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Seduction of Jennifer
by Karen Kay (karen@karenkayonline.com)


A black man moves into the vacant house next door to 
Jennifer and Mark. He convinces Mark that Jennifer has 
a roving eye for other men. He explains to Mark that 
perhaps he be the one to seduce Jennifer before 
another man gets involved. He makes a promise to tell 
Mark all the juicy details. (MF, intr, voy)


Chapter 1

Mark kept flicking the pages on the internet site 
until he found just the right image he was searching 
for. It was a lovely blonde and she was on her knees 
sucking a huge black cock. Mark studied the way her 
dainty white fingers were circled around the thick 
shaft. The camera got a nice shot of her diamond 
wedding ring as her lips locked onto that thick shaft.

He quickly unzipped his pants taking out his semi-hard 
cock and began to beat off while starring at the 
image. She was lovely with long golden blonde hair. 
She resembled his wife, Jennifer down to every little 
detail. Her hair, her lips, her nose and the way her 
chin looked all reminded him of his lovely wife. Yeah, 
that's what attracted him to this picture.

Ironically, Jennifer resembled Jennifer Aniston with 
long silky legs and a nice figure much like the famous 
actress. Jennifer's breasts were slightly larger but 
everything about her was an even match for sure. 

Mark kept stroking his cock trying to image that was 
Jennifer's lips circled around that massive black 
cock. He kept stroking faster and faster until he was 
ready to cum. Suddenly there was a knock at the screen 

Mark hurriedly tucked his cock back into his pants and 
quickly zipped himself up before standing up and 
looking toward the back door. It was their new 
neighbor, Clifton. 

"Come on in, Clifton. I didn't know it was you."

Clifton walked in carrying a bowl of something as the 
screen door slammed shut behind him. Clifton was a 
tall slim black guy about six-five. He hand long 
fingers like an NBA player and reminded Mark of a 
player for fact.

"What's up, Mark? Is Jennifer home?"

"She went out shopping about an hour ago, she should 
be home soon."

Clifton walked in handing the bowl to Mark. Mark 
noticed Clifton was staring at the computer screen.

"Oh, Uh, I was just looking at a few pictures on the 

Clifton chuckled before replying. "I see you were. She 
looks like she has her hands full doesn't she?" 
Clifton ended the sentence with a laugh.

Mark held the bowl while leaning over and clicked the 
image off the screen.

"Hey, you needn't do that on my account. I just wanted 
to bring this homemade soup over for your wife to 

Mark felt a little embarrassed. "Oh, well, uh, I was 
just fooling around anyway. If Jennifer were home 
she'd be pissed if she caught me looking at porn 

"Oh, really. You mean she doesn't like porn or just 
won't let you look at it?"

Mark carried the bowl into the kitchen as Clifton 
followed and looked back as he walked and replied, 

Clifton chuckled again. "It's perfectly nature, Mark. 
People have sex." He laughed again as he added. "Don't 
tell me you don't have sex with your wife!"

Mark laughed. "That's not it at all, Clifton, it's a 
long story I'd rather forget."

"Oh, you got my curiosity going now Mark. Jennifer 
seems like such a nice pleasant woman. I figured you 
two had a wonderful sex life together."

"Uh, not to change the subject, but should I put this 
in the frig or what?"

Clifton laughed. "Yeah, you better keep it chilled 
until she's ready to re-heat it. I gave her the 
receipt last week and wanted her to try it first."

Mark put the bowl in the frig. Clifton was pulling a 
chair out from the kitchen table and sat down by the 
time Mark turned around.

"So, Mark. Tell me why Jennifer won't allow you to 
look at porn. Is she jealous of other women?"

Mark sat down on the other side as he laughed and 
shook his head, no. "It's not that at all Clifton. I 
really wish I could tell you more but it's a private 
thing between the two of us, that's all."

"Oh, well... I understand. Let me give you a little 
advice if I may."

Mark crossed his arms and starred over at Clifton as 
he leaned forward starring directly into Mark's eyes.

