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Liz, (MF, wife, swinger)
by Asis

This is the story about how a I, Gordon, took my wife from the 
conservative to the exotic.  Along the way many discoveries were made in 
our lives, especially sexually.  A friend of hers from work joined us in 
this endevour.  Some of you reading this may have seen these two in real 
life.  They are the two woman you've seen that are dressed very well, 
but yet have sex written all over them.  Maybe even you have seen them 
in some of the amature posts on the net these days.  In any event, this 
is a true story up to the present.  I hope you enjoy and email me on 
your likes and dislikes of my writting, I would greatly appreciate it.

Chapter One -- Starting the change

My wife and I have been married about 8 years now.  I'm 30 and Liz is 
28.  We don't have any children, so we are free to do what we want when 
we want.  If you've ever been married you can relate to a lot of what I 
am going to tell you.  After several years of fantastic sex it just 
wasn't the high energy I needed and wanted.  So over the course of time 
I would be fucking her and came up with a plan that I knew would work.  
Let me introduce us and then I'll tell you what devilish things I've 
done with Liz.

My name is Gordon.  I'm your average guy, who never thought that I could 
get so excited with my wife as I am now.  I am 6'2 and 210.  I have 
blond hair and blue eyes and get a few looks from woman, but not nearly 
as many looks as my wife gets.  It hasn't always been that way.

My wife is Liz.  She is the most wonderful woman I know of. She is 5'8 
110.  She has jet black hair and green eyes that will wilt men with a 
seductive look.  Her measurements are 36D-26-34.  She has always been 
beautiful to me, but not everyone has been able to appreciate her body 
until, that is, I came up with my plan.  I would get her to workout and 
ply her with compliments to let her know how great her body was 
becoming.  With enough compliments I knew that she would start to feel 
as I did about her body.

Liz has always been shy about her body and showing it to others with 
seductive clothes.  But when I first saw her naked in bed I was totally 
mezmerized.  It is simply the best body I have ever seen.  Now as part 
of my plan I wanted my wife to get over her shyness with her body and 
start to wear a bit more seductive clothing in hopes that she would feel 
better about her body and free herself more sexually to me.  As it turns 
out, I got a lot more then I thought.

Since Liz wasn't as proud of her body as I was, I thought that working 
out would let her see and feel her body in a new way.  It was a Saturday 
morning when she would get up to do all the laundry, when I brought up 
the subject.

"Honey, you look so beautiful, I just love your body," I said as we woke 

"It isn't that great a body, but thanks," she said with some 

"do you like your body and how it looks and feel Liz?" I asked.

"It's ok, I guess"

"What would you like to change about it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what would make you look at your body and think of it as 
gorgeous and desireable?  I already think it is, but what would make you 
feel as I do about your body?"

"Oh honey, you say the sweetest things," she was genuinely happy that I 
liked her body, I could see that I would be using a lot more compliments 
as the weeks would go on to get her to open up a bit.  "I guess I look 
at myself as sagging in some places is all, why do you ask?"

"I love you Liz and want you to feel as good about how you look as I 
already feel about it.  Why don't we try some things and see what you 
think after a bit?"

"Some things? Like what do you have in mind?"

"Well, we could exercise and tone up the parts of your body that you 
feel are sagging a bit, although I don't see it as I look at you now.  I 
think within a few weeks you would really notice the differences, in 
fact if you don't, I'll stop asking you about it."  I had been on her in 
the past couple of years to get her to start something and she would 
always brush it off, but now I was on a mission.

"Ok, we'll try it for a month and if we decide that it isn't working 
you'll stop bugging me? Is that the deal?"

"Yes," I smiled and hugged her with my arms.  "But, you have to follow 
all my plans to the letter and not skip or shortcut at all.  Can you 
handle that?"

"Ok, Gordon, you and I do this for a month, I don't think it will help, 
but if it gets you to stop asking me about it, then I'm gonna give it a 

"You make me the happiest man on earth Liz.  I love you."

Chapter Two -- The workouts

As I stated, I loved the way Liz looked, but needed her to look at 
herself in a different way in hopes that she would indeed feel different 
and start acting a bit more different.  This was the beginning of what I 
hoped would be a great change for both of us.  I wanted her to look at 
her body as better then almost any other woman.  I already did.  So 
began the short chance of that happening as we started our workouts.

"Ok Liz, get on some workout clothes and we'll go for a run." I stated.

"Start now, but I've got the laundry to do today and..." 

"Stop Liz, you said you would agree to my leading in this in all ways, 
and today we are going for a run, just trust me for a while and you'll 
see the difference."

"OK, Ok, I give, let me change."

I quickly got on my shorts and tshirt for the jog and waited for Liz 
I waited for about 10 minutes when down walked Liz in the bulkiest of 
sweats which covered the assets of her body that I wanted everyone to 
see.  I let it go figuring that I would deal with that in the coming 
workouts.  The better she felt about her body the more I would be able 
to persuade her to wear a lot more revealing clothes.

We ran for about a half hour.  I have always run, so it wasn't a big 
problem for me to run the four miles, but for Liz it was a torture.  She 
had to stop many times and catch her breath again and again.  I would 
stop and encourage her until she was ready to go again.  After the run, 
I made her a hot bath to soak in, knowing that she would be in less pain 
the next day.  She enjoyed it, but still complained about the run.

"I know it was hard Liz, but you will begin to do it with ease in a 
short time.  I am so proud of you.  If you get sore, let me know and I 
can massage it away."

"Ok, after all, it'll only be a month of this.  I can handle it."

We ran in the morning and evening every day except Sunday and I could 
see the difference in Liz after about a week and a half.  She was able 
to talk and run the whole distance by then.  Also, I began to notice her 
look and smile for the first time as she stood before the mirror.  
Apparently the sagging parts, as she called them, were getting better.  
The other thing I noticed was that she was so much better in the bed.  I 
mean, with all the energy she had, she would stay on top of me longer.  
Making love to her had always been good, but it was improving now.  I 
knew I was onto something.

Chapter 3 -- Changes

I woke up at 5am with a hardon.  I could also feel that it was being 
played with.  My eyes opened and I rubbed them clear and looked down to 
see that my lovely sexy wife was sucking on me to start the morning.  
Who needs coffee for waking up when a blow job is available?

"Good morning to you Liz," I smiled as her mouth went down on me and her 
eyes looked up to me.  I could see her eyes light up as she knew she 
what she was doing to me.  She hadn't woken me up like this since about 
the 3rd year of marriage.  I was deffinately liking the changes we were 

She cupped my balls in her hand and slid her mouth up and down on my 
hard shaft.  She played with her fingers moving my balls around.  When 
her mouth was all the way down on my shaft she would rub the balls on 
her chin.  I guess she liked the way the hair would tickle her.  I began 
to move my hips to fuck her mouth.  She never did take cum in her mouth 
as she felt it was dirty.
I figured that she would feel me nearing and get off and jack me off 
leaving my cum on my belly. I kept fucking her soft warm mouth, wrapping 
my hands around her head and making my 7" shaft go all the way in.  I 
could feel it building inside me and I was sure that she could also.  I 
was going to cum.  I knew she would get off me very soon.  I began to 
shoot and lost track of all around me.  I came to and could see my 
adoring wife licking the spilt sperm off her lips.  I couldn't believe 
she swallowed it.  Things were deffinately looking up.

"That was awesome Liz." I said smiling and releived.

"I don't know what came over me, but I was sucking and it tasted so good 
I didn't want to stop.  And to be honest, I really liked the way it 
tasted."  She said as she moved up the bed to hug and cuddle with me.  I 
kissed her and tasted a faint bit of the cum.

"Ok, Liz, today we are going to do a bit different of a workout..." 

"But honey, oh nevermind." She said kinda sunken.

"What is it Liz?"

"I thought maybe after this you would forget the workout and we could 
sleep in a little."

"I love you liz, but your going to have to bribe me more then that to 
get out of a workout, besides, don't you feel a lot better then a few 
short weeks ago?  And if you do, why not continue and see how much 
better it will feel to you when the month ends and you decide what to do 
from there?"

"Your right, I do feel a ton better.  I have so much energy again like I 
was a kid.  I guess that's one of the reasons that I started sucking on 
you this morning.  I just have lots of energy and it feels good.  But 
don't think I won't try and bribe you out of the workout again." She 
laughed as we got out of bed to start the workout.

I was ready quick and waited for her downstairs.  She had been wearing 
the same type of sweats for the entire time and today was no execption.  
She came down in the bulky sweats.

"Today is a different workout honey.  You'll have to take off the sweats 
when we go."

"But all I have on is a tube top and shorts Gordon," she complained.

"Liz, you feel a lot better then you thought you would and I told you 
that was going to happen didn't I?"


"So, you should trust me."


She took off the sweats.  Under all that bulk was something I was so 
proud of.  She had one of those tube tops on without a bra.  It was just 
her full breasts in the natural curve.  Just the thin material covering 
her.  The shorts weren't as revealing, but did flap on the sides as she 
walked.  I was sure that the curve of her ass would be shown as we 
jogged down the streets of the neighborhood.

"You look great Liz, this is really paying off for you. Wow"

"You really think so?"

"Deffinately, I bet you would get whistles if we went past a 
construction crew right now."

"Your a pervert Gordon," she laughed.

"Thanks, now lets go"

We ran as the sun rose from the shadows.  We were into our regular 
routine of running when I glanced over at her.  I saw something that I 
hadn't counted on, but enjoyed immensely.  Thru the cotton tube top I 
could see the sweat around the neck that it soaked up.  Her full D tits 
were bouncing along seductively.  Also, just below this I could see her 
nipples poking out and showing.  I hadn't told you about her wonderful 
nipples.  They are absolutely perfect in size.  They are about  of an 
inch when hard and they were now.  Perfectly formed thru the cotton top.
Damn I liked to look.  I almost ran into a pot hole because of it.  I 
wish that some other guy was around to see them.  She was right I am a 
pervert, and part of my plan was to get her to show her stuff.

