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Megan Learns To Model - 6
by Old Pervy (pops.4476@yahoo.com)


A traveling photographer takes advantage of his 
mobility. (Mfg, fgb, 1st oral, blackmail)


Author Note: This is a continuation of a story that 
was conceived entirely in the imagination of the 
writer. As long as positive comments are made, I will 
continue to turn out more stories. I have used some of 
the ideas and requests from readers in some of the 
chapters. The author still does not condone or 
recommend having sex with underage partners.



The plan was discussed during the ride back to their 
house. I called a friend of mine who was a lawyer and 
also one of my best customers. He agreed to do what I 
needed as soon as I gave the word.

I dropped them off and went to the mall to wait. It 
didn't take long. I had only been there an hour when 
they called. I drove directly back and walked 
hurriedly to the door with my camera. Megan opened the 
door for me and led me down the hall to her daddy's 
room. Lyssa was laying next to daddy, both of them 
nude. She had cum on her body and he had a soft cock. 
Megan undressed and lay on the opposite side. She took 
some of the cum and spread it over her body as well. 
Both girls tousled their hair and worked up some 

I snapped the pics and prepared my "tough guy" act for 
when they woke him up. I went back to the living room 
and the awakening began. Within a few minutes, the 
girls were screaming at him, putting on a very 
believable act of betrayal by dear ol' daddy.

He stumbled into the living room a few minutes later. 
He had pulled on a robe, but nothing else.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he yelled at me.

"Megan called me and told me what happened, and that 
they needed some help. I was still close, so I came 
back." I stood up. At 6'2" and 260 (most of it muscle 
as I try to keep in shape), I could be intimidating 
when I wanted to be.

"They also said it's not the first time you tried to 
do something with them."

"They lie!" he shouted. "Nothing happened anyway. I 
don't know what you're talking about. Get out of my 
house!" he screamed as he took a swing that I easily 
deflected. He stumbled and fell into a chair.

"Here's the deal," I started to tell him. Both girls 
were watching wide-eyed from the hall. They had pulled 
on their shirts but nothing else. It was actually a 
very erotic sight, but back to business. "I have the 
proof that something was going on. You can look at the 
girls and see they both had cum on them. Their hair is 
messed up and they are half-dressed."

I held up the camera. "And I have the pictures to 
prove it. Don't get crazy and think you can take them 
either. I have already saved the photos and sent them 
to my computer using my phone. I have an attorney 
waiting to check them out if something happens to me."

He looked at me with hate and fear. He had sobered up 
enough that the realization was hitting him. His girls 
had finally had enough and got revenge. First his wife 
had left him, he lost his job when he became disabled, 
and now this. He wasn't able to bury himself deep 
enough in the bottle to hide from the world. His girls 
were growing up and now he had to face facts.

"What do you want?" he asked with resignation.

"You will give up custody of the girls. They come with 
me. I can provide for them in ways you will never 
understand. Get some help and dry out, we'll talk 
about them coming back. You're a pig and you want 
pity. It ain't happening. They've had enough. They 
don't like being treated like they are, being made fun 
of at school, and never having anything. "I will have 
the attorney send the paperwork over first thing 
tomorrow. He will have a notary with him. They come 
with me now, but they'll stay in touch. When you 
recover, call Megan on her cell. Don't bother calling 

"Any interference on your part, or failure to abide by 
these terms, and the photos go to the cops. You go 
away and dry out under the penal system's "I don't 
give a shit" plan. Do we understand each other?"

He looked for a minute like he was about to cry. He 
wouldn't even look at his daughters, just hung his 
head and nodded. "Tell him to come by. I'll expect him 
around 10. Take care of them, OK?" The last was a plea 
of a beaten man. Again, I almost felt bad about using 
the girls like I had. Almost wasn't enough.

I turned to the girls to tell them to get something 
on, but they were already dressed. They had done that 
while I was talking to their daddy. Bags in hand, they 
didn't say a word to him. Pitiful.

We drove away and went back to the hotel we had left 
earlier. There was a lot to talk about between the 
three of us. They took showers to wash off daddy's 
spunk, then we ordered pizza for delivery to the room. 
That's when the talk started. They were still nude.

