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Little Kisses
by FOXI (address withheld)


A father plans and executes a way to seduce his daughter. What 
happens is hot and very sexy. (Mg, ped, 1st, mast, anal)


Ever since my wife died I have been sexually aware of my daughter 
Jenny. Jenny is a cute twelve year old who looks quite a bit like 
Natalie Portman. Her small but luscious body has made for plenty 
of masturbation fantasies over the years. I know that what I am 
thinking is depraved and so very wrong but I can't dismiss my 
feelings or desires. 

Jenny loves me. She has become the woman of the house, cooking, 
cleaning and generally caring for me when Im at work or at home. 
Many times on the weekend we will curl up together on the couch 
and watch movies. It's during these times that I feel the 
strongest in my desires toward her. Her small tight body spooned 
into mine as we watch television. I can feel her warmth, her hot 
little ass pressed into my crotch. It's all I can do to hold back 
from fulfilling my fantasies.

But that all changed one night as we lay together watching a 
movie. Jenny moved back against me her body pressed close to mine. 
Her beautiful small frame warm and inviting. Suddenly I noticed 
her ass was moving just a bit back and forth. Whether it was my 
imagination or in fact Jenny beginning to get those horny feeling 
girls finally get at her age I don't know. All I do know is that 
my little girl was making her daddy's cock harder than a diamond. 
It was then that I hatched my plan to seduce Jenny.

Each morning when we ate at the breakfast table I would great her 
with several small kisses on her head, nose and face making her 
smile and giggle. She would always say.. "daddy".. in a playful 
exasperated way. When I came home from work and she had made 
supper for me I would give her more kisses. As the weeks went 
agonizingly by for me my plan was starting to work. Now Jenny 
expected kisses from me. My kisses were more passionate in the 
sense that instead of tiny pecks they became longer, deeper kisses 
on her head, face and sometimes her neck which always brought a 
soft moan. 

I watched her in her tight jeans move about the house loving her 
small cute body. Her tiny breasts were mere bumps on her chest but 
her nipples were puffy morsels that you could see through her t-
shirt. My cock raged in my pants. That weekend I decided to move 
my plan into the next phase. I told her that we would have a 
special weekend where we could spend time together. She loved it. 
I brought her to the mall and bought her clothes and took her to 
Victoria's secret and told her it was time for her to pick out 
sexy underwear. Surprised but happy she giggled and went in alone. 
She didn't want her daddy to see her looking at underwear with 
her. I didn't care I was just happy to see her so receptive.

That night when we got back she rushed into her room and didn't 
come out for some time. When she did she was so happy she ran up 
to me and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you daddy." Came her tiny voice.

I put a movie in the DVD and lay on the couch and soon she took 
her position in front of me spooning her body to mine. I looked 
down to see the hint of her new underwear. My cock grew rapidly as 
I noticed she had bought thongs. It was the sexiest thing I had 
ever seen. I wondered if she would repeat her act like she did 
last time, moving her ass against me. No sooner did I wonder than 
she started. Small movements but obviously something very sexual. 
I looked at her face and saw her eyes closed instead of watching 
the movie and knew she was very turned on. But I took my time. I 
kissed her neck and she giggled and squirmed playfully. I kissed 
her face then took a chance. I leaned in and kissed her poutey 
lips. She actually moaned with her eyes closed. I held myself back 
with what little strength I had.

"Did you like today sweetheart?" I asked softly in her ear.

She pressed tighter against me a smile on her lips.

"Yes daddy, I loved today. I love you."

I kissed her head, neck and face lovingly. She closed her eyes and 
began to move her tight ass in small circles into my crotch. I let 
it happen excitedly feeling my cock finally explode in my pants. 

The rest of the week Jenny was very attentive always being near me 
and wanting me to hug and kiss her. I decided that the next phase 
needed to go into action. I told her that the coming weekend was 
to be a very special weekend. We were going to have a pajama party 
just her and I. She giggled and told me she didn't have PJ's. I 
told her to just wear her t-shirt. Also that I would bring 
champagne to drink. She clapped excitedly and I told her how she 
was such a wonderful young woman. She kissed me and told me the 
words that I longed to hear.