After the run Liz felt as good as she had since we started.  It was then 
that we did a few extra things.  I had her and I do situps.  We then 
lifted a little to develope the tone of her muscles.  I purposely 
designed the lifts so that they would be the ones that would tone her 
tits and make them stand out more.  Bench lifts and the like.  I stood 
above her with her pert nipples pointing at me.  She took the bar and 
did her lifts.  I loved the way that as she brought it down to her 
breasts and lifted the way they would jiggle and mold the bar for a 
breif moment.  We finished in about an hour and she was spent.  We 
showered and got ready for the last day of work that week.  It was a 
Friday, and we were looking forward to a great weekend.  Little did I 
know how good a weekend it would turn out to be.

After work, Liz was all smiles and ready to work out as I came home and 
changed.  As we did our run, she told me that there was a party tomorrow 
that we were invited to.  It was a girlfriend from work that invited her 
and I knew from the Christmas parties from her work.  Her name was 
Susan.  It was an informal get together that were held on summer 
weekends.  Lots of couples and co-workers would get together and drink 
beer, eat, swim, and generally have a good time.  They usually ran into 
the night with the hardcore drinkers heading out to the bars till 
closing.  Liz and I never did go out that late, but enjoyed the get 
togethers very much.  There was always tons of fun and gossip to catch.  
I liked it to oogle the gals from her work.  They were always good 
looking and I would try and catch a glimpse of tits or up a skirt.  It 
would happen a lot so I was usually not disappointed.

We chose a different route.  I say we, but actually I suggested it, 
knowing that a crew of construction workers were along the path I had 
planned.  I wanted to see what they would do when Liz came down the 
street in a gallop and her jugs flopping around and the nipples pointing 
out prominantly.   It was about 3 miles into our 5 mile run when we 
passed the site.  It was perfect.  Her body was glistening and the 
nipples were out as they always were when we ran.  Her tight legs 
pushing forward and tightening with each push forward.  I knew they 
would enjoy the looks as much as I did.

We turned the corner to see the road crew by the truck up the street.  
There were about 5 guys loading the truck to head home for the day.  I 
first noticed one young guy with a good build catch her coming and he 
immediately elbowed his friend.  When we were about 50 yards away all 
five of the burly guys knew and watched her coming.  It was as if I 
weren't even there, they only had eyes for her.

As we neared, I heard a whistle.  You know the kind that woman hate so 
much.  I smiled to myself and watched Liz to see her reaction.  She 
didn't even break stride, she just kept running wondering who it was 
that they were whistling at.

"Liz, I think they noticed the great body you have."

"They're whistling at me?" she asked.

"You and I are the only ones on the street, and I sure don't think they 
are whistling at me."

"Me?  They're whistling at me, really?" she was very pleased that men 
would look at her and find her attractive.   I was excited seeing them 
enjoy her body as it was barely hidden from them in the thin top.  I had 
gotten her some running shorts that hugged her all over and were fairly 
revealing in that they went to the bottom of her butt cheeks before 
stopping.  They fit like a glove and showed her pussy lip outline if you 
were close enough, and we would be close enough soon.

"Heck yes they're looking at you.  I bet they would like to fuck you as 
much as I do." I said playfully.

"Oh stop it Gordon, you perv," she teased back.  I also noticed her 
straighten up so that her breasts were out further for their enjoyment.  
She was enjoying the new her much more then I had expected.  I loved 
that she was starting to open up her sexuality.

"Hey baby, wanna real man?" One of the guys yelled as we neared.

"Yeah, wanna work up a sweat the old fashioned way baby?" another 
yelled.  I could see her turning a little red but she didn't try and 
hide or turn them off either.  I think she was amazed that guys would 
find her desireable.  I had known it for a long time as guys would tell 
me how lucky I was to have a wife like Liz.  I was in heaven, although 
it was crude, it let her know just how wonderful she looked.

"Wow, your fantastic lady.  I wouldn't mind crawling in a mile of glass 
to jack off in your shadow," I laughed out loud at that one.  Liz just 
kept running but I could see her looking, as we past, at the guys hard 
bodies.  They had their shirts on with a little sweat covering them.  
Most of them had big pecs and tight muscles and Liz was beginning to 
check them out in some detail.  We past them and the whistles remained 
till we got to the end of the block and turned for our final two miles 
to home.

"Can you believe what they said to me?" Liz said.

"Hell Yes.  I know exactly how they feel, your body is so wonderful and 
you know guys love tits and seeing yours bouncing around with those 
nipples sticking out so far only makes them want to see more of you.  I 
am absolutely proud of your body and don't mind if anyone sees it 

"You really think so?"

"Honey, this working out is doing wonders for your body.  I thought it 
looked great before and couldn't get any better, but I was wrong, it 
looks so much better.  Your muscles firm and taunt.  Your tits stand out 
more prominently now.  I just love it and I think you do to, am I 

"You know, I didn't think this would help me, but it has.  I enjoy 
looking at my body in the mirror now and can see just how much it has 
done to tone me up.  It's also made me hornier then I have ever been.  I 
guess you noticed that part too.  I mean I wake up and want to suck your 
dick almost every day.  Maybe you were right when you said the protein 
in sperm is good for me.  I thought you were kidding me as usual."

"No, it is good for you.  And you can suck my dick anytime you like.  I 
mean, if you need a protein drink right away that is." I laughed and so 
did she.  We finished the run and spent the night at home with me 
massaging her with baby oil so the lifting wouldn't make her too sore 
the next day.  I had almost forgot that we were invited to the get 
together the next day and we went to bed.

Chapter 4 --  She's arrived

I woke up on Saturday and again got a great blow job from my adoring 

"What's with all the drinking here lately Liz?" drinking of cum that is. 
She was doing more and more.  Even before we would goto sleep it seemed.

"I don't know Gordon, but it's like I have a craving for it since I've 
started this workout stuff.  I guess I need the protein?" I can't argue 
with cravings.  Crave away dear, crave away.

"Hey, we got the party today at Susans'.  Same old gang going to be 
there?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty much.  I can't wait to talk to Susan and show off for 

"Your going to show off for her?" I asked coyly.

"Not that kinda show off perv (her new pet name for me) Just bragging a 
little I guess"

"You can't blame a guy for thinking."

We did our run and weights and as she finished up she was coated in 
sweat and breathing heavy.  Her slightly hid boobs were rising and 
falling and the nipples were pointing out to me.  I gave her a quick hug 
from behind and kissed her neck.  As I did, I let my hands grasp around 
her mid section and lightly touched her belly button and worked up.  She 
sighed at the touch as she always goes wild when I kiss her neck, it's 
like a g-spot for her.  Anyways, I kept kissing and licking her neck, 
one side and then the other, the whole time my hands working their way 
towards her breasts.  I finally was at the bottom of the huge orbs and 
started to lift them. "Mmmmm," was her only reply.  I felt the nipples 
on my palm as I passed my hands over her tits.  I rubbed up and down on 
them several times before I finally took her nipples thru the fabric and 
pinched at them lightly.  Now her tits are more a gspot then the neck 
and she was getting totally turned on with all this post workout playing 

I turned her around and we hugged and our tongues played a game of 
swords, battling each other for the right to invade the others mouth.  
My hands dangled down to her ass and held it tight.  My hard cock was 
poking away at the spandex like shorts and she was starting to gyrate a 
little bit.  I let my hands rub her ass all over and down towards her 
cunt from behind.  "Mmmm," again she was getting so turned on.  I had 
never seen her respond to sex like she was doing now.  I loved to 
workout now.

I rubbed her cunt and could feel how very damp she was becomming, even 
if it was under the fabric, she was soaking wet and ready for a good 
fuck, and that's what I had in store for her.  The morning bj would make 
me last a lot longer.  "You have me so hot Gordon, fuck me right now, I 
need it so bad."  Before all this she never wanted sex outside the 
bedroom, I see this was another benifit for both of us.

"Liz, you looked so great with your body covered with sweat and those 
big tits sticking their hard nipples at me, I couldn't help but get a 
feel, right here, right now.  I am going to fuck you hard.  Gawd, you 
are so sexy looking Liz, what a bod." I ended and kissed her more and 
felt her up.

I pushed her backwards till the back of her legs hit the bench for 
lifting,  I kept pushing lightly until she sat down.  I then told her to 
raise her arms and I lifted the small top off her, as I held it in my 
hand a breif moment, I couldn't beleive that this little thing had held 
her big chest.  I was hard as could be.  Liz was rubbing my cock to even 
fuller hardness.  I got on my knees and started to suck on her nipples 
fully, they tasted a bit salty at first from the small amount of sweat, 
but I lapped it up.  I love the feel of her nipples when they are hard,  
they almost bounce when I tweak my tongue over them.  I bit lightly on 
her nipple and she threw her head back and Mmmm'd for me again.  I was 
begining to like the sound of that more and more.

"You taste great Liz, now I'm gonna fully taste you, lay down and 
relax." She complied by laying down and I removed her little itty bitty 
shorts.  Her mound was heaven, covered with that same black hair, though 
a bit curly.  I moved forward and began to kiss and lick the insides of 
her thighs.  She held her tight legs up in the air and opened totally 
for me as my tongue neared her cunt.  I could smell her sex as I neared 
her.  It was the best smell.  My tongues first touch to her pussy let 
her moan another Mmmm and I lapped away.  I brought my hand up and used 
the fingers to spread all the hair out of the way so I could just lick 
and taste her clit.  I spread the pussy lips out of the way and there 
before me was the engorged clit.  I began with a small kiss of it and 
then let my tongue drag over it.  I knew she was feeling the bumps of my 
tongue gliding over her clit, sending little jolts with each one.  She 
was totally gone at this point and her hips began to move slightly to 
enable better contact with her.

I licked her clit for a moment and then slid my tongue all over her cunt 
opening.  Sucking in the flavor and then sucking her clit into my mouth 
and flicking it with my tongue and slowly releasing.  I licked down her 
slit again.  I kept going at this point, not knowing what she would do, 
but I wanted to find out.  I licked all the way down past her cunt to 
the soft skin below her pussy towards her asshole.  I then touched her 
asshole with my tongue and she went off with a loud MMMMM.  I had her 
now, she loved it and to tell you the truth, I did too.

