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this story as long as it is on a free site and not 
printed, without any permission and as long as it 
remains unchanged, including the complete Disclaimers 
and Copyright (before the beginning of the story)

by Azi (azi_story@yahoo.com)


Azi thinks he is a normal man until he meets Raya, a 
young teenage girl. With her help he becomes the king 
and master of the island of dreams. (M/f-teen, ped, exh,
inc, bi, mc)


If you are not allowed, for any legal reason to see 
porn, (or if you are under 21 years of age), do not 
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By continuing to read this story the reader legally 
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anyone or things of that sort.

This is a fictional story; any resemblance to reality 
is completely accidental.



I knew her from birth, her name was Raya but I always 
call her princess. Raya was 14 years old at that time; 
she has red hair and had a very skinny figure. At least 
at that time I thought she was 14 years old, she was 
actually a 24 year old woman that drank a potion, but 
you'll know that all about that by chapter five. She 
has a few freckles on her tiny nose and her smile 
appears to reach her ears.  She goes to public school 
three blocks from my place, a villa on the beach, a 
nude beach.

I know her father from work. I met him 5 years ago, 
Dimitri is a very smart chemist; he was 41 years old at 
the time. 3 years ago we had came up with a method to 
synthesize a medicine for acne and as they say we "Hit 
the jackpot". Dimitri continued his studies in Organic 
chemistry while I started a new hobbit, I bought six of 
the seven gyms in the city, the profits were so high 
that I started paying more to the staff, soon I 
accepted only sexy people; both male and female. Both 
Dimitri and I didn't have to think about money until 
the day we die.

My name is Azi. I am 29 years old and have blond curly 
hair. I was never married and I had only one 
girlfriend, I broke up with her 2 years back because 
she was not interested in me, she had her mind to my 
money and nothing else. We were together for 3 years. 
Since her (I call her Beelzebub) it was too painful to 
start any other useful romantic connection with women.

I work out four times a week and have a personal 
trainer. Her name is jess, a trim 21 year old blond 
babe. She has B cup breasts and the body of a goddess, 
her best feature is her abs, she has the best looking 
six-pack I have ever seen. 

I never saw her naked, but there was one time she came 
wearing a bikini, in one of the stretching exercises I 
got a very good view at her hairless pussy, she 
immediately became red, and excused herself as it was 
near the end of the exercise anyways. 

The salary I pay her is more then she can dream of, she 
already drives a black jaguar, her house (she is still 
paying for it, but not for long) is huge, and she gives 
exercise lessons to a few more rich man, thanks to my 

I remember that day; Dimitri came to my house, looking 
horrible. We sat and he told me that on a routine 
checkup in the hospital a brain tumor was discovered 
and he has but a few weeks to live unless he would 
undergo surgery and even then he thinks he has very 
slim chances to live. He also told me that his wife, 
Olesia, had schizophrenia, he and Olesia were orphans 
so they had no close relatives. 

To make a long story short, Dimitri asked me to be 
Raya's legal caregiver after his death, even if Olesia 
remains fine. obviously I said yes. The next day we 
signed the documents with the best lawyers known on 
earth. On that evening Dimitri came to my villa with 
Raya, we talked for hours, tears and all, and Raya 
understood the changes that were coming.

Chapter One - Beginning

Two weeks later, it was Monday morning, Dimitri 
suddenly died. Olesia attempted suicide and was 
committed to a mental institution. That day I picked up 
Raya from school, she knew that the changes we talked 
about came to be and, at least to my eyes, was doing 
fine under the circumstances.

Since Dimitri passed away Raya seemed to be drifting 
away. But during the last 3 months she seems to be 
getting better and accepting the changes in her life, 
getting along with me and accepting me as a father role 
in her life. She is so gorges and beautiful, I keep 
fantasizing about her in my dreams and in the shower, 
when I jack off.

Two days ago, at 10 PM, as I was thinking about her, 
she came to the living room and said that she loved me 
and she wanted to tell me that she knows what I gave up 
to raise her, and she would do anything I wanted her to 
do without hesitations because she loves me. She was 
wearing a bath-robe, and as she was saying that her 
legs spread just a tiny bit, reviling her mound and 
lower tummy. I looked at her naked pussy, it was 

Being an honorable man I looked at her baby blue eyes 
and told her that having her was a privilege and that I 
thought she was a gorges girl and I will never ask her 
to do something that would hurt her.  When she kissed 
me on the chick right before saying that she loved me. 
I actually felt her licking my chin, after that she 
went to bed. 

After she left I went over the scenario in my head and 
realized what really happened. In my mind I could see 
her small nipples laying on her developing breasts, I 
could see her flat muscular stomach pointing down to 
her soft... hairless...  young... pussy... Without 
thinking I started touching myself, pulling my 
throbbing 8 inch cock out of my pants. 

As I started cumming I saw Raya passing the hall on her 
way to the toilet. I lost a heartbeat as she looked at 
me, giving me a seductive wink, opening her mouth and 
humming ever so slightly every time my cock spat cum.  
Raya waited for me to finish trying to hide my cock and 
then she left marching on to the little girl's room 
with her head raised as a victory sign.

After pulling up my pants I went to take a shower 
remembering to lock the door. I swear that the door 
knob moved two or three times before Raya gave up. 
After the cold shower I went to my room and started 
looking at porn sites. During the night I came across 
Raya's pictures with Dimitri... My mind raced as I 
continued to explore. 

I paid the 34.95$ to gain access to the site and my 
dreams came true (I also cummed quite a few times). 
Raya was gorges; she had a perfect tiny girlish figure, 
perfect tiny body, hairless pussy and a perfect 
smile... There were also pictures of her sucking 
Dimitri's cock, but no intercourse. She looked so 
tender and innocent.

I woke up at 5 AM, after maybe two hours of sleep, 
thinking that this is war... I was going to seduce Raya 
one way or another. After dropping her off to school I 
set up an expensive video system so I could look at her 
anytime I wanted to, no mater where she was. In the 
bathroom, toilet, inside the bathtub in her bedroom, in 
the pool, well if I could I would put a cam in her 
panties but alas, I can't, yet. I even bugged the phone 
and installed microphones in every chair and bed in the 

Raya came back from school at 3 PM and after saying 
hello she want to take a shower. I watched her from my 
computer, she was just as sexy as I imagined. Seeing 
her naked trim body my cock started growing. She used 
liquid soap and by the time she rubbed her mound my 
cock was already throbbing, I started to slide my hand 
up and down, up and down. 

After she finished the shower and before putting on her 
clothes she stop to listen if I was near the door. 
After her disappointment she opened the door as far as 
she could and... started filling the tub! Until now I 
had a hard-on but from this point on I had a full 
raging hard-on. 

As she slid down the tub I saw her insides. She started 
touching herself sexually and I heard her moaning 
loudly.  She was moaning loudly because she wanted me 
to hear her. She put her fingers in her pussy and 
started masturbating. I never thought a 14 year old 
girl would be so in to sex. 

Raya kept looking at the open doorway, probably hoping 
I would come in. After 10 minutes I saw the expression 
of bliss mixed with pain on her face. As she was having 
an orgasm her tiny figure was shaking and she moaned 
very loudly, almost screaming. That was the youngest 
orgasm I have ever seen. After another quick shower she 
put on a robe and headed to her room, to work on her 

It took her a long time to finish her homework and it 
was already 10 PM, I was kind of tired because I was 
awake for a long time, and for some reason I didn't 
sleep well. Raya asked me if she could sleep with me, 
and I said yes. My unsatisfied cock and cum filled 
balls were managing the thinking at that time. I took 
off my pants and shirt, and rested on my back. I was 
covered only by a thin silk layer, it was almost see 
through and an eight inches tent was clearly visible. I 
fell asleep before Raya joined me.

(Azi's Dream)

Raya dressed in her tiny pink skirt without any panties 
expecting I will like to see her like this.  When she 
came to my work room I was ready for her...

"Hi Azi, I finished my homework can we go to the beach 
now?" Raya asked.

"May we go to the beach now, Raya and yes we may," I 
said as I turned to face her. My semi hard-on was 
visible behind the thin fabric of my swimsuit. Her skin 
appeared so smooth, the nipples were erect and I could 
see the hardness through her pink top. Her tummy 
muscles were a spectacular site, pointing to her pussy 
that seemed to be puffy as she was standing in front of 
me. Her smooth hairless pussy was clearly visible 
because her skirt was pulled up a bit. "Oh I see you 
don't need any panties" I said. 

She gave me an inviting smile, licking her lips.  "We 
are going to a nude beach aren't we?" Raya said, adding 
"well the beach is very close; we don't need to bring a 
towel so I guess we'll just go there nude."

While I was taking off my clothes Raya came closer 
pretending to use my chair as a stand for her clothing. 
When I took off my swimsuit I noticed Raya was staring 
at my now semi erect member. I also noticed that her 
pussy was starting to get moist. 

"Princess is everything ok?" I asked.

"Azi, your thingy is very big... and beautiful," she 

"Thanks princess, I think you are very beautiful 
yourself... actually I think you are very sexy," I 

We went to the beach. All the time we spent on the 
beach she was checking me out. I was erect all that 
time, and my balls felt real good, like someone was 
constantly playing with them. Two 16 year old girls 
flirted with me and I took their numbers, while Raya 
was bathing. The two had very smooth skin but had their 
bathing clothes on. After they left Raya came running 
from the water, she was stung by a jelly-fish. She 
started crying so I started peeing on the red skin, 
while the two girls were watching, admiring my cock.

Later I carried Raya home. At home I took her to the 
shower and after washing her I covered her in baby oil. 
Her smooth skin was so sexy and I got a little carried 
away, massaging her pussy for a while. Because she was 
so tired I took her to my bedroom. 

Because she was oiled up I laid her on top of the 
blanket in plain view and I tried falling asleep on my 
back. She was so sexy I was gradually getting a hard-
on. After about 10 minutes I was having a massive 
erection and gulps of pre-cum were dripping on my 

At about that time Raya turned and put her arm around 
me. After a while I fell asleep, I dreamt about her 
tiny body, about her girlish figure, her hairless 
pussy... as I started cumming I woke up and saw Raya's 
mouth on my 16 inch cock. She wasn't swallowing; she 
was gathering my sperm in her mouth. Her tiny hands 
were claiming up and down my shaft. 

Gulp after gulp of my sperm entered her mouth until 
there was no more room in her tiny mouth, at that point 
my sperm dribbled from her mouth to her hands. After I 
stopped cumming she slid to her back. Her eyes opened 
wide and she started chocking and coughing. 

All the sperm in her mouth started dribbling on her 
young body. As she was coughing as I placed my hand on 
her muscular tummy sliding my hand up and down her 
body.  She was covered with cum and as I moved my hand 
towards her pussy she started moaning and that gave me 
the ok to give her a hand job. Her body was making 
humping motion, and it was the sexiest thing I ever 

Then I really woke up.

(End of Dream)

I was very close to cumming. Raya was sleeping to my 
left, and her head was resting on my tummy.  My cock 
was pointing at her face. The thin cover was no where 
in sight. I didn't want to wake her up, but I sure as 
hell didn't want her to wake up because I was cumming 
at her face. I wanted to slid my free hand, and push my 
cock so it would point away from her head, but that 
would wake her for sure. 

I started cumming. I think I shot 12 times before it 
stopped, spraying her face. I pretended to be asleep, 
but Raya didn't even move. Then I felt her hand was 
resting on my balls, it was there all the time. That's 
the reason I was so horny! After I finished cumming 
Raya slowly took her hand out from my underwear.

After a few minutes (My hardness wouldn't go down 
thinking that it was her massaging my balls) I turned 
her on her other side. Her legs opened and I got a good 
peak at her naked body and her soaking pink panties. 
Her eyes were closed, but I knew from her breathing 
that she was awake.

After taking a shower I went to the computer room. 
Playing back the movie I could see Raya's face when I 
was cumming, opening her mouth to catch my sperm. She 
was indeed massaging my balls all the time (for about 
thirty minutes). She was whispering "Azi loves Raya, 
Azi wants to see Raya naked, Azi thinks Raya is sexy, 
Azi wants to fuck Raya," over and over again.

On the other screen I noticed that Raya was walking 
towards the computer room. Pressing Alt Tab (moving to 
her pictures from her website to the screen), I readied 
myself to her. My straining 8 inch cock was tucked in 
such a way as so that Raya could see that I have a 
massive hard-on. 

She was a bit shocked to see me like that, looking at 
her pictures. She said "Azi?" I rotated my chair to her 
so she could see my hard-on through my pants.  She just 
opened her mouth and stared, her face and hair were 
covered by cum. After about ten seconds she asked, "Do 
you mind me being naked in the house, Azi?"

"No, not at all princess" I said, she kept her eyes on 
my tent. "Did I wake you up?" I asked. 

"Yes," she answered licking her lips seductively 
looking at me.

"Sorry," I said. 

"That's alright," the little angle said, "I'm going to 
my room to wash my face, can you take for a night swim 
at the beach later? Please?" she asked.

"Well if you want to so much I guess it will be fine" I 
said. I watched her run to her room.

After washing her face, she picked up the phone.  (It 
was 11 PM by now) I listened to her conversation with 
Allis (her best friend, even more beautiful then her) 
as she told her she saw my ding-dong and it was huge, 
she told her friend she wanted to suck my dick and put 
it in her. I was surprised to hear Allis was the one 
that told her to massage my balls while I was asleep. 
The call ended five minutes later. 

After the phone call it took her about 30 seconds to 
take of her panties and put on the shortest pink skirt 
I ever saw. This skirt was so short her pussy was 
visible for half a mile. It was the same skirt I saw in 
my dream; well I saw it before but I didn't think she 
would ever actually wear it. After putting on a tiny 
pink top she was moving her tiny girlish figure to my 
room.  She had no idea what I had planned for her. 

"RAYA!" I yelled just a second before she came through 
the door, trying to sound very angry. "Get your TINY 
ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" As I turned my seat I saw her 
lowering her skirt. I pretended to be as angry as I 
could. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" I yelled. 

