Amy's Secret Desires by Karen

Amy's Secret Desires

I feel strange recounting this story. At first, I didn't want to do it, but my therapist suggested that I write an account of my early childhood, thinking that it might help me with my emotional problems. Although, I'm an adult woman now, I still have unusual sexual fantasies that I can't let go of. And I'm not even sure that I want to be rid of them. Actually, my name isn't Amy, but I decided to use an alias because I fear people might find out who I really am.

I had my first sexual feeling when I was nine years old. I remember riding on a see-saw with my best friend Judy and feeling a kind of 'itch' between my legs. It was a good itch, and I wanted to rub it to make it feel better. But being a girl, I was taught that touching "down there" was a naughty thing to do. I kept my feeling a secret from everyone, even Judy. At night, I would lie in bed and crumple the sheets into a ball and insert it between my legs. I had my first orgasm that way.

When I was twelve, my brother showed me some dirty videos that he had gotten from his friends. We locked the door to his room played them on his VCR. I saw my first naked man on a video. I pretended to be disgusted by it, but my eyes were glued to the screen. I remember thinking how odd it was for a boy to have a piece of flesh hanging between his legs. And it was so large too! How could boys stuff it in their pants without it being noticed, I thought. My brother had some other really weird videos too; like women peeing on each other. At first I thought it was sick but as I watched further, I couldn't help from getting aroused. I guess my kinky nature came from watching those videos. I also got off by looking at my parent's history book of painting; I called it "The Treasury of Filthy Art Masterpieces" because it had pictures of naked men and women in it. Boy did I get turned on by them. I would masturbate by inserting strange objects into my pussy, but only at night, in bed of course. I lost my virginity, so to speak, and broke my hymen by inserting a roll-on deodorant bottle. You know, the type that has a rounded end? Of course I performed my vaginal insertions when no one was around, usually when my parents were away on a trip or something. I would get hot just thinking about sticking something new in my cunt. I remember seeing a cucumber in a grocery store and an idea struck. I thought about it for weeks. When the time came and my parents and brother were away, I heated up a cucumber in a pot until it became warm, about as warm as a real cock might get. Then I sat in front of a mirror and pushed the cucumber into my cunt and pretended it was a man's cock. God, it felt so good and hot in there. I wanted a real cock so bad.

By thirteen I began to realize that I was different from the other girls. Nobody had the same weird ideas as I did. In fact, all my girl friends, even though they spoke a lot about boys, thought sex was dirty and dangerous. But I wanted to have sex, and I'd do anything to get it. I was desperate. The boys my age were too immature for sex, and besides, they didn't turn me on. I guess because of the influence from the videos, I wanted an older boy. I watched more of my brother's weird sex videos and pretended it was me getting fucked. I knew I was sexually abnormal, but I didn't care. I wanted it all. I even got turned on by the thought of being peed on, and in turn, having someone pee on me. And I wanted to get fucked in the ass too, just like in the X rated videos I saw. I even began to insert objects into my anus. Shit, it's so taboo sticking things up there. I also wanted to know what the taste of 'come' was like. I wanted to swirl it in my mouth and swallow it.

One day I discovered a video in my brother's secret drawer while he was away in school. I put it in the VCR and watched with amazement. It showed a woman pooping on a man's face. Even THAT turned me on! Later that night I masturbated myself while I stuck my middle finger up my ass. I smelled my filthy finger and got turned on further. I later experimented with tasting my own pee. I must be really sick, I thought.

Then, when the next summer came, we had a new neighbor move next door. He was an older man, single and tall, I watched him whenever he mowed the lawn. He looked so good in his slow, forceful stride pushing against the lawn mower. At night, I would sneak up to his bedroom window and peer in. One night, I caught him with a girl friend. He was standing in front of her. She undressed herself and turned her back to him. He squeezed her ass. I heard her say to him "Fuck me in the ass, please." Then she got on the floor with her stomach to the ground and he took off his and mounted her like a horse. This was too good to be true, I thought. I watched with fascination. I could tell that she was really enjoying it, even though she was getting fucked in the ass. Her hand kept going between her legs while he pushed his pelvis against her. He still had his pants on but I could tell that he must have had his penis sticking out from his fly. Although I couldn't see the cock, his back was facing me, he had his hand in front pushing her ass cheeks apart. He must be getting ready to cum, I thought. Then he said something and she got on her knees and pushed her ass to his face. He began to slowly lick her ass. Then he spread her cheeks wide and put his whole face in her crack. God, he must be licking her asshole, I thought. Then the girl turned around and put her face in his lap. I could see her head moving up and down. I guess she was blowing him. Then, he must have come in her mouth because she raised her head and I could see her licking her lips with pleasure. All the while I watched this, my panties became soaked. That night while in bed, I inserted an electric toothbrush in my cunt. I thought about sucking his asshole and drinking his come. Then I came.

The next night I looked from my bedroom window and saw the bathroom light on at my new next door neighbor. I climbed out the window sill and snuck over the ledge to the lit bathroom window. I climbed up a tree that was positioned just perfectly for a good view into his bathroom. Oh, what good fortune! The bathroom light was bright and I could see him clearly. I watched him sitting on the toilet with a magazine on his lap. He was reading it while stroking his cock with right hand. I now saw what his cock looked like. It was big and fat, like a sausage with a reddish head. It stood straight up. The foreskin slid up and down over his cock-head as he jerked off. What a beautiful piece of meat, I thought. Then I saw him reaching under his ass. Then I realized that he was shitting and getting off at the same time! He bent his head over and I saw his cum spurt from his pee-hole. The creamy sperm shot into the air hitting his mouth.

This was too good to be true. An actual man next door who enjoyed what I liked. I had to find a way to meet him but I did not have the nerve. Besides, why would he have an interest in a little girl? The next few weeks, I spent most of my nights waiting for him to appear in front of a window. One night, I peeked in his bathroom window and saw him pissing in the toilet. How strange that a man didn't need to sit down on the bowl. He stood there with his pants down, holding his big cock with one hand as a stream of golden fluid splashed into the toilet bowl. I wished I could get a closer view. Then when he was finished, he shook it so that the remaining drops would fall off. Cool, I thought.

It took me two more weeks before I came up with a plan and the nerve to approach him. On a Saturday evening, I put on tight fitting jeans, and a tank top and with walked to his front and knocked. When he opened the door, I pretended to be interested in selling him raffle tickets from my school. I was thrilled when he generously bought two tickets and invited me in. No doubt he could tell I was interested in him by the way I stared at him, wide eyed. He introduced himself as Paul and I told him my name. He offered me a coke and I gratefully took it. We sat down in his living room. Then he started asking all kinds of questions about my parents and if I was allowed to visit him and so on. I suppose he was testing the waters to see where I was coming from. I gave him every clue possible. I sat with my legs apart and gave him coy looks, I took off my shoes and brushed my bare feet against his leg. Then I asked if he would show me around the house. By the bulge in his pants I could tell he was getting interested. He showed me around, but for some reason, he avoided the bedroom. I told him that he forgot to show me a room. He, hesitated, and told me that I probably shouldn't see that room since it might shock a young girl as myself. I told him I wanted to see it and that nothing would shock me. He shrugged and took me in. As we entered, I saw sex pictures hanging on the wall. The photos showed men and women fucking each other. I asked about them and he told me that he liked sex. This got me aroused and I couldn't believe what I said to him next: I asked him to show me how he did it. After a brief pause, he asked me if I had ever had sex with a man before. I told him, no, but that I wanted to find out. Like a fool, I confessed that I had looked through his window and watched him having sex with his girl friend. I told him, he was the first real person I'd ever seen having sex. Then, even more foolishly, I told him I also watched him through the bathroom window. I wanted to know all. When he heard this, he got red in the face, but did not say anything for a minute.

"Did you see everything?" He asked.

"Yes, everything," I smiled.

