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My Daughters Mouth
by Suppy (psion1369@gmail.com)


A man starts fucking the throat of a four year old girl. Then they 
decide to get a dog. (Mg, toddler, extreme-ped, oral, anal, bd, 


"She's only four, Charles." My wife wasn't too sure about this, 
but I had persuaded her. "Are you sure she can handle that?"

"Sure she can," I said. "Just you watch. She will take it all 
tomorrow. Now you lie back and get what's coming at you." Jane 
wasn't exactly in a position to do much, but she tried to relax in 
the rope setup in the basement. Gina, our four year old daughter, 
sat watching on the couch. "Besides, how is she to properly learn 
if she can't experiment?"

I put the ball gag in Jane's mouth, and Gina had gotten bored. She 
had watched this many times, and it was past her bedtime as well. 
I had Jane tied up and hanging from the ceiling. Her legs were 
pulled above her head, spreading her pussy for me to do as I 
please. I took aim at her with my dick and plunged in deeply. I 
loved fucking her on the swing we made. I fucked her for about an 
hour before I noticed that Gina had fallen asleep on the couch 
down here. I pulled out and came all over the little girl as she 
slept. It was my favorite end-game.

Jane started to moan around her ball-gag. I pulled it out and she 
said, "Let me down so I can clean it off her. I want to taste her 

I untied Jane and she crawled over to the little girl who lay 
sleeping. She licked off all the cum on her smooth skin. Gina 
stirred a bit once the tongue hit. Jane cleared off the cum and we 
lifted the little girl into bed.


The next morning, I had let both of my girls sleep, as today was 
going to be a special day. At around noon. I woke Jane and Gina. 
Bedtime was late for them both last night around three in the 
morning. I wanted to make sure that both were ready for this. I 
fed them both a rather large brunch. Jane had taken Gina to the 
salon for a treatment day before our big event.

At around five in the evening, they both came home. Jane was 
dressed in a new dress that left nothing to the imagination. Gina, 
once she took off her coat, was dressed in a custom outfit that 
Jane had made just for this event. She had on this white little 
teddy with lace frilled all over. She was wearing white lace 
panties that barely covered her private girl parts. She had these 
stockings on that came up to her thighs, topped with a lace frill. 
She looked beautiful.

I picked up my little girl and kissed her on the mouth. She had 
this smile on her face. Jane stood up at the front of the living 
room, and Gina and I stepped in front of her.

"Gina, Charles, you two are about to prove your love and devotion 
as father and daughter in a way that nobody can ever take away 
from you. Tonight, Charles will perform an act to you, Gina, that 
will take you one step towards being a woman. Do you accept 
Charles as your loving father?" She nodded a yes. "And Charles, 
you are about to prove that the trust your daughter gives you is 
worth every once. What you will do to her is something that can 
never be taken away. Do you accept her as your loving daughter?" I 
nodded a yes. "Then I pronounce the both of you as lovers. You may 
now enter your daughter."

Jane had sat down, taking off her dress and leaning back to play 
with herself. I had taken Gina and placed her on the couch. I 
positioned her so that her head was off the edge and she was 
laying on her back. I opened her mouth and she held it there for 
me. I took off my pants, I had been wearing trainers for just 
this, and positioned my dick at her mouth. Her mother had told her 
how to do this, and they had been making sure that she could do 
it. Gina had started to suck in my dick, just as she had been 
taught on the various items we used. I pushed a bit more in, until 
I hit the point where she started to gag a bit. I pulled out and 
started to rock back and forth in her mouth to get her used to a 
dick in her mouth.

After a few moments, I did just what I had been waiting for. Just 
what the ceremony was for. I pushed past the gag. She remembered 
what she was told, and she started to swallow my cock. I pushed 
further and further slowly until my balls were smashed against her 
nose. I gave her a moment to get used to this, and then I started 
to pull out and push in slowly. I made at the same speed until I 
was sure that she was able to handle it. It took me about twenty 
thrusts in before I started to fuck her throat a bit harder. And 
with each successive thrust, I was getting faster and faster until 
I was furious in her.

I don't know how long I was in her throat. It felt like forever. 
Jane later told me that Gina broke her record by nearly five whole 
minutes, making me last in her throat a full half an hour. I was 
impressed at my little girl at being able to handle this 
completely. I was thrusting in and out of this four year old mouth 
like it was a whores ravaged pussy. I felt my balls start to 
swell, so I pushed deep in her and let loose, coating everything 
in her with my cum.

I pulled out and Gina was breathing hard and ready to pass out. I 
carried her up to the bed I shared with my wife. I laid her down 
without even taking off any of the clothing she was still wearing. 
She laid there, trying to catch her breath. I went back downstairs 
and found my wife had three fingers from her right hand up her 
cunt and two from her left up her ass. I moved both her hands away 
and gave her a quick kiss.

