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Archive name: gi-Jane (M+/F, FF, military, gangbang, nc,
anal, oral, ws, hum, movie-parody)
Authors name: Mad Gerald (whoosh@nospamearthling.net)
Story title : GI Jane

Copyright Notice: The attached story may be shared with 
others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the 
Internet, provided no money is charged to read this 
document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that 
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original author is given proper credit for their work.

GI Jane (M+/F, FF, military, gangbang, nc, anal, oral, 
ws, hum, movie parody)
By Mad Gerald (whoosh@nospamearthling.net)


The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does 
involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex. ANYONE WHO MAY 
WARNED OKAY! All characters are fictitious. Any 
resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely 
coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only.

Even if you haven't seen the move that inspired this 
parody, just picture the following: Navy Intelligence 
officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic 
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the 
first woman allowed to train for the highly covert 
operations unit known as the Navy SEALs. Selected for her 
courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is 
determined to succeed in the most demanding, most 
merciless and most honored fighting force in the world, 
in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail.

Under the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle 
(VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil is put through weeks of 
physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to 
succeed. Indeed, military and high-ranking government 
officials including her sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven 
(ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail. However, to 
their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.


Chapter 1

S.E.R.E. Training Facility Captive Island, Florida.
A Helicopter interior. US Marine Corps.

"Survival evasion resistance and escape this is it 
tadpoles! Your target is inside of five miles if you are 
to locate this facility you are to gather as much intel 
as possible, within the allotted time frame and get the 
hell out of there you will be penalized for early 
extraction but you will be even further penalized for 
capture. trust me welcome to sere get ready stand up 30 
seconds 1st man out go, go, go!"

Lt O'Neil hit the water with a hard slam and made for the 

She rose up out of the water slowly followed by the 
others of her unit.

Water gushed from every nook and cranny of her well-
muscled frame. They made their way to a line of 
driftwood, trees and bushes, and took up point positions. 
They gathered around her, preparing their weapons. "So 
were they drop us LT?"

"A line of march TWO. ONE. ZERO. and just for shits and 
giggles lets switch to channel FIVE for tactical traffic. 
maintain casual dialogue on assigned channels. Slovolic 
it's TWO. ONE. ZERO. Kotec lets move out, move out!"

They moved off into the trees, from clump to clump along 
the beech.

"Four clicks 226!" whispered the radio guy. O'Neil looked 
at the map getting her bearings.

Two of the others sniggered.

"She don't even know where we're goin'"

"Shut up!"

"Gotezlav you take my left flank, lets go!" they moved 
forward. Into the estuary. They moved through the shallow 
water on their belly and on to the sand on the other 
side. O'Neil slipped out of the water glancing about. The 
other moved up into the trees. Through the trees across 
the water lay the target.

"Looks like she's right on the money!"

"Yeah I had a busted watch once it was right twice a 

"Cortez target ahead, belay my last new rally point my 

"Cool, Newberry, right side, flea you come with me, lets 
move out."

"Listen up everybody, we need film from all angles, 
record of weapons, vehicles, count their guys, ranks if 
visible, Slav, Cortez check antenna for comms 

"Mc Cool?"

"There's nothing there O'Neil there are no prisoners and 
no guards, maybe we found this place a little too easy 
There's nobody here!"

"Cortez, Cortez!"

"Mc Cool 3 o'clock!"

"What the hell are you doing? This is team leader to team 
fuck up! knock the grab ass off, get back to your 
positions. You are compromising the unit!"
"That is an order do it now!!"

Cortez and Slav were through the water now to the barge, 
slob moved forward to grab the helmet on the barge.

"No Slav don't touch it man!"

"Hey it's just a souvenir."

"No Slav!"

as he does automatic fire rips out of the undergrowth 
hammering into the barge.
Tannoy speakers begin to blare out.


"All units!! Rond-a-vue at the rally point, lets get out 
of here!"

O'Neil turned and sprinted back into the tree line, 
ducking and weaving as rounds flew around her. Flea 
followed on her heels he screamed as he tripped over some 
roots wrenching his knee. He rolled into the stream 

"Oh Shitttt!" O'Neil dragged him out, and tore open the 
guys BDU'S above the knee, "Put your hand there! don't 
move you'll make it worse arghh Jesus!"

Inside blood poured from a deep gash.

Suddenly a thick plastic bag was thrust down over her 
face and pulled tight. O'Neil tore at it with her fingers 
desperate for air. She was dragged over backwards and 

She fought to stay conscious as she was dragged through 
the jungle and thrown heavily on her face. Then up again 
and she was picked up and thrown into a cage. She 
squealed in pain as she hit the hard wood floor. She 
scrabbled with her fingers and managed to tear away the 
bag gasping for breath.

She looked about and found Flea in the next cage. "Flea! 
Flea are you OKAY?"

"Yeah yeah I'm OKAY."

The others of her unit were dragged into the compound and 
thrown on their knees.
"Get down! who's in charge here? huh who's the officer in 
They started beating on them. and then they were all 
forced into similar cages.

Lt O'Neil tried to keep her breathing shallow, her 
shoulders ached, 'She must not panic' she kept telling 
herself. 'Keep control' she could hear the heavy tread of 
their boots as they approached the cages.

They stopped outside flea and took him away.

She drifted off to exhausted sleep as darkness fell.

The cage roof was lifted freezing water was thrown on her 
jerking her to consciousness, strong hands grabbed her 
upper arms, dragging her upright. There were two of them 
her arms were twisted around behind her and her wrists 
wrapped. They pushed her down the pier to the boathouse.

She was shoved through the door inside Master Chief John 
Urgayle stood in the centre of the room grinning.

"Hi Lieutenant time to play!" he laughed.

She was shoved to the centre of the room and forced down 
on the small stool in the centre of the room. The rest of 
the room was bare apart from a bench like table. a fan 
span slowly from the ceiling.

One of the guards walked slowly around her muscular 
frame. she sat legs open, bent before her, her arms 
painfully forced behind her. She stared at the floor. 
Sweat trickled down her forehead and dripped from her 

"What's your fathers name, it's a simple question 
Lieutenant no reason not to answer unless you want to 


"How about brothers and sisters you got any o' them?"

"Dick, Jane and Spot!"

Bright lights came on suddenly, above her. She blinked.

"You for real O'Neil?" he came close, blew cigarette 
smoke in her face.

"What's your favourite food Honey, perhaps we could get 
some to eat huh?"

The master chief watched from the bench. He checked the 
monitor, pictures from the camera's look good. Then got 
up and walked behind her.

"Green eggs and ham."

Suddenly the master chief loomed over her, he punched her 
face hard throwing her head back.

"Why didn't you carry out your wounded Lt. was he too 
heavy or were you just plain chicken shit!" he stared 
into her face. She smiled.

"You ain't getting nothing out of me so you might as well 
put me back in
the cage."

He hit her again full in the face. She went over 
backwards to the side of the stool and landed with a 
groan, face down on the floor. She lifted her head and 
spat out some blood grimacing.

"You are in a cage! right here right now!"

"I'm sorry am I supposed to be afraid?" she managed.

The master chief stood astride her back and gripped her 
upper arms from behind wrenching her up from the floor. 
She winced groaning in pain.

"Right down to your worthless wound. This is my island!!"

He threw her bodily into the wall. She struck it with a 
yell and bounced off, twisting, fell backwards on the 
floor, she grunted the wind knocked from her. Her legs 
falling open. He ran at her and kicked her exposed groin. 
Lt O'Neil screamed as pain lanced through her from her 

"You worthless piece of shit, bitch!"

He nodded the two guards went over and hauled her up to 
her feet.

She was leant forward, he grabbed her head locking it 
under his arm.

"You think we should go easy on women O'Neil? do yer?"

She gasped blood bursting from her mouth, "GO FUCK 

The guards let go and he ran at the wall with her head 
slamming it viciously. She reeled back yelling. He threw 
her back over the bench pinning her bound arms to the 
edge. One of the others threw a chain over her head and 
snapped it taught around her neck almost throttling her.

He fastened it to a bolt. She grunted and gasped in pain 
and shock.

Her booted feet kicking trying to get purchase on the 
dusty planks.

She gritted her teeth straining to get up.

Jack went away and came back with a bucket.

"The enemy I'm sure will take into account your gender 
while carrying out interrogation, one assumes!"

He poured the freezing water down onto her panting chest. 
the water soaking her t-shirt making her breasts ache as 
her teats went rigid. Both heavy mammaries were outlined 
beautifully by the wet material.

"Especially when the P.O.W. has such big stiff hooters eh 

"Go to hell, dick weed!" she spat groaning in pain.

At a nod from Jack one of the guards thrust a plastic bag 
over her face and dragged it tight. O'Neil goes wild 
trying to pull free as Jack grips the neck of her shirt 
and cuts it open with a combat knife. Her breasts bounce 
free. two hard globes mounted by thick coral aureole and 
wrinkled stiff nipples. As she struggles the jiggle and 
jerk stiffly. Jack throws his leg over hers and sits 
astride them. He produces some thick cord and throws it 
around her back, pulls it tight and ties it off above her 

He cuts the rest off and repeats the process under them. 
then he pulls the sides together and lashes them, then 
between them now her breasts are two heavy jutting 
balloons. He nods and the pull up the bag. O'Neil gulps 
for air almost feinting from lack of it. Jack grins down 
at her. Her expanding chest forced more of her breast 
flesh to bulge out.

"Y--Y--You bastard!"

He pats her tits slowly. "Now, now Lieutenant, we're only 
doing what the enemy would do to a nice piece of ass like 
you." He nods, the bag is thrust over her mouth again. 
She starts, arching her back trying to pull her head 
free. Her tits jut out and he grips her nipples between 
finger and thumb and yanks them out hard making her 
scream into the bag.

"What d'you think boys are these good enough to ice or 

He twists her nipples making her writhe, he nods the bag 
comes up.

"Hey Lieutenant what was your mission objective?"

She stares at him gasping for breath.

"Come on Baby you going to keep quiet until we've all 
fucked you in the butt?"


The bag came down again stifling her cry. He wrenched and 
pulled her tits, his fingers kneading and pinching, 
pulling each breast hard, bruising.

"Any o' you boys ready to blow yet?"

"Oh yeah am I ready," one of the guards squeezes his cock 
through his pants.

"Lets go then!" He yanks his cock out and begins wanking 
next to O'Neil's bag encased features. faster and faster.

"Say when man!"

"When, when!!" he groaned the bag came up. Lt O'Neil 
gasped for air her mouth wide in a desperate 'O' as she 
sought air. With a groan of pleasure the guard let loose 
a heavy spurt of semen straight into her surprised open 
throat. Then another.

"Yeeeehaaaaa how'd yer like those cookies Lieutenant!!"

Jack shouted as she choked and coughed, grimacing 
shutting her mouth as fast as she had opened it as more 
jizm splattered across her face and lips.

She spluttered and spat trying to get rid of his load. 
More went in her eyes and across her shaved head.

"You know lieutenant I think he likes you!" They laughed.

"Y You Filthy bastards I'll fucking kill you all (Cough, 
splutter) I will you pieces of fucking!" the bag came 
down again.

"My, my that has made her pissed," they all laughed.

O'Neil strained and wrenched desperate to get away her 
body screaming out for a few deep breaths. Jack rubbed 
and pinched her teats, making them ache and throb. Her 
chest thrust out hard as she fought.

Jack nodded and the bag came up again. O'Neil gasped a 
huge breath, semen strung between her lips and teeth. She 
stared at him and spat.

"You fucking shit! I'm gonna rip your dick off and ram it 
up your ass."

Jack grinned at her, "Aw now you love it really O'Neil!" 
he pulled her nipples hard to emphasize the point.

"Now you tell me your mission objective!" he grinned.

"Fuck your mission objective... Fuck your... uhhhh!!"

At a nod the bag came down again, O'Neil jerks and 
"Hey Dobs get some of the others, get the ring thing 

Jack gets off her squirming legs. She immediately began 
to kick.

"OKAY let's get these BDU's off and see if the 
Lieutenants wearing pink fluffy panties today!"

Her legs kick and fight viciously as they're hands grab 
them. The belt and waistband are torn open and she 
gurgles and moans as she feels them wrenched down off her 
hips, she strains trying to pull her legs free as the bag 
comes up and she gulps air spluttering.

"Huh... huh G... Get offa me get off you fuckers... uhhh 
uhh I'll fucking kill all of you. You fucking creeps," 
she dragged her legs up hard.

They strained trying to pull them out, her strong legs 
holding out.

Jack punched her belly hard. She grunted and swore still 
straining. He rabbit punches her ribs, The bag comes down 
stifling her cry of animal rage as they forced her legs 
slowly out.

More men came in and with whoops joined in, they're added 
strength forcing her legs out. Jack grabs her hips and 
drag's her ass off the edge of the bench. With a painful 
yelp O'Neil was now suspended by her bound arms and 

Her BDU trousers were torn from one leg and her legs were 
wrenched cruelly wide. Her struggles became less as the 
lack of breath began to take its toll. A guy on either 
side quickly ties thick cord around each knee and them to 
the bench legs.

O'Neil slumps as she blacks out, as the thick cord bites 
into her strong muscles. Her ass hanging off the bench 
her strong legs spread wide, displaying her white panty 
clad pussy, which bulges against the material.

Jack nods the bag comes up. He slaps her round and she 
groans and come too with a shuddering breath.

"UHHHH... UHHHHH... Y--you F--Faggots!!" he grins into 
her face.

Now with her ass unsupported and her whole weight on her 
knees, arms and neck, she realizes how helpless she is. 
She gulps in air as they stand around her admiring the 

Jack viciously punches her in the twat, making her gasp 
and choke in shock and pain her legs snatch and strain to 
no avail.

"What's your mission objective Lieutenant?"

"Ughhh, okay, okay I get your point th--this has gone far 
enough OKAY!"

Jack grins and traces his fingers along her inner thigh 
to her pussy mound.

He slowly feels it. She glares at him.

"I asked you a question Lieutenant?"

"Look cut the crap I get the picture OKAY... No don't... 
don't do that!"

He drags her pants to one side so they can all see her 

"You know what happens when you get captured Lieutenant?"

"I get the idea YEAH!"

"THEN ANSWER THE QUESTION!!" He yanks her pants up hard 
and they tear, Then he rips them off.

"ARGHHH YOU FUCKIN... UHHHHHHH!" the bag comes down 

She struggles to push her chin down to stop it but then 
she's struggling again. They watch as her tits bob about
and her legs strain as she begins to panic.

"Dobs! the gag, lets have some safe sex with this one huh 
I bet she bites!"

Dobs brings the gag over and hands it to him he readies 
it then the bag comes up.

As O'Neil gasps for breath Jack tries to force the two 
side shields between her molars she tries to pull her 
face away. Dobs grabs her face, she snarls, and he howls
letting go, snatching at his bitten thumb.

"AH, AH NAUGHTY BAD GIRL!" Jack punches her face. and 
again stunning her.

Her mouth is rammed full of the gag which goes between 
her back teeth and behind her front sets. forcing her 
mouth into a wide 'O' leaving her tongue lolling about 
in her open maw. He fastens the belt around the back 
of her head tightly.

"That's better now you see we got two holes to play 
with!" He steps back.

"And now for number three."

"Dobs where's that asshole Flea?"

Flea was pushed forward and thrown on the floor. His arms 
tied behind him like hers. His leg was a bloody mess. He 
let out a cry of pain as they held him down. Jack stood 
over him.

"Lesson Lieutenant, your troops will be used against you 
during interrogation!" He slams his foot down on Fleas 
injured knee. Flea screams in agony, writhing under him.

O'Neal snatched at her bonds in anger and despair as Flea 
screamed. Her eyes flashed with anger. she mouthed 
stifled entreaties past the gag.


"Only I don't want some crap intel. I want you to do me a 
favour Lieutenant. I want you to shit for us O'Neil, 
Believe me it's going to be far easier if you do. 
Otherwise we're going to have pound all that shit back up 
your ass. I don't think you're going to appreciate the 
taste when we make you suck our cocks clean. So you have 
a nice long shit and I stop being nasty to Mr. Flea here 

He stamps down. Flea howls in agony, thrashing in mind 
numbing pain.

O'Neil couldn't believe what he wanted her to do, her 
face twisting in disgust at his demand.

"So what do you say Lieutenant? you going to shit for us 
or do we keep smashing this poor mans knee!" he stamps on 
it again.

Flea screams sobbing and begging for him to stop.

"I mean hey it's not like I'm asking you to piss now is 

They all laugh as O'Neil slowly flushes with humiliation 
realizing that she's going to have to do it or Flea will 
never walk again.

"You going to be able to live with that lieutenant? huh? 
this man crippled because you were too proud to take a 

His foot slams down again. Flea screams a bony crack 
coming from his knee as he writhes in awful pain.


"Now that's more like it lieutenant, you hear that Flea 
she's does give a shit! Okay O'Neil lets see that stuck 
up arse of yours take a dump."

One of the men brought a metal bucket over and clanked it 
down under her. They all gathered closer.

Lieutenant O'Neil's eyes flooded with tears as a wave of 
awful humiliation went through her. She couldn't believe 
they're depravity.

"C'mon we're waiting You shit or he never walks again 

She closed her eyes and swallowing her revulsion pressed 

They watched in silence as her belly tightened up, her 
anus distending and pushing out. She grunted with effort, 
some of them sniggered heightening her humiliation as 
suddenly her sphincter eased open and she shat into the 

They cheered.

O'Neil was mortified as more and more piled out. 
Eventually with a gasp she was finished.

Jack laughed "See you were so full o'shit. I just love 
that, the way that tight little star spread open, an' 
then clamps shut. You're husband fuck you in you're ass 
O'Neil? I guess not, by the look of it huh? and now we're 
gonna fill you full o' Jizm honey!"" She shuddered in 
disgust and revulsion.

Two of the guards come forward with a small table, on it 
are tubes and a large syringe (A veterinarian syringe 3" 
diameter and 10" long).

Lt. O'Neil's eyes are bulging as she sees the syringe, a 
wave of panic floods through her and she struggles. her 
eyes darting from item to item on the table. There's a 
rubber bung device as well. Jack picks up the tube and 
connects it to the syringe.

"Now we ain't gonna fuck your butt while it's full of all 
that feminist crap. Me and the guys like to get you all 
warmed up first, so we've had a little collection on the 

He holds the thick long syringe in front of her face.

"We've been filling this with semen since you joined the 
course bitch, now I'm gonna wash your ass out with it!" 
He laughs.

O'Neil goes wild struggling helplessly as he busies 
himself inserting the end of the tube up her ass. With 
one swift stroke, he jams the nozzle of the cum-syringe 
up between her shapely ass-cheeks and into her little 
brown starfish, and none to gently, either. Kneading her 
ass-cheeks while she yells in pain.

She stiffens as it's forced in and he rams it deep into 
her rectum. Her big bound tits bounce and jiggle as he 
lets it go and grips the body of the syringe.

"Gonna fill you up!" He sneers.

"Phuck oou!" she replies.

"Here we go Bitch!" He starts to press the plunger home.

O'Neil Jerks and arches her back howling 'no' through he 
gag as she feels it start to squirt into her bowels. The 
muscles in her legs stand out hard as she tries to lift 
away. She gasps and groans, biting on the ring gag as 
Jack grins down at her.


It's half way down now and Jack grins evilly.

"Enough Lieutenant, full?" he queried.

She nods enthusiastically "ESS! NOH ORE. NOH OREEEE!"

"Unlucky whore!" He laughs, and forces the rest in hard 
making her sob and gasp. Her belly bloating with the warm 
slick enema.

Suddenly with out warning the bag comes down over her 
face again she struggles for breath, unable to shut her 
mouth helplessly drawing the plastic in. Her body goes 
rigid as she asphyxiates.

Jake yanks the tube out of her ass and snatches up the 
bung. He rams it into her anus twisting and forcing it 
until it's home.

He quickly pumps the handle. It inflates cruelly wedging 
itself in her ass holding the semen in.

He nods the bag comes up O'Neil gasps great gulps of air, 
her ass is aching and hot as if she's doing an enormous 
turd. Her belly cramps and her rectum spasms trying to 
shit but she can't.

"There Lieutenant now it's really time to play." He slaps 
her twat hard making her cringe and squirm as it smarts. 
They drag the bucket away and Dobs kneels in front of 

He wrenches his pants open and pulls his hard cock out. 
He drags her cunt lips open and forces the head into her 
dry cunt mouth. She sobs and grunts as he forces it in a 
few inches. Then his fingers find her clit hood and he 
pinches it hard making her jolt and heave.

"Oh yeah Lieutenant I've been waiting a long time for 
this cunt, you like that huh? huh?" he violently rams up
into her while the others egg him on, forcing inch by 
inch into her cunt. His cock amplifying her need to shit
as he forces into her.

"Bag her! bag her!" the others shout and she shakes her 
head 'No' as it's rammed down over her features. He 
starts to fuck her hard enjoying her struggles. He flicks 
and rubs her clit as he grinds deep up her tight dry 

Two others start to paw and pull her tits from each side. 
She twitches and writhes as they stretch and twist her 
nipples. Both are wanking their cocks.

The bag comes up. One grabs her face twisting it he 
thrusts his meat into her helpless mouth and begins to 
shaft her face.

She snorts and gags trying to breath as he starts to 
force into her throat.

Dobs is viciously fucking her wettening cunt. his legs 
straight as he grunts and groans. He then stiffens as he 
hammers his load into her flinching cunt.

O'Neil sobs as she feels his heat spurt into her. He 
pulls out and someone else eagerly mounts her. his cock 
larger and longer ramming in forcing her cunt walls to 
give with each hard thrust. The bastard holding her face 
groans and snorts and she jolts and struggles as her 
throat flash fills with semen.

She gags and chokes, swallowing his heavy load to take a 
desperate breath. Her face is twisted and another 
soldiers load gushes over her face. She gasps trying to 
blink away the semen coating one eye. More fingers grab 
her hair snatching her face around to meet another cock 
which is shoved deep into her mouth.

Her eyes flash open to see it's one of Jacks big Black 
soldiers his meat a thick hard dark pole, the head a wide 
fat slab.

She tries to pull away as he heaves it into her throat. 
Impaling her face.

Hard rough hands squeeze and pull her hips as her cunt 
aches and contracts around the thick pole which hammers 
at her cervix. Short, hard, deep thrusts.

His pubes rubbing and teasing her hardening clit as he 
saws in and out. O'Neil's belly cramps and aches as the 
contents of her rectum is forced back and too.

Her anus squeezes and twitches around the awful bung 
filling it. Her rapist pulls out and lets loose a thick 
heavy stream of cum all over her belly.

O'Neil's head is held fast as four inches are firmly 
rammed mercilessly into her throat. It's not going 
anywhere but deeper. She could feel it was up against her 
tonsils. His glans banged against them.

She starts to gag. He lunges hard feeling another two 
inches slip in. He now grips her shaved head refusing to 
remove his cock from her heaving mouth, he rocks his cock 
back and forth going deeper each time. As he was tries to 
pile drive another inch into her windpipe.

O'Neil helplessly tries to swallow to ease the pain as he 
begins to fuck her face violently, shoving his prick in 
until his balls cram against her held open teeth and his 
cock is shoved wholly down her throat. In the middle of 
one of these plunges he begins to cum.

O'Neil's body jolts and shudders as he does. Somehow she 
manages to gulp down his salty bolts of jism. Mouthful 
after mouthful he feeds into her. 

Instinctively she starts to gulp down each hard flood of 
sperm as it explodes in her mouth. There's a lot. The 
others laughed watching as her cheeks began to balloon 
with the amount of thick hot cum.

She swallows as fast as she can trying not to choke. She 
snorts and sperm spurts out of her nose. Her belly was 
rapidly filling with his heat. as more and more pumps 
straight down her unwilling throat. She could feel 
someone pulling her cunt lips open, fingers ramming into 
her twisting and turning. Forcing her cunt walls open as 
more fingers were eased in. making the pressure in her 
ass unbearable.

Another couldn't wait and spray's hot Jizm across the 
peaks of her bound jutting hooters. Her teats coated with 
thick globs of hot semen, which is quickly rubbed in by 
cruelly kneading hands. She had to breathe, she was on 
the brink of blacking out again, all she could hear was 
the others chanting, "Fist her, Fist her!" As it all went 

Chapter 2

Jack looked on as O'Neil went limp he barked an order the 
bag was lifted. She sucked in a desperate breath, staying 
out. Greg, one of his Sergeants was ramming four fingers 
into her cunt. The others looked on avidly as he worked 
and twisted them forcing her cunt walls to give. The 
others semen coating his fingers as he worked them in and 

Jack grinned and admired her tits. Coming to a decision, 
he leant over and gripped her teats. Pinching and 
twisting them. He yanked and pulled more of her bulging 
breast flesh through the taut ropes. She groaned and 
stirred. He gripped her breasts hard and viciously yanked 
them. More of her tits ballooned out.

He grabbed the knot he had placed earlier and partially 
undid it and with his muscles bulging he pulled and 
snatched it tighter. and then tighter again. Now her 
breasts were two big fat udders forced up hard, her teats 
two thick hard nubs.

She shuddered and moaned. He looked back down at her 
cunt. Greg's arm was punching up into her twat only the 
heel of his wrist visible. Her swollen labia bulging on 
either side. He flexed his arm and pressed and twisted. 
He chuckled and thumbed her lips wider, stretching and 
easing them out as he pushed and pushed.

Her body jerked and her hips began to lift as his hand 
slipped deeper. He thrust it in and up again her hips 
began to dance as he strained. The muscles on his arm 
stood out hard as suddenly her cunt walls gave up the 
fight and his hand slid home encased deep inside her 
spasming vagina.

"UHHH NOH NOH UUUHHHAARGGHH!!" she bellowed snapping to 
consciousness as his hand filled her aching twat.

"Wakey, wakey Lieutenant you don't want to miss being 
fisted!" he gloated her whole body strained and shook as 
they laughed.

Jack rubbed his hands over her bloated tits. her nipples 
were rigid her aureole thick and crinkled as his 
attentions forced them to thicken and swell. Slick with 
the sperm that he rubbed in.

"What's the problem O'Neil feeling full?"

The fist was rammed hard up into her making her stiffen. 
Her cunt lips clenched around his thick wrist, as her 
twat burned and ached.

Jack pulled her nipples enjoying the way they resisted 
his pinching and twisting.

"Dobs get Captain Blondell in here!"

O'Neil's eyes went wide as the Dobs disappeared and came 
back with the Navy Doctor. She looked matter of factly at 
Lieutenant O'Neil's predicament.

"My, my we have been busy gentlemen, Okay what do you 
want this time Jack?"

"Hey less of the attitude captain! we can easily swap 
your little voyeurs nest back there with a place on this 
bench yeah, did you get off yet? or have we disturbed 
your frigging?"

"Shut up! just tell me what you want?" she looked really 

"I want you to give the Lieutenant here one of those nice 
big shots in her titties here. You know the ones I mean."

"Okay I can only do it the once though you know that 
yeah!" she started to rummage in her bag.

O'Neil struggled frantically as she readied a syringe and 
filled it. Jack squose up her left breast cruelly. She 
winced in pain as the hypodermic entered her aureole and 
it started to heat as Blondell emptied the syringe into 


Jack let it go as the needle came out. leaving a speck of 
blood. He gripped the other and forced it up.


The refilled syringe sank into the other teat. and the 
contents was thumbed home. Jack let go and roughly rubbed 
both sore nipples.

"How Quick?"

"Quick!" she smiled. "Now if you don't mind I'll let you 
get on okay?"

She closed her bag and turned to leave.

"You want a piece of this?" jack asked, she turned back.

"Oh yes later" she smiled and went.

"BOOYAHHH!!" the others yelled and O'Neil jolted in pain 
and shock as Greg began fisting her poor impaled twat 

Her tits were on fire, aching and throbbing her nipples 
were itching and burning. Jack grinned down at her 
watching as her breasts began to swell. Her nipples were 
now sat on thick stiff aureole, they were beginning to 
swell themselves. He flicked them hard making her writhe 
and scream through the ring gag.

"Oh you like that whore, oh Yeah!" he started to slap 
them feeling how hard both globes had become.

He squeezed them and bounced them and played with them 
roughly by lifting them and then dropping them. He then 
placed his fingers on her nipples, using all his fingers 
around each nipple so that he pulled them in towards the 
nipple and captured each one with all his fingers.

He squeezed hard over and over again pulling his fingers 
up and around the nipples squeezing and pulling over and 
over. Her nipples were getting harder and harder. He 
squeezed tightly and pulled her nipples up, lifting each 
one of her tits as he pulled. He pulled harder and harder 
so that her chest was forced up pulling more of each 
heavy swollen breast through the ropes he saw tears in 
her eyes.

He laughed enjoying her distress.

"Oh yeah O'Neil I love these babies I will never tire of 
abusing these fuckers, hey you like how big they've got, 
I bet they hurt too. Oh yeah they ache don't they? and 
you know what, we're gonna fuck em till they're blue baby 
uh huh!"

"Talking of babies whore, that stuffs gonna make your 
titties believe that's what you've had. Oh Yeah an then 
your gonna be one big uddered milky cow, you gonna be 
filling up for weeks!"

O'Neil groaned and shook as Greg began to spread his 
fingers as he fisted her. jerking and heaving his hand 
inside her. Her guts were awful her butt seemed to be 
pulsing around the bung, her rectum spasmed with the need 
to shit.

"Bag Her" Jack ordered. It came down as she gasped for 
air. Her head thrashed back and forth. He lifted and 
dropped each tit, watching as they bounced and formed 
their ballooned shape again. He lifted them up again and 
then let them go. he started slapping the stiff flesh the 
same way as before, hurting her more each time and 
letting them fall back each time, marveling at the bounce 
of each luscious tittie.

"Oh Lieutenant I love your titties and I'm going to love 
shafting the fuck out of them baby!"

He started slapping her breasts lightly at first as she 
strained and struggled her chest jutting out as she 
fought for air so that they bounced, and bounced with 
each heavy slap. He started slapping them from underneath 
lifting them up so that they would bounce heavily down, 
shuddering into place. He slapped them from the side.

Jack watched he loved seeing them getting redder and 
redder as he slapped them really hard. He knew that 
constantly slapping them made her sore as he hit them 
harder. He got enormous pleasure as they slammed against 
each other. as she winced and fought to pull them away. 
Trying to twist her chest away from his hard strikes.

He nodded the bag came up she sobbed and gulped air as he 
started smacking her nipples with the tips of his 

His fingers were long and acted like little floggers on 
each nipple. He would hit one nipple several times in a 
row before switching to the other one. Then he'd 
alternate flogging each one with his fingers. He loved 
the smack thwack flap smack sound his fingers made on her 
tits. He knew her tits had to be sore O'Neil's face bore 
it out. Her eyes showed her pain as did her face which 
was incredibly tense.

As her vision cleared O'Neil couldn't believe the size of 
her breasts they seemed huge. and so tender. Her teats 
burned and throbbed as he teased them. She could feel her 
cunt contracting around the fist rammed in it and his 
thumb kept circling and sweeping over her clit. She knew 
they were turning her on her body betraying her animal 
sexuality. She was losing control she could feel it. If 
only she could get rid of this awful pressure in her ass.

Greg pushed his face to her clit and began lapping at it. 
Dob's shouted out.

"Hey this whores gonna cum Look at her ass lift! C'mon 
O'Neil you piece of shit!"

Jack stopped his slapping and began rubbing and pulling 
her nipples, He shouted at one of the others.

"You! suck and play with teats c'mon we've got the whore 
going. Heh, heh O'Neil your gonna be our fuck slave no 
doubt about it honey!"

The soldier jumped at the chance and put his head down 
and his lips caught one of the tight sore nips in his 
mouth. He started sucking it like he was a baby. Sucking 
and sucking on it strong and hard.

"BAG!" Jack shouted. it came down setting her struggling 

Her cunt ground down on Greg's fist as she arched her 
back. Her clit was a tight ridged button, which he 
flicked and clamped his lips over sucking hard. Her ass 
danced and swerved as he pulled and drew on it, pulsing 
his hand inside her cunt tube.

O'Neil was thrashing wildly as the soldiers fed from her 
both breasts, catching her teats lightly in their teeth. 
Chewing and running their tongues around them. They're 
hands squeezing and pulling worrying her breasts to their 
hungry faces squeezing and pulling and rolling them 

Jack inhaled, through the sweat, he could smell her 
arousal she wouldn't ever want to admit it but they had 
her and she was going to come.

She struggled and strained her mind screamed for air and 
them, sucking, nibbling, pulling. Her cunt ache growing 
and growing as he viciously fisted her clenching cunt 
until it was too much for her. She whimpered her mouth 
pressed to the plastic her eyes dimming in asphyxia. Her 
body wanted sexual release and her nipples were 
excruciating hard deep throbs of pleasure and pain shot 
through each heavy mammary. Her cunt started to squeeze 
tighter and tighter on Greg's fist.

Greg lifted his face from her heaving cunt "Boss boss 
she's there!"

Jack grabbed the two soldiers by the hair and wrenched 
them from her breasts. They slapped back her teats two 
fat red nubs. Milk Squirted out from each, running down 
the fat globes in rivulets. Greg yanked his fist out as 
the bag came up.

cunt was an open hot pulsing pink tunnel. Her breasts two 
Quivering balloons as she thrashed and wailed desperate 
to achieve climax. She pumped and swerved her ass. 
Straining and pulling on her arms and legs.

"Shit that was lucky Lieutenant, you nearly came then!" 
they all burst out laughing.

O'Neil sobbed and wailed as her cunt started to twitch 
and her contractions waned.

Greg knelt between her legs, Jack joined him. Greg began 
to lap at her clit like a dog, long wet slurps that made 
her stiffen and sob. Jack looked on grinning as her body 
tensed and tensed her thigh muscles standing out in stark 
relief the cord taut holding them open. Her belly was as 
tight as a drum as she started to lift her ass as high as 
it would go.

Greg motioned with his hand. Jack gripped the bung in her 
ass and fucked her butt with it, she let out a deep 
animal groan.

Her body as tense as it ever was going to be. Jack 
suddenly yanked the bung out of her ass and she howled in 
shocked horror and disbelief as all the semen gushed out 
of her ass pouring down her open cleft to the floor. She 
went wild her twat fluttering with hard fast contractions 
as her belly released.

Her mind went in an explosion of white light as her 
orgasm ripped through her rectum spasming and clenching 
in time with her uterus as hot cunt juice sprayed out of 
her pouting pussy lips. Her body arching shuddering and 
snatching at her bonds as wave after wave of excruciating 
pleasure shot through her.

She had hardly come too when jack was over her. He 
reached over and plucked up a pair of nipple clamps off 
the bench. He gripped each fat balloon and he placed the 
tweezers over her nipple and rammed the small rubber ring 
over it tightening it around her teat. She squealed as he 
did the same with the other. Then he yanked them 
viciously tight and pulling them together clipped a chain 
to them so that her teats were dragged together.

O'Neil shook her head pleading as he wrapped the chain 
around his fist and pulled her tits taut. he released his 
cock and pushed the head to her still gaping sphincter. 
She tried to pull away but couldn't as he forced the 
thick head of his tool into her slick ass hole. ramming 
it up into her ass. She jolted and groaned as it sank 
into her virgin bowels.

"Oh yeah O'Neil I'm going to ream your tight 'mightier 
than though' ass out bitch! You ain't gonna forget this 
Lieutenant! You're our fuck toy now honey" he thrust up 
into her ass. "UUUHHHHHARGGHHHH!!" she wailed as he 
forced deeper, yanking on her chained tits.

Chapter 3

As Lt. O'Neil came out of her orgasm induced trance she 
started to try to move away from him. Jack wanted to 
slowly penetrate her virgin asshole, but she was making 
that difficult, fighting him in earnest. He pushed slowly 
forward, meeting resistance immediately. "Be still bitch, 
you're gonna take it all!" 

She was still trying to fight him seconds later when he 
gritted his teeth and pushed past her anal rim and into 
her rectum. She screamed. Lt. O'Neil clenched her ass 
trying to keep him out she'd never allowed herself to be 
butt fucked before and she wasn't going to let it happen 
now. She strained with all her might to keep him out.

Behind him she could see the other soldiers, all their 
grinning faces. she cringed as she realized one of them 
held a Camcorder. Recording it all.

Jack laughed as he felt her rectum squeeze and clamp to 
his tool as she slowly shit his cock out. Her face was 
fixed in concentration as her belly rippled and with an 
animal grunt she forced the head back until it was sat in 
the entrance to her bottom, lodged in her burning 

"Oh yeah Lieutenant I love it bitch! C'mon tease me!"

He slapped her straining belly muscles hard and yanked on 
the chains viciously. Her breasts stretching painfully 
and he began to force back in.

O'Neil sobbed and tried harder. Her rectum on fire as he 
forced the straining muscles to give. She felt it ease 
deeper and bore down on it to force him back out. It 
began to give. He grunted in surprise and pressed up into 
her harder. Her whole muscular frame was taught with 
effort, sweat glistening on them as she bit hard on the 
gag her eyes screwed up tight in effort.

"Is that the best you got bitch! C'mon you can do 

He forced it back in. She sobbed and strained stopping 

"Now O'Neil, if you want my cock out of you, you're going 
to have to shit it out. Come on, I know you can do it. 
Bear down and shit it out. That's the
only way it's coming out of you. OKAY I'll do a deal if 
you can shit it out I'll give up."

He heard her grunt and whimper, and he felt her rectum 
squeeze down hard. he watched as she forced some of it 
out of her asshole for a second, then get sucked back in. 
She whimpered a moment, took a breath and tried again. 
She grunted hard and he saw her entire body tense as his 
cock was clenched hard. His cock started to emerge from 
her battered asshole.

"Come on, Lieutenant, it's almost half way out. Shit it 
out. Come on."

He heard her gasp for a breath before she tensed again 
and he watched his blood streaked shaft eased out. She 
groaned in pain forcing more out.

"That's it whore, now lets see if you can keep it up 
while I do this!" He fumbled for her clit with his other 
hand, finding it he pinched it viciously. Lt. O'Neil 
howled and kicked in shock and pain her hips gyrating. 
Jack chuckled and forced deeper. Then as she stiffened in 
pain he rammed deep up into her clenched ass.


"Out of time Lieutenant oh did I forget to mention there 
was a time limit? Never mind I get to fuck the shit out 
of you anyhow!"

Her rectum slowly gave allowing him to force his thick 
tool in her spasming bowels pulsed around his cock as he 
made her take it.

"Oh yeah that's it nearly there whore just a bit deeper!"

He grunted with effort straightening his legs as he 
forced the last inch in. O'Neil threw her head back in 
agony as she felt her ass filled his cock was like a 
burning hot hard poker which made her guts ache horribly. 
Her ring felt as if it would tear, stretched into a tight 
thin ring around the base of his cock.


She pleaded as he left it there savouring his filling of 
her ass.

He pulled and jerked her tits milk oozing from her teats 
as he did.

"Any of you guys want to shoot off over the Lieutenants 
open mouth I'm shell be more than happy to accommodate."

To guys immediately came over and started to wank off 
over her helpless mouth. grinning down at her tear 
streaked face.

He started to bugger her easing back and too deep in her 
hot rectum. Jack was in heaven her butt was so tight. It 
sucked and pulled on the head of his tool as he took his 
time enjoying taking her anal cherry.

Tears streamed down her face.

She had begun to sob, but he ignored everything but the 
feeling of his cock buried in her tiny, warm asshole. It 
was everything he had dreamed it would be and more. The 
fat head of his penis was painfully pinched inside her. 
He knew he was painfully big around for most women. She 
was just too tight for him. He could barely make headway 
but he wasn't going to give up. She whimpered and he 
pressed forward. He felt less resistance than he had 
moments before.

"Now you bitch, you're going to learn to take it in the 
ass! you're smart mouth! and that stuck up cunt of 

Jack rammed his penis into her tight puckered rectum. He 
heard her scream, as he buried himself into her forcing 
as deep as he could into her hot sheath.

"You were made for fuckin', Lieutenant. You've got the 
sweetest, tightest little asshole I have ever fucked. 
We're gonna be doin' this often, you're gonna be our SEAL 
slut, you can bet on it."

He began to ream in and out of her ass. adjusting his 
stance to allowing him deep penetration into her bowels 
it felt as if her squeezing sucking rectum was trying to 
milk his cock, he pulled back and rammed hard into her 

The only sounds she made were short grunts when his 
thrusts would bottom out inside her bowels. He fucked her 
brutally. He lengthened his thrusts to the limit, pulling 
his cock so far out of her each time that sometimes he'd 
nearly pull it free of her gripping anal sphincter before 
he'd ram it back down deep into her intestines making her 
jolt and wince.

The two soldiers on either side of her trapped face 
groaned one of them gripping her head in a vice like grip 
as suddenly both men's cocks spewed semen in great gouts 
across her face and gagged open mouth. Glob after glob 
shot heavily into her open mouth. She gurgled and choked 
trying to spit it back. her face was streaked with their 
seed as they milked the last drops into her held open 

Lt. O'Neal blinked and gasped trying to clear the semen 
from her eyes. She couldn't believe how hard he was 
raping her ass. She must be bleeding, he had to finish 
soon, he had to.

"Bag her!" Jack gasped.

She started in shock as the bag came down. she sucked in 
all the semen in her mouth desperate to grab a breath. 
Too late. She gurgled and struggled her body jolting and 
snatching as he butt fucked her. Ramming her own ass down 
on his cruelly pumping manhood. Feeling his glans slide 
over the back of her cervix, making her uterus and cunt 
contract and tighten. Her rectum spasmed thrilling her 
rapist who moaned in pleasure and snatched and yanked on 
her tits forcing milk to spray out of her thick trapped 

"OOOOOH Yeah you like that you cunt yeah. that's it you 
twat nice and deep! harder! Yeah!!" he grunted.

He kept it deep now stirring her ass. Feeling her body 
react as he did she was weakening now and he ordered the 
bag up. She gasped and gulped in air desperate for 


"That's it Lieutenant you're gonna cum again? oh yes you 
are! cum with an ass full of cock! You're a fucking 
whore! an ass whore!!"


"You're gonna plead with your husband to give it you in 
the ass, when you get home! beg him to pop your ass!"



It came down as he started to beast her forcing his meat 
deep up her swerving jerking ass. She heaved and 
struggled her head thrashing about as she began to hump 
with her hips.

Her grunts seemed to egg him on and he sped up his primal 
thrusting at her asshole while he groaned and told her, 
"We're gonna start doin' this every day, do you hear me 
you Lieutenant whore. Everyday you're gonna suck us dry 
with this tight little asshole. Everyday, you little 

He felt himself grow even harder inside her. She felt him 
swell a little as well. His thrusts quickened to a speed 
that she couldn't believe was possible. His thrusts 
became animalistic in his need to spurt his seed into 
her. He was fucking her faster and harder and deeper than 
he thought he had ever fucked anyone before.

She was grunting loudly with each powerful thrust her 
mouth pressed to the plastic her eyes glazing over as she 
started to go. He was moaning and tightened his grip on 
her breast chains yanking hard on her swollen mammaries.

O'Neil's cervix was brushed again hard his cock head 
ramming and pressing it. She sobbed and thrust her ass 
down his length impaling herself as her vision blurred 
and she felt her cunt contract hard her rectum squeezing 
his cock like a cruel little fist. suddenly she was 
cumming. Her body heaving and slamming down to meet every 
terrible thrust as pussy juice flooded out of her empty 
cunt like white heat. Her cunt fluttering with 
contractions. as his belly rubbed her rigid clit keeping 
her orgasm going.

Lt O'Neil felt him stop deep in her bowels and he 
screamed "OH FUCK.... FUCK.... FUCK....."