Then he asked me if I'd like to take some sex lessons? "Yes," I responded softly.

He closed the bedroom door and in a soft tone, told me to sit on the bed. I pretended to be shy but I was actually eager to comply. I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for his response. I felt excited at the temptation, yet fearful of what might happen to me. He walked slowly towards me and stopped not more than a foot away from me. I remember him saying that he was going to teach me about the facts of sex,. I felt mesmerized, as if he had hypnotized me. I couldn't refuse. Then I watched him slowly undress until he stood before me completely naked. God, I couldn't believe my luck. Here was a real live naked man standing right in front of me. He told me to observe every detail carefully. I stared at his limp cock, the folds of wrinkled skin surrounding it, the dark brown pubic hair, and the bag of flesh that held his balls. Then he began the lesson:

"This is what is commonly called a penis, prick, rod, shaft, or a cock. See how flaccid it is right now? That's because I'm not excited right now and this is how a cock looks on men most of the time. In order to see it enlarge, you're going to have to excite me. Now to do that, I want you to hold it between your lips; so open your mouth up wide."

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and felt him insert his penis. I liked the smell of it. It had a stale kind of odor. He held his cock in my mouth for awhile without moving. Then I began to feel it grow against my tongue.

"Feel it enlarge?" he said. "That's because you're getting me excited. When a man gets sexually excited, blood begins to pump into the penis and it begins to grow."

The cock became so large that I could hardly keep my mouth open wide enough. It pushed against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Then he pulled it out, and there it hung before me, this most beautiful and huge cock. And it wasn't even fully erect! He began to stroke it and I watched it as it grew larger and stiffer. Oh god, it was too big! I observed bluish veins curled around the outside of the shaft; the head of the cock formed into a strange bulbous shape, and right behind it a section of smooth skin that appeared reddish in color. It looked so good! I wanted to touch it. I put my fingers softly around the shaft and squeezed its hard rubber texture. This was like reading and watching porn but much more real!

Then he stretched my tank top up until my breasts plopped out. Although I was only thirteen, I had grown up faster than most girls. My boobs were large for my age and I had large flesh-pink aureoles. He squeezed my breasts and slapped them around. I could tell he enjoyed that because his cock rose in the air every time he touched me. Then he took hold of my nipple and pulled it out and kneaded it with his fingers. I felt a rush of excitement. Then walking quickly to a dresser drawer, his cock bouncing along with his stride, he took out a rope and wrapped it around the base of his penis. This made his cock even bigger. I could see the veins rising on its surface.

"This is what's called a 'hard-on.' You see, a cock is really quite a primitive device. Nature designed it to deliver fluid into a female orifice. It also uses the same tube to get rid of fluid waste. Odd, isn't it? There's two kinds of liquid that come out of this cock: yellow and cream. The yellow kind is called urine or piss and it's the waste fluid. The cream colored fluid is called sperm or cum and its purpose is to impregnate females so that new cocks and cunts will get born. When a man gets excited to a certain level, it's the cream that squirts out of this hole here."

He pointed at the slit-hole at the end of his cock and took his fingers and spread the little hole apart. It looked kind of like a miniature pussy. It was even wet inside. He continued his lesson:

"Now a woman's sexual organ is something quite different. It's not as primitive as a man's. A cunt has a design a intricate as a flower and it's designed as a deep orifice to accept the meat of a man. Instead of 'come', a woman produces a fluid that lubricates the inside of her vagina. That way, the penis slides in easier and it feels better for the male and female. Unlike males, females have a piss hole that's dedicated solely for the purpose of getting rid of the yellow fluid."

I was getting so hot listening to him talk like that. My cunt was sopping wet. And I was learning so much too. Paul was talking sex to me like no one had ever explained it to me. He was so graphic, raw, yet so true. Now THIS is the way to teach sex, I thought. If only my parents knew. Paul continued:

"I'm going to tell you a little secret. A secret that every man knows deep down inside but is so disgusting to the average moral man that he would never admit to it. But be assured that what I'm telling you is the truth:

"Coming" for a man feels exactly like pissing, except that there's an orgasm attached.

"I tell you truthfully; Nature has designed the cock for efficiency and reliability. When sperm shoots out of this hole, it feels just like squirting piss. And believe me, it feels fucking wonderful, regardless of how filthy it may seem to you now. I'm telling you this because there is a way for girls to increase their orgasm and to feel the same thing as a man. If you ever wonder what it feels like for a man to come, then all you have to do is to piss while coming! It's easier said than done, believe me. However, with practice, it can be done. Normally, during sex the sphincter muscles close the pee hole so that pee can't come out, but if you let the urine build up inside of you until it feels like it's boiling, then it will be possible to do so. I know you think this is disgusting, but as you grow older, you'll remember what I told you and, no doubt, you'll try it out. And you'll thank me for it too."

I didn't think it was disgusting at all. I wanted him to tell me more! Then Paul took me to the bathroom for my next lesson. He told me to take all my clothes off. As I stripped off my jeans and panties, he unwound the rope from his penis. Then he told me to sit on the toilet.

"I will now show you how a man pees," he said. "I want you to have a good look at how its done. Spread your legs wide so that I can piss between them."

Paul stood in front of me with that huge cock aimed between my legs. He took his fingers and spread the slit of his pee-hole apart so I could see the insides.

"Look at my pee-hole, Amy. This is where the piss will emerge from, so pay attention."

My eyes were glued to the end of his cock.

After a few seconds, a few dribbles fell out and turned into a golden stream. The flow splashed between my legs and into the toilet and I could smell the pungent salty odor of his piss filling the bathroom. How beautiful and nasty, I thought. I put my finger into the stream and it deflected onto my breasts. Paul seemed to like this. So did I. He then aimed his piss directly onto my breasts and the nasty fluid spilled down my belly and through my vagina. It felt so hot.

When his piss ended, I had a sudden urge. I put my mouth on his spent cock and tasted the remaining drops coming from his piss-hole. It tasted so good. The flavor was just like my pee. Boys and girls have something in common after all.

"That's a good girl, Amy," Paul remarked. "I'm glad that you're not afraid of a little urine."

"I like the taste," I replied, "but I'm afraid that I might get sick if I put too much in my mouth."

"Oh, you won't get sick," Paul chucked. "That's a myth that Puritans started centuries ago. Actually, many people in India drink piss for health reasons. Even Mahatma Gandhi used to drink his own pee every morning."

My, what a lesson I was getting from Paul. I didn't feel so abnormal after all.

Then Paul offered to prove it:

"Look, I'll show you. I'll get down between your legs and you can pee in my mouth, OK?"

"OK," I said reluctantly, "But I don't know if I can." It felt strange trying to pee in a man's mouth. I couldn't do it at first, but after Paul turned on the water in the bathroom sink, it gave me the incentive. As I leaned back on the toilet seat, Paul held my legs apart and waited. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. My piss began to flow and Paul put his open mouth onto my gold stream. He took it all in his mouth, swallowing it as it came. God, what a weird feeling! I squealed and laughed with delight. Then he put his tongue directly on my pee-hole as the piss continued to spurt out. His tongue felt wonderful there. When I finished, he put his tongue deep in my crack and then licked my piss covered clit clean. How nasty!

"See?" said Paul. "I haven't fallen dead, and your piss tasted so, good," Paul smiled.

Oh, how I now wanted to taste Paul's pee. But alas, he had already emptied his load.

"Now I want to show you my last lesson for today," Paul spoke with the authority of a professor. "I will show you how a man goes number two."

While my legs were still spread on the toilet, Paul sat his butt on the edge of the toilet and bent over so I could see his backside.

"Put your hands on my ass and spread it apart, Amy." I pushed his cheeks apart and looked upon his beautiful brown crinkled asshole.

