Taking Laura

Taking Laura

All the men in the office wanted her. But Laura would have nothing to do with them. She was too good for them, or so she thought. Many times, a fellow co-worker would ask her out, and she would just laugh. Laura was a 5'10", statuesque brunette bitch who was stunningly beautiful, and she knew it. Her kind of looks were used to catch rich, old men and not young, struggling co-workers.

Laura had gone to lunch with one of her rich old men, and returned to the office feeling lightheaded. She went to the women's bathroom to try to freshen up. She entered a stall and closed the door behind her. She lifted her skirt to her waist and pulled her panties down to her ankles and sat down. She started to pee and...

Laura slowly awoke to find herself laying stretched out on a table in what appeared to be a storage room of some kind. Her hands were bound and pulled back over her head. Her feet were also bound, but to the corners of the table. Her mouth was gagged, so her screams for help went unheard.

The door to the room opened up and a man entered. Her eyes grew wide with fear and muffled moans of panic came from her obstructed mouth. Her walked over to her and smiled.

"Let's see what we have here", the man said, lustfully, "A pretty young thing all made up and no place to go."

Laura thrashed about wildly, but the leather bindings kept her from gaining any control over her body.

"Laura", the man said, "I've been watching you for a very long time. You always look so sexy in the dresses and heels that you wear, but I know that you would never even consider going out with me on a date. You're such a stuck up bitch. You think you're too good for anyone. Well, now you're going to find out what it means to be a slave. I'm going to see what you look like underneath your sexy clothes.

"Yes, that's right, Laura. I'm going to undress you. Then I'm going to use your naked body for my pleasure!"

Laura screamed a silent protest into the gag, but the sound never left the room. She was totally helpless to do anything. She tried to figure out who this man was, but she didn't recognize him.

"I really like it when you wear this white blouse. It really compliments your figure. But I want to see what you have on underneath. First, though, I'm going to take a little peek under your dress and see exactly what that high-priced pussy of yours looks like."

Laura saw him reach for the bottom of her skirt and she tried to evade his hands, but it was no use. A leather strap was tied across her belly, which secured her firmly to the table.

The man reached down and lifted her skirt up off of her legs, bent over, and peeked underneath it. Laura was wearing sheer pantyhose on top of white cotton panties. He could see the outline of the crotch of her panties , but little else.

"I thought that you might wear stockings and a garter belt, but I guess that I caught you on the wrong day. No matter. You're still just as sexy."

The man began pulling Laura's skirt up her legs. She tried to press her legs together with all of her strength, but it was no use. Slowly, he eased her skirt up to the middle of her long thighs and stopped. He stood back and admired her long thin legs.

Laura laid there, totally helpless and completely embarrassed.

"Your legs are flawless, Laura. I can see why you think you're so hot. Well, now you're going to show me your pussy."

Laura raised her head up off of the table and watched as he drew her skirt up above her waist and left it gathered there. Her pantyhose covered her panties and came up to her navel.

"My, your hips are even smaller than I expected. That's good. I hate a big rear end on a woman. Now, let's see what you've got under there."

The man grasped each side of her pantyhose and began drawing them down off of her hips. Laura fought back as she felt herself being slowly undressed against her will. He pulled them down to the middle of her thighs and stopped. The elastic bands in the pantyhose, which had had left a small ring around her flat belly, now cut into her soft thighs.

He looked at her pantied loins and saw that a few of her pubic hairs were sticking out from the sides. He put his hand over her mons and felt the soft, warmth coming from deep inside her pelvis.

"It looks like you don't trim your pussy hair. I figured a rich slut like you would at least keep your pussy trimmed. We'll fix that later on, my dear."

Laura wondered just what he meant by that statement.

The man lowered is head to her pubis and inhaled deeply. A damp, musky smell emanated from her crotch. His head reeled with excitement from the aroma of her pussy. He stood back up and admired his prisoner. She was such a lovely catch, more beautiful than any of his previous victims. The sight of this girl that he had desired from afar for so long gave him a raging erection.

The man then reached down, gripped the elastic sides of her panties and lifted them free of her body. He shuddered as his fingertips brushed against the softness of her flesh. He ran his fingertips around to the front of her panties and lifted them off of her flat belly.

Once again, he bent down, this time peering under the front of her lifted panties.

He caught his breath as he finally gained a complete view of the treasure that she had been concealing from him for so long. Laura's mound was covered in fine, brown pubic hair. He reached inside the top of her panties and ran his fingers lazily through her downy pubic hair.

