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Archive name: tit.txt (FFm, inc, ped)
Authors name: Nataliamarie (marie@literotica. org)
Story title : My Tit Hungry Sons - Part 1

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My Tit Hungry Sons - 1 (FFm, inc)
by Nataliamarie (marie@literotica. org)


A big tit mommy seduces her stud sons by showing her huge 
tits and provoking them to fuck them thoroughly. She also 
involves in this game, her big titted sister and both 
play naughty games, using their tits on her tit hungry 


"Oh mommy, your titties are so big and I always wanted to 
fuck them to my heart content. please mom lemme fuck them 
and I wanna cum all over your titties," said Paul, my 
elder son. As I said I have two sons and a daughter, I 
have become a slave to them and they treat me like they 
treat a slut. 

 "Oh mommy, I crave for your big boobies and I too wanna 
play with them and fuck them with my big cock. Paul , 
let's fuck mommy's big boobies today to our heart 
content. Mommy , you son fucking whore ,fuck our cocks 
with your big fucking titties," My younger son Dave said

 "You mother fuckers, you two make your mom so hot today. 
I am so hot and horny that I need a thorough and rough 
fuck today. Fuck your mommy anyway you want but give me 
the pleasure of my lifetime. You two wanna fuck your 
mommy's big titties? You like them don't you? Oh my dear 
sons, please fuck your mommy's big fucking boobies. Fuck 
them and come all over my big dolls. I wanna lick your 
cum off my big titties with my hot fucking tongue. please 
fuck them baby. Fuck my big boobies!" 

With my sexy big ass and big basketball size boobs, I 
could make anyone hot and horny and my sons are the best 
in satisfying me. They know how to use my body and me and 
they make me very hot before fucking my pussy or ass. 
They are so fond of my big titties and ass that they even 
lick my ass for hours together if I promised them that I 
would let them fuck my titties, if they licked my ass. 
Today my titties are going to be fucked well as my sons 
are after my big fucking boobies today, and it has been 
long since I have had a slow and rough nasty titfuck with 
my sons. 

"Mommy, today aunty has not come as yet, will she come or 
not ?,we wanna see two pairs of huge titties battling 
with each other, with you rubbing her titties with your 
own big boobies and, we know together you two are fucking 
hot women." said Dave. 

My elder sister Donna, is very sexy woman with huge 
titties of 38 size and very much fond of tittyfucking. In 
fact she is the one who first taught me the art of 
getting titties fucked. And she is a master of tittyfuck. 
She even fucks two cocks at once with her big boobs, by 
letting my elder son fuck her titties from her mouth side 
and my younger one from her tummy side. Mmmm, it is so 
exciting to watch her fucking two huge dongs with her big 
titties at the same time. 

"She must have arrived by now. Any way she will come for 
certain to help us in fucking my tits. Meanwhile, let us 
get hot. Dave, you always wanted to watch me licking my 
own titties? Today, your mommy is going to show u the hot 
titshow while Paul helps me in that. Will you, Paul?"

"Sure mom. I wanna hold your big fucking balls with my 
strong hands and squeeze them to your sexy mouth and 
while you lick them with your tongue and suck your own 
nipples I will push my big hard cock in to your fleshy 
ass valley and move my long cock up and down your ass!" 
said Paul in his lust filled voice. 

"Ooohh! Paul! You will make me very hot if you really do 
that. I wanna feel a thick and fat cock like yours 
between my ass cheeks while I lick and suck my own 
fucking big boobies and let's show Dave how filthy I will 
get if I have a cock up my ass. "

"Oohh! Mommy! I wanna watch you and Paul doing such nasty 
things. Please mom, lemme lick your titties and rub your 
titties with my long prick while you lick your own 
titties. Mom, I wanna fuck your big titties while Paul 
fucks your ass and I wanna watch you and aunty doing some 
titty rub with each other while Paul and I rub our prick 
heads. Mmmmm, we love your body mommy, we wanna fuck its 
each and every part. Oh, mommy, please make me hot and 
horny so that I can fuck your big boobies to my heart 
content with my long prick. " Said Dave.

