On the Way Home from School - By SugarDaddy


B+/g bdsm, oral, nc

Amanda was walking home from school. Normally she would be with her friend Patty but Patty was off ill today so she was on her own.

As the petite 12 year-old approached the garage block that she had to walk past, she got nervous remembering what had happened last night.

As she and Patty had walked past the block four older boys had been hanging around outside and when one of them had wolf whistled at the young girls Patty had given them the finger before they both ran off laughing as the boys shouted after them.

Now Amanda was on her own as she approached the run-down area which contained the garages but thankfully the boys were nowhere in sight.

Amanda started to walk past the block but as she got halfway across two boys walked around the other end and blocked her path. Amanda stopped and started to back up as they looked at her menacingly. Turning to run back the way she had come Amanda found that the other two boys had walked up behind her and were now blocking her path in that direction.

Before she could move the boys were surrounding Amanda, penning her in.

“Where’s you’re mouthy friend?” One of the boys asked.

“She is off sick today,” Amanda replied. “Please let me go.”

“Oh we’re being polite today are we? Yesterday when we whistled you all we got was the finger but now you decide to be polite,” the boy, who was obviously the leader, said. “Come with us and we‘ll talk about it.”

Amanda had no choice as she was grabbed by the arms and pulled down the row of garages until they went into one and shut and locked the door. The poor girl knew that she was in trouble as she stood in the middle of the group of boys who must have been at least seventeen.

Looking around she saw that the garage must have been some kind of clubhouse for them because it had a sofa, some armchairs and a table stacked with empty beer cans in it.

“Please let me go,” she begged as she looked up at the boys who were all much bigger than her. “It was Patty who gave you the finger not me.”

“We didn’t see you objecting,” said one boy as he pushed her into the arms of one of the other boys who laughed as he shoved her forward against another.

Amanda was pushed around the group of boys as if she were a rag doll. At first they just shoved her but after a few minutes she noticed that before they went to push her they were taking the opportunity to grab a feel of her as they held her before pushing her away.

The laughing had stopped and the boys were now breathing hard as they rubbed their hands over the petite blondes school uniform. Amanda struggled as the boys felt her breasts and bum but it was no use as they were all much stronger than her.

Finally she was pushed into the arms of the gang leader who just held her tight.

“We are going to punish you for dissing us,” he said and turning her toward him held her as the other boys pulled her hands behind her back and tied them tightly together.

Tying a longer piece of rope to the one binding her hands the boys threw it over a beam in the roof and pulled on it.

Amanda’s arms were pulled up behind her and she was forced to bend forward as the boy holding her let her go. As the boys pulled harder on the rope she cried out as pain shot through her shoulders but the boys kept pulling until she was almost bent double and was standing on her toes to try and relieve the pain

Tying off the rope the boys gathered around to study their victim in her painful position. Amanda was crying now beneath the shoulder length hair that hung over her face but there was no sympathy on the faces of the four boys as they spun her around on the end of the rope.

With her bent forward as she was the boys were able to look down Amanda’s blouse at the beginnings of her chest but the best view was when Amanda was faced away from them as her short skirt was hiked up which allowed them to view her lovely legs and catch a glimpse of her white schoolgirl thighs.

At a nod from the leader one of the boys went over to the rope that held her hands high in the air behind Amanda’s back and started to pull on it.

Amanda shrieked with the pain of her arms as they were almost pulled from their sockets. “No, please no more,” she begged. “Please stop. It hurts.”

“It’s supposed to hurt you stupid bitch. We are punishing you for showing us disrespect,” the leader of the group told her. “If you want it to stop though we could punish you in another way.”

“Anything,” Amanda agreed in desperation. “Please anything but this.”

“Ok, said the boy. “We will let you down but instead you will have to do a striptease for us.”

“No,” said Amanda. “I couldn’t.”

Ok, said the boy and nodded for his friend to continue.

It didn’t take much more pain for Amanda to realise that unless she agreed to strip the boy was going to pull her arms out of their sockets.

“Ok, ok, I’ll do it,” Amanda cried out.

“You’ll do what?” Asked the boy wanting to humiliate Amanda as much as possible.

“I’ll do a striptease for you if you let me down,” Amanda agreed tearfully.

The boy pulling on the rope allowed it to go loose and Amanda found herself able to stand up straight again. The pain in her shoulders still hurt but at least the boys were untying her hands and she could rub some of the pain away.

