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                 The Taming of Wonder Woman
                        By Tenorio
                        Chapter One
The alarm klaxon shrilled through the laboratory as Wonder
Woman sought out the intruder. She couldn't understand why
the lab seemed so empty. Dr. Roger Thornton was one of the
Defense Department's greatest scientists. Dozens of guards
should have reached the lab before she arrived.
Yet the lab was deserted.
Ahead, she could hear muffled cries for help coming from
within a storage locker. Racing down the aisle, she grasped
the handle and wrenched the metal door open.
Instantly, a pale blue mist surrounded the Amazon and she
felt her body stop responding to her will.
"Paralyzation gas," she realized, as her gaze was captured
by a swirling array of lights within the locker. The image
looked almost like a burst of plasma clouds, as it shifted
colors and shapes.
Unable to tear her gaze away, the Amazon felt herself
falling deeper and deeper into a trance.
"Quite effective, don't you think?" a soft voice purred
from behind her. "The gas immobilizes the victim, giving
the plasma cloud generator time to capture her attention.
Thus, the subject is rendered unable to escape as a series
of subliminal messages are transmitted directly into her
Wonder Woman's mind reeled in horror as she realized how
easily she'd been trapped. Suddenly a sharp pain stabbed
through her as an injector was pressed to her neck.
"This particular blend of hypnotic drugs will render our
friend here even more susceptible to the messages encoded
into the plasma burst," the voice continued.
The Amazon felt her will being drained away as the lights
danced before her and a pair of strong hands began needing
the muscles of her neck and shoulders, relaxing her even
more deeply into a trance state.
"You feel privileged to serve me, Wonder Woman," the unseen
voice continued. "It is quite an honor for an insignificant
little slut like you to be chosen as a test subject by such
a great genius as Dr. Thornton."
Unable to struggle against the array of psychological,
technological and chemical forces dircted against her, the
Amazon felt herself agreeing with the unseen speaker.
Unseen hands stripped away her outfit, leaving her standing
paralyzed and naked as the hypnotic lightshow continued
flashing messages of her worthlessness and powerlessness
deep into Wonder Woman's subconcious. The hands soon left
her shoulders and traveled over her large, firm breasts,
tweaking her nipples and bringing them to full hardness.
She shivered against the cold as she felt something slip
over her head, tightening around her throat like a noose.
Her skin tingled as she recognized the feel of her own
golden lasso.
"Excellent," the voice continued. "Now if what I've heard
about this rope is true, it should provide the finishing
touch to our little training session tonight."
Wonder Woman shivered, her sex dampening against her will
as he last vestiges of self-control slipped away beneath
the scientist's ministrations.
"You are my slave, Wonder Woman. You will obey every
command given to you by Dr. Roger Thornton. Your first and
only loyalty will be to me. Come."
With that, Diana realized her paralysis had worn off and
she could hear footsteps receding behind her. Her will
struggled against the command, but after a moment's
hesitation, she turned and began walking after the dark
figure which still held the other end of her lasso like a
"Not like that, slave," Thornton sighed at the sound of her
Not understanding how she knew what was expected of her,
Wonder Woman burned with humiliation as she sank to her 
knees and began crawling on all fours behind the doctor,
like an obedient dog at the end of her leash.
Thornton led her to a small study at one end of the lab,
patting her head affectionately as he bolted the door
behind them.
"Very good, slave," he remarked, unzipping his pants. "And
now I suppose I should reward you. I will grant you one
request. What would you like as your reward?"
Diana intended to demand that the scientist release her.
Instead, she was horrified to hear the words, "Please,
master, allow me to suck your cock."
Thornton laughed at the Amazon's shocked expression.
"Another benefit of my hypnotic lightshow, slave," he
chuckled. "As your conditioning continues, you'll find
yourself entranced by penises of all shapes and sizes.
If fact, I'll wager you'll learn to love cum above all
other ... umm ... beverages. Before I'm finished with
you, you'll have an almost constant craving for semen
and there will be no limits to how deeply you'll be
willing to degrade and debase yourself to get it."