I licked around her asshole and stuck two fingers inside her cunt and 
worked them in and out.  Her hips were going in greater and greater 
speed and even pushing at me.  I was amazed at how short a time it was 
since we started working out and all this change had taken place.  I was 
licking at her ass for a couple minutes and working my fingers inside 
her when she had her first huge orgasm in a long time.  I mean she want 
off like the 4th of July, it was incredible.  She was screaming at the 
top of her lungs to "LICK ME HARDER" and "YEESSSSSSSSs".  She was 
totally sexual and her animal was releasing from her now.  I had never 
expected this to happen, but what a great orgasm she was having.

After she got down just a little bit, I got up and took my shorts off 
and came forward as her eyes again began to open up.  She saw my 7" dick 
standing straight and waiting.  I grabbed her ankles and put them on my 
shoulder and slowly came forward to enter her.  Again, her eyes closed 
as I rubbed my dick up and down her slit, coating it with her 
overspilling juices.  They were running down her ass and starting to 
puddle up on the bench.  "Oh God, just put it in NOW, I need it bad, 
FUCK ME GORDON," I had never heard her talk like this, but the animal 
was out and I was about to be in.

I eased my cock inside her slowly, letting her feel every bump and inch 
of it as I did.  When I was finally all the way in I couldn't beleive 
how it slid in so easily.  I then leaned forward a little and pushed her 
legs with my shoulders.  This did two things, it lifted her ass up off 
the bench a little and it made my cock touch her cervix inside her.  
"Mmm," again she moaned.  I then began to fuck her watching her big D 
tits rock back and forth on her chest almost hitting her chin with each 
thrust forward.  I reach and grabbed them, continuing to fuck her pretty 
fast.  I banged into her with each thrust and felt the tip of my dick 
stop each time and touch on her cervix.  "oh, oh, oh," she moaned each 
time I did.  We were in a perfect rythm at this point and it was great.  
I squeezed her nipples and pulled them away from her tits and let them 
fall slowly from my pinch, dragging my fingers along them as they fell, 
they were hard as I have ever seen.  Soon, she was rising again to 
orgasm and I felt her body begin to tense and tremble as it started.  I 
was so turned on with it, but kept fucking in pace with her thrusting 
hips at me.

Midway in her long orgasm I wanted to thrust even further with each 
thrust and pulled out further and further.  Finally, I had pulled out to 
far and had come forward with my raging hardon.  It slid in even tighter 
and my wife went totally wild.  I was sort of confused at the difference 
in feeling around my dick, but my wife was lighting up to it totally, 
she started another orgasm at that point.  I looked at my dick and WOW.  
I could see her open and wet pussy totally above my dick, I had entered 
her ass!  I guess all the wetness from her cunt had coated her down 
there and the orgasm had relaxed her ass muscles so much that my cock 
entered her so easily.  I just kept fucking her ass and she kept 
thrusting back at me.  We had never done of discussed anal sex before, 
but seems we were missing out on a mutually great thing.

I kept pounding into her, squeezing her tits and she just kept on with 
the continuous orgasm.  I was getting close and pushed her legs forward 
away from me so that her ass would come off the bench even further.  I 
then watched as each inch of my cock went in and out of her.  She was 
totally wet.  I finally started to convulse to orgasm.  "YES, SHOOT THAT 
CUM DEEP IN MY ASS LOVER.  FUCK ME HARDER," my wife wanted it and I was 
going to give it.

I shot my load in her, then slid out and deep inside again to feel 
another intense load deposit deep within her ass.  I hadn't felt such an 
intense orgasm in my whole life either.  We both had firsts that day.  I 
finally got my rocks totally off and spread her legs so I could lean 
down and kiss her lips. She was glued to me and hugged me close and 
tight as I have ever felt.  I don't think either of us wanted this 
closest of moments to end and the hug was a way of saying it with our 
bodies.  I don't know how long we layed there, me in her ass and 
hugging, I lost track of time after such an intense and satisfying 

I opened my eyes and saw my lovely wife liz smiling back at me.  We 
kissed as I rose up and looked at the globs of sperm dripping down her 
ass from around my cock.  I pulled it out and then a trail of gobs came 
out and fell down her ass and formed a puddle on the bench.  I rose to 
my feet and liz slide her ass back to where her head was and leaned 
forward.  She had a look in her eyes that I have never seen.  It was a 
look of total lust and wanton.  She leaned forward and kept her eyes on 
me until her boobs pressed against the bench and out from her body.  She 
looked down for a breif moment and then back at me.  She stuck her 
tongue out and kept looking at me with a smile in her eyes and she 
licked the cum off the bench.  Then she looked down and took her mouth 
and sucked all the cum off the bench licking it clean.  I stood there in 
amazement at the total fuck monster I had created in this short time.  I 
smiled back at her, she was a total sex machine at the moment and I was 
enjoying it.

"Liz, you are totally HOT!  That was the most intense O I have ever 

"It was for me too.  I never thought an ass could be such a turn on." 
she laughed back.

"I love you Liz" "I love you Gordon"  We left and showered to get ready 
for the party.

Chapter 5 -- Party time

I was still floating on the cloud of lust after the great sex Liz and I 
had earlier.  We were getting ready to go to the party and I was dressed 
and ready before her, as usual.  I watched a game on the tube and heard 
her coming so I shut off the TV.  I turned to watch her as she descended 
the stairs and was amazed at my previously shy wife.  I was gonna get 
another hard on just watching her step down the stairs.  It was an 
afternoon party in the summer so she had choosen a hugging summer dress 
of pastels.  I had to look again, and didn't see a bra on either.  Man, 
this idea was working out for me.  I caught a glimpse as she passed a 
window and the light of the sun was behind her.  Thru the dress I could 
see the outline of her shapely legs and was getting hornier by each step 
she took.

She had put on makeup and lipstick.  This was odd to me, but I have to 
tell you that it made her look even more gorgeous.  The lipstick was 
bright red and her hair was combed perfectly.  Her nails were the same 
red as her lipstick and she had on 4" heels to show off the new calves 
she had developed in the short couple of weeks we've been working out.

"Liz, you look magnificent, a dream model.  You could pose for any of 
those magazines and put the super models to shame."

"Oh Gordon, your so full of crap," she giggled at me seductively.

"I'm not lying.  You look as if you just stepped off the runway of a 
fashion show.  You look great."

"Thanks honey, I really do feel alot better about myself since you 
started me working out.  Lets quite talking and get over to the party."

"You got it Love.  Your gonna be the talk of the party and I bet the 
guys are going to be stealing looks at you all afternoon."

"Yeah right," she said sarcastically, "your the only perv that will be 

"Yup, I will be looking at you.  I can't take my eyes off you now, but I 
definately won't be the only one."

She smiled and blushed genuinely and I took her by the arm and escorted 
her to the car.  We drove over to Susan's house for the afternoon party.  
Susan had recently divorced and Liz had been there in the middle of the 
night when she was crying or lonesome etc.  They were two great friends 
and Susan was a great looking woman as well.  She had red hair and a 
great body that often caught my eyes at these and other get togethers.  
She's about 5'5" tall and about 125.  She had a little, but not much 
smaller, breasts then my wife.  She was a small bit overweight, but had 
curves that would turn on any guy.  I know because I am any guy and she 
turns me on every time.

I knew I would get to the party and Liz and Susan would be together 
chatting about this and that as woman tend to do.  There was alot that I 
am sure Liz would want to tell her about the newly developed energy and 
sexuality.  I would be happy to sit out in the yard and watch the girls 
walk around and hope to catch glimpses of thighs and boobs.  Sometimes 
there was swimming during the day and it was always great to see the 
woman all wet as they exited the pool with their hair thrown back.  They 
usually had one piece suits that hid more then I liked but still let me 
gawk at them.

We arrived at Susan's and rang the bell.  Susan opened the door and 
hugged Liz as they always affectionately do.  She then stepped back.  
"Well, you look super Liz, what have you been doing to get looking so 
great?  Have you been to one of those spas or a lypo doctor?  What's 
your  secret girl?"

"Oh stop it Susan, I have done some different things lately and I am 
really proud of how it's gotten me to look.  Gordon here has taken up to 
being my personal trainer and we've just been working out.  I really do 
have a lot more energy and think I look good.  I'm so happy you 

"Noticed is right.  Wow, I can't beleive the difference.  And that 
outfit is perfect at showing it all."

"It's not too much is it?" Liz said in a concerned tone.

"Not at all, I wish I could wear something like that.  I would have any 
guy I wanted."

"I'll leave you two to chat, I'm getting a beer out back."  I said 
leaving the two to talk about the new Liz.  I kissed Liz on the cheek 
and hugged Susan as I left.

Out back was the gang of usual suspects and I felt right at home.  I 
grabbed a beer and talked about the baseball season and all the new cars 
and things.

Back in the living room, Liz and Susan continued their heart to heart.

"You really look hot Liz, I would die to look that good.  Your gonna 
take all the single guys attention away from me now."

"You could look like this too, you know.  I didn't know I could feel so 
wonderful about myself.  I haven't felt this good since high school.  I 
mean my muscles are tight and I don't have that flab any more that I 
hated.  I really like the new me.  And the energy, let me tell you, I 
can go lots longer at normal things then I used to.  It's so exciting 
and excillerating."

"What 'normal things' are you going longer at, or needn't I ask?"

"That's my Susan, straight to the gossip." 

"Well? What about it?" 

"Well, Susan, yeah, things have greatly picked up since my workouts.  It 
seems to have given both of us extra energy in the bed and..." she 
stopped not knowing how much more she could tell Susan without 
embarassment. "...I look at myself in the mirror and see a new exciting 

Susan picked up on the misque and just had to ask.  "You mean your 
getting it other places besides the bedroom?  Wow.  I thought Gordon was 
so reserved.  Tell me girlfriend, I have to hear it all.  Heck, if I 
can't get any, I may as well hear about it."

"Susan, your horrible, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?"

"OK, no problem."

"Well, our sex life has picked up alot now.  I wake up so horny and 
ready to go thru the whole day.  But when I wake up horny and Gordon is 
still asleep,  I just go down on him.  It's like I need it bad and just 
take it any way I can.  I even, you sure you want to hear this?"

"Yes, you got me all excited now. I promised remember."

