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Too Young (Mg, ped)
by Unknown Author


    TGIF!  Yes, it was once again Friday evening, my favorite time of
the week.  No more work, just two days of sleeping in late and doing
whatever I wanted to and nothing else.  I had just split with my
girlfriend about three weeks ago and I was finally feeling like going
"out on the prowl".  Three weeks of "spanking the monkey" was getting
old and I was just plain horny!

    The plan was to make myself a nice dinner, a hot shower, get
dressed in some "killer" outfit and break a few hearts, maybe even get
lucky. Unfortunately, as I was about to begin my "best laid plans",
the doorbell rang.  As I looked out the peephole to see who was at the
door, I was surprised to see the woman who lived across the hall from
me.  She was a plain looking woman, late thirty-something, somewhat
overweight, dark blond hair and glasses so thick that I couldn't tell
what color her eyes were.  She was some type of accountant or
something.  I couldn't imagine what she could want from me, so I
reluctantly opened the door to find out.

    As I opened the door, I was surprised to see that she had a young
girl with her, too short to see through the peephole.  "Hello", I said
with an inquisitive tone, "what may I do for you?"  That was the wrong
thing to say! "You just have to help me", she exclaimed.  "I have to
go out of town on business and I can't find anyone who can watch my
niece while I am gone... You're my only hope".  Oh Great...  nothing
like a little guilt to ruin a perfectly good weekend!  "I uhhh, I
don't know about this", I mumbled as I tried to weasel out of playing
baby-sitter.  "I can't just leave her here all alone...  God knows
what might happen to her...  Someone might break into our apartment
and she might get raped", she rambled.  I could see that she was
starting to go off the deep end on this thing. "Okay...  Okay..." I
said, "How long will you be gone?"  She responded, "Just till Sunday
afternoon".  "Oh just till Sunday", I said sarcastically, "that's the
whole damn weekend!"  "I could make it worth your while," she
explained, "It's worth 50 dollars..."  She held out a ten and 2
twenties, "...and maybe something extra when I get back." she said as
she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.  "Look, I'll just take
the fifty if it's okay with you", I said.  I was horny, but not THAT

    "Great", she cheered, "Here are her clothes and things", handing
me a small suitcase.  She leaned down to the girl and began to give
her instructions, "Now be a little angel for the nice man, do
everything he tells you to do, you understand?"  The young girl said
nothing, but nodded her head up and down. "Take your bath and brush
your teeth and no staying up late watching TV."  The girl was still
nodding...  she looked like one of those figures you see in the back
window of cars, with a spring for a neck, bobbing with each bump in
the road.

    I took to suitcase into my apartment and then said, "Come on in
kid...  I guess you're my date THIS weekend".  Her aunt kissed her on
the cheek and then said good-bye to us both while running down the
hall towards the elevator.  The girl came into the apartment and
closed the door behind her.  I sat down on one end of the couch and
patted my hand on the cushion next to me. "Come here and sit next to
me and we can get to know each other".  She came over and sat exactly
where I told her to, folding her hands in her lap on top of her skirt.
She was wearing kneesocks and tennis shoes, denim skirt and pink

    We started talking, actually she did all the talking, what a
motor-mouth. Anyway, she told me her name was Jane, she was 9 years
old, she wanted to be a nurse someday, she liked horseback riding,
clothes, swimming, and boys.  She was in the 4th grade and got good
grades.  She was just about to tell me her entire life story, so I
interrupted and told her that I needed to make dinner and she could
finish her story later.

    I put dinner on the table and then I remembered that I didn't have
anything to drink in the house, except for wine and tap water.  "Oh,
I've had wine with dinner before", Jane said.  "Okay," I said, "we
drink wine tonight".  I filled her glass about half way and mine to
the top.  She scowled at me and said, "How come you get a full glass
and I only get half?"  "Fine, if that's the way you want it, that's
the way you'll get it", I thought to myself, "Maybe if she drinks too
much, she'll stop talking for a while".

