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Photographic Memories
by Timberwolf (ptotrcw@gmail.com)


A young boy finds a camera in the garage, and asks his 
father to show him how it works. Suddenly, a whole new 
world opens up for him, and his adventures begin! Look 
for the twist at the end! (MF/mf-teens, ped, 1st, inc, 
bi, oral, anal, exh, orgy)


Author Note:  Too young, too uptight, too critical, 
bugger off. This story is complete fiction, and none 
of it happened, except in my imagination. Just so you 
know. Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know 
what you think! ptotrcw@gmail.com


-= Chapter One =-

Hi there. I've been asked to tell you my story, 
because my friend here thought you might enjoy it, and 
if I do say so myself, heh, I've got a few to tell!

First, though, I'll give you a bit of background about 
myself, shall I? That should set the mood, so to 
speak, and then you won't be bugging me for details 

Right, where to begin? My name is Reg Whistler. That's 
right, that's my name, no shit. I've always been 
interested in photography. I'd got the bug when I was 
seven or so, somewhere around that age, I guess. My 
first camera was an old thing that I'd found when I 
was nosing around in the garage, curious as young boys 
are, and found it in a box of trash my father was 
going to throw out.

I took it inside, and asked my mother to show me how 
it worked. She glanced at it, and told me to throw it 
away; she didn't want me playing with it. So, being a 
young boy, I took it to my father, and asked him the 
same thing. Mom told him not to encourage me, and got 
into a huff when he ignored her, and proceeded to show 
me how it worked, and he said, "You open this here, 
put the film in, close it, and wind this, and numbers 
will show here, and then you point it whatever you 
want to take a picture of, and press this button, 

Then he gazed into space, and said, "Wait a minute!" 
got up from the table, and went into their bedroom. He 
came back a minute later, and he had a roll of film in 
his hand, gave it to me, and got me to open it, put it 
in the camera, and got me to get it ready for 
shooting. He told me that, if I was to be a 
photographer, I had to learn by hands-on experience, 
because if I relied on other people to do it for me, I 
wouldn't learn a thing.

There were twenty-four exposures, and Dad told me not 
to waste them, to only take pictures that I'd want to 
keep. I loved that man that day. He was my hero, and 
I've never changed my mind about him since.

He stood with me for the first couple of shots, and he 
told me how to hold to hold the camera, how to make 
sure the camera was focussed, and then satisfied that 
I knew what I was doing, he walked away, and left me 
to it.

I spent those frames shooting whatever took my fancy. 
Birds, close-ups of flowers, the house, fascinated by 
the play of shadow and form. It was black and white 
film, but I didn't care. My imagination flew to a 
different world that day, and I was saddened and 
disappointed by the film ending. I took my camera to 
Dad, and he took it from me and promised to get them 
printed for me. Mom told him that we couldn't afford 
to waste our money on something that was a passing 
fancy. Dad put his foot down, and told her he'd 
promised me, and a man didn't go back on his word. Mom 
just sniffed, and turned her back on him, bristling 
with anger.

A few days later, I got home from school, and a Kodak 
envelope was on the table, with my name on it in black 
marker pen. Mom hadn't opened it, and I could tell she 
was climbing the wall wanting to, and she was almost 
crazy with curiosity.

Mom hated not knowing anything. She just had to poke 
her nose in.

Sorry, Mom.

Anyway, although I too, was bursting at the seams to 
open it, I waited for dad to get home from work. I 
almost died in the attempt, because that was a big 
effort for a young boy. Both Mom and I had our eyes on 
that damned envelope, and we were so distracted by it, 
Mom burned the potatoes, and she never did that!

Then it was such a relief when dad walked into the 
door, and I ran to him, jabbering about the envelope, 
and he feigned ignorance, asking what envelope, and 
where did it come from, and who sent it? He was 
laughing by the time he'd finished, and my young heart 
was bursting with love for him.

Spare the rod, and spoil the child didn't work for my 
father. If I'd done wrong, he sat me down, and we'd 
talk it over. He had a way of getting to the heart of 
any problem, and I'd always come to see the 
consequences of my words or deeds. He was hard, but 
fair, and on the very few occasions he whupped me, I 
deserved it, and I knew it. That wasn't to say he 
enjoyed doing, either. Afterward, he'd sit out on the 
back step, smoke a cigarette, which he hardly ever 
done, and say not a word, staring into space.

I'd be hurting, but he always let me sit with him, and 
I'd hold his hand, and he'd hug me close and tell me 
he loved me, and he was sorry for hurting me. You have 
no idea how much I loved that man. He was like an 
angel, and he was one of the biggest saints on the 


I couldn't understand why Mom left him, running off 
with a door-to-door salesman, of all damned things!

Stupid fool woman!


Sorry, got to rambling there. When dinner was over, 
and Mom had done the dishes, we congregated at the 
kitchen table, and with great ceremony, I opened the 
envelope. I spread out the pictures, and Dad picked 
them up one by one, looking at them, surprise on his 
face, and Mom just flicked through them, barely taking 
notice of them.

As I said, Dad sat there, a reverent look on his face, 
and as he went through them, he would breath, "Holy 
cow!" and "This is amazing!"

He put down the photo he was holding, and placed his 
hands on the table, and told my mother that I had a 
real talent, and he was going to help me all he could 
from then on, if I was serious about photography. 
Looking into his face, and seeing he was serious, I 
vowed to myself I'd do anything to make him happy, and 
from that moment on, I was hooked.

So, I would get my hands on any and all books I could 
from the library on photography, and I would be in a 
different world, my head buried in them, and my skills 
got better over time. He was true to his world, and he 
was always there to give advice, and I wore myself out 
doing any chores I could to help pay for the printing 
of the pictures.


That camera was like an extra appendage, I never went 
anywhere without it. Then, when it wouldn't work 
anymore, I was heartbroken, but Dad got me a new one, 
and then I was off again. I did stills of everything, 
and began to put a portfolio together, for the day 
when I could start my own business.

They were in chronological order, and you could see 
the difference in the styles and skills I picked up 
and used. Then when I was fifteen and-a-half, my world 
changed, and I haven't looked back since.


I was in the park, trying to set up a shot, when I 
became aware of a girl watching me. I used to notice 
girls noticing me, but I usually ignored them.

Let me get this out of the way, just to simplify a 

Up until then, since I'd been thirteen, I'd wake up 
with a morning wood, but because I was so wrapped up 
in my hobby, I paid no notice of it. Dad had to have 
the usual talk with me when my Mom walked into my room 
to get me up for school one morning, and as I was 
asleep, I hadn't heard her enter.

I'd thrown my blankets off during the night, and I was 
beginning to sleep in the nude, as it seemed to give 
me an all-over thrill lying there, feeling the sheets 
against my naked body. I hadn't learnt to masturbate 
yet, and I would sometimes crack a woody, but unable 
to do anything about it, not knowing how, I'd do my 
best to ignore it.

Anyhow, this particular morning, my mother waltzed 
into my room, and she got an eyeful, that's for sure. 
I was woken up by her screaming at my father, telling 
him all about it. I didn't see what the problem was; 
neither did Dad, so Dad promised to talk to me about 
after school.

He did, in my room, no embarrassment involved for 
either of us, as we had a bond of love and trust 
between us. He was amazingly down to earth, my father. 
So he explained things to me, I listened, asked 
questions for him to clarify a point or two, and we 
came to an agreement that if I needed further help, 
I'd come to him, man-to-man, and he'd help me with 
whatever questions or problems I had.


Anyway, this girl, she was around thirteen or so, and 
she sat away from me, watching me, and I could feel 
her gaze boring into the back of my head. I couldn't 
concentrate, so I turned around, gave her my maddest 
look, and said, "What!?"

She smiled at me, got up, and with a swirl of her 
dress, and a lazy walk, she came over to me and stood 
there, not saying a word. She was almost as tall as 
me, slimly built, but not skinny, and she had blue 
eyes, brown hair, and she was wearing a shoulder to 
knee skirt that hugged the top half of her body, with 
short sleeves. The material at the top was some sort 
of elastic type, hugging her breasts, flaring down 
loose to hang around her legs. She wore black sneaker-
type shoes, no socks. Her calves were slim and 
shapely. She had a grin on her face, and goddam! But 
she looked good to a suddenly horny teenage boy!

She had small round breasts, and as I looked at them, 
I had an erection, watching her immature nipples poke 
through the fabric of her dress. It had printed 
flowers in red on the dress, and I was mesmerised. I 
was a green virgin, and I went red, stuttered, and 
wanted to run away from her, and another part of my 
brain wanted me to grab her, push her to the ground, 
and ravish her body.

But, that didn't help me, as I had no idea then how to 
ravish a woman's body! I was in a state of sexual 
shock, and she giggled, and reached out with her hand, 
gave my woody a light brush with her fingertips, 
giving me a jolt, and she said in a husky voice, "What 
you got there?"


I was confused. What was she talking about? My camera 
held in my sweaty hands, or my insistent woody? I just 
gaped at her, and she giggled again. "You look cute," 
she said, looking into my eyes, and I fell into them, 
sucked into the whirlpools of her sky blue eyes. 
"Wanna take a picture of me?" she said with a husky 
voice, and there was a promise there, but damned if I 
knew what, or how I could claim it.

"Uh, uh huh", I mumbled, holding onto my camera as if 
it would save me from her.

I couldn't take my eyes from her. She had me nailed to 
the spot, and the world around me ceased to exist. Her 
nipples were still hard, and her chest would expand 
and contract with her breath, and I couldn't tear my 
eyes from her breasts.

I usually took extra film with me, and I worked hard 
around the neighbourhood, doing odd jobs, mowing 
lawns, and all sorts of things to earn money to feed 
my habit. I used three rolls of film on that girl that 
afternoon, and they were worth every frame.

"I know a place we can go," she told me, and taking my 
hand, she led me away.


It was an old cemetery, and it was screened from the 
park and the road by a belt of trees. It was overgrown 
and neglected, and most of the headstones were really 
old. I walked around them while she sat on a concrete 
slab, part of a grave, and I forgot her as I started 
snapping pictures.

"Hey," she called out, "I thought you were going to 
take my photo?"

I looked up, and she looked pissed. "Sorry," I 
mumbled, and went to her, and she smiled again, and 
wanted to know how I wanted her? She giggled again, 
but I didn't get the joke. As I said, I was a green 
virgin, and girls were an unknown quantity for me.

"What do you want to do?" I asked her, and she giggled 
again! She was starting to annoy me, but I persevered, 
and began to walk around her, posing her, and having 
to help her when she wouldn't get it right. She let me 
touch her, holding an arm just so, placing her leg 
there, and I snapped away, lost in my art.

She began to pant now, and a whiff of something 
tremendously exciting passed into my nostrils, but I 
didn't know what it was, but my body sure did! I was 
hard again, and I started to get very hot!

Warm, sweaty, uncomfortable? That kind of hot. Come 
on, concentrate, dammit!


That girl looked at me, and began to pose more 
provocatively, holding and cupping her young teen 
breasts, opening her legs, and flashing her panties at 
me. They were white cotton, with little flowers on 
them, and I saw her pubic hairs poking out the side of 
them. Then she lay back, opened her legs, and slid a 
hand into her panty top, pushing the waistband out 
from her body as she started to rub herself.

I went stock still, the camera forgotten as I watched 
her pleasure herself. She gasped out and told me to 
keep shooting, and I went back to my job, and before I 
knew it, I was out of film. I asked her to wait, and 
replaced the film, and then she went back to what she 
was doing.

"Oh, god, I need a fuck!" she growled, and I went 
still, not knowing what she was saying, but I knew my 
world was about to be rocked majorly. This girl slid 
her panties off, and I saw her bared from the waist 
down, and for the first time in my young life, I 
beheld the sight of a young girl's womanhood! It was 
thin and small, with a sparse covering of hair, but I 
saw her inner lips filled with blood, pinkly red and 
opened, and she was wet! Her clitoral hood was thin as 
well, and I didn't know why, but I suddenly hungered 
to get down there and lick it! The heady aroma from 
her aroused sex beckoned me, and I started to move 
toward her, my feet moving by themselves.

