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Lisa (MF, mc)
by Anonymous Author
First published by TheEditor

(Chapters 1 thru 29)

 C h a p t e r  1

   "What I'm trying to explain to you, is the I don't know
if I'd get horny or not. The only other time that I've seen
another man's cock since we got married, was when you
brought that movie projector home with the eight millimeter
films that we watched. I damn sure got horny that night! We
couldn't wait to get into bed, neither of us sleeping until
daylight. We were so fucked out we just laid around most of
   "Did looking at cocks before we got married, turn you
   The blonde wife looked at her husband reflectively.
   "Well, I guess so."
   "What do you mean, you guess so?"
   "I mean yes! Of course it turned me on. Is that what you
wanted to hear?"
   "I didn't want to hear anything in particular, only the
truth.  My point is that nudity can be sexy as hell."
   "Of course it can be sexy as hell, I just don't know if
only looking at just a man's cock would turn me on or not."
   Bill's eyebrows shot up.
   "And that's what I'm trying to explain to you, that how
could you know how your body and mind will act unless you
experience a given set of circumstances. Sometimes,
something might sound exciting, however in the real world,
fact and fantasy might be totally different."
   Lisa grinned back at Bill.
   "And just what have you got planned? The last time you
started this kind of conversation, you brought home a few
fuck movies.  Now if the guy was jacking off his cock, and
if it was erect then it just might get me all turned on!"
   "And, what if he wanted you to do the jacking?" her
husband asked with raised eyebrows.
   The pert blonde housewife grinned impishly at her
   "Now I don't know who's talking about fact, and who's
talking about fantasy.  Did you bring another of those films
home and if you did, let's get it out and get it on.  To
tell you the truth, all this talking about sex has me just a
little turned on. In fact, it's got me a lot turned on.  I'm
starting to get damp just thinking about getting it on
   "No honey, I didn't bring any film home, but if you're
serious about seeing a film tonight, we can go to that adult
theater on Alameda Street and watch one, then come back home
and make love and drink brandy again." "I don't know if I'd
rather make love, or just fuck.  Actually, I think I'd
rather fuck, it sounds dirtier! Do they really show
everything in the Adult Movies?"
   "You bet your sweet ass, they show everything. It's not
any different than the eight millimeter films I borrowed and
brought home, except they are feature length films, with
color and sound, like any other movie."
   "Do couples go to those movies?"
   "I think that there's more single men there, or maybe
married men on a night away from their wives, but there are
couples, and once in a while a single lady comes in."
   "So, they only sit there and watch the movies, getting
all sexed up, is that it?"
   "Well, not always. Most of the time there are guys
jacking off in the back row, also sometimes a couple will
get so excited that they make it right there in the
   "Do you mean the men actually masturbate right there in
the theater, with their pricks out, with everything
showing?" "Sure, although it's a little dark for sight
   "But, what if someone should see them."
   "So what if they did?"
   "Well, I don't know, Bill, but it seems to me that they
wouldn't want anyone seeing them jack off."
   "Not necessarily true, my love. Some of them may get off
on having somebody watch them jack off, while others
probably get off, on watching. Nothing like a little
voyeurism to speed up the old bodily juices."
   "Well, it's speeding up my bodily juices, talking about
watching. I wonder what it would be like, seeing some guy
take his cock out and jack it off in a movie theater?"
   "As much as you like my cock, you'd probably go bananas,
grabbing hold of it to help."
   "I wonder how many strokes they'd let me take?"
   "How many do you want to take?"
   "Bill, you know me. I never get turned off, so I'd
probably want to pump on the old handle all night long.
Jesus, but I'm getting horny talking about all this illicit
sexual action." "Well then Lisa, let's get going and watch a
couple of guys jack off."
   "Jesus Bill baby," Lisa groaned, "that turns me on,
thinking about seeing some guys jacking off, so much so that
I'd like to make love right here and now. All of this
talking about sex, gets me excited, but if you want to go to
a screw movie, then why not. I'm game if you are, so give me
a few minutes to get dressed, don't want to wear these
Levi's to the show."
   She spun, then turned back to face Bill.
   "Do you really think that some man would jack off with me
watching?" "If you don't get ready, you'll never find out,
now will you?" She rushed from the room, her curvaceous ass
undulating as she almost ran down the hall to the bedroom.
   Stripping off her Levi's and sweater, Lisa ran her hands
over her brassiered breasts then removed her white bra. Her
luscious breasts spilled from the brassiere cups, standing
out from her rib cage, quivering pink tipped nipples firm
from thinking about screwing. After all, if she got turned
on in the movie, it would be nice if Bill could touch her
   She quickly rushed into the shower, lathered her body
with soap suds and hot water, then just as quickly rinsed
with cold water, almost leaping out of the shower to dry,
humming while she rubbed the towel over her body until it
glowed from the cold water rinse and the towel.
   It had worked again. It always worked. Even when Lisa was
a little girl, it had worked. Lisa thought about her power.
   She'd found out when she was very young that if she
thought hard enough about anything that she could influence
the end result and bend the actions of others around to her
pleasure.  It was something like wishing to make it so. If
she wished, she could make almost anything happen. As she'd
grown more experienced, she had refined the techniques she
used, until now she didn't even have to think when she
practiced her power.
   Distance seemed to have no effect on her power, it was
more a matter of knowing the person involved. She couldn't
cause an effect on a person she'd personally never met, but
if she'd either seen some one in the past, or at present was
in proximity to the person she'd met, she could make them do
almost anything within reason she desired.  Even some very
foolish things. She would move her thought to what she
called her echo chamber, a hollow between the top of her
spine and the back of her brain. It was here that the
thought process generated, and when she put her thoughts
into words, she could hear an echo of those words from her
   Whenever she used her power, the lovely female was able
to get her desires met.
   It didn't always work. For instance, it didn't work on
inanimate objects. When she was in her early teens she had
tried to influence both dice and drawing cards from a deck,
but that had never worked for her even later in her life
when she'd tried. People very were easy, while men were
particularly easy for her. When she thought in her echo
chamber, the people she pictured almost always had the
thoughts that she'd projected.  One of the things she could
do was make animate objects fit themselves into her whims.
Most of what she'd done in her past, dealing with animate
objects was reflected in herself and her figure, but it took
a long time to sculpt flesh. Her own contours were a
stunning example.
   Her eyes as a child were almost a china blue, it took
thinking about them for every day for a year, to change them
into their now ultra pale, ice blue eyes. The long dark
lashes to frame her eyes were easier. The rest of her body
took even longer, and she was still working on it. From
puberty, she'd worked on her breasts, tummy, thighs, behind,
and legs.
   She'd read most of the books on para-psychology and none
of them seemed to cover her power. She had no psychic power,
she couldn't foretell any future event, she couldn't make
any inanimate object move, but she could influence people,
and also sculpt her own body.  Another thing that she could
do, was make people do what she wanted, making them think
that it was their idea in the first place. In that she was
most successful. She'd done it early in the evening when she
was feeling most horny, to her husband.
   She'd thought, "I think I'll take that sexy wench of mine
to a fuck movie tonight, get her pussy all wet from finger
fucking, then bring her back here and fuck her brains out."
   Like always, her husband Bill thought that it was his
idea and he'd maneuvered the conversation and talked all
around it, until he'd finally brought up the idea of the two
of them going to a fuck movie.  It had worked again. Lisa
Williams stood nude in front of the bathroom mirror while
she applied her make up. Her mild glowing complexion
required very little aid from the few items of make up
sitting on the wash basin cabinet, however Lisa enjoyed
making the best of her looks.
   A touch of blue eye shadow on the lids of her ice blue
eyes. A quick touch of eyeliner from a dark pencil outlined
her lids, a little line drawn outwards to make her already
wide extra long lashed sensual eyes look even more sensual.
   A brush dusted in a pale pink blush make up, applied to
her high cheek bones brought just a highlight of color to
her pink cheeks.  Carefully, the beautiful lady unscrewed
the top of her lipstick and applied the glossy color to her
full lower lip then more lightly to her upper lip.
   Satisfied, she stepped back one step, looked at herself
in the mirror, turning her head first one way, then the
   "Not too bad for an old lady of thirty two," Lisa
thought.  She had always considered her nose a trifle too
short, her lower lip just a bit too full, however, the sides
of her mouth were fixed in a natural smile even when she
relaxed all of her facial muscles, definitely giving her a
most sensual look.
   Her too short nose and too full lower lip had been
corrected long ago with her power. Her nose was now thinned
down, the nostrils flaring like a mare in heat when she was
excited.  She had no complaints about her thick mop of tawny
blonde hair, with a hint of a soft natural curl which made
it easy to both shampoo and brush. Her husband described her
thick mop of hair as "Mink Blonde", whatever that meant.
   Her sun tanned skin with the pale marks of her two piece
bikini, looked as if she were wearing panties and bra even
when she was nude.
   She placed her hands on her hips, thrusting out her
breasts, looking at herself in the still steamy mirror. The
thick curls of fur on her pussy were exactly the same color
and softness of curl as the hair crowning her head, the line
of hair ending at the bottom of her firm belly was so
straight that it looked as if it were shaved by a razor.
   Her breasts were another matter entirely. A shade too
heavy for her slim torso and very tiny waist. Lisa normally
wore a thirty six bra with a problem between a C cup and a D
cup.  The C cup was sometimes too small and caused her boobs
to bulge out the top, the D cup was sometimes too large and
felt loose on her breasts.
   One of her current projects on self sculpting, was making
her breasts just a trifle heavier, and firmer. A full D cup
would be fine. Maybe another month at the most. She had to
buy size ten or eleven blouses to fit but she could wear
either size seven or eight if she bought skirts or pants. It
caused her no end of problems when buying a dress, since the
tops were always made for someone with a smaller chest, or
the bottoms for a bigger ass.
   The one part of her body that bothered Lisa, was her
nipple.  The left one. It was partially inverted, sinking in
on itself.  It gave her no end of problems, even though her
doctor told her that it was nothing to worry about.
   When she got horny, always, it would swell up inverted,
hurting when it was inside out. Then with no warning, it
would pop out of her full breast with such force that it
always brought her to orgasm the instant it popped free.
   It had been deliberate, maybe a little stupid, but Lisa
thought that she shouldn't seem too perfect and she'd
figured out that an inverted nipple might just offset the
startling beauty, so her power had been put to work on the
nipple, inverting it over the period of two years.  If she
didn't like the result, she could always put it back in
normal form in a matter of a month or so.
   Lisa turned around, looking at her naked buttocks and
back over her shoulder, practicing a sexy look, eyes half
closed, wetting her full lower lip with the tip of her pink
tongue.  She wriggled her body at her image in the mirror,
looking at the deep cleft between the cheeks of her ass,
watching to see how firm she was. The protruding cheeks of
her ass were so firm that they hardly even quivered, even
though they stuck out almost more than she would have liked.
   The last time Lisa had used a tape measure, she had a
figure that totaled out to thirty six and a half around her
chest, a very tiny twenty four even around her waist, her
buttocks were thirty five inches when measured at the
fullest part of her ass.

 C h a p t e r  2

   Her full boobs, were another story. They quivered,
shivered, and jiggled like jelly any time she moved, that
being the part of her anatomy that men always looked at
hard, after staring at her face.  Sometimes it became most
embarrassing when men stared at her tits, even though it did
turn her on and make her feel especially sexy. When they
looked, she would fantasize about having the person staring,
also sucking and making love to her tits.
   That was if she was facing a man. If he was behind her,
Lisa knew that it was her curved ass that they liked as they
   One of her favorite tricks, was to look suddenly over her
shoulder and catch some poor man staring at her ass, look
him straight in the eye and then smile. Most of the time
they got caught looking, they turned red and looked away,
but sometimes, when they smiled back, Lisa would feel the
heated moisture gather in the folds of her soft pussy.
   Men had always been easy for her. Her figure had changed
when she was fifteen. She had decided on her fourteenth
birthday that she'd always be a skinny bean pole, then with
a spurt that amazed everyone who knew her, she had turned
from a skinny girl into a full woman, all by harnessing her
power over a few years.
   First a thickening of fine peach fuzz on her groin then,
a thick patch of curly soft ringlets.
   Her nipples grew first, then her breasts started
swelling, continuing to grow for more than two years.
   She could remember that every time her mother bought her
a bra, within a month or two it was too tight. Her tits
never stopped growing until she was over eighteen.
   Casting her eyes over her nude body, Lisa decided that
she was lucky that she was a beautiful woman as she dashed
from the bathroom to her closet. The power worked. She
really was a stunningly beautiful woman.  She slid the
hangers in her closet to find a dress to make it easier to
have her pussy touched when Bill got turned on. She picked a
silky jersey dress with a button down front and picked a
wide black soft leather Italian belt to go with the dress.
   She decided not to wear hose, letting her long slim legs
be smooth and naked under her dress, quickly finding a pair
of new panties in her dresser, changed into the new lacy
bikini bottoms that showed the curvaceous cheeks of her ass.
   Slipping the dress on over her head, buttoning the top,
leaving a generous cleavage of her soft tits showing. Her
tiny waist cinched even tighter made her luscious figure
even more sensual.
   At the last instant, she turned, rummaging through her
drawer full of lingerie, finding at the bottom a pair of
dark hose cutout at the top of the thigh to leave her pussy
bare. Pulling them on, Lisa snapped off her bedroom light.
   Leaving the bedroom, Lisa sauntered downstairs.
   "Does this look like what the well dressed wife wears out
when she goes to a fuck movie?" Lisa twirled to show off her
dress, the dark orange jersey dress swirled around her slim
legs. Her full busted tits strained against the warm fabric,
quivering with no support from a brassiere.
   Bill admired her dress, patted her curved ass and grabbed
 her hand.
   "Let's get going sweetness, before I pull that dress off
 your gorgeous body and fuck you right here on the floor."
   "No Sir, No sir! You said you were going to take me to a
movie, and then make love, or maybe even fuck, which ever
comes first, and I'm holding you to that," Lisa said,
pulling Bill to the door, smiling at his compliment.
   The theater was dark, Bill guiding Lisa to the steps that
led to the upper balcony, walking higher up the long steep
steps until they were at the back row. Peering, they both
tried to see if anyone was in the seats at the rear.
   The rear row darkness was illuminated when one of the
patrons lit a cigarette with his flicked lighter. In the
flash of his lighter, they could see most of the seats in
the center of the row were unoccupied, Bill guiding and
following Lisa as they settled into the soft seats.  Of the
thirty or so seats in the last row, most were empty, as they
settled back and looked at the screen.
   The screen had two young women licking on the erect cock
of a young man lying on the floor of what appeared to be a
living room. Both girls slowly sucking and twirling their
wet, pink tongues around the head of his prick, while one
held his testicles, gently kneading and squeezing.
   Lisa watched with interest, her initial embarrassment
being in the theater slowly leaving her, as the triad on the
screen fitted themselves into ever increasing sexual
situations, the male ran his hands over the tits of one
girl, pressing the soft flesh and pinching the pink nipple
gently, then running his hand down to slide a finger into
the wet hole of the other.  The juicy cunt he was finger
fucking left a slick coating of oily lubricating wetness on
his finger.
   Lisa could feel the juices from her own pussy wetting her
opening and she squirmed slightly in the seat and leaned
over closer to Bill's arm, turning to face him, whispering
in his ear.
    "I'll answer your question now," Lisa purred. "Yes,
seeing a hard cock turns me on, and the pussies do too! I'm
starting to really get horny now. I can really feel my pussy
getting very juicy. wouldn't you like to feel?"
   Bill caressed her thigh, running his hand over the warm
fullness of her upper leg. His fingers touching the hem of
her dress, raising it and drifting his fingers over the
smooth warmth curved of her leg. His hand drew her dress
higher, his fingers touching the silky band at the crotch of
her new panties, feeling the hot slick wetness seeping
through the silky nylon.
   Lisa squirmed again, slightly spreading her thighs so
Bill's fingers could have access to her tingling cunt. Her
eyes on the screen while his finger teased at her pussy
through the wetness of her panties. Her breathing became
shorter as he stroked the length of the crevasse between her
thighs, probing and moving around in the sweet wet junction
between her legs.
   Lisa sensed a movement to her right and saw a man moving
closer to them. He seated himself one seat over, leaving an
empty seat between them. Lisa started to pull her dress down
over her exposed thighs, then she realized that whatever the
man could see was no different than what he could see on the
   First she felt uncomfortable with the stranger sitting so
close to her, then on second thought, she felt the sexual
thrill of his voyeurism.
   She watched him, out of the corner of her eye. He was not
watching them. Not directly, but his head was turned closer
to them, than to the screen. She was sexually very excited
by the thought of that man watching her husband stroke her
pussy through the thin covering of her panties, knowing she
could turn him on even more by showing him much more of her
long slim curved legs and thighs.
   She worked her power, "Look at that fantastic blonde and
the guy with her. I bet she's getting turned on with his
fingers in her pussy. I'd like to fuck her. I'd like to see
her cunt.  Maybe if I move over closer, I could see better."
   Lisa squirmed, sliding down in the seat, moving her dress
higher and very slowly exposing her stocking clad thighs up
to her new panties.  She glanced over at the man on her
right, finding that he'd turned his head and was staring at
her legs and Bill's caressing fingers on her hot pussy,
through the thin covering.
   Lisa squirmed around more in the seat, looking directly
at the man's face, raising the hem of her dress higher,
opening her legs to give him a better view.
   He looked harder at her legs and thighs, tempting Lisa to
give him a really good show, with her hot sexual teasing.
   Lisa whispered in Bill's ear, "Dear, I've got to go to
the bathroom, I'll be right back in a minute."
   She carefully made her way past the others in the row,
undulating down the steps at the side and, slowly moving to
see if she could catch sight of any of the men masturbating.
  One man had both hands in his lap, moving, but before Lisa
could see if he had his prick out, she was past him, not
wanting to stop and look back.
   The sleek bodied housewife looked for the ladies rest
room sign.  Leaving the rest room, Lisa walked to the top of
the stairs, slowly swinging her hips as she climbed,
glancing at the men as she passed, entering the rear row.
   The lascivious blonde haired wife looked down at the lap
of the man who had been seated to her right. She slowed as
she brushed by his knees, waited for him to stand up,
pressing her firmly curved ass against him as he stood to
let her pass.  Bill always said that her ass was her best
attribute, looking like a cantaloupe melon cut in two and
glued to her buttocks.  The day that Bill had made that
comment, was the day she'd stopped sculpting her ass.
   Lisa imagined that she could feel the swelling bulge of
the man's prick against her firm ass as she slithered slowly
past squirming her buttocks over and against his groin. She
paused, pressing her ass harder against him, squirming
slightly, teasing him with the firm roundness of her
buttocks, pleased with the feeling of sexual excitement
growing in her loins.
   "Thank you," she whispered as she smiled in the dim
light.  After sitting by her husband, she again looked over
at the man, noticing now that he had both hands in his lap,
covering his groin.
   "Bet he has a hard cock under those hands." thought Lisa,
   "Watching those people on the screen probably has his
cock dripping and he is holding it down. I hope I made it
harder when I brushed against him."
   Bill put a hand back on her leg, fingers slipping slowly,
ever so slowly, up her soft inner thighs, reaching for her
   Bill almost jumped as his fingers touched the soft
ringlets of hair around her bare cunt, his fingers feeling
the seeping moisture gathered at the pulpy slit between her
   She giggled, "That's right. I took them off so you could
get a good feel! The trip to the bathroom was an excuse."
   Bill's fingers sought the wet opening when she opened her
thighs slightly wider and raised her ass to let his fingers
probe her slit.  Lisa pulled her skirt from beneath her ass,
pulling it up until her long slim legs and slim curved tummy
were clearly visible in the dim light. Her soft and curly
thatched pussy hair clearly visible in the reflected light
from the screen.  She sent an oblique glance to the man on
her right to see if he had noticed her open thighs.
   "Look at that cunt spread her legs. My cock's so hard I
think I'll sneak it out and flog it a little while I watch
her get finger fucked."
   Lisa echo chamber reverberated to her thoughts, deciding
that she'd try to entice the man to bring his prick out
where she could see it.  Her face turned to the screen, but
her eyes watched out of the corner the man on her right,
only one vacant seat away.
   Lisa watched, holding her breath, as his zipper drew
slowly and quietly down. His hand slithering into the
opening as he opened his fly. Lisa watched as he felt down
inside, fishing for his cock, then slowly, slowly easing it
past the metal teeth of his zipper.
   She felt moisture gush from the folded pink lips of her
pussy as he took his cock out. Sneaking it up, holding one
hand over the head, covering the rest of his cock with the
   He was softly and surreptitiously stroking it beneath his
hands until she turned and stared directly at his hands.
Slowly his hand uncovered his cock, exposing his organ to
her blonde beauty and lusting eyes. Stroking his huge meaty
prick slowly, while he stared at the wet junction between
her open legs.
   Not hard, but impressive anyway, his thick floppy dick
filled his stroking hand, the upper length wobbling over his
moving fist as he stroked. The thickness, even in the dim
reflected light from the screen, was most impressive to the
sexually excited housewife.
   Lisa's already wet pussy emitted even more honey, as she
looked with unabashed glee at the semi erect organ that
she'd enticed into the open with her power.

 C h a p t e r    3

   She turned her head to the right, her ice blue eyes
staring at the thick prick the man was stroking.
   She felt the lusty urge to closely watch his intoxicating
prick, turning her head until she was staring at the hard
erect cock being fondled. His hand continued stroking,
although his
eyes didn't leave the screen, Lisa knew he was aware of her
watching him jack off his cock. He raised his body, lowering
his arm to allow an unobstructed view of his masturbation.
   "Bill, the guy on my right has his thing out," she said.
   "What's a thing?"
   "He has his hard prick out, that's what thing!"
   "Good. You said you wanted to see a hard cock being
jerked off, now's your chance to get a really close look."
   Bill moved his head back, his finger pressing harder on
her swollen rubbery and slippery clit.
   Lisa turned her head back to watch the prick being
stroked a few feet away from her eyes, while the pressure of
Bill's finger brought her to a long shuddering climax. Her
damp wetness drooled over Bill's fingers as her breathing
caught in the sheer sensuality of his fingers in her pussy
and the big hot prick being masturbated before her eyes at
the same time.
   Lisa became more aware of the masturbate eyes, looking up
for a glance at his face. His eyes were fastened to the
fingers at the junction of her slim legs as he continued to
raise and lower his hand on his long prick. If anything,
Lisa got more turned on.
   Spreading her legs more, her fingers slipped down to
raise her skirt still higher. Slowly, her fingers pressed
the cloth of her skirt against her smooth thighs, slowly
pulling the soft dress higher on her legs, while watching
the man's face.
   "Lean forward a little and look. She's pulling her skirt
up higher so I can see her pussy. God damn, but she's a sexy
broad. I'd like to fuck her snatch," her echo chamber said.
   He leaned forward in his seat, more closely to watch the
skirt being hiked higher on her slim legs, while Lisa
wriggled with pleasure as she continued to raise the hem to
allow him an unobstructed view of her pussy. She paused with
the hemline of her skirt just below her wet warm pussy, then
squirmed on the seat and raised the hem past the curly
ringlets of her pussy, while staring at his face.
   His intent gaze was centered on the soft junction between
her long slim legs, his hand fondling his erect prick with
lusty abandon at the show Lisa was putting on for him.
   Lisa continued to pull her dress higher, until her belly
was totally exposed, her whole lower torso, naked to his
staring eyes.
   Enjoying the feeling of sensuality she toyed with the
buttons on the front of her dress, slowly unfastening them
one by one.
  When the last of the buttons were undone, Lisa shrugged
her shoulders. Her dress split down the front, Lisa slowly
lifting her fingers to the opening, pulling the soft jersy
open past the nipples of her naked breasts.
   "Look at all that pussy. I wish she's open up that blouse
and let her big tits just fall out. Look at those fingers in
her wet cunt," her echo chamber directed thoughts to her
seat mates mind.
   Taking a deep breath, Lisa shrugged her shoulders,
spilling her soft full breasts out of the opening, where
they stood proudly, jiggling in the reflected light of the
   Her mind pictured Bill, "My wife really likes watching
that guy jerk off, she'd really come if she had her hand on
his cock too. I'll talk her into it. She's so hot with my
hand on her wet cunt, she'll do anything I ask. That'll turn
me on too, watching her stroke that big prick."
   Bill's voice in her ear, said, "I think you just came
with a finger in your pussy while you watched him jerk off.
Did you like having a finger in your wet cunt while you
watched a hard cock get jerked off?"
   "Oh yes.... I'm hotter than a firecracker, just watching
him and having you feel me. I like watching him jack off."
   Bill's nose tickled her ear as he whispered, "Don't just
talk about it, do it if you want to. I'll get my cock out so
you can jerk off my prick at the same time. That way you can
feel two cocks at the same time."
   "Jesus, Bill. I was just kidding. I couldn't jack him
off.  I don't even know him. What if someone should see me?"
Lisa whispered into her husbands ear."
   Her manner of faking reluctance to his suggestion, even
though she'd planted most of the thought in his steaming
   "So what if they do see you," he whispered back at her.
   "What are they going to say with all of that going on up
front on the screen? Besides, if you don't take hold of his
prick, I'll quit finger fucking your cunt. Get on with it
dear. I'd really like to see you jerk him off."
   "Would you really like to watch me jack off his prick?"
   "You damn right I would. It would even make me hornier
than I am right now. I'm going to pull my prick out so you
can have a hard cock in each hand."
   His fingers left her pussy to slide the zipper of his
pants, and quickly his throbbing, erect penis was standing
from his lap like a spear.
   Her fingers curled around Bill's prick, feeling the good
strong hardness and began to stroke him. Her busy brain
engaged in trying to lure the burly individual closer so she
could stroke two pricks at the same time. She slowly lowered
her right arm and hand to the empty seat between them, palm
up, fingers curling as though holding his prick as her wrist
made imperceptible jacking motions on the empty seat, as if
she had his cock in her empty hand and was fingering it.
   The burly stranger looked at her hand, then her face to
see her level eyes open with invitation as she opened her
naked thighs wider for his inspection.
   "Look at her hand, she's wishing she had her fingers on
my cock. If I move over one seat, I'll be sitting next to
that sexy body, horny as she is, maybe she'll feel my cock."
   With slow movements, he slipped from his seat into the
empty next to Lisa as she removed her arm from the seat and
rested it on the armrest between them. Her hand was hanging
over the arm rest, above and to the left of his throbbing
   It was too dark in the theater to see his prick clearly
unless there was light seen on the movie screen, for a
moment she wished that she had a flashlight. The thought of
herself, holding a flashlight in the back row of an adult
movie, examining a man jacking off his cock, brought the
aroused wife to stiffled giggles. She watched his hand
slowly leave his cock, his upright hard prick wavering just
inches from her curled fingers.
   Lisa moved her wrist, her fingers drooping, closer and
   She could feel the heat radiating from the mass of male
muscle.  Just an inch away and she was hesitating.
   Could she really stroke his prick, letting her fingers
play with it?
   Did Bill really want to see her jack off a strangers hard
cock, or was he just kidding? Maybe she should reinforce the
   "Look at Lisa's fingers hovering over his cock. Go baby,
g. Wrap those slim fingers around that fat prick and rub it
good.  I'd better make her do it or she'll get cold feet."
   "Grab his cock baby and wring it out. You know you want
to feel it," his whisper touched her ear.
   "Really Bill?" Her question whispered to her husband.
   "Go baby, go. I'm want to watch your fingers stroking his
cock while you play with mine," Bill answered.
   "I'll finger fuck your pussy on this side, so maybe,
he'll do the same. How would you like to get finger fucked
by two men at the same time tonight, right here in the
   Lisa's wet cunt spasmed at his whisper, another hot wet
orgasm following closely, as her drooping fingers touched
the hard smooth slippery knob of her seatmate. His breath
sucked in as her fingertips dabbed at the slitted opening,
the hole in the knobbed end of his throbbing prick dribbling
honey to moisten her fingertips. Her exploring fingers
slightly slippery now, traced the knob, lightly moving the
heavy foreskin back down his cock. Her red tipped fingers
slightly squeezing the bulbous head of his now slippery
   She was amazed at the size of him. She thought Bill was
big, but this burly individuals prick throbbing in her hand
was huge.
   "You wouldn't believe how much cock I've got in my hand."
She said into Bill's ear, "I can't close my fingers around
   This guy is built like a fucking horse."
   Bill leaned forward in the seat and turned slightly, to
see her slim fingers moving on the thick maleness. Lisa's
fingers were curled around the beefy stalk, but couldn't
meet around the huge thickness protruding from his wide
open, unzippered fly.
   The head of his cock was like a small apple, deeply
clefted at the bottom of his glans and flaring sharply like
a big giant mushroom, swollen with his lusty needs,
dribbling his honey over her questing finger tips as she
caressed his knob.
   Just watching his slim wife's hand running all over and
touching another man's prick was turning Bill on like never
before. He could feel his own prick emitting moisture from
the tiny hole as Lisa smeared her thumb over his slippery
   Bill intently watched as Lisa began to fondle the big
meaty mass of her stranger's heavy prick.
   Lisa tightened her grip, feeling the round heavy roll of
his foreskin slide down his cock, then rolled it back up
over his knob. Her movement gathered the skin in heavy
folds, completely covering the glans, also milking drops of
juice which ran down over her fingers. The stickiness of his
juices turned Lisa on even more, stretching out her legs,
opening her thighs wider, hoping to invite the male stranger
to stroke her cunt as she caressed his huge hard leaking
male organ.
   Her seatmate raised his arm resting it on the armrest,
unsure of her reactions, he made tentative motions with his
fingers as if he were stroking her. Lisa moved her thigh
closer to his resting hand.
   The beautiful, turned on blonde leaned her head closer to
her seatmate on the right.
   "Touch me, please," she whispered to him.
   Slowly her seatmate moved his hand, letting it rest on
her thigh, his fingers just touching the curved fullness of
her upper leg.
   His tentative touch on her thigh was gentle as he left
his hand stationary on her thigh to see Bill's reaction to
his touching.
   Her husband's reaction to the hand on her bare thigh was
   Bill moved his hand to touch the stranger's big fingers,
pulling his hand higher on his wife's leg until the
stranger's fingers brushed Lisa's exposed and throbbing
pussy's curly hair.
   Both sets of male fingers touched, then began to caress
her hairy wet cunt.
   The first touch of both sets of male fingers sent the
blonde wife into another long orgasm, followed by another
that set her full breasts shuddering in the dim light
reflected from the screen. Her nipples, even the inverted
left nipple, were standing up like strawberries.
   "Stroke my tits while you feel my pussy," the aroused
wife whispered into the beefy stranger's ear, getting even
more aroused at the sound of her own voice talking dirty.
   The stranger's other hand began to squeeze the soft globe
of her tit, rubbing her erect nipple slowly in tantalizing
circles while both male fingers explored the region of her
wildly hot squelching pussy.
   Lisa lay back, relaxed in the seat, pumping both pricks
and feeling the juice at the tips coating her fingers. She
wondered briefly, if this was the ultimate turn on, stroking
two pricks and getting finger fucked by two men at the same
   She felt the desire to taste the seeping juices, to
compare male to male and see if the leaking lubricating
juices from one cock tasted any different than another.
   She moved her fingers to each bulging prick tip, to
transfer a drop of leaking cock honey from each cock to her
finger tips, then she released both cocks. The sensual
blonde wife touched first one finger, then the other to her
lips, rubbing the slippery male honey on her full lower lip
where her pink tongue darted out and licked the juice.
   She smacked her lips quietly at her husbands familiar
salty wetness from one finger, savoring the burly stranger's
cock honey from the other.
   The clear cock honey oozing from the meaty prick on her
right was thicker, and if anything, just a little sweeter
than her husband's sticky, salty cock juice. Just one more
taste of each prick, then she moved her hands again,
dropping them to both groins and she began to pump harder,
while watching the screen.
   A red haired lady was getting her pussy sucked. Her sleek
thighs wide open, as the pink tongue was thrust into the
furry opening between her legs.
   "Jesus, what a turn on," Lisa thought. "Here I am, with a
hot throbbing prick in each hand, my husband and another guy
I don't even know, finger fucking my pussy, while here on
the screen a six or seven foot pussy is being licked by a
guy with a five foot tongue."
   Lisa spasmed again, her orgasm wracking her body, her
active wet cunt making squelching noises, as the fingers
caressed her clitoris spreading the soft lips of her pussy.

 C h a p t e r  4

    Both men were working as a team now. One with finger busy
slipping in and out of her cunt, while the other petted the
clit standing from the soft lips of her pussy. Lisa was coming
continuously with both pairs of male fingers fucking her cunt.
   Suddenly, she dropped her eyes from the screen. The seat in
front of her was occupied, but not in the usual manner.
   In fact, the owner of the seat was not facing the screen at
   He had turned and was staring directly between her wide open
thighs, as her feet rested high on the seat, exposing all of
her legs, her soft wet cunt, and, her curvaceous ass as well.
 He was staring deeply into her opened thighs, watching as the
two busy hands and twirling fingers were fucking her squelching
wet cunt.
   Her instinctive female reaction took over. Her open thighs
snapped tightly together, protecting her pussy from the man's
view, pulled at her skirt and drew it down over her pussy and
   Bill insistently pulled her dress back up over her belly,
exposing her wet cunt, putting pressure on the inside of her
thigh to make her open her legs wider again. She realized that
Bill had probably noticed the newcomer before she had, knowing
he was watching her cunt. At first, she was tempted to fight
Bill's pressure on her thigh to open her legs, but than on
second thought, she relaxed and spread her legs, moving higher
on the seat to bring her hot steamy cunt closer to his staring
   "Wild, baby, wild!" Lisa thought, squirming her ass in small
circles, undulating her belly upwards and spreading her legs as
wide as she could to give him and unobstructed view of her cunt
being finger fucked.
   She realized then, that the newcomer was black. Looking into
her pussy, his face almost between her open knees. She could
imagine how deeply his eyes were boring into her wet cunt as
she slowly raised her ass even higher to give him an open
visual channel to her pulsating cunt.
   The thought of a black man with his eyes on her hot wet
pussy, open and inviting, brought her to another shuddering
release, the juice cascading from the wet lips of her cunt to
pool between her thighs and soak slowly onto the seat under her
naked writhing ass, dripping down the seat bottom in a long
glistening trail.
   "If he wants to see my cunt being finger fucked by two guys,
then I'll give him a good eye full," Lisa's mind murmured.
   She could see the black's shoulder moving in rhythm and she
realized he was jacking off. He was staring into her pussy and
jacking off. Another orgasm twisted her body, her belly
rippling from the force, her pussy making the sound of one wet
kiss then another, as she soon started her almost continuous
series of orgasms. The image of his black cock being pumped in
his black fist was almost more than she could take.
   The luscious blonde housewife's belly contracted in orgasm's
one after the other as she felt the lust being radiated by the
three men, one on each side with their fingers in her cunt, one
in front staring into her wet and open crotch, while she pumped
on their cocks with each hand.
   Lisa mind spun, her heated blood roaring in her ears as she
realized how much she was enjoying this sexual encounter. Her
fingers busy fondling the throbbing slippery cocks while she
exposed her open lipped cunt to finger fucking, enjoying with
sexual abandon, the voyeur watching.
   She discovered, in a flash of insight, that she loved being
looked at while she was indulging in sexual play. She liked
having her bare and naked pussy looked at by anybody, and the
closer they were, the better!
   Bill's cock thudded in her hand, swelling and jumping as he
slid forward in the seat. Her hand pumped faster, squeezing
more, jacking the juice from his balls, until with a soft
groan, his prick began to spurt. The first juicy spasm sent
sperm flying high over the back of the seat in front of him,
next to the black. The second spurt jumping even higher and
Lisa could see it against the lighted screen. She began to
count under her breath.
   "Three", as she felt and watched the silver sperm leap free
of his prick, "Four, five, six," the spasms pumped the juice
out.  "Seven...."
   After a few seconds delay, sperm again shot from his balls.
   Twice more, "Eight and nine," she counted, then was amazed
as once more his prick swelled and the last juice squirted
free.  This time the juice thinner, the last squirt shot almost
as high as the first two, then settled to a slow dribble of cum
oozing down his cock and over her fingers.
   Her cunt again spasmed, overlaying the almost constant
orgasms she was having, when she felt the swelling and the
increased rigidity of the prick in her right hand, Lisa
realizing that her seatmate was about to cum.
   Lisa slithered her hand down to the base of his huge male
organ, squeezing him hard in her hot fist, then slowly relaxing
her pressure, began to pump his cock with long strokes from the
base to the tip, trying to milk him with increasing pressure as
her fingers felt the ridge of his glans against the circle of
her closed clenched fist. Her movements became a blur as she
stared at his bulging prick, wanting to see the juice squirt.
   She could feel his body writhe as he lunged upwards, driving
his cock harder into her hand, when he groaned. His cock
jumping in her pounding fist, spurted. Not squirt after squirt,
as her husbands cock had done, but one continuous stream of cum
blasting onto the seat in front, an out pouring of liquid
shooting from the bulbous head of his dick.
   She wondered where he stored so much juice as his cock
gushed like a garden hose, arching high, splashing against the
seat and clinging like jelly globules to the hard slick seat
back.  She could feel the pouring of the hot liquid inside the
channel of his prick, swelling the root as his juice hosed out
of the hole, when she sensed the slowing of the hot juicy
stream coming from his huge prick.
   She began a long rolling orgasm, her ass undulating, her
thighs wide open to the black's gaze, as she milked the sperm
from both pricks, feeling it oiling her fingers as she watched
the slippery hot juice bubbling and slowly dripping from the
slitted heads of their softening cocks.
   Her voice, soft, keening a sexual sound, repetitive and
animal like as her lust enveloped her mind, her ice blue eyes
slitted like a cat as her trim body shook with sexual pleasure.
   The black rose, kneeling, his cock level with the top of the
seat, his big black hairy balls hanging from his prick, bulged
out over the seat back, Lisa realizing that he must
have pulled his pants down allowing his black cock more freedom
as he watched her being finger fucked.
   The thick black veins were standing out on the knobby stem
as he slowly stroked his black thick prick, aiming it at the
apex of her hairy wet pussy as he slowly pumped.
   She felt an overwhelming urge to gather the pinkish black
head of his prick in her mouth, she leaned forward to touch his
thick black prick with her tongue. Her white fingers slowly
grasped at his testicles as he continued to pump his cock.
   Unable to help herself, as if mesmerized, her hands reached
for the masturbating cock. The sensuous blonde's fingers
tracing the thickened skin of his balls with her fingertips,
scratching at the rough surface of his hard and hairy
testicles, feeling his hand over hers, holding her to his
jerking prick while he still stared at her hot, wet and open
   She slid her fingers higher along the black shaft,
displacing his hand from his organ, leaning forward, running
her hot pink tongue questing over the leaking end of his knob.
His musky honey was oily on her lips as she slithered and
swirled her flickering wet tongue over the swelled and spongy
   Her lips slightly opened and her head plunged forward, her
full lips gathering his big hard black prick in the emptiness
of her sucking mouth.
   Her hands, free to roam, went around his body to cup his
muscular buttocks, pulling him deeper into her mouth until her
nose was pressed against the wiry hair of his belly and his
cock head slid down into the slickness of her throat.
   As she withdrew her lips, sucking the hard root, twirling
her tongue, she felt him began to lunge his cock back into her
mouth, fucking her face as he came closer to shooting his hot
wet juices. Lisa's fingers touched his balls, feeling as hard
rocks, tightly pulled up against his belly, knowing that his
big cock was just seconds from shooting his cum.
   One last hard suck on the swollen knob was all it took to
bring him off. Lisa released his prick from her mouth and
slumped back down into her seat, her legs splayed wide, wet
hairy pussy presented to him, breasts bare and quivering for
his cum.
   The first spurt splashed onto her bare belly and stuck. The
second, perhaps better aimed, struck her wetly furred opening
full into the pink distended lips of her pussy.
   Her hand darted to grasp his spraying prick, clasping it in
her fingers, opening her mouth, aiming it to her face. His
salty musky sperm shot between her open lips to cling to her
pink tongue like pudding as her hand milked, wishing for
another taste. She rolled her tongue, savoring the hot spermy
liquid as he shot his cum again. This spurt missed her face but
fell to her quivering breasts, clinging, dribbling down the
smooth softness of her chest.
   Her fingers gathered some of the juice from her tits and
wiped the sticky liquid onto the soft hair of her pussy,
feeling the slickness seep into her juicy wet pink opening,
satisfying momentarily the sexual lusty feelings flooding her
feverish brain.
   As Lisa was slathering the sticky slick juice into her
pussy, she noticed that the credits were advancing on the
screen, realizing that the first movie was over, the lights
would be on very quickly.
   The theater lights slowly began to brighten, while Lisa
busily smoothed her skirt down over her legs, buttoned the
front of her dress, covering her sperm covered slick tits
beneath the material of her top, feeling the wetness of the
clinging sperm on her tits sticking to the material at the top
of her dark orange jersey dress, holding the cloth to her
   "Thank God, that it's wash and wear," Lisa thought to
herself, knowing the sperm stains were unmistakable to any
cleaner in the country.
   Lisa leaned forward to the black seated now in front of her.
   "You do have a lovely prick there, and I enjoyed sucking you
off. Thank you for giving me a nice evening."
   Her seatmate smiled, his white teeth flashing from his black
face as he said, "My pleasure, Ma'am."
   Looking over to her right, Lisa found that her companion
with the large prick had departed without even thanking her for
jacking him off. Without any words, Lisa and Bill began to
move from their seats to the exit.
   Lisa noticed several men in the rear rows, and two couples
at the side, all with hard pricks being stroked and a couple at
one side of the theater balcony were engaging in a mutual
masturbation exhibition for the three men seated at each side,
   As they left the balcony and walked through the lobby, Lisa
could feel the black's sperm, glue like, inch down one curved
thigh, until it freed itself from her body leaving a silver
spot on the carpet like saliva spat from someone's lips.
   "Jesus, Bill, what a great night. My mind is blown."
   Her body felt weak and her mind filled again with the sight
and fury at the sensuality she experienced in the theater. Her
pussy still slithery, both from her own juices and the sperm
that shot over the seat row and was rubbed into the soft hairy
   As Bill unlocked the car door for her, Lisa felt that she
wanted to fuck Bill as soon as she got him home, also feeling
that she had to talk to him as soon as possible about what they
had experienced tonight in the theater. She used her power as
they drove home.
   "I really enjoyed watching my wife get turned on tonight.
When she jacked off that guy, I got even hornier than ever
before, and when she sucked off that guy, wrapping her tongue
on his black joint, I almost came again. Boy is she sexy. I
love her so much that I want to fuck her hot snatch all wet
with cum as soon as I get home. I'd like to talk her into doing
this again.
   What a sexy wife I have."