"I love you so much daddy. I can't wait for the weekend."

The weekend seemed to take forever to arrive but when it did we 
went out to buy goodies to eat and the champagne that she was so 
excited about never having alcohol before. I also found a movie 
that was a bit more adult than what she was used to. Not hardcore 
since I didn't want to scare her but sexy enough to make her 

We locked the door and I got the champagne ready with two tall 
glasses. I wore just a t-shirt and briefs and she came out with a 
t-shirt and to my absolute pleasure a thong. I handed her a glass 
and she happily sipped it. Her eyes shining and her smile so 
beautiful. After a few drinks we got on the couch and I started 
the movie. She settled into her usual position but this time her 
almost bare ass was pressed against my thin briefs which were 
getting stretched from my hardening cock. There was no way she 
couldn't feel my erection but she didn't say anything just pushed 
back moving slowly, teasingly.

The movie was quite good with beautiful young boys and girls doing 
very horny things and I watched Jenny her eyes glued to the screen 
her mouth slightly open and her breathing very excited. One scene 
in the film showed a boy and girl making out and his hand sliding 
under her blouse groping her breasts. Jenny watched and moved her 
tiny ass a bit faster pressing my hard cock deeper into her ass 
crack. I kissed her neck and she reached back with her hand to 
touch my face. The champagne had loosened her inhibitions just 
enough and she was responding to the alcohol and movie as planned. 
I placed my hand on her stomach holding her close to me and I 
could feel her taught belly. I kissed her ear and whispered to 

"Do you like our special weekend honey?"

She closed her eyes and smiled biting softly on her bottom lip. 
Her body moved sexily against mine. I made sure to press back my 
cock now tight into the crack of her ass. 

"Ohhh yes daddy. I want to do this every weekend. Can we daddy?"

I kissed her ear again and then her lips softly. She responded by 
kissing me back.

"We can do this every night if you wish honey. I love being here 
with you."

I kissed her lips again but this time longer and harder. She 
didn't object but placed her small hands on either side of my face 
holding me to her. 

"Ohhhhh daddy..." She moaned into my lips as I felt her ass move 
so agonizingly slow, my cock almost out of my briefs sliding back 
and forth.

The boy in the movie now pushed his hand inside the girls panties 
making her arch her back. Jenny's breathing now faster watched as 
I did. I no longer pretended that her movements were unintentional 
but moved in pace with her grinding into her feeling her hot ass 
on my cock.

"Do you like my movie baby?"

I asked her in a soft hot voice knowing the effects it was having 
on her. I looked down and saw her tiny nipples pushing hard 
against her t-shirt. My hand moved in slow circles on her belly 
always inching upwards. I wanted to feel her skin not cloth and 
moved my hand under her t-shirt. She adjusted her body so that I 
could have better access to her and I knew that my plan worked. I 
had my Jenny. I touched her silky skin loving the way it felt 
under my fingers. I rubbed her tenderly, sexily wanting her to 
respond to me. Needing her to take control of her. 

"Yes daddy its really good." Came her soft voice. She moaned as I 
rubbed her belly and ground into her ass. I kissed her shoulder 
and neck lingering, watching her close her eyes. She was so lovely 
so hot. Her body was responding in such a sexy way. My hand moved 
up more just below her tiny budding breasts and I heard her sharp 
intake but no resistance. 

The movie now had the couple fucking each other his mouth on her 
breasts as he moved his body over her. Jenny moved her body more 
purposely now without hiding her sexual feelings. I did the same. 
My hand moved up to cup one of her luscious orbs and she melted 
into me. I squeezed it and thumbed her hard nipple making her 

"Ohhhhhhh daddy......" came her excited voice. 

I loved the feel of her small breast the puffy nipple between my 
fingers, the hardness showing her excitement. I knew she would do 
anything I asked now and I pushed it further.