    She only finished about half her food, but drank all the wine.
She just sat there at the table, glassy eyed, giggling. I decided that
it might be a good time to get her ready for bed since she was half
bombed and looked like she was going to fall right off her chair.  I
picked her up and carried her off to the bathroom.  "Look," I said, "I
just want you to take your bath and get ready for bed, okay?"  "Sure!"
she said and started to take off her clothes. At first I was sort of
embarrassed, but part of me wanted to watch her undress.  Suddenly I
felt that warm feeling in my cock and realized that I was starting to
get an erection, maybe the wine was getting to me too.

    Her pink blouse was already off in a pile on the floor and I could
see her small pink nipples, but no breasts to speak of.  She was
having a little trouble with the hook and zipper on the skirt because
it was behind her back. "Let me help you", I said and quickly undid
the hook and zipper.  The skirt dropped to the floor and she stumbled
out of it, leaning against me for support.  Her hand landed right on
me cock, but she had no idea where she was touching me.  "Oops," she
giggled, "Sorry, but I am so dizzy". Then she got a puzzled look when
she felt my swelling cock.  "What's that in your pocket", She
questioned me, while gazing intently at her hand on my cock.

    I could see that things were getting a little out of control.
Shit, this is a 9 year old girl and I am could get life for this.
"Well... Uh, Uh," I stuttered, "It's sort of a toy of mine that I like
to play with".  I wasn't lying either.  I had been playing with it
quite a lot lately.  "Oooo Goodie!", she exclaimed, "Can I play with
it?"  I cock was starting to get a mind of it's own.  It was
continuing to swell in her small hand.

    I must have been out of my mind, because before I knew what was
happening, I had unbuttoned my pants and was standing there with my
thick cock hanging half hard straight out.  Jane, in the meantime was
taken back a bit by my exposure, but still a little curious.  "That's
different that mine", she said. I asked Jane if she wanted to touch
it, but she seemed a little nervous about it and my good sense told me
to put it back in my pants.  I buttoned up my pants and told her to
finish undressing.

    I watched little Jane taking off her knee socks, tennis shoes, and
finally her pink cotton panties.  She sat on the edge of the bathtub,
facing me with her legs spread slightly.  I looked between her small
legs and could see her little slit, smooth and babysoft.  I filled the
tub with warm water and she climbed into the bath. She took to soap
and started to wash herself, running the big bar of soap up and down
her thin arms and then her underarms and chest.

    "Would you like it if I washed your back for you, Jane?"  She gave
me a shy smile and giggled a bit.  I took that as a "yes" and took the
soap from her small hand.  I splashed a little water on her back and
then began to rub the soap in a circular motion on her back. "That
feels good" she said.  I didn't want her to know that I was probably
enjoying it more that she was.  I slowly worked my way down to the
small of her back and then slipped my hand down under the water.  I
let go of the soap bar and started caressing her smooth white skin
with my hand.  It was very slippery under the soapy water as I slipped
my hand around her ass.  I gently slipped my finger between her cheeks
and felt her little bunnyhole.  She began to wiggle and asked me what
I was doing. "Don't you like it...  Doesn't it feel good", I asked.
She paused and then said that it did feel good, but wasn't that "bad
touching" like she learned in school.  I quickly replied, "Oh, I think
that's only with strangers, right?" She paused again and then began
smile and nod her head.  "I guess so..." she replied, "and it does
feel kinda good."

    I picked up the bar of soap with my free hand, while continuing to
fondle her ass with the other hand.  I lathered up her thighs with the
soap and again lowered my hand under the water, between her legs.  As
I slowly began to move the soap closer and closer to her virgin slit,
her legs parted slowly, like a flower beginning to open for the first
time.  She let out a little gasp as the soap slid across her slit for
the first time.  I moved the soap in small circles, around and around
her little clit, then a bit more pressure and her virgin flesh.