C h a p t e r   5

   "Do you know that it's been exactly one month since we
had our adventure at the Alameda!"
   They sat in the living room watching a taped movie
through their VHS video recorder. Bill had joined a video
club and after buying two adult, triple X rated movies. They
very much enjoyed watching them, and then the video club
allowed them to trade back the movies and check out two new
   They now watched a couple a week, then went to bed and
screwed until they were exhausted.
   "Are you thinking about jacking off pricks again?" Bill
smiled, idly rubbed the silky skin of her thigh just above
the smooth curve of her knee, then moving higher on her
sleek thigh moving towards her moistness.
   "God, yes.", Lisa writhed as his fingers touched her
panty covered pubis, "jacking them off, sucking them, maybe
even fucking a few. I'm ready to go to the Alameda theater
again, any time you are!"
   "You liked that little jacking off adventure, didn't you
baby?  His soft voice murmured seductively, "and you dig
getting your cunt finger fucked while you jack off a big,
hard prick."
   His finger pushed through the silken fabric of her moist
panties at her erect clit pushing from the lips of her cunt
against the silky fabric of her panties. Lisa began to
squirm with delight at the soft fingering of her hot pussy.
   "I think we were both really turned on that night, yes,
I'd like to either do that or some other adventure with you
again," Lisa purred, I liked it when I had two fingers in my
pussy and a prick spurting cum in each hand, not to mention
the guy in front that jacked off his come all over my tits.
Now that was really a turn on for me."
   "What I'd also like to do is watch you either finger fuck
another lady, or eat her, of fuck her, or something like
that.  You know what I mean, have dirty sex with another
woman while I could watch, just like you watched me jack off
those cocks there in the Alameda."
   "Well honey, I'd like that too. If we could figure out
how to get another lady for me, or a guy for you, maybe we
could both watch each other fucking and sucking," Bill's
soft voice submitted his thoughts to his blonde wife.
   "I don't know whether I'd rather have you watch me, or me
watch you."
   "Or, maybe watch each other!"
   "Could be, either would turn us both on even more."
   After a few minutes of silence, Lisa spoke again, "You
know that I do like these screw movies and I like to watch
them with you and then make love, but... our adventure at
the Alameda was more exciting than these movies."
   Bill probed harder at her clit, his finger worming under
the elastic band of her panties, sinking into her wet cunt.
   "Yes, I know. You'd like to see our adventure on video,
wouldn't you Lisa?"
   "Damn right I would. We're just as good, maybe even
better than the turkeys we watch on those tapes. Why don't
we star in our own movies? We could get a camera and take
movies of us at the Alameda, then watch them whenever we
wanted right here at home.
   "She squirmed as his plunging finger sent pleasure
rippling down her belly.
   "Too dark. Can't take movies there, not enough light for
a video camera. Just couldn't get a tape of that black stud
squirting his cum on your belly in that darkness, or when
you kissed his cock for him, for that matter."
   "Well damn it William! That's what I want to do. You're
smart about cameras, figure it out. You can if you put you
mind to work."
   She began to grope his cock as his finger worked on her
clit.  "But right now, let's get to bed. I want that hard
cock in me, right now!"
   His feet digging into the sheets, stroking his pounding
prick into her open cunt, her legs locked around the small
of his back, ass lifting on his down stroke as she felt the
pussy juice run down the crevasse of her shapely ass.
   They screwed, prick slipping wetly into her cunt as she
began the long series of orgasms with a low moan. Gripping
her plunging ass Bill pulled her tight as his cock spurted
into her clasping pussy. Lisa counted the spurts and when
they stopped at five, realized just how much more that he
had been turned on at the Alameda a month ago. Her cunt
milked the cum from his prick, she could feel it writhe over
his softening penis, while she felt her orgasm taper off
then slowly stop.
   "I've got to keep him thinking about how much he wants to
see me get screwed by another guy."
   Lisa's determination to make Bill think of ways to get
her fucked, occupied her mind, when she resolved to work the
power on her husband as much as she could over the next few
   As they drifted into sleep, Lisa felt another orgasm
twitch her body as she again thought of jacking off two
cocks, feeling and tasting the squirting black's cum on her
lips, tits and pussy. She drifted into sleep.
   "Wait until you see it," Bill opened the big box to
reveal a color video camera.
   "I've got a portable VHS unit, and a low light level
video camera. I've also bought a tripod, a remote control
switch, ten cassettes of blank tape, and a auto focus low
light lens for the video camera. You're going to be a star
   The remainder of the evening after dinner was filled with
trying out the camera, the auto focus lens and the portable
recorder. Much giggling from Lisa while the conspirators
planned just where and how they were going to shoot their
"EPIC" movie. How they were going to get some of their
friends into the movies without their friends being aware
that they were being filmed.
   Bill shot about twenty minutes of Lisa undressing slowly,
lying on the bed and masturbating for the camera lens, her
soft red tipped fingernails toying with her pussy while Bill
adjusted and fiddled with the setting on the camera,
occasionally even moving the lights in the bedroom for a
little more brilliance.
   Lisa demanded equal time too, playing at being both a
director and a camera man, with Bill holding a copy of
Playboy magazine and jacking off to the nude center fold
   Lisa zoomed in as he spurted his sperm onto the fold out
page, capturing on tape the squirting silver juice from his
cock.  Play back in slow motion later, the silver jets
arched out to softly splash and cling to the slick magazine
pages as her husband milked every drop of sperm onto the
smiling Bunny.
   In bed later, the camera in the closet, lens fixed on the
bed, the overheated couple fucked for the camera, capturing
the action for later watching.
   The sensual blond used her power on her husband almost
every time they were together, sometimes even sending the
power to him at work. Planting the thoughts of seeing his
lovely blond wife getting screwed and being able to watch it
over and over on the video cassette later.
   She thought maybe she'd used her power too much, when it
seemed that all her husband talked about was watching her
'get the pork poured to her'.
   Lisa decided not to continue using her power. Bill was
already too horny about her getting fucked by someone else.
Slow down and let nature take it's course.
   Watching her make love to another man was beginning to be
an obsession with her husband.
   The next week flew by, as they tried camera angles and
lighting in the bedroom. Another week and they felt that
they had solved the problems, their camera work was good,
the lighting fine, the finished product of their tests with
the units was superior to the tired old copies of the taped
movies they had rented. They were all set to shoot their big
epic movie.
   Much planning went into the selection of the guests, with
three couples invited, for a total of eight for dinner
Saturday night. Polly and Harry from her office. Polly was a
free talking, very pretty lady with long black hair and big
tits which Bill admitted to Lisa, really turned him on.
Harry was the office manager over Lisa and although nothing
had gone on between then, Lisa felt his bold eyes on her
bosom and ass. His quick look at her legs when she crossed
them indicated his willingness to play, if he knew he
wouldn't get in office problems or trouble with Bill over
   Another couple, who lived together, but were not married,
were invited when Lisa noticed the bulge in his swimsuit
while she and Bill were over for a San Jose swim party.
   His name was Bill also, but his nickname was Bull, which
tickled Lisa's fancy. His girl friend, Susan, was a petit
blonde with a wide mouth and an ass that she liked to swing
when she thought some male was looking, which was often.
   Bill said "That she looked like she just got out of bed
and couldn't wait to get back in," and Lisa laughed.
   Bill invited George and told him to bring a friend.
George, a professional football player who had injured his
knee five years ago, was selling insurance now. They did not
know who George would bring to the dinner.
   Saturday evening, just before the guests were to arrive,
Lisa was modeling her outfit for Bill. Gold woven fabric,
slit from the hem to her upper thigh, a wide black leather
belt and a blouse which wrapped over the front.
   When she bent over, her lovely breasts were suspended and
open to well below the nipples.
   No panties, showing Bill how she could flash her beaver
at whoever was directly across from her position by sitting
demurely with her knees tightly clasped, turning slightly
and letting her thighs open, her slitted skirt falling away
from her thighs, her skirt opened, exposing her thighs clear
up to the crotch.
   By moving just another inch or so, Lisa then showed Bill
her pussy.
   "No power tonight, just my sexy body, and my looks to
help me lure my prey."
   Lisa's thoughts were not shared with her husband, "I'll
just let things happen as they happen. If I can't get fucked
all by myself, then something's wrong."
   While the guests arrived, Bill served cocktails, Lisa
admired George's date's dress, giving each of the men in
turn a glimpse of her pretty pink nipples as she served the
napkins for the cocktails.
   Betty was George's date, light black, ass rippling when
she walked. A beautiful lady from England with a charming
accent.  After dinner, the group sat around the living room
with coffee and brandy, Lisa across from George, tantalizing
him with flashes of her long slim legs, the slitted dress
parting.  George's glances delved into the darkness of her
thighs. Harry at her right, being treated to glimpses of her
full breasts.  Each time Harry spoke to her Lisa leaned
slightly toward him, her breasts nudging the wrapped opening
on her blouse, parting the soft material, exposing her
   Between showing George her thighs and Harry her breasts,
Lisa was getting aroused. She could visualize the size of
Harry's prick by the swelling bulge in Harry's lap as she
watched him dart glances into the dark cleavage of her full
breasts. She enjoyed feeling the power to turn Harry on,
feeling the moisture beginning to gather on the lips of her
naked pussy.  The sensuous blonde housewife decided that she
really liked being looked at and admired sexually, and
besides looking at male buns, really liked looking at the
swelling male lap, wondering about the size and shape of the
masculine organ in hiding!
   The after dinner party slowly broke into couples, Bill
and Susan, Lisa and George, with Bull talking to Polly.
   Heading for the bar to get another brandy, Lisa took
George's hand and pulled him to the bar.
   "Would you help a girl George. I need someone to open a
new bottle of brandy, and you look like you'd be good at
uncorking and unscrewing."
   "I don't know too much about unscrewing, but I'd be glad
to help," George leered.
   "I never heard of anyone getting unscrewed."
   "I'll bet you don't know anything about unscrewing," Lisa
laughed, "what do you know about?"
  "I know about football, I know about insurance, and I do
know you're not wearing any panties. I know that you've been
showing me your pretty pussy all night, and I know that
you're the most desirable lady here tonight. I also know
that if you weren't married, I'd sure give you a run."
   George touched her hip, his big black hand lightly
caressing her flared hip through the gold fabric.
   Filling and warming the brandy, Lisa smiled at him,
touching his hand with hers, scratching at the back of his
big black hand with her fingernails while she moved closer
to the big football star, lightly pressing the tips of her
breasts into his thick arm.
   "Not only am I not wearing any panties, just so you could
see my pussy, but I'm not wearing any brassiere either. I'm
totally nude underneath this thin material. And all of it is
just for you, George."

C h a p t e r  6

   The light grazing of nipples against the heavy muscled
arm, popped Lisa's inverted left nipple and she felt the
delightful squirm of her pussy experiencing the tremor of an
   Lisa placed her ice blue eyes on George's face.
   "I'm married George, not dead! Bill and I get along fine,
but I do what I do, and Bill does what he does. We don't own
each other."
   "As a matter of fact, I think we're just leasing, that's
why I'm not wearing a brassiere either," Lisa leaned
forward, hunching her shoulders slightly, allowing George
free vision of her succulent pink nippled breasts.
   "Like to see more of these?" Lisa purred, moving her
shoulders so her full succulent breasts quivered and shook
with ripples.  "I'm interested, what do we do about it?" The
husky black growled.
   "You've got me anytime you want me. Just whistle."
   George pursed his lips, a slow long whistle emitted from
his mouth.
   "Bill", she called out, "George and I are going to talk
about that insurance policy on the house. Do you want to
come along and talk about it now?"
   Bill, deep in conversation with Susan waved her a
negative gesture.
  "You two look, I'm busy here," his eyes devouring Susan.
   Susan's infectious laughter brought giggles from the
ladies and a chuckle from Bull.
   Bill knew where Lisa and George were going. Their planned
evening was working out well. He knew that Lisa would put on
an excellent show for the tape recorder and camera that they
could watch later that night, or any other night they might
choose to watch the action.
   Lisa led George down the hallway to the master bedroom,
where the camera was hidden in the closet. The camera lens
peeked out between the clothing hung in the closet. Focused
on the bed and the mirror on the wall, to give the over
sexed husband and wife two views of her adventures with big
   George's hands slid up under her skirt, Lisa pulling away
from his hands.
   "Not so fast, my friend. Just sit down here on the bed
while I close and lock the door," Lisa slipped the lock.
   "Now, my friend I've been showing you what I've got, now
it's time to let me see what you've got. You sit down and
let little Lisa do it all for you."
   Positioning the husky black male where the camera was
focused, she sat on the edge of the bed, her heel sliding to
touch the floor switch that turned on the video camera and
recorder. Lisa reached her fingers to his zipper and drew it
down, the teeth making a soft buzzing sound as she pulled it
down from his belt buckle to his crotch.
   Her hand sought the opening, delving into the warmth of
his groin searching for the male bar at the opening of his
jockey shorts.
   Success! Her fingers touched the soft bar and drew it
from it's hiding place. Drooping like a ripe banana, his
thick skinned male organ emerged. Soft, it hung down from
his open fly, as she pulled harder unwinding his cock from
it's stowed hiding place, drawing it out to it's full
length. It hung, semi soft, semi hard, black shafted with a
pinkish black, mushroom shaped knobby head half hidden with
   "That feel good, honey?" She asked as she stroked his
heavy foreskin lightly back and forth over the bulbous knob
of his male black cock. She knelt between his outstretched
knees and leaned forward into his crotch.
   "Better and better," was his husky low voiced answer. His
cock began to thicken as her hands fondled lovingly,
touching the silken skin lightly with her fingertips,
tracing the heavy black veins that stood from the
circumference of his mighty rod.
   She began milking his black prick from root to tip,
squeezing on the pulling stroke, lightly pushing the skin
back toward his balls on the return caress, until she was
rewarded be a clear drop of honey oozing from the deep set
hole in the glans of his pecker, which welled out, a crystal
jewel of liquid sparkling against the pink blackness of his
   "I really like it when a prick starts leaking!" Lisa
murmured with a lascivious lick of her red lips. "I get
turned on something fierce when I get to swallow even just a
little bit of cum!"
   She traced the heavy swollen veins standing out from the
basalt blackness of the stem of his cock with one hand while
the other opened the tie at the side of her blouse, pulling
it open to bare her succulent breasts to him.
   His black hand covered one, squeezing and touching the
soft flesh, finger rubbing the erect nipple, coaxing it
   Her quick hand now pumped his prick with increasing
pressure squeezing and pulling. Juice welling from the deep
hole in the tip, began to pearl and then to run down over
the knobby head. Bending slightly forward, her pink tongue
dipped into the juice of his honey, licking it from the
smooth skin. Her palate, rewarded, savored the sticky liquid
that spread to coat her tongue and the inner surface of her
   Pumping more, the juices began to run from his glans,
while she caught another droplet then touched the opening of
his black prick to the pink nipple of her breast.
   The nipple sparkled as she coated it with the honey
welling from his cock. She ran her tight fingers to the base
of his cock milking it toward the tip, squeezing the clear
honey out to hang on his glans in a thick pearl.
   She bent, squeezing more until the quivering droplet
hung, then left the dark knob to descend slowly to her pink
erect nipple.
   The juice dripped to the tip of her nipple then clung,
slowly transferred from his cock to the tip of her breast,
quivering as she watched it, then dripped from her pointed
tit in one long spider web.
   She caught the web thin hanging droplet on her finger,
transferring it to her mouth, savoring the coating on the
membrane of her pink tongue. She was having flashbacks of
the Alameda theater now, visualizing in fantasy the other
black prick squirting on her cunt and belly and the taste of
the black cum in her mouth. She pulled his long cock harder,
jacking him off, her hand flew on the thick black root
clutched between her grasping palm.
   "George, I've always had this fantasy, of sucking off a
big black prick and swallowing the juicy cum. I'm going to
suck all the juice from your prick, and then let it slide
slowly down my throat."
   The blonde wife bent forward, touched her pointed pink
tongue to the honey welling from the slitted hole in his
black prick, laving the head with her flickering tongue.
   Lisa rolled his heavy foreskin out from his groin,
gathering it around the head of his prick in her mouth,
forcing her flickering tongue between the heavy folds of
soft skin and the swollen head.
   She delighted in the different taste, the musky savor of
skin between his black soft foreskin and the salty taste of
the honey welling from the head of his cock.
   "That's it honey. Suck me. Suck up my juicy cock. Take it
all and suck the cum right out of my balls."
   His hoarse voice implored her to more suction, his black
hands and black fingers busy milking and squeezing her full
breast and coaching her nipples to stand up hard.
   "Ummm," her muffled answer came from deep in her throat,
around the prick in her well stuffed mouth.
   Lisa pulled back. George's black hard prick, free from
her sucking mouth, stood pounding from his groin.
   "I like the taste of your cock, George. Will you let me
suck it off, and cum in my mouth? I'd like to feel your
sperm all over the inside of my mouth and tongue, and then
swallow it all. That's been my fantasy, and now will you
help me fulfill it?"
   His big black hands cupped her head tenderly, drawing her
face back down over the thick black stalk welling milky
juices onto a thick glob of silver honey at the tip of his
   Her sensitive tongue feeling the surges in his cock head
as the throbbing increased to a steady beat. Sliding her
mouth farther engulfing more and more of his prick, feeling
the bulbous head go deeper and deeper until her nose rested
against his belly, cushioned by the wiry black hair in his
groin, the zipper teeth scraping her nostrils.
   She swallowed, her throat gulping, massaging his glans
with her throat then tight lipped she pulled back, milking
his cock with her mouth, savoring the musky juice coating
her oral cavity. Twice more her mouth forced the length of
his black prick, deep throating him, when he started to
shudder, his body tensing.
   Once more her lips traveled from tip to root, then
holding his surging prick with the hand farthest from the
camera lens, she pulled her lips free and open mouthed,
aimed his prick to the opening, a distance of about five or
six inches.
   She jacked and pumped the black rod, turned on by the
thought of the camera catching the juice from his balls
entering her lips, thinking of the juice spraying out from
the tip of his cock into her ready waiting and eager mouth.
   The first ropy squirt spanned the space to splash into
her mouth, a glob of silver musky juice, thick as tapioca
pudding, and she leaned slightly closer to catch the second
spurted offering, trapping it with her open mouth.
   As the squirting black prick spurted less sperm, she
followed with her mouth, closer now to the spitting
squirting end of his cock, until she had captured the last
of the sticky sperm in her open mouth.
   Slowly her lips slid over the pink black knob and sucking
she pulled all of his still pulsing prick into her mouth,
feeling it soften. Lisa's fingers tightened at the base of
his prick, squeezing the thick shaft upwards, her fingers on
top of his rod, thumb underneath as she slowly squeezed the
sticky hot cum from his prick, watching the pearly sperm
form on the clefted black glans.
   Her head slowly bent over his cock, as she began to lick
at the sperm with the tip of her tongue, swirling her
pointed pink tongue into the hole. Licking up all of his
sticky silver juice from the tip of his knob, down to his
balls, cleaning off all of the escaped wetness, then pulled
his cock back into her mouth.
   Gently sucking at the lump of flesh, savoring the juices
and the feel of the softening satin smooth skin. Lisa
suckled at his sperm, catching and holding the glob of hot
sperm, then turning her head slightly to face the hidden VCR
camera, the avidly prick sucking blonde allowed droplets of
his juice to escape from the corners of her mouth, for the
   Pulling his cock back, George began to draw it from her
lips, while she sucked it like a large, fat piece of
spaghetti, until it fell from her lips with an audible pop.
   "Now it's my turn. My turn to suck you off, Lisa."
   The husky black male leaned forward, holding Lisa's
shoulders with his big hands as he pulled he forward and up
onto the bed.
   "George, I'd rather not, we've been in here so long that
someone will wonder what happened to us, and besides, when I
get a tongue in my pussy, I like to keep it there one long
   "To hell with the others," George growled.
   "Well, at least think of my husband out there," Lisa
smiled demurely, eyes cast down, trying to look as virginal
as possible.
   "I do have a marriage and a reputation to protect, but
I'd sure take a rain check for some time later, maybe even
later tonight, if this party ever gets livened up like I
think that it will, especially if you help it along by
sexing it up out there with the other girls."
   "You mean you want me to help you turn this party into an
   "Now that would be fun, wouldn't it George. How would you
like to fuck one of the girls out there? And which one would
you like to fuck, besides me?"
   "Well," his brow furrowed with thought, "I've already
fucked Betty plenty of times, and you would be my next
choice, but I'd like to fuck that little blonde sexy bitch
Susan, too."
   "Then why don't you help me out and let's get sexy out
there with the others until we get a full blown swinging
orgy started."
   "I'll do it, let's go get the fucking started."
   "Slow down now," Lisa's voice calmed down the big ex
football player, "we've got to play this cool, letting the
others warm up a little slow if we want to get a real
swinging orgy started. We might get them all a little drunk,
and relax any inhibitions they may have. Then when they are
all relaxed and happy, then bang, we fuck all of them!"
   George broke into laughter at her light hearted planning,
not really sure if she was kidding him, or really planning a
full blown orgy for the group tonight.
   "Are you serious, Lisa?"
   "You bet your ass I'm serious, do you want to help out,
and then fuck Susan, or not?"
   "Sure, I'll help. What do you want me to do?"
   "Here is what we'll do, as soon as we get around to it,
later this evening, we'll ...

C h a p t e r   7

   Honey, that's the best I've ever had. "You are the
greatest," as our friend Ali say's, and I'll follow your
lead to see if we can get your party to go into a full blown
   He pulled her to her feet and planted a wet kiss on her
cum coated lips, his tongue probing and flickering where his
black cock had spurted, just moments before.
   Lisa felt for the recorder switch with her heel, as he
kissed her, turning off the recorder and camera, leading
George back to the living room.
   Acting very casual, George and Lisa obtained new drinks
and over George's shoulder, she nodded at her husband and
smiled, signifying that she's been filled with a male cock,
while that action between herself and her black lover was
recorded on video tape.
   Bill's eyebrows came back down from his unspoken question
as his index finger and thumb made a circle to signify
completion of phase one, of their plans.
   Lisa began phase two, by engaging Bull and Polly in
animated conversation, joined by George, Lisa began to warm
up Bull by almost thrusting her breasts out of her blouse.
   Each time her eyes looked at Bull's, his eyes were deep
into the cleavage, lusting after the full swelling of her
tits.  She let him know that she knew his eyes were on her
tits, writhing a little to set them quivering, and that she
liked to have her tits looked over.
   Bull took a deep breath, still staring down the vee in
her blouse.
   "Where's your bathroom, Lisa?"
   "All the way at the end of the hall. Use the bath in the
master bedroom. Come on with me, since I've got to pee too,
I'll use the front bathroom," Lisa grinned at him, holding
out her hand for his hand to lead him.
   They parted at the front bathroom door. Lisa letting go
of Bull's hand as she started through the door.
   "I hope everything comes out all right," Bull's humorous
voice grinned at her.
   "Oh, I'm certain it will," Lisa grinned back.
   Lisa closed the door behind her, paused a few seconds to
allow Bull to proceed to the bathroom in the master bedroom,
then opening it to tip toe into the master bedroom. Closing
and locking the master bedroom door very quietly, and with
caution that the turning of the lock made no sounds.
   Making no noise, she walked on tip toes to the door of
the bathroom, leaning her ear to the door, listening to the
noise of Bull in the toilet, the water sounds of piss
splashing into the water of the bowl issued from the closed
door, followed by the sound of the flushing toilet.
   Moving quickly, Lisa drew away from the door and to the
bed, seating herself on the edge of the bed again, recorder
turned on, Lisa opened the slit in her skirt and began to
rub the clefted opening of her overheated cunt.
   When Bull exited the bathroom, his hands busy fastening
the zipper on his fly, his eyes fell on Lisa sitting posed
for him, on the bed. Her skirt open, her busy finger sunk
into the top of her pussy, as her wide ice blue eyes stared
into his. Her fingers stopped moving while she sat frozen
for a few seconds looking full into his eyes, her finger
again began sliding over the wet and swollen lips of her
cunt.  Parting the lips gently with her finger, Lisa moved
the tip over the erect bud of her clit. Slowly slipping into
the swelled lips of her pink pussy her finger glinted with
sticky honey.
   Bull's deep voice almost cracked as he spoke.
   "Jesus, Lisa. Couldn't you wait until the party was over
before you started finger fucking yourself?"
   "Not really Bull," her sultry voice slow. "I just got
turned on thinking about you and decided to put my fingers
in my pussy for a little while."
   "Wouldn't you rather have something else in there, Lisa?"
   "Yes I'd really like something else in here. Have you got
anything in mind that I could fill this with? I do like to
have my pussy filled any time I can."
   "Oh, I have something to fill it with all right, I have
fingers, a tongue or a big cock! Which one would you like,
or maybe all three."
   Lisa cocked her head to the side, a parody of thought, as
if considering his offer.
   "Well, let's see now. I do like to have a finger in my
pussy, and I certainly do like to have a tongue in there
too, but if it's a really big cock, then I think that I'd
really rather have it in me. Have you really got a big cock
Bull? I do know that when we all met at that swimming pool
party in San Jose, I couldn't take my eyes off the front of
your trunks."
   The sudden jump of his prick was outlined by his tight
brown trousers, the fabric stretching with the quick
engorgement of blood to his cock.
   Bull grinned down at the beautiful and sensuous blonde
   "Big, and long and hard besides. Just look here at what
you do to me when you play with your pussy, like you're
doing now."
    Lisa looked where Bull was pointing. His finger
indicated the bulge in the front of his trousers, the bulky
outline of his male sex swelling the fabric of his slacks,
turgid and filled with lust.
   "I only believe what I see, and so far all I see is
clothing, I don't see any big cock yet. You might have a
potato stuffed in there for all I can tell from here."
   "Watch closely, and I'll let you be the judge, and the
jury too, if you want, as to whether it's a potato, or more
cock than you can handle."
   "I really don't think that there is such a thing as more
cock than I can handle, and I want it. I really want. Right
now, I want to see it." Lisa purred, her fingers still
probing the softness of her cunt. The oily wetness from her
lubricating juices coating the red nail polish at the tips
of her fingers.
   Her eyes dropping to stare at his groin as he drew his
zipper from the top catch to the bottom of his fly.
   Lisa's eyes widened as his prick came out, and came out,
and came out. George's cock looked like a banana, but Bull's
prick looked like the handle of a tennis racket. So long
that it drooped under it's own weight. His cock stood out
from his belly straining to hold itself erect. Lisa's pussy
spasmed just looking at the awesome handle on the man.
   "Gawd! Now I know why they call you Bull. The name fits
your cock. You're built like a god damn bull!"
   He stepped forward, his cock bobbling, until it was level
with Lisa's eyes.
   "Try it, you'll like it."
   "If I lick it, will I like it better?"
   "I don't know if you'll like it better, but I'll like it
better if you'll lick it!"
   Lisa giggled up at Bull, still staring at his lusty
prick.  Her hands grasped and held his huge prick, fondling
the heavy weight of meat. Stroking and pumping, she felt it
expanding under her caresses until the glans, swollen and
seeping with moisture, gleamed with engorged blood.
   His foreskin, lay in thick and heavy folds surrounding
the neck of his prick. Lisa's soft fingers moved the heavy
folds of wrinkled skin up to almost cover the glans, them
back slowly over the neck of his cock until the head was
uncovered and throbbing in her hands. Each time she covered
and uncovered his lusty cock with his foreskin, a small
seepage of honey emitted from the slitted opening.
   For all the length of his cock, the glans head was small
and almost flat, tapered at the bottom but straight at the
   Rounded and spongy to her touch, responsive to the
suggestive caresses her tender fingertips traced over the
smooth slick surface.
   It was much larger than her husband's root, or even
George's prick. Lisa thought and compared the other four
cocks she'd had. This one beat them all in length, maybe
even a little in thickness. The hole in the head was a long
slit instead of the dimple she was familiar with, seeping
honey that oiled the slippery glans beneath the foreskin as
she pumped on it.
   Softly running her hands over the massive organ, Lisa
weighed and marveled at the weight, hefted the hairy
testicles hanging with bunched wrinkled skin below the
hardened shaft, slowly moving her fingers from testicles to
glans, tracing the blue veins swelling and pulsing under the
   Again, moving from root to tip, the sensuous blonde wife
squeezed harder at his shaft, milking it and bringing a soft
groan from Bull's lips.
   Her milking motion brought a pearl of honey lubrication
juice welling up on the long slitted opening. Each time the
sensuous blonde housewife pumped the heavy foreskin on his
prick, another small pearl of honey emerged to perch on the
slitted opening.
   Lisa's pink tongue, slipped from between her red lips,
pointed at the slit as she brought her face closer and
closer to his cock.
   "That's it baby, go ahead and suck it all," Bull's macho
voice intoned at her.
   "That's me, just call me Suzi Spermbreath, because I love
to suck cocks!" Lisa giggled.
   Her tongue darted into the slippery slit at the head of
his cock, into the gooey liquid pooling there, to retract
back into her hot mouth with the viscous liquid clinging to
her tongue.
   Savoring the sticky wetness clinging to her tongue, the
sensuous blonde wife scraped her teeth over the head of his
purple headed spongy prick, letting him feel the edges of
her sharp white teeth on his organ, bringing another groan
from his lips as his hips moved slightly trying to slide
more of his cock into Lisa's questing mouth.
   "Suck it harder, let me feel your teeth again, and I'll
coat your tonsils."
   Lisa pulled back, looking up at Bull standing by the bed.
   "I don't want you to come in my mouth, silly, I want you
to come inside my pussy. Some other time I'd love to suck
you off, but right now I'd rather just fuck you."
   "Just one more quick suck, and then I'll fuck your brains
out," Bull's voice turned even more macho.
   Lisa moved her mouth quickly over the swollen head of his
cock, her flickering tongue covering the head, laving the
smoothness of his pounding cock with her tongue, applying
even more suction to the slitted opening, pulling the
slippery juice out of his prick into her mouth.
   With one more deep penetration, Lisa moved her head
slowly, allowing his cock to slip from her questing lips
until slick with the excess saliva from her mouth coated his
glans and half of the shaft of his oversized organ.
   "You're going to have to take it easy when you put that
thing inside my pussy Bull. That's some awesome piece of
machinery you have, and it's a lot bigger than the finger I
have in my cunt now. Stand back just a minute while I get
ready for you. She paused and looked at him again.
   "Would you mind fucking me dog fashion? I'd really like
that, and we wouldn't have to get undressed for it."
   Bull's head nodded.
   "Any way you like it, sweet lady. It'll be my pleasure to
fuck you any way you want, just as long as I get to fuck
   Lisa moved up off the bed, twirled and flinging her skirt
up over her waist, bent over the edge of the bed, watching
in the mirror to get just the correct computed angle for the
camera, and presented her bare ass and curly tufted cunt to
him.  Holding to the edge of the bed with her arms, bent
over at the waist, her cunt was at the same level as his
huge cock.  Peering into the mirror at the reflection of the
camera lens in the closet, Lisa pivoted slightly, hoping to
get the best camera angle, knowing the camera was going to
get the rear view of his ass and her cunt.
   "Can you drop your pants, dear, I want to feel your balls
on my ass, and I can't do that if your pants are on."
   Bull's trousers sunk down his legs to the floor.
   His meaty organ hanging down at a forty five degree
angle, the head lower than the lowest part of his hairy
testicles, bloated, as his hand grasped his thick foreskin,
jacking off his cock to keep it hard. Filling rapidly,
stiffening until the bluish veins stood out and the glans
turned dark purple.  Holding and caressing her curved
buttocks, Bull moved a step closer until his cock touched
her curved, clefted ass.
   He centered his cock head, slippery with honey and Lisa's
saliva to the slitted opening she presented. The sensual
feeling of exposing herself to the men in the other room,
the blow job she'd given to Harry's black cock, and now the
sight and licking of Bull's male organ had lubricated her
loins until the juice welled from the tight swollen lips
coating even the soft blonde curly pussy hair.
   Bull stepped close behind Lisa, his prick nudging at the
curved flanks, dipping lower until it centered at the hairy
opening she presented with her ass waving slightly.
   Bull leaned his weight against the hot blonde housewife,
the head of his prick slid into her opening like butter,
smoothly sliding inside her belly, the narrow head of his
prick an arrow for his root to follow.
   He gently pressed his length into her wet cunt as she
moaned her pleasure, wriggling her ass the help him insert
the entire log deep in her cunt. It slithered into her womb,
a serpent of lusty dimensions. She put one hand between her
legs, groping for his balls, delighted to feel how much of
his organ she had captured on the first stroke. Sucking
George's prick had made her wet enough with lubricating
juices that Bull's tennis handle cock slipped into her womb
without pausing or forcing.

