The Shopkeeper's Asian Toy - By SugarDaddy


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I was waiting expectantly for Alicia to come into my shop as she always did at about ten minutes before six to get her Dad’s evening paper and as the door opened I looked up and smiled in pleasure as the little girl came in.

“Hello Mr Archer,” she said as she smiled at me.

“Hello sweetheart,” I replied giving her no idea that today was any different from any of the other times she had come into my shop. “How are your parents?” I asked.

“Their fine but their not in from work yet,” she answered as she browsed the magazines for young girls.

“Your Dad came in the other day and was talking about your school report,” I said and watched as fear crossed her face. “I told him that I blame the teachers. They don’t know how to discipline a class to get them to pay attention.”

As she smiled nervously at me I turned away and pretended to busy myself with something until she turned and started reading some of the magazines that I knew her parents would never let her buy.

As she stood there looking through the magazine rack I let my eyes wonder over her young body. Alicia was twelve but looked two years younger. A tiny girl for her age she was well short of five foot tall, with a slim build and small buds of breasts on her chest that showed through her tee shirt, as she wasn’t wearing bras yet.

Coming from an Asian family her clothes were conservative but were old and looked as though they had been bought several years ago. The shirt and slacks both displayed what was beneath, rather than hid it. In fact you could see that unlike most girls she was wearing old-fashioned knickers beneath her slacks and in the front she had a perfect camel toe where the tight slacks dug into her young pussy.

The whole family shopped in my corner shop and I had been lucky enough to overhear her Dad telling another Asian man how he had thrashed his Daughter with his belt when she came home with a report card that wasn’t good enough.

At first I had been shocked that the shy little girl who I had come to adore had been beaten so cruelly but as I thought about it that night I have to admit that my hand wondered to my stiff cock at the image of her being beaten, even though it was only in my mind.

That was when my plan had come to me. First it had only been a fantasy, a daydream that had my cock rock hard at it’s very thought but I had dared myself to carry it through and today I was going to do it.

After spending ten minutes reading the magazines for free, which I didn’t mind because I spent the time examining her tiny body, she turned and smiled at me as she came to the counter for her Dad’s paper.

I put the paper into a bag and handed it over to her letting her see me drop a packet of sweets in. “Those are for you,” I told her and she smiled her lovely smile again as she turned to leave.

As usual she paused for one last look at the magazines before going. I let her get to the door before calling out “Hold on a minute young lady!”

The little preteen girl stopped in fright at the tone of my voice and turned fearfully towards me.

“Let me see what you have in that bag,” I said putting on my sternest face and opening the bag while she still held it. Reaching in I removed her Dad’s paper and then a young girl’s magazine called Sixteen, which I had slipped in underneath the paper.

“What’s this?” I asked holding it up so that the store security camera would have a good picture of what I had found. “Did you forget to pay for it?

“I don’t know how that got in there,” the young girl stated shaking from fright at the sudden turn of events. “Honestly, I didn’t take it Mr. Archer.”

I dropped the latch on the door and turned the sign to closed before grasping her fragile arm and leading her forcefully through the shop to the room at the back. “I am fed up with you young girls thinking you can steal things and get away with it,” I said as I dragged her along. “I am going to have to call the police about this.”

Taking her into the back room I pushed her onto the sofa and picked up the phone, ready to dial, before turning to her and asking, “what is your Dad going to say about this?”

“Please Mr. Archer,” she sobbed. “I’ll pay for it. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Why on earth shouldn’t I tell on you,” I demanded. “I caught you red handed stealing from me and I have it on the store’s video camera. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t see you punished.”

As she sat there sobbing I felt so sorry for her that I almost gave in but just as my resolve to carry this through was disappearing, she said the words I was waiting to hear.

“My Dad will kill me if he finds out,” she said.

“Well what Dad wouldn’t punish his Daughter for stealing,” I asked?

“No, you don’t understand,” she explained. “He really will kill me, it is a matter of honour. He beat me black and blue and broke two of my ribs just because all my grades weren’t ‘A’s’. If he thinks I’ve been stealing he really will kill me.”

“Well you should have thought of that before stealing the magazine,” I answered, hardly ably to believe my luck at the way things were going.

