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Jake's Girls - Tia
by Daydreamer69


This is the second story in the Jake's Girls series. (Mg, ped, 
oral, rom)



This is the second story in the "Jake's Girls" series. In this 
story, we are introduced to Tia, a beautiful 12 year old black 
girl, and a friend of Jessie's. Jessie told Jake that Tia attended 
the school where he was going to teach, and that she was sexually 
active. She promised to line him up with her. We will also be 
introduced to a precocious little 5 year old named Patsy, who will 
be featured in a later story.

Chapter 1

I was having my after breakfast coffee by the pool the next 
morning. It was about 9:30, and I was thinking about Jessie. The 
last 2 days with her were heaven. She was the first minor I ever 
had sex with, and her sexual appetite and abilities both surprised 
and delighted me. Once having savored youth as I had, I knew it 
would be difficult to return to women my own age. I was going to 
miss having her around.

The sun was hot and I found himself perspiring. I removed my 
shirt, then on second thought, stripped naked and laid on a chaise 
lounge. My huge manhood flopped to one side and I stroked it. I 
hadn't showered yet after yesterdays marathon sexfest with Jessie 
and it was still coated with dried cum. I sniffed my hand and the 
scent of Jessie permeated my nostrils. My mind immediately 
returned to her and my penis stiffened. "I wish you were here now, 
Jess," I said out loud.

Then my thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of my cell. When 
I answered it, I was greeted by a soft female voice. "Hi," it 
said. "Is this Mr. Brownlow?"

"Yes it is," I replied. "Who's this?"

"Hi," the voice said. "I'm Tia. I was just talking to Jessie. She 
said I should call you. I hope you don't mind."

As soon as I heard who it was, I sat straight up and my heart 
skipped a beat. Jessie didn't waste any time keeping her promise.

"Tia," I repeated, sounding surprised. "I'm very pleased that you 
called. Jessie told me a lot about you."

Tia giggled. "She told me a lot about you too. What are you 
doing?" she asked.

"Just sitting by the pool having a coffee," I answered. I wanted 
to tell her I was naked and stroking his penis, but thought better 
of the idea. I didn't want to frighten her off. "What are you 

"Nothing," she replied. "Just laying on my bed. Jessie told me you 
are going to be teaching at my school. Is that right?"

"Yes, and I'm looking forward to it," I replied.

"You'll like it there," she added. "There's lots of nice girls 
there." She giggled again.

"How old are you, Tia?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"I just turned 12 last month. How old are you?"

"Older than that," I answered and chuckled. "You'll be going into 
grade 7 then?"

"Ya," she replied. "What grades will you be teaching?"

"Grades 4 to 8 math and English," he told her. "I'll also be 
coaching some of the schools sports teams. I haven't heard which 
ones yet."

"That's so cool," she said excitedly.
Tia paused for a second. "D-do you think I could meet you, Mr. 

"I'd like that, Tia," I said. "When?"

"I-I don't know." She sounded nervous.

"I'm not doing anything right now. How about I pick you up in an 

"I don't think that would be a good idea," she said softly. "My 
mom is home right now. She's really nosey. "C-can I come to your 

"Sure Tia," I agreed. "That would be fine. Do you know where I 

"Ya. Jessie told me. It will take me about half an hour to bike 
there. Is that too soon?"

"No," I said gleefully. "That will be perfect. See you soon. Be 
careful now. Bye."

Chapter 2

I had a quick shower and shave and put on a fresh pair of shorts. 
I didn't bother with underwear, nor with a top. Slapping on some 
of my best antiperspirant and cologne, I went down stairs to wait 
for Tia. My heart was pounding in my chest and I got more and more 
excited with every passing second.

Fortunately I didn't have to wait long. A few minutes later I saw 
Tia peddle up the driveway, park her bike and walk to the door. 
Before she could ring the bell, I opened the door and greeted her 
with my best and sexiest smile.

"Hi, Mr. Brownlow," she said shyly. I'm Tia."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Tia," I said taking her hand in 
mine and escorting her in. Her hand was soft and sweaty; her 
fingers long.

"Let's go and sit by the pool," I suggested. "It's nice there and 
we can get to know each other."

Tia slipped off her shoes and followed me. I poured myself another 
coffee and asked her if she wanted some. "I drink coffee 
sometimes," she admitted, "but I'd rather have a soft drink, if 
that's alright."

