Preteen Lovers Story - By SugarDaddy


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Emily, dressed in her favourite tee shirt and short skirt, was on her way to stay the night at a friend’s house. She had a backpack with her overnight things and a change of clothes in, along with her favourite teddy bear.

Her Mum and Dad were off to the theatre and wouldn’t be home till late so Emily had arranged a sleepover with her friend. Her Mum had wanted to drop her off in the car but she had begged to walk to the friend’s house to show her independence and her Mother had given in because it was getting late and she was rushing around to get ready.

There was another reason that the little preteen girl wanted to go to her friend’s house alone. Last night she had a row with the girl she was staying with and wanted to buy her a little present down at the market that was held near the old station. She knew that her Mum would not have time to take her there first and that she wasn’t allowed to go there alone but she dearly wanted to buy a forever friends bracelet to give to her best friend to make up for the row.

Emily didn’t know it yet but when she didn’t turn up at her friend’s house, her friend’s Mother would just complain about thoughtless people who didn’t tell you about their change of plans and assume it was because of the row between the girls.

Most people drove to the market because it was across town and to get there you had to travel through an area that was due to be torn down and rebuilt. Most of the residents from the area had been moved but demolition had not yet started so it was getting overgrown and looked a bit frightening to the young child as she nervously walked along.

Turning a corner she almost bumped into a teenage boy and girl who were hurrying in the opposite direction. For a moment they all stood staring at each other before the boy spoke.

 “Where do you think your going,” he asked?

 “Just down to the market,” Emily answered looking in fear at the tough teens blocking her path.

 “You got any money,” the boy asked?

 “No sir,” Emily lied looking around for help as she realised the trouble she was in.

 “So why are you going to the market if you ain’t got no money,” the boy continued? “You wouldn’t be lying to me would ya?”

 “No sir,” Emily repeated now looking frantically for an escape route as the girl walked around behind her.

 “What’s in the backpack,” the girl asked trying to pull it off?

 Emily clung onto the pack and struggled as the girl tried to take it off but the boy pushed her up against the wall so hard that her head smacked against it making her see stars for a moment.

When she recovered the teenage girl had her backpack and was undoing the top. “Not here,” the boy said looking around nervously. “Over there,” he said motioning to a block of derelict garages.

They took one of her arms each and hustled the little preteen over to the garages. As the boy kicked open the stiff door on one, they pushed her inside and closed the door behind them. Inside it looked as if some local kids had used it as a den as an old table and chairs stood to one side and a worn out sofa sat at the far end.

The girl took the bag to the table and turning it upside down emptied the contents out. As her purse dropped on to the table along with the rest of her things Emily felt the boy release her arm. Moving to the table he caught up the purse and looked inside.

 “You fucking liar,” he shouted as he pulled out fifteen pounds from the purse. “So you ain’t got no money eh?”

Emily didn’t hang around. With nobody holding her and in the face of his anger she ran for the door intent on getting away.

She had taken her captors by surprise and if it hadn’t been for the fact that the door was warped and was stuck she would have been clean away before they got to her. As she tugged on the unmoving door the teenage boy caught up with her and spinning her around to face him he punched her in the stomach with a force that drove the breath from her body.

Emily gasped and collapsed onto the cold hard floor, doubled over and desperately trying to catch her breath.

“Tie her up to make sure she don’t try that again,” the boy ordered and the teenage girl dragged Emily by her hair, to a straight backed chair where she tied her with some rope from the corner of the garage. When she had finished Emily sat with her arms bound together behind the chair and her legs tied to the front legs of the chair.

She watched as the boy went through the things on the tabletop, picking them up and discarding them. He picked up her clean shorts and checked the pockets then he picked up her tiny pink panties and looked at them and then at her. The boy’s eyes dropped and Emily realised that with her legs tied apart to the chair he could see right up her tiny skirt and was looking at the panties she was wearing. Her face burned red as he continued to stare for a minute before returning to the items on the table.

Dropping the panties he picked up her training bra and laughed.

“What’s this for?” He asked as he held the bra up. “You ain’t got enough tits to fit in a thimble so what do you need this for””

Emily went even brighter red. It was bad enough that he was going through her underwear without his making fun of her. “Everyone tells me I’m big for my age,” she replied before she could stop herself.