"I know what I said we would do tonight after the ceremony, but I 
kinda want a change of plans. I hope you don't mind sitting this 
one out." Jane looked a bit confused. I had told her before that 
once this was done, we would all play around together in bed. But 
I wanted this one alone for the night. I picked her up and took 
her to the spare bedroom we keep. I pulled out the ropes and tied 
her to the bed pretty tightly. I had her arms and legs spread out, 
and she was face down in all of this. I put in her ball gag and 
then grabbed the dildo-pants I had made for her. It had a 
vibrating dildo for her pussy, and a vibrating butt-plug for her 
ass. The pants made sure that no matter what happened, neither 
would be coming out anytime soon. And the fact that it plugs into 
the wall means I never have to worry about battery power for the 
rest of the night.

I then went back into my room and found poor little Gina laying on 
my bed, passed out. I went over to her and opened her mouth again 
and took aim. I thrust my cock in her throat deeply for the first 
go. I heard her gag a moment, but then she woke and realized what 
was happening to her again. I started to fuck her throat like a 
cheap whore. I kept fucking her throat for another half-hour 
before I spilled sperm in her belly for a second time.

Gina had curled up to me once I pulled out and fell fast asleep 
against my side. I pulled the blanket over us and fell asleep like 
that myself.


The next morning, I undid Jane and she wasn't happy. I could tell 
just why. Instead of letting her play, or even watch, I had her 
tied up away from the action.

"You better not forget that I have holes that need fucking too," 
she scolded me. I only looked at her with that authoritative 
glance that tells her that my needs have to be fulfilled first.

We went down stairs and got Gina up. She didn't want to get out of 
her sexy wedding dress. She felt pretty in it, but Jane had 
offered to make her more pretty and sexy outfits. I had decided to 
take the rest of the day off from bondage and fucking, but have 
some serious fun tonight.

And once it was close to bedtime, I got out the rope and tied Jane 
to our bed. I tied her up so that she had her ass up In the air, 
and I pulled Gina in the room. I told her that she had to get 
ready. Gina got on the bed next to her mother, head tilted back.

I pulled out some lubricant and greased up myself and Jane's ass. 
I pushed my head in, and Jane grunted with my cock finding her 
depths. I started to fuck in and out, fucking her good and hard in 
the ass. I fuck for quite sometime, me being able to hold out on 
when I spray.

Once I was feeling close to my own orgasm, I pulled out and shoved 
into Gina's mouth. She didn't know what to do with the taste of 
her mothers ass, but I didn't give her a chance to object. I 
started to fuck her throat like I have before, hard and fast. I 
made sure that the taste of ass was going down that sweet young 
throat, and a few minutes later, I was cumming in her belly once 

I was sitting laying there, and I managed to undo Jane. She took 
the rope and tied up Gina in different positions, playing with her 
daughters pussy as the bondage play went on. I was too tired from 
the serious throat fucking I had been doing the past few days and 


It had been several months now. Every morning, I wake up to either 
Jane or Gina trying to choke on my dick. Gina had gotten better at 
it, even being able to take it down without my pushing. And we 
have started her training on pleasuring her mother. She really 
seems to get into that one, but not as much as she gets into 
getting a deep throat.

"Gina wants a dog," Jane told me one morning when Gina was out 
playing in the yard. "I asked her why, and said that she just 
wants a dog. Should we get one if we teach her about taking care 
of it?"

I was slightly curious about this, but what the hell? "Sure," I 
said. "We can get one of the ones your sister trains."

Jane gave a slight squeal at this. Her sister, Imogen, breeds and 
trains Great Danes for one purpose only. And going to her place in 
the hills only means one thing for Jane. "Can we go tomorrow?"

"Why wait?" I asked. I called Gina in the house and told her to 
get ready to go away. She wanted to know where she was, but I told 
her that if she has to ask, then it wouldn't be a surprise.

We all pilled in my car and we drove an hour and a half to 
Imogen's house in the hills. She had this huge house on top of 
forty acres that she got in a bitter-sweet divorce. Seems her ex 
husband couldn't handle her.

When we pulled in Imogen came out of her house in her full 
nakedness. Jane and her were raised in a home full of loving, and 
it was well received in later life. Imogen had started to use this 
land for something that she had always wanted to do, and that was 
raise Great Danes for studding purposes.

"Hello, my beautiful sister. Are you here to get some serious dog 
dick?" Imogen asked as we got out of the car. Jane had loved to 
help with the training every now and then, but we never let Gina 
watch until today.

"Actually," I answered, "We are here to see if there is one we 
could take home with us."

"Seems Gina wants a dog for the house," Jane said. "But before we 
get to that, it's time to show off what has been happening in our 

"Gina has started," I told her as we all walked in the house. Once 
we were in and seated in the living room, Imogen was on her knees 
sucking on my cock and every few sucks, moving to her sisters 
pussy. She was such a good hostess. "I remembered hearing about 
the thing that your father did with your two, and we did it a few 
months ago. You should have seen her outfit. Jane did a good job 
on it."