I pulled a Pepsi out of the fridge, handed it to her, and we went 
to the pool. I reclined in the chaise lounge that I had occupied 
earlier while Tia sat on the one beside me, facing me. I overtly 
ran my eyes over her young body.

"You're a very beautiful young girl," I praised her after a couple 
of minutes. She giggled and squirmed in her seat.

She was indeed beautiful. She was probably about 5 feet 6 inches 
tall with a slender but shapely body. I never was good at 
estimating a girl's weight, but she couldn't have been over 85 or 
90 pounds. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of white shorts 
which drew attention to her shapely little bum and her long 
slender legs. 

Either she wasn't wearing any underwear or had a thong on. Either 
way, I couldn't see any panty line. Her top consisted of a short, 
tight fitting light blue tank top with spaghetti straps, which 
showed off her flat tummy and her budding breasts to their best. 
Her clothing contrasted perfectly with her dark skin. She had dark 
brown eyes and thick, sensuous lips. Her hair was black and long 
and she had it done up in a pony tail which hung down to the 
middle of her back.

"Thanks," she said and giggled again.

"So tell me about yourself, Tia," I said. "What do your parents 
do, and do you have any brothers and sisters?"

"My dad has his own architecture business," she answered. "Mommy 
works with him. I have a baby sister, Chloe. She just turned 8 the 
other day. She's really cute but a bit of a brat. She's always 
spying on me." She giggled again.

"How are you getting along at school?" I asked her next.

"Good," she answered proudly. "I'm a straight A student. I like 
going to St Mary's."

I smiled at her. "Ya! From what Jessie tells me you really like it 

Tia dropped her eyes and shifted uneasily in her seat. "W-what did 
she t-tell you?"

I dropped my legs and sat up facing her. Our knees touched. 
Placing my hands on her thighs just above her knees, I said, 
"Don't be afraid, sweetheart. She didn't say anything bad about 
you, at least not what I consider bad." I chuckled. I was pleased 
that she didn't make any effort to remove my hands. In fact I 
thought I felt her knees parting ever so slightly.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked curiously.

Again I smiled. "Only that you have a good time at school. You're 
quite popular with all the teachers, I hear. Both the men and the 

"Ya, I guess I am, but so are a lot of the other girls there."

Then giving her thighs a gentle squeeze, I added, "I don't want to 
embarrass you, Tia, and you don't have to answer if you don't want 
to, but Jessie told me that you are very sexually active. She said 
that you brag to her about it all the time. She said that you have 
slept with every teacher in the school, both the men and the 
ladies. Is that right?"

"She shouldn't have told you that," she snapped. "She fucks too, 
you know. She even fucks her father."

"Oh, ya. I know that," I confessed. "I'm fucking her too."

"Ya, I know," she told me," she replied. "She's a really lucky 
bitch. I tried to get my daddy to fuck me, but he's such a prude. 
That's why he sent me and Chloe to St Mary's."

"You still haven't answered my question. Is what she told me 

She looked down at her feet again and fidgeted uneasily. "Ya!" she 
confessed in a soft low voice.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?" I asked her 
curiously. "Was it consensual, or were you raped?"

She sat up straight and looked at me. She seemed to have lost her 
shyness now. Talking about this was doing her good. "I wanted to 
have sex since I was 7 years old. Daddy wouldn't do it and most of 
the teachers weren't interested in 7 year old girls. They said I 
had to wait till I was 8."

"Is that a rule of the school?" I asked curiously.

"I don't think so," she replied. "There are some teachers who will 
fuck younger girls, but they're old and fat, and it made me sick 
just thinking about letting them fuck me. They're like 60 years 
old. Some girls let them, but not many. None of the older girls 
do. Anyway, when I turned 8, sent a note to a teacher I really 
liked and he agreed to take my virginity. 

"That was the best day of my life." She smiled and giggled. 
"Chloe's having the same problem. She wants to get fucked so badly 
but she doesn't want to do it with the old men either. It'll 
happen when she goes back to school in September now that she's 8. 
She's really excited about that."

"How many guys have you slept with?" I asked.