She felt his cock jerk and jolt as her bowels squeezed it 
suddenly she stiffened as it spurted hot searing fluid 
deep into her spasming intestine. Making her army boot 
encased feet dance and kick.

He pulled back a little once, then thrust back up even 
deeper into her and cried out again. She shuddered as she 
felt more squirt insistently, over and over inside her 
aching ass.


Then she blacked out slumping into unconscious escape. 
Just before the bag was lifted and Jack shuddered to a 

He relaxed and let his cock slide from her ass. releasing 
the chain on to her belly.

"Boss! Boss! can we fuck her now?" He nodded and moved 
away as the first hurried between her legs and sank his 
eager cock into her just vacated ring. Another pulled her 
face around and forced his cock into her open mouth. his 
fingers gripping her shaved head.

Chapter 4

Lt O'Neil came to and snorted for breath through splayed 
nostrils. She had time to grab a breath before her head 
was grabbed roughly and cock was forced into her mouth. 
She tried to pull back and suck air past the head but the 
man's grip on her skull was too strong and he forced more 
of it into her mouth. 

She felt it going down her throat her instinct was to 
bite down but all she did was bite on the hard ring of 
the gag. She tried to control her breathing but she could 
only get a little air until the man started to pull out 
and fuck her face. 

As he pulled out she gasped for breath desperately before 
it went into her throat again, after what seemed like an 
eternity she felt the soldier cum down her throat, he 
held his cock in place forcing her to swallow it all.

"Not bad Lieutenant, but you've got a long way to go," 
gloated Jack. Someone was rutting into her ass. holding 
her hips hard as he grudge fucked her still tight butt. 
O'Neil lifted her head trying to see through her semen 
gooey eyes. She was face to cock with a half dozen hard 
dicks, surrounding her head. Each twitched eagerly 
waiting their turn.

She was roughly forced to take one into her mouth as the 
others started to rub their cocks over her shaved head, 
against her cheeks anywhere that was open. The second man 
filled her mouth with his cum and he was quickly replaced 
by another man.

As the man filled her ass with his cum she felt another 
take his place. She moaned. Suddenly, a larger cock was 
thrust into her face and she shuddered as he rammed it 
into her throat. He started fucking her throat hard, she 
tried to use her tongue to get the man to slow down but 
it was a lost cause as he continued to fuck her face fast 
and furious.

As each man filled her mouth with cum, he was replaced by 
another. Lt. O'Neil was swallowing load after load they 
wouldn't give her time to spit it out. She could feel cum 
running out of her ass as each man pounded away at her 
helplessly struggling muscular frame. Finally, there were 
no more men at her face.

"Hey Lieutenant, look what we've saved for you!" Jack 

She looked behind her and gasped a black soldier with the 
biggest cock she had ever seen was coming up to her.

"Noh Itshh too bhig," she begged struggling to pull her 
legs free. They lifted her head so that she could see. 
With her head up semen spilled from her mouth and ran 
down her creased chin. As O'Neil got a closer look she 
guessed the Soldiers cock was over a foot long and thick 
the thickest she had ever seen.

"Hey O'Neil you like the look of that huh? That's it 
slut, drool over it. Slobber all over it. Old Gus here's 
been waiting to force feed this to you since he heard you 
where joining us here. Ain't yer Gus?!"

The big black soldier grinned wanking it slowly.

"Noh Itshh too bhig," she repeated. Jack had a little key 
in his fingers He gripped her chin holding her face as he 
inserted it in the gag he started to wind it grinning at 
her puzzled face. O'Neil could feel the gag opening, 
forcing her mouth wider, Making her jaw ache and stretch. 
Her mouth now an even bigger O than it had been.

"There! (He pats her face) I'm looking forward to you 
gagging on this bitch. You ain't never had a throat fuck 
this nasty. This should slacken your throat Lieutenant! 
You ready? No? Tough shit honey!"

Two sets of hands held her head as she tried to pull away 
the bench hard and unforgiving behind her. Gus climbed up 
on the table and positioned himself over her helpless 
mouth. On all fours, his heavy cock hung just above her 
gaping maw. O'Neil was cross eyed staring at it in 

She tried to twist her face away but their fingers held 
her face fast. Her eyes followed the monster as it slowly 
was dragged back and too around her lips. Then he gripped 
it in one big hand and fed it in.

He grunted, ramming his cock between her lips, O'Neil's 
eyes bulged as his thick slab like cock head sank in 
until it bumped against her tonsils. She fought the 
invasion into her tight, gasping throat. Gus continued 
forcing himself in, and the sounds of O'Neil's discomfort 
only excited him more.

The gurgling and choking sounds coming from O'Neil and 
the sight of his oversized shaft stretching her mouth and 
making her throat bulge drove Gus crazy. He started to 
push in and out making it go in. His ass pistoning it to 
her face Faster and faster he fucked her mouth jamming 
his twelve inches of hot meat repeatedly down her throat.

Lt O'Neil felt his cock get harder and it actually seem 
to grow larger as his pumping increased. Her fear 
intensified, she needed to breathe, but her rapist was 
enjoying himself fucking her face too much to care.

"Take it Lieutenant."

"That's it, choke on it you cunt!"

"That's it, take it, take it," They all egged him on.

"Swallow it, swallow that fuckin' cock you whore."

The gagging noises increased from O'Neil's throat as she 
tried to breathe, but his rapid thrusts down her gullet 
were too fast and deep.

"Man, you sure do look good sucking' my cock, Lieutenant 
slut!" Gus gloated.

"I've always wanted to choke fuck a stuck up officer like 

O'Neil continued gagging; he fucked her throat as if it 
were a cunt, chuckling as hearing Jack and the others 
taunt her, "That's it O'Neil, you got it all!"

"Choke her harder Gus, make her swallow that pole! she's 
loving it."

"Yeah Gus, make that big ass officer choke on it."

"C'mon, c'mon, cum down her throat!"

O'Neil was desperate for breath her throat so crammed 
full she sucked around it in desperation.

"Look at her suck on it, man she's really loving it!"

"Good! 'Cuz she's got a lot more cock to choke down!"

"Damn, this whore's throat's gonna make me cum." Gus 
marveled, surprised at how quick it took. He started to 
really fuck her face. Slamming it in grunting in pleasure 
his knees sliding back on top of the bench shoving more 

"Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh!"

"Ugh! I'm gonna cum, you stinking officer slut, I'm gonna 
cum down your fuckin' throat, you white piece o' shit!"

All of them crowded around, close watching. All you could 
hear was the lewd hard slapping noise of her forehead 
hitting his belly and his balls smacking her chin every 
time he hit bottom.

They cheered at O'Neil's grunts each time his cock fucked 
down her throat. Using her mouth the same way he'd use a 
pussy, he fucked it with quick deep strokes. She was 
gagging and choking, and then it worsened. Suddenly Gus 
laid on O'Neil's head his cock full in her throat, 
leaving it there and letting out a deep low groan.

Her nose was mashed against his belly as he came. His 
hands slid down and he gripped her head like he would an 
ass he was fucking. O'Neil felt the huge cock deep inside 
her throat throb. It began pulsating over and over and 
O'Neil's body jolted and shuddered beneath him. O'Neil 
could feel it hot hard bolts and then the flow of 
something warm running down deep within her.

She realized Gus was cumming inside her throat. It was 
his hot black sperm she felt running down her throat and 
into her belly.

'Oh GOD JUST FINNISH! just finish, How could this be 
happening to me, This was planned from the start' she 
thought. Sudden realization making her want to weep. She 
was being impaled on a black man's cock and forced to 
swallow his sperm. Just to teach her a lesson for 
intruding into their little jerky spec ops world! Well 
I'm gonna fuckin get through this you bastards!'

Her throat tightened around his ejaculating cock, trying 
to reject the thick fluid, but she only succeeded in 
intensifying his orgasm and increasing the amount of hot 
semen erupting from his cock. His cum bubbled from the 
corners of her mouth and thick strands of it ran from her 
nose. Ropes of semen dangled down from the corners of her 

Then Gus started fucking her face again. He seemed as 
though he'd never stop. The cum dribbled down her chin, 
neck and spilled down the front of her tits.

Gus began pulling his cock from O'Neil's mouth. As it 
slipped from her throat, another blast of cum shot into 
her mouth. The taste of it was bitter. It was really 
salty and felt sticky and gooey as it sloshed around her 

O'Neil gasped for breath. More sperm hit her in the face 
as she coughed; spitting up some of the thick jism just 
deposited in her throat. It dribbled from her mouth and 
she felt some running down her cheeks. His cock continued 
to throb, dumping more thick fluid onto her face. The 
whole group of naked soldier's cheered at the state of 
her cum shot slick face.

Jack walked over to the Camcorder man and directed him to 
get some close ups of her sperm flooded face and mouth. 
He wondered when Blondell would come out to play, feeling 
his cock twitch at the thought.

One of them straddled her stomach and grabbing her 
chained nipples, wrapped her slick swollen tits around 
his cock, he began fucking them. Pulling the chain up 
hard making hot thin milk spray out. After several quick 
thrusts between her cleavage, he showered her neck and 
the underside of her chin with heavy sperm and climbed 

An evil looking brute leaned in towards her face, 
grabbing her head, and smacking her in the face with his 
cock, asking if she wanted to taste it, feel it in her 
mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat.

"How 'bout it, Lieutenant, want some more cock?" He 
forced her to nod her head.

"You do, do you?" He turned to the others.

"What do you say, guys? Can we help this big assed whore 

"Fuck yeah," they chorused. "We ain't even started yet!"

"Order us, whore!" the soldier spat in her face.

"I want to hear you Order us, Order us to fuck your mouth 
and asshole till they're raw."

"Orders Lieutenant, Orders you cunt!" he slapped across 
the face.

"I said Order us bitch, or you'll be sorry, whore, do 

"NOH!" she gasped forcing her throat to work.

Two from the crowd each grabbed a balloon like, bouncing 
tit and started to squeeze, twisting them and pinching 
the hard flesh drawing her aureole up to her trapped red 
nipples. One of them clenched a nipple in his teeth, 
biting it, and flicking it with his tongue. Shocks lanced 
through each heavy jug as they pawed and gripped them.

"Phease," she uttered.

"Phease what?"

"Phease," she paused, the tears and anger choking her 

"Please GOH PHUK OORSHELF!!" she whispered.

"Wrong answer whore!" he slapped her face hard.

"Now you do as you've been asked Lieutenant or Gus here's 
gonna ream your ass out. Yeah you get the idea? that hunk 
of meat up your sorry ass! you'll be in diapers for the 
rest of your worthless existence bitch!

Her eye's opened in fear and horror. "NOH!"

"Oh yes bitch he likes that too, don't you Gus?"

He grunts and chuckles.

"Your orders Lieutenant?" he grins down at her pained 

"That's it, cunt," he taunted. "All you gotta do is issue 
those orders."

"Now let's hear it again, only, how about, Men, rape my 
mouth and

"Noh phease," she wept.

"Say it, cunt."

"Mh, mhen," she stammered, "rhape ey ouwf and ashshole."

"That's real nice slut, now say, You are to choke fuck 

"Youh, Youh arh twoo cokaye phuuck ee," she sobbed.

"Now say it louder, all of it Lieutenant!" he insisted.

"Youh, youh arh twoo rhape ey ouwf and ashshole, an coke 
phuuck ee."

"Thank you," the bastard cackled, "don't mind if I do."

Grinning evilly, he straddled her face, his cock sliding 
in her open mouth as she still was gasping for air.

"I'm gonna fuck your face, cunt! I'm gonna stick my cock 
down your throat and shoot my load all over your slutty 
face!" he said. Without hesitation, he pulled her face 
around and impaled her throat again with nine inches of 
cock. With a grunt, he stuffed it as far down her throat 
as he could. When she began to choke, he pulled it out, 
leaving a few inches still in her mouth.
"Suck it, Lieutenant! Suck it, you whore!"

With tears streaming down her face, she obediently sucked 
on his bloated cock head.

She heard someone yell, "Now you are gonna get fucked, 
bitch!" She felt someone slide the head of his cock up 
and down her slit until he felt her asshole around the 
tip. With a powerful thrust, he buried all of it in her. 
She tried to scream in pain but her cry was choked off as 
the stiff prick fucking her mouth stuffed itself down her 

"Don't you like my cock, Lieutenant slut?" the other 
soldier teased pulling his out of her ass and then, 
burying it deep in her cunt with one savage thrust. The 
other shoved his meat all the way to the root of the cock 
in her mouth, forcing her once more to take it into her 

"Come on, cunt, choke on it ... oh yeah ... that's it, 
all the way down your fucking throat Lieutenant, you 
cunt!" With a yell of joy, the man straddling her face 
came hard and fast, his cock buried down her throat. 
O'Neil gagged and he pulled out and began depositing a 
tremendous amount of sperm in her open mouth. Bolt after 
Bolt flooded her lolling tongue filling her mouth with 
heavy gobs of cum.

"I'm gonna fill your mouth with my load, whore, drown in 
it bitch!"

And he did. His cock spewed torrents of thick cream 
directly into her open maw. He came so much into her 
gasping mouth it dribbled over her lips.

Then he ordered, "swallow it, swallow it."

"C'mon you whore, swallow it down."

O'Neil choked, sure that she would drown from all the hot 
cum squirting into her mouth. She opened her eyes just as 
more sperm splashed on her face. The soldier held her 
head still as more squirted out of his cock inches from 
her face. Finally done, he pulled her head around and 
repeatedly slapped his wet dick on her cum drenched face 
as they all cheered and yelled at her.


"Now you look just like a real cum slut should!"

"Man! I ain't never been so excited feeding a slut so 
much cum!"

"Look, she's begging for more."

"You're gonna fuck and suck and swallow cum until we 
can't get it up any more, got that you fuckin' cunt!"

Gasping and choking, O'Neil felt as if she was drowning 
in sperm.

It was far heavier and thicker than the last load she 
swallowed. It was so strong and there was so much of it, 
she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her mouth 
remained coated with the residue, sticking to the inside 
of her mouth, letting her taste the sperm over and over. 
There were two long trails of it leaking out of her 
nostrils and sliding down her cheeks.

Thick ropes of saliva and cum drooled past her lips and 
down her neck. As she thought of what was happening, 
raped by S.E.R.E's men and eating their filthy cum, the 
one who was fucking her pussy suddenly pulled out of her 
and shot a huge stream of cum all the way up to her tits 
and all over her belly. She realized the she didn't know 
how many soldiers had raped her and even how many there 
were. It was far from over and she was certain they would 
be making her eat a lot more of their sperm.

'She was their gang rape toy and she couldn't do anything 
about it.'

Jack came forward with the camera guy, she tried to shy 
away as he filmed her semen coated features.

"Hey Lieutenant you're nearly unrecognizable and we don't 
want that do we, huh, it might spoil your fame and 
fortune eh?"

She glowered at him in disgust trying to spit some of the 
goo out of her mouth.

"Phuck oo!" she spat.

"A sterling performance Lieutenant." he turned to the 

"Now for something different I think. Time to clean you 
up inside and out."

Behind the soldiers Blondell appeared her face flushed 
with excitement wearing only her service blouse. Jack 
knew she wouldn't be able to miss this bit. She carried 
her doctor's bag. She tapped Gus on the shoulder and 
whispered to him he grinned ear to ear.

"Captain Blondell how good of you to join us!"

She came over her slight frame in complete contrast to 
O'Neil's muscular body. She only wore her blouse open to 
the last two buttons. It just covered her pussy and ass 
enough to tantalize the excited men. She licked her lips 
drinking in the delicious sight of the helpless Lt. 

"All this sperm and she still has a smart mouth, Master 
Chief I think you're right, perhaps the funnel yes?"

"That's exactly my thought Captain. Dobs! the funnel!"

Dobs produced a wide brimmed funnel and gave it to Jack.

O'Neil's eye's were wide as her mind raced trying to 
imagine what they had planned.

Jack gripped her chin and held her face as Dobs thrust 
the funnel into her open mouth. He slammed her head back 
on to the bench top.

"Your gonna love this bitch, you thought the gag was 
bad!" he chuckled.

O'Neil felt the funnel tip sink into her throat, the 
slick semen easing it's passage.

Blondell rummaged in her bag and produced another anal 
plug similar to the other but with a tube and pump on one 

O'Neil was struggling now trying to twist her head away 
as jack got his cock out and dangled it semi erect over 
the edge of the funnel.

He stood over the funnel. She noticed he didn't have a 
hard on and wondered what he was doing, then she heard 
him start to pee and then she felt the liquid running 
down her throat, it burned. She gagged realization 
hitting her like a sledge hammer. Her mouth quickly 
filling A second then a third soldier joined the Master 
Chief all pissing into the Funnel, peeing in her helpless 
throat. Hot piss started filling her mouth.

"C'mon you piss slut, swallow it!!" Jack yelled at her,

"Swallow it you dumb whore!"

She held it in her mouth refusing to swallow their foul 
piss, the funnel filled 
to overflowing, piss started to pour over the sides onto 
her cheeks, down her neck, washing the semen from her 
bound tits.

"You are a stubborn mule Lieutenant, Swallow, SWALLOW!!"

She refused clamping her throat shut. Jack grinned and 
gripped her nostrils clamping them shut. in seconds 
O'Neil's eyes filled with tears as her chest screamed for 
air. She struggled to control hoping against hope they 
would give up.

They didn't and with a sob of defeat she had to give up 
and with a guttural moan of outrage suddenly swallowed a 
large mouthful of piss down. She opened her throat again 
letting in another mouthful and was forced to swallow it 

Jack held her nostrils tight making her drink the hot 
piss as it flowed from their cocks. He kept her in place 
as she continued to swallow the flow. Only able to grab a 
choking breath as she emptied the funnel, She choked and 
wretched tired and broken.

"That's a good bitch, anyone else?"

He pulled the funnel out letting, O'Neil gasp and gulp 
for air. Another man ambled over, "Still thirsty, 
Lieutenant?" he asked.

"Open up, I got some more." Taking his still respectable 
half hard cock, he grabbed O'Neil's chin and forced 
himself into her mouth, sliding down her fucked out 

She started gagging from the cock hitting the back of her 
throat, and lodging itself there. Suddenly her eyes grew 
wide, and she started struggling.

"Take my piss, you fucking slut!" He yelled out.

He started pissing right down her throat. He gripped her 
nostrils as Jack had. Not a drop came from her mouth. She 
was swallowing everything. A full ten seconds went by 
with O'Neil's mouth mashed against his pubes, her throat 
bulging with the cock that was hosing piss straight into 
her stomach. Finally, he finished, pulling out of her 

After two more forced pisses down her throat, she lay 
moaning, looking six months pregnant, her now rounded 
belly bulging out, swollen with the gallons of cum and 
piss shot down her throat.

Then the others stood over her and pissed all over her 
body. Hot hard streams of piss bouncing and showering off 
her hard muscled body. Pummeling her bound breasts, 
rinsing her coated face clean of semen. Leaving her body 
slick and steaming from their piss.

It disgusted her to be used as a toilet like this, 
eventually she was aware that Gus was knelt between her 
legs with Blondell.

The blonde woman forced her fingers into her cum slick 
anus making O'Neil groan in disgust she prodded and 
forced her ring open. O'Neil lifted her head blinking 
stinging piss from her eyes.

Gus helped her with his fingers, thick hard strong 
digits, pulling her ravaged ass open. Blondell guided his 
semi erect meat to her ass hole. Forcing and pressing the 
head into her sphincter. Making it go in. O'Neil's legs 
and ass shook and jerked as they pulled and pushed it in. 
Eventually the head was in and her ring snapped closed 
around the back of his glans. 

O'Neil groaned in pain as it sat in the entrance of her 
ass. He pushed deeper into her rectum and shoved it all 
the way up her once tight asshole. Once he was in, he 
casually pumped her a few times, "I always wanted to 
watch a guy do this, and since you're such a mouthy slut, 
Lieutenant your the ideal candidate." Blondell enthused.

At a nod from her Gus started pissing. O'Neil howled in 
disgust and horror as she felt the hard hot thump of 
pressure slam into her rectum as his piss started to hose 
up into her, she lay there whimpering weakly as he filled 
her already distended belly with more hot piss.

"Like that, cum bucket?" she asked, "He's pissing up your 
big fat ass, you like that O'Neil eh whore!"

He urinated in her ass for almost a full minute Blondell 
placed her hands on O'Neil's distended belly.

"I can feel your ass filling up with his piss cunt," she 

"Take it, you piss slut. Take it all."

Blondell came up with a butt plug the size of a fist. As 
Gus pulled his hardening prick out of her ass, She 
cruelly slammed it up into her; "Here you go O'Neil, we 
don't want you losing any of that now do we?"

Blondell was totally excited by Gus pissing up the 
hapless, gang raped service woman's ass.

"OKAY Master Chief the other guy's can wait outside while 
you and I interrogate the Lieutenant further."


They all obeyed leaving O'Neil alone with Blondell and 
the Master Chief.

Blondell stood producing a long thick oversized dildo she 
showed it to O'Neil and tried to put her fingers around 
it's girth. She couldn't, she smiled.

"Okay Lieutenant guess what I'm going to do?"

O'Neil couldn't believe the size of it, it would ruin her 
cunt! Blondell began to strap it on so that it protruded 
obscenely from her groin.

O'Neil shook her head appalled gurgling in protest.

"That's right we're going to do some real girl to girl 
bonding, won't that be nice." She got between O'Neil's 
legs and began to finger her cunt lips open. O'Neil shook 
her head, struggling with renewed vigor as Captain 
Blondell prepared to rape her.

Chapter 5

Blondell went to her knees between O'Neil's tightly roped 
thighs. she admired her cunt. stroking the carefully 
trimmed black triangle, dipping her fingers into her 
neglected twat. Below that her taut buttocks framed the 
oversized bung that filled her ass.

O'Neil's full ass amplified the sensations. making each 
touch electric. 'No!' this could not be happening to her, 
but then she felt the Blondell's tongue on her cunt lips, 
"Oh noh, NOHH!" She was being licked by a woman!

No woman could have forced apart O'Neil's powerful 
thighs, but of course she didn't need to. O'Neil couldn't 
believe what Blondell was doing a wave of revulsion and 
nausea swept over her. Those bastards pissing on her, 
making her drink it. Now this bitch playing with her cunt.

She felt her cunt twinge, her nipples ache, she had 
always denied it, hated it. Only ever fantasized like 
that when she was pissed up and her guard was down.

She always felt guilty for days after, remembering how 
strong her orgasms had been. Imagining some other woman, 
Some weak bitch being dominated by her holding the 
whore's face to her cunt making her eat her twat, lapping 
and sucking at her cunt. Repressing it. forcing herself 
to keep straight, and now... now... "NOOOOOOOHH!!"

Blondell smiled as O'Neil's body flinched at her touch, 
she gently opened O'Neil's pussy to her kisses.

The aroused and panting Lieutenant could only moan when 
she felt Blondell's tongue invade her helpless pussy. 
Blondell gripped the pump connected to the bung in 
O'Neil's ass. She squeezed it hard. O'Neil jerked, her 
ass quaking as the fat bulbous head of it forced her 
abused sphincter wider. Hard burning pain lancing up into 
her piss filled abdomen. Making her uterus tighten, a hot 
vicious knot desperate for release.

All her self doubts were suddenly washed away by a 
building orgasm, as Blondell gently sucked on her labia.

Jack watched with the camera guy. Fuck this was horny. 
That little bitch Blondell knelt there between O'Neil's 
legs. Her fingers spreading that neat cunt of hers. 
Blondell in her blouse, the hem of it dancing about half 
way down her tight hard ass cheeks. The straps for the 
dildo coming out from between her legs, spreading her ass 
invitingly. Her shallow crease opening and closing as she 
moved, so that you glimpsed her tight little rusty 
spider. Below that her pussy hairs were wet with juice.

He felt his cock go rigid at the thought of spearing the 
medical officers ass. Blondell's head was bobbing she was 
hard at work on O'Neil's twat. He winked at the camera 
guy and then got to his knees behind Blondell.

O'Neil wanted to scream "No," but the bolts of erotic 
sensations that shot up through her cunt left her weak, 
too distracted. In a kind of erotic daze, Her head swam. 
She couldn't make her stop. Her breath was short and she 
felt a warmth almost like liquid fire growing in her. Her 
fingers were inside her, probing, teasing, twisting and 
pushing. while her tongue was getting harder and closer 
to her . . Fuck! she was about to come and the woman 
hadn't even touched her cl..."Noh! NOHH! Aiiiiiii!!!" 
O'Neil screamed.

Her body was rocked by an intense orgasm as soon as 
Blondell had touched her pleasure button. Her body 
dancing and straining as Blondell ran her tongue over, 
around, and across her extended clit. Flicking her tight 
red button hard and fast. her fingers holding her hood 
back taut, forcing her nub out so she could feed on it. 
She may have blacked out for a few seconds. When she 
opened her eyes Blondell was staring at her gloating.

"That was good, Lieutenant. You needed pleasuring, didn't 
you? Although you don't fucking deserve it cunt!"

She pumped the bung in her ass hard viciously forcing her 
aching butt whole wider, making her hips flinch and 
quiver. She grinned enjoying the pain on the big woman's 

O'Neil could only look up at her in dazed confusion and 
nod her head 'yes'.

Blondell dipped her head back down and took O'Neil's 
dripping crotch to her mouth and began to drink from her 
copiously flowing slit.

Blondell felt the Master Chief behind her. He gripped her 
hips his thumbs dragging open her buttocks as his wet hot 
cock head pushed to her cleft. She pushed back letting 
out a soft moan. She stiffened gritting her teeth as he 
forced his meat into her dry ass hole.

"That's a good bitch! don't mind me, get to work on that 
slit you little cunt!" He growled as he forced deeper 
making her gasp.

Blondell resumed wetly lapping at the trapped lieutenants 
spread cunt. She locked her wet mouth over O'Neil's clit 
and sucked hard pulling on it as Jack began to fuck up 
into her ass. He gripped her epauletted shoulders and 
began to really shaft her. Slamming her butt with heavy 
steady strokes.

Blondell feverishly sucked and lapped at O'Neil's cunt. 
Her face a mask of pleasure with each deep thrust she 
received. Soon she was rewarded when O'Neil yelped and 
came again, her body snatching and jolting with each 
contraction drenching Blondell's mouth and lips with her 
pungent love juice.

She slurped and lapped at O'Neil's clit. Her long fingers 
twisting and turning inside her vagina seeking and 
finding O'Neil's soft pad like 'G' spot and pressing and 
teasing it, triggering another of O'Neil's orgasms and 
then another as Blondell persistently tongued her clit 
and toyed with her vulnerable pleasure pad.


One orgasm blended into another, her sweating piss glazed 
body spasmed and jerked, her full ass an awful 
excruciating pressure. Her bowels cramping, she felt 
dizzy, nausea swept through her again.

Blondell pulled her fingers free and gripped O'Neil's 
thighs for support as Jack body slammed her slight frame 
grunting and gasping as he approached his peak. Blondell 
gasped and shuddered, jerking with hard shock as he shot 
his load up into her clenching ass hole.

He pulled out of her ass, Blondell swept her hand back to 
plug her own twitching butt hole. Holding his semen in 
herself with her long slim fingers. Jack moved back. 
Blondell got up and climbed up O'Neil's big frame.

"OOoohh that was sooo nice Lieutenant, so nice I want to 
share it with you. The Master Chief has filled my butt up 
with his nice hot cream and it would be impolite not to 
share wouldn't it?"

O'Neil sobbed in realization trying to pull her face away 
desperately as Blondell twisted around placing her knee 
on one side of her face and her foot on the other 
spreading her legs so she could lower her slimy ass over 
O'Neil's disgusted face.

"NOHH!! NOH PEASE ET AWAHY!! NOH," she pleaded.

Jacks hand gripped her chin pulling her head still 
holding it strongly in place. O'Neil's eye's went crossed 
comically as she couldn't help but focus on Blondell's 
fingers as they plugged her freshly buggered hole.

The camera came close, O'Neil shook in horror and 
helpless disgust as he angled it to catch Blondell ass 
directly above O'Neil's ring gagged open mouth.

O'Neil sobbed and pleaded tears streaming from her eyes 
as Jack grabbed the chain on her breasts and yanking it 
up hard handed it to Blondell who pulled and stretched 

Her fingers came away leaving O'Neil staring up at her 
semen strung arse hole. O'Neil shut her eye's tight. 
nothing happened. in relief she glimpsed again. Just as 
Blondell pushed and Jacks semen geysered out of her ass 
into O'Neil's helpless mouth.

O'Neil's body jolted and flinched her head jerking and 
jolting, she fought to be free as they made her take each 
and every slowly moving glob of stained semen as it 
dripped out after the initial spurt of goo.

O'Neil's tongue lolled and flexed trying to be free of 
the awful thick disgusting stuff as they're laughter 
stung and made her squirm with humiliation.

Blondell lowered her twat over O'Neil's open mouth her 
fingers moving around the base of the dildo she wore, 
they became a blur as she frigged her clit into a thick 
short stub. She groaned her belly tightening. Her face 
flushed, fixed on the poor lieutenants body beneath her. 
She yanked on her breast chain watching fascinated as 
fore milk sprayed out of both clamped teats.

O'Neil shuddered beneath her as she traced her hanging 
labia around her swollen lips. Blondell's body began to 
shake, tension peaking as with a sudden groan she came.

Hot pussy juice squirted from her pussy, straight into 
O'Neil's mouth Blondell's hips flexing as she teased 
herself again and more squirted into the unfortunate 
Lieutenants mouth. filling her mouth quickly with slick 
clear lubricant. O'Neil gurgled and fought her face going 
beet root as she tried not to swallow her pungent cunt 

More sprayed out as Blondell lowered her other leg in 
exhaustion so that her twat covered O'Neil's mouth 
completely her still gaping ass hole resting on O'Neil's 
nose. She gripped the chain like reins and began to ride 
O'Neil's face. 

O'Neil gurgled and spluttered as she was forced to gulp 
each mouthful of cum juice down. She swallowed 
desperately trying to clear her airway. Blondell 
stiffened forcing her cunt to O'Neil's mouth, throwing 
her head back as she came again for a final time. She 
stroked the dildo as if it were her own real cock. 
Grinning at jack.

"Time to fuck Princess high and mighty I feel."

"Go to it Captain," Jack enthused. He let go of O'Neil's 

Blondell climbed off O'Neil's red, gasping, juice slick 
face. Still holding her breast chain. She bounced the 
dildo off her hand grinning.

"You'd like that wouldn't you piss bitch? Big rubber cock 
stuffing your cunt while I suck those big mams of yours," 
she slapped O'Neil's bloated belly.

O'Neil gasped for air. Her bowels cramping, she felt 
dizzy again, nausea swept through her. She couldn't 
believe what they'd done to her. All that piss and semen, 
semen out of this dike's ass. 'OH GOD... OH GOD... she 
gagged, and gasped.

"You're not going to throw all that nice cunt juice up 
are you Lieutenant? that would be a shame, we'd have to 
put it all back in now wouldn't we!" Blondell gloated 
stepping back.

She desperately tried to control herself but the weight 
of all they're juice, semen and piss was too much she 
gagged again her chest convulsing. She tried to lift her 
head but the chain held her fast.

She gagged again. Choking as her throat and mouth filled 
with regurgitated juice, piss and semen. Her eye's 
bulged. She was going to throw up. She tried to spit it 
out but the ring gag stopped her. She couldn't breath!

Suddenly Jack was over her he released the chain. 
Gripping her shoulder and chin he forced her to twist and 
forced her face over the side of the bench.

Her belly convulsed and she jerked and stiffened spewing 
all their sperm and piss in a big rush onto the floor. 
She gasped and spat in relief.

Jack shook her head. "Tut, tut Lieutenant, that's a bad 
girl, a naughty bad girl! you're not going to enjoy 
laying in that later now are you?"

"PHUKK OO!" she managed before he slammed her back on the 
bench. He held her down as he chained her neck again 
trapping her. He slapped her face grinning.

"Hey never mind there's plenty of time for that later, 
your girlfriend hasn't finished with you yet, have you 

"I've only just started honey, you'll love this bitch!"

Blondell was stood between her thighs she rubbed the head 
of her false cock up and down the length of O'Neil's 
pussy before taking a firm grip and shoving it into her.

O'Neil's face redden in degradation and shame as her 
fellow female officer raped her.

"Aaaaahh!" O'Neil yelled as she felt herself being 
penetrated. She could only weep in humiliation and pain. 
as the camera closed up on her anguished face.

Abruptly she felt a tremendous pressure, and a horrible 
pain at her crotch, as something large, and unrelenting 
was jammed against her tight, pussy opening.

It pushed harder, crushing her pussy lips, and shoving 
inside her. She twisted, and jerked against the ropes 
holding her as burning pain erupted in her groin and then 
spread deep inside her belly. Hands gripped her hips, as 
the thing was thrust against her cunt canal with brutal 

She felt her cunt lips spread and spread as the intruder 
smashed aside her cunt walls and drove up into her soft 
warm belly. Deeper and deeper it went, crashing through 
her tight cunt walls with hardly a pause, filling her 
cunt tube with its cold fullness.

Her rectum spasmed as the piss in it was pushed and 
pressed she desperately needed to shit it out. She 
strained trying to dislodge the awful bung. It wouldn't 
move. As she bore down More of Blondell's dildo eased 
further into her splayed cunt lips. Impaling her 
stretched cunt walls. She could hold out no more, this 
final horror brought her to the edge of mental collapse, 
and tears rolled out of her eyes.

Blondell let go of her hips and gripped her swollen tits 
pulling them viciously, thumbing her tender teats.

"Oh dear big girls don't cry now do they? what's a matter 
want it deeper?" she giggled.

O'Neil shook her head frantically 'NO' as Blondell used 
her tits to lever her self deeper up into her cunt. She 
straightened her legs. Forcing it deeper. The thing was 
so wide.

O'Neil went ridged screaming in agony as she felt 
something tear. It went deeper with a snap. Blondell 
began to fuck with her hips. Enjoying O'Neil's distress.

She felt the thing tear in and out of her bleeding 
crotch, ripping a tunnel for itself. It drove deeper and 
deeper with each powerful lunge. Blondell was pulling and 
kneading her breasts, her tongue teasing around her 
trapped nipples. O'Neil arched her back as she felt the 
rounded head jam up against the back wall of her cunt 

Still the thing jabbed in and out, crashing against her 
cervix repeatedly, bringing waves of shocking pain racing 
through the Lieutenant's body.

"Relax." Blondell said as she eased the dildo out a 
little, before pushing it back in twice the depth of her 
first attempt. Blondell reached down and rubbed her 
fingers against O'Neil's clit.

"There that's nice, good girl are we going to come again 
for your girlfriend? I bet you are."

O'Neil's frantic motions to get away rubbed her nub to 
Blondell's fingers. She stiffened with the sharp pain as 
Blondell began to thrust deeper within her with an ever 
increased frequency.

Gradually, the pain lessened and gave way to an 
increasing pleasure. Even through the artificial cock, 
Blondell could feel the walls of O'Neil's cunt grabbing 
hold of her as she thrust inside her again and again.

"You love this, don't you?" Blondell asked. Between 
thrusts as she grabbed O'Neil's hips and pulled her cunt 
hard against her. "You're such a horny little bitch!"

The constant rubbing against her own love button was 
sending her into pre-orgasmic fits as well. Hot sweat 
covered the two bodies as Blondell
fucked away at her bound body. She shook with the energy 
and passion as she pulled and milked O'Neil's ballooned 

Try as she might, it was physically impossible for 
Blondell to get further inside O'Neil. She eased it out. 
O'Neil moaned in gratitude as it pulled free of her 
tormented love tunnel. It slid out.

Then she shuddered in shocked realization, as Blondell 
readied herself for a vicious thrust. She felt the hard 
rubber press against her slit, then a muffled shriek 
erupted from her gagged lips, as the dildo slid down into 
her cunt tube again. She felt it drive deeper and deeper, 
jamming against her cervix and still pressing harshly. 
The cock pulled out again, then slammed forward, crushing 
her tender cervix between the hard rubber and the 
pressure of the piss up her ass. Again the cock slid 
back, then raced in.

This time she felt the harsh scratching of the girl's 
pubic hair against her vaginal lips.

"Almost there," she heard Blondell groan.

Then the cock hammered forward, crushing her cervix as 
the Officer crammed every inch of rubber cock into the 
Captured Lieutenant's tight fuck tube.

She pulled the cock back and then humped forward again. 
Now that she had broken the last resistance of O'Neil's 
cunt hole, she began to fuck into her with smooth regular 
motions. Her hips moved forward and back easily, sliding 
the thick fuck tool in and out of the bleeding hole with 
satisfied ease.

O'Neil felt a strange tingling in the skin around the 
thrusting dildo. The feelings grew and spread down the 
length of her ravished cunt tube.

A brief moment later Blondell rammed the large rubber 
cock deep between her thin stretched cunt lips. She 
stirred it inside O'Neil screamed in excruciating ecstasy 
as Blondell drove the dildo it's full length within her.

The warmth and tingling in O'Neil's loins increased. She 
felt a strange yearning, and a rushing flood of sexual 
heat and passion swarmed over her body, making her skin 
flush deeper red and staggering her with its intensity.

Unconsciously O'Neil's ass pushed down to meet a forward 
thrust of the long, thick fuck tool. She groaned deep in 
her throat as the erotic carnal desires made her head 
throb and sent quivers of gasping delight shooting 
through her frame.

Blondell gripped O'Neil's swaying balloon breasts again 
which were rocking in time to the back and forth jerking 
of her taut frame.

"Do you like my cock, Lieutenant?" her voice taunted.

The thing was pulled all the way back and then rammed 
right up her jolting body.

Her bulging breasts seemed to swell and burn as the 
officer raping her kneaded and squashed them. The fingers 
twisting and massaged the vulnerable thick trapped 
nipples, sending explosions of lust through O'Neil that 
made her whole body tremble. She gasped in horror and 
delight as the already erect nubs seemed to harden and 
lengthen. Her nipples had always been incredibly 
sensitive, but now they were on fire and streaming slick 
white milk.

Her ass jerked repeatedly as the dildo drilled her pussy. 
Hot fuck-milk gushed into her penetrated hole. making her 
fuck get loud with slurping slapping noises.

O'Neil cringed in embarrassment at her mounting 
excitement, but her humiliation was beginning to be 
pushed aside by the growing lust engulfing her hapless 
body. Then her body seemed to undulate and quiver as an 
explosion of fiery sexual gratification blasted through 
her convulsing frame.

"That's it whore cum for your girl come on that's it, you 
can do it, come on!"

One final thrust was enough to unleash the awful tension 
in O'Neil's uterus. Her eyes rolled up as an explosion of 
white hot contractions hammered through her cunt. 
Squeezing the hard unrelenting cock with a barrage of 
hungry frenzied spasms which would have squashed a man's 
cock unmercifully flat. Both bodies jerked violently as 
they were consumed by the body quake that ripped through 

Blondell laughed in triumph lifting up off O'Neil's 
shuddering body. She wrenched the dildo from her still 
orgasming cunt. The camera man watched in delight as the 
thick girl-fucker emerged from the splayed black fur hole 
coated in blood and thick gooey sex juice. Blondell 
pulled back. Nodded to Jack who dragged the shit bucket 
over and brought it to rest under her still trembling 

In one swift movement Blondell deflated the anal bung and 
wrenched it free.

O'Neil howled in humiliated horror as the contents of her 
bowels flooded out in one heavy gush. She pressed and 
more spurted out. Then more. She groaned in relief. 
Flushing with embarrassment as her cunt continued to 
spasm and cunt juice and blood squirted out of her gaping 
cunt flaps.

"Get in here you men! untie her legs, careful! Get her on 
her face. That's it! Move it!"

Men were all over her untying her legs. The chain from 
her throat She tried to kick but her legs were so weak. 
She was lifted slammed down heavily on her sore tender 
breasts, face first over the bench. Heaved forward so her 
breasts were bulging down over the edge. She felt her 
legs lifted, riddled with pins and needles. Tied again 
wide apart. Leaving her ass and cunt open behind her. She 
let her head drop forward in despair as she realized the 
abuse was far from over.

Chapter 6

Before Lieutenant O'Neil had time to recover, Blondell 
backed off, The master Chief clapped his hands and bodies 
were hurtling at her helpless figure. They were all over 
her, S.E.R.E. Troops grabbing, Pinching, pulling. She 
strained trying desperately to find some last vestiges of 
fight left as her knees were released she tried to kick, 
but her legs were so leaden and numb she tried to pull 
herself into a ball. 

A hand yanked her shaved head back and a fist smashed 
into her shocked face stunning her. Her teeth Rang 
against the ring gag with the blow.


Then they yanked her over and threw her muscle Bound 
frame on her front over the bench in the beach house. 
Dragging her by her wrapped arms (pinned together at the 
wrists and elbows), over the rough table top, her drug 
enhanced, ballooned, aching, bound tits dragged painfully 
under her.


Then they stiffly popped into bulging glory over the 
edge. A chain, nipple clamped to each swollen teat. The 
weight of it making it swing, stretching them Cruelly. 
O'Neil's BDU's torn, hung from her lower legs, Where her 
booted feet twitched and flexed. She was bent over 
forwards with her head hanging over the side and her ass 
in the air.

"Get her legs, hold em, that's it! Pull 'em tight!"

"Tighter! That's it, wide open, WIDE!!"

They tied her knees to the legs of the bench, Thick cord 
around each knee.

"Strap her belly down!"

A thick pallet strap was thrown across her waist and 
secured at both ends. Then drawn tight by an enthusiastic 

"You ain't going fuckin' nowhere Spit-Tail!"

She groaned in pain as her abdomen was viciously strapped 
to the harsh bench top.

Then she felt something attached to the back of the gag 
harness. Her head was wrenched back hard and fastened to 
her bound arms. Pulling O'Neil's head back hard. Her 
mouth an open target from the front.

"Nice ass, you fucking whore," said Gus, "Looks like it's 
still a tight hole to me." Another.

"Hey Chief what you and that dike been doin' to Her 
anyhow?" Another again.

"Real perverted shit you wouldn't believe soldier!"

"You make the bitch cum?" Gus.

"Oh yeah Lieutenant cunt juice here was squirtin' like a 
Skunk man!"

"Well let's see how fuckin' tight her ass still is boys!" 
Someone else.

The Master Chief came before her he crouched down 
grinning into her gagged face.

"Feeling sorry for yourself O'Neil? Do you want to strike 
that bell Lieutenant?"

O'Neil glowered at him "GOH THOO ELL PHUKK...UHHHHHHH!!"

He punched her face hard laughing. she grunted with pain 
and shock, her head slamming back.

"Who's first for a piece of fat assed Lieutenant?!" Jack 
gloated into her face shouting over her shoulder.

"Well I guess it should be me Chief!" boasted Gus.

He stood to the side of the Master Chief, in front of her 
wanking the thick black meat that she had been forced to 
swallow earlier.

She blinked and swallowed looking up at him with a look 
of horror. She shook her head 'NO' "NOH NOHT IM NOH 

"Oh don't worry Lieutenant, it's only pain. Best thing 
about pain is it's you're bodies way of telling you, you 
ain't dead yet!"

"Who wants head? Come and get it!" Jack backed off.

Gus went behind her. Suddenly, he smacked her on the ass. 
Her buttocks flinched and quaked two big stiff hard 
globes. She wanted to scream as her head was grabbed and 
jerked around.

O'Neil looked up at the evilly grinning faces of the two 
soldiers who had grabbed hold of her on either side of 
her head, their cocks growing thick and hard again. They 
laughed and started to smack her in the face with their 
dripping, half erect cocks, making lewd meaty sounds as 
they thudded against her cheeks, nose, lips, and 

O'Neil began to sob hoarsely through her sore throat, 
knowing that once again she would have her mouth savagely 
raped. Her shaved head was pulled to one side.