"I know it's none of my business but looking at porn 
is completely healthy for married couples like 
yourselves. If I might say, it enhances the experience 
and sometimes teaches you along the way."

Mark laughed as he shook his head back and forth. "I 
never said Jennifer wasn't a good lover or anything. I 
just said she doesn't like porn or me even mentioning 
it in the house."

Clifton leaned back in the chair starring at mark as 
he crossed his arms. He sat there a moment just 
starring until Mark smiled and said, "What?"

"There's something you're not telling me. I can feel 

Mark stood up nervously laughing and shaking his hands 
back and forth as he said. "Really, there isn't 
anything wrong, Clifton."

Clifton stood up and pushed the chair back under the 
table. "OK, I understand. It's between you and your 

Mark was nervously trying to laugh it off as he 
followed Clifton to the back door. Clifton turned 
around as he pushed on the screen door.

"Tell the Missus to try that soup."

Mark listened to the sound of the thin wooden door as 
it slammed back against the jamb. He starred out the 
door watching Clifton walk back through the small gate 
that divided their back yard. Clifton turned and 
starred at the door as he pushed the gat shut. Their 
eyes met briefly with a quick stare until Mark turned 

Mark sighed as he hurriedly walked back to the 
computer and sat back down clicking the web site back 
on he had previously been before being interrupted. He 
still had time to cum before Jennifer came home. He 
eased the zipper down and arched up pulling his cock 
out than sat back down in the chair as he searched for 
the image he had found resembling his wife. 

He began stroking his cock but soon found himself 
thinking about the last argument he and Jennifer got 
into about swinging. He started to go soft but 
furiously worked his fingers on his cock trying to 
save his hard-on but it wasn't working.

"Damn it!"

Mark kept messaging his now semi-hard cock as he 
starred at the picture thinking about Jennifer. He'd 
mentioned it several times over the past two years. 
She always ended the discussion with a flat out, No! 
She wanted no part of the swinging lifestyle. 

He thought about Clifton for a moment. How could he 
have explained to his neighbor that it wasn't about 
him looking at porn? How could he tell the man who 
just moved in next door little over a month ago that 
he'd asked his wife to swing with a black man?

It wasn't that Mark wasn't happy with his sex life, it 
was just the fact that he wanted to experience what 
those husbands did on that web site he'd been 
visiting. He wanted to watch his own wife fuck a black 
guy. He wanted Jennifer to become a black cock loving 
whore. He wanted her to do it for him and her benefit! 

After all, was it asking too much of his wife to fuck 
another man? He explained repeatedly how much he 
approved of her seeing another man. All he wanted was 
to watch. He even brought up the fact that he had no 
interest in swinging with another couple. She'd never 
have to worry about him wanting strange pussy, that's 
for sure!

Mark finally gave up after stroking his cock a while 
longer. He heard Jennifer's car pull up and quickly 
shut off the computer. He helped carry the groceries 
into the house.

"Clifton was here while you were gone. He bought you a 
bowl of his homemade soap he wanted you to try."

Jennifer smiled as she put the last two cans away on 
the shelf. "Oh, I forgot he told me he was bringing it 
over today. I'll have to thank him."

Jennifer kissed her husband before opening the frig to 
retrieve the bowl while Mark starred out the back door 
and saw Clifton working in his back yard. 

Several weeks had passed. Jennifer was beginning to 
learn all sorts of new receipts she learned from 
Clifton. After all, Clifton was home all day since he 
was retired from the Navy. It must be nice only being 
in your forties and be able to spend most of your 
times with the neighbor's wife.

I think you're getting the picture now. Yes, I always 
thought about Jennifer and Clifton getting it on. I 
can't tell you how many times I jerked myself off with 
that mental picture of Jennifer sucking Clifton's 
thick black cock.

So, I guess you're wondering how I know Clifton is 
hung like a miniature horse? You see, we joined the 
same fitness club together several weeks back. I saw 
him walking out of the shower one afternoon and 
couldn't belief what he had hanging between his legs.

I learned a lot about Clifton. I always wondered why 
he never married. He finally broke down one afternoon 
and told me his wife was killed in a car crash when he 
was young. He ended up joining the Navy and never 
looked back. He said he traveled a lot over that time 
and never really thought about settling down.