C h a p t e r  8

    Bull began to long cock her cunt. His prick withdrawing
until only the head was nestled between the outer lips of her
pussy, then in one long smooth stroke, he slid it back inside.
   Her busy fingers caressing his testicles, rolling them
gently, marveling at the softness of his skin, feeling the
stones beneath the smooth outer covering, exploring the root of
his cock and discovering almost three inches still left outside
her lusty loins.
   She began to buck her ass, arching her back lower,
presenting a more direct line into her belly for his prick to
follow, delighted to feel another inch sink into her streaming
cunt, leaving only a couple of inches or less still outside her
hot pussy.
   She bucked back harder feeling another inch as his glans
banged into her cunt both deeper and harder, starting a wave of
orgasms to ripple her soft belly, and juice to run from her
filled cunt and drip onto his balls. She wanted to be able to
take him all, every inch of his meat into her pussy, crying out
to him.
   "Just ram it all up my pussy. I need it all, right now!"
   She bucked her ass harder to suck more of his cock in her
belly. He withdrew his prick again until his cock just parted
the full wet lips of her cunt, bringing a drool of her wet
lubricating juice with it, then slammed the vibrant length to
the hilt in her pussy, his balls swinging high to bang hard
against her crotch.
   His violent move slammed the head of his prick against her
cervix, causing both pain and extreme pleasure at the same
time. Each time he slammed home, the pain lessened and the
pleasure grew, when her body started the familiar waves of
orgasms. One long, continuous orgasm, rippled her belly, the
clenching of her tight cunt like a fist gripping his prick,
squeezing and milking. He gripped her hips tightly with both
hands, holding her writhing bucking ass as his cock slithered
back into her hairy opening.
   His lunges against her backside slapped his belly against
the full curves of her rounded ass, setting off ripples in the
flesh that spread almost to the small of her back. Like a stone
thrown into a pond, the ripples returned only to be started
again with each of his thrusts.
   His hairy testicles banged against the top of her pussy with
each lunge, caressing the smoothness of her thighs then with a
gentle slap, tapping her swollen clit.
   Her fingers toyed with his testicles, gently brushing as
they moved freely in between her spread legs, as she felt them
tighten. They pulled up higher to the base of his cock with
each thrust. Lisa's panting grew more animated and her quick
frenzied movements grew faster as she felt his hard balls swell
in her fingers. She moved her hand to her nipple, caressing the
hardened nub, tweaking and fondling as his cock thudded into
her slippery slit.
   Lisa heard Bull snort, his heavy breathing almost stopped
as he withdrew his cock until the glans was just outside the
tight ring, then his cock thundered full length into her soft
belly, holding stationary as she felt him cum.
   His hose, tightly pressed to her cervix, pulsed and spat his
male sperm, squirting his sticky juice into her belly, against
the deepest part of her pussy. The gushing juice, stoppered by
his cock, filled her cunt, expanding spurt after spurt, into
her soft pink vagina.
   The hot wetness spurting deep within her, caused Lisa
extreme pleasure, pressing her curved buttocks tightly against
his belly, sinking his spurting cock even deeper so that she
could feel the pulsations as the spermy liquid leaped from the
slitted opening, into her slippery cunt.
   Lisa moaned, feeling the hot gushing creamy juice fill her
cavity, marveling at the warmth of his ejection and the
sensitive pressure he was putting so deeply inside her writhing
   The feel of his fire hose shooting intensified her orgasm,
wildly she bucked her hunching ass as she slipped her finger
over the erect nub of her clit, rubbing it to heighten the
   Sated, and softening, Bull could still feel the rhythmic
pulsations of her soft curly haired pussy milking his cock as
he slowly withdrew and let his prick release from her cunt.
Sperm still dribbled from the tip as it shrunk and tightened
toward his belly.
   He wiped the juices from his cock with his hand, squeezing
it, root to tip, transferring the juices to her upraised ass,
massaging the wetness into her skin as her bucking stopped, her
motor dying, lust temporarily sated.
   She squatted on the toilet and pee'd while Bull wiped his
cock on a towel from the rack. Drying her wet slippery pussy on
the toilet paper, she watched Bull drying his prick on the
towel, amazed still at the awesome length left, even though
he'd climaxed only moments before, deep inside her writhing
belly.  "Bring that thing back over here," Lisa demanded from
her throne on the toilet seat.
   Bull moved to stand in front of the sitting lady, his cock
still not dangling down, but instead hanging over his balls in
a curve.
   Her hand tenderly touched his meaty organ again, her tongue
darting out to capture a stray drop of juice that welled
suddenly as she squeezed his cock fondly.
   "Enough, we must get back before my husband misses us, or
your girl friend misses you," Lisa jumped from the toilet, her
skirt falling to cover the shape of her legs as she stood.
   She held and kissed Bull, her arms clasped around his neck
to nuzzle tenderly at his neck, then pulling away, led him to
the bedroom door.
   She straightened her skirt and blouse and unlocked the door
to leave.
   She was startled to come face to face with Susan, standing
just outside the bedroom door.
   "Oh shit!", thought Lisa, "now the trouble starts."
   Susan's tiny body sparkled with anger as she hissed at Bull.
   "And just what do you think you're doing in there with the
door locked Bull?"
   Bull just raised his eyebrows, starting a lame tale to
explain, his voice falling silent as he realized there really
wasn't anything he could say. He pushed by Susan to return to
the front room. Susan pushed past Lisa into the bedroom and
closed the door behind them.
   "Don't say anything, Lisa," Susan's voice was tight with
  "I know he fucked you, I can tell by his sappy look just
after he gets screwed, so, I want you to know that more than
two can play at that game. I don't expect him to be an angel,
but, God damn it, not while I'm in the other room wondering
what he's doing for twenty minutes and where the hell are you
at the same time!"
   Her voice shook as she grabbed Lisa's arm.
   "I know you've got a pussy full of his cream and I don't
like it one bit. I saw you tonight showing your cunt and tits
to all the men, getting them all worked up, and now you'd
better listen to me ....."
   Lisa's resolve not to use her power departed at the anger in
Susan's voice. Lisa's echo chamber started the compulsion in
the petit blond's mind.
   "She got fucked and I didn't. She fucked my lover, and
probably George too. The only way to get even is to fuck her
husband. He's so sexy, that I'd love to have his cock between
my legs. There's not anything much she can say. Turn about is
fair play. She fucks my lover and I fuck her lover. I need to
get fucked, I really need to get fucked right now. My pussy's
so hot now and it's getting wetter as I think about getting
Bill's prick up my hot wet pussy. I need to get fucked right
now, I can't wait, I can't wait at all. I like Lisa, and I'd
like to be good friends with her, but I've got to get fucked by
her husband."
   Susan's voice was still tinged with anger, but her body
compulsions made her lower her voice as she acted out the
suggestive compulsion planted by Lisa's power.
  "I don't intend to go home to a fucked out cock and be pissed
off at Bull for weeks about this. I'm sure you fucked George
tonight, so what I'm telling you is this, I'm going to fuck
your husband to get even, so I don't carry this load of
resentment with me out of here. I'm going to get my pussy
filled with your husband's cream until I drip when I walk, and
then you and I are going to kiss and make up with no hard
feelings again, ever."
   "Now, I don't care how you do it, but I want Bill back here
behind a locked door with me, so I can fuck his brains silly,
and if you give me any more trouble in my soul, I'm going to
march out there and announce that you've fucked half of the men
here after dinner and just see what happens then."
   Lisa's voice was low as she spoke to Susan.
  "I'm sorry Susan. I just got horny and I didn't think. I
never meant to hurt you, or Bull either. You are right, and I
was wrong. Let me have a few minutes to talk to Bill, Gawd
knows how or what I'm going to tell him but he'll be back here
with you in a few minutes. Come out with me to the living room
now, and you'll have Bill in a little while"
   They walked back into the living room arm in arm. At Bill's
look, Lisa made head gesture to the kitchen and left. Bill
followed her in a few seconds.
   "Something go wrong, or did he see the camera? What's
happening Lisa, you look all shook up"
   "Nothings wrong with your camera, but I just got caught
fucking Bull and Susan's pissed off. She says she wants a belly
full of your cream and she wants it now, and that's the only
way she's going to forgive me.. So, buster, this was all your
   Lisa spoke with anger and female logic, forgetting how she
had also planned and executed the seductions.
   "You just get back there with that little blond bitch and
fuck her silly so she'll be off my back!" Lisa was close to
crying as she pushed Bill from the kitchen toward the living
   "And one more thing, just you make sure that you fuck her in
front of the camera because I want to watch her get fucked
   A few minutes later she sighed while talking to Harry, as
she saw her husband following Susan down the hall. She also
noticed Susan's ass twitching back and forth, almost announcing
to the world at large that she was about to get fucked, by
another woman's husband.
   "Well shit," thought Lisa, "at least I got a prick in each
end before the shit hit the fan. Maybe, just maybe, things are
going to get better, 'cause they can't get much worse."
   Realizing that there wasn't anything she could do about her
problem except let Bill take care of Susan's needs, she leaned
forward a bit to give Harry a little better view of her tits as
she waited. After all, the evening wasn't over yet by a long
ways, and she might even get laid again if everything went the
way she'd planned.
   She squirmed a bit, setting her full globes to quivering,
and was rewarded by Harry gulping, Adam's apple visibly moving
on his throat as he stared at the pink nipple and shadowed
opening that the sexy blonde housewife what so blatantly
offering his staring eyes.
   "You know, Lisa, I'd not want to offend you, but I'd sure
like to make love to you sometime."
   "You know, Harry, I'd not want to offend you either, but why
do you think that I'm showing you my breasts, if I not trying
to seduce you?"
   "I didn't know that you were trying to seduce me, I thought
that maybe you had a case of hot tits and were trying to get
them out into the air to cool them off," Harry chuckled.
   "I do have hot titties, but I also have a case of very hot
pants, too. Why don't we sit here and discuss just what you
might be able to do to temporarily cure a case of very hot
pants, while I show you a little more of my hot boobies."
   "Well, how hot are your pants, since from what I could see
earlier, you weren't troubled by panties at all. Unless my
tired eyes deceive me, you're bare as it's possible to be bare
under that skirt and blouse."
   "That's so you can have a good time looking, Harry. Tell me
what you see, and how you like it. Maybe if you have time, you
might even tell me how you'd like to fuck me," Lisa giggled as
her skirt slipped open again, giggling again as Harry's hand
slithered between the silken smoothness of her full thighs.
   Lisa parted her thighs slightly, looking around the room to
see if they were being observed, and since nobody seemed to be
paying them any attention, the blonde housewife let her thighs
relax even more, creating a slim crevasse for Harry's searching
hand to caress.

C h a p t e r    9

   When the bedroom door clicked shut, Susan turned the lock
in the center of the knob and with a hard, tight voice said
to Bill.
   "Your hot assed wife just got finished fucking my boy
friend in here, and I don't want any conversation from you
at all. I'm still mad as hell, and the only thing that's
going to make up for it, is for you to fuck me, or me to
fuck you. I don't care which, but, I'm going to have one
whole load of your slippery cream in my cunt before we leave
this room!"
   "Now get your clothes off mister. I want your naked body,
and I want it now!"
   Susan skinned her dress high over her head, her body clad
in a brassiere, panties that just covered her tiny full
hips, a garter belt holding up her thigh high stockings.
Bill hadn't seen a woman wear a garter belt except in the
fuck movies, for years, delighted by her tiny figure.
   While he kicked of his shoes and peeled off his socks, he
watched her reach behind her back to get the catch on her
bra, unfastening it to spill her pert titties from the wispy
silk covering. Her breasts were full for her slight figure
and as she pulled her panties from her tiny flared hips the
chestnut brown curly ringlets of her cunt peeked from the
vee between her legs. Shirt, trousers and shorts gone, Bill
stood by the bed, bare, his heel touched the recorder switch
and slipped it on.
   "Do you want to fuck me, or have me fuck you?" Susan
asked, still clad in the garter belt and stockings. I don't
care, just as long as I get fucked."
   She stood, hands in fists on her hips, looking delightful
to Bill's eyes. His cock, dormant, began to fill and raise
from his testicles.
   "Well, how about you fucking me. That seems only fair
under the circumstances," Bill lay on the bed, careful to
make sure he was positioned correctly for the camera lens,
crossing his hands behind his neck, watching her tiny body
as she crawled onto the bed.
   "You know Susan, it's not really all of Lisa's fault that
she wanted to fuck Bull. He's a sexy guy and knowing my
wife, she got turned on and without thinking, just got it on
with your boy friend. Hell, I've wanted to fuck you ever
since I first saw you."
   She grabbed his cock roughly, skinning the foreskin back,
pumping him like she was pounding corn in a bowl.
   Her anger turned Bill on even more than his thoughts
during the evening when he knew Lisa was making some good
fuck scene movies for them both. Her tight body tensed with
effort as her titties quivered with the movement of her hand
jerking off his cock.
   "I wanted to fuck you too, and I am," her voice softer
now, "I'm about as turned on as your wife was. Let's quit
talking about fucking, and start fucking!"
   Moisture began to appear at the head of his cock, wetting
the foreskin and her fingers as she pumped him hard. The
sensation of his hard cock in her hand and the excitement
soon dampened her anger, her stroking became more loving
than hating.
   When he extended his hand and cupped her quivering
titties, she sighed, bold now that his other hand began to
caress her flanks and hips, fondling her ass.
   Now both hands at his groin, Susan stroked more softly,
then swung one silky leg across his body to straddle his
hips, her slippery hot pussy near his cock.
   Harry's hand surreptitiously moved over the silken flesh
of Lisa's upper thigh in the living room, while her husband
was getting ready to slip his hard prick into Susan's
waiting pink cunt in the locked bedroom.
   "Harry, don't put your fingers up too high there,
somebody might see."
   "If you'd get the lights a little lower in here, no one
could see anything," his petulant voice murmured at her.
   "How about just flickering fire light, would that help?"
Lisa grinned at her office manager.
   "That would help fine. Let's get a fire going!"
   "I know where you'd like to get a fire going, but are you
enough fireman to reel out enough hose to put the fire out
later?" Lisa giggled at Harry.
   Harry's hand grabbed Lisa's, pulled it to his lap,
pressing her fingers against his groin.
   The sensuous blond's fingers wiggled, feeling the hot bar
of Harry's sex, swollen and hard.
   "That's feels like enough hose to put out the Chicago
Fire, and have a little left over. Now let's get a fire
started, in the fireplace."
   The two moved to the fireplace, Lisa squirting liquid
fire starter over the kindling at the base of the oak logs,
striking a long match, applying the match to the fireplace.
   Quickly the fire started, the flames sweeping to envelope
the small oak logs, setting off a crackling sound as the
flames turned the kindling to red coals under the logs.
   "Oh goodie, a fire," buxom Polly said to the group as she
left Bull to sit on the carpet in front of the fireplace.
   "What we need is some brandy, and to sit and watch the
fire.  Don't you love to see the flames when the fireplace
is full of hot coals and burning wood?" Lisa asked Polly.
   "I always love a fire, it's so romantic," Polly's sultry
voice announced.
   "I really get turned on sitting in front of a fire,"
George's deep male voice joined in the fireside banter.
   "I'll get the brandy while you all get cozy in the
firelight," Lisa moved to the kitchen, quickly placing a
bottle of brandy and eight glasses on a tray, returning to
the group now huddled in front of the fire.
   George poured brandy into each glass, handing the half
filled glasses to the watchers.
   The two remaining glasses on the tray attracted attention
to Bill and Susan's absence.
   "Where's Bill and Susan, Lisa?" Bull's query startled
   "Oh, they're in the den, Bill's showing Susan his new
home computer, they'll be out soon. Let's drink up all the
brandy so they'll miss out if they don't hurry up."
   The bigger logs in the fireplace were actively burning
now, casting the amber and red flames over the bark surface
of the wood, lighting the room in dancing shadows.
   "Somebody turn off the lights, and we can sit in just the
firelight," Harry moved over to sit by Lisa.
   The lamps in the living room turned off, the group
sprawled on the carpet, Polly lying with her head with her
head on Bull's lap, Betty lying on her stomach facing the
flames kicking her slim legs in the air behind her. Her
curved rump quivering
each time her legs moved.
   "Bull?" Polly looked up at his face as she moved her head
in his lap, "is that your wallet in your front pocket, or
are you just glad to see me?"
   "My wallet's in my back pocket, that's me you're rolling
the back of your head on, and I am glad to see you. I'd be
gladder to see more of you."
   "What's this gladder, is that the past tense of glad?"
Betty laughed, "sometimes I don't understand American
   "What part of Polly are you interested in seeing, Bull?"
Lisa giggled at him.
   Polly squirmed again on Bull's lap, "Yes Bull, what parts
are most interesting?" She moved her shoulders, quivers
running over her full breasts, the voluptuous ebony haired
lady smiled up at Bull.
   "Tell her the truth, Bull!" George's deep voice laughed,
"don't bull shit her."
   "Give me another shot of that brandy, and I'll tell
everyone." Lisa moved to lean over and grab the bottle,
pouring a healthy glass for Bull, quizzing the rest,
   "Anybody else?"
   "Here, if you please," Betty moved her glass out, and was
replenished, along with Harry.
   Polly drew her glass up, raised herself from Bull's lap
and drained her brandy glass, "I'll take another since we
all seem to be intent on getting drunk tonight."
   Lisa poured another glass for her sensuous black haired
friend, then moving to fill the rest of the glasses again.
   "Whoa, lady. Are you trying to get me loaded?" Bull's
voice questioned Lisa.
   "Your already loaded. I can feel the shot gun from here,"
Polly giggled up at him, "and you didn't answer my
question." "What question?"
   "What part of me you'd like to see more of!" Polly
giggled again, the alcohol and the warmth of the fire
suddenly acting on her inhibitions, her full breasts
quivering on her chest as she laughed, "if you can't say it,
you can't see it."
   "Not it, them," Bull laughed.
   "You don't mean that you like to look at Polly's tits, do
you man?" George laughed.
   Certainly I'd like to look at her tits, wouldn't you?"
Bull turned to Harry who was laughing at Polly's direct
   "Sure would, Polly, show Bull your tits," Harry grinned
at her as she first frowned then laughed at the men looking
down at her.
   "I'll show him my tits, if I get to see what I'm laying
on." Polly giggled.
   "My, but you Americans beat around the old bush," Betty's
English accent giggled, "at home in London, if I was at a
party having this much fun, I'd have a finger or two up the
old twat."
   "Well, the evenings not over yet, you still might get
your wish," Lisa giggled back at her English guest.
   In the bedroom, Susan straddled Bill, holding the hard
pulsing warmth of his cock in her hand, while the bantering
group in the living room waited to see Bull's reaction to
Polly's invitation.
   Susan drew the oozing head of his cock up against her
pussy, using the glans to transfer his slippery juice to the
opening of her cunt. The rosy glans of his cock parted the
soft hair covered opening and rubbed against the pink, tight
lips of her vagina, opening the lips more until his glans
was tucked into the cleft of her cunt, raising her ass and
guiding his cock, sliding it deeper into her cunt by raising
and lowering her tight pussy gently until his prick started
the juices flowing from her.
   Worming his cock deeper into her belly, Bill could feel
the tightness of her pussy get wetter with their combined
juices, and his cock inched deeper with each movement of her
ass. He arched his loins, driving his cock the last distance
left to go, feeling the soft hair on her cunt tickling his
   With his cock now fully inside her pussy, Susan began a
rocking motion, rubbing her clit against the hairy mound
above Bill's prick. Her motion was almost automatic, with no
change in rhythm, Bill savoring her tight cunt.
   He gripped her ass with both hands, helping, his arm
motion and hip pulling coincided with her rocking. He kept
his body still, content to let her fuck him, just helping
her establish the rhythm.
   Her blond hair swung with her motions, her body flushed
in the light, turning pink with a thin sheen of moisture as
she started perspiring. Drops of perspiration running,
forming a channel between her quivering tits, down her tight
belly to gather in the hair around her pussy. Drops soon
formed and using the pink nipples of her tits, were flung
out by the exertions of her steady rocking torso.
   "You show me your's first," Bull laughed, "then I'll show
you mine."
   "I'm too tired to reach the buttons, and too drunk to
fiddle with them," Polly giggled.
   "I'll do all the hard work then," Bull announced, his
fingers moving the top of her blouse, opening three buttons
and working on the fourth before Polly realized that his
hands were about to have her boobs out of her blouse.
   "What are you doing?" her voice indignant.
   "He's going to look at your tits, then he's going to show
you his cock!" Betty's English voice broke up in laughter.
   "The hell I am," Polly's voice giggled.
   "The hell you're not," Harry laughed at her, "You can't
renege now after you already laid out the rules, besides, I
want to see your tits, too."
   "Everybody always want to see my tits. Well, hell, look
at them all you want to," Polly moved her hands down from
their protective covering over her chest, "but we all get to
see your cock, too!"
   "That's the spirit, Polly," Lisa leaned over her, "let
'em all hang out."

C h a p t e r  10

   Bill could see Susan's ass clenching in the mirror,
framed by the garter belt, her shivering curved ass cheeks
   Bill's prick pounding even harder, the pulsations
her rocking rhythms.
   He ran his fingers over the cleft of her ass, enjoying
the feel of her full buttocks under his palms, touching the
bud opening of her ass.
   Like she had been goosed with an electric cattle prod,
Susan jumped, her rhythmic rocking halted, as his finger
rubbed gently at the puckered opening. He rubbed his finger
in a circular motion as he felt her body loose it's
rigidity, then her rocking motion picked up again, at a
slightly faster pace, perspiration droplets spraying from
her quivering tits.
   Bill felt the oily liquid swishing from Susan's cunt,
dipping a finger, transferred her cunt juice to her asshole,
rubbing it into the puckering bud.
   His finger dipped again and again into the oily juice of
her cunt, until her asshole was dripping wet with slime from
her pussy, then with one last dip into her cunt, he wet his
finger to the second knuckle, pressing it against her
asshole. His finger wormed inside to the second joint and
Susan went mad.
   Her body rocked with frenzy as she tried to grind her
cunt tighter onto his prick, her cunt hair matting against
his belly, while her ass poked back as she arched her back.
   His wriggling finger up her ass while his cock filled her
cunt started her shivering. He pressed harder, his palm flat
to her bottom, his finger thrust the last inch into her ass
and he rotated his hand, his finger deep in her puckered
   His palm rubbed the smooth round globular cheek of her
ass, his forefinger deep into her asshole, his middle finger
dipping into the channel of her ass, feeling his own prick
slithering up her cunt.
   Her resulting orgasm was so intense that he could not
only feel her cunt writhe around his cock, milking it, but
her asshole also convulsed tightly around his deep sunk
   "Ohhhh.... Ohhh... Ohh," her voiced raised higher and
higher as she gushed juices from her cunt, her orgasm
shaking her tiny trim body.
   Betty giggled, "Well, Bill may have been showing Susan
his computer in the den, but that's the sound of fucking,
and I think Bill's done showing her his computer, and now
he's showing her his prick, don't you know."
   Lisa laughed at Betty, "If he's showing her his prick,
then she's showing him her pussy. Too bad nobody here want's
to see mine, because for two cents, I'd show it."
   Harry's hand drew two bright shining pennies from his
pocket and tossed them on the carpet in front of the
sensuous blonde housewife.
   "Here's two cents."
   "I'll wait for Polly and Bull first, then I'll show you."
   At the peak of Susan's convulsions, Bill's cock began
spurting cum, squelching in her pussy, shooting jet after
jet of thick creamy juice into her belly, triggering another
orgasm from her tense body.
   "OH OOOhhhh...," her voice almost screamed her
satisfaction.  Her body shuddered again, then collapsed over
Bill. Her lips soft against his as she nestled to him as he
caressed her silky back and ass.
   Bull's fingers triggered the last three buttons opening
Polly's blouse to the waist, pulling the ends of the
material from her skirt, pulling the blouse off over the top
of her head, her arms raising to help him rid her of the
   Polly's boobs, rose from her chest in twin peaks, encased
in a beige colored brassiere, truly awesome in size. Bull
lifted her upper torso slightly, fumbling in the back for
the catch, his attempts to open the hidden catch were
obstructed by Polly's giggles and wriggles.
   "I don't know what you're trying to do Bull, but my bra
is fastened in front," she giggled at his thick fingers
trying to find a catch in back.
   "Why didn't you tell me before?" Bull said, disgustedly,
finding the catch at the front of her bra, releasing the
material covering her mounds.
   The catch open, Polly's huge tits sprung free from her
bra, standing proudly from her rib cage, nipples the size of
Bull's thumbs peaking the soft mounds.
   "Hooray," George cried, "them's what I call tits!"
   Bull's fingers slowly moved to caress the softly moving
mounds, this thumbs moving over the crinkled skin of her
nipples, drawing the skin tighter and making each erect
nipple swell and grow harder with each touch, while Polly's
head moved in his lap slowly, pressing her ebony hair
against his over heated groin.
   After a few seconds, Polly spun over on her tummy, her
weight resting on her elbows as her hands darted to his belt
   "My turn now," Polly giggled impishly, "Now I get to see
what's been poking me in the back of my head."
Her fingers flew to his buckle, drawing the leather through
the metal, opening the metal catch at the top of his slacks,
fumbling with the zipper, drawing it down full length.
   Her hand dove into the opening, wriggling inside his
shorts, grasping and pulling at his cock, pulling it free to
stand in his lap.
   "My Gawd," Betty's awed voice exclaimed in her very
British accent, "no wonder they call you Bull. You're hung
like a big Spanish steer. Are you sure you don't have a
little black blood in you, brother?"
   Lisa giggled at Betty's open mouthed stare. Her own hand
busy caressing Harry's male member through the material of
Harry's slacks.
   "George," Betty looked at her date, "if you had a cock
like that, I'd marry you! They don't have anything like that
in London!"
   Betty," George replied, "if you'd show me your English
ass, my cock would get even bigger than that."
   "Oh goody," Lisa giggled, "show and tell time folks. You
tell what part you want to see, and the person has to show."
   "In that case, if I have my choice, I'd like to see
Betty's English ass. It sure looks good, all curved up and
over, with her lying there on the floor," Harry's voice
almost shouted.
   The two lovers in the bedroom, lay entwined, legs
sprawled over the bed, breathing slowing after their sexual
   "I never had anyone do that to me before," Her muffled
voice whispered into his ear, "I got off like a skyrocket. I
didn't know if I liked it or not when you started rubbing me
there, but when you had your finger inside my ass and
wiggled it, I started coming like a buzz saw."
   "At least I'm not mad at anyone anymore. I'm just glad I
got my belly full of your hot cream... and I'm so relaxed
now, not uptight at all. hank you, Bill. I'm going to thank
Lisa too, and tell Bull I'm not mad at him anymore."
   "Hell, I'm not shy, I'm just drunk and horny," Betty
giggled, "anybody want's to see my English ass can see my
English ass anytime they ask!"
   Her sleek body rose to a sitting position on the carpet,
her hands to the hem of her dress, skinning it up and off
her body to toss it to the side. The black beauty wasn't
wearing a bra, and only her wispy panties covered her highly
arched ass.
   "But I don't take my own panties off at a party, I always
let somebody else do it for me. Harry, will you do me the
honors, since you're the gentleman that want's to see my
   Harry's large hands grasped Betty's filmy under pants,
pulling them over the richly curved mounds of the cheeks of
her ass, and down her slim legs, to toss them by her
discarded dress.
   Betty lay face down again, the strong muscles in the ass
writhing under the skin in the light from the fireplace.
   "After that, I don't see why any of us are wearing
clothes, let's get this party going!" George grinned at the
others, his fingers busy stripping his clothes from his
body, to lay naked next to Betty, face down on the carpet.
   Lisa followed, her blouse and skirt tossed on the
discarded clothing pile, while Harry and Bull followed her
   The three couples sprawled out on the soft carpet, naked,
drinking brandy and moving their hands lovingly over each
other's bodies. Soft sounds of contentment and an occasional
gasp as one of the group touched a particularly sexual part
of another's body.
   Bill patted Susan's fanny tenderly as she swung her leg
over his body to dismount. Her matted pussy, pink lipped an
open, swished and juicy cum dripped on his belly. She cupped
a hand under her pussy and went to the bathroom to freshen
herself. When she returned, Bill was just finishing with his
shoes, and he sat watching her dress.
   I'm going to leak all night from the load you put in my
belly, Bill."
   He grinned, his hands cupping her ass as he pulled her to
him for a kiss.
   "My pleasure, Susan, shall we join the others?"
   Bill and Susan, hand in hand returned to the living room
to find the other three couples sprawled naked in front of
the fire, drinking brandy.
   "Its about time you two came out of the bedroom!" Lisa
giggled, you were about to miss all the fun. Your brandy is
right there on the tray. Get your clothes off again, and
join with us."
    Susan's dress went flying, Bill a little slower, trying
to undress with a glass of brandy in his hand.
  Harry chuckled, "Looks like everyone but Polly, Betty and
me has been in the sack tonight. Come on girls, it's catch
up time."
   The three joined arms and headed down the hall, leaving
the bedroom door open. Bill remembered that he had forgotten
to turn off the recorder and grinned....
   After the remaining five had discussed Harry and the two
girls a short while, George stood.
   "I guess I'll go see it the stud needs any help with the
lady from England. I'll show her a little of Yankee Doodle's
   Seconds later the others followed, leaving Bill and Lisa
alone in the living room. They quickly got caught up on the
evening away from each other, both admitting they were too
fucked out to join an orgy, but would enjoy watching it on
tape sometime later.
   When female moaning started up in the bedroom, curiosity
drove them to go and watch.
   Harry lay on his back, Polly astride riding his cock
while Betty's black slim English body knelt over his face
and busy tongue. Polly was doing the groaning and moaning as
she screwed her cunt on his cock.
   Bull stood on the bed, his huge cock in Betty's mouth,
slowly fucking his prick in and out of her pink lips, her
hand busy jacking him off as she sucked.
   George, prick in his hand was slowly masturbating, his
glans against the Polly's full breast. Susan lay with her
head on Harry's belly, her eyes inches from Harry's cock
fucking Polly, her fingers dipping into her own pussy,
slowly finger fucking herself.
   Bull pulled his cock from Betty's mouth, spraying sperm
over her upraised face, the silver liquid running down to
her tits, as he rubbed the residue into her black breasts.
   The sight of Bull's cock shooting started George pumping
his prick faster and Polly's had grabbed it and stuffed it
in her mouth, greedily sucking as he shot his cum.
   Harry continued pumping his cock into Polly's cunt,
faster and faster, until he too squirted his juice to fill
her willing cunt. Susan scrambled closer to Polly's cunt,
and as Harry pulled his cock out, Susan fastened her lips to
his still oozing meat, sucking him dry while finger fucking
her own cunt until she came again.
   Bill and sensual wife sat on the bed, caressing and
stroking the fucking couples, until Bill's prick stood from
his naked loins, throbbing and pounding with lust. He pulled
his cock with his hand until it stood leaking at the tip,
moving over the bed to kneel behind Betty, still getting her
cunt sucked by Harry's eager mouth.
   Bill's hard cock nestled up to Betty's richly curved
English ass, pressing against the clefted opening between
her full buttocks, until she raised her ass higher, her
pussy leaving Harry's questing mouth as she crouched on
hands and knees.
   Bill's hard prong slid into her over heated, pouting wet
cunt like butter, filling the jagged pink lipped opening to
the hilt, his balls touching her slim curved thighs as he
began to fuck the sexually aroused lady dog fashion.
   Lisa, sexually excited by the sight of her husband
fucking Betty, moved up onto the bed, her slim sensual body
writhing into the huddle of warm bodies, her hands running
over the plenitude of hot flesh, touching wet and sticky,
the sexual organs of the orgy participants.
   The lovely blonde, lying on her back, watched her
husband's thick cock sliding into the thick pink lipped
opening between Betty's thighs as her ass bucked back onto
   After a few minutes of hunching, Betty's moans became
louder as she commenced her orgasm, her groans shuddering
her swinging pert titties, her belly knotted with passion.
   Bill drove his cock deep into the black girl's cunt,
spraying his hot sperm into her wildly swinging hot pussy,
while he clutched her writhing ass with both hands.
   Moments went by, then with a groan of satisfaction, he
withdrew his sticky prick from her leaking pussy, and stood
by the bed in exhaustion.
   Bill stepped on the switch, shutting off the recorder and
went back to the living room, waiting for the others.
   Later, gathered together over coffee, the group laid
plans for the next party, not quite understanding Bill and
Lisa's insistence that they have it here again. After some
small arguments, all agreed to have another dinner at Bill
and Lisa's. With much patting, kissing and loving touching,
the party broke at two a.m. with the guests laughing as they
left for their cars.

C h a p t e r    11

   The sexually aroused couple had watched their "Epic
Movie", many times, marveling at the quality of the tape,
even though the video camera had been hidden in the closet
of the master bedroom, and it's ability to capture on tape
the sexual antics of the eight of them during their party.
   Lisa's busy mind has continually worked on her husband.
She'd enjoyed the dinner party and the fucking and sucking
following, beginning to direct her sensual thoughts into
Bill's mind at every opportunity.
   They tried the Alameda theater again, but it was a bad
night and they were not able to entice any patrons to join
them. Lisa watched a thin man at the end of their row jack
off, but he was evidently not aware of her raised skirt and
Bill's fingers in her pussy, or else was too shy to join
   They discussed their next "Adventure", talked over each
others fantasy's, but neither of them came up with a way to
get their dreams on tape, while they still were two weeks
away from the next dinner.
   Lisa's next door neighbor, Penny, was talking to Lisa
about vacation time, and that she would have to put her
Great Dane in the vets for her two week vacation. Lisa liked
the gentle big dog and offered to take care of him and feed
him while Penny was away.
 "It's no trouble at all, I'll feed him in the morning
before I go to work and play with him at night when I get
home. Don't worry, Penny, it's dumb to leave him at the vets
when he'll be happier here."
   Bill, working at the office Saturday when Penny left on
her vacation, Lisa deciding to take the dog for a walk.
Excited about the walk, Dumdum, short for Sir Dumwald of
Dumcourt, pranced and licked Lisa, his tongue lolling from
his huge mouth.
   Walking Dumdum was a pleasure. Lisa had unsnapped the
lead and let him walk with her unattached, when she found he
would obey her commands.
   Rather than take Dumdum home, Lisa kept him for company
the rest of her morning. His cheerful and clownish behavior
keeping her laughing at him. He watched every move she made
while she cleaned up the house and washed dishes. Lisa kept
up a steady one sided conversation with the dog, enjoying
his company.
   "I'm going to take a shower, Dumdum," she crooned at him,
"so you'll just have to amuse yourself."
  "I wonder if my power would work on animals? I don't ever
remember ever trying to make any animal do what I wanted,
but maybe it could work on Dumdum."
   She got the echo chamber working, "She's a nice lady, I
like her. She rubs my ears nice, she talks to me, and likes
me. If she were a bitch dog I'd fuck her. She smells good, I
like her, I like the way her pussy smells. I'd like to lick
her between her legs. I'll go into the room where she is and
lay down on the floor."
   Lisa stood by the bed, directing her thoughts to the
animal, watching the door, waiting to see if the animal
would obey her mental commands.
   Bill's office was practically deserted, with a small
staff still working on Saturday, catching up the paper work
still not finished at the normal end of the working week.
His secretary, Angela, in the outer office, typing up a set
of office memo's while Bill worked on the new budget for his
   Angela, married but sexually very desirable, even though
Bill had coveted her on occasion, he had kept their
relationship on a business only basis.
   Bill leaned back in the high backed chair at his desk,
hands behind his head, propped his feet on the desk and
relaxed for a few minutes, thinking about his lovely sensual
blonde wife's sexual adventures of the past few weeks.
   First the movie theater, then the party. It almost blew
his mind to find how much fun it was having sex and games
with his blonde wife, including their casual sexual
   He'd found that he was thinking more about sex now than
ever before, even planning how to get into sexual situations
with others, including his wife in the actions.
   Thinking about the party, brought his cock to attention,
hot and throbbing in the tight confines of his slacks,
glancing at the closed door of his office, regretting that
the office had no lock on the door, but hearing the
typewriter clattering outside the door, Bill opened his
slacks, pulling his cock free.
   Slowly moving his hand up and down the turgid length of
his shaft, masturbating while thinking and day dreaming of
the orgy at their home, Bill's fist moved over the swollen
length of his erect and leaking cock.
   Dumdum entered the bedroom door, his broad muzzle pushing
at the door, opening it to his entrance. Lisa puzzled with
wonder. Had the animal really read her thoughts, or had he
come into the bathroom to be near her.
   They walked in the bedroom, Dumdum happy to be with her,
Lisa also pleased with his happy antics. She talked to him
as she started to remove her clothing. When she reached
behind her back to unfasten her brassiere, in that graceful
and yet awkward movement women use, Dumdum was looking at
her breasts.  Lisa looked at his big brown eyes and told him
that dogs are not interested in tits, however, when she
rolled her panties down, Dumdum stared at her pubic region,
with a hungry look, his great jaw has snapped shut as her
pussy came into view, his level stare centered on her cunt.
   Lisa tilted her pretty head to one side, speaking to the
big dog.
   "Well, Dumdum. Do you think I have a good figure? Are my
tits good enough for you? If you don't care for my titties,
maybe you'll like my pussy instead. Do you like pussy
   Lisa moved her hand to entangle the curls framing her
pussy, running them through her fingers, head tilted,
watching the big dog watching her.
   "That's her cunt, where she has her front paw. It's just
like a bitch cunt. I'd like to lick it."
   The Great Dane jumped, his eyes level with her, then
began prancing around to jump around upon her freshly made
bed, tail wagging, body bouncing.
   "Get off that bed this instant!", She scolded the dog, as
he jumped down with a woe begone expression, down on his
fore legs, his rump high in the air, he lay looking at her
sadly.  "All right clown, I'm not mad at you, come here and
I'll love you."
   Dumdum laid his head in her lap while she sat on the edge
of the bed, his rolling eyes looking up at her as she hugged
the huge head. His tongue lapped at her thigh, dog kisses,
then lowering his head snuffled at the curly hair of her
crotch, his nose deep pressed to her pussy, his tongue
lapped at the opening.
   Bill's fantasy was building, his cock pounding in his
slowly moving hand, his mind a million miles from the
office, when he suddenly realized that he was not alone! A
figure stood inside his office door looking at him, watching
him jerking off.
   Lisa jumped at the hot, wet tongue and pulled his head
away, losing the battle of strength as he again pushed his
nose deep into her crotch. His pink tongue swathed a furrow
over her cunt leaving sticky saliva glueing the hairs on her
pussy together.  The feeling was undescribable, she didn't
want Dumdum licking her pussy, yet it felt so good.
   She experimented by opening her thighs a little wider,
while Dumdum took advantage of the movement to lap even
harder at her cunt.
   "OK Dumdum... So now we both know that you're a great
cunt lapper. Does that taste good?"
   Dumdum's tail wagged at her voice. His busy tongue
licking steadily at her box. Her pussy aroused at the gentle
licking, and Lisa opened her thighs wider until she had
spread her legs wide for his tongue. As her thighs pulled
apart her pussy split open, pink lips visible, while her
clit rose to be licked by the dog's long pink tongue.
   His lapping opened her cunt and his tongue slithered into
the wetness, licking her from the bottom of her pussy to the
clit at the top. Lisa shuddered as his cold nose touched her
clit, but felt an orgasm building. Pulling his head tight to
her cunt, she spasmed and came, holding his huge head
centered at her thighs.
   She let go of his head and lay back on the bed, as she
felt him bound up onto the covers. Smiling, she decided not
to make him get down this time, while his head went again to
her cunt.  She placed her feet flat on the bed, knees
raised, legs apart, watching his pink tongue lap at her
   She placed her fingers to the sides of her pussy, opening
it wider to feel more of his tongue, when she noticed his
big prick.
   Angela, Bill's secretary, stood, staring.
   Bill froze, his fist holding his pounding throbbing cock,
not even attempting to hide it, he was so shocked at the
sudden appearance of his secretary catching him in his act
of jerking off his cock.
   Her voice broke the silence.
   "I finished the office memo's Mr. Williams, Is there
anything else you want me to do?" her voice shaky, her eyes
glued to his erect throbbing prick.
   "Uh, I'm sorry Angela, I didn't know you'd come in here,
and I was just carried away with a fantasy. Please excuse
   "It's all right Mr. Williams, I'm your secretary, I'm
supposed to do anything to help you in the office. I could
help you now, if you'd like."
   Her lithe figure moved catlike around his desk, stalking,
her eyes fastened to the wet end of his prick, her hand
moving to rest on the edge of the desk only inches from his
throbbing leaky cock.
   Lisa lay on the bed, looking up at the dog's hard cock.
Red and angry looking, it protruded from the furry sheath.
She had never seen a dog's hard cock before, at least not
this close up, while she stared at the pink pointed prick as
he licked her pussy.
   It stuck out of the sheath of skin and fur at the base of
his belly, his balls tight and black were about the size of
tennis balls, and just as fuzzy. His cock was a pretty shade
of pinkish red, wet with the secretions of his sex.
   His veins stood out just like a man's prick. The extended
sex organ did not have a mushroom headed glans, instead, it
came to a pointed tapering tip. Thick at the base, it grew
thicker in the middle with a fascinate bulge, then smaller
to the beveled slitted end.
   She watched as a drop of fluid gathered at the tip,
clinging and wobbling, to detach itself and drop on her
shoulder. She dipped a finger in the spot on transferred it
to her lips. It tasted just like any other cum, salty and
sticky, with an oily base, turning her on more.
   She lazily raised one hand and cupped his balls, then ran
her fingers down the tapered length off his prick, feeling
the slickness of his juices and the hardness of his prick.
   Her fingers tested the bulge in the middle of his dog's
cock, and she liked the feeling of the wetness and
smoothness as she moved her upper torso to get her head
closer to his cock and the next drip fell onto her nipple,
causing it to erect instantly. She rubbed it into her skin
then squeezed his cock for another drop, rubbing it into her
other nipple.
   Grasping his slippery red cock, she began so slowly pump
and milk it's tapered length, watching the drops of viscous
fluid gather at the slitted tip and drip to her breasts.
Drop after drop splattered on her full titties, to form a
pattern of wet raindrops.
   Bill sat, mot moving, embarrassed as his secretary,
Angela leaned her buttocks onto the top of his desk, almost
in front of him, resting her body as she leaned forward,
looking into his eyes.
   "It's a shame to waste it, Mr. Williams! Why don't you
let me take care of it."
   "Angela, the office door doesn't lock, somebody else
might barge right in here. If we were caught making it in
the office, we'd both get fired, and it's not worth it."
   "Mr. Williams, just move back from the desk a little,
I'll climb underneath the desk, and nobody can see me while
I lick your cock for you. A good secretary is always trying
to please her boss!"
   "You see Mr. Williams, my husband, Herbert, won't let me
suck his cock, and I do love to suck, so I get what I want,
and you get what you want, too!"
   Her fluid movements had her body under the desk and his
chair pulled up tightly before his mind had a chance to
react. Her hands rested on his thighs, pulling them slightly
open, her fingers unfastening his slacks and pulling his
underwear down to completely free his still throbbing prick.
   He felt her soft lips touch the head of his cock,
smoothly engulfing the slippery glans to slide down the
erect shaft, tongue twirling on the spongy flesh.