"Don't know," she answered. "Lots, I guess. Maybe 12 or more of 
the men teachers, and also my boyfriends. I've also done it with 
most of the lady teachers and some of my girlfriends." She giggled 
and looked embarrassed.

All the time she was talking, I was caressing her thighs, and my 
hands had crept up higher and higher, till I was only inches away 
from her treasure. She made no attempt to stop me and her legs 
were now wide apart. I could feel the heat emanating from her 
"So tell me, Tia," I said leaning closer to her and speaking in a 
soft calming voice. "What's the real reason you wanted to see me 

She looked down again and didn't say anything. "Is it that you 
want to have sex with me?"

She slowly nodded her head, and my heart started pounding and my 
cock rose.

"You'll have to say it, sweetheart," I told her. "I want to hear 
you say the words. I have to be sure that's what you really want."

She looked into my eyes. I could see determination in them. "I-I 
want you to f-fuck me, Mr. Brownlow," she confessed in a low 

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. Her mouth opened 
and soon we were in a hot embrace. She threw her arms around my 
neck and her tongue probed my mouth, finding my tongue and 
caressing it. Our saliva flowed and we drank deeply.

"OK, honey," I told her, "but only under one condition. She looked 
at me inquisitively. "You start calling me Jake," I continued. 
"but only when we're alone and not at school. Deal?"

Tia giggled. "OK, Mr. B... er Jake." She giggled again.

I held her in my arms and kissed her passionately. She sure was a 
good kisser for such a young girl and she seemed to enjoy French 
kissing. Her soft wet tongue probed my mouth and she sucked on my 
tongue, drawing it deep into her mouth. 

As we kissed, my hands roamed all over her young body. I squeezed 
her budding breasts over her t-shirt, and I could feel her nipples 
hardening under my touch. Slipping my hand under her shirt, I 
cupped her titties. Her skin felt as soft as silk, and her breasts 
were soft yet firm. She wasn't wearing a bra. I pinched her hard 
nipples and she let out a soft purring sound.

"Why don't you get undressed, Tia?" I suggested.

She took a step back and smiled at me. Then grabbing the hem of 
her shirt, she lifted it over her head and threw it on the ground. 
She cupped her own breasts and tweaked her nipples. "Do you like 
these, Jake?" she asked coyly, before giggling.

I was stunned at the beauty of her 12 year old titties, and 
couldn't speak.

Still looking into my eyes, she undid the button on her shorts and 
pulled down the zipper. They fell open revealing her pubic bone 
with it's thin covering of black pubic hairs. Then pulling them 
down past her hips, she wiggled her bum and worked them down to 
her ankles and stepped out of them. 

She now stood in front of me in her full naked glory. She was 
smiling broadly as she slowly turned to show me her pert bum, all 
the time still looking at me. She placed her hands on her bum and 
bent over while spreading her cheeks. Her little pink rosebud came 
into view just above her 12 year old vagina. Her lips were swollen 
and wet. There was no doubt about it. She wanted me.

Standing up again and facing me, she placed her hands on her hips. 
"It's your turn now, Mr. B.... ahh Jake," she said then giggled 

She reached out and undid my belt. When she undid my button and 
pulled my zipper down, the front of my shorts spread open and my 
penis popped out. She gasped when she saw it, and took a step 
back, her hands covering her mouth. I slid my shorts down and 
stepped out of them.

Tia's eyes were like saucers as she stared at my manhood. I've 
always been proud of my size, being about 12 inches long and very 
thick. Some girls have even fainted seeing it for the first time. 
I'm circumcised, and my huge head was pouring precum.

"Omigod!" she exclaimed. "Jessie wasn't lying. "She said you were 
big, but I never dreamed it was that big. Oh wow!"

"Do you like?" I asked teasingly, as I smiled and slowly stroked 

"I-It's the most b-beautiful thing I've ever seen," she stuttered. 
I could see her starting to shake with excitement; or was it from 

She stepped forward and clutched it in her hand. She had long 
fingers which could easily wrap around my shaft, even at its 
thickest part. Her other hand reached out and cupped my balls.

"I-I've never seen balls this big either," she said, as she rolled 
them around. "They must hold a lot of cum." She giggled.

I laid her on the chaise lounge, and she immediately raised her 
knees and spread them wide open. Her lips were puffy and a dark 
shade of pink. Liquid was trickling from her slit. It was the most 
beautiful sight I ever saw and my cock twitched excitedly.