"Yes!" she breathed, and reached for my jeans, with me 
still taking pictures. She had my pants opened and 
down my thighs in short order and she gazed longingly 
at my erection as it poked out at her, and they were 
literally eye-to-eye!

She licked the head of my tumescence, and then opening 
her mouth, took me in. If only I could fully describe 
in words the heaven I was in! I think I groaned, and 
closed my eyes. She took her mouth off me, and told me 
if I didn't keep shooting, I wouldn't be shooting, if 
I knew what she was talking about. I didn't, but I 
kept taking pictures anyway because I didn't want this 
heaven to stop, and she went back to what she was 
doing, and doing a wonderful job of it!

She ran her eager mouth up and down me using her 
tongue on the underside of my shaft, bobbing her head, 
and I was in awe of her skills! She was a thirteen 
year old, and she sure damned well knew what she was 
doing, I'll give her that!

Then, not satisfied with that, she pulled away, and 
told me she wanted me to fuck her now, and got on 
hands and knees, faced away from me and told me to 
hurry up, she had to be home soon, or her Dad would 
freak. I watched her young sex wink and move, 
mesmerised by the sight, and then she asked me 
peevishly if I need help to find the hole?

I stuttered, and managed to convey to her that I'd 
never done it before, and she gaped at me in 
amazement, and said, "A virgin? I got to pop a 
virgin?" She went down on her elbows and laughed, and 
got out, "Oh my god! Beth's gonna love that when I 
tell her!" and I got mad, and knelt behind her, my 
knees on either side of hers on the outside, keeping 
her legs closed, lined my woody at her pouting wet 
thin-lipped sex, and pushed.

Don't ask me how I got it in in one go, that's always 
been a mystery to me. I was doing what came naturally 
I suppose. I slid in easily, and she gave a yelp, and 
then she was pushing back at me, and then we had a 
rhythm going, and were slapping against each other, 
and I basked in the feel of her slick tunnel around 

Her dress had slid up her body, and bunched around her 
shoulders. She had a pale slim back, and I could see 
the bumps of her spine, and the shape of her ribs. She 
was still on a down-angle, on her elbows, and she was 
making uh! uh! uh! sounds, and I could feel her 
vaginal passage, so smooth, so silky, and I could feel 
her juices in my pubic hair, and they'd squelch as she 
pushed back against me, and as I pushed forward into 

She was gasping, moaning, and I was too. She told me 
to keep shooting, so I used up a lot of film as I 
pushed and thrust into her, then changed the film 
again, and just kept pushing the button, aiming the 
camera at our joined bodies from all and every angle I 
could think of.

Then she spasmed, and bucked under me, and I could 
feel my body swell, and something was happening, I was 
out of breath, my head wanted to burst, and now I know 
that I was having my first climax. The young girl 
pulled away, making me groan in frustration, but she 
twisted around, wrapped her lips around my cockhead 
again, and sucked me as I shot into her mouth. She 
swallowed it all, until I was exhausted and soft.

I got it all on film, and she smiled, then grinned 
around my cock as I snapped away, proud of her 
efforts. She let me go, and I had to tuck myself in, 
and she wanted to know if I wanted take more pictures 
of her, maybe with Beth, her friend, as well?, smiling 
slyly, running her fingertips over my crotch.

Damn straight, I did! And I told her so. I was flying 
on a euphoric sexual high, so she made me give her my 
number, promising to call me.

She walked away, and I saw her panties on the ground, 
and called out to her, holding them up in the air for 
her to see, telling her she'd left them behind! She 
just laughed, and told me to keep them, as I might 
need them later! I stuffed them into my back jeans 
pocket, and before she went too much further, I asked 
her what her name was. She called out, "Leesa!" then 
she ran off, her skirt flying around her slim legs, 
laughing with a carefree sound, and I yelled out, "My 
name is Reg!" then I stood there in that graveyard, 
unable to stop grinning.


When I got home that late afternoon, I went into the 
lounge, and Dad was there, watching something mindless 
on TV, unwinding from work. Dad worked odd hours at a 
lumber mill, so he was sometimes home before dinner 
was ready, or even on. I was still in a dreamy state, 
running the events that had happened over and again in 
my mind, savouring every detail. The panties were 
still in my pocket, making a comfortable bump in my 

Dad asked if I'd had fun, and I looked blankly at him. 
"Did you have fun today, son?" he asked again, and I 
couldn't help myself, I grinned at him, and told him, 
"Yeah!" Dad saw the look on my face, misread it, and 
smiled, and said "that's good, you should be out 
enjoying yourself."

If he only knew!

-= Chapter Two =-

I worked part-time at the local Kodak branch, where 
the proprietor, Mr. Pittman, did everybody's printing, 
and he sold a variety of photographic paraphernalia, 
and he took me on one day when I'd approached him, 
asking him if he could teach me how to print photos. I 
showed him some of my photos, he recognised them 
immediately, and told me he didn't realise they were 
mine, he thought a photographer had moved in to town 
and he was hoping to meet him, "and now," he said, "he 
had!" He shook my hand, and told me he'd been proud to 
have been the one to handle my work, and when could I 

Just the kind of praise a young boy needed!

Mr. Pittman was about forty-seven, a widower, salt and 
pepper hair, and a wide smile. He had a cat he called 
Ferocious, who wasn't, actually. He'd come slinking 
around the door, and would literally have a heart 
attack if you as much as looked at him, he was so 
placid. Mr. Pittman stood maybe five-eight, and he had 
a heart of gold, and he'd extend credit to people, but 
not everyone. He'd been stung too many times, so he 
knew people, and he knew who'd pay, and who wouldn't. 
Every few months, he'd have a cleanout, going through 
the stacks of envelopes that people hadn't come to 
collect, taking out the photo's he wanted, and binned 
the rest.

He was also a very patient man, and he spent hours 
with me, teaching me the trade, and showing me how to 
use the equipment to take the negatives and make 
photos out of them. I was really grateful to him for 
that, and tried my hardest to learn, and to clean the 
store every day I was in there.


So now you see, I had a problem. I wanted to develop 
the films, but I had either to get Mr. Pittman's 
permission, which meant he's see what was in the 
pictures, or I had to be sneaky, and risk ruining 
everything and lose my job.

I was up the creek on that one.

No matter which angle I looked at it, I still had the 
same problem, and call me stupid, but I came to the 
conclusion that I'd have to be honest with him, but 
not actually get him to see the photos. That of course 
gave me new problems.

I should have just told that damn girl to go away!


So, the next time I was working at the store, working 
as much as I could in the developing room, and those 
blasted films were a millstone around my neck, even if 
they were in my jacket pocket. As Mr. Pittman was 
getting ready to close the store, I swallowed, and 
asked him if I could talk to him, please. He'd been 
noticing me all afternoon, and although I wasn't 
slacking off, he'd noticed that I wasn't concentrating 
on what I was doing.

Mr. Pittman closed the store, and taking the broom out 
of my hands, he leaned it up against the wall, took my 
elbow, and showed me to his office out back.

He showed me to a chair, then sat down on his side of 
the desk there, and looked at me for a long moment, 
his fingers steepled in front of his face. He swung 
back and forth in his swivel chair, and then he 
stopped moving, and leaned forward on his elbows. I 
was nervous as hell, and I was hypnotised by his 

"Well, Reg," he said finally, "I think you're either 
going to tell me you want to quit, or you want a 
raise. Which is it?"

He had totally misread the situation, and I gave a 
start, and blurted, "Oh, no! No, Mr. Pittman! neither 
of those, sir!"

He gave me a stern look, which he hardly did, and told 
me he'd been watching me all afternoon, and I looked 
like I had a bug up my ass about something! I was 
miserable. I wanted to see how the photos had turned 
out, and I wanted to relive the memory of my time with 
Leesa, and now, I was near tears, totally lost in my 
misery, and I broke down, and spilled my guts.


Mr. Pittman held out his hand, palm up, and with a 
wistful look at them, I surrendered the three rolls of 
film, silently wishing them goodbye. My heart was 
around my ankles, and I wanted to die. As I sat there, 
my head down, Mr. Pittman gruffly told me to follow 
him and I got up, expecting him to destroy them. 
Instead, he took me into the developing studio, and 
told me to prepare the chemicals, while he got the 
paper ready.

I woke out of my self-pity fog, and perked up. Had I 
heard him correctly? I didn't wait to find out, and 
rushed to do his bidding. He growled, "How many times 
I got to tell you? Slowly, but surely, boy!"

We spent a long time in there, and he told me to call 
my parents and tell them to put my dinner in the oven, 
as I was going to be late. 

Thank god it was a Friday, and we went through the 
process, and he made copies of all the photos, and 
then, at last, there were two piles of three envelopes 
sitting there. Then he picked them up, and we went 
into his office, and we sat, then he passed me mine, 
and Mr. Pittman told me to put them into my jacket 
pocket, and to come back to the office.

I did so, and when I returned, he opened the first 
envelope, and extracted the photos one by one, looking 
at them, and then passing them on to me.

As I went through them, the kindly old gentleman was 
back, and he'd ask me about Leesa, and he really 
thought that she was a cutie, he said, and sighed, and 
said he'd wished he'd been there, or that maybe could 
have had a turn with her.

That shocked me. I couldn't believe what I was 
hearing! But Mr. Pittman had no expression on his 
face, he had his head down, and I wondered if he'd 
realised he'd even said what he did.

When we'd gone through the photos, I asked him why he 
wanted a set of his own for, probably as payment for 
the use of the chemicals and paper, I thought. He 
looked at me seriously for a moment, then got up, and 
from a wall safe, he extracted a cardboard box and 
when he opened that, it was stuffed full of old 
envelopes, and some new ones.

He sat it on the desk, just looking at it. Then he 
sighed, and quietly explained that there were more 
people taking those kinds of photos than I might 

"A lot of people, and I do mean a lot, come from far 
and wide to get me to develop their pictures for 
them." he said. "Or, they send me the film, and I send 
them back the photos and negatives, and I always keep 
a copy of them, just for my own enjoyment. I got a 
reputation for being discreet, and have had a few 
years now!"

"Reg," he said, "that day," and he waved at the pile 
of evidence in front of us, "was your first, of so 
many things. You lost your virginity, you got to have 
sex with a fantastic young woman, and you now have the 
tangible memories of it, to last you a lifetime, and", 
he said, his eyes sparkling, "you took those photos 
yourself! An added bonus for your enjoyment of them!"

He sighed again, and told me, "I'm going to show you 
something, and none of this is to ever leave this 
office. I trust you, young man, and I know you'll 
respect that!"

Then, he pulled out some envelopes, passed them to me, 
and told me to have a look, and then picking up the 
pictures of Leesa, he sat back, and left me to it.


I went through the photos, and they had men and women, 
women and women, men and young girls, women and young 
girls, men and men, men and boys, women and boys, my 
god, there was even some that had women and dogs! I 
was panting like I'd run a race, and I was in sexual 
overload looking at them. In the end, I was all 
porned-out, and had to put them down, and hand them 
back. I stood up, thanked my friend for his help and 
understanding, and went home. He was still sitting 
there in his chair, and he just waved, and said, "See 
you next week, Reg!" and didn't even look up from a 
picture of my woody in Leesa's very wet young pussy.

When I got home, Mom was in a fuss, demanding to know 
what I was doing at the store, what had I done wrong 
to be made to stay behind, and she generally grilled 
me. I gave her answers that were mostly truth, until 
Dad came into the kitchen and told her to leave me 
alone. Mom got into a huff, took my dinner out of the 
oven, and slammed it down onto the table, telling me I 
should be grateful she'd saved me some, and stormed 
off into her and Dad's room, slamming the door.