Three of the boys went and sat down as the leader led Amanda over to stand on an old bit of carpet in front of the chairs.

“Right,” he said. “You are going to dance to the music and when I tell you to, you are going to take off an item of your clothes. You had better make it sexy or else we will pull your shoulders right out of their sockets next time,” and with that he went and sat in an armchair in front of her.

Amanda stood helplessly in front of the older boys who devoured her young body with their hungry eyes as her face began to turn red from embarrassment at the way they were looking at her.

She remembered with regret that underneath the school regulation blouse and skirt she had chosen to wear her new black thong and realised that in a few minutes she was going to have to show that to the boys. She could only guess at the effect that was going to have on them although she didn’t think that it would be something that she would enjoy.

At twelve Amanda considered herself far from being naïve. Although still a virgin she had played games with the boy who lived next door and had even rubbed his cock until he came. She had also allowed him to see her pussy and her breasts, which for a twelve-year-old were pretty good.

Then however she had felt in control but this was different. She knew that once she was naked these boys were going to want to do more than just stare at her and that there was no doubting that they were strong enough to make her do anything that they wanted.

As one of the boys turned on a cassette player, a fast dance song began to blare out and Amanda started to sway in time to the tune. Moving what little hips she had from side to side made her skirt whip across her legs and the boys began to whistle and yell at her for more. Amanda had attended dance class and like most girls her age liked to dance. With the enthusiastic audience she now had she began to get carried away as she danced to the fast dance track that the boys had chosen.

The boy who was in charge signalled for Amanda to turn around and without hesitating she spun around several times allowing her skirt to rise up and show more of her legs before ending up with her back towards the boys. Swaying from side to side her rounded bottom moved in a way that had the boys drooling as they called out disgusting suggestions as to what they would like to do to her bum.

Amanda had began to get into dancing for the boys and could feel herself beginning to get excited as she saw the way that they lusted after her. She could feel herself beginning to get wet between her legs as she danced faster for the gang.

Suddenly the music came to a halt to be replaced by a slower tune and Amanda slowed her body to match its pace as she turned to face forward again and swayed from side to side.

“Take off the blouse,” the gang’s leader called out and Amanda was brought back to earth with a bang.

Not daring to disobey she reached up and slowly, one by one, opened the buttons on the front of her blouse while still swaying from side to side. The boys had stopped yelling and just watched as the sexy young girl pulled the bottom of the blouse out of her skirt. As she undid the buttons on the bottom of the sleeves they could see her black bra in the gap between the two halves of the blouse and the smooth skin of her stomach as more and more of it came into view.

Finally Amanda came to the part where she knew that she would have to remove the blouse completely. Hesitating she looked at the gang but saw no mercy on their faces and finally, she turned around and allowed the blouse to drop from her shoulders, down her arms onto the floor behind her.

The boys stared at the girls back, naked except for the strap of her bra and waited expectantly for her to turn so that they could get a look at her breasts clad only in her bra.

Taking a big breath Amanda danced around until she was once again facing the gang of boys. They were not disappointed in what they saw.

Amanda had large breasts for a twelve year old, about the size of oranges and now they were displayed nicely in the sexy, black, lacy bra that she was wearing. The bra was cut low at the front showing the slopes of her breasts and the boys all enjoyed the view, knowing that very soon they would be admiring the view uninterrupted by the bra.

The young girl’s face had gone bright red as several of the boys had whistled as she turned around but she couldn’t help but find it exciting to be stripping in front of the gang as they admired her body.

As the slow track ended another fast dance track began and Amanda began to bounce around it time to the music as the boys began to yell encouragement to her again. When she was not told to remove another item of clothing Amanda realised why they were using a cassette rather than a CD. They had recorded fast tracks to make her dance around fast and slow tracks to enjoy watching her strip. She knew that when this track ended she would be told to remove another article of her clothes and she shuddered at the thought that she would probably be asked to expose her breasts or that if they chose her skirt they would see that she was wearing a thong.

By the time this track had ended Amanda was sweating despite the cool of the garage and her body had begun to shine. She was surprised when she was ordered to remove her shoes and socks but as the slow music progressed she worked them off her feet and danced seductively in her bare feet.

The next fast track was soon followed by another slow track and the gang leader shouted for her to remove her bra to a chorus of encouragements from the rest of the gang.

Amanda turned her back to the boys and reached behind herself to unclip the straps before letting the bra slip off her shoulders and down her arms where it fell to the floor. Covering her breasts with her hands she turned back towards the boys who called for her to ‘show them what she had.’