As I laid on top of her, my cock was sandwiched between our 
bodies, spreading my precum over our stomachs. I held her head in 
my hands and I kissed the top of her head, her forehead, her eyes, 
her ears, dipping my tongue into them making her giggle. I kissed 
her nose and cheeks, then her lips and chin and worked down to her 
throat. She started making soft kittenish sounds from deep down in 
her throat and her breath was getting shallower. Her eyes closed 
and a contented smile spread over her pretty face.

I moved down and kissed each of her breasts. She had large dark 
areolas and her nipples had grown hard and stood out proudly. I 
kneaded her titties and sucked her nipples deep into my mouth. She 
purred louder as I flipped them with my tongue. Her breasts were 
beautiful and I spent a long time on them before moving further 
down. I licked and kissed along her tummy till I reached her 
bellybutton. My tongue darted into the indentation and swirled 
around. "That tickles," she said, and giggled.

Working down, I neared her vulva, and my nostrils caught the scent 
of her young sex. The smell was overpowering and it made my mouth 
water and my head spin. I thought Jessie smelt good down there, 
but Tia was something else. It was the most heavenly smell I ever 
experienced and I knew I just had to taste her.

"When was the last time you had sex?" I asked her.

"N-not since s-school ended," she stuttered. "I was just starting 
my p-period so none of the teachers wanted me then. When I 
finished, all of them were away on holidays and none my boyfriends 
were around."

"That's good," I said, chuckling. "I want to lick you but I don't 
want to taste some other guy's cum. I don't mind tasting my own, 
but not someone else's. When did you start having your periods?"

"A-about 3 months ago," she answered.

"Do you take precautions against pregnancy and STDs?" I asked her.

"D-do you mean using a condom?" she asked.

I nodded. "I hate those things," she admitted. "Mommy took me to 
the doctor and put me on the pill. It's not really the pill," she 
explained. "It's a shot I get once a month. So I can't get 

"What about diseases," I asked her.

"I only use condoms when I'm having sex with a guy I don't know 
very well," she said. "As soon as I know he's clean, I stop using 
them. All the teachers are clean. So are my regular boyfriends. 
Jessie told me you're clean too."

I smiled reassuringly at her. "Yes I am," I admitted. I've also 
had a vasectomy, so I can't get anyone pregnant." 

Tia giggled. "The girls at school will like that," she told me. 
"Most of the men teachers have had the operation too. Those who 
haven't use condoms. Not many of the girls are protected against 
I buried my head in Tia's crotch and licked the length of her hot, 
wet slit. Tia moaned softly as my tongue probed deep inside her. 
She raised her legs and placed them on my shoulders and crossed 
her ankles. Her hands gripped my head and pressed me harder into 
her as her thighs clamped tightly around my head. "T-that's so n-
nice," she whispered.

There is something special about the taste of preteen girls that 
you have to experience to understand. As most guys know, all girls 
taste basically the same, but the older they get, the stronger 
they taste. But with young girls, the flavor is much milder, more 
mellow, more delicate, sweeter. Its something you could drink all 
day long without tiring of it. Tia was no exception. 

I have never tasted anything like her before. Even Jessie, whom I 
thought couldn't be beaten, failed in comparison. Maybe it was her 
color. Do black girls taste different to white girls? If so, does 
that mean oriental girls taste different too? Then what about 
Jewish girls, or Egyptian girls? Interesting, eh?
The more I licked, the more juices flowed from her, and I drank 
greedily. I moved up and clamped my mouth around her clit and 
sucked hard. As I sucked, my tongue flicked her erect clit from 
side to side, and Tia screamed with delight. Then I gripped it 
with my front teeth and pulled it gently. That was it. Her body 
started to shake violently and went as stiff as a board. She 
thrust her body hard into my mouth and screamed at the top of her 
voice, as I brought her to a powerful orgasm. I felt her fluids 
flowing faster and more profusely, and I dipped down again to get 
every last drop.

She came so hard that it took a good minute for her to return to 
earth. She released my head, then dropped her legs, and relaxed 
into the chaise lounge. I lifted my head and looked up at her. Her 
eyes were closed and she had a contented look on her face. Slowly 
she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I slid up her body and 
kissed her passionately. Our tongues did a dance of love and our 
saliva flowed freely, mixing together, and we drank.