Dad was watching this outburst, shook his head, and 
whispered to himself, "I don't know what's gotten into 
her lately!" He looked at me, and told me to enjoy my 
dinner anyway, and he left, going into the room to 
talk with her.


I had my dinner, then went and showered, and then sat 
on my bed, with the three packets of photo'd on the 
bed in front of me. I wanted to wait till Mom and dad 
was in bed, then I was going to wait till later to 
pull them out, and look at them, but temptation got 
the better of me, so closing my bedroom door, I sat 
back down, and opened the first packet.

There were the shots of the headstones, and I ran a 
critical eye over them, thinking I might go back 
there, and shoot some more. Then came the shots of 
Leesa posing, and I remembered the feeling of her 
limbs, the silky smoothness of her skin, how I'd so 
wanted to lift her dress, and gaze at her panties, 
never thinking for one moment I would taste such 
forbidden fruit!

Then, as I was picking up a shot of Leesa with her 
hand in her panties, her face flushed and almost 
crazed with lust, the door opened, and Dad, thank god! 
came in and was saying, "Reg, I want to..." and his 
voice faded as he caught sight of what was spread out 
on my bed. He stopped dead in his tracks, and stared 
for a few long seconds at the pictures, and then he 
turned, closed the door, and sat on the end of the 
bed, still looking at the damning evidence facing him.

"My god, Reg!" was all he said for a time, and he was 
breathing a bit fast. He looked up at me, and I could 
see disbelief, hurt, and most strange of all, lust, in 
his eyes. He picked one of the shots up, his hand 
trembling, and stared at it. "My boy is growing up 
fast," he breathed.

"Is this you inside her?" he asked, holding up the 
picture. I was a shot of my woody in Leesa's young 
pussy, and I'd held the camera low, so you could see 
me hard, half-buried in her sweet young pussy.

"Yes, it is," I said, waiting for a whupping, that I 
knew must surely come.

He said nothing for a time, and then firmly he told 
me, "Tomorrow, I'm putting a lock on your door. If 
you're going to be taking and looking at this kind of 
stuff," he said, "you're going to need your privacy. 
I'll deal with your mother, so you'll have to step 
quiet around her for a few days."

He stood up, and before he left, he said, "Better you 
wait until your mother goes to bed, and get yourself 
some paper towels and air freshener."

Then he looked away and asked, "Are you masturbating 

I sat there in shock, not believing my ears. He wasn't 
going to whup me, and he was even helping me, by 
giving me advice on how to hide the evidence! Holy 
shit, man, I lucked into a parallel universe or 
something! I looked at my father, and he couldn't drag 
his eyes from the photos.

I told him, not yet, then was honest with him, and 
told him I didn't know how.

He stared me in the eye, saw I was telling the truth, 
and told me not to go far tomorrow, we were going to 
talk about that, father to son, man to man.

Then he went out the door, and closed it behind him, 
and the house was quiet for the rest of the night.


Dad was up early the next morning, and he brought his 
tool box and a latch into my room, and while Mom was 
berating him, accusing him of keeping her away from 
me, fixed the latch onto my door, and then tested it 
to see it worked. Satisfied, he gave me a smile, and 
said, "That should stop anyone busting in 
unannounced!" and we both knew he meant Mom.

Dad had told Mom that a young man needed his privacy, 
I wasn't a boy anymore, which Mom debated against, 
saying I was her boy, and she had every right to come 
into my room, and then her and Dad had an argument, 
and it lasted all day, and Mom would not let it go.

Dinner was strained to say the least. Mom would not 
talk to Dad, and he tried to get her to see his point 
of view, and I stayed quiet, even though Mom kept 
shooting angry looks at me, silently demanding that I 
back her up. But, I kept to myself, and tried not to 
look her in the eye, and after Mom had done the 
dishes, she stormed back into her room, burst into 
tears that she made sure we heard, and slammed the 


Then later that evening, Dad knocked on my door, and 
asked if he could come in. I told him it was okay, and 
he opened the door, and entered. He had a towel rolled 
up in his hand, and closing the door, he latched it 
securely, and he said, "I told your mother I was going 
to have a talk with you, and I finally managed to calm 
her down. I told her we had some man-stuff to talk 
about, and she's watching one of her never-ending 
mindless soap operas, so that should give us some time 

Dad unrolled the towel, and it had a roll of paper 
towels and a can of air freshener in it. He handed 
these to me, and told me to put them somewhere, but 
not just yet. Then he sat on the spare bed in my room, 
and was quiet for a while, gathering his thoughts.

We lived in a small house, only two bedrooms, and 
there were two single beds in my room, just in case we 
had an overnight visitor, but that had happened only 
once, when my grandmother, Mom's mother came for a 
weekend. Her and Dad didn't get on, yeah same old 
story, huh? and she'd left in a huff not long after 
when she tried to get me to sleep on the couch, saying 
it wasn't proper for her to have a young boy sleeping 
in there with her.

Dad told her flat out there was no way I was giving up 
my own bed in my own room, just so she could feel 
superior. That started an argument that lasted a 
month, and life was uncomfortable for a while there, 
let me tell you!

So, as Dad sat there, he started to tell me that there 
was nothing wrong, far from it, for a person to 
masturbate, saying it was a natural and safe way to 
relieve one's 'urges', and we had a conversation about 
that, and then he began to describe the different ways 
a man could masturbate, feeling good doing so.

Well, talking about it is one thing, but the doing is 
something else entirely, and we came to the point 
where Dad got up, and told me not to be shocked, as he 
was going to have to show me how. He told me that if 
that freaked me out, he would leave, and let me figure 
it out for myself.

It did, and it didn't. Freak me out, I mean. Strange, 
huh? I desperately needed release from the sexual 
tension I was under, but didn't know if I was going to 
be doing it right if he left, and he sat down while he 
patiently waited for me to speak. I thought it over 
some more. Finally, I agreed he should show me how, 
and so Dad stood up, unbuckled his belt, and pushed 
his jeans and shorts down to his knees, and sat down 
again. I got up, and a bit shyly, I did the same.


Dad began to softly stroke his penis, softly talking 
to me, getting me to copy what he was doing, and I was 
hard before he was. It was uncomfortable that first 
time, my hands dry, there not being any natural 
lubrication, so dad told me to spit on my hand, and 
rub it onto my stiff erection, which I did, and I had 
to do that several times, and then it became easier, 
and then dad was hard as well, and then we were 
lightly gripping our erections, and we began to 
breathe deeply, and I noticed were in a synchronised 

I watched dad's hand as it worked on his staff, and he 
was watching mine, and slowly, but surely, we sped up 
our motions, and both our eyes were going glassy from 
our building climaxes. Dad's erection was the same 
length as mine, but his was a little bit thicker. I 
mentioned that, and he said I shouldn't worry about 
it, mine looked just fine the way it was.

Then just as we were about to have a glorious climax, 
there was a loud bang, and the door frame exploded 
inwards, the door flew open, and Mom was standing 
there screaming that she had every right to be in her 
boy's room, and no-one could keep her out! She'd 
kicked the door in!

Holy shit on a shingle, I damn near had a freaking 
heart attack!

The when she saw what we were doing, and she went from 
ballistic, to space-bound! She screamed, "Holy sweet 
fucking Jesus Christ! What the fuck are you two doing? 
Perverts! I'm living under the same roof as a pair of 
fucking homo perverts!

She stood there; chest heaving, her face red with 
rage, and her hands were balled into fists. She threw 
her finger at Dad, calling him vile names, who'd stood 
up when she'd crashed into my room, and his pants fell 
to the floor, and his erection swayed and bobbed, and 
he made a grab for his pants, and managed to get them 
back up.

He was trying to calm her down saying there was an 
explanation, if she'd calm down and listen, but she 
would have none of it. She was on a roll, and she was 
making the most of it, screaming vile imprecations at 

Then she took a breath, and said, "That's it! That's 
the last straw! I'm leaving, and don't try to stop 
me!" Dad went to hold her, and she pushed him away 
yelling, "Don't you fucking touch me, you fucking 
pervert! I'm tired of this fucking house, I'm tired of 
your fucking useless brat, and I'm tired of fucking 

Then she spun away, and we heard her stomp into their 
bedroom, and doors were thumping open, and Dad went to 
see what she was doing, and he was pleading with her, 
telling her not to go, they could work this out. Buts 
she was set on going, and packed in a relatively short 
time, and then she was on the phone, talking to 
someone, and she was saying, "I'm leaving him! Get 
here now and pick me up! No, asshole, now! I won't be 
here for any longer than I have to!"

Then she hung up, and grabbing her bags, put them on 
the porch, and waited. There was a car outside our 
house in ten minutes. It drove off, and that's the 
last I saw of my mother.


A month later, an envelope containing divorce papers 
arrived in the mail, the return address a lawyer's 
office. Dad sat there for several hours holding them, 
tears running down his cheeks, falling onto them, then 
with a sad sigh, he picked up a pen, and signed them. 
He put them into the return envelope, and sealed it. 
Then he sat back onto the couch, and cried, great 
wracking sobs of grief and loss. I went to him, and we 
held each other, father and son, and cried, pain over 
the loss of my mother, and his wife, bonding us 

About six months later, there was a report in the news 
of a murder-suicide, involving a travelling salesman, 
and his common-law wife. She'd killed them both with a 
handgun. The name was very familiar.

It was my mother.


The months rolled by sedately, and then it was almost 
time for my seventeenth birthday, and I was wondering 
what I was going to do. I didn't really have that many 
friends, not being on any sports teams, and so I had 
started a photography club at school. There was about 
nine of us in it, and two were girls, 'geeks' if you 
want to label them, and they were quiet studious 
types. Four of the guys were only there because they 
wanted to have sex with Roberta and Clemency, yes that 
was her name, given to her by religious parents, and 
she was anything but! 

The other two guys were gays. I didn't have a problem 
with that, I just accepted people for who they were, 
as long as they didn't interfere with my hobby, 
photography. One night, I was feeling horny and strung 
out, working late in the library where I'd gotten a 
part time job, and one of the shims, Lacy, as he/she 
called herself was there, giving me unobtrusive looks.

Lacy was preparing for a crossover from male to full-
time shemale, and she looked damn gorgeous, and if she 
didn't take her pants off, you'd swear you were 
talking to a girl. She had breasts and all, nicely 
shaped ones, was a willowy long haired and long-legged 
blonde, had a shapely firm ass, and my heart would 
race just looking at her! But what impressed me about 
her, was the fact she really did have a genuine 
interest in photographic studies!

Tony was a queen, and he had a thing for the Village 
People. He was as camp as could be, and he was a riot! 
Every time you heard giggling, you knew Tony, or Toni, 
as he wanted to be called, would be in the middle of 
it. He was a great friend, and we got along well.

Well, anyway this particular night, I was putting 
books away, and the librarian had gone early, saying 
she had things to do, and would I lock up after I'd 
finished? I told her, sure thing, and she was off. I 
called time at closing time, and a dozen people left, 
I locked the door, and was up a ladder putting books 
on a shelf, and then Lacy was standing under me, her 
face level with my groin.

I looked down, and was about to ask her what she was 
doing in here, she reached up, and started to undo my 
jeans, pulling the zip down.

"Lacy!" I gasped, "What the hell are you doing?"

She looked up at me, pulled my jeans and shorts down 
to my knees, and said, "I've wanted to do this for the 
longest time, Reg! Please don't ruin it for me, 

Then, not waiting for an answer, she licked my penis, 
and then took me into her mouth. Oh sweet Jesus! I 
held onto the shelves to stop myself from falling, and 
she moved her head back and forth, working her tongue 
on me, and I was hard in no time.

