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Sleep Sex With My Stepdaughter
by Geminiguy (geminiguy7@hotmail.co.uk)


My wife has a daughter from her first marriage, Ruby. 
Ruby is twelve and looks nothing like her mother. On 
many occasions I've found my little Ruby slumped over 
her homework at the dining room table. I have learned 
it's to no avail to try to wake her because once 
Ruby's out, she's out like a light. One night I found 
her such a state and took advantage of her. (Mg, nc, 
rp, sleepy, cheating)




Life has been a little tougher lately. In a few ways. 
One, our rent recently went up by $150. It's still the 
cheapest around - which doesn't say much - so there 
was no point in looking for a new place.

Another thing is, they also recently did some 
downsizing at my place of employment. My position was 
vaporized but thanks to my seniority I was allowed to 
work in my old position - which meant some poor guy 
who had taken my place was out on his luck - for the 
lesser pay I was getting way back then.

The third change - and in a way, a most fortuitous one 
- was that my wife was moved to the third shift, 8PM 
to 6AM. It did pay a lot more so it solved our money 

But that in itself brought up another problem. It put 
a strain on our sex life. When I get home from work we 
have time but she's too exhausted from the longer 

My wife is actually my second wife, and I'm her third 
husband. She's almost ten years older than me. We've 
been married six years, the longest for both of us.

We both honestly agree this is our best marriage and 
know it'll last forever.

My wife has a daughter from her first marriage, Ruby. 
Ruby is twelve and looks nothing like her mother [or 
even her father for that matter]. While my wife is 
short, brunette, brown-eyed and C-cupped, Ruby is tall 
for her age, blonde, blue-eyed and already a bigger C-
cup than her mother [Ruby was heavy at eight years old 
and developed breasts then lost the weight within the 
previous year]. Ruby isn't actually my "type", other 
than the large breasts. I prefer brunettes.

Ruby has a full schedule; up at 5AM to make breakfast 
for the three of us since her mother doesn't get home 
until after 6:30 and is always exhausted. Ruby is gone 
by 7, her bus picks her up at 7:10 and she has a long 
ride ahead. Ruby volunteers after school so doesn't 
get home until 5, 5:30 - which is why I USED to try to 
get my wife to have sex at that time. She helps with 
dinner and after dinner digs into her homework. My 
wife herself is out the door before 7:30.

On many occasions I've found my little Ruby [after six 
years I see her as my own and she loves me as much as 
she does her own father] slumped over her homework at 
the dining room table. I have learned it's to no avail 
to try to wake her because once Ruby's out, she's out 
like a light. So I have to carry her to bed. 
Fortunately I still work out and I can handle her 
seemingly adult frame.

On this night it was 9:30 when I found she had fallen 
asleep again while doing her homework. Maybe it was 
just my lack of sex thinking for me - or I was 
beginning to appreciate my stepdaughter's beauty. I 
actually got a full-blown erection looking at Ruby.

She was still in the tight black top [which she had to 
wear under her white blouse] and short plaid skirt 
that was the dress code at her Catholic school.

I noticed her skirt had ridden way up her thighs. 
Knowing Ruby wouldn't wake up - and not thinking 
clearly - I slid my hands between her legs and copped 
a feel of her thigh.

Damn, it was the firmest thigh I had ever felt, with 
just the right amount of jiggle.

Feeling emboldened - and throwing any chance of Father 
Of The Year or Faithful Husband Of The Year - I slid 
my hand up further. I found no panties... Ruby sighed 
but didn't wake up or move.

I lifted Ruby's skirt, exposing her thick, ginger-
colored muff.

My thinking beyond rectifying now, I started rubbing 
Ruby's little pussy until she is soaked and moaning in 
her sleep.

I carefully and quietly moved all of her books and 
loose leaf binders off of the dining room table. I 
already knew my little Ruby lost her cherry; I had 
eavesdropped on her - not on purpose - during her last 
Friday night sleepover and she described to her friend 
in detail how it had went about after school that very 
day. I moved Ruby's upper body onto the table until 
her butt was up in the air. I flipped up her skirt, 
baring her perfect medium/large sized butt and whipped 
out my throbbing and now aching cock.

I rubbed my shaft along her hairy, very wet pussy 
until it was wet enough. Then aiming it, I slid it in.

Shit, Ruby was tight as fuck... Her pussy slowly 
relaxed and I was soon able to get most of my cock in. 
I reached under her and cupped her young tits as I 
began to fuck my stepdaughter slowly. She was still 
moaning from time-to-time.

I soon increased my pace. I needed to cum bad. I was 
moaning, too, now and it was only a few minutes before 
a came inside Ruby. As I began to pump my jizz into 
her pussy she half woke up.

"Huh? Daddy?" She moaned, looking back over her 
shoulder at me.

Ruby had never called me "daddy" before. "Shhh... 
You're just having a dream, baby..."

"Oh. Okay..." Ruby laid her head back down as I 
continued to fuck her. Soon I could tell she was 
asleep once more.

I kneaded her tits more roughly, feeling her nipples 
through her flimsy bra. I loved tits. I loved Ruby's 
tits. Holding and kneading her amazing tits had me so 
excited I was fucking her harder and faster.

Ruby began to moan once more. Her pussy seemed to suck 
at my cock. I loved it. I think she had several small 
orgasms before I shot my second load into her. As I 
came she had her most intense orgasm.

As I softened I pulled out of my stepdaughter and 
tucked my cock back into my pants. I had a tissue in 
my pocket and wiped up the small amount of or fluids 
leaking from her pussy then slid it in her pussy.

Flipping down Ruby's skirt, I carried her upstairs to 
her bedroom and laid her in bed. I pulled the tissue 
out of her young pussy and covered her up, kissing her 

"Good night, Ruby love..." I whispered.

"Good night, daddy..." She moaned in her sleep.

I left her room, looking at her as I shut the door. 
I'd have to do this more often, I thought to myself 
with an unfatherly smile... THE END