Lowering her head Raya responded, "Nothing." I did not 
answer, and waited a few minutes, trying to look as 
angry as I can. "I talked to Allis over the phone," her 
voice trembled.

"And?" I asked.

"...and I told her I saw your thingy," tears were 
starting to form, her eyes were red, she was keeping 
herself from crying. 

"And?" I asked. 

"And I said that I wanted to suck it... and I wanted 
you to fuck me" she whispered.

"I didn't hear you," I said.

"I said that I wanted to suck it..." Raya whispered.

"Do you have any idea of what that could do to me if 
someone knew about what you just said?" I asked. 

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice trembling. She started 

"Why do you tell lies to your friends, lies that can 
put me in jail?" I asked.

"I do, I really want to suck your cock, it's not a 
lie," she whined.

My cock heard that comment and started growing, "you 
what?" I asked.

"Daddy always took care of me, we did things together 
that I miss," Raya said, her eyes teary again, "I liked 
it allot."

"What things?" I asked. My cock was almost fully erect 
by now and Raya was looking at my growing tent. Even to 
me the size of the tent appeared larger then possible.

Raya licked her lips and said, "I promised dad and mom 
not to tell, but they're gone, so I suppose it will be 
fine to tell," Raya was standing in front of me, her 
hairless puffy mound stood there peeking through the 
tiny skirt, "ever since I remember I was raised as a 
slave, my father was my master and since he died I had 
no master," Raya kneeled, her trim legs parted, 
displaying her naked pussy.  She pushed her tiny almost 
flat breasts out, looking at the floor. Her smooth 
hairless pussy was red, swollen and soaking wet.

I admired her body, her naked pussy displayed and her 
hard nipples showed through the thin fabric of her tiny 
pink shirt.

"Would you take me as your slave, Azi?" Raya asked, 
giving him the puppy look.

"You just wait here, and don't you dare move a muscle" 
I said. Raya stayed there, kneeling on the floor, so 
obedient and submissive. I stepped in front of her and 
pulled down his pants. My massive erection was standing 
proudly before her face. Raya licked her lips staying 
in the same position only slightly opening her mouth, 
she was trained well.

I started jacking off aiming my shaft at Raya's face. 
Raya's face and neck turned red from excitement. "Wow, 
so sexy," I thought. As I started cumming my load hit 
Raya's face, covering her with another thick layer of 
cum, it started to drip reaching her awaiting pussy. I 
noticed that Raya's pussy was soaking; she was a bitch 
on heat.  She was my bitch.

"Do you think you could handle being my slave?" I 

"Yes," the little bitch said.

"Well, if you do, you have to keep your mouth shut, and 
do everything I tell you to," I marked. 

She nodded her head saying, "Please let me be your 
slave, Azi."

"Give me pleasure slave, but stay on your knees" I 
ordered. I walked in front of her putting my hands 
behind my back. My erection didn't fall; in fact it 
only grew larger, reaching almost nine inches.

"It's so big, Azi!" Raya said. She was very excited.  
As she pulled the rest of my pants down, my cum filled 
balls came into view, Raya just opened her eyes and her 
jaw dropped. As she placed her tiny hands on my cock I 
felt shivers down my spine. At first she could only get 
the head in her young mouth, I felt her tongue moving 
around my cock in her mouth. Both of her hands were on 
my throbbing member. Raya was struggling to keep the 
head in.

I asked her "Raya, are you ready?" 

She said "Yes master... what for?"

I easily picked her tiny figure up, her stomach 
touching mine. I placed her legs on my shoulders and 
held her by her hips. "Take the cock!" I ordered. She 
took my cock and pointed it at her throat. She was 
looking up and when she started taking in my cock I 
just let her fall. She reached bottom. I held her in 
that position for about ten seconds. I saw the wetness 
leaking from her pussy.  When she started to chock I 
pulled her up so she could breathe. 

"When my cock is all the way in, open your mouth as 
much as you can let's see if you can breath, ok?" I 

"Wait a-" Raya started saying, I let go of my grip as 
she started talking. She started choking, but stopped 
after a few seconds. I started sliding my cock in and 
out, beneath me a pool of spit and pre-cum. I took her 
pussy and started licking her clit.  

At first she was struggling for air but after a while 
she actually was breathing. The sound of her breathing 
only made me hornier. I continued my throat assault for 
2 whole minutes before I almost burst my nut. Then I 
let her climb to the floor. The tiny skirt and her top 
shirt were already stained with cum. She was blushing 
and it took her more then a minute to catch her breath. 

I walked up to her room and started looking through her 
things; I took all of her panties away, I also took her 
wallet. After that I took my dog's leash from the 
living room. The leash has a very strong dog odor; 
because my dog didn't like that leash he always peed on 

I went back to the computer room. When I returned I was 
surprised to see Raya standing, she was so sexy with 
that pink shirt and cum stained skirt. "Take your 
clothes off," I said. She took off her clothes, giving 
me a full show, dancing like a striper slut and all... 

Her body was so smooth and her hairless pussy and 
girlish frame were magnificent. "On your knees!" I 
ordered. She complied. Her legs were spread so I could 
see her hairless young pussy. Her hands were behind her 
back as she pushed her almost nonexistent breasts out. 

I grabbed her head and with one stroke pushed my cock 
in to her throat. As I heard her begin to struggle for 
air I just became began more aroused.  I was punishing 
her throat for five more minutes before my cum-filled 
balls started to signal I was about to cum. 

Just before I started to cum I pulled her head until 
her face were buried in my stomach, I don't remember 
the last time I had cummed that hard.  After planting 
nine shots of cum in her throat, she pulled out to take 
a breath. Cum gushed from her mouth to her stomach. 

"Rub your pussy," I ordered, and she complied. She was 
rubbing her pussy with cum as I was still cumming at 
her face and still jacking off. Her small body was soon 
covered with cum. I pointed my erection at her and she 
started to suck again. I was amazed by her enthusiasm.

Raya's room had a desk at the height of my crouch.  I 
took her hand and lead her to her room, telling her to 
lye on the desk on her back so I could fuck her mouth 
again. She complied, spreading her legs, she so wanted 
me to fuck her...

"Are you sure you wanna be my slave, Raya?" I asked.

"Yes, please Azi," she answered.

When I started fucking her mouth I noticed that in this 
position she was not struggling for air, with my 8 
inches I imagined reaching her pussy from her mouth. 
When I came close to cumming I pulled out my cock and 
squirted on her muscular tummy again. As I was cumming 
Raya was playing with her pussy, already wet from cum. 

I put my dog's leash on her neck and said, "Kneel 
before me." As she kneeled I noticed that her body was 
totally covered by cum. I had cummed on her four times 
tonight. "Do you, Raya, take me as your sole master, to 
serve and obey until the end of time?"

"Yes master," Raya said, lowering her eyes.

"My slave will never take the leash off, not even when 
she takes a shower," I said.

"Yes master," Raya responded.

"My slave will never wear panties, not even to school 
or church," I said. 

"Yes master," Raya responded.

"My slave will always sleep naked, even if she is at a 
sleepover or at a school trip," I said. 

"Yes master," Raya responded.

"My slave will never have sex with a boy unless she 
asks for my permission; the one to have sex with her 
must hear the conversation," I said. 

"Yes master," Raya responded.

"My slave will never lie to me," I said. 

"Yes master," Raya responded.

My dog is a huge great Dan with a dick 6 inches long. I 
call him "Dog". Dog probably heard the noise of his 
chains and he came into the room. As he came in Raya 
knelt down to pet him. Raya was not aware but the cum 
on her body had a very strong odor... mine. From my 
point of view I saw Dog's excitement. Raya didn't even 
notice Dog was licking my cum off her. 

"Raya, sit on the floor with your butt pointing up, 
let's see what Dog's going to do... and spread your 
legs a bit," I ordered. Raya complied with a giggle.  
The second she was in that position Dog mounted her and 
started pumping. In that point Raya was still giggling, 
but in one quick motion Dog penetrated her and buried 
his huge 6 inch cock all the way in her now not virgin 

Her scream echoed through the villa, and she was now 
trying to push Dog away from her. Her cries made me 
horny, and I told her "Don't stop him, he could bite 
you." Now she was afraid because Dog was growling at 
her. She knew as did I that he was going to cum in her 
no matter what. 

She was sobbing as she told me "please don't let him 
bite me." Raya was humming, and I just held her hand, 
waiting for dog to cum. The dog was about three times 
bigger then Raya, her frail body was shaking violently 
as Dog kept fucking his bitch at record speed. Raya was 
sobbing as Dog started cumming, he buried his entire 
cock in her pussy. Raya's sobbing became a bit loader 
as Dog was twitching, his knot entered her pussy. When 
he pulled out Raya collapsed on the floor and kept 
looking at me.

Seeing dog fuck the living shit out of Raya made me as 
hard as hell. As I took the leash to take Dog, I 
accidentally dragged Raya, and as she stood Dog's cum 
was gushing out of her hairless ruby red pussy. A pool 
formed as we both laughed our head off. Raya was 
covered with cum and by now she saw my stiff 8 inch 

"Let's fuck," she pleaded, rubbing her swollen hairless 
sweaty pussy. I lifted her as she wrapped her legs 
around me looking at my eyes as I penetrated her warm 
hairless juicy hole. With a perfect smile she started 
to rock her body back and forth, holding my shoulders 
with both her hands.  Her warmth surrounded me as she 
started moaning. 

The feeling was amazing; my dick was buried in her 
pussy, her warmth, and her insides. I felt her juices 
running down my partially cum filled balls. When I 
started cumming Raya started to hump at a faster rate, 
a moan escaped her lips as I felt her pussy tighten 
around my cock. That caused me to cum even more. I 
buried in her tummy at least 14 gulps of cum, most of 
which formed a puddle on the floor.

"WOW, that was amazing Azi, it was the best feeling I 
ever had," Raya said. "I love you Azi" she added. 

"That's very good Raya but you left a big mess on the 
floor, now you'll clean it slave," I said.

Raya kneeled to the floor and started to lick the cum, 
swallowing every drop. She appeared to like the tasty 
cum, drinking it like milkshake.

"Raya," I said, "if I have gusts and you want to serve 
them sexually, ask me for milkshake, do you 

"Yes master," Raya said. After shower we both went to 
sleep in my bed... naked.

Chapter Two - The Power of Imagination

I woke early with a hard on, as usual. As I looked 
around I saw Raya was sleeping on her back, her mouth 
was open and her perfect little body was hardly covered 
by the thin sheets. I started imagining her licking my 
cock and as I was doing that I noticed she was opening 
her mouth as if she was actually sucking my cock. 

I was starting to think that I had some influence on 
her so I tried to think of her fucking me. I was 
shocked because she just started rocking her hips! I 
must have some kind of control over her! I need to find 
out more about this, and I will start today!

I imagined her running away from a scary man eating 
zombie, and Raya started moaning and mumbling, her 
breathing became faster and I actually heard her 
whisper "help me..." 

Wow I thought to myself, I can actually place these 
images in her mind, it is the coolest thing ever. As I 
stopped the scary dream, Raya started to breath 
normally again. "Let's see what else I can do," I 
thought. I was imagining Raya waking up.  Raya opened 
her eyes, smiling. 

As she started to shift her head to look at me I told 
her in my mind to look up, I was amazed to see that she 
was looking at the ceiling with this gaze in her 
eyes... This was so cool; I was actually controlling 
her thoughts and her actions! This turned me on so 
much, thinking of the possibilities... 

I started thinking that maybe I am a powerful being; I 
tried levitating Raya in the air. Raya did not 
levitate, but the thin satin sheet covering her did 
levitate. After it started levitating I started to 
guide it to fly away, but once it left Raya's close 
proximity it fell on the ground. Somehow I knew that my 
ability was dependent on Raya, and the proximity to 

I ordered Raya to stand up as fast as she could, spread 
her legs and continue looking up. Her response was so 
fast I could not believe it! Well let's see what other 
effects I had on that helpless 14 year old girl... I 
ordered her to stretch her arms to the sides; she 
complied as fast as she could.  Now... what shell I do 
now... ok! I have it!

I ordered her to start cumming. Oh - my - God, that 
tiny girl just started cumming in front of my very own 
eyes! Her pussy started to leak at an astonishing rate, 
becoming red and getting puffier by the second, her 
hips were shaking and she started moaning while her 
arms were stretched as far as possible. This was too 
much for me; I wanted her to fuck me so much... 

I ordered her to walk and stand above me one leg at 
every side, which she did, still cumming like I never 
saw in my life... Her body was so small and perfect, I 
admired her muscular stomach, her muscles seemed to 
lead to her pussy and she had that body that would make 
you stare at her even if it would kill you. 

Then, without any command, she just leapt on me, 
grabbed my 8 inch cock, and guided it with her tiny 
hands to her hairless soaking wet tiny pussy.  She 
started to ride my cock like a dog humping his bitch, 
she was so wet and tight, her pussy was milking my cock 
for cum. 

I didn't last long looking at her perfect body, she was 
sweating like a hog, her face was red and her lips were 
tight as if she was cumming but going to cum even 
harder... I began to cum and Raya just went in to a 
frenzy humping me even faster holding my arms to avoid 
falling off the bed. She was screaming "Oh God yes... 
yeaaaaa!!!" from the top of her lungs. 

As I finished cumming I ordered her to stop cumming and 
she just collapsed on me my cock still buried in her. 
She was so sexy but I wanted her to live a normal life 
so I decided to order her to forget about having sex 
with me and actually to forget all the events that 
accrued in the past two days, but Thinking of this 
heavenly two days I wanted to have some more fun...

So I lead her to the bath-tub and started to wash her. 
After turning on the water we walked into the shower, 
her body was so sexy with the water falling on her. I 
couldn't help it I so wanted to touch her. She let me 
soap her body; I closed the water then rubbed soap to 
her entire body, giving special care to her tummy and 
pussy. While I was fondling her tummy and pussy she 
moaned ever so slightly. When I finished washing her I 
saw that there was no towel and I went to the closet 
room to get a towel for her.