He is becoming very hot watching my very big titties and 
sexy fat ass. My ass is very fleshy and my ass cheeks 
swing up and down while I walk and they are so inviting 
that nobody can avoid watching my swinging ass. My sons 
are becoming hot and horny watching me doing nasty 
things. Their pricks are becoming harder and longer and 
that is what I want. 

"Oh Paul, come on son and come closer to me. Come and 
help your momma suck her own titties. Let Dave watch us 
doing some nasty things so that he can get his cock rock 
hard and fuck my big fucking big boobies. Come on my 
lovely fucking son! come and hold your big fat momma's 
big titties and squeeze them to your heart content.. 
Please come on darling, and help your momma."

"OOO momma, your big titties are so sexy and my big fat 
cock is always ready to fuck your big dolls and lemme 
hold your big fucking boobies and I wanna probe your sexy 
ass with big long cock while I squeeze your boobs. Do you 
love to hold my big fat cock in your ass valley while I 
squeeze your titties you bitch?. Come on, you bitch! 
lemme shove my big fat cock in your sexy and fleshy ass 
and lemme fuck your fleshy ass valley with hard long 
prick , you fucking mother bitch!!," said my son Paul. 

"Oh Paul, please come on darling hold your horny momma's 
big fucking tits and squeeze them honey!, your momma 
wants your big fat cock up her ass valley ! come on ,you 
mother fucker! Come and shove your big fucking prick in 
my ass valley! Oh Paul I wanna feel your hot cock between 
my asscheeks and I wanna rub my ass cheeks up and down 
your big fat cock. Please honey, please come and push 
your big fucking prick up your momma's fat asscheeks and 
fuck them like there is no tomorrow. "

Paul moved closer to me and extended his hands to hold my 
big fucking boobs.. He is standing in front of me and 
watching my big tits with lust. Surely he is getting so 
hot by looking at my big boobs and their long nipples, 
which are becoming hard and erect now. His prick has 
become so hard that it is sticking outward his belly at 
right angles. 

My god, His dick is now at least 9 inches long with its 
pink head glowing out like a jewel in a crown with precum 
spreading all over his pricknob. His piss clit is 
appearing like a small kid's narrow pussy so inviting 
that I am unable to stop my self from thinking of shoving 
my long nipple into that small cock pussy and fuck his 
piss clit with my nipple!

Paul now moved his hands onto my left tit which is 
craving for a man' touch. He slowly moved his hands on my 
rubbery tit flesh and started rubbing its surface 
smoothly and his hot palm is grazing my tit flesh which 
is making me shiver with lust. I caught my lower lip 
between my teeth and moved my tongue on it to show Dave 
how much lust filled I am. 

Winking at Dave I thrust my chest forward to feel more of 
his hands on my tit. Paul's hands are shaking with lust 
and he is trying to catch my whole boob between his hands 
and squeeze it fully. But before that my erect nipple 
attracted his attention. With its pink color and 1/2" 
inch length and dollar radius aerola it is making him 
leave the rest of the tit at present. He slowly moved his 
fingers to the erect nipple and rubbed its tip with his 
fingers. It sent me shock waves which have gone thorough 
my pussy to even my ass which jerked with lust to and 

"Ooooo! Oh yah! Move your fingers on my tit nipple honey! 
I wanna feel your fingers on it. Now squeeze it slowly. 
Oh ,yes you know how to make me hot you titfucker! Come 
on Paul feel your mommy's big nipples and play with them 
! pull them and pinch them to your heart content! Roll 
them between your fingers, you mother fucker! Come on 
honey, fuck your momma bitch to your full satisfaction. 
Your mommy will do anything to satisfy you, honey! You 
wanna see your mommy licking her own tits? Tell me, 
honey. You wanna watch your fucking mommy move her sexy 
tongue all over her titty flesh?. Mmmmm. Oooo!! you cock 
sucker! Tell your mom what you wanna watch? And she will 
do it for you!"

This is how I arouse my fucking sons to make them horny 
and hot for me. I totally submit myself to them and offer 
my big fucking boobs to them to do whatever they want to 
my boobs. I like to make them as hot as possible so that 
I can demand whatever I want from their fucking dicks and 
the more I use filthy language, the more they get horny. 