C h a p t e r  12

   DumDum moved over her clutching fingers, his hind
quarters were undulating and hunching as he drove his red
cock through the hole formed by her fingers. Watching the
red rod inches from her eyes turned her cunt to mush,
exciting her.  She began tickling his cock with the tips of
her fingers, holding him and milking the juicy honey from
the slit at the end of his
tapered cock.
   "Ah.. Dumdum. You like that, don't you?" she talked to
the hunching dog, watching him hunch harder into her
clutching fingers, driving the red tapered cock dripping
fluid, fucking her hand while he lapped furiously at her
saliva wet cunt.
   His hot tongue slithered deeply into her pussy, not
directly inside as a prick would, but over the pink lips and
between them, spreading them with the force of his licking.
   Each lapping, starting at her asshole and traveling
through the hairy wet opening, to end with his long tongue
titillating her clitoris. Her hips and ass wriggled as she
undulated her body into the licking, coming almost
continuously now.
   She ran her slippery fingers over his cock exploring the
slit at the tip, squeezing gently the pointed glans of his
cock, feeling the swelling cock increase in size and
   Two large lumps began to form at the base of his prick,
one on each side, his tongue hanging and dripping saliva, he
raised his huge head from her loins, his cock began shooting
his animal sperm. It squirted in a thin stream to splash on
her upraised thigh, again he spurted, then once more, the
viscous liquid clinging to the flesh of her leg, then slowly
running down to pool at the junction of her leg to her
   Much less viscous than the cum she had experienced
before, the squirting juices hit, then ran quickly, not
sticking to her leg. She dipped her fingers into the almost
clear juice, to rub her fingers around, coating her hand
with the cum of his animal sperm, rubbing and laving it into
her skin, then sucked the residue from her fingers....
Dumdum flopped on the bed, his ungainly long legs tangled as
he began to lick his cock of it's juices.
   Bill's hands tenderly cupped Angela's face, feeling her
cheeks hollow as she moved her soft wet mouth smoothly over
his prick, licking and tasting, lovingly and slowly giving
her boss a blow job.
   A quick knock at the door brought Bill upright again,
sitting close to his desk as the door opened to his boss,
and his Boss's secretary.
   "Bill I need a minute of your time."
   "Come in Sam, what can I do for you?"
   "You can relax. You're looking like you're about to face
a firing squad, and also you can tell me who you think
should go to Chicago to the school for the new computers
that the office is getting."
   Bill felt Angela's soft wet tongue encircle his cock
again, her pointed tip delving into the wet slit bubbling
with his honey.
   Trying to take his mind off the pink tongue teasing his
cock, he looked at Sam's secretary, Marian. That was a
mistake. He knew that Marian and Angela were good friends,
often hearing office gossip and changes that were to take
place from Angela, long before Sam released the information.
   Marian had seated herself on the couch, lower than any of
the other chairs in his office, and was staring at the base
of his desk.
   Bill's mind went blank, wondering what she was staring at
so intently, when he saw her suddenly smile a Cheshire cat
smile.  Her face looking like a cat with a bird in her
mouth, traveled up from the bottom of his desk to stare into
his eyes.
   Bill knew that she knew that Angela was under his desk!
   Slowly the Great Dane's tapered prick drew back into it's
hairy sheathed covering.
   Lisa had the urge to lick his animal prick, however, she
resisted the urge, not sure how Dumdum would react to her
tongue on his organ.
   Dumdum lay on the bed while Lisa showered. Her mind full
of the adventure, while her body was lathered with hot,
soapy suds. Her fingers slipping over her slippery skin as
she rinsed off the animal sperm from her legs, and the
saliva and pussy juice from her cunt, delving a finger deep
inside her, then tasting it. It tasted sweet and clean,
fresh and just a little like soap.
   She wondered if Dumdum's prick had spurted in her cunt,
if it would still taste the same.
   Lisa spent almost an hour in the bathroom, putting on her
makeup, drying and brushing her hair, just lazily fixing her
body to look it's best.
   Dumdum was not on the bed when Lisa came from the bath,
and the covers on the bed were straightened and smoothed as
she picked up in the bedroom.
   Marian stared into Bill's eyes, then slowly her left eye
lid drew down in a ribald wink, letting him know that she
knew what was going on under his desk, and wouldn't tell.
   Slowly, with great poise, Marian crossed her legs,
exposing a great expanse of creamy thigh to Bill, still
level into his eyes. Her eyes flickered down to the bottom
of his desk, then up to his hidden groin, then up again to
his eyes, when her pink pointed tongue appeared licking her
lips in a most obscene and fluid movement.
   When her tongue vanished back into her full lips, she
sent his cock a silent kiss, out of Sam's sight, a
lascivious lewd facial movement, then giggled silently at
his discomfort as she opened her spiral ring notebook and
nibbled on her pencil as if it were a tiny prick, while she
waited to put his thoughts on paper.
   Angela's tongue, now exploring the rubbery foreskin of
his wet cock, moved to flicker at the clefted underside of
his glans, tickling and tasting the juicy honey flowing over
the top of his throbbing cock.
   "We've got several choices for the classes, and I want
your thoughts on who to send first," Sam interrupted Bill
thoughts.  Bill tried to concentrate. With Angela licking at
his cock under the desk, with Marian smiling lustily him, it
was impossible to think at all!
   "Quite obviously, we need to send the manager's, so
that's four," Bill ticked off the numbers on his fingers,
"and we should send at least two of the secretary's, that's
six." Angela's tongue ceased it's torture on the end of his
dick, and instead he felt her sharp white teeth scraping the
head of his cock with gentle bites, followed by her hot
breath as she blew on the wet end of his prong.
   Bill took a deep breath, "and I think that we should send
both of the communication's people, since we need both as
experts in sending and receiving reports on the computers,
and that's eight."
   "Let me think now... " Bill's voice trailed off, not
thinking about the school at all, but instead, about
Angela's hot mouth which was madly sucking on the head of
his dick, while Marian silently giggled at his discomfort.
   Sam jumped to his feet, pacing the office floor, then
stopped to look out the window while Bill wrestled with his
facial muscles, trying to control feelings of intense
pleasure Angela's hot wet mouth was giving him.
   Bill was doomed when Angela's mouth deep throated his
cock once, then with one hand scratching at the skin of his
balls, the other gripping the stalk of his prick tightly,
Bill felt her start a rapid jerk off, licking and sucking at
the leaking head of his cock at the same time.
   He could feel the fire of sperm surging in his testicles,
when he glanced at Marian, Sam's back turned at the time.
   His boss's secretary glanced at Sam's back then pulled
her skirt up high enough to show Bill more of her warm
thighs, opening her legs to let Bill see her wet soaked
panty crotch, smiling lewdly at him.
   It was too much for Bill. His cock leaped, sending
spurting jets of hot sperm into Angela's suckling mouth, as
Sam turned away from the window and approached his desk.
   Bill felt the thudding of his cock's pulsations, his jets
of sticky cum flowing freely from his dick into his
secretary's mouth as Sam spoke to him.
   "Don't forget that both you and I, and our secretary's
need to go too. By the way, where is Angela right now?"
   Marian's glance went under the desk as Bill blandly waved
his hand, feeling Angela's wet pink tongue busy lapping at
the head of his prick, tasting the residue of cum still
oozing from his cock, using his prong like a lickable ice
cream cone.
   "She's doing an errand for me now. She'll be done in a
few minutes and I'll have her call Marian when she's free."
   "Fine," Sam's voice boomed in the office, "you know Bill,
what I like about you is your ability to concentrate on a
problem.  When you were thinking there about who to send to
the school, you're face looked like it was a million miles
away. I like that in a man, that he can really concentrate
on the problem at hand, excluding everything else around
   Bill wondered briefly what Sam would say if he only knew
that two of his employees were engaged in a sex act, almost
before his eyes, and what Sam had taken for concentration
was his dick spurting hot cum into his secretary's mouth.
   "Get a list from Bill, and then come back into my office,
Marian," Sam busily strode out the door, closing it behind
   "Come out, come out, where ever you are," Marian's
contralto whisper reached Angela under the desk.
   Bill's brunette secretary stuck her head out, then
swiftly rose to giggle at her friend. "Boy was that fun. I
never had so much fun in my whole life. I guess it really is
a sexual turn on when the danger of getting caught is
   "I almost died when I saw your shoe under the desk, and I
knew what you were doing!" Marian laughed evilly.
   Bill zipped up, shrugging his shoulder, tucking his shirt
back in place in his slacks.
   "Oh, it was good, it was really good," Angela almost
sang, her smiling face turned to Bill, "and now it's back to
work for us slaves."
   "Bill," Marian commanded, "I demand equal time, sometime.
I want to do a little under desk dinner, too!"
   "And I may just demand equal time, too, with you under my
desk," Angela lewdly grinned at Bill, "not only doesn't
Herbert let me suck his cock, but he's never, ever, eaten my
   "I'm sure Mr. Williams would be only too happy to eat
your pussy Angela, and maybe even mine too," Marian giggled,
"though hopefully not at the same time."
   Lisa thought about her adventure, glad it wasn't on tape,
and wondered what Bill would think of her if he knew that
she had masturbated Dumdum to orgasm and had Dumdum lick her
pussy 'til she came. She half decided not to tell Bill about
Dumdum's talent in pussy licking, keeping it a secret
between Dumdum and herself. She also decided that the next
time she was alone with Dumdum she was going to give the
animal a blow job. The thought of his prick in her mouth,
started her pussy gathering moisture again, while she looked
forward to sucking the dog.
   A cold ham sandwich and a bowl of Campbell's soup, along
with a tall glass of skim milk, satisfied her for lunch,
afterwards brewing a hot cup of tea, sipping and talking to
Dumdum. He lay at her feet, sprawled out with his head on
his forepaws.
   "You're not much of a stud, Dumdum." She chided the dog,
"one pop and you're pooped. Too pooped to pop, too pooped to
   She got up and began dancing around the room, acting
silly and singing to Dumdum, who leapt to his feet and raced
around the room as she sang in a little girls voice.
   "He's too pooped, he's too pooped, he's just too pooped
to pop. Lick a pussy, lick a pussy, then he's got to stop."
   She sang the refrain over and over again, laughing while
she sang to Dumdum. She laughed and spread her arms wide in
a parody of a stage singer at the end of a song, and Dumdum
took it as an invitation, standing on his hind legs, his
forepaws clasping and going over her shoulders. Lisa
staggered at his weight, then hugged him close, his head
higher than hers, his foolish tongue lolling from his mouth.
   She petted his sleek fawn colored coat, patting and
petted him telling him that he was a 'good dog,' then
dropped her hand to pet his soft belly and explore his male
sheath.  She could feel the bony animal cock hidden inside
the furry foreskin and by stroking and milking, felt it
harden a little while the pink tip emerged to be tickled by
her finger tips.  His weight, forepaws on her shoulders, was
almost too much for Lisa, pushing him down, took him home,
fed him and waited for Bill to get home.
   "Anything new at work, Bill?"
   "Not a thing, sweetheart, just the same old grind, how
about your day, anything exciting happen around the old
homestead?" "Well, except for taking Dumdum for a walk,
nothing new around here either."

C h a p t e r   13

   "If you want to go, then I want to go with you," Lisa said,
"there's no conceivable reason why I can't go!"
   The discussion was about peep shows, the quarter booths that
were featured in the ADULT movies stores and shops all around
the bay area. Bill had said something about going to an adult
stag shop, and Lisa wanted to go with him.
   "OK, OK... Get your jacket and let's go," Bill gave in with
resignation to her plea. Heading up for San Francisco on
highway 101 in the car, Lisa petted Bill's thigh as they drove
into the city to park in the downtown area. Neon signs flashed
and glittered with bar and cocktail lounge names in lights.
   "Funny thing is, almost all of the Adult Book stores with
the quarter peep shows are painted yellow. I don't know where
it came from but, there was a movie called, "I am Curious
Yellow", some years ago. Maybe the color of the stores came
from the movie," Bill remarked.
   They picked an Adult Book store on the north side of the
street and entered. Lisa was amazed at the color magazines of
fucking and sucking that covered the walls, and selections of
vibrators, creams, jellies, and various other sexual aids were
in racks, counters, and stands around the room. At one end of
the room, a sign '.25 Movies' hung over the door. As Bill got
quarters from the change machine, Lisa looked at the magazine
   One of the books had a German shepherd dog frolicking with a
nude blonde haired girl. Lisa thought about Dumdum and her day,
until Bill took her arm and headed under the sign.
   A framed window with advertisements of the movies available
in each booth was dimly lit just inside the entrance as they
stood, pouring over the available selections. A number above
each advertisement indicating in which booth the movie would
   "Pick a number, any number," Bill chanted under his breath,
sounding like a circus shill at a roulette game.
   Lisa laughed at him, "Let's try booth twenty one, since
we're both adults and over."
   Bill laughed as the looked at the numbers on the doors to
find booth twenty one. Lisa noticed how many men were just
standing around, slouching against the dark walls, looking at
her as they sought the number.
   Everything was painted black in the exhibition hallways.
Recessed dim lights in the ceiling lit the narrow hallways as
they wound around the corners until the found booth twenty one.
   Lisa had noticed red lights above each door, some on, some
off as they had walked the hallways, and understood the lights
to mean that the booth was occupied if illuminated.
   Closing the door, Bill found a slide lock and slid it to the
door, effectively preventing unwanted intrusions. It was pitch
black in the booth, with only two dim neon lights by the coin
slots of the quarter machine.
   Bill inserted a quarter in a slot and the movie started. The
reflected lighting lit the booth enough to allow them to see a
bench wide enough for two, and they sat, Lisa rubbing Bill's
cock through the fabric of his trousers.
   Two girls were making love on the small two foot by three
foot screen in front of the bench, sucking each others pussy's
in a sixty nine position, and Lisa wondered how it would feel
having another woman suck her. Might be softer than a man, but
she didn't know if she could handle the thought of her sucking
another girl's cunt. The idea didn't turn her on all that much.
   Lisa saw light at the side of the booth they were inside,
coming from the next booth through the six inch circular hole
opening cut in the wall.
   "Jesus, Bill.", breathed Lisa, "I could look right into the
next booth, through that hole."
   "That's what it's all about, baby. You can satisfy your
voyeurs instinct and look in either booth, there or there."
   Bill indicated the hole in the other wall.
   "Wow. I think I'm going to like this. You mean that I get
down on my knees and just watch what the person in the next
booth is doing?" Lisa giggled.
   "Right on.." Bill whispered in her ear, "Just peek in the
hole. That's why these are called peek shows!"
   Lisa leaned forward, peering cautiously, her eyes
approaching the opening, looking into the next booth, to see an
elderly grey haired, obese male, fat stomach hanging, trousers
down at his ankles, pulling at his limp cock while he watched
the show in his booth. His hand was busy stretching his prick,
which was obviously refusing to cooperate to his stimulation.
The other opening must be more promising Lisa thought, and she
lowered her eyes to it.
   A young male, prick in his hand, busy pumping his prick, was
seated in that booth. He looked hard at the hole Lisa was
peering through, and began to pump harder at his erect rod. In
seconds, his hand pumping furiously, his prick spurted cum.
   Jetting out from his loins, his sperm described an arc to
splash on the floor at his feet between his shoes.
   "What a waste, "thought Lisa. "I could have had his cum in
my pussy, my mouth, over my tits, in my hands, or anywhere
except on the cold cement floor."
   The young man produced a handkerchief from his back pocket
with the cloth in his hand, began to wipe the dribbles of cum
from his organ, milking big drops from the end the wiping his
shrinking cock dry. Throwing the handkerchief under the bench,
and without even looking at Lisa's peek hole, he opened his
door and left the booth. Lisa whispered to Bill what she had
seen through the hole. She described watching the man jack off
and cum on the floor, and his wiping of his cock on the white
   "If he does much jacking off, he's going to spend a fortune
on handkerchief's," Bill commented at the end of her
dissertation.  This struck Lisa so funny, she almost howled
with suppressed laughter, her body quivering as she tried not
to make too much noise in the booth. She sat next to Bill and
watched Bill feeding quarters as the movie automatically
stopped, until they had watched the short film to conclusion.
   Lisa occasionally peeked into the next booths, but they were
not occupied.
   "Let's get out of here and get a drink," Lisa said at the
finish of the short movie.
   They left, strolling arm in arm, entering a cocktail lounge
in the next block. Sipping her drink, Lisa got the giggles
again, thinking of the young man with a high stack of
handkerchiefs, busily masturbating his cum in each one.
   "You know, darling, I'm finding out that I really get turned
on each time we get involved in another sexual scene. Don't you
think that there's something strange about a happily married
woman, wanting to fuck all the time?"
   "I don't think you want to fuck all the time, for instance,
sometimes you want to suck, and sometimes, you want to get
sucked," her husband laughed at her.
   "You know what I mean. Until only a month or so ago, I was
perfectly content with only you sexually, and then you started
talking about fucking and sucking and orgies all the time. The
next thing I knew, we were sitting in an adult movie and I was
getting into all kinds of strange sexual experiences."
   "Does that mean that you're not enjoying your sexual
adventures with me?" her husband asked.
   "You know that I do. But, I wonder what you must think of
your sweet, virginal blonde wife now that you've watched me
with cocks in my mouth and pricks up my cunt, fucking like
   "I think that you're a sexy, turned on blonde, that's a
little cock crazy, and, I love it. It really turns me on too,
watching you get turned on, and well satisfied."
   "But, Bill, do you think that I'll just get worse and worse,
looking for another cock all the time to satisfy me? How will
you feel when you come home some day and find the milk man
fucking your wife in the kitchen?"
   "In the first place, there are no more milk men, you have to
buy it in a supermarket, and in the second place, even if you
could find a milk man to fuck you in the kitchen, and I came
home and caught you, I'd just take out my prick and join the
fun! There's always another place for another prick."
   "Well, it kind of bothers me. I'm just getting hornier with
every one of our adventures, and I'm wondering where it's all
going to lead us."
   "It's going to lead us to more fun, and more games, and more
adventures. You're going to enjoy yourself and have a good time
with sex. Sex is supposed to be fun, not a guilt trip, like
some people like to make it."
   "If you say so darling, then I'll go along with you, and
enjoy what ever, or who ever, comes," Lisa giggled at her
handsome husband.
   "Lisa, you know that you're a very strikingly beautiful
woman, and you radiate sex. You look like you have the words
`fuck me', branded on your forehead. You are also blessed by
having the lusty lewd intentions to do something about your
sexuality, so don't hold back at all. What I'm telling you is
this, if it feels good, sexually, then do it. I'll always
understand." "Does that mean you also enjoy fucking beautiful
   "You bet your ass I do! I really enjoy making it with a
healthy and sensual lady that knows just what she wants, and
how to go about getting it," her husband nodded.
   "Next thing I know, you'll be fucking Angela at the office."
   "She's married!" he stated, as if the act would be
impossible, and felt the very same guilt he'd just told his
wife, Lisa to avoid. It was a bit uncomfortable, talking about
banging Angela when less than twelve hours ago, Angela had his
cock in her mouth.
   "She's married, not unavailable! I've watched her swing her
ass at you at the office. She's a walking piece of dynamite,
and I'm sure she'd love to use you as one of her fuses."
   "How do you know that she hasn't already used me as a fuse?"
   Lisa grinned lewdly at her husband, taking hold of his arm
with a loving gesture, "honey, if Angela ever gives you a
chance to get into her panties, and you turn it down, I'll
never speak to you again."
   "Princess, if either Angela or Marian offer, with your
permission, I'll accept."
   "Boy, not only do you want to fuck your own secretary, now
you want to fuck Sam's secretary too!" Lisa giggled
lasciviously at her husband, "Go get 'em tiger, fuck 'em all,
and if you get a chance, call me in to either watch, or
   "That's enough talking about getting me laid, let's go and
get you laid," Bill adroitly changed the uncomfortable subject.
   "I can get myself laid, thank you, however, it would help if
you'd take me back to where the action is. I'm getting horny
again after all this talking about you fucking both Angela and
Marian." Lisa swung off the bar stool, standing with her hands
on her hips, hipshot on one leg, pelvis thrust forward, a very
provocative pose for her husband.
   "Good, let's go get you fucked."
   Walking the street, Lisa putting a little more swing in her
ass, looking in the store fronts, examining the merchandise and
generally enjoying themselves. They rounded a corner and saw
another Adult Movie Peep Show, also painted yellow.
   Give me some quarters," Lisa wheedled Bill. "I want to go in
a booth alone and see what happens when the peepers find lady
masturbating next door."
   Bill handed her a handful of quarters.
   "Tell you what, princess. Why don't we split, you go in
first and I'll follow in a few minutes. No one will know that
we're together, and it'll blow their minds."
   Lisa laughed and her voice took on a raunchy, lewd cast.
   "It's not their minds I'm going to blow It's their cocks!"
   Bill chuckled as they parted, Lisa striding into the peep
show and going directly to the opening for the movies. Pausing
at the now familiar directory, noticing some of the movies were
two men fucking and sucking. She sensed Bill standing at her
side, looking at the menu, but he quickly walked away.
   Lisa was aware of the males looking at her as she left the
directory, striding with her provocative ass swinging to number
fifteen, the booth she had picked. The familiar light was
illuminated over the door as she arrived, then went out. The
man gave her a startled look as he left the booth.
   She slipped the door latch, fumbled a quarter into the slot,
sitting on the bench. She could see by the light passing
through the cutout holes on each wall that the other booths
were unoccupied now. She thought it would be funny if she was
here to watch or be watched and nobody came, but decided that
sooner or later someone would enter and be her neighbor in
   On the screen, a couple fucked dog fashion, the camera
looked like it was just inches from their sexual organs, and
Lisa wished Bill could fix their camera to take close up shots
like that, however it was impossible to fit a zoom lens on
their video camera that would work when nobody was there to
move the lens settings.
   The Hole on the right suddenly darkened and Lisa knew
someone had entered the next door booth.
   Her screen went dark as the machine used up her quarter.
   Lisa however could see light reflected from the screen in
the other booth and knelt to peek at a bearded, hairy man
standing in the next booth, his eyes on the screen. He kept
rubbing his groin, but his organ was still inside his pants,
bulging the front, but not visible. Lisa wanted to see his
   She sat back on the bench, fed a quarter to her hungry sex
machine, and thinking about the cock next door while watching
the movie, started her hands under her tight skirt. She pulled
it high around her waist, rolled her panties down, leaving them
at her knees, her lower body naked. She tried opening her legs,
but found her panties bound her legs, and pulled them to her

C h a p t e r  14

   Looking at the hole again, she could faintly see the bearded
man's face peeking at her. Smiling to herself, Lisa raised her
leg and turned slightly to the hole in the wall, spreading her
thighs until the opening of her cunt was readily visible to the
man, stroking herself.
   "This is like playing Doctor. I'll show you mine if you'll
show me yours," thought Lisa, determined to put on a show
better than the show on the screen. Parting the lips of her
cunt slightly with her fingertips, putting one finger in her
mouth to moisten it, she began to softly rub her pink clit.
   Alternately licking her finger and then rubbing her pussy,
Lisa found she liked the sweet taste of her slightly musky
pussy, and was getting hotter with each stroke. She could see
the "beard" as she thought of him, pressing his face to the
hole and she looked directly at the hole and slid one finger
inside her cunt, slowly finger fucking her pussy.
   The slick juice from her hot pussy covered one finger,
looking directly at the hole, Lisa wiped her pussy from bottom
to top, gathering more of her lubricating juice on her finger,
then extending her arm out to the hole, offered the "beard", a
taste of her cunt. His mouth pressed tightly against the hole
and Lisa slid her finger into his open mouth as he sucked and
licked her finger.
   She alternated hands, offering fresh drops of cunt juice to
the hairy mouth at the hole, teasing him by holding the finger
out of his reach, then letting him taste her finger a few
seconds later. Finally, she sat back, her legs wide, fed
another quarter to the machine as the booth went dark, then
raising her eyebrows, she looked as him, using her sexual
   "I'll put my cock through the hole and she'll suck on it.
I've got to do it now, I've got to let the blonde suck my
cock," it took him only seconds to get the message that she was
silently sending.
   He realized what she wanted and his face disappeared for a
few more seconds, then a movement as he offered his prick to
her through the hole.
   His male root, advanced slowly through the opening, a
tentacle of his manhood, offered to her in return for the show
she had given him. He stood close to the opening, but, ready to
draw back if he was refused.
   The sensual blonde housewife softly touched the drooping
semi hard offering, lightly tickling with her fingernails, the
skin, then the hot bulbous head. After her first touch, he
pressed tighter to the hole letting all of his cock into her
booth, and his ball hung inside her cubicle. Lisa held and
weighed then tenderly, heavy sacks of sperm, hairy and
wrinkled, they moved under her soft caress. Large and very
hairy, they excited Lisa and she bent forward to peer at them
in the dim light.  Beginning to move the foreskin from over the
head of his glans, Lisa realized that he was not circumcised.
This was the first uncircumcised male she had experienced, and
she was sexually excited at finding that his foreskin closed
over the head of his prick.
   Lisa grasped his cock at the end, holding the heavy foreskin
tightly, began to skin him like a snake.
   The skin smoothly slipped back from the slippery bulb of his
knob, gathering a thick fold of skin just behind his glans. His
purple glans, slippery with honey, was flat at the tip, as if
he had run into a wall at one time.
   It had no curve, just a flat surface with a slit oozing some
crystal clear juice.
   She played doctor with the thick fold of skin, toying with
him, feeling the lubricating juice of his honey welling out
from the knobby head of his prick each time her fingers covered
and uncovered his glans.
   The movie stopped again, Lisa fumbling a quarter to the
slot, then returning to her delightful play with the beard.
   She placed her hand and arm through the opening to feel his
belly. The man was a bear. His skin was covered with a dense
mat of fur, thick and heavy.
   She ran her hand over his balls, to touch and tickle,
stroking his prick and milking the foreskin until it assumed a
full erection, then she dropped his cock and stepped back. His
questing prick throbbed in the opening, then disappeared and
his hairy face came back. Holding her tight skirt high she
pushed her pussy to the hole.
   His tongue went to her wet slit and began to flicker the
soft pink bud of her clitoris like it was a nipple on her
breast.  Lisa spread her legs wider, pressing tightly against
round opening, feeling his tongue delve into her hot slit,
sucking and licking her juicy wet box.
   She wished that she could hold his head in her hands as his
tongue slithered around inside her, but the size of the cut out
opening in the wall defeated that idea.
   She found that she could use her hands to caress her tits as
his flickering tongue delved deep inside her saliva coated
pussy, moving slowly and deliberately over the smooth pink
slickness of the tender membranes inside her cunt.
   The housewife moved her hips slowly, thrusting her hot wetly
coated pussy against his mouth as her belly writhed in a long,
extended orgasm, pressing her now mushy cunt hard against his
   He'd forced his questing tongue deep into her belly when the
movie stopped again.
   Quickly pulling her skirt down, Lisa scooped her panties
into her purse, opened the door and slipped out, leaving him
still on his knees by the hole. Quickly, she entered a dark
booth across the hall and closed the door.
   Lisa slipped the door latch, started to drop a quarter, and
thought about looking in the adjacent booths first. Neither
were occupied, so she inserted her quarter and pulling up her
skirt, sat and began to play with her soaking pussy again until
it was even wetter than it had been. She idly watched the movie
through two quarters, then noticed that someone was watching
her through the left hole.
   The face was back from the opening and indistinct, but
peeking at her all the same. She raised her leg again and began
to finger fuck her wet pussy with increasing rapidity.
   While she carefully watched the opening, a prick came out of
the hole spattering cum on the floor of her booth.
   Lisa watched, enthralled as it swelled again and spurted
another silvery jet of male sperm, then dribbled cum slowly
from the slitted opening. The sperm slowly oozing from the tip,
clinging and overflowing, to slowly run over the clefted glans
and then flow in long sticky strings to the floor.
   As the prick slowed to a dripping, it withdrew, and Lisa saw
light through the hole as the prick's owner left the booth.
   "Too bad," thought Lisa, "I could have sucked his cock and
let him lick my cunt, maybe even fuck it if he hadn't left in
such a big hurry."
   "Well, back to finger fucking."
   Both next door cubicles were filled at almost the same time,
as Lisa played with her cunt, getting hotter and hotter. She
saw both holes occupied with eyes, and quickly knelt to each
hole in turn.
   "Quick, come into my booth and I'll let you fuck me and I'll
suck you off," the randy housewife whispered into each hole.
Seconds passed until she heard scratching on the door. She
quickly opened the door and both men slipped in.
   She pushed the first man over to the bench, whispered to him
to show her his cock. He pulled his erect penis from the fly of
his trousers as she leaned over him.
   The over sexed blonde housewife grabbed his standing prick,
leaking and slippery on the tip, moving to stand between his
outstretched knees and bending down straight legged to take his
cock in her mouth. She flipped her skirt up over her naked ass,
and presented it to be fucked by the second, still standing
   Quickly engulfing the cock in her mouth, Lisa thrilled to
feel a hot prick slide into her cunt from behind, slipping into
her belly until his balls hung between her thighs.
   Sucking madly on one hard cock, while getting fucked
standing up, soon brought her to orgasm, her belly writhed with
the force of her orgasm. The cock in her cunt pounded in and
out feverishly, his hands holding her hips and drawing her back
onto his cock as he thrust into her wet cunt. Her tits were
being squeezed by the seated man getting his cock sucked, pink
nipples hard, Lisa bucked against the hard cock up her cunt.
   Lisa came a second time, then quickly dropped the cock from
her mouth.
  "Change places," she ordered. Quick movements followed and
almost before she had time to bend down to take the hot cock in
her mouth, she felt the other saliva slickened prick pressing
at her pussy. Sucking, she tasted the juices from her cunt on
his cock, savoring the mixed juices, laving her tongue around
the head of cock. She felt the prick being withdrawn from her
pussy, to slide up the crack of her ass, centering on the
rosebud opening of her anus, now wet from his saliva and pussy
juice covered joy rod. He pushed his cock tighter to her
puckered opening.
   "No, not there. Don't put your thing there," Lisa said over
her shoulder in a whisper.
   He pulled his cock from her puckered asshole, and slid it
back into her cunt, and she relaxed, but the cock was pulled
back, slick with lubricating juice from her pussy and again
pressed to her asshole. One push of the slick cock and his
bone was head deep into her ass.
   "I said No... Did you hear me?"
   Lisa moaned, but the cock continued to press into her rump.
As she tried to stand up to push him away, the man getting his
cock sucked grabbed her head and held her to his lap while his
companion held her hips tightly shoving his cock deeper into
her asshole. It hurt and Lisa almost bit the cock she had
between her lips, but realized he would probably hit and hurt
her if she did.
   The hard cock in her asshole, made another lunge and forced
it's way up her back passage. Soon, balls deep into her hot
rectum, he began to saw it in and out.
   The pain slowly turned to partial pleasure and Lisa sucking
hard on the knobby head of a leaking prick, began to move her
curved ass around and around feeling the cock violate her
virgin asshole. She put her fingers in the wetness of her hot
cunt. Suddenly, her mouth was filled by hot, salty cum,
spraying her tonsils, and the bucking cock thudding into her
asshole swelled and shot sticky cum.
   The taste of sperm and the strange feeling of the slick
juice shooting up her ass brought Lisa off, her orgasm
triggered another as she sucked and bucked against the twin
cocks. Before she could cum again, the cock left her ass,
leaving a pleasurable void and she heard the door latch being
drawn. The man whose cock she had sucked pushed her roughly
away from him and also left, leaving her alone in the dark
   Lisa sat quietly, feeling the pain in her ravaged asshole
subside, deciding not to tell her husband of her getting a
stiff cock up her back door, deciding that he would get all
excited about her safety and not let her have more adventures.
   She left the booth, and after wandering about in the hall
for a time, found Bill, and went into a booth with him.
   She told him of the 'beard'. Bill got so horny he sat on the
bench with his cock out and had Lisa sit on his lap facing the
screen, while he slipped his hard cock up her cunt, while they
were fucking, Lisa could see faces at the holes watching them
   Twice cocks being jacked off were thrust through the holes,
and both times, sperm hit the cement floor, once splashing on
her ankle. After Lisa had an orgasm, her husband came, his hard
prick spurting inside her slippery pussy.
   His mouth pressed to her ear, "Princess, fucking your wet
and slippery pussy after you've been both eaten and fucked,
really gets me off."
   They left the Peep Shop, had a couple of drinks at a lounge
and were in bed by 1:00 am Sunday morning. Lisa falling into
deep sleep as soon as she had showered.

C h a p t e r    15

   Susan called early Monday. Since the dinner party, when the
two had parted friends, they had called each other several
times. They decided to have lunch together and do some shopping
later, discussing the pro's and con's of each place to eat,
finally agreeing to meet in San Mateo at a shopping center, for
both lunch and shopping.
   The two met, ordered martinis from the waiter and started
catching up on girl talk. When the martini's arrived, Susan
looking at the waiter, spoke with sexual bravado.
   "Keep an eye on us. When we look like we're ready, bring two
   The waiter promised to keep an eye on them.
   "I'd like to put his shoes under my bed some dark night,"
the petit blonde ran her tongue over her lips, smiling lewdly,
"if he brought me a drink every time I'm ready, I'd never
screw, I'd be drunk all the time."
   Lisa agreed that the waiter was attractive and said maybe
they could share him some night. Susan laughed.
   "Why not! We shared your husband and Bull the same night,
and I've had fantasy's ever since about both your husband and
the group grope afterwards."
   Both girls had fits of giggling about the dinner party and
were soon sharing the experiences of that night, describing in
detail to each other the turned on actions of their men. Soon
Susan told Lisa she was having an affair with a man without
Bull's knowledge, and Lisa told Susan about the Peek Show, all
about getting it in the ass while she sucked off a cock. Their
giggles brought attention from the others in the room and also
the waiter with two more frosty martini's.
   After he left, Lisa said, "That son of a bitch even used my
saliva, and my pussy juice to wet his cock so he could stick it
up my ass!" Susan got into another fit of the giggles.
   Susan admitted that she liked it up her ass, but had never
made it with two guy's at the same time.
   Lisa admitted to jacking off two pricks at the same time and
about the Alameda theater and the guy cuming on her pussy from
the row in front of her.
   As they ate lunch, they traded experiences, both sensual and
sexual, each time going into greater detail. Lisa telling about
her sexual adventures the last few weeks. Susan told her that
Bull might be great in the sack, but he had no imagination when
it came to having sexual adventures, that she was usually the
aggressive one in their relationship, however, the sexual
excitement of the size of his cock more than made up for his
lack of imagination.
   Susan's enthusiasm brought Lisa into using her power on the
petit blonde lady.
   "I'd like to do something outrageous sexually, like driving
some guy wild with my body, teasing and tormenting him. I want
Lisa to do something sensual and crazy with me. I want to have
a sexual adventure, too."
   Both ordered martini's after lunch, leaning toward each
other, in low voices, began to talk about each others ideas
about sexual adventures. Both admitted to liking being watched
and looked at and both enjoyed sex. Tipsy from the martini's,
Susan suggested an afternoon sexual adventure for both of them.
   The suggestion was the pure result of Lisa's power.
   "Look, Lisa. We both like to be looked at, so, why don't we
take off our panty hose and panties and go shop for shoes! We
ought to be able to drive the shoe clerks wild."
   "I'd love to do it, but I can't."
   "Why not, after last Saturday night, you should be able to
do anything," Susan laughingly gestured.
   "I'd really like to, Susan, but I just can't."
   "You mean you can't show your pussy to some salesman in a
shoe store?"
   "No, I mean I can't take my panties off."
   "Why in the world not?"
   Lisa leaned forward, her voice low in a lewd whisper.
   "Because, I'm not wearing any at all, I'm totally nude under
this skirt and blouse!"
   Giggles convulsed both girls, then after figuring out how to
split the bill and how much tip at ten percent they should pay
the waiter, they asked him the way to the ladies room, Lisa
guarding the door, while Susan removed her hose and panties.
   Strolling the shopping mall, they stopped at the first shoe
store available, Susan sitting down while Lisa wandered around
the store, watching Susan's actions. She told the young male
clerk the style of shoe she wanted and then, when he had
returned and sat at her feet, began the show.
   As he removed her shoe and began to check her size, Susan
parted her thighs enough for him to see all the way up under
her skirt, then closed her thighs again. After trying on the
right shoe of the first pair, the pretty blonde again split her
thighs as she wriggled her foot to look at both sides of the
shoe. Lisa could see him trying not to stare up her dress, but
he lost the battle as Susan kept her knees in constant motion,
with her thighs opening wider each time.
   "I wonder why the poor dears always look," thought Lisa, "If
a woman crosses her legs, every man in the room will glance at
her, with hope of getting a peek at her pussy. What's even more
strange, after he's looked at her pussy from across the room,
he won't do anything about it."
   The show went on. Susan asking, "Do you like it? Does it
look good on me?" and the best, "Oh! those look good enough to
eat," almost cracking Lisa up.
   Susan didn't buy any of the several pairs the clerk scurried
to bring her, however, as he got more shoes, both girls could
see he was in an obvious state of erection. Susan soon tired
of teasing the clerk and left. The shoe salesman seeing them to
the door, desperately attempted to talk Susan in trying on more
   Lisa tried on shoes at the next shop, while Susan watched,
then Susan also tried on shoes while sitting next to Lisa. The
clerk almost went cross eyed trying to see both pussy's at the
same time. The girls took pity on him, Susan even reaching out
one stocking clad toe and rubbing his prick for an instant.
   He asked Susan if she would like to see his selection in the
   "I'd much rather see your selection in the front," Susan
giggled, pointedly looking at the bulge in the front of his
trousers, making sure that he knew she was looking at his male
   "My girl friend and I have an appointment in a few minutes,
but if I had more time, I'd would like to spend it looking at
your merchandise. Would you give me a rain check?"
   "I will be both pleased and proud to give you anything you
want," The salesman leered, as the girls left the store, "and
I'll pray for rain!"
   Lisa told Susan she had to go home and take care of Dumdum
and explained her dog sitting obligations, but didn't mention
Dumdum's cunt lapping session with her, inviting Susan to come
with her and have another martini.
   Susan accepted.
   After fixing a small pitcher of martini's, Lisa went next
door to Penny's and got Dumdum. The dog was overjoyed to see
her and she let him come into the living room and meet Susan.
Susan made a big fuss over the big dog and they were soon fast
friends. As the girls sipped their drinks, Dumdum wandered
around the room, then lay at Lisa's feet, watching Susan. His
intelligent head looking at each of them in turn as they
talked. As they discussed and giggled about the men's reactions
to their pussy's, they went into gales of laughter.
   "That young man at the last store, really got an eye full of
both of us, "Susan giggled, "and I thought his cock would break
out of his pants when I rubbed my toe in it."
   "Are you going to go back sometime and really look at his
equipment?" Lisa asked her friend.
   "I might. He's nice and looks like he'd like to fuck me, so
maybe someday when I'm horny, or hornier than usual, I just
might go shopping for shoes again at his shop."
   "I'd rather screw lying down, than standing up in the back
of a shoe shop!" Lisa giggled.
   "Well, so would I, but, I'd rather get fucked standing up,
than not get fucked at all."
   "Did you ever get fucked standing up?" The blonde housewife
asked Susan.
   "Certainly. Lots of times, but the best one was in college
when I fucked the first squad of the basketball team, all five
guys, standing up," Susan proudly announced, her head shaking
up and down.
   "Five guys, all at the same time?"
   "One after the other."
   "Tell me, tell me!" Lisa urged her friend.
   "Not much to tell, just me and five guys from the team in
the gym after practice, so I got screwed dog fashion standing
up by all of them one after the other. The funny thing was that
I had to stand on a box, because they were so damn tall."
   Lisa broke up with laughter, the vision of tiny Susan, on a
tall box getting fucked by a whole basketball team, kept her
giggling for minutes.
   "How about those guys today trying to see your pussy," Susan
laughed, "I thought the first guy was going to loose an eye the
way he kept staring."
   "It wasn't only my pussy they were trying to see, they sure
looked like they liked looking at yours!" Lisa laughed.
   "Anybody that want's to see my cunt, can. At least they can
when I'm both drunk and horny," Susan giggled.
   They were getting smashed on the martini's, laughing and
talking girl talk.
   "I thought his eyes would bug out of his head trying to see
this," Susan giggled as she raised her skirt.
   She pulled the hem of her skirt over her slim thighs, high
enough to bare the blonde hair at the junction and touched her
blonde pussy with her fingers.
   Dumdum, stood. His huge bulk in front of Susan as he lay his
head in her lap looking at her pussy. Susan went almost
hysterical, laughing at his expression, just like the shoe
clerks, she said. Then Dumdum snaked out his long thick pink
tongue and swiped it over her cunt, getting four or five quick
licks before Susan grabbed his head.
   "Stop it Dumdum," she said, pulling at his head to get him
away from her pussy. Dumdum growled at her hands holding his
head. She quickly dropped her hands as he placidly continued to
lap her cunt.
   Lisa said, "Let him go, after all he's just doing what the
shoe salesman wanted to do." Both blonds laughed at Lisa's
words, however Susan's laughter died as Dumdum lapped harder at
her pretty blonde cunt.
   "I don't know if his owner trained him, or he's just a great
natural born pussy licker, Susan giggled while her hips began
to dance around on the chair, "but, he's better at licking cunt
than any man I ever had!"
   Lisa's loud laughter startled Dumdum and he swung his head
to look at her, then trotted to her side. She hugged him,
petting his huge head while his tongue lolled foolishly from
his great mouth.
   "I've got to go pee, be back in a second." Lisa said
trotting down the hall to the bedroom. She quickly put the
recorder on auto, turned on the camera, focusing it on the bed.
   She tested the foot switch, turned it off, went into the
toilet and pee'd.
   Returning to the living room she was greeted by the sight of
Dumdum licking Susan's cunt again. Susan's thighs pulled high
to get the Dane's tongue into her pussy. As she entered, Dumdum
left his cunt lapping to great her again.
   "Just my luck. My horoscope said I was going to be lucky in
love today, Susan laughed, "and then just when I'm getting
turned on, my lover leaves me for another woman. That makes
twice that he's stopped licking me, to go to you."
   "I think your horoscope was right on," Lisa giggled, "Come
with me, both of you."
   They were soon sitting on the edge of the big bed, skirts
raised, thighs spread, pussy's wet, with Dumdum alternating
between Susan's blonde pink pussy, and the curly ringlets of
Lisa's crevasse. The great Dane's tongue lapping brought them
both to giggling fits as he licked his broad red tongue from
asshole to clit. While Dumdum lapped at Susan, Lisa slowly
removed her clothes. Naked she moved to the bed and crawled
languidly up to the top and lay watching. Susan leaned back to
lie flat with her wide open legs over the edge, Dumdum's tongue
lashing at her wet pussy.
   "Get your clothes off, Susan, while he licks me for a
while." Susan relinquished her canine lover while she hastily
removed her dress and brassiere.
   Dumdum jumped up on the bed and was busily licking Lisa's
warm wet snatch. Lisa arched her ass high to his flickering
tongue while Susan took the other side of Dumdum, pushed him
over until he lay on his back, paws drooping onto his chest.
His foolish dog's smile, tongue lolling from his mouth brought
giggles from the girls again. They petted him, telling him what
a good dog, and great pussy licker he was. Tail wagging, Dumdum
wiggled on the bed to their praise.
  "Show Aunty Susan your pretty red prick, Dumdum. Let her see
how pretty it is," Lisa implored the dog, her hands rubbing the
soft fur on his stomach. Her fingers probed the soft hairy
sheath covering his penis, feeling the dog bone underneath the
loose skin, slowly jacking him and trying to work his cock out.
   Even with her fingers busy on his soft cock, Dumdum's male
organ remained hidden from her view.