"Mmmm. The pubes of a bitch. You're so soft down there, Laura. You must really pamper that pussy of yours. I've always wondered how much pubic hair you had; quite a bit on top. But what about your pussy lips? Are they as hairy?"

Laura screamed at the top of her lungs in protestation, but to no avail. The gag in her mouth left her a silent sacrifice to his lustful desires.

"Now, now, Laura. The straps will only get tighter if you struggle. You might as well relax and try to enjoy this. You're going to have very long evening ahead of you. You might even enjoy it."

The man stood back up, and ran his fingers back down to each side of her panties. He slowly began to drag them down off of her hips. As he eased her panties down, the top of Laura's pubic hair came into full view. As continued to pull them down, her pubic hair sprung free from its cotton covering. Then the dark crevice of her vulva. Finally, her labial lips came into view. He lowered Laura's panties down to the middle of her thighs and stopped, completely exposing her genitals.

"Oh, Laura, you have a most exquisite pussy! It's breathtaking. How does it feel to have a total stranger expose your pussy, you bitch?"

Laura shuddered in fear as he stared at her exposed vulva. She then felt him press his fingers into her vulval cleft.

Laura shrieked and her body recoiled what little distance it could move.

"You can scream all you like. No one can hear you down here.

"Well, now, it looks like your pussy hair stops right at the top of your slit. Your pussy is even more beautiful than I had ever hoped for. Tell me, Laura. Do you shave your labia for your rich boyfriends?"

The man felt the outline of her labial lips with his fingers and a chill went up Laura's spine. He continued to caress them, feeling the incredible softness of her labia.

The man then bent over Laura's exposed genitals and put his face next to them. He opened his mouth, put his tongue into the top of her slit and began licking it up and down.

Laura screamed, but no one heard.

Laura's pussy tasted musky and sweet. His tongue felt it's way down to her clitoris and began probing her fleshy bud. Her inner lips moved about as he lapped away at her naked vulva.

Laura felt her pussy tingle and start making its love juice. The head of her clitoris began to get hard and excited from his tongue working over it. Laura couldn't believe that some complete stranger was licking her pussy against her will.

"Your pussy tastes wonderful, Laura. But I want to see the inside of it."

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. He brought the point of the blade to each opening of her pantyhose and slit them down the length of each of her legs. He then tore her pantyhose off. He turned to her panties and sliced open each side. He grasped her panties and, in one, swift jerk, pulled them off of her thighs. The lower half of Laura's body was now completely naked. The man stood back and stared at Laura's exposed genitals.

He then walked to the foot of the table, reached down, and began turning a crank. Slowly, Laura felt her legs being forced apart. The table had a hinge in the middle that allowed it to be split open in the middle. Laura felt her legs being spread further and further apart, opening up her genitals to his inspection. When Laura's legs were opened up into a wide V, he stopped turning the crank. He then walked to the side of the table and began turning another handle. This time, she felt her knees bending up and away from her body. Soon, she was splayed out like a woman getting ready to give birth. He then returned to the foot of the table and looked.

Laura's legs were extended wide apart into a "W" and her genitals were spread open like she was ready for a gynecological examination.

"So this is what your gynecologist sees when he gets to examine your genitals. He certainly is a lucky man, Laura, for you to allow him to see you with your legs spread wide open like this. You have a perfect pussy, but you look like a real slut with your legs spread open. If your fancy boyfriends could only see you now. Let's take a closer look inside your babied pussy."

The man brought out a stool, moved it between her legs, and sat down. Laura's exposed pussy was now directly in front of him. Her outer lips had fanned out far apart and revealed her inner labia. They were a light pink along their inner surfaces. He brought his hands to her genitals and separated her inner lips, revealing her narrow vaginal opening. Laura shrieked repeatedly as she felt his fingers open her vulva up and begin to explore and probe the interior of her labia. He finally took one finger and inserted up into her vagina. It was tight and ribbed with muscles. He worked his finger in and out, collecting her vaginal juices on it. He slowly withdrew it and licked her come off of it.

"The inside of your pussy is so soft and warm, Laura. But you see, your gynecologist isn't the only one who can use one of these."

He lifted up a large vaginal speculum for her to see. She almost passed out with humiliation when she recognized what it was he was intending to use on her.

"Let's see here. Just let me put the end in here..."

Laura felt him separate her inner labia and expose her vaginal opening. She tensed up when she sensed the cold metal of the speculum begin to pry open her vagina.

He eased the speculum into her captive vagina, working it around to allow it to penetrate her abdomen.

"You're doing very well, Laura. It's almost in. Just a bit more."

