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Loving to Babysit
by Dr. D (markd81@excite.com)


Two husbands with babies find out giving the wife a day off is not 
so bad after all. (MM/toddlers, extreme-ped, bi, inc)


Here it is Saturday afternoon, and I'm stuck babysitting our 8-
month-old baby girl. My wife said she needed some time to herself 
for a change. I suppose I can understand that but at least all I 
have to do is watch college ball, feed the baby and change her 
diapers a couple of times. As I was getting all my snacks lined up 
I remember my buddy John. He had a 9-month-old baby boy  I 
wondered if his wife and my wife had got together behind our 

I gave John a call and sure enough he was a home just like me. We 
decided he might as well come over to my house and we could baby 
sit together. At least that way we would have some company.

We had downed several beers and decided it was about time to do 
our fatherly duty and change the kids. We picked our babies up and 
headed to my babies room and laid them together on the bed and 
began to strip their diapers and clean them up. John ask me to 
forgive him as he pointed at my girls pussy and said can you 
imagine that's what rules the world. I said yeah and it's pretty 
too. John asked if I had ever tasted her and I said no. He asked 
why, but I just shrugged my shoulders. He said he had liked his 
baby boy a few times and really enjoyed it.

Without hesitation I leaned over and began licking my precious 
baby doll's pussy lips. She cooed quietly as I rand my tongue up 
and down her sweet slit. Man that was the most exciting thing I 
had done and man did she taste good. I noticed out the corned of 
my eye that John was licking and sucking his baby boy's little 
cock. I about lost it when he took his little shaft and balls 
clear into his mouth.

We kept that up for quite a while when John asked if I wanted to 
switch. I thought why not, we eventually share everything anyway. 
After switching I began licking and probing his little boy. John 
took no time in trying to push his tongue into my baby's pussy and 
even her ass hole. Man what a sight. We were molesting our own 
kids and loving it. My cock was rock hard and by the tent in 
John's pants his was too. We traded back to our own kids and 
decided we needed to wrap this up.

My little baby girl was lying there with her legs spread back and 
her sweet pussy just staring at us. John said I've got an idea 
let's let my baby boy put his dick in her. I thought what the hell 
she's wide open he's stiff let's do it. John picked up his boy and 
positioned his little hard on at her pussy and I helped as it slid 
in. Now don't get me wrong his little tiny prick hardly went in at 
all. What a sight as we moved the babies in their first pretend 
fuck. What a sight to pretend these two were really fucking. Well, 
enough was enough, it was time to quit.

I grabbed the baby oil, laid my cock across the top of my babies 
pussy, squirted the oil all over my cock, and held her ankles 
together with one hand while I began to pump in and out between 
her legs. Man what a sensation. John saw what I was doing and 
began doing the same with his son. Wow, here we were two grown men 
masturbating between the legs of our babies. Their little fat 
thighs pressed so tightly against our cocks it was like we were 
fucking them. Man we were both out of our mind and fucking so hard 
the babies were bouncing everywhere. The cum boiled up in my balls 
and I began to shoot everywhere. So did John and we had cum flying 
everywhere as we continued to slam between our baby's fat thighs. 

We were absolutely wasted as we laid the kids down and began to 
clean them up. They were crying a little but they weren't hurt 
just a little scared. We went back to our game and decided that 
our wives really did need a day out of the house and we planned to 
continue our escapades with our kids.