"What now, Mr. Rob? Or can we call you "daddy" for 
real now?" Lyssa was the first to ask.

I looked at her, then at Megan before speaking. "We'll 
spend the night, then go shopping tomorrow. We can 
continue the modeling and you can do as much of the 
special requests that you want. Or," I hesitated.

"We can stop everything, and live a normal life as a 
family. My place is big enough and we don't need the 
money from your modeling. If you continue, we can put 
it in a savings account for college or something.

"My home is a few hundred miles from here, so we'll 
hook up the SUV to the RV tomorrow and take off after 
we buy a few things. We can buy whatever else you need 
as we go along. If you want to model, but not do the 
groups or other special requests, that's fine, too. We 
can do that from my place. But, if you don't want to 
keep it up, I will probably find someone else to do 
it. It's a good way to make money."

The girls talked between themselves for a few minutes, 
then turned to me. It was Megan who spoke.

"We want to do the daddy/daughter stuff, as long as 
you do the daddy part. We are curious though, about 
what other guys' things look like, ya know?" They 
giggled. The knock on the door signaled the arrival of 
the pizza. My mind went into overdrive.

"Would you like to see another one now?" I asked as I 
looked through the peep hole. It was a kid, probably 
in his late teens or early 20's at the oldest. I told 
him we would be right with him, that I had to get my 

"What do you mean?" Lyssa asked.

"I mean, open the door and offer this guy a blow job 
or whatever you want. I guarantee he'll take you up on 
it. I'll video it if you do and we'll submit it to our 

Lyssa was up to the challenge. I walked away and she 
opened the door to a very surprised and very shocked 

"Hey, Daddy is getting his wallet. Come on in." She 
stepped back and held the door open for him. He 
stepped through, obviously in a daze and she closed 
the door behind him before continuing.

"You see, my sister over there bet me I wouldn't 
answer the door without getting dressed first. I won 
the bet. Now, the bet had two parts, wanna know the 
other part?" she asked coyly.

He stood there, staring at the two nude girls, his 
mouth open and just nodded.

"The other part was that I wouldn't offer to give you 
a blow job. Want one?" she cocked her head to one side 
and played with her braided hair. I was about to laugh 
at his discomfort, but waited long enough to see what 
he would do. She didn't give him time to think about 
it, but instead started unfastening his uniform pants. 
I was getting it all on camera.

Megan had taken the pizza bag from him and placed it 
on the table. Lyssa had his cock out now and was 
slowly stroking it. She had dropped to her knees and 
leaned over to kiss the tip. She looked up at him with 
those big, soft eyes as she took the end of it in her 
mouth. I thought he would pass out.

Of course, it didn't help that Megan was standing next 
to him. Equally nude, she took one of his hands and 
placed it over a perfect little "A" cup. His knees 
almost buckled. I'll have to admit, he was pretty well 
endowed for a kid. It was at least 7" and pretty 
thick. This was most likely the first blow job he had 
ever received. It would bring big money when it was 
edited and released.

Lyssa was taking in almost the entire length of the 
boy's cock. Megan had moved his hand down to her bald 
mound. That did it.

"UNNNHHHHH!" he moaned as he came in Lyssa's mouth. 
Some of the cum escaped her mouth and Megan noticed 
it. She dropped to her sister's side and opened her 
own mouth wide, extending her tongue. Between the two 
of them, they managed to suck the poor boy dry. When 
she was satisfied he was finished, she turned to 

"OK, sis. You win. Now, you can let Daddy fuck you 
first tonight. Just leave some for me, OK?" she licked 
her lips, getting the last few drops of cum as she 
stood up.

"No problem, big sister. Maybe he'll just fuck me 
while I eat the pizza. I'm so horny now. You know how 
I get when I give a blow job." She put the boy's cock 
back in his pants and I shut off the camera.

"Sorry it took so long," I told him as I walked back 
in the room. I handed him a couple of $20's and almost 
had to push him to the door. I turned back to the 
girls and we all started laughing.

"Well, that's one. How many more do you want?" I asked 

To be continued...