"Now lick me, you fuckin split tail slut" One of them 

"You goin't quit O'Neil? huh? It's so easy, say it, SAY 
Chief urged.

She shook her head 'NO' with grim determination. Then 
began crying as the first one pushed his cock into her 
mouth. He fucked it in and out for minutes. Then she was 
pulled off it. It came out of her ring gagged mouth with 
an audible wet 'plop'.

O'Neil's head was pulled to the other side, another hard, 
fat prick stabbed at her lips before finding her helpless 
wide opening she sobbed as it fucked into her mouth. It 
quickly throbbed and began shooting a thick gush of cum 
into her throat, She gasped in shock and choked it down. 
The other guy couldn't' wait and squirted his load all 
over her surprised face.

The other white soldiers gathered around jerking their 
dicks off in her face and laughing at her pleading and 
sobbing cum coated features.

"Shit Lieutenant there's fucking gallons more, UHH!"

"Best you learn to like it cunt! UHH!"

They began to shoot and cover her face with more cum, In 
seconds, thick spurts of it were slapping across her 
face, sticking her eye's shut. Soon every inch of her 
face and shaved head was coated with thick lines and 
clumps of semen.

She sobbed trying to shake her tear and cum streaked face 
free of it like a wet dog. Three more soldier's came in 
they began to strip they were three big black guys, They 
pushed through and came to her face waving their cocks 
like batons.
"BOOOHAAAAA! Mind if we join in Master Chief?"

"Help yourself boy's Lieutenant O'Neil just don't know 
when to quit, do you bitch!"

She shuddered at his goading cringing as they came over.

"Glad to hear, there's more of my unit comin' over. 
Should be here soon!"

O'Neil sobbed in disbelief at the news but the noise was 
cut short by cock.

They gathered around her head and stuffed her helpless 
mouth again. One of them, had an unbelievably fat ten 
inch Cock, He repeatedly rammed the head of it deep into 
O'Neil's throat, while the others gripped her jerking 
head. His powerful lunges, and girth forced her throat to 
stretch painfully to accommodate him. It was even wider 
than Gus's Throat aching tool. Each time he plunged down, 
you could see her throat bulge out painfully from the 
thickness of it.

"Take it Lieutenant, C'mon choke on it, I've been 
desperate to grudge fuck your worthless face! I'm Gonna 
shoot a Fuckin' ocean o'jiz in your belly!! Uuhh yeah 
that's it honey, Fight it ooh yeah! Fight me cunt AHH AHH 

O'Neil's head and torso jerked and jolted her neck 
muscles Straining to pull off the awful thing. His 
fingers and theirs Yanking and pulling her face hard on 
to it.

"NUUPHHH! NUUUPPPHH!" She snorted and grunted.

"Yeah, take it! Throat my cock, you split tail white 

"Take it! Throat it! you piece of shit cum bucket!"

O'Neil gagged and choked as the head of it rammed into 
her sore forced throat, drool welled up from her gullet 
and began to flow around his fat black cock. He forced 
himself down her throat, the base of his penis was 
ramming against her Forced open full lips, bruising them 
with each powerful angry thrust...

"Look up at me, cunt." he barked.

"I said fuckin look up! LOOK UP CUNT!!" He slapped her 
head hard.

Jordan tried to open her spermed-up blue eyes to look up 
at him, but they were all strung up from the other loads 
in her face so she just blinked at him and closed them 

"Think you came here to be a SEAL huh? All we gonna teach 
white officer bitches like you is how to love to suck 
black cock! Your gonna beg for it by the time you leave 
this program! You hear me cunt! You won't never get 

"Ain't that right, Lieutenant?" he slapped her head.

"Isn't it?"

"UUHHETH! ETH!" she gasped around its girth...

"Speak properly with your mouthful CUNT!!" he barked.

He grabbed both her ears pinching them up viciously and 
began to brutally fuck her face. His heavy black balls 
slamming to her chin. Her head was yanked forward onto 
his thick tool. He was so deep in her throat that she 
snatched desperately for air through her cum clogged 
nostrils. O'Neil was almost blacking Out when she felt 
his big black cock swell and throb, Filling the back of 
her throat like a huge knot just before it erupted a 
torrent of hot thick jets down her violated throat.

He sadistically held her head fast enjoying her frantic 
struggles as she gagged on the thick fluid. In 
desperation she painfully choked down throat full after 
throat full of heavy salt laden cum. O'Neil felt as if he 
was pumping a gallon of sperm into her lurching stomach, 
filling her to bursting.

All of the Soldiers were laughing and joking, howling 
With sick delight seeing her jolt and wince with each 
throb of his cock evident through her tightly stretched 

He pulled his still erect cock from her mouth. Letting 
Her gulp for air. Globs of semen dribbled from her thick 
lips and ran down her chin. Adding to the white
streams running down her face, that strung from her 
Eyelids and nostrils, thick streaks which ran over her 
forehead and across her shaven head O'Neil was almost 
unrecognizable to them now, through the layers of their 
cum, thick layers of it Slid down her puffing cheeks.

They laughed again as another soldier quickly rammed his 
cock into her gaping mouth and began raping her face 
again, She gagged thinking of the amount of piss and cum 
which had already shot down her throat, choked down as 
she fought for breath, she could feel it coating her 
throat, pooling heavily in her stomach.

Some gurgling sounds and whining came from her throat. 
That's all the complaining she could manage while having 
her throat fucked.

Gus laid his hands on O'Neil's flinching hard ass cheeks. 
He savoured spreading them, forcing her stiff strong 
cheeks to give. Letting him look down on her freshly 
speared Sphincter. Her cleft was deep and darkly stained. 
Her Until recently virgin anus gapped slightly as he 
forced Her cheeks as wide as possible.

Her ass had been tight when Blondell had pushed his 
deflated cock head into her so he could piss. But now 
after watching her having her face raped his cock was 
solid. The foreskin drawn back showing the thick bulbous 
purple crown. The fat tube of stiff meat behind it laced 
with hard rippling veins.

Her sphincter winked at him as she fought to pull her 
head off the cock reaming her throat. Her ass cheeks 
straining to close. Her fingers dancing above them wrists 
straining on the cruel biting the wraps that bound them. 
Her muscle Bound arms bulged with effort against her 

"Oh yeah I'm gonna bust your ass Lieutenant, your gonna 
Beg me to fuck your throat again rather than have this 
mother up your butt," he giggled.

Taking hold of it's girth he bent it to her asshole. 
Forcing it To it. He brought forth a great wad of spit 
and let it string From his mouth to her crack, She jerked 
as it hit and slithered down to wet her amber ringed 

He began to ease it in. The big fat slab like head 
dwarfing her rear opening. She tried to swerve her ass. 
He held her Still savouring the feeling of her now 
clenching hole slowly Giving, more, and more, and push... 

O'Neil jerked stiff her body quivering as the burning 
pain of His slow entry washed through her. She could 
actually feel the giant helmet of his cock ease in and be 
gripped by her small asshole. She felt it begin forcing 
slowly deeper past her anus. Into her rectum, going 
deeper and deeper. Feeling the big knot of his cocks 
helmet forcing itself up her ass, She groaned as it 
Stretched her wider than that awful bung that had been 
shoved into her bowels.

She couldn't tell yet, but the fat twelve inch prick 
hadn't fully Penetrated her yet. And Gus was determined 
to get every inch inside O'Neil's stuck up butt. It was 
hurting her now as he pushed in deeper, forcing her 
asshole to expand obscenely to accommodate his girth. Her 
insides felt like they were being ripped apart as he 
grunted, trying to force his cock deep up inside her 
tender ass. She was scared, feeling the massive piece of 
meat penetrating deep into her.

"Shit Lieutenant what a tight asshole." He enthused 

"Okay, he we go, you cunt."

"Time you knew what a log ass fuck felt like bitch!"

The whole group was going wild, jerking off in O'Neil's 
face, slapping her cheeks and forehead with their cocks 
as she made muffled sounds of pain around the prick 
lodged in her throat. They all encouraged their Gus on as 
he reamed out her asshole with his big black dick: 
"That's it. Make her fuckin' bleed! Give it to her."

"Shove it up her ass."

"Yeah, fuck her worthless ass."

"Jam it up the split tail whore."

"C'mon man, shove it in, she's loving it!"

"Arrrrgh look real tears o'joy HA HA NOT!"

"Yeah Gus make her fuckin' scream man."

"Bust that fat ass Lieutenant!"

He began withdrawing his cock almost all the way, then 
plunging back in.

O'Neil felt every inch as the huge black cock buried 
itself in her ass, over and over and over. She screamed 
every time he drove in, but the cock in her throat only 
muffled the sounds of her discomfort, and caused the 
exited man fucking her mouth to slam into her face 
harder. Her anal ring hugged Gus's cock, letting her feel 
every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed 
through her hole into the depths of her bowels.

She could only lie there whimpering as her ass was 
forcibly impaled on his unrelenting tool, and her mouth 
was violated yet again.

As O'Neil choked on the cock plunging down her throat, 
one of the men laughed and they all urged Gus to fuck her 
even faster and ram his cock up her ass even harder and 
deeper: "Give it to her Gus man. She's really squirming 

"That fat Officer ass is hurting now huh honey oooooh 

"Shove you're fuckin' balls in too man!"

"Fuck her ass flat! C'mon bust the twat!!!"

"Shit! I'm going to fucking cum all over myself if I 
don't get a piece of this sleazy stuck up whore's ass!"

"She's a fuckin anal whore. Shit, she's probably butt 
fucked Her way up the ranks man!"

"Yeah, the little slut's learning her place now. Ain't 
cha Ooooh yeah does that smart a little honey ooooh I 

"You like it, don't you Lieutenant cumbucket ass?"

Spurred on by their encouragement, Gus piston'd her tight 
ass, Slamming into her and shoving her nose deep into the 
pubic hair of the man raping her mouth.

"How do you like it LOOOTENANT. You feeling good?"

"Hey you ain't even gonna have to think about takin' a 
shit Baby. It'll just fall out after Gus has finished 
with your ass!"

"Noh! Please no more!" O'Neil tried to reply around the 
cock lodged in her throat.

"Fuckin' take this!" Gus yelled. He rammed his cock all 
the way into her tight asshole.

In agony O'Neil managed to jerk her face off the cock in 
her mouth.


"Yeah that's it Lieutenant, squeal like a fucking pig!" 
shouted Gus.


With his cock buried all the way up her ass, he rotated 
his hips in circles and widened her asshole even more. 
Screaming as if a baseball bat had been shoved up her 
ass, O'Neil sobbed.

"You want me to take it out? Sure Lieutenant, I'll take 
it out," Gus said.

He pulled his fat prick back out of her ass. O'Neil 
convulsed as the cock tore back down her ass, and caused 
her even more pain and cramps. When he had removed all 
but the tip of his cock, "Is this better now Ma'am?" he 
asked her.

"GLLUGGHHLLMPH!" She managed as her face rapist rammed 
his fat cock back in her gasping mouth. This was O'Neil's 
only reply.

"You want it back in? That's an order? Will do 

and he rammed all twelve inches of his cock brutally back 
into the woman's ass. Enjoying her tight asshole, he 
sawed in and out of the Helpless Officer With every deep 
stroke up O'Neil's ass, she whimpered in shame and 

Listening to the sobs escaping her obscenely stretched 
lips; Gus made Sure that every thrust was faster and 
harder than the thrust before.

O'Neil, tied to the bench, could only moan in agony as 
the men violently raped her. She felt her mouth filling 
up with sperm again. Again and again, she swallowed the 
hot gooey load as another cock immediately took its place 
in her mouth.

They barely gave her time to breathe. Cock after cock 
fucked deep into O'Neil's throat, leaving behind their 
hot cum. Her whole face had become a mess covered in 
sticky sperm that was running down her cheeks and neck.

O'Neil's asshole felt like it was on fire as the anal 
rape continued, faster and faster up her chute. His cock 
actually felt like it had become harder as he kept 
ramming it up her asshole.

"This ass whore's incredible. She's so fuckin' tight."

"Hey Lieutenant you try and shit my cock out!" They all 

"NOHH!" She gurgled sobbing.

"Yeah you shit his cock out and Gus will stop won't you?"

"UHHGG... NOHH!" She managed.

"This'll convince you, you stubborn cunt!"

They stopped raping her mouth. Two of them knelt in front 
of her One snatched up the chain dangling from her tits, 
He snatched it out Hard yanking her tits viciously, she 
howled in agony.

"Right I'll pull on the fuckers you two slap them!"

Her breasts were like two huge stretched torpedo's her 
thick Nipples trapped in the grip of the biting clamps. 
She shook her head in disbelief.

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' SLAP' They started to slap her heavy 
Jugs. O'Neil howled in pain as her breasts bounced and 

"Shit him out!"


'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' 'SLAP!!' SLAP!!' Harder this time their 
fingers Coming down like thin vicious canes. O'Neil 
shrieked in agony.

"Shit him out you cunt!"

"NOH UHHHHH!!" She howled as Gus rammed sadistically up 
into Her spasming rectum.

'SLAP!' 'SLAP!' 'SLAP!' SLAP!' More cruel hard blows.


"PHEASE NOH... NOH!" He yanked the chain making her 





"You fucking shit his cock out Lieutenant or I will take 
that as a quit! you hear me cunt?"

She sobbed and nodded her head in awful defeat. "OHKAH! 

Gus heaved up into her stirring his cock deep in her 

"Fucking shit his cock out or so help me!" He took up the 
strain on the chain Again.

O'Neil groaned her face fixed as she tried to shit him 

Gus grinned as her bowels clenched his cock, her whole 
body becoming taut as she bore back on his thick tool.

"That's it you cunt c'mon! C'mon!!"

She heaved forcing her rectal muscles to grip and expel 
his Manhood. Slowly his cock began to be squeezed out.

Gus was in heaven her ass milking and sucking on his cock 
with each awful grunt and groan the poor lieutenant 

She pressed back feeling relief as it started to ease 
out, she was going cross-eyed the relief was amazing like 
having the biggest Shit in the world.

"SHIT HIM OUT! C'mon that's it c'mon."

It was half out now and she couldn't bear down any more. 
Her Ass sucked and chewed at his cock but couldn't shift 

"BING BONG!! Arhh fuck Lieutenant you're out of time!"

Her face was a picture of betrayed hatred as Jack howled 
with laughter. Then she let out an awful animal howl of 

Gus viciously rammed it all the way back up her ass 
making her howl as his mammoth tool tore up into her 
straining guts.


He rammed his cock savagely up in to her again, slapping 
his balls against her soft cunt

"Unfortunately Lieutenant Cum bucket you lost but don't 
be disheartened as a special booby prize you get to be 
butt fucked by all of us!"

"NOOOOOHHHH PHEASE NOH!" She sobbed wracked with pain as 
Gus beasted her ass.

His frenzy grew, and he forced deeper and deeper as he 
neared cumming.

"Take it you fuckin' dumb whore, take it up your ass!"

"UUOHH! UUHH! UUOHH! UUOHH!" she grunted as he Pistoned 
her obscenely squelching butt.

"Fuck her ass, GUS!! Fuck her!"

"Rip her fat ass apart, Gus!"

Again he pulled out almost to the tip and rammed his hard 
black meat brutally back up her ass. Over and over, he 
butt fucked O'Neil as hard as he could.

"I'm ass fucking the shit out of you, you cunt." He 

"Yes, oh yeah," He grunted in pleasure with every stroke 
up her butt.

"Take it, you ass fuckin' whore," he bellowed. He slammed 
up her tiny anal orifice again. And again O'Neil squirmed 
in pain, hoping to dislodge the big cock, but it was 
impossible. He rammed faster and faster ravaging her 
asshole like a madman.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass, you fuckin' Officer slut."

"I'm cumming!!!" With a sickening throb of pressure, 
O'Neil felt him bury his cock deep in her ass.

Hot jism jetted deep into her spasming intestines making 
her sob and flinch. Then she felt it flow deep inside her 

His hard hot cock throbbed for what seemed like minutes. 
He literally flood filled her ass with cum. O'Neil 
groaned helplessly as her rectum involuntarily squeezed 
down on the monster in it's grip.

"Oh yeah you fucking love Nigger cock bitch! who's next?"

She felt his cock eventually stop throbbing and he pulled 
out of her ass. With a disgusting 'plop' and fart. Adding 
to her humiliation. As he withdrew, she felt A stream of 
his sperm dribble and splutter from her asshole and 
stream down to drip from her gaping cunt.

"You ready to quit Lieutenant?"

O'Neil shuddered as his semen dripped from her still 
stiff clit. shaking her head 'No' she sobbed as he 

"C'mon guys lets make this whore beg to ring that bell!


Chapter 7

Lt. O'Neil was helpless. Her muscle bound frame on her 
front over the bench in the beach house. Her wrapped arms 
(pinned together at the wrists and elbows) behind her, 
Her drug enhanced, ballooned, aching, bound tits over the 
edge of the rough table top, A chain, nipple clamped to 
each swollen teat. The weight of it stretching her 
nipples cruelly.

Thick cord around each knee tied her legs to the legs of 
the bench. O'Neil's BDU's torn, hung from her lower legs, 
where her booted feet twitched and flexed. She was bent 
over forwards with her head protruding over the edge her 
head ring gagged connected to her arms holding it up. Her 
ass in the air.

It seemed to go on and on. Huge cocks continually filled 
her throat, cumming in her mouth and all over her face. 
They fucked her ass repeatedly, and deposited their hot 
sperm in her rectum after blasting her asshole wide open.

O'Neil became limp, unable to do anything more than lie 
there, grunting and crying, their rape toy. O'Neil gagged 
around the cock filling her throat as another cock came 
in her ass, filling her bowels to overflowing with jism. 
They were animals, using her like meat, degrading her, 
saying she really wanted it.

"You are a dirty whore Lieutenant you just love getting 
gang-banged! You'll be friggin' yourself off about this 
for years!!"

The brutal, degrading gang rape was shattering her mind 
and sexy body with its pain and humiliation. Cock after 
Cock invading her, pounding, squirting, and being 
replaced by another, then another, then another, and then 

Instructor Johns was next for a piece of her ass. He and 
Instructor Whitewire had a special treat for her. Johns 
sank into her gaping wet ring sliding the head in and out 
in short sharp stabs.

The Master Chief crouched down before her lifting her 
chin smiling into her pained expression.

"If you feel you can not carry on Lieutenant, that it all 
seems beyond your capabilities just say the word O'Neil, 
Just Quit huh?"

She shook her head staring him down determined through 
the glaze of semen clinging to her jolting face.

"NOH!" she spat.

"Well that's fine, 'cos Johns and Whitewire have a 
special trick they want to share with you. One they only 
usually share with five dollar whores. But due to your 
tenacity and predicament they're gonna let your sorry 
butt experience what they call a Double whammy!"

O'Neil pulled her face away groaning as Johns began to 
pump her ass steadily from above her cheeks; his cock 
going down into her bowels almost vertically.

"Brace yourself Lieutenant this is gonna make your ass 
ache for weeks!"

Whitewire knelt on the floor behind her and the two of 
them dragged her cheeks as wide as they could. making her 
whimper and sob in fear of what they were going to do.

He was trying to shove his large, hard cock in her ass as 
well. O'Neil realized with horror what they had planned. 
With a guttural grunt of animal outrage she Clenched her 
butt cheeks up hard. Straining like fuck to stop them.

Whitewire was found too much resistance, he rammed his 
fingers deep into her cunt and scooped her own cunt juice 
and blood out. He smeared it around her crack. forcing 
his fingers down the side of Johns cock. O'Neil wept as 
she felt her ring sear with burning heat as it was 
dragged wider.

They would rip her open she howled and struggled as they 
laughed an jeered. The other soldiers gathering to 
encourage them.

"Get her ass open, go on!"

"Pull on that ring, rip it if you have to."

"C'mon open up like a good bitch lieutenant!!"

Try as they might she still fought to keep them from 
opening her up. She sobbed with effort her body straining 
to clench her butt shut around the cock that was already 
lodged in it.

"Shit man she's squeezing my cock! you ain't never gonna 
open her up!"

"Oh I think we will!" The Master Chief yelled.

He produced the plastic bag and thrust it down over her 
surprised features. Dragging it tight. She went wild 
dragging the plastic to her mouth. Her body heaving in 
shock and panic.

Distracted her ass flinched and sprang open. Whitewire 
gripped his cock hard and forces it along side Johns 
tool, he pushed it still didn't go in. He balanced 
himself, repositioning trying again, Whitewire heaved 
ramming it to her wet stretched tight anal muscles with a 
hard steady solid push, he gave a mighty shove, and 
suddenly her asshole was filled with two cocks at once.

ASS!!" He grunted with effort as it slid into her already 
stuffed rectum. She was arched in pain and panic 
screaming hoarsely into the bag. Jack dragged it from her 
head so the video guy could catch her pained gasping face 
as the second cock forced home.


"BOOOHAAAA!! spear her ass!" someone encouraged.

They went at it savagely, no mercy. They began to double 
fuck her ass with a rapid, brutal pace, both hammering 
against her splayed ass cheeks at each stroke, plunging 
their rock hard shafts into her violated hole. Making her 
jolt and snatch at her bonds in agony.

Two thick cocks rubbing against each other inside her 
rectum. O'Neil let out groan after groan, protesting 
weakly, she was completely unable to put up any 
resistance as the pair of men began rhythmically pumping 
through her anal ring and into the depths of her 
intestine, stretching the already abused tissues still 
more. Thrust after hard thrust slammed twin lengths of 
hot meat up her asshole.

"I think she love's it, don't you Liutenant-slut!"


The Chief laughed, directing the video guy to close up on 
them double raping her hole with their cocks, making her 
straining ass cheeks bounce with every ruining thrust.

"What you gonna say to hubby bitch huh? I had to hide a 
Pringles container up my ass during inspection! You're 
going to have to con him into fucking your ass so you can 
say 'look what you did with you're wiener' HA HA!"

The others fell about their laughing stinging her will.

O'Neil gulped in air and with a cry slumped just laying 
there letting them rape her hole, moaning pitifully each 
time the two cocks moved inside her, double pumping her 
aching sphincter.

A third got in front of her face, insisting.

"Time for another face fuck cunt open up! I'm going to 
stick my cock all the way down you're tight throat, you 
cum guzzling slut! You better suck this down your throat 
like a good whore!"

"Noh phease noh ore!" O'Neil gasped, her voice cracking 
with humiliation.

"Tough fucking shit cunt!" She whimpered, as he force-fed 
it to her laughing at her half hearted attempt to pull 

O'Neil's ass was being double fucked so brutally she was 
beginning to grunt like a pig with pain and the heavy 
slamming she was receiving from both ends, Her limp body 
was buffeted back and forth as her ravishers banged into 
her from either side, smashing against her rounded 
buttocks and driving deeply into her rear opening.

"Uuuuuuuuuhh! Uuuuuuuhh! UGGHHHH!" The man fucking her 
face groaned, yanking it from her throat he spurted. His 
cock jerked and jetted thick sperm into her gasping face, 
into her open mouth. Splatter after splatter plastering 
her face. He buried himself in her ring gagged mouth one 
last time.

"Fuck that's good Lieutenant."

He gasped withdrawing his cock from her windpipe with a 
sickening squelch.
Johns and Whitewire began humping alternately up her butt 
making her tortured rectum spasm and spring as it was 
pulled and pushed. O'Neil was in agony this was the most 
vicious stirring her ass had received she really believed 
these two would bust her ass it was awful the worst!

She didn't know but the two men with the fattest cocks 
there where double fucking her ravaged hole stretching 
and pulling in every direction as the two pricks ripped 
through her once tight sphincter.

"C'mon ram that worthless ass see how wide it will go!!

"GOHD NOH NOH!" she pleaded.

As they began really trying to see how wide they could 
stretch out her tortured asshole. After fifteen minutes 
of her poor frame squirming and jolting under this brutal 
ass raping, they came. Together they rammed both cocks as 
deep as they could up her quaking ass. O'Neil let out an 
awful guttural sob going stiff with shock as both cocks 
seemed to expand and then burst. A wheeler of heavy gut 
wrenching pounding throbs oscillated through her rectum 
making her cervix unexpectedly flutter her belly 
tightening in an excruciating flood of pain and pleasure.

O'Neil began to hump back her face a mask of shocked 
intensity, as she felt a slam of pressure ride up through 
her intestines as both men slammed a hot hard gush of cum 
into her bowels.

"Damn! Look at the whore get butt fucked!" Someone 

They laughed and yelled humiliating O'Neil as she went 
wild thrashing about as her belly released in sudden 
climax. She heaved back on the two cocks oblivious of it 
all as she orgasmed. cunt juice spurting from her 
ejaculating empty cunt.

"YEEHAA look a that whore go!"

"Fuck that is one hungry ass!"

Johns and Whitewire pulled out leaving her moaning and 
thrusting her hips in aftermath. They all gathered around 
as the camera guy closed up on her gaping hole as it 
twitched and sucked her cunt still driving heavy 
contractions through it. Her asshole had been stretched 
obscenely wide.

"Tell us you want another ass fuck, slut!" Jack insisted.

"NOHHH! Uuuugghh," she sobbed.

They bagged her making her thrash and buck in panic.

The bag lifted as she was blacking out.

"Ask for another slut!" He insisted as she gasped and 

The bag started to come down

"Phease, ey wh--whant anohher ashh phucc..." She choked 
out the words.

That was it then a free for all. The next hour passed 
with countless cum shots in all her holes. Heavy gushing 
streams filled her tight hole. The rim of her ass burned 
from the abuse. Some of the soldiers even filled her ears 
and nose with sperm.

O'Neil was continuously sandwiched, at one point she had 
two men alternately double penetrating her ass and cunt, 
with four up front choke fucking her face in turn.

Pyro piped pulled the Master Chief to one side.

"Shit lets have more fun huh?"

"What you got planned?"

"Fuck man big strong girl like that, yeah? Lets let her 
think she's escaping, get some fight out of her, shit 
that does it for me."

"I like it Mr. Pyro, lets do it," they laughed.

They went back to where O'Neil was getting her head 
fucked again.

"C'mon, suck my cock you stupid slut!"

One of the other big black guys was shafting her throat 
he was in a big a hurry and was fucking her face 
violently. He jammed down her throat and didn't pull out.

"Oh, yeah!, Fuckin' choke you cunt!"

He spat on her shaved head as he battered the livid pink 
head of his meat down into her esophagus until He was 
holding her head in a vice like grip as hammered away at 
her helpless face. He came, His cock jetting more hot 
thick jizm down her gullet filling her bloated belly with 
more semen.

As he did The Master Chief slid the pallet strap clip 
along to a split section of wood. weaker there the clip 
began to pull through. as the soldier rammed up into her 
helpless face.

While he did this Pyro was loosening the knots on her 
knees, only so they would slowly loosen.

Another soldier had mounted her ass and was heaving up 
into her squelching splayed butt. As he came his shaft 
buried hilt deep up her clenching ring, He viciously 
slammed against her ass cheeks, The wood began to give 
allowing her waist to lift. She snatched her legs as she 
felt fresh hot bolts of cum spew into her bowels.

O'Neil felt the ropes give. The cock pulled from her 
throat and she gulped a deep choking breath. The rapist 
bastard pulled his cock from her sloppy ass and made way 
for another.

The Chief and Pyro looked on as her strong frame leapt to 
action. she wrenched her legs hard, and again, the cord 
gave and her legs slammed together. She hurled her body 
up from the bench top semen spilling from her mouth and 
ass. In an instant she was upright. The startled soldier 
began to turn. Her right leg came up as she span around 
lashing out at the nearest soldiers head with her booted 

He took it full force in the chest flying back into the 
others. She glared about desperate for a escape route. 
The door she came in was behind the throng before her. 
She lashed out at another, spinning her numb legs 
wobbling as she turned. She took two paces toward the 
window at the other end of the room. Dob's lurched at her 
she kicked him between the legs. and leapt past him.

Pyro yelled "BOOOOHAAAA!" and ran after her. quickly 
covering the ground. He kicked her in the back of the 
knee throwing her foot forward. She grunted in pain 
turning on him. Other soldiers ran past her to guard the 
window, So that their fuck prize couldn't escape.

She leapt in the air kicking his face sideways spinning 
him to his knees. As her foot came down he lashed out 
grabbing her boot. He threw it throwing her on her ass. 
She hit the floor with a cry and heaving breath through 
the ring gag, twisted over to her knees leaping up again 
with a loud enraged growl.

Pyro kicked her face sideways into the wall. O'Neil hit 
it and bounced off her big bound tits bobbing all over as 
she slammed into one of the rooms central pillars. She 
rallied as he span kicking his knee as he went to follow 
her. He grunted in surprise and pole axed her across the 
side of the head. She fell forward her arms helpless 
behind her.

Crashing face first onto some chairs. She twisted landing 
on one as Pyro bore down on her. grabbing her around the 
chest from behind. She slammed her shaven head back into 
his chin. Pyro yelled falling back his nose a bloody 

O'Neil levered herself up panting with exertion, to find 
her exit blocked by a sea of grinning men's faces. She 
span trying to get her bearings. Pyro grabbed the chain 
on her tits and yanked her forward. His fist slammed into 
her face. Throwing her head back viciously. He 
sadistically yanked her forward again. She tried to kick 
his groin, he side stepped.

Grabbing her round the neck. he twisted round locking her 
head under his elbow and began throttling the struggling 
Lieutenant. She slammed his legs from under him and he 
collapsed forward into the wall. She wrenched her head 
free and turned ready to flee. As she did He recovered 
twisted and his foot slammed into the side of her head.

With a startled muffled yell she slumped headlong into 
all the semen, piss and puke at the other side of the 

Pyro stood over her and undid his belt gasping with 
exertion. Through his BDU'S you could see his erection 

"Now that was a grade A turn on bitch Hooooweee!"

O'Neil had passed out.

"Oh, dear the whore's unconscious. just how I like 'em. 
Guess what O'Neil you're ass is still in open season so 
I'm gonna fuck the shit outa your sorry butt anyway!"

"Yeah! Way to go Pyro fuck her ass" the others jeered.

He got down behind her, dragged her limp legs together. 
Dropped his combats and took them off. He straddled her 
legs and wanked his cock ready then he forced his rigid 
cock full length into the unconscious woman's wet 

Each deep thrust of the man's massive organ brought a 
grunt from the helpless woman's lungs, but no other 
reaction, his thick tool entered her relaxed abused 
rectal sphincter muscles further until he could start 
slamming his hips against her ass, He repeatedly drew the 
whole thing out of her, stepping back slightly to watch 
his cockhead emerge from her violated ass.

O'Neil's asshole gaped open. He pressed his cockhead to 
it and slammed it back up into her anus, impaling her. 
Raping her wide open ass with all his strength, he was 
fucking her as hard as he could for more then a dozen 

Jerking his cock totally out of her and then brutally 
shoving it back into her stretched out hole, causing 
O'Neil to spasm as he again impaled her. He drove his 
cock fully inside her butt hole and pulling back on her 
shoulders he ensured that he was completely inside her 
slack ass before he began riding her.

He began brutally hammering up into her. Savagely reaming 
her ass. Her asshole stretched and dilated around the 
intruding fleshy organ, almost turning inside out from 
the brutal thrusts of the eagerly pumping instructor. Her 
shudders lifting as he arched her up. Buttfucking her 
viciously. Her still bound tits bouncing and jiggling in 
her own mess as fucked violently into her wide spread 

Finally he shot his full load of cum deep into her ass, 
He grunted loudly as he spurted his hot sperm, he slammed 
her forward into the mess. Pulling his dripping cock out, 
he looked up at the men around him.

"Next," he said with an ugly grin. One by one, the crowd 
took turns ass fucking the comatose Lieutenant.

Chapter 8

Cock after cock fucked O'Neil's mouth and ass, leaving 
behind their hot creamy loads. Her whole face had become 
a clotted mess covered in sticky sperm that was now 
running down her cheeks and neck while others pulled her 
ass cheeks wide apart for better access to the depths of 
her slack asshole.


Soon, her asshole had been pierced so many times by hard 
cocks that the tiny pink pucker had swelled into a red 
rimmed hole, gaping open for repeated penetration by cock 
after cock.


Her ass dripped with the copious loads of semen shot 
inside, and her strong limp thighs were streaked with 
white cum.


Her round buttocks glistened with shiny smears of sticky 

After the whole unit had taken a turn butt fucking the 
captive Lieutenant, some more than once, they stood back 
for a moment staring at her limp, full body, streaming 
cum from every abused orifice.

The Master Chief prodded her side with his boot.

"Okay men the Lieutenants gotta take a break in her busy 
schedule. Pyro, Whitewire! get her worthless ass 

In the cages outside the other captured SEAL Candidates 
heard the beach house go quiet. Then two of the 
instructors came out dragging Lt O'Neal limp body between 

She was dragged to the edge of the compound and 
disappeared from sight.

"Fuck what they doin' to her man?" Gotezlav asked.

"What we should have done, fuck her ass man!" Cortez 

"They ain't are they?" Slav asked.

"Get fuckin' real, would you pass up a piece o' ass like 
that?" Mc Cool.

"Well I'll have a piece if they put her back in here!" 
Cotez laughed.

"You sick fuckers!" Slav reprimanded.

"C'mon man what do you expect, some flowers, hope you 
enjoy your captivity?" they all laughed.

At the end of the cage run the instructors held O'Neil's 
body against the wall of the stockade. On her knees. Her 
tits and face thrust between the rough wooden beams. They 
attached her Gag strap to a beam above holding her limp 
head up. Her legs were spread, and tied open. Then a 
pallet strap was slung across her back and tightened 
between the two poles. Forcing her unconscious frame to 
the stockade wall. Her bound tits ballooning out on the 
inside. Then a piece of wood with a crescent cut out of 
it was slotted in behind her head stopping it from 
pulling back.

The instructors left her there unconscious, for her 
fellow candidates to find.

The guards came into the compound and let them all out of 
the cages.

Then they left.

Cortez, Slav, Mc Cool, and Kotec went to find O'Neil it 
wasn't difficult, There was only one avenue leading of to 
the latrines as the sign said.

At the end of it her bound tits thrust through the wooden 
poles, her limp face coated in thick semen was Lt O'Neil.

"Fuck man she's really fucked up!" Slav gasped.

"You don't say Mr. Mensa, I think she could do with some 
more!" Cortez said.

They all looked at each other, Then Cotez grinned.

"I'm first I really hate this mother bitch!"

"But we can't!" gasped Slav.

" So you gonna turn down the chance to fuck this whore in 
the face?"

Cotez took hold of her sperm covered, slack face lifting 

"Besides she ain't exactly gonna remember who's cock went 
where now is she?" he laughed.

Slav shook his head slowly.

"As I said I'm first! Come to Cotez baby," he started to 
undo his pants.

O'Neil groaned still only semi-conscious, Cotez gripped 
her shaved head and jerked it, tilting her head up and 

"Damn! I really wanted some fight when I raped her stuck 
up throat, but since she's out of it, I'll just have to 
fuck her face anyhow."

His other hand wrapped around her jaw, forcing her 
helpless spread bruised lips toward his cock.

"Now this should slip down nice and easy cunt!" he 

He placed his rigid cock just between her parted lips. 
Then, his face contorted in anger, he drove it into her 
mouth up to the hilt, his balls slapping the underside of 
her chin. Her throat bulged as his cock drove deep within 
her. The wood held hard against the back of her head, 
With nowhere to go, her mouth helplessly engulfing him. 
Her face disappeared in his groin as he brutally jammed 
himself in her windpipe, gyrating from side to side, 
stretching her throat even further.

His face twisted with hate and erotic pleasure as he 
started bucking into her face with hard, driving thrusts, 
his testicles slapping her chin and her throat bulging 
with each forward thrust of his hips. As O'Neil gagged on 
his member, he groaned in reaction, slamming into her 
violently. He began to face fuck her with brutal long 
deep thrusts, Her head jolting and bobbing as he raped 
her helpless face. He suddenly stiffened, ramming deep 
between her lips, as he felt the boiling semen rising up 
within him.

With a grunt of pleasure Cotez wrapped his arms around 
the wooden poles, levering himself deep into her trapped 
head. with short sharp deep thrusts.

"Fuck yeah UH, UH, UH, UH, YEAH ARGHHHHH!" he groaned.

One last time, he drove himself deep within her mouth and 
held himself there. O'Neil's bruised lips unconsciously 
wrapped around the hilt of Cotez's cock as the first 
burst of semen shot into her belly. Gurgling sounds came 
from her wickedly distended throat. A malicious smile 
crossed Cotez's face as he heard O'Neil gag on his first 
shot of cum.

Semi-conscious, O'Neil tried to swallow the large 
quantities of sperm that was issuing into her throat, but 
a lot of the stuff escaped out of her mouth and blew out 
of her nose. She now had gallons of semen inside her 

"Not so fucking smart now are you throat whore!"

He spat ripping his dong from her throat with a 
resounding glug and sprayed more of his steaming cum all 
over her slack face, semen spilled from her mouth pouring 
down her chin.

"So how do you like that, huh? Lieutenant Ma'am!" he 
baited her.

"You fucking two bit trash whore." He grips his cock and 
wipes the bloated head across her face, shooting and 
smearing the last of his juices over her lips and 
nostrils until he was drained completely.

"Shit Lieutenant You are one excellent face fuck!"

"Lets see how good you are as a urinal huh? you'd like 
that wouldn't you a belly full O' Cotez's piss? I bet you 

"Fuck Cotez you sick bastard don't do that to her man?" 
Slav complained.

"Fuck you! are you a pussy or what? you don't like what I 
do! go fuck yourself!!"

He reinserted his softening member into her mouth and 
pushed it into her throat with his hand.

"Open up, you filthy slut."

He forced more of his cock into O'Neil's mouth.

"Start swallowing, whore or you're gonna drown!"

He started to piss pushing his cock deeper as her mouth 
filled with urine. She spluttered choking but had no 
strength to fight. His hot piss started to fill her mouth 
almost instantly and began leaking down her chin. He 
lifted it holding her head up opening her helpless 
throat. It hosed from his cock forcing her to swallow on 
automatic keeping up with the flow of hot urine. With 
desperate gulps.

She drank from his meat swallowing over and over, sucking 
his urine directly from his bladder. Her throat 
swallowing the bitter urine. Loud gulping noises came 
from her throat as the hot fluid poured down her. It 
gushed down her throat and burning her belly. It seemed 
to go on forever. Nearly a full minute passed before he 
finished relieving himself in her mouth.

"Good girl, Lieutenant," he sneered. "I knew you'd be a 
great piss drinking slut."

He pulled out of her mouth and stepped away her head hung 
down limply again.
McCool pushed him aside.

"I'm next you fuckers!"

Mc Cool pulled out his semi hard cock and thrust it into 
O'Neil's slack mouth. His thick black tool had to be 
shoved in, the livid pink helmet bulging as it went into 
her bruised lips.

"I could do with a piss before I get this bastard up."

His piss stream spluttered then poured into her mouth.

"Swallow it cunt. Swallow it."

By now the other prisoners had come to find out what was 
going on. Everyone was watching. Piss was running down 
her chin as her mouth filled up. There was no end to the 
flow entering her mouth.

"Oh yeah she's swallowing it," He gloated.

O'Neil gulped. Becoming aware she felt the hot piss gush 
down her throat. Then it stopped another helmet pushed 
into her helpless mouth. Again her mouth was filled with 
an endless flow of hot piss. With another gulp and it 
went down.

O'Neil's belly was aching, distended. Her ass was so 

'How many of these bastards had pissed down her throat?'

She could hear them talking as the latest finished 
pissing In her mouth.

"This is fuckin' incredible A fuckin' Lieutenant as a 
piss bucket!"

The last one finished then three more began pissing on 
her big ballooned tits. The hot geysers hammering off her 
hard bound bust, washing her head and face.

O'Neil hung there totally drenched in their hot steamy 

Then Kotec gripped her head on both sides and pushed his 
half hard cock about half way into her ring gagged mouth 
and stood there with his head tilted back. Kotec took a 
deep breath and then yellow fluid began gushing from 
around Kotec's cock out of the sides of O'Neil's mouth. 
He forced it deeper.

The piss stopped escaping from O'Neil's mouth. Her lips 
were clamped around Kotec's urinating cock. She was 
drinking it, gulping the hot piss as it drained from his 
big cock. Kotec held her head in place, forcing her to 
swallow all of his urine.

'He was pissing in Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil's stuck up 
mouth, right her mouth. He was forcing O'Neil's mouth to 
be his human toilet. Fuck it felt good!'

Kotec looked down at her, "Swallow it down, you little 
whore. Or I'll shove it all the way down and piss right 
into your belly."

She spluttered and gasped unable to stand the perverse 
treatment she suffered. Trying to pull her face away. She 
found her head held fast. Her body flexed and strained as 
he held her face to his cock enjoying the way her tongue 
fought him.

"Hey the bitch is awake. Uh, uh, oh no, you don't not 
till I've finished Lieutenant!"

She reluctantly drank from his cock. Finally he pulled 
out letting O'Neil head snatch away with her stomach full 
of hot yellow juice. She gasped and gagged gulping air.

Then she realized the others were gathering around. She 
couldn't take any more of this her stomach was already 
churning and she knew she would be sick.

She shook her head 'NO' as they crowded round.

One at time they took their turn standing over O'Neil's 
open mouth and urinated in it. By the time the seventh 
one finished pissing in her mouth, her face was pretty 

O'Neil's stomach ached and cramped. She had swallowed god 
knows how much cum and now seven bladders of piss with 
others still to go. The next one was a guy with a thick 
short member. Her gut was churning with the hot acidity 
piss she just swallowed.

It was his turn now and he walked up to O'Neil. He placed 
his thick but flaccid tool just in her mouth with the 
head resting on her tongue.

"Hey Lieutenant I wanna make sure you get all of this. 
Cos I'm bustin full an we don't wanna waste any, now do 
we, honey?"

His piss stream started and flowed right across O'Neil's 
tongue to the back of her throat. In resignation she 
swallowed as her mouth filled and the warm flow of urine 
continued. She swallowed and swallowed keeping up with 
his piss as he emptied his full bladder in her helpless 
piss drinkin' mouth. His hot piss seemed to stream 
endlessly from his cock.

He squeezed his cock stopping the flow. O'Neil swallowed 
the hot piss filling her throat and mouth.

"Ahhh... that's good, Good girl!" He reassured.

Then again he released a piss stream that filled her 
mouth more quickly and O'Neil swallowed that too, 
collecting another mouthful of his hot yellow piss.

"Gulp!!!Gulp!!!Gulp!!!Gulp!!!Gulp!!!" And that was gone 

She helplessly emptied his bladder a mouthful at a time. 
She drank every drop, flushing it down her throat into 
her already cum and piss filled stomach.

O'Neil gulped as fast as she could as this guy's cock 
flooded her mouth with his hot gushing piss. O'Neil drank 
it down as it filled her mouth like drinking from a 
garden hose. Every so often the quantity was more than 
she could handle and it overflowed her mouth. The urine 
dribbled out down her chin onto her bound breasts and 
down her belly.

Finally drained, he removed his cock.

"You ARE good, Lieutenant. Never met a piss drinkin' 
Officer slut before."

While his cock drained Cotez was jerking off watching 
O'Neil. By the time she finished her eighth bladder of 
urine he was ready to cum. No sooner had O'Neil swallowed 
the last mouthful of piss.

"Open your mouth you filthy slut," Cotez yelled.

He pulled her head round and he shot his cum. The load 
was tremendous, blasting in torrents from his cock. 
O'Neil had cum plastered all over her face and dripping 
down her cheeks in addition to a mouthful of the thick 
hot sperm.

Three more guys with full bladders moved in place and 
began pissing onto O'Neil. They aimed at her head first 
blasting their hot urine in Lt O'Neil's face. Quickly all 
the scum washed from O'Neil and ran down her lovely body.