After several minutes of dancing like that, Amanda let her arms drop to her sides and felt her face go even redder as the gang commentated on her perky breasts. The boys were delighted that this twelve-year-old had a nice pair of tits and all of them made it clear that they were looking forward to getting their hands on them.

Before that however the music changed to a fast dance track and Amanda found that without a bra her breasts bounced as she danced and the boys comments grew even filthier. Now she began to worry because the next item of clothing that she took off would leave her dressed only in a tiny thong but despite her worry she could feel her body betraying her as her pussy began to soak the front of her underwear.

Suddenly she realised that the music had stopped. Looking up she noticed that the leader of the gang had paused the cassette player and now beckoned for her to come towards him.

With trepidation Amanda walked forward and stood directly in front of him waiting while he allowed his eyes to travel over her body and admire her breasts with their aroused pink nipples and absolutely no droop.

“I don’t know about the others,” he said. “But your dancing has given me a hard on which is pretty uncomfortable in these jeans and I think you ought to do something about it.”

“What?” Asked Amanda fearing the worst.

“Well I suggest that you take my trousers and pants off and give my cock a little rub,” he suggested.

Amanda began to shake her head but suddenly thought that if she could rub the boys until they came that would be better than losing her virginity to them. Kneeling down in front of him she reached out, undid the catch on the boy’s jeans and began to pull down the zip. She could feel the size of his penis through the material and tried to touch it as little as possible.

The boy lifted his hips as Amanda pulled his jeans down to his ankles but she had to stop and remove his trainers before she could take them off his legs. Putting them aside she reached up and taking a big breath held it as she began to pull down his underwear.

As the boys cock sprung into view Amanda let out her breath in amazement. It was so much longer than the boy next-door’s and much thicker as well. As she stared at his cock the boy laughed and remarked to his mates, “I think that she likes what she sees.”

Again Amanda’s face went bright red as she knelt before the boy trying to hide her embarrassment by dropping her head so that her hair hung over her face but the boy put his hand under her chin and lifted her face until he could look into her eyes.

I want you to keep looking into my face as you jack me off he commanded her and Amanda just nodded as she reached out and wrapped her small hand around the large, hot cock in front of her.

One of the other boys came and knelt behind Amanda and wrapping his hands around her body began to kneed and squeeze her breasts as Amanda began to move her hand slowly up and down the first boy’s cock.

Going slowly at first and gradually getting faster Amanda rubbed the whole length of the boys cock as she heard his breathing get heavier. The hands on her breasts began to squeeze harder and moved up to pull at her nipples using just the fingers and thumbs.

As Amanda rubbed one boy’s cock faster and faster the other boy squeezed her nipples harder and harder, causing her to squirm her bum against his crotch and moan in pain until with a gasp the boy she had been rubbing shot his load of spunk high into the air in spurt after spurt allowing it to drop onto her hand and arm.

The boy squeezing her nipples gave them one last painful squeeze causing her to cry out before releasing them and standing up. Amanda looked at her spunk coated hands and arms and looked around for something to wipe them on.

“You can lick them clean if you want otherwise just leave them be,” the gang’s leader ordered her. “Come on you’ve got three more to get through.”

Amanda resigned herself to having to make all four boys come and went over and knelt before the boy who had just been hurting her breasts. Taking off his trainers she undid his trousers and pulled them down and off his legs before pulling down his underwear.

This boy’s cock wasn’t as thick as the last one but it was at least as long as it sprung free from his underwear. As soon as Amanda had wrapped her little hand around it she felt another boy reach around her and grasp her firm breasts in his hands. This time the boy behind seemed determined to hurt her as much as he could and began squeezing hard and digging his fingers into her already bruised breasts.

She wasted no time in rubbing the cock in front of her as hard and as fast as she could and had the boy coming in no time, which at least meant that the boy hurting her breasts was taken by surprise and didn’t get to hurt her nipples before she had finished. This time as the boy came she made sure that his cock wasn’t pointing at her and his spunk coated his own legs as it spurted out.

Moving on to kneel in front of the mean boy who had just hurt her so much she removed his trainers and pulled off his jeans. As she reached up to remove his underwear she noticed that his bulge was much smaller than the other two and when she pulled down his pants she almost laughed to be confronted with a cock that was only about four inches long.