C h a p t e r  16

   "Will his cock get hard with you touching it? Susan's
questing voice murmured.
   "You better believe it will get hard." Lisa laughed, "Do
you want to see it?"
   "You know this is perverted, but I love it. You bet I'd
like to see it hard. I don't think I've ever seen a dog with
a hard on. I'm really getting turned on just thinking about
   Susan's voice was low and sultry, filled to the brim with
sexual longing. Wanting to see Dumdum's hard prick.
   "He just needs to know what we want. Maybe this will do
   Susan moved to straddle his great muzzle, facing his cock
to see Lisa's hand busily stroking the furry covering. Her
tiny hips undulating slowly with her thighs centered over
his head, his tongue lapping at her wet cunt. His black wet
nose pressed almost tightly to the rosebud of her asshole as
his tongue snaked over the wet lips of her parted pussy.
   The taste of her pussy began to work on the dogs cock,
his red angry pointed tip working out of his sheath, peeking
at the world. Lisa touched him with the tips of her fingers
and his cock began to expand with a rush, charging out in
full swelling from it's hiding place.
   "It's beautiful, isn't it. So big and wet looking. It
really turns you on, doesn't it?" Susan breathed at Lisa.
   Red and pointed, swelling with passion, slickly coated
with his juices. Lisa slowly jacked him while he lapped at
Susan's cunt.
   "Lisa, I want to see you suck his cock. I want to see
your mouth on that hard red prick of his. Put your lips over
it and show me how you suck cock!"
   Lisa moved her face closer to his cock, eyeing it from
only inches away watching it well liquid honey at the
slotted tip.
   She felt Susan's hands caress her body, fondling her full
breasts and teasing the nipples into rock hard points.
   Susan's fingers tickled her nipples, then caressed her
belly, smoothly and lovingly moving down her soft swelling
belly to touch the inner flesh of her thighs, then to brush
the curly dark hair of her hot wet snatch.
   Lisa moaned as she felt Susan's fingertip graze the
swelling of her hot pussy.
   "Do you want me to play with you while Dumdum licks my
pussy Lisa?" Susan asked.
   Lisa, startled at the thought of her friend touching her
pussy, paused. Did she really want to experience a lesbian
   Her thoughts raced.
   "What the hell, this isn't a romance, Susan isn't a
lesbian, we are just two horny females, in heat, so why
   Her decision was made.
   "Oh yes. Please touch my cunt Susan."
   Lisa begged, with Susan's finger slipping between the
pink swelling of her pussy lips, bringing Lisa to instant
   Her head flung back while her belly rippled with the
force of her cuming, then as she relaxed, her lips touched
Dumdum's prick.
   Opening her lips, her tongue snaked out without
hesitation, licking the hot slick flesh of the animal penis,
savoring the flavor. Pursing her mouth, the blonde slipped
it over the pointed end, sucking the warm free flowing
juices from his elongated cock.
   The sight of Dumdum's cock entering Lisa's mouth and the
eager animal cock sucking she was witnessing, drove Susan
   She pulled her fingers from Lisa's wet pussy and leaned
over, her face only inches from the swollen lips of Lisa's
curly thatched pussy.
   "Now I know why the guys at the shoe store wanted to see
up your skirt Lisa, your cunt's beautiful."
   Lisa stopped sucking Dumdum's prick, her head lifting
from the bed, turning to look down at Susan inspecting her
   "Do you really think it's beautiful, Susan?"
   "I think it's gorgeous. It's pink and swelling up, and
your lips are all puffed out, and I can see your clit
sticking out
at the top of your slit."
   "Thank you, for the compliment," Lisa smiled down at her
friends eyes, "maybe that's what the shoe store people
wanted to do, was to get a really close look at my pussy."
   "I don't think that that's all they wanted to do, I think
they wanted to do this too!"
   Susan dropped her lips to Lisa's curly haired pussy,
driving her tongue inside. The wet female tongue thrust deep
into her pussy.
   Lisa, startled, froze. Her breathing stopped for a few
seconds as she felt Susan's hot tongue inside her belly. Her
stillness a signal of disbelief that her friend would run
her tongue up inside her wet cunt.
   "Stop it Susan, you can't do that."
   Susan's head raised, her eyes locked with Lisa's pale ice
blue eyes.
   "Why not. Sex is sex if you're turned on, and I'm turned
on.  I've always wondered what it would be like tasting
another girl's pussy and now I know. Don't you want to know
what it tastes like?"
   "Well, yes, but..."
   "It tastes like warmth and love, the slippery wetness of
a good friend who's all turned on, and I'm going back for
   Susan's hot tongue drove into Lisa's pussy again,
exploring all of the ridges and bumps inside, lapping
sweetly at the swelling of Lisa's clitoris, running over the
moist wet curly hairs around Lisa's pussy.
   Lisa, relaxed somewhat, moving back to capture Dumdum's
hot leaking prick between her lips, imagining the feeling of
tasting another girl's wet pussy, the image of herself
moving her tongue in another's pussy started her hips
   The taste of Dumdum's cock and the depravity of the
action brought Lisa to another body wrenching orgasm that
continued for several minutes. Then she fell back limply on
the bed letting Dumdum's prick slide from her searching
mouth, her sexual urges satisfied.
   Susan's tongue continued to burrow into her soft pussy
until Lisa put her hand to Susan's head, gently pressing her
away.  Susan kept her open thighs over Dumdum's questing
tongue, enjoying the canine lapping of her cunt, then she
too entered into an orgasm, shook and shuddered then fell
limply at Lisa's side....
   Though the two females had been momentarily satisfied,
poor Dumdum had not. His hard prick trembled, throbbing with
lust.  Frustrated, he jumped to his feet on the bed and
nuzzled at Susan's pussy.
   Susan turned over to lay on her stomach, legs sprawled,
her lovely curvaceous ass rounded and firm, stuck up. Dumdum
nosed at her ass with his muzzle then nudging at her open
thighs, raised her ass higher in the air, stepping forward
to straddle her.
   His cock, red and distended, leaking honey dripping
between the cheeks of her ass as he began hunching in the
air over her delectable ass.
   "He wants to fuck you," Lisa observed, "poor puppy,
everybody gets off but Dumdum. Well, shall we suck him off,
or let him fuck us?"
   "Fuck us now and we'll suck him off later," was Susan's
contribution. She began to raise her ass higher, getting
onto her hands and knees wavering her buttocks around under
Dumdum's belly so he could stick his long red cock inside
her pussy.
   Lisa watched him trying to slide his prick inside her
blonde friend's hairy pussy but he kept hitting her thighs
and ass, missing the hairy opening he sought. Lisa slid
under Susan's belly, her head below Susan's cunt and reached
for Dumdum's cock. Grasping the hunching canine cock, she
centered it at the pink open crevasse, and with one lunge
the dog's hot red cock slipped into her cunt from behind.
   The tapered red canine animal cock screwing the pink
opening of her blonde friend's pussy. She watched and
occasionally licked at his cock as it slipped into the hot
blonde's belly, tonguing the excess juices from his prick as
it withdrew from Susan's pussy.
   "Do you like lying under me, looking up, seeing my pussy
up close?" Susan grunted to her friend, under the lunges of
Dumdum's prick sliding into her from behind.
   "Yes. Yes I do. Your pussy's beautiful too! I can see how
juicy you're getting as his cock slips in and out of you,
and I think I can taste you on his cock, too!"
   "Lick me at the same time he's fucking me, Lisa." Susan
   Lisa looked at her friends swollen wet pussy, seeing
Dumdum's red prick slickly sliding into the slitted opening
between the clefted cheeks of her friends ass, and moving
her eyes closer, saw the red bump of Susan's clit.
   Lisa, turned on beyond belief, almost unable to control
her own actions now in her present state of lust, moved her
tongue to touch the slick shaft of the dog's cock as it
withdrew it's stroke from Susan's pussy.
   She enjoyed the flavor of Dumdum's cock and Susan's cunt,
her mouth savoring the taste of both juices as they combined
in her lips. After only a moments hesitation, she raised her
head and licked at Susan's clit, feeling the pink bud swell
under her tongue.
   "Oh Gawd, I can feel your tongue in me," Susan went wild
with passionate lust.
   Susan mouth fastened onto Lisa's wet pussy, sucking the
juice from her blonde curly haired cunt.
   Both girls sucking on each others cunts, Dumdum's hard
cock thundering into Susan's pussy, both slurping and
moaning their pleasure. Suddenly, Dumdum began to fuck his
slick long red tapered prick into Susan's pussy with faster
and faster motion.
   Shoving his prick to her cervix, he began to spurt his
animal cum deep within her cunt.
   The slippery liquid squirted into Susan's wet box, over
filling her tight pink hole, dripping out into Lisa's
questing mouth. Susan's ass twisting and twirling, bucking
back against the hard red animal cock reaming her pussy,
shooting cum deep into her writhing female hole. His balls
empty, Dumdum attempted to pull his elongated red prick from
Susan's hole, however, the glands on each side of his cock
had swollen until his cock was stuck inside her tight cunt
like a cork in a bottle.
   "He's hung up in my pussy, his cock swelled so big that
it won't come out, and it feels terrific" Susan said.
   Slowly rotating her luscious ass and digging her tongue
back into Lisa's hot wet cunt, Lisa sucked Susan's clit and
tongued her pink slit, licking the red, exposed shank of
Dumdum's cock at the same time, until after several orgasms
each, Dumdum's cock pulled from Susan's hole, dribbling
   They flopped side by side on the bed, Dumdum laying at
the bottom of the bed licking his cock, laughing about how
great it was. Lisa pouting since she had not felt Dumdum's
prick up her cunt.
   "Let's get him hard again. I want to have him fuck me,
too!" Lisa said.
   Soon both girls had Dumdum lying on his back while they
alternated sucking his cock and coaxing it to get hard. Lisa
had an idea, running her fingers into her cunt brought out
her slick lubricating, aromatic juice, spreading it onto
Dumdum's black nose. He got the idea instantly, his cock
beginning to slither out of the sheath, red pointed tip
running honey, until he was as hard as before.
   The girls switched places, Lisa with her luscious ass
waving high, her back arched, Susan's head between her
thighs, Dumdum's cock in her snatch. She began sucking the
juices from Susan and Dumdum's previous fucking from Susan's
pussy, quickly feeling a long continuous orgasm rippling her
   The thought of getting her cunt sucked, sucking on
another girl's cunt, getting fucked by a great Dane's red
hot prick had her hotter than she had ever been before in
her life.
   When the Dane's cock exploded cum into her cunt, Lisa
thought she would faint from the pleasurable sensations. She
felt the glands on the side of his cock swell, mashing her
tight cunt lips, filling her to the brim, while Susan
continued to lick her clit, she suckled Susan's juicy pussy
and waited for the hard animal prick to shrink.
   Soon, the dog's cock shrunk and pulled itself from her
hot overworked cunt with an audible plop. While the two
girls lay, entwined, Lisa reflecting, glad she had turned
the recorder and camera on. She would be able to see the
whole adventure over and over again if she chose to at some
future time.
   Later, while they were dressing, Lisa stepped on the
switch, turning off the recorder.
   The two girls took Dumdum back next door to his home,
where he flopped, eyes closed, almost instantly asleep,
which broke them both up with laughter.
   After Susan left, Lisa re-wound the tape cartridge,
removed it from the recorder, put in a new blank tape,
hiding the movie in the bottom of a shoe box at the back of
her closet.
   She had decided after all, that there were some things
that her husband Bill, might not understand, and a movie of
her sucking on Susan's pussy, might be one of them.
   "It must be that I'm bisexual, because I enjoyed sucking
on her wet pussy. Either that or I'm just hyper active

C h a p t e r    17

   Lisa quit her job. She didn't need to work, she wasn't
really enjoying it, they didn't need the money, and Bill
kept telling her to take a year off if she wanted to.
   She gave the required ten days notice, attended the going
away party given in her honor and also had cocktails with
Polly and Harry almost every day after work. Her last day of
work was Thursday and she left at noon, her boss insisting
that the was no reason to work and that he was going to take
her to lunch as a good-bye present from the firm.
   They drove up the peninsula in his car, a very
comfortable white Mercedes, to Kee Joon's Chinese
Restaurants atop a building near the San Francisco Airport,
having cocktails over looking the airplanes on approach to
the airport.
   Her bosses name was Edwin E. Smith, but everyone called
him 'Doc'.
   During lunch, while struggling with the chopsticks, Lisa
dropped a piece of duck she was holding between the Chinese
eating sticks. Doc began to laugh at her and showed her how
to hold them. Lisa quickly learned to use her chopsticks and
with occasional lapses, was able to pick up almost anything
on her plate. Doc was a master with the chopsticks.
   "Where did you learn to eat with chopsticks, Doc?"
   "Oh, it's a long story.. My dad was a naval officer so I
spent a lot of time in the orient. I grew up in Japan and
Hong Kong, with side trips to back to the States. I think I
used chop sticks before I knew what a fork was. Except for
two years in San Diego, I was outside the United States all
my life until I was nineteen, then I came back to go to
   "With a first name like Edwin, where ever did you get a
nick name like Doc?"
   "Well, it's a little embarrassing to talk about it, let's
change the subject."
   "No, let's not change the subject. How did you get the
name 'Doc'"
   He sighed, "Everybody thinks that I got the name from a
science fiction writer by the name of E. E. Smith, but
that's not where I picked up the nickname of Doc. The truth
is that I was about thirteen or fourteen and living in San
Diego when I got caught playing doctor with the daughter of
the Commanding Officer of the Naval Station, by her mother
no less. She raised so much hell when she caught us, that
she took a swing at me
and fell. She hit her head and was knocked unconscious. I
stopped the blood, found out she wasn't breathing. I was
scared as hell, but I was a Boy Scout and I knew about
artificial respiration and I worked on her while her
daughter called an ambulance. When they arrived, they said I
had saved her life and it got in the papers and all, ... so
they started calling me Doc, and it stuck."
   Lisa roared with laughter. "Did you ever play doctor
again with the girl?"
   "And her mother."
   "And her mother? You mean you were thirteen years old and
you were playing doctor with an thirteen year old girl and
her mother at the same time? Now that's one story I've just
got to hear."
   "After lunch, maybe I'll tell you the whole story of my
wayward youth, but now let's enjoy the Oyster Beef, and the
girl wasn't thirteen, she was fifteen, almost sixteen at the
   After lunch they had another round of cocktails, Lisa
badgering Doc to tell her the story about the mother and
   "Look Lisa, that was a long time ago. Anyway, why would
you want to hear about me making it with a mother and
daughter team?"
   "Because your a handsome sexy man now, and I think you
were a handsome sexy boy then, and I like sexy stories that
turn me on, told to me by handsome sexy men?"
   Doc laughed and bent forward closer to her.
   "OK. Enough of the bull shit I'll tell you what, I'll
tell you the story on one condition. If I turn you on, you
play doctor with me."
   Lisa giggled, "It's a deal, but not here. Let's go
somewhere else so I can listen without that waitress with
the big tits butting in all the time."
   "Her tits aren't as big, nor as pretty as yours are, but
let's go out to my beach house in Pacifica. I'll call the
office and tell them I won't be back today and I'll meet you
out in the lobby."
   After visiting the ladies room, Lisa found Doc waiting as
she came out the door. Arm in arm they went, down the
elevator to his car in the parking lot, then drove the
freeway to the little town of Pacifica on the ocean.
   Lisa was having a good time in Doc's white Mercedes,
turning slightly toward Doc as he drove, her slim legs
parted slightly to attempt to get his mind off his driving
and on her legs, instead.
   The sensuous blonde really enjoyed the glances at her
legs, Doc looked frankly, not with a peek, but a good hard
stare which brought moisture to Lisa's crotch.
   He showed her his redwood and glass house built by the
ocean with pride, started a drift wood fire in the stone
fireplace, got a pitcher of martini's and settled down on
the couch in front of the fire with her.
   "When you tell me this story," Lisa said over the rim of
her martini, "I like the real words like cock and cunt and
pussy and fuck and suck. Don't use the bull shit words like
vagina and penis, because they don't turn me on, and I want
to get turned on with you. I found out from my husband that
using the real words can usually be a turn on."
   Lisa looked at Doc with her ice blue eyes wide open.
   "I like to hear some words better than others. For
instance the word pussy really turns me on more than the
word cunt, but I like both prick and cock as dirty words.
Prick makes me think of a dripping hard cock, and the word,
cock, reminds me of a throbbing monster just about ready to
   "So, Doc, don't use the soft words, use the hard ones."
   "Lisa, I'll use the hardest works I know, and I hope you
get excited as hell, "Doc laughed.
   Doc started his story.
   "About a week after the ambulance episode, my mother got
a call from Julia Webster, the mother, who wanted me to come
over to her house. Needless to say I was scared, and I
didn't know what was going to happen. I knew she was going
to chew me out about her daughter Beverly, but she couldn't
be too mad at me 'cause I had saved her life, even though it
was me playing with Bev's pussy that caused her to fall in
the first place."
   "My mother insisted I go, so I rang the doorbell that
afternoon, a scared thirteen year old, meeting face to face
with Mrs. Webster again. Beverly wasn't home and her mother,
Mrs. Webster, took me into the patio by the pool to talk to
me.  She got herself a tall cocktail and offered me some
lemonade or milk, but I refused. She was wearing a two piece
swimsuit and looked damn good to me."
   "She thanked me for saving her life, then started asking
me questions about Beverly and how long we had been playing
when she found us.
   "Next she wanted me to tell her about all the things we
had done together. I didn't know how much Bev told her
mother, so I figured that honesty was the only way. I told
her that was the first time I had seen Bev with no pants on,
but she had let me feel her tits a couple of times before
   "Mrs. Webster told me that she must know all that had
happened between the two of us, and if I were truthful, then
she would decide what my punishment should be. And also if I
told her all the truth, then my parents need never find out
the terrible thing that I had done."
   "I told her we had been playing doctor when she walked in
the garage and caught Beverly with no clothes on, lying on a
table and me with my finger in her cunt. I even said the
word cunt to her because I didn't know any other medical
word for a girl's pussy then. I knew all of the slang words
and none of the medical words. She was sitting next to me
and asking me questions about how it felt to put my hands on
Bev's breasts
and what they felt like, how did her nipples feel, did I
make them get hard when I touched them."
   "Now, Mrs. Webster was a good looking lady with a great
body, even though she was close to forty, keeping me talking
about feeling Bev, I started getting over being scared and
started to notice how her tits bulged out of her bathing
suit. Pretty soon I saw her nipples get hard underneath the
swim suit and I figured out that it was my dirty talking
that was doing it, so
I really started to talk dirty to her."
   "I started to tell her what it felt like to cup Bev's
tits in my hand, feeling the solid shifting movement of her
titties, how I liked to move my hands around her tits and
touch her smooth skin with my fingers. How her pink nipples
blended into the skin at the points of her tits, but that
when I rubbed and kissed the nipples, they would stand right
up and stick out in hard little lumps like strawberries.
   I could see her nipples sticking out like strawberries
too, and I told her that, pointing my finger at her tits."
   "That turned her face a little pink, but she laughed,
saying that she needed to hear all about Bev and me, before
she made her decision."
   "I told her about examining Bev's ass as she lay face
down and how it felt to run my fingers down the crack of
Bev's ass."
   "Pretty soon Mrs. Webster was squirming on the seat
beside me, I was giving her a case of very hot pants."
   "I told her how much I wanted to see Bev's cunt, but from
the back I could just see the hairs starting, and I couldn't
really see her cunt. How I had kept running my fingers over
the crack in Bev's ass, touching her asshole until she has
opened her legs a little and I could see a little bit of her
hairy pussy, and it was wet."
   "I talked slow to her and really had her squirming, I
thought her nipples were going to burst through her suit. I
told her about Bev turning over and asking me to suck her
nipples, and teaching me how to run my tongue over them to
make them softer, and how to bite them gently to make them
   "When I started telling Mrs. Webster about starting to
examine Bev's cunt, she made me wait while she got another
drink. Her hand was shaking when she poured the drink for
   "I was really pouring it on the poor lady now, telling
her about moving my fingers over the soft skin of Bev's
little belly, touching the soft curly hair around her cunt,
and how the lips were glistening with the dew from her pussy
when just as I had started to put my finger in Bev's cunt
and find out what she felt like inside, the door to the
garage had opened and before I could find out what it felt
like, she had stopped us."
   "Now, Lisa, you've got to understand that I must have
spent ten minutes telling how pretty Bev's cunt looked to me
and how much I wanted to touch it, and now I'd never get a
chance to find out what it felt like."
   "By the time I was done, her swimsuit had two bumps where
her nipples were hard, and there was a sweet wet spot at her
pussy where she was leaking juice from her cunt."
   "Mrs. Webster took my hand and told me that I was a good
boy for telling her the truth, and she forgave me for trying
to look at Bev with no clothes on, however, she said that I
needed to be punished for doing what I must have known was
   "She asked me if I would take my punishment like a man,
or was she going to have to tell my mother and the
newspapers what I had done. Needless to say, I told her I
would take the punishment."
   "She took me to her bedroom, closed the door, and told me
she was going to spank me, and for me to take off my shoes,
socks and pants. She stood there in front of me while I sat
on the floor and removed my shoes and socks, and then I
stood up to take off my pants."
   The story had Lisa's tongue almost hanging out of her
mouth, and she could feel the juices gathering at the lips
of her pussy. Doc was a good story teller and he kept
touching and moving his hands on her legs and back while he
talked. Lisa was getting very sexually excited.
   "Mrs. Webster made me take off my pants in front of her.
So there I stood. Naked from the waist down, standing in
front of a lady who was at least a foot taller than I was. I
really felt foolish, with my little cock dangling down while
this woman was going to paddle my behind."
   "Didn't you have a hard on, or were you too young?" Lisa
asked him.
   "No.. No hard on, because I was scared and embarrassed,
but no boy is too young to get hard."
   "Anyway, she sat on the bed and made me stand between her
legs while she talked to me. I was looking down all the time
she talked to me, my eyes either looking down the front of
her swimsuit at the start of the swelling of her tits, or at
her wet cunt spot which was growing as she talked. She made
me lie down across her lap, my prick was still soft but it
was touching her tanned thigh, while she rested her hand on
my ass."
   "Edwin. I'm going to spank you for rubbing your dirty
hands all over my daughter's titties and making her nipples
so hard.  I'm going to spank you for kissing her titties and
putting them in your mouth. I'm going to spank you for
playing with her ass and feeling the crack between. I'm
going to spank you for touching her curly pussy hair with
your fingers and I'm going to spank you for trying to put
your finger into her warm wet cunt, do you understand?"
   "That's what she told me."

C h a p t e r  18

   "By that time, lying face down in her lap, I had a hard
on, and she could feel it against her thigh."
   "She started slapping her hand down on my ass, and really
gave me a paddling. She kept saying, 'this is for touching
her tits, and this is for licking her nipples' until she
covered all the bases, and stopped. By the time Mrs. Webster
was done beating my ass, I had tears running down my cheeks
and a hard on a cat couldn't scratch."
   Lisa started giggling like a school girl, listening to
Doc's tale.
   "When I stood up she kept me between her thighs and
kissed my tears away, holding me close and telling my how
she wasn't mad at me, but that I was a bad boy to try to put
my finger in her daughter's pussy. That's when she saw my
hard on. Now remember, I was thirteen, and my cock was about
as big around as your little finger and I had no hair at all
on my balls."
   "She told me to tell her the truth, and was my hard on
because of Bev. I told her that hard on was because I had
been thinking about putting my finger in her pussy while she
was spanking me."
   "She told me, that she would let me see her titties, but
I was too young to see her pussy, and pulled down the top of
her bathing suit."
   "Lisa, that lady had beautiful tits. They were round and
full, high on her chest and set with the prettiest pair of
pink nipples I ever saw."
   "While I began to stroke them, they trembled and swayed,
and got hard nipples as my fingers explored the smooth
warmth of her breasts. She was sure getting hot, and her
nipples were like little pebbles."
   "I could see the wet spot between her legs spreading on
her suit and could guess at the juice running out of her
pussy." "Mrs. Webster asked me if I liked the taste of her
big tits and did I like to suck her nipples, and while she
asked she started to stroke my hard cock, sliding the
foreskin and tickling my balls."
   "I told her how delicious her tits were and kept
sucking." "Lisa, remember, I was thirteen, and I hadn't ever
cum yet, I was still to young, but she sure felt good to me.
I really wanted to see her cunt, so I asked her."
   "She said no, I couldn't see her cunt. I told her it
wasn't fair that she could see my cock and touch it and I
couldn't see her pretty pussy."
   "After a short time she lay back on the bed and told me
that I could pull off her bathing suit and see her pussy, if
I still wanted to see it, but that I wasn't to touch it, and
under no circumstances would I be able to put my tongue in
   "Now, I'd never even thought about eating pussy. I knew
you could put your cock inside and fuck, and I knew you
could finger fuck a pussy, but I'd never even heard of
eating a pussy until then."
   "I'll tell you, Lisa. That opened up a whole new world
for me!"
   Lisa's giggles were almost constant now, with Doc's story
both making her laugh and getting her excited at the same
   Doc was not unaware of her shining ice blue eyes, and the
fact that she was squirming around on the couch from his
   The fire was occasionally making popping sounds, and the
romantic flickering of the flames, the heat warming her
tummy from the martini's, and the sensual tale Doc was
relating, all served to heat the beautiful ice blue eyed
blond well past the boiling point.
   "I struggled and got her top unfastened from around her
waist, and pulled her tight bathing suit bottoms off. She
had to raise her hot rounded ass so that I could tug the
bottom of the bathing suit from her hot ass.
   "That nice lady had a great figure, big firm tits, a tiny
waist, and a flat belly."
   "She also had the softest hair on her cunt I've ever
felt, it was just like goose down. I stroked her pussy,
feeling the lips bulge out and ran my fingers down the crack
touching the wet juicy lips of her cunt."
   "She was panting and breathing like a steam engine and I
think she came the first time I touched her, she was so
   "Then I began to slide my fingers into her hot wet box,
to feel the slickness of the inner lips and listening to the
squelching wet sounds as I learned to finger fuck her cunt."
   Lisa was wiggling on the couch now, the only thing
keeping her pussy from catching on fire was the juice
sluicing out of her hot cunt.
   She was fascinated while listening to Doc's tale of
seduction, wondering just who was seducing who in the drama.
She touched the swelling in Doc's pants, tracing the outline
of his hard cock below the fabric as he continued his story.
   "I pulled at her legs and she raised and opened them,
holding on the backs of her thighs, her cunt directly under
my eyes about six inches away."
   "Her pussy was juicy and wet, with a trail of juice
running down to her ass hole."
   "I'd been describing to her the feeling of touching her,
and what it felt like with my fingers inside her cunt when
she started moaning and tossing her head and arching her ass
off the bed."
   "Her hips were rolling and with her back arched and
pelvis high, her pussy was steaming. It was so wet that I
could see her honey running down her box into the crack of
her ass.  She was some kind of turned on lady, let me tell
   "I started telling her how pretty her wet pussy was, and
how I'd like to stick my tongue inside and lap up some of
that wet juice I could see running out."
  "She begged me not to kiss her pussy. Here I was, thirteen
years old, and this married lady was getting off on the
thought of my lips on her cunt."
   "I told her that I couldn't help myself. That I had to
slide my tongue inside her pink cunt, and tongue fuck her.
   "While I was telling her this, she was groaning something
awful, and shaking her head back and forth, telling me not
to suck her. I was smart enough then to realize that even
though her lips said no, her hips writhing and the motions
of her cunt were saying yes, yes."
   "When I told her I didn't care, I was going to stick my
tongue inside her belly anyway, she grabbed her thighs with
her hands, pulled her knees up until they squashed her tits,
and started waving her wet box almost under my nose."
   "I grabbed at the fullness of her ass, poked my face up
close to her cunt, and stuck my tongue out, not touching her
with it, you understand, but putting it where she could look
between her legs and see my tongue hovering over the wide
open wet lips of her pussy."
   "I kept my tongue in motion, not touching her, but
flicking it over her steaming hot cunt. She stood about
three of four minutes of that, telling me all the time that
I couldn't suck her off, or stick my tongue up between her
   "I kept teasing her, knowing that she was just fooling
me, when she let go of her legs and grabbed my head, shoving
my face deep into her wet cunt."
   "Her voice was almost inaudible while I had my mouth
fastened to her juicy hot cunt. She had clasped her thighs
against my ears and her hands were on the back of my head
pulling me as deep into her hairy cunt as she could. She
almost yelled at me just how to suck her clit, and I did."
   Lisa had her blouse unbuttoned, and Doc was playing with
the nipples of her tits and feeling her wet pussy under her
skirt.  "She grabbed me and turned me around so we were
going down on each other, her cunt in my mouth and my tiny
cock and balls in her mouth."
   "I never did cum, but she must have cum about a dozen
times.  After a while we stopped. I think she was just to
tired to suck anymore, and I'd had my curiosity satisfied
about pussy and tits. She sent me home with a promise not to
tell anyone about us, and told me we could do it again
anytime I wanted."
   "Tell me about fucking both mother and daughter," Lisa
asked.  Doc shifted his hands, sliding his finger up Lisa's
cunt while he continued to fondle her tits.
   "We must have sucked each other off a couple of dozen
times during the next six months or so, and about that time,
hair started to grow on my groin and my cock started to
grow, and then I came with her sucking on me. That was the
first time for me. After that when I fucked her, she would
always make me pull my cock out of her pussy just before I
came. The pill hadn't been invented yet, and she didn't want
to get pregnant. I got pretty good at fucking my brains out,
and then when I felt my balls swell up, spin around to stick
my cock in her mouth and suck the cunt I'd just fucked while
I spurted my cum in her sucking mouth."
   Lisa came around his questing finger as Doc continued his
   "One day while I was fucking her on her bed, I looked up
and saw Bev standing and looking in through the partly open
door.  When she saw me look at her, she put her finger to
her lips in a signal for me not to say anything. I could see
she had her hand under her skirt and her finger in her cunt
as I was fucking her mother, so I kept right on fucking."
   "After I had come in Mrs. Webster's mouth, and she lay
back quietly on the bed, Bev sneaked in and climbed on the
bed with us. She had taken off her clothes and I thought
Mrs. Webster was going to shit."
   "There was a lot of arguing, a little screaming, some
tears, a lot of promises, and some jealousy before we three
decided that we could all have fun together. Mrs. Webster
wouldn't let me fuck Bev since she was afraid she would get
pregnant, but for almost a year after that I was fucking
Mrs. Webster, and sucking both pussy's and getting my cum
sucked from my balls by both mother and daughter. That
lasted until my dad got his transfer to Atsugi Japan, and I
had to leave."
   Lisa had his thick cock out and was sucking the knobby
head in her mouth, her saliva coating his glans and running
in slippery strings down to his balls.
   His hands held her head while he fucked up into her
sucking lips, then started shooting his hot salty cum in her
mouth.  His body heated sperm shot with such intensity that
her cheeks puffed out and she swallowed his juices as
quickly as she could, but some escaped and ran from the
corners of her pink lips to run down on her chin and hang in
quivering hot clinging drops.
   When she quit sucking him, Doc grabbed her and turned her
upside down, pulled her panties off and fastened his lips to
her over heated drooling cunt. Lisa made up her mind that
Doc was the best cunt sucker she had ever had. His tongue
searched out all of the tiny unexplored places, flickered in
and out like a serpents tongue and his lips caught and held
her pink standing clitoris with just the right amount of
pressure to cause her to enter deep shuddering orgasms.
   She began to lose her mind, her fantasy building, her
body one gigantic orgasm, her pussy squirting juice each
time her pussy clenched and writhed around his oscillating
   Her mind drifted as her cunt was tongue fucked into
squirting juice, then licked clean to start the cycle over
again. After while, she forgot to breathe as his mouth
tasted the sweet juice.
   Lisa passed out from his tongue fucking.
   The sensual blonde woke up lying on the couch, with a
damp towel on her forehead, and a wet towel between her legs
soaking up her pussy juice.
   "What happened?" Lisa asked, with a dreamy voice.
   "You passed out from too much pussy sucking!" Doc
 laughed.  They talked until Lisa's strength returned, and
 had another chilled martini, when Lisa asked Doc a
   "Doc. Did you ever see Bev again?"
   "See her? I married her ten years later! We were married
for nine years and most of that time I fucked both the
mother and the daughter.
   Suddenly, Bev wanted a divorce. She was jealous of her
mother, and couldn't stand me fucking either her mother or
herself. So we quit our marriage."
   "I met my present wife in Hong Kong, she's the daughter
of the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Weston and her
mother was a Chinese whore. She was raised in a whore house
in Kowloon, and loves to fuck and suck, almost as much as
you do!"
   "I want you to meet her, you'd love her and she'd love
you.  She likes to suck pussy as much as she loves to suck
cock.  You two would get on just fine."
   Lisa invited Doc and his wife to the dinner party
Saturday but cautioned him about telling Bill about their
afternoon affair. She felt that she should keep this one a
secret from her husband.