"T-that was w-wonderful, Jake," she panted. "No one ever made me 
c-cum so hard with his tongue."

She looked at me and started to giggle.

"What's so funny," I asked.

She giggled some more, then said, "You should see your face. It's 
all wet from my cum. It looks funny." She giggled some more.

My cock was now rock hard and throbbing. I lifted my torso, 
grabbed it in one hand and guided it to Tia's 12 year old slit. 
Even though she had plenty of sexual experience, I knew that, 
because of my size, it would be a tight fit. I was going to 
stretch her vagina wider apart than ever before. I coated her lips 
with a copious supply of precum, placed the head of my cock 
against her slit and pushed. Her lips slowly parted and it popped 
into her.

"Ouch," she screeched. "T-that hurt."

I stopped, but didn't back out. "Sorry, baby," I said sincerely.

"I-it's OK, J-Jake," she said looking into my eyes. "I-it only 
hurt for a second. It's OK now. D-don't stop. I didn't mean for 
you to stop." Her arms rose and she pulled my head to her and 
kissed me passionately.

I pushed gently again, forcing more and more of my length into 
her. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. Her heart was racing 
and she was breathing hard, her warm, sweet breath fanning over 

"T-that's so n-nice," she panted as more of me entered her. Her 
long skinny legs wrapped around my waist, and she dug her heels 
into my ass. Her hands gripped my biceps and her fingers dug in.

I pushed until I felt the resistance of her cervix. "I'm in as far 
as I can go, Tia," I advised her. A big smile spread over her 
face. "Let me see," she demanded.

I raised my torso and she looked between us. "Oh wow!" she 
exclaimed. Then a look of disappointment appeared on her face. "B-
but it's n-not all in," she pointed out. "I-I want all of it 
inside me. P-put the rest in."

"Sorry, kid," I explained, "but that's all that will fit inside 
you unless I go right through your cervix and into your womb."

She looked stunned. "C-can you do t-that?" she asked.

"I've done it before, sweetheart," I told her.

"T-then d-do it," she demanded. "I want to feel all of you inside 
me. Do it."

"It's not as easy as that," I tried to explain. "It'll hurt like 
hell. Not many girls can stand the pain. It's like giving birth. 
You know how much pain a girl goes through then, don't you? 

She nodded. "I'll tell you what," I said. "Let's leave it till the 
next time we fuck. You can think about it, and if you still want 
me to, I'll do it then. OK?"

She smiled at me and nodded. As much as she wanted to feel all my 
cock buried in her 12 year old cunt, she wasn't keen on being 

I began pumping into her, taking long slow strokes. She closed her 
eyes again and a look of passion spread over her pretty face. She 
moaned and grunted with every stroke. Her legs tightened around my 
waist again, and her fingers dug deeper into my arms.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! she screamed. "S-so nice. Aaaahhhh! S-so nice."

Her body began to shake and I knew she was getting close to 
cumming. Over the years I've discovered the signs of pending 
orgasms to be the same with most girls. Suddenly her body went 
stiff. She lifted her hips in an attempt to get more of me into 
her. Her legs put me into a deathlike grip, as a powerful orgasm 
ravaged her young body. She howled at the top of her voice. Her 
head flopped from side to side splattering her hair over her wet 
face. It stuck there.

I didn't stop to allow her to enjoy the experience, but continued 
fucking her harder and faster. She yelled and screamed as I took 
her from one wonderful orgasm to another.

My balls were now aching something terrible. I knew I wasn't going 
to last much longer. I pounded into her as hard and as fast as I 
could. Suddenly, I felt my cum burning down my shaft. I raised my 
head, arched my back and howled as wad after wad of hot sticky cum 
shot into Tia's 12 year old cunt. As soon as she felt the first 
wad strike, she came hard and screamed along with we. I could feel 
her cunt muscles milking my cock for every drop of cum she could 
get. It blew my mind.

Tia's arms and legs dropped to and her body relaxed. "Omigod!" she 
gasped as she came down from her high. "T-that was awesome."

She had a smile on her face that extended from ear to ear, and her 
eyes sparkled.

"That's only the beginning," I told her as I started to fuck her 
again. Her eyes grew as big as saucers when she realized what I 
was doing.