Two men were pissing on her soaking her shaved head.

Another was shooting his stream right in her face.

"Lieutenant piss slut," one gloated.

"Drink our piss, you stupid cunt... you ass slut... 
fuckin' whore. Swallow it, you fucking whore... FUCKIN' 

They finished urinating. She was soaked in piss, her 
strong muscled body was drenched and her belly was 
achingly full.

And then they wanked off over her trapped face. First one 
shot his jizm all over her features, across her nose and 
in her eyes. Then two at the same time, one with several 
hard blasts of heavy jizm plastering her helpless face 
and the other shot a couple big globs on her cheek that 
began to drip down the side of her face.

Then the fourth one came, O'Neil already had a face full, 
she was again covered in cum. He deposited more, cumming 
on her forehead, nose and spread it across her bruised 
lips. You could barely see Lt O'Neil's face from all the 

Several of them came back for more.

"NOH PHEASE!" she croaked as they toyed with her tits.

They started fucking her trapped tender tits. Forcing 
them together, yanking the nipple chain up over her head 
so that her poor teats were stretched cruelly.

Her big hard mammaries pulled together so they could 
shaft into her tight turgid cleavage viciously. Brutally 
fucking them as if her cleavage was a soppy cunt. Ramming 
their cocks up into them until the head burst out of the 
top of her cleavage. So they could force her face down to 
accept blast after blast of hot seed.

For the rest of the night she was forced to suck what 
seemed to be an endless string of cocks. They each either 
blew their loads down her throat or all over her face and 

She was some sight... a whore, a tramp, a cum covered, 
piss covered slut. Her shorn hair was, sticky with sperm, 
her face was loaded with cum most of which was already 
drying. Her breasts were spotted with jizz and wet with 
fresh piss. She stunk and reeked from the cum and urine 
all over her.

It was the late early hours before she was left alone.

Chapter 9

As dawn approached Johns and Whitewire came back and 
unfastened her limp body from the stockade wall.

Then they dragged her along the pier to the beach house. 
They heaved her into the room. And threw her on the 

She landed on her bruised, bound, fucked tits. Her 
painful distended belly made her look at least seven or 
eight months pregnant.

"UHHHHHH!" she groaned. trying to twist on her side. her 
face was a mask of drying semen. Her tits covered in 
clumps of it.

"Lieutenant O'Neil is all fucked up Chief." Johns leered.

"Well men I guess its time for the cleanup before we 
continue." The man leered at her and laughed.

The Master Chief kicked her bloated belly. O'Neil grunted 
doubling up and groaned, opening her semen encrusted 
eyes. Her tongue lolled dry in her sore ring gagged 
mouth. she stared at him with pure hate.

"Shit Lieutenant I think you're putting on weight! Fuck 
Ma'am what you been eatin'? You stink of piss! you got 
some kind of personal hygiene problem?" The soldiers all 

"Get the Lieutenant cleaned up!" He barked.

She was chilled by the thought of their plans for her and 
wondered what clean up meant. She didn't have long to 
wait as the two instructors pulled her up and dragged her 
back out.

They carried her by her under arms, to a water barrel. 
Too late she realized what they planned to do. she let 
out a shocked yelp as they thrust her face down into the 

Johns had his hand on the back of her neck, thrusting her 
under the water. Holding her there. O'Neil began to 
struggle as her lungs began to burst. She was desperate 
for breath her ring gagged open mouth letting the foul 
stagnant rain water into her mouth.

As she struggled Johns fumbled with his cock. Pulling it 
out he rammed it into the struggling Lieutenants cunt 
forcing it into her with brutal hard merciless thrusts. 
Her booted feet kicked and fought for purchase on the wet 
planks as he raped her neglected twat.

With several vicious thrusts he stiffened and came into 
her speared twat. He pulled out and dragged her up out of 
the water. He threw her on her front on the planking in 
front of the doors.

"Hey there's nothing like a fuck to get you going in the 
morning is there Lieutenant," they laughed.

She gulped and gasped for air spluttering water out of 
her mouth dragging desperate breaths in.

Whitewire unfurled a garden hose and connected it to a 
stand pipe. He started it up. O'Neil straightened shocked 
as the freezing water hit her. She was cold anyhow but 
she squirmed and gasped as they ran it over her body, the 
spray was almost painfully hard.

They let the water hammer into her body, pummeling her 
bruised tits. forcing her trapped teats into thicker 
aching studs. They kicked her over on her face and Johns 
stood on the back of her neck while Whitewire ran it over 
her. Forcing the dried semen off the backs of her thighs.

O'Neil lay there jolting and gasping with the heavy flow.

"Time to clean inside as well."

Johns stood on one thigh while Whitewire kicked the other 
out and stood on that, spreading her legs uncomfortably 
wide. Whitewire shoved the hose into her cunt. 

O'Neil let out a surprised yell. The spray was painful 
but it was also strangely exciting her as she felt the 
water swishing and forcing against her cunt walls 
tickling them before running out. Whitewire pushed it in 
and out of her pussy as if it were a cock after what 
seemed to her to be an eternity she could feel an orgasm 
building. He realized by her stiffening and pulled the 
hose out of her body, denying her.

"Fuckin' whore was trying to get off on that, lets see if 
she likes this as much?"

He walked around behind her. He started toying with and 
fingering her asshole. He poked a couple fingers in her 
butt and found how juicy she still was from his buddies 
dumping their loads in her earlier. Then he roughly 
inserted the hose up her ass.

"UHHHNNNNHHHUUUU!" she complained.

Here there was no pleasure only pain as the water filled 
her, she was surprised her ass was so stretched that it 
wouldn't hold the hose and water ran freely from her ass. 
Bursting out the sides once her rectum was full. 

They both laughed as O'Neil struggled to pull her ass 
Away, raising her hips groaning as her bowels ached and 
sprung with the pressure. After what seemed like forever 
they yanked the hose out of her ass and O'Neil groaned in 

She pressed back her guts demanding that she rid herself 
of the awful fullness. They watched as she heaved with 
her hips her buttocks splaying open and her ring 

It was so humiliating. As the two laughed as water hosed 
out of her abused butt. She felt completely beaten. They 
forced it back in and repeated the process making her 
kick in desperate agony as she filled up.

"OOOOH yeah you like that Lieutenant? nice huh getting 
your ass filled? plenty more o' that today bitch!" Johns 


O'Neil lifted her ass trying to be off it as the pressure 
added to the awful bloated pain from all the piss she'd 
been forced to swallow.

They're boots lifted off her legs.

"Get up on your knees bitch!" Johns demanded.

O'Neil just glared at him.

"Suit yourself cunt!" He kicked her in the belly.

O'Neil howled in agony as he kicked her again and again.

She struggled to pull away, to double up to protect her 
belly. His booted foot hit her viciously in the guts and 
she rolled onto her bound arms, face up legs splayed, 

"Hey Lieutenant I think you were on the piss a little too 
much last night, don't you?" they both laughed as she 

Whitewire finished hosing her down, washing out her 
mouth. She lay there panting as they switched off the 

They picked her up and dragged her back into the beach 

Inside The Master Chief sat on the bench around him were 
the other instructor's and guards.

"Well, well Lieutenant O'Neil a brand new day."

They forced her to stand naked (but for her boots) in 
front of him.

She stood tense ready to lash out.

"Phuk YOOO!!" she insisted glowering at him.

"Now, now Lieutenant that's not nice, how were you're 
fellow candidates? relieved to see you?" they all 


"Nice to see your experiences haven't dulled that healthy 
respect you have for superiors whore!" He stood, getting 
close to her. She stared him down. Suddenly he brutally 
punched her piss swollen belly. O'Neil gagged slumping 
over his blow. He punched her in the side of the head 
sending her crashing to the floor.


"Seems you ain't had enough O'this kind of discipline 

He kicked her in the belly again. Her legs flailed as 
pain shot in a wave through her. She tried to bring her 
legs up. He lunged down at her punching her face. Dazing 

The others grabbed her lifting her to her knees. 
Whitewire grabbed her around her bulging belly, pulling 
her back up onto her knees. Her hands trapped between him 
and her back the Master Chief moved in front of her face 
unzipping his fly on his BDU's. A soldier on either side 
stood on her calves trapping her legs. Whitewire 
supported her belly on one arm while he gripped O'Neil's 
on the top of her shaved head and wrenched it back. 
O'Neil gasped and grunted in pain as they held her.

The Master Chief reached in his pocket and emptied some 
pills onto his hand he rammed them down her throat as you 
would worming a dog. O'Neil gagged as his thick fingers 
forced them past the point of no return. She tried to gag 
them up but it was useless. He started slapping her puffy 
lips with his fat cock.

"You ain't never gonna learn whore are you? I knew you'd 
still be a stubborn cunt O'Neil, Captain Blondell gave me 
those to heat things up, she seemed to think that you 
would be a useful test subject for the Viagra she's been 
asked to asses. I saved my morning piss till now to wash 
them down with Say AHH!" He placed his soft cockhead to 
her gagged open mouth, grinning down at her.

"You feel like ringing that bell O'Neil? It's easy you 
just say the word and all this stops yeah! Oh dear, you 
can't speak with a mouth full of cock? Tut, tut you must 
try harder."

O'Neil looked up at him with a look of total hatred and 

Jack Smiled and whispered "Drink my piss, Split tail 

He shoved his cockhead in about three to four inches and 
let loose. His hot piss hosed into her mouth almost 
instantly she started and tried to pull away causing piss 
to spurt out leaking down her chin. He rammed it in 
further. Whitewire forcing her face forward. All you 
could hear was it gushing from his cock, O'Neil gurgling 
as she forced to swallow it all down.

"C'mon Lieutenant piss slut, swallow it! Yeah that's it 
soon as you've finished we can start raping you're sorry 
ass again!!" he yelled.

Whitewire held her head jammed over his cock, her lips 
rammed to the hilt, tight around it. O'Neil was drinking 
the Master Chief's hot piss as it gushed from his over 
full bladder, some escaped from around his prick and 
dripping down her chin as her mouth filled up and emptied 
with each forced swallow and a loud hard gulp.

O'Neil started gagging from feeling the massive, soft 
cock spurting time and time again. Hitting the back of 
her throat. He held it there breathing deeply in 
satisfaction as he urinated right down her throat. Not a 
drop came from her mouth. O'Neil swallowed six maybe 
seven times taking his hot fluid into her belly. Minutes 
went by as she was force-fed hot piss. Finally, he 
finished, pulling out of her mouth, Whitewire pulled her 
more upright, holding her swollen belly, overfilled with 
piss and cum. He watched the Lieutenant get that flushed 
sick look on her face. Defiling her smart mouth this way 
really got Jack horny again.

"There that feels better. What's the matter Lieutenant, 
bad taste in your mouth?" Jack chuckled.

"You'd better get use to it. OKAY boys string her up!"

O'Neil gasped for air, horrified. as the others grabbed 
her and yanked her to her feet.

A knife cut through the wraps on her arms freeing them 
into the grip of two guards. A chain was lowered from the 
beam above and on the end of it were some manacles. Her 
wrists were forced into them. Her numb arms were snatched 
cruelly up into the air. as the guards yanked the chain 
over the exposed beam they pulled, and pulled forcing the 
handcuffed O'Neil up on her toes as she struggled. 

Until the heavy strong muscle bound Lieutenant was 
suspended by her wrists. Her toes barely scraping the 
dirt floor as she scrambled for support. Her weight bore 
painfully on her shoulder joints, forcing a cry from her 
ring gagged lips.

O'Neil struggled frantically, as two men tied ropes to 
her booted feet. They ran them around a wall beam on 
either side. They pulled on the ropes, painfully 
spreading O'Neil's feet beyond the width of her broad 
shoulders before they tied them to the two heavy wooden 
beams. O'Neil hung there her legs splayed and her cum 
filled cunt and asshole open for the whole world to see. 
Helplessly open to anything.

O'Neil hung motionless, sweat pouring from her nude body 
despite the chill in the unheated beach house. She let 
loose a moan, born from her whole body aching.
The Master Chief noted with satisfaction that her 
nipples, were still wrapped in his the nipple clamps. 
With the hormonal drug still enhancing them were now 
extremely swollen, the tips almost purple from the blood 
trapped there. Her breasts two bruised, large, stiff, 
heavy jutting balloons. As she moved white fore milk 
seeped out from each nipple, The chain pulling them with 
it's weight dangled, waiting they're use.

Her muscular body struggled against the chain holding her 
arms to the ceiling beam. Her leg ropes were taut to the 
beams in the beach house wall. O'Neil frantically pulled 
at her bonds, as the men around her started to strip. Her 
muscles flexing in futility as she sought to free her 
hands. Her bloated belly bounced. Once she had been 
immobilized by the tethers at her feet and wrists Jack 
grinned at her.

"Fuck Lieutenant you look real good, you ever thought O' 
doin' this for a living?" He gloated.

"Who's first? C'mon lets get her ass all warmed up!"

O'Neil hung there cringing as the first set of fingers 
tested then spread her stiff butt cheeks. She felt the 
hot tip of his cock against her sore abused ass hole. She 
stiffened as he pushed and slid in. Her rectum still 
spasmed at the unwanted intrusion. He held her sturdy 
hips and sank deeper up her still stretched rectum.

The Master Chief watched in satisfaction. She still had 
that look of disgust and humiliated pain cross her face 
as she had her ass defiled. Fuck it was good.
He reached up and unfastened the gag yanking it from her 
mouth. He grinned at her shocked disbelieving look. 
O'Neil worked her aching jaw grunting as her rapist 
heaved up into her ass.

"UUHH AAGHH UHH 'Gasp' You Piece of shit! UHH!"

"Hey keep it up Lieutenant. Guess you're wondering why I 
took the gag out huh?" The Master Chief stroked her tits 
as he spoke.

"You hunger for intelligent conver. UHH! station?" He 
stroked his fingers down the chain, to the bottom of the 
curve he began to press down. Her teats began to stretch 

"Wrong Lieutenant, today I want to hear everything you 
want to say. I want to hear you beg like a crack whore 
for sex."

"Huh you got your pension coming before tha... 

He yanked the chain painfully wrenching her teats.

"UH, UH! Lieutenant don't forget how precarious your 
position is here!"

"UH... UH. What you gonna do rape me?" she managed.

He reached behind him to the bench picking up the 
inflatable bung that had been up her ass yesterday, he 
hefted it in his hand.

"I suggest you apologise for your insolent tone cunt!"

She stared at him long and hard "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!"

He grabbed her face forcing her cheeks in-between her 
teeth keeping her jaw open. In one swift motion he thrust 
the deflated bung into her surprised mouth. She fought 
with her swollen tongue to eject it, but couldn't. He 
pumped the thing viciously. It quickly filled her mouth 
forcing her jaw cruelly wide. Her cheeks bulging. Her 
nostrils flared as she snorted air in. Inadvertently 
sucking on the foul bung. The taste making her wretch 

"Now that's better, You're gonna be sorry you stuck up 
piece of shit!"

He yanked the two nipple clamps free. O'Neil jolted as 
blood slammed into both teats forcing them up larger and 
thicker. They quickly became more and more engorged. 
Burning hot.

Her breasts ached solidly as sensations surged through 

"You two eat these fucka's dry!" he urged two men at her 
swollen tit's.

O'Neil shook her head 'NO' as both grabbed a swollen 
mammary each. They grip them hard pulling them to their 
grinning faces. wetly kissing around her thick aureole as 
they yank and stretch each breast milking them. Pulling 
them up into two hot hard balloons. She groans as each 
clamps their hungry mouths around them and they suck, 
hard and long.

Two others smear shaving foam over her pubic mound and 
shave her pubes off, nicking and hacking it all off.

Lt. O'Neal felt strange her cunt felt so hot, heating 
quickly, her vulva swelling and her clit fattening and 
distending shocks rippling from it as it became 
incredibly hypersensitive.

One of the guy's between her legs starts to finger and 
spread her cunt lips apart. Exposing her swelling clit 
she whimpers and kicks as he laps at it. While he sinks
two fingers up into her cunt, the man behind her picks 
up the pace thrusting deeply up into her ass. His hands
squeezing and pulling her piss filled belly.

Her breasts feel incredible. Hot pressure building in 
each. She feels certain they will explode, as they wetly 
mouth her rigid nipples. Fingers biting deep into her 
turgid flesh, pumping them to their sucking lips. As each 
suckles her harder and harder. O'Neil Grunts and groans 
the pressure too much as she tries to twist her breasts 
away, to snatch them free. 

She suddenly jerks and shudder's as her breasts surge 
through release and an excruciating white hot wave of 
pain and pleasure rolls down through each breast and 
explodes behind each thick pulsing aureole.

She floods their mouths with hot fore milk. It jets from 
each teat. The men pull off and shout to the others 
pulling and pushing her breasts about coating their 
faces with her milk. They squabble to get some mouth 
after mouth snatching a hard suck at each teat as she 
struggles and moans going stiff as the rapist up her 
ass comes. thumping more jizm up into her spasming 

The man between her legs laps and fingers her, forcing 
his digits deeper and deeper pressing in to her G spot. 
Someone else slides into her slick ass shoving viciously 
up into her just vacated rectum. He rapidly began to 
batter his way deeper.

O'Neil jerks moaning and begins to fuck the man's face 
with her twat. They pull and squeeze her breasts, forcing 
more and more milk from her hot stiff jugs. The guy up 
her ass spears her deeply, his cock buried to the hilt in 
her squelching, humid, clenching butt. 

He grips her shoulders and begins to stir his pole in her 
guts. His cock a rigid thick pole, the thick head 
squeezing her cervix to the other's fingers, which press 
and probed. 

She could feel his cock sliding over the fingers in her 
pussy through the soft tissue separating her ass and 
cunt, pistoning in and out. She almost felt like he could 
grab hold of the monster piece of fuck meat as it kept 
passing by his hand on it's way deep into her bowels His 
lips were locked over her over engorged clit, sucking and 
pulling on it, his tongue teasing and flicking it in a 

O'Neil was losing it. Her piss filled belly tightening 
and tightening with every heavy jolt of pleasure coming 
up through her cunt, as it began to slowly contract 
around his teasing fingers as he tortured her squirming 
twat. Her muscular frame begins to stiffen her snorting 
becoming more laboured and frenzied.

She feels his fingers test and press back to her 
constricting muscles as she nears orgasm. He drags his 
fingers out, "CLEAR!!"

They all pull of her, her ass rapist yanking himself out 
with a sickening plop.

O'Neil squirmed and heaved her frame desperate to cum; 
Milk squirts from her ruddy teats. Her legs snatching and 
obscenely dancing in frustration and anger. Her face a 
mask of humiliation as the video guy closes on her to 
catch every moment. Focusing on her sweat and tear 
streaked features, and the delicious agony in her eyes.

"BOOOOYYYYYYAAAAAA O'NEIL! Nearly bitch! Nearly!!" Jack 

They all laughed and joked as she shuddered and gasped.

The oral guy came closer and began to lick up her inner 
thigh, shying away as he approached her cunt. And starts 
again up the other thigh. O'Neil strains to reach his 
tongue with her clit. The muscles on her legs rippling 
and standing out beautifully as she fought for contact.

Her ass rapist places the tip of his meat to her still 
open spider and lets her ease back and impale herself on 
it with each backstroke as she tries to reach his tongue 
with her clit. Her ass rapist paused for a moment to 
enjoy the feel of her guts encircling his cock O'Neil's 
body craved the conclusion of her orgasm. The 
anticipation heightened the deep-rooted orgasmic pressure 
in her belly. As she pressed back her orgasm was 
building, growing stronger. Making her their toy.

"You gonna cum for us O'Neil, oh yeah you're one hot 
bitch! You gonna squirt for us? I've got money on it. 
C'mon squirt for you Master Chief!"

She groans lost in pre orgasm, she heaves back down the 
cock in her ass. Her big bound heavy tits bouncing 
stiffly. Milk dribbling from each teat, and dripping from 
the undersides.

O'Neil's so close to coming, She's dizzy with the Viagra. 
She begins to hump and grunting forces her butt up and 
down his held still erection.

Her movements become more and more powerful, thrusting 
back on his meat maniacally. Her belly tightens into a 
ball of heat as the other man begins to lap at her thick 
rigid clit. O'Neil goes wild. He pulls his face away, 
hurriedly spreading her piss flaps with his fingers.

He holds a glass bowl under her twat. Two guys grab her 
tits really hard pulling and manhandling them. Pulling 
them up to suckle her, drawing on her thick aching studs.

In seconds she's orgasming, ramming her ass back into her 
rapists groin. Her belly releases with white-hot 
intensity. Thick hot cunt juice squirts out from her held 
open piss flaps, time and time again as she thrashes and 
grunts, Squealing as each hard contraction rips through 
her abdomen. Her poor empty cunt ejaculating its contents 
into the glass bowl. Squirt after squirt jets from her 
spasming cunt hole as the guy up her butt suddenly began 
to fuck her with jackhammer like strokes.

A long terrible wail came out of her as he brutally raped 
EE...EE... AGHHHHHHHHHH!!" O'Neil howled as she felt her 
cum building again, He buried it relentlessly into her 
tightly clasping passage.

The blood swollen head straining far up her tender, 
hungrily clutching depths. He felt her buttocks tighten 
as her butt squirmed to suck him up even further into her 
ravenous guts, filling her taut rectum with his stiffened 
manhood as O'Neil came nearer and nearer to further 

He couldn't stand any more, and he began pounding into 
the hungry cleft furiously, slamming his pelvis against 
her quaking buttocks so hard her body jolted and kicked. 
It looked as though he'd split her in half. He Laughed 
and stepped up the pace of his powerful assault on 
O'Neil's rear passage.

As his fiercely battering cock worked itself again and 
again into her rectum, her hips bounced and strained to 
force themselves back on the painfully impaling shaft. 
O'Neil groaned incessantly as the pleasure grew greater 
... greater ... and then burst in a dizzying whirl of 
sensation. She had never felt, dreamed of such incredible 
bliss and all devouring passion.


O'Neil was spinning out of control in a frenzied rippling 
orgasm that filled her whole being. She had lost!

Nothing else mattered, nothing but the delicious, 
satisfying chills of pure pain and pleasure coursing 
through her abused frame "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh..." she 
screamed, into the bung.

More juice shot from her aching quim, in hard wet jets. 
Her rapist cursed aloud, still sawing into her savagely 
with the last of his stored up strength, thrusting into 
her so hard she thought his throbbing cock would rip her 

O'Neil moaned pitifully from the pain, but offered no 
resistance. He slammed into her feeling the heavy 'slap' 
'slap' as he beat her convulsing flattened mounds of her 
buttocks and He groaned as he shot a great, flooding 
surge of thick, hot semen up into her rectum, filling her 
trembling belly to the brim, it oozed out in a thin, hot 
rivulet down the inside of her quivering thigh.

She heard him gasp one last satisfied groan of relief and 
withdraw, his rubbery cock now deflated. Her tightly 
clasping passage released its grip on his limp organ 
reluctantly, and he slithered out of her with an obscene 
wet sucking sound. It was replaced with a quick, chilling 
rush of air in her unplugged hole, as his load tumbled 

The Master Chief gripped her chin lifting her face.

"Hey O'Neil I won a Dollar I knew you could do it whore."

"Guess what you win? You can't guess? Yep that's right, 
some more fucking!" He let go and another black soldier 
stood in front of her He was naked holding his erect tool 
in his fist he dipped and she felt him press the head 
into her swollen vulva. Forcing into her still pulsing 

"You gonna cum for me too huh sure you are!" he forced 

He had to bend back to position himself, hanging onto her 
strong arms to steady himself as he began to rape her 
vagina. He was putting new pain and pressure on her 
stretched and manacled wrists and arms.

She felt another behind her and suddenly felt another 
cock sink into her ass. Double penetrating her. Her body 
trembled, as the both forced deeper. O'Neil felt as if 
her insides were being torn to pieces as two hard cocks 
dueled inside her, They started fucking into her hard and 
ferociously hammering away at her.

The Soldier behind was slamming O'Neil's ass for all it 
was worth, while the Grinning black Soldier did his 
absolute best to impale her womb on the end of his cock 
brutally ramming her tight pussy. They used alternating 
strokes one moment. Changing suddenly to thrust up into 
her at the same instant, cruelly stretching her passages 
as they banged against each other through the thin 
membrane separating the two.

So it continued Her bouncing breasts banged off the 
strong muscled chest in front of her rubbing her 
sensitive teats so that milk oozed out onto his black 
skin. While the white soldier up her butt let go of her 
shoulders and leant back gripping her ass hard with his 
hands and thrust himself deep into her anus.

The rapist up her cunt shot his hips upward in a 
continual manner, filling her hungry pussy. O'Neil 
screamed and cried into the bung as she was slam fucked 
between the two men, Snorting desperately through her 
nose for oxygen.

The dual onslaught continued until the Soldier up her 
butt Began to tremble and shake as he sensed his rising 
orgasm. He gripped O'Neil's ass cheeks even harder with 
both hands, cramming his cock into her bowels, to the 
absolute hilt. O'Neil could only whimper as he growled in 
lust, his cock giving her rectum a thick, foamy load of 
hot, insistent sperm.

The black soldier let go of her arms and grabbed her 
tit's she shook her head pleadingly as he began to 
brutally fuck up into her using them as handles. Twisting 
and yanking on them. Pulling her up and down on his tool. 
Her clit was jammed between his pubes and her splayed 
twat shocks ramming up the length of her cunt as it was 
rolled back and too.

Her eyes rolled back as suddenly she came again. They're 
whoops and jeers fading as she shook and jerked her cunt 
throbbing around his meat. It burst hot searing jizm 
straight up into her quaking uterus. She blacked out.

O'Neil hung from the manacles limply. The guards raped 
her ass some more. Her forced and obscenely stretched 
anal muscles relaxed completely, allowing any and all 
cocks to sink easily in and out and spurt hot load after 
hot load of sperm deep in her blasted out rectum. Her 
cunt was shafted again and again by eager hard dicks her 
swollen labia curled back and opened completely, an open 
invitation for yet more hard fucking into the sodden 
channel. She was double fucked over and over.

Eventually the Master Chief called a halt and they left 
her hanging there helpless. He was waiting for Captain 
Blondell to come back. It shouldn't be long now.

Chapter 10

Jack sent the others for a smoke outside while he readied 
himself for Captain Blondell's return. He walked over to 
O'Neil, taking a long good look at her. He crouched down 
behind her exhausted form. Her twitching still partly 
open asshole was leaking a river of cum down to hang from 
her taut buttocks rivulets had run down the backs of her 
legs to congregate at the tops of her stiff calf muscles, 
where it had formed a glaze of whitish slimy scum. He 
moved around to her front.

Her cunt was gaping open her shaved vulva still swollen. 
Her cunt lips still thick with the excess blood supply. 
Her clit a small stiff cock pushed out of its hood like a 
tall button. A smaller river of the slick white semen ran 
down the inside of both her muscular thighs.

He looked up at her bound up ballooned breasts, which 
jutted from her chest. Like two heavy bulging pressurized 
Zeppelins. Her nipples thick chewed studs. Tiny rivers of 
fore milk seeped out and coursed down the tight skin to 
drip occasionally from each breast's underside.

Lt. O'Neil's slack face, cheeks still bulging around the 
ass bung inflated in her mouth. Her puffy lips a tight 
circle around the protruding pipe to the hand pump that 
hung inches above her tits. Looked so serene considering 
her plight. The Master Chief smiled thinking up the ways 
they could abuse her next.

He stood up as the door opened. It was DOB's.

"Blondell's here sir! She has the base commander with 

"That's OKAY DOB's Salem's expected. Tell the boys 
there'll be some more action soon. Oh and get the Video 
man in the hide. I don't think Salem will want a record 
of this but hell what about posterity huh?"

DOB's grinned " Understood Master Chief!" he left.

O'Neil groaned stirring slightly. He drew on his 
cigarette and smiled.

"That's what I like about you Lieutenant, timing, you're 
a natural!"

The door opened Blondell stood there dressed in her 
winter black uniform. She held the door Captain Salem 
came in behind her. The Master Chief snapped to attention 
and saluted.

"Morning Sir!" he barked.

Salem returned the salute and pulled his cigar from his 

"Morning Master Chief. Blondell says you seem to be 
havin' some kind O' difficulty with a certain candidate?" 
he turned to admire O'Neil's suspended form.

"That's right sir, she is shall we say stubborn, like a 
mule sir, and I know how you like a woman with spirit 

"Damn right, so what's your plan man?"

"Sir if I may?" Blondell queried.

"Yeah spit it out bitch, I'm kinda hungry for a piece 
O'her ass so make it quick!" he barked looking at 
Blondell with disdain.

"Sir we thought if she were to be raped by you too sir 
that would break her spirit so that..."

"She becomes a SEAL Slut! Yep that's the general idea 
bitch. There's no point having to cart fuckin whores like 
you around if they don't fuck an'suck when they're told. 
Ain't that right cunt?!"

Blondell swallowed, "Yes Sir exactly!"

"Well I'll tell you what, you get that piece of shit 
dressed in her proper attire, hung up like that, OKAY. 
Now would you say, Lieutenant O'Neil is pissed with you 
right now Blondell?" he smiled down at her.

"Well... yes sir I would imagine she is. But..."

"Good I want her tooled up so she can grudge fuck your 
sorry ass Blondell! An I want her ass open enough to take 
my meat! Do you understand me?" he drew on his cigar.

Blondell's face flushed red, she glanced at Jack 

"Yes Sir!"

"Well there ain't no time like the present. Get some men 
in here Master Chief, to assist Blondell dressing her 
boyfriend there. And once she's dressed I want you 
Blondell on your knees here sucking me up while some men 
open up her ass yeah!"

They both nodded. Blondell went to ask something then 

"You got a problem Bitch?" Salem snarled.

She swallowed, "You plan to put that, (she glanced at his 
groin) up her ass sir?"

"Oh yes cunt, so you better make it nice an wet otherwise 
it's going up yours YEAH!"

She swallowed fearfully, "Yes sir," her face paling.

"Snap to it!"

Jack went to get some men. Blondell retrieved O'Neil's 
dress uniform from the vehicle. She'd enjoyed going 
through O'Neil's things to get it together. Especially 
the soiled panties she'd found, and kept. When she got 
back SERE troops were cleaning the still out O'Neil down 
with buckets of water and rough sponges.

Salem sat on the edge of the bench watching as he smoked 
his cigar.

They lowered her arms and untied her booted feet.

Suddenly O'Neil seized her chance and sprang to life 
leaping from their grip and lunging for the door. One 
grabbed her lower leg his hands sliding down her wet 
flesh then anchoring on her boot. She fell headlong, 
twisting over to kick at him with the other foot.


Her boot hit his face forcing him to let go. In moments 
she was up turning for the door. It was enough, the 
others were there. Her laboured breathing snorted though 
her nostrils as she kicked and fought ferociously to keep 
their hands off her. Feet and hands lashing out with 
swift accuracy. O'Neil glanced about desperate for an 
escape route.

Something hit her breast. It stung. She glanced down.


O'Neil went rigid her body convulsing as raw electricity 
lanced through her tit and body. She collapsed helpless 
as her arms and legs flailed her. She became a twitching 
gibbering heap on the floor.

Salem walked forward his thumb hovering over the button 
on the tazor unit he held the cable from it going limp 
between it and her breast. He stood over her. chewing his 

"Well don't just stand there get the Lieutenant up she 
has a busy afternoon ahead of her!" he growled.

They dragged her up to her feet. She stood on trembling 

"Listen up Lieutenant, you liked that? NO? I didn't think 
so. You make another fuckin' wise move like that an' you 
get another dose through that big udder o'yours yeah? Now 
you take those boots off and put on the nice thigh tops 
that Blondell has brought you."

O'Neil stared at him then knelt and undid her boots, she 
pulled them off. 

Blondell handed her the stockings. She stared at them, 
for minutes.

"Okay, it's your decision bitch!" his thumb lowered.

O'Neil shook her head 'NO' and hurried to put them on as 
the SEAR guards looked on. She stretched the shear 
stockings up her strong legs. They reached to mid thigh. 
Blondell handed her a suspender belt. she slung it round 
her and put it on.

Blondell licked her lips, feeling her twat wetten at the 
sexy vision unfurling before her. She handed O'Neil her 
dress blouse.

"Put it on your arms, do it up at the neck, leave the 
front open!"

She did her hand hovered near the electrode stuck to her 

"You touch that it goes on your clit next. Understand". 
Salem snarled.

O'Neil fastened it, the smartly pressed white material 
hanging loosely over her bulging tits. Next was her 
necktie, then the black skirt.

O'Neil looked delicious. She stared at Salem with 
contempt, fierce determination still burned there.

"Put the manacles back on Lieutenant, you looked so good 
like that, unless you want us to put them on while your 
fitting on the floor."

She stepped under the manacles and put her wrists back in 
them. Jack stepped forward and snapped them closed. 
O'Neil groaned as the chain went taught as she was 
hoisted up again. She was left on tiptoe in her 
stocking'd feet.

Blondell came forward and slipped O'Neil's dress shoes 
on. she took the opportunity to run her tongue up 
O'Neil's tense calf. O'Neil flinched and tried to pull 
away. Blondell stood up.

"Lift her skirt, tuck it in the waist band Blondell, so 
we can see her ass, then get your butt over here!" Salem 

Blondell went over to him and knelt at his side.

"Get it out cunt!" he ordered, standing.

Blondell swallowed then undid his pants, drawing aside 
his trousers she pulled his boxers down. Then she took 
his cock in her hand.

O'Neil watched her eyes widening as it came into sight. 
It was the thickest cock she had ever seen, limp it was 
about 8 inches and about 2-3 inches in diameter. She 
swallowed too.

Blondell lifted it to her lips, sliding the foreskin back 
to reveal the large purple helmet beneath. She hesitated.

"Sir... please you won't make me throat you again will 
you sir?!"

Salem laughed, "Well you better make sure it fits up her 
ass then bitch, now get to it!"

O'Neil balked she couldn't take that up her ass it would 
kill her, even with the abuse she'd undergone. 'Oh God 
he'll kill me!'

Blondell began to lick the end of his cock, running her 
tongue up over the top and around it.

"Master Chief get the Tail ready for Splitting!"

Jack got two of the guys over to kneel on either side of 
O'Neil's legs and pull them open. O'Neil strained to keep 
them closed. Fighting them every inch of the way.

He ordered another two to help. The other two now joined 
in dragging and holding her legs apart. Then another 
knelt behind her and started playing and fingering 
O'Neil's asshole. He forced a couple fingers in her butt 
and found how full it still was from the earlier loads 
dumped in her.

"Shit Master Chief she's brimming with jizm you got the 

O'Neil cringed with humiliation, her eyes transfixed on 
the Base Commanders thickening tool.

"Sure have, DOB's fetch it!" he hurried away.

DOB's came back carrying what look like some sort of 
pump. Actually it was some sort of penis enlarger. It was 
a pump that had a clear tube to insert your cock and a 
plunger that when pulled would suck on your cock in an 
attempt to stretch it longer. it had been doctored. 
Covering the open end of the pump was a tapered cap that 
had a hole in the end.

He handed it to the guy who placed the end of it to her 
asshole. He pushed the tapered end of the pump in, then 
once the clear tube portion entered her ass, he forced a 
couple more inches in making sure it was well planted in 
O'Neil's rectum.

O'Neil struggled as it entered her, fearful of what they 
planned to do she voiced stifled complaint's into the 
mouth bung.

Then he pulled on the plunger. O'Neil jerked her back 
arching her feet stamping as she felt as if her guts were 
being pulled out. He was siphoning the Jizm from her ass. 
The clear tube began filling with a whitish brown sludge 
as Bull extracted the plunger. It was all the sperm that 
had been deposited inside O'Neil's ass, tainted from 
mixing with traces of her own excrement. Slowly he kept 
pulling until he filled the tube and pulled the pump out. 
There seemed to be gallons of cum swill in the tube.

"Okay get her opened up," Jack exclaimed.

He walked in front of O'Neil showing her the pump full of 
sperm. He just wanted to show her how much cum she he had 
taken out of her.

She looked totally disgusted. He smiled.

"See how busy the boys were when you blacked out!"

"Now that and his monster cock ain't gonna fit in the 
same hole, see how good we are to you" She shook her head 
in disgust.

"You don't want me to waste it? sure I'll keep it for 

O'Neil winced and jolted as more fingers went up her ass. 
groaning as she felt her sore asshole get fingered.

"Hey O'Neil do you think you can take a fist in your ass? 
Your asshole's certainly slimy enough from all the 

She looked at him shocked 'NO' she shook her head, 

He grinned, "YYYYYEEEEESSSS! YYYEEESSS!" he mimicked.

She jolted as another finger was forced in, the forth. 
His hand began pushing on her anal hole. It stretched... 
she groaned, again he pushed.... it widened. Her legs 
snatched as she tried to clench her battered anus, 
desperate to stop him. More... all fingers were in up to 
his knuckles. He pushed harder.

O'Neil flexed her hips whining... he pushed still 
harder... it stretched.

The men holding her stocking'd legs struggling to hold 
them. She felt hot burning fire from her sphincter as it 
was forced and then a hideous sudden snap... and he was 
in. Her asshole wrapped around his wrist as he implanted 
his whole hand into her spasming clenching rectum.

"This is one fuckin' strong ass," he commented to the 

He began working his hand inside her moving it, pulling 
and pushing, twisting it, O'Neil moaned and groaned in 
agony. Then he backed his fist out until it was 
positioned right in her anal entrance, stretching her 
hole wide open. He twisted his fist back and forth 
rimming her anal ring.

Lt O'Neil grunted out in despair biting on the bung in 
her mouth as he kept her hole stretched wide causing her 
to feel ripples of hard pain.

Then he sunk his fist back in. He tried pushing deeper 
into O'Neil's quaking body and his wrist inched in 
further. How much could she take? How deep into her ass 
could she handle? How could she make him to stop. He 
pushed in deeper, inserting more, until half of his 
forearm disappeared into Her cruelly stretched open 

O'Neil watched as Blondell licked and sucked on Salem's 
cock which was now huge easily wider than the blondes 
mouth. He held her by the top of the hair as she bobbed 
around his meat.

Jack couldn't believe what he was watching. her ass 
taking all that. He smiled and went to the front of her. 
He grabbed the bung deflated it and wrenched it from her 


Jack lifted the pump full of sludge to her face.

"You want him to take his fist out of your ass O'Neil?"

"Yes ohhh yesss please please UUGHHHHHH!!"

"OKAY you drink this, he'll take his fist out."

She nearly wretched "No, no fucking waaaaaaayyyy!"

He closed his hand making a fist inside her giving him a 
little more room to make an even deeper entry. Again he 
pushed and another two inches of arm entered O'Neil's 
ass. It felt like he had his whole arm inside her ass. 
She wailed tears streamed down her face. Her rectum clung 
to his arm like a vice.

"Oh god... oh, god, make him take it out, take it out!"

"You gonna drink this then whore?"

"No don't make me... Please... noo?"

"Drink it!" She nodded before she realized what she was 

"Say AHH!" She opened her mouth in a begging fashion, 

He put the pump just over her open lips and began to pump 
it into her mouth and down her throat. He pushed the 
plunger down halfway and the slimy ooze spilled out the 
opening into O'Neil's mouth. It was the most disgusting 
thing she could imagine.

O'Neil's mouth filled with the cum sludge. Sobbing O'Neil 
closed her mouth to swallow. And swallow she did, eating 
the filthy sperm. The sludge in the pump a shit cum 
mixture he just extracted from her ass.

He grinned and offered her more she choked it down and 
then opened her mouth again, it was empty, Jack pushed on 
the plunger one more time. The rest of the sludge dumped 
into her mouth with some dribbling down her chin. Then 
another gagging swallow, a gulp, she drank it all, ate 
all the slimy disgusting sperm that had been shot up her 
ass for last hours.

"Well look at that, see now I find it hard to believe a 
woman, an officer, would degrade herself to such a level 
- eating the cum from her own ass. After it had soaked up 
the smell and dirt from deep within her own rectum, just 
to get a lying son o'f'a bitch like me the chance to 
laugh when I let em fist your ass anyhow!"

she screamed at him he just laughed.

She felt herself going nearly insane. Her asshole had to 
be stretched four inches across to accommodate the his 

Salem got up and dragged Blondell over with him to watch 
O'Neil's plight. His cock was still about 9 inches long 
but more than 3-4 inches across. The girth was amazing. 
He pumped it with his hand dragging the thick head across 
Blondell's face.

He pulled back out of her ass a little and rammed it home 
up her anal chute until he hit bottom again. Then again 
he pumped his arm up her butt bottoming out deep in her 
ass. He repeated his anal fist fuck into O'Neil's ass 
over and over slamming his fist as far as it would go, 
forcing it until he hit the soft flesh in the deepest 
part of her rectum.

Ramming her asshole like this was so arousing he was in a 
frenzy too and ready to cum. He ripped his arm out of her 
ass. O'Neil screamed from the instant surge of pain as 
his fist passed through her sphincter so abruptly.

O'Neil was delirious with pain.

"Here use this cunts mouth!" Salem insisted pushing 
Blondell to the soldier.
He rammed his cock into Blondell's mouth and came 

Blondell coughing and choking as his load jetted against 
her tonsils.

Salem strode behind O'Neil admiring her flinching ass 

"Blondell! Stop eating cock and get your toy, whore!"

Blondell staggered up wiping her mouth. She went to her 
medical bag. Retrieving her strap on dildo she lifted 
her skirt to put it on.

"Blondell what in gods name are you doin'? get that thing 
on this bitch!"

She looked at him with pure hatred, "Yes sir!"

She went to the front of O'Neil admiring her gorgeous big 
tits and the big wet patches that had appeared on her 
dress blouse, over each protruding teat. She hoisted up 
O'Neil's skirt at the front and dipped her fingers down 
to toy with O'Neil's stiff sensitive clit.

"UHHHH fuck off bitch!" O'Neil spat.

Blondell pinched her clit yanking on it.


"Get the fucking thing on her you ass!" she looked 
shocked and then knelt.

She put the first strap around her thigh and yanked it 
tight, then the other then she put the base against 
O'Neil's shaved pubis, the clit stimulator cupping her 
hypersensitive clit. She put the last strap around her 
waist and drew it tight. Then she drew it away and 
fingered O'Neil's clit so it would be trapped against the 
hard stimulator. Then she readjusted a strap, tightening 
it as far as it would go.

The soldiers pushed her legs together Blondell had some 
thick tape, She strapped O'Neil's legs together the tape 
biting into her strong thighs deep.

O'Neil shuddered not understanding. hard sexy shocks 
rippled up from her clit to her cunt. Then she felt 
Salem's fingers dragging her pushed together buttocks 

O'Neil stared down, Hanging between her legs, held in 
place by a harness, was the eight inch rubber cock, that 
Blondell had raped her with earlier.

"It's monstrous!" Blondell exclaimed squeezing it

"I like a challenge," Then she pushed her slippery 
fingers down between O'Neil's legs and up into her 
already lubricated pussy. She pushed all five fingers in, 
stretching the opening.

"Oooo!" moaned O'Neil in shock as she felt the intrusion.

Blondell withdrew her fingers licking them and stood up 
and then began playing with O'Neil's tit's pulling her 
big teats between her thin long fingers. Then she lifted 
her skirt and leg and pushed the dildo's head to her own 

"C'mon Lieutenant fuck me? fuck my cunt! I know you want 
to make me take it. C'mon big girl like you, fuck me."

"Get off me you dike bitch!" O'Neil managed.

Blondell wrapped her arms around O'Neil's neck lifting 
herself, then she slid down the thing embedding it in her 
own cunt.

"Oooh too late you are fucking me, Soldier!"

She began heaving up and down, each time squeezing 
O'Neil's trapped clit. She began to pump her hips in and 
out. slowly at first, then picking up speed. She used 
long deep strokes. She threw her head back, making 
gargling moans and grunts.