My boobs are getting excited and I can feel the swell in 
my boobs. My nipples are getting hard and erect at the 
very thought of moving my tongue and flicking them with 
its tip while my sons watch me doing all this. I will 
involve them as much as possible in my tit orgy, and with 
the arrival of their aunt Donna, few moments from now, 
this will take a new turn. 

My younger son Dave likes her huge tits and her big 
fleshy ass. She looks very sexy when her huge ass wiggles 
up and down when she walks around. She always likes to 
show up her huge boobs and her fat ass to my sons and my 
sons are very hot for her, as her presence makes them 
feel hotter and hornier. She is expert in arousing my 
sons and me by discovering new ways of fucking us, each 
time she visits our home.

When she came here last, she made my sons crazy and made 
them run after her big boobs and her huge fat ass 
literally. I had to fuck my self with a huge double-
headed dildo in my pussy and ass as I just wanted to 
watch them, my sister and my horny sons and how she uses 
her boobs and her ass to tease them and make them hot. 

"Oooo mommy, you bitch! You want to show your sons how 
you lick and fuck your huge boobs with your sexy tongue, 
come on you slut, lemme see how you move your wet tongue 
on your fucking tits and let Dave see us how nasty we 
become while doing this tit licking. Oh yes mommy! Your 
huge fucking tits are making me feel like fucking them 
with my huge and hard cock. Please mommy, lick your huge 
fucking boobs with your long tongue and make them wet for 
my cock. Mmmm, watch this bitch Dave! Watch momma licking 
her big tits! Don't you like to watch momma sucking her 
own huge boobs? She is going to prove to us that she can 
do better than her sister!" said my elder son Paul 
squeezing his huge dong with his left hand and rubbing my 
long erect nipple with the fingers of his right hand.

His cock has become rock hard watching his mom with her 
huge tits demanding his action more on them. Dave is 
watching me and his brother and I very well know that he 
is looking forward to watch some nasty tit action. He 
usually watches us doing all sorts of nasty things and he 
joins us when he gets very hot. 

Paul now moves his fingers on my thumbnail sized nipple 
and holding it between his fingers started pulling it out 
as far as it goes. Mmmm, I felt as if my whole tit is 
being squeezed out and my tit elongated outside and took 
the size of huge cone. With its long nipple looking like 
a nail at its end. I looked at my tit now, licking my 
moist pink lips with the tip of my tongue and thinking of 
moving my tongue on my huge tit flesh.

Paul pulled my nipple further stretching my nipple almost 
1/2 an inch and then holding the elongated nipple between 
his fingers, he rubbed its tip with the palm of the other 
hand. He rubbed his palm up and down my hard and erect 
nipple and pressed it into my own tit flesh with his 
palm. The nipple like a rubber, almost disappeared into 
my tit and then sprang back and that is a scene of lust 
which my son Dave longed to watch. 

Paul, then caught the nipple of my tit between fingers of 
his left hand and my boob with his right hand and now 
looking into my eyes started squeezing my nipple. He is 
now rolling my nipple between his fingers and at the same 
time squeezing it. He is trying to squeeze my huge tit 
with his right hand and finds unable to contain my huge 
boob flesh with one hand. 

"Paul, you mother fucker! You cannot hold your bitch 
mommy's fucking tit with one hand. See how big is my 
boob! You need two hands, you tit fucker. Come on, use 
the other hand and hold my huge tit between them and rub 
my nipple. Mmm, do it faster and you need to do a lot 
more work with your cock on my nipple, you ass fucker! 
Now hold your horny momma's huge tit with your hands and 
squeeze it to your heart content. Let Dave watch how you 
bring my big tit to my mouth so that I can lick and suck 

With all my nasty and rude words, Paul's cock has become 
more erect and it now looks like a steel rod with its 
huge pink knob visible to my lusty eyes. Paul's cock is 
now 10 inch long and is now ready to do what I wanted. I 
always like long pricks with huge knob, like Paul's. As 
my boobs are huge, when pushed together they form at 
least a 12-inch tit length valley.

So the longer the cock, the more my tit valley is filled. 
Paul moved his two hands to my tit and held it at its 
root strongly and started squeezing it with full force. 
And unable to with stand his force my big fucking boob 
bulged out like a huge cone and its nipple now stood on 
it like a small cock. Dave looked at my bulging balloon 
and started licking his lips. He is stroking his long and 
rock hard cock by holding it with his fist and moving it 
fast over his over sized dong. 