“But I didn’t steal it. Honestly I didn’t,” she sobbed.

“No it just got up and jumped into your bag, I suppose,” I retorted crossly. “If you dare to deny stealing it again I will be straight on the phone to the police. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she replied meekly.

“Now did you steal the magazine and remember before you reply what will happen if you lie to me again,” I demanded knowing that there was only one answer she could give.

“Yes,” she admitted in a small hurt voice.

“Ok, now you have admitted that you are a thief we have to decide what we are going to do about it,” I told her. “What do you think we should do?” I asked wondering just what she would be willing to offer me to not tell.”

“I’ll work in your shop for free,” she offered. “For as long as you want.”

“Well that would go some way towards paying me back but I much prefer the thought of your being punished for what you have done.” I sat back in an upright chair by the table while she thought about that.

“But my Dad would kill me if he found out,” she repeated after some moments.

“Yes I think he probably would,” I agreed and continued to watch her as she obviously imagined what he would do to her. She was hugging her arms across her chest and was bent forward as if to make herself as small as possible.

As she stared at the floor I enjoyed watching her and examined her more closely. Her short dark hair looked wet as it shone from the light above her and her puffy nipples had hardened in fear to poke firmly out against her shirt. Now she was sitting down the camel toe between her legs was even more pronounced and hinted at a pair of prominent pussy lips beneath.

“I’m waiting,” I reminded her after several minutes. “If you don’t think of something acceptable to me in the next three minutes I am just going to call the police and let them decide what to do with you.”

“What do you want? She finally asked.

“Oh no,” I answered I want you to tell me what it is worth to you for your parents not to find out.”

“Please,” she finally begged. “I’ll do anything if you don’t tell him. Please don’t,” and with this she collapsed into tears, unable to talk further.

I waited till the tears had subsided, which took quite a while then leant over and putting my hand under her chin lifted it till I could see her face.

“Ok,” I said. “Here is the deal. I will punish you instead of your father. I will beat you with my belt just as he would have done but I won’t break any of your bones. Then you will repay me by letting me use your body in any way I want and you will do it willingly.”

“What do you mean?” Alicia asked looking up at me in confusion.

“Well I am an old man and I’m single, so I haven’t had sex for some time,” I explained. “If I am going to save your life by not letting your dad know about this then I think that you should show me how grateful you are by doing whatever I want. Don’t you?”

“What will I have to do?” She asked looking very frightened.

“Anything I tell you to,” I retorted getting cross again. “Look, forget it. I was just trying to help you but let’s just call the police and let them deal with you.”

“No please,” she begged. “Please. I’ll do anything but please don’t call the police.”

“Ok. Lets see if you mean that. Stand up and take off your slacks and shirt,” I ordered her, picking up the phone in an unspoken threat as I waited to see if she was to be mine.

Alicia’s head came up at that and her jaw dropped open. For over a minute she sat like that. I couldn’t even guess the thoughts that went through her mind but I sat patiently waiting. I knew from her attitude and her background that she was submissive, as most Asian girls are but would she be willing to give up her virtue to save her life or would she run screaming from my shop.

Finally her mouth shut and her eyes dropped to the floor. “Please,” she begged but I just stood up and reached out a hand to her.

As she took hold of my hand I pulled her to her feet where she stood looking at the floor. “Look at my eyes,” I commanded her sharply and she gave a little start and did as she was told.

Taking pity on her I decided that rather than force her to strip, I would do it for her.

As I looked down into her sad brown eyes I released her hand and grasping each side of her shirt began to lift it upwards. Without being told Alicia raised her hands so that I could pull it off, which was her first voluntary move to assist me.

As more of her torso came into view I felt my cock, which was already hard, react by getting even harder and as her puffy breasts were finally uncovered I could feel the pre cum leaking into my pants.

Pulling the shirt over her head and off her arms I was treated to the sight of the tiny little preteens body, naked to the waist. Her eyes were like windows into her soul as they sought to hold my stare, as if to prevent me from looking at the rest of her.

Stepping back I let my eyes devour her until her hands came up and covered her tiny breasts from my view. She turned to keep facing me as I walked around her and sat on the sofa.