When I was on the way back I heard the phone so I 
answered it and had a quick chat with Roger, my broker 
who was very rich, thanks to me. He told me that in the 
past week I had earned 'only' four million dollars. 
Anyways I was happy and so was he because he earned two 
percent of my profits.

When I came back to the washing room I couldn't believe 
my eyes. Dog was raping Raya from behind as she was 
lying on the end of the tab with her butt pointing up. 
She was trying to get him off while he was having the 
time of his life. I didn't want to pull him off her 
because then he would bite me or Raya. 

"Wait, maybe I can control his mind too?" I thought. 

I ordered him in my mind to dismount her and he did. I 
ordered him to hump the air imagining he was fucking 
the best looking, smelling and feeling bitch he ever 
saw, and he did. As I was looking at him from the side 
I saw that his cock was indeed very large. Raya 
regained her calm and opened her eyes to see my dog 
humping on air and just started admiring his huge cock.

"Why did you stop, boy?" she asked. 

"I ordered him to do that," I said.

"Wow Azi," Raya said, "I forgot that you are Dog's 
master too."

"You can't see me," I ordered Raya in my mind, "Act as 
if I'm still sleeping in my room."

Immediately Raya walked to the door, passing besides me 
and checking to see if anyone was out, next she closed 
the door behind her. As she came towards Dog, I kind of 
got what her plan is, after locking the door she 
immediately fell to the floor on all four, sticking her 
butt towards the dog. 

I instructed dog to fuck her as hard as he could, and 
he did. Raya was indeed a bitch on heat.  Although Raya 
was 3 times smaller then Dog she moved her ass to match 
his rate, she looked so hot; she wasn't raped by Dog. 
Raya was raping Dog. 

I wanted to try something new. I ordered myself to 
enter Dog's body and take over. I did! The feeling was 
awesome and I raped Raya more and more, loving the 
feeling of my cock buried in her, her smooth skin, her 
tight burning pussy, the friction.  Raya apparently 
wanted to stop and tried to push me away so I growled 
at her and pretended to bite her a bit holding my teeth 
around her neck. 

She kept mumbling and crying for help, but I felt her 
get even wetter. I continued to fuck her and after 
about ten minutes I cummed in her pussy. I felt my 
balls enter her pussy, I ordered her to cum and then I 
felt her pussy milking my dick, it was so much better 
then cumming as a human. I buried my cock in her and 
finished cumming, her neck still in my grip. Raya 
started to cry, "Bad doggy," she said.

Hearing her cries only made me horny, besides she will 
not remember any of this tomorrow, so what the hell... 
I fucked her again this time implanting feelings of 
pain. She was screaming and crying but it took me 
longer to cum... Her body was twitching as she tried to 
escape. This time it was even better. Her tight pussy 
was being raped by this huge dog meat.

After cumming I walked out of the room and projected 
back to my body. I was still in the same room, but I 
noticed I had cummed in my pants, that's why I was 
having such a good time, I felt both bodies cumming at 
the same time. I saw Raya laying on the floor crying 
for me. 

"I'm sorry Azi, I couldn't help it. I was so horny," 
Raya said. 

I ordered her mind to forget the last two days, but she 
just kept crying, calling my name, asking me to forgive 
her. I took her to her bed after washing her again and 
tucked her in.

"Thanks Azi," Raya said, planting a wet kiss on my 
lips. "Can we go to the beach later?" Raya asked.

"Yes princess," I said. I promised myself I would not 
do it to her, I loved her and wanted her to have a 
happy childhood, so I imprinted my self to not have any 
sexual attraction towards her. It didn't work, now I 
wanted to continue my search and to see what else I 
could do with my new powers, maybe find other victims.

I left a note to Raya, near her pillow: 'I am at the 
beach, looking for chicks; if you wanna join me wear 
something sexy, like that almost see-through skirt you 
got from your friend last week.'


After tucking Raya in I walked to the nude beach to 
check out the pussy out there. The first girl that I 
noticed was a skinny blond, 19 years of age. She has 
small breasts with tiny dark nipples. She is on her 
back, her legs are skinny and she was shaved, I didn't 
even notice one hair on her naked pussy.  Her eyes were 
closed. I tried probing her mind, but failed. 

There were some men but for some reason nobody was even 
close to that goddess. I placed my towel on the sand so 
that when she opened her eyes she would see me resting 
and could check my body, including my limp six inch 
cock. I wasn't tired so I just looked at the young boys 
and girls passing by, most weren't naked, but the ones 
that were kept my cock from shrinking.

Sandy was actually not asleep, she was thinking about 
her x-boyfriend. He was 31 years old, he wasn't nice to 
her and they broke up a week ago.  One of her fantasies 
is to have sex with a man that has a big cock. Her x 
bragged about having a big cock, but he just has a 
medium 5 inches cock. She is going to college and now 
is her first summer vacation. 

Her major is psychology; she wants to study this 
subject because she is attracted to under aged girls, 
she once had sex with her baby sister (she is now 15 
years old). She has a very sexual mind, she loves sex 
and she thinks a lot about big cocks. She only had sex 
with her former boyfriend and they didn't use a condom 
(he turned out to be married). She is using the pill, 
and the AIDS test came up negative last night. She 
liked it when he cummed in her and kept going more and 

As she started to open her eyes, I laid back and 
pretended to be asleep. If I open my eyes I would see 
her face, but I waited a minute to make sure that she 
looked at my cock when I opened my eyes.

"Oh god," I heard her whisper, "that's the biggest dick 
I've ever seen."

Now it was the perfect time to open my eyes. I opened 
my eyes; the little angel was sitting, staring at my 
soft six inches sausage. 

"I'm sorry," the young goddess said, she blushed as she 
looked at my eyes. After a few seconds of embarrassment 
she looked down and said, "I'll just get my things and 
go, I'm so sorry."

I sat up, "No, why do you want to leave?" the teen 
blushed even more and covered her face with her hands. 
I stepped closer to her and put a hand on her shoulder, 
now I noticed why she wanted to leave; her pussy was 
soaking wet.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so horny I can't help it," she 
said, then buried her face in her hands.

"That's alright, I'm horny all the time there's nothing 
wrong with that," I said. "What's your name?" I asked.

"Sandy," she said, revealing her dazzling face and 
small perky breasts.

"Hello sandy," I said, "I think you are very 
attractive, do you want to go swimming?"

"Alright, but my brother and sister are somewhere here, 
I'll just call them, we will go together, ok?" she 
asked. "Jenny, Mark! Get over here," sandy called, like 
calling a dog or slave. Sandy waved her hand and I saw 
her sister. Jenny was a 15 year old blond. Her hair 
reached her ankles; she has a very sexy body, more then 
her sisters. Although it was a nude beach Jenny was not 
naked; she was wearing a full swimsuit that showed her 
sexy curves.

As Jenny came I also saw Raya coming from the house, 
she was waving her hand at me.  "Excellent," I thought 
to myself, "Now when Raya is here I could use the 

"Who's that?" Sandy asked, pointing at Raya.

"That's my daughter," I said, "but don't worry I'm not 
married." Jenny just stared at her while she ran to her 

Mark soon appeared, a tall 14 year old kid, a bit 
overweight but cute nevertheless. Raya was wearing a 
thin skirt that reached just above her knees; using my 
mind I lifted the skirt to reveal her nakedness; it 
appeared as if the wind carried her skirt all the way 
up, her pussy was red and hairless.  Sandy's jaw 
dropped, I could see her pussy was dripping by now. 
Mark said, "oh my," looking at Raya.

As Jenny came I realized that she was staring at Raya 
too; her drooling pussy already left a notable mark on 
her swimming suite. As Raya sat besides me (she sat on 
her knees that were pulled apart) I noticed that all of 
the siblings were staring at her, drooling. We 
introduced ourselves and started talking. 

Jenny, Mark Raya were in the same school, they had the 
same gym teacher. As we talked I kept controlling 
Raya's skirt, causing it to lift and reveal her 
nakedness, I also caused Raya to become aroused so that 
every time the "wind" carried her skirt she was wetter 
and wetter. A few minutes into the conversation Raya's 
nipples showed through the thin fabric of her tiny 
white shirt, she was very embarrassed but also very 

Everyone could see that she was blushing noticeably; 
even her chest and neck were red from excitement. Mark, 
Jenny and Sandy were very horny by now; Mark had an 
erection and the two girls were soaking wet. Jenny had 
a large wet spot on her swimsuit. 

I wanted the three to get even more excited so I 
ordered Raya to cum. The three just starred at Raya as 
she tried to hide her excitement, she bit her lip and 
looked at the three as she held herself from screaming. 
I mentally lifted her skirt and the three watched as 
Raya had two blasting orgasms; she tried to hold still, 
but her pussy took control as her tummy quivered ever 
so slightly in very sexy motions. 

After a while I asked them if they wanna join us for a 
nude swim in our own pool. When Sandy sat up I probed 
her body with my eyes as she was looking at me. She got 
red from excitement. As I looked at her face she was 
biting her lower lip.

"Where is that pool?" Sandy asked. 

"That's my Villa," I said, pointing at it.

"Wow what a nice place, I always wanted to live on the 
beach" she said, now she was sitting on her knees, just 
like Raya. I could see she is even more beautiful then 
I first thought. "I think it will be fun if we will go 
to your place" sandy said.

Since my house was close I didn't cover myself, but 
Sandy placed her tiny swimming suite on her perfect 
little body. As we walked to my Villa I ordered her in 
my mind to look at my cock and to love looking at it, I 
didn't know if it worked, but she was very impressed 
with the way I walk around naked, so were Jenny, Mark 
and Raya, they all kept looking at my big cock as it 
dangled back and forth.

After getting them into the house I took Raya to the 
side and told her to take Mark to her room and try and 
seduce him by first giving him a massage and then 
asking him to give her a naked massage, while moaning 
and moving her body in a sexy way. Raya grinned at me 
and took both teens to her room; Mark was already 
showing his excitement. After talking to Raya I took 
Sandy to the pool.

As sandy got in to the pool I saw that she was very wet 
down there, so I took a bottle of vodka to the pool 
with me. Sandy looked at my cock as I poured the vodka, 
my cock started to stiff.

"You're big," Sandy said, standing close to me looking 
at my hardness form, "You know you don't have to get my 
drunk, I'm a sure fuck," she said, sliding her hand 
over my already hard 8 inches meat.

"Oh fuck, you have a monster down there," Sandy said, 
"I want you to fuck me hard." "I'm on the pill so 
that's not an issue," Sandy said, "God, your cock is 
huge." Sandy couldn't see, but Mark saw and heard the 
whole thing from Raya's room.

Sandy started sucking my cock, but I turned to a 
different position so Mark could see my cock being 
sucked by his sister. When I looked up he approved by 
showing two thumbs up.

"I wanna fuck you hard," I whispered, "I like it rough, 
if it's it ok with you."

"God yes," was Sandy's respond, she shouted it as if to 
make sure everyone hear.

I stood close to her, the shallow water reaching my 
knees, and kissed her on the mouth, probing her 
tonsils. After a few moments I lifted her to sit on the 
edge of the pool and spread her legs. Mark was still 
looking from Raya's window. I parted her inner lips 
with the head of my 8 inch cock, and slid only the head 

"Remember I told you I like it rough?" I asked Sandy, 
"I want you to use the dirtiest language you know, if 
you stop I'll pull out, oh, and I want you to scream it 
so everyone could hear."

"But what if Jenny or Mark hear us," Sandy asked as I 
began to take away her prize. Sandy opened her mouth as 
she saw the huge cock exit her pussy, "Please fuck me," 
she said.

"Not even close," I said, not stopping the movement out 
from her pussy. 

"I want you to fuck me like the whore that I am!" Sandy 
screamed as I saw Mark's eyes widen, his jaw dropped. I 
started to enter her pussy slowly as she continued. 
"Fuck my hole with your huge cock. Make me your bitch! 
Fuck me harder you sick fuck! Cum in my pussy!"

After a few seconds I saw Raya and Mark watching us 
from Raya's window. Jenny was on the first floor, 
pretending to be watching TV, but I saw her look too. I 
pulled out from Sandy, and as she was going to complain 
I turned her back to me and pushed her chest to the 
floor, her butt was pointing at me.

"I'm just a cum slut, fuck me, use me, I need your 
cock, I need your cum in me." Sandy said as I took her 
hands and pulled them back, just like riding a horse. I 
put my cock in her pussy, "God fuck me with your huge 
cock, ride my like the bitch that I am," Sandy said as 
I rammed my cock into her pussy and started fucking her 
at record speed.

Suddenly I heard Raya's voice from the window, "Can I 
fuck Mark, Please?" she said as Mark looked at her 
amazed. I also saw Jenny opened her eyes wide looking 
at me intensely. I felt Sandy's pussy milking my cock; 
she started cumming thinking of Raya asking me to fuck.

I stopped humping Sandy, "sure baby, but you do 
everything he tells you to do, and don't bother me 

Sandy just understood why I stopped and started to 
scream again, "Rape me with that fat cock of yours, I'm 
your cum slut bitch," she screamed more and more as her 
small body was punished by my huge cock. 

Looking at the window I saw Jenny was our only 
audience, she was looking at me with awe as I fucked 
her older sister; she was blushing but didn't try to 
hide as I looked at her and winked. I watched as Jenny 
started to play with her pussy, after that I saw Raya 
taking Mark's swimming suite and throwing it through 
the open window. Mark's swimming suite landed in front 
of Sandy. 

Sandy, on her part didn't stop cursing; now she was 
asking me to fuck her in the ass.

"No bitch, I remembering you said you wanted me to cum 
in your pussy," I said, "and a gentleman always keeps 
his word." I started fucking her really hard, so hard 
that on one stroke one of my balls actually entered her 
hairless pussy. 