"Ok, I even swallowed when he shot in my mouth the other morning.  I 
have to tell you it tasted great and I've been drinking it as much as I 
can.  After the workout this morning we were fooling around in our 
sweating bodies and he fucked me right in the workout room.  Now this is 
where it gets good.  He was fucking me so good with that great cock, 
when he slipped out on accident and pushed back in, but it wasn't my 
cunt.  He fucked my ass.  I was starting an orgasm as it happened and it 
really pushed me over the edge.  It felt so good to feel that hard cock 
pounding in my ass, I loved it."

"Holy shit Liz, your a slut," Susan laughed, "that is so great, but you 
really like that cum? Isn't it all salty and icky?"

"Susan, I never thought I would say this, you know me as well as anyone, 
your my best friend in the world, but I love the taste of cum.  It's 
almost like my body needs it now that we're working out.  When you get a 
new man, your going to have to try it, I know you'd love it totally."

"In the ass though, didn't it hurt?"

"No way, I would have never thought it either, but it was so wonderful.  
Your new guy will have to take your cherry there too."  Liz laughed

They hugged again and got up to go make the rounds of the party and have 
a few drinks.  As they exited the house to the back yard by the pool, 
all the guys eyes turned to watch my wife.  I was so proud of her body 
and now she was too.  I looked at her and Susan and thought that the 
look on Susan's face was jealousy or something of the sort.  She had 
always gotten the looks, but now my wife had the stage and it bugged her 
a little.

"Hey girls, over here," I said to get their attention.  They both walked 
over to me.  Liz and I hugged and I held my hand around her waist.

"Gordon, you did wonders with Liz, I only wish I looked as good.  Maybe 
you would work me out sometime?"

"Yeah honey, maybe Susan could join us in the workouts, it would do her 
good.  Look what it did to me."

"I don't know honey," I was stammering knowing that we couldn't have sex 
if Susan was around all the time, but then on the other hand I would be 
able to see Susan develope too.

"Oh please," they both pleaded with me in unison.

"Well, if Liz wants me to help, I can't refuse her, so I'll let you know 
when we start."

"Oh thanks Gordon," Susan came up and hugged me tight.  I had never been 
that close so it was kind of strange to fell her press against me with 
her full body in an embrace.  I wondered how much Susan had told her.

"If Susan doesn't mind starting, we could have her come over in the 
morning to get her going, what do you say Susan?" Liz asked.

"I'll be there, what time?"  She excitedly answered.

"We usually start at 6AM." I said.

"6AM, holy shit, but ok, if I can look half as good as that I'd be there 
anytime you said Gordon."  It was set now and Susan would be in our 
workouts.  I wondered if she would be able to continue with us for as 
long as it took.  Liz went and talked with some of her other co-workers 
and Susan and I talked.

"She really has changed alot since I've seen her last Gordon, you should 
be proud."

"I am very proud, but she has done all that I asked of her and more."

"Yeah, I heard about the more." Susan wasn't the shy type like my wife.  
I blushed a bit at that comment.  "Why, look at this, Gordon is 
blushing, I must have struck a nerve there, huh, big fella." she poked 
me in the ribs at the kidding around.

"Susan, stop it.  But when we start your going to have to continue with 
the workouts no matter how hard you think it is.  Just keep in mind how 
it's been for Liz and how great she looks and feels and that should 
prompt you enough to keep going."

"I am serious about this Gordon.  Whatever you say to do, I will do it.  
I want to look and feel as good as I can also.  I've seen the results 
and I want them for me.  I am so happy that your going to do this for me 
Gordon.  I know we've never been close to each other. Not like me and 
Liz, but I think this will help us both get closer."  I couldn't tell 
but I thought mabye it was a pickup line she was giving me.  Maybe Liz 
had told her more then I thought?

"I know Liz adores you and it would be good for the three of us to enjoy 
each others company and have fun doing it, but right now your first 
order as a trainer is to get me a fresh beer," I laughed at her not 
thinking she would obey, but off she went and returned with a cold 
frosty beer.

"I think I like this new arrangement." I said jokingly.

"Me too," Susan smiled seriously at the words not said between us.

"We're going to be running tomorrow morning so wear something for that.  
Afterwards we'll let you go as Liz and I continue our workout."

"I wouldn't mind staying and watching to see what's ahead for me with 
all this."

"Ok, you can stay if you want, your right it would let you know what is 
ahead.  Besides Liz could talk to you and let you know some of the 
problems and things to look for as you progress."

"Thanks again Gordon, I know you'll do for me what you did for Liz, now 
lets get out and mingle with the others."

So it was set that Susan would join Liz and I.  I was looking forward to 
getting better and better looks of her body as it developed.  The rest 
of the party was great as I watched my wife as she met with people from 
work and the desire that they had for her body.  She dresses very 
conservative at work so when they all saw her in the little sun dress 
and showing all the right curves to them, they couldn't help but linger 
longer then normal.  What really struck me is that usually Liz would 
deter this sort of things, but as the afternoon wore on I would see her 
touching guys arms after what I am sure was a compliment on her body.  
She was really opening up more and more.

As it got late in the afternoon. The music was playing and inhibitions 
had gone to the way side and things were a little more risque.  Many of 
the couples were dancing to the music on the patio.  Some of the songs 
were fast and some slow.  I got to dance many of the slow ones with Liz 
and didn't want her melting into another guys body.  I had to go to the 
bathroom and came back out to see Liz in one of the guys arms in a slow 
dance.  I stood inside the door and watched to see what would happen.  
It was a long song and as it went on the guy got a little bolder with my 
wife.  His hands massaged her back and over the song dropped to hold her 
ass.  I didn't see her push his hands away either!

Here was my new wife dancing and getting her butt touched by another 
guy.  I wasn't sure if it was the drinking or the wanton lust that she 
had newly aquired, but I enjoyed the game of watching her.  The song 
ended and they broke away and I came back out to my wife.  She didn't 
say anything about the dance, but I could see that she was excited.  Her 
nipples were a dead give away.  With that thin material she could be 
seen from across the yard.  I glanced out of the side of my eyes and 
sure enough guys were trying to see her nipples.  I even saw the guy 
that had danced with her just a minute ago telling his buddies about the 
ass he grabbed.  I saw him talking theatrically and cupping his hand and 
then getting slapped on his back by the others around him.

The dances continued with my wife getting very little rest from the 
floor.  It seemed that every guy wanted to dance with her that day.  
Since I was outside near her, they didn't try anything else like 
squeezing her ass again.  Susan asked me to look at something in the 
garage at that point and so I followed her in.  It wasn't anything 
really important, but I wanted to help and did.  I worked on her garage 
door and she went back out.  I was there alone when I heard some talk 
outside the door.

"Can you beleive that hot ass of Liz's.  If I hadn't been here I would 
have thought you guys were lying to me.  Look at the way that body just 
says sex."

"No shit, can you see those nipples, man I would like to suck on those 
for a few hours," the other said.

"Gordon is a lucky guy to have her.  If she weren't married I would try 
and take her home with me for a few days.  Wow, look at her rub up 
against Tim.  She is so hot right now."

I stood on the ladder still fixing the garage door and listening.  I 
couldn't beleive what I was hearing.  My wife was teasing the guys as 
she danced with them.  Her new body has really given her the boldness I 
knew was there, I just didn't think she would be doing it with anyone 
but me.
As I finished the half hour job I noticed that thinking about all this 
with my wife had given me a hardon.  I was sort of confused about all 
this and put all the stuff away and went to leave when Susan walked back 
inside with me.

"Oh Gordon, thank you, I've been wondering what it was with that door, 
I've had to park outside for the last week now." I handed her the remote 
door opener and she pushed it and the door eased up and then hit the 
button again to close it.  She gave me another hug and we walked out to 
the yard.  I scanned the yard for my wife and didn't see her 
immediately, but when I found her she was dancing with a guy and his 
hands were rubbing along her ass and she was definately grinding against 
his hardon.  The song ended just then and she looked around for me again 
and saw me.  She came to Susan and I and hugged me close.

"I need your cock Gordon, I am so horny teasing all these guys," she 
whispered so that Susan couldn't hear her.

"We can't right now Liz, everyone is here and watching, there's nowhere 
to go, we'll have to wait until we get home." at that statement she 
pouted seductively.  I hugged her back stongly and held her there for a 
moment.  I kissed her neck and she started to wiggle in my arms.  She 
was deffinately horny as hell, but we couldn't leave right now.  We 
still had the grilled chicken dinner to eat.  These parties didn't end 
until about 9Pm and it was only about 5 now.

"I'm going to get the dinner started," Susan said as she left us alone.

"I really want you now Gordon, I am so wet I think it's running down my 
legs.  I want your hard cock inside me, fucking me hard, and I don't 
care who sees us."  Liz had slurred a few words so I knew that drinks 
had been given to her by the guys to see how far she would go.  

"Not till we get home sweetie.  I'm horny too, but we can wait a bit 
until we get home and then just think of how great it will be."  She 
even tried to rub my cock to get me to relent, but I couldn't. 

"Ok, if you say so," she said with another sexy pout and smile mix.

Dinner was next and was ready soon after.  We all got our meals and 
broke off to different areas of the yard and house to eat.  Liz and I 
sat and talked alone for the first time that day.

"I'm really glad your proud of the way you body looks and feels Liz, but 
I wouldn't get to teasing these guys too much.  You mind find yourself 
taken away."

"They're just playing with me.  They love the feel of my tight ass and 
firm tits is all, they wouldn't dream of doing any more then coping a 
cheap feel."

"I wouldn't be so sure.  I bet given half the chance these guys would do 
alot more then you think."

"No way Gordon, not this crew.  They're all nice guys out for fun."

"Yes Way, and fun to them would have you bent over the table fucking you 
over and over.  Trust me on this, guys are like that."

"All right, I'll stop if you want, but I did love the attention that 
I've been getting.  Every one of the girls came up to ask what my secret 
was.  I bet you could get some of them to tease you after what I told 

"You are something else Liz, telling all the girls our secrets so they 
would hit on me so that you won't have to stop with your outrageous 
flirting and touching.  You are a sexual dynamo and it seems the fuse it 
short and lit."

"I told you I am horny as hell, can't I just play a little bit?" She 
said with a little smile.

"Go ahead and play, but that's all.  I don't want you to go farther then 
playing.  No show me yours and I'll show you mine stuff, ok?"