“Ok now you can take your slacks off,” I told her and watched as she modestly put one arm across her chest, covering her nipples, before her other hand dropped to the waist of her slacks. Pausing she looked up at me but I just nodded and her hand started pushing, first one side and then the other as she gradually worked then down her body.

The effect was erotic, as she slowly worked them down to her feet while trying hard to keep her tiny breasts covered with the other arm. Finally as they lay on the floor she stepped out of them, which left her standing in front of me in only a pair of oversize white panties, which contrasted nicely with her honey brown skin.

“Turn around,” I ordered her and she turned away from me allowing me a view of her pert little bum clad in the too large panties. “Now put your hands behind your back,” again she did as she was told and waiting till she relaxed slightly I followed this with, “Ok, turn back towards me but keep your hands behind your back.”

This time she hesitated but I waited patiently until sucking in her breath she turned until she was facing me, still with her hands clasped together behind her back, giving me an uninterrupted view of her tiny breasts and the front of her panties where they were caught in the crack of her pussy.

She was everything I knew she would be. Her tiny body made her look even younger than I thought it would and her puffy breasts excited me so much I felt I might cum in my pants. Her eyes locked with mine and I felt as if I would drown in their depths but I wanted more.

“Come here and stand between my legs,” I ordered and Alicia obediently shuffled forward. She jerked, as though from a shock, as my hands touched her either side of her waist and I savoured the smoothness of her skin before moving my hands relentlessly upwards.

As my hands rose higher I brought them to the front of her until one hand was covering each breast. She began to cry quietly as I did this but her crying only added to my excitement.

For long moments I just left my hands covering her breasts, feeling the hard, puffy nipples against the palms of my hands. Then I began to gently squeeze one while I ground the heel of my hand against the other.

It wasn’t long before I felt what I had been waiting for. Alicia began to push back against my hands as her sensitive breasts began to want more. Slipping one hand around her I pulled her onto my lap and dropped my head to suck and lick at her lovely breasts.

I felt her jump again as she felt my hard cock against her bum and she squirmed as she tried to find a way to sit comfortably on my lap, finally settling for sitting high up with my cock just touching the entrance to her bum.

I had never seen anything like her hard, puffy nipples. They were the most erotic things I had ever seen and I couldn’t help myself as I sucked, licked and finally chewed them until they must have been sore.

Dropping her onto the chair alongside me, I kicked my shoes off and pushed my trousers and pants down and off my legs letting my cock jump into the air. Unbuttoning my shirt I sat back allowing Alicia to stare at it. Though not huge at seven inches, I thought that to her, never having seen a cock before it must appear frightening.

I was wrong!

Reaching out she wrapped her fingers around it and began to gently rub it up and down in what can only be described as an experienced way.

“It’s bigger than my Dad’s,” she said, then looked at me guiltily as she realised what she had said. “Please don’t let him know that I told you,” she begged. “He said he would kill me if I told any one what he did.”

“Don’t worry this will be our little secret too,” I promised her pushing her to her knees in front of me. She knew what I wanted and began to rub my cock over her face. Her Dad had obviously taught her well as she began to lick the head of my cock paying special attention to the slit, which was busy leaking precum, which was soon coating her tongue.

Next she started licking from the base of my cock to the tip as she worked her way around it. When she had finished this, I felt as though my cock had never been harder but as she opened her mouth and took me inside, I felt as if it grew another inch.

Now my cock was inside her warm mouth I felt her tongue go to work again licking the underside as she slowly rocked back and forth taking more and more of me inside her. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back for long and within minutes I felt my cock unload spurt after spurt of my cum into her mouth.

Swallowing as quickly as she could Alicia had a hard time keeping up and some of the cum, leaked from the corner of her mouth, ran down her chin and dripped onto her tiny breasts. Her Dad must have been very strict with her because after draining my cock completely she cleaned it with her tongue before collecting up what had spilt onto her breast and licking it from her fingers.

I have never seen a sexier sight in my life than a pretty preteen girl licking my sticky spilt seed from her little fingers and swallowing it.

When she had finished she just knelt in front of me with her eyes on the ground waiting for me to tell her what to do next.