C h a p t e r   19

   "How would you like to go to an adult massage parlor
   "I don't know, what happens at a massage parlor?"
   "We get our bodies rubbed, that's what happens princess.
Are you game to get your body rubbed, and lay and watch me
get my body rubbed?" Lisa's handsome husband leered.
   "I'm game for anything, you know that. Where and when is
the mutual rubbing take place?"
   "Don't know for sure until I make a couple of phone
then we can decide if we want to go or not. Give me a few
minutes on the phone and then we'll see," Bill settled into
the den and started calling.
   In a few minutes he came out and told Lisa that they were
waiting for a call to tell them where to go.
   The phone rang about seven o'clock, Bill answered, talked
a few minutes and then hung up.
   "We have an eight thirty appointment in the city, with
some girls and the owner for a private room massage, we get
our choice of the girls. Shall we go or shall I call him
back and say that we're not interested?"
   "Are you kidding, of course we'll go. I like to get my
body rubbed as much as anyone else does," Lisa rushed from
the room to get ready for her new adventure.
   "Before we go in, is this the kind of place that ends up
in a real swinging orgy?" Lisa asked her husband.
   "I really don't know, Princess, but we could get lucky!"
   Lisa punched his chest with her small fist.
   "You know what I mean, is this a fuck festival or a
massage parlor?"
   I don't know for sure, but I got the address from Angela,
who said that they are very entertaining here."
   "Now, that's very interesting! How would your secretary
know something like that?" Lisa's eyebrows rose.
   "You'd be amazed at what Angela knows!" her husband
leered at his beautiful blonde wife.
   "It sounds like you've finally got into her panties, and
she's trying to keep you horny," Lisa giggled at her
   "A gentleman never tells," Bill said virtuously.
   "You'd better tell me, if you're getting into her
panties, I want to know it. There shouldn't be any secrets
between us."
   "Well, if you must know, then I didn't get into her
panties, yet. But, she did give me a blow job a week ago
Saturday, at the office," her husband confessed.
   Bill told her the story about Angela hiding under his
desk while Sam and Sam's secretary Marian came into his
office, and how Angela had sucked his prick until he came,
with Sam not the wiser.
   "But Marian knows that Angela was under your desk?" Lisa
   "You bet she knows. She almost insisted that she get
equal time in the future."
   "You'd better watch your ass with that Barracuda, she'll
eat you up and spit out all the pieces if she gets mad at
you.  One thing I've learned at my office, is never to get
on the wrong side of the Boss's secretary," Lisa grinned at
her husband.
   "I'll watch my ass," her husband replied.
   "You won't get into trouble fiddling with Angela, but be
very careful with Marian!" Lisa smiled at her husband, "You
can fuck anybody you want to fuck, just be careful and don't
get either of us into trouble. She's like a sailing ship
under full sail."
   "You know that I wouldn't do anything to harm us, Lisa."
   When they arrived at the massage parlor, they were
greeted by a mature grey haired lady who introduced herself
as Miss Abigale, who asked them to follow her to their room.
They were ushered through a door into a bar, small but
comfortable, with stools and a copper clad highly polished
bar top. The bartender was a small nude red headed lady.
Miss Abigale told them to order whatever they liked from the
bartender and left.
   "My name's Julie, and what would you like to drink first,
and second, I'll present our other choices," the red head
drawled with a southern accent.
   Lisa and Bill ordered and were served, expertly and
quickly, by the naked bartender. As the drinks were set on
small coasters on the copper bat top, Julie leaned forward,
her tits resting on the bar in front of Bill.
   "Miss Abigale said that you were to have your pick of the
girl's here tonight. Would you like to see our menu of
choices now, or would you rather wait a bit?"
   "Now!", said Lisa "Wait a bit!", said Bill looking at her
titties on the bar.
   "O.K.. to both orders. I'll let you look now and then
pick later. How will that be?"
   They both agreed that would be perfect. Julie touching a
switch dimming the bar lights to a glimmer, another switch
and the entire back bar split into two pieces and rolled
open to viewing a one way glass mirror.
   They were looking into a room occupied by several young
ladies wearing short shorts and halter tops. The shorts were
extremely tight and well cut to hug shapely rear ends. The
halter tops just covered the nipples and under sides of
their breasts.  With the cut and the fit of the outfits,
there was no doubt that each of the girls had an excellent
   "Now if you'll just be patient, you'll see more of our
ladies, the time periods are either a half hour or one hour.
In that time period you will see all of the ladies that work
here.  If you see someone that you particularly like, then
let me know, and I'll reserve her for you. If you have any
questions, please ask."
   Julie went to the other end of the bar, leaving them to
their conversation and choices. They started the game of
`who do you like, dear', both determined to please the
   In a few minutes they had both picked one girl and were
about to talk about another when several girls left the room
as a new group entered. They were both almost speechless by
the beauty of one of the new arrivals.
    The lady had long red curly hair all the way down her
back, long enough to rest on the swelling of her most
shapely ass.  Her firm breasts quivered when she walked in,
quivering as she sat and lit a cigarette.
   She was beautiful. She could have won any beauty contest
hands down with blind judges. Her skin the flawless peaches
and cream complexion that everyone talks about, but that's
never seen, set off by her large green luminescent
   "That one?", both said almost in unison.
   Julie laughed and said, "I thought you might like Mary
Lou, she's a premium lady and most people can't pay her
price but I understand that you have your pick of any of the
girls, so I'll reserve Mary Lou for you now."
   Look dear, why don't we let Mary Lou pick the girl she
would like to work with. That way, she's happy and she's
bound to make us happy, too," Lisa smiled at Bill.
   Bill told Julie of their choice. Julie said that she
thought it was a great idea and she used a phone at one end
of the bar.
   Through the mirror, Lisa could see Mary Lou answering the
ringing phone, slowly turning to the mirror and smiling a
devastating smile, nodded her head, setting her full breasts
to quivering again, hung up, leaving the room.
   Julie told them that Mary Lou would bring her choice back
to the room for their approval in a few minutes. If they
were pleased then fine, if not she would make another
selection for them.
   While they sipped their drinks, they discussed Mary Lou's
beauty, long hair, and fantastic figure, wondering what she
was doing in a place like this when she could have had
almost any job. When Mary Lou returned to the other side of
the mirror, they were both stunned by her selection. Her
companion was an exact facsimile of herself except her
friend had coal black long curly hair, same luscious figure
and the same green eyes.
   "I should have known. That's Mary Lou's sister Barbi. Do
they meet with your approval?" Julie asked.
   Bill and Lisa nodded their approval of Mary Lou's choice
and Julie did the telephone bit again, with both Mary Lou
and Barbi smiling at the conversation.
   Both Mary Lou and Barbi entered the bar, introduced each
other taking the eager couple with them, entering a room
covered with mirrors. Only the floor was carpeted, the rest
of the room was mirrors, on the walls and the ceiling.
   Reflections of the four of them were repeated in every
mirror, in every direction they could view. Furniture was
soft and comfortable. The girls split them up, Mary Lou
taking Lisa while Barbi led Bill to doors in opposite ends
of the room.  Mary Lou left Lisa with a blue silky robe with
a black belt for the waist, asked her to undress, shower,
don the robe, joining them again in the main room.
   Lisa returned, to find a iced bottle of champagne, while
the four toasted the evening and each other, getting
acquainted and enjoying themselves. The girls were free with
their caresses and continued touching both Bill and Lisa at
every opportunity.
   Mary Lou's robe, loosely tied at the waist, displayed her
firm breasts and pink nipples, quivering when she laughed
and talked.
   "Oil, baby powder, syrup or the house dressing?" Barbi
asked her male customer.
   "What's the house dressing?" Bill inquired.
   "It's a slippery lickable juice, carefully made with all
natural ingredients, tasty, has no calories, and warms the
skin," Barbi laughed as she wiggled her tits.
   "We both massage you, then keep changing partners during
the evening," Mary Lou said.
   "We try to make it as sensual as we can, so I'd like to
have you relax and just enjoy the evening with whatever of
the dressings that you choose."
   The both chose the house dressing and after another
chilled glass of champagne, Lisa lay face down on the black
sheep skin covered bench after removing her robe. In the
mirror, Lisa watched Mary Lou remove her robe then stand
gracefully, pouring a bottled oily liquid on her hands.
   The first touch of Mary Lou's slippery hands at the base
of her neck had Lisa purring with pleasure, savoring the
delicious sensations as the hands teased and massaged her
neck and back with long sure strokes.
   She viewed the mirrors and watched Bill's partner Barbi,
nude and stroking his male muscled body.
   Shifting her gaze, she watched Mary Lou's body move and
quiver as her firm tits swung in circles as she massaged the
back in the mirror. She drifted sleepily while her back was
rubbed, letting her mind wander, feeling the rhythm and
warmth of Mary Lou's strong hands manipulating the skin and
muscles of her back.
   She could feel the warmth of Mary Lou's firm tits touch
her back occasionally as Mary Lou bent to reach farther down
her body. The dragging of Mary Lou's nipples over the smooth
skin of her back began to turn Lisa on.
   Mary Lou moved to the other side of the bench, wetting
her hands again in the oily house lotion. Lisa watched Bill
and Barbi, watching Barbi's rounded buttocks moving as she
massaged the warm lotion into Bill back.
   Mary Lou pressed against the table to continue the
massage, her warm belly touching Lisa's hand where it hung
over the edge, her fleece pressed against Lisa's fingers.
   Mary Lou's rhythmically moving body, pressed her pussy to
the back of Lisa's fingers and hand, while Lisa imagined she
could sense moisture. Mary Lou's belly moved from the table
so Lisa's fingers lost their pleasurable contact.
   Mary Lou's slippery hands started at her feet, working
the lotion between her toes and up the slim calves of her
legs.  Lisa again felt the warm belly and soft cunt hair,
pressed against the sole and toes of one foot. She wiggled
her toes experimentally, feeling the soft belly press harder
in return.
   In seconds she had her toes wedged in the crack of Mary
Lou's damp pussy. Just as she was getting used to touching
the slick damp mushy folds, Mary Lou moved again and began
to massage her ass. Fingers probed and squeezed the firm
muscles and smooth covering of fatty tissue, sliding slickly
over her curvaceous ass. The fingers dipped to the chasm
between her buttocks, opening the channel, dripping with the
warm liquid.
   Mary Lou and Barbi changed places, Barbi now warming her
hands and pressing her fingers deep into the muscles of
Lisa's ass.  Her touch was stronger and deeper than Mary
Lou's, her strong hand squeezes were almost painful, her
motions as she pulled the cheeks of Lisa's ass apart to bare
the crinkled brown hole almost hurt. Her fingers probed the
chasm, closer and closer to the brown hole, pulling and
teasing the soft flesh. When Lisa's body began slowly
undulating to the pressure, Barbi's fingers and hands softly
changed the pressure, feather soft, her wet slippery finger
caressed the brown budded opening. Lisa jerked as if an
electrical shock had charged her body.
   "Doesn't that feel good, my slippery finger touching your
ass?" Barbi's soft voice asked.
   Again and again the soft touching finger soothed the
brown opening. Minutes went by, as Lisa's body began to
react, slowly arching and undulating her ass to allow
Barbi's finger full access to the selected spot. Watching
the mirror, Lisa noticed that the pair of massage experts
movements were synchronized.
   Each following the movements of the other. Each working
on the same body parts, the same movements.

C h a p t e r  20

   With one hand Barbi poured lotion on the small of her
back, just at the top of the crack of her buttocks. The
viscous liquid slowly ran the length of her chasm, pooling
at her asshole. Barbi's finger began to penetrate the brown
and now relaxed muscle.
   Caressing and touching, entering slowly, to withdraw and
commence again the rhythmic touching. Lisa's eyes were
slitted with pleasure, her body tensions building, until
Barbi's finger probed wetly to it's full length in her
   "Your ass is so pretty, I think I'll fuck it with my
finger and then stick my pink tongue all the way inside."
   Lisa listening to the seductive voice, thinking about a
pink tongue inserted in her asshole, started cuming.
   Her body tensed and shook with the intensity of her
orgasm, then relaxed as the finger worming inside her
withdrew ever so slowly.
   "Here, drink this," Barbi offering a crystal chilled
glass of champagne.
   Lisa sat up on the bench, her body wet with sweat,
dripping perspiration at the hard cum she had experienced,
sipping so gratefully as they took a break, the cold liquid
soothing her throat.
   When she had finished the glass, Mary Lou returned and
asked her to turn over. Mary Lou's slick hands began at her
neck again and soon spread warm lotion on her full breasts.
The full globes of her tits were fondled, caressed, tweaked,
soothed and handled with tender loving care.
   Her nipples responded by engorging and crinkling with
pleasure at the slick feeling of the liquid penetrating her
   Lisa moved her arm to let her hand dangle over the edge,
feeling Mary Lou's firm belly move to touch her fingers.
Lisa gently moving with almost imperceptible motion, teased
the soft curls and damp opening of the cunt softly pressing
her fingers.  Her eyes closed, Lisa moved her finger to part
the lips of Mary Lou's soft haired pussy, seeking her clit,
finding the soft bud almost hidden in the damp folds of
flesh. When her finger caressed lightly the swelling of Mary
Lou's clit, Lisa opened her eyes to look full into Mary
Lou's emerald green wide eyed stare.
   "I like you to stroke my wet pussy, Lisa. I adore your
fingers fucking my cunt, it feels so good and I especially
like to get my clit touched gently like your touching it.
Can you feel the cream coming out of my wet pussy?"
   Mary Lou smiled as Lisa nodded her head, then slowly bent
to lick Lisa's breasts, her pink tongue covering the globes
tasting the lotion with obvious desire. Her tongue mounted
the soft hills to lap and tickle the hard nipple, then
sucked the pink hard nubbin into her eager mouth.
   Lisa felt her belly writhe and she came again, fingering
the soft folds of Mary Lou's curly red haired pussy, then
lay limply, relaxing.
   Her eyes closed, Lisa felt the hands on her thighs,
softly soothing the lotion into her soft skin. Without
opening her eyes, she knew the girls had switched again. The
lotion was slathered on her thighs, while heavy fingers
kneaded the muscles, traveling higher on her thighs, almost
touching her cunt lips with feather light pressure. Quickly
the fingers touched her pink lipped pussy, pausing, tickling
   She opened her eyes to watch the mirror, seeing Mary
Lou's hands fondling Bill's balls. His cock, firmly erect,
stuck high from his belly as her hands stroked the root of
his cock. She watched Mary Lou lean to his cock and touch
her tongue to the slitted head and felt Barbi's tongue slide
into her open pussy at the same instant.
   Watching a blow job and getting her own pussy sucked at
the same time was very exciting, Lisa enjoying watching Mary
Lou's soft mouth engulfing Bill's hard cock as her cunt was
licked and sucked.
   When Barbi's lips fastened onto her clitoris and she felt
the tongue lashing the pink bump, Lisa opened her thighs and
grabbed Barbi's head. Forcing her face deep into her cunt,
Lisa smothered the girl with her hot juicing cunt, her back
arched, feet waving, Lisa spasmed again and again, her moans
louder and louder.
   "Suck my hot, wet, juicy pussy. Stick your tongue in me
and fuck me with it. I love your wet mouth sucking my hot
cunt.  Suck all of me, suck my clit, suck my hairy cunt and
swallow my cum."
   Her cunt on fire, her hot ass twisting and bucking,
Lisa's pussy squirted juice against the hot suckling lips
and questing mouth as she came with shuddering intensity.
Her body released slowly and petting the soft hair on
Barbi's head, Lisa relaxed her thighs and released her pussy
sucking prisoner, while watching the sperm from Bill's cock
spout into Mary Lou's waiting lips.
   Later, sipping champagne, Bill suggested they massage the
girls and Lisa quickly nodded her head.
   Lisa poured lotion on her hands and gently rubbed soft
but very firm body, working from neck to full curved ass,
feeling the warmth radiate from this beautiful lady under
her fingers.  Her questing fingers soon found Mary Lou's
asshole and gently probed and petted the opening. Mary Lou's
breathing quickened and Lisa could feel her heart beat
faster as she slid her finger into the round brown opening,
feeling inside the tight channel. She could feel Mary Lou
tighten up then cum quickly.  "I like to fuck your asshole
with my fingers. I wish I had a hard prick to stick into
your pretty red haired pussy right now. I'd rub it right
here and then shove it up your cunt."
   She withdrew her finger and began to caress the open
thighs, occasionally dipping her fingers to contact the soft
red hair and parted swollen lips of Mary Lou's red haired
   Bill motioned to her to change places with him, quickly
her fingers were on Barbi's rounded ass, her finger stuck up
Barbi's round clenched brown ass hole, to feel her ass buck
back trying to swallow more of her finger. When Barbi came,
Lisa thought that the asshole was going to bite her finger
off, it clamped down so hard on her digit.
   She looked over at Bill who had Mary Lou bent over the
bench, his hard cock jack hammering dog fashion into Mary
Lou's cunt, as he pulled her curved ass against his hard
belly, fucking into Mary Lou's soft red haired cunt.
   Lisa turned Barbi over and fastened her lips to the foxy
black haired cunt, watching Bill fuck Mary Lou as she sucked
Barbi's cunt. Her tongue, a flickering sword, cut into the
sweet wet mushy pussy, delving deep and suckling the spewing
juices. Her eyes fixed to Bill's thrusting prick parting the
pink juicy pussy and digging it's way deep into her belly.
   Lisa saw the door open and a man with white shorts and
tee shirt enter, take off his clothes and walk up to her.
Without a word he began to jack his cock until it was hard,
then holding her ass he slid his hard cock up her wet cunt.
Her mouth madly sucking Barbi's cunt, Lisa began to come as
his thick member fucked her as Bill's cock was fucking Mary
   Her juicy cunt squelched the thick prick pounded inside
her, his balls bouncing against the inner parts of her
thighs, his flat belly pressing against her curvaceous
wavering ass.
   Lisa drank the juices almost squirting from Barbi's pussy
and watched Bill tense, then pound his cock as hard as he
could into Mary Lou's clasping cunt, to cum in spurting joy
deep within her belly.
   Lisa felt her male companion's cock swelling in her cunt
around her orgasms and bucked her ass tighter to his as she
felt the spurting cum wetting the insides of her cunt,
spouting and filling the cracks and crevasses, to leak past
the stopper of his hard shaft and gently run down her
thighs. When his prick had emptied it's hot load into her
cunt, it withdrew, leaving her hole feeling empty. Barbi
raised from the bench and stepped down to the floor.
   "Quick. Up on the table on your back. I want to suck
Larry's cum from your hot pussy."
   Lying on her back, Lisa watched Barbi move her lips to
fasten and start sucking the male sperm from her freshly
fucked wet hot cunt. Soon the questing tongue savoring
Larry's salty sperm was digging deeper into her hot cunt,
shoveling out the droplets, trying to suck her wet cunt dry.
Lisa's writhing pussy was clenching and spasming
continuously, her cunt on fire as she came again to the
seeking lips and searching tongue in her wet cunt. After
countless orgasms, Lisa pushed Barbi away, afraid she would
pass out from the pleasure of her pussy lapping.
   The five of them sprawled on the two low couches, Lisa
idly toying with the soft skin on Larry's prick while Bill
lay with both Mary Lou and Barbi's heads on his lap, while
they sipped on a new bottle of champagne brought by the girl
from the bar.  Lisa invited them all to the dinner party
Saturday night, and they had accepted.
   "Why don't you make it into a harem party, with
costumes?" Mary Lou said, between licks on Bills cock.
   "If you want a harem party, I can get all the costumes,
both for the men and the ladies," Larry admitted, watching
Lisa's fingers trace the blue veins on his prick.
   Lisa thought that was a fantastic idea and the five of
them talked about it. Lisa decided to get it catered, so she
wouldn't have to cook, Larry promising to deliver the
costumes Saturday night.
   To thank him, Lisa began to suck his cock, first running
her tongue over his balls to get them slickly wet with her
saliva, then she began to lap all around the thick shaft.
Her tongue began to explore the foreskin and huge knob atop
his prick. His glans poised like a small baseball sitting in
the end of a thick stick, was starting to ooze honey from
the pencil sized opening. Her tongue dipped into the hole,
silver clear honey clung to her searching tongue tip to
cling in a globular drop until the pulled her tongue in to
savor his salty male taste.  Mary Lou and Barbi were
alternately sucking Bill's big prick, lying back with his
eyes closed, just enjoying.
   When Larry's thick cock began to tremble and surge, Lisa
forced the huge knob between her lips, stretching her mouth
until she had him all inside, then suctioning his cock she
began to suck the honey as hard as she could.
   Lisa was rewarded when his ass arched high and his cock
started shooting his male juices into her lips. The pencil
sized hole in the tip of his cock flowed sperm, salty and
hot to her awaiting gullet, quickly swallowing the spurting
cum, feeling the viscous fluid cling to her throat as she
gulped to capture it all.
   Her questing tongue savoring the slippery viscosity of
his offering, swirling the musky oil over the inside of her
mouth to slowly let it seep down to her gullet.
   Lisa's tongue bored into the slitted hole at the end of
his prick while she milked the juices with her hand,
squeezing and forcing the juice from his cock into her
   When she raised her head from his softening cock, she
watched Mary Lou and Barbi holding Bill's shooting prick and
pointing it to receive it's spurts of cum on their lips and
faces, until sticky gobs of Bill's juice clung to them. Each
then licked the others face clean of sperm, enjoying the
liquid salty taste of the clinging sperm.
 "W  hat did it feel like, sucking Barbi's pussy?" her
husband's voice whispered to Lisa in bed that night.
   "Good," she snuggled against his belly, her back pressed
tightly to his chest, her curved ass fitted to his groin as
the cuddled spoon fashion.
   "How good?"
   "Fantastically good. You should know, you ate her pussy
too!" "I know I did, but this is the first time you've
licked a hot pussy," her husband's smug voice announced
   "Ummmm," Lisa's non committed reply, fully aware that her
husband didn't know about Susan's little party in the
afternoon after shopping for shoes.
   "Well, was it good enough to do again?" his persistent
whisper into her ear.
   "I think so, but I still like cock better," the sleepy
blonde murmured.
   "It really turns me on watching you get turned on with
another girl, Lisa. I hope you do it again when I'm watching
you both," his whisper trickled off as he lay thinking about
their evening, and both Barbi and Mary Lou.
   Lisa lay awake, hearing Bill's deep even breathing,
knowing that he was asleep, thinking about her adventures
during the last few weeks. Wondering where her adventures
would take her.  ..

C h a p t e r   21

   Lisa called Susan about the harem party the next weekend,
told her about the latest adventure and got Susan's promise
to help decorate the house in harem style. The two girls met
for shopping in San Francisco on Monday.
   Lisa and Susan went on a buying crusade, incense from
china town, one roll each of pink and of red silky material
from a dress making shop, brass bowls from a Cost Plus
store, and candles from a shop in Redwood city.
   They dropped by a Greek restaurant in San Mateo and
talked to the manager, were promised harem food and serving
dishes to be delivered and served for an eight o'clock
dinner party Saturday night.
   Susan counted the guests and found they were one man shy.
Lisa counted again, admitted error, placing a telephone call
to Mary Lou.
   "Can you or Barbi bring a man to the party to even the
male female ratio?" Lisa asked Mary Lou.
   "Barbi and I both have the same boy friend. We do every
thing together if we can, so if it's fine with you, we'll
bring John along. He really is a nice guy and what's better,
he's game for anything. He likes to fuck and suck as much as
Barbi and I do."
   Lisa thought that a great idea to bring John and told
Mary Lou to invite him for the party Saturday night. They
chatted and then severed the conversation.
   They explored the yellow pages, finding a shop that had
pillows in San Jose. They called and found him open until
nine that night, and drove down. They bought over thirty
pillows special order after being assured that the shop
could have them made and delivered by Friday.
   Lisa arrived home exhausted, waking several times during
the night with details of the party running through her
   Susan arrived early Saturday morning and the two hung the
pink material in the living room, making a huge tent
complete with the delivered pillows for sitting. The brass
bowls, incense and candles were placed and adjusted. The
room looked like a harem.
   "Are you going to let Dumdum bring his prick to the
   "Why not. He's the best cunt lapper that either you or I
know, and he's got a long thing that likes fucking. I'll
sneak him in after the party's going good. Can't you just
see him climbing on some hot assed pussy and humping her in
front of the men.  Let's go get him now and see if he likes
out hard work today."
   They giggled about the huge great Dane, walking next door
to get the dog. He made himself at home in the harem
   Lisa decided to bring him in after they had eaten and the
catering staff had departed. After all, the guests were
broad minded, so maybe Dumdum could have some fun too.
   After Susan left, Lisa took one last slow walk through
the harem. She had the living room and two bedrooms
connected by the hallway looking like harem tents, lavish
with brass and candles, filled with soft pillows of every
hue, with incense to burn and fill the air with perfume. The
other two bedrooms were for changing into the harem costumes
that Larry would have delivered later that day. Everything
looked perfect, so Lisa took a nap in the spare bedroom.
   When Lisa woke, she had coffee to wake up, then printed a
and placed it on the front gate. Her house guests would now
get their first view of her harem after they entered at the
side and changed into their costumes.
   Black George called about six, telling Lisa that Betty
could not make the party, but that he would bring another
willing date if she had no objections, so the party was
still even.
   Bill arrived shortly after six, showered and shaved,
admired the decorations and fixed cocktails for them both,
Lisa drank hers then showered and applied makeup, put on a
long hostess gown and was having another drink with Bill
when the doorbell rang. Bill returned with an arm load of
boxes containing costumes, adjourning to the bedroom to sort
costumes and pick out the ones they liked.
   The costumes for the men included long full sleeve
shirts, vests open at the front, voluminous trousers and a
colored cummerbund for the waist, all of the material cream
colored except for the cummerbund, which came in various
   Costumes for the ladies had full pants slit up the side
from ankle to waist, a type of girdle of metallic cloth, a
full slaved blouse and armless vest, and a brassiere of the
same metallic material. The female costumes included all
colors of the spectrum, made of material so sheer that they
only pretended to hide the wearer.
   Lisa and Bill donned their costumes, drinking another
cocktail when the first guests arrived at the same time as
the caterers.
   Soon, the rest of the guests filtered in, with George and
his date Mary bringing up the rear. George brought a huge
Turkish water pipe with eight hoses emitting from the stem
as a present for the party.
   Quickly all were in costume, being served cocktails by
the caterers and almost before they downed the first drink,
dinner was served. The heavy mustashioed waiters insisted
announcing each dish as they served. 'Boiled camel with
sheep eyes', and 'goat fried in camel fat with dates', were
just a few of the outrageous menu items. Lisa knew what was
in the dishes and good beef was the major ingredient,
however, for a harem, who knows what harem girls like to
   The lazy dinner was finally over, the dished collected,
the caterers departed, and they were getting to know one
another better. George's date Mary was light brown,
cheerful, bright eyed and looked at home in her bright red
costume. Lin, Doc's Chinese wife was adorable in her silver
costume, while Mary Lou had picked a fabric that matched the
color of her emerald eyes.
   Barbi, dark haired had a dark blue outfit, while Polly
had picked white. By now they were starting to become fast
   "If you'd like to crank up the water pipe, I just happen
to have some really good stash right here in Mary's purse."
   Soon they were puffing on the water pipe, the girls
giggling about the mouth pieces. Each was carved amber, four
were shaped like cocks and four were shaped like nipples.
   "Hey, I think I know the guy that modeled for this one."
 Mary Lou brought everyone to fits of laughter.
   Lisa excused herself and in her bedroom, removed the
metal brassiere, then returned. It took a while until John
noticed her bare breasts under the gauze of her blouse that
she had open to the waist. Her breasts swinging free just
covered to the nipple by the gauze.
   "Now that's my idea of what a harem girl should wear!"
John remarked staring at Lisa's warm pink nippled quivering
tits.  It wasn't long before the rest of the girls had made
a trip to the bedroom, returning in various combinations of
   Susan wearing only the shirt open to her navel, her pants
and girdle. Polly wearing only the bottoms of the pants.
Mary Lou returned nude except for the girdle, pants and the
vest, her bare breasts quivering as she seated herself.
   Barbi and Lin both wore vests and pants and had removed
their metallic fabric girdles, the pubic hair clearly
   Polly discovered that the only thing that held harry's
pants up, was the cummerbund and soon had it unwraped to
bare his prick. Her hand was idly toying with it and before
long each of the girls had a cock in their hand.
   "Here I am with my husbands cock in my hand and I can
play with it, anytime I want. There are six other pricks in
the room. I want a different one. I'll bet you men want a
different pussy to fuck too."
   The other harem girls quickly agreed and with much noise
they each shuffled their dates, playing musical cocks with
no music.
   Before long, Mary Lou grabbed Bill, heading for one
bedroom, and Lin with John, left for another.
   "I guess that fills up all the rooms," George spoke with
   "Maybe you're shy, but I'm not. I have nothing against
 sharing a bed with another couple, as a matter of fact, I'd
rather. It really turns me on to get fucked and watch
another couple fucking too. Would you like to come with me,
   Barbi took George through the hallway.
   Harry and Mary had started fucking in one corner of the
room, so Doc and Susan started in the other. Lisa took
Bull's hand and led him to the master bedroom to join Lin
and John. Soon She and Lin were alternately sucking on
Bull's hard cock while John slipped his cock into each
raised pussy for twenty or so strokes each.
   Bull's fantastic big prick fascinated Lin, the tiny
Chinese girl wanted to try it in her cunt. While John was
fucking Lisa, Lin climbed on top of Bull and began to force
her tight cunt down over the big rod sticking up from his
   Soon, her hair flying, she was bucking her ass to him,
her tits shaking as she had forced most of his huge cock
inside her soft wet cunt. Bull, holding her ass, began to
fuck into her wet cunt with long strokes, lunging deep, he
started her cuming, her juices running down his cock shaft
to cling to his hard balls, and Lisa bent forward while John
fucked her tight cunt from behind, and began to lick the
juice from Bull's testicles. The feeling of her flickering
tongue started Bull's prick spurting cum in Lin's cunt, and
Lisa could taste the saltiness of his sperm as it leaked out
of the pink pussy lips to mix with Lin's lubricating oils.
   Watching Lisa lick the viscous juice brought John quickly
to orgasm, his prick sent blasts of cum into Lisa pussy,
starting her orgasm to come in slow waves, when she felt
John's prick soften and pull from her hot and unsatisfied
   When John left, Lisa wandered into the other bedroom
where the candles were out, peering in the dark, trying to
make out the shapes. Slowly in the dim light she could make
out her husband fucking Mary Lou's red haired cunt, while
George was sucking Barbi off. She gathered George's prick in
her hand and was soon giving him a blow job while he ate
Barbi's pussy.
   Lisa slopped her tongue around George's black prick
suckling the honey oozing, coating the interior of her mouth
with his oily liquid, when without warning his cock spouted
cum.  Caught unaware, she lost some, then sucking faster,
kept the rest to swallow, until his big black prick was
empty of it's load.  She left the almost pitch dark room.
 Walking back to the living room, she watched Harry and Doc
fucking Susan, Doc's cock up Susan's ass while Harry fucked
her cunt.
   Mary knelt above Harry's face getting her cunt lapped.
Lisa quietly went to the kitchen, put on the raincoat, naked
underneath, went next door to get Dumdum. She brought him
back inside the kitchen, then removed the coat. Lisa opened
the door and allowed Dumdum to enter the living room. The
Dane watched the foursome in the living room and then walked
to the bedroom and looked in the door. The dark room was
well lit to the great Dane, although almost pitch black to
human standards and eyes.  Mary Lou, ass high in the air as
she knelt, was sucking on George's black prick, trying to
get it hard. She most likely did not know that Lisa had just
drained the cum out from his cock just minutes ago.
   Dumdum stared at Mary Lou's curvaceous ass sticking high
in the air, waving and undulating, as she sucked. Lisa began
to pet his belly and fondle his prick and balls until his
cock slithered out into her hand. His eyes on Mary Lou's
ass, his dog brain sensed the invitation of the curved
clefted buttocks, and he moved up on the bed to rear and
clasp Mary Lou's waist with his forepaws as his cock sought
her pussy.  Mary Lou bent from his weight, while Lisa
holding Dumdum's cock in one hand spread the red haired lips
of Mary Lou's pussy with the other.
   Dumdum made contact, his pointed long cock slithered into
Mary Lou's over heated cunt right up to his balls.
   Lisa held her hand to Mary Lou's cunt, flicking her erect
clit as she felt Dumdum's long dog cock sliding in and out
of her friends hot pussy. Mary Lou had realized that she was
being fucked by a dog, had stiffened momentarily, until Lisa
whispered in her ear.
   "Go baby go. Just feel his long red cock in your sweet
wet pussy. Take it all inside you and feel how good he can
cum.  His prick feels good in your cunt and my fingers feel
good on your cunt, so.. fuck him baby, move your ass and
fuck him until he fills your cunt with his cum. Nobody can
see him fucking your pussy in the dark, and his cock feels
so good in your cunt!"
   Lisa continued to whisper about Dumdum's cock in her
   Mary Lou arched her ass and began to work against the
great Dane's prick. His saliva dripping from his tongue onto
Mary Lou's back as his paws gripped her hips, Dumdum fucked
faster and faster, until his long tapered cock shot it's cum
in Mary Lou's cunt.
   Blast after blast of cum filled her pussy, dripping over
Lisa's searching hand still caressing Mary Lou's clit. Mary
Lou's head arched back and she body trembled as she came
around the still spurting dog's hard prick. As Dumdum's cock
spurts slowed, so did Mary Lou's orgasms and the three of
them waited for Dumdum's cock to lose the tennis ball sized
lumps so Mary Lou could get her cunt off his long prick.
Lisa whispered about Dumdum's cock to Mary Lou so she would
wait quietly.  Shortly, Dumdum's cock sucked free of Mary
Lou's clasping hot cunt, and taking Mary Lou's hand, Lisa
led her and Dumdum to the living room where the three of the
sat quietly watching the other two couples fucking.

C h a p t e r   22

   "My Gawd, I can't wait to tell Barbi about the dog.
What's his name and does your husband know what a good fuck
he is?" Mary Lou whispered to Lisa.
   "His name's Dumdum, and he's a fantastic pussy licker
too, and not yet, but he will before this night is over I
   Lisa giggled in a whisper to Mary Lou, as she stroked the
dogs fur lovingly.
   The two girls sat, stroking Dumdum, watching him lick his
cock, watching the others fucking in the corner. Lisa idly
stroking Mary Lou's wet pussy lips, enjoying the sticky
juicy feeling of her sperm filled pussy, occasionally
licking her finger tips to taste the juices.
   The two girls talked quietly, waiting for the others to
finish and gather in the living room. In time they were
joined by the other bedroom participants, fired the water
pipe again, smoking and talking quietly.
   "Anyone in here still able to make love?", Susan asked
the room at large, "because I'm still hot and I'd like to
get my pussy fucked a little more if anyone is interested."
   Doc's voice spoke first, "Well, just bring your little
hot pussy over here and papa will kiss it all better."
   Susan crawled to Doc's side and he began to kiss her
inner thighs as she sprawled out in the center of the floor
on her back. Soon, his tongue deep in her pussy, she began
to move her body, thrusting up to his seeking tongue. His
face deep between her open thighs, Doc's cock was raising
from his groin, helmeted glans with foreskin retracted
glistening in the light.  Mary Lou was whispering to Barbi
all about Dumdum while watching the pussy eating exhibition.
Barbi moved closer to Lisa and Dumdum.
    Susan twisted her body to slither under Doc, holding his
hard prick and licking the honey from the slit. Soon both
were sucking each other with lusty abandon and Susan's pussy
squelching under Doc's tongue was loud in the room. Susan
started to cum, her cunt contracting around Doc's questing
tongue, with the wetness of her hairy blonde cunt cuming
against his lips started his prick spurting down her throat.
   They lay against each other for minutes, sucking the
spending hot juices, then lay arm in arm quietly together.
   Bill looked at Lin and asked if she'd be interested in
getting her pussy fucked. His question hardly out of his
mouth, when Lin flew through the air to land her tiny body
astride his, her fingers jacking his prick to hardness, then
inserting it into the warm cave of her wet cunt. Bill on his
back, Lin astride, Bill's cock slipping into her slippery
cunt to the hilt, while Lin bucking her ass around.
   His hard prick jammed high into her tight pussy sent Bill
into orgasm. His cum squirting up into her belly brought Lin
to the peak as she could feel Bill's salty come splashing
against her cervix, while her ass twisted and writhed as she
came, pussy mashed hard against his belly.
   Lin lay with her head next to Bill's, her cunt still
holding his cock, quivering and shaking as Bill stroked her
back. When she began to stir again, Bill's prick pulled from
her cunt and the juices slopped out to lay on Bill's
stomach. Shortly he went to the bathroom to shower.
   Barbi had been playing with Dumdum's cock and balls, and
the dog was getting a hard on. His angry red prick sticking
from it's furry sheath.
   "Look at the size of his pretty cock.  I've just got to
let him fuck me, he's so precious and loveable. Watch me con
the guy's, "Barbi said to Mary Lou and Lisa in a whisper.
   "Well look at that," Barbi said loudly, with amazement,
as if Mary Lou hadn't told her about fucking Dumdum, "The
poor little puppy dog wants to fuck too!"
   "So.... Fuck him," was Larry's answer.
   "Nobody wants to see a dog fucking exhibition," Barbi
tossed her hair.
   A volume of male voices answered her.  Begging and
pleading, laughing and telling her to fuck the dog.
   Even Mary Lou and Lisa were loudly trying to convince
Barbi to fuck Dumdum when Bill came back into the room.
   When he asked what was going on, they all tried to talk
at once, and finally Bill got the idea.
   "I don't think you can get him to fuck you, but I think
it's a great idea, fantastic in fact."
   He moved over to Barbi's side and started trying to
convince her. Doc and George joined him as they put pressure
on her to fuck the dog for them.
   "Come on Barbi. Please let him fuck you. We all want to
watch.  You're the only one who thought of it, so it's only
right that you do it," Doc almost begged her.
   Mary Lou and Lisa were trying not to laugh at Barbi's
false reluctance, and how she was manipulating the men. They
both knew that Barbi had made up her mind to let Dumdum fuck
her when Mary Lou had told her about the dog fuck in the
   "It's sure funny. I don't think the men know that ladies
like to fuck too. They think that they have to convince us,
and they go through such crazy antics to get us to do what
we really wanted to do in the first place.  Just look at
Barbi. She's got those guy's climbing a wall to see her get
fucked by a dog, and what she wanted in the first place, was
to get fucked by a dog.  I think it's hilarious." Mary Lou
whispered to Lisa.
   "But he's way too big for me, what if he hurts me?" Barbi
said in a sad voice.
   "Now, he's not so big, and we won't let him hurt you.
Hell, he's nowhere as big as Bull is. We'll all protect you
if he starts to get rough. Just get on your hands and knees
here and we'll help."
   "But I didn't get to fuck Bull yet, so I don't know how
big his cock is!" Barbi said, petulantly.
   "Fuck the dog first Barbi, and then I promise that you
and I can get it on together!" Bull pleaded, trying to
convince the girl.
  The men had all gathered around Barbi and were petting and
patting her while they half pulled her to the center of the
   "Well... all right. But If I don't like it, then it's
your fault!" Barbi said as she got on her hands and knees.
   Barbi crouched on the floor, her delectable curved ass
waving high, her body weight resting on her forearms as she
began wiggling her ass. Dumdum's ears shot up as he watched
her pale ass wiggle.
  "See Barbi. He's getting the idea." Bill congratulated
her.  Dumdum jumped to his feet when Barbi called him,
putting his huge muzzle at the junction of her thighs,
sniffing her pussy.  His tongue lapped the black pussy
hairs, the taste bringing his cock out of hiding.
   His long red pointed prick slid smoothly from it's
sheath, drops of honey leaking as he ran his pink tongue
over Barbi's bottom. His tongue licking was starting Barbi
squirming, her full titties swaying and quivering as she
opened her thighs wider and arched her back to get more
tongue in her wet slit.  "Jesus but he feels good licking
me." Barbi's strangled voice came from deep in her chest.
   "Look how wide his tongue is," Bull exclaimed. "If my
tongue was that wide, I don't think I'd ever have to use my
cock again!"
   "You hardly ever use your tongue as it is." Susan laughed
at him.
   Polly slid over to lay on her back close to Barbi, so she
had a better view of Dumdum's dripping cock. Her big tits
rolling on her chest as she moved closer.
   "Dumdum. Dumdum.. Come up baby and fuck me." Barbi called
to the giant dog with the dripping red cock.
   Dumdum reared and mounted the swelling curves of her
wriggling ass, his forepaws hooking over her shoulders, his
hind quarters between her out spread thighs. His red pointed
prick seeking the rich opening of her black haired cunt. His
prick skidded over the warmth of her round ass leaving
trails of honey as he tried to find the hole he sought.
   As he hunched in vain for her pussy, his cock found the
channel, but instead of entering, lay along the groove of
her pussy in the hot wet chasm. His jerking prick rubbing
her protruding clit with each thrust. Barbi groaned and felt
between her quivering thighs for his cock. Her hand found
the pointed slippery prick and inserted the pointed tip
inside her pussy lips. When Dumdum felt the hole of her hot
wet pussy, he hunched forward, pulling with his paws on her
shoulders, pulling her cunt back onto his cock. Wetly, his
cock slid into her belly right up to his balls.
   "Oh Jesus, but that's good!", Barbi's grunted voice
   Dumdum, having found the hot wet opening he sought,
started his hind quarters hunching with piston like thrusts,
his tongue dripping saliva on Barbi's back, his muscles
bunching under the smooth fawn colored fur. Each time his
cock thrust home, his paws on her shoulders pulled her back
farther onto his huge red pointed cock.
   Barbi was helping, her ass moving back higher onto his
cock each time he thrust. Wiggling and undulating her torso,
trying to get even more of the giant prick into her belly.
   She stretched one hand between her thighs and began to
gently squeeze Dumdum's testicles. His motion's stopped,
then started again, fucking with increased intensity the wet
black haired girl his dog cock was plundering. The feel of
his testicles and the motion of his huge pointed prick
against her cervix brought Barbi over the edge, her cunt
spasmed.  Her orgasm tightened her body, shuddering she
sobbed as his pounding prick continued to intensify her
orgasm.  Her juices squirted from her cunt, running down the
curly black juice matted hair and running down the inside of
her thighs.
   Dumdum thrust home. His huge cock deep into Barbi's cunt,
spouted his animal juice. The spurting cum driving Barbi
wild, her frame shook as she bucked against the giant dogs
cock shooting inside her. His juices spraying the inside of
her pretty pink cunt. His motions quit, as the lumps on the
side of his cock swelled to trap her cunt on his cock.
   "He's getting bigger, his big cock is getting bigger,"
Barbi almost sobbed in joy.
   "Dog's cocks swell up after they fuck.  Just relax and
enjoy it. It won't last too long," Bill soothed her.
   "Here's something to suck on while you wait," was Bull's
contribution, as he slid his hard cock to her lips.
   Barbi grabbed his big cock in both hands and both jacking
and sucking, gave him a blow job. Her tongue lashing at the
knobby glans as her hands jerked him off, soon had Bull
panting. When he came, the juice from his cock spurted out
in a pulsating stream of hot cum. Barbi holding his cock
away from her lips, catching the spurts in her open mouth.
   Dumdum's cock pulled free of her cunt and both Lisa and
Mary Lou pushed him over on his belly and started licking
his dripping red prick clean with their tongues, Lisa
savoring the mixture of sex juices on Dumdum's prick. Mary
Lou kissing both the animal prick and sucking on it, then
kissing and running her tongue in Lisa's eager mouth. Lisa's
pussy was dripping from the excitement of watching Barbi and
now her breath quickened and her heart thudded when Mary Lou
kissed her red lips. Lisa's fingers quickly went to Mary
Lou's pussy, finding it sopping wet also.
   Lisa raised her head from Dumdum's belly and moved to
kiss Mary Lou's thighs where the wetness was oozing. Her wet
open mouthed kisses on Mary Lou's curly red haired pussy
lips started Mary Lou squirming.
   "Suck my wet pussy, Lisa. Stick your hot tongue inside me
and taste me. I love it when a pretty woman fucks me with
her sweet tongue."
   Lisa pushed her over on her back, knelt between her hot
open thighs and slurped at the hot wet feminine liquid
gushing from Mary Lou's hot pussy, sucking the mushy soft
lips and digging her pointed pink tongue deep to bring more
juice to the surface.
   As Mary Lou's hot cunt spasmed, sweet cum flooded Lisa's
sucking mouth.  Dumdum, seeing Lisa's ass wriggling mounted
her, slipping his long animal cock into her over heated
cunt, fucking her until they both came again.
   The orgy continued into the night.  Dumdum fucking Polly
until she was screaming in ecstasy, then a huge group grope
with bodies piled on bodies, everyone getting sucked and
fucked until they were exhausted and limp.