The Amazon regarded the scientist in horror as the truth of
his words began to dawn on her. In spite of her humiliation
and her hatred for her captor, she found herself licking
her lips in anticipation of the warm gush of fluid that was
soon to flood her mouth.
"Very well, slave, you've earned a reward," Thornton said.
"You may suck my cock. Now."
For Wonder Woman, this was the ultimate humiliation of the
evening. As if standing outside herself, the Amazon watched
as she kneeled up and began licking the swollen head of the
scientist's penis.
A sharp crack rang out and the Amazon reeled as an open
hand landed against the side of her face.
"I said *suck* it, slut," the scientist ordered.
Stretching her lips wide around his cock, she struggled to
take it's length inside her mouth, drawing her cheeks in
tight as she sucked the organ. With one hand on her lasso,
Thornton gathered her long, black hair in the other and
pulled her face down tight on his shaft, thrusting his cock
viciously into her mouth.
Wonder Woman gagged as his cockhead repeatedly struck the
back of her throat, but Thornton refused to slow his assault
on the Amazon's mouth. Finally, as she was lost in a spasm
of coughing, he climaxed, spraying his thick jism directly
into her throat and leaving her coughing and gagging, naked
and on her knees before him.
"An auspcious beginning, Wonder Woman," the scientist
chuckled. "But I can see we have our work cut out for us.
You will return to my laboratory at 10 p.m. each Friday
night for another training session with me. And, of course,
you will have no recollection of me or our sessions until
I summon you or it is time for you to return to me. In the
meantime, you will also serve anyone who recognizes you as
the slut that you are. Do you understand that order, slave?
You will treat anyone who calls you 'slut' as your beloved
master until ... say, six hours ... pass without your
being called a slut. At that point, you will return to your
normal self and may do as you wish. Is that understood?"
Burning with humiliation, the naked Amazon crawled to her
knees and nodded. Her embarrassment swelled as the movement
dislodged a rope of cum from her lip and it stretched down
to her ample breasts.
"I didn't hear that, slave. Did you answer me?"
Shivering, Wonder Woman whispered, "Yes, Master."
"Excellent," Thornton chuckled. "Now clean up this mess --
with your tongue."
                        Chapter Two
Diana Prince was exhausted when she awakened Monday morning.
Searching her memory, she found Sunday night was a blank to
her. As far as she could remember, she'd come straight home
from work and gone to bed.
But that didn't explain the fact that she felt like she'd
been without sleep all weekend.
Shrugging it off, the tall brunette climbed out of bed,
mildly surprised to find herself naked. It wasn't her style
to sleep in the nude. Maybe a hot shower would bring her
back to herself.
The warm water felt wonderful against her tired flesh as the
powerful fingers of the shower massage pounded her muscles.
It wasn't long before the warm water and the slick, soapy
feel of her hands caressing her flesh as she bathed, began
to have another effect on Diana.
Needing her firm, tender breasts, she slowly circled her
long nails around the points of the nipples, enjoying the
tingling sensation it sent through her body. Unconsciously,
she rearranged herself until the stream from the shower was
gently massaging her sex as well.
The amazon spread her legs and began fondling herself with
one hand as the water continued to caress her clitoris. At
last, 30 minutes later, she succumbed to a powerful orgasm
and collapsed into a the warm, soapy water collecting in
the tub.
A small smile played across her lips as she relaxed, until
she realized what time it had become. She was already half
an hour late for work. Grabbing a towel, she raced to get
               *     *    *    *     *
Steve Trevor was not in a good mood. Diana Prince was over
half an hour late. It wasn't so much that he had anything of
any real importance to do. It was the principal of the thing.
Diana was supposed to be his assistant, but the way she'd
begun acting lately, you'd think they were more like partners.
It didn't help that Wonder Woman always seemed to show up
just in time to save the day and make Diana look like a
heroine while Steve took second billing.
No, he decided, it was time to put Diana in her place over
this one. She couldn't just waltz in here late and expect
him to let it slide.
He wasn't prepared, however, for Diana when she did arrive.
Dr. Thornton had programmed her well during their first
session together. And in her haste to get ready for work,
Diana hadn't realized just how well she was carrying out
her conditioning.