Laura felt the cold speculum invade and fill the fleshy hollow that was her vagina. Laura felt the smooth instrument glide up into the depths of her abdomen, opening up her intimate flesh for his perverted inspection. When it was inserted all the way into her, he dropped his hands from it.

"Now I'm going to open it up and see what the inside of your vagina looks like. I've dreamt about this moment for a long time, Laura. I've always wondered what the inside of your vagina was like. Now I finally get to see deep inside your luxurious pussy."

With that, the man began to open the speculum up. Laura felt her vaginal walls begin to separate from one another, as she felt the cool office air invade her vagina. She felt her abdomen expand as the speculum expanded her vagina. When it was fully opened, he took a flashlight from his pocket and shined it up into her dilated vagina.

Laura was totally humiliated. Her intimate sexual interior had been laid bare before him.

"The inside of your vagina is a lovely shade of pink, Laura. Would you like to see what you look like inside your vagina?"

The man held a mirror up and in it, she could see the end of the speculum holding her vagina open. In the center of the speculum, she could see her vaginal walls and cervix. She couldn't believe this was happening.

The man then stood up, leaving the speculum submerged deep in her pelvis. He walked over to her side.

"Now I want to see your breasts."

He reached down and began unbuttoning her white cotton blouse. When he had undone the last button, her pulled her blouse apart, revealing her bra.

"Very nice, Laura. I love your expensive taste in bras."

The man then reached between her breasts and unclasped the snap. Laura's bra popped open in his hands. He pulled each cup off her one at a time, exposing her large, gelatinous breasts to him. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars.

"You have gorgeous nipples, Laura. I would have never guessed that they were large."

He reached down and began to pinch each supple nipple. As he did, Laura tried to evade him, which made each of her breasts slowly gyrate around her chest. Gradually, her areolas shrank in diameter and became wrinkled as they grew tense and rigid from the stimulation they were receiving.

"That's very good, Laura. I want your nipples to be nice and hard for the next phase of your experiment."

The man then took the knife again. This time, he slit her skirt up the side and pulled it off of her body. He then cut her blouse open and slid it off of her arms. This left her with only her bra, hanging open from each shoulder. He slit the straps and removed the pieces from her arms.

Laura was now completely naked.

He stood back and admired her nude body, strapped to the table, with her legs folded out at right angles, the speculum still deeply ensconced in her vagina. He returned to the side of the table and turned the crank handle several more times. This folded her legs back towards her hips even more, raising her ass up off of the table. He then walked to the foot of the table.

Your asshole is just ass beautiful as the rest of you, Laura. But it looks so tight. I'll have to do something about that."

He lifted a buttplug up for her to see. Laura threw her head back against the table and rocked it side to side, moaning in mute protestation.

"Now, now, Laura. You'll only make this more painful than it has to be. Just relax and it will slide right in."

He returned his attention to her newly exposed rectum. He spread her supple ass cheeks with one hand and brought the plug up to her wrinkled opening. It was a tight indentation that seemed to lead nowhere; but he knew better. He started pushing the plug's rounded end into the dark crevice. Laura exploded in pain, but the gag muted her agonized shrieks. He began rotating the plug to assist in its entry. Her anus reluctantly began to dilate and accept its vile intrusion. He applied more pressure and the plug gradually snaked deeper into her bowels. He finally reached the rim of the plug, dilating her asshole to a diameter of about two inches. Tears of agony rolled down Laura's reddened face.

"That's excellent, Laura. Now both of you nether orifices are fully dilated for me. Now it's time for me to give you my mark so that all of your future lovers will know that your body has been thoroughly and completely violated."

Laura now realized that this ordeal was going to be far worse than just being raped. It was to be the ultimate experience in sado-masochistic punishment.

He untied her hands from the top of the table and attached them to two ropes that hung from the ceiling. He moved to he wall and pulled on the other ends, stretching her arms up and away from her body. Her fleshy breasts rolled into the middle of her chest. He went to the side of the table and rolled large her nipples once again, making them hard and erect. Laura then saw him reach into his pocket and withdraw two small, golden rings and a long thin needle. She stared wide-eyed at the needle as he brought it to the upraised cone of her left nipple. He pushed the sharp tip into her nipple and out the other side. A tiny drop of blood appeared at the perforation, as Laura cried out in absolute anguish. He then removed the needle and inserted the gold ring into the newly formed hole through her nipple, and pushed it out the other side. He then moved around the other side of the table and repeated the procedure on her right breast.

"Now your breasts have been marked, Laura. These rings mean that your breasts will forever be pierced with the sign of submission."