As it turned out, Clifton has become really good 
friends with me and my wife. I spend time at the club 
three times a week with Clifton. I listen to him talk 
about things he and Jennifer cooked that afternoon. 

Clifton kind of caught me off my guard one afternoon 
when we were driving home from the club. It sort of 
hit me for a loop that's for sure. Here we are driving 
back from the club. Clifton has me take a detour 
across town to the seedy area where they have these 
adult video rental places and things of that nature. 

We parked in front of the tattoo parlor and I thought 
Clifton was joking around when he pointed to the 
little shop next door that said, adult movies. Clifton 
is always telling jokes. I never know when to take him 

We walked into the shop. There was a young female 
clerk working at the counter. She was reading a book 
or something when we stepped inside. She stopped 
momentarily to smile at us than went back reading 
whatever. Clifton was ahead of me and turned and gave 
me a silly grin after looking at the clerk. I looked 
to see what he was grinning about and noticed she had 
a huge pair of boobs and mostly exposed.

I figured that must be a way to keep customers coming 
back for more movies. We started looking down the 
rolls of movies until Clifton came across the 
interracial section.

"Check this one out, Mark."

Clifton gave me one that had a picture of a black guy 
the size of him. There was a pretty young blonde 
kneeling down next to the black guy holding onto that 
large sack between his legs.

We spent at least thirty minutes walking back and 
forth down that interracial movie isle until it was 
about time for me to be home for dinner. Clifton 
stopped up near the counter and started looking 
through the glass showcase.

I leaned over to see what he was looking at. There 
were dozens of different kind of condoms lined up 
across the glass shelf.

"Tell me, Mark. If you were going to use one of these 
on a hot chick, which one you pick out?"

I laughed and looked at Clifton who was looking back 
at me but looked serous. 

"OK, let me have a look here." I studied the condoms 
and finally picked out a ribbed one in blue than 
another one that said it was so thin she'd never know 
you were wearing it.

"OK, this one and the one over here on the end."

Clifton stood up and got the female clerks attention. 
She brought out the two boxes and allowed Clifton to 
search around for extra large sizes. He paid the woman 
and we left. We got in his car. He wanted me to try it 
out so he let me drive. We started to drive away from 
the curb when I finally asked, "So, you must have met 
someone, Huh? You going to tell me who she is?" 

Clifton just grinned and pointed his finger at the 
windshield. "Make a right turn here at the next light. 
There's a little bar on the left with a red roof. Just 
pull around into the parking lot and we'll have a cold 

I looked at my watch. "Jennifer is expecting me home 
by six-thirty for dinner."

"Will you relax. I told Jennifer this afternoon we 
might stop for a beer or two so she already knows 
you're going to be late."

"OK, thanks for telling me!"

We sat at the bar drinking a couple cold sods watching 
billiards on a wide screen television when I finally 
asked Clifton. "Are you going to tell me about this 
woman you plan on banging?"

Clifton sucked on that bottle a couple seconds longer 
than put the bottle down on the bar and just sat there 
starring down at the bar . I had to wait what seemed 
like minutes until he finally turned and looked 
seriously into my eyes and said, "You know Jennifer 
told me all about your fantasy."

I looked at Clifton a little confused as I sat 
wondering what he meant when I asked about his new 
girlfriend. I finally swallowed kind of hard wondering 
what he meant and replied, "What fantasy are you 
talking about?"

Clifton had to stretch this out longer taking another 
long swig of that beer than slammed it down on the bar 
and looked at me again.

"Alright Mark. Let me just say this first. You're a 
very lucky guy your wife hasn't filed for a divorce 
from you up to now."

Clifton really had me mixed up by now as I shook my 
head holding my hands in the air. "What the fuck are 
you talking about?"

Clifton twisted around on his stool and looked around 
the bar to see if anyone was listening than continued, 
"Listen. It's a good thing I came around when I did to 
help you save your marriage. This thing about wanting 
Jennifer to screw another man was a bit to the 
extreme, wouldn't you think?"