“Oh do they? Well lets see if everyone is telling the truth,” he said and dropping the bra he walked over to where Emily sat tied. Grasping the top of her shirt in both hands he showed his strength by tearing it apart. The shirt ripped from the neck to her waist, exposing a white training bra, which was pushed out by two half lemon sized bumps underneath.

He had acted so fast that the little preteen girl hadn’t had time to react but now she struggled to free herself as he stared at her breasts covered only by her thin bra.

“Well they look bigger than I thought they’d be,” the boy conceded, “But there still ain’t much there.”

“Aw leave her alone Craig, she’s too young to mess around with like that,” The teenage girl said.

“You stupid bitch,” Craig shouted. “Do ya wanna give her our surnames too while you’re at it? Get you ass over here and stop her struggling for me before I beat the crap outta ya.”

“I’m sorry Craig. I didn’t mean to,” the teenage girl said too frightened by her boyfriends outburst to do anything other than what she had been told to do.

As his girlfriend grasped Emily by the shoulders to stop her moving, Craig stood looking down at the frightened girl and felt his cock swell inside his jeans as he got off on her fear.

“Why have you got a change of clothes and nightclothes in your backpack,” he asked? When Emily didn’t answer he said, “Are you sleeping over at someone else’s house?”

Emily nodded, too frightened to answer.

“Does that mean that your parents are away tonight,” he continued?

Sitting there too frightened to speak Emily looked up into his eyes and managed to shake her head in response.

“You’re lying again aren’t you,” Craig shouted? “I’m fed up with your lying, bitch, time to teach you a lesson.”

Tearing at Emily’s training bra he ripped it from her body, causing her to cry out in pain as the fabric dug into her young flesh before giving and ripping apart. Grabbing the remains of her torn shirt Craig tugged and ripped until it too lay in shreds on the floor and the young preteen girl sat, naked to the waist in front of him.

All the time he tore at her clothes Emily begged him to stop and to let her go but Craig was sexually aroused at having the young girl at his mercy and his cock just got harder as she begged for her freedom.

“Shut up bitch,” Craig shouted as he slapped his little captive hard across her face.

“Do you want one too Natalie, he asked his girlfriend hearing her start to complain about him hurting the younger girl?

“No Craig,” she answered, more afraid of Craig than she had ever been before. The reason she went with him was that he was the meanest of the boys around and that gave her credibility with the other kids. She was well used to his cruelty, as she had been on the receiving end of it more than once and didn’t want him to turn on her now.

“I’ll ask you one more time and if you lie I’ll make you regret it,” Craig told their little captive. “Are you parents away tonight or not?”

“Yes. I mean No. I mean…,” Emily stuttered out in reply, unable in her panic to express in words that they were out but would be back after the theatre.

“Well don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Craig growled and scooping up her torn shirt from the floor he forced it into her mouth, laughing as she gagged as he pushed hard to get it all in. Fastening it in place with the discarded bra he stood back to survey his handiwork, while Emily shook her head from side to side, tears running down her pretty face.

As Craig stared down at the half naked and helpless preteen girl the lust was obvious on his face. His eyes wondered over her small exciting body, taking in her flat stomach, tiny navel and small but perfect breasts with their tiny pink nipples.

Reaching out he ran his fingers over her left breast, feeling the hardness of her nipple and the firmness of the mound beneath it. Now he did the same with her other breast savouring her helplessness.

Cupping both her breasts in his hands Craig squeezed them, first gently then more firmly causing the preteen girl to yelp in pain behind the gag.

“Don’t hurt her Craig,” Natalie told him. “She’s only a kid.”

Craig swung his fist, which connected with the side of Natalie’s head and knocked her to the ground. In an instant he was on her tearing off her shirt and bra until she too was topless.

“I told you to shut it, ya stupid cow,” he told her. “Now you’ve pissed me off and ya both gonna get hurt.”

Pulling her up by the hair Craig dragged her across to the table and stood her with her back to it as he stood in front of her.

“Put ya hands behind ya on the table and if ya move them you’ll regret it,” he shouted at her. “I’m not gonna hurt her, I’m gonna hurt you,” he told her. “Then you’re gonna do the same to her as I done to you. Got it? You’re gonna hurt her and ya better make it bad or you’ll get it even worse.”

The terrified teenager stood shaking in front of him. Naked to the waist she stood with her hands behind her knowing that he was going to hurt her and that she couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Bending his head the teen boy sucked first one and then the other nipple, feeling them grow and harden in his mouth. Natalie couldn’t help but like the feeling until he suddenly bit down hard and chewed on each of her nipples in turn. She was sure that he must be near to tearing them off, so painful was it.