Salem started pushing on her abused asshole. She could 
feel the thick blunt pole against her splayed ass, 
"Please, please stop! Don't please... Ahhhhhhhhhh! 
Nooooooo!" she screamed.

ALL she could feel was cock as his pole sank into her 
trapped cheeks and forced her asshole open. The pain was 
incredible taking that huge fat bloated cock even in her 
stretched and slackened hole. Salem managed to force the 
head of his cock into her rear, he was grunting, trying 
to ram all of it the rest of the way in. Forcing it with 
his fingers, slowly it disappeared, He force fed inch by 
inch inside O'Neil's ass.

She screamed and gurgled in excruciating agony the entire 
time it passed through her asshole, the fat hard head 
painfully stretching her abused sphincter. Once the 
brutal head was in he stopped enjoying her taut ring 
strangling the crown. O'Neil was heaving her hips forward 
driven by animal desperation to free herself of the awful 

Each time she did she thrust deeply up into Blondell who 
clung to her front writhing in pleasure as she felt her 
thick dildo force in and out of her juiced up cunt chute. 
The constant rubbing against O'Neil's own love button was 
sending her belly into pre-orgasmic fits.

"Oh yeah O'Neil fuck me you brute ooooooh yeah!!" 
Blondell enthused theatrically.

Heaving up and down her muscular frame kissing her 
agonized face rubbing herself hard against O'Neil's 
trapped tits. Her slender legs dangling down her whole 
weight sitting on the dildo.

Salem felt O'Neil's tortured ass spasm and twitch around 
his tool He began to force more in, pushing the hard 
flesh into her butt, O'Neil howled searing pain lancing 
through her bowels as he made her take his obscene girth.

"OH GOD YOU Bast... please... please URGHHHHHHHH... 

Blondell was slamming her twat down on the dildo now 
sending bursts of shocking pleasure up through O'Neil's 
tightening belly. She leant back grabbing O'Neil's 
helpless bound tit's pulling and pummeling them. Milk 
squirting from each with every blow.

Salem went up on tip toe throwing his weight at her ass 
grunting with effort as he slowly managed to ease the 
thing in until his forearm thick now 10 inch cock was 
completely buried inside her rectum.

O'Neil was moaning and grunting in a hysterical panic, 
thrusting and jolting her hips as her mind reeled from 
the savage stuffed aching fullness coursing up through 
her ass as his massive piece of cockmeat stirred her 
guts. Cramps crippled her belly as her rectum spasmed 
around the unrelenting thing.

"BOOOOOOYYYYYYAAAAAAAA O'Neil I knew you'd be able to 
take this. YEAH! YEAH TAKE IT CUNT!!" Salem grunted.

She was slung forward wrenching down on her manacles 
desperately trying to pull off it her groin ramming the 
dildo deep into Blondell's dripping gash.

He slapped her ass as he pulled all the way out, He 
fought the suction to pull his cock backwards. O'Neil 
yelped in sudden pain as her sphincter fought to adjust 
to his thick helmet being lodged yet again in it's 
straining confines, burning and springing around his hard 
intruding staff.

Blondell slammed down squealing in pleasure.

"Fuck me fuck me!" she encouraged.

Salem laughed behind her. "Go on, Fuck the whore! After 
all she's the lesbian cunt that raped you, C'mon 
Lieutenant Grudge fuck the bitch!" He growled in her ear.

He reached around showing her the Tazor box his finger 
poised over the button.

"I pull out shock you ram back in until you do understand 

She nodded desperate not to feel that through her breast 
again. O'Neil eased forward feeling Blondell stiffen and 
groan. As she did in that moment of distraction her 
asshole abruptly spasmed, clenching and loosening 
suddenly sucking the rest of Salem's cock in like it was 
pulling back a shit.

screamed in horror.

He grunted in animal pleasure as he felt his cock head 
pulled deep into her guts. Feeling the twisting narrowing 
length of her ass tube straighten out to receive his 
agonizing sceptre length tool. He then Rammed forward, 
Viciously throwing his groin up into her butt skewering 
her bowels with his deep plunging cock. He jammed his 
cock back into her clenching sucking ass, He leant back, 
watching as it disappeared into her tortured hole. Her 
sphincter a thin red band stretched obscenely around the 
huge girth of his cock. Her strong taught full globes 
quaking with tension on either side.

O'Neil was heaving forward. Ramming Blondell's cunt hard 
and fast. making the blonde officer kick and hump. 
Gasping and groaning in delight as she was fucked by her 
dream woman. Her arms crossing behind O'Neil's neck as 
her legs came up and locked to the poor Lieutenant's 
churning hips.

"Oh yes Jordan YESSS!! Fuck me, make me take it UH UH!"

Her belly aching anal rape seemed to go on forever, each 
motion felt like it was tearing up her insides, an 
explosion of searing pain, which seemed never ending. Her 
mind felt only the agony coursing through her whole body 
surging up through her expanded forced intestines with 
each sadistic thrust up her ass. She could feel every 
inch of Salem's cock buried deep inside her fiery bowels, 
She screamed as Salem pummeled her ass then he rested 
just a moment.

O'Neil sobbed in relief, for the moments relief, She had 
never experienced such awful feelings and mind numbing 
sensations like this before. It was far worse than the 
others raping her ass.

Blondell was humping up and down on her front maniacally 
lost in her own building orgasm.

Then Salem began fucking her asshole again with a 
vengeance. Again O'Neil's sobbing screams resumed as he 
rammed her snatching quaking ass, unmercifully. He would 
slide his cock out and then he would quickly force it 
back in, Enjoying the way her ass sucked his shaft back 
in all the way. At the last instant He would lunge 
fiercely into her, straightening his powerful legs, 
slapping his balls into her asscheeks.

Over and over O'Neil's ass swallowed up his giant four 
inch wide prick. O'Neil gasped and cried out in pain as 
the monster thing rammed up into her belly. She had this 
tremendous overwhelming feeling of FULLNESS each time he 
sank the thing up into her.

Salem's cock ripped in and out of her anus, skewering her 
gaping asshole, searing wretched pain mixing with the 
shocks of rapturous pleasure boiling up from her trapped 
clit, and then hammering up through her body. Flooding 
her near senseless brain with overloading bursts of white 
hot sexual sensations.

She had began thrusting into Blondell's humping body 
surrendering to her angry bitter outrage lunging deep up 
the woman's cunt. passing on each vicious gut wrenching 
thrust into her fellow officers pussy. Salem grunted like 
a mindless animal as his engorged phallus impaled her and 
seemed to expand and impossibly grow.

Blondell went wild her body stiffening and shaking as she 
mouthed loud grunts of pleasure, her face a mask of 
glowing satisfaction as she came. Hot cunt juice flooding 
out down the shaft of the dildo as she pounded down its 
full length. Hard sharp shocks shot up through O'Neil's 
cunt as the dildo gyrated and bobbed forcing her belly 
into a constricted hard knot of potential.

Salem heaved, his hard cock flesh rippling in to her 
clenching hole. It reacted to the growing contractions in 
O'Neil's belly and clamped down around his tool with 
tremendous force. Salem groaned in pleasure, and putting 
his forearm around O'Neil's throat he Jack hammered her 
ass. Forcing awful howls of anguished straining helpless 
excruciation from O'Neil.

She jolted and slammed back. her body going tense and 
suddenly she was thrashing and flailing screaming in 
abandoned pleasure as her cunt exploded in a torrent of 
unbelievably forceful contractions. An earth shattering 
orgasm that nearly ripped her body apart. She screamed at 
him to fuck her asshole harder while her body twitched 
and bucked while impaled on his arm thick meat. Pussy 
Juice squirting out of her cunt as it went into a fit of 
powerful ejaculations.

IT!!" she drew a shuddering breath. "FUCK MY ASSHOLE... 
Ram it in... in my ass, harder!! Harder YOU BASTARDS!! 

Salem felt her ass suck, clench, and massage, his monster 
cock with incredible ferocity. He groaned deep and long 
as his nuts released a rushing flood of white jism which 
thumped up his staff into her sucking, hungry anus and 
burst into her guts with a heavy hot insistent throb.


O'Neil was a sobbing flinching puppet impaled on his 
cock. Her body wracked with powerful aftershocks. Finally 
he pulled out spewing cum all down the backs of her legs. 
As his cock was released from the confines of her rectum 
it swelled and pumped on it's own more cum shot all over 
her crack and cheeks running down and sliding into her 
gaping raw fist sized asshole. Once Salem finished 
creaming all over her, he shoved his half hard cock up 
O'Neil's ass one last time pushing the last drops of his 
sperm inside her anus.

He stepped back and came around in front of O'Neil.

"Blondell get this cleaned!"

Blondell climbed off the dildo and obediently knelt at 
his feet lapping at his semen, shit and blood streaked 

O'Neil hung there. gasping her abdomen still quaking with 
aftermath. The Dildo stuck out of her covered in 
Blondell's thick creamy juices. She felt totally shocked 
and stunned as the urge to suck and lap at his cock went 
through her reeling mind.

"Looks like we have another bone fide 'SEAL Slut' on our 
bookays boys!" He gloated taking out another cigar and 
lighting it.

Chapter 11

Salem let Blondell lick his meat clean then he gripped 
her hair and wrenched her head back.

"Hey what d'yer say we stage a little fight huh? It's 
been too long since I've seen you take it up the butt 

Blondell glanced horrified at his cock terrified for a 
moment that he was aiming to sodomise her again, (She had 
been in hospital for two weeks after the last time he had 
got drunk and reamed her ass out over his desk).

"What do you think O'Neil, I bet you'd love to grudge 
fuck the Captains ass now wouldn't you huh?"

Blondell looked fearfully at Jack and the others "No I 
don't thi..."

"Shut the fuck up Blondell! I asked the Lieutenant a 
question. WELL?!"

O'Neil stared at him and swallowed trying to gauge if it 
were a trap or not.

"I'll tell you what I'll do O'Neil, You fight Blondell 
here, you manage to hold her down and fuck her ass with 
that cock of yours and Jack here will take you back to 
the compound and I'll authorise your pass mark for the 
course. Now what d'yer say bitch?"

O'Neil's mind raced, what had she got to lose the 
bastards had raped the shit out of her, pissed on her, in 
her. And Blondell had helped them, drugged her, made her 
tits two swollen balloons that dripped milk. and raped 
her when she was helpless. Fuck yes if nothing else the 
bitch deserved it!

"Yeah I'll fight her! just give me the opportunity Sir!" 
she managed to force out.

"Please Sir don't she's twice the size of me she'll kill 
me sir!" Blondell

"HA! You should've thought o'that before you raped her 

"OKAY Master Chief get your boys to let her down, then I 
want 'em in a circle
so we can all see!"

The master Chief barked orders, more troops came in 
thronging around the interior of the beach house. O'Neil 
was lowered and her hands released. Her well muscled 
frame could easily match the slight Blondell.

"Blondell! get that other toy on, we're gonna make this 

Blondell scrabbled in her bag, retrieved another strap on 
and hurriedly strapped it on.

Salem watched O'Neil flex her arms staring at Blondell as 
if she were a piece of meat. She glanced around still 
seeking an escape route but there was none. she suddenly 
realised she still had the Tazor electrode pad on her 
breast and went to remove it.

"LIEUTENANT!!" she glanced up as Salem hit the button.

O'Neil screamed her body thrashing and crashing to the 
floor as she went into vicious convulsions her body 
contorting and writhing as the current died leaving her 
gasping on the floor her breasts throbbing with awful 
pain. Salem came over and stood over her grinning.

"Just a reminder bitch, your ass is still ours yeah!" He 
pulled the electrode off, the thing wound back into the 
machine like lightning.

O'Neil got to her knees and then her feet, her legs 
trembling, head swimming. every time she moved her skirt 
caught on the dildo strapped to her groin and waves of 
pleasure fluttered up through her cunt. She tried not to 
look at the sea of grinning faces around her.

Blondell looked across at her and down at the dildo, it 
was thick, and at least ten inches long, she knew it 
well. A strange thrill of fear and expectation went 
through her as she looked at O'Neil's powerful frame. She 
was mean looking, O'Neil's enormous breasts, still bound 
bobbed under the white dress blouse her teats sticking 
wetly to the material as they seeped milk. She was at 
least twenty pounds heavier than her.

O'Neil grinned nastily at Blondell, thrusting the dildo 
upwards obscenely at her.

"Quiet!! These are the rules, O'Neil has to butt fuck 
Blondell until I am happy that she is truly butt fucked.
Blondell has to fuck O'Neil in the cunt to the same 
degree. whoever loses gets to be gang banged by all 
of you!"

The troops jeered and laughed. "BOOYYAA!! BOOYYAA!! 

"All right Bitches GO!!" the Salem yelled.

O'Neil charged forward, and Blondell hurriedly jumped 
aside, just escaping a vicious punch aimed toward her 
head. O'Neil meant business. Blondell was hampered by her 
own skirt restricting her legs. As she tried to sidestep. 
O'Neil had no such restriction as her skirt was held up 
by the dildo.


The idea of sticking a dildo into another girl's ass was 
grotesque to O'Neil but if it meant getting even with 
this bitch and passing the course O'Neil would do what 
needed to be done to get out of this situation, no 
worries. She kicked out with her left foot.


Blondell jumped back but couldn't avoid a glancing blow 
that sent her off balance, and dropped her to one knee. 
Before she could dodge it, O'Neil followed up with a 
savage kick to Blondell's belly that hit the Captain with 
a tremendous impact. Blondell doubled over with a pained, 
whooof, as the breath exploded from her lungs.


Instantly O'Neil was on her. Her left arm slid around 
Blondell's back, gripping her blouse and jerking her 
forward around and over O'Neil's knees, as her ass 
wiggled helplessly in the air. O'Neil brought the dildo 
stabbing down against Blondell's upturned ass, thrusting 
several inches into the Captains clenching cleft. It slid 
over her anus and past.

Blondell cried out and twisted desperately, her hand 
reached back and felt O'Neil's heavy hanging breast. Her 
fingers locked around the tit meat, digging in deeply, 
and she twisted her hand and pulled back hard. O'Neil 
howled in pain as her breast was grabbed and wrenched. 
Her hands tore Blondell's fingers away, as she fell 


Blondell jumped up and dove onto O'Neil, as she lay 
momentarily on her back. Blondell's dildo stabbed 
downward, jabbing into O'Neil's cunthole. She twisted and 
shoved the dildo violently, hoping to enter her. But 
O'Neil kicked out, her foot hitting Blondell in the head, 
and knocking her aside. Now O'Neil jumped onto Blondell's 
back, as the Captain lay on her belly momentarily dazed.


Her belly slapped down on Blondell's back, causing both 
women to cry out. O'Neil grabbed Blondell's hips, 
stabbing down with her own dildo. The dildo smashed 
against Blondell's clenching ass cheeks. 

Time and time again O'Neil rammed the hard rubber tool 
against her crack. The little wrinkled hole was 
defenseless as O'Neil stabbed the dildo against it, and 
then thrust it inside. Blondell gasped and writhed 
against O'Neil, trying to throw her off, but she was far 
too strong then with a brutal lunge she pierced her 
swerving sphincter entrance and thrust into her rectal 


Blondell let out a scream of pain and anger as she felt 
it force into her. O'Neil's legs were squeezed tightly 
around the Captains, holding her in place. Blondell's 
legs writhed franticly as O'Neil thrust the dildo deeper 
inside her tight heaving ass hole. She tried to force it 
out lifting and pressing back with her ass but suddenly 
O'Neil's fist was beneath her and rammed up between her 
legs. Her hand grabbed Blondell's pussy hairs and yanked 
sharply, making Blondell scream in pain.

With her attention gone O'Neil gripped the base of the 
dildo tightly, putting all her weight behind her thrusts 
as she shoved it further inside the tight dry hole.


Blondell was clawing at the floor, trying hopelessly to 
pull away or turn over, as she felt the plastic cock 
tunneling deeper into her guts. Then O'Neil started 
hammering away at the last three or four inches of dildo 
that protruded from Blondell's ass. Blondell yelled and 
shrieked as the bulbous end of the dildo was mashed into 
her narrowing rectum with brutal uncompromising force. 
Blondell grunted and cried each time O'Neil pounded on 
the dildo. It was like a spike being forced into her 


She lurched and shuddered, her eyes streamed with tears, 
and her legs bounced on the floor. O'Neil rammed the 
remaining inch of plastic up into Blondell's ass with 


She ignored the writhing girl's pain filled howls as she 
forced the cock into her body until the last bit of white 
disappeared inside the butthole and her soft ass cheeks 
closed tightly around it.

O'Neil pushed her mouth to Blondell's ear. "I'm gonna 
make you bleed you Dyke piece of shit, you like this? you 
like it?! HUH?? See how much you like it cunt!!"

Blondell wailed in pain and bounced her hips on the 
floor, as O'Neil held on tightly for Salem's count. 
However he wasn't content, "BUTT FUCK HER O'NEIL, 

Blondell's body shivered. O'Neil shoved the dildo with 
relentless pressure, forcing inch after inch up the 
Captain's asshole. In a frenzy, Blondell thrashed 
beneath her, momentarily dislodging O'Neil.


Blondell tried to crawl away but was grabbed from behind. 
O'Neil jumped on her back, collapsing her to the floor 
again, then slammed it back up into her, forcing more of 
it inside. Blondell shrieked and scrambled up again.

O'Neil threw her arms around Blondell's chest as the 
Captain rose then dropped her weight backward. Both women 
fell back to the floor, landing on their backs. 
Blondell's eyes bulged, and a soundless scream of agony 
made her mouth open wide as the entire dildo embedded 
itself up her shit chute.

"OH SHE'S GOT YOU NOW BLONDELL!!" Salem shouted.

O'Neil locked her arms around her chest, and her legs 
around her legs. She started to shaft up into Blondell 
heavily. Bolts of searing electric pain rippled up and 
down Blondell's body as O'Neil ground the spike up inside 


Blondell's frame rocked back and forth, and a low pitched 
grunting came from her lungs. Blinding agony exploded in 
her guts, searing through her every fibre. She could feel 
the head of the dildo forcing deep into her cramping 
intestines. Her bowel muscles burned and ached far up 
inside her.

She was helplessly impaled on the O'Neil's rubber cock, 
she shuddered uncontrollably as her body screamed in 
protest. Cramps tore through her shocked system sending 
their own numbing pains to her addled brain.

O'Neil rocked up and slammed her down again. Blondell's 
head whipped backwards, her entire body began to twitch 
and writhe as she was utterly skewered beyond her ability 
to cope. Again O'Neil rocked back, pulling the trembling 
woman upward, then slammed her back. Blondell's ass 
squashed and jerked the base of the dildo against 
O'Neil's pulpy cunt mound sending bolts of excruciating 
pleasure up through her tightening cunt.


The rigid fuckpole jarred and vibrated inside Blondell. 
The last inch of plastic cock was forced past her anal 
ring and up into the entrance of her bowels. Her crinkled 
opening gaped open pressed hard against the base of the 
dildo, distended by the ferocious abuse of the fat rigid 
thing. She felt it slowly close tightly around the base 
as her belly tightened.


A roaring sound smothered O'Neil's senses, and she 
whimpered in denial. Her mind fought desperately as she 
wailed inside herself in mortification as she realised 
how much she enjoyed fucking this bitch.

Then her body gave a terrible shudder, It heaved, every 
nerve on end, every muscle straining, then she exploded 
into the most massive, overwhelming orgasm of her life. 
Wave after wave of searing, burning sensations roared 
through her system as she hammered up into Blondell's 
struggling kicking form.


Blondell's back squirmed against O'Neil's bound chest. 
Her tits swelled, enlarged beyond reason. They felt 
bloated and began burning, boiling. Her nipples were 
stretched tautly as her breasts hardened. and ached.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as her cunt mound 
crackled with intense repeated bolts of high voltage
sexual fire. They tore into O'Neil's sensory system 
like an exploding nova.


Blondell's asshole clutched and twitched around the 
Dildo, sucking and pulling it even deeper into her ass.

The Captain thrashed against the tightening grip of the 
other woman. Her face turned red, then white, then as her 
lungs were held in repeated contractions of inflamed 
fever, her face turned blue from lack of oxygen. Pain and 
pleasure mingled indelibly inside her as the woman 
finally collapsed, and slumped senseless, back against 

Suddenly O'Neil felt something against her neck Salem was 
over her grinning. It was the tazor, white blinding agony 
swept through her as it went off sending her body into 
brutal convulsions. She blacked out.

Chapter 12

O'Neil came too with a shock. She was on Blondell's back, 
The Captain was over the bench. She couldn't move her 
arms were strapped to her sides. She was strapped to 
Blondell's back with a thick hard pallet strop.

Her legs were strapped or tied to Blondell's. Blondell's 
arms were trapped the same. Her head was moving a man had 
her by the hair and was fucking her face with hard deep 
strokes while Blondell gagged and groaned. O'Neil moved 
and realised as soon as she did that her dildo was still 
embedded deep in the Captains ass. Sudden immense 
pressure in her ass made O'Neil gasp.

She felt the head of a giant prick forced between her ass 
cheeks, not in her yet, but waiting, a voice whispered in 
her ear, "Wait for this O'Neil, tell me you want it, tell 
me you want me to stick this up your ass hole, come on, 
tell me!" as she felt Salem force his thick hard cock up 
her ass again.

"No...no...Oh, no, please, no!" she screamed and was 
rewarded with a hand across the back of her head.

"Tell me you want it whore!"

She sobbed in pain and the fear.

"Yes...I want it..."

"Say it louder Split tail!"

"I want it, I wan-" She was suddenly stopped by the pain, 
with a single thrust he sank his massive prick deep into 
her ass hole. It went half way in and stuck, too big even 
for her gapping hole, the sheer size almost ripping her 
open. With a grunt and a mighty shove he was fully in 
her, thick gobs of semen oozing from her destroyed hole.

"That's what you need bitch!"

Her ass cheeks had been forced apart and her anus had 
been penetrated once more. She could feel the ridged head 
of his organ embedded in her sore asshole, forcing her 
rectum apart as it probed deeply into her back passage.

"Urgh! Aaargh!" she groaned as it slipped further into 

The awful stretching of her fucked out ass felt worse 
this time Her flesh pulled around his invading cock, 
bringing about an involuntary shudder from her. This 
obviously pleased Salem, who heaved even more deeply into 
her buttocks with his not insubstantial tool. She cried 
out again. She let her breath out in a long slow 
exhalation as he completed the insertion of his cock into 
her anal sphincter. It was impossible; she had been 
stretched to the limit and beyond. 

She squealed as he began pumping in her ass.

"Oh yes O'Neil still tight enough for me Ah OH YES!"

"Uh...hhh... uh... hhh... uh... hhh," she grunted in time 
with his thrusts.

Pounding, and pounding, another then another, her ass 
hole was numb with pain as his strokes became more and 
more deep, more and more violent, she felt she was losing 
consciousness again. Her buttocks were red as he lay on 
top of her and pounded into her mercilessly, "That's it, 
Sir - Fuck 'er! Fuck the goddamn SEAL slut - Yeah!" the 
men egged him on.

He fucked his big bone into her with renewed energy, both 
hands on her hips as he jerked her back to meet his 
savage thrust.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah," he grunted.

He slid his arms underneath her armpits and brought his 
hands up and back behind her head, jerking her back hard 
against him. His cock rammed up into her asshole, his 
balls smashing against the underside of her buttocks. He
held her there, then bent her back as he ground his 
loins against her ass, twisting his cock inside her anus.

He pulled back even harder, bowing her back to the point 
of breaking as he pumped his boner inside her rectal 
tunnel. His hard thrusts actually lifted her tits off 
Blondell's back, his prick stabbing straight up into her
and making her jerk upwards. He pistoned his fuck-pole 
up down into her anus with furious energy, his hips 
bruising her strong ass cheeks as he skewered the 
sobbing Lieutenant.

The motion of the cock in her butt made her scream when 
she felt him drive his cock balls-deep in her ass as the 
organ expanded and began jerking violently, spilling his 
seed deep into her bowels. Her pelvic muscles spasmed, He 
groaned in relief as a thick wad of cum spewed out of his 
cock tip and pumped into her belly. Wad after wad sprayed 
her asshole until he had emptied himself inside her.

"Ahhhhhhhh," he sighed.

He eased his pumping, leaving his cock buried inside her 
as he leaned forward, his hands pressing down on her 

"That was good, Split tale slut," he sighed.

O'Neil's insides clenching hard at his organ within her 
body, milking it as the man pulled his cock out of her 
anus with a loud squelchy popping sound.

"Right men get these whore's tidy we're goin' out to 

Chapter 13

O'Neil and Blondell were hosed down stripped of their 
tattered uniforms. Once they were clean. Blondell was led 
away. The two soldiers left produced a fresh uniform to 
put on her.

Johns produced a mess tin with cereal in it he gave it to 
her. she ate it greedily with her fingers, he gave her an 
isotonic drink she drank it in great gulps. Then they 
made her stand.

O'Neil saw it was another navy dress uniform. Her arms 
were released but held behind her, barely black stockings 
were rolled up her strong legs. dress shoes pushed on. A 
black suspender belt. Her poor bound tits were left in 
two big bound balloons.

They ached terribly, The two soldiers that dressed her 
touched and squished them enjoying her pained looks as 
they teased her fat nipples, she couldn't help staring at 
their mouths as the hot pressure increased within each.

'God she just wanted to feed them' she shook her head 
trying to rid herself of the relentless maternal desire 
that they had invoked in her.

Johns grinned at her tugging her dress blouse closed over 
both turgid breasts and forcing he buttons closed. 
Immediately the pressure of the material forcing two wet 
patches to appear over each teat. O'Neil swallowed hard 
as he thumbed each nipple. He chuckled.

"Oh dear Lieutenant is mommy ready for milking, your 
gonna hav'ta wait for that bitch!"

They both laughed. Her jacket was pushed up her arms and 
then she was made to step into the skirt, as Johns 
fastened it he rubbed his chest to her sensitive breasts, 
He did up the buttons and behind her Whitewire fastened 
handcuffs around her wrists. He tugged them testily. He 
breathed in her ear pressing himself to her ass.

"You look one tasty piece of ass in this cunt, boy are 
you gonna enjoy this evening."

O'Neil pulled her face away grimacing. She was led out to 
a humber and bundled into the back. There followed an 
uneventful journey. The vehicle stopped and she was 
bundled out. They were in a parking lot behind the club 
that she had been to with the SEALs. She was led into the 
back door through into a back room.
Smoking a cigar sat on a table was Salem.

"Ah! so good of you to join us O'Neil, Get her over the 
table boys!"

Johns and Whitewire threw her face first over the table, 
O'Neil struggled trying to pull back from the table top 
expecting to be raped again. The two of them held her 
arms up hard behind her locking them forcing her heavy 
tits to the table top.

Salem stood in front of her grinning he had a large dildo 
in his hand, it was flesh coloured and covered in 
realistic veins. He turned it over in his hands. At it's 
base was a small black round unit with a sort of stubby 
aerial sticking out. It was at least as big as Salem's 
cock. Thick real thick not so long but ass achingly 

"I had this made when I used to own a little club in 
Vegas, had it modeled on my own dick, you like it? 
thought so, watch!"

He flicked a switch on its base and the sides bulged out.

"You see that, it stops it falling out, yeah I new you'd 
love that. Now this is the best bit. (He turned his head) 
Music!" some dance music began to pump into the room.

O'Neil watched with appalled fascination as the thing 
began to gyrate and pulse in his hand, with each pulse of 
bass the end throbbed and expanded.

"Now ain't that cute! Off!" Salem chuckled as the music 
died. he walked behind her. She began to struggle.

He pulled up her skirt and admired her strong ass, at a 
nod from him they dragged her legs open, he pushed the 
thing to her abused anus.

"NO! NO DON'T!" she managed.

O'Neil groaned and stiffened as he ground the thick head 
up into her ass, her legs kicked and stamped as he forced 
it all the way in, twisting and shoving it up into her 
rectum. She jerked and flinched. Eventually it was in so 
that just the base protruded, he flicked the switch. 
O'Neil let out an awful moan and bit her lip as it 
expanded in her ass filling her with an excruciating 

"Oh yeah you like that baby! we're gonna make you one 
fine dirty dancer bitch!"

O'Neil pressed back trying to push it out but it was 
lodged fast. They let her up. She straightened up off the 
table with difficulty the thing was huge up her butt.

"Oh God you bastard!" she grimaced.

"Oh yes Lieutenant, through and through!" He produced a 
remote control.

"Un-cuff the Lieutenant Johns!" he did.

She rubbed her wrists, staring at him. He pressed a 
button smiling, she felt the thing flex in her ass, she 
groaned. He did it again she leant forward shaking her 
head speechless as it seemed to pulse and throb up her 

"Uh... Uh no stop it... please UH OH JESUS STOP IT!"

She put her hands back pulling up her uniform skirt, 
feeling with her fingers, she couldn't get hold of the 
base. She tried to pull it out but it was fast, the 
sensations grew in intensity, Now she was feverishly 
trying to grip it, without success. They laughed at her 

"Please, please SIR IT... IT's AWFUL SIR PLEASE!!"

She went to her knees. It pulsed, throbbed, jerked and 
flexed in her ass, teasing her cunt and cervix as it did. 
Salem switched it off, she relaxed gasping as it 

"You like that Lieutenant?"

"No! No! It... UUHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!" She sank to the 
floor again in agony.

"Pardon I didn't hear you Lieutenant?"

"UHHH... Yes yes I love it it's great!" she glared up at 

"I thought so, get up!" he grinned.

O'Neil slowly stood, feeling the thing heavy up her 
aching ass.

"Now tonight I promised the good people of this bar a 
show and fuck are they gonna get one. Do you dance 

"Not usually sir," they sniggered.

"Oh tonight I think you will, tonight's you're big night 

O'Neil rallied herself, "What makes you think you'll get 
away with treating me like this SIR, it's only a matter 
of... UHHHH!"

He grinned as she slowly bent double the dildo gyrating 
up her ass.

"I own this bar O'Neil, and most of the saps in it, Do 
you know of a man that would turn down the chance to fuck 
a piece of ass like you over say a football game? and the 
survey says? fuck the piece of ass!! so you see O'Neil 
unfortunately you are that piece of ass. And a very nice 
piece of ass you are too."

"Johns open the door, let the Lieutenant hear her fans" 
Johns complied.

The noise and music from the bar filled the room, 
expectant cheers boomed as the door opened, O'Neil 
grimaced as the dildo picked up the beat and began to 
jerk up her spasming rectum. O'Neil groaned gritting her 
teeth and going to her knees again.

Whitewire offered her a glass with a huge shot of Tequila 
in it. "Drink it, Drink!!" she did gasping and almost 
wrenching, He poured another, and another, She struggled 
them down.

"You see there's a lot of money riding on your ass 
O'Neil, you are a fuckin celebrity, and they have paid 
top dollar to see the show. Now this is what your gonna 

Ten minutes later, Johns and Whitewire came out of the 
stage door and stood on either side, the bar hushed as 
all the men gathered at the edge of the stage.

Lt. O'Neil came out walking reluctantly out on to the 
stage. She sported a fresh black eye and a thick lip. 
Salem came out after her. Taking up his seat at the side 
of the stage. At a nod from him the music started, O'Neil 
flinched and then began to dance, stiffly at first her 
face bright red with humiliation and embarrassment.

She danced as she had been told, legs apart gyrating her 
hips bending her knees slowly as she twisted her body, 
Her breasts forcing her uniform jacket to bulge, The 
dildo picked up the music and began to slowly massage and 
pump up her ass. She could hardly bring herself to look 
at the crowd, the bright lights blinding her as she 
slowly began to unbutton the front of her jacket.

The crowd went crazy surging forward shouting and 
screaming for her to get her tits out. She undid the last 
button and let the two sides fall open displaying her 
taut blouse with it's prominent wet patches over each 
stiff nipple. O'Neil couldn't help it she was warming to 
the dance her hips had begun to fuck with the dildo.

She danced sensuously, humping to the beat. The room went 
wild! Still dancing, she bent forward and shimmied with 
her huge, bound tits, her fingers went to the necktie and 
undid it throwing it to one side she danced back as 
they're hands came perilously close to grabbing her tits.

She undid the buttons of her blouse until her tight 
cleavage was showing, running her hands sensuously over 
them, feeling her teats throb and ache as her fingers 
stroked and teased them.

She ran her fingers down her sides dragging her skirt up 
and opening her legs wide feeling the dildo tug at her 
insides. groaning as it pulsed and fucked her, tickling 
her cervix. The music changed the dildo began to stab and 
gyrate fucking her ass as she danced making her hips 
begin to hump harder as the crowd shouted and jeered.

O'Neil undid the rest of her blouse and dragged it off 
showing her big taut ballooned tits she touched and 
stroked the sides of them slowly squeezing the flesh 
until milk dribbled out of each. She brushed over each 
hard stud with her fingers feeling them ache and harden.

Her belly was as tight as a drum, her cunt sopping, she 
couldn't believe what a slut she had become, she needed 
cock desperately her cunt was on fire, She pulled on her 
teats shuddering as her whole breasts reacted. She went 
forward toward the men at the front of the stage, 
Cowboys, farmers, off duty servicemen. One woman in a 
black basque and thigh length boots, a red head.

She stayed just out of reach stiffly jiggling her naked 
tits only inches from their faces. Her nipples were rigid 
and so erect aching to be kissed and sucked, dancing 
before them in all her glory before the entire crowd.

She let them paw her and grab at her bouncing tits. She 
danced back out of reach. The music stopped. She looked 
around bemused her body vibrantly sexed up.
Salem had a microphone.

"Sit on the chair O'Neil, NOW!! Legs open face the 

In his hand was the remote. She turned finding a low 
level sturdy wooden chair there, She complied.

"Pull your skirt up Lieutenant show them your cunt 

She did dragging her skirt up to her flat belly, showing 
them all her pouting excited twat lips, Thick, creamy 
juice oozed from between them. Her Viagra enhanced clit 
stood hard and thick out from its hood. Already huge her 
clitoris lengthened and thickened, until it lifted up, 
twitching and began beating like a cock.

All she could see were all they're expectant faces. Her 
clitoral foreskin rolled back from the knob of her clit, 
leaving her achingly sensitive, cherry sized button 
exposed to all those hungry mouths. Her nipples sprung 
outward, achingly hard. She jolted as the music began 
again, the dildo began its ass aching dance again.

"Frig your cunt Lieutenant show them all your wet hot 

Her fingers went down and she did slowly tracing her cunt 
lips with her fingers, she arched her back as hard 
delightful shocks shot up through her belly. a small 
stream of pussy juice was already drooling from O'Neil's 
hole. Suddenly before her was the large red haired woman. 
She knelt before her.

"Gentlemen this is Delores, you all know Delores!" There
were cat calls and a round of applause. "Delores why 
don't you show Lieutenant O'Neil what you do best!"

Kneeling quickly between her legs, the big red head 
spread her labia and forcefully squeezed the hood of 
O'Neil's clitoris, pulling it up and down over the wet, 
swollen head of her clit.

O'Neil was so sexed up she was helpless and responded 
immediately, moaning and whimpering with each stroke and 
pinching her own nipples between her long fingers. 
Without interrupting her work on her clit, Delores slid 
the index finger of her left hand into the pink wetness 
of her vagina, causing her to moan loudly.

Slowly, she rimmed the opening, pulling at the tight 
muscles that guarded O'Neil's cunt entrance. A second 
finger followed. O'Neil stared at her lost in lust as her 
strong digits pushed into her warm flesh and penetrated 
up to the third knuckle. Delores felt her muscles relax 
slightly. The tightness of her opening, no doubt from her 
excitement and the girth of the dildo up her ass, 
surprised her, but also excited her, as well.

Her fingers slid in and out rhythmically, pulling at her 
inner lips. The added pleasure of her penetration was 
beginning to bring O'Neil to orgasm, and Delores knew and 
slowed the attention she was giving to her clit in order 
to prolong her vulnerability.

O'Neil's building physical excitement provided copious 
amounts of pussy juice, and she soon had her third finger 
jammed into her hot box. Delores was soaking wet too, and 
she ground her vulva against O'Neil's lower leg. She slid 
her fourth finger along side the others, and wedged it 
into the sticky folds of O'Neil's cunt. The group of 
fingers wedged just above the second knuckle. No longer 
able to restrain herself, She spread and pushed her 
fingers alternately, until the breadth of her third 
knuckles was surrounded by the stretched muscles of her 

"Oh ... please ... more!" moaned O'Neil.

Slowly, she clenched and unclenched her hand, rotating it 
back and forth slightly. She felt the last resistance of 
O'Neil's heated loins begin to yield. Tucking her thumb 
into her palm, she continued to stretch O'Neil wide. She 
dipped her head and began to suck O'Neil's now over 
engorged clit into her mouth. The pungent aroma of 
O'Neil's secretions filled the room.

Delores couldn't bear it. She was losing control, she 
began humping her fat red haired cunt against O'Neil's 
stocking clad leg, bathing it in her juices and sending 
her reeling toward orgasm. Pushing with all her force, 
She inched forward and watched as O'Neil's pouting cunt 
flesh sucked in her hand. O'Neil's wetness was 
overpowering. Delores felt as if her fingers were trapped 
in a warm container of thick oil. She could feel the 
dildo pulsing up her ass.

"I got you bitch my fists up inside you, and I am going 
to fist fuck you till you plead you split tail whore." 
Delores whispered, "Harder," O'Neil gasped. "Harder make 
me take it! make me come."

Delores raised her head to watch O'Neil's excruciated 
face express total abandonment to her control, She 
started a light, rapid stroking of her clit with her 
tongue, which she knew would make her orgasm.

O'Neil gasped her body arching as she pulled on her bound 
tits. Delores forced her fist deeper slowly easing the 
heel of her hand into O'Neil, Her cunt spasmed and her 
lips closed around her wrist tight. Delores began to fist 
her slow hard pushes which made O'Neil lift her ass 
grunting and groaning. Soon cream was streaming from 
O'Neil's pussy covering her pouting cunt lips and 
spilling down her wrist. Delores watched astonished as 
O'Neil got wetter and creamier, her twat oozing more 
juice as she bucked.

O'Neil put her hands down to pull it back her insides 
cramping as her cunt muscles were stretched to tearing. 
Johns gripped her wrists and wrestled them above her 
head. Over the back of the chair and pinned them there. 
Other men took a leg on each side straining to pull them 
wide, and hold them as O'Neil began to arch away from the 
terrible pressure.

Delores began to forcefully stroke her hand up into 
O'Neil's cunt. She writhed and kicked, gasping and 
groaning with each hard deep thrust. Johns leant forward 
and began suckling her left teat. Immediately milk jetted 
from her engorged nipple flooding his mouth he suckled 
greedily. O'Neil began to heave and fuck back, impaling 
herself on the woman's arm.

All the men crowded close all wanting not to miss the 
coming spectacle.

"Fuck look at the bitches clit!"

"Bitch is growing a dick!!"

"Flick it Delores FLICK IT!! HA HA!!" They all jeered and 

Delores brought her hand back rammed her fist deep and 
flicked O'Neil's clit hard. O'Neil howled flinching and 
snatching as she flicked it back and too. Hard vicious 
shocks thumped up her cunt with each blow making her 
dance in their grip.

"Look at the stupid cow buck!!"


"Fist her, fist the bitch!!"

Salem flicked the button on the remote enjoying the way 
it made her writhe, jerk and howl in exquisite rapture as 
the dildo pressed her cervix to the fist, making her feel 
overwhelming fullness. O'Neil went stiff as Delores 
viciously fisted her cunt. Her mouth locked over O'Neil's 
twitching clit, she sucked hard. Harder. Johns swapped to 
the other teat leaving that one squirting jets of milk 
into the air.

"Please... pleassssssssssse... NO! NO!!"

Delores pounded her cunt making her let out a long low 
scream of pleasure, it was too much for O'Neil.

Her belly grew tight and knotted hotly, her nipples 
throbbing with hard shocks. She felt herself beginning 
to cum. O'Neil began to climax. Her vagina opened 
completely, and then a series of pulsing contractions 
began, gripping Delores fist sucking and squeezing it 
hard. Cream flowed from O'Neil's fuckhole and dribbled 
down Delore's wrist.

Just as O'Neil's cunt got to it's tightest Delores yanked 
her knuckles from her fist fucked cunt with a loud pop. 
When she straightened out her fingers, they dripped with 
pussy juice. With that O'Neil screamed in pleasure and 
pain as her uterus let go.


She arched her back as she came hard. An almost 
superhuman fountain of creamy white Female spunk 
ejaculated from between her gaping, wobbling, wet labia, 
splattering Delore's face from chin to hairline and 
squirting out in a forceful arc. A river of cream spilled 
out onto the floor.


The men gathered closer. They watched as a literal 
torrent of white creamy girl jizz erupted from O'Neil's 
cunt with such force that it splattered in all 
directions. O'Neil's pussy just dribbled from the labia 
for a moment, and then she grunted and arched her back 
again, squirming and flexing in their grip as she bore 
down and squirted straight into Delore's open mouth, she 
immediately started savouring and tasting it.

"Look at the cunt go, C'MON BABY SQUIRT SOME MORE!!"

Another pause, and she sprayed again, her ass writhing 
and humping, as she let loose with the next spurt of her 
hot creamy cunt milk. O'Neil's open, monstrously engorged 
cunt lips pouted open and ejected the last spurts of her 
huge load of creamy feminine, womanly girl spunk onto 
Delores's extended tongue. Her orgasm faded with her 

O'Neil gasped trying to regain her senses she opened her 
eyes to a face full of cocks all being jerked off at her 
face about 7 of them she shut her eyes grimacing as they 
all blew all over her surprised face. Literally torrents 
of thick hot jizz sprayed all over her face. spurt after 
spurt until her face was glazed from top to bottom in 
thick semen. O'Neil gasped for breathe blowing semen from 
her clogged nostrils, trying to blink away the globs 
coating her eye's. She felt a cock at her cunt. It lunged 
up into her hard, burying it's length into her with 
brutal force.

She looked up into the fat red heads face as she mounted 
her, easing the strap on she wore deep up into O'Neil's 
still dripping cunt.

"Oh yeah O'Neil you love it! all these Dike whores raping 
your sorry cunt! Oh yeah that's it fuck it fuck good 
bitch!!" Johns gloated.

John's still held her arms fast as the woman laughed and 
began to fuck her. The men held on tightly to her legs as 
O'Neil fought hard in a kicking frenzy helpless as 
another dike raped her. Delores grabbed her tits and 
pulled them up to her mouth. She pushed them together and 
began to suckle both swollen teats at once.

Glorious heavy bolts of thrilling sensation burst from 
each teat as Delores expertly drew on her achingly stiff 
jugs. Her fingers digging deep into her turgid flesh as 
O'Neil writhed under her as she felt the tremendous surge 
of pleasure that came with the let down of her cruelly 
enhanced breasts.

"That's it Delores you love fucking soldiers come on fuck 

O'Neil was now smothered by the big woman she was heaving 
up into her open snatch hard. Fucking her cunt with deep 
stirring strokes. Expertly sliding in and out knowing how 
to keep O'Neil's cunt almost at the point of orgasm, 
O'Neil grunted and groaned under her helplessly jolting 
and flinching as she pounded the thick hard plastic cock 
into her cunt. O'Neil was panting her belly tightening 
she couldn't help it she was going to come again.

This fat bitch was going to make her come and she was 
helpless to do anything to stop it. Suddenly she 
unstrapped the dildo and left it lodged in O'Neil's cunt. 
She then clambered up O'Neil's body. Before O'Neil could 
react she slammed her fat cunt down on her mouth her 
fingers frigging her swollen well used labia.
Before O'Neil could complain or shift her face it was 
rammed down. Helplessly she was forced to suck on the 
puffy folds just for air she struggled in disgust trying 
to spit them out she chewed trying to dislodge her.