"Ohhh baby daddy loves you so much. Lets take off all our clothes 
and lie together."

At first I thought I asked too much. But Jenny got up and began to 
remove her t-shirt then her thongs. I quickly followed. Soon we 
were again spooned to each other but this time without barriers. 
My cock resumed it's position between her small hot asscheeks and 
my hand searching for the new target. Her hot bare pussy. I slid 
it between her legs and she opened them allowing me to touch her. 
I kissed her lips now without abandon. She reciprocated her mouth 
open her lips moist and hot. I pushed my tongue into her mouth 
teaching her to French kiss and she learned quickly. 

My fingers found her clit and very wet pussy. She was soaked. I 
began to rub her clit rolling it between thumb and finger making 
her arch her back and moan in absolute pleasure. She kept saying 
"daddy" over and over as I masturbated her. I wanted all of her so 
badly and moved my mouth down to her right breast taking it fully 
into my mouth loving the taste of her the puffy nipple on my 

I slid a finger tentatively inside her tight hole making her 
stiffen a bit. I knew that it would hurt some but was intent to 
make her totally mine.

"I love you baby. God your so beautiful. Let daddy make love to 

I all but begged her but it wasn't neccessary as she opened her 
legs wider and began to kiss me. I pushed my finger into her 
deeply fully inserting it inside her tight wet pussy. She groaned 
in pain at first then as I moved it in and out and felt her 
muscles relax more and her wetness increase. She began to enjoy it 
and push back against my hand. 

"Thats right honey fuck it nice like that."

I encouraged her, teased her with little kisses and hot nibbles on 
her nipples and stomach. She responded by finally stifining and 
cumming. Her cuntal muscles tightened on my finger and then I felt 
her squirt her love juice. It was so hot and wet. When I added the 
second finger she came again. I told her to turn around again, 
spoon against me. When she did I aimed my cock at her open wet 
cunt and pushed. She actually helped by pushing back. My cock head 
slipped inside her tight stretched hole. It felt so awesome so 
glorious and I slowly began to fuck her feeling myself go inch by 
inch inside her. When I felt my balls begin to slap against her 
ass I knew she had bravely taken all of me inside her. 

I began to fuck her. She loved it, took to it instantly. She was 
ready to fuck and moved with me and against me making my stiff 
cock slide deliciously in and out much more easily as her cunt 
became more lubricated with her orgasms. I couldn't take anymore 
myself and started to cum inside her. She stiffened with her own 
orgasm and pressed back driving my cock even deeper capturing all 
my hot cum inside her. I kissed her hotly still shooting my hot 

  I pulled out of her and slid my cock over her asshole. She 
smiled and moaned moving her ass up and down. I was still hard and 
excited and pushed against her asshole feeling my cock slip past 
her spincter muscle. She closed her eyes as I used our cum to 
lubricate her ass and slide into her tight ass. I started to fuck 
her again and again she moved with me.

"Oh baby your ass is so good. God I love you Jenny."

I came again as she cried out daddy over and over. My thick cock 
spurted inside her filling her. That night we slept together and 
did so from then on. She wanted to learn all about sex. I brought 
home adult films showing every aspect of fucking and she learned 
to do them all from sucking cock to masturbation to anal 
proficiently. She and I looked at websites that carried even more 
kinky sex and she loved many of them. She would sit on my cock as 
we surfed the websites. I always knew when she was excited as she 
began to slow fuck me her hot little pussy sopping wet with her 
juices. One site showed bestiality and she came instantly. I 
promised her a dog after that and she got one the next weekend. 
Full grown and trained costing thousands. But it was worth it as 
he took to her instantly. Jenny became a hot sexy lover who still 
loves little kisses. But now she loves them everywhere on her 
body. Even Max the dog now gives her little kisses. He uses his 
tongue to kiss her mouth and pussy driving her into endless 

One night we all got in the act making Jenny our whore for the 
night. I was on my back my cock inside her tight pussy while Max 
had his deeply embedded inside her asshole. We fucked her all 
night long.