"Omigod!" she exclaimed. "Y-you can do it. Y-you r-really can d-do 
it. Jess said you could keep on fucking even after you came. I-I 
didn't believe her, b-but you can. Omigod! Omigod! Eighhhhh!"

Her long skinny legs wrapped around my waist again and she 
squeezed me tightly. We fucked frantically for another hour and I 
made her cum so many times that she couldn't keep count. I 
ejaculated into her 3 more times before I had to rest.
I rolled off her and my rod popped out. I was still hard as I laid 
beside her on my back. My cock rested along my stomach and it was 
still oozing cum. Tia rolled onto her side and snuggled into me.

"T-that was the best fucking I ever had," she told me before 
giggling. "Wow! Did you ever make me cum. It was out of this 
world. I love your cock," she added as she reached out and stroked 
it. "C-can we do it again?"

That's another thing I like about preteen and teenage girls. Their 
sexual appetite is second to none. They want to fuck all the time, 
and can never get enough, unlike older women who seem to think 
that once they've cum once or twice, that's all they want.

I sat up and Tia rolled back onto her back. "You are a great fuck, 
kid," I advised her truthfully. "But I've got to rest for a while. 
We'll do it again after lunch. I'm starving. What about you?" 

She admitted she was too. I got up and looked down at her. She had 
her knees bent and spread. Her cunt was very widely dilated and my 
cum was dribbling from her. I pointed it out to her. She sat up 
and looked between her thighs. "Oh wow!" she exclaimed. "I've 
never been that wide open before." She giggled again.

I helped her to her feet and we walked into the house.

Chapter 3

Tia helped me make some sandwiches and we talked. I asked her 
about her mother's decision to get her birth control. Her mother 
knew that she was sexually active and that sex was commonplace at 
St Mary's. She wasn't concerned until Tia started having her 
periods. That was when she took her to see their family doctor. As 
soon as he discovered she attended St Mary's, he understood. Tia 
wasn't the first young girl at the school he treated. He knew the 
reputation of the school and understood. 

He gave Tia her first shot and told her she had to come back once 
a month for the protection to work properly. He also told her to 
use condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Tia 
tried them for a while but didn't like them. "I like to feel skin 
inside me," she told me. "I don't like feeling rubber." I knew 
exactly what she meant, as I felt the same way. You just don't get 
the same feeling.

As we ate, she suddenly went silent and looked deep in thought.

"What are you thinking about, sweetheart?" I asked her.

"I was just thinking about what you said earlier," she reflected. 
"You know, about going into my womb. D-does it really hurt? I 
don't like being hurt."

"Yes it does," I told her. "Do you remember how it hurt when your 
teacher popped your cherry?"

"Ya," she replied.

"It hurt didn't it?"


"Well it's something like that. It hurt, but it was a good hurt, 
wasn't it?"

Tia smiled. "Ya," she agreed again. "It only hurt for a minute or 
so. After that it was nice."

"Well, pushing through your cervix is something like that," I 
continued explaining. "It'll hurt more than losing your virginity, 
but the pain won't last long, and after, the feeling will be 
awesome. At least that's what some ladies have told me."

Tia's face lit up. "Really?" she asked excitedly. Then after a few 
moments of silence during which she seemed to be weighing things 
up in her mind, she said, "I-I w-want y-you to d-do i-it Jake. I 
don't want to wait till tomorrow. I want you to do it now. Will 
you? Please. Please."

As she begged me, she got up and sat on my lap. Her naked bum was 
hot and damp from the large quantity of cum I had deposited in her 
and which was leaking from her slit. She put her arms around my 
neck and kissed me passionately. She knew what she wanted and knew 
how to get it. My cock rose fast and pressed along her inner 
thighs. "Please, Jake," she repeated. "Will you do it? Eh? Eh?"

For such a young girl, Tia was very determined. She was used to 
getting what she wanted, especially from men. She knew that she 
could always get her way with them. She knew I was no different. 
That's another thing I admire about young girls; their 

"Well, OK then," I agreed after a few seconds of thought. "If 
you're sure that's what you want, I'll do it."

Tia's face lit up and her eyes sparkled with excitement. "Oh, 
thank you, Jake," she screeched. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank 
you!" She kissed all over my face. "Can we do it in your bedroom?"