C h a p t e r   23

   It was after noon when Lisa went over to feed Dumdum.
   She had taken the dog home after the last guests left.
The poor dog so fucked out that she could hardly get him to
move his big frame to walk home.
   He had fucked Mary Lou, Barbi, herself, then after
getting his cock sucked by Polly, had fucked the big titted
lady. He was really pooped when Lisa put him in the backyard
next door.
   Her husband really liked the great Dane, and Dumdum liked
Bill. After fucking Barbi, the dog had gone to her husband
and lay with his head in Bill's lap while he recovered.
   Bill thought he was the greatest animal that he'd ever
seen, and told Lisa the three of them would have to get
together and make a movie. Lisa didn't tell her husband that
she had a movie of Dumdum hidden in a box at the bottom of
her closet.
   She didn't think it was wise to tell her husband all her
   Lisa went in the back and called Dumdum. The dog was not
in the yard when Lisa walked to the back door. Penny had a
dog door built into the rear door to the house so Dumdum
could get in if the weather turned rainy, and Lisa expected
to find the dog inside.
   She used the key Penny gave her to open the door,
entering the house. Usually Dumdum met her at the door, but
after last night, he was probably sleeping soundly,
recovering from his sexual exertions.
   Walking through the house looking for Dumdum, Lisa could
hear noises from the rear of the house. A little frightened,
she crept down the hall. The soft noises were coming from
the bedroom, the door was open a crack.
   Quietly Lisa crept to the door, slowly coming closer to
the opening.
   "What if it's a burglar," she thought as she quietly put
her eye to the crack at the door to the master bedroom.
   The noise was Penny, home early from her vacation. Hot
and naked, Penny was in the center of the big bed, her
titties swinging from her chest as she knelt with her legs
folded under her and resting her weight on her forearms.
Head down on the bed, rump in the air as Dumdum was fucking
her brains out.
   His red prick pumping in and out of the pink rotating
cunt of his mistress. His forepaws clamped to her ass,
Dumdum was hunching her, from the speed and the rapidity of
his lunges, Lisa knew that he was about to shoot his hot dog
cum into Penny's cunt.
   "UM..Um..Um.", was the sound Lisa heard from the other
room, as Penny moaned her pleasure. She was moving her
rounded ass forward then slowly back onto the slippery red
animal prick.  Her movements half as fast as the dogs
lunges, he was making two strokes to her one, his long cock
thudding into her belly with increasing rapidity.
   The huge dog thrust his prick into Penny's pussy,
shooting cum into her belly. The divorcee thrust back onto
his cock, while arching her back in pleasure as the
squirting cum spurted into her wet pussy.
   "Oh God.. Oh Gawd," Penny's voice raised in a wail as she
came with his juice sluicing up her pussy. Her hands
clutching the cover on the bed, her head flying back and
forth. Dark hair flung side to side as she experienced the
hot canine juice of his sperm shooting deep within her
clasping cunt.
   Lisa was turned on again watching her neighbor enjoying
getting fucked by her dog. She slid a finger to the mound of
her pussy, feeling the moisture gather at the pink opening
of her femininity. She watched as Dumdum's huge prick
swelled to hang his cock in Penny's cunt. Lisa could see the
glands on the side of his slick red prick swelling, bigger
and bigger until they pressured her cunt into expanding to
fit a new dimension.  The lips of her hairy pussy clamped
over the root of the canine cock, with the tennis ball lumps
inside the full fleshed pink lips of her wet pussy, clamping
her cunt to his cock.  Lisa pushed the door all the way
open, stepping into the room where Penny's cunt was hung up
with her canine lover.
   Standing over the bed looking down at the two, Lisa stood
silently watching Penny squirming back onto the huge red
swelling prick holding her prisoner. Penny's hand dove
between her thighs feeling the hard tight testicles of the
dog, gently milking them, sliding over the wet root of his
slick cock squeezing and kneading the juice from his cock
into her trapped pussy.
   "Penny! What are you doing with that dog?", Lisa's voice
cracked out like a shot.
   Penny jumped a foot and tried to turn over, but her pussy
still clung to the two tennis ball sized knobs on the side
of Dumdum's cock and she couldn't get free. Her cunt,
stretched wider but the canine cock was still too swollen to
slip free of her black haired twat.
   "OH my Gawd.. ohhh my Gawd.", Penny wailed, then started
crying. Deep sobs racking her body. Feeling the shame at
getting caught with her canine lover's prick stuck up her
 cunt.  Lisa sat beside her nude body on the bed to comfort
 her, stroking her satin smooth skin and holding her while
 she sobbed.
   "It's OK, it's all right. Don't cry baby, I understand."
Lisa's soothing voice slowed the sobbing, while Dumdum's
prick pulled free after ten minutes or so, Penny clung to
Lisa and tears rolled down her cheeks.
   "I knew I shouldn't let him, I knew I'd get caught
someday.  But I was just so hot and he's so loving, I just
can't help myself."
   "But don't you have a boy friend to make love to you?"
   "NO.. I don't have anyone since the divorce. I get so
lonely and Dumdum's so gentle, I just can't help it. He
feels so good when he loves me."
   Penny's tears slowed then stopped. She got up from the
bed, putting on a robe, walking to the family room with Lisa
following. She wandered around the kitchen, asked Lisa if
she wanted coffee and poured two cups. She sat by Lisa and
started her confession.
   "When Jerry and I got divorced, I bought Dumdum. He was
so cute and about six weeks old. He had his ears taped up
and he was so cuddly. I left Los Angeles and moved here,
buying this house, thinking I'd meet someone, but the only
two men I've gone out with turned out to be homosexuals. I
was married at nineteen and divorced when I was twenty two."
   "I've been divorced three years now. My folks always had
money and when they died I got the house and other property,
and enough money that I'll never have to work. I sold all of
the Los Angeles property and came here. When I got really
lonely, Dumdum used to sleep on the foot of the bed. One
night I was crying and he started licking my tears, then my
pussy. It felt so damn good and I must have cum a dozen
   "That lasted for weeks, Dumdum licking me until I would
cum, and it was so nice. I never let him screw me then, so
the poor dog was walking around with a hard cock all the
time. I used to let him lick me to orgasm five or six times
a day."
   "One day, I just thought about his hard cock and climbed
up on the bed and let him lick me until my pussy was wet and
gluey inside, then I let him screw me. It was so good, but I
got scared when we got hung up. I didn't know if I'd ever
get his big thing out of my pussy, then I found out by trial
and error that his cock swells up just after he cum's, or
maybe just as he cum's, and it usually stays swelled up and
stuck in my pussy for about ten to twenty minutes."
   "One time after we screwed, his cock didn't go down for
almost two hours. It stayed all swelled up and we were hung
up until I thought we'd never get loose."
   "He's so horny all the time, but I guess that that's
because I feed him a dozen raw eggs every day, and a double
dose of vitamin E to go along with the eggs."
   "If I let him, he'd screw himself to death. He really
does like pussy!"
   "We would make love every day at least once, and once we
screwed seven times in one day. He's a perfect lover. I
never went so long without him as I did on this vacation, so
I came home a week early, and got caught." Penny started
sniffling.  Lisa put her arms around Penny, holding her
close, soothing the disturbed divorcee.
   "Penny. Don't worry. It's all going to be fine now. While
I was taking care of Dumdum, he was so lonely for your pussy
that one day he started licking mine, and later we made
love. So, you're not the only one who loves him."
   "Really? Did you make love with Dumdum? Oh, that's so
nice." Penny positively beamed at Lisa.
   "Now I don't feel so guilty, if you let him screw your
pussy too!" Penny hugged Lisa tightly, then laughed.
   "If I had a husband as sexy as Bill, then I wouldn't have
to screw Dumdum so much, but I get so darned hot and
bothered until I feel if I don't get screwed that I'll lose
my mind. Now that we both know about each other, I'll let
Dumdum screw you anytime you want."
   "And I'll let Bill screw you anytime you want," Lisa
consoled the pretty divorcee.
   "Really?" Penny's face lit up like a neon sign. "How do
you know that Bill would even want to screw me?"
   "Of course he'd like to screw you, Penny. You're pretty
and you're young and have a cute figure, He even said to me
one time when you had those short shorts on in the yard,
that he'd like to get in your pants."
   "Did he really say that?" Penny beamed. "I didn't have
any idea that anyone would ever want to fuck me."
   "Of course!"
   "You mean that he tells you that he'd like to fuck me?"
Her eyes wide.
   "Listen Penny. You are a beautiful young lady, and any
guy would be glad to put his cock between your legs. Now you
quit putting yourself down!"
   "It's been so long since I had a human cock, I won't know
what to do with it!"
   "Now you listen to me. When I tell Bill that you haven't
had a male cock in your pussy for so long, he'll be glad to
stick his in your box. You're going to come over for dinner
tomorrow night and bring Dumdum.  Bill likes Dumdum, then
after dinner you play up to Bill and get him hot and horny,
and you can let him get into your pants and I'll fuck
   The two were busily planning what Penny would wear for
dinner when the phone rang. It was Bill for Lisa.
   "I thought you were just going to feed Dumdum and come
right back. What the hell are you doing over there so long,
fucking the dog again." Bill laughed into the phone. Lisa
told him Penny came home early and they were talking girl
talk and she'd be home in a few minutes. After Bill hung up,
the two looked in Penny's closet and Lisa helped her pick
her outfit to wear the next night.
   "Remember. Don't wear a bra. Men get turned on by just
knowing that there's naked boobs just inside that dress.
They love to see nipples pushing out against the cloth, it
drives them up the wall. I'll teach you how to seduce any
man you want sexually, while you practice on Bill. Then we
move onto bigger game. I know lots of nice single men and
I'll get you some introductions... Now, don't fuck Dumdum
any more today or tomorrow. I want both of you plenty hot
when you come over to dinner."
   "Hot when I come to dinner, Lisa I'm so hot now just
thinking about tomorrow, I think my pussy would sizzle if I
touched it," Penny giggled.
   Lisa laughed and headed to the door with Penny following.
Turning to say good-bye, Lisa caught Penny in her arms and
held her for a minute giving her a big hug. Penny's arms
came around Lisa and held her close for a minute.
   "Thank you for everything Lisa. You're a good friend."
Lisa slipped her hand into the opening of Penny's robe.
cupping the softness of her pussy and feeling the moisture
laden juices on the soft hairs. She slid one finger into the
wet hot slit, tickling and probing the tight opening, then
pulled her wet fingered hand away, licking the wetness of
Penny's sex juices from her fingers.
   "You just keep that pretty wet thing hot for Bill"

C h a p t e r  24

    Lisa explained to Bill the sight that faced her when she
opened the bedroom door to catch Penny, ass up, getting
Dumdum's long cock up her cunt.
   Bill chuckled as Lisa continued the story about Penny's
divorce and the results that drove her to taking a canine
   "Well sure she needs a hard cock, so if the dog's prick
was the only one she could find, then it's understandable
that they became lovers. How can we help her?"
   "I've invited her to dinner tomorrow night, and she's
bringing Dumdum. I've promised her that she could fuck you
and I'll fuck Dumdum. Bill, she's so unsure of herself that
she doesn't think she's attractive, and the only two men
she's gone out with turned out to be gay. I promised her
that I'd teach her how to seduce any man and she could
practice on you."
   Bill's laughter roared, filling the small room as he beat
on the arm of his chair.
   "All Right.... If that's what she needs to bolster her
confidence, then I'll let her seduce me. I can be had, but
I'm not easy." Bill virginal voice proclaimed his virtue.
   "Bull shit Bill. You can be had, you're easy. But,
tomorrow night I want you to be charming and interesting and
nice and let her fuck you.  I want you to be especially nice
to her because she's a nice lady and need a good fuck!"
   "Well alright!  But, only to do you and her a favor!"
 The two of them looked at each other, and the laughter
   Penny looked ravishing. She wore a black sheath dress cut
tight at the waist and hips, which terminated above her
knees.  Her bosom swayed tantalizingly under the full cut of
the square cut opening at the top. Her black ultra high
spike heel shoes trimmed and proportioned her slim legs. Her
hair fell softly to her shoulders. The skirt hem so small
that she had to wiggle when she walked, her curvaceous ass
undulating under the smooth material, had Bill's eyes
   During cocktails, Penny sat by Bill, her warm curved
thigh pressed up against his leg, radiating heat and sensual
promise.  Even from across the room where she was petting
Dumdum, Lisa could see the front of Bill's pants swelling.
Penny was most charming, while Bill was the perfect host.
Lisa went to the kitchen to get ready and serve dinner,
Penny followed to offer help.
   "Lisa, how do I go about seducing the man I want?"
   "There's lots of things you can do. I'll tell you what
must do and then you do it.  I'm going to give you some
rules to screw by, as it were, and then you can practice the
rules on Bill. There are ten rules to remember."
   "Here is rule one. Touch the man with your fingers as
often as possible. When you're talking to him, touch him to
make a point, touch him to get his attention, touch him to
turn him on. Now if you'll put these on the table and come
back, I'll tell you rule two."
   "Rule two. Let him know you have legs. If you cross your
legs, do it slowly, let him see them. Some girls keep
pulling their dress down all the time as if they were
ashamed of their legs.  If you sit on a chair with you're
legs folded under you, keep your knees pointed at him.
Nothing turns on a man like just a peek at a pretty pussy
between white thighs. If you let him see just enough to
wonder if you're wearing black panties or is that your curly
black pussy hair he just got a glance at, then he's all
excited right away, and he feels that he must satisfy his
male curiosity."
   "Rule three. Let him know you have tits. Put a nice warm
soft breast against his arm occasionally, or touch yourself
on the boob as if you like to feel it. Let a finger sink
into the softness while he's watching, or maneuver to let
him see down between your breasts and even your nipples if
you want."
   "Rule four. Let him know you have a delectable ass. If
you bend down, keep your back straight and push your ass out
like a posed picture. When you stand, push your ass out
slightly, let him see the best of it. That's like waving a
red flag to a bull."
   "Rule five is the last of the physical rules. Look him in
the eyes. If you talk to him and say something a little
naughty, give him a long level look, right in the eyes. If
he says something naughty, look right in his eyes. Now let's
get Bill and have dinner!"
   During dinner, Penny was putting all of the rules she
could into practice. She touched Bill hand and arm several
times, looking deep into his eyes.
   Lisa pushed back from the table and asked who wanted
coffee served in the other room. She told Penny and Bill to
go in while she got the coffee and cleared the table.
Shortly she brought three cups to them on a tray. Penny was
sitting by Bill and the discussion was sensual, her legs
folded, her skirt pulled to show her fine knees, bending
forward, getting her breasts to quiver and shake where Bill
could see them.
   As Lisa brought the coffee, Penny jumped up, taking the
pot from Lisa, bent with a straight back and protruding ass
to pour three cups. Asked Bill how he took his coffee, then
bent to let him see down her dress as she placed the sugar
and cream in his cup.  When she leaned to put his cup by his
side, she placed one hand high on his thigh to steady
   Lisa thought, "She's a fast learner, already she's
practicing the rules and she only knows the first five."
   Penny turned the conversation to sex, making a statement
while looking into Bill's eyes that she enjoyed screwing and
really dug both oral and genital sex, and that she'd been
thinking about screwing Bill since yesterday when Lisa had
come in when Dumdum's cock had been in her cunt.
   Lisa sipped her hot coffee, thinking and watching Penny
work on Bill.
   Thinking that she ought to leave them alone for awhile,
she finished her cup and announced she was going to clean up
the kitchen and feed Dumdum.
   "Enjoy." Lisa said, looking into Penny's eyes, then
turning to leave the room, her message clearly stated. 'I
will be gone and you two are alone for as long as it takes.'
   The kitchen clean and Dumdum fed, Lisa glanced at the
clock and walked into the empty living room, then the front
bedroom and finally the master bedroom.
   There she found them. Bill on his knees at the bedside.
Penny with her skirt around her waist and panties gone, one
leg in the air and the other curled around Bill broad back,
getting her pussy eaten.
   Bill's tongue lathering her bushy black haired pussy.
Penny did have pussy hair, clear up to her navel in a spire,
and a thick, thick thatch of curly hair over her mound.
   The pink lipped opening deep within the furry coating was
wet with both saliva and the dew drops of juice her pussy
was emitting.
   Penny's eyes met Lisa's and Penny smiled. Lisa smiled in
return and left to get Dumdum.  When she returned, Penny's
dress was unzipped in the back and pulled down so Bill could
suck her nipples.
   "Mind if I join you?" Lisa asked, starting to undress.
   "Please do," Was the dual reply from the bed.
   Lisa sat on the bed removing her shoes and reaching high
under the tight skirt, her panty hose. While almost absently
watching Bill sucking Penny's heavy nipples and plumbing his
finger into her hairy twat, Lisa unbuttoned her blouse,
walking to the closet to hang it.
   While standing in the closet she glanced at the recorder
and saw the cartridge slowly turning.
   She stepped gracefully from her skirt, standing in her
panties, hung her skirt on a hanger. She walked slowly back
to the bed, rolled the elastic band of her panties down over
her flared hips, tossed them in the direction of the
dresser, climbing onto the bed to help Penny out of her
   Bill helped and when Penny was naked, both girls helped
Bill take off his clothes.  With Bill lying in the middle,
both girls launched an all out attack on his body. Penny
nibbling at his flat muscular belly and slowly traveling
down with an obvious goal of sucking his prick. Lisa's white
teeth nipping at his nipples and the hair on his broad
   Bill felt and found Penny's thigh, then crept around
until his fingers found her wet crack. Penny reached her
goal, her tongue touching Bill's hairy balls, licking and
exploring their wrinkled skin and swollen sacks with her
   Lisa moved higher on the bed, swung one thigh over Bills
chest to place her hot pussy over his lips and mouth.  His
tongue penetrated her wetness, driving through the soft
outer lips to delve deep in the musky opening to her belly.
   Lisa began rocking her body to his tongue fucking,
watching Penny's mouth close over Bill's rod and begin
sucking the honey slowly dribbling from the slit in his
   "That's right Penny baby.  Suck his hard cock into your
mouth and taste his male cum.  Feel how soft the skin on the
head of his prick feels when you lick it."
   Lisa's words drove Penny wild, her head bobbing up and
down the length of his cock, her cheeks hollow with the
suction she used to draw his honey out his hole, her pussy
being two finger fucked, and the sight of Lisa's cunt being
well eaten started her first orgasm.
   Her ass writhed and twisted as she bucked against the two
fingers sawing in and out of her wet hairy cunt and she came
so hard that juice squirted from the open lips of her twat,
drenching Bill's hand.
   Penny relaxed and lay back on the bed. Lisa let Bill up
and he held his hard prick in his hand and rubbed it into
the wet juicy opening between Penny's thighs, gathering the
juice from her box and rubbing it over the head of his
   Her back arched up to capture his erect penis, her bushy
cunt hair parted to pink lips and clit like a small budded
rose, trying to get his manhood into her snatch.
   Bill leaned his weight on his elbows, clasped her
writhing ass by the cheeks and plunged his cock all the way
into her belly with one stroke.
   Penny reacted in a frenzy, her hips rotating, her thighs
raised high to clasp her slim legs around the small of his
back, her belly churning as she tried to climb the erect
pole sounding the depth of her wet snatch.
   "I'm cuming. I'mmmmm Cummmiinnnggggg." Penny ground out
through clenched teeth, her head raising to fasten her lips
to Bill's.  Lisa stroked Bill's testicles, softly moving the
chestnut like glands inside the crinkly skin covering, her
fingers rubbing the spot between Penny's cunt and asshole,
transferring the juices to Bill's testicles.
   Penny's body slowed, then started hunching her ass onto
his cock with increased speed.
   Lisa bent to watch Bill's prick spearing into the
clinging wet pink cavern, when she felt Dumdum's weight on
her back, his cock probing for her cunt.
   Arching her back, she reached between her legs for his
red pointed prick and inserted it into her hot cunt.  Her
motions drove her head lower between Bill's spread legs and
Lisa started to lick at his balls and the wet area exposed.
   Dumdum's pointed animal prick inside her pussy, shifting
his paws onto to her shoulders, hooking over her arms,
pulling her slim lithe body back onto his gigantic cock, the
gigantic animal steadied down to steady hunching.
   Lisa bucking and fucking, ass rotating, licking Penny's
cunt, commenced cuming. The juice freely running from her
cunt as she sucked the black hairy pussy and dangling balls.
   "Ummm. Ummm. Ummm.  UUUmmmmmm." Penny's pleasure sounded
as Bill's heavy cock plundered her hairy cavern, and Lisa's
tongue touched and licked her asshole.
   Bill's movements grew wilder with the soft cunt clinging
to his cock and the tongue licking his balls, he pulled his
cock from Penny's cunt and sprayed his cum over her soft
belly, shooting pearly drops of sticky liquid to cling to
her black pubic hairs and rounded tummy. Before Penny could
capture his shooting prick in her grasping hand, Bill shoved
it back into her wet hairy opening and continued fucking,
his cock still hard as an iron bar.
   The sight looking up under Bill's hard testicles, at his
cock shooting sperm on Penny's cunt and belly, sent Lisa
into another shuddering orgasm as Dumdum's red pointed
animal prick ravished her wet twat.  Her tongue a trough,
Lisa sucked Penny' cunt juice through the channel of her
tongue, sipping and swallowing the sticky female juices as
Penny entered a long unending series of orgasms.
   Her body still, her ass motionless, her belly shuddering,
Penny's thighs were still wrapped around Bill's back holding
him tightly to her wet hot spasming snatch, her skin rippled
as waves of muscles writhed beneath her smooth skin. Her
orgasm continued, building in intensity, her cunt churning
around Bill' cock brought him off again, as his cum squirted
into her wet box like a garden hose, slurping around the
sluicing hot wetness of her black haired pussy.
   Lisa entered her multi orgasmic state. Her cunt twisting
and wriggling around Dumdum's pointed prick as it continued
to touch her cervix each time his animal loins plunged
deeper and pressed the tip of his pointed cock to the deep
ending of her cunt.
   Bill rolled off Penny. His cock still dribbling cum,
crawling to the top of the bed and offered his slimy wet
cunt juice coated spermy cock to her eager lips. Penny
gathered the wet rapidly softening male organ in her lips
and began sucking, her cunt open and thighs wide under
Lisa's face.
   Lisa plunged her pink tongue straight between the drops
of sperm hanging in Penny's pubic hair, into the pink lipped
open channel of her black bushy haired pussy, savoring the
mixture of cock and cunt juice as her mouth suckled eagerly
at the mushy feel of Penny's cunt.
   She could feel the squirming of Penny's twat as her
orgasms rippled her belly, then Dumdum's prick exploded
animal cum in her own pussy.
   Later the three slept the night in the same bed, Dumdum
lying on the floor at the foot.

C h a p t e r    25

   "I guess what I'd like more than anything else is some of
that sixteen or seventeen year old cock. I get tired of all
the old men that come in to get a massage, or a blow job or
get laid.  Just for a change I'd like to fuck somebody that
didn't ever have trouble getting it up, and sex was all new
to him. Think how much fun it could be to teach someone
about screwing and sucking who didn't have any experience,"
Mary Lou tossed her red hair and grinned at the other two
   "With your figure, you shouldn't have any trouble getting
all the sixteen year old cock you could ever use," Penny
remarked looking wide eyed at Mary Lou.
   "Why would you want a sixteen year old boy, anyway?" Lisa
questioned her as the three of them sat over soup and salad
at Penny's house.
   Lisa laughed at Mary Lou. "If you want a sixteen year
old, then get a sixteen year old. What's the big deal
   "It's not so easy finding someone that age. They can't
come into the massage parlor because they're not old enough,
and where else will I meet a young lad like that?"
   Lisa and Penny started offering her suggestions.
   "Take out an advertisement in the want adds."
   "Hang out at the local high school when school lets out.
   "Join the Boy Scouts of America."
   "Carry a sign 'Sixteen year old boys fucked here'."
   "Call Hire a 'Teen"
   "Catch a sixteen year old girl, and use her for bait."
   "Take your clothes off and troll for alter boys at
church." "Get a teachers certificate and teach summer
   Mary Lou laughed at the suggestions. "Some how I don't
think you've solved my problem."
   "If your really serious, then I'll bet we could get you a
sixteen year old, but only if you'd be willing to share him
with us," Penny pretty brow knitted in thought. "I've got
one right now, and I'll bet he'd just love to screw you're
ears off if you just gave him a little encouragement."
   "Well, where is he? Just trot him right in here and I'll
let him have all of the encouragement he can use in a week."
   "He's coming over this afternoon to mow my lawn. He's
only fifteen though. He's a year too young for you." Penny
smiled at Mary Lou.
   "The hell he's too young. I'll take him, I'll take him?"
Mary Lou panted in a little old ladies voice, cracking up
the other two.
   "And just What time does he come over to mow the lawn?"
Lisa asked.
   "Just about now," Penny said looking at her watch. "He
gets the lawn mower out of the garage if it's unlocked and
does the back lawn today, and the front lawn next week. If
the garage door's locked, he knocks on the door and asks for
the key.  Here's what we'll do. When he knocks, you answer
the door and introduce yourself as my visiting sister. Get
him a drink or something and work your wicked way with his
body," Penny plotted the seduction for Mary Lou.
   "And just where will you two ladies be while I'm
ravishing the poor young thing?" Mary Lou asked, licking her
   "Oh. We'll go into the front bedroom with Dumdum and lock
the door and be real quiet. He won't even know that we're
here.  "Or," said Penny, "We'll hold him while you fuck
   The giggles of laughter broke up all three. They had
planned to drive to the beach that afternoon, however the
sun hadn't cooperated, and they had decided to just have
lunch and maybe get some sun in the back yard later. Both
Penny and Lisa had one piece swimsuits with shorts on over
the suits. Mary Lou was wearing white shorts, and a shirt
tied in a halter over her buxom breasts which jiggled each
time she moved.
   "To make this really exciting, we ought to catch you two
screwing and make his life a little miserable before we make
him screw all of us," Lisa grinned at Mary Lou.
   "That suits me, just as long as I get to fuck him first?"
Mary Lou agreed with the plan of action with a giggle.
   Penny ran to lock the garage, while Lisa took Mary Lou to
show her where the master bedroom was located. The three of
them mixed martini's and sipped while they waited for the
lawn mower boy to arrive, Dumdum was installed in the front
bedroom with the door closed.
   The sound of the doorbell brought organized panic. Lisa
and Penny rushed to the front bedroom. Mary Lou took a deep
breath straining the tie on her halter top, pulled the
material to offer more cleavage, and opened the door.
   "I'm here to mow the lawn," the dark haired youngster
said.  "Oh, Hi, I'm Mary Lou. I'm Penny's big sister. What
can I do for you?" Mary Lou took a deep breath, her jutting
breasts almost spilling from their overworked halter.
   The boy stood goggling at her, his eyes ran from her
boobs to her thighs to her boobs and back. "I didn't know
Ms. Ekstein had such a pretty sister," he almost stammered,
"but I'm Terry and I came to mow Ms. Ekstein's grass, but
the garage door's locked and I can't get the mower."
   His pullover shirt was emblazoned with a big tiger head,
and hung outside the shorts he was wearing. Short for his
age, he was well muscled and trim with short curly black
hair and big blue eyes with exquisite long lashes. Mary Lou
stood aside, inviting him in, standing so he had to brush by
her to enter.  Her tits almost a fence that he had to push
by to get in.  "Well Terry, come on in and we'll find the
key. Do you know where my sister keeps it?"
   "No Ma'am, I don't know where Ms. Ekstein keeps the key,"
he pressed by her jutting firm breasts, touching them with
his chest and shoulder as he entered.
   "Well Terry, let's start in the kitchen and see if we can
find them," Mary Lou led the way, tossing him a dazzling
smile over her shoulder, and catching him looking at her
   "Where shall we start looking. Is there any place that
you'd like to look?" Mary Lou placed both hands on her hips
in fists, taking a deep breath to strain the buttons a
little more and shot out one hip to stand in that very
provocative pose ladies sometimes use. His eyes fastened to
the nipples under her blouse, then slowly met her eyes. He
could think of a lot of places he'd like to look, under her
blouse, or between her legs just for starters.
   "I'd like to look anyplace you'd let me, Ma'am," Terry
said, boldly, almost afraid to look at her, she was so darn
pretty and sexy in those shorts and halter. He wondered if
she'd ever done it with anybody yet, or if she was still a
   "Let's look where I think the keys might be, then if we
don't find them, I'll let you look wherever you want to."
   Terry thought how cute she was, and started getting a
hard on.  Turning aside so she wouldn't see the bulge in his
shorts, he helped her look in the kitchen drawers. Mary Lou
standing so close to him that her bare leg was touching his
and her soft breast would touch his shoulder each time she
turned. After looking through the first set of drawers, Mary
Lou took his hand and led him to the other side of the
kitchen and a new set of drawers for them to look into.
   "Well Terry, we've looked all of the places I can think
of in the kitchen, let's look in the desk in the den."
   She took his hand again, pulling it around her waist,
walking slowly with him and brushing her hip to his as she
clutched his hand to touch the side of her soft breast.
Terry walked with her to the door of the den and stood back
to let her go in first. His heart beating so fast hand loud
that he was sure she could hear it.
   She led him to the desk and leaned against the wooden
file cabinet, her breasts straining the material again. As
he stood in front of the desk drawer waiting for her, she
reached and pulled the drawer open suddenly, hitting him in
the crotch with the drawer edge.
   "Jesus, I'm sorry Terry. Are you ok. Did I hurt you."
Terry had flinched as the drawer caught him at the bottom of
his stomach. Mary Lou's hands caught him.
   "Did you hurt anything? Let me see!"
   Her hands holding his hips pulled him to her as she
dropped to her knees, her face inches from his groin. He
could see down the halter top at the full swelling of her
breasts as she reached for the snaps at the top of his
   Before he could stop her, she had unsnapped the top and
pulled his shorts down to drop around his ankles, his white
cotton jockey shorts bulging at the front with his erection.
   "My Gawd, Terry. Your swelling up already, we'd better
get you some ice on that swelling," Mary Lou said in a
maternal voice as she started to pull down his jockey
shorts. His prick sprung up to slap his belly as his shorts
came free from his erection.  "Oh my. What have we here?
This is a big swelling. A very big swelling!" Looking up
into his face, her expression showing concern.
   "Don't you think that we ought to go into the bedroom and
get a better look at this big swelling Terry?" Mary Lou
asked, holding his prick in her two hands, stroking it
   "Maybe if I just kissed it better, then the swelling
would go down," Mary Lou looked up at his face.
   Sweat was standing on his forehead, he trembled as she
slowly stroked his blue veined prick.
   "Yes Ma'am, I'd like to go in the bedroom. But if you
kiss it, the swelling won't go down," Terry's voice was
almost strangled as he stood watching her stroke his prick.
Not letting go of his cock, leading him like a pull toy, the
lovely red head led him past the closed door of the front
bedroom where Lisa and Penny were hiding and listening, and
then into the master bedroom.
   Mary Lou stopped Terry by the bed, slowly working her
hand over the loose skin on his prick with one hand and put
the other hand at the back of his neck.
   "Do you like me Terry?" the sultry red head asked the
boy, one hand massaging his neck, the other his cock.
   "Oh Yes Ma'am. I like you, I think you're beautiful. I
think your the most beautiful lady I ever saw."
   "Why thank you Terry. Your sweet, but if you like me why
don't you kiss me and touch me? Ladies like to be touched
   Terry leaned forward, and kissed her on the lips, his
mouth closed, lingering in the contact, when her tongue slid
between his lips and flickered inside his mouth. His breath
caught as her pink slippery tongue probed his boyish kiss.
His cock swelling even more in her loose grip. He raised his
arms putting them around her, pulling her lithe body
awkwardly against his, flattening her soft breasts. He could
feel her nipples against his chest. His tongue slid from his
lips and tentatively tasted her sweet saliva, then explored
her mouth in a deep kiss. He held her close then relaxed and
let her go.
   "I like you too, Terry. I like the way you kiss me on the
lips. I do like the way your cock feels in my hand!"
   "Will you do a favor for me Terry?" Mary Lou held her
green eyes just inches from his, her hand still touching and
squeezing his hard boyish cock.
   "Yes Ma'am. I'd do anything you asked me to," Terry's
voice shook. His long lashed eyes looking directly into Mary
Lou's.  "Would you put your hands on my bare breasts and
touch them.  Would you like to hold them in your hands and
feel how hard my nipples get when you touch them with either
your fingers or your tongue. Would you like to take off my
halter and see my titties?"
   "Oh Yes Ma'am. I'd like that," his voice trembled as she
continued to stroke the soft foreskin of his boyish cock.
   "Then I'll lay on the bed and you can take my top off and
play with my titties, but you've got to promise first, that
you'll never tell anyone that I let you see my breasts, or
I'll never let you play with me again... Do you promise?"
   "Yes Ma'am. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.
I'd never tell on you."
   Mary Lou climbed up onto the bed, making sure Terry
watched her ass wiggle as she crawled to the center of the
big bed, and turned around to lay back with her head on the
pillows, her legs crossed at the ankles, her fingers laced
behind her neck, proud breasts standing from her rib cage
encased in the halter top.
   "Come up here on the bed, silly. Take off my halter top
so you can feel my titties."
   Terry climbed onto the bed. His hard cock pulsing as it
stuck out from his belly. He put one hand on her breast,
feeling it under the cloth moving and yielding to the
pressure of his touch. He started to unravel the knot that
was keeping his hands from her bare breasts. Mary Lou waited
until he had untied the knots and opened her halter all the
way down the front exposing her considerable cleavage.
   "Stop it Terry. If I let you do this, you could get in
big trouble. Do you know what they would do to you if they
knew you wanted to kiss and suck my titties? What if anyone
found out.  You would really be in trouble. Maybe we had
better stop right now, before you get in trouble."
   Mary Lou didn't say who 'they' were, and she didn't
explain what kind of trouble a fifteen year old boy could
get into, sucking the tits of a thirty year old lady. She
knew that boys were always getting into trouble for doing
things they wanted to do, but some adult didn't think they
should do, so trouble was the natural state for boys. She
wanted to make sure that if anyone found out, that the boy
would be the one in trouble, not herself.