"Ok, I love you Gordon and wouldn't do anything you didn't like, but I 
see that it does excite you when you see me molded to another guy, 
doesn't it? Don't bother answering, I saw your cock when you saw me 
dancing.  It was hard as a cement."

"I do like seeing your body, and yes, it does excite the perv in me.  
You got me there, but just don't go further then you can handle.  I'm 
going to make it worth your while when we get home.  It will be the best 
sex we've had since this morning."

"Oh Gordon, your gonna make your wife blush with all this talk." Our 
dinner was finished and the sun began to set.  The lights in the back 
yard were on.  It lit up the main areas well.  There were many other 
parts of the yard that you couldn't hardly see after dark too.  There 
was more dancing and mingling going on.  Some of the people were inside 
and some out.  I went back and forth, mostly running to get another 

On one such run into the house, I got sidetracked with a conversation 
with a guy.  Time flew as we talked.  As I went to the door to go out I 
couldn't see my wife.  I went to a window down the hall to see if I 
could get a glimpse of her somewhere else.  As I approached the open 
window I was standing about 10 feet from my wife in the arms of another 
guy.  They were dancing to the song playing.  They were well hidden from 
the others and as many drinks as we all had, nobody would even look for 
them there.

The song just started and they were moving to and fro in beat.  Almost 
immediately, his hands were too her ass and pulling her to his hardening 
cock.  I hear her thru the screen of the window.  "I see you brought a 
change of socks." She said in a very seductive voice.  I swear, she 
could get a gay man hard.

"I can't help it. Being pressed against a gorgeous woman like you does 
that to me." He said in a low tone, snuggling closer still to him.

"Oh, so you think I'm gorgeous, do you?" She said in the same low 
seductive voice with some slur added in from the drinks.

"You are a knockout Liz.  I wish you were my wife, you'd never get out 
of bed.  I'd be horny all the time and think I would take care of you 

"Oh yeah," she giggled at the compliment, "and just what would you do to 
me as my husband?"

"Well, I would dance close to you and make our bodies mold as one."  
They molded as one before my eyes.  "I would then caress your back and 
butt and upper legs till you begged for more of my soft touches."

"Oh you would would YOU," she raised her voice a litte as his hands did 
just that.  He had her ass in his hands and was rubbing her cunt thru 
the slim panties and bunched up thin dress.  She was deffinately feeling 
the effects of his caresses.

"Yes I WOULD," he mocked her rise in tone. "I deffinately would do that 
and more."

"More," she said quizically.

I sat there looking at my watch.  It had been about an hour and a half 
since dinner and I always saw the guys bringing her drinks.  Either she 
was so drunk when we ate and didn't remember the warning I gave her or 
she was so drunk now  that she didn't care.  Horniness makes you do 
things sometimes.  I was about to get outside and break this little game 
off when I heard what stopped me in my tracks.

"Yes more. Like this."  He had her cunt dancing to his fingers and 
leaned down to kiss her erogonous zone of a neck.  That did it and I 
could see her melt at that point.

"Mmmm," were the familiar words she cooed as he had her now.  I wanted 
to see if she would go any further, although I wanted it to stop I 
wanted to see just what she would do.

"And this," he said raising his free hand to grab her breast and tweek 
her nipple.  He deffinately was hitting all the spots that would make 
her hot as hell.  He had a nipple in his fingers on one hand and her 
cunt on the other.  On top of that, he was kissing her neck and nibbling 
her ear lobes.  She was consumed with sex I could see.

"I need to get off Larry," Larry was the guy she was dancing with.  

"I don't know Liz, with your husband and all around.  I don't think I 
should," he teased her to the point of no return now.

"I don't care Larry, just do it now. Please," she pleaded with him to 
get her off.  How many guys would like to have a gorgeous woman tell 
them that?

"Liz, I'm not sure you mean it.  I think your just teasing all us guys 
today so you can go home and fuck your husband tonight."

"I mean it Larry, please," with that statement she broke away from him 
slightly and started to lift her dress up to her waist.  I could see the 
soaked panties had gotten into her slit.  Larry and I just stared at her 
mound thru the barely hidden fabric.  I couldn't beleive it.

"You want me to rub you here?" he asked as he brought a finger to her 
pussy and massaged it more and more.

"Oh yes Larry, right there, that's it, get me off." But Larry stopped.  
He knew he had control and wanted it to last.  He was deffinately a 
perv, I liked it.

"What's in it for me then?  I mean, you get off fine, but what about me 
Liz?  What do I get out of this all?"  He said almost seriously, but the 
sarcasm was lost on my wife, she just wanted off and didn't care what 
else happened.

"Whatever you want Larry, just do me now."

He grabbed her hand and placed it on the outside of his shorts so that 
she could feel his hardness expand.  His hand returned to her pussy and 
as he started to stroke her, she stroked him.  She was building towards 
extacy and soon she just unzipped his shorts and started to work on his 
bare naked hard cock. She was good at hand jobs.  I had gotten many over 
the years when she didn't want sex, but would help me get off.  His 
fingers were working her clit wonderfully and I could see her grinding 
to his touches.  He had moved the panties to the side and stuck a finger 
in her hot throbbing box.  His thumb continued the assault of her clit 
and she was going to shoot big soon.

"Oh Larry, I'm gonna cuuuuuu.." She trailed off as she started the 
orgasm.  Larry was also excited beyond beleif and started to shoot his 
goo into her working hand.  She came and Larry came at the same time.  I 
couldn't tell but I thought that somehow my wife in her confused and 
drunken state had cupped her hands to catch all the dripping stringy 
sperm.  She had gotten off with him.  Then, sure enough, she brought her 
hand to her mouth as Larry and I watched and licked it clean of all his 
cum.  "Mmmm, you taste very good Larry."

"Holy shit Liz.  That was fantastic.  And you ate my cum.  You naughty 
little cum eater you," he said in a playful way.  He hugged her close as 
if they were dancing again, her dress fell back to where it should be.  
They finished the dance and kissed before parting ways.  I sat in the 
dark of the hallway to figure it all out in my own mind.  I couldn't 
make any sense of it at all, but I had the biggest hardon I had known.  
I really was a perv.  I definately liked the show that she gave me.  I 
had obviously created a monster with her new body, but it also excited 
me beyond beleif.

I met Liz a while after I had collected myself together and we parted 
the get together.  Liz didn't show any signs of remorse of having jacked 
off another guy.  I would let her tell me in her own time.  I had to get 
us home for a good and complete fucking and then up for the workout 
tomorrow morning.  I had almost forgotten that Susan was coming until we 
found her to say our goodbyes.  

"I'll see you two in the morning for our workout, have a good night."  
That was the last word Susan said as we exited.

We got in the car and I drove home.  Liz was on my shoulder and fell 
asleep almost immediately.  I think she had way to much to drink that 
night.  I guess sex was off the agenda when we got back home.  I would 
have to wait until after the workout in the morning and Susan had left.

Chapter 6 -- The morning after

So there is my bride of nearly 8 years sleeping away.  She had way to 
much to drink and it showed when I tried to wake her.  Her eyes opened 
for a moment and I could see the red even in the dark!  I didn't feel 
all that bad, just a little groggy as I rose and got ready to work out 
this morning.  I went to the living room and was stretching when the 
doorbell rang.  Who the hell is here that early?  I pulled the blind 
back and saw that Susan was there.  I had forgotten about her wanting to 
work out.

I opened the door and there stood Susan all ready for a run with me.  
She looked a little messed up with her hair going here and there because 
it hadn't been combed.

"Good morning sleepy head, how you doing?" I asked and invited her 

"Not to bad, but from what the guys were telling me your wife probably 
isn't feeling all that well today." She had about the same hangover as I 

"You could say that again, I thought I had slept with the devil last 
night by the look in her eyes this morning," I said as I sat on the 
carpet to stretch again.  Susan joined me.

"If you had slept with the devil it would have been me you looked at 
this morning."

"Huh?" I dumbly asked not knowing what she was talking about.

"I have the red hair Gordon, geeze and I thought I was slow this 

"Are you ready to start your program?"

"That's why I'm here silly.  What ya got planned?"

"We're going to go running and then your going to help me with the 
lifting. If your feeling up to it you could lift to, but I'm not sure 
you will be up to it yet.  It's up to you."

"Ok, what else do I need to know?  What are you doing?"

"I am stretching and one of the things you have to know is that you have 
to listen to me and do as I tell you," I went on to explain a few simple 
rules about being on time etc.

"So do I call you my master," she asked with a grin.  In my mind 
thoughts of being her sexual master ran rampant.

"No, you don't have to call me master, Gordon will do fine."

We did the stretches with me showing her some of the basics.  She also 
had on the same bulky sweats that Liz wore when we started working out.  
I guess it was meant to cover the parts they were trying to get rid of.  
I could see a few great curves as I moved around her.  We finished 
stretching and were ready for the run.  I would be a little rough on her 
just to push her a bit at first and see how she would handle it.

"Are you ready for the run?"

"Yup, Master, oops, Gordon." She laughed at her little joke.

"Ok, but first you need to remove the sweats.  It's kind of warm out 
there and the sweats will wear you down faster."

"But I didn't plan on..." she started before I interupted.

"You are supposed to be listening to me Susan.  Loose the sweats, Ok?"

"Alright, but you asked for it."  She brought the shirt over her head 
and had on a cotton tank top like guys wear under their shirts, but 
smaller.  It hugged her body perfectly and I could see that her breasts 
were very well to see.  Next she blew me away and took off her pants and 
I saw that she had little panties on.  They were the french cut ones in 
pink and hugged her mound so that little was left to the imagination.  I 
stood there in awe of her body.  "I woke up late and had to run so just 
wore what I slept in."

"You sure know how to wake a guy up Susan, Wow!"

"Gordon, stop it, I'll get to excited to run if you keep this up."

"Just a sec," I ran up the stares trying to cover my hardness and 
retreived a pair of my wifes shorts.  I came back down and gave them to 
her to wear for our run.  She sat on the sofa and put one leg in the 
shorts.  As she did, I could see inbetween her legs and saw tufts of red 
pubic hairs on the side of her panties.  It ended quickly as she put the 
other leg forward and into the shorts and stood and pulled them all the 
way up.