By now she was screaming from pain, joy and humiliation 
pushing against me every stroke, cursing and begging me 
to fuck her harder and cum in her pussy. I started 
feeling my balls going up, "I'm going to cum, moan as 
loud as you can, my cum bitch."

Sandy started to moan and scream, "She is better then 
all the porn shit I ever saw in my life," I thought to 
myself. Sandy screamed and started moving her hips, her 
pussy milking my cock again.  I was almost there, while 
Sandy was in the middle of an amazing orgasm. Jenny was 
fingering herself with two fingers; although she was 
blushing she blushed even more when I looked at her.

I started to cum in Sandy's red and hairless pussy as 
another orgasm hit her. Her pussy was literally milking 
my cock for cum, and with her screaming I planted 12 
shots of cum in her womb.

"Fuck me more, please," Sandy begged, "I'll do anything 
you tell me to do, just don't pull out and fuck me 

"Anything?" I said, rubbing her clit with my hand.

"mmm, anything," Sandy said, as I slowly started to 
move my cock in and out of her pussy. "I'll do anything 
you tell me to, just don't pull out," Sandy said again.

"Will you even agree to be my slave?" I asked.

Sandy waited before she answered, while I was fucking 
her slowly with my 8 inch cock and rubbing her clit 
with my hand using my cum from her pussy. 

"Yess," Sandy said, purring as she felt another orgasm 
closing in.

I called my dog and took the leash from his neck. I 
placed the leash on Sandy's neck still rubbing her clit 
with the other hand and moving my cock slowly. Jenny 
was watching the whole thing.

"Close the leash so it will be tight but comfortable," 
I ordered. As she closed the leash I noticed that her 
pussy was leaking from my cum.

"Do you, Sandy, take me as your sole master, to serve 
and obey until the end of time?" I asked.

"Yes master," Sandy said, lowering her eyes.

"My slave will never take the leash off, not even when 
she takes a shower, and no matter how smelly it 
becomes," I said. 

"Yes master," Sandy responded.

"My slave will never wear panties, not even to church, 
and even if her parents could see her," I said. 

"Yes master," Sandy responded.

"My slave will always sleep naked, even if she is at a 
sleepover or at a plane," I said.

"Yes master," Sandy responded.

"My slave will never have sex with a boy unless she 
asks for my permission; the one to have sex with her 
must hear the conversation," I said. 

"Yes master," Sandy responded.

"My slave will never lie to me," I said. 

"Yes master," Sandy responded.

After this strange ritual I wanted to check if I could 
use my powers on her. I knew she didn't like to suck 
from our chat on the beach, so I ordered her in my mind 
to suck my cock until I cum, and to swallow every drop. 
In one flawless motion Sandy positioned herself in 
front of me, sitting on her knees, legs apart, as she 
took my entire cock to her throat, licking my balls.

I heard a noise from inside the house; Jenny stepped 
out of the house, she saw her sister sucking my huge 

"Come on over Jenny," I said, but she just stayed there 
biting her lower lip, trying to cover her nakedness.

Raya was moaning loudly from her bedroom.

Jenny watched in awe as Sandy deep throated me again. I 
commanded Sandy to encourage Jenny to do everything I 
tell her to.

"Come on Jenny, don't be afraid, just come and have a 
closer look at his cock, you will never see a better 
cock in your life," Sandy said.

Jenny walked closer, "It's very big," she said and 
turned red from shame.

"Do you want to touch it?" Sandy asked.

Jenny pulled both her arms from her mound and covered 
her mouth, "yes," she said.  Both Sandy and I noticed 
the wetness between her legs, the wetness reached her 

"Go ahead, don't be ashamed," I said.

"Try to jerk it a bit," Sandy encouraged her.

Jenny placed both her hands on the huge cock and 
started jacking my cock with long strokes. Pre-cum 
oozed from the tip of my cock as Jenny pumped my meat.

I ordered Sandy mentally to start touching Jenny, as 
she started Jenny let out a small moan. At that point I 
saw Mark looking out the window; Raya was sucking his 
cock, so her head kept moving up and down swallowing 
his meat.

Jenny was sitting on her knees, pumping my cock with 
both hands. I put my two hands on her knees parting 
them as far as I could, she did not resist.  Jenny was 
soaking by now; she looked at my eyes as I pushed two 
fingers in Sandy's mouth all the way in until she 
started gagging. Pulling the spit covered fingers out 
of her mouth I moved them towards her awaiting pussy. I 
just placed my fingers an inch away from her puffy 
hairless pussy mimicking rubbing motion.

Jenny took my hand with one of her hands and pulled it 
to her burning pussy. I started rubbing her hot pussy 
while she continued pumping my cock, Sandy was rubbing 
her tummy and B cup breasts; her hard nipples were very 
small. I stood facing Jenny ready to dump my load on 
her face, but Sandy aimed my cock at Jenny's pussy, 
massaging my balls. Jenny turned red but didn't stop 
pumping my cock.

"Do you want him to fuck you?" Sandy asked Jenny.

Jenny looked at my eyes, "Isn't it too big for me?" she 
asked, biting her lower lip. Not waiting for an answer 
she jumped on me, hugging me with her legs, my cock was 
trapped under her pussy. Jenny started sliding her 
pussy on my 8 inches of straining meat.

"Please fuck me gently," Jenny asked.

"I can't," I answered, "I like it rough."

"Will it hurt?" the little girl asked.

"Well, it will unless you become my slave," I said.

Sandy started working on her clit and one of her 
nipples while Jenny was sliding on my now very slimy 
cock. "Do it Jenny," Sandy said, "you won't regret it, 
trust me."

Jenny gave in to the presser, "ok, I'll do it," She 
said as I took a small red bandana and tied it around 
her neck.

"Do you, Jenny, take me as your sole master," I said, 
"to serve and obey until the end of time?"

"Yes master," Jenny said, lowering her eyes.

"My slave will never take the leash off, not even when 
she takes a shower, I'll give you a new leash 
tomorrow," I said.

"Yes master," Jenny responded.

"My slave will never wear panties, not even to school 
or church," I said.

"Yes master," Raya responded.

"My slave will always sleep naked, even if she is at a 
sleepover or at a school trip," I said.

"Yes master," Jenny responded.

"My slave will never have sex with a boy unless she 
asks for my permission; the one to have sex with her 
must hear the conversation," I said.

"Yes master," Jenny responded.

"My slave will never lie to me," I said.

"Yes master," Jenny responded.

With that said I lifted Jenny and in one move buried my 
cock in her tight pussy, Jenny started to cry from the 
pain and just held me tight with her small hands. After 
she calmed down I started fucking her really, really 
hard placing orgasms in her mind. I planted ten sprouts 
of cum as her pussy milked my cock.

Sandy licked all of the cum from my cock and from Jenny 
as I pulled out of her. As I looked up I saw Mark 
looking down at the scene. In my mind I knew I didn't 
know how to make Mark my slave, but I wanted to try.

"Raya," I called, "get down here and bring Mark over 

As the two came out I commanded Sandy, Jenny and Raya 
to sit on their knees, legs apart and to keep the hands 
behind their back. I saw cum oozing out from all three 
cunts. Mark just gazed at the three and walked towards 

"If you want to fuck any of them you'll have to become 
my slave too," I said.

"But I don't want to fuck them," Mark said, "I want you 
to fuck me in the ass like you fucked Sandy's pussy." 

Hearing that, my cock began to swell again.

"I'll be the one who gives the orders slave," I said.

After about ten seconds the horny teen answered, "Yes 

"Sandy stand up, Jenny you too," I commanded and the 
two complied. "Raya; bring Dog here, be sure he has a 
leash on," I said.

"Yes master," Raya said.

"I want Sandy to stand there," I pointed to a place so 
sandy will be facing the camera.  "Tell Mark how to 
rape Jenny," I said, "Jenny, I want you to pretend to 
actually be scared and ask him to stop, but let him 
rape you."

Jenny licked her lips and grinned, "Yes master, thank 
you master."

As Mark heard Jenny's excitement his cock started to 
harden. "What?" Mark asked Jenny, "You really want me 
to pretend to rape you?"

"No," Jenny said to my surprise, but continued, "I want 
you to really rape me, and I want you to cum in my 

"Oh God," Mark said as Jenny continued to talk to 

"Tell him to rape me hard, I'll put on a great show." 
Jenny told Sandy, as I mentally ordered Sandy to become 

"Don't worry Jenny," Sandy said, "Trust me," Sandy said 
and both girls grinned.

"All three of you," I said, "put your swimsuit on." 

The three complied.

Raya came back with the dog, he had a new leash.

"Action," I said and the three pretended to be coming 
out of the pool. From that point on, I did not 
manipulate the three siblings; I like it when they do 
it by themselves, that's how I work. I never forced 
myself on any of them, they could have stopped me at 
any time by just asking me to stop, but none of them 
wanted to stop.

Mark and Sandy came out of the pool first; Mark's 
straining cock stood prude forming a tent from his 
swimsuit. His cock stretched the swimsuit so much his 
balls were clearly seen.

Sandy looked at his cock while drying herself with a 
small towel. As Jenny began to climb out from the pool 
Mark walked in front of her pointing his erection at 
her mouth so she couldn't climb out.

Sandy laughed at Jenny when she fell; Mark joined and 
started laughing too. Sandy started to rub her pussy, 
sliding her hand beneath the swimsuit.

"Wanna have some fun?" Sandy asked Mark.

"Hell yea," Mark said looking at Jenny climbing out of 
the pool.

"Get her!" Sandy screamed.

"Hay what are you doing?" Jenny asked as the other two 
grabbed her and undressed her, tearing her swimsuit 

"Stop it, please," Jenny said, acting as if she didn't 
know what was going on. The two undressed her quickly 
holding her to the ground. Jenny was pinned; Sandy was 
holding her arms and Mark was holding her ankles. Jenny 
was a really good actress; it really seemed as if she 
was trying to escape, screaming "Help, someone Help."

Sandy yelled at her, "shut up or I'll kill you bitch," 
letting go of her hands and holding her neck.  Jenny's 
head became a bit red and then she stopped kicking.

"Ok, ok, just don't kill me," Jenny said and started 

"Take off your pants," Sandy ordered Mark. Mark let go 
of Jenny's ankles and took off his swimsuit, Jenny 
closed her legs. After taking off his pants Jenny saw 
his 6 inch cock and began to cry almost silently.

"Please don't," Jenny begged.

"Shut up bitch," Sandy said tightening the grip on her 
neck, "open your legs!"

Jenny opened her legs and Mark just looked at her 

"Fuck her you stupid ass, Sandy said, "If she doesn't 
scream I'll tell mom and dad about the car, they'll 
kill you for sure."

Mark stood and started jacking his cock till it was 
straining. Jenny kept crying.

Sandy started humiliating Jenny, calling her a bitch 
and a cum sucking whore as she continued to cry.  Mark 
was ready within 20 seconds. He didn't wait and started 
fucking Jenny like mad, her screaming only made him 
pump harder. Sandy kept cursing Jenny that just started 
to cum.

Jenny had an awesome orgasm; she was shivering in 
Mark's hands and he started cumming too. From my point 
of view the three were having the time of their lives.

"Look at that little bitch," Sandy said, "she's cumming 
like the bitch she is. Both Sandy and Mark started 
laughing at Jenny as she continued to cry/moan.

As Mark got out of Jenny he spit on her face and left.

"Listen bitch," Sandy said, "If you tell anyone about 
this you're dead, get it?"

Jenny nodded, still crying.

"And... cut," I said, "outstanding performance."

"Are you alright everyone?" I asked.

Jenny stepped towards Mark and kissed him passionately. 
I commanded Jenny to look at the dog and admire him, as 
his cock was standing stiff.  Jenny came close as I 
said, "It's not over Jenny, do you want to be fucked 
some more?"

Jenny looked at the dog and understood. She went to the 
grass and kneeled on all four. Dog started to run to 
her dragging Raya and Sandy with him. 

"Stop!" I ordered and the dog stopped and kept looking 
at Jenny, "Sandy, let go of the dog," I ordered.

"And Action," I said.

Jenny understood and wiggled her ass a bit, spreading 
her legs. 

"Here doggy," Jenny said, "Here doggy, doggy."

Raya looked at me as I signaled her to let the dog 
free. Once free the dog ran to Jenny, mounted her and 
started humping, entering her soaking pussy on the 
first attempt.

"Good dog," Jenny said, "fuck your bitch, ohhhh." 

The dog kept fucking Jenny at record speed.

Just to get the full picture; Jenny was a small girl, 
the dog was fucking a doll half his size and third his 
strength. Jenny's pussy started cumming on my mental 

"Ohhhh, yeaaaa!" Jenny screamed, her juices spraying 
dog from behind. Raya, Sandy, Mark and I were all 
amazed at Jenny's performance. After cumming, the dog 
dismounted Jenny and just walked away, its meat 
flapping from side to side.  As Jenny got up, cum 
gushed from her pussy as she started to rub her 
hairless slit.

Now I just wanted to make sure none of them backstabbed 
me so I went to my computer room while they played in 
the pool. I burned a DVD with three clips. The first 
was Sandy and Mark raping Jenny, the second was Jenny 
being humped by a dog and the third was Raya being 
fucked by a dog in the shower. Obviously I did not 
appear in any of those movies.

I invited the three to watch the movie and told them 
that if they dare tell anyone or not do something I 
tell them, Sandy and Mark will go to jail for rape. 
Jenny and Raya will be very famous for loving dog cock; 
I would be forced to give the DVD to their parents and 
all their friends. 

All four promised to do whatever I tell them. I also 
told them that if they don't want to come over they 
don't have to; I won't hold that against them, because 
I want that to be their choice, but if and when they 
come to my house they have to obey every word. I'll 
forgive them if they won't come here ever again.

The three siblings promised to come to my villa the 
next day, to get their new neck bracelets. They were 
actually very excited when I told them to come back. 
Sandy asked me if she could fuck Mark, but I told her 
she wasn't allowed to fuck anyone until she sees me 
again, but I told the three they may pleasure one 
another orally. 