Feeling the last boy moving to kneel behind her she reached out and started to rub the boys small cock as the boy behind reached around her and gently cupped her two breasts. This boy’s cock was only slightly bigger than her closed hand so she had trouble getting enough movement to rub up and down properly but worked at it as hard as she could.

Amanda suddenly realised that the boy playing with her breasts wasn’t hurting them, in fact the gentle way that he was playing with them felt rather nice and was beginning to make her wet between her legs again. As she squirmed her bottom back against his crotch she could feel his hard cock through the material of his jeans as it pushed against her. One of his hands left her breasts and slid down her body to her legs where in disappeared under her short skirt. As it slid up to cup her pussy the boy who she was wanking grabbed her hand and directed his cock towards her as stream after stream of spunk erupted from the end, only to fall back onto her naked breasts. With the boy behind holding her tight there was nothing Amanda could do to get out of the way as her breasts were coated in sticky goo.

The half naked girl was so embarrassed that she failed to realise that the boy behind had discovered that she was wearing a thong and had lifted her short skirt so that the other boys could see. As she felt the cold air and heard the excited boys telling each other what a slut she was she realised what had happened and jumping up pulled the hem of her skirt down.

Having seen what was underneath the gang leader decided that this would be a good time for her to remove her skirt and told her to stand in front of them as she did so. Amanda decided to make a run for it and managed to reach the door before realising that it was locked and one of the boys had removed the key.

Now the boys were on her. The cruel boy with the short cock had her arm twisted high up behind her back and was trying to push it higher while the other boys just held her and pulled her over to the table.

Amanda screamed from the pain in her arm as the cruel boy forced her arm up another couple of inches until the gang leader grabbed his arm and stopped him. “Len is a bit mean,” he said. “So I wouldn’t try that again or you might get badly hurt.”

Taking some rope he retied her hands behind her back before Len, the cruel boy, took some more rope and tied it tightly around her elbows, pulling them together and forcing her to stand with her breast thrust out and nicely displayed for their amusement.

“You will have to be punished for trying to escape and I think that five swots from each of us on your naked butt ought to teach you a lesson,” the gang leader informed her, “but first lets get the rest of your clothes off.”

Undoing the catch on the waist of her skirt he lowered the zip and allowed it to slide down her legs revealing her tiny black thong. Looking around her Amanda noticed that all of the boys were sporting erections again at the sight of the gorgeous 12-year-old clad only in her tiny underwear.

The boy who had been gentle to her knelt down in front of her and grasping the waistband of her thong slid it down her legs to reveal her hairless little pussy. Putting his head forward he kissed her on her slit and slid his tongue gently up and down the velvet lips.

Amanda moaned but the gang leader pulled her away and walked her over to the table where he pushed her face down on the cold surface. As she stood there bent over the table the naked girl felt her legs being kicked apart and someone tying them spread wide apart to the legs of the table before a rope was tied around her upper body and passed under the table to keep her in position. Amanda tried to move but was held fast by the ropes.

“Please don’t do this,” she begged. “I’ll do anything but don’t hurt me.”

The boys ignored her and she suddenly felt the first smack hit her bum. It was hard and hurt her causing her to cry out as tears came to her eyes.  The next four hurt just as much and by the time the first boy had finished she was sobbing her heart out.

Len had his turn next and with each smack had the young girl begging him to stop as he let fly with all the power in his arm leaving her with vivid hand prints showing on her small bum.

Looking at the poor girl crying hysterically on the table the kind boy wanted to help her and told the leader of the gang that he didn’t want to smack her but he was told that if he didn’t give her his smacks hard then Len would be allowed another five.

“No, please. You do it,” Amanda begged knowing that Len would hurt her far more.

“I think that she likes you Kenny,” Len said. “But I’ll do it if you would rather.”

“No Len I’ll do it myself,” Kenny replied and went to stand at the foot of the table next to Amanda’s exposed red bottom. Reaching out he rubbed her lovely bottom cheeks before raising his hand and bringing it down with a loud smack. Amanda cried out in pain but realised that it was nowhere near as hard as Len’s smacks had been.

Len went to the head of the table and pulling Amanda’s head up by the hair held it there as he looked into her eyes as the tears poured down her face.

Kenny rubbed the poor girl’s sore bottom gently with his hand before giving her another sharp smack. By now Amanda was feeling a number of conflicting emotions and was confused by the way her body was reacting.

As Kenny rubbed her bottom again he allowed his hand to dip between her spread open legs and rub up against Amanda’s swollen clit, which was peeping out of the folds of her pussy like the tip of a small tongue. Amanda moaned and Kenny switched to rubbing her clit with his left hand while he used his right to give her the next smack.