"Oooooo MOMMA! You nasty fucking bitch, your fucking tits 
are really huge! You look like a slut with those huge 
boobs bulging out like melons. Paul, you mother fucker! 
Squeeze those fucking tits! Squeeze the horny bitch's big 
boobs till they swell out to her mouth! The bitch wants 
to lick her own fucking tits! I wanna see you mommy, how 
you move your pink fucking tongue on those terrific tits! 
Oh, please mommy, do it now! Lick that big fat tit with 
your sexy pink tongue!" said my son Dave jacking his cock 
harder now. 

My big boobs are making him so hot that he started rising 
his naked fat ass off the seat by one foot and moved it 
up and down in the air. He moved the fingers of the other 
hand to his ass hole and started probing it with his 
middle finger. He is stroking his big long cock with one 
hand and started moving the middle finger of his other 
hand in his juicy asshole. I loved the scene. My elder 
son is playing with my huge boobs and my younger son, 
with his prick and his ass. 

Dave now held his two hands on my big tit and started 
squeezing it outward as far as it would go. It stretched 
out almost half a foot and it is so close to his mouth 
that he took his tongue out and with the tip of his 
tongue, he flicked my erect nipple. His hot tongue on my 
erect pink nipple sent shivers to my pussy and my clitty 
stood spontaneously like a small nail.

I wish my daughter is present here now, as I would have a 
chance to rub my erect clit on her nipples. She likes to 
rub my clitty with her long nipples very much. She even 
manages to lick her own nipple while it rubs my clitty. 
Feeling her hot and wet tongue and her so erect nipple at 
the same time on my clit makes me so hot that I used to 
cum immediately. 

"Look at that tongue, Dave! Look how your big brother is 
licking my long nipple with his tongue. See how fast he 
is moving his tongue on my hard nipple? You have to learn 
a lot from your fucking brother, honey! Oh, yes! Paul, 
move your fucking tongue on my nipple and lick it hard. 
Fuck that damn long nipple with your fucking tongue. Oh, 
yah! It feels so good when you are licking my fat tit's 
nipple. Move your tongue faster, you nasty tit fucker!"

Paul moved his tongue all over my left boob and started 
licking all of my boob flesh. My left tit is becoming all 
wet with his saliva and it is glistening with all its 
whiteness. He moved his tongue first at the base of my 
boob and then slowly biting the flesh with his teeth, 
started moving up. He is licking it like one licks an ice 
cream cone. His tongue every time always started at the 
base of my huge boob and stopped at the tip of the 
nipple. He often bit the nipple with his teeth to show 
how hot he is. He sucked the nipple holding it between 
his teeth and moving his tongue all over the tit flesh 
from inside. Oh my god! He is driving me crazy. 

"Ooooo! My tit hungry son! Please lick your mommy's tit 
now. Suck my big boob and its long and erect nipple. 
Lemme shove my huge tit inside your mouth and nibble it 
as much as you can. You mother fucking nasty cock fucker! 
Lick and suck my big tits! Oh, Yes! Bite that fucking 
long nipple. Move your fat tongue on it and pull it 
honey. Mmmm! Dave, look at your big brother's huge dong 
now. See how long and erect it is now. He is getting very 
hot by licking and sucking my huge tits. Do you want to 
help your brother, honey? Please come close to your momma 
and see how your bitch mommy is getting her huge boob 

My younger son is getting horny by looking at what his 
big fucking brother is doing to my tit. He is holding his 
huge erect cock between his hands and he is fucking his 
cock with his hands. It looks he is imagining his cock is 
moving between my huge boobs and now he started moving 
his ass to and fro faster. 

"Oh mom! Your fucking big boobs are driving me mad. 
Please momma! Lick your own fucking big boob along with 
that fucker Paul. Move your fat tongue along with that 
prick Paul's tongue on your big fucking tit. I wanna 
watch your tongue along with his licking and sucking your 
huge tit!" said my younger son Dave. And right at this 
moment, my sister Donna entered the room 

To be continued in Chapter 2...

       Meanwhile please send your comments to:
         Copyright (c) 2000 Natalia Marie

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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. 

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