I wanted to fuck Mark, but I was too tired today, 
tomorrow when they come I'll explore his sexuality. 
After they left I talked to Raya, we have many things 
to do today; Jess my personal trainer will arrive in 
about an hour. I want Raya to seduce her and tape them 
two fucking, thus gaining another slave. Tomorrow will 
be an exciting new day, I keep thinking about Mark's 

Chapter Three - The Neck Bracelets

"Raya," I called, "get dressed, we are going out." I 
wanted to go to the mall to get some neck bracelets and 
come back within the hour, because Jess, my fitness 
instructor, will be here in an hour. Jess is a fine 
looking woman; she is very fit and is very sexual, to 
my understanding. I had a plan to seduce her, without 
using mind control. Well not at first at least, I want 
her. I went out of the house and started the car; a 
small Jeep.

Raya came running after locking the door, she was 
wearing the short pink skirt she used to seduce me two 
days ago. The skirt was very short, but even as she ran 
to the car I could not see if she had her panties on. I 
knew she didn't wear any. She was also wearing a very 
tiny and thin shirt, its high cut revealing the bottom 
of her breasts when she pulls up her arms. Raya's hard 
nipples were visible for miles.

By the time Raya reached the car I had a hard-on. 

As Raya sat down she saw the tent in my pants.  She 
started reaching it with her small hands, but I told 
her to sit back. Driving to the mall Raya kept looking 
at my tent; she looked so horny but didn't touch 

She kept looking at my bulge in my pants and licking 
her lips, so while I was driving I started to mentally 
get her hornier and I saw the effect starting to take 
place. Her hands roamed her body and her breathing 
became faster. "Don't touch your self," I ordered. Raya 
obliged but became more and more horny; I just kept her 
on the edge.

After parking Raya and I stepped into the mall.  Raya 
was radiating sex; she was on heat, but she was very 
shy. We went to a sex store on the edge of the street. 
The shopkeeper looked at me, and almost didn't notice 
Raya. The shopkeeper is a light black man, Porturican 
accent revealed his origins. He is not slim, but has a 
nice body. He has short black and very curly hair and 
he did not shave today. The shopkeeper was HOT!

"Do you have any neck bracelets with small spikes?" I 
asked as I was looking at all of the stuff on display. 

Raya pulled me towards her and asked, "Can I pick 
whatever I want, please Azi?" The shopkeeper just stood 
there amazed looking at the young Goddess.  I noticed 
his pants extended a bit. I nodded to affirm as I kept 
looking for the things I want.

I grabbed a huge dildo, two vibrators, one bigger then 
the other, eatable underwear and panties, body lotions, 
massage oils, and some neck bracelets with small 
spikes. As I was about to pay the shopkeeper tried to 
sell me leather pants. The shopkeeper was hot; he had a 
small figure and the sexiest facial features I've ever 
seen. He was a little hairy but the bulge in his pants 
showed he didn't have a package like mine. He made me 

I took the leather pants and walked into the dressing 
room. Raya didn't go in with me; she just sat on a 
chair and waited. It was harder to wear the dammed 
leather pants then I thought, although it was my size I 
could hardly put it on. The bulge in my pants revealed 
two things, the first is that I was horny; the second 
is that I had nothing to be ashamed of.

When I came out of the closet (pay attention to the 
choice of wards) the shopkeeper just gasped. "Oh my 
God," he said, "you are HOT." He just stood there and 
looked at me not even trying to hide hid excitement. 

Raya had a huge smile on her face and signaled me to 
look at him; she probably thought he wanted me or 
something like that. "I think you should take the pants 
off as soon as possible mister," the shopkeeper said 
adding, "it is a size or two smaller then your size, it 
will be very hard to take off."

"Oh," I said, and turned to go back to the dressing 
room. I heard Raya giggling as I saw the shopkeeper 
through the mirror, his jaw dropped and he was holding 
his head with his hands whispering something I couldn't 
make out. I thought he said fine ass or something of 
that sort.

As I walked into the dressing room I noticed that the 
pants were already drenched with my sweat. I couldn't 
slide the pants off, it wasn't unexpected.  The harder 
I tried the more it stuck to my skin.  "Excuse me," I 
said, "could you please help me? I seemed to be stuck."

As the shopkeeper entered the dressing room I noticed 
he has tucked his cock in his pants so it wouldn't 
show. He started to help me pull down the pants slowly, 
but the pants were holding so tight to me that my 
underwear started to come off with the pants. The 
shopkeeper kept to pull down the pants as I was trying 
to hold on to my underwear. The pants came off very 
slowly as my cock sprang out hitting the shopkeeper on 
his forehead.

The shopkeeper let go of the pants and just stared at 
my growing cock, it was 6 inches by now but it was 
growing, "Mister, you... you are huge, it's the biggest 
I've ever seen." The shopkeeper slowly placed his two 
hands on my cock, as if to give me the chance to back 
away. I didn't back away.  Feeling his soft hands on my 
cock sent shivers up my spine. My cock reached its full 
8 inches very fast as that hunk started touching it.

"This it the best looking cock I ever seen, it's huge," 
the trim Porturican said and soon had my cock in his 
mouth. He was very excited and tried to deep-throat but 
couldn't fit it in. he only managed to fit in four or 
five inches into his hot throat. "Please fuck me in the 
ass," the hot Porturican said. I nodded my head.

The Porturican shopkeeper gave me a full strip show and 
I gasped as I saw his uncut meat. I actually started 
drooling as I put his meat in my mouth and started 
pumping. Stepping out of his pants and taking his shirt 
off, he pulled the rest of my pants off and I took of 
my shirt too. He pushed me on my back with my cock 
pointing up and stood above me, his legs at my hips. He 
started to kneel, aiming his rose at my throbbing 

As he lowered himself to me I felt my cock enter his 
rose, it was hard to get it in, but it felt really 
good. He pumped my cock with his sweet ass for five 
minutes until he got tired and I got up and fucked him 
from behind, while he was standing in the middle of the 
room. Pumping him from behind, I started playing with 
his cock until he started cumming. I started cumming 
couple of minutes after him, the sensation was mind 

After I cummed in his ass, he just kneeled in front of 
me and started to clean my cock, licking it clean. Then 
we kissed and I saw Raya peeking through a crack in the 
dressing room door.

After dressing I took all the things I wanted and paid 
for them, I also took the hunk's phone. When we left 
the shop Raya had a stupid grin on her face, she was 
very horny and her pussy was soaking, I could see that 
her inner leg was shining from her pussy juices.

"Raya," I said calmly, "I saw you peeking in the 
dressing room while I was in there with the salesman," 
I tried to sound agitated, "That was not nice, I would 
have to punish you."

Raya just looked down, "Yes master," she said, "I'm 
sorry master."

As Raya and I started to walk towards the car my 
cellular started to ring. It was Jess, my fitness 
instructor. She asked me if she could be late, because 
she is at the mall with her brother. His glasses will 
be ready in 2 hours, and the shop will be closed after 
our session. 

After asking her to tell her brother to take his own 
glasses, she told me the truth. She has to take 
pictures that her x-boyfriend took of her before he 
takes them. Anyways, told her I was at the mall too and 
we all went to the photo shop. Lucky the shop owner was 
a close friend of mine.

As Raya and I got close to the shop, I saw Jess with 
her brother, a very good looking boy. Raya pulled me to 
her and whispered in my ear, "That is Ed, I know him 
from a chat room, we chat allot and with a web cam too. 
We met on a sex chat, he likes boys and girls. He is 
seventeen, and I like him a little," Raya said as we 
walked closer and she started to blush. 

Now Raya was horny as hell, wet from excitement, and I 
saw that Ed was staring at Raya, examining her from 
head to toe. He must have seen the wetness beneath her 
burning pussy.

"Hi Jess," I said, greeting her. She seemed worried 
about the pictures, so we walked into the store without 
the two kids. I asked to see Bob, the manager. As he 
came he greeted me warmly giving me a bear hug. Bob is 
a very fat man; he wears a long beard and is extremely 
hairy. As I started to tell him about Jess and her 
pictures Jess blushed and covered her mouth with her 

Bob said that he did see her pictures, and that they 
are supposed to be ready tomorrow because he asked for 
ten copies of four sets of pictures. Jess could not 
believe what she heard, but Bob just walked to the 
other room, coming back with the film and three copies 
of the pictures. "That's all of the pictures Azi," Bob 
said, "and don't worry about paying, this one is on 

I took $500 and gave it to Bob, "You are a good man," I 
said, "Keep in touch." Bob gave me the pictures and 
then Jess and I walked out of the shop.

"Wow Azi," Jess said, "you are the best thing that 
happened to me today, I was sure that I wouldn't get 
those pictures, because my x gave it to the shop before 
we broke up. I owe you one buddy." As we stepped out 
from the shop we both saw Raya and Ed talking leaning 
on the wall. Raya's skirt was pulled up just a bit 
revealing the fact that she was hairless; the tip of 
her naked pussy peeked under her skirt. 

The sight was enhanced by the fact that Raya's legs 
were two feet apart; she just looked like a first class 
hooker. Jess didn't notice that because she was still 
looking at me. Using my powers I pulled Raya's skirt 
down as she closed her legs. Talking to Ed she forgot 
she had no panties on.

"Let's go to my Villa," I said, "I want my exercise 
lesson." Jess exchanged looks with Ed, who practically 
was begging her to join us.

"Well," Jess said, "I will be delighted if you all 
exercise with Azi and me, but if you don't want to I 
guess you can just hang out in Azi's Villa." Ed was 
very excited to join us. As we all walked to our cars 
Jess gave Ed her car keys and said, "I'll go with Azi, 
you drive close behind, alright?"

"Raya," I said, as Raya smiled at me already knowing 
what I am about to say, "You may join Ed if you want 
to." Ed started blushing and Jess noticed that.

"I don't know," Jess said, looking at me as if I would 
change my mind. But I didn't, I just started walking to 
me car, pulling Jess with me. As we drove to the Villa 
I saw the two were talking a lot, Raya and Ed have a 
good relationship, and they were both talking and 

"May I have the pictures?" Jess asked, as if I had a 
right to keep them. As I glimpsed at her I noticed that 
her nipples were hard and she was blushing.  "The 
pictures are private," she said, "I really don't want 
anyone to see it."

"Why did you let him take the pictures if you don't 
want anyone to see them?" I asked.

"I really don't know," Jess said, "we only met two days 
ago, and I really think he drugged me or something, 
because I couldn't say no to whatever he said." Jess 
was really blushing, but continued, "I really liked the 
feeling of being dominated, but he just left me once I 
told him I wasn't rich." Jess started to sob a bit, 
"lucky for me I didn't fall in love with him."

"I know how you feel Jess," I said, "Believe me; I know 
exactly how you feel." During the drive back home I 
tried to get Jess horny, and I think it kind of worked.

When we all got to my Villa Jess went to the dressing 
room (she had some clothes at my place) and dressed in 
tight exercise uniforms, so did Raya and me. Raya was 
wearing a thin fabric skirt (without panties), she 
couldn't hide her excitement looking at Ed and we could 
all see the wetness forming around her crouch. 

During the stretches I was facing Jess and Raya was 
facing Ed. I looked at Ed's expression on the first 
time he noticed Raya was not wearing any panties, it 
was priceless.  All the time he was dealing with hiding 
his straining hard-on and looking under Raya's skirt.

After an hour of hard exercise all four of us were 
soaking with sweat, Raya was so Georges and sexy that 
my cock started to swell. Raya was giving Ed a full 
show, bending and licking her lips while constantly 
showing him her flower. By the end of the hour the two 
teens were exhausted. 

I told Raya to go to her room and to keep him company, 
but to behave nicely. Ed was Very glad when he left 
with her. When Raya started asking me, "Azi, can Ed and 
I have -" I just barged in and said "No!" before she 
could finish the sentence.

I just have to say that during all that time I 
concentrated on getting Jess horny, I am sure it worked 
because by now her pussy was soaking, and it was puffy 
too. During the stretches after the second workout Jess 
was totally horny. On one of the bending she came close 
to see if I was bending all the way, then she saw that 
my cock was hiding beneath my loose shirt, she saw its 
outline, and its sheer size. Jess knew I was horny too.

When she positioned herself on her back I pushed her 
left leg to her chest. I got really close to her face 
with mine and mentally caused her to almost reach an 
orgasm. It didn't work, but at least she opened her 
mouth. As she opened her mouth I planted a wet kiss and 
she kissed me back, placing her hands on my back. I 
took a neck bracelet from my pocket and placed it on 
her neck, she did not resist.

"Please fuck me," she begged, "I want your cock in me, 

I stood up and put my hands behind my back licking my 
lips and looking at her as she kneeled before me (her 
knees were not apart at this point) and started to pull 
off my pants. When my 8 inch cock sprang out, she just 
hummed to herself, and looked at my eyes. After 
removing my pants she positioned herself in front of 
me, kneeling and spreading her legs. All the time she 
was blowing me she looked at my eyes, smiling. I kept 
her on the verge of an orgasm all that time.

I mentally ordered her to undress and she did, her body 
is spectacular, not an ounce of excess fat and very 
fit, but not too much. Although she was only trimmed it 
did not bother me. Suddenly she jumped on me, while I 
was standing, and inserted my pole in her hot, wet and 
very tight pussy. She managed to slide only two or 
three inches in.

"Wow," Jess said, "your huge," and after a few seconds 
she forcefully pushed herself at me burying my cock in 
her burning pussy crying "Ohhh," as Raya and Ed's Heads 
appeared from the door. Jess was so embarrassed that 
she turned red, but she couldn't stop rocking her hips, 
even though her brother and Raya were watching. Jess 
just closed her eyes knowing Raya and Ed were looking. 
I caused her to start cumming as I felt her pussy suck 
my cock for cum. She kept crying "Ohhh..." over and 
over again.