C h a p t e r  26

    Terry couldn't stop now even if he wanted to stop, which
he didn't. The sight of her almost naked tits, and the
halter top having only inches to go before unveiling the
luscious mounds to his eyes and hands, drove him crazy.
    "Please Ma'am. I won't ever tell, and wild horses
couldn't drag it out of me. If they beat me for hours, I
wouldn't tell." "Well, all right then. You can see," Mary
Lou moved her hands and let his fingers pull off her halter
top, exposing the twin jugs jutting from her rib cage. His
fingers plunged into the soft firmness of her quivering
tits, squeezing and kneading them, making them shiver as the
weight of them moved under her soft skin. His finger tips
tracing the blue veins in the milky softness, touching her
pink nipples causing the skin to crinkle and rise. The
smoothness of her nipples changing to hard nubbins of
standing flesh under his caressing fingers.
    Mary Lou pulled gently on his cock, forcing him higher
on the bed until his cock was over her breasts, then holding
his balls in one hand, put pressure on his foreskin, rolling
it down over the heat to gather in a lump around the neck of
his prick. His cock head was bright purple, and a jewel of
honey sparkled at the tip.
    Mary Lou gently squeezed his cock from belly to tip,
milking out more crystal honey. The cream dribbled down his
glans, sticky and hot, until Mary Lou touched the tip of his
cock to her nipple. The clear honey moved from his cock to
the nipple on her tit, clung at the very tip then slid
slowly down to rest at the base of her nipple.
   She took one finger, making sure Terry was watching her,
and carefully rubbed it into the nipple. It left a smear of
cream, sparkling on her nude breast as she rubbed it farther
to leave a trail of honey four or five inches long down her
   "Oh... That feels so nice. Do you have any more of that
nice cream in there for me?" Mary Lou asked the boy.  Her
fingers milking his cock harder, swelling the purple head of
his prick, making the honey ooze in a long string from his
   "Doesn't that look pretty. You have such nice cream in
you, and it feels so good on my bare titties and nipples.
Your cock is so pretty I could just kiss it."
   "Please Ma'am. Kiss it," his voice plaintive and
suggestive at the same time, urging her to take his cock and
hold it in her mouth. His hips moved upward on the bed
microscopically aiming his tool to her soft mouth.
   "I believe I will kiss it, Terry. You have excellent
ideas.  If I do kiss it, would you like a deep kiss where I
put my tongue on it?"
   The idea was so overwhelming to the boy that he could
only nod his head as he offered her his cock, now dribbling
freely.  He pushed his cock through her hand a little
harder, closer to the sweet lips where her pink tongue
slipped out to wiggle barely inches from his cock.
   "But Terry, if I kiss it for you, and make it a deep kiss
by using my tongue on your hard cock, then what if I like it
and want to put it inside my mouth and suck some of the
sweet cream out of it?"
   "What if you didn't like it in my mouth, then where would
I be?" Mary Lou's hand sliding up his cock, milking the
dribbling cream from his balls, tickling the soft skin on
his hard leaking prick. She toyed with the boy, watching how
his breath caught while she talked about sucking his prick
   "I'd like it, I promise I'd like it. Please suck the cum
from my cock," his eager voice almost broke as he visualized
her lips sucking him.
   "All right then. I'll do it this time, just because
you're a sweet boy. But if I do it, will you do something
for me sometime if I ask nice. Would you kiss my pussy
sometime if I ever wanted it kissed?"
   The lovely red head wheedled him. Just the sound of her
voice started tightening his testicles, and they drew up
closer to the root of his cock. The vision of what it would
look like with his cock between her lips started more honey
running from his cock, and the thought of him kissing her
pussy started his cock swelling just a little more.
   "Yes, oh yes. I'll do anything you ever want if you'll
put my dick in your mouth and suck it."
   "Will you tell me how much cream you have in there for
   "Lots!" the boy's voice almost cracked.
   "How do you know, do you jerk it off and find out how
much is there?"
   "Well, sometimes I do. When I get hot, I do, and there's
really a lot of juice!" he said proudly.
   Mary Lou knew the youngster was so close. His cream a
steady stream from the hole in the end of his purple headed
young prick, and she shot out her tongue and licked his
purple head.  He jerked at the contact of her hot wet tongue
on his super sensitive prick. His body shuddering as she
realized how close he was.
   "Let me suck you off," Mary Lou said gulping down his
cock, knowing he was about to shoot his boyish load of cum.
She milked the shaft of his cock twice rapidly, sucking the
purple head and rolling her tongue around the heavy
foreskin. He bucked upwards, his ass muscles tightened, his
balls drew up to tight knots next to his shaft, and he came
in her wet sucking mouth.
   His salty sweet cum squirted in a thin stream from the
hole in the purple head to the back of her throat, then the
next spurt followed, faster and thicker, the oily cream
clinging to the pink inside of her mouth as she made her
pursed lips into an oval and started sucking the cream from
the squirting hole. His cum, boyish and heavy, flashed from
his tight testicled groin through his cock's shaft to spray
into the suction created by her lips and mouth. Some cream
escaped to run down her chin and drip to her full tits, but
she swallowed some and stored the rest in her billowing
cheeks, until his spasms stopped and only clear cream
dripped a drop at a time into her eager mouth, then none.
 She stuck her pink tongue out of her wet spermy lips,
licking the last of the cream from his glans, then swallowed
the stored cream of his sperm, feeling it cling to the sides
of her throat as she swallowed his boyish virginal cum.
   "Now see what you made me do! You made me suck all the
cream from your sweet prick and then you came in my mouth
and your not hot any more!"
   Mary Lou accused the boy to make him feel guilty, however
her hand continued to milk his cock as he lay down beside
her touching her breasts. She knew that as young as he was,
it was only a matter of minutes until he would be hard
   "I'm sorry Mary Lou. I didn't mean to come in your mouth,
but it felt so good with you sucking me."
   "It's all right sweet lover, just remember, a girl likes
to have fun and feel good too," she hugged him to her
breasts, holding him so the softness of her full tits was
against this face.
   He kissed her nipples and starting tonguing them into
increasing hardness.
   "Will you show me your pussy, Mary Lou? I've never even
seen a girl's pussy before. Now that we're lovers, can I see
   "Of course you can, silly. You just have to take down my
shorts, and the zippers on the side right there. then you
can look at my pussy all you want, and you can touch it and
if you really are a good lover, I'll let you kiss it and
suck it."
   Terry's busy fingers pulled and tugged at the tight
zipper running it down the curved hip, then pulled at her
   Mary Lou's ass raised to help him. Quickly he had her
shorts at her ankles and then on the floor. Her hips covered
with only a flimsy pair of brief white panties, that he
rolled, slid and pulled down to her lower thighs. Mary Lou
raised both legs straight up in the air in a jack knife
position, and he pulled her panties off her toes.
   "There's my pretty pussy. It's all naked just for you.
You can do anything that you want with it," Mary Lou, thighs
closed, undulated her lower body.
   Terry touched the curly soft red hair, feeling the
springy curls move under his fingers, running his hand over
the smooth skin of her belly and back to the red hair of her
cunt. The ringlets of hair stopped in a straight line across
her belly, leaving the red bush looking like a filled in vee
between her warm thighs.
   His fingers continued caressing the warm curly hair,
touching and testing, like an explorer, looking for her
hidden cunt.  Mary Lou moved the thigh of one leg slightly,
opening just enough thigh to let Terry see the pink of the
top of her pussy through the hair. His finger went
immediately to the warm pussy, probing the smooth flesh, his
other hand rested hot on her thigh, pulling the weight of
her leg to open the crack further.
   Mary Lou obliged the youngster by letting him move her
thigh and open her legs wider, she didn't help, she wanted
him to work at exposing her cunt. His vision fell on the
swelling of the lips disappearing between her rounded white
thighs, and his forefinger followed, tracing the soft
crevasse, feeling the moist heat coming from the clamped
lips. He discovered that each time he moved her thigh, more
pussy was exposed to his intent gaze.
   He took his hand from her pussy, and placing one hand on
each of her inner thighs, moved them, spreading her legs
until he had them wide apart, then Terry moved to kneel in
the area between her out spread thighs. His head bend
forward. both hands to her cunt, spreading the lips to look
deeply into the pink moist cave, marveling at the ragged
look of the swelling of her cunt opening.
   Mary Lou's finger moved lazily down between her legs to
burrow into her cunt, pointing to and pressing gently on her
clit.  "This is my clit. In Latin it's called a clitoris,
but usually it's called a clit, or love bump, or sometimes
it's called the 'man in the boat'. This is just like the
head of your cock, this is where it feels best to touch or
kiss, but you must be gentle. It get's so sensitive
sometimes that it almost hurts if it's touched too roughly."
   His fingers played in the wet opening, touching and
kneading the erect bump of her clit. Her hips were jerking
and undulating as his untrained fingers played in the wet
gluey opening, the finger of one hand stiffly fucking into
her opening, the other finger tenderly rubbing her love
bump. Her breathing quickened as his fingers sawed in and
out of her cunt, her ass rising to help him finger fuck her
juicy pussy.  "Kiss me on the cunt, stick your hot tongue
inside me and suck on me," Mary Lou's voice implored the
youngster, her hands pulling him down to her wet box.
   Terry didn't really need any urging. He bent forward,
diving face first into her red haired muff like he had been
eating pussy all of his life. His tongue sticking stiffly
out, lips open, he speared his agile tongue deep into her
wet open cunt as he began to taste and suck the juicy
wetness. His tongue flickered and explored the rising love
bump, moving it's fleshy mound up and down and around, his
hands moving to clasp her voluptuous ass, pulling her
tighter to his seeking lips.
   Mary Lou's hands clasped behind his head pulling him
deeper into her wet heated pussy, his nose firmly against
her protruding clit, as she began to cum with his tongue
fucking and sucking her pink hairy opening.
   Her belly writhing against his face, her thighs tightly
clapped against the sides of his head, her hands pulling him
face first deep into her mushy gluey cunt, Mary Lou was
spending her orgasm in waves of pleasure. She could feel his
powerful suction pulling her feminine oily lubricating
juices from her pussy, into his mouth, and the movement of
his Adam's apple against her asshole as he eagerly swallowed
each squirted offering. Cuming in one continuous orgasm,
Mary Lou knew she could keep this up for hours as long as he
kept sucking. She remembered having three men once, suck her
pussy one after the other, each replacing a tired tongue
quickly, and looking at the clock later to decide that she
had cum for more than three continuous hours.
   "What are you two doing?" Penny's voice boomed out in the
bedroom, causing Terry to thrash like a hooked fish, his
head held tightly between Mary Lou's clamped thighs and
pulling hands, attempting to get loose from her slippery
   As his head pulled from Mary Lou's thighs, he saw two
ladies in the bedroom standing over the bed, and he knew he
was in big trouble.

C h a p t e r  27

   Terry first looked at the two women standing by the bed,
then looked down at Mary Lou lying with her legs spread and
her matted red haired pussy drenched with saliva and pussy
juice.  "What are you doing to my sister, young man?"
Penny's voice carried stern warnings, visions of thumb
screws and torture chambers, long prison sentences and slow
death by burning.  Terry looked at his own naked body, his
hard cock now wilting, streaming a webbed drip of cream
leaking from his cock to the bed.
   "Nothing Ma'am. We weren't doing anything," his voice
lacked conviction, however he was remembering his promise to
Mary Lou never to tell. His gentlemen's code of ethics was
being severely strained by these two beautiful ladies, one
the owner of the house, and the other a fantastically
beautiful blonde haired lady, standing over him, quizzing
   "What do you mean, nothing. We come home from the beach
and find both of you naked on the bed, Penny has her legs
apart and we find you with your mouth between her thighs
making sucking sounds, and you call that nothing."
   "Did you hear that, Lisa? He say's ' nothing to me.' Do
you think he was about to rape my sister? I think we had
better call the police and have them pick up this rapist."
   Lisa walked to the phone and picked it up. Terry's
expression turned from fear to panic, his eyes wide, his
body starting to shiver. Mary Lou was being silent, no help
to him at all. It was time to throw himself on the mercy of
the court.
   "Please don't call the police. I can explain everything.
I was going to mow the lawn and the door was locked and I
was just looking for the keys."
   "Looking for the keys between Mary Lou's legs? Did you
think that the keys to the garage door would be inside her
warm wet pussy? A hot pussy is where you put your cock,
that's not the kind of a place to keep keys?"
   Lisa still held the phone and watched the youngster. His
cock completely soft now and the string of cum drool had
detached itself and dripped to the bed. The youngsters
terror was heart rendering and Mary Lou felt they should
stop playing with him.
   "Oh stop it, you two. He's just the boy who mows your
lawn.  He couldn't get the lawn mower and I was helping him
look for the keys and I hurt him when I opened a drawer. I
was going to get an ice pack for the swelling and he asked
me if he could see my titties."
   Terry's head was nodding feverishly, agreeing with
everything Mary Lou said. Any thing to get these two women
to look away from him.
   "He played nicely with my titties and then he wanted to
see my pussy, I was just letting him look at it when you two
came in. He's never seen titties before or a pussy either.
He was looking at mine when you came back from the beach. He
didn't rape me."
   He was saved. His head still nodding, he pretended to
look around the room for the keys, however nobody seemed to
be paying any attention to him looking for keys.
   "He was surely getting a close look at your pussy when we
came in. I don't think he could ever get a closer look. I
think he was tasting it!"
   Penny's voice accused her sister.
   Terry felt a little relief. Ms. Ekstein looked like she
was getting mad at her sister, and maybe they would let him
go home, instead of prison.
   "Well, he was just tasting it a little bit and sticking
his tongue in and running it around inside, and he was just
sucking out a little of the juice and swallowing it to see
if he liked the taste of my pussy. His name is Terry and he
was just curious. Besides, since I hit him when I opened the
drawer, when I pulled his shorts down his cock was hard...
so I sucked it until he creamed in my mouth and filled my
mouth with his creamy juice."
   Lisa hung the phone on the hook. "Well that certainly
puts this whole thing in a different light. I thought at
first that we caught a rapist, but if that's all he was
doing was looking at your tits and pussy after you sucked
him off, then I think that we understand completely. Is that
what you were doing Terry, just looking at Mary Lou's
titties and her pussy after she sucked your cock and you
came in her mouth?"
   Terry felt that he had been saved. Everyone was smiling
now and there was no more talk of prison. He had a silly
smirk on his face and his head nodded foolishly, trying for
that innocent look.
   "Terry, I'm Lisa... I think your a nice boy after all,
and if you're just curious, then maybe you'd like to see my
tits and pussy too. I'll even bet that Penny will show you
hers.  Isn't that right Penny?"
   "Oh yes. I'd be glad to let Terry see my titties and my
pussy too. But what if he tells someone, wouldn't he still
get in big trouble. You know that we know he's innocent, but
if anybody else ever found out, then I'm sure they would
think he's lying or a rapist."
   "I'd never tell anyone Ma'am that you let me see your
tits and pussy. I'd die first, I promise," the boy's open
eyed look of determination to withstand torture rather than
betray these ladies, and all of the talk about titties and
pussy had it's effect on his cock. It was stiffening and
standing at attention.
   "If I show you my pussy and let you lick it, will you
stop calling me Ma'am and call me Penny, or Miss?"
   "Oh yes Ma'am, I mean, yes Miss Penny, I will."
   "Very good Terry, as long as you don't tell, you can look
at us and play with us any time you'd like. But if we ever
find out that you told, then you are going to have to take
the consequences."
   Terry's mouth dropped slightly as Lisa zipped her shorts
and kicked them free, Penny's shorts followed. Both stood by
the bed in swimsuits and Penny started the process of
unziping Lisa's suit at the back. When Penny pulled the top
of her bathing suit free, her breasts quivered and swung.
Her hands peeled the tight bottom off her tight bottom,
revealing the thicket of curly black hair matted over her
   Lisa had been using her power on her self sculpting,
specially on her breasts. Her breasts now filled a full D
cup, and the nipples were somewhat smoother than before,
blending into the smooth creamy flesh. When she wasn't
excited, her smooth nipples were hardly noticeable, her
breasts a full conical shape. When she was sexually aroused
however, her nipples swelled out and became harder, thick as
the tip of her little finger. All in all, Lisa was quite
pleased with her results.
   As Lisa pulled her bottoms down, the soft blonde hair of
her cunt was parted to show the pink lips and her little
clitoris peeked from the top opening.
   Naked, both girls joined Terry and Mary Lou in the bed,
three beautiful ladies, six titties and three pussies were
offered for his inspection as the girls sprawled on the
covers. He didn't know which way to look, everywhere or
anywhere.  Penny's helpful hand was exploring his hard cock
while Lisa took his hand and placed it on her swelling
nipple. Mary Lou was caressing the muscles of his ass. The
youngster's prick started drooling honey again while Penny
smeared the sticky clear fluid over the bare purple head of
his satin smooth glans, first milking back the heavy boyish
   "There now. Isn't that nice. Now Terry can feel all of
us.  Terry, put your finger in my pussy," Penny arched her
back and opened her thighs wide, his willing fingers
touching and caressing the hairy mound of her cunt, noticing
how much more hair she had then the other two cunts on the
bed. Thick and curly, her black hair ran all the way to her
belly button in a long tapering spire, and covered the
inside of each thigh several inches below her crotch. A
fine, generous, almost overwhelming thicket of fur trying
unsuccessfully to hide the pink swollen lips. His fingers
played in the tangled curls, parting the thicket and feeling
the greasy slickness of the liquid oozing out between the
soft mushy lips.
   Lisa pulled his head down between her open, willing
thighs, urging him to suck her cunt as he finger fucked
Penny. Mary Lou shifted her torso to capture Terry's
drooling prick in her lips, tasting again the sticky honey,
and wanting his hard boyish prick in her cunt.
   Terry alternated between the two luscious wet cunts.
Comparing the difference. Lisa's pussy was wetter, Penny'
had more black curly hair. Mary Lou's dark red hair framed
her pink opening, Lisa's tasted sweet, while Penny's pussy
had a tart tangy flavor. Mary Lou's sucking had his cock
swollen and her tongue pushing the foreskin back and forth
was causing his honey to pulse from his cock into her eager
lips. She knew his cock would soon spurt his cum and she
wanted it in her cunt this time, not her mouth.
   "Would you like to fuck me, Terry. Would you like to put
your cock in my hot wet pussy and fuck me?" Mary Lou's voice
snapped his head from Lisa's slippery pussy, head nodded,
his cock trembling from eagerness. The thought of putting
his aching cock in that wet pool of her cunt and fucking for
the very first time a lady as beautiful as Mary Lou was,
made his head spin. She really wanted him to fuck her.
   "Then come here. Hold my titties and stick your prick
into this nice wet cunt, and fuck me Terry. I want to feel
your boy cock in my lady pussy. I need you to fill my belly
with your sweet teenage cream."
   The youngster moved between her out spread thighs, his
slim hips maneuvered until his prick was touching her belly,
half kneeling between her legs. Her hand touched the root of
his cock, held it between two of her fingers as she guided
it into the slippery channel, rubbing the purple head in her
slick pussy fluid.
   Coated in honey and the slippery juice from her cunt, his
cock pressed into the pink opening. He could feel the
slitted entrance widen to his pressure, then the slit
narrowing and changing from a crevice to a hole. His purple
headed cock felt for the first time the joy of slipping into
a hot cunt.  With easy motion, his prick slipped deep into
Mary Lou's belly until his pubic bone rested against hers,
his curly cock hair nestled against her wet red haired
   He felt the overwhelming need to plunge and buck his cock
rapidly in and out and started the quick action which would
culminate in the release of his cum in her belly, however
Mary Lou's hands held his ass tightly to her, stopping his
   "Hold still dear, don't move, just feel. Feel the heat
inside my belly, and the touch of my cunt hair against your
belly.  Feel the softness of my titties and taste my
   His head, pillowed between her breasts, turned as he
sought the nubbin of her left nipple, savoring the dimpled
opening at the tip and the difference between the skin on
her breast and the feeling of the crinkled nipple against
his tongue.
   "Can you feel my nipples swell against your tongue, and
the seeping moisture from the walls of my pussy bathing the
skin of your cock. Feel the skin of your balls against my
asshole. Feel this now, I'm going to make my cunt milk the
cum out of your cock!"
   Her pussy writhed around his shaft, pulling him deeper
into her belly tightly, then relaxing to allow his cock to
settle before tightening again, sucking his cock with her
cunt. His tongue feverishly flickering over her hard pink
nipple, his ass feeling Lisa and Penny's hands caressing and
teasing the crevice and touching his crinkly brown hole.
   Mary Lou's legs lifted, sliding around his back as her
ankles locked around him, her cunt climbing his pole,
milking his cock for the cum stored in his testicles. His
head felt light, it was great when her soft lips had sucked
the cream out of his prick, and he'd loved the taste of her
slippery pussy, but actually fucking a grown lady in the
cunt with his cock was fantastic.
   Terry exploded, his hips a frenzy, his movements so rapid
that his lower body appeared to blur, as he drove his boyish
prong with feverish intensity into her hot moist pussy. Her
arms held his teenage body tight against her full breasts as
her ass lifted to his lunging, her belly writhing as she
came around his sweet prick. The sensation of fresh fluid
hotly against his cock, tightened his testicles, swelled the
head of his cock, and liquid fire sprayed from his cock to
her cunt.
   Spurting and squirting, the boyhood virginal cum
spattered inside her wet over heated pussy as she realized
the fantasy of fucking a young teenaged boy, and taking his
virginity with her hot milking pussy.
   Terry's heart pounded as his cum shot deep into Mary
Lou's belly. His breathing a sobbing sucking try for air to
reach his lungs, his testicles clenched as their full load
emptied out the hole in the head of his purple glans.
Spraying, spurt after spurt of thin cream shot to run into,
then leak out of her red hairy cunt.
   His body collapsed, held by her arms around his shoulders
and her thighs and legs locked around the small of his
youthful back, feeling her pussy still spasming around his
cock and feeling the fluid still seeping from his hole.
   They lay motionless, her pussy absorbing his cream, his
breath slowed and he sighed a deep sigh of contentment.
   They lay motionless for minutes...

C h a p t e r  28

   "Thank you Terry. You are a fine lover."
   Mary Lou's arms and legs released his captive body from
the female hold she had.
   Lisa and Penny busy, their arms turning him over to lay
on his back, their tongues then fluttering soft as
butterflies to taste the juice and cream on his cock, their
flickering tongues lapping the dampness from his cock and
   Later, dressed in his shorts and shirt, the three women
still nude, they sat in the living room talking.
   "It's much to late to do the lawn now Terry dear. You'll
just have to come back tomorrow afternoon and mow it. And
after it's mowed, if you all hot and sweaty, you can come in
and take a shower and make love to me. That is if Mary Lou
doesn't mind."
   "I don't mind at all Penny, I'm sure Terry will do a good
job on both you and the lawn, won't you Terry?"
   "Yes Miss Penny. I'll do such a good job on the lawn that
you'll be proud of me, and I'll try to do a good job on you
   After the boy left, still walking jauntily, whistling out
the front gate, the girls dissolved into gales of laughter,
enjoying the boy's confidence and bearing as he left.
   "Do you think he'll ever tell about his afternoon with
the three of us?" Lisa wondered.
   "Someday, when he's older, but not now. He's not too sure
just what might happen to him if he told, and the three of
us would just deny and act indignant if we're accused. Who
would ever believe that three grown women would do all the
things we did this afternoon with a fifteen year old boy. I
tell you truly, he won't tell for two very good reasons.
One, he's afraid he'd get in trouble, even though he's not
too sure what kind of trouble. Two, he'd miss out on a good
thing, and never be able to play with us again. Those two
reasons will keep his tongue sealed." Mary Lou counted out
her points on her fingers.
   "Maybe, maybe not!" Lisa shook her head. "Boys just have
to brag about the pussy they get to the other boys to make
themselves look more like men. I would almost bet that he'd
tell his closest male friend all about fucking and sucking
the three of us this afternoon."
   "Oh I don't think he'll tell," Mary Lou grinned at the
other two. "He's still a little confused about just what
happened here today. Besides, I don't care if he does tell
his closest male friend. Maybe I could get a threesome going
with him and his friend. I almost wish I had asked him to
set something up for me."
   "You mean you'd go for a threesome with him and a
friend?" Penny asked her, giggling.
   "Why not? I once got it on as the main attraction of a
circle jerk in a boy's military school," Mary Lou admitted.
   "What in the world is a circle jerk?" Lisa asked with a
puzzled look.
   "Oh, it's a juvenile way of jerking off, with all of the
guys in a circle on the floor, all jerking off their cock,
and the first one that comes, wins."
   "Wins what?" Lisa asked.
   "Sometimes they each put in a dollar, and the one that
comes first, gets to keep the pot," Mary Lou explained.
   "Tell us about your participation as the star attraction
in a circle jerk," Penny begged Mary Lou.
   "I was seventeen, on summer vacation in Virginia, and the
little town I stayed at with my folks, had a boy's military
school there. I went out with a boy, and he told me about a
circle jerk, but I didn't believe him even though he swore
it was true."
   "He offered to set up a circle jerk for me to see, just
to prove that there was such a thing, and I went along.
Hell, just thinking about it had me so horny that I'd have
paid anything just to see it," Mary Lou giggled.
   "What happened then?" Penny asked, squirming.
   "He had the boys meet in a barn, and I got to the barn
first, hiding in the loft, and watched while they came in.
Just like the boy told me, they all put up some money, and I
can't remember now how much, and then they all started madly
flogging their cocks," Mary Lou's gestures of jerking off
with her tongue hanging out of her mouth sent the other two
into choking laughter.
   "I was so hot watching all those young kids jerking off
their pricks that I had a finger in my pussy and was leaning
over a hay bale trying to see everything at once, and I fell
out of the loft, right into the midst of the circle."
   "What happened then?"
   "Well, I was hotter than a firecracker, and I convinced
them to change the rules a bit."
   "Changed to what?"
   "A jack off contest, but for maximum shooting distance,
with me doing the jerking. I've liked young cocks ever
since. Some of those kids could shoot cum over six feet, and
the winner shot off about eight or nine feet. Talk about
getting turned on watching all that sperm shooting out of
hard jerking pricks, specially with me doing all the
   "Did you get laid?"
   "No, but I did give the winner a blow job, right there in
front of all the other boys as a winner's present. It
inspired them all so much, that they had another contest
right after, but the results were the same, the same boy won
again. I often wondered what happened to him in later life,"
she said, a bit wistfully.
   "By the way dear, you were the only one of us who got
screwed today, So if you don't mind, Lisa and I are going to
take Dumdum into the bedroom and get our cunts fucked.
   Quickly the two had Dumdum on the bed, Lisa on hands and
knees, busy jacking the great Dane's cock, trying to get it
to protrude from it's covering while Dumdum lay on his back.
Penny's thighs spread over the dog great muzzle, his tongue
busy in the hairy thicket of her black matted pussy hair.
   Dumdum's prick began to slither from it hairy covering as
his tongue lapped at the wet opening between Penny's thighs.
The taste of her lubricating oils helping the canine's cock
to expand. Soon an inch or two of hard pointed red animal
prick protruded, and Lisa's lips fastened to the pointed
tip, her tongue busy flipping the still soft point.
   Lisa's soft lips clung to the expanding tip of his cock,
exploring the slitted opening as her tongue probed gently
the taste of his honey. Her smooth movements helping the
dog's prick to engorge with blood, slipping further out into
the clinging lips. Soon fully erect, Lisa threw her leg
across the dogs chest and centered her open lusty cunt at
the end of his cock. Holding the awesome thickness in her
hand she guided the pointed tip to her slit, rubbing and
centering the shaft. Then holding him steady, she inched
back toward his loins, slipping his prick up her cunt
   "I'm glad he's getting to fuck you, Lisa. His cock's so
dear when it's up inside. I love to fuck him too. I love to
feel his big cock in my cunt, and feel the pointed tip
touching deep inside me, right to the bottom of my cunt,"
Penny's lustful voice described her passion.
   Lisa body hugged the great Dane. Her tits hanging on each
side of his breast bone as she inched his great long prick
into her wet cunt. She struggled to cram all of his cock
into her cunt in the face to face position, gathering inch
by inch the pointed tool into her belly. As she slid down
over his cock her head lowered until her mouth was at the
level of his tongue and Penny's black haired saliva coated
pussy. Lisa continued to force her pussy until she felt the
black canine balls nudging the outer opening of her sex.
   Penny' cunt was spread by the out stretched angle of her
thighs and the muzzle of the dog. Lisa watched the pink
canine tongue broadly lick the pussy before her eyes from
asshole to clit.
   She could see the drops of wetness oozing from Penny's
slit, to cling momentarily to the black curly hair sparkling
like dew drops before being licked away by the dog.
   Lisa's cunt started spasming as his loins were moving to
slide his great cock in and out of her cunt, the sight of
Penny's pussy inches from her eyes turned her orgasms into a
continuous wave of pleasurable cum. She opened her thighs
wider so that on her down stroke she could feel both his
pointed prick nudge her cervix and his balls touch her wet
opening. Her excess juices were dripping from her cunt to
his cock to drip onto his fawn colored belly.
   The short fawn colored hairs on Dumdum's balls, tickled
the sensitive lips of Lisa's cunt as the Great Dane hunched
his powerful loins, slithering his red cock in and out of
her hot wet slippery cunt.
   "That's so sexy. Watching his cock slipping around in
your cunt. His prick's big and hard, and his tongue's
lapping at my pussy. I'm so horny Lisa, just watching the
two of you, I don't know of anything that could turn me on
any more."
   Lisa snaked out her tongue to touch Penny's clit
protruding from the dense bushy hairy opening between her
thighs. The contact with Lisa tongue on her pink fleshy
clitoris brought Penny to orgasm, her titties quivering as
her flanks and ass tightened. Lisa moved her seeking mouth
closer and captured Penny's clit between her teeth, chewing
gently with her front teeth on the fleshy bud as if it were
chewing gum.
   "Oh Gawd, oh Gawddd. That's so good with both your
tongues in my pussy. I'm cuming, I'm cuming so hard,"
Penny's voiced hissed with labored breathing at the twin
lapping at hairy junction between her thighs.
   Penny's orgasm's rippled her tight belly like a rock
makes waves on hitting the water in a pool of water. Her
hands gripped the sides of Lisa's head pulling and tugging,
going wild with lust at the feeling of Dumdum's tongue and
Lisa's teeth. Her moans brought Mary Lou to the bed from the
other room.
   Mary Lou bounded gracefully onto the bed, fastening her
lips to a hard protruding nipple of Penny's quivering breast
and sucking sweetly, helping her go with the orgasm.
   Perspiration stood from Penny's body in a thin sheen, a
luster of sparkling water. Her muscles hard and tight as her
orgasm came to a peak. Her body relaxed and slumped quietly,
as she lay back on the bed, satisfied.
   Lisa continued to fuck the hard rod of canine flesh
poking into her guts. Bobbing her head and undulating her
hips and loins, she screwed her as in circles around the
dog's hot pointed prick. Dumdum's tongue lay from his mouth
down the side of his jaw, his hips churning upwards into
Lisa's clasping hot cunt. Then the dog's cock exploded. His
animal cum squirting deep into her belly. Lisa screwed her
hot hairy snatch down until Dumdum's testicles pressed to
and then slightly into her cunt, holding that position with
the cum squirting directly on her cervix. Spurt after spurt
leapt from the slitted opening in his red pointed animal
cock to her warm pink well filled pussy.  The over filled
chasm, unable to hold the squirting juices of cum, drooled
the slippery cream from the pink ragged lips of her cunt to
his belly.
   Lisa resulting orgasm caused her body to thrash and
ripple.  Her friend Mary Lou, placed a fingertip against her
asshole, and softly pressed to insert her middle finger to
the palm into Lisa.
   Lisa could feel Dumdum's prick swell, the two glands
below the head of his pointed rod filling her cunt with
almost unbearable pressure as his big cock got bigger. They
were hung up. She tried to experiment and see if she could
get loose from his now gigantic canine rod, but pulling away
made her feel like it would tear her belly apart if she
pulled too hard. She lay still, feeling her orgasms starting
at the tip of his cock, travel to the black balls just
inside her pink lipped cunt, milking the slippery juices.
   Her cunt and belly were in continuous orgasmic motion,
and Lisa just lay still feeling both the tremendous pressure
and pleasure of his canine prick up her hot snatch.
   Her mind drifted through sexual fantasy's as the time
passed waiting for his dog's pointed prick to subside it's
tennis ball growths in her cunt.
   When his prick pulled free, Lisa was confused, her mind
hazy and dull. She was conscious of Mary Lou gently bathing
her cunt with a warm washcloth and Penny holding her close
to her body, warm titties against her head.
   When they dressed and returned to the living room, Penny
told Lisa that she had been hung on the giant dog's prick
for over an hour, cuming continuously all that time. There
was no wonder that she felt weak and dizzy.
   The three sat on the couch, discussing the early
afternoon's eventful orgy with Terry and Dumdum.

 C h a p t e r   29

   "I don't like it any better than you do, but it's going
to be more money and I think it's well worth any
inconvenience that we suffer for the good we'll get later."
   "It's sure easy for you to say, you're the one who's
going, I'm the one staying here while you go to Chicago for
a month or six weeks," Lisa's voice was filled with anger.
   "Well princess, you can't have it both ways. Either come
with me and be bored, or stay home and be lonely, there's no
middle ground unless you want to come for a couple of weeks
and then go back home later," Bill's voice was getting
higher and louder at her argument.
   "I don't particularly want to go to Chicago, why didn't
they have the training in Hawaii?" Lisa reply was petulant
and petty.
   "Don't ask me. I didn't set up the training schedule, and
I wasn't consulted about where the training was going to be.
Why don't you just come along and then if you don't like it,
you can come back home," Bill looked at Lisa with raised
eyebrows.  "Bull shit! I am not going to Chicago!"
   "Suit yourself, Lisa. If you get lonely, you know where
I'll be."
   Lisa sighed, remembering the conversation the previous
night.  Bill departed on a United flight early in the
morning and Lisa wouldn't see him again for five or six
weeks, depending on how Bill did at the training center in
Chicago. She knew he would be studying most of his free time
and wouldn't have time for her, and that pissed her off, and
Chicago pissed her off. She sat nursing a martini, feeling
both rejected and dejected.
   The slim bodied housewife knew that the school was
important to Bill. His office was getting a new computer
complex and Sam, his boss, had decided that Bill was the
rising young executive that would run the project after
   His new position would mean more than six thousand a year
in increased pay, and no telling how much in bonuses at the
end of the year.
   One thing for which Lisa was thankful, Angela was not
going to this class. Both Angela, Bill's secretary, and
Marian, Sam's secretary were to attend the next class, after
   Bill swore that he hadn't gotten into Angela's panties,
yet.  Just a blow job that his secretary has given him while
hidden under his desk, early one Saturday afternoon. Marian
and Sam had both been in the office at the time that Angela
was both hiding and blowing.
   Marian had quickly understood what was happening,
however, Sam was still unaware that Bill and Angela were
having illicit sex with Angela sucking his cock from under
his desk.  Since Angela and Marian were the best of friends,
they had done a little female plotting, and Bill's
reputation was rising with the company, due to their help.
   Lisa knew that all of this new found sexual adventures
were working to her advantage, but she was still pissed that
Bill was to be gone.
   She called her girl friends. Mary Lou was working, Susan
was having dinner with her married lover after telling Bull
that she was working late. Penny had a date for the first
time with a man she had met while shopping, Barbi was
working with Mary Lou, and no one else answered the phone.
   Lisa was doing a slow burn. She considered calling some
male friends that she and Bill had, but dismissed that idea
as stupid and dangerous to her married life. If she was
going to play around, it was better if it was not with a
friend of Bill's unless Bill gave his acceptance of the
   It was nine forty five, she was pissed off and a little
drunk, Sunday night, nothing she wanted to see on television
and she was bored.
   Suddenly she jumped and ran to the bedroom, opening the
closet door and pulled her dresses along the bar, metal
hangers making rasping noises. She grabbed a dark brown
dress, tossing it on the bed.
   Stripped off clothing and started the shower running. In
minutes she had showered, applied makeup, sprayed on enough
perfume to lure a boat load of sailors, pulled the dress
over her otherwise naked body, grabbing a small purse. She
moved money, her keys and wallet, and added a comb and
brush.  Stalking through the house, turning off the lights
and got into her car, backed out of the garage and closed
the door by pressing the auto genie in the car. She drove
away heading to Highway 101, then turning south.
   Lisa had always enjoyed driving, and with her skirt
pulled high on her warm thighs, leaned back and started
calming her nerves.
   Her free hand toyed with her naked pussy, feeling the
slit gently, and wondering what to do now that she was out
of the house.
   It came to her in a flash, The Alameda theater. That's
where she would go. If nothing else, she could sit and play
with her cunt and watch the movie. Making up her mind about
the destination, made her feel better, and hovering at
seventy on the speedometer, one eye on the rear view mirror,
she proceeded to San Jose.
   Parking her car in a side street south of the movie
house, Lisa stood at the ticket booth and set a ten dollars
bill on the counter. The sexy and pissed off blonde received
a strange look from the girl behind the counter. Probably
not too many women came to a screw movie alone.
   "Screw her," Lisa thought, "I don't care what she thinks.
If she sneers at me, I'll slip her the power so fast she
won't know what hit her. I'll have her strip naked and cock
sucking all the male patrons inside of ten minutes."
   The girl counted out five singles and handed them to
Lisa, saying, "Have a nice day," and adding a big smile.
   "She doesn't know just how close she came to getting her
belly full of sperm, all through her mouth!" Lisa stalked
off, entering the theater.
   She turned toward the screen and took a seat in the
middle about half way down on the lower floor. There was
nobody within five rows of her and she slouched down in the
seat and started watching the movie.
   An orgy on the screen, bodies fucking and sucking each
other in groups. Not much of a plot, the photography was
poor and the acting nonexistent. As her eyes grew accustomed
to the dark, she could see around her that the theater was
almost deserted, and decided to head for the balcony and the
back row where there might be some visual action going on.
Anything would be better than the dull movie.
   At the top of the stairs Lisa could head left or right.
The rear row was deserted and the delectable blonde moved to
her left, sitting in the middle of the last row.
   The movie ended just as she sat down, and previews of
coming attractions started. Some of the movies looked like
they might be good but she knew by now that only the best
hot scenes would be shown and that the movies were never as
good a she imagined they could be.
   The main feature started, 'Eruption' starring John
Holmes.  Lisa had been watching for about twenty minutes
when she pulled her legs up, her feet flat on the seat, her
skirt falling down to her lap and her ass bare. She started
fingering her pussy as she watched John get his cock sucked.
   She watched with amazement at the size of his prick,
thinking that it was even bigger than Bull's cock, but
noticed that it never really got extra hard. It looked as if
it was just too big to get hard all the way.
   Lisa started a fantasy about John's prick between her
legs, when she became aware of a man sitting in her row,
just five seats away. She hadn't noticed when he sat down,
and was wondering how he got there. He just sat with his
hands folded in his lap, not moving, staring at the screen.
   She thought about her last adventure here, and the man
who had let her jack him off. Let him know I'm here, she
thought to herself.
   "There's a single women there, watching the screen. If
she looks like she's getting hot, I'll move over close to
her." Lisa's echo chamber was working, thoughts directed to
the man in her row.
   Lisa raised her legs, knees bent and rested her heels on
the back of the seat in front of her. Her dress slithered
down her shapely thighs and gathered around her hips. She
moved her hand on the inside of her thigh, making
exaggerated movements to catch his eye. Moving her thighs
wider she moved her hand to her cunt, sliding a finger along
the slitted opening.
   He slowly moved, his body kind of slithered from his seat
to the next one closer to her. Then one more, and one more,
and one more. Now he sat just one seat over. Lisa watched
him from the corner of her eye, her heart pounding, as she
lowered the leg closest to him and placed it on the floor,
leaving her left leg on the back of the seat.
   He could see clearly. Her hand and finger teasing her
pussy, masturbating.
   He drew down his zipper, fishing inside the opening, drew
his cock out and started slowly to jack it off. He was no
John Holmes, but his prick looked healthy enough.
   Since he had moved four seats, Lisa thought it only fair
that she move, and slithered into the seat next to him,
resting her arm on the armrest, her hand hovering over his
lap as he continued to jack his cock. She again put both
feet up and slouched down in the seat, her ass bare, her
cunt thrust high as she tickled the furrow and ran her
fingers over the soft blonde pussy hair.
   "Would you like to suck my pussy?" Lisa's throaty whisper
jolted her seat companion. He turned to her, his hand darted
to her cunt, feeling the sweet warmth and soft fleshy outer
lips.  He moved forward and knelt in the space in front of
her as she raised one leg over his head, then lowered it
again to rest both her feet on the seat back. His head was
cradled between her soft open thighs, pale and gleaming in
the subdued lighting reflected from the screen.
   His lips started midway along her thigh, softly kissing
the smooth warm skin, moving upward to the soft thatch of
pussy hair at her crotch, then switching to the other thigh.
His lips kissing and sucking her thighs, moving slowly to
cover her naked legs with kisses.
   "I'm going to like this. He's going so slowly, that when
his lips reach my pussy I'll explode," Lisa thought while
she caressed the back of his head and neck.
   Lisa felt his lips moving, and the wet touch of his
tongue as he left a trail of saliva on one thigh, then
mouthed upwards to her belly, his nose in the navel, kissing
the round soft belly below.
   Lisa noticed a movement in the dark to the left screen.
Someone had opened the door from the inside to let those
outside enter without paying. Lisa thought some underage
teenagers were getting their friends in for free, and
watched idly, feeling the tongue slowly travel down her
belly towards her groin.
   She watched the group split and filter through the
theater, to enter the balcony one at a time from all four
stairways.  She knew her naked white thighs were visible in
the soft light and thought she would really blow their minds
when they saw he was getting her cunt eaten. A bright scene
on the screen illuminated her naked thighs and upraised
legs, and she saw the two leaders of the group pause and
then converge on the row where she sat. Pleased to put on a
show, Lisa raised one leg straight up into the air, pointing
her toe gracefully, as she pulled her seat mates head into
her cunt.
   The invading group took the seat row in front of her and
several took the seats on each side in the same row. Lisa
saw that they were not teenagers, but members of some club
with identical motorcycle jackets. One member sat in the
same seat her companion had just vacated to suck her pussy,
and the other on her left.
   "Getting your pussy sucked off sweet thing?" Her new
seatmate asked in a rough voice.
   The companion eating her cunt jerked his head up, looked
at the crowd gathered around filling all the seats, and
tried to rise.
   The leather jacketed man on her left grabbed him by the
neck, shoved his face hard between Lisa's legs his mouth
mashed against her pussy and rotated his head.
   "That's a no-no. You wanted to eat your girl friends
pussy, so eat your girl friends pussy, asshole," his voice
was hard and gravelly.
   "Could be that he's her husband, and just likes to eat
cunt in movies," the voice on her right said, also putting
his hand down to push the man's face against her cunt. The
contact wasn't pleasurable to Lisa, there was too much
pressure and roughness to suit her.
   "He's not my husband or my boy friend. I just met him and
let him lick me. Now Goddammit, quit pushing so hard, it
   The man on her left moved like lightning, his big hand
grabbed her soft breast holding it like a football,
squeezing hard.  The pain took Lisa' breath. The agony of
the hand putting pressure on her soft titty clamped her legs
around the neck of the guy eating her out.
   "Shut your mouth, slut. Or I'll twist your tit right off.
How would you like to go through life with only one tit?"
   His voice hissed in her ear, as her breast was almost
crushed be his big hand.