The Neighbour's Daughter
by Leliny (address withheld)

A man finds himself alone after separating and begins to eye his 
next door neighbour's daughter. He finds a way to perv on her, he 
befriends her and than acts out his fantasies. (Mg, extreme-ped, 
nc, oral, anal, bd, scat)

I Had grown up fairly isolated from the surrounding houses, kept 
to myself most of the time. It wasn't until I split from my 
girlfriend I started finding myself increasingly horny, lonely, 
and desperate my mind began to wonder if I would find true love 
again, would I have the sort of twisted sex I had with my ex 
girlfriend. Thoughts of my ex tied hard, the shocked look on her 
face while she agonised in hard anal sex, the bed pounding into 
the wall.

I knew my neighbour had a daughter but I never really thought 
about it much, until one day, I was sitting in the backyard, my 
hardon sliding into my shorts, feeling very aroused. I could hear 
my neighbour playing in her backyard, on the trampoline bouncing 
up and down, her breaths of happiness, smiling bouncing, it caught 
my attention. so I stood up and went and peeked through the fence 
to watch her play.

Chloe was only six, her legs pale white and long and skinny for 
her age, her boney knees making her look very girly, very sporty. 
I took a good look at her bum, she was wearing light pink 
underwear and a breezy little skirt, as she crawled across the 
trampoline I got a very good look at her on all fours, I couldn't 
help but stare straight at her tiny ass trying to gauge how big 
her arse hole might be, her bum looked impossibly skinny and 

I desperately wanted to see her anus, to taste it, smell it, was 
it pink? Was it even clean? it was becoming too much as I took my 
cock out of my jeans and started pulling it hard while I looked at 
my little neighbour playing so happily, I couldn't help but think 
about the agony of my ex girlfriend and what it would be like to 
put a child through the same process, a small skinny little girl. 
I started to think about installing a spy camera in her toilet, 
and just as I was thinking of seeing her skinny ass and tiny anus 
spread I squirted my sperm all over the fence, groaning it became 
almost obvious the noise and breathing.

I decided to act on my fantasy the next day and purchased a small 
spy cam from my local spy shop, I took it home and the software, 
waited for when Chloe would be at school and her mummy was at 
work. The day arrived, and I jumped the fence with my little 
wireless camera the size of a screw, as well as one small audio 
bug. The quality of this screw cam was fantastic, as was the 
audio. I opened the bathroom window and climbed in, a small screw 
driver I placed the screw between the toilet seat and the lid, 
perfect position only a miniscule change in appearance.

I waited and waited until Chloe came home from school, watching 
the toilet on my screen at home my cock in my hand I was hard as a 
rock. I heard the light turn on and saw the toilet become clear as 
day. a small figure in front of the camera I saw Chloe in her tiny 
chequered green dress watching her with her back turned I was hard 
as a rock, leaning forward slightly her tiny bum bend over, her 
pink with yellow cartoon characters slipping down her tiny 
backside, before her tiny tender fingers lifting the back of 
school uniform. I couldn't believe what I saw, my eyes were glued, 
her tiny little white bum parting as she sat on the seat, as she 
sat all the way onto the toilet seat, her anus was very tiny and 
very pink! And was now practically staring at the camera. I heard 
a ripping noise echoing in the bowl, this little girl had just 
farted and I could just imagine her scent now. 

Her anus began to dilate and I saw some poo start to come out, 
light brown and soft quite more than I had expected for a skinny 
girl, she was quite noisy for a kid as well, her farts somewhat 
loud. I wondered what size cock could fit up there, my 8 inches? I 
couldn't control myself as I watched her wipe her tender pink anus 
with toilet paper, the brown stain being cleaned with every wipe, 
as I squirted thick hard loads all over the floor. Her tiny pink 
anus now pink again with a slight brown tinge I watched her lift 
her kiddie bum off the seat and pull up her tiny cotton panties 
and her school dress wafted over her skinny ass as she left the 

I went to bed jacking off again the thought of this tiny pink anus 
surrounding my cock making me cum again. I knew I had to do her, 
but how? She was just a kid it would be so hard to get it up 
there, only someone hard as a rock could possibly get it up this 
six year olds ass. I knew I would do it, but when? I was growing 
impatient, I needed anal sex, I needed to have this kid many 
times, how would I do this?