He then attached a golden chain to the rings and hooked it to a small wire hanging from the ceiling. He tightened the wire, pulling her swollen nipples up from her body. Her areolas were now stretched into exaggerated, pink cones, with her soft flesh straining not to tear from her breasts. The man then walked over to a console with knobs and dials on it. He turned a dial and a jolt of electricity passed through her nipples into her elongated breasts. Laura shrieked in unrelieved agony as the voltage electrocuted her breasts. Her breasts shook violently from the charge. Small droplets of milk began to appear at the tips of her nipples. As he increased the voltage, the drops turned into a trickle and flowed down the rounded sides of her breasts. A pool of milk formed in the center of her chest and flowed down into her navel.

The man walked over to her tortured body and bent down over her belly. He began to lap at the pool of her breast milk that had formed there. It was sweet and creamy. He put his finger into the puddle and brought some of the liquid to her lips.

"Your breast milk is delicious, Laura. Here, try some."

Laura resisted but the droplets of her breast milk flowed into the edges of her mouth. Laura felt like vomiting, but his movement to the foot of the table drew her attention there.

"Now that your breasts have been pierced, it is time for me to mark your nether lips."

Laura went into a unbounded spasm of panic and fear. Her body was being pierced for his pleasure.

The man eased the speculum from her vagina, but because it had been in place for so long, her labia remained in a wide O. He felt around the delicate skin of her inner lips for a suitable spot to place the nether rings. Laura screamed no as best she could, but it was no use.

He brought the needle to her tender, left inner lip and inserted it through the thin flesh. Laura winced in anguish, but the ring was soon inserted. He placed a similar ring in her other inner lip. Laura believed that the ordeal was now over, but she was wrong.

"Your labia has been marked, Laura, but the final ring of pleasure must be positioned properly. To do that, your clitoris must be erect."

Laura now realized that intended to pierce her clitoral head. It was the most sensitive part of her young body; the pain would be unbearable.

The man brought a vibrator over to her genitals and began rubbing her vulval slit and clitoris. Sudden waves of warmth emanated from her pelvis, as she tried to fight her impending clitoral mutilation. She fought the stimulation, but it was no good. She felt her clitoris becoming erect and engorged with blood. She felt it start to emerge from the fleshy sheath of her inner labia and become fully erect with passion.

"That's very good, Laura. Your clit is nice and hard. We're ready to proceed."

Laura felt him manipulate the head of her clitoris back and forth and tried to ready herself for the inevitable pain that would follow. But nothing could have prepared her for the agony that came next. He squeezed the head of her clitoris until it stood out from its meaty foreskin, and plunged the needle right through the center of it.

Laura recoiled with pure pain and passed out from the misery.

The man placed the ring through the tiny bud of her clitoris and let it rest against her labia. Her outer labia would never again close all of the way because the new clitoral ring prevented her clitoral head from returning to its slot in her fleshy sheath. Her vulva would remain forever separated and accessible.

Laura slowly regained her consciousness and realized once again where she was. A throbbing pain came from her genitals, as she remembered what happened.

"Ah, you're awake again. Let me show you your new clitoral ring. You will find that you will be capable of great pleasure now, because your clitoris will always be exposed and accessible to any stimulation. Just walking down the street will bring on an orgasm for you."

The man held the mirror up so that she could see her genitals in it. Laura's eyes bulged out in disbelief. At the top of her vulva was a small gold ring, pulling the head of her clitoris out from beneath her labia. The ring caused an indentation in the top of her outer labia, as her clitoris tried to withdraw into her vestibule. At the midline, she could see the edges of her two new labial rings.

"You will now see what I mean by great pleasure."

He attached a wire from the ceiling to her clitoral ring and returned to the control console. Slowly, he turned a dial and voltage flowed into her clitoris. Laura arched her back up off of the table in an uncontrollable spasm of pleasure. Her clitoris vibrated rapidly from the charge and her labia opened up even wider in response to the electric stimulation. He increased the voltage as she breathed heavier and heavier. Laura finally climaxed, repeatedly pumping her pelvis off of the table. He continued to apply voltage and Laura began to have multiple orgasms, each more explosive than the last. She had no control over her body. She was being forced to climax again and again. Sweat rolled off of her naked body as she continued to be forced into orgasms. Laura's vaginal opening had expanded into a, sweaty oval hole, and a continuous flow of her come flooded out and onto the table, leaving a sizable puddle.

After what seemed like 25 or 30 orgasms, the man turned off the current. Laura collapsed into an exhausted heap, panting heavily. He removed the wires and wiped off her vulva. Her entire genital region was red and swollen, inflamed from the vigorous stimulation she had just received.

