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The Resort
by Mandi More (sweetmandicandy@gmail.com)


An adolescent virgin begins a new life as a sex slave at a foreign 
resort. (M+/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, 1st, voy, oral, anal)


I stumbled slightly, which made the men in the room laugh. I 
wasn't used to high heels, and these were 7-inch stilettos, clear 
plastic stripper style. Adding to my balance problem, my breasts. 

It was my first time showing off my new DDD implants. I was only 
4'9 and 90 lbs (before an extra 30lbs of silicone was pumped into 
me). It felt like weights constantly dragging my chest forward.

My name is Amanda (Mandi), and I was 12-years-old that spring. My 
life had changed so much in the 6 months prior that I don't know 
where to begin. 

I guess it started when my Mom met Ted. 

At first, I was happy. He was nice, good-looking, good to Mom, and 
he spoiled me. I'd never known my real dad. He and Mom never got 
married, and he left before I was two. Mom tried to track him down 
a few times, but he'd disappeared (I think he started using a fake 
name so that he didn't have to pay child support).

Mom dated, and there was a series of guys hanging around the 
apartment while I was growing up, mostly losers. I guess that 
being a single mother she attracted a lot of bottom feeders 
looking for an easy lay, and since she was lonely, I guess that's 
what she was.

Ted was different, or at least he seemed different. He also had a 
lot of money. He bought us things, took us places. All of a sudden 
I had designer clothes like the snobby "mean girls" at my school 
did. And I would come to school on Monday mornings with stories of 
the trips I'd gone on over the weekend. Ted even called me his 

He married my Mom just a couple of months later, and he legally 
adopted me. I was thrilled; we went to live in his house, which 
was about the size of the entire apartment building we'd live in 
before. My room had a pink canopy bed, and a life size carousel 
horse. It was Christmas time.

By February Mom was dead. Officially it was an overdose, her Xanax 
combined with the Oxycontin she'd just been prescribed after 
dental surgery. Ted said he thought she was groggy and in pain, 
and forgot how many doses she'd already taken. The medical 
examiner agreed with him. 

I had a feeling it wasn't what happened. I'd seen him waking her 
up every hour or so, handing her more pills to swallow while she 
was too out of it to realize what she was doing.

I never said anything. I was young, and not entirely sure of what 
I'd seen, or even if he'd been doing something wrong. And even if 
he'd done it, I couldn't imagine why he'd done it on purpose; he 
seemed to love her so much. 

I really didn't have any other family. Mom would never talk about 
her own parents. I knew that if I had said anything to get Ted 
thrown in jail, or even if he decided that didn't want me, I'd 
probably end up in a group foster home. Some kids at school were 
from those places, they talked about it like it was hell on earth. 
I was scared it was where I would end up. I was so glad when Ted 
said WE were going on vacation. 

It was winter in Chicago, and he said we needed some time away to 
heal from everything. He owned a place in Belize. I was so glad he 
wanted me with him. I already had my passport; we'd been planning 
a trip down there for him and Mom to spend their first Valentine's 

He raped me the first night we were there. He was sitting on a 
chair, and wanted me to sit on his lap. Pretty soon he was pushing 
up my nightgown, and unzipping his pants. It was the first time 
I'd seen an erect penis, and his cock was huge, almost 9 inches, I 
would later learn.

He lifted my ass up and lowered me onto it. I began screaming, all 
he did was put his hands on my hips and push me down on it harder. 
I'd never even had a tampon inside me before, and now I had his 
massive cock. The stretching made it feel like it was burning.

"God!" He moaned, "so fucking... so fucking tight!"

I honestly thought I would split in two, right up the center.

A maid was in the room, and some of the other house staff was in 
the next room, but no one cared. They didn't speak English, and 
were being paid too much money to ever say anything, even if 
they'd been able to understand me. And I realized later that I was 
far from the first girl they'd watched him do it to.

A friend of Ted's who lives down there is a plastic surgeon; he's 
the one who did my breasts. 

I was skinny, and looked even younger than the 12 I'd just turned, 
and Ted said the huge implants (which weighed almost 15 lbs each 
by the time it was done) were even hotter looking than they'd be 
on a grown woman, because of the contrast. They had to insert the 
implants only half filled, and fill them up the rest of the way a 
little at a time over the next few weeks. I'd only been an A cup 
before, and it was the only way they could get the skin to stretch 

As soon as the incisions healed, I quickly found out why I'd been 
given my new tits.

There was a big resort next to Ted's villa on the beach that 
catered to men who liked young girls. Ted was part owner (it was 
how he'd made his money), and even though they now had people 
procuring girls full time, he still regularly found new "meat" for 
it himself. 

In my case, no one back home really asked too many questions about 
why I never came back after my "vacation". After what happened to 
Mom I think they just assumed we'd moved.

My first night "working" I was in a haze. My skinny legs were 
perched on the stripper heels, my massive tits kept making me tilt 
forward. A few times I tipped over completely. 

The first guy who motioned with his finger to call me over was 
probably 60, completely bald and very fat. He told me to bend over 
and grab my ankles, which wasn't as easy as it sounds, under the 

I was naked except for my heels, and my bare, bald cunny was 
completely exposed to him. He stuck a couple of fat fingers into 
it from behind. Another guy had a camera. I saw the picture later, 
a tiny, blond girl with porn star tits bent over in front of the 
fat, bald old man, as he smiled a huge grin, straight into the 
camera, lazily finger fucking me.