She held onto my thighs, and moved her head slowly, 
sexily, her mouth sucking and swallowing, her tongue 
dancing in her mouth on me, and then I was deep in her 
throat, and her nose was in my pubic hair. She moved 
her head back, took a breath, and repeated the 
process. She did that for a couple of minutes, until 
she was bobbing on my turgid member, and I watched in 
fascination as it kept disappearing into her mouth and 

I tried to hold on, but my legs were shaking, and I 
couldn't stand up on the ladder. I pulled away, and 
climbed down, and we were kissing, and she held me in 
her hand, slowly and softly stroking me. Then she 
dropped to her knees, and continued where she left 

I started to moan, and Lacy stopped, looked up at me 
and asked me if I wanted to have sex with her.

"I've never done that before," I said, "not with a, 
with a, um, with one like you!"

She laughed, and said there was always a first time 
for everything, and stood up, undid her jeans, slipped 
her jeans and panties down, then off, and then she 
stood there nude from the waist down. I looked at her 
penis, and it was small, and very hard. She was 
shaven, and smooth. Fascinated, I reached down, and 
took it into my hand, and stroked it.

That was the first 'male' penis I'd touched, besides 
my own, and I couldn't believe how warm, how silky 
soft, and yet how hard it was. I looked her in the 
eyes, so blue and sexy, and asked, "Can I?"

She stood there and purred, "Oh, yes, my lovely man, 
yes you can!"

So I went to my knees like she did, and I leaned in, 
and tasted her. She was remarkably tasteless, but the 
thrill of it was overpowering. I took her into my 
mouth, and sucked on her, rolling my tongue around her 
small hardness, doing so for a couple of minutes, 
bobbing my head, and she moaned, and pulled me up and 
told me we can do that later, if I wanted, but for 
now, she wanted me in her ass, "right now!"

She bent over, sucked on me to make sure I was good 
and hard, and then she got to her knees, and put her 
derrière into the air, going down onto her chest, 
arching her back, and told me go slow, and as this was 
my first time, to be as gentle as I could as I went 
in. I promised I would. I went to my knees, and 
positioned myself by her.

Her anal opening was brown and puckered, but stretched 
by her position, I spat on my hand, and rubbed my 
spittle on my head to get it slick, and placing it 
against her sphincter, I pushed slowly in, and she 
relaxed, and then the head was in.

Now, how to describe feeling of it? Impossible, you'd 
have to do it to understand. She was tight, and warm, 
and she gripped me by contracting her muscles. I 
slowly pushed in a bit more, and Lacy moaned, not in 
pain, but in happiness. I groaned from the feeling of 
my hardness entering her, and then, I was fully buried 
in her, my pubic hair against the silky buns of her 

She pushed herself up onto her arms, and began to move 
back and forth, her breasts swaying, her ass muscles 
gripping me on the in stroke, and loosening on the 
out, and I dribbled spit onto my shaft, to lubricate 
us both. Lacy looked back at me and asked, "Are you 
sure you've never done this before?'

"Never," I said, "but I do know how to read!"

She giggled, and began to move faster, her anal 
channel sliding back and forth, and I was lost in the 
feeling of her lovely ass and my building climax.

Then I was ready to blow, and giving a gasping moan, I 
cried. "I'm coming!"

Lacy whipped around, and taking me into her mouth, 
sucking on just my crown, her tongue whipping all over 
it, I came, and jetted into her mouth, months of 
celibacy ejecting into her willing orifice.

She drank it all, and continued sucking on me, milking 
me, and I cried out and shuddered, finally collapsing 
on the floor of the library, spent. Lacy laid next to 
me, held me, and crooned into my ear, "Happy Birthday, 
Reg!" and giggled.

-= Chapter Three =-

The next time I was in the library, the librarian 
called me over, and quietly told me to practice my 
'extra-curricular' activities elsewhere, as, she said, 
pointing up, there were 'eyes in the sky'! I actually 
blushed, and promised not to do it again. She laughed 
softly, and told me I wasn't the first to get caught, 
and then she told me she'd be keeping an eye on me, 
and as I turned away, she goosed me!

The librarian, Miss Parker, was a fantasy of quite a 
few boys at the school. She was twenty nine, and had a 
shapely figure, which she kept buried under calf 
length skirts and long-sleeved sweaters, and jackets 
in the winter. Some boys called her "Miss Pork-her," 
earning them detention when reported, or a beating 
from those boys who'd been having a crush on her. She 
had a mysterious quality, and actually, most boys, and 
even some girls, were in love with her.

One night, we were working away, putting books onto 
shelves, and as there was a light load that night, we 
were finished rather quickly. We sat down at the back 
of the library, one of the few lesser known 'blind 
spots' in there, and talked for a while, and she said 
she'd heard that I was president of the photography, 
club, and so I told her about it, and the way she was 
sitting seemed to invite to look at her legs, which I 
did, but tried not make it obvious I was doing so.

They were long and shapely, and were encased in nylon 
stockings. She slipped her shoes off, and asked me if 
I could rub her feet? I agreed quickly, not too 
quickly, I hoped. I'd be Hero Number One if word got 
out that I'd actually got to touch Miss Parker's feet, 
and trying not to be too eager, I got down on my 
knees, and began to rub her feet, first one, then the 
other, doing my best, and trying to make the 
experience last.

Miss Parker moaned in bliss as I rubbed and rolled her 
foot, and then she lifted her leg, to give me better 
access. Oh, my! I got a clear look straight up under 
her dress, to the juncture of her thighs, and I saw 
her white panties, and they sat snug against her 
vagina, and I saw the crease of her lips, and I almost 
lost it, and had to drop my eyes, and concentrate on 
her feet.

Miss Parker started to talk to me then, telling me how 
she used to be a child model, and into her teens, and 
used to pose for adverts, and confessed that the 
underwear shoots always used to make her hot and 
bothered. I got a woody instantly. Did she want me to 
shoot her in her underwear? My god on a Christmas 
tree! I could do that, try and stop me! So, without 
looking at her, I said I hadn't done a figure study 
for a while, and would she want to pose for me? I was 
red in the face, which I kept down, still not looking 
at her.

She went quiet, and I kept rubbing her foot, then she 
put her foot down on the floor, put her shoes back on, 
and stood up. I stood as well, and she just stood 
there, looking at me silently, until finally, she told 
me that if she, we, did this, no-one, and she meant 
no-one, was to know about it. She had a hard look in 
her eye, and I did not want to cross that woman!


I had readily agreed, and as we still had two hours on 
the clock, she said we might as well close up and go 
back to her place. Again, I was put under a stricture 
to remain silent about that, and so I did, you're the 
first person I've told in many years.

I had a bag that held my schoolbooks, and it also had 
my camera and extra film in it. Miss Parker promised 
to drop me off home later when we were finished, and 
so we headed off, and she surprised me, because she 
lived in the better part of town.

I watched the houses slide by, and wished I lived in 
that kind of neighbourhood, and then we were pulling 
into her driveway and then we were at her door. She 
unlocked her door, and we stepped into her house, and 
it was huge! For a guy like me who lived in two 
bedroom house, it was a little intimidating to stand 
there, and she took off her shoes, and asked me to do 
the same, which I did. The carpet was so soft; I sank 
into it, feeling like I was walking on a cloud.

Miss Parker turned to me, and told me for the rest of 
the time I was with her, I was to call her Kitty, but 
once back at school, she was Miss Parker again. I 
said, "Yes ma'am," and promised to do that.


Kitty told me that there was one more condition. I had 
to be nude the entire time I was photographing her. 
She was all business, and not once dropped her eyes to 
my groin while she spoke to me.

I asked Kitty if she wanted me to do so now, and she 
told me to go and have a quick shower, and then bring 
my clothes back out when I was dried off. I did so, 
and stood there in front of her, and she didn't seem 
to notice me as she said she was going to shower as 
well, and for me to get the camera ready, and she'd be 
out shortly.

She didn't take long, coming back into her living 
room, with a towel around herself, drying her hair, 
and then brushing it. She made us a drink, and I 
tasted a weak bourbon for the first time. I've drunk 
bourbon ever since, and loved the taste, in memory of 

Then she sat down on the couch, and in a knowledgeable 
way, discussed poses and camera angles with me, but in 
the end, she told me to direct her, she'd leave that 
up to me, to gauge my experience.

I started to snap pictures of her as she sat there 
talking, so she accepted that, and I told her to put 
her arms up on the back of the couch, look into the 
camera, and to cross her legs, She gave me a small 
smile, and told me that surprised her, as she fully 
expected me to tell her to open them!

Then she said nothing more, because I said nothing as 
well, I was concentrating on her, and the camera. We 
got down to business, and I had her pose in different 
positions, all the while with her towel on, and it 
kept opening, so we went with it, until with an 
exasperated grunt, she pulled it from herself, and 
threw it away, and she then was gloriously nude, and I 
gasped at her perfect body, my camera forgotten for 
the moment.

She had perfect round breasts, with dark pink nipples, 
and her pubic thatch was thin, and trimmed. She had an 
hour glass figure, and with her long black hair, and 
pale skin she looked a Grecian goddess. She had a 
slightly rounded face, and full lips, that I noticed 
she kept wetting them with the tip of her tongue, and 
this time, she was openly looking at my groin, and she 
had a glazed look in her eye. Her legs were long and 
shapely, and she had pretty feet, attached to well-
turned ankles.


Kitty stood, and wetting her lips, she swayed toward 
me, and I kept snapping away, until she filled the 
viewfinder. Then her hand gently pushed the camera 
down, and she was in my arms, and we were kissing.

Her hands roamed over my body, and when I didn't 
respond immediately, she took my hand, and placed it 
on her breast. I felt the dark pink nipple harden, and 
it pushed into my palm, and an electric shock zapped 
me, and then I was gently kneading her full mound, and 
she was moaning into my mouth and grinding her pelvis 
into mine, and that's when I let go, and had a 
marvellously hard woody that pushed into the base of 
her belly.

I put the camera down, and it was forgotten.

Kitty pulled me down onto the floor, and I noticed we 
were lying on a sheepskin rug, and it felt amazingly 
soft on my back. We kissed some more, her hands 
travelling all over me, and then she was kissing her 
way down my body, licking my nipples, and nipping 
them, making me gasp as little shocks rippled through 
me. She giggled, and continued down my torso, spent a 
couple of seconds licking my belly button, and then 
she held me in her hand, stroked me gently, then 
dipping her head, her hair hiding her face, she took 
me into her mouth, and hummed.

The state of sexual tension I was in almost made me 
ejaculate, but I gritted my teeth, and my hips gave a 
lurch. Kitty gave a full-throated chuckle, and began 
to give me small licks and sucks, teasing me, driving 
me to distraction.

My god, but that woman knew how to pleasure a man!


Kitty then started to slide her mouth and tongue down 
my length, her saliva making the process easier. Her 
tongue was busy, licking me, never still, her mouth 
keeping a perfect suction. Then she lifted her leg, 
and straddled my face, and I gazed up into her slick 
folds, wet and opened, and her fragrance made me 
light-headed. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, and 
caressing the globes of her bottom, which was firm, I 
leaned my head into her, and tasted her.

I flicked my tongue across her inner lips, and Kitty 
stiffened, and gave a small cry, then I began to 
caress her, licking and drinking her secretions in, 
savouring the taste, driving my tongue up into her, 
and then I gave her clitoris a swipe, licking her 
dripping pussy frantically, and she bucked, and then 
attacked my turgid member furiously. We continued like 
that for a few minutes, and then she climbed off me, 
and with a definitely glazed look, sat astride my 
groin, held my member, and lowered herself on me.