"See that puckered brown spot? Watch closely now." I watched, fascinated, as a dark brown turd slowly came out and fell between my legs. It plopped into the toilet. The odor was tremendous. It reminded me of the smell of my uncle's animal farm. I could see the dark insides of Paul's wide open asshole with another turd beginning to emerge.

"Put your finger in there, Amy," Paul ordered. I was reluctant at first, but my sexual feelings led me to want it so badly.

"Put it in there, Amy. Don't be afraid."

So I put my forefinger inside and felt the hot stinky goo of his shit. I ran the tip of my finger around the rim of his asshole and felt the sphincter muscles close around my finger. I pulled my finger out slowly and the turd came out with it and fell into the toilet. I saw my finger covered with brown goop.

"Oooh, how nasty," I remarked.

Paul turned around and put my chocolate covered finger in his mouth. He licked it clean and smiled. Then he put his hand in my pussy and fingered my clit, then kissed me on my mouth; I tasted the shit on his lips. I felt so good, and Paul knew it.

Paul then abruptly ended the lesson and told me to get dressed. "You've been a good student, Amy. I want you to come back next week and I'll give you your next lessons."

I felt so sexually excited that night. I wished Paul had fucked me. Oh, well, maybe next time. I went home and immediately went to my bathroom so I could get myself "off" while I thought about my sex and piss-shit lecture. I want to do everything, just like Paul. I wanted to taste more shit and even drink his piss. I can't wait for Paul's next lessons.

My mother made me join the Girl Scouts when I was twelve because she thought the discipline would make me behave. I never wanted to join, but being a kid, I had no choice. Later, I found that the Girl Scouts afforded me a way to escape my house, and the doldrums of daily family life and to set out on my own. All I had to do was put on my stupid green Scout uniform and tell my mother I was going to sell some cookies. Boy, my mother was naive. Instead of going out selling, I'd go out with my civilian girl friends, and that usually meant Judy, my best friend.

Judy wasn't as sex crazed as me. Her Sunday school lessons taught her to be afraid of life. She thought she would go to Hell if she did anything nasty. I didn't feel that way at all. After all, why was there so much sex in the Bible, and in religious paintings, I thought. But Judy didn't mind 'talking' about sex and we used to tell each other dirty stories. I never told Judy my filthy experience with Paul, though. I was afraid she wouldn't understand and might tell her parents or something. But we were both curious about boys and we talked endlessly about them. Once, we even felt each other's breasts and kissed to see what it felt like for a boy. Judy's breasts weren't as big as mine, but I liked to touch them anyway. They were so soft and warm. I wanted to feel her cunt too, but she wouldn't let me touch her 'down there.' I asked Judy to rub her hand on my pussy but she refused. Her religion forbade masturbation, even if it meant touching someone else. Shit. Ironically, Judy loved to feel my breasts. I guess they didn't teach her about lesbians in Church. I laugh thinking about what she must have thought when she later discovered that her little adventures with me, technically, made her a lesbian. Oh well, I guess she'll go to Hell, I thought. If it exists, I suppose I'll go to Hell too. However, I doubt that I'll stay down there for long. With all the Christians down there, they'd kick me out.

But this day, instead of going over to Judy's, I intended to go to Paul's house. It was to be my next lesson in sex. I couldn't stop thinking about my last visit with him. Every night before I fell asleep, I'd get horny thinking about all the nasty things he did. Even though Paul made me feel like a dirty little whore, I felt a strange thrill whenever I thought about his filthy behavior. At least he seemed to want me, even if it was only for teaching a little girl about dirty sex. And I certainly didn't mind it at all! Hey, I was hungry for knowledge and you can't get that kind of education in school or church. What's a poor girl to do? I still wanted to know what it felt like to "come" with a cock inside me. I had practiced fucking by putting extra large objects in my pussy so that I would be able to take his large cock. That is, IF he fucked me. I also practiced getting used to the smell of poop. While taking a shit, I'd reach under my ass, just like I saw Paul doing it. I'd get a gob of shit on my fingers and put it up to my nose for a sniff. After a while, I got to liking the strange odor. I even licked some of it to become familiar with the taste. I pretended it was Paul's shit I was licking. I guess it's an acquired taste, I thought.

Before I went to Paul's, I wanted to look my best, so I thought of ways to make myself look prettier and older. My mother always scolded me when I put on her red lipstick. She said I was too young to dress up like that. But that didn't stop me. When she went shopping, I'd sneak into her bathroom and steal her lipstick and makeup. One day she caught me and did a thorough inspection of my room. She took all my makeup and threw it away. The bitch. Now what was I going to do? Then I had a brilliant idea. I know just what might work! I went in the bathroom and got a Tampax roll (one that I had stolen from my mother) and removed the cotton from it. Then I took off my panties and sat on the toilet. I shat in the toilet until a couple of nice little turds fell out. Then I reached in the toilet and picked out the smallest one. I inserted it into the Tampax roll and molded it into a lipstick tip. Then I got out my mirror and puckered my lips. I carefully smeared them with my wonderful new lipstick color. I wondered if Revlon would be interested in my idea. With pride, I looked at myself in the mirror and admired my new look. My dark brown lips not only made me look older, but spunky and sexy as well. I even used my new lipstick as an eyeliner! I giggled with joy.

Since I would need an excuse for going out, I put on my Scout's uniform over my tank top and white frilled panties. I grabbed some Girl Scout cookies and told my mother that I was going out to sell. My mother stopped me and looked curiously at my face.

"Hold on dear, what's that on your lips?" she inquired.

I had to think of something quick, so I told her that the Girl Scout Mistress gave us all brown lipstick. Training lipstick. It would color match our uniforms and the brownies and cookies that we sold. I didn't really want to wear it, but it would help sell our products, I told her. She bought it! I couldn't believe it as I laughed to myself and walked out the door.

I went straight to Paul's house. I realized that anybody who might see me at the front door would see my uniform and only think that I was selling cookies. I knocked on Paul's door and waited nervously. He opened the door stood there wearing nothing but a robe. When he looked at me with those bright eyes, I saw fire in them. I gave him a sexy coy smile.

"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies, mister?"

Paul smiled back and chucked, motioning me to come in. He locked the door behind us. Paul stood there smiling. "Sure, I want some cookies, but not the chocolate kind." Then he kissed me and ran his tongue over my lips. He then realized the kind of lipstick I used.

"Oh my, little girl, how I love your shitty mouth," he responded lovingly. He kissed me again, savoring the flavor of my lips. I felt like I was in heaven.

"Why don't you get more comfortable," Paul suggested, pointing to my ugly green dress.

I took off my dumb Girl Scout uniform, leaving my tank top and panties on.

Paul invited me into his living room couch and handed me a tall glass of iced tea.

"You look great, Amy. I'm glad you came learn. I always admire the studious kind.

Then Paul handed me the tea glass and said,

"Drink this, Amy. I want your belly full for part of your next lesson."

As I drank, Paul put his hand between my legs, spreading them slightly and touched my panties. He felt the wetness dripping from my cunt. I felt breathless, not knowing what he was going to do. He lifted his hand up and I saw my fuck juice glistening his fingers; then he put it in his mouth and tasted it, licking his fingers as if tasting the last remains of food. I could tell he wanted me and I felt that wonderful feeling of sexual heat. Damn, I was horny! Paul went into the kitchen for a minute. I observed the room and the objects of his interest. On the wall were classical and modern pictures of women and men dressed in elegant outfits. I saw a coat-of-arms, a mediaeval looking sword, a statue of, what looked like a goddess, a guitar, and books. Lots and lots of books. There was nothing in the living room that gave a hint of the nastiness that he so enjoyed. He has good taste, I thought.

Paul came back with two more drinks in his hands. He seemed gracious, and polite. He drank along with me and kept reminding me how beautiful I looked. I felt drunk with desire and I desperately wanted him to fondle me.