Some of the girls were like me, with implants, and fake lips, 
others natural. All of us learned very quickly to cooperate. We 
weren't just threatened with punishment, we were indoctrinated 
into the whole idea of what we were "there for". We existed only 
to give pleasure. Our worth was measured in the orgasms we gave 
our Masters. 

All men were addressed as "Sir" unless otherwise instructed 
("Daddy" was the most frequent secondary request of course). We 
were so completely isolated we quickly believed everything they 
told us. We worshipped them.

There was a large main building, basically like a strip club, were 
we would spend most of our time when not with a client (or 
sometimes with, if they wanted they could be serviced right 
there). We danced on stage around the poles, or sat dressed up in 
slutty costumes on the circular couches, waiting to be picked. 

We were taught to speak in "baby" talk, and voices. Oral sex was 
called "Yum Yum," and that's how we were taught to perform it, 
like we were licking and sucking on the yummiest piece of candy, 
even making "Mmmm" and "Yum !"sounds around the cocks between our 
lips, unless we were gagging so much from being throat fucked that 
we couldn't.

"Want some candy Mandi?" asked a middle age man in glasses.

"Mmm, yesth Sir, yesth pleathize" I lisped in reply.

I smiled up at him, nodding my head as though he'd offered me a 
Popsicle. He unzipped right there, pressing the cockhead to my 
bubblegum-pink painted lips.

"MMMMMmmmmm!!!!" I sighed as it sank into my mouth. I was in 
heaven feeling it harden against my tongue. My eyes crossed as I 
looked down to watch it go in and out of my mouth.

"Ahh yeah" he moaned "Good little girl"


I am moaning, my ass stretched beyond belief. I'm spread out on a 
lounge chair by the pool, with someone's fist deep inside my ass. 
Someone else had shoved a beer bottle inside my cunny, and I'm 
already so full I think I'll explode. Then I feel a man reach up 
and roughly yank it out, making a huge "plop" sound. Soon his fist 
replaces the bottle, and battles for space with the fist invading 
my ass. 

It is exactly one year since my first night at the resort.

My nipples are so distended now they look like pieces of rubber. 
Daddy Ted has them pierced, and there's a chain attached to them 
that connects to my collar. The man above me begins pulling on 
them, which makes me cum, then pulls harder, which makes my collar 
constrict and makes me choke. That makes me cum to. 

Daddy Ted walks by, and smiles. I smile back and wave "Hi Daddy!" 

A year ago I'd panicked so badly at being fisted that it was the 
only time I got into serious trouble, and had to be severely 
punished (electrical shocks). I'm proud that I can now take fists 
with pleasure. 

In addition to an adult porn stars silicone tits, I have an adult 
porn stars stretched out, heavy lipped cunt on my 13-year-old 
body. This means some of the men here no longer want to fuck me, 
but there are still a lot who are even more turned on. 

Pete, the big fat man from my first night here squats over me and 
lowers his knees on the cushion on either side of my shoulders, 
then lowers his ass. I take each of his ass cheeks into my hands 
and spread them (not an easy thing, Pete is almost 400 lbs.). He 
lowers himself more, until his asshole is resting on the tip of my 
tongue. I begin rimming him, then tongue fucking him in and out, 
as he lowers his ass harder onto my face, making it hard to 
breathe. When I do breath I can smell his ass, just like I can 
taste it on my tongue.

"Mmmm, clean it up real good Mandi, I just took a shit, and you 
know I can't reach much back there". Pete is so heavy he can 
barely wipe himself, if one of the girls is around we do it, but 
if there isn't one of us usually licks him clean afterward. He's 
the founder of the resort, and we do our best to keep him happy. 
It's considered an honor to clean his asshole.

My lips are pumped full of collagen, which makes it easier to give 
blow jobs, but harder to rim assholes. But I know this is not an 
excuse, and do my absolute best.

After I'm done, and the men fisting me pull out, I'm turned over, 
face down, ass up, and the guy in my ass replaces his hand with a 
plastic funnel with a very long spout, like the kind they use on 
car engines. 

Pete puts his penis inside it and lets out an extremely long 
stream of piss (he'd been drinking beer all night). The funnel is 
so deep it acts as an enema. They pull out the funnel and replace 
it with a butt plug (a big one, my ass is stretched out these 
days) and laugh as I painfully stumbled off the lounge chair, and 
waddle off to Steve's room. 

Steve isn't really into piss and shit; he's more into seeing me in 
pain. He loves to watch me moan and clutch my cramping belly while 
it's filled with harsh enema solution (or piss, as in this case). 
Sometimes he makes me wait hours before he lets me go to the 
bathtub where he yanks the plug out. 

He's standing at the door when I get there, laughing as I waddle 
and stumble with my huge titties and packed ass on 8-inch stripper 

"Oh Mandi, if only every stupid little cunt knew her place as well 
as you do"

I smile. It's a genuine smile, as hard as it is to please a guy 
like Steve; I know I'm completely worthless unless I can do it.

Inside his room he duct tapes the plug in my ass to make sure the 
motion of what we're about to do doesn't make it pop out, and then 
makes me sit on his cock, extending my ass outward. I'm moaning in 
pain, begging for release, but I know it could be hours away. My 
pigtails bounce as I start to ride him, the pressure in my ass and 
belly are almost unbearable.

I begin to cum.

To be continued?