Chloe's mum had started working night shifts lately and I noticed 
Chloe was alone for many hours after school on weekdays. I was 
growing impatient and decided I had to do something about it this 
afternoon. I waited for Chloe to get home from school and decided 
to throw a ball into her backyard. I went and knocked on the door 
and Chloe answered, she was so beautiful, her brown hair pulled 
back into a small pony tail, some small freckles on her forehead 
and nose.

She looked so innocent and feminine, yet athletic and sporty she 
looked so vulnerable to me, so skinny, almost anorexic I could 
have picked her up and dragged her back with me with one hand. I 
almost changed my mind on then spot and decided anal sex would be 
too traumatic for such a pretty little six year old, so skinny and 
bright eyed. I knew I had to be strong and asked if I could come 
in to get my ball. She let me in and we went to her backyard and 
collected the ball, I asked if she must be bored being alone right 
now and if she wanted to come to my place and play games with me 
till mum got home. 

It wasn't difficult to get the child to come next door with me 
within minutes I had the skinny kid walking into my house and into 
my lounge room. I said I have many games that we could play but 
only one game is special, and should always be kept secret. She 
wondered with such curiosity what this game is all about, her six 
year old mind so inquisitive yet vulnerable, I asked her to come 
to my special room which I prepared for our games.

Walking into the door she looked somewhat apprehensive, her face 
looked nervous and somewhat excited. Her tender cheeks flush with 
color, red from walking home just minutes earlier, she pointed at 
the small wooden kids bed in the center of the room and asked if 
we were going to play sleep overs, but only had an old sheet on it 
and no pillows, a video camera at the bed head to capture her 
face, and a video camera pointing down to capture the forced 
parting of her ass, I had positioned it for her. 

I sat on the side of the bed and she stood in front of me, the 
child's face now the same height as mine as she stood tall yet 
perky and shy, I turned her around and placed my hands on her 
shoulders and her soft neck, her hair smelled of baby shampoo, I 
ran my hand down it, and felt her arms, so thin, I felt her soft 
little hands, and then the base of her school dress, lifting it up 
above her panties, exposing her tiny narrow bum. My cock stood up 
hard in my pants as I stared at her. The child was wearing light 
cotton pink undies I pulled them off and slipped her out of her 
school dress, shoes and little white socks. I told her to go on 
her hands and knees facing the bed head camera, she hopped on the 
bed, her lanky white legs sprawled out to the side and her tender 
firm skinny bum now naked in the bedroom air. "I'm going to show 
you what grown up's do" I said eagerly

I tied rope around her skinny little wrists to the bed head, and 
tied rope from her ankles down to the sides, keeping her legs 
together with rope around her knees. Her back was arched and she 
was poised in a prim and proper position for anal sex, her skinny 
child's body so vulnerable and weak compared to my raging strength 
to abuse her. I placed her pink panties into her mouth and came in 
close to her face to talk to her, I told her things get very noisy 
when grown ups do it so we need to put them in her mouth to keep 
her nice and quiet, I could now smell her shampooed hair, the 
sweat kiddie breath and her slightly stinky six year old knickers. 

As I stayed close to her face. She tried to talk and was very 
reluctant to let me force them in but I did, and I placed rope 
into her mouth and tied it quite hard so she couldn't spit out her 
undies. Bits of her pink undies hanging out the side of her mouth, 
I could see a tinge of brown skid mark on it, I realised her anus 
must be dirty, and I went behind her and took out my raging hard 

I kneeled behind her and for a moment I thought that this wasn't 
going to happen, my hard 8 inches resting on her arse was so large 
compared to this skinny tiny bum, it was going to be nigh on 
impossible to get it up there without it being total agony for 
her. I smelled the scent of her anus, musky, somewhat dirty I was 
so raging hard at the smell of my six year old girl. I placed a 
tiny amount of Vaseline on her anus and my cock, and placed it 
against her boney little bum, her pink anus touching the head of 
my cock, kissing it, I could feel the warmth of her anus now. 