I just sat there red faced starring back at Clifton. I 
just felt like crawling under a table or something 
knowing that he knew what I said to Jennifer. I came 
to my senses a few seconds later and finally asked. 

"What business do you have talking to my wife about 
our private life anyway, Clifton?"

He abruptly interrupted me pointing his finger in my 
face. "Listen, I'm trying to help you our here... 
fool, before you get yourself thrown out of your 
house. Just sit there and listen to what I have to say 

I kind of relaxed but I was still angry but sat there 
waiting for an explanation from a guy I thought was my 

"You have a gorgeous wife there, Mark. She loves you 
beyond what you could imagine. Sometimes I have to 
wonder why when I hear about these men that want to 
try and ruin everything over something stupid as your 
selfish dirty fantasy."

I think he was trying to make me feel bad about myself 
here but I listened to what he had to say. 

"Mark, you should be ashamed of making a request to 
your wife like that. I can't think of anything worse 
than making a suggestion of that sort. You should be 
thankful and lucky I was able to talk to your wife 
like I did."

Clifton took another sip of his beer and continued his 
little speech. He certainly had my attention. I don't 
know what I'd do if Jennifer ever asked me to leave 
the house! I love her too much!

Clifton pointed his finger at me saying, "I'm willing 
to help you out here Mark but you're going to have to 
develop a little patience and willingness to listen 
and do exactly what I say otherwise you could end up 
being a divorced man if you don't! Do you understand 
where I'm coming from, Mark?"

I gulped. "Yeah, alright... sure, just tell me what's 
on your mind."

"I think I finally got Jennifer a little more at ease 
with your crazy idea and if you do what I just told 
you everything will be alright."

I was getting impatient and blurted out, "What! You 
haven't told me anything yet except tell me I'm 
selfish and dirty!" I didn't realize I had spoken so 
loud and everyone in the bar was staring at us. 
Clifton finished his beer. 

"Come on, let's go. We'll finish this in the car."

We got out to the parking lot and I waited for Clifton 
to unlock the door. He pooped the trunk open as I got 
in the front seat and waited. He sat down behind the 
wheel. He had a little packet with him. I kept 
starring. They were pictures. He handed them over to 

I started to thumb through them and flipped each one 
back with my mouth wide open. They were pictures of my 
wife wearing her sexy new black bikini. They appeared 
to be taken from Clifton's back yard looking into 
mine. Jennifer was laying on a lounger in the first 
two, one with her top undone lying on her tummy.

I flipped to the next picture and she was sitting up 
smiling over at Clifton's camera. The next one had her 
standing near our fence smiling at the camera. I 
flipped to the next picture and Jennifer had her back 
the camera. Her hips were arched and she had her ass 
stuck out in a playful manor looking back at the 
camera over her shoulder.

The next picture had Jennifer playfully leaning over 
with her ass stuck out toward Clifton. She was 
pretending to work in her garden. The next one made me 
gasp. Jennifer was posing with her hands cupping her 
bikini clad breasts for Clifton. The smile on her face 
said it all.

The last picture had Jennifer lying on a towel posing 
for the camera on her side. Her head was propped up on 
her hand while her other arm was hidden behind her 
back so Clifton could see her body. Mark followed the 
curves of her tapered waist down to her shapely long 
legs glistening with lotion in the sun. 

Clifton grabbed the pictures out of my hand and tucked 
them back into the plastic pouch. He looked over at me 
as he placed them inside his shirt pocket.

"It took me a while to gain her trust enough to take 
those pictures you know."

I could feel my blood begin to boil as I asked, "Have 
you been screwing my wife, damn you?"

Clifton chuckled as he replied like a confident 
playboy, "Not yet."

I started to make a fist and swung my arm back as 
Clifton reached out. "Now just hold on there Mark, my 
boy. Weren't you the guy we were just talking about 
that wanted to see his wife screw another man?"

My arm eased up and I just stared at Clifton. "What 
did I tell you about patience in the bar just a few 
minutes ago?"