Cream poured freely out saturating her face and filling 
her mouth. She chewed harder, then jammed her tongue into 
Delores's hole hoping to stem the flow. More creamy juice 
filled her mouth and she was forced to swallow as 
Delore's shrieks of joy bombarded her skull and filled 
the air. With her mouth full of cunt meat, she chewed 
hard trying to dislodge the fat woman.

"You little bitch," Delore's screamed.

"Bitch! Bitch!" She thrashed. ramming herself down on 
O'Neil's face.

O'Neil was forced to swallow rapidly, drinking the cream 
as it flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue and 
invaded the spongy heat of the woman's fuck hole. Muscles 
attacked her tongue hungrily pulling on it. She kept 
chewing, inadvertently keeping her in hysterical bliss. 
O'Neil's face was becoming drenched with cream.

"The quicker you make me cum the quicker you can breath 
again you fucking bitch!" Delores cried out deliriously.

She found Delores's clit and whipped it with her tongue. 
She sucked it and beat it with her tongue.

"You fucking little bitch!"

She beat her pussy against O'Neil's face and tried to 
cum, but it was impossible. She needed more friction on 
her blood engorged clit.

O'Neil had to get the fat bitch off her so in panic she 
sunk her teeth into Delores's clit. Delores's body went 
into convulsions.

"That's it whore that's it!! I'm cumming!" she screamed 
at the top of her lungs.

"I'm cumming!" Her cunt exploded. "I'm cumming!"

Hot milky pussy cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her 
twat. Her fuck hole became flooded and the white frothy 
cum flowed over O'Neil's face and into her mouth. "I'm 
creaming, O'Neil! I'm creaming!"

O'Neil choked as the deluge of pussy cum flooded her 
mouth. She gulped, her teeth gnawing viciously on 
Delores's clit as the river of cum flowed from her cunt 
as she pounded her face with her humping ass.

"Harder," Delores screeched as an other orgasm tore 
through her pussy.

"Harder! Bite! Suck! or you'll be licking my ass!"

Delores pounded O'Neil's face with her climaxing fuck 
hole. She slammed down on her face. Orgasms, one after 
the other, whipped through her cunt and spread until 
every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire.

"I'm cumming again," Delores screamed. "I'm cumming 
again!" Her back arched and her neck strained. Spit 
drooled from her mouth. "I'm cumming again and I can't 

O'Neil desperately wanted her to stop. She did her best 
to destroy her clit. She sucked, bit, then snapped her 
head hard to the side. The action almost ripped Delores's 
clit from her thrashing body.

Delores's head snapped down. She stared down between her 
legs from wide glazed eyes.

"OOOOOH!! Bite me! Bite it off!" Her head threw back with 
a thud as another orgasm, more intense than the last, 
swept through her.

O'Neil, her face drenched, absorbed the pounding of 
Delores's cunt. She chewed viciously. Quick swallows kept 
her from choking on her thick heady cum. Her own body was 
boiling hot and the inside of her hole ached for tongue.

Delores seemed to lift entirely off the O'Neil's face. 
She crashed back, then she gripped her shaved head hard 
shoving and humping her cunt to O'Neil's face as her 
shrieking voice trailed off until her words became sobs 
and raspy gasps for air.

Delores's kept her cunt plastered to O'Neil's face. She 
eased the pressure on her head, then smiled down.

"Good soldier bitch did you like it?" she panted, after 
sitting back on O'Neil's tits on her haunches.

O'Neil gulped for air gasping, her eyelids fluttering as 
she gazed up at her.

"No," she managed to say.

"Didn't seem that way to me Lieutenant! Captain Reece 
Shore Patrol!! I am arresting you for conduct unbecoming 
an officer. Also behaving in a public place prejudicial 
to the U S Military. On your feet!!"

He and the other three shore patrol security officers 
grinned down at her.

O'Neil looked about to explain but found Salem, Johns and 
Whitwire gone. She got to her feet wiping her mouth on 
the back of her arm.

"Wrists Lieutenant!" she held them out and let them twist 
her around and cuff her behind her back, they escorted 
her from the bar.

Chapter 14

It was not long before she was in the Shore patrol HQ 
before the desk officer.

"Name and rank?"

"O'Neil Jordan Lieutenant Spec Ops trainee."

Captain Reece passed him a charge sheet. The desk Sgt. 
read it then captain Reece walked around her, "So This is 
the female SEAL we've heard so much about huh - So what's 
the crack Lieutenant they teaching you to sneak in 
somewhere, identify the victim and then you fuck them
to death, is that it?"

"No sir it is not that at all, sir"

"So what is then Lieutenant?"

"Sir I am and have been the victim of sexual abuse sir!" 
O'Neil complained.

They all sniggered and smirked. "I see Lieutenant O'Neil 
and who pray has been perpetrating this sexual abuse?"

"The base commander Salem sir, aided and abetted by the 
SEAL instructional Master Chief, sir!"

"Come now Lieutenant you expect us to believe that the 
Base commander has been personally taking time out to 
sexually abuse a trainee SEAL?"

"Yes sir that is correct sir!" she stated with 

Captain Reece paced about frowning. "Lieutenant why are 
you're breasts tied in that ridiculous manor?" he smiled.

"The Master Chief did that to them sir."

"Why do they keep dripping milk Lieutenant? That is milk 
isn't it?"

O'Neil's face blushed and she wished she could cover 
them, "Yes sir it is, they - well they the base medical 
officer injected them with something which has made them 
like this sir."

"So now we have the Base Commander, your master chief and 
now the base medical officer, Lieutenant is that 

"Well yes, yes sir," she swallowed feeling ridiculous.

"All of them abusing you?"

"Yes sir."

"The woman at the bar who was sat on your face - she was 
abusing you too Lieutenant?"

"Yes sir," the guards sniggered.

"I think you are one fucked up individual Lieutenant, 
what do you think?"

"It's all true sir."

"Well in that case I think we should get the Police 
surgeon in to see you, but this is quite a complaint."

"I realize that sir, but I insist you treat this 

"All right Lieutenant lets get the formalities out of the 
way. Sergeant get on with it."

"Lieutenant you are charged that on this day you were 
witnessed conducting yourself in a manner unbecoming an 
officer and gentleman under article 133 of the Uniform 
code of Military Justice. Further that you were witnessed 
indulging in an act of oral sex with a person of the same 
sex listed as sodomy under article 125 of the UCJM. Have 
you anything to say at this point on this matter if so 
say it now?"

"Sir I have been raped and abused against my will."

"Understood Lieutenant, Your statement will be entered in 
the log.

Captain Reece guided her along the corridor to another 
office where to her embarrassment she was photographed 
head on and then in profile. He then took her to an 
interrogation cell and ushered her inside.

O'Neil was very conscious that her breasts were so hot 
and full, they bobbed as she walked. Her nipples were two 
huge fat studs that ached for attention. Walking was 
difficult with the dildo up her ass, with each step the 
aerial on its base snagged on her skirt, making her 
bottom spasm and clench.

The room was stark containing an examination table, a 
desk and two chairs. He left her there with two SP guards 
and slammed the door closed behind him.

She stood running through what she could say in her 
defense, all the disgusting things that had been done to 
her, perhaps now she could tip the balance. Get things 
changed perhaps even make it so no other woman got 
treated this way.
Suddenly she became aware the guards were stood near her 
admiring her. A Porto Rican and a black guy both built 
real big.

"Get back to your post Sailor!" she barked.

"Hey guess what, we don't take orders from detainees 
Lieutenant! So shut the fuck up bitch!" They both grinned 
at her.

"What you got up your ass baby? lets take a peek?"

"Like I said back to your post, GET OFFA ME YOU PIECE A 

They grabbed her roughly and forced her face first over 
the desk. The black guy held her torso down hard crushing 
her throbbing tits to the desk top as the other dragged 
her skirt up.

"HHOOOOWWWEEE!! fuck you got some serious hardware up 
your ass baby, what are you a radio controlled hooker or 
something?" they both laughed.

"Look if you know what's good for you let me up, or I'm 
going to speak with your... NO DON'T!"

He grabbed the base of the dildo and tried to pull it 
out. her whole ass clenched and she kicked in agony as he 

"Fuck you must have one tight ass to hold on to that 
bitch!" He chuckled and twisted it.

O'Neil groaned and jolted as the awful thing stirred her 
rectum making her bowel's cramp.

"Please... please leave it alone it's painful please 

He pushed on it making her hips fuck. She struggled to be 
free then the sound of the Captain returning was heard 
and they instantly let go of her and stood back by the 
door as it opened.

"Thank god Captain your men th..."

"Silence lieutenant!" he barked.

"But they..."

"Silence means silence Lieutenant!!"

She felt tears creep into the edges of her vision as she 
swallowed her complaint. With the captain was an Army 
Major quite elderly, greying hair, his face lined with 
age. His manner was stern and arrogant. He wore a white 
coat over his uniform and carried a medical bag.

"Lieutenant O'Neil this is Major Henry he is our area 
police surgeon, he will examine you to asses your 
complaint. Major."

"Lieutenant you have complained of sexual abuse yes?"

"That's correct sir!" He smiled and placed his bag on the 
floor. On the outside was stenciled 'RAPE KIT'.

"Can these come off?" O'Neil asked about her cuffed 

"Young lady you are here as a felon, you will remain 
cuffed whilst a felon and further you will maintain 
silence unless asked a question, is that clear 

"Yes Sir!" she barked automatically. Her face flushed, 

He went inside the bag and brought out a note book, and 
some latex gloves he put the disposable latex gloves on. 
She swallowed with distaste as he snapped them to each 
wrist. Dust scattered from both. He made some notes, he 
walked around her, examining her head and face, noting 
the bruises and contusions. He went back inside his bag 
and lifted out a Dictaphone.

Then he undid the three buttons that fastened the front 
of her blouse at the top, and drew it open, he looked 
over her bound bulging breasts, the taut flesh goose 
bumped under his gaze. He thumbed the button on the 
machine raising it to his mouth.

"Subject Military felon, female officer, Lieutenant rank, 
5' 8", Stockilly built, well muscled, uniformed, Navy 
dress, blouse and skirt no hose or shoes, necktie or 
jacket. Bruises and contusions to the head which is 
shaved, bruises around the eyes and mouth. Finger 
bruising to the scalp and neck, lips swollen and bruised, 
cut to lower lip." he released the record.

"Are you wearing panties Lieutenant?" he asked.

"No Sir" she sighed feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

"Were you wearing panties Lieutenant? he grinned.

"Well no but I..." he cut her off with a gesture.

He thumbed the record. "Subject admits she was not 
wearing underwear, has bruising around throat as if a 
heavy chain has been pulled tight to the flesh. Breasts 
are bound tightly by thin rope. Rope passes above and 
below breasts, is noosed and drawn tight pulling rope 
hard against the flesh. Both mammaries are forced 

He touched them, testing their weight by lifting them, he 
pulled and pressed each. O'Neil went crimson looking 
away, biting her lip as he gripped each breast and pulled 
them apart, he examined her cleavage, then he released 
them and closely examined her aureole and nipples, He 
brushed his latexed fingers over them roughly. O'Neil 

"Hey look do you..." she started.

"Silence Lieutenant Silence!" he barked.

Her teats came up big and fat, he pulled them between 
finger and thumb, rolling them slowly. Milk seeped from 
each. O'Neil felt her belly tighten as he watched her 
features intently for any hint of arousal. He lifted each 
breast and examined beneath them he thumbed the 
Dictaphone again.

"Subject's breasts are both swollen, tied around the 
base, appear to be very sensitized, both mammaries are 
turgid, Aureole are darkened and thick, both bear finger 
bruises from harsh handling and apparent slapping, dried 
semen traces between breasts and on rope. Nipples are 
large, thick and also darkened. Readily produce fore milk 
although subject bears no indication of recent 
parenthood. Hypodermic puncture wounds to aureole of both 
breasts, query hormone enhancement - misuse? Breasts show 
bite marks, adult. Nipple elongation due to suction and 
perhaps clamping. Breast size approximately 38 Double D, 
breasts are hot to touch and lactating." He released the 

"What have your breasts been injected with Lieutenant?"

"I don't know sir it was..." she began.

"Silence!" he thumbed it again.

"Subject has had breasts injected with unknown substance, 
probably to enhance sexual pleasure."

He put the Dictaphone down and retrieved a set of 
measuring pincers from his bag, he measured the diameter 
of each breast then aureole, then nipples he jotted it 
down. he returned them to the bag. Then he drew her 
blouse off her shoulders and down her back, he moved 
behind her.

"Torso of subject is covered in bruises and lacerations, 
finger bruising to the shoulders."

He undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

"Subjects hips and buttocks similarly bruised." he 

"Lean forward Lieutenant!" she did.

"Subject has object lodged in rectum. The perennial and 
saccrococcygeal area is marked and bruised showing 
further evidence of dried semen." he stopped again.
"What have you got in your behind Lieutenant?"

"It... It's a dildo sir... it's quite painful," she 

"Well you shouldn't have put it in there should you!" he 

"I didn't sir it was..."


O'Neil glowered at the floor wincing as she felt his cold 
clinical latexed fingers trace around it, spreading her 
buttocks further, she groaned as he forced her to lean 
further forward. then he gripped the base of it and 
pulled. "UUUUHHHHH!!" she almost lost her feet.

Then he pulled again harder, she staggered forward. 
"UHHGHH NOO PLEASE!!" she yelped.

"Why won't it come out Lieutenant?" he asked.

"I think it holds it's self in - I think there's a switch 
on it."

"Ah yes, well I think we'll leave that for now."

He released her buttocks and examined her legs.

"Subjects thighs are bruised at the front inside and 
behind current with harsh or forced sex, hips also 
bruised over pelvic bones."

"Right Lieutenant If you could get up on the exam couch 
and lay back."

O'Neil hated this she always did. When she saw the doctor 
for a smear she felt completely humiliated and 
embarrassed as she gingerly climbed up careful not to 
catch the dildo on anything. She was very conscious of 
the SP guards stood watching from the doorway, and 
Captain Reece's obvious interest in the proceedings.

She reluctantly sat on the edge unsure what to do with 
her arms cuffed behind her. The Major grabbed her wrists 
and yanked her blouse encased arms viciously up and over 
the back rest, then he pulled her back. her back was now 
pinned to the table, as it was impossible to lift her 

"ARGGHH just wait... wait ARGHHHH!!" she complained.

He matter of factly began bringing out the stirrups. He 
attached them to the foot of the table and immediately 
dragged her feet up into them. Tightening a heavy strap 
over and around each foot. He grabbed her hips and 
scooted her butt over the foot of the table, thus bending 
her knees forcing them wide open allowing him more room 
to work. Now her entire perineum was right there in full 
view of the guards and Captain Reece, with her knees 
spread wide open, allowing him complete access and a 
rather stimulating view for all the others.
Major Henry pulled a chair close and began examining her 
pussy. He thumbed the Dictaphone.

"Subject's Labia is swollen and distended, Clitoris is 
also swollen and protruding from it's hood far more than 

Subject's vagina is open and secreting copious amounts of 
lubrication. Subject appears to be in an advanced stage 
of arousal."

He reached down to a drawer on the base of the exam table 
and retrieved a Pederson speculum.

"Large I think," he stated.

O'Neil cringed realising what he meant to do.

"Is this really necessary Major? isn't it obvious that 
I've been raped?"

"Did I ask you a question Lieutenant? No! Silence too 
difficult an idea to grasp, if you will not be quiet I 
will asses you as hysterical and have you gagged is that 
understood Lieutenant?"

O'Neil swallowed realising how easy it would be to end up 
gagged, on this table, left with the two grinning apes on 
the door.

"Yes Sir I apologies sir!" she closed her eyes feeling 
her face flushing.

"Procedure Lieutenant, Procedure, the military is and 
insists on procedures, put up and shut up!!"

O'Neil watched as he rotated the instrument so that the 
blades were horizontal to one another, He began to lube 
it up with KY ready to insert it into her vagina, and 
with every movement of the instrument she let out a faint 
moan of apprehension and loathing.

She flinched as he fingered open her cunt lips and placed 
the smooth end of the vaginal speculum between them, it 
felt as if it had been sitting in a ice bucket, O'Neil 
shuddered and cringed as he began to ease it in. She was 
acutely aware he was watching her face enjoying every 
moment of her disgust and discomfort.

He slowly pressed it full in, she could feel it slide 
over the thick pressure of the dildo. Her cunt felt 
strangely excited as the cold hard device filled her. He 
touched her clit making her jolt, it seemed accidental. 
After full insertion, he slowly squeezed the handle, 
opening the blades spreading her aching cunt muscles 

Once he could visualize O'Neil's cervix, he locked the 
speculum in the open position. Her cervix was a 
glistening pink, coated in globs of semen. There was no 
evidence of lacerations, ulceration's, or lesions, but it 
was obvious she had recently been fucked hard.

He reached over to the desk and retrieved a cotton swab 
and a small wooden spatula to obtained samples of cells 
from the endocervical area, O'Neil grimaced, then from 
the outer cervix, and the vaginal pool. He placed the 
samples on separate slides.

O'Neil felt relieved that this at least was over The 
Major placed his fingers on the thumbscrew and slowly 
began to spread the speculum blades further, slowly 
opening it up, O'Neil gasps in pain as the cold steel 
slowly begins to force her insides wider. She realized 
that it was far from over as he smiled and kept on 
turning it, stretching her cunt open until she was at the 
point of screaming in pain. He stopped the expansion 
letting her accept this new feeling.


"Now now Lieutenant it's bound to be a little 
uncomfortable but I'm sure that you can cope, can't you a 
big girl like you? a trainee SEAL?"

"URGHHHH wait... wait just let me UUUHHHHH!!"

"Not far now soon be over, just try to relax, that's it."

He reached down and increased the spread of the 
speculum... stretching it further than it had ever been.


Another turn and he watches carefully the wince of pain 
on O'Neil's face. He inspected her gaping opening seeing 
how extra wet she was becoming. He brushed his thumb 
across her clit making it twitch and her whole body flex 
he pressed on it and rubbed hard on it O'Neil's hips 
flexed with the excruciating mix of pain and pleasure she 
was experiencing.

"Please... please don't do that it... it urrghhhh."

O'Neil's husky voice took on that edge of pleading 

"You like that Lieutenant huh, your cunt spread open, 
wider open than all those cocks can take it, do you like 

"NO please don't!" she gasped bewildered.

"Were you raped O'Neil?"


"Gang Raped?"

"YES!! Please don't do this?"

"Where some of them black Lieutenant?"

"Yes, yes some of them!"

"Did they have big cocks? long big thick cocks?"

"Yes... YES! they did."

"Did they fuck your cunt? or your ass? Big cocks forcing 
into you, was it good?"

"Both they did both, it was terrible I . . I couldn't 
stop them UHHH!"

"Your very wet bitch, very wet, did you enjoy it, all 
those bastards holding you down, making you take it, did 
they force they're cocks in your mouth?"

"Yes, yes they... they made me swallow they're cum." She 
shuddered as he slid two fingers inside and felt about.

"Your cunt is very hot Lieutenant the wetness is running 
out of the speculum. Shall I open it more?"

"No NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she pleaded.

He started to turn the thumbscrew, bolts of pain and 
thrills lanced up from her cruelly spread cunt. her legs 
strained against the straps on the stirrups. She could 
feel her bladder full, being crushed slowly forcing her 
to piss she hung on desperately.

"Please I need to pee! oh god STOP IT!!"

"Two more twists, there! Now it's at it's at it's widest 
point, I can see deep inside of you, inside your cunt 
O'Neil, your cervix all covered in they're semen and 
you're cunt juice. I can see how horny you are you little 
whore. You can't get enough can you eh, you're a 
nymphomaniac, I bet you couldn't believe you're luck, 
surrounded by all that cock huh?"

"NO it's not true, please stop it! STOP IT!!"

He held something up through her tears O'Neil tried to 
recognize it.

"Look at what I am holding O'Neil, do you know what this 
is? It looks like a funny wine carafe doesn't it. I'm 
going to lubricate it and you're wondering where I'm 
going to put it, Can you guess?"

"No you sick pervert NO!"

Quickly he loosened the thumb screw (to unlock the opened 
blades) he released the speculum, in one swift movement 
he withdrew the speculum and inserted the large vaginal 
dilator that he had shown her.

"There I have to do this quickly Lieutenant, before your 
cunt has a chance to close back up. This will keep your 
vagina stretched open and so very sensitive and I can now 
pay attention to your oh so big clit and your urethra."

O'Neal jerked and groaned in anguish as he forced the 
clear vessel up her aching twat.

bladder was now a constant hard ache.

O'Neil arched her back lifting herself to see what he was 
doing. She watched horrified as he picked up a length of 
thin tubing and a device (a hemostat). He lubricated it 
up slowly.

"Wh... what's that for?" she pleaded.

He ignored her and forcing his fingers into her cunt lips 
above the dilator he located her urethra with the tube 
and insert it with expert ease straight into her urethra, 
pushing it in until urine started to flow into a bag. He 
quickly closed the hemostat to stop the flow.

"Oh my god you sick fucker, UHHHH NOOO GAWD NO!!"

"Ah I knew you'd like that, does it feel good? I bet it 
does. Since you like the feeling of having your urethra 
stretched, I have a special treat for you."

He released the clamp and allowed her bladder to empty a 
little. O'Neil gasped with the feeling of release as she 
felt her bladder begin to drain. A strange glorious 
feeling surged though her loins as her cunt tightened 
around the dilator. She was momentarily oblivious then 
she jolted in pain as he stopped the flow.

"OH GOD NO let me piss please ARGHHHH!!"

He removed the tubing and quickly replaced it with a 
Folly Catheter. Only he didn't insert it into her 
bladder. He only pushed it in an inch and proceed to 
inflate it just a little to stop her pissing. O'Neil 
reacted with a jolt of pain and pleasure, writhing in hot 
hard pain.

"There Lieutenant you piss when I say you piss bitch!

Understand!" he sneered.

He began to lick and lap around her very hard erect clit. 
He had never seen a clit like it. It was sticking out of 
its hood over a centimetre asking for it to be bitten and 
licked. O'Neil yelped and her legs snatched as throbbing 
hard pleasure rippled up the length of her spread cunt.

He continued to lick and suck on her clit and her body 
tensed and snatched in helpless excitement. He pumped the 
bulb in his hand her urethra is stretched further again, 
pressing behind her clit. O'Neil gasped in shock her face 
a mask of bewilderment as he sent awful strange new 
shocks hammering up into her cunt. He could see the 
balloon now as her urethra is expanded cruelly.

He checked the glass dilator and he could see a pool of 
cunt juice stopped up inside. He gave the catheter bulb 
another squeeze so that the opening is now stretched to 
almost a centimetre and stopped before it started to slip 


"Now then Lieutenant, lets have a look at these fine jugs 
of yours" he stood up and walked around to the side of 

"Oh god no don't touch them, what are you going to do?"

He examined them closely both breasts were incredibly 
swollen her aureole two thick dark plump domes crowning 
each boob topped by her thick stud like teats. He began 
to grope them O'Neil shuddered as through each breast she 
felt hot electric shocks, she could distinctly feel every 
motion of those hot hard fingers as they stroked that 
bloated creamy flesh now marked with puffy blue veins.

"They look very full Lieutenant, are they painful? do 
they ache? would you like me to ease the pressure."

"OHH yes... yes please."

"The easiest thing to do would be to let the guards 
suckle you, would you like that? they're hot sucking 
mouths drawing all that milk out?"


"You are a slut O'Neil, I wouldn't give you the pleasure.

No I think I shall use a breast pump, yes that will do 

"No let them let them do it!"

"Silence Lieutenant, Captain if she speaks again gag 

He brought over an examination table with instruments on 
it He checked some vials then carefully filled a syringe 
with powerful hormones.

"Oh shit what's that for?" she burst out.

The captain grabbed her head and forced a red rubber ball 
gag between her teeth, it filled her mouth before she 
could force it out he was and buckling it into place 
behind her head.


The Major gripped her right teat and yanked it up 
viciously between finger and thumb he carefully squeezed 
up the plump dome around her nipple and stabbed the 
hypodermic home and thumbed the contents in, O'Neil 
suddenly felt the cool fluid enter her body and flow 
inside her bosom. O'Neil went wild struggling trying to 
be free. She almost came off the table and the two guards 
had to hold her shoulders to it.

He pushed another two syringes of stuff into her breast. 
Then he walked calmly around to the other side and 
repeated the process. He spoke calmly as he worked across 
her struggling form.

"Its obvious Salem's been using her to please his little 
rape machine, lucky we got hold of her. Now we've got 
ourselves a partially broken in bitch, and we can do what 
we like and blame his empire."

"What is that stuff?" Reece asked.

"It's a Bovine Somatotropine hormone, used to increase 
milk yields in heifers, but has interesting side effects, 
in the short term on women."

"So what will that do to her tits?" Captain Reece asked.

"Much the same as Blondell's done only If I've got a babe 
with udders I like 'em to have fuckin huge melons, This 
should work quite fast, as she's jugged up as it is. then 
she'll be on heat with greater milk production than 

They let go of O'Neil and stepped back watching as her 
breasts seemed to swell before they're eyes. O'Neil could 
feel a hot tingling in each boob as milk began bubbling 
deep inside each breast. Soon she was in agony her tits 
were on fire she could feel the blood pounding through 
them, her nipples were burning, and itching excruciating 
throbs wracked each teat. She sobbed into the ball as her 
head swam with the drugs they had pumped into her. She 
needed to piss.

Her bladder was screaming for her to piss but she 
couldn't force the balloon out. The heat and pressure in 
her tits was indescribable. She snatched and struggled on 
the table as they looked sadistically on.

"What do you think Captain, shall I make her cum or shall 
we fuck the Lieutenants tits dry first?"

O'Neil glanced at each in horror, the captain began to 

"I think the latter Major as they do look very inviting, 
shall I go first?"

"With my pleasure Captain you found the whore!"

The major went behind her and she felt the table jolt and 
then lower. He lowered her head almost to the floor. her 
heavy bound jugs bounced down toward her face, She was 
lactating heavily from both heavy swollen breast's. Milk 
seeped from each teat and ran down the sides as if they 
were erupting volcano's Captain Reece was over her naked 
he fisted his cock and then knelt over her horrified 
face. She tried to twist her head away as his balls and 
ass sat in front of her gaze.

He grabbed her tender tits and squished them hard pulling 
them together. His fingers forcing into the hard hot 
flesh. He pulled both making her groan as they throbbed 
with fullness. Then he forced his cock between them and 
began to fuck them. His cock slid slowly into her veined 
cleavage. He gasped and began to thrust. Pulling them up 
to meet each, forcing her swollen teats to ooze more 
milk, lubricating its passage.

O'Neil's engorged breasts were tingling, She whimpered as 
she felt them engorging with more and more warm sweet 
mommy's milk. Ballooning fuller and fuller, as he pulled 
them making room for even more. Each hard thrust causing 
strong shivers to shoot through each breast, all that 
attention causing milk to gush through duct after duct, 
entirely bloating one new reservoir after another. She 
was helpless as her already large breasts began to feel 
like hot huge rubber balloons, forcefully over inflated.

He picked up the pace, squeezing and fucking, making 
O'Neil writhe and moan as he cruelly thumbed each teat 
back and too. Both now gigantic seeming hooters closely 
resembled two engorged udders barely containing their 
humongous milky cargo, O'Neil prayed as she might for 
this insane growth to stop, but her engorged jugs kept 
swelling larger and larger.

He gripped her swollen monsters hard and tugged them with 
each brutal stroke. Both brown champagne-cork-size 
nipples now jutted out more. He let go of both and 
grabbed her nipples.

She jerked rigid as he yanked them out hard. Pulling her 
swollen stiff tit's to his shaft as he viciously pounded 
at them. The ballooned globes bouncing back and too as he 
got faster and faster until with a grunt he dragged 
himself backwards and shot a thick streamer of jism 
across O'Neil's face. Another and another leaving thick 
cords streaked across her grimacing features.

Captain Reece grinned down at her as he squeezed the last 
drops from his jap eye and let them fall on to her face. 
O'Neil started whimpering behind her gag.

The Captain moved away, and the major loomed over her. 
She tried to blink away the semen from her eyes. He was 
naked too sporting quite a hefty erection his older body 
quite lean and strong for his age. He had a crop in his 
hand which he tapped to his palm.

"You really are a dirty little bitch aren't you O'Neil! 
well I've been looking forward to teaching a lesson to 
one of you whore's for quite awhile. Looks like you chose 
the wrong day to cry rape bitch!"

O'Neil struggled wildly to no effect as he grinned evilly 
at her. She pleaded into the gag terrified of what he 
planned to do. She was so afraid she would have pissed 
herself if she could.

He stepped away and with that he slashed the crop through 
the air and brought it down on her helplessly trapped 
right breast. O'Neil howled into the ball gag sucking on 
it hard as it hit her breast. Vicious white hot pain 
sliced through her achingly full mammary. Tears flowed 
from her eyes and her lips trembled around the hard ball 
as he watched her body snatch and heave.

A thin red line appeared across her engorged sensitive 
breast. The major drew his arm back again, his hand 
descended and again. O'Neil wailed into the ball as a 
second line and then a third sprang into being on her 
bouncing hard tits. They jiggled at the impact.


He answered her with a lash of pain across her jugs. He 
laughed and struck again, each blow was causing droplets 
of warm sweet mommy's milk to ooze out her swollen tips 
from over a dozen bloated ducts. O'Neil's poor bloated 
boobies ached and hurt sooo bad. She couldn't believe the 
pain. It came down again, this time it was right on her 
thick engorged darkened aureole. Searing gut wrenching 
agony stabbed through both lewdly puckered nipples. She 
screamed uncontrollably into the ball.

" Smack! Whappp! Crack!... Smack! Smack, Crack! .... 
Whapp!... Whapp!... WHAPP!!..."

He didn't care. He simply lashed her tits again and 
again. They shook and wobbled at each blow, rolling and 
slapping against each other, having swollen to a massive 
size. He expertly smacks the lower cleavage of her 
dripping paps. Forcing her breast flesh to her teats 
pressing milk out in great sudden squirts. The crimson 
lines ran over each other and mingled.

Eventually the blows stopped falling and the major stood 
back to review his handy work. O'Neil's bloated jugs were 
a mess of red lines, her perfect breasts were stripy, her 
nipples were sore and swollen and her chest heaved as she 
struggled for breath. Sucking her cheeks in around the 

It was unbearable. Nothing compared to the lashes lasting 
imprints of terrible pain. She knew he was enjoying her 
agony. Her big tits ached and sprung from their beating 
and she felt sick with helpless fear. He reached down and 
grabbed her bruised marked tits. He squeezed and molded 
them in his hands. He shook them to make them wobble.

"You got some big hooters here bitch, they feel nice and 
full now? I bet, would you like to be suckled? a nice 
warm mouth sucking all that nasty hot pressure away? 
you're gonna have to wait till milking time you hear that 
cow milking time!"

He began to unmercifully tease them, tweaking and playing 
with her cork sized nubbies. O'Neil pleaded into the 
ball, shaking her head imploringly as he pulled and 
flicked each in turn. She flinched and jolted with each. 
As they sent increasingly strong tremors and quivers 
through her hot burning breasts. These shot to her belly 
making her cunt tighten around the awful dilator. Her 
bladder sent hard insistent demands up through her.

He constantly tugged back and too on her huge erect 
nipples. Each dark glistening teat was now unbelievably 
thick and long, He firmly pulled and stretched each, 
pulling on her milk filled balloons with enthusiasm. On 
each, squiggly puffy blue vein's stood out erotically, 
rippling across her bloated tit flesh to those cork like 
teats. The bumps on each nipple's dark brown aureole now 
looked wrinkling like a newly formed, jagged range.

Each constantly engorging udder was now huge, holding 
more milk than O'Neil could stand. Her blimp sized jugs 
were so hot. She moaned as the building release suddenly 
cascaded into a million tingling shocks through each teat 
as they began gushing out of their milky backlogged 

Over a dozen holes in each began shooting out continuous 
sprays of warm sweet milk, like a huge wave she felt the 
fore milk hose out in long pressured squirts. Her whole 
body squirmed and shuddered as she experienced the most 
intense let down. Warm milky streams shot out from 
between his twisting teasing fingers. Blanketing the air 
above her face with big white droplets, raining down. 
Pressurized sprays zooming across her spunked on face.

Huge droplets of warm sweet milk were dribbling from 
between his constantly tugging digits. He panted lustily 
over her breasts. She could see each fat erect nipple 
vividly. They were bright red and engorged, dripping with 
milk as he used each like a pump to force out her warm 
sweet mommy milk.

The major got up and went to the wall he opened a door. 
O'Neil strained to see what he was doing. He selected a 
pair of thin and flexible clear plastic cups from a 
cabinet full of similar cups in all sizes. Then, with 
equal care, he selected what looked like two large 
suction cups from an even larger collection.
He came back to her and kneeling slid each of the two 
breast cups over O'Neil's full and heavy boobs until each 
nipple was firmly cradled in the suction cups. 

They latched on to both gushing teats. The custom fit 
cups formed a perfect air tight seal around her full 
bosom. After carefully checking each one, the Major 
attached a tube at the tip of each nipple and he reached 
down and started the pump attached to them. She could 
hear something beneath the table, an electric whirring.

Immediately she groaned as the thing sucked her teat hard 
into itself, with a thump. A tiny set of soft, hair thin 
brushes inside the nipple cups started to spin as the 
suction started thick white cream began to squirt in time 
with the pumps unstopping rhythm.

O'Neil felt the tips of her nipples being suckled by the 
soft cups covering them as each pulsing squirt tickled 
her boobs from deep inside to the tips of her nipples.

She arched her back in excruciating bliss as the hard 
steady suction pulled her aureole into the base of the 
cups. Her nipples sending hard insistent thrills coursing 
through her sweating trapped body.

"There is mommy happy now she's got her big udders 
sucked? I bet you like that you cunt yeah?"

He gripped each breast around their base and squeezed 
them up hard. O'Neil groaned. realising what he was up 
to. Then his cock sank between her trapped throbbing 
tits. and he started to fuck her welted breasts 
viciously. His thighs closing on her head as he leant 
forward and gripped her inner thighs on either side of 
her vulva, wrenching her lips even further apart. His 
mouth went to her clit.

She jolted as he began to lap around her clit, his hard 
insistent tongue rolling over and round it. Shocks rang 
through her abdomen. making her bladder send out hot 
insistent signals.

Captain Reece took hold of the catheter pump and squeezed 
the bulb. O'Neil jolted and squirmed agony lancing 
through her groin. The overwhelming reaction of pain and 
confusing pleasure that sent O'Neil's mind reeling and 
her teeth digging into the cruel ball.

He watched closely as with that inflation her clit is 
forced even further out of it's hood by her torturously 
expanded urethra The major peered down at it. Sticking 
out of its hood about 2 centimetres asking to be bitten, 
chewed and licked.

The major continued to lick and suck on her rigid clit 
feeling O'Neil's body tensing with building excitement. 
Reece gave the bulb another pump and watched O'Neil's 
helpless body dance with awful excitation as her urethra 
is stretched again, He could now see the catheters 
balloon as her urethra is forced even further open by 
it's terrible pressure.

Looking into the glass dilator he could see a pool of 
O'Neil's hot juice stopped up inside. Another squeeze of 
the catheter bulb, pushes it so that the opening is now 
stretched beyond belief.

Forcing O'Neil's clitoris out like a hard little shiny 
dick. She squeals and flexes as the major sucks and 
slurps at it pulling and chewing on it hard.

His hips pistoning her spurting jugs as he rabidly 
suckles her nub. Another squeeze slow and steady O'Neil 
is almost delirious, snatching and straining at her 
bonds. Captain Reece can see the balloon now, see it 
start to slip out of her, her urethane sphincter a thin 
line around it's girth as it shifts.

She howls in helpless animal outrage as her belly 
contracts in a heavy spasm as he gives it another pump. 
The major realizes the balloon will pop out of her. He 
lifts his head and gasps.

"Grip the dilator man, when the balloon comes out, yank 
it out of her! Ready?" he nods.

He grips the edges of the dilator ready to pull, The 
major bites down and sucks on her clit viciously. He 
pumps the last into the catheter and O'Neil arches her 
back in passionate agony. Screaming into the ball as it 
pops free. Reece yanks out the dilator leaving her cunt 
wide open as she climaxes like never before screaming all 
the time, her body thrashing, as her rectum clamps down 
on the thick dildo, sucking and squeezing it.

O'Neil's vagina spasms with each hard suck on her trapped 
over engorged clit. It's open gaping maw pulsing as her 
pent up bladder releases a heavy stream of hot piss 
straight out like a hose. The feeling of glorious relief 
enhancing her climax so it shoots to it's violent peak.

O'Neil's gaping hole contracts and fountains half a dozen 
gushes of thick, voluminous feminine sludge several feet 
in front of her, across the floor. It contracts again and 
Reece shoves his face to her cunt as squirt after squirt 
of hot cunt juice washes his gleeful face.

He eagerly sucks at her open cunt. Lapping up all that he 
can but there is too much and it goes all over the floor. 
Dripping and spurting as he ravishes her inner walls with 
his eager tongue. Another gush washes across his face, 
with every chewing suck on her aching jerking clit that 
the major delivers. With each a spasm caresses her womb 
into another burst of terrible contractions.

In response to that intense climax, O'Neil's engorged 
milky breasts again start to swell and swell. Her erect 
dark nipples of both super engorged boobies springing and 
squirting milk feeding every insistent suck of the 
machine. The cups biting down into her bulging tit flesh. 
With every hard fuck into her cleavage, milk is forced 
out of each jug in a surge, so that it dribbles from the 
edge of each fast cup, pooling in her throat and running 
down the sides of her neck.

The Major fucks her tits hard suddenly she feels his cock 
pulse and jerk between them spewing hot streams of jism 
up her shuddering belly, as he empties his sack. O'Neil's 
cunt gushes more thin oil in a hard intense squirt. The 
Major heaves backwards and lets the final thick wads of 
semen fall heavily on to her face.

"Oh I am going to enjoy your little stay with us 
Lieutenant! Now lets see how many times you can come 
before your tits run dry shall we?" he gloated.

O'Neil grimaced tears running from her eyes as he hefted 
the crop in his hand.

"After all you are a dirty little whore aren't you, The 
floor of this room was spotless when we came in here, and 
now lets see, since you let loose your bladder when the 
catheter popped free and you've pissed yourself, covering 
the floor in Urine. That puts you in real trouble."

"Then you came all over the floor. Not to mention the 
milk. I think we can expect worse from you, especially 
since I want to see how far you can really squirt cunt 
juice. Now shall we see if you are going to shit yourself 
when I pull that plug out of your arse?"

He moved between her legs and fingered the base of it.

"What do you think? are you going to show yourself up as 
you add your shit to all that Urine and cum or are you 
going to try hard to keep it in so we can enjoy the 
prospect of fucking all that shit out of your arse?"

He grinned down at her growing steadily more excited at 
the prospect of toying with his prize, O'Neil's face a 
picture of hurt and horrified humiliation.

Chapter 15

The major looked down at O'Neil's gaping wet vagina. Her 
clitoris still extended from its hood, twitching in 
rhythm with the pumping of the milking pump. Her muscular 
sweat sheen'd legs spread wide by the examination table 
stirrups. below her cunt the fat black dildo sat in the 
entrance of her asshole.

O'Neil lifted her jism caked face to watch him as he 
smiled at her and lightly traced his strong fingers in 
circles, around and around, just inside her swollen 
vulva. The entrance to O'Neil's vagina still wide from 
the cruel dilator. O'Neil felt a deep intense desire for 
penetration. It was maddening! The bastard refused to 
follow through, just kept circling her inner lips 

O'Neil's breathing had now picked up again, becoming 
rapid, her eyes glazing with unfulfilled passion. She 
tried to plead with him to stop or to frig her to further 
fulfillment. His fingers went lower. He watched her face 
as he drew his digits around it making her splayed ass 
cheeks twitch and flex. He gripped it and pulled. Her 
whole body jerked as she groaned into the ball.

He went over to the wall cabinet and retrieved some bags 
and tubes he came back over and placed them on an 
instrument table. then he went back to teasing her twat.

He knew this constant teasing would drive O'Neil out of 
her mind! He was just biding his time, waiting for the 
right moment. Waiting until O'Neil's drenched inner labia 
were gaping of their own accord and her hips had begun to 
involuntarily tick up toward his hand.

"Oh dear is your cunt hungry O'Neil? is it?"

The Major knew it was finally time. He gave O'Neil what 
she craved so badly, sliding a cone of three fingers deep 
into her, penetrating all the way to her cervix. His 
fingers felt like a short, fat little cock as they slid 
in and out.
O'Neil was shaking her head from side to side as if in 
denial of the turbulent pleasures he was again triggering 
deep within her loins. Her internal organs felt like they 
were tied in knots. O'Neil could feel that delicious 
tension that always preceded orgasm beginning to build.

Her breasts surged milk slurping through the cups, both 
engorged mammaries aching with fullness. She began 
crying, helpless frustrated tears. She was so, so close. 
She was terrified what was happening to her was she going 
mad all this abuse had unhinged her. She had to attain 
her orgasm. She had been kept on the edge for too long 
now. She just wanted to cum. Badly!! Oh, so badly!

"Oh your gonna cum bitch, your gonna be our cum slut you 
can't help it can you fucking cunt!!"

O'Neil's lower belly and pelvis ached with frustration. 
She desperately wished she wasn't gagged, so she could 
plead with her tormentor for her climax. The Major didn't 
need to hear O'Neal pleading. He knew how close this 
Lieutenant was to busting cream.

"Captain! hold her Belly down low and pull up." He 
ordered sharply.

O'Neil moaned, low with need, into her gag. Reece's grip 
on her trembling belly had the effect of pulling the hood 
further back from O'Neil's clitoris, exposing the 
engorged trembling bud like, straining organ to the 
Majors wonderfully clever fingers. While his other hand 
continued to piston his trio of fingers slowly in and out 
of O'Neil's soaking cunt, He reached out with his index 
finger and slowly circled O'Neil's straining clitoris, 
almost, but not quite touching the needy fat shiny 

"Your going to squirt for us Lieutenant, over and over, 
but not till I want you to!"

O'Neil held her breath in tense anticipation, her full 
tight ass squirming around uncontrollably on the edge of 
the table, her bonds wouldn't allow her enough movement 
to force the Major's teasing digit into the direct 
contact she desperately craved for her clit.

"Oh dear Lieutenant do you need something?" he gloated 

As he teased the bound officer, she moaned desperately, 
all thoughts of the guards watching now gone. Her arousal 
was almost painful in its intensity. Then a jolt of 
intense pleasure tore through her like a lightning bolt. 
The Major's finger had just grazed her clitoris with an 
impossibly light touch.

O'Neil thought her world was about to explode. If only he 
would repeat that touch. Just once and she would be 
cumming all over the place again. But he didn't, 
returning instead to the agonizing teasing which was 
driving her absolutely nuts.

O'Neil sucked hard on the ball her body going rigid her 
back arching as he began a rhythmic flicking with a 
softly padded latex fingertip right against the hyper-
sensitive head of O'Neil's aching clitoris.

O'Neil's pelvis muscles clenched hard in pre-orgasmic 
tension, and her fat clit tried to retreat beneath the 
safety of its hood. It's size and the Captain's firm grip 
on her upper pelvis prevented that, forcing her clitoris 
to stand up and meet its tormentor.