"Imogen, I just love your tongue, but can you call in one of your 
dogs?" Jane was eager to get some doggy dick in her. Imogen left 
and Jane got on all fours in front of me and took my cock down her 
throat. Imogen came back in guiding a rather large stud. The dog 
quickly got on top of my wife and inserted pretty quickly. Jane 
took both my cock and this dog cock quite well, as always.

"So we started Gina on throat fucking for starters. We want to 
wait before we get into her little pussy and ass," I said.

"That's good. Daddy didn't start much of anything with us until we 
were ten. I remembered watching as Daddy fucked Jane the first 
time and wanted to do the same right then." Imogen was sipping on 
a cup of coffee as she was talking to me. "So if this bitch can 
stop sucking your cock, we can call Gina in here and she can show 
me her new talents."

"I was also thinking that she could see her mother playing with a 
dog," I said.

Imogen left and brought Gina in and I managed to pull away from 
Jane's mouth.

"Honey, why don't you show Aunt Immy what you do with your daddy. 
And then we can teach you new games for the doggy that you will be 
taking home today," Imogen said.

Gina walked over to the couch, laid on her back and tilted her 
head back. Her mouth was opened wide, waiting for me. I went over 
and pushed into her throat and started to fuck her slowly. I 
started to thrust harder and harder.

"I can fuck her throat like I do your asshole, and was able to do 
that right from the start too," I said as I kept thrusting in and 
out. I had gotten to the jackhammer speed by this time. I looked 
over and my wife was getting fucked by that dog like nothing else. 
I was going like an animal as well, and finally I had to cum. I 
pushed deep in my daughters throat and let loose a huge and thick 

I pulled out and Imogen started to kiss this little girl, not even 
giving her a chance to calm after this. "That was so hot," she 
said when she left Gina's face. "I need to get something taken 
care of now."

I threw her on the floor and she just laughed. I took advantage of 
her open mouth and thrust in. I couldn't believe that I was still 
hard after that. Imogen started to suck at my cock, and I pushed 
in. I got to the back and started to push harder. I got balls deep 
in her mouth and started the furious fucking that I just did to my 
little girl.

It took quite some time, but she never got to the half hour mark 
that Gina holds. I didn't finish, but she had to pull me out of 
her. "I have to breathe, honey," she told me.

I just sat back and decided to watch Jane and the dog. I started 
watching at the right time, because this dog then unloaded a huge 
load in her pussy. The dog had hopped off my wife and walked away. 
She just stayed there, waiting for another dick to pound in her.

"Honey," I said, "Do you want to show your daughter what she has 
to do to her new dog? Or do we want to pick out the dog first?"

Jane looked around. "Let's get her doggy first. Then she has to 
learn what to do with it."

Imogen left at that moment and walked in with one dog who was 
still young. "This one is already trained for everything you will 
need. He comes from my best stock, so you know how well hung he 
will be. But let's get Gina ready."

I held down my little girl as Imogen walked the dog over to her. 
The dog jumped its front paws on the couch where Gina was and 
placed his dick at her mouth. I didn't have to do any prodding as 
Gina then opened up wide and the dog started to shove in. I 
looked, and that dog had to be ten inches long! I was amazed when 
my little girl was able to take it whole and keep it in her as her 
throat was getting fucked by her new dog.

"How about housebroken?" Jane asked.

"He will only pee in the house when you want him to," Imogen 

"Good," I responded. I hated a dog that pissed in the house. "But 
I want to see Jane during what you like to call feeding time."

Jane's eyes lit up in surprise. She hadn't done that before. 
Imogen squealed in delight. "I have a full rank that needs to be 
worked on that I won't be able to handle on my own," Imogen said.

I watched as this dog spent five minutes on Gina and then started 
to form the knot. Watching my wife fuck dogs so many times, I knew 
to keep that bit out of Gina. I grabbed that cock and pulled it 
out just so that my little girl wouldn't die from it. The dog was 
spraying all over her, but I didn't care. One of the girls would 
clean her up, I was sure of it.

And I wasn't disappointed. Imogen dove in and cleaned up any and 
all doggy cum on her niece. Afterwards, she left and came back 
walking in ten dogs on leashes. She tied up each dog to a separate 
post at the wall and walked Jane over. Jane was on her knees and 
started at the first dog. The dog quickly shoved his dick in her 
mouth and fucked her for about five minutes before cumming in her 
belly. Then she moved on to the next dog, who went for fifteen 

Each dog spent somewhere around five to ten minutes. Except the 
last dog. Imogen had a devilish smile on her face for this one. He 
thrust in her face hard, and he was huge. He fucked her mouth for 
a full half hour before pumping deep and blasting into her belly. 
Imogen, it seemed, had already finished off this dog before we 
came in, so he could last a bit longer than his kennel mates.

"Did we have fun, dear?" I asked. Jane only nodded, her mouth sore 
and belly full. "Shall we take our dog home and let Gina play with 
him and me some?" Again, Jane nodded.

We said our goodbyes to Imogen and got in the car. Jane was in the 
back seat with the dog, while I had Gina in the front seat. I 
pushed her down for a little road head. We were going to have a 
lot of fun when we got home.

The End. Or Maybe?