"You're still young and impressionable, Amy. You haven't realized yet that what you think now may not be the best way to reach ultimate pleasure. You've been taught, as most people, that sex causes misery and suffering. But I tell you that everything that seems right to you now may prove wrong in the future. There's a world out there where certain people have discovered the secrets to pleasure. These secrets are not what civil society allows because to accept them would threaten the very structure of culture. This is why, only a few people are allowed into its membership. It must be kept hidden, and held secret from government, religion, and law. You may not realize it now, but black can turn into white and vice versa. What seems good may produce misery and what seems evil may produce bliss. It requires a balance of feeling, of experiencing the body's sensations to produce a desired result." I did not know what he was talking about and I actually didn't care then, but I listened attentively anyway. He continued:

"Some unfortunate souls go through life not knowing why they feel the way they do. Priests, doctors, and teachers will say you're abnormal and need to be treated. They'll say you have the devil in you, or you're mentally or physically sick. Of course the treatments they give always result in abysmal failures because they go against the nature of the human body. I bid you Amy, beware of anyone who says you need treatment. How can something that is within you, that you were born with, and passionately feel, be considered wrong or unnatural? You feel the way you do for reasons; and failure to understand these feelings and to submit yourself to the quackery that society avails you will only make you miserable for the rest of your life. You came from nature, and your feelings come from it. Instead of fighting it, learn to submit to it. Learn Amy. I'll teach you and bring you to heights you've never before dreamed. Don't feel afraid, I won't hurt you.

"Tell me Amy, the last time you were here, did you not feel more alive than you've ever felt before? Didn't you think about what happened every single day?"

It was as if he were reading my mind. Being a young girl then I didn't know what to say.

"Yes, Paul." Although I did not understand everything he said, I knew I wanted to stay, even at the risk of becoming vulgared out. Anyway, I wanted to learn; I needed to get fucked.

When we finished our drinks, he took me by my arm and led me to his bedroom. In the middle of the room was a card table and two chairs. He sat me down and told me to stay. He left the room for a minute and came back holding a tray in his hands. He had removed all his clothes and, again, I saw his beautiful fat cock, hanging down like a horse. He put small tray filled with several glasses in front of me on the card table.

I saw four shot glasses filled to the brim. The first three had different shades of amber fluid in them. The fourth had some kind of creamy substance in it.

Paul told me that he kept these special drinks in the refrigerator so that they wouldn't spoil. It was part of the preparation for my lesson. He told me he heated them up to body temperature so that they'd be ready for me to drink. The first three amber filled glasses, he told me, were different flavors of piss. The fourth glass was his sperm. Paul said that it took him four jack-offs to fill that shot glass.

How gross, I thought, but I felt intrigued by this game.

Paul handed me shot glass with the lightest shade of piss and told me to drink it.

Well, if Gandhi could drink it, I guess, so could I. I carefully raised the glass to my lips and took a sip. It was hot and tasted almost like water, except for a sight salty taste. I swallowed it all and licked my lips.

Then Paul handed me the second shot-glass. It had a nice golden color but it tasted much stronger. It was pungent and I could smell the odor of piss. It tasted just like my piss, I thought. I gulped it down eagerly.

The third glass was a dark reddish amber and when I put it to my lips, the smell was acrid and overwhelming. When I took a sip, the flavor was biting and bitter.

This piss tasting game reminded me of my uncle Bob's beer hobby. He used to give my dad various flavors of home-brewed beer: light Pilsner, amber-wheat beer, and dark Stout. This dark piss reminded me of that awful tasting Stout.

Paul explained the source of his piss-cocktails:

"The light colored piss came after drinking lots of liquid. The second glass was normal piss. And the third glass came from morning piss. I just wanted you to know that the flavor of piss depends on when and what your drink. If you want to be a connoisseur of fine piss-wine, you'll have to understand these things, you see."

I was learning fast. I drank the hot dark amber piss and savored the piquant boutique of this fine champagne. I got so horny thinking that this came from Paul's flesh piss-spout.

Then Paul handed me the sperm filled glass. I sniffed it and it smelled like nothing I could describe. I took a sip. It had the texture of silky oil, and was little sweet & sour. It tasted nasty but, strangely, good. I poured the whole glass of spunk in my mouth and held it there before I swallowed. It slid down my throat and I burped.

"Would you like wine to wash it down with?" Paul asked.

"Yes, please. That did taste kind of thick," I replied.

Paul came up to me and took my hand and put his cock in it.

"Here, why don't you drink this fine champagne straight from the spout?" Paul suggested.

I took his cock and put the head of it in my mouth. Paul gave a squirt and the amber fluid filled my mouth.

"Now what kind of piss flavor it that, Amy?"

"It tastes like the medium blend," I answered.

"Correct," Paul retorted. "You're a good student, Amy."

I felt so proud. I continued to suck Paul's cock but it began to grow and I couldn't get any more champagne out. Paul explained that when a guy gets a hard-on, the muscles in the base of his penis close off the piss path and only allows a path for sperm. I felt disappointed, but I understood. However, I was willing to blow him off until he came in my mouth. I liked the way Paul's cock pumped up and became big. It got so hard and stiff. I gave him a hand job, feeling the tight skin sliding over the shaft. I loved to look at this sausage.

"Milk it," Paul ordered. I pumped his cock with my little hand, and watched the slit-end of his penis. I put my mouth near the head, so that I might catch his cream as it shot out. I so desperately wanted to see it come out. But before Paul came, he teased me and removed his cock from my eager hand. The told me to take my panties and top off and lie on the edge of the bed. I did as ordered.

Paul took my legs and lifted them up so he could see my pussy.

"Grab your legs, Amy, and keep them up."

I spread my legs wide and high so he could get at me. Paul kneeled down on the floor at the edge of the bed and spread my pussy lips apart with his large hands. He put a finger in my hole.

"Oh, I see you've broken your hymen, my dear. I bet you've been fucking yourself, haven't you?", Paul kidded me.

"Uh, huh," I replied. I didn't want to talk. I just wanted to feel.

Paul put in three fingers and spread them apart to see how big my vagina was.

"It looks like you're ready for your first fuck, Amy."

I almost came when he said that. Now, I'll finally get to feel what its like to get fucked by a man, I thought.

"Oh YES, please, put it in me," I cried.

Paul raised his body and I could see him holding his fat cock in his right hand. He aimed it at my cunt and put the tip at the entrance. Then, slowly, he shoved it against my pelvis. It was so huge. It felt like he was trying to put a rubber bat up my cunt. My lips spread apart and I felt a shock of pain as it entered my insides. Then as soon as it was in, the pain was replaced by a wonderful spreading bloated feeling. My insides were stretched to the limit. As he pumped it slowly back, it reminded me of shit coming out. It was as if I was shitting his cock out, I thought. My excitement grew until I was close to coming. I could see the fire in Paul's eyes as he grunted with every stroke. Oh, my lovely shit fucker, I thought.

"Oh Amy, I want to come in your mouth," Paul shuddered.

Then he pulled out and climbed on top of me. Paul straddled my breasts and pushed his cock towards my mouth. I took the stiff shaft and bent it down further so I could see his piss-hole. I opened my mouth wide. I could feel the base of his cock throb. It felt hot in my hands.

"Oh, fuck," Paul cried. Then a stream of white cream spurted out of the end of his cock and struck the backside of my mouth. It was so hot. It tasted even sweeter than the shot-glass version. I savored the taste and swallowed every drop. I smiled with sexual pleasure.

Paul continued to hold his dick in my mouth until it became soft.

"Here, Amy. You'll need something to wash that sperm down with."

After a few seconds, Paul began pissing in my mouth. There was too much if it for me to drink so I let it fill my mouth until it overflowed. It felt good, with hot pee running down my face and neck. Oh, how nasty I felt! I knew then that I wanted to be a whore for the rest of my life.