Instead of her normal, staid, conservative suit, Diana
wore a short, jet black skirt ending some four inches above
her knees and a pair of four-inch black pumps. The black
blazer fit tightly across her impressive chest and for a
moment, Steve could have sworn she wasn't wearing a bra.
She also wasn't wearing a shirt under the blazer and her
deep cleavage was easily visible. Her standard borning
bun was gone as well and her raven hair fell lose against
her shoulders.
Steve decided the liked the new Diana.
Diana herself wasn't quite sure what was the matter with
her. She still didn't feel like herself. And on the way to
work, her mind had been flooded with the most bizarre imaages
each time it drifted off. She'd fond herself staring at the
crotches of every man she met, wondering what their cocks
would look like. Worse, she'd had to fight down the impulse
to kneel in front of several men and ask permission to suck
their cocks.
It was humiliating.
She'd expected to be safe from these feelings here in the
office, but she found them getting worse. Recognizing the
barely hidden lust in Steve's eyes as he looked at her, Diana
realized she was becoming aroused.
"You're late, Diana," Steve barked. "I will not tolerate this
kind of behavior."
"No sir," Diana answered, lowering her eyes until they gazed
at his crotch.
Encouraged by her submissiveness, Steve added, "We need to get
a few things straight, Diana. You work for me. That means you
will obey my rules and my orders, agreed? No more of this
feminist crap. You will do as you are told."
Diana couldn't believe her ears as she heard herself agreeing
with Steve. Again, she had that strange feeling that she was
not fully in control of her own will.
"Now get me some coffee," Steve barked.
Diana practically ran to the reception area to comply. When
she returned, Steve was seated behind his desk, shuffling
through a sheaf of papers. To the amazon, it was obvious he
was trying to hide the hard-on he'd gotten from ordering her
around. For a moment, she imagine what it would feel like to
kneel at his feet and suck his erection. She pictured herself
naked, her head bobbing up and down furiously as she Steve
fucked her face. Of course, she could never do such a thing.
After all, she was amazon royalty ...
"Diana?" Steve barked. "Earth to Diana ..."
Startled from her daydream, Diana's body jerked, spilling the
contents of Steve's coffee cup into the major's lap.
Surprised and somewhat outraged, Steve leaped to his feet,
unwittingly uttering the one word Dr. Thornton had programmed
Diana to respond to above all others ...
"Damn it, Diana, you stupid slut ... What is wrong with you
today?" he exploded.
Hearing the magic word, Diana completely lost her will and
sank to her knees before Steve.
"I'm sorry, master," she cried out. "Please, allow me to
help you."
With that, the kneeling amazon, whipped off her blazer and
began to rub the material against Steve's crotch in an attempt
to dry his slacks. Steve, for his part, was in shock, both at
Diana's sudden transformation and the sight of her naked
breasts giggling slightly as she worked to clean his pants.
"Who cares about the pants?" Trevor joked, "It's what's inside
them I was afraid you'd scalded off."
No sooner had he spoken than Diana was freeing his belt from
its loops and opening his fly, the shapely brunette pulled his
pant and shorts to his knees and began applying the blazer to
his already swelling cock.
"Damn, those buttons are hot," he hissed. "Use something
Quickly Diana unzipped her skirt and pulled it off over her
head, revealing that she was wearing no underwear. Now, naked
except for her pumps, the Amazon used her skirt to dry Steve's
crotch. When she finished, Diana rocked back on her heels,
kneeling before Steve, her face just inches from his erection.
"How else may I serve you, master?" Diana asked, unconsciously
licking her lips as she stared directly at Steve's rather
average cock.
Still not sure, what was going on, Steve studied her face and
asked, "How would you like to serve me?"
Blushing with humiliation, Diana answered, "I'd like to take
your cock in my mouth and suck on it until you allow me to
taste your cum, master."
"Go ahead," Steve said warily, still not trusting his luck.
Immediately, Diana enveloped his cock in her mouth, pumping
it furiously with her tongue and lips.
For a moment, Steve thought, "I should take up motivational
speaking." Then, he forgot everything as Diana's warm, wet
mouth began  bringing him closer to his climax.