"Here we go c'mon slut squirt for us, SQUIRT!!" O'Neil's 
mind reeled as his words pushed her over the edge. He 
dragged his fingers out of her contracting cunt. White 
light seared through her senses as her orgasm tore 
through her gut.
O'Neil's body spasmed in its bonds and she screamed in 
ecstasy into her gag. The throbbing waves of pleasure 
were unbelievably intense as they ripped through her 

The Major's thumb shifted around to caress her clit, 
which was ruby red and glistening. O'Neil took a sharp, 
shuddering breath. Her hips shot forward, her thighs 
quivering, as she came forcefully and voluminously.
The Major stepped back and was amazed to see a veritable 
fountain of fluid gush from her pussy, covering his hand, 
and splash across the front of his white coat.

"Oh YESS!! we have a real gusher gentlemen."

The major shouted in glee. He dragged his foot through 
the mess, marking the extent of her latest gush.

"There that marks the floor lets see if she can better it 

O'Neil was positive she'd never cum this hard in her 
life. Her climax seemed to last forever, total 
satisfaction after what seemed an eternity of teasing.
The major was over her between her legs.

Something was wrong, She felt the dildo up her ass tug 
and then jolt into life. She moaned as it began Gyrating 
in her rectum, making her belly start to tighten again. 
She felt his latexed fingers begin tickling her 
helplessly exposed clitoris.

The sensation was painful in its intensity. O'Neil 
shrieked into her gag, wide eyes begging the Major to let 
up. The bastard had to know how sensitive her clitoris 
would be right after a climax. This was unbearable!!

"You ready Lieutenant? here we go again!"

She could feel her hips beginning to rise and fall of 
their own accord, she wanted him to stop she couldn't do 
it again! please no, NO!!

O'Neil felt new shocks through each thick teat as both 
super engorged heavy jugs went through another stage of 
let down. More release, more milk feeding the insistent 
sucking machine.

The cups were filled now with hard bulging breast flesh. 
The tubes filled with steady flowing mommy milk, each 
squirt sending fresh ticklish shocks from her hot breasts 
to her contracting belly.

She gasped as excruciatingly blissful rippling waves of 
awful pleasure emanated from her ass. The hard pulling 
suction on each hot aureole sending insistent thrills one 
after another hammering through her sweating tense body.

Not only did the major return to teasing her horribly 
vulnerable clit, he picked up the pace of his fingers in 
and out of O'Neil's pussy. O'Neil's pussy was so wet that 
the Majors latexed fingers made sloshing sounds as they 
slid in and out of her drenched folds.

Suddenly, without warning, O'Neil felt her belly go real 
hard and she was cumming again.

This second orgasm was almost as hard as the first had 
been. O'Neil's hands clenched into white fists beneath 
the table and her toes curled as the unbearable pleasure 
tore through her once more.

The major leapt away again watching carefully how far the 
squirts of juice went from her pulsing twat. He reached 
under the table and switched off the pump. O'Neil howled 
into the gag as the pressure in her tit's suddenly 
increased to agonizing proportions. Reece pulled the cups 
off her jugs.

'She needed to be milked beyond everything. her breasts 
where so hot, shit would he never leave her cunt alone!'

And still he kept it up. He started to stimulate the 
sides O'Neil's unbearably sensitive clitoris and re-
embedding his fingers used the same rhythm to firmly 
massage O'Neil's G spot within her soaking vagina. O'Neil 
was screaming almost hysterically into her gag now.

'She couldn't cum again!'

'She just couldn't!! She'd die!'

O'Neil's legs began to tremble yet again and impossibly, 
she came for the forth time. This orgasm was the biggest 
one yet, excruciating pain and searing pleasure. The 
Major's incessant probing on her G spot triggered One 
orgasm after another. She came immediately, and more 
forcefully than before. She ejaculated!! with each a 
small fountain of her orgasmic juices squirted out of her 
spasming pussy, drenching the Major's arm clear to the 
elbow. She felt hot liquid splash along her calves as she 
rode the crest of the fluttering wave of mind numbing 

'Oh god it was too much!'

When she came down, she saw that with the pump off, the 
fluid from her distended throbbing nipples had formed 
rivulets that coursed down into her armpits, She felt the 
dildo in her ass stop and the sides retract, She groaned 
in horrified disgust as the major laughed at her 
realization that he had flicked the switch.
"Your gonna shit for me O'Neil? you gonna shit that big 
dildo out like one huge turd bitch, and your gonna cum as 
you shit, like the dirty whore you are!"

O'Neil wanted to scream 'NO!!' at him, she bit on the 
ball gag and tried desperately to hold onto the dildo 
desperate to deny him his wish. She clamped her eyes shut 
in desperate concentration.

A sharp spasm of pleasure had O'Neil's eyes wide open a 
second later. The Major was now teasing the sensitive 
strip of skin between her vagina and anus. This bastard 
was a monster!! O'Neil gritted her teeth into the ball 
and tried to clamp down on her overwrought nerve endings. 
She'd sworn to herself she wasn't going to let him see 
her shit.

She sobbed as it slowly slid out, further and further a 
heavy weight that felt as if her insides were being drawn 
out too. She opened her eyes, all four of the bastards 
were stood around her watching as it slowly eased out. 
All she could hear was them laughing triumphantly at her 

She felt the last of it drag out of her ass, and heard it 
fall to the floor. Her now empty rectum spasmed and 
before she could clench, Shit and semen coursed out and 
splattered on the floor. O'Neil cringed in disgust and 
humiliation as the rest emptied out.

"I knew the dirty bitch would shit on the floor!" stated 
the Major gloating.

Then he was between her legs, stood in her mess. pushing 
the head of his cock up into her shitty asshole.

"There AHHH! nice and hot Lieutenant, nice and hot."

He started to fuck up into her ass, thumbing her clit, 
forcing it as deep as he could as she wailed and snatched 
at her bonds trying to be off it.

"Are you going to cum eh Lieutenant? Cum with my cock up 
your dirty ass, oh you are, you are!"

He thumbed her rigid clit hard from side to side so that 
the hood of her clitoris pulsed and twitched as he 
stimulated the over sensitive jutting miniature cock.

O'Neil bit down on a moan, struggling desperately against 
the sensations that threatened to overwhelm her swollen 
flesh. She could feel the head of his cock behind her 
cervix, battering it as he slammed up into her squelching 

He had the crop in his hand, he brandished it and then 
brought it down viciously on her sore tits. O'Neil 
screamed into the ball, he struck them over and over, 
crisscrossing crossing her swollen orbs with searing 
painful welts, He laughed at her agony and with a few 
rubs the right way on her swollen throbbing clit she was 
off. Howling, jolting and humping her own ass down on his 
meat as she came again and again, one orgasm after 

O'Neil felt the room begin to spin into darkness. Her 
last sight before she lost consciousness was of the Major 
smirking as he emptied his load up into her squirming 

Chapter 18

When she awoke how long later she didn't know, O'Neil was 
laid face down bent over the examination table, Legs 
hanging down to the floor, hands still cuffed behind her.

Her breasts had woken her. An awful full tender pain an 
awful feeling of intense pressure. The two heavy 
mammaries squashed beneath her. She tried to get up but 
she was secured there by a thick restraint strap across 
her waist.

Her legs felt like they were made of jelly and there was 
a serious soreness between her thighs. She shuddered 
briefly as she remembered the intensity of her last 
orgasm. She had been forced to squirt uncontrollably 
while the smirking Major had butt fucked her laughing, as 
he beat on her tits. That was an image that was going to 
haunt her for a very long time.

She lifted her head looking about. Next to her hanging 
from the ceiling was a large rubber bag with a flexible 
hose hanging from it.

"She's awake Major!"

"OKAY, lubricate her rectum."

She could glimpse men behind her. Her breasts ached. She 
felt a hand rubbing slippery gel into her anus. Looking 
around as best she could, she saw one of the men guiding 
the tube from the hanging bag between her buttocks, and 
then felt the nozzle being shoved into her rectum.

The major came in front of her smiling.

"Glad you could make it Lieutenant, Tits ache? thought 
so, we a had a little party after you blacked out, hell I 
thought they'd never stop fucking you. Anyhow we were so 
impressed with your cunt squirting we decided to let you 
have a go at some water sports. Improves the strength of 
your rectal muscles, which should feel good for me later 
when I take you up the ass again. In the meantime it's 
good for moral, you understand that now don't you."

"PHUK YOO!!" she managed. He grinned.

"That's as maybe but if you don't perform you don't get 
Mr. Milky the machine reconnected and I guess your gonna 
be in a shit load of pain, get the idea, Good, I think 
every SP in the post is here, all you have to do to get 
milked is shit out the enema into the bucket, you hit the 
bucket you get milked simple ain't it?"

She looked up at him in bewildered confusion. The 
tremendous ache in her breasts was awful, and it had been 
steadily growing worse. Now she was beginning to feel 
real pain, her breasts felt even larger than ever (if 
that was possible), and she began to feel like they may 

This was new; it was also very disconcerting. She peered 
down at them lifting her torso as much as she could. The 
skin was stretched taut, and the veins beneath glowed 
purplish blue. The aureole looked puffy and swollen and 
had small patches of dried colostrum on them. Her nipples 
were hot and painful Her boobs felt heavy and hot, and 
they were beginning to hurt, hurt a lot. She jolted as 
the pipe was shoved deeper up her ass.

Suddenly, warm water began to flood into her bowels, 
creating a strange, slightly uncomfortable sensation. 
O'Neil whimpered as she filled with the water, the urge 
to go to the bathroom became greater and greater, but she 
couldn't believe the things that where being done to her. 
She could hear them behind her, taking bets on whether 
she could hit the bucket, laughing, cruelly at her 
expense, a wave of humiliation coursed through her.

Finally, they had emptied the entire contents of the bag 
into her ass, and it was all she could do to hold it in.

"Now, Lieutenant when I remove the nozzle from your ass, 
I want you to hold it all in until your told and then, 
and only then let loose with a bowel movement, evacuate 
your bowels as hard as you can.

Understand? You impress me and you get milked Okay!"

All she could hear were their hushed voices, she couldn't 
believe that they would get off watching her shit in 
front of them!. She shook her head pain lancing through 
each heavy tit, Her bowels spasmed and burned, without 
the gag she would have begged.

"Now, wait for it hold it in like a good slut Lieutenant, 
I can't wait, I like to see you shit Lieutenant."

Goaded the Major. He then slowly began to pull the hose 
from her ass, and she knew she would be unable to contain 
the flood within her. As the nozzle pulled free from her 
rectum, O'Neil turned crimson with shame as she realized 
all the men were about to watch her take a tremendous 
shit at close range. Her mind went back to her forced 
shit in the beach house, how they had laughed and jeered 
as she dumped for them. Sick! Sick perverts!! A thrill 
rippled through her belly.

As the tube exited her ass, it was followed immediately 
by a hot rush against her anus that she hardly managed to 
contain she felt some seep out and run down her still 
pouting cunt lips.

"Keep it in, wait, wait!" she groaned with the effort the 
need to shit an excruciating need that flooded her 
senses. She felt more seep out, her well muscled butt 
clenched deliciously as she fought to keep it in.

"Wait!" she groaned.

"Wait!" Laughter, giggles as her hips jerked and her butt 
clenched over and over.

"GO!!" She gasped in relief. and pushed.

"Squeeze your bowels Lieutenant, force out every drop!" 
came the order.

They watched as her bottom pushed out, her buttocks 
splaying wide. Her ring relaxing open as a torrent of 
brownish water shot out in a thick hard stream slamming 
into the bucket. It just seemed to come and come. She 
cringed as they laughed and cheered. as she sprayed more 
and more out. When finally she was empty and spent by 
this purging. The SP gathered close around her fingers 
pulling her ass open so they could see.

"I think we should give you another enema, just to be 
sure," said one of the men, as he began filling the 
hanging bag with water. Once again, she was filled by the 
tube in her ass, and forced to evacuate her bowels while 
they all carefully watched. By now, she was thoroughly 
humiliated and totally racked with turgid breast pain.

There was sniggering and hushed voices and then O'Neil 
started as a cock was eased into her just emptied bowels. 
She grimaced in sudden shock as she felt it jerk and then 
heat, awful pressing heat. He was pissing up her ass.

She bucked and jerked trying to be off of it but he held 
her ass until he was done. He pulled out backing away and 
they all shouted and laughed. Her ass closed up, clenched 
and then she groaned as the pressure in her bowels 
increased as they began to spasm and reject the hot piss 
as she forced it all out in a long hard spray.

With a flex of her hips and to great amusement her ass 
expelled his piss in a great forced steaming stream. She 
whimpered in humiliation and expelled more grunting with 
exertion as it gushed out in a hot geyser.

O'Neil expelled the last spurt of piss from her ass and 
slumped forward exhausted her breasts springing 
painfully. All of them formed a queue and one after 
another took they're once in a lifetime chance at pissing 
up an officers ass. She lay there shocked and disgusted 
as each filled her aching rear end with the contents of 
they're bladders.

All of them leering and laughing at her kicking and 
straining to expel gush after gush of their awful hot 
piss. She tried to plead helplessly as another pushed 
into her wet ass hole. She stiffened as more piss began 
to fill her, shaking her head in disbelief. Her belly 
tightened against the warm intense rush.

"Oh God" she thought "Please make them stop!!"

She winced as another sent jet after jet of piss 
forcefully up into her expanded spasming colon.

Eventually they stopped and the last of their piss 
dribbled from her ass. she felt totally drained, and 
weak, from the enemas; yet strangely aroused by this 
total domination that was taking place.

The Major was in front of her grinning.

"Did you enjoy that slut? all those SP's pissing up your 
ass, No?, Arhh your udders painful? never mind, lets do 
something little different" he said.

With that, He undid the ball gag and withdrew it from her 
mouth, she gasped exercising her jaw O'Neil wondered what 
he wanted.

"Listen up SEAL bitch, you belong to Salem right, now 
he's kicking up real shit, he wants your ass back. For 
the moment your mine but I can't keep you here much as 
I'd like too, Now me I realize your worth, as a prime 
slut, but he wants you, to either be his forever or not 
be at all, 'cos shit he's gonna have a hell of a job to 
clean this up and keep it quiet, You get the picture?"

She nodded her mind racing. "Now what I'm offering is a 
route out here, I'll
take you to Washington with me, meet your fairy godmother 
Senator Dehaven, get you protection."

"What do you say? All I'm asking is you play my little 
games, until I get you there and we leave me out of the 
equation when you get Salem's ass on a plate? well!"

She nodded, yes what choice had she got?

"Yes...YES!" she managed in her husky voice.

He grinned, "Good, good, now we can get on yeah." He 
turned to face away from her, he gripped her on the back 
of head and began guiding her face into his ass. A 
feeling of revulsion came over O'Neil as she realized 
what she would have to do. "Lick my asshole bitch, lick 
it and you get milked!" came the command.

Before she could think much about it, her face was 
between his buttocks. His anus smelled faintly sour, a 
slight odour of shit, and his rear was rather hairy, but 
she knew she would have to overcome her trepidation, and 
comply with his demands. She was past the point of caring 
her breasts a desperate need. Gingerly, she ran her 
little pink tongue over his anus.

It caused him to shudder slightly. Seeing that this 
pleased him, she began licking harder, and attempted to 
force the tip of her tongue into his ass. Finally, after 
much effort, she was able to push about an inch of her 
tongue into hole, and begin to tongue fuck his ass.

She could feel that he was masturbating, while she was 
rimming him. Sure enough, her face was pulled from the 
officer's ass, He turned and shoved his dick into her 

She felt a cock pushing at her anus, and slowly begin to 
enter her. She gasped, the sheer size of his penis was 
almost more than she could take. Gradually he shoved more 
and more of his cock into her ass, until all 9-10 inches 
were buried deep in her bowels. As she struggled to 
adjust to this, the Major rammed his cock into her 

"That's a good cunt suck, suck it! Good girl!"

Now she had a huge cock embedded in her ass, and another 
impaling her throat, both began shafting her. The Major 
dragged her mouth deeper onto his cock. Instinctively, 
She tried to pull back, but he held her head tightly on 
his shaft and forced her to keep sucking. It pulsed and 
he gasped as wave after wave of sperm entered her mouth, 
and despite O'Neil's best intentions, she couldn't 
swallow it all, and some leaked from the corners of her 

Almost immediately, the other man tensed, and she felt an 
enormous load of jism released deep into her ass. After 
the warm piss the steady thump of his cum was a quite 
unusual sensation, as the hot jism flooded and bathed her 
bowels. He kept releasing spurt after spurt into her ass, 
and as he slowly withdrew his flaccid member from her 
rectum, sperm trickled out of her anus.

By now, she had thoroughly sucked the Major's cock 
swallowing it all with practised ease until he was dry, 
and had thoroughly cleaned his penis with her tongue. 
Then the black SP sailor that had been at the door who 
had just butt fucked her came around, and demanded that
she clean his cock with her mouth too.

Now she was glad they had given her the enemas, even the
piss so even though he had been deep within her ass, his
cock was still clean, except for the sperm, which she 
eagerly lapped up with her tongue, cleaning his penis 

Chapter 17

They undid the strap and made her stand. The Major 
inspected her breast's he touched them making her wince.

"You're engorged, Lieutenant. Your milk has more than 
come in whore."

All she wanted now was to be emptied. Despite the pain, 
she felt a familiar stirring in her crotch. He watched 
the colostrum leak from her breasts She felt the heat, 
saw the increasing distension of her teats, he lightly 
touched each fat stud she wanted to feed, desperately, an 
awful intense need.

"Do they ache O'Neil? does mommy want her big boobies 
pumped? are they tender?"

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost feinted 
from the rush as milk dribbled from each stiff nipple.

"Yes you know they are, please don't" she complained.

"Would you like me to put the pump on your jugs bitch?"

"Yes... YES! please they... it's awful please."

He twisted and slowly pulled her teats making her grimace 
and moan.

Through the heat and heaviness of her breasts, could feel 
a new kind of warmth, a sort of pleasant burning 
sensation that started up high, near her ribs, and spread 
downward toward her nipples in an ever intensifying 
swell. Within seconds it felt like they were going to 

He pulled them harder making her almost lose her footing. 
Both heavy jugs stretching cruelly as he grinned into her 
pained face. Her nipples were two thick elongated corks 
now, his latex covered fingers squeezing and pulling in 
turn as he started to milk her like a heifer.

"You like that O'Neil, having your big fat udders milked? 
is it nice, should we make you kneel over a bucket like 
the big uddered cow you are so we can milk you?"

"Please don't uhhh please it... it ohhh!" Her lips formed 
an "O", and she exhaled in a soft, long moan. O'Neil felt 
like the skin covering her bosom would split from the 
pressure inside it. Thick streams of white liquid began 
welling up from her nipples, spilling down to drip from 
the undersides of her monumental mounds to run in 
rivulets down her muscled belly. Her entire world was 
concentrated in her brimming boobs.

At that moment, O'Neil's breasts erupted. At least a half 
dozen needle thin streams of hot milk sprayed from each 
throbbing nipple, arcing several feet into the air and 
splashing across the major's face and chest. bursting 
between his fingers. He grinned a look of explicit glee 
in his eyes as he let go of her teats and grabbed both 
swollen heavy streaming breasts, he grabbed them, and 
began making hard milking motions. The sprays of milk 
were doubly renewed.

His fingers digging deep into the hard flesh of each, 
squeezing, twisting, pulling, seeming gallons shot forth. 
O'Neil staggered as he pulled her breasts making them 
squirt and squirt as she let out anguished moan after 

"Oh God please please it hurts... hurts so good!"

The torrent continued unabated. O'Neil groaning and 
shuddering completely transported by the ecstatic 
feelings of sudden release, as she squirted and moaned 
for what seemed to her to be forever.

He dragged O'Neil to the wall, near the corner, to the 
side of the door. Behind him was two small sliding doors, 
in the wall, Captain Reece opened them, inside was a box 
like contraption, with a padded neck rest, one half up in 
the air, hinged. in front of that was a hole, with thin 
padding around it.

"Put your head in the box Lieutenant! on the rest."

O'Neil was fearful trying to work out what it was.

He pulled on her tits forcing her to it.

"Put your neck on the rest, and I'll attach the milking 
pump understand. DO IT!!"

She felt she would be sorry but the pain in her tits was 
so awful, She did as she was told, her neck coming to 
rest on the padded rest. she felt Reece slam down the 
back of it and heard it lock. Her face was completely in 
the hole in the wall.

Her features pressed to the back, she felt his fingers on 
her shaved head dragging her face up until the hole at 
the back faced her mouth.

Something else clamped to the back of her head. she was 
trapped, immobile. She heard a loud click and two hard 
thin things slapped to her lips. They pressed and pressed 
with mechanical determination, her lips were hurting, she 
opened them and the things were against her teeth, they 
felt as if they would break,
She opened them and they shot open into her mouth forcing 
it open. Stopping her from closing her jaws!

The Major busied himself letting her big breasts fall to 
hang like two great full bladders, milk dripping from 
each. O'Neil made muffled complaints in the box her body 
writhing and kicking as she tried to pull her head free. 
He ignored her, letting her pull her body to the wall as 
she fought to be free. He pulled a high stool over and 
fitted it to latches on a circular plate on the floor. 
Now it was held firmly, he grabbed her swerving hips and 
dragged them up and back, sideways over the padded stool 

He used the palm of his hand to hold her pelvis down on 
the stool while Reece attached a strap to one side of it, 
slung it over her waist between the chain on her cuffs 
and secured it tightly on the other side.

O'Neil stamped and kicked, they fought her legs to the 
stool legs and strapped them to it with thick leather 
straps, which bit into her strong leg muscles. Further 
immobilizing her. She was now trapped over the stool, 
head in the hole in the wall her massive stiff tits 
hanging. She made muffled entreaties.

The Major put his face to the hole speaking to her.

"Do you know what's on the other side of that wall 
Lieutenant? no? well I'll tell you, it's the Shore Patrol 
cells and it's Friday night busiest night of the week! I 
hope your thirsty HA HA!"

O'Neil howled in fury furiously trying to pull her face 
away to no avail. Her body quivered and pulled as the 
Major went beneath her hanging breasts, her hard thick 
teats stuck out big wet and full.

Reece brought over the pump, tubes and cups from the 
examination table. He put it to the floor and joined the 
Major under her. Both started to caress and tease her 
hanging jugs. O'Neil groaned her body shuddering as they 
kneaded and pulled on her hyper sensitive globes.

Then she jolted and shook as both began licking and 
lapping around her teats. Slowly they teased and nibbled 
around them, then began to suckle. O'Neil's whole body 
snatched and flexed in excruciating bliss as her milk 
began to pump into their greedy mouths.

Tears of humiliation and relief welled up in O'Neil's 
eyes tears dripping down her cheeks, inside the box as 
she felt shock after glorious blissful shock of release 
strum through each breast, Each suck making her toes curl 
as they milked her jugs to their faces.

Suddenly her rejoicing was disturbed by a noise in front 
of her on the other side of the wall. She heard drunken 
male voices then a zipper, she tried to pull back 
helplessly from the hole as a thick finger pushed into 
her mouth investigating it felt around.

"Fuck hey Boys we got a godamn glory hole here!"

"Is it a woman? I ain't gettin' freaky with some mouth in 
a hole!"

"Suit you' self asshole, but I'M gonna have a piece O' 
this there ain't no stubble round the lips, look, that's 
a woman's lips!"

O'Neil tried to push it out with her tongue. The finger 
pulled out and she jolted as a cock was stuck through the 
hole in front of her in the wall and plunged into her 
helpless mouth.

O'Neil was caught completely by surprise, and squealed 
loudly around it. On the other side of the wall the First 
of a line of prisoners grabbed a pair of handles that had 
been conveniently provided above the hole, and started to 
shove his cock in and out of O'Neil's helpless mouth.

"Suck it, bitch!" he urged.

"Fucking whore, suck it!"

O'Neil gagged as it slid into her throat. Her senses 
racked with pleasurable shocks from her tits as she was, 
being brutally mouth-raped by this complete stranger. Her 
body writhed and squirmed, her ass clenched and flinched 
back and forth, as the cock slipped in and out, faster 
and faster. O'Neil swallowed hard trying not to gag on 
the cock, again and again.

The man's hips drove the cock brutally into her mouth, 
until his body tensed up, and he moaned loudly. O'Neil 
stiffened as the brute pummeled into her open throat, 
stabbed it deep and kept it there as he came in her 
helpless mouth. The man pulled his softening cock out of 
O'Neil's mouth, and moved away.

As she gasped and coughed through the hole. His semen 
tumbling out. He was immediately replaced by another. A 
considerably larger cock than the last man's, He forced 
it into her mouth and shoved it deep down O'Neil's 
helpless throat. She was gagging on this new huge cock 
her own spastic, gagging moans filling her ears the only 
noise she could squeeze out.

Beneath her The Major and Reece were suckling for all 
their worth her milk overflowing their mouths and running 
down their faces and torso's, as both dragged and 
squeezed her boobs to their hungry mouths. They stopped 
wiping their faces with the backs of their hands. The 
Major grabbed the cups while Reece switched on the pump. 
He forced the cups on to each full jug holding them until 
they latched on.

O'Neil felt the cups go on and groaned as the steady 
pressure pulled on each teat increasing her let down, hot 
thrills burst through each jug and she began to fuck her 
hips to the stool.

The big black man on the other side of the wall was 
holding onto the handles, groaning as he felt O'Neil 
begin to suck and swallow hungrily on his shaft. He began 
force-fucking her hot helpless throat hard and fast.

"Come on, whore! That's it slut all the way in AHHHH!"

He thrust even more of his huge prick between her 
straining lips. O'Neil felt more of it slip into her 
mouth, and he could feel his cock crown slam her tonsils, 
making her gag reflex pump her throat around his meat. 
She suddenly spewed up a huge gush of already swallowed 
semen which gurgled up around his cock and dribbled out 
the sides uncontrollably down her chin into the box, as 
she struggled to accommodate even more of his manhood.

O'Neil could feel her esophagus constricting around his 
tool, squeezing and milking it as he plunged another inch 
down her windpipe. Her face impaled on his prick. He 
plowed the remaining inches into her throat, and she 
could feel his pulsing crown wedged in her like a huge 
hot ball.

She sobbed around it as he picked up his pace, choke 
fucking her throat while she helplessly fought to 
breathe. He thrust hard in and out of her mouth 

The major admired the outline of his bulbous cock head 
through her neck in the other room he showed Reece. You 
could see it working in and out of her throat. The man 
started really fucking her face in to the hilt.

"Deeper...Deeper...Ohhhhhh...You fuckin' cunt."

With another push, he forced his cock back through the 
narrow opening, his pubic hairs smashing against the 
wall, causing O'Neil to gag, her face impaled her on his 
full `god knows how long` hard meat. O'Neil's throat 
spasmed around the hard intruder, her lungs heaving for 
air, making her tits bounce. Her mouth opened even wider 
in an awful gag. He thrust it deeper, groaning as the 
sensation to his cock increased as her throat clamped 
tight to it. Her throat jammed full for almost a full 
minute, He moaned in heaven, reveling in the convulsing 
of the helpless woman's throat muscles on the shaft and 
head of his cock.

O'Neil began gurgling and squirming in desperation as the 
head started to swell. Finally just as she thought she 
would asphyxiate the man began to cum in her mouth. She 
felt him shoot his hot sperm into her jammed open throat 
she could do little but Swallow as each jolt filled her 

He pulled out she was still gasping and spitting as 
another began to fuck her face brutally. All of them were 
rough with her. Wanting to empty they're sacks and 
degrade and hurt this unknown bitch as much possible, 
They kept forcing their cocks entirely down her throat, 
because she couldn't stop them.

Jamming themselves hard to the wall pushing their cocks 
as deep as possible until her lips touched the base. In 
turn leaving their cocks lodged in her throat, She heard 
them cheer as she gagged and choked with the effort. As 
each man ejaculated down her throat.

Another cock in her mouth, stinking of piss, the man 

"That's it slut. Yeah! Choke on it you cumslut! Choke, 
choke yeah!!"

He began to furiously ram it in and out of her mouth, 
fucking her face. She gagged from the sudden impact of 
his cock hammering its way down her throat. He battered 
his meat head against her tonsils until she began to gag 
up more cum.

"OOOH!, like that, bitch. Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yes! Take some 
more you fucking slut! Take it! Take it!" he shouted as 
his balls emptied down her throat.

He laughed pulling out "She took it, oh yes she did!"

More laughter.

He was quickly replaced by another prick, only thicker.

He forced it deep in her throat viciously shoving it in. 
O'Neil coughed and cum ejected from out of her nose, 
spilling semen all down her face joining the rest in the 
bottom of the box.

Guttural pleadings escaped from around the cock jammed 
balls deep in her throat. As he slammed to the wall her 
choking and gagging could be heard over the prisoner's 
laughter she felt his cock begin to throb and pump cum 
into her stomach. He grunted, his fat prick lodged in her 
windpipe making her buck and gag as she felt each spurt 
of thick heavy semen into her throat. Every time she 
swallowed there seemed to be more. His fat cock was so 
intense as it throbbed, expanding and contracting, 
pumping hot runny seed into her. She thought her engorged 
throat would burst. She felt the throbbing subside and 
eventually stop, and he pulled out of her throat with a 
loud pop.

"Oh my God!" she sobbed. "Oh my God!"

She was stifled by another dick as it rammed home he 
began fucking her face violently. She gagged and choked 
again while he pumped her face for ages numbing her 
throat as he battered her mouth. I suddenly burst with a 
copious flood of semen she jolted and snorted trying to 
swallow the man's cum before she drowned, filling her 
bloated belly to the brim with semen.

She was gagging and choking cum bubbled from the corners 
of her mouth and shot from her nose, when he dragged his 
dick out of her mouth, she fought for air and coughed up 
more cum. She now had gallons of semen inside her belly. 
She fought to spit out the thick wads that coated her 

Several choke fucks later, next door the major noticed 
her belly was beginning to look swollen from the gallons 
of cum she had consumed.

Her fat breasts were still producing, He checked the 
bottles on the pump, changed one. He pressed a button 
next to the box, hen he went to the wall cabinet again.

Chapter 18

O'Neil felt something close over the hole letting her 
spit and catch her breath. She felt the pumps suck. She 
still couldn't get enough of the rhythmic pulsing of the 
hard relentless suck-release-suck-release cycle of the 
big pump, and the wonderful, warm, tingling sensation of 
the milk letting down was making her cunt drip juice, as 
a result of all the stimulation.

The major returned he had a peculiar looking device in 
his hand. It was kind of like a pair of hard plastic 
tongs, with a bar between the forks and a wing nut on the 
end of that.

"What are those?" Reece asked.

"Anal spreader bars my own design better than an anal 
speculum. she can't slurp up much more semen so I'm going 
to loosen her anus before letting the prisoners 
sodomizing her, otherwise they might damage her rectum."

With that, both men moved to her rear, O'Neil flinched as 
she felt her cheeks being spread apart. Suddenly, she 
felt a gentle pushing against her rectum, then slight 
discomfort as the tips of the tongs entered her. The 
Major inserted the tool about two inches into her rear, 
then told Reece.

"I'm slowly going to ratchet her asshole apart, in order 
that the sphincter will loosen and widen to fit the glory

With that, he began spreading the tool, and she felt her
anus slowly spread apart. Soon, she could feel cool air
entering her rectum, a strange sensation, and she knew 
her anus must be well expanded.

Both officers were staring intently into her open ass, as 
the Major manipulated the anal speculum. Reece produced a 
penlight, he directed the beam between her buttocks, the 
illumination enabled them to see deep into her rectum.

"Okay, she's ready," said the Major.

She closed her eyes, body wracked with sobs, as the 
implications hit her, not only was the Major going to let 
her suffer further oral rape he meant to give her ass to 
the prisoners.

He leaned into the box and released her head, gripping 
her forehead he dragged her out. Reece released the plate 
on the floor and they span her around. Then released 
another lock on the floor and slid the stool back, her 
ass went into the box.

O'Neil coughed and spluttered semen spooling from her 
mouth "UHGGG! UHH UHH God you bastards, you bastards!"

The major attached the handles of the speculum to a 
mechanism in the shallow box. He threw a lever and O'Neil 
jolted and groaned as she felt her ass levered back 
against the hole.

"Don't please don't no NOOOOOOOOO!"

He threw the switch the hole opened.

In the cell they saw the hole click open, they went over 
eagerly "Shit boys it's an ass now, now don't that look 

O'Neil sobbed as she felt fingers investigating her 

"Don't let them do this, UHHHGH it's awful ahhhh!"

She just felt something hot and slippery at her 
helplessly exposed anus. She tensed every muscle in her 
body, straining against the straps on her, as the 
prisoner behind her started to shove his hard cock into 
her, HARD. She gasped, snorting sperm out through her 
nose as the head of it popped into her helpless shit 

The Major patted her face grinning.

"There there O'Neil, don't you like it, don't you like 
the mystery, I wonder how many are in there? how many can 
resist a helpless asshole like yours huh?"

"You sick fucker, what do you want, what do you want me 
to do, what! what can I do for you to stop UUGHHH... 
this... Please!!"

O'Neil screamed a muffled, choking scream as the thing 
sank in. She closed her eyes, behind her she could hear 
the muffled grunts and groans of the man behind her, as 
he slowly forced more of his big cock up her ass. 
O'Neil's body trembled as the cock slowly forced it's way 
in, her asshole squeezing down on it hot and tight 
fighting the arms of the speculum. 

She tensed her every muscle, trying to expel the raping 
intruder, but that had no effect on the cruel instrument 
up her butt, deeper than it's arms her rectal muscles 
squeezed and sucked the cock head lodged there. O'Neil 
didn't understand why this only seemed to excite her 
unknown rapist.

"Oh Lieutenant, I just want to watch your face, I get off 
seeing your delicious looks of betrayal and pain as they 
butt fuck you."

He started to stroke his erect cock inches from her face. 

"OH Jesus! UHHGGGHHH. Fuck you!!"

Slowly her unknown rapist had forced so deep into her ass 
she could feel his pubic hair, and the man's cock was 
entirely inside her. The burning agony of the anal rape 
tore through her body, The Major watched her contorted 
face intently as she gasped and panted in pain.

"We get a hell of a lot of female recruits through here 
O'Neil, and a hell of a lot of female officer's on 
course's. almost all of them insist on getting drunk, 
behave appallingly, and end up here, begging and pleading 
while their 'Friends' fuck the shit out of them from the 
cell next door!"

She opened her eyes again as the man left his cock there, 
her senses flooded with the feeling of hard heat and 
fullness. Below her Captain Reece was checking an 
equipment box, there was a lens looking up at her face. 
The Major tapped the side of it with a boot.

"It's amazing the leverage these video tapes give me in 
the service, not to mention the thrill it gives me to 
watch all these stuck up bitches sobbing as cock after 
cock pumps cum up their pretty little assholes, you would 
be amazed what people will do to keep these little babies 
quiet." he chuckled.

The man up her ass started to fuck his big cock in and 
out, tearing her open. Even as tightly bound as it was, 
her body jerked back against the wall, time and again, as 
the big cock dragged out of her rectum. O'Neil groaned as 
the cock pounded her violated hole, bringing even more 
pain. It was worse than all the other anal rapes because 
she had no control at all, she couldn't pull away. And by 
Christ she wanted too.

Her breasts still surged and surged feeding the pump her 
teats producing thrills which she didn't need in conflict 
with the pain pounding up her ass. The cock in O'Neil's 
ass pumped into her harder, and faster.

Tears of pain and humiliation spilled to the floor, 
splashing the camera box, as her butt was used brutally. 
The man would pump hard, then slow down. pump hard, and 
then slow down. He was deliberately taking his time, 
making the horrible anal rape last, and last.

"Do you want it to stop O'Neil, shall I press this button 
and close the glory hole?"


"Will you drink my piss then Lieutenant?" he grinned.

"Oh god... YES!! Yes you filthy bastard, YES!"

"Say please, ask nicely and say please Lieutenant."

O'Neil glared at him for ages, knowing she would, not 
wanting to, but knowing she would. She lost track of the 
number of times the cock was rammed into her helpless 
chute. She felt him drive in deep, hard, and then that 
odd familiar warmth filled her ass. With disgust, she 
shuddered as the man shot his cum up her ass. She 
realized she had to do as the Major wished before another 
was up her ass.

"Ple... Please let me drink your piss!" she blurted out.

He grinned, "Sir!"

"Please let me drink your piss SIR!"

Her eyes widened once more as the man's cock was slowly 
withdrawn, her tight anal muscles rippling milking out 
every drop from the rapist. She felt his cum filling her 
spasming rectum.

'Press the button, press it now' she willed him. He put 
the swollen semi erect head of his cock to her lips and 
let her suck it in to her mouth.

O'Neil groaned in disappointed anguish but wasn't 
surprised when another cockhead was shoved up into her 
helpless, torn asshole. The pain wracked her again, 
causing her to jerk hard against her bonds, helpless, in 

"Are you ready Lieutenant?" she nodded eagerly.

"Good girl," she felt his cock twitch in her mouth.

He pushed it deeper, she started gagging from feeling the 
massive, soft cock hitting the back of her throat. The 
Major held it there and stood there breathing deeply, 
enjoying the moment. He started urinating right down 
O'Neil's throat. His hot piss filled her mouth almost 
instantly some of it escaping from around his cock and 
began leaking down her chin as it gushed from his cock.

"C'mon Lieutenant you piss slut, don't lose any! swallow 
it all!!" He yelled.

He slapped her shaved head. O'Neil wrapped her lips 
tighter around it making gurgling sounds as she swallowed 
it all down her throat. She was slurping down his hot 
piss as it flowed from his bladder, her mouth filled up 
and emptied down her throat with each swallow and a loud 

She could feel the cock up her ass start to jolt in and 
out with fierce eagerness.

He pushed his cock deeper, her mouth filled with piss. 
She started swallowing faster trying to keep up with the 
flow of hot urine, trying not to think of what she was 
doing. He pushed again. He frightened her that he might 
force his cock down her throat and drown her in piss, it 
had nearly happened in the beach house!

She drank from his meat swallowing repeatedly, sucking 
his urine directly from his bladder. The camera below 
catching all of it with a great view of her throat 
swallowing the bitter urine. Loud gulping noises came 
from her throat as the hot fluid gushed down her throat 
it burned as it entered her belly. It seemed to go on 
forever as she was force-fed his hot piss. Finally, he 
finished relieving himself in her mouth. O'Neil's stomach 
was excruciatingly bloated now, with all the semen she 
had swallowed and now his piss.

"Good girl," he sneered.

"I knew you'd be a class 'A' piss drinking slut."

O'Neil gasped for breath she was swallowing everything.

He finished, pulling out of her mouth.

He patted her head like she was a dog.

"There that was a good girl, Now I'll shut the hole when 
they've all finished. I hope you have a good time with 
all your new friends" he laughed.

UUURRRRGGGGHHHH!!" she jolted as more cum pounded into 
her bowels.

The Major and Reece left, slamming the door behind them 
as she felt another enter her.

O'Neil sobbed, helpless with exhaustion, fatigue, and 
pain, she began weeping as her bound body jolted with a 
new anal assault. Her legs, trembling from the exertion 
and stress of the continued internal pounding she was 
receiving. She lost count of the number of men that used 
her The constant pain, the terror, and the humiliation 
took their toll. she passed out after an hour of the 
torment, which didn't stop the delighted prisoners next 

Senator Dehaven looked up as the phone on her desk rang. 
She closed the file she was reading and smiled. She 
plucked it up.


"Uh huh."

"Major Henry Ma'am."

"Uh huh, you going to tell me the good news man?"

"She's in preparation now, should be ready for your toy 
by tomorrow evening Ma'am."

"Good I'll look forward to that Major, and Salem?"

"He might try to get her back but, once she's with you we 
should be okay!"

"You make sure she arrives safely Major, and your profit 
will not be threatened you understand?"

"She'll arrive safely and on time Ma'am I promise."

"She better had boy, or my toy's going up your ass!"

You keep that thought fresh in your mind okay?"

She slammed the phone down, smiling.

Back at the SP Headquarters Major Henry replaced the 
handset and swallowed.

"Captain, check the guards! and make sure they keep 

Chapter 19

Her ass rape seemed to go on forever, each motion a 
tearing of her insides, an explosion of pain never 
ending. She could feel every inch of the cock buried deep 
inside her bowels, Pounding, pounding, another then 
another, her ass hole was numb with pain as his strokes 
became more and more deep, more and more violent, she 
felt she was losing consciousness again.

O'Neil looked up as the cell door opened. Her face was 
set her lips compressed as she felt yet another load of 
semen spurt into her helpless rectum. She felt it 
withdraw and then her bowels spasm and pulse as her tired 
rectal muscles rejected the latest seed out to coarse 
down her thighs.

Major Henry came in, Reece was with him but he dragged a 
black girl with him, she was drunk as fuck an Army 
Private, short hair, large breasts constrained in an army 
drab vest, BDU's on her legs. Issue boots. dog tags 
dangling. She tripped and landed face down over the 
examination couch that O'Neil had been on earlier.

"Fuck shit Man!!" she complained and started giggling she 
slid of onto her knees. Slumping on the floor.

"This is Private Rogers, O'Neil she's had a good time and 
is so high she don't know how much shit she's in, now you 
know exactly how much shit she's in don't you 

O'Neil swallowed "Ye--yes sir," she croaked.

O'Neil stiffened feeling someone else entering her in the 
cell on the other side of the wall.

"Now you get to come off the wall as it were Lieutenant 
if you can get this piece of prime black ass to cum by 
eating her out, if you can't you stay and her male 
colleagues get your ass instead of hers, understand?"

O'Neil winced as the cock in her butt took up deep 
vicious thrusts. "Yes sir!"

"That's a good bitch Lieutenant," he laughed then picked 
Rogers up by the hair.

"Shit! fuck you man I was sleepin'!"

"Hey Rogers you know I said I could get a Lieutenant to 
eat your pussy, she's here!"

The Private grinned and then looked at O'Neil her eyes 
betraying how drunk she was.

"Fuck I wanted one of you whores to lick my cunt since 
boot bitch, why she trussed up like that?"

"So she can eat you out Private!" Henry stated.

Reece pulled the exam table over in front of O'Neil.

Rogers undid her BDU's and lowered them underneath her 
skin was dark and smooth, well muscled legs and ass she 
had tight white briefs on, she stumbled as she tried to 
get the combat trousers off over her boots. She succeeded 
and then lowered her briefs revealing a big hairy black 
bush covering her twat. She got her ass on the table and 
spread her legs on either side of O'Neil's face.

She drew open her swollen vulva showing O'Neil her twat 
O'Neil swallowed. Her twat seemed enormous a huge hairy 
cunt her lips pouting out showing her pink wet depths a 
sudden hard stab up her ass reminded her of her need.

"Suck my cunt you little slut!" Rogers gloated.

Private Rogers shoved her crotch forward, grinding her 
hairy strong smelling pubic mound against O'Neil's jaw. 
O'Neil grimaced disgusted and then reluctantly opened her 
mouth, and tentatively thrust her tongue forward. She 
tasted the strong juices from the Private's pussy and 
began lapping them up.

The Private grabbed the back of her shaved head and 
mashed her groin into O'Neil's face, demanding she suck 
harder. O'Neil slurped and suckled at her oozing slit 
hole, her tongue dipping in as deep as it would go, 
lapping and twisting in the girl's pussy mouth.

She pulled her tongue out and rasped it over the aroused 
clit, bringing a moan of pleasure from the Private. 
O'Neil wiped and ground her tongue over and over against 
the sensitive little fold of flesh, rubbing and teasing. 
She closed her lips over her clit as tight as she could, 
and then pulled and sucked deeply.
Rogers yelped and jerked against O'Neil's face as her 
clit vibrated in time to O'Neil's sucking mouth.

"OOOH that's it baby! that's it!" she growled.