She was so warm and snug, and when she was settled on 
me, I was deep into her, and she sat there, her hands 
on my chest, and I could feel small ripples travelling 
down my hard cock. Kitty was giving small whimpers, 
shuddering in what I guessed was an orgasm as I filled 

She began moving then, slowly at first, gradually 
moving faster, up and down, up and down, and then I 
was moving with her, and we bucked and shook, riding 
each other, and Kitty began to wail, a high-pitched 
sound that didn't stop, pounding down onto me, her 
orgasm strong and intense. Then I felt a boiling in my 
balls, and then liquid fire coursed through my length, 
and I bucked up into her, and cried out my own 


Kitty lay atop me, and her hand caressed my chest in 
slow circles. She hadn't said a word since she'd 
climaxed, and neither did I. Just then, my deflated 
member slipped from her, and then I felt my ejaculate 
drip from her, and she raised herself, got off me, 
passed me her towel, the one she'd worn, still with 
her fragrance on it, and as I cleaned myself off, she 
did the same to herself, with the towel she'd dried 
her hair with. I got a tingle as I watched her pass 
the towel between her legs, wiping herself. She chose 
to look up at that moment, and she gave a rueful grin, 
and told me that it seemed to be a male thing, us 
getting interested watching a woman who has her hands 
anywhere near her crotch.

That broke the ice, and we both laughed, and then we 
sat on her couch, but not together. Kitty sighed, and 
asked me what we're going to do with the film that I'd 
shot, and I told her not to worry, I knew of a 
discrete and trustworthy fellow who could get them 
printed for her, no charge, if she wished to have a 
copy of them? "Who's that?" she enquired.

I looked at her, and with a smug grin, said, "Me!"

I told her about my job at the store, and told her Mr. 
Pittman allowed me to print off my own work, and let 
me make copies, within reason, of course. Kitty was 
immediately interested, and agreed.


The next time I was in the store, I waited until there 
was a lull, and went to Mr. Pittman, showed him the 
rolls of film, and asked him if he knew of Miss 
Parker, the school librarian? He grinned, and nodded, 
and his eyes became alight with interest, and he just 
nodded at the developing room. Say no more!

When I was in the library next after that, I 
manoeuvred Miss Parker into a secluded corner, and 
passed her the packets of photos and negatives. We 
didn't say a word, and pretended it was normal library 
business, and I walked off. We hadn't said anything to 
each other about our assignation, and I kept to my 
word faithfully, and so we pretended it didn't happen, 
and remained good friends after that.

A couple of days later, after the library was closed, 
and we were putting books away, Miss Parker called out 
to me, down the end of the library. She was in the 
blind spot, and beckoned me over. She grabbed me, and 
kissed me, her tongue thrashing in my mouth. She 
stepped back, and panting, she told me she'd finally 
got up the courage to view the photos, and she told me 
she was very impressed looking at them. She couldn't 
believe what kind of talent I had, because, she said, 
I had made her look beautiful!

"But you are, Miss Parker!" I told her sincerely. 
"Nearly every boy in school is in love with you, and 
even a few girls! When anyone thinks of a Goddess, 
they think of Miss Parker!"

She went silent, mulling over my praise of her beauty. 
She looked at me from under lowered lids, and she said 
softly "Girls? Girls are in love with me? Do you know 
which ones?"

I thought for a moment, and gave her four names that I 
knew of. She looked at me with a calculating look, and 
told me to keep this to myself, and she'd come up with 
a plan where I might be able to do a session with her 
and one or two of those girls, whom she knew, from 
them coming into the library, and talking with her.

I went hard, and she noticed, and so she smiled, gave 
it a pat, and said, "Easy, tiger, maybe we can indulge 
him if things went well!"

Miss Parker went into a campaign of seduction. She 
developed an interest in those girls, all about 
sixteen to eighteen, and would chat and laugh with 
them, and although it took a couple of months, one day 
she stood next to me, not looking at each other, and 
in a low voice, told me a small gathering was planned 
for Friday night at her place, and to make sure my 
camera was working.

She moved off, and we went about our business for the 
night, and spoke no more of it.


Friday came around, and Miss Parker picked me up down 
the street from my house, and we were travelling up 
the freeway to her house. She proceeded to fill me in, 
telling me that she'd got Alicia Trumble and Dana 
Miscombe to come over, and she'd told them that I was 
a scout for a modelling agency, but kept my 
affiliation secret, my being, she'd told them, 
'undercover!', always on the lookout for new talent. 
Miss Parker confided to me, due to our relationship of 
trust, that sometimes she did the occasional lingerie 
shoot, but mainly nudes, and not very often, out-of-
town 'adult' sessions, as she wasn't really into them, 
but they paid good money.

Both girls were sixteen, with curvy hips, and more 
than one boy pined about them, because they were 
lovely, in a natural way. Dana was a slim brunette, 
and she had a beautiful figure, with C cup breasts, 
that lifted and were firm. Her hair hung down to her 
shoulders, and she had brown eyes, and she had an 
infectious smile. Her legs were slim and developed, 
and she had firm calves, from her working out in the 
cheerleading squad.

Alicia was a relatively quiet girl, had a small circle 
of friends, and was a science major. Her body was more 
rounded, but she didn't have an ounce of extra fat. 
She spent a large amount of time in the library, 
always studying, because she wanted to go onto college 
and study to become a bio-chemist. She, too, had a C 
cup bust, and it sat on her chest rounded and firm. 
She wore mainly dresses, and her legs were a boy's wet 
dream. She had a butt that swished when she walked, 
but she seemed unconscious of it, looking blankly at 
the boys who'd comment on it.


When we got to her house, both girls were already 
inside, Miss Parker having let them in earlier, before 
coming to pick me up. She made the introductions, and 
although both girls had seen me around school, and 
working in the library, they really didn't know me, 
and sat there, quiet and a bit apprehensive. Miss 
Parker went to the drinks cabinet, and told us that as 
we were going to 'intimate' with each other she was 
making us a drink to settle our nerves, and poured 
three glasses of chilled white wine for herself and 
the girls, and a weak bourbon for me.

Both girls tried of course to protest at being given 
alcohol, but Miss Parker told them that it was only 
one glass they were going to have, to sip it slowly, 
as she didn't want drunken girls wrecking her place! 
They giggled at the picture that conjured up, and 
accepted the glasses, silently daring each other to be 
the first to sip. So, they did it together, and 
exclaimed at how nice it tasted!

Then putting down her glass, Miss Parker stood, put 
her chin in her hand, tapped her finger against those 
lovely lips of hers, she said for us to wait there, 
telling me to get my camera out and start shooting the 
girls, to get them used to the sound of it, and me as 
well, as she was going to be back shortly. I did as 
she said, and Dana and Alicia huddled on the couch, 
whispering and darting looks in my direction.

I just concentrated on shooting them, picking my 
shots, moving around them, doing close ups, and when 
the girls began to relax, they actually started to 
pose for me, giggling all the while! Miss Parker had 
returned, and stood silently watching them. Then, when 
she judged the time was right, she came in and placed 
two small suitcases on the floor, opened them, and 
asked the girls to gather round, and they oohed and 
aahed at the collection of lingerie sets, and bikini 

She started to encourage the girls to go try something 
on, and they looked at each other and blushed. So Miss 
Parker took a bikini set, and stood up and said she 
might as well start things off, and began to disrobe, 
right there in front of us!

"What are you doing?" Dana almost shrieked, shock and 
excitement on her face. "You can't do that in here! 
What if he sees you?" motioning her eyes at me.

Miss Parker looked down at her kneeling on the floor, 
and told her I was a photographer, and a very good 
one, and that I had seen naked women before, so what 
was the problem?


Miss Parker was wearing a sheer bra, and her dark 
nipples were starting to become hard, and they poked 
out of the thin material. The girls noticed, and they 
went silent, awed by them, and the librarian pulled 
her shoulders back a little and stood there, a Goddess 
indeed! All this time, I had said nothing, and was 
clicking away, taking my shots, and my time, and 
getting their reactions to Miss Parker, and close-ups 
of her bra-clad mammaries.

Miss Parker told them that if they were shy, they'd 
all go into her room, and they would get changed 
there. As the girls picked out their swimwear, Miss 
Parker told me to get undressed, and to wait for them. 
So I did in short order, and was standing with my back 
to the door, checking the camera to see how many shots 
I had left, and when Dana and Alicia returned, were 
greeted by the sight of my bare butt!

Both girls made horrified squeaks, and I turned, my 
manhood soft and hanging down, making no expression on 
my face, Miss Parker told them that she'd told me to 
do that, as it wasn't fair that I'd be the only one 
clothed during the session. They were skittish, but 
seemed to accept that, and a bit nervous at first, 
they were put in poses by 'Kitty' as she told us to 
call her for this session.

All the women were in bikinis of different colours and 
styles. They were lovely, and I moved around them, 
asking for an arm here, a hand covering there, a leg 
shifted just so, taking snaps when they'd got it 
right, and soon, they calmed down seeing me be 

Then, they got up, and changed outfits, giving me a 
chance to change the film, and then they were back, 
and the poses began to change subtly, and the women 
began to touch each other, and themselves, in 
provocative stances. Bikini straps began to come 
loose, and the tops of their breasts were in view, and 
I snapped happily away. I noticed the mood began to 
change as well, and all of them, and possibly me as 
well, were becoming slightly aroused, and the smell of 
female secretions began to fill the room.


Kitty got them up and told then it was time for the 
lingerie session, and Dana and Alicia didn't even 
protest, and picked out the most sheer and daring, 
grinning openly at each other, and me, then they were 
off in a cloud of teenage hormones, and a storm of 
giggles. I had to stand there, and took a deep breath. 
I was worn out with suppressed need, and the effort of 
keeping my woody from exploding into life.

Kitty came up to me, and kissed me on the cheek, and 
she told me she was proud of me, and that I'd earned 
my reward. I looked into her eyes, but she just 
smiled, and getting an outfit out of the case, she 
walked away, and I watched her firm globes swishing in 
her bikini bottoms.

The girls each went through several changes of outfits 
that evening, separately and together, and soon, they 
didn't even go into the bedroom to change, they just 
took off their lingerie, dropped it in a separate pile 
where Kitty had told them to put them, as she'd wash 
them later. They'd pose without Kitty with them, and 
who didn't seem to mind, the teens getting more 
provocative and more daring with each passing moment. 
They had finished their wine long before; and both 
girls were on a hormone-fueled high.

Before anyone realised it, or noticed, suddenly the 
lingerie was forgotten, and they were nude, not 
caring, but still posing for me and Kitty.

Their fingers were all over their own young hairless 
mounds, and experimenting with each other's bodies, 
and soon after that they couldn't keep their hands off 
each other. That progressed to kissing, then sucking 
each other's nipples, their fingers in each other's 
swollen lips and clits, and then Dana went to her 
knees, and told Alicia she'd always wanted to taste 

Alicia looked at her in shock, but kept her legs open, 
so Dana took that as permission, and dipped her head, 
and slowly ran her tongue up the teen's sexual 
parting, and Alicia gave a strangled moan, and slid 
down further to give the licking teen more access. 
Alicia grabbed her breasts, and her head went back, 
and she closed her eyes.

"How freakin' sexy is that!" I heard Kitty whisper.

-= Chapter Four =-

I whispered to Kitty that I was on my last roll of 
film, so she told me to use it up, and when I had done 
so, to let her know, and then they'd take care of me, 
and she looked down at my penis twitching, and gave me 
a compassionate look. "Soon," she said. "I promise!"

She went to the girls, and manoeuvred them onto the 
sheepskin rug, and put them into a sixty-nine, running 
her hands all over them. I took photos of the girls 
until I clicked empty, and nodded to Kitty, who told 
me to put the camera away, and join them on the floor. 
She was nude by then, rubbing her own needy centre.

The two teens were in a world of sexual need and they 
were reluctant to let each other go, and once on the 
floor, glued themselves together, and within minutes, 
were crying out and thrashing in a combined orgasm as 
they licked and tasted each other's' sexual centre.

Kitty and I knelt on the floor, and Alicia, who was on 
her back, looked up and saw me, and this time, I had 
given my woody free reign. It was leaking precum, and 
she reached up, and began to stroke it, murmuring 
she'd never held one before.

"Do you want Reg to make love to you?" Kitty asked her 

Alicia looked up at her, and in a small voice told the 
older woman she had never been with a man before. 
Kitty just looked at her kindly and told her it was a 
marvellous experience, but if she didn't want to, or 
didn't feel ready, then she or Dana would take care of 
me. Dana smiled at her, and agreed with Kitty.