I sighed and just banged the side of the car door with 
my fist. "Damn it, Clifton. I don't really want my 
wife screwing around with another man!"

"Yes you do otherwise you would have never brought it 
up to her. I also remember the day I came over to your 
house a few months ago and you were looking at 
interracial porn on the internet. You laid and told me 
all those goofy made up stories about how your wife 
didn't like sex! Remember all that?"

I just shook my head starring out the window. "Yeah, 
OK... so what."

Clifton didn't say anything as he started the car and 
we drove out of the parking lot. We got a couple 
blocks away when he finally started to talk again.

"You're going to get to see your fantasy come true 
just like you wanted, Mark. You'll have to just be 
patient and let me take care of everything."

I looked over at Clifton as he drove the car. "Your 
telling me you never laid a hand on my wife?"

Clifton was silent for a minute or so and kept 
driving. He finally looked over at me and saw I was 
waiting for a reply, "I gave her a little kiss on the 
cheek the other day and had my hand on her jean 
covered ass but that's about it, Mark."

My heart was racing as he told me this.

"You never kissed her on the lips or touched her 

"Listen, Mark. We were dancing to the music of this 
cooking show the other afternoon. She left me hold her 
briefly and we hugged and I let my hand slip down over 
her ass."

I waited for Clifton to continue as he drove and 
looked occasionally over at me.

"She didn't stop me, that's for sure so I gave her a 
gentle kiss on the cheek and she hugged me tight in 

I just sat there thinking. I have to admit I was 
getting aroused at the thought of Jennifer hugging 
Clifton. We were almost home when Clifton pulled the 
car over to the curb and put it in park.

"Listen Mark, you can't go home and say anything about 
this to your wife. Do you understand?'

"Yeah, sure. I won't say anything."

"Listen, I know you want to enjoy this fantasy of your 
and I'm going to make it happen. Just be patient with 
me and I'll tell you what's going on day to day."

He kept staring at me to reply in some way.

"Are you fine with that, Mark?"

I hesitated than finally shook my head up and down.

"Good, now don't let me down by going home and 
starting a fight with your wife now over these stupid 
pictures. We were just having a little fun that 
afternoon is all."

I finally got up enough nerve to ask. "What are your 
plans. I mean, what I'm I going to get out of all 

Clifton laughed. "Just hold your horses, Mark. I know 
you're interested in watching. I'm going to arrange 
that for you somehow. Just let me figure everything 
out, ok?"

I sat there starring at those condoms between our 
seats. I than looked over at Clifton and said, "Are 
you sure this is going to work?"

Clifton busted out with laughter. "Don't worry about a 
thing, Mark. I have everything under control.

Clifton pulled away from the curb and pulled into his 
driveway. I looked over at my house and saw the light 
on in the kitchen. Jennifer would be waiting for me. 
Clifton pointed his finger at me one more time when we 
got out of the car.

"Remember, not one word!"

I just grinned as I shook my head in agreement and 
walked toward my house.

Chapter 2

I remember walking in the front door that night and 
seeing Jennifer putting the dinner plates on the 
dining room table. It just seemed like our life got 
much more passionate from that night on. I showered 
her with hugs and kisses while she tried to finish 
preparing our meal. 

I guess I have to admit I had images in my mind of 
Jennifer getting banged good and hard by Clifton. I 
often thought about my desire to see my wife screwed 
silly by a black man. Jealousy would take over for 
most men and I wondered how I would react when the 
time actually came. 

I lay in bed trying to fall asleep that first night 
with images of Clifton's enormous black cock in my 
head. A few days ago while we were showing, I remember 
starring at the size of his cock without being 
noticed. I surely didn't want him to think I was a 

I do remember making comparisons to my wrist and 
thinking to myself that he was that thick around! I 
suppose when I dreamed of Jennifer making love to a 
black guy that he would be as large as Clifton. 
Clifton surely took the trouble off finding the right 
guy for my wife, that's for sure! It just feels 
strange having the man living right next door.