"Better now?"  She asked and smiled.

"Not for me, but yes, I was enjoying your body.  You are great looking 
Susan, and your going to look even better when you get into this working 
out.  I can't wait to see the difference."

Out the door we went and ran.  As with Liz, I had to stop when she 
couldn't catch her breath and wait for her.  As she bent over each time, 
I would stare at her breasts and could see that the sweat had totally 
covered her cotton shirt and looked as if she were in a wet tshirt 
contest.  What was really good was that she also had thick nipples that 
stood out wonderfully.  The aereolas were dark brown and about two 
inches in diameter.  I just kept running in place each time watching and 
drooling.  We finally finished and I wanted to get to the weights.

"Well, how do you feel?  You up for lifting the weights?"

"I don't think so Gordon, I never knew how hard this would be.  Can I 
skip a day or two to recover?"

"You can't get off that easy, You have to be here to workout with us 
when I tell you.  You are going to like how you look and feel in a few 
short weeks if not sooner.  I don't want to have you falling back and 
loosing the gains we make.

I got on the bench and instructed her where to stand and what to do.  I 
did some bench presses with her standing above my head in case I needed 
help.  I could look up and see her tits the whole time.  The nipples 
were sticking out so wonderfully, pert and perfect.  I started to grow 
in my shorts after a while.  I decided I had better do something sitting 
up so it would hide my hardon that was starting.  She really was a 

I did a few curls and tricep excercises and that was all the workout for 
this Sunday.

"Ok, we're done, how do you feel?"

"Not bad, but a little stiff in the legs and back.  I haven't done 
anything like this in a long time Gordon."

"You did great Susan, it'll get much easier when time goes on, you'll 
see.  Want me to rub you down so you don't get too sore?"

"Yeah, you better, I don't want to be a walking sore bitch all day 

"ok, just lay on the sofa and pull your shirt up so I can rub your 

She laid on the sofa with her face down and pulled up the shirt.  I 
straddled her and sat on her legs and began to rub her back, immediately 
she began to moan how good it felt to have a massage.  Apparently she 
hadn't had one since before the divorce.  I was going to make it a great 
massage as I loved touching womans bodies.

"You have wonderful skin, it's so soft.  And it's so warm from the run, 
but I feel the tension in your back.  I'll have it gone in no time at 

All she told me was "take your time," she was enjoying it.  So was I, 
for that matter.

I rubbed and kneeded her back with all the techniques I knew.  Her back 
finally got relaxed after about ten minutes of rubbing.  I rubbed a 
little longer to enjoy it and to make sure it stayed relaxed thru the 
day.  I then slid down the couch and began to work on the back of her 
legs. They were together beneath me as I started.  I got off the couch 
and began to work on her legs from the side.  I took one of her calves 
in my strong hands and rubbed the pain and stress out as best I could.  
I noticed that the sighing had continued with each new part I rubbed on 
her body.  It was immediate reinforcement that I was doing it right.

I grabbed her other calf and did the same.  Her skin felt so soft in my 
hands and responded to all my caresses.  Soon those muscles were done 
and I started on the upper part of the leg.  I began to run my hands up 
and down on the one.  My fingers would go between her legs to get the 
entire muscles, when I felt a slight shift of her legs.  She spread them 
ever so slightly to allow my all the access to her muscles that I 
needed.  Doing this was great as I could now see that pretty little ass 
a bit better and also could see the shorts where they crept up into her 
cunt barely covering it.  It was a great site for me.

I rubbed on both legs moving higher and higher as I continued.  It all 
seemed on the up and up, but I was trying to see just how far I could 
go, the perv in me was working overtime this morning.  I moved my hand 
up one time and accidently brushed her pussy thru the shorts and I got a 
huge moan from her.  Another signal letting me know it was ok, since she 
didn't complain in the least, but just opened her legs slightly more.  I 
wouldn't have noticed except the feel of her muscles moving in my hands.  
MMm, I thought.  I finished with the legs and started on her butt.  It 
caught her a little off gaurd and she body stiffened to let me know it.

"You butt muscles are the biggest ones in the body and I am sure the 
ones that would be the sorest.  Are you ok with this?"

"Umm," she seemed to be coming out of a daze as she answered, "yeah, I 
don't mind a bit, your hands are wonderful.  You are really very good at 
this Gordon, anytime you feel the need to brush up on your massage you 
let me know, I'll volunteer anytime.  I feel great."

I kneeded her ass and rubbed it softly yet firmly.  I was having some 
trouble with the shorts in the way in all, but figured it was good. 
After all, I had Susans ass in my hands.  No complaints here.

"Gordon?" Susan asked sheepishly.

"What is it Susan?"

"Well, its just, ummm.." she wanted to tell me something but having a 
hard time with it, "Nevermind."

"Come on Susan, we're friends, what is it, you can trust me."

"Well, you rubbed my bare back and then my bare legs, I was wondering if 
it would be better if you rubbed my butt the same way is all?" She said 
it so modestly, but almost wantingly also.

"It would help Susan, if your sure, I don't have to if you don't want to 
you know, it's up to you."

She got up and pulled the shorts off her.  She thru them on the floor 
and laid back face down on the sofa.  I just stared at her butt.  Here 
was Susan nearly naked before me, her shirt hiked up her back nearly all 
the way, and now those sexy panties which were a gstring.  I could see 
the pink thong running thru her ass cheeks and I started to get a boner 
bigtime.  I placed my hands on her ass again and began to rub.  I had a 
hand on each cheek and my thumbs in the center.  I took a long time to 
enjoy the view and all the while, but very cautiously letting my thumbs 
go further and further down her ass towards her cunt.  I could, in this 
position spread her ass apart and see the entire thong before me.  It 
barely covered her asshole and I saw wisps of red hair poking out near 
her pussy.  I don't know who was enjoying this more.

I let my thumbs make their trek lower and I finally made the 'accident' 
of touching the pussy thru the panties.  She didn't budge a bit but just 
moaned to me.  "Mmmm," was all she could do.  It sounded much like my 
wifes moans when I heard it.  I started to get bolder and leaving my 
thumbs to touch her noticably, even to the point of going in circles 
around her bush.  Her hips began to rotate with me as I did it.  I was 
in heaven.  I was feeling up Susan and I didn't know what to do next, 
after all this was the last of the massage.

"I think I'm done Susan," I whispered to her.

"Gordon, couldn't you do any other massage, it feels so very good.  I 
haven't felt this good in a very long time."  Her words were almost like 
she was out of breath.

"Well, there is another massage technique, I'm not sure you'll like it 
though, it's pretty risque."

"Yes, do it, whatever it is, just do it, I love this feeling."

"Ok, but I warned you." I then got up and stripped off my shirt, shoes, 
and socks.  I then laid on top of her and let more of my weight fall 
upon her.  I hadn't done this massage in a while, but it was the only 
one I had left to do, and she did ask for it, I reasoned.

"Ok, just relax your whole body as I start to move, this is really a 
great massage."  I whispered into her ear.

"Ok," she whispered back in an almost lost voice.

I then began to rub my entire body back and forth upon her.  One thing I 
hadn't counted on was my hard on.  Each time I came up with the rub it 
would touch her ass.  Well, I figured and reasoned, if she won't say 
anything either will I.  I began to really enjoy the touch of her skin 
on my chest and legs and especially the touch of the tip of my cock, as 
it grew, upon her pussy.  I could also feel her shifting slightly below 
me and her breathing begin to deepen and go sort of sporadic.  She was 
getting totally turned on.  So was I.

I kept this up for a bit before making it more dangerous.  After all, my 
wife was just upstairs.  I didn't worry about that much after seeing her 
earlier.  She would sleep till noon.  I soon had a full hard on in my 
shorts.  It felt horrible to have it confined like it was, but what 
could I do.  Hey, I thought, and I stoped.  

"Just a minute Susan," I whispered nearer to her ear with broken breath.  
I got up and removed my shorts and was now totally naked.  I then laid 
on her back again.  My hardon nestled sweetly between her legs with just 
the tip brushing her barely covered pussy.  I began the movement once 
again.  The warmth of our bodies had grown to the point where we were 
starting to get a small sheen of sweat between us which made it easier 
to move up and down.  I can't say for certain, but I think I also felt a 
very wet spot when my dick touched her pussy on each move upward.  Susan 
was really breathing harder now.  It was amazing.  How long could I do 

I figured I would just keep doing this until she decided to stop.  Heck, 
this was good enough for me.  I came up a little to hard one time and I 
hit her pussy on the bullseye.  I pushed so hard that a small bit of my 
cock head and part of her panties pushed inside her dripping pussy.  She 
just moaned even louder at the contact.  I didn't want to scare her so I 
didn't let that happen the next few times.

"Gordon, I think I need to get the full contact, Ok?"

"What do you mean Susan," I said.

"I mean I can tell your totally naked, what about me. I still have on my 
panties and my shirt pulled up."

"Whatever you think Susan." I got up and sat at the foot of the sofa and 
watched as she pulled the shirt over her head and then steped out of her 
panties.  Before me stood the second most beautiful woman I know.  And 
here she was totally naked before me.  I hadn't been wrong about the 
nipples and how good they looked.  Her bush was red hair, but trimmed 
back alot so it wouldn't show outside her bikini.  I must have been 
drooling.  I know I was drooling.

"Let me massage you now Gordon."  She asked with a smile.

"Ok"  I laid with my face down and was ready to get started with this 
gorgeous redhead touching me all over.

"No, you'll have to flip over for my massage."

I had some reservations about it, but not many, because I flipped over 
showing my engorged hardon sticking out from my waist.  I watched as 
Susan eyed me up and gave me a wink seeing my manhood.  I closed my eyes 
and just waited to feel her touching me.  What happened was totally 
unexpeted.  She began with my legs and up my legs to my dick.  She was 
rubbing them with her tits.  I could feel the nipples at ever bit of 
contact.  As they brushed up my dick and to my belly and up to my chest 
I was growing even harder, my dick twitching for attention.  I opened my 
eyes and say that she held her tits together with her hands and moved 
along my body with them.  She rubbed all over my body several times.  I 
loved the feel it gave me.