“Go and fetch my belt from behind the door,” I ordered her and after a moment’s hesitation Alicia got up and fetched it back to me.

As she stood before me I reached out and taking a hold on either side of her panties pulled them down until I could let them go and they fell to the floor at her feet. Her pussy was lightly covered in black hair and was positioned just in front of my nose. As I sat on the couch I leaned forward and buried my face against it, savouring her young girl smells and the softness of her skin.

Standing up I held out my hand for the belt and walked around behind her. I could still see the red marks from the last time that her Dad had used the belt on her but apart from those her bottom was perfect. It was slightly rounded with high buttocks and a wide gap between the tops of her legs through which you could see her pussy.

“Bend over the arm of the chair,” I ordered and watched as the preteen girl followed my instructions. “Now spread your legs wide apart,” I instructed and watched as her pussy came into view between them.

Reaching down I allowed my hands to explore between her legs and watched as she squirmed when my fingers found an especially sensitive spot. I rubbed and played with her until she began to get wet before stepping back and raising the belt.

Bringing it down in what I imagined was a fairly hard stroke I expected to see Alicia jump up and dance around in pain but was rewarded with just a small grunt as the leather struck her across both bottom cheeks.

The next stroke was harder and aimed at just one cheek but it still got just a grunt in response and I realised that she was so used to the belt that it was going to be hard to make an impression on her after what her Dad had done.

Switching my aim I caught her with a blow on the inside of her leg near the top and was rewarded with a small scream. I followed this up with several more blows in the same area and could hear her gently crying from the pain.

“Turn over,” I ordered and when she was lying on her back I laid a stroke quickly across first one puffy breast and then the other. This time she did react, jumping up and folding forward, holding her chest as I laid several more blows into the gap between her legs until she collapsed on the floor wailing.

Looking at my handiwork I could see that none of the marks had broken the skin but all of them had been to her most sensitive areas.

As I stood over her I stripped off the remainder of my clothes and was pleased to see that my cock was rock hard again. Dropping to her side I rolled her over and knelt between her legs.

“No, please you can’t have sex with me,” she begged. “If I lose my virginity then I will never be able to marry. I must keep it for when my parents choose a husband for me.”

Well I was rather upset by this; as of course I was planning to have sex with her but decided that I would not force the issue this time.

“Ok, well you will have to let me do your bum instead,” I told her.

She looked very puzzled and obviously didn’t know what I had in mind but I sent her to get some baby oil from the shop and when she returned had her kneel on the floor with her bum in the air.

Taking the oil I poured it over the star of her puckered little anus and rubbed it in, slowly getting my finger into position until I slid it against the entrance and pushed. Alicia jumped forward. “You can’t do that,” she cried.

“Either you get back here and let me do this or I will take your virginity,” I warned her. “Now get back here and get you ass further into the air for me.”

Once she had complied I again pushed my finger against her bum, instructing her to push back and this time it slid in. I could feel how tight it was and worked my finger around pouring more oil into the hole to loosen it up.

Now I added a second finger and she grunted as I forced them in and out and around her tight little bum.

Finally it was time to try the real thing. Warning her to keep her head against the floor and her ass high in the air I positioned myself behind her and after coating my cock in oil I pushed the head against the puckered entrance to her bum.

Gradually I increased the pressure, getting her to push back against me and watched as her entrance slowly opened enough for the head of my cock to force it’s way inside.

I could hear Alicia panting as she tried to control the pain as I slowly pushed deeper inside her. Holding onto her hips I pulled her back as I pushed forward and managed to bury half of my cock inside her. The feeling was heaven as the walls of her bum grasped and squeezed at my cock in an effort to expel it

I slowly pulled back until just the head was left inside her and then pushed forward burying even more cock into her. I repeated this, opening her up more and more until I had managed to get the full length inside my preteen lovers bum as she squirmed and sobbed with the pain.

Slowly I built up speed, pounding her harder and harder until I felt myself come, blasting her insides with spurt after spurt of hot semen as I held my cock rigid, deep inside her.

When my cock finally shrank and slipped from her tight little ass, I allowed her to dress and sent her on her way with a warning to be back at 5:30 tomorrow afternoon then collapsed onto the sofa to recover.