After Paul finished peeing in my mouth, he handed me a towel and we both got up and dried each other off. I felt so relaxed and sexy. Although Paul had come, I had not yet had an orgasm. I didn't want to just yet.

Paul handed me a glass of wine and I took several sips to clean out my mouth. By this time I was so full from the tea drinking that I began to feel like I wanted to piss. I didn't want any more to drink but Paul told me that I should drink anyway and savor the full feeling of piss in my bladder. He told me he wanted to drink me later. I drank the wine feeling anxious for my turn to pee on him.

Paul reviewed my progress. He observed that I had tasted cum, drank piss, and experienced my first fuck, and that I had done very well. So well, in fact, that he graded me as an A+ student. I blushed like an honor student. However, he noted that I had still one important lesson to learn. He explained that the dirtier the sex was, the better one would feel. I had yet to experience the game of shit. I loved it when he said "shit."

It was only through this experience that I would develop a total gratification of sex, Paul told me.

I felt so sexy then, that I would to anything for Paul. I'd eat his shit if he asked me. He must have realized that by looking into my bright wide-open brown eyes.

"Before I teach you this, Amy, I want you to see how it's done. I'll give you a demonstration so you'll know what to do. Let's go into my bathroom."

We entered his bathroom and closed the door. The room walls were white and the florescent lights made it almost blindingly bright. Paul climbed into the bathtub. It was an old fashioned white bathtub with high sides. I noted how clean and shiny it looked and what a shame it would be to dirty it up. He laid, back-down, on the bottom and told me to get on top of him, sixty-nine fashion. I complied by kneeling down on his chest, facing his cock. Paul took my ass and positioned it in front of his face so that my cunt was over his head.

"You must be feeling like taking a piss now, right Amy?"

From all the tea, and piss drinking, my belly was pregnant with piss. I felt so sexy, yet I wanted to pee.

"Yes," I exclaimed. "I don't think I can hold it much longer."

"Go ahead, do what you feel like doing," Paul replied.

I looked down between my legs and saw Paul open his mouth to capture my pee. It felt so strange. At first, I couldn't pee even though my bladder was about to burst. Then a trickle came out and I saw the drops fall on Paul's forehead. God, I wanted to piss so bad. Then it became a stream, Then a flood. It was pouring into Paul's mouth. I heard him drinking it! He gulped it down as it filled his mouth. God, how nasty it must taste, I thought. He pulled my ass down further so that he could put his tongue on my pee-hole. I felt the tip of his tongue there and the piss splattered in different directions. He lapped it up like a dog.

Then Paul began to pee. I bent down and took his flaccid cock in my mouth. I savored the fluid as it flowed up and splashed against my mouth. By this time there was about a half-inch of piss in the tub. The stench of urine filled the room. I aimed his flowing stream against my face and let it soak my face. I loved it.

Paul was devouring my cunt, putting his whole mouth on my pee-hole taking in every drop. I couldn't believe how much piss I had in me. Then Paul took his hands and spread my ass apart and stuck a forefinger in my anus. I could feel his finger sliding deep inside me. I could feel a turd deep inside me as Paul played it with his finger tip.

"Go ahead, Amy. Shit it out," Paul ordered.

"You really want me to do this?" I asked, cautiously.

"Yes, please," Paul pleaded. "Shit on me!"

I loved the way he said that.

I strained as hard as I could and the turd pushed against his finger. Paul raised his head and put his mouth directly over my wide open anus. I couldn't believe he was doing this. He was as sick as I was.

Because I was straining so hard, my piss stream flowed stronger. It was splashing against Paul's neck. I forced my shit out; the turd hit the back of Paul's mouth. It would go no further. Paul was holding my turd against me. God, how disgusting can he get, I thought. But I loved every whorish moment.

Then Paul moved his head back against the tub; I glanced between my legs. I saw him holding my turd in his mouth like a giant cigar! Then he took three fingers and put it in my ass and spread my anus muscles wide apart. Then he took his other hand and put a finger it between the other fingers. It went deep in my rectum. He reamed it around looking for more turds.

By this time, his cock had grown into a stiff sausage. I looked at Paul between my legs and I saw him staring at my red anus. He let the turd in his mouth fall out and I saw him raise his head to my ass. He put his tongue deep inside and reamed the brown goo. I saw his tongue covered with dark shit.

The smell of shit and piss pervaded the small bathroom. It was so disgusting. I felt like a piece of crap myself. I felt like vomiting. Now I know what its like to be a toilet, I thought. Well, not exactly, but Paul certainly knew, since he was eating my filthy stuff. But as the odor increased, my desire to cum grew even stronger.

I felt another turd coming so I strained so hard that I began to grunt.

"Ohhh shit, Paul: here comes another one," I cried.

Out came an even bigger turd from my ass; hard and long. Paul took it in his mouth and let it stand in his mouth. God, It looked like a brown cock sticking out of his mouth. It looked so wonderful, I couldn't resist. I lowered my vagina onto the top of the turd until it touched my clit. I moved back and forth feeling a fantastic glow. Paul got the idea too. He pulled my pussy lips apart and, holding the turd in his mouth, inserted it slowly into my cunt like a dildo. It felt so wonderful and strange! It felt like taking a shit from my pussy in reverse.

He worked the turd back and forth, just like a cock. The shit felt hard and bumpy and I could tell it was deep inside me. Paul smashed the turd with his face until he reached my clit with his tongue. He licked my clitoris with his shit covered mouth. I rode his face like a horse; I moved my pelvis back and forth, massaging his face with my mess. He loved it. I heard him groaning like a pervert. I could feel his cock ready to come.

God, I wished he'd shit on me, I contemplated.

I put my mouth on his erect pissy cock and ate the pre-cum from its tip. With my forefinger and thumb, I spread his pee hole apart and looked inside. He was ready to cum; his cream would come out that hole, I thought. My eyes were on fire. I wanted to watch it spurt out so I could catch it with my mouth. It looked pinkish-red inside. Indeed, it was like a miniature cunt. I put my fingernail into the crack and reamed the piss-hole, in a circle. I wanted whatever fluid comes out that hole: white or yellow; piss or sperm.

I was ready to come too. I came up with a brilliant idea. I put my other hand on his ass crack and felt around until I found his asshole. Then I slowly dug my finger into it and felt the tight muscles surrounding it shut. I put it in deep and reamed the inside in a circular motion. My fingertip found a turd. It felt funny: hard but mushy. I couldn't help myself:

A bolt of orgasmic lightening jolted through me and I entered ecstasy. Paul came at the same time, and he spent a white stream of sperm into my throat. I tasted the hot cream in my mouth. I swallowed.

Remember that Paul's mouth was filled with my shit while he shot his load into my throat. Oh, fuck; how unbelievably high this feels. I played with Paul's shit in his ass, and another bolt of orgasm came.

I pulled out my filthy finger and saw it covered with hot living shit. I couldn't help it. I put the finger in my mouth and licked it with my tongue. For the first time, I tasted the nasty scat from a real man.

I forced myself to squirt piss: the largest bolt of all hit me and I came again. "Pissing is like shooting sperm for a man," Paul had told me. I felt like I was spurting sperm. I fell unconscious with lust with the taste of shit and cum in my mouth.

I emerged from my orgasm, a minute later. I did not realize where I was at first. Paul was smiling over me as he washed my body with soap and water. He told me that I had passed the first course with flying colors. I smiled back and kissed him.

I went home that night with a glow that filled the dark sexed night. Before I left, Paul invited me to enroll in his next intermediate sex course.

"Of course," I told him. "When will it start?"

Paul told me it would begin next week.

I cheerily said: "I'll be there."