When he straightened up she saw that one of her breasts was bleeding where he had bitten through the skin. Now his hands reached out and grasped her already sore breasts hard, squeezing them until his fingers almost met through the skin, before he twisted them outwards.

A shriek of pain was torn from Natalie’s throat and her hands left the table to try and defend herself but Craig just knocked them aside and smacked her breast hard with his open hand. Back and forth his hand went first smacking one breast, then as pain caused the teenage girl to reach up to her breast he smacked the other. Soon her breasts were bright red and swollen and when he stopped smacking her she fell to the floor rolling into a ball to protect herself.

Grabbing her by the hair Craig pulled her back to her feet. “Get those hands behind you,” he ordered her and when she complied he grasped her hard brown nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

First he pulled them up, making her stand on tiptoe. Then he twisted and squeezed them making her scream out in pain.

“Ok. Ya know what to do now do it to her,” he commanded pointing at Emily and giving Natalie a shove in her direction.

Emily watched as Natalie stumbled over to her. Both girls were terrified. Emily of what Natalie was about to do to her and Natalie of what Craig would do if she didn’t please him.

Behind the gag Emily was pleading as Natalie dropped to her knees in front of her.

“I’m sorry,” Natalie mouthed as she prepared to hurt the little preteen girl that until now she had been trying to protect.

“Remember to do what I did to you,” Craig growled. “And make it hurt!”

Natalie lowered her head and alternately sucked on the little preteen girl’s breasts until she felt the tiny buds of her nipples getting hard. Sucking it in deeper she began to chew and nip at the tiny bud in her mouth.

“I said to make it hurt,” Craig reminded her, giving her a smack across her ass to show that he meant business.

Natalie didn’t want to be hurt anymore than Emily did so bit down hard on the tit in her mouth causing the little girl to scream behind her gag. Swapping breasts Natalie did the same to the other nipple and tasted the coppery taste of blood in her mouth as her teeth broke the little girls skin.

Sitting back on her heels the teenager noticed that both the young girl’s breasts had blood leaking from them. Much as she regretted having to hurt Emily she knew that if she didn’t it would be the worse for her.

Reaching out with both hands Natalie grasped the younger girl’s breasts squeezing her fingers together until the fingertips met through Emily’s breasts. The shrieks could be heard even through the gag in the young girl’s mouth and her eyes went wide in pain as tears flooded down her face.

Letting go of her breasts Natalie began to slap first one then the other making them a bright red colour as the little girl squirmed around trying to avoid the blows.

“You can do it harder than that,” Craig shouted. “Or do I have to demonstrate on you again?”

Not wanting to be his victim again Natalie began to smack the young girl’s breasts harder. With Emily’s hands tied behind her she was helpless to protect herself and took the full force of each blow on her tender breasts, which began to turn purple with the bruising.

Looking up Natalie noticed that Craig had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. She had never seen it so large and knew that he was turned on by what she was doing to the young girl.

“Ok squeeze her nipples now,” he told her and Natalie obediently did as she was told, gripping the younger girl’s nipples between her finger and thumb and squeezing.

By now Emily was reduced to sobbing but the new pain made her eyes open again as she struggled to break the bonds that held her down. The fingers squeezing her nipples pulled them up and Emily tried to raise herself in her seat to ease the pain. Then her nipples were stretched out grotesquely in front of her and it felt like the girl was trying to rip them off. Emily’s back arched as she tried to move her body forward. She could see the boy rubbing himself out of the corner of her eyes.

“Keep her like that,” Craig ordered and moving forward, pointing his cock at the preteen girl’s face. His cum shot out, the first spurt catching Emily straight in the eye and the next coating her hair and ear as she turned away from the liquid which was burning her eye.

“Open you mouth,” Craig ordered Natalie, holding his cock tight to stop any more of his cum escaping. When she did he pushed himself deep inside and allowed the rest of his cum to fill her mouth. “Ok you can swallow it and clean me up,” he commanded and the teenager swallowed her mouthful of cum and began to lick and suck him clean, knowing that the penalty for disobeying would be more pain.

While Natalie worked on his cock, Craig leaned over and began to play with Emily’s small breasts, squeezing, twisting and pulling on the nipples till tears ran from her eyes again.

