this habit, that she knew was wrong, of touching her bottom. If she had been adult enough to know she would have heard shrinks call it 'anal retention'. She would reach down the waist band of her jeans or shorts (she rarely wore skirts) and push the material of her knickers into her arse and poke with her fingers. This invariably left heavy skid marks on her knickers and her poor mother, who did the washing, was always upset by this, but never complained to Abby for fear of giving her a psychosis about it. Abby was upset about her knickers being stained too - she looked at them kind of guiltily every time she removed them and put them in the laundry bin. Recently she had avoided the soiling by instead of poking the knicker material into her arse, just used her finger. The feeling was comforting, like thumb sucking. The only downside was a smelly finger. Abby sniffed her finger with interest after such an exploration. The smell was not unpleasant, a sort of meaty, carnal smell. Occasionally she would get shit under her fingernails and smeared on her finger, but generally she was clean. She liked the jelly that sometimes came out too. The first few times she did this she would diligently wash her fingers, but after a while she gave up bothering -- no-one seemed to mind or notice, though she had once got caught when she offered an apple to someone and they had smelled her finger. Luckily they had not connected the strange smell to her -- but she had been more careful since then.

Abby recognised this loose bowel feeling associated with excitement. To her delight, a girl, much more outspoken than her, had even said that she felt like taking a shit when she saw a particular boy at school. Abby felt the shock of recognition at knowing exactly how she felt.

Abby resisted the urge to go to the toilet, often there was nothing coming anyway, and carried on up the ladder to the attic. She lay down on her favourite bit of carpet, ritually pulled her shorts & knickers down to round her ankles and began to play. She liked her knickers and shorts tightly curled round her ankles - it gave her the feeling of being 'held' in place and 'made' to perform this dirty, thrilling act. In her fantasy, as she closed her eyes and felt the herself going up the hill towards her orgasm, she imagined herself being captured and put in a castle tower. An evil man, a prince or something, would force her to strip, tie her down and make her do this for his pleasure. Abby would reluctantly, but pleasurably, follow his orders. Today, for some reason, it was more difficult to cum. The usual fantasy was not enough, she needed to make more of it. She felt the Prince asking her to do more, to be more dirty for him. Reluctantly, she reached a finger into her arse while still continuing to rub her clit. She saw him grin. More, he was asking, More. Abby poked her finger in her arse more rigorously than ever before. With her legs apart she had more access to it than she had ever had before by simply sticking her hand down her knickers.

Her finger encountered shit. She felt the Prince's grin widen. She knew what he wanted. Reluctantly she took fingers of shit from her bottom and smeared them on her thighs. The Prince was ecstatic, he had totally humiliated her. Abby took more of the shit from her bottom and smeared it on her bare, flat tummy. The stench was horrible and yet it was put of her 'punishment'. Eventually the shit was everywhere, smeared on her body, her clothes, the carpet, even her lips and hair. With the most shuddering, soul wrenching climax she had ever had in her brief twelve years, she came again and again. When the magic had faded, Abby came back to Earth with a bump. She was covered in shit, she stank and she was in the attic.

Abby spent the next two hours cleaning up, it was enough to convince her little shit adventure was a one-off, never to be repeated. Yet even when she grew up, had children of her own, she could never return to her parents house and not take a nostalgic trip to that attic.....

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