My therapist and requested that I continue writing about my young sexual experiences. Although I was now in my thirties, I still got a thrill by re-experiencing my debased past. He had read my last two papers and seemed to think that they were helping me with the therapy. I wrote next last paper, continuing my story:

* * * * *

I woke up Sunday morning and realized to my disappointment that I had to go to Church. My mom insisted that I should go to Bible class. I hated going, but what was a little girl to do? I put on my Church dress, a light blue dress, white stockings and black vinyl shoes. My mom curled my hair. I looked so cute and innocent. If only my parents knew how perverted I really was.

I went to Sunday school while my mom went to pray in the church. There were about twenty kids in my class. Mrs. Flowers, our Sunday school teacher, gave us our assignment. We were to stand in front of the class and read a passage from our favorite Bible verse. Shit, I hated to do this. I listened to several kids give their boring prudish readings. When it came to my turn, I did just as I was asked. I went to the front of the room, opened the King James Bible and read from Ezekiel chapter 4:12-13:

"And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight.

And the LORD said, Even thus shall the children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the Gentiles, whither I will drive them."

I read part of it again, but with more passion: "...and thou shalt bake it with DUNG that COMETH OUT OF MAN, in their sight." God, I loved that part. Suddenly the room was dead silent. I slowly looked up and saw a class full of astonished little faces. Mrs. Flowers had her hand cupped on her mouth and eyes wide open in horror.

"Well, you *told* me to read from my favorite verse," I retorted. "This IS my favorite verse!" I cried. You could hear a pin drop in the room.

"Well, if the Lord tells his own chosen children to eat shit, then isn't crap good enough for Christians? I logically deduced.

In a huff, Mrs. Flowers quickly ended the class.

What was I supposed to do? Violate the ten commandments by *not* telling the truth? I thought to myself. Sheesh!

That day ended my relationship with religion. It also started the public rumors about my whorish perversions.

Would you believe it, Mrs. Flowers told my mom about my Bible reading. I was grounded for the rest of the day. I didn't care. I'll just spend the day in my room doing perverted things, I thought.

I went up to my room and locked the door. I laid down on my bed and thought about Paul. I wondered what kind of lesson he'd give me for my next class. I reached under my bed and pulled out a shoe box filled with my special toys. I collected various bottles, balls and items that I used for sticking up my pussy and ass. I also had a collection of dried beef jerky sausages. I liked the thick kind because it reminded me of a man's cock. I picked out one of them and pealed off the plastic wrapper as if it were a condom. I put the raw meat in my mouth and gave it a blow job. I pretended it was Paul's cock. It tasted salty and I imagined it was covered with piss.

I began reading a fuck story from one of my favorite sex magazines. It was about Cleopatra and her sex perversions. When I read about her sex slaves, I took a bite from my cock sausage as if it were a specially prepared cock cut off from a slave bred for just that purpose. Cock meat sautéed with piss. I was Cleopatra and could do whatever I wanted, I imagined. I savored the pissy taste in my mouth. I inserted the bit end into my cunt and let it get wet with my juices. Then I put it in my ass. I could feel a hot stinging sensation in my rectum as the spices mixed with my shit. I slowly pulled it out and put the nasty sausage to my lips. I stuck out my tongue and ran the stick along my taste buds. I could taste my pussy juices mixed with the shit. Cock jerky with fecal sauce, I fantasized.

I wish I could lick my own pussy, I thought. I wondered what it felt like for a man to put his mouth on a dirty cunt. Since I couldn't lick myself, I did the next best thing. I went to my bathroom and got in the tub. I arched my back up against the wall until my pelvis was over my head. I spread my legs and let my pussy juice dribble into my mouth. Then I relaxed and let the pee build up in my bladder. I spread my pussy lips apart and let the piss flow directly into my mouth. I swallowed. How selfishly perverted I felt; I was pissing on myself!

I was so hot. I wanted to come, but I held off because Paul had told me that abstaining from orgasm as long as possible made the eventual ecstasy more pleasurable. I decided to wait until my next lesson with Paul, and that was five days away. Oh, God, I don't know if I can hold it that long, I thought. But I did, and I felt glad that I had the determination to do so.

The day had finally come for my next lesson. I had built up such desire, that my every waking moment was consumed by thinking about nasty sex. I rushed home from school, ate my Mom's dinner in a hurry; then I hurried to my bedroom to prepare myself. I put on my light blue panties and bra; white short-shorts and a dark blue tee-shirt. Sunset came at eight o'clock and I climbed out of my window and ran over to Paul's house.

Paul greeted me with open arms and a kiss. He led me into his living room and I was shocked to see another girl! A woman, actually. It was the same woman I saw through the window getting screwed by Paul, several weeks back. Paul introduced her as Liz. At first I felt jealous, but when Paul explained the situation, I felt better. She was part of my lesson, I was told. And when Liz came over and gave me a smile and a hug, my jealousy vanished. She was a beautiful brunette, probably in her thirties. Liz sat close against to me on the couch and put her arm around my shoulder. We hit it off immediately. She told me how pretty I was and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she thought I was sexually desirable.

Paul handed us drinks while Liz spoke in a soft sweet tone explaining all the fun we would have. She was so close to me that every once and a while she would lean her body over to reach for something and I could feel her breasts through the blouse she wore; they touched my arm and I noticed how wonderfully soft they felt. Liz explained that she was a registered nurse in the county hospital and loved to play sex games with Paul and other women after work. She told me she was bi-sexual and sometimes wished she had a cock. So did I sometimes, I thought.

I noticed that the living room had been rearranged. The couch and coffee table were moved to the end, which left a large bare central area. There were several cushions and bean bags strewn around the room. Each wall had full length mirrors mounted from the floor up. Paul had put down a clear plastic sheet on the floor. I could only guess what that was for. Several area lights surrounded the room and made it bright. Mozart played on the stereo.

Paul explained that Liz and he would demonstrate the art of lewd love-making. I was told to watch and learn.

"I know you love scat and piss games, Amy. So do Liz and I. People who have such desires give example of the mark of sexiness and intelligence. The Marquis De Sade observed correctly when he said:

"If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure in the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be."

I got hot just thinking about it. Liz smiled at me and took off her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. She had medium sized breasts with large brown aureoles. Her aureoles looked bumpy, sort of like they had been chewed on or something, which made them even more desirable. Liz asked me if I had ever been with a woman before. I told her I hadn't but that I loved to watch porn actresses on my brothers VCR. She smiled at that at came over to me and gave me a kiss.

"Would you like to feel them?" Liz asked, offering her breasts to me.

"Umm, yes, very much," I responded embarrassingly. I cupped my hands on her breasts and felt the exquisite soft flesh.

"Kiss them, if you want," Liz implored.

I licked around her aureoles and squeezed them with my fingers. I loved the feel of her nipples getting hard against my tongue. I remember wondering what it would be like to suck milk from them. I sucked her breast like a baby and wished I could drink from it.

I was beginning to feel a little playful. I took off my tee-shirt and lowerd my bra and let my breasts plop out. Liz gave a surprised look and squealed with delight. She kneeled down and kissed my breasts.

"Oh, you have a beautiful body, Amy. I know we're going to have fun."

Then Paul took off his clothes and asked Liz to join him in the middle of the floor. I remained to the side and watched.

Liz took off her remaining clothes and kneeled in front of Paul. She had a body similar to mine, I observed. Liz took Paul's flaccid cock in her mouth and sucked on it. It began to grow. Liz took her hand and grabbed the base of his cock and jerked it slowly back and forth. I could see the saliva glistening on the shaft while Liz stretched the skin backwards. She let the cock plop out of her mouth and exposed Paul's wonderful fat cock to my eyes. She stuck her tongue far out and put her tongue-tip into the pee-slit. Paul's cock was throbbed at full size attention.

Liz laid back on the floor and lifted her legs wide open, exposing her cunt. Paul took grabbed each of her legs with both hands, spread them further apart, and put his cock head at the entrance of Liz's pussy. Then he thrust his cock deep inside her. Liz let out a cry of pleasure. He thrust his engine back and forth and demonstrated the art of the missionary position. So *this* is how priests do it, I thought.