"Do you really want to taste my cum?" he asked.
"Umm ... humm ..." Diana hummed, sending delicious tremors
through his cock as she nodded her head.
"Tough," he said, pulling away from her. "You haven't earned
it yet." And with that, Steve began shooting ropes of thick
cum into Diana's face.
At first, she tried to catch it in her open mouth, but then
Steve grabbed her hair, holding her face back and aiming his
emissions at her eyes and nose. Finally, when he'd shot his
last drop, he grasped her breasts, pulling her painfully
erect on her knees. Then thrusting his cock between them,
he kneaded them around it toweling it off.
"Now you may clean yourself up, Diana," he said.
Diana began rubbing his cum into the flesh of her bare breasts
and cleaning it off her face with her fingers. Finally, when
her fingers were coated in semen, Steve chuckled, "If you
really want to taste it, be my guest."
Slowly. sensually, Diana began to lick her fingers clean.
"Hmmm ... this could be an interesting day," Steve mused.
                        Chapter Three
Diana couldn't imagine what had come over her in Steve's office. To
have actually gotten down on her knees and *begged* for permission
to suck his dick ... It was unthinkable.
But she had done it. There was no doubt about that. For a moment,
she had even thought she enjoyed it. But that was impossible, she
chided herself. He had been rude, arrogant and obscene in his
treatment of her.
Now that she was away from Steve, the whole morning seemed unreal to
her. Steve Trevor had given her permission to lick his cum off her
fingers ... and she had done it. The very thought of it made her
stomach rebel and for a moment, she closed her eyes and winced at the
delayed reaction.
"Are you alright, miss?" the man in line behid her asked? "I'll hold
your place if you'd like to visit the restroom and ... well ... ah ...
you look like you don't feel well," he finished lamely.
Thanking the stranger, Diana headed for the restroom. After all, she
had been feeling strange all morning. Perhaps a splash of cold water
on her face would help her feel more like herself.
Finishing up, the Amazon was about to leave the restroom when a shot
rang out. A large black man wearing a ski mask had just fired a shot
into the air in front of the counter. Two other men stood off to the
sides, covering the bank's occupants with machine guns.
"Okay," the first man shouted. "Nobody move and nobody gets hurt. We
don't want to kill anyone. We just want the money."
Gently closing the restroom door, Diana retreated. There were too many
innocent people in the room to start a public brawl. Catching up to them
on the street and following the criminal's back to their hideout seemed
more logical.
With a determined twirl, Diana shed her work clothes and changed into
the star-spangeld costume of Wonder Woman. After that, it was a simple
matter to exit through the bathroom window and follow the three men.
They soon led her to a shotgun shack in a rundown part of town. It was
exactly the kind of poverty stricken environment she'd expected the
criminal's to come from.
Kicking in the door, the Amazon princess burst into the middle of the
living room as the bank robbers leaped into defensive positions. The
smallest of the three men began firing a burst from his Mac-10 at her,
but Wonder Woman easily deflected the bullets with her bracelets.
The second thug darted in close to the Amazon, swinging a length of
chain, but Wonder Woman leaned back away from the blow and extended
her leg in a graceful kick, sweeping his feet from beneath him. Ripping
the chain from his hands, she flicked it across the room, knocking out
the first thug. A swift kick to the temple then disabled the man at her
The leader remained on the other side of the room from Wonder Woman as
they eyed each other warily. Shaking his head in disbelief at the slumped
forms of his men, the robber muttered, "We just took down an entire bank
and some slut in underoos takes you guys apart."
At the word "slut," Wonder Woman faltered. She had no way of knowing Dr.
Thornton's subliminal conditioning was effecting her. But she did know
that suddenly, her confidence was gone. There was no way she could subdue
this man. There was no reason for her to subdue him she thought.
"If anything," the Amazon thought, "I should be on my knees, worshipping
him like a god."
Shaking the thought from her mind, Wonder Woman concentrated on capturing
the fugitive. Setting her body in a martial arts pose, she advanced upon
him, but the robber could sense her hesitancy.