Alicia looked into my eyes, and gave a tremulous 
smile, and said it was okay; she had to know what 
she'd been missing. Alicia hugged Dana, and thanked 
her, tears in her eyes. Apparently, Alicia had had a 
crush on Dana for a while, and told her so and damned 
if I know how Kitty knew about it, but she sure got 
that situation right!

Kitty and Dana positioned me between the young girls' 
legs, and as Kitty raised her legs and bent her knees, 
opening her for me, Dana kissed and stroked her, 
calming her, focussing her attention off me, and onto 
her. Kitty gently guided Alicia's hand onto me, and 
helped the girl to position my aching member, filled 
to bursting with blood and need, and she placed me at 
her opening, and gently, ever so gently, I slid into 
her wet and silky folds.

I held off pushing into her further, so Alicia took 
matters into her own hands, so to speak, and locked 
her ankles behind me, and as she lunged up with her 
hips, she pushed down with her ankles. I drove into 
her and she bucked up at me, and she yelled, "Holy 
Einstein!" and relaxed under me, and looked at us all, 
with a look of wonder on her face.

"That felt better than winning a Bursary to college," 
she gasped. "My god, why did I put this off for so 
long?" Then she flushed, and giggled, and began to 
move under me, experimenting with the new sensations 
emanating from her invaded young sex.

We all laughed, and Kitty and Dana were forgotten, who 
decide to go into a huddle themselves, and began to 
make love to each other, and soon, the aromas and 
sounds of four people grunting, sighing, crying out 
and making the age-old sounds of love drove me to my 
own held-off climax, and with a roar, I emptied myself 
into the climaxing body of the sweet young teen under 


For the rest of the year, Miss Parker and I had 
several photographic sessions with different girls, 
and amazingly, no-one found out about it! At school, 
she was always 'Miss Parker," the mild mannered 
librarian, and no-one knew different. My collection of 
envelopes accumulated, and every now and then, I'd let 
my Dad 'borrow' some, and he'd be busy for rest of the 
night, jacking off for all he was worth! Mr. Pittman 
got his share as well, and always looked forward to me 
coming into the store to share them with him.

Dana and Alicia had a relationship with each other for 
a while, going out on dates with different boys, but 
were always with each other at school. They met up 
again after college, and last I heard, were living 
together in a bisexual relationship. Good for them!

I graduated, and Miss Parker took me to a secluded 
campsite, and I photographed her all weekend, and we 
made love in the evenings, drawing it out, savouring 
each other's bodies, and when we parted at the end of 
that year, she cried, looking pretty doing so, and we 
promised to keep in contact. We have, and every now 
and then, I'd get a call, and there'd be new girls to 
photograph, and new young bodies for me to explore.

Damn, life is good!

Then, after I'd graduated college, there was a 
computer revolution, and suddenly, it exploded with 
porn sites, and I'd got myself a computer by then, and 
I scanned all my old photos, and put them in files, 
and I could always remember the names of the girls, 
their ages, and my collection grew by leaps and 

I'd surf the picture sites, and goddam! but there is 
some nubile young flesh out there. But, heh, there's 
always a girl or woman or three who wants to be 
famous, or just prove to themselves that they're 
pretty, and I'd get approached to do a shoot. I never 
say no!

I kept the photos, and I was glad I did, because my 
computer crashed one afternoon, and I lost everything! 
Shit for breakfast! I had to re-scan and upload all 
over again, and it took me months! Damn, that pissed 
me off! So, I got smart, and copied them off onto 
disc, and now, if that damned piece of hardware 
crashes again, I got my back-up!

Hah! Go fuck yourself, Murphy!


I took over the store, and the contacts, fewer now 
thanks to the internet, from Mr. Pittman after he'd 
had a stroke, and I'd go visit with him at the home. 
Tore my heart looking at him in there and he was in a 
bad way, and didn't recognise me at first. Then one 
day, he grabs my hand, passes me a piece of paper with 
a number on it, and tells me he wanted me to have his 
treasure. I knew what he was talking about, and a 
nurse standing nearby, a tasty young twenty-year old, 
said "Oh, that's so nice of you, Mr. Pittman!" He 
rolled his eyes, and with a sigh, he passed away right 
there. I cried my eyes out, holding onto my mentor and 

Fuck you, Murphy.


I was working away one day in the store, and I noticed 
two young girls, in their early teens, standing 
outside the door, and they seemed to daring each other 
to come in. I watched them, because every now and 
then, a kid or two would come in, and try to steal 
something, usually memory cards for cameras, or some 
small shit, just to prove they're smarter than the 
average retard. Great invention, those! Memory cards, 
over four hundred shots, and you can delete the shit 
ones instantly! No more film to use, although there 
were boutique stores that catered for that type of 

Finally, they were brave enough to step past the 
threshold, and they walked up to me, and asked if my 
name was Reg? I looked at them, and they were twins, 
both about five-nothing, and had brunette hair and 
blue eyes. I had to look again at them, because I knew 
those eyes!

"Would your mother be called Leesa, by any chance?" I 
asked them. They immediately dropped their jaws, and 
gaped at me.

"Holy cow," one said.

"How do you know that?" the other finished.

"Mom was going to come in," the first one said.

"And chickened out!" her sister continued.

"Why was that?" I asked, interested now. Leesa had 
never called, and I always would look at her shots, 
and wistfully think about her, and sometimes, even 
miss her. I had always wondered how she was doing.

"She said you had to know something! Something 
important!" the one on the right told me, and both 
girls were vaguely familiar, and it wasn't their 
mother's looks. Suddenly, my heart gave a lurch, and I 
took them by the arms, but gently, and told them, "You 
hold on a minute. I'm going to shut up shop, and then 
I want you to show me where she is! I got to talk to 

They waited patiently, and I put the "Back in five 
minutes!" sign on the door. I locked it, and then they 
were towing me to a coffee shop, each of them having a 
hand in mine, about fifty yards down the street. I 
asked the twins where their Daddy was, looking around, 
hoping he was at work.

"We don't have a daddy," one said. "Momma didn't want 
to get married after she had us! She would always talk 
about 'Reg', you, maybe, and say that she wished she'd 
called you up and talked to you more!"

They stopped outside the coffee shop, and stood there, 
urging me to go in. They'd wait outside, they told me 
in twin-speak, and so they held each other's hand and 
walked away to sit on a bench. I stood there, suddenly 
afraid, and gathering my courage, I stepped in. I saw 
her and recognised her immediately, and she'd filled 
out nicely, and Leesa was now an attractive woman. She 
was sitting there at her table, head down, looking for 
something in her purse. I walked over to her, and 
stood there, just drinking in the sight of that lovely 
brown-haired woman who had made me a man.

"Leesa," I breathed, "how are you?"

Her head snapped up, and she went pale, and gasped, 
"Oh my god! Reg!"

She stood up hurriedly, and her chair crashed to the 
floor, forgotten. A waitress came over, and asked if 
Leesa was alright, and did she need any help?

That broke the spell, and Leesa told her, yes, she was 
all right, and no, she didn't need any help, but thank 
you anyway.

The waitress gave me a sharp look, picked up the 
chair, and we sat down, and didn't say anything for a 
time, just gazing into each other's eyes.

My god, I realised. I'd been in love with her for 


"I wanted to call you," she said softly after about 
five minutes, "so many times!" She looked me in the 
eyes, as if she couldn't believe I was sitting there, 
and she had pain, worry about something, and a spark 
of hope that trembled just below the surface.

"I had so much fun that day with you, and that silly 
little girl was so happy because she "got to pop a 

We both laughed at the recollection of her words, so 
long ago now, but still fresh in my memory. I told her 
I still had her panties, if she wanted them back! Her 
jaw dropped at that. Then she got serious.

"Even though you shot onto my mouth that day," she 
said, "you'd also ejaculated into me before I could 
stop you. You put just enough into me to get me 

She sighed, and looked out of the window, and I saw 
the pain of the memories she had to live with.

"My dad bust a fit when he found out I was pregnant!" 
she said, nodding her head at the girls outside, where 
she could see them. "He was livid! He was going to 
call the police, or track you down, and kill you! He 
tried to get me to tell him what your name was, but I 
only knew you as Reg, and I kept that knowledge to 
myself, and told him you were just a random man I had 
sex with, just to pay him back."

She looked at me to gauge my reaction, so I reached 
over the table top, and held her hand.

"He knew the babies weren't his, because he did six 
months behind bars for assault. I was having my first 
period when we had sex, and didn't even know it!"

"He wanted to be the one to get me pregnant, because," 
and she looked down, ashamed, "he was having sex with 
me since I was ten and a half. Mom had died from a 
beating he'd given her, but he made me tell the police 
she'd fallen down the cellar stairs."

"After the funeral, he told me I was the mommy now, so 
my life of hell began. He raped me that night, and 
almost every night after that."

"After I became pregnant, he wouldn't touch me, as I 
was 'soiled goods!' I was so happy when that happened, 
as I couldn't stand to have that fat miserable piece 
of slime on me. He's dead now, and I'm not sorry he 

She grabbed onto my hand, and told me, "They're good 
girls, Reg! Really, they are, just a little bit 
different! If anything happens to me, please promise 
me you'll take good care of them!" She started to cry, 
and through her tears, she pleaded, "Please, Reg?"

I asked her what would happen to her? Now that I knew 
I had two fine young girls, I wanted to take them all 
home with me, as dad had died finally of a broken 
heart. Even though Mom had treated us with contempt, 
he still loved her, and when he passed away, he had a 
picture of her on his chest, and so I buried that with 
him. After that, I'd thrown out all the old furniture, 
and replaced it all, and now the spare room could have 
the twins in it, or I would buy a new house, big 
enough for all of us.

Leesa, still gripping my hand, told me she had cancer, 
a congenital disease that was slowly sapping her 
strength, and she wasn't sure she could look after the 
twins anymore by herself. We sat there, talking it 
out, and then the girls came in, and Leesa dried her 
tears, and told me, "Reg, I want to introduce you to 
my," and her eyes twinkled, "girls. This one," the 
girl on her left, "is Regina, and this one," the one 
on the right, "is Lisa-Anne!"

I smiled at them, and they smiled back, and together 
said, "Nice to meet you!"

Then she turned to them and with a catch in her voice, 
said to them, "Girls, I want to introduce you to a 
special man. He was, and still is, my first love. 
Regina and Lisa-Anne, this is Reg Whistler."

They looked at me, two blue-eyed china dolls.

"Girls, say hello to your father!"


They moved in with me, and we spent almost all of our 
time catching up on the lost years. Leesa and I 
rediscovered each other's bodies, and she was so warm, 
so soft, and gentle, that I would be afraid that she 
wouldn't be around anymore. The twins, Lisa-Anne, 
"call me Lily!" and Regina, "Call me Reg!" were two 
highly intelligent and lively girls, and they always 
tried to monopolise their new daddy's time, and 
couldn't seem to get enough of me!

They also went to the same school I went to, and were 
in awe of a beautiful Librarian named Miss Parker! I 
laughed, and told them that I had a crush on her when 
I was at the school, "Wow, really? No way!" and I told 
Leesa later in bed about her, and she lay there, awe 
and shock on her face, and said, "Really? Holy shit, 
Reg, no way!"

She did, however, try to wipe the memory from me by 
bouncing my bones, and I was sure exhausted in the 

We had eight glorious months together, and one day, I 
had a call at the store saying that Leesa was in the 
hospital, and I closed up shop, and raced over there, 
almost getting a ticket, but when I explained, with 
tears in my eyes, to the officer, he let me go.

She was in pain, and they told me she had fallen, and 
couldn't get up. She was weak, and talked in whispers. 
Someone had got the girls, and they were there, and we 
all cried, and stayed there till she passed away, 
peacefully, holding my hand, her beautiful blue eyes 
on mine, and she was saying, "My love, my beautiful 
man, my virgin," when she left us.