Paul screwed Liz in various positions, showing me all the possibilities of vaginal insertion. Liz got on her hand and knees while Paul fucked her from behind. I watched closely as Paul's cock fucked her cunt while he spread her cheeks and fingered her asshole. I loved the way her cunt juices made his cock wet. Then he fucked Liz from the side while he crudely grabbed Liz's breast and bit her neck like an animal.

I was so hot. I took off my shorts and panties and played with my breasts with one hand and put my other hand on my pussy. This was like watching a porn movie except this was real and right in front of me. Liz noticed my nakedness and smiled at me.

Then Paul showed me the art of pussy licking. Liz spread her legs apart and Paul got down and kissed around her pussy. Liz spread her pussy lips apart and Paul put his tongue inside. His mouth was smothered in Liz's juices. Liz looked at me with sexy eyes as Paul tasted her juices. No doubt she could see my excited condition as I fucked myself with my hand.

"Would you like to come closer, Amy?" Liz asked in a dreamy sultry voice.

"Oh, yes, PLEASE," I pleaded. I eagerly crawled over to her. Paul moved out of the way.

"Be my guest, Amy, if you wish," Paul offered.

God, did I ever want to feel what a pussy tasted like, I thought. Liz had her legs spread wide for me and lovingly pleaded with her tongue sticking out, to lick her open cunt.

I kissed around her pussy as Paul had done and felt the smooth skin of her thighs. I could smell her heat. I moved my tongue closer to her wet cunt and couldn't resist: I put my tongue in the flesh of her cunt and, for the first time, tasted a woman. The metallic electric flavor bit into my tongue like an orgasm. I could taste her lubrication juices along with the flavor of piss. It was like the texture of an oyster. I put my lips around her erect clit and sucked it. It looked like a miniature cock. I sucked it like a dick. Liz arched her back and let out a cry of pleasure. I glanced up and saw Paul put his red cock in Liz's mouth. I could see Liz's neck bulge out as the fat cock stretched her throat.

Paul pulled out suddenly, not wanting to come at this time. He grabbed Liz's arms and pulled her away from me because he did not want Liz to come either. I remember feeling so disappointed at having my lover taken away from me. But everyone knew it was for the purpose of prolonging the pleasure so that we could continue our orgy through the night.

I crawled back in my corner and watched the next show. Liz got on her hands and knees in front of Paul. He stood waiting for his cock to become soft. I drank some more wine as if watching a porn movie.

I could tell what was coming next. All of us had been drinking a lot of liquid, and Paul wanted to relieve himself in Liz's mouth. I put my hand on my pussy and waited. Liz opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I could see Paul's cock begin to sag. It was half erect when he began to drip piss. He took his penis in hand and aimed it at Liz's mouth. The flow began to stream out. It was golden yellow and it filled Liz's mouth. I moved over to get a closer look. I could see the yellow piss in her mouth. She swallowed it, and moved her mouth closer to his cock to take in more! God, I wanted to taste it too. I moved up close to Liz. She put her piss filled mouth to my lips and I drank the disgusting fluid from her open mouth. We kissed and put our tongues in each other's mouth.

I knew then that I was bi-sexual, just like Liz. I loved Liz's body as much as I did Paul's. I wanted more.

I had drunk so much wine that I was beginning to feel like pissing. Paul noticed my legs moving back and forth. He must have realized my need and handed me a large empty wine carafe.

"Why don't you pee in this," Paul requested.

I thanked him and stood up. I spread my legs slightly and put the carafe against my pussy. I let the piss flow while Paul and Liz watched. I filled the bottle to the brim with my amber wine. I could smell my own piss vapors rise from the bottle and noted its strong odor. Liz took the carafe and put it to her nose and sniffed. The she looked at my eyes while she put it to her lips and took a long slow drink of my urine, swallowing it as if it were water. She let some of it spill on her breasts. She spread the piss over her body as if it were a magic fluid. She handed the bottle to Paul and he drank from it also. I wanted some too, so I took the bottle and put it to my lips. God, it was bitingly bitter. I could only take a small sip. I wondered how they could have swallowed so much of my disgusting piss without throwing up.

"Want to see something cool? " Liz asked as she grabbed for a little black bag. She took out a slender rubber tube.

"This is a catheter that we nurses use for draining the bladder of patients. I'm going to insert it into myself. Watch closely." Liz was giddy with excitement.

She laid back against a bean bag cushion and put her thighs against her stomach, separating them, exposing her cunt. Paul helped by spreading Liz's pussy lips apart. Then Liz put the tip of the catheter into her pee-hole and inserted it slowly into her urethra. It must have gone into her belly about ten inches before she stopped. It looked strange with a rubber hose in her pussy.

"It should be all the way in now," Liz announced, satisfyingly.

Paul showed me the other end of the catheter and I could see it dripping with piss. Then, like drinking from a straw, he put the tube end in his mouth and sucked. He drank it like a soda. Having his fill, Paul handed the tube to Liz. God, she was drinking her own piss and I could hear her gulping it down. I had to have some too. I took the tube in hand and put it to my lips and tasted Liz's golden nectar. It was so hot and alive in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as I stroked my middle finger against my clit. Paul and I drank her bladder dry.

Then Liz showed me the cool part. She took a large syringe out of her nurse bag and inserted the tip of it into the carafe that contained my urine. She pulled the plunger back, filling the syringe with the golden fluid. Then she inserted the syringe tip into the end of the catheter and pushed the plunger slowly, causing my own piss to enter her bladder. She repeated this six times until her bladder was filled again. Then Liz stood up and spread her pussy lips wide. Paul got between her legs and opened his mouth. Liz began pissing and aimed her flow into Paul's mouth. God, she was pissing *my* urine onto his face. Paul was jerking his cock all the while.

I was consumed with lust. I came over to have my taste. Liz stopped her flow for a moment while I positioned myself to her. I spread her lips apart and put my tongue on her pee-slit and waited. She squirted her piss, well, actually my piss, and I loved the feel of the urine forking against my tongue.

After my fill, I looked around and saw Paul watching the show. He was masturbating, but not in the normal way that most men do. He had inserted the end of the catheter into his pee-hole and was moving it in-and-out. His cock was fully erect and he was fucking his piss-hole with the tube as if it were a miniature dildo!

Liz came to Paul and removed his catheter toy.

"Amy, come here and spread Paul's piss-hole for me," Liz requested. I crawled over and put my fingers on Paul's fat penis and spread his cockhead so that his hole laid wide open. Liz squatted down over Paul's cock and put her now erect clit directly into the piss-hole and fucked it. Liz's miniature penis was screwing Paul's miniature pussy! I couldn't help feeling amused, yet excited by this bizarre show.

We all took a break and Paul brought out some snacks and drinks. We talked about our dirtiest desires. I told Paul about how much I had thought about my last visit. I couldn't get over how hot it looked when he ate my shit directly from my ass. I had wondered how it felt and tasted for him. I had always wondered what sex was like for a man, to have an erect cock, to have balls filled with cum and to shoot sperm. I wish I could be a man for a day, just to experience the perversion of a man.

Paul told me how he wished he could experience multiple orgasms like a woman and wondered how it felt being fucked by a hot piece of meat as it pumped back and forth. That's why he stuck dildos up his ass, and fucked his pee-hole, he explained to me: so that he could feel like a woman getting screwed.

Liz also wondered what it was like for a man. She explained that she requested Paul to save up his sperm for her. She had him masturbating every night into a jar and saving it in the refrigerator. When enough cum is accumulated, she told me, she would heat it up to body temperature and put it in her syringe. Then, just as she did with my piss, she would pump Paul's sperm into her bladder so that she could piss it out while she masturbated. Paul had explained that shooting piss was like coming except with an orgasm attached. And although one had some control when pissing, when a man cums, he has no control: the sperm just squirts out by itself. Liz wanted to squirt sperm through her urethra just like a man. I told Liz that I wanted to watch when she did it. Liz promised me an invitation.