Two more smacks followed with Kenny rubbing the young girls clit harder and harder. Suddenly Amanda felt an orgasm wash over her as she tried desperately to push her clit harder against Kenny’s hand.

Len laughed at Amanda and kept her head pulled painfully back by the hair so that they could all watch the look of lust on the poor girls face. 

As her body went limp the gang leader told them to turn her over and Amanda found herself face up on the table with her hands squashed painfully under her.

“You haven’t made Kenny come yet,” he told her. “The poor guy looks very frustrated.”

Amanda looked to where Kenny stood, the only boy still with clothes on his bottom half and a large erection showing in the front of his jeans.

“If you untie me I will do something about that,” Amanda said looking forward to paying the gentle boy back for his kindness.

“No. You have lost the right to use your hands,” she was told. “ You will have to use your mouth to make him come now.”

Kenny, despite feeling sorry for this girl couldn’t help himself. He quickly stripped off and brought the head of his large cock up against Amanda’s lips.

Feeling the hard cock pushing into her mouth Amanda opened up and let it slide across her tongue. While she found the taste of the boy’s cock very salty she began to suck and lick him to repay him for the way that he had treated her.

As she worked on the cock in her mouth she felt her legs being pulled wide apart by the boys on either side of her. “I still haven’t given you my five smacks,” pointed out the gang leader as he smacked his hand down hard on Amanda’s unprotected pussy.

Amanda’s yell was lost in her throat, silenced by the bulk of the cock filling her mouth and her pussy felt as if it was on fire as she received the other four smacks on the same place.

Kenny loved it as the attempts she made to yell made her mouth vibrate against his cock and brought his nearer to coming. Now Amanda felt a mouth on her pussy as the boy between her legs started to lick and suck her clit into his mouth.

As Amanda moaned in lust the other two boys fondled a breast each and Amanda found herself reaching another orgasm. Then just as she passed the peak the young girl found her mouth full of spunk as Kenny reached his own orgasm and shot load after load directly into her mouth.

With the cock still filling her mouth Amanda had no choice but to swallow as much of the hot salty spunk as she could to avoid choking but as Kenny withdrew his cock from her mouth some still spilled out of her mouth and ran down her cheek to her neck.

Len swapped places with Kenny and Amanda found a new smaller cock being forced into her mouth. The boy between her legs continued to suck and lick her clit and Amanda started to come again, this one lasting for several minutes as Len used her mouth for his pleasure.

Before long Len started to hold the back of Amanda’s head and tried to force his small cock further into her mouth until as he hit the back of her mouth she began to choke. Kenny spoke sharply to Len and she felt him release her head and pull back slightly.

Kenny leant over the helpless girl and said, “if you work hard to make him come Len won’t make it so hard for you but you’re going to have to try harder.”

Amanda immediately redoubled her efforts and was soon rewarded with another portion of cum to swallow. Gasping for breath as Len pulled his cock from her mouth Amanda found that the next boy had wasted no time and was already trying to force his cock between her lips.

Working hard on pleasuring his cock Amanda had yet more orgasms as the gang leader began to chew gently on her clit and the two other boys nipped at her nipples with their teeth. Once again her mouth was flooded with salty cum and Amanda found herself swallowing as much as she could as she began to really get off on what was happening to her.

Initially, she had been scared by the four boys but now, in her helpless position, as she received orgasm after orgasm, she felt nothing but erotic pleasure as she was used as their sex toy.

Now Kenny took over between her legs and the gang leader positioned his cock on her lips. Amanda’s tongue slipped out and licked the slit at the end of his cock before she leant towards him and sucked him inside her warm mouth.

As Kenny continued to bring her to orgasm she sucked and licked the cock in her mouth until it too deposited a large amount of spunk inside for her to swallow.

Kenny brought her to one last orgasm before allowing her to rest after which they untied the exhausted girl and carried her to the sofa. Giving her a coke they allowed her to recover as they split open some more beers before letting her dress back in her school uniform.

“We will expect you back here after school tomorrow,” the gang leader informed her. “If you fail to turn up or you tell anyone what happened then we will let Len loose on your little sister.”

Amanda shuddered as she thought of her eight-year-old sister in the hands of the cruel monster of a boy but the truth was that she would return tomorrow even without the threats because the combination of pain and pleasure they had given her was a feeling that she wanted more of.