The other thing I worried about was Clifton telling me 
what was going on. I started to plan things right from 
the start. I'd check around in Jennifer's drawers and 
in the closet and try to see if any sexy garments were 
moved around. I certainly kept an eye on that little 
black bikini. I examined it closely, even smelling it 
for any sign that she'd worn it. 

I know what you're thinking, she isn't that stupid to 
leave evidence laying around for me to find or would 
she? I don't mean the stupid part of it, perhaps she 
would deliberately leave something for me to find.

Three days past already and every time I met Clifton 
at the club it was the same old think. He either had 
nothing to say or said he was making progress and just 
to be a little more patient. 

I was seated in my office watching that clock on the 
wall. It was a little after four in the afternoon when 
I got a text message from Clifton. I looked at the 
message and there was only one word written in the 
window which said, kiss.

He also sent a photo and my heart practically skipped 
a beat as my figures worked the tiny button to click 
on the image. OMG! There it was! Clifton had somehow 
managed to get a picture of a hot kiss! I could feel 
my heart beat pounding against my shirt. They were 
standing in our bathroom, Jennifer's arms were 
stretched out around his neck with her hands hanging 
down. Their lips locked together!

How in the fuck did he take this shot? I examined the 
photo and saw the reflection of his phone in the 
mirror. Jennifer certainly must have seen it in his 
hand or saw the flash! Maybe he had the flash off? 
Just look at this picture. Clifton is shirtless 
wearing only his jeans. Jenn's body is stretched up 
for the kiss with Clifton's big arms around her waist 
with one hand on that phone behind my wife's waist. 
How clever I thought to myself!

She was wearing jeans and a red cotton top. I knew the 
top very well because it showed a lot of cleavage. 
Jenn would wear it with a push-up bra that drove me 

I was panting like I'd just run a mile as I sat the 
phone down on my desk feeling for my cock. I was hard 
and poking out. I was sure glad I didn't have any 
other meetings for the day. I started to wonder if 
that picture was just taken or perhaps he waited to 
send it. What happen? Did they fuck? Will Clifton tell 
me everything?

I had another hour to go yet. I needed to know 
something. I kept starring at the phone on my desk and 
finally decided to call home. I had to, I was just too 
nervous not to call home. OMG! What if I catch them in 
the act? What would I say? Clifton would surely know I 
got the picture and was checking up on them.

I debated this for several minutes. I finally decided 
not to call. If Clifton were still there he'd know I 
was checking up. I had another half hour to go before 
I could leave. I walked out and visited the coffee 
station and poured myself a cup of hot black coffee. I 
paced the floor watching that damn clock. This was 
certainly going to be interesting when I got to the 
club tonight.

I was the first one at the club that evening. I 
changed my clothes and looked at the clock. Clifton 
was late! I was going insane waiting when I heard the 
door open. It was Clifton!

He was whistling as he walked over to the bench and 
flopped down his gym bag. He dug inside the bag as I 
sat there waiting for him to speak. He finally turned 
his head and smiled at me. "How did you like the 
picture I sent?"

"It was... hot! Are you going to tell me what happen?"

Clifton was taking his shorts out of the bag. "Well, 
yeah... as you know we kissed. 

We were baking and I got flour on my face so Jenn 
asked me to follow her into the bathroom. She wiped 
off my face and the next thing I knew we were locked 
in a passionate kiss."

"Didn't she see the phone?"

"Nope! We were locked in this kiss and I was able to 
pull my phone out of my pants pocket and just clicked 
it. She saw the flash but I explained that I had hit 
the button accidentally."

"Did she buy it?"

Clifton chuckled. "I think so."

"What happened next?"

"Well, I told her I was sorry for letting that kiss 
get away from me. She said I didn't have to apologize 
and that it was fine."

I carefully waited for Clifton to continue.

"We walked back into the living room and we sat down 
on the sofa. The next thing I knew, we were kissing 
again only this time I was able to slip my hand inside 
her blouse."

Clifton grinned at me. "She started to respond to my 
kiss and opened her mouth. I really hope you don't 
mind, Mark. You see, I was extremely horny by now."

"What happened next?"

"Well, I was messaging her breasts inside her bra with 
my left hand and holding her hand with my right. I 
slowly moved her hand over to my bulge and allowed her 
to feel how hard she had gotten me. I carefully moved 
her hand over my cock and spread her fingers out as we 
kissed. She knew what to do next."

I don't knew how to describe the way I was feeling at 
that moment but Clifton sure had me sitting on the 
edge of that stool waiting to hear more.

"I felt her fingers start to move tracing the outline 
of my cock through my pants. She finally broke the 
kiss and looked into my eyes and whispered. "You feel 
so big!"

I pecked her lips with mine as I replied, "Go ahead 
and take it out."

I just kept starring at Clifton to hear what happened 

"Jennifer looked so nervous but she surprised me when 
she reached for my zipper. I arched my hips up to make 
it easier for her to slide my pants down to the floor. 
The look on her face as she starred down at my boxer 
shorts was just priceless. My cock was poking straight 

My heart was racing to hear more.

"Jennifer sort of smiled and looked at me. I saw her 
hands shaking and I reached out and touched her arm 
gently and told her to keep going and not to be 
afraid. I arched my hips up off the sofa again 
allowing her to slide my boxer shorts down. She bent 
down looking toward my feet as she pulled them down my 
legs. I really think she was afraid to look up to see 
what I had been poking at the material seconds ago."

"What did she do when she finally looked at it?"

Clifton chuckled. "I saw her eyes widen once she saw 
it for the first time. Now I'm not bragging but I know 
it was the largest cock she had ever seen in her life. 
I took hold of her hand and moved her hand next to it 
and helped her wrap her fingers around it. She just 
said, OMG!"

"Did she start to stroke it right away?"

"Oh, Mark. I have to tell you that your wife's dainty 
fingers felt so good and soft. She actually reached 
out with her other hand and held it in both her hands. 
She couldn't get her fingers around the girth, I know 
that for a fact! She just sat there in amazement 
trying to take in the size of it at first. I said to 
her, go ahead and stroke it and see if it grows some 

"You mean you weren't completely hard yet?"

"I grew a little more as she started stroking it, 
Mark. I just leaned my head back and enjoyed her hands 
on me. I spread my legs apart and she instinctively 
reached down and cupped my ball sack. I just let her 
get acquainted with it on her own and at her own pace 
mind you."

I gulped than kept listening.

"Mark, your wife was just fascinated by the sheer size 
of my shaft. I kept watching and let her enjoy 
herself. After a few minutes of watching your gorgeous 
wife stroke my cock I leaned over and started to 
unbutton that pretty red blouse. She tried to help me 
with the buttons but I told her to keep stroking me, 
I'll get them loose."

I took a deep breath trying to imagine in my mind what 
this scene must have looked like on my living room 

"Mark, she moved her shoulders helping me slip off the 
blouse once the buttons were undone. She was kneeling 
on the floor just wearing that pretty black bra and 
those tight-ass jeans. Those gorgeous white breasts 
looked so inviting I reached down and put my hand in 
between her cleavage and just closed my eyes at the 
touch of that wonderful softness."

I wanted to poop my nuts right then and there in the 
locker room as I listened to Clifton explain how he 
was seducing my wife.

"Jenn was working her tiny hands on my cock now as I 
messaged her pretty boobs. I finally reached out and 
around her back and unclasped her bra letting it fall 
freely onto the floor below. What a sight to behold 
when I saw those hard pink nipples. I immediately 
started to rub the back of my fingers against one of 
those hard little nipples. Mark, I felt her little 
hands responding to my touch the way she was working 
my cock."

My cock was pressed tight against my shorts now.

"Mark, before I had a change to work on the other 
nipple she lowered her head down and took the head of 
my cock inside her mouth. I just leaned back against 
that sofa again while she experimented with the head 
of my cock. I felt her tongue dancing around the head 
as her little hands worked their magic holding the 
base of my cock. Mark, you've seen how large my cock 
is, she could barely get the head inside her mouth."

"Was she able to take it inside her mouth?"

"No, just the head but I'll be working on helping her 
with her skills. I had a woman take me straight back 
to her throat once. It takes skill but I think Jenn's 
got the desire to learn."

"What happen next?"

"Well, I kept looking at her and finally touched her 
arm until she looked up and I asked her if she wanted 
to try and ride it. She looked up at me pleadingly and 
said. Do you think I can take it? I said, yes baby. 
Clifton would never hurt you."

I almost felt dizzy listening to the way Clifton said 
it than he told me more.

"Mark, she got up off her knees and unfastened her 
jeans and wiggled out of them like a stripper would. I 
gasped when I looked at that little black thong she 
was wearing and motioned to her to sit on my lap with 
them on. She climbed right on top of me and pressed 
her lips onto mine. I put my hands on her ass and 
squeezed making her moan. My cock was throbbing Mark 
and I wanted to take her so bad before I shot my load.

"OMG, did she take off the thong next? How about the 
condom? Who put that on, you or Jenn?"

"Well, Mark. Jenn stood up and wiggled out of that 
little black thong. Before I had a chance to move she 
was straddling my legs again kissing my face as she 
wiggled that little white ass around on my lap. Oh, 
Mark... there was so much I wanted to do. I wanted to 
taste that sweet white pussy but she was so anxious to 
feel me inside her that she lifted herself up and 
rubbed the head of my cock against her soaking wet 

"You mean you didn't use a condom?'

"It happened so damn fast, Mark. The next thing I knew 
I was working my cock inside her tight pussy. I mean 
that little bitch of yours is tight. She labored with 
me for several minutes until we got half of it inside. 
I don't think I could have gone any further because I 
felt her cervix at the head of my cock. Mark, I can't 
begin to tell you how she rode me. Her body swayed in 
every direction as she worked her tight pussy around 
on my cock."

I thought I was going to faint thinking about my wife 
riding Clifton's huge thick cock.

"Mark, I don't know how many times she came on me but 
her thighs quivered each time. Those beautiful boobs 
just shook like we were having an earthquake.

Mark, I really wanted it to last longer but that tight 
pussy wanted to milk me dry and I held onto her hips 
as tight as I could and blasted my load inside her hot 
little pussy until I was spent."

I almost came in my pants listening to Clifton.

"Mark, I just closed my eyes while I caught my breath. 
I was still hard and locked inside her tight pussy 
when she looked at me with a smile saying she'd pull 
up slowly. I didn't know what she had in mind until 
she leaned back and picked up her red blouse. She 
slowly lifted off me and pushed that blouse under her 
ass to catch the cum."

I felt drained after listening to Clifton and wanted 
to go home and kiss and hug my beautiful wife. Clifton 
and I worked out together than showered. I kept 
starring at his big cock thinking just hours ago it 
was deep inside my wife's pussy.

I drove home thinking about every little detail 
Clifton told me. I walked through the front door and 
smelled the food cooking. There was my wife at the 
sink wiping her hands. I walked in and laid a big open 
mouth kiss on her lips. She hugged me back than said.

"Honey, dinner will be ready in a few minutes."

"OK, honey. Let me change my clothes."

I quickly changed and took my dirty laundry out in the 
laundry room. I looked in the basket and there was the 
red blouse. Jennifer was in the kitchen so I quickly 
picked up the garment and started to examine it. It 
was still wet in areas so I put the material to my 
nose and took a nice long sniff. 

It smelled like cum. Clifton was telling me the truth. 
This was his cum I was sniffing. There was the black 
thong in the basket. It was stained, probably from 
Jennifer's pussy. Oh God this was so awesome! My wife 
fucked her first black man today!

I wanted her so bad now. I wasn't even hungry for 
dinner. I just wanted to fuck. I wanted to feel my 
wife's pussy after she'd been fucked by Clifton. I 
began to wonder if he stretched her out. She'd be sore 
for sure. I couldn't force this. I'd play it cool. 
That's what I'd do. I'll wait till just before we're 
ready, then hit her up for sex then!

To be continued?

Hope you enjoyed the story. I have 10 finished 
chapters completely illustrated. You can read my 
profile at: www.karenkayonline.com

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