I told Paul and Liz that I felt like taking a shit. I had not taken a crap for the last two days because I knew that this day would come. Now, I could not hold back much longer.

We resumed our sex orgy. Paul handed me a white plastic bowl and told me to shit in it. I put the bowl down in the middle of the floor and squatted over it, positioning my ass directly over the bowl. Paul pumped his cock while watching this and Liz rubbed my ass cheeks as she observed. I didn't strain long, because I could feel my bowels empty a slithering load into the bowl. I felt like a dog. It came out like a coiled snake and it filled the bowl. I turned around to view my dark prize. Paul bent down his head to sniff my coiled turd. Then Liz put her face into the bowel and breathed the foul gift. I put my head over the dish and a horrid stench filled my nostrils. I bent down closer and took in the full aroma. My stomach almost wretched.

We were like three perverted animals, sniffing our own excrement. Liz put her hand in the disgusting shit and grabbed a handful and put it on Paul's chest. She smeared it around his chest and neck.

I sat back and watched this while I fingered my clit. Then Paul took a handful of crap and wiped it on Liz's breasts. With shit on her tits, he sucked them slowly. He seemed to be savoring the flavor. I could see his cock become erect. He looked over to me and saw me fingering my clit and ass.

"Would you like to feel what it's like with a cock in your ass, Amy?" Paul inquired. God, I thought he'd never ask.

"Yes, Please, Paul," I responded excitedly. I crawled over to him and turned around on my hands and knees, offering my ass to him like a cow in heat. While Liz spread my ass cheeks apart, Paul put his fat cockhead against my anus. It was already well lubricated from the shit in my ass, but Liz spat on it anyway.

"Oh, fuck me in the ass," I cried. I wanted this so much, I remembered.

"Push like you're taking a shit, Amy," Paul ordered.

I pushed, and my anus opened up against his cock. I felt his cock pierce my bowels. God, I felt like my stomach would explode. It felt so good.

"Now shit my cock out," Paul cried.

I was amazed at how much it felt like taking a crap, except that it was more filling and that it was a flesh cock turd that I was shitting out. I looked at the wall mirror and could see Paul ass-fucking me. I saw the cock sliding in and out. The shaft was covered with my shit. Liz put her tongue on the nasty rod and tasted it as it moved back and forth.

Liz began to get sexually turned on and moved to Paul's ass and put her face between his cheeks. Paul bent over by back exposing his ass to Liz. I was holding the entire weight of Paul as he continued to fuck my shit filled ass. Liz yanked down on Paul's balls and stuck her tongue in his asshole. She reamed it with crazed perverted enjoyment.

"Shit, shit, shit..." Liz spoke dreamily in her sexy voice as she tongued him.

I heard Paul grunting like a man taking a crap. His ass farted in Liz's face. I looked in the mirror and saw her breath in the foul air. His ass let out another slurpy fart and a turd came into Liz's mouth. She spit it out on the floor and put her mouth on his ass, again, for another turd. Paul shat in her mouth again, but this time, she held the disgusting brown roll in her mouth. Paul pulled out of my ass and turned around and put his cock in Liz's mouth, forcing the turd there to cram deep into her mouth. I turned around to see the show.

Liz was on her hands and knees sucking Paul's shit covered cock. Her mouth was black with crap. Paul fucked the turd in her mouth with slow strokes. She looked so strangely beautiful. I wondered what it was like, I thought.

I remembered de Sade's words: "If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure in the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be." I wanted it to get dirtier.

I went over to Liz and spread her kneeling thighs apart so I could get under her. I positioned my body so that my feet faced Paul and my head was under Liz's ass. Liz allowed me there and even encouraged me by putting her shit filled mouth on my pussy. I felt her tonguing my slit. I responded by grabbed Liz's thighs, lifting my head and licked her pussy. I lapped it like a dog in heat.

I was in a similar position that Paul was with me in the tub when I shat on him. I had wondered what it was like for him, and now, here was my chance to find out. I put my head back down on the floor and put my hands on Liz's beautiful ass. I rubbed the tight muscles of her anus in a circle and remembered how tight it felt. Liz knew what I wanted and responded by extending her anus outward. I felt her anus opening and I put a finger inside.

"Shit on me," I cried. I wanted it so much. I felt so filthy, like a toilet slut. I reamed her hole with my fingertip. She let out a loud fart and some brown goo blurted out. She looked at me and stuck her tongue out at me, naughty, as if telling me how nasty she was.

I wiped the shit from around her ass. I heard Liz groaning. Then I saw her anus open wider and a turd began to emerge. Oh, God, I wanted it. I watched, fire-eyed as Liz gave birth to a large black turd. It came out slowly an dropped on my neck and slide to the floor. The stench was immediate and filled my nostrils with a disgusting aroma. I picked up the turd and put it on my breasts. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I spread the shit over my tits and absorbed the odor. Then I put the rest of the turd on my pussy so that Liz could taste it while licking me. I wanted to taste it too.

I couldn't help it. Like a force compelling me without my will, I pulled Liz's ass down to my face. I stuck out my tongue and put it in her anus. I tasted the repellent scum and licked the goo from around her ass. I put my finger back in and reamed it wide open. I observed the dark red lining of her rectum. I put my other finger in and stretched her asshole wide with my two fingers. I put my tongue in between my fingers and licked the lining. I was in ecstasy.

"Shit for me again," I whimpered.

Liz's piss began to flow as she forced her bowels against my mouth. I could feel the tip of the next turd emerging. I became brave. I put my entire mouth over her anus and inhaled, inward, trying to suck the turd out of her ass. I was rewarded with a fat brown turd. It entered my mouth and slid down my throat as if it were a continuation of her rectum. It was too much. I choked and coughed it out. I bit off the turd from Liz's ass and spit it out. The rest of the turd remained amputated in her ass. I lay my head back down and let her shit the rest of it out. The turd came out and fell on my face, smothering my nose and mouth. It was long and snakelike, coiling around my face like dog shit. Liz continued to piss on my belly. The stench of piss and shit filled the room. It was so disgusting, but I loved every orgasmic second.

Paul got excited at the pile of shit on my face. With both hands, he lifted my ass and put his cock in my shit filled cunt. He fucked me, stretching my young pussy apart. I could feel the shit being pushed against my cervix. The pain added to the pleasure.

In the meantime, Liz took a handful of the dog shit from my face and molded it around Paul's cock as he fucked me. I vomited out the putrid crap from my mouth and screamed with orgasm.

"Oh, shit and piss!" I screamed. The floor was covered with pieces of our excrement and pee. I could feel I was laying in a pool of urine. Liz opened her pussy to my mouth and pissed in it, offering me mouthwash to clean my pallet. I let her wonderful golden piss fill my mouth.

Paul was ready to cum. He backed out of my cunt and put his cockhead to my pissed filled mouth. His fat cock was covered with shit. He grabbed the shaft at the base and jerked it back and forth. He inserted his cock in my mouth. The piss in my mouth overflowed out. Paul screamed out, "FUCK", and I felt him piss his sperm in my mouth. He came in ten powerful squirts; the sperm mixing with the piss and shit. Liz was sucking my clit at this time and then I came. God, how I came. It was like electric current pulsing through my body.

Paul smiled proudly at me as he told me that I had graduated.

* * * * *

My written report ended and I handed the last paper to my therapist. He took it and read it with interest. After reading it, he kindly told me I needed further therapy. You might think that I was disappointed, but I wasn't. In fact, I was looking forward to it.

You see, Paul had been my teacher and advisor. But after my graduation, Paul decided to give up teaching and start another carrier. What else could he become but a sex therapist?

Paul took me by the hand and led me to the medical room for my next treatment. I felt better already.