I pushed it against her pink anus and watched it begin to open, 
but not very much before I felt Chloe trying to wriggle and move 
but she was tied hard, I heard her moaning noises muffled by her 
panties in her mouth. I placed my hands on her bum and held it 
firmly pushing my cock up further, her tender pink anus dilating 
open even more, my cock looking enormously long and fat in between 
the boney white cheeks of her bare over exposed skinny butt.

Pushing harder I began to see her boney butt cheeks start to be 
forced apart wider to accommodate my thick rod, her anus engulfing 
the head completely, I heard her scream briefly muffled into her 
panties as she realised the agony of how big it was and that she 
was just a six year old kid and her hole wouldn't let it fit. I 
placed my hand on her face and cheek and said shhh hun its ok will 
feel much better soon. I could see on the TV to the side the 
camera showing her eyes watery and face red and in shock her tears 
dripping down the sides of her cheeks. 

I pushed the rest of my entire length up her bum and felt it 
squeezing me so hard, her bottom cheeks now spread so wide almost 
comical, to have my fat cock wedged up the center. I pushed and 
felt and heard a fart, squeezing her whole school days fart out of 
her in one push, the stink was in the air above the kids little 
bum, the smell of egg wafted and the embarrassment shown across 
her face. The tight ass of hers was already too much and was 
squeezing the head of my cock into a massive bulge I knew it 
wouldn't take long to cum. 

I started to push back and forth my hard rod sliding in and out I 
could feel a thick heat on my cock and I knew what it was, because 
I started to smell it. I had watched this child after school in 
the toilet so many times, I knew now that kids do shit quite a 
lot, I knew that this time of the day it wouldn't take much for 
Chloe to accidentally shit now with such a large rod up there. As 
my cock slid back I saw a thin brown line getting thicker with 
every push, slowly starting to cover my solid hardon, as I felt it 
thick and soft covering my head, this little child was soiling 
herself because of the pain of her adult anal sex.

After a few minutes of gently going up her backside back and 
forth, the tears subsided and she had grown used to her anal 
opening being plugged. I whispered into her ear, that I wanted her 
to nod if she understood me that we are going to do it hard like 
adults do it, and once done she would suck it clean until it all 
squirts out into her mouth, she just nodded like a good girl. I 
began to steadily and sternly give it to the child, the tiny kid's 
bed creaking with each pump, I began to bang the six year olds bum 
harder and faster. The agony on her face began to show as she 
started to fart uncontrollably, her shit now smeared heavily onto 
my cock. 

The smell of six year old anal sex began to fill the air, wafts of 
egg and rich poo smelling the air. I fucked up her harder and 
harder, surprised her skinny anorexic ass was not splitting from 
the large rod up there, my balls welling up I knew I had to cum so 
bad it was unstoppable, I withdrew fast, the head of my cock 
completely light brown from her school girl crap, I quickly went 
around to the front of the child's face and lifted out the rope 
and took her pink undies out of her drooling mouth, and wiped my 
cock with her undies once, taking some of her kiddie scat off.

I slid my cock into her mouth, her gagging as I held her chin 
looking at her freckled pale face and top of her head I pumped my 
hot sticky sperm down the back of her throat and all onto her 
tongue. Her red cheeks and sore eyes staring at the big cock in 
her mouth, her face screwed up from the smell of shit now on her 
tongue and in her mouth and lips as I pushed her child lips back 
and forth on the head of my cock getting every last drop of sperm 

I told her to open her mouth and put her tongue out and look at 
the camera, her tongue stained brown and cum in her teeth sticky 
and dripping as I told her to smile for it, she tried to push out 
a smile but could barely manage a wide kiddie smirk, she now 
looked completely degraded. I told her adults like to finish off 
by kissing gently, I sat on the bed and lent over to kiss the 
child on the lips, the smell so potent of the shit I just smeared 
onto her panties and I just put my lips on hers and tasted her 
tongue, bitter from her preteen scat, and sweet from her kiddie 
saliva I kissed her, feeling her soft tender cheeks, soggy wet 
from her tears.

I looked at her undies, on the floor I had wiped my cock on them 
and they were disgusting, pink cotton and stinking of six year old 
scat. I gave her a hot shower and dressed her, the child had a 
very sore bum, I kept her at my place a few hours and gave her 
some panadol. Sending her home a few hours later, this skinny kid 
was gonna grow up to be a good little anal pro.