Soon he felt his cock getting hard again and decided that this time he would make Emily suck him off.

“Take off her gag,” he ordered Natalie as he pulled his stiff cock from her mouth.

Watching as his girlfriend removed the gag he could see his drying cum coating the preteen girl’s face and hair.

“Now I want the truth this time or it will be even worse for you,” he told her. “Are your parents out tonight?”

Emily had trouble finding her voice she was so scared. Her mouth was dry and she could only see out of one eye because the other was caked in dried semen but she knew that she had to answer and managed to croak out. “They are out until about midnight. They have gone to the theatre.”

“That’s better.” Craig told her. “If only you had been honest from the start we wouldn’t have had to hurt you would we?”

“No.” Emily croaked out.

“Well I think you should apologise to us now for all the trouble you have caused us,” he continued.

“I’m sorry,” Emily said, tears running from her eyes and willing to say whatever she had to in order to escape from more punishment.

“That’s nice,” Craig continued. “Now I think you had better show Natalie how sorry you are.”

Both Natalie and Emily looked puzzled as Craig took off Natalie’s short skirt and pulled down her knickers. Pulling her back over to the chair where Emily sat bound, he had her stand with a leg each side of the chair, which put her pussy directly in front of the preteen girl’s face.

“Give her a kiss to show her how sorry you are,” he ordered the young girl.

Confusion showed on Emily’s face. She had never even heard about oral sex with another girl and just did not understand what Craig wanted her to do.

Pulling Natalie out of the way Craig grabbed the little girl’s bruised breasts and once again twisted and squeezed them. As she screamed out in pain he yelled at her. “When I tell you to do something you don’t fucking hesitate, you just do it. Now kiss her pussy and make it nice for her or you’ll regret it,” he ordered.

Pushing Natalie back in place he stood behind Emily and shoved her face hard into his girlfriend’s crotch. “Kiss it nice,” he ordered.

Finally Emily understood what was wanted and began to kiss the older girl on her pussy lips. “Now stick your tongue out and lick up and down,” Craig ordered and Emily tentatively obeyed. The older girl began to sway as she pushed her hips forward against the little preteen girl’s tongue seeking to get as much pleasure as she could.

Reaching down Craig pulled his girlfriend’s pussy lips open. “Ok,” he said. “Get your tongue right inside and lick up and down and don’t stop till I tell you,” he ordered Emily and reluctantly, she stuck her tongue inside the other girls pussy and began to lick up and down, tasting the bitter taste of the older girl’s lubricating juices as she did.

Craig smiled as he pushed the young girl’s face harder into Natalie’s sopping wet pussy. His cock was rock hard again and slapped against the little girl’s head as she was buffeted back and forth between his pushing and Natalie’s forceful hip thrusts.

He could see that Natalie was getting off on this and could hear her guttural grunts each time the little girl’s tongue pushed over her hard clit.

Natalie’s body began a series of jerks which ended with her grabbing the back of Emily’s head and grinding the young girl’s face as hard as she could against her groin, holding it there as her orgasm washed over her.

Slowly Natalie came down from the most intense orgasm that she had ever had to find the young girl struggling to free herself from the suffocating grip that she was held in. Letting go Natalie looked down at the little preteen girl’s face, which was covered in slime from her pussy.

Both girls looked at each other, panting from their exertions until Craig pulled Natalie out of the way and stood in front of Emily, his cock standing out in front of him and pointing at her face.

Emily looked down at his cock, which to her looked huge. She could see something wet leaking from the slit in the end and cowered back away from it. Craig saw her trying to move back away from him and thrust forward until the tip of his cock brushed the young girl’s lips.

As he pulled back a strand of precum stretched for a moment, between his cock and Emily’s young lips until it snapped dropping back to fall on her badly bruised breasts.

“Stick your tongue out,” he ordered but Emily shook her head no. Without warning Craig slapped her face then backhanded her twice, rocking her head back and leaving her with a ringing in her ears. Pinching her nose tightly he waited until her mouth opened so that she could breathe. “Now do as you were told,” he commanded and the edge of her pink tongue appeared between her lips as the frightened girl complied.

Again Craig pushed forward but this time he stopped with his cock touching her warm tongue and rubbed it up and down, coating her tongue and lips with the precum that was leaking from his cock.

“Now open your mouth wider,” he ordered.