Excuse me for breaking down. I loved her, and I sure 
miss her!

-= Chapter Five =-

God, I needed that bourbon! Gets me every time, when I 
think of that day. So, where were we? That's right, I 
had my girls, and we adjusted to their Mom not being 
with us, and they were in a depression that lasted a 
fair while, but they were resilient, and we got on 
with our lives. They'd just not long turned fourteen, 
and both were beautiful lovely young women, and 
sometimes, when they'd gang up on their Dad, I always 
fought a losing battle!

One day, the two girls were invited out to a 
sleepover, and asked me if they could go, It wasn't 
far, they told me, and there's be no booze or boys 
involved, and they were secretive about where, who, 
"just a good friend, I wouldn't know her!" and got 
really defensive and uptight when I pressed for 
details. So, I put my foot down, and told them, no 
information in case anything happened, no sleepover!

I wasn't popular that night, and they went into a 
funk, and told me I didn't love them, I didn't trust 
them, etc, etc! In the end, I caved in, yeah, big 
surprise!, and I had their promise to call me on the 
phone if they needed me, and they were so happy, they 
grabbed me and hugged the crap out of me.

About that time, I'd received a call From Kitty, now 
that we were no longer in school together, and we'd 
known each other a few years, she told me to call her 
that. Do you know something, I never knew if that was 
her real name? Every girl has got her secrets, so I 
didn't ask. I still don't know to this day.

Anyhoo, the call. Well, she calls me up, and tells me 
she has a surprise for me, and to bring the camera, 
but I might not want to use it, but wouldn't give me 
any more details. Our relationship was like that. Ask 
no questions, get told no lies. 

I told her the girls were going to be on a sleepover 
that night, so I'd be free to call round, and we made 
plans for me to be there at eight on the night.


On the night, after the girls went off into the late 
evening, walking up the street, I watched them go out 
of sight, then got my camera, some extra batteries, 
and a couple of memory cards, and prepared for the 
evening. If things went to plan at Kitty's, I'd be 
there late, and exhausted afterward.

So, at eight o'clock exactly, I was on her doorstep, 
and when Kitty invited me in, she gave me a shot of 
bourbon, having graduated from weak ones, I saw only 
her there. When I asked if anyone else was going to be 
there, or would it be just us? She told me the two 
girls she had invited over were in her room, getting 

So I sat there, and we chatted, catching up. She was 
still attractive, and now dyed her hair, having 
started to go grey. Her body was still slim and firm, 
and she told me she had started to work out, as her 
muscles were starting to betray her and go soft. Her 
breasts had sagged a little, but were still a delight 
to look at, and she assured me the schoolboys did 
look! But her vaginal muscles were as strong as ever. 
I loved that part of her body!

Well, after we had been sitting there, what, maybe 
fifteen minutes, there was a knock on the wall, and 
she told me that the girls were ready, and as they 
were shy of being recognised, I had to wear a blind 
fold. I didn't mind, as Kitty knew some higher class 
people, and some of them actually wore masks when we 
did our shoots!

Kitty trusted me not to ask questions, and I trusted 
her to make sure she was looking after everybody's 
interests. So, I allowed myself to be blindfolded, and 
then she called the girls in.

I was sitting on the couch still, and I heard Kitty 
tell me, "Reg, these girls have wanted to meet you for 
quite a long time. They asked me to help them with the 
introductions, as they were too shy to meet you in 
person and ask for this assignation to happen face-to-
face. The blindfold is to protect their identities, 
and if you recognised them, that may, or may not, lead 
to problems, and to certain questions that for the 
time being, should not asked."


She asked the girls, and I could hear them breathing, 
to disrobe if they wished. I heard the sounds of 
clothing being removed, and then Kitty said, "Okay, 
girls, go to him, and prepare him". I felt two nude 
bodies, one on either side of me, and my hands were 
taken, and I was lifted to my feet, and then they 
started to undress me, placing soft kisses on my skin 
as they uncovered me.

They were freshly showered, and there was no hint of 
any perfume, except the smell of their hair, and the 
smell of their skin.

"You may touch them if you wish, Reg," Kitty told me, 
"but you must not, under any circumstances remove your 

I nodded, and reached out slowly, and the girl on my 
right shivered as my hand found her tummy, sliding 
down to rest in her soft pubic hair and the girl on my 
left took my hand, and placed it on her breast, and 
she gave a deep sigh. It was about the size of an 
apple, firm and silky, and her nipple hardened into my 
palm as I caressed it. Then they were both standing 
next to me, and I was fully nude.

The girl on my left, the more aggressive one, leaned 
into me, and kissed me, her mouth open, and her tongue 
writhing in my mouth. The girl on my right sank to her 
knees, and began to fondle me, and then when I was 
hard, began to stroke me, and as my precum started to 
flow, she spread it over the head, and suddenly, she 
took me into her mouth, and she began to suck on me.

She was inexperienced, so Kitty began to coach her, 
and soon, the girl was giving me a world-class 
blowjob. She would flick her tongue on my glans, then 
stroke it on the underside, and I groaned, and heard a 
muffled giggle. Then she started to take more of me 
into her mouth, and I was tonsil deep. Then the girl 
on my left sank to her knees, and began a sucking and 
licking contest, making my knees weak!


Kitty told them to stand away, then she took my hand, 
and had me lay down on the sheepskin rug, and then the 
two girls began again, and as I lay there, my nostrils 
detected their fragrance, the aroma of aroused 

One of them put her leg over my head, and the aroma of 
her juices was intoxicating, stronger, and so I 
wrapped my arms around her thighs, held her tush, and 
began to lick her. She gasped, and within seconds, she 
was riding my tongue, and I attacked her clit, and she 
squealed, and shuddered as I went crazy on it.

The girl who was sucking on me lifted up, and began to 
stroke me, waiting for the girl on my face and tongue 
to finish. When she had shuddered through her climax 
she climbed off, and Kitty said, "Reg, these girls 
have told me that they are virgins, but they want you 
to collect their cherries. I personally think they've 
made the right choice!"

I went to speak, and Kitty put her finger on lips, and 
said. "No, Reg, say nothing. It will happen, and you 
must do this. Enjoy their bodies, because this is what 
they want!"


One of the girls put her leg over my waist, and rubbed 
her pubic mound on my lower stomach, her pubic hair, a 
soft mat, rasped on me, and she moaned, a deep low 
moan of longing. She slid down, her hands splayed onto 
my diaphragm, and then I felt a hand take me, and 
there was a brief sucking and licking on my glans to 
wet it, and then I was touching the sexual centre of 
the girl on me, and then I was placed just inside her, 
and she gasped, breathless at the contact.

The young woman on me placed her hands on either side 
of me on the floor, and leaned down over me, but not 
low enough to lay on me. She was finding the right 
angle for penetration, I guessed. She arched her back, 
and I heard her sigh. Her nipples tickled my lower 
ribs, and I wanted to hold her breasts, but left the 
play to her.

She wiggled her hips, feeling me in her, the she 
slowly, so slowly as not to be moving, slid down onto 
me, and she was so tight! She was slick with juices, 
and her nipples danced on my chest and I was in 
heaven! Then there was a brief clenching spasm, and I 
was past her hymen, and the girl gave a groan, and she 
trembled as she stopped for a moment to catch her 
breath, and then she began to breathe heavily, but 
didn't move a muscle.

She must have got up the courage to continue, because 
I felt her wet channel slide down me and expand as I 
entered her. I groaned again, I couldn't help it, she 
was so tight! Her walls clenched and held me, then 
they loosened up a little, and then her pubic bone met 
mine, and she sighed again this time in fullness.

Then she was moving on me, sliding up and down my 
length, and she began to make happy sounds, 
disarticulated, but they conveyed the same message. 
She was happy to have me in her, and I was just as 
happy to be in her. Then the movement of her hips sped 
up, and soon she was slamming down me, and my hands 
came up and I found her breasts, rolling her nipples, 
and her hands held them to her, and she began to cry 
out and sob with her enjoyment of this intimate act, 
and then with a shriek, she trembled and shuddered, 
climaxing with great force, her vaginal walls 
clenching me in her release.


I lay there short of breath, and wondered why I hadn't 
cum? I was feeling a building need, but I couldn't 
seem to get it past my balls, which tight with semen. 
As I was pondering this, the second girl slid over me, 
and I was held again, and my glans was quickly sucked 
and wetted again, and I felt myself positioned at the 
opening of the girl on me.

She wasn't as slow as the first one. Her lips were 
opened, and slick, and she was very wet with arousal. 
She pushed against me, forcing me into her, aggressive 
and impatient. She sat slowly, though, until I was at 
her gate, and then she pushed down, and gave a 
strangled groan, and then I was in her, and even 
before I was in her completely, she was riding me and 
moving her hips with abandon. Two completely different 
personalities and this one was a tiger!

She rocked, she rolled, and she boogied on me! She was 
sliding up and down me, and her energy was exhausting. 
She scratched my stomach, and it stung, and I gave a 
cry, and I heard a soft feminine voice whisper, 
"Oops!" then she giggled, and then she was off again, 
and her tight wet sheath was rippling, and she cried 
out, and flopped on my chest and pushed her hips back 
at as she rode her orgasm.

I was groaning, moving my head side-to-side, aching 
with the need to release, but couldn't. I thought I 
was going to at one stage, and my shaft contracted 
inside this young goddess, but I couldn't cum! Damn, 
but I was frustrated! The girl on me got off me, and 
then I heard Kitty say, "Oh my darling, I'm so sorry! 
I must have used too much of that powder I put into 
your drink! We didn't want you to cum too soon, and I 
thought I put just enough in."

I groaned again, fighting off the urge to rip off the 
blindfold and give her a piece of my mind, but I just 
gritted my teeth, and muttered under my breath. Then 
Kitty said to me, "Reg, dear, remember when you were 
in the library with Lacy? Well, I still have that 
tape, and I watch it sometimes when I'm alone, and you 
did something with her I swore I never would, but, I'm 
not getting any younger, and I want to do it now."

With me remembering my time with Lacy, I sucked in a 
breath, and a smile creased my face.

"Ah, so you do remember! Well, my friend, now's your 
chance to finally have me completely! No more holding 
back, my big brave hard man!"

I felt something gooey smeared onto my aching shaft, 
and then Kitty was sitting over me, and I felt a hand 
take hold of me for the third time that night, and 
Kitty said with a laugh in her voice, "Well! It's been 
a long time since I've sat in virgin's blood, but, it 
adds to the thrill!"

Then she took me and placed me at her back passage, 
and slowly pushed back. Her anal opening resisted, and 
she grunted, and then pressing back, I felt her give, 
and my woody bent with the force of it. I groaned, and 
then suddenly, there was no resistance, and I was past 
her sphincter! I had just the tip in, and oh god but 
she was warm and tight back there, and her ass muscles 
clenched me, trying to force me back out. Kitty sat 
there, and I heard a young girls voice whisper, "Holy 
cow, did you see that?", and the other's say, "I gotta 
try that!" then they were both giggling.

Kitty pushed back, and her body slid down me, and I 
was in a world of heavenly sensations. I moaned, and I 
felt my heart burst for this wonderful woman, who had 
now given everything of herself to me, and my hands 
went to her breasts, and I kneaded them, and she 
breathed, "Oh, yes, that's nice!"

Then we were moving together, and I was drenched in 
perspiration, my breath came in gasps, and then Kitty 
was gasping as well, and as we moved together, she 
said, "Oh no, that's not so bad at all! What the hell 
was I so damned afraid of?" and kept moving up and 
down my shaft. 

Then after a few more minutes, I felt my climax 
rising, and I went into overdrive, and slammed into 
her and she was making 'oh, oh, oh,!" sounds, and with 
the roar of primal release, I came, and Kitty was 
gasping and having her own climax, and we thrashed and 
rode each other, until we lay there, twitching. Then 
worn out, I slept.