As she was cumming I was getting closer. Seeing Raya 
and Ed looking at us was too much for me as I started 
cumming in Jess. I buried my cock deep in her while she 
was shaking in my arms and hugging me tightly. I must 
have planted 15 sprouts in her womb before I finished, 
and collapsed on the floor. 

Even after I ordered her to stop cumming her orgasm 
didn't stop until a minute after. Raya and Ed were very 
impressed as the two came in clapping their hands. When 
Ed came closer, I felt as Jess started to orgasm again 
milking my cock, not letting it shrink in her pussy.

"Are you ok sis?" Ed came closer and placed a hand on 
her shoulder. Jess started to cum again, just because 
Ed touched her.

"Oh my," I said, "Ed turns you on, eh?" I asked as Ed 
pulled his hand and ran out of the room with Raya.

"Yes," Jess whispered and collapsed on my chest. 

Before dressing Jess went to take a shower taking the 
neck bracelets off her neck. Then she ran and hugged 
me, "I love you Azi, I love you so much, thank you." It 
was then that I understood; the leash has nothing to do 
with the power, the will to be controlled is and 
nothing else.

While Jess was taking a shower Raya came to me and told 
me that Ed has a thing for me. When I asked Raya how 
she knew, she told me that when Ed sucked her pussy he 
told her.

"You what?" I said, "I told you not to have sex with 
him and you just went on had oral sex with him? You are 
going to be punished Raya, Just after Jess and Ed leave 
you will pay!"

"But I was too embarrassed to ask you in front of him," 
Raya said, "I'm sorry master." In a matter of a second 
Raya was kneeling in front of me, legs apart, "Please 
punish me, master, I was bad and I'm sorry," Raya said, 
looking at the floor, hand behind her back.

"Too embarrassed, eh?" I said, as Raya began to sob, "I 
am your master; you will not be embarrassed from 
anything I tell you to do. Now strip naked and stand in 
the middle of the room, legs apart." I watched Raya 
taking off her skirt and her tiny shirt as fast as she 
can, then she stood in the middle of the room, just 
like I asked. 

"Now rock your body as if you are having the fuck of 
your life," I said, "close your eyes and don't open 
them until I say so. I am going now, soon Ed and Jess 
will come and you must stop them from fucking you 
without opening your eyes, and tell them to go. Ah, and 
also just to let you know I will open the window so 
everyone in the street could see you, even your friends 
from school." Then I opened the windows as far as I 
could, Raya definitely heard me open the windows.

As I walked to the other room I saw Ed sitting in front 
of the TV waiting for his sister to finish her shower. 
"I'm going upstairs to take a shower, tell Jess to come 
back tomorrow evening, you can come too if you wanna, 

As Ed saw that I left he started to roam until he saw 
Raya standing there. At that point he just looked at 

As I got up I went into the computer room and locked 
the door. Turning on the computer I was now looking at 
Ed and Raya, hearing what they were saying.

Ed walked closer to Raya, "Who's that?" Raya asked, but 
no one answered. Ed opened his zipper. 

Raya heard that, "Ed?" Raya asked.

"Yes Raya, it's me," Ed whispered and started to rub 
his cock.

"Listen to me," Raya said, "don't you touch me or I'll 

"You are so hot Raya, I'd love it if you scream," Ed 
said, and walked closer to her, Raya could feel his 

"I don't want you to touch me, it will be rape, and 
I'll tell the police," Raya said.

Ed walked back and said, "Why fuck with my mind, Raya? 
Don't you care about me?"

"I just want you to watch but not to touch," Raya said, 
"I do care about you Ed." At that point Raya started 
cumming, it was the most powerful orgasm she ever had, 
her first wet orgasm; she sprayed her cum all over the 
floor and Ed. For some reason she heard Ed run to the 
other room.

Out on the street Allis, Raya's best friend, was 
walking alongside her older brother as they both saw 
her standing in the middle of the room, cumming. Lucky 
for Ed they didn't spot him. "Is that who I think it 
is?" Raya heard a very familiar voice. 

As she heard Allis say, "Raya is that you?" Raya had 
another wet spasm, she never felt so humiliated and 
excited in her life. Raya started to moan as the orgasm 
took hold of her.

"Maybe we should call the police," the familiar voice 

"Raya," Allis called, "are you alright?"

Raya wanted to bury herself from shame, but she knew 
she had to answer, "I'm alright Allis, ohhh mmmmmm," 
she cried as a third orgasm hit her.  Allis and her 
brother saw her spray her cum for the third time, 
almost falling to her knees. 

"Mind if I take a few pictures?" the familiar voice 
said. Raya could not answer; she was too concentrated 
on her orgasm.
-click- -click-

"Please stop Allis," Raya said helplessly, "aren't you 
my friend?"

-click- -click- 
-click- -click- 

"Ok Josh, that's enough," Allis said.

-click- -click- 
-click- -click- 

"Just let me catch her cum again, please sis," the 
familiar voice said.

-click- -click- 

"And after that you promise to leave?" Allis asked, "Ok 
then, just a little more then."

-click- -click- -click- 
-click- -click- -click-
-click- -click- -click- 
-click- -click- -click- 
-click- -click- -click- 

As Raya heard Ed moaning from the other room she knew 
he was watching her. Raya just started to spray the 
whole room with her cum, her whole body shook and was 
making quick humping motions. 

-click- -click- -click- 
-click- -click- -click- 
-click- -click- 

As her orgasm faded she heard Allis and her brother 
leave. Raya stood there for a few minutes until she 
heard Jess leave the shower. Ed was kind enough to 
close the door, so Jess wouldn't see him.  Raya heard 
their car leave, but not before hearing Jess calling 
her to see it she was fine. "I'm ok Jess," Raya said, 
"don't worry."

Raya kept moving her hips, with the arms on the back of 
her neck for at least forty more minutes. I decided to 
come back when I got the feeling she got what she 
deserved. When I came to the room and saw Raya, she was 
sweating like a pig, and she was all red.

"Azi?" she asked as I came to the room and closed the 
windows. "Ed?" she asked, as I took off my clothes and 
stood in front of her naked. "Who is it?" Raya asked, 
still moving her hips.

"You can stop now, Raya," I said, as Raya opened her 
eyes and looked at me, to my surprise she was smiling. 

"Please master, can you punish me more?" Raya asked, as 
she walked towards me.

"Come with me," I said, and we both walked to the nude 
beach. As we got there we saw that there were not a lot 
of people there, mostly teens, and no adults. I sat on 
my back and told Raya, when almost everyone heard, 
"fuck me slave!"

The teens formed a circle around us and started to 
admire both me and Raya, "Whoa, look at this huge 
dick," one of the girls told her boyfriend, "Look at 
that girl, she is hot," one of the boys said, "Isn't 
this Raya, from our school?" one of the girls asked, 
adding "You are hot Raya." Raya was very excited and 
horny, when she started sitting on my cock I told her 
to turn around and face the crowd. 

As she was fucking me four guys had cummed on her face 
and tummy, after awhile she even asked me if she could 
blow the last one, because he had a big cock too. I 
said no, but later I changed my mind and Raya let him 
fuck her throat swallowing every last drop from his 
young 6 inch cock.

Raya cummed two more times before I shot 12 times in 
her pussy, by the time we left the whole beach was full 
of teens fucking and clapping their hands, thanking us 
for the show.

After going back home and taking a shower, Raya and I 
started to talk about us and that master/slave thing. 
Before I even started to continue she told me that she 
loves me and she loves being my slave even if I tell 
her to do things she can't understand now. Shortly, 
Raya told me that because I make all the decisions she 
doesn't have any problem with her conscience.

I told Raya that I was going to punish her for the 
second thing that she did; peeking at me in the sex 
store. She will be punished, unless she wants to stop 
being my slave... 

"No, No," Raya kept saying, "I wanna be your slave 

"Ok, then," I said, "you go on and sleep until I make 
some arrangements for your punishments, sleep well 
Raya, because the punishment will be hard."

"Yes master," Raya said and ran to her bed to have her 
noon sleep.

I let her sleep for two hours while I made all the 
necessary arrangements. Raya is so shy and I wanted to 
do something about that. I planed to take her to a 
strip bar that is not known to most people, only to the 
very rich. I made sure that only my good friends are 
there and told them what to expect. I also called Ed 
and talked to him, he agreed to come over and I told 
him what he should do. 

I went to Raya's room with a sandwich and two bottles 
full of water. Raya was sleeping naked on her tummy; 
her legs were apart so I saw her pussy.  I was amazed 
to see it was closed and tight, totally hairless. I 
took the first bottle and splashed her naked body. 

She woke up fast, and just sat on her knees, her legs 
apart and her arms behind her back, looking down. Her 
breathing was fast, I scared her a bit. "After eating 
and drinking pick a sexy skirt and shirt," I said, "and 
pick for your self the neck bracelet you like the most 
from those on the table, you won't take it of for a 
long time, so pick carefully."

"Yes master," Raya said as I left her room. Raya ate 
the sandwich and drank all the water she could, then 
she ran to her room and picked a tiny white shirt, she 
cut it with a carving knife on the floor; she cut off 
the sleeves, the neckline was lowered and she raised 
the bottom line to be just one inch below her nipples. 

She picked a very short red skirt, it was about two and 
a half inches long, so it would be either very low, 
reviling her lower tummy almost to her pussy, or too 
high so that anyone could have a clear view of her 
peaking pussy from below. The rear would either show 
the end of her crack from the top, or her butt from 

Just a note to the readers; being very slim means that 
seeing her butt from behind goes together with seeing 
her pussy from behind. Raya also picked the neck 
bracelets with the longest metal thorns. Raya did not 
wear the clothes because I didn't tell her to.

I was wearing a black tuxedo, and a small blue tie.  
When Raya came I thought she was perfect just as naked 
as she was. I took the neck bracelet she was holding 
and put it around her neck, after that I took off the 
leash. "Very good," I said, "wear the cloths and follow 
me." We walked to a limousine; she was naked but trying 
to get dressed while following me. I was holding her 

A young boy from her class just saw her and started to 
cross the street. Raya blushed and placed the shirt 
fast, "Can I have the skirt please?" she asked me. I 
waited for the driver (my buddy) to open the door, and 
only then I walked in and gave her the skirt. 

The 14 year old boy was now at the other side of the 
car, yet to see Raya's state. Raya jumped into the 
skirt but it was too late; the boy could see her naked 
pussy as she tried to pull up her skirt. He came closer 
pretending everything was alright and held a hand out 
to shake her hand, the boy ignored my totally. Raya was 
blushing, she was trying to pull up the skirt but it 
wouldn't (I held it down with my powers).

"Why don't you introduce us darling?" I asked Raya 
politely. The young boy was thrilled about my response. 
Raya stopped struggling with the skirt and tried to 
remember the boys name, but couldn't.

"This is my father," Raya said, and shook the boys 
hand. The boy in return hugged Raya, his hands roamed 
every inch of her butt. He wasn't brave enough to try 
and touch her pussy. 

"Do you need some help with that?" the boy asked but 
started to help without waiting for an answer.  He just 
stood facing her, grabbed both sides of her skirt and 
pulled hard. Raya stood in front of the boy, her red 
skirt pulled up almost to her breasts.

"We are in a hurry," Raya said to the young boy, "I'll 
see you in school tomorrow alright?" The young boy 
didn't walk away, and looked as Raya pulled down her 
skirt and waited for her to get onto the car. As she 
climbed over me the young boy saw the full glory of her 
hairless teen pussy. 

Once in the car, Raya noticed there was a 60 year old 
man sitting in front of her staring at her body.  Raya 
tried to place her skirt over her exposed pussy, just 
to see that when she sat down the skirt was pulled up 
almost to her bellybutton. 

The old man got a full show of her naked twat, and he 
was enjoying it too. The harder she tried to pull the 
skirt, the easier it got for the old man to see her 
body. After about ten minutes of trying to put the 
skirt in the right place Raya managed to slide it to 
the perfect place. During the rest of the ride Raya 
held her skirt tight using both her hands.

Finely the limo stopped near the club. The three went 
out; Raya was the last one to leave. Starting to step 
out from the car Raya noticed that there were a lot of 
people taking pictures of them. So when she stepped out 
she took great care to hold her skirt with both her 
hands and keep her legs as straight as she could. 

After standing, Raya adjusted the skirt so it would be 
at the lower position; reviling the top of her butt 
crack and almost reviling the upper part of her pussy. 
Raya walked very slowly and took great care not to pull 
apart her legs and to revile her cunt. When the three 
reached the entrance Raya was horrified to see that 
there is a circular stairway that leads to the club; 
after photographing her naked behind, she would be 
forced to go back and they will take pictures of her 
naked front. 

Adding to that problem, the stairs were two times 
higher then regular stairs! Every step will cause her 
skirt to slide up to the middle of her tummy, exposing 
her completely.

It took her so long to walk from the limo that the old 
man and I were already up the stairs while Raya was 
only beginning her climb. Surely enough Raya's skirt 
slipped past her navel as she lifted her leg to climb 
up the first step. Like a heavy rain, thousands of 
flashes and clicks followed her climb to the turn. As 
Raya started to turn she fixed the skirt's position so 
it would cover her hairless pussy. The flashes and 
clicking almost stopped, but every camera was pointed 
at her. Raya decided to run for it. 

The current of flashing lights started even before she 
lifted her leg. Raya was so enthusiastic to run as fast 
as she could, that by the time she got up the tiny 
skirt was curled up somewhere above her bellybutton. As 
she reached the top, I turned her to the crowd and 
placed my arms on her shoulders. We waited outside 
facing the crowd for about twenty seconds before 
entering the club. It is needless to say that Raya 
managed to place the skirt back in place only after we 
got in.

As Raya came in, she saw a strip club with 16-24 year 
old strippers. There was this middle aged man, maybe 
forty years old, sticking his arm into the jeans of a 
20 year old dancer. She was wearing an extremely low 
cut pair of jeans and just kept on dancing, Raya never 
saw anyone act like that in her life. Seeing that woman 
dance actually excited her. (Well actually I am 
partially responsible for that too)

The club is relatively small; there were twenty people 
in there, tops. At the end of the bar Raya saw 
something that made her heart miss a beat. Ed was 
sitting alone and drinking from a mug. Raya wanted him 
to see him, but not like this; struggling to keep her 
skirt from reviling her nakedness.