She then stopped and I felt the couch shifting a bit and looked down to 
see her bring her big breasts to my dick and place one on each side.  
She then again put her hands on the sides and pushed them together 
grabbing my dick.   Then she slide back and forth rubbing my dick 
excitedly.  I moaned as I had heard her do earlier.  She was getting 
into it also, I could see that she threw her head back and had her eyes 
closed as she titty fucked me.  I didn't last to long as I hadn't been 
given the morning bj by the wife.  I felt it begin to shoot and Susan 
must have also because as I felt my bulge about to shoot she moved to 
take it in her mouth and swallow my cum.  As I settled down she sucked 
my cock to get every last drop.  I was in heaven again.  Working out was 
my new favorite pastime.

"Liz was right, you taste excellent."

"Enjoy," I said smiling inside and out.

"Oh, I am Gordon.  I am deffinately enjoying the taste. Mmmm."

"You totally amaze me Susan.  I just can't beleive it.  You are 

"Yeah, and you have me hot as hell too."


"Hell yes, I am so wet.  I have never been this hot before.  I don't 
know what it is, but you got me horny as I have ever been."

"Did you get your release?" I asked to be cordial.

"3 times, but I didn't want to wake the neighborhood with my yelling.  I 
came 3 times.  Another first for me."

"And here I didn't even get to taste you," I said with a fake sad voice.

As soon as I said it I knew I had gone to far because Susan got off the 
sofa.  Shit, I blew it.  But she just threw a leg over my head and put 
her cunt inches from my face.

"Enjoy Gordon"

I started to suck and lick her pussy with all I had.  She started to 
suck my dick back to life again and I was hard in no time.  We both came 
again before she dressed and left.  Susan drank down a second helping of 
juice that morning.  We kissed at the door and and I told her to be here 
for the next workout.  She was all to eager.  I don't think it would 
happen again, but I sure enjoyed this mornings events.

Chapter 7 -- Three working out

I spent the day nursing my wife back to health.  She was totally sick 
and I would get cold compresses for her and brought her food to bed so 
she could eat.  She slept the hangover off most of the day, which left 
me with time to go about whatever I wanted.  I had a new exploring wife 
and this time alone with her in bed was just what I needed.

My wife works in the office and I at home with computer consulting.  
I've been at it for some time now so don't need to be gone as much as I 
used to.  I make nearly double her executive salary.  I guess the only 
thing I don't get are the benifits and being told what time to be at 
work.  I guess you could say I am the house husband.  I take care of the 
shopping and some of the cooking and most of the routine chores.  Liz is 
pretty lucky in that regard.

Anyway, I had the whole day with her in bed so I headed out to the mall 
for some shopping.  I had an idea and wanted to see how it would work 
out.  I went to victoria's secret.  I got all my wifes sizes and bought 
the panties and bras that I thought were most revealing.  I got a bunch 
of them.  What I wanted was an entire wardrobe change for her.  She 
would get ready for work on Monday and have nothing to wear under her 
clothes except what I was buying today.  I would toss the other 
conservative underwear away.  She has to wear skirts and hose to work 
also so I bought several assorted pairs of garters and stocking to match 
and go with the panties and bra.  The sales lady that was with me was 
all smiles as I was practically buying the entire store out of stock.  
She was very helpful.  She commented that my wife was lucky to have a 
man that would buy her entire wardrobe of lingerie.  To top off my 
purchase I got a few nighties to wear.  You know the type, teddies and 
camasoles etc.  I had a shitload of stuff.  I think victoria's secret is 
getting away with charging that much for their clothes.  The lady was 
nice enough to give me a discount since I had purchased in volume.

I arrived back home, and sure enough, my wife was still out cold.  I 
unpacked and threw the old stuff of hers away and put all the new items 
in their place.  I wondered how she would react to the new wardrobe.  I 
knew I would love to catch a glimpse of her lacy bra and panty as she 
bent low.  It was all designed to make her feel and act more sexy in her 
daily life.

I worked out that evening, letting Susan off as she worked so hard this 
morning.  I spent the night finishing up some of my work that would be 
due that week.  I retired at about 10PM and slept.  I had called Susan 
to let her know to be at our home at 530AM sharpe so we could get all of 
us working out on time.  She was all cheery and said she would be there.

I woke up with my wife giving me head again.  I guess a day without her 
special juice made her thirsty.  I shot a big load down her throat and 
she didn't even loose any.

"Your turning into a real cum eater Liz," I said remembering what Larry 
had told her at the party Saturday night.  I wondered if she would make 
the connection.

"I'm a naughty girl Gordon, you started it with all this exercise.  I 
just feel so sexy and want to show you how sexy I look."

"You will," I said to myself thinking about her newly purchased 

Lets get going Susan will be here soon.  And you need to get ready for 
work.  We were dressed and down stairs just starting our stretching and 
Susan rang and entered the house.

"You don't need to ring the bell Susan, you can just walk in anytime, 
after all your family here."

"Thats so sweet Gordon," Liz said, "me and Susan are sisters then." She 

We began our run and both woman looked amazing.  Liz and I did have to 
wait for Susan a few times, but she amazed me at how much she pushed 
herself and how much better she did from yesterday.  What was really 
good was having both these woman dressed in their little running 
outfits.  Both woman wore very tight tops that accented their very round 
curves and short running shorts.  I was able to watch as both woman 
would run and their tits would bounce in step with them.  Their nipples 
would grow tight and firm and long as the run went on.  I loved it and 
stored all the pictures of them in my mind.  After the five mile run we 
lifted a litte, with Susan even getting in and trying it.  She was in 
pretty descent shape and was really working hard.

"Your really doing great Susan.  Your pushing hard to get yourself in 
shape and in no time your going to start seeing the results," I said as 
I was near her and my wife was doing situps by the sofa.

"I think I've already seen the difference Gordon," she said to me and 
smiled lustfully.

"Susan, your unreal."  

Susan left to go home and ready herself for work and I told Liz I had to 
run an errand.  I wanted her to discover her new wardrobe alone and try 
it all on by herself.  I just ran to the super market and picked up some 
groceries for the weeks meals.  I got back home and Liz was gone.  I 
then stripped and went to shower the workout off me.  I got in the 
bathroom and in lipstick Liz had written 'I love you, thanks for the 
clothes' and painted a big smiley face on it.  I smiled glad that she 
liked her new wears.

I got a call at about 10AM from Liz.  She wanted to tell me how she felt 
wearing her garter belt and stockings and new silk panties and lacy bra.  
She said it was  great turn on and couldn't wait to get home so she 
could fuck me to death.

"So, you like them alot Liz?"

"Oh Gordon, they are wonderful.  I don't know but it's like I can feel 
everyones eyes on me.  It's like they know what I'm wearing underneath.  
I feel so damn sexy right now it makes me horny for you."

"Thats why I got them for you lover.  I want you to feel sexy and good 
about yourself, just like I do about you.  Can you feel the silk rubbing 
you as you walk?"

"Yes.  I can feel that and the tops of the stockings rubbing me on my 
inner thighs.  I practically have and orgasm if I have to walk to far.  
I really feel desirable sweetie."

"You are desirable Liz.  I bet all the guys are going to take looks 
under your desk all day long."  She really does have incredible legs.  
Long and slim and with the length of her skirt I am sure she was 
flashing the guys the tops of her stockings. 

"I love you Gordon, I have to run.  I just wanted to thank you again.  
And I'll really thank you when I get home."  I liked the sound of her 
voice.  It was so sultry and seductive.  I was sure looking forward to 
her getting home and trying to fuck my brains out.

The rest of the day went by uneventful.  The three of us (Liz, Susan, 
and I) were going to work out at about 530 that night.  That wouldn't 
give Liz time to properly thank me like she wanted, but that could wait.  
I just wanted to see the sexy woman parading around with their hard 
nipples and a fine shine about them during our workout.

Liz got home at about 520 and went upstairs to change.  I was ready and 
waited for her to get ready and for Susan to show up.  About 5 minutes 
later Susan walked in.  She didn't knock or anything this time.

"Hey gang," she said as she strode in the house.

"No gang, just me Susan," I said noticing that she had a bag with her.  
She must have come from work and was going to change here.  I told her 
to go on upstairs to change with Liz.  I would wait for them both.  She 
bound up the stairs and I waited.  It was quite a long time as I 
imagined that they were talking about everything.  Time ticked on.  
Finally, I decided to go and find out what the holdup was.  I walked up 
the stairs and headed to the master bedroom.  I could hear them inside 
as the door was open about 3 inches.

"...bought me all this yesterday, aren't they  great." Liz said.  I took 
it she was talking about her new wardrobe.

"I wish I could wear all this Liz. They are sexy.  I can see how sexy 
you look in your stockings."

"Why don't you try on a couple things, I don't mind, really," my wife 
said offering her friend to wear her privates.

"Really?  I would love it."

I had gotten in position to watch them both from the mirror in the 
corner.  I could see their sides as Liz was standing there in her 
fishnet stockings she chose to wear and the matching black silk panties, 
that were really to small to cover anything, and the bra that was cut to 
come just above her nipples.  Susan disrobed and Liz chose the outfit to 
try on.  She put on the small purple panties and bra (It wasn't as loose 
as I had thought, she was very close in size to Liz).  She then took the 
garter and Liz helped her with it to make sure it was right.  I could 
see her touching Susan a little more then needed, but Susan didn't seem 
to mind.

"Ok, now you put on these stockings and lets see how it looks."  Liz 
handed her a pair and Susan sat on the edge of the bed.  First she 
pulled up one leg and slowly pulled the stockings on.  She too had 
incredible legs.  I could see her panties from where the mirror was.  
They hugged her pussy mound smooth and sensual.  Susan then put on the 
second stocking and clipped them both on to the garter.  She stood and 
looked at herself and smiled.

"You wore these to work today Liz?"

"Not those but just like it, Yes, how do you like it?"

"Wow, it feel so soft and frilly.  I would have a hard time 
concentrating if I wore these."

"Yeah that was the thing I noticed to.  And the other was having guys 
see the tops of my stockings as I sat and crossed my legs.  It was great 
to tease some of the stuffed shirts at work, but it made me horny.  I 
had to go to the bathroom three times today just to releive myself."

"Your kidding, you got off at work in the bathroom.  I can see why. I 
can feel it to."