Rogers began humping up into her face her fingers holding 
O'Neil's shaven head in a vice like grip. O'Neil snorted 
for breath as her cunt seemed to pull on her tongue 
drawing it deeper. She felt some bastard heave achingly 
deep up her ass and pump searing hot jism right up into 
her intestine's.

O'Neil stabbed her tongue in and out rapidly feeling 
Rogers shudder her whole body jolting with each thrust. 
Rogers was holding on to O'Neil's head her legs going out 
straight on either side of her face as with a howl of 
animal pleasure she came. O'Neil was suddenly deluged 
with gush after gush of cunt juice. She spluttered in 
shock as it filled her mouth, hot strong tasting feminine 
insistent fluid which flooded her mouth and ran down her 
chin as spurt after spurt shot into her trapped face.

"Oh shit bitch, oh shit that was fine!" Rogers gasped 
laying back and releasing O'Neil's head.

Major Henry smiled down at her and then rabbit punched 
her viciously Private Rogers grunted and then flopped 
back unconscious.

"Congratulations O'Neil you won you're ass a reprieve."

O'Neil couldn't believe the relief she felt as Reece 
pulled the lever that shut her ass off from the glory 
hole on the other side. The Exam table was swung out of 
the way and O'Neil's ass was released from the box. They 
swung her around and then admired her blasted open semen 
awash ass. O'Neil groaned as she felt the anal spreader 
released and as it was withdrawn something else was at 
the entrance to her ass she felt the internal walls of 
her cheeks close around something huge.

Then it was rammed up her. She jolted snatching at her 
bonds as it was twisted and forced in until it filled her 
rectum to bursting and then was released leaving her with 
something huge filling her butt. She gasped and tried to 
catch her breath as her bowels cramped around it.

"Oh God what... What?"

"Shut the fuck up whore!" Henry ordered, she complied.

They released her legs and waist from the stool and then 
switched off the pump and yanked the cups off her still 
lactating jugs. Then he dragged her on trembling legs 
over to the wall.

"Stay!!" she did as she was told.

She watched as Henry and Reece manhandled the limp Rogers 
on to the stool, strapped her arms to the waist strap and 
her legs to the stool legs and then admired her ass, The 
Private groaned as Henry tested her anus with his finger.
Then he eased some lubricant to it and then, pinching her 
big black ass cheeks wide he shoved his cock to her ass 
and slowly made it go in. Rogers let out a gasp as it 
entered her but stayed out cold. He started to rape her 
ass, with slow deepening strokes.

O'Neil watched impassively the shaft of his cock stained 
with the woman's shit as it rippled in and out of her 
stretched sphincter.

"Nothing PC about fucking a big black ass O'Neil, rather 
hers than yours yeah?" He grinned.

O'Neil stood there in silent relief. Whatever it was they 
had shoved up her ass a disgusting weight in her bowels. 
She watched as they both ass raped the drunken private. 
Then Major Henry inserted the anal spreaders up the poor 
woman's rectum. The tips of the tongs entered her just 
fucked ass. The Major inserted it into her rear, then 
slowly ratcheted her asshole apart, like he had done to 
O'Neil in order to fit the glory hole. She watched as he 
spread the tool, seeing her anus slowly spread apart.

Once finished they swung her around and connected her to 
the box and threw the lever. O'Neil saw her ass dragged 
back and shuddered as she remembered the fingers and 
probing. In minutes Rogers's legs flinched and she 
groaned as the first cock entered her ass.

O'Neil groaned feeling her tits rapidly refilling with 
milk, she looked down at both of them, her aureole where 
big fat dark globes, beneath her breasts were two jutting 
aching mounds, She looked at Rogers her eyes were drawn 
to her wide thick lipped mouth. she looked longingly at 
them feeling her clit twinge and her teats springe.

Suddenly Rogers's eyes opened then drooped closed again, 
only to go wide eyed in shock. she lifted her head in 
shock realization.

CREEPS!" she shrieked as she desperately peered over her 
shoulder trying to see who it was.


Rogers gave a shrill scream as the man on the other side 
of the wall must have thrust full length up her helpless 
rectum and she felt it slip all the way up her 
desperately wiggling fat ass.


All O'Neil could see was Private Rogers' wide mouth 
opening and closing, she heard herself give a guttural 
moan in the back of her throat as her breasts throbbed 
hotly, Her nipples two insistent nagging aching rigid 

"UHH Lieutenant? Lieutenant what UUUUGGGHHH!! WHAT The 
Some ass wipe just came in my ass! in my ass?"

O'Neil shuffled closer struggling to walk with whatever 
it was shoved up her ass.

"UHH... he's taken it out... Uh NOO! NOO! THERE'S ANOTHER 
ONE... another one UHHHH GOD!!"

O'Neil got to her, stood over her looking down at her 
pain etched features.
"They've got your ass against a glory hole, in the cell 
next door, They hold the nights prisoners in there, They 
did it to me."


"There's a switch that shuts the hole, it's there" She 
felt her nipples buzz with desperate need.

"UUUUHHHH SHIT SHIT... close it, close it, there... there 
ripping my ass open UUGGHHHH!!"

O'Neil just stood there staring at her. Watching her lips 
so full and soft.

"LIEUTENANT!! MA'AM... MA'AM... Please shut the God damn 
UUGGHHH hole!"

"That's better Private, now you do something for me you 
dike bitch and I will shut the hole on your worthless 
hole you understand Soldier!"

She said with quiet menace. Rogers looked up at her with 
tears streaming down her face, bewildered.

"I'll do it... just shut the fucking hole... shut the 

"Open your mouth soldier your going to suckle every ounce 
out of my breasts that you can, the quicker you do the 
quicker I shut the hole, is that clear?"

Rogers winced and shuddered as another load was pounded 
up her.

She nodded agreement. Opening her mouth wide.

O'Neil dipped her torso and swiped her breast against her 
gaping lips shuddering as thrills rippled through her. 
She pushed the swollen globe to her mouth and gasped as 
she felt her suck.

"That's it, good girl, good girl" she cooed as she 
trembled feeling the rush of let down burst through her.

O'Neil could see Rogers's ass humping the wall as she 
suckled, snorting for breath though her wide nostrils 
as she swallowed flood after flood of warm squirting 
milk. O'Neil's breast was smothering her face as she 
groaned and shook, her own ass snatching at the cruel 
plug in her ass.

O'Neil pulled her right tit free and offered the other. 
She threw her head back swamped in delicious sensation as 
she felt her latch on and draw her teat to the back of 
her mouth. That breast let down, the other squirting milk 
in a fine fountain across the side of Rogers's beautiful 
ebony cheek.

"Ooooh suck that's it good girl for mama, good girl, 
harder harder UHH good, good!!" O'Neil went up on tip 
toe, her cunt dripping, her overexcited clit throbbing 
for attention.

Rogers groaned in pain as someone slammed up her butt, 
biting down on O'Neil's teat hard, trying not to scream. 
Milk flooded her mouth in a steady stream, seeping around 
her lips, dribbling from her chin. O'Neil found the 
thrills stabbing through her breast too much she jolted, 
feeling her ass clench around the awful thing up her 
butt. Then she pulled her breast away and going higher on 
tip toe she offered her extended clit to Rogers, arching 
her back backwards.

"Suck, suck my clit you little fucking bitch, SUCK IT!! 

O'Neil's deep hushed tones urged her, Rogers pushed her 
face down and began to lap at it, in all her time as a 
lesbian in the army she had never seen such a big clit, 
or one so excited, she circled it with her tongue and 
then locked her supple lips around it drawing on it hard.

O'Neil shook and then gasped loudly, humping her cunt to 
the privates face in a rush of movement. Suddenly she 
went stiff, shuddering, her face fixed as her orgasm 
reached it's peak and then, she went further up on the 
tips of her army boots slowly drawing her clit up out of 
Rogers's clinging lips.

Then she came, her whole body flexing, her hips flicking 
toward Rogers face.

Unleashing a hard heavy gush of cunt juice straight into 
her surprised startled features. Again and again, squirt
after hot squirt. washing her face with cunt juices 
until she groaned and sank to her knees, trembling in 
aftermath. Her heavy breasts seeping milk around her on
the floor.

Rogers stiffened as another sank up her ass then she 
moaned. "NOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOO he's pissing, pissing up 
my butt, oh shit, make em stop, please stop them 
Lieutenant? LIEUTENANT!!"

O'Neil laboriously got up off the floor and shouldered 
the latch forcing the cock out of her ass with it's 

Rogers gasped in relief as she felt the hot piss drain 
out down the backs of her legs. She opened her eyes to 
find O'Neil's large breast before her.

"Get sucking Private, there's plenty more bitch!" O'Neil 
urged. Rogers opened her mouth and began to nurse, 
swallowing steadily.

Chapter 20

O'Neil made Rogers suckle each breast to a slow trickle, 
and only drew each breast away when the demand of the 
other was too much to bear. By the time she was done 
Rogers was bloated and ill from all the milk she had 
consumed. Still drunk O'Neil coaxed her into lapping at 
her clit again, but she kept lapsing into unconsciousness 
frustrated O'Neil paced about the cell. desperately 
searching for a way out of her awful predicament.

Not long after the Major and Reece came back in. The 
Major went straight over and opened the glory hole to 
Rogers' ass. She moaned in her sleep.

Four soldiers came in behind them and stood guard.

"What's with the soldier boys Major, you want me to fuck 
them too?" O'Neil growled sarcastically.

The Major grinned. "No they're here for your protection, 
Salem wants you back, or unable to answer questions. So 
unless you want to spend more than the rest of your 
career on the end of his cock I suggest you shut the fuck 

O'Neil glowered at him in silence the thought of being 
back in Salem's clutches made her shudder.

Rogers stiffened and moaned, "Not my ass," in her sleep.

Reece went over to O'Neil and grabbed her around the 
neck, she struggled wincing as Major Henry produced a 
syringe and brought it over.


Reece gripped her arms and neck holding her as the Major 
took hold of her right breast and squeezed it up hard. He 
grinned as he pushed the needle into her aureole. O'Neil 
gasped as it went in.

She felt the room roll and dip, She tried to pull her 
other breast away as he gripped it butt she could hardly 
stand. She felt the room darken as her legs failed as 
they lowered her to the floor.

The soldiers helped put her face down on a stretcher and 
then carry her from the room. They took her down the 
corridor, down some steps into the motor pool behind the 

An army truck was waiting there, unloaded from it was a 
large crate with the back off it, it was in the shape of 
a letter 'r' inside was a strange frame work the 
underside of the top portion had two holes close together 
in it, above that was a neck brace type thing. As the 
internal wall went to the floor there was a waist strap. 
Two ankle cuffs near the base.

O'Neil was picked up and lifted into the crate, Two 
soldiers held her while Major Henry guided her swollen 
breasts through the two 'too small' holes, He pushed and 
prodded the stiff flesh forcing it through the wide 
rubber grommets that lined them.

Eventually they went through, They turgidly protruded out 
the other side, Two hard stiff udders. Her thick teats 
seeped milk slowly from both bulging veined orbs. Then he 
forced the ring gag back into her mouth and strapped it 
around her shaved head. While the soldiers manhandled 
O'Neil onto the cradle inside and locked her neck into 
the brace, her waist strapped to the internal wall. Ankle 
straps around her combat booted ankles.

Major Henry busied himself under her tit's placing two 
suction cups over each fat aureole, He squeezed the bulbs 
on the ends drawing her engorged teats hard into the 
cups, sealing them off. He tested each to se if they 
leaked, satisfied he got up and walked to the rear of the 

O'Neil's ass was a fine sight her well muscled legs, 
ending in those deliciously tight buns. Her taut buttocks 
tightly framing the anal bung that was inserted in her 
stretched ring.

It was a 6 inch long butt plug, attached to the back end 
was a 2 foot silver chain with a ring at the end. The end 
point of the plug had a removable rubber cap, that had a 
very small hole in the end.

Holding the chain his left hand, He pried off the 
removable cap. Beneath was a 2 inch plastic plunger 
device. He took hold of the plunger and slowly pumped it. 
The plunger moved back and forth with ease making a slow 
hiss as he pushed it in. He smiled knowing the plug was 
expanding in her already stretched ass.

He then latched in place a vertical cross bar, which 
clipped to the bung. He then latched in place two side 
bars. Now O'Neil was trapped between the neck brace and 
the back beams of the crate. Then he supervised the back 
of the crate being fitted.

Now the crate looked quite innocent but for the two 
hanging breasts. Major Henry fitted a hollow box section 
over that, clipping them in place. He smiled reading the 
"Delicate - Medical - Handle With Care" labels that 
adorned the sides. He checked his watch, had to get 

An hour later he watched the crate unloaded from the 
truck straight into the rear of the C-130. 20 minutes 
after that they were airborne. He strode down the freight 
bay were the crate was locked into place in the centre. 
He unclipped the false section and drew it out of the 

The load master grinned as O'Neil's breasts came into 
sight. A pair of really bloated jugs. The suction cups 
had held against the incredible pressure exerted by her 
over active mammary glands. Both bulbs were white with 
milk. Her breast's were so engorged they pressed hard to 
each other, so hard you wouldn't be surprised if they 
squeaked as they moved.

Inside O'Neil groggily came too, She found her neck 
trapped, assuming the worst she clenched her ass around 
the awful unrelenting bulging hard thing that was lodged 
there. To an extent she was glad it wasn't a pumping 
cock. Her cunt twinges as she thought of a pumping cock. 
A big veiny cock, the thick head glistening with pre cum, 
she shook her head. What was happening to her, her cunt 
twinges again.

It was joined by the increasing ache from her breasts. 
God they were full, And heavy, hot insistent pressure 
behind her teats. Both breasts, felt as if they would 
burst. An incredible urge to feed overwhelmed her. 
Visions of Private Rogers wet full lips kept popping into 
her mind.

O'Neil's massive bosom jiggled as the plane encountered 
turbulence. They felt sharp deep throbbing pain. Both 
ached, and ached, They bounced with the aircraft, so full 
her excess milk seemed to surge up and then fall heavily. 

Her breasts, big and swollen, full of mother's milk, 
swung and pressed to each other. They were so huge, The 
pain dwarfed that of her open full asshole. Her breasts 
seemed to send intense waves of hard pain as each huge 
globe slammed up into the wood. She let out a sob as they 
swelled, her teats throbbing, pulsing. Both slammed to 
each other again. She bit her lip a terrible soreness, 
becoming a growing heat in her trapped bosom.

O'Neil couldn't believe the ache, solid pounding hot pain 
was now smothering her "God they hurt, they hurt!!" her 
mind screamed, Helplessly she hung in the crate, 
desperately wishing for some attention, any attention.

Major Henry looked around the interior of the transport 
plane. Then back at her breasts hanging under her crate. 
from where he was sat he could see almost all of her big, 
white breast's all the way down to the thick ring of 
dark, bloated flesh surrounding her capped nipples her 
big, bulging nipples. The distended pink knobs of flesh 
bulging around the cups.

"Someone, anyone please nurse me and make my breasts stop 
aching." O'Neil burst out inside in anguish. as her jug's 
bounced and bobbed heavily.

'What would it be like to suck on the hard, puffiness of 
her nipples, the hard puffiness of her big, bloated 
nipples' Thought the load master feeling his cock 
straining in his flight suit. 'Wonder who the bitch is?"

He wandered over and toyed with her capped teats. He 
looked over at The Major, who smiled reassuringly. He 
prodded the stiff but yielding flesh of her swollen 
breasts. Inside the crate O'Neil sobbed as the awful 
aching pain increased, unsure what was going on. He put 
both his hands on one big tit, squeezed it and pulled it, 
slowly dragging it down like a huge bloated udder.

O'Neil was going crazy, Her breasts were rapidly 
approaching let down, but with nowhere for the milk to 
go, her tits were throbbing with excruciating hot sharp 
pains as the pressure built and built. Her mind was blind 
to everything but his kneading teasing leather coated 
fingers. He started to slap and bob them about.

O'Neil jolted and jerked in the crate desperately trying 
to push her breasts to anything. She was being driven to 
the brink of madness. Suddenly she howled as she felt 
whoever it was pump the bulbs on her teats, forcing her 
breasts to let down in such an incredible rush. The 
terrible pressure was beyond description as her breasts 
tried to feed but couldn't. Her mind reeled as her tit's 
felt white hot. She realized she was jerking her hips 
fucking her ass to the bung. Her clit another irritating 
attention demanding throbbing buzz.

Major Henry came over and examined her tit's, Her nipples 
were going dark purple with the pressure, thick hard 
veins standing out, The air pressure in the freight bay 
couldn't be helping, the low pressure forcing them to 
expand more and more. He came to a decision and with a 
vicious twist he gripped the cups and yanked them off.

O'Neil's scream of pleasure and release could be heard 
over the engines as she felt her tits surge and her milk 
sprayed out in a fountain of heavy drops, They both 
grabbed a tit each and began to pull and milk them 
cruelly, forcing more and more milk out, They ran their 
hands all over them, making both massive balloons slick 
with milk. They stopped.

O'Neil whimpered inside the crate, feeling the pressure 
slam behind each nipple like a sledgehammer. The Load 
master undid his flight suit letting out his straining 
cock, Major Henry backed off, He gripped each breast 
dragging them a part.

He thrust his cock between them and let them go so they 
squished his cock. Then he began fucking her tit's 
forcing the milk to jet out in heavy spurts. He held them 
tightly not giving a fuck for how much pain he may be 
causing. He humped them for ages, eventually pulling free 
and squirting his come over both dangling jugs.

O'Neil wanted to come so badly her twat was dripping on 
to the floor of the crate. She sobbed in frustration as 
he finished. Leaving her teats dribbling milk to the 
aircraft floor. After about ten minutes she felt some 
more hands, a different feel, gentle pulling slowly, 
teasing squeezing her teats up between finger and thumb, 
then pulling them out hard and pumping them.

Then she felt a hot wet mouth that took all of her nipple 
and aureole into it and started sucking and tonguing 
vigorously. She 'let down' again her milk ran freely on 
both sides. He was drinking with one hand and massaging 
her other tit with his other hand it was still heavy with 

She was lactating heavily. Tears formed in her eyes with 
the blissful near orgasmic thrills that coursed through 
each motherly heavy, swollen breasts. The nipples were 
bright red and engorged.

"They hurt so much!" her mind screamed. But it was nice 
too. Her massive mammaries being nursed. They felt 
absolutely huge. and whoever it was sucked so well. She 
ground her ass back in hard steady strokes, feeling her 
belly tightening steadily.

She needed to cum, oh Christ she needed to cum, The mouth 
went away her teats ached for more attention, she 
shuddered as hot pressure built with a sudden blow behind 
each nipple.

Then rough fingers were tweaking her teats pulling and 
twisting them, stretching each out hard. O'Neil moaned in 
frustration, Then the rough hands were squeezing and 
testing the weight of them. Then slapping them, softly at 
first then harder, then viciously. Stiff fingers swiping 
each stud like throbbing nipple, so that O'Neil wailed in 
the box. Each blow was a searing hot pain she could feel 
the finger marks being left as her tits were struck back 
and too. Then they were grabbed and yanked on cruelly so 
she yelled into the ring gag, Pulling and pulling.

She was sure they were wringing the milk out, She wept in 
pain as whoever it was roughly bit and chewed her nubs, 
chatting and stretching them with his hard teeth. They 
were pressed together and both nipples were forced to 
each other and then chewed.

She jolted and strained trying to pull them back through 
the holes as terrible searing pains wracked each breast. 
He stopped then he beat them with his cock and rubbed the 
head of it back and too across her springing teats.

Then held them as he plunged his meat into her deep 
cleavage, fucking them hard. His fingers gripping deep 
into each turgid globe as he rammed repeatedly between 
them and then trapping his cock crown between them he 
came so she could feel each and every pulse as his sperm 
jetted out.

Then another mouth, surrounded by stiff bristles that 
stung and chaffed as he swept his mouth over and around 
each swollen nub. O'Neil was begging, begging him to 
suckle, babbling entreaties into the gag. Then she jerked 
rigid feeling him latch on and suck hard and long. She 
felt gland after gland empty as he dragged her milk out. 
The other breast throbbed hotly, denied his attention too 
long and then he swept his mouth to that too and she 
groaned in pleasure as it let down and milk surged 
through her breast into his hungry mouth.

O'Neil's clit was erect thrusting out from it's hood 
twitching with each and every suckle, buzzing for 
attention, she swept her hips forward trying desperately 
to hump the box, but to no avail. her belly was so tight 
now, one touch would make her squirt juice. She sobbed in 
desperate anguish for release.

Major Henry looked on as the last of the crew took his 
fill of O'Neil's jugs. The crewman sprayed his last 
across her pressurized jugs and strode back to the flight 
deck. The Major inspected her semen covered dripping 
breasts noting the deep finger marks and the bruising. 
The purpling around each swollen dark aureole from 
they're eager suction. He gripped her left tit and 
twisted it up so he could replace the suction cup, he 
held it in place and pumped her nipple into it's collar 
enjoying the way the whole breast began to swell as soon 
as it was stopper'd. He quickly did the other.

He sat down and looked at his watch, should be in 
Washington any minute now he mused, He watched O'Neil's 
breasts tremble and shake from side to side as the 
aircraft descended and banked. He smiled thinking of that 
big cheque he was going to get.

Chapter 21

Senator Lillian DeHaven was approached by an aid, He 
whispered to her and she smiled, made excuses and left 
the meeting she was attending.

She arrived twenty minutes later at her plush apartments, 
She went in her eyes immediately went to the crate stood 
at the end of her elaborate four poster bed. Major Henry 
smiled relieved at her arrival.

"You are late Major, as ever, is she sedated or not?"

"Not Ma'am, it was unwise, the dose with all the other 
things we've given her."

"Liberal applications of your own seed no doubt! I want 
her Co-operative at the least," she frowned.

Major Henry just nodded sheepishly.

"What is she dressed in Major Eu natural I suppose?"

"Yes apart from dog tags and combat boots."

"I'm going out to dinner when I come back I want her ass 
in dress uniform, and on that special frame, attached to 
the foot of the bed, is that clear? Or would you like a 
diagram Major?"

"That won't be necessary Ma'am, I will get it done."

"Good you have two hours Major, and when I get back I 
don't want to see your worthless ass anywhere near here. 

He grinned. "Yes Ma'am!" She left.

Major Henry put his hat on the bed and set too taking the 
back off the crate.

Ten minutes later He rested it against the wall and 
crouched down to admire the view.

O'Neil's ass was impaled to the hilt on the bung attached 
to the frame, below that her cunt was gaping open. slick 
with juice, her shaven twat looked so swollen and 
excited, Her clit was an unbelievably thick stud, 
protruding from it's hood. She moaned and flexed her 
thigh muscles, pressing her ass back to the butt plug. 
The crate floor was covered in her cunt excretions. Her 
whole muscular frame shiny with sweat.

"I hope your cunt's as hot as it looks Lieutenant, 
because your gonna get
a fucking you won't ever forget tonight bitch."

He sneered as he opened his medical bag and retrieved a 
syringe and filled
it. He tapped it and then jabbed it into O'Neil's 
flinching ass. He watched
her slump.

"Life's a bitch O'Neil, a bitch, and tonight your it" He 
went to work.

O'Neil slowly came too, she tried to breath but it was 
difficult, there was something in her mouth, or in her
throat, she came too with sudden realization. 

Tried to bit down but couldn't, her teeth ground to the 
metal ring as the thick cock in it pumped in and out. She 
opened her eyes as the foul tasting thing expanded and 
flooded her gullet with seed. She began to choke. A hand 
stroked her head.

"That's a good girl swallow, swallow that's it good girl," 
Major Henry cooed. He withdrew it letting what was left of
his semen dribble from her mouth.

She was suspended at one end of a big four post bed. She 
coughed spitting out great globs of come. Her ass ached, 
from the bung. She watched as the Major clambered off the 
bed. Realising she was dressed again. She lowered her 
head to the sheets, She was attached by her ass to the 
frame from the crate. This was attached to the bed frame. 
Her feet were on the floor behind the bed, straight out. 
She had dress shoes on she could tell by the feel but she 
was stood in some kind of plastic tray?

Her breasts were sore and still burned, she looked 
beneath her they were trapped inside a dress blouse and 
dress jacket, An Army uniform? She wasn't in the army? A 
skirt was bunched around her waist. Her arms were out 
straight to either side attached to manacles on chains 
which went to the bed side beams above her. She was 
suspended there, ass in the air impaled on the ass bung. 
She could feel a dress hat placed on her head and then 

"There, all ready, sorry it's the wrong uniform but it's 
what your host wanted. Thanks for the throat fuck it was
really good of you," he smiled.

"PHUK OO OO ASTARD!!" she managed.

"There it was no trouble, oh I gave your tit's a booster 
shot while you were out, thought it would make you 
appreciate how tight the jacket is more. Now you be nice 
to your host, your career is quite literally your ass!" 
he laughed and left.

O'Neil struggled to be free to no avail, her legs were 
free but there was nothing to lever against. She hung 
there feeling the semen and spit dribble from her mouth 
onto the sheets. Her breast's were throbbing it was 
growing in intensity. She needed to open the Jacket and 
blouse. She looked down, left much longer, with the 
buttons straining like that, They would open themselves. 
The full feeling from her ass was incredible. The 
excruciating fullness of her breasts was growing much 
worse. She stamped her feet in frustration.

"My, my you are impatient Lieutenant!" It was the 
Senator, behind her.

She came around the front and sat across the bed in front 
of her smiling. She took hold of O'Neil's chin and lifted 
her head looking into her angry eyes.

"You are a big girl now aren't you. I like big girls, Oh 
dear has that nasty Major been filling your poor mouth 
with his excuse for a cock? never mind, Aunty Lillian 
will look after you now."

She reached forward to the side of the ring gag.

"Push your tongue through it hard and it should pop out."

O'Neil tentatively did nothing happened so she stuck her 
tongue right through Lillian twisted something and the 
thing snapped shut on her tongue trapping it. O'Neil's 
eyes bulged as she tried to pull it free, but it was 

"Oh you military types are so trusting" She laughed.

She started to get undressed.

"The military want more and more funding, they can't 
recruit like they did, so they begrudgingly open the 
doors to women, then, when their played at their own 
game and forced by PC issues to take on Female Combat

Oh no then, it's 'but they'll be captured, captured and 
raped!' So they get they're wish, I give them your ass, 
first chance they get they rape the shit out of you. 
Well after they made you shit on the floor that is." 
She paused.

O'Neil realized she was enjoying the look of horror on 
her face as she realized the only way she could know that 
would be if she had seen the video of her rape in the 
beach house.

"A nice touch I feel, So now I go to them and say, hey 
you can't recruit, You recruit women and you abuse them, 
you can't man all these establishments without hauling 
women into the service, and now I have video proof that 
testosterone rules. So female soldiers are a no, no. Hell 
our soldiers can't stop raping them, fuck knows what the 
enemy will do! So therefore I get the cuts in military 
expenditure I want, the country is eternally grateful. I 
get a shot at presidency, and to think Salem just wanted 
to add you to his extensive array of hookers! Shit that's 
ambition for you!" She was naked now.

She toyed with her small hard nipples, then her twat, for 
an older woman she was still in pretty good shape. She 
got on the bed in front of O'Neil and spread her legs 
exposing her wrinkled sex to the horrified Lieutenant.

"Now lets see are you going to be a good girl for Aunty, 
lick her wet cunny for her?"

O'Neil went cross eyed focusing on her twat, she eased 
two fingers in and out of it, they came out slick with 
thick cream. O'Neil pulled her face, paling and shook her 
head 'No'.

"Now that's a naughty girl, Aunties cross, shall I show 
you what Auntie does when she's cross and wants naughty 
girls to behave?"

She got up and went behind O'Neil, She pulled the rubber 
cap off the butt plug and eased the plunger out. Then she 
began pumping it, expanding the awesome girth of the 
thing. O'Neil stiffened groaning, Lillian traced her 
finger around the sensitive inner walls of her buttocks, 
making her flinch and squirm.

She pumped, and pumped. O'Neil was shaking her head 
struggling jerking her hips as the thing grew in her 
rectum. The Senator smiled pumping it some more, watching 
as O'Neil's thin stretched ring became thinner and 
tighter as the diameter grew.

She stopped and came back around the front, She settled 
on the bed and shuffled her ass closer to O'Neil's head. 
She took hold of her head and drew her protruding trapped 
tongue toward the folds of her cunt. O'Neil closed her 
eyes as she began to grind her cunt to it. All O'Neil 
could feel was the burning pressure in her breasts and 
her ass ring burning from the stretching.

"There that's a good girl, lick, LICK! otherwise it's ass 
splitting time honey!"

O'Neil swallowed and began to circle what she could of 
her tongue, it slipped between the opening lips of the 
Senator, who groaned and began to press her twat to her 
face, O'Neil felt her tongue slip into the entrance of 
her cunt.

Lillian began to hump her face gasping and moaning as 
O'Neil stabbed her cunt entrance with her trapped tongue.

The Senator stopped and drew herself away, turned over 
and backed her ass to O'Neil's disgusted face, she held 
her cheeks wide open.

"Lick my asshole soldier bitch LICK IT!!"

O'Neil licked at it and noticed with relief she was 
clean. She swiped her tongue across the length of her 
wrinkled asshole and down to the opening to her cunt, 
which left her ass hole resting on her nose. She drew 
back and inserted her tongue against her ass. She pushed 
back forcing her tongue deep into her butt, She moaned 
and her cunt and ass jerked. She kept tonguing her 
asshole as deep as she could. She reached back and began 
finger fucking herself jerking back on to O'Neil's 
probing tongue.

She tongued her asshole for about 5 minutes, and then she 
pulled back, Lillian, got up fingering herself hard.

"Nearly came bitch, nearly, now I'm gonna introduce you 
to my friend, And I'm gonna fuck your big soldier girl 
ass for you.

O'Neil shook her head in disbelief.

The Senator went behind her and undid the release on the 
butt plug. O'Neil felt it slowly deflate. An incredibly 
strange sensation. The Senator drew out a wide rubber 
coupling and attached it to a rubber hose. Then attached 
the hose to medical pump on a drip stand. O'Neil 
whimpered and strained her head around to see.

She could just see the drip stand, A box that was the 
pump attached to it with a large white filled syringe to 
one side. Above it was something she couldn't see.

"This wonderful toy has a hole in the tip to allow liquid 
to be administered via the tube on the inside, I'm going 
to wash all that nasty semen out of your ass before we 
play isn't Aunty nice to you."

O'Neil struggled trying to curse her as Senator DeWinter 
twisted the dial on the pump and a warm liquid rushed 
into her, flowing into O'Neil's bowels. Immediately the 
anal bung inflated to it's extreme, O'Neil began sobbing. 
She could feel her stomach begin to bulge as the liquid 
hosed out of the terrible thing into her intestines.

She felt her stomach continue to expand more and more and 
groaned nervously as the pain began. Then the expansion 
stopped. O'Neil felt even more full than she had when 
those sick bastards had made her swallow their piss. 
Lillian felt at her extended stomach, under her service 
skirt, then giggled.

O'Neil flinched, again with a thump warm liquid started 
filling her bowels. The pain slowly changed to a warm 
tingling feeling starting in her stretched asshole. The 
warm feeling spread through her entire bowels as she felt 
the pressure increasing. O'Neil felt the change in 
pressure in her bowels and almost immediately there 
followed a wave of warm chills sweeping her body.

Within the dress blouse her nipples stood straight out 
and she felt her clit swelling instantly. The lips of her 
cunt ached for attention, all puffed up. Renewed juices 
flowed from her open cunt. God how she craved sex. To be 
suckled and fucked heat spread through every part of her 

Lillian stroked her thumb around O'Neil's clit, careful 
not to touch it Enjoying the way her body trembled and 
snatched. She switched off the pump O'Neil's belly was 
like a drum, as if she was pregnant. She made muffled 
complaints her belly filling her senses with odd 

Lillian smiled and then gripped the end of the bung 
firmly, she tugged on it, and again, O'Neil's anus 
stretched out around it her ring being dragged back with 
it. She made a loud grunting noise as the pressure behind 
the bung began to take the upper hand. Lillian grinned as 
it began to move on it's own. She was panting, she 
watched as O'Neil pushed out the bung, her ass spitting 
it out with enormous force.

All the fluid burst out behind it in a rush, flooding 
out, bringing with it semen and shit. O'Neil howled in 
disgust as she felt herself empty. Feeling relief as the 
pressure dwindled inside her draining intestines. 
O'Neil's asshole was now extremely open from the effect 
of the bung. No matter how much she tried to squeeze it 
shut it wouldn't close. Her ring seemed to be trapped in 
that extremely open position.

"Oh dear you dirty girl, you have made a mess all over 
auntie!" The Senator laughed as the mess coursed down her 
naked body. O'Neil shuddered unable to deal with how 
turned on it had made her.

The unpleasant burning was still there, but she realized 
she craved for something to fill the unbearable 
emptiness. The Senator admired her open ass. She raised 
her elbow level with the opening and rammed her fingers 
into it making O'Neil jolt and squirm She forced it 
deeper, the heal of her hand pressing to the opening. It 
sank instantly in a little way then she swirled it around 
before pulling it completely out again.

She dipped her fingers into a jar of lubricant and wiped 
the large glob into her helpless ass, filling it with the 
thick jelly like substance. She stuck her fingers back in 
the jar and proceeded to pack O'Neil's ass full.

O'Neil's ass was gaping wide open allowing more and more 
of the substance to be packed inside. She felt The 
Senator filling her cavity with what seemed an enormous 
amount of the jelly. Just then she felt her slide all of 
her fingers into her ass effortlessly only to be pulled 
out as easily as it was inserted. O'Neil realized her 
open bowels were now exposed more than ever before. She 
felt cold air pass up inside her ass unrestricted.

"Oh NO!" O'Neil thought. "My asshole, it won't ever 

The Senator continued to pack her O'Neil's ass until the 
jar of lubricant was empty. She looked at her hole and 
suppressed a giggle at what she had done.

"Shall I show you what I have to fill this with O'Neil? 
You're so wide open, you could fit a horse cock in your 
ass now," she chuckled at the sight of O'Neil's frantic 
complaint. Her ass shaking so that lubricant leaked from 
her enlarged opening.

Senator DeWinter busied herself for some minutes and then 
came around to the front of O'Neil, held in her hand, 
attached to a set of thick straps was a huge real looking 
dildo in the shape of a horses cock. She held it in her 
hand and smiled to herself.

She had rarely had an opportunity to use it. The object 
was an exact replica of the Senators own Stallions' dick, 
and he had a very large dick. Its length was 20 inches 
long but had a really wicked thickness. Most of its 
entire length it was 2 1/2 inches in diameter and at the 
tip it blossomed out like a bloated mushroom to 4 inches.

"Only a fucking soldier slut like you could manage to 
take this up your ass. As you can imagine it's going to 
take ages to get it in, and then once forced in. It's 
gonna be painful as hell to get out!"

Lillian grinned and then felt O'Neil's breasts through 
the dress jacket, O'Neil's eyes smoldered with need as 
she brushed and teased the thick nubs underneath. She 
began to undo the buttons "Oh dear are you very full of 
mummy milk? perhaps you should get used to it, I'm sure 
with all this unprotected sex you have indulged in some 
of that semen must have stuck?"

O'Neil grimaced in disgust at the thought that they had 
made her pregnant. Her jacket was open now Lillian's 
fingers swept over and around the two big soaked patches 
on her blouse, teasing her teats so that they pulsed with 
thrills, she tweaked them between finger and thumb gently 
pulling them so they were big and fat. O'Neil was 
desperate she was staring at the senators grinning mouth 
trying to will her into suckling her. Her teats burned 
and throbbed.

O'Neil hung her head watching as Lillian produced two 
little clamps, two thin bars, separated by two poles, 
screw on bobbles on top and bottom. She made muffled 
entreaties as Lillian attached a clamp behind each thick 
stud and tightened them. O'Neil thrashed as the clamps 
began to crush her engorged nipples, squashing the flesh 
so that her teats were two fat balloons poking stiffly 
out of the other side. Milk coursed from each.

Her whole body jolted and trembled as Lillian pulled and 
teased each one. Then to O'Neil's disbelief she did her 
blouse back up over them. The material stretched across 
both bulging peaks.

O'Neil looked up pleading as Senator DeWinter left them 
and grabbed an attachment collar for the horse dildo and 
connected it to the bottom end. O'Neil watched horrified 
as she then connected a tube from the syringe on the pump 
to the coupling at it's base.

"This rubber ring at the base is inflatable, so it will 
pulse just like the girth of a real Horse's cock, and 
then I can flood your guts with semen as if a real horse 
was coming up your ass."

Senator DeWinter smiled and went behind her. She placed 
the tip of the monster horse cock at the lubricant filled 
gaping wet red rimmed hole of O'Neil's ass. 

Lillian watched O'Neil's ass pulse in anticipation her 
taut ass cheeks trembling. Without warning she rammed it 
forward. O'Neil moaned as she felt the head of the hard 
rubber object enter her ass. Just as she tried to prepare 
herself for the thick shape to be rammed into her, It was 
forced in hard.


This one was different. Where the many cock heads that 
had pressed there before were hard and soft at the same 
time, this one was only hard, ungiving. And HUGE! Her 
asshole, brutalized as it was, could offer no resistance 
as the vast intruder forced it's way inside her.

Again, the gag prevented a full throated scream. The 
Senator pressed it in, harder, and deeper, it's length 
seemed to be covered with sharp little nubs, that bit 
into her flesh and scraped along her sensitive anal canal 
as it slipped in. In her pain shrouded mind, her body 
quivered in helpless agony as the huge dildo started to 
slide in O'Neil's eyes squeezed shut, her mind racing 
madly. The soldier's cocks that had raped her ass had 
left when they'd cum. When would this end? How could it 

O'Neil screamed and snorted with pain but at the same 
time pressed her ass hard onto the invading object. 
Senator DeWinter was pleased when she saw that the first 
three inches were inside. She ignored O'Neil's screams, 
leaned back and pushed with all her weight. Screams 
resounded off the walls as more of the invading giant 
disappeared into his O'Neil's ass.

Senator DeWinter twisted a knob on the base of the Dildo 
and the rubber knot began to expanded inside the 
stretched ring of her ass and began pulsing. It was now 
secured inside her and would not come out until Senator 
DeWinter chose to remove it.

The throb from her breasts was incredible. She had to 
have more cock. She wanted to feel the whole thick length 
inside her. O'Neil felt the familiar burning at the 
entrance to her filled ass, as she straightened her legs 
and then pressed back forcing more of it through the 
entrance of her wide open ass.

She pushed back groaning as Lillian shoved up until 9 
inches of the horses cock was lying inside her bowels. 
She rocked forward and rocked backward feeling the cock 
rub in the bottom of her bowels.

"There I knew you'd like it. C'mon that's a good girl 
fuck aunties big cock that's it, take it honey, take 
it, TAKE IT!!"

O'Neil eased backward and felt the end of the head hit 
her narrowing bowels. She pushed hard onto the thick cock 
and buried it another 5 inches into her body. It wasn't 
enough for Lillian but it refused to go any further. No 
amount of pushing was going to get it in more than the 14 
inches it was already in.

She rocked desperately on and off the end 4 inches trying 
to satisfy her body's desperate craving to cum. Just then 
she felt Lillian's fingers at the entrance to her pussy. 
O'Neil was filled with both fear and desire.

With 14 inches of horse dildo stuck in her ass she 
realized she was totally at the senator's mercy. Lillian 
pressed and pulled on her clit causing O'Neil's bowels to 
squeeze against the long, thick, brown horse dildo in her 
ass. Once it was inside her, it rested there.

"Please," O'Neil prayed, silently, "just let it stay 
there. please, don't fuck me any deeper, it's going to 
kill me!"

Suddenly the Senator shoved forward and thrust the long, 
thick, veined dildo deeper. O'Neil felt the thick dildo 
surge further than she could imagine it to go. She was 
sure it was not going to stop till it burst into her 
stomach. The intense thrill of fullness filled her.

Obsessed with desire she shoved back as the Senator 
bucked forward. In and out of her, tearing at the walls 
of her asshole, bringing blood and cum out with it with 
every stroke.

"There good bitch, deeper, that's it."

Lillian heaved up into her and with a single thrust he 
sank her massive dildo deep into her asshole again. It 
went half way in and stuck, too big even for O'Neil's 
gapping hole, the sheer size almost ripping her open. 
With a grunt and a mighty shove she pressed until it was 
fully in her, thick gobs of lubricant oozing out of the 
sides of her destroyed hole.

O'Neil howled thrashing under her as the dildo raping 
went on for a good long time. O'Neil couldn't tell how 
long. It seemed that it was going on forever, The thick 
head was behind her cervix, almost crushing it as it 
slammed and battered her searing rectum.

Lillian put all her weight down on her hips, and the 
monstrous, knobbed dildo inched deeper into the straining 
O'Neil as she felt the huge, stretching invader slip 
deeper. She could only scream against her trapped tongue 
as Lillian buried the rest of the dildo up her searing, 
white hot tight asshole. scream and thrash her head 
about, Lillian started fucking her with brutal strokes. 
The awful thing deep in her violated hole.

Lillian gripped O'Neil's shoulders and looked down 
watching the way it disappeared into her shaking, 
writhing, sweating body. She fucked harder, the dildo 
glistening with blood and lubricant. She enjoy her 
displeasure and tears and pushed further, grinding up her 
poor ass.

She lay on her back putting her full weight on her 
manacled wrists as she reached under O'Neil and squeezed 
and pulled her poor tit's, twisting and yanking on the 
cruel clamps. O'Neil was nearly delirious with pain and 
pleasure. Pain hot and insistent from her over stretched 
packed full rectum, Pleasure in deep throbbing waves from 
her pulsing teats.

"That's it take it like a good girl, auntie wants you to 
come, come with her nasty cock in your ass, that's it 
good girl. There shall I tease that naughty cunt of 
yours? There it's nice and wet, nice and wet!"

She dragged her hands down O'Neil's bulging belly and 
began to ease her cunt lips open, she thrust her long 
fingers inside O'Neil's wet opening and began to rub the 
heel of her hand to her tense clit. O'Neil grunted and 
began humping back impaling herself to the hilt on the 
awful length.

Lillian reached under the base of the dildo and pressed 
the release. The pump whirred. Suddenly O'Neil's bowels 
inflated with the sudden surge of horse cum being pumped 
into it. The huge cock continued to empty itself filling 
her ass hosing warm thick semen into her spasming bowels.

O'Neil felt the horse cock surge in her ass as Lillian 
continued to stroke it in and out hard. Then she rammed 
it deep. O'Neil felt the stuff shoot into her, tickling 
her inside so intensely, her cunt closed around Lillian's 
pumping fingers, squeezing them. Her rectum clamped 
around the girth of the dildo, as she came with 
unprecedented ferocity. Cunt juice flooding from her twat 
through and around Lillian's fingers as she wept with 

She shuddered and gasped in aftermath her belly still 
rippling with contractions when Lillian finally dragged 
the monster out of her ass. Her ass was burning and 
bleeding. She could feel cool air flowing much, much to 
far inside her, as her tortured anus refused to close, 
dripping blood and the cum of from the pump of her 
viciously hard anal rape.

She felt Lillian press something into her cunt, it 
gripped it tightly hungry.

Then something being fastened around her. She looked 
down, seeing mounted on her groin a huge, black rubber 
dildo, covered with knobs, Then Lillian was under her 
guiding the cock protruding from her groin into her own 
ass pressing the tip to her own tight little hole.

"You gonna rape me soldier girl huh? rape my ass, teach 
me a lesson? Make me plead and squirm?"

O'Neil felt her anger well up, well up and consume her. 
She squeezed her eyes shut tightly. She rammed forward, 
impaling her ass in one sudden thrust. Lillian groaned in 

"That's it, teach the bitch a lesson, that a girl UUHHH! 

O'Neil's ass became a blur as she did.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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