Staring deep into her eyes, the theif searched for some sign of weakness,
noting her uncertainty. He also noticed that she seemed to unconsciously
drop her eyes to his belt buckle every moment or so.
"No, wait," he realized as Wonder Woman's tongue darted out to wet her
lips. "Not my belt buckle ... she's eyeing my crotch." The realization
proved arousing to the criminal and soon his growing erection had placed
a bulge in his pants. Wonder Woman's eyes widened slightly and she licked
her lips again. He could see the points of her nipples showing through
the top of her costume.
"Damn," he thought, "the bitch is getting turned on staring at my dick."
"You want some of this slut?" he asked, grabbing his crotch. "Got a thing
for black dick?"
Again, Wonder Woman hesitated. This was wrong. She should be subduing this
criminal, tying up him and his gang and calling the police to come pick
them up. She should be punching him through a brick wall for having the
nerve to speak to her in such a manner.
Instead, she found herself slowly sinking to her knees. Without thinking,
she began to remove her top.
"Hold on a minute, bitch," the massive black man ordered. "I didn't tell
you to take off your clothes. You just wait right there until I tell you
what you can do next."
Wonder Woman remained frozen in place, staring listlessly at the ground
as the robber went into the bedroom and began rifling through things. A
few moments later, he returned with a trio of video cameras on tripods
which he began setting up around the room.
"I want something to remember this by," he told the kneeling superheroine.
"The day Wonder Woman became a Wonderslut for my cock."
Burning with humiliation, Wonder Woman felt a growing hunger in her groin
upon hearing herself refered to as a slut again. She couldn't understand
what was happening to her. But she after her morning with Steve ... and 
now this ... she had begun acting like a slut. Why was she allowing these
men to use her this way?
The man's voice snapped her back to reality ... "Now, you just crawl your
white ass over here and I might even give you a good, close-up look at
my dick, slut. Would you like that?"
Crawling to him on her hands and knees, Wonder Woman whispered, "Yes,
master, I'd like to look at your dick."
"What else would you like to do with it, slut?" he asked.
Diana was horrified to her herself replying, "I want to lick it and suck
it and feel your hot cum all over my face and tits. I want you to fuck me
like an animal and treat me like the slut that I am."
Laughing, the robber answered, "Why don't you take my cock out and play
with it right now, slut."
Burning with shame, Wonder Woman opened the criminal's trousers and
hauled his cock out into the open air. She couldn't help but gast at its
shear size. The man's member had to be at least 14 inches long and three
inches thick. Sutnned, the Amazon fondled it for a few moments before
flicking out her tongue to capture a bit of pre-cum oozing from the slit
at its tip.
"That's it, baby," the man encouraged her, "get it all wet. I wan't you
to coat that shaft real good with bitch slobber. You know the slicker you
get it with that hot little mouth of yours, the less it's gonna hurt when
I ram this rod up that tight little white asshole of yours."
As the implications of his words sank in on her, Diana's head snapped
back away from the leader's penis and her eyes grew wide with shock. No
one had ever taken her that way before. She didn't want the first time
to be like this ... with this animal ... Still she found herself wetting
her lips in order to obey him by lick his massive cock.
In the meantime, the leader had noticed his men coming to. Knowing what
kind of image he presented with Wonder Woman kneeling before him in her
full costume and sucking his dick, the huge black man decided to give his
guys a show. After all, it was good for his image as a tough guy.
"I said suck it bitch, not lick it," he shouted, wrapping his left hand
in her long, raven hair. Then, seizing the base of his enormous organ with
his right hand, he told the cowering superheroine, "What you need is a 
good, old-fashioned dick whipping to teach you how to obey your master."
With that, the man began whipping his dick against the Amazon's face as
if it were a bludgeon. Stunned, Diana found herself unable to escape
as he held her head tight while wailing on her face. The bank robber
continued for a good 15 minutes until her face was numb from the blows
and his own orgasm made it impossible to continue. Cumming uncontrollably,
the shot his semen all over her face and hair, pumping spurt after spurt
until his cock ran dry.
Then, releasing her hair and pushing her back off her knees, he said,
"Get undressed, slut. It's time to party."
                (To be continued.)