"That bra isn't quite the right fit, but I would say we match up pretty 
well."  My wife eyed Liz over and gave the smile of aproval.  "Here, let 
me try something to see if it makes the bra fit better."


Liz went up to Susan and played with her breasts or so it looked to me.  
Then stood back and played some more.

"Careful there Liz, you'll get me all hot and bothered, well, more then 
I already am."  They both giggled together.

"Ok," Liz said as she finished her adjusting.  She stood back and 
admired her handywork.  I just admired too.  Two great bodies with 
barely a thing on and I got to see it all.  "It looks great, and when 
you start to really feel these workouts your going to have to get alot 
of lingerie to show off your new body.  For me, it was at the pool 
party.  I was floating on a cloud of confidence.  Did you see the guys 
looking at me?  I sure did.  I don't think my husband knew, but every 
guy there was wanting me.  Sexually I mean.  I was so proud.  And you 
will be too, very soon Susan."

"I hope so.  I sure feel good in this, but still have this big ass to 
work off.  And since I can't afford lypo, I guess this is the next best 

"You have a great ass, but it will deffinately look alot better to you.  
That's the key to it all, feeling yourself as beautiful."

"I don't think I could every be beautiful, but I'll work at it."

Heck, you both look beautiful to me right now I thought to myself 
outside the door.  I didn't hear the whipered words inside at that 
moment, but it must have meant something to both as they hugged each 
other.  I figured it was about time to walk in, no time like an akward 
moment to announce someones presence.

"Hey are you two ready," I said slidding the door open and walking into 
the bedroom.  I made it sound casual.  "WOW, running outfits are so much 
better these days, you both look absolutely beautiful." I said this with 
a great big smile, but my eyes kept going up and down these womans 
bodies soaking in the soft feminine look of each.  Although the same 
size, they were also so different from the other.

"You are such a cad Gordon," my wife reprimanded me, "we're not going to 
run in these."

"What are the rules for working out," I reminded my wife as Susan stood 
there wondering what would happen with all this.  She wasn't hidding her 
body, I had already seen and tasted it.  But she also knew how 
embarassing things could get.

"Rules?" My wife said as an attempt to weasel out of this.

"Susan, do you know the rules?" I asked.

"You are in charge and we have to do what you say when it comes to the 
workouts, and I suppose that means what we are to wear too." Susan was 
so perfectly right.

"Very good Susan, and Liz, I am surprised that you hadn't remembered.  
So if you two are ready, I would remove the stockings, they'll tear up 
in your running shoes, but it's getting late and that's what you have 
on, so lets go."

"Are you serious," I could hear some reservations in my wifes voice.

"Susan, do you think I'm serious?"

"Yes," she replied with almost a smile.  I think she liked being told 
what to do.

"There you have it Liz, Susan understands. So lets get going."

When they came down the stairs in their running shoes, bra, and panties 
showing their glory, I was amazed.  I couldn't beleive they went along 
with it, but I liked it enormously.  I was about to run thru the 
neighborhood this afternoon with two woman clad in bra and panties, life 
couldn't get better, could it?  We had never seen people out on our runs 
in the afternoon so there was little chance of it today either.  I did 
think that this would open up their reservations of showing their bodies 
in the future though.  Many guys would be thanking me for taking such an 
interest in the way these two felt about their bodies.  The guys would 
see them and wish they had them.  They would catch a glimpse of the bra 
beneath the blouse and maybe the top of their stockings and desire them.

We ran, and sure enough, there wasn't a soul around to see them.  I did 
see my wife looking wildly from side to side making sure no one saw her 
though.  Susan on the other hand, didn't really care.  She was more the 
exibisionist, enjoying if someone saw her.  We finished the run and they 
were both breathing heavily with their bras covered in sweat and soaked, 
making them form and show their pert nipples and outline their tits 

We then got to the workout at home of lifting and situps.  I was looking 
forward to this part, as I could oogle their bodies the whole time.  I 
didn't know if Liz liked me looking at another woman or not, we hadn't 
ever talked about it.  We never had talked about others in our 
relationship, so I would just play it by ear.  If I saw her getting mad 
at me I would stop.  If not, I would continue.

Liz got on the bench and lifted the weights perfectly.  I told Susan to 
watch at how it was done, Liz was doing a great job.  She beemed with a 
smile at me.  I could also see her heaving breasts as the bar came 
across them, pushing them outwards slightly before she pushed it 
upwards.  I then took a turn and did my lifts.  I had taken my shirt off 
and as I did the lifts I described to Susan where the bar should touch.  
Of course it was right across the nipples.

Next Susan gave a try.  She was a bit unsteady with the weights and the 
bar swayed just a bit, but she was able to lift it.  I was spotting her 
and would guide the bar down to her breasts and mentioned that the bar 
should touch across her nipples. She still didn't get it, so I had to 
take more liberties.  I love liberties.  As I guided the bar down to her 
chest I had placed my hands so that when she got near her chest I could 
flick her nipple with my finger and put the bar there.  And that is just 
what I did.  I saw the smile on her face as I did it. Liz was doing 
situps or something and didn't notice at all.

We finished the lifting and onto other things.  "Ok girls, time for the 
pushups.  What do you say we make it fun?"

"What did you have in mind Gordon?" My wife, Liz, asked.

"I don't know, I hadn't thought about it," since my wife and I had been 
working out some I figured that Susan would lose and she would have to 
do the dare.  I had to think of something that wasn't to bad, yet would 
be an incentive to not lose again.  Coaches do it all the time.  And I 
was their coach.

"How about a blow job?" I said half jokingly.  I really wouldn't mind, 
but my wife would be if Susan lost and had to preform the cock sucking 
duties.  They didn't like that idea too much, although they both 

"Ok, whatever it is that we decide on, the loser will have to do it for 
the entire week.  Kind of like an initiation right.  What do ya say?" 
Maybe they had an idea that would work out for both of them, after all 
they were the ones that would lose.

"How about meals for the week, whoever loses has to make the other two 
dinner every night after we work out?" It was my wifes idea, she hated 
to cook.  She must have figured she could beat Susan and would get out 
of it easily.

"I don't have a problem with that," I said.

"Me either, I would enjoy you cooking for me and Gordon," Susan shot 
back towards Liz, and we laughed.

"You think so huh? We'll just have to see about that."  Liz got that 
determined look on her face.

"Ok, so the bet is on, lets see what happens.  Everyone ready?"  I said 
and got into the pushup position.  We positioned ourselves to face each 
other so we could see the pain and agony of one another as we did our 

"Down, one, down, two,..." I counted off the pushups as we went along.  
I could see that Liz and Susan had their eyes on one another and were 
taking this very seriously. We got to twenty before I even felt 
anything, so I am sure they were feeling much more at this point, but 
they both pushed onwards. "Down, twenty five, down, twenty six."  I 
could see the sweat and determination in both of them, but they were 
both getting tired.  The didn't snap upwards as fast as they first did.  
I kept counting.  I got to 29 and they were pushing upwards very slowly.  
I got up and waited and watched.  I could see Liz's arms start to shake 
a little, 30, still shaking.  Susan had trouble but hadn't even started 
the shaking yet.  She was in better shape then I had thought, this was 
only her second time of working out.  35, 36, very slowly and Liz was 
really shaking now, she lost her concentration on Susan.  Susan on the 
other hand was smiling, she knew she would win and was just waiting to 
do one more pushup then Liz.

"Shit!"  Liz said after she had crashed to the floor and lost.  Susan 
did a few extra pushups just to get the victory with some to spare.  
Susan stopped, and I finished with the 50 pushups I had been doing for 
the last year or so.

"I won," said Susan,"Ouch," she said as she tried to lift her arms up in 
victory.  Liz just sat sedate like.  She hated to cook and now she had 
to cook for Susan and I for the entire week.  I  was very surprised with 
the results and a little pleased.  It was nice to see that Liz was put 
in her spot, she'd done it with me so many times, it was nice for a 

"I'm sorry Liz, it's only a week though," I said and gave her a hug.  
She was defeated and knew it.  I tried to encourage her, but it didn't 
help at all.  "Tell you  what, I'll do the prep work for you so you 
don't have as much to do, ok?"

"No, I lost fair and square, I will make dinner for the both of you the 
entire week, but we'll have to do another bet next week."

"Ok, sounds good to me, what if we switch each week?  That way someone 
wouldn't have to do it several weeks in a row and lose their 
confidence."  I suggested. Both of the woman agreed.  It did mean 
however that I would serve my sentence at some point.  "In fact, instead 
of a bet, what if we have Susan do next week and me the week after and 
then start over with Liz again?  The other two can suggest what the hell 
week duties will be, as long as the one doing the duties agrees?"

"Yeah," they both said pondering what it meant.

"Alright then, for tonight Liz, you can make dinner for  Susan and I.  
Lets get cleaned up and then Susan and I can enjoy a nice dinner," I 
said rubbing it into my wife a little.  She just scowled at me with 
contempt.  She did smile shortly after though, she was a great person 
for me and to me.  "Susan, you can use the shower in the bathroom 
upstairs."  Liz and I would shower in the master bath.

Liz and I showered together.  I scrubbed her lucious body and she mine.  
The water drifted over her tits and glistened in the bright light of the 
bathroom.  Her nipples were so beautiful in the light I just had to play 
with them.  I slowly rubbed and twisted her nipples with a slight 
roughness.  She just loves to have them played with as they get her so 
excited.  I stood behind her and cupped both her huge breasts, 
meanwhile, her hand went behind her and gabbed my cock and stroked it to 
stiffness.  She has always been great at handjobs, I guess from all the 
work at it in high school.  Then she brought her other hand behind her 
and cupped my ball as she stroked my cock.

I let a hand drop and massaged her clit which started her to grinding 
against the pleasure of my fingers.  I was so excited after having 
watched them run in their panties and bras that I thought I would be 
done right away with my load.

"I better get the supper started honey, sorry," I didn't think I would 
be done that quickly with my load.

"Your right, Liz," and we excited the shower.  I watched her great ass 
as she walked away.  I could see the lips of her cunt from between those 
lovely ass cheeks.  Whisps of hair showed and she wiggled that ass so 
well.  I was still hard and really wanted to get off with her right now, 
but I would have to wait.