"As you see, Laura, you will grow to love your new rings. But your mound is covered in too much pubic hair to fully enjoy the stimulation. I'm going to shave your pubis now so that your pleasure as a woman can be complete."

The man sat at the foot of the table and applied a pile of shaving cream to Laura's mons. He spread it into her thick pubic hair and then wiped his hands off.

"Now don't move. I wouldn't want to cut anything off down here."

The man brought the razor to her rounded pubis and began to remove her pubic hair. After each swipe, he wiped the razor on a towel, and repeated the process. Gradually, the smooth, white skin of her mound became exposed. As he approached the top of her slit, he pulled each of her labia back to gain access to the few hairs hidden along the crevice. Finally, he was done. He then applied some oil to her newly shaven mound and rubbed it in. He stood up and looked.

Laura's vulva was as barren and smooth as a 10 year-old girl's. He lifted the mirror again to allow her to see his work. Laura stared at her smooth mound and the rings that now stood out even more. She almost didn't even recognize her own crotch. It was mutilated beyond description.

"Now, Laura, I'm going to see how well your other bodily functions work."

The man took a narrow probe from the console and brought it to the foot of the table. He sat down and spread the center of her labia, exposing her urethral opening. It was a tiny pink opening centered in her vestibule. He took the probe and began inserting it into her pee hole. Laura felt a strange, new sensation. No one had ever stuck anything up there before. It went in about four inches and stopped. He then took another probe, this one larger, and returned to the table. He grasped the rounded end of the buttplug and began to twist it slowly to withdraw it. Laura's rectal muscles spasmed closed in agony, but he continued to pull. It popped out and her anus remained very dilated. He then took the new probe and inserted it into her asshole before her sphincter could close up again.

The man went back to the table and started turning several different dials. Laura felt her hole abdomen tense up with a new feeling: like she had to go to the bathroom! The pressure grew and grew, as the stimulation continued. He saw her reach a certain point and rushed back to the table. He quickly jerked the two probes from her abdomen. Suddenly, without control, Laura began to pee all over the table. Then a small turd squeezed out of her rectum and landed on the table. Laura was crushed with humiliation. She had just been forced to piss and shit herself in front of a total stranger.

The man took a small hose and washed down the table, flushing the contents down a drain. He then took the hose and shoved it up Laura's ass.

"I want it nice and clean in there, Laura, for my load."

Water filled her abdomen until she thought she was going to burst. He roughly pulled the hose from her rectum and water shot out of her cleansed asshole.

"It's finally time for me to come in your bowels, Laura. I've been wanting to rape your asshole for a long time and now that time has come!"

Laura shook violently, trying to escape her anal raping, but it was no good. She was strapped to the table too tightly. He walked over to the foot of the table and admired the object of his lust: her tiny, virgin asshole.

He spread her ass cheeks with one hand and brought his erect penis up to her anal opening with the other. He placed the head of his engorged tool at the opening and began to push.

Laura screamed with fear as the head began to stretch and expand her asshole. Her sphincter muscle spasmed with pain, but his meaty cylinder continued to enter her abdomen. He finally thrust it all the way in and began to fuck her asshole. He started slowly, but quickly picked up his pace until he was rapidly pounding his hips into ass cheeks. Laura almost passed out again from the ordeal, but each time she appeared to be going under, he would violently slap her face.

"Stay awake, you bitch! I want you to feel my cock deep in your ass. I want you to experience what all women fear the most: being raped in their ass. I want you to feel the warmth of my come as it flows deep into your virgin bowels!

And with that, he exploded inside her. His hot come bathed her bruised and swollen anal walls. She could feel his swollen penis pump its fluid deep inside her. Laura turned her head away and vomited off the edge of the table. The feeling of her convulsing gut and that of her tight ass brought him back to full erection.

"Thanks, Laura. I was going to be done, but now I can rape your vagina too!"

He pulled his cock out of her ass, and in one motion, jammed the entire length up into her vagina. Laura choked on her own vomit as she tried to fight off another round of raping, but he was too much. He pumped his swollen penis in and out of her vagina, leaving a foamy coating on the outside of her pussy. This time he took much longer to come. His penis rubbed the walls of unlubricated vagina raw. Blood began to flow from her torn vagina, as he grew tense and prepared himself to come. He quickly pulled out of her vagina and came all over her beautiful face, smearing his cum into her vomit.

Laura had been debased to the extreme. Her vagina and anus had been raped and violated beyond what she ever dreamed possible for a woman to stand.

"I am done with you, Laura. But remember. Next time you are with your lover and you see your rings, you will remember this and what it means to be a raped bitch."