"Sure, I guess so," I said reluctantly. "The bed's a mess though. 
I haven't had a chance to change it since Jess was here yesterday. 
The sheets are covered in our cum."

"That's OK," she said joyfully as she jumped up and led me to the 
stairs. "Come on. Let's go."

As soon as she found out which was my bedroom, she raced to it and 
threw herself on the bed, landing on her back. Her knees rose and 
parted. When I walked into the room, all I could see was her 
widely spread vagina seemingly winking at me. Her arms were spread 
out, beckoning me to her. Here was a 12 year old girl on my bed, 
with her legs spread wide open for me, and wanting me to satisfy 
her. It was one of the most erotic sights I ever saw. My manhood 
jumped and twitched while what seemed like gallons of precum 
gushed from it.

I crawled between her welcoming legs and buried my cock into her, 
without any foreplay. She immediately wrapped her long skinny legs 
around me and squeezed me tightly. She moaned with pleasure as she 
felt my cock inch its way into her.

I fucked her hard and fast, making her cum 4 times. I wanted her 
as wet and slippery as possible. When she came the fourth time, I 
placed the head of my cock against her cervix and pushed gently. 
She knew it was about to happen and she opened her eyes. I could 
see trepidation in them. But I could also see determination. She 
was going to get what she wanted and she didn't care how much it 

Keeping my eye firmly on hers, I pushed harder and harder. I 
thought I could feel her cervix opening a shade and when I saw her 
eyes fill with tears, I knew I was right. I was starting to hurt 
her now, and I hated that. But this is what she wanted, and she 
always got what she wanted. I pushed harder. She opened up some 
more. Tears were now pouring from her eyes, but she didn't whimper 
or protest in any way. She's such a brave little girl, and I felt 
love for her billowing inside me.

Having done this before, I reckoned it was just about over. Just 
one more push and her cervix should give way to my probing penis 
and open for it. Up to this point, all my pushing was done gently. 
This time I thrust forward with more power. Her cervix sprang open 
and the head of my cock went through it and into her womb. That 
was too much for little Tia. She had been so brave up to this 
point, but now the pain was too much and she broke down and cried 
loudly, "T-take it o-out," she sobbed. "Oh f-fuck! I-it r-really 

I knew better than to try and pull out of her. If I did, any 
chance of getting back into her womb would be shot, for all she'd 
remember would be the pain rather than the pleasure. So I stayed 
put and pushed all the way into her womb till I felt our pubic 
hairs meshing. My whole length was now inside Tia's 12 year old 

She was pushing me with her hands and was trying to work her legs 
between us. She started pounding her fists into me as hard as she 
could. But I was too big and strong for anything she did to have 
any effect. She fought me as I tried to wipe her tears away and 
kiss her.

The pain only lasted a little more than a minute, but to Tia, it 
seemed like an hour. Gradually the discomfort eased, and she 
stopped fighting. She stopped crying and she allowed me to wipe 
the tears away and to kiss her. She opened her eyes and smiled at 

"Wow! D-did that ever h-hurt," she said softly. "Why didn't you 
stop when I told you to?"

I explained why and she seemed to understand.

"How do you feel now?" I asked her.

"I feel really full down there," she admitted, then giggled. "I-is 
it really in my womb?"

I lifted my body off hers. "See for yourself," I told her. "Have a 

Tia raised her head and peered between our mating bodies. "I-it's 
all in now," she gasped. "Oh wow! Your thing is all the way inside 

The pressure exerted by her cervix gripped my pen is like a clamp. 
I started to fuck her again, and her cervix loosened. I started 
with short, slow strokes. Tia moaned with pleasure. "Oh God," she 
said. "I-it feels so good. Aaaahhhh!" She came quickly and 
screamed her delight.

I continued pumping into her, going faster and harder and I made 
her cum time and time again. By the time we finished, she had cum 
more times than she could remember and I dumped four loads of my 
hot sticky cum directly into her womb.

We laid beside each other and panted. My manhood refused to 
subside and continued to spew cum over us.

"That was wonderful, Jake," she told me in a whisper. "That was 
the best fuck I ever had. The girls at the school are really going 
to enjoy being with you." She giggled. "Are you going to do the 
really young girls?"

"Do you think