Swallowing hard Emily did as she was told and sat there with her mouth open waiting for what she now knew to be inevitable. For a few moments the cock stayed, just touching her lips as Craig enjoyed the warm breath that she blew across it’s sensitive tip but then he moved forward and she felt the head of his cock slip inside her mouth.

“Natalie, fetch me those pliers,” Craig called to his girlfriend who gave a start at hearing her name called but quickly moved to fetch them.

Taking the pliers from Natalie’s hand Craig looked down at Emily’s purple marked young breasts and held the pliers in front of her face. “I want you to suck and lick my cock while I fuck your face,” he told her. “If you don’t do it well enough or if you stop before I tell you to, I am going to tear those pretty little nipples off your tits with these,” he said shaking the pliers in front of her for emphasis.

Sobs rocked the young girl’s body at this latest threat as she sat there with the head of Craig’s cock in her mouth but as he reached down towards her painfully bruised and bloodied breasts she realised that she would have to comply and closed her lips around his cock and began to suck on the end.

Her tongue licked across the end and around the head of the cock and she heard the boy cry out as if in pain. Ready to stop in case she had hurt him she realised that the cry was of passion and she repeated the lick in an attempt to appease her attacker.

The cock in her mouth was now leaking lots of precum inside her which Emily had no choice but to swallow. The liquid tasted slightly bitter and salty but was not as bad as she had expected.

“Cum’on you can do better than that,” the boy ordered and Emily redoubled her efforts sucking and licking so hard her mouth began to get tired.

As Craig looked down he thought to himself that he had never seen anything so sexy. His cock’s head was buried inside this pretty little preteen girl’s mouth as she made sucking and slurping noises. Her face was still coated in his cum and his girlfriend’s pussy juice, which had dried to a white crust that was beginning to peel off.

Holding the little girl with a hand on either side of her head Craig pushed his cock deeper into her mouth until, as he felt the back of her mouth against his cock her gag reflex started. Holding his cock there he could feel her mouth squeezing his cock in an effort to expel it.

Pulling back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth Craig allowed his captive time to recover after which she returned to sucking and licking his cock with a new vigour in an attempt to stop him from doing that again.

As much as Craig enjoyed her efforts he soon wanted more and began to gently fuck her mouth again. Gently at first and then with more force he fucked in and out of her warm tight mouth, grateful for the fact that having cum once already he was able to make this last as long as he desired.

As he went deeper Craig reached the point at which the young girl’s gag reflex kicked in again and was treated to her mouth squeezing his cock in a vice like grip on each inward stroke. Never having had a girl so completely at his mercy, Craig wanted to savour every moment. He had dreamt of throat fucking a girl for many years but had never found one who, even under threats, would let him do it.

Now he had this little preteen girl, naked to the waist and with her hands bound behind her, at his mercy, Craig was going to find out if it was possible and if it was, what it felt like.

The very thought of what he was going to do to this little girl had Craig’s cock growing even harder and the cum beginning to boil in his balls.

Taking a firm grip on either side of her head Craig pulled his helpless victim towards him and at the same time pushed his hips forward, thrusting his cock into the opening of Emily’s throat.

The first couple of thrust Craig found that her throat too tight and he couldn’t get his cock down inside her but using more force on the third thrust he felt his cock stretching her throat as it made it’s way down until his balls slapped up against her chin.

Holding himself deep inside her he felt like her throat was trying to milk his cock as she convulsed around him. Slowly he withdrew, allowing her to catch her breath before shoving hard into her once more and pushing hard until his balls banged once more against her chin.

Again and again her repeated the rape of her throat, caring nothing for the pain of the little girl only knowing that this was the best sexual experience he had ever had.

Each time he pushed into her throat Craig held himself there a little longer savouring the way her convulsions and struggles milked his cock. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer as he felt the cum begin it’s journey from his balls to the girl’s mouth.

Pushing into her throat one last time Craig waited until he felt his cum begin to spurt from the end of his cock before pulling back so that just the head was inside her mouth. “Don’t even think about wasting any of my cum, you little slut,” he warned her.  Emily struggled to keep up with all of the sperm he was filling her with, swallowing again and again until he finally stopped and she was able to catch her breath.

“Not bad for a first effort,” Craig praised. “I’ll expect you to do far better when we get back after robbing your parents house. Put the gag back on her Natalie, we don’t want anyone to find her before we get back do we?”

Tears rolled down her eyes as Emily watched the two of them leave knowing that they would be back soon and that her ordeal was far from over.