When I came to, the blindfold was gone, and so were 
the girls. I heard the shower in Kitty's room going, 
and Kitty sat on her hip next to me, nude still, and 
was stroking my face, and smiling down at me.

"Thank you, Reg," she said. "You were the perfect man 
for their first time. You performed well, and they've 
assured me that they are happy, no regrets or remorse. 
If they could, they'd come out and thank you 
personally!" I lay there still exhausted, and told her 
to let me know next time if she was going to drug me, 
as I thought I was going to explode from not cumming.

She just smiled at me. She always does.

'Well", she said, "Time to get up, and time for you to 
go home and sleep! I'll call you next time I have a 
get-together, and I'm sure you enjoy those times as 
well, or I don't know you!" 

She kissed me, and still rank with sweat, and the 
girl's virginal blood and secretions from all four of 
us, I got dressed, and left, and the drive home was a 
blur, until I got home, showered, and fell into bed. I 
slept so soundly, I didn't hear the girls come home, 
check on me, and go to bed.


When I woke bleary-eyed the next morning, the two 
girls, Lily and Reg were sitting on my bed, watching 
me. They looked like a pair of cats, their blue eyes 
fixed on my face, not saying a word. Then they looked 
at each other, and Lily went out, and when she had 
returned to the room, she had a cup of hot coffee in 
her hands, and she passed it me after I sat up, and 
still weak, and a bit sore south of the border, I took 
it, inhaling the odour of fresh coffee, and took a 

"Where were you last night?" Reg asked.

"I was out," I said evasively.

"Where?" demanded Lily.

"Friends place," I grumbled.

"Who?" from Lily.

"Why are you two home early, anyway?" I said, changing 
the subject, suddenly noticing that it was seven in 
the morning, and they were supposed to be at a 

"We missed you," said Lily.

"That's nice, but you two should be out with your 
friends, and all you want to do is hang out with your 
old man!" I told them.

"You're not old!" they said together, and both looked 

"We love you, and if we want to hang out with you, we 
will!" Lily said, and Reg nodded.

"Okay, okay," I conceded the point to them. "Just let 
me get up, and I'll shower, and then I'll get 
breakfast underway! Geez, a firing squad this early in 
the morning? That I can live without!" but I smiled 
and they got off the bed kissed me one after the 
other, and then trooped out, and Reg said, "Breakfast 
is ready. Hurry up, or it will be cold!" and with 
that, they went into the kitchen.


A couple of nights later, I was sitting in bed, 
working on my laptop. The company had decided to 
upgrade the store, so I had a few days off while a 
crew renovated it. I finally had got good one, and 
they were a great invention! A mobile computer, take 
anywhere, but crap battery life. It's a bitch too, had 
to take the charging cord with you everywhere, but's 
the price you pay for keeping up with the modern 
world. I was sitting in my bed, as I said, and noticed 
a folder I hadn't put there on it.

I wondered where it came from, and it was called, "My 
Virgins". The only one who'd used that expression was 
Leesa, and she was long gone. I wondered for a moment 
if one of the girls had cracked my password, and I 
sure wouldn't put it past either of them, the 
inquisitive little wenches. I just sat there looking 
at the screen, and with a grunt of annoyance, I opened 
it, and saw that it had images in it.

So I pressed a button, and small thumbnails came up, 
at least two hundred of them, and I double clicked on 
the first one, and a picture of me standing 
blindfolded in Kitty's living room stared at me. I 
went cold, and wondered if someone was trying to 
blackmail me, but surely that was impossible! Kitty 
would never do that to me!

So, anger boiling in my chest, I pushed 'slideshow', 
and the first image came up and filled the screen, and 
it progressed to a shot of two young brunettes 
undressing, then a shot them nude, and undressing me. 
I slapped the laptop shut, and yelled out, "Lily! Reg! 
Get in here now!"

I heard them mumbling, and then bleary eyed, they came 
into the room, in their pajamas, and sat either side 
of me. They saw the laptop, and woke up fast, and two 
pairs of blue eyes were looking at me, and then Lily 
said, "Oh. So you found them, then. We didn't think 
you'd find them this quickly!"

"What the hell?" I asked, shocked. "Why?"

"We knew you wouldn't do it if we came right out and 
asked you, so we had to go to Miss Parker, and get her 
to help us. We know all about your little parties 
there, and so we thought that the only way to get you 
to do what we wanted was to trick you."

Lily had spoken, and Reg said, just as seriously, 
"We're not sorry, Daddy. We'd do it again, anytime!"

"But you're my daughters! You can't do things like 
this! It's not right, for god's sake! And, how do you 
know about what I do when I go out, anyway? Have you 
been snooping on my computer?"

Reg rolled her eyes, and said with a sigh, "Daddy, 
we're twins. We talk here," she tapped her head, "And 
you shout at us all the time, Jeez, you won't shut 

I went cold, and I didn't know what to do, what to 
say, and those two girls, they just looked at me, and 
their blue eyes bored into my skull.

Finally, Lily said, "Daddy, we're not freaks, we're 
just different! If you don't want us to hear you, talk 
quietly, just don't shout so much. We know you love 
us, and we know you inside and out, and we love you 
too, anyway. That's how we found you. Mom wouldn't 
tell us who you were or where you were, so we had to 
listen for you. That was Reg's idea!"

Reg looked proud of herself, and the girls reached 
out, held each other's hand, each smiling at the 
other, and I didn't have two daughters, I had One, and 
they were linked in a way that I was only on the 
borders of understanding.


I was in the living room two days later. It was going 
to take two weeks until the shop was open, and the 
company had given me leave, and as I had some saved 
up, I decided to go on holiday with the girls, but 
hadn't decided where. That damned folder was beckoning 
me, but I shut my mind to it, and tried to forget it, 
I wanted to get rid of it, but another part of my mind 
screamed at me not to delete it!

I went over the events in my life, and everything 
seemed to have led to this impasse. I loved my girls, 
and if they had asked me to love them as women, not my 
daughters, would I have done as they asked? My mind 
went around and around, but always the same 
conclusion: I had had sex with my daughters, even if 
it was at their instigation. I felt empty, and the sun 
no longer shone for me. I was falling into a 
depression, and saw no way out.


Finally my two girls took matters into their own 
hands. They'd had enough of my pity party. I was told 
to go and shower, go to my room, and they'd meet me 
there. Sassy brats!

=- Chapter Six =-

So, I lay on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. I was 
drifting, seeing Leesa face, and her smile that lit up 
a room. I saw her again, the carefree girl running 
away, laughing, her dress up around her thighs, from 
me that day in the graveyard, and now she resides in 
one. What goes around, I thought.

The girls were in the shower, and I heard Lily say as 
clear as if she was in the room with me, "Will you 
shut up and stop feeling sorry for yourself? Jeez, 

I shut up, only because I was in shock! Then the two 
girls were there, and they were wearing only panties, 
and I went into shock again, as that was the last 
thing I expected them to be wearing. Meaning, I 
expected them to be wearing pajamas or some other form 
of closing! But, they climbed onto the bed, and sat 
next to me, and snuggled into me, one on each side.

They were young fourteen year old goddesses. They were 
perfectly formed, curves in all the right places, and 
each had sweet round breasts, and their legs were 
flawless. The panties they were wearing were sheer, 
and I saw the auburn mats, and they were soft, I knew, 
and if my mind was feeling sorry for itself, my body 
didn't, and as I looked from one to the other, I began 
to grow hard, and then, I had a tent in my shorts.

Lily looked at it and said to Reg, "About time, don't 
you think". Reg reached over, and gave it a faint 
stroke with her fingertips, and said, "I should say 
so. He's too darn stubborn!"

Then I almost lost my erection, because they didn't 
open their mouths! They were thinking the words, and I 
could hear them!

Reg looked at me, and not moving her mouth she said, 
"It was Mom who gave the talent we have, daddy, and 
she asked us while we were still inside her, did we 
want to be like her, or did we want to grow up and be 
like all the other children? So we talked it over, and 
decided to go for it!"

"You talked to each other in the womb?" I asked, blown 

Lily said, "Jeez, dad, she just said so! Yes, Mom 
talked to us, and we talked to her. She was the best 
Mom ever. She loved us, and we loved her too, and she 
never forgot you. She liked you, and saw what kind of 
man you'd become, and so she wanted you. There are a 
lot of bad men out there, and she picked you, because 
you weren't bad!"

"Now," Reg said, still not using her mouth, "we're 
going to watch those pictures, and you are going to 
sit there, and look at them. No arguments, daddy! You 
have to do this! We are a special family, and we girls 
don't want any man except you. That will change later, 
of course, but for now, you are the man in our lives! 
You have to accept that!"

So before I could object, Lily got up and got the 
laptop, and plugged it in, opened it, and set it up on 
my set of drawers, and we could see the screen 
perfectly. So she started the slideshow, and came back 
to lay beside me, snuggled up against me, her hand on 
my thigh.

The picture was of me with the blind fold, an 
expectant look on my face, then one image after came 
on, and I found myself drawn into it, and soon, I 
began to get a woody from the sexiness of watching my 
then-virgin daughters seducing me.

When the picture of Reg sitting on my hard shaft came 
on, she winced, and said, "God, but that hurt! But 
once you were in me, and I'd calmed down, I loved it! 
You've got a nice cock, dad!"

Both girls giggled, and I was getting used to hearing 
their mind-talk. Then as the shots progressed, I 
realised that the three women were taking turns to 
hold the camera and shooting me getting blown, and 
fucked. I was really hard now, and began to become 
breathless, but didn't want to masturbate in front of 
my girls. As usual they decided for me. Reg, who was 
lying next to me took out my raging woody and began to 
suck on me, the same way she did at Kitty's.

I began to fondle Lily's breast and nipple, and she 
became flushed, and began to breath heavily. "Ummm!" 
she hummed, pleased.

Then Reg sat up, and took her panties off, and began 
to run her fingers in and out of her now-wet crease. 
As her fingers ran over her clitoral hood, she would 
shudder, and her eyes became glazed. Before we knew 
it, the laptop became redundant, and as it ran through 
the pictures on slideshow, we had our own show going, 
me and my beautiful daughters the main attraction.

Lily took off her panties, and started to kiss me, and 
while she was doing that, Reg was still sucking on me, 
and her mouth was getting better at what she was 
doing, and then, Lily asked her to move her head, and 
as she moved off me, Lily moved on, and she sat over 
me, Reg positioned my hard member, Lily sat down on 
it, keeping eye contact with me as she did so.

She was resting her weight on her knees, and then she 
began to move up and down, slowly, riding me like a 
she was riding a horse, and we had a rhythm going. 
Then she climbed off, and as my slick member was 
waving in the air, Reg climbed on, and she purred, and 
took up the same tempo as her sister.

They kept swapping over like that, watching me, and 
when I'd think I was close, they'd stop and switch 
over, starting the process over again. It was 
exciting, and I lasted quite a long time, even after 
they'd both climaxed several times doing so.

Then they took pity on me, and as Reg was riding me, 
Lily pulled us around until I was lying across the 
bed, and then she was over my face, and said, "Lick me 
daddy! Like you did at Kitty's!" I didn't need to be 
asked twice, and I licked and slurped at her dripping 
sex for all I was worth, and then, in a moment of 
orgiastic delight, we all came together and flopped 
onto the bed, spent.

Damn, but I love my girls!


Well, that's it for now. I've had fun talking to you, 
and I've had fun talking about my adventures. If you 
want to hear some more, maybe I'll indulge you, but 
for now, I have get home, because the girls have 
dinner on, and they've just told me to get off my ass, 
and to bring them some bread and milk.

You can't hear them? Shit, I can, even though they're 
across town. I gotta go, nice to meet you, and I do 
hope we catch up again.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is 
meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in 
real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real 
life" can look forward to many unproductive years 
getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their 
local prison system.
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