    I let go of the soap and used my fingers instead, sliding up and
down on her slit, slowly parting her lips.  As my finger inched into
her hole I could feel her hymen.  I quickly slipped in another finger
and popped her virgin cherry.  She cried out as I pushed my fingers
into her.  Her wet arms wrapped around my neck and she hugged me hard
as her whole body tensed up and then went limp.  I could see a small
cloud of red spread out into the water between her legs. She started
to sob as she hugged me and I could feel her tears on my neck.  "What
is happening to me?", she cried.  "You're becoming a woman", I
replied.  "Does it still hurt?"  She simply shook her head, "No".

   I rinsed the soap off of her and told her to climb out of the bath
and I would dry her off.  As she stepped out of the tub I could see a
small trickle of blood run down the inside of her let thighs.  I dried
her with a towel and tossed it aside on the floor.  She reached out
and hugged me again, saying nothing, still sobbing a little.  Her
chest pushed hard against my cock, which was still fairly hard and
begging to come out to play.

   I picked her small naked body and carried her to the bedroom where
I sat her on the edge of the bed.  I took off my shirt and then
unbuttoned my pants.  My cock was now hard as a rock and nearly leaped
out of my shorts, standing at attention.  Jane said nothing, but
simply watched my large cock with interest. I pulled my pants and
shorts down and then off.  I stood there before the young girl, naked
and with my hard cock sticking straight out at her.  I stepped up
close to the edge of the bed, then leaning down, I took her hands and
wrapped one around my cock and the other I cupped under my balls.  I
began to stroke my cock with her hand, showing her what I wanted her
to do.  With her other hand I had her squeeze and fondle my testicles.
She caught on quick and within a few moments, was jacking me off like
a pro.  I took my hand and put it behind her head, just stroking her
hair.  She looked up at me as I slowly pulled her head closer to my
cock.  "Put in in your mouth, honey." I told her. She resisted a
little.  "Come on Jane honey, just put the end of it in your mouth".
Her mouth opened a little and her small pink tongue licked the head of
my cock, sort of testing the taste of it.  Again and again, her little
tongue lapped at the end of my thick cock.  I watched as her small
hand continued to slide the skin on my penis back and forth.

   Jane opened her mouth a little wider and let me push the head of my
cock into her small warm mouth.  I could feel her little tongue wiggle
against my skin.  My organ was starting to swell to it's largest size
and my balls were pulling up and apart.  She choked a little as I
pushed harder into the back of her mouth.  Suddenly I felt myself
ready to cum.  I warned Jane that some warm stuff was about to come
out of my cock and that she should try to swallow as much of it as she
could.  She grunted and nodded as best she could with my cock stuffed
into her face. Finally, I could feel my hips thrust forward and my
balls twitch as hot streams of sperm squirted out into Jane's tiny
mouth.  Even though I had warned her about the cum, her eyes were wide
with panic as my hot load filled her up to overflowing.  It started
drooling out across her lips and down along her chin and then oozing
down her neck.  She was trying to swallow my cum, gagging, tears
welling up in her young eyes.  I kept pushing back into her throat.
Her hands were now trying to push me back so she could get enough air
to breath. I decided to finish cumming in her pussy.

    I shoved Jane backwards onto her back and fell on top of her.  My
cock landed directly on her hairless mound of soft skin.  I reached
down and grabbed the shaft of my cock and guided the head into Jane's
little pussy.  I shoved hard and rammed the whole length of my cock up
into her.  She started crying as I humped hard between her thin legs,
shooting the last of my cum inside her.

    After I cleaned us both up we went to bed and tried to get some
sleep.  I spent the rest of the weekend getting fucked and sucked by
this 9 year old girl and loving every minute of it. I was sorry when
her Aunt came back to pick her up on Sunday, but I told her that Jane
was a very good little girl and she was welcome to stay with me
anytime, no charge.  Her Aunt smiled and said that she was going to
have to go out of town again in a couple of weeks.  I thought to my
self that I would be counting the days till I could once again say,