I sat at a desk and called Raya to seat in front of me. 
Sitting down Raya's skirt slid up, causing her butt to 
come out. "You see Raya," I started to explain to her, 
"In this club every man brings his slave, and the 
slaves are to bring the food and drinks to their 
master." Raya gave up her attempts to lower her skirt. 
Looking around Raya saw six slave girls and two slave 
boys. "Sit up," I told Raya. Once she sat up, the skirt 
slid way up, everyone could see her nakedness. She 
started blushing and looked down.

Suddenly all the lights in the club dimmed, what came 
next was a strip show. A nice looking brunette wearing 
a cop uniform started to dance and to take off her 
clothes. By the end of the show even Raya was horny; 
she was very good, her dancing synchronized with the 
music perfectly. At the end everyone clapped hands. 
After that show the man in the bar took a note from a 
hat. "Edgar, who is Edgar," he asked. There were two 
hats on the table.

At this point a small man walked to me and we started 
to talk, he asked for a beer and I told Raya to bring 
us two beers. After standing and fixing her skirt Raya 
went to bring the drinks. To do that she walked past 
Ed, that tried to be nice, but she was too shy to 
continue the chat. 

Very soon Raya walked back with our beers. Walking back 
with two of her hands taken, she couldn't lower her 
skirt so when she walked pass Ed, She saw him looking 
up her skirt. Funny thing it slid up a mere second 
before having to pass him for the second time.

Once Edgar went up to the stage he just started to tell 
the woman what to do, she didn't talk but did 
everything he told her to do. She spread her legs and 
played with herself in front of everyone, she took a 
cucumber and stuck it up her butt and then she licked 
the cucumber clean. By the end of the show she sucked 
his cock and swallowed his cum.

The man in the bar took another name from the first 
hat. Raya was shocked to find out it was her name and 
she was the next slave to put on a strip show, right in 
front of Ed. The woman that did the last dance walked 
over to Raya and asked her if she wanted to strip. 

After seeing my expression, Raya agreed and walked with 
that woman to the stage. The woman picked a song that 
Raya knows (you can leave your hat on) then just told 
her to have fun and take off all of the things slowly 
like in the song. Before beginning the song the woman 
gave Raya all the necessary accessories. The only one 
thing that Raya feared now is to mess something up; she 
wanted to be perfect for me but also for Ed.

Raya danced like a she-God, taking off her clothes 
slowly moving her hips and her body perfectly.  She did 
not look at the crowd during all of her strip show. I 
caused her to get hornier more and more; by the time 
she was left with only the hat her pussy was wet and 
she was blushing and even moaning a bit. 

I built her excitement in such a way that on the final 
note I caused her to cum. The fusion of sexual 
excitement and the sheer exhibition that caused shame 
and excitement caused Raya to fall on the ground and 
start cumming.

At first everyone thought something had happened to 
her, but after a couple of seconds the main orgasm hit 
her. She started to moan and her body shook violently, 
she sprayed cum on the entire first row. Now everyone 
knew she was better then alright. 

After cumming for more then a minute on the floor, with 
everyone looking, slaves and masters amazed, Raya got 
on her feet and the crowd went wild. What amazed me is 
the fact that during the dance I tried to make Raya 
touch herself, but somehow she resisted.

Raya took a bow and sat on the chair legs tight 
together, waiting for the name that will be picked from 
the second hat. Sure enough the name that was picked is 
Ed. Raya blushes once more. I stepped closer to Raya, 
sitting on Ed's table as Ed walked to stand near Raya. 

Even before Ed asked her to start doing things Raya ran 
to me, "Can I do anything he tells me?" she asked.

I softly slid my hand from her neck to her clit, 
rubbing it slightly from the outside, "You can do 
anything you want to do, but don't let him fuck your 
pussy," I said.

"Yes master," Raya said and then walked to stand before 
Ed. She danced for him and rubbed her pussy, opening 
her legs to let everyone see, and then Ed asked her to 
pull down his pants. As she pulled his pants down, his 
throbbing cock stood there in front of her face. She 
sucked it like a pro.  

After about a minute he was about to burst and Raya 
just shoved the whole thing in her throat and started 
playing with his balls. As he started cumming he moaned 
very loudly. He was done in about twenty seconds. Not a 
drop of cum escaped her mouth as she slid the cock out.

After sitting next to me naked Raya bend down to kiss 
me, and I did. "You wanna go home, princes?" I asked 

"Only if you want to master," was her replay. I invited 
Ed to the table and the three of us chatted for a few 
minutes. I stood and took Raya and Ed with me to the 
car after Raya dressed in her red skirt and tiny shirt. 
As we walked to the limo Raya didn't even care about 
fixing the position of her skirt as it slid up and the 
swarm of clicks and flashes followed her to the limo. 
She entered the limo one leg at a time, letting 
everyone see she is not ashamed of doing what I tell 
her to.

After dropping Ed at his house I told Raya that her 
punishment is over, but she should keep in mind to do 
everything I tell her to. She just sat on me in the 
limo, in front of the old man, and kissed me. The old 
man saw her pussy as she sat on top of me. Her legs 
were spread as we kissed. Raya stayed on me until we 
reached the villa and went to take a shower. Soon my 
three other slaves would return, I want them to have 
the time of their life so they would love their new 

Chapter four - True Slaves

After taking a shower I told Raya what to do when the 
three will arrive; Raya would stay in the pool with 
them and play truth or dare while I would take them one 
at a time with Bob my friend, and 'play' with them. I 
also told her she was allowed to have sex with them, if 
she wanted to. 

I knew Bob had fantasies about fucking little boys and 
girls because he was on parole for molesting his cousin 
for two years. I would give him pleasure and then he 
might show me the way to contact people that might sell 
me young slave girls, then I could keep them or let 
them move to a good family if they wanted to. Raya said 
she didn't think there were people as nice as me.

After the shower I called Bob and told him to go to my 
house, he asked why but I just told him it's a 
surprise. He was too tired to sit behind the reception 
all day long.

Bob actually arrived before the siblings, so when I saw 
him park his car I called Raya to my room, I told her 
to seduce Bob and fuck him, then I ordered myself to 
enter her body. From now I was in Raya's body. My body 
was sitting on the chair motionless.

When I heard the doorbell I ran to the door and opened 
the door for Bob. Bob's eyes nearly came out as he 
looked at my tiny cut white t-shirt and the tiny red 
skirt. It was so small that Bob could see the top of my 
pussy peaking above the skirt line. "Welcome Bob," I 
said, "Azi told me to greet you nicely until he came, 
so why don't we go to my room?"

"Sure Raya," Bob said. I felt as if Raya was still in 
that body and I was just controlling her thinking.  
Somehow I knew that she was aware of the fact that I 
was there in her body. As Bob followed me I made sure 
that the tiny short skirt slid up so that Bob could see 
that I was naked from behind.  Reaching Raya's room I 
turned to look at him, "Bob," I said as he was gazing 
at my naked pussy, "Azi told me that I am to do 
whatever you tell me, and to make you happy, and to be 
your little slut."

Bob had a grin on his face, "is that what he told you?" 
he asked. As his cock grew bigger I could see it was 
even bigger then me.

"Yes," I said, and kneeled in front of him, parting my 
legs just like Raya did to me. Before my knees reached 
the floor I was thrown back to my body, but I could see 
everything from the monitors.

Bob took Raya by the neck, walked into her room and 
closed the doors behind him. "Take off your clothes," 
Bob said as he started to pull down his pants, his 
thick 8 inch cock sprang out of his pants, it wasn't 
even hard. Bob sat on Raya's bed and called her. "You 
may suck it, rub my balls with one hand and pump the 
shaft with the other," Bob said.

Raya started to work on the cock as it reaches its full 
size of 10 inches. Her head kept bobbing up and down. 
Bob was amazed at her ability to keep breathing while 
her throat was stuffed with his huge cock.

Raya pulled away to Bob's disappointment but then she 
asked, "Can you please fuck me with that monster of 
yours Bob?"

Bob just sat there amazed at the request, he actually 
thought he would have to rape her but the little bitch 
wants it. Bob took Raya and easily placed her on his 
stomach. His cock was two inches thick, bigger then the 
gap between Raya's legs.

Raya took Bob's cock and guided it into her pussy. 

"No," Bob said, "You will take it in your ass." Raya 
was disgusted but she started to force the huge cock 
into her ass. "Oh yea," Bob said as he started pushing 
the spit covered cock in to her ass.  Within a short 
time Bob was fucking Raya's ass as she was screaming 
from the top of her lungs.  

When I saw his balls starting to raise Bob told Raya to 
suck him again as he cummed at her face.  The extremely 
trained girl spit the cum in one of her hands and 
started rubbing her pussy with his cum, moving her hips 
as if she was fucking. Bob was amazed at her enthusiasm 
and asked, "Do you like that taste Raya?"

Raya licked her lips seductively placing a finger in 
her mouth and nodded her head. "I really liked your cum 
mister," Raya said, "Do you think I could have some 
more when I visit your shop?"

"I'll give you a taste whenever you want to," Bob said, 
"if Azi approves." Raya put her tiny skirt on and then 
she placed her cut t-shirt on. Bob noticed that cum was 
staining her shirt and face, "Oh god," he thought to 
himself and just stayed in the room. I came in shortly 
after, and told him what is to come. We just waited in 
the room naked until the girls arrive.

When the three siblings arrived they started to play 
truth or dare with Raya. Raya sent Mark to her room 
first as the rest of the kids played near the pool. Bob 
had a really good time fucking Mark in the ass. Mark 
got excited when he saw Bob's huge cock.

Raya said truth and turned the bottle that pointed at 
Jenny, "what is that stuff on your face, and how did it 
get there?" Jenny asked.

Raya took the cum with her finger and licked it, "this 
is cum; Bob squirted it on my face after fucking my ass 
just now," Raya said. Jenny stepped closer to Raya and 
took a gulp of cum in her finger, placing it in her 

After tasting the cum, Jenny said dare and turned the 
bottle it pointed at Raya, "take off all your clothes," 
Raya said, "then kiss Sandy on the mouth."

Jenny quickly took off her clothes her skin was perfect 
and she was very hot. As Jenny leaned closer to Sandy 
Raya noticed that they were both very excited about 
kissing one another. The kiss was very passionate and 
the two explored each other for more then two minutes.

Sandy took the bottle. "I want a dare," Sandy said as 
the turned the bottle and it pointed at Raya.

"I want you to lick me clean from cum after you take 
your pants off," Raya said. Sandy took off her jeans 
revealing her hairless pussy and started to lick the 
cum off Raya's body starting at her face, neck, around 
her nipples, her legs and last but not least her pussy. 
Raya loved the attention and was very horny by now.

The three girls started hearing Mark screaming.  Bob 
was fucking Mark in the ass. Raya said dare and the 
bottle pointed at Sandy. "Lick my pussy until I cum," 
Sandy said and opened her legs. Raya took Sandy's pussy 
in her mouth and started to work. Raya slid her hand 
into Sandy and clamped her mouth to her clit. Sandy 
started moaning soon after. 

Jenny just looked at the two and just walked to Raya's 
room naked, there she saw her brother being fucked in 
the ass by Bob and sucking off Azi. Jenny was playing 
with her pussy until Bob noticed her.

"Get over here and bend over," Bob said. Jenny stepped 
facing her back to Bob and bent down.  After commanding 
them, Jenny started to suck my cock and playing with my 
balls as Mark cleaned Bob's cock. After that I took 
Mark from his ass Bob began pounding Jenny's pussy. 

Bob could not fit his whole cock in her tight cunt, but 
he sure as hell tried. Bob's enormous cock filled 
Jenny's tight pussy to the max. Jenny kept screaming 
"Oh god, oh god." It took three strokes for Bob to cum 
in Jenny's tight pussy, then I told her and Mark to run 
and call Sandy.

When jenny and mark came running they saw Raya licking 
Sandy's pussy and told her to run to Raya's room. As 
Sandy ran to Raya's room Raya told Jenny to eat her 
pussy. As Raya saw Mark's throbbing member she smiled 
at him and said, "Get your cock over here boy!" after 
sucking his cock until it was completely hard Raya 
said, "Fuck Jenny Mark, you know you want to fuck your 

Mark didn't wait for his sister's approval and just 
shoved his cock in her burning pussy while she was 
still eating Raya's pussy. As he started to pound the 
living shit out of his sister Raya pulled Jenny's head 
to her pussy and started cumming. 

Sandy came running to Raya's room, finding Bob 
collapsed on the bed and me with a throbbing member. 
After cleaning my throbbing cock with Raya's blanket I 
told Sandy to clean Bob's cock. I fucked her pussy; 
Lucky for her that she was ready for me, all wet and 
puffy. I started to cum very soon and then collapsed on 
Raya's bed. After licking me clean she just cuddled me 
and kept massaging my cum filled balls. I had four 
slaves willing to do anything for me, but I have to get 
them out of the dog leashes.

As I regained my strength I took Sandy back to the pool 
and left Bob on Raya's bed. When I got to the pool I 
saw Jenny, Mark and Raya swimming in the pool. "Get 
over here," I called. The three got out from the pool 
and walked to me. "On your knees, all of you," I said. 
The four got into the position in front of me, Sandy 
took off her shirt.

I walked to my room and got the neck bracelets. I gave 
my slaves the new bracelets. "Did you get into trouble 
wearing the dog leash or not wearing any panties?" I 
asked my slaves.

Sandy talked while the others stayed quiet, "No master, 
my parents are out on a holyday. Jenny and Mark were 
not at school because it was a long weekend." Jenny and 
Mark nodded to affirm.

"Do you want to continue to be my slaves?" I asked, 
"This is your last chance to get away if you want to... 
you will not be granted another chance like this ever 

The four talked together, Jenny said, "Yes I want to be 
your slave forever master." The other slaves proceeded 
to say they loved my and begged to keep being my 

"Very good slaves, you will go back to your house after 
taking a shower. Every day from now on you will 
exercise and learn new things. Jenny and Mark, you two 
will study hard and graduate as soon as possible; if 
you want help with school you will call me. 

Jess will help you with your exercise lessons," I said, 
"Sandy; you will run the gyms I own as best as you can, 
you will also keep fit for your master. Because you are 
responsible for the rest of the slave's fitness program 
I hold you responsible for getting them in top shape, 
especially Mark. Do you all understand?" I asked as I 
handed each of them a small cellular phone.

"Yes master," the four said. Sandy wanted to ask me 
something but I think she was holding back.

"Sandy," I said, "you will speak to another slave of 
mine, her name is Jess and she will teach you 
everything you want about exercise lessons and running 
the gyms." I gave Sandy Jess's phone number and told 
her to call her this evening.

"Yes master," Sandy said and looked at me, "thanks for 
everything, master." As the three put back their 
clothes and started to walk back to their house I ran 
to Sandy and gave her two packs of birth control pills. 
"Thanks master," Sandy said, "but I'm already on the 
pill, and so is Jenny."

"Just be sure not to miss a dose," I said, "If you will 
I will have to punish you." I watched the siblings 
leave as I was left with Raya.

"I am on the pill too," Raya said, "I have been on the 
pill ever since dad started to train me."

As Raya and I walked back to the house Bob stepped out 
of Raya's room and in to the main room, "Did you have 
fun today?" I asked Bob.

"Yes," Bob said, "if you need anything you just have to 
say, alright?" Bob asked.

"I know," I told Bob, "I know," and opened the door for 
him to leave. The fat man will know soon why I called 
him here I thought to myself. 

After that afternoon I took Raya's hand and took her to 
the pool again. "I think we need to talk," I said, "you 
are way more experienced then it is possible for a 
fourteen year old Raya. From the first time you came to 
my house I got the feeling you are holding back on 

Raya just froze, I did not know why I said what I had, 
but now I knew that some of it was true; Raya was 
holding back on something, now I just have to find out 
what. "I can't lie to you Azi," Raya said, "but there 
are things I can't let you know of yet." 

Raya was looking at the floor; she was starting to feel 
bad. "I was given to you as a present," Raya said, "but 
I think that you are the chosen one. I am very afraid 
for you because if you are not the one they will kill 
you, and if I don't say anything about you we can stay 
like this forever."

"What are you talking about?" I asked Raya. She was not 
sure about telling me. I knew I couldn't press her. I 
just stayed there and let her form the wards.

"I am a part of a society," Raya said, "we are looking 
for a man that has powers and I think it might be you." 
Raya sighed, I figured she just broke a law and passed 
the red line. "I really can't tell you more then that, 
I'm sorry Azi."

"That's alright Raya," I said, "what makes you think I 
am that man?" I asked her.

Raya looked at me with her blue eyes, "I had the 
feeling you have some powers," she said reluctantly, 
"like controlling my excitement and linking into my 

I wasn't sure if I should tell her about those powers 
that I had since I met her, but I knew whatever 
happened I could handle it. "I do have those powers 
Raya," I said as Raya looked into my eyes, "I did 
project myself into your body before you started to 
talk to Bob, didn't you feel me?" I asked.

Raya kneeled before me, "I knew you were the one since 
I met you," Raya said, "you are my king and master, but 
I can't tell you any more, that is my mother's job. It 
is the oath I took."

Raya was kneeling before me naked as the day she was 
born, she was very fit and her pussy was naked. "Then 
we will go to your mother," I said, "bring me a nice 
neck bracelet for your mother and put some clothes on." 

Olesia was in a mental institute, so I took the car and 
started driving there after dressing with loose pants 
and a Hawaiian shirt. During the ride Raya said that 
Olesia felt very bad because after Dimitri passed away 
she had no master, in her culture being without a 
master is unthinkable. I wanted to talk to Olesia and 
understand everything; maybe she has the answers to my 

During the trip the car phone started ringing, Olesia 
was on the phone from the asylum; she greeted me and 
asked us 'at what time are you planning to arrive?' 
During the ride Raya told me that her real age is 24, 
but she drank a potion that slowed her aging, if I 
drink the potion I will appear up to twenty years 

After parking the car out of the hospital I made a pact 
with Raya, she told me what things she didn't want me 
to do to her, she didn't want me to hurt her or to lie 
to her but she understands if I don't tell her some 
things, she also said that it is very important not to 
tell anyone about her society.  Other then that she 
will do anything I tell her to do.  We ended up hugging 
and Raya told me she loves me and will do anything I 
want her to. Her perfect 14 year-old body amazed me; 
she has the perfect body.

Walking in the hospital I reached Olesia, she was 
waiting for me and I noticed that the staff there did 
not notice me and Raya. As I opened the door she 
kneeled just like Raya had all those times. Olesia 
didn't look like Raya's mom; she looked like a perfect 
model from a porn movie. Her C cup breasts were so 
perfect. Her white complexion and very thin figure were 
such a turn-in and her nipples pointed through the 
hospital robe.

"I understand you have no master," I said, "I will 
accept you as my slave if you tell me everything I need 
to know from you. It is a fair trade to my opinion."

Olesia looked down and started talking, "Raya told me 
she thinks you may be very special, if it is true you 
are the king of a very special place."

"What you are saying is that you want me to show you my 
powers?" I asked, looking at Raya. Olesia nodded her 
head. I began to think of how I can convince her that I 
have powers and decided to prove it through Raya. 
"Leave the room," I ordered Raya and she left the room. 
"I will show you I can link with Raya," I said, "tell 
me anything and I will enter Raya's body and make her 
do it."

I sensed that Olesia was almost convinced but she 
needed more proof. I came closer to Olesia and put my 
ear next to her mouth, "make her pee on me without 
talking to her or looking at her eyes," Olesia said, 
"and I will be your slave and tell you everything I 

I was a bit shocked from the request but I intended to 
do what she told me. I walked to the window facing out 
and tried to project myself into Raya. I was in Raya as 
soon as I thought about projecting into her. From 
Raya's Body I walked into the room and locked the door 
from the inside. Then I pulled up the skirt and tried 
to start peeing on Olesia, it was kind of hard to 
start, but once I started peeing it just poured out 
like a river. After peeing Olesia took the pussy and 
licked it clean, the feeling was great.

After returning to my body I ordered Raya to wait 
outside again, she was very obedient and cute. I had a 
large stain because I peed inside my pants too. Olesia 
bowed before me and said "You are my master and king, I 
am sorry for not noticing your presence until now."

I took the neck bracelet from my pocket and placed it 
on her small neck, "from now on you are my slave," I 

"Yes master," Olesia said and kissed my left and then 
my right foot.

"My slave will never take the leash off," I said, "My 
slave will never wear panties and sleep naked at all 
times. My slave will never have sex with a boy unless 
she asks for my permission; the one to have sex with 
her must hear the conversation. My slave will never lie 
to me" I said.

"Yes master," Olesia responded and removed her panties. 
With the hospital clothes she was wearing I could only 
see that she had a good figure, I wanted to wait until 
we reach home before seeing and knowing what she looked 
like naked, because she looked really good even with 
the clothes on. I wanted to make her horny.

"Raya," I said, "go to the car and wait for me there." 
Then I looked at Olesia, "How can I get you out of here 
legally?" I asked my new slave. 

I was amazed to hear her voice in my mind, < I am here 
voluntarily so I can leave whenever I want to, master. 
> Olesia said and then followed me to my car. Her slim 
body and white complexion aroused me and very quickly I 
was walking with a hard-on.  I caused her to become 
hornier as we reached the car and as we drove back to 
my villa. I did not mind people looking at my wetness 
on my pants.

During the ride back home Olesia started to explain 
what it was all about. < There will be a test to prove 
that you are the true king, > Olesia said, <you are the 
king so you have nothing to fear. Our small ancient 
society consists of about a hundred families. All of 
the members that are in the island are women up to the 
age of twenty five; the rest of the community left to 
search for you. Many left during the years because they 
gave up on the idea. 

We are rich with knowledge; we have potions that help 
us do lots of things. At the age of twenty five the men 
are sent away from the island, never to return, unless 
we find you. The women return at the age of 30 after 
looking for their king, many don't return and gave up 
this sort of life. Many send their girls after they 
reach the age of ten. I can show you many different 
things you can do with your slaves, master.>

After reaching home I was so horny I just wanted to 
fuck them right there, but I waited until we were all 
in the Villa. I ordered the two to undress and take a 
shower, after that they would wait for me naked in the 

After the two got into the pool I joined them. Raya was 
a stunning girl, but Olesia was a knockout; her almost 
bleach white skin enhanced the appearance of her small 
pink nipples. Olesia had a hairless pussy, not like 
after shaving; there was no sign of hair at all, just 
like a little girl. Her face is divine too; a small 
perfect nose, small lips and almost hypnotizing deep 
blue eyes. Her light blond hair is straight. Her tummy 
is tight but doesn't show the sign of a single muscle.

As I stepped into the pool I saw Olesia and Raya 
staring at my cock. "You have a very big cock," Olesia 
said as she stepped closer, her eyes gazing at my 
hardening meat.

I looked at the two sirens and asked Olesia, "What can 
you teach me?" Being close to the naked sirens my cock 
quickly began to harden; at eight inches it was quite a 
sight for Olesia.

Olesia stood before me and said, "Move to my body and 
then to Raya and then back to yourself," adding, 
"legends state that you will feel all of our excitement 
and we will feel yours too." Raya and Olesia were 
rubbing their pussies under the water, "Unlike men, 
women get more excited after cumming, so if you are 
connected to us that way you will stay hard and be even 
hornier after cumming master."

I did what Olesia suggested and reflected myself to 
Raya, then to Olesia and finally back to my body. I 
felt hot as I entered Raya, and even more as I entered 
Olesia, but when I got back to my body I felt them 
start to rub their pussies. I told Raya to sit on the 
edge of the pool so her mother could lick her pussy. 
Olesia turned and started to lick her child's clit. I 
could actually feel Olesia lick Raya's clit as my 
raging hard cock demanded to fuck Olesia. 

Olesia spread her legs to give me access to her tight 
pussy; she was not fucked for a long time. As I placed 
my cock in her pussy I felt as if I was also being 
penetrated. Raya and I started to moan and Olesia said, 
"If you want to prolong the act you can order us not to 
cum in the mind, we will only cum if you let us cum or 
if you start cumming master." 

I kept fucking Olesia slowly; it was the most intense 
feeling I have ever felt. I felt as if my balls were 
being massaged by two small hands and as I looked to 
see I saw Olesia was indeed playing with my balls. 

As I started to cum I felt Olesia's pussy tighten 
around my cock, Raya was cumming too; spraying her 
mother's face. I felt them cumming with me as I cummed 
for over a minute. I must have planted more then twenty 
sprouts in Olesia's tight pussy.

After cumming like that my body was exhausted, but I 
was even hornier and I just wanted to continue fucking 
Olesia. I knew I had to stop, my balls could not take 
much more of this; I must wait for them to fill.

After sliding my cock out from her burning pussy I 
jumped out from Raya and Olesia. I ordered Raya to go 
to her room. Then I asked Olesia to tell me everything 
she knows. She told me that she dose not know 
everything about my duties. A king becomes more and 
more powerful as he has more followers. The powers 
include telekinesis, emotion control over others and 

Biofeedback includes controlling pulse and things like 
the size of ones cock. As I will get more female 
slaves, the size of my balls also increase. The true 
king is the only person that is allowed to open the 
gates of the main palace. In the main palace there are 
potions that can help the king with his mission. 

Once the king is in the palace he will start to produce 
pheromones that will cause all women to be attracted to 
him, and all men to respect and fear him. The king is 
said to have the genetics that are needed to change the 
human race for the best; to resist diseases and to 
become smarter. 

Using his sperm the king will help the human race 
develop to its next step. The changes of the human race 
will be noticed long after the king has died. Olesia 
also told me that the women in the island are mostly 
models; that's how they got their money.

I looked at Olesia as she told me her story; I could 
know from looking at her eyes she was honest. "I 
understand," I said, "but what about the other slaves I 
have?" I asked.

"You have chosen your slaves carefully," Olesia said, 
"all of them are from the line of slaves, they wanted 
to be your slaves because they are slaves by blood. If 
you try to enslave a normal human they would probably 
reject you, even if you have pheromones; the ability to 
be a slave is a gift that most people don't know about.

"So," I asked Olesia, "what now?"

"We must gather your slaves and inform the parents of 
their new status," Olesia said, "they will be happy to 
know that their children were chosen." Olesia said and 
continued, "Then we must travel to your island; there 
you will pass the test and become our king and master."

"Are you absolutely sure that the parents will co-
operate?" I asked and Olesia nodded to affirm. I called 
Jess and told her to come with her mother and father, 
and then I called Sandy and ordered her to being Jenny 
and her mother and father too. I told them to be here 
at eight PM, and to bring all the things they need for 
a week of vacation.

Olesia told me that it would be best if she went to 
their houses and tell the parents everything 
beforehand. I ordered her to do so, but before leaving 
Olesia told me that Raya has an ointment and I could go 
to her room to get a very important treatment. After 
calling my airline and ordering a private helicopter 
for eight thirty PM, I walked to Raya's room.

As I reached Raya's room she told me to undress and lay 
on my back. I undressed and Raya came to me and started 
to rub my balls with a very smelly ointment. It felt so 
calming that I fell asleep very soon thinking about who 
I would meet in my island. The island was after all 
filled with probably the most beautiful people in the 
world and they would be my slaves. 

In a few hours I will claim my throne and be the king 
and master of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Coming up: Chapter five - The Island of the Master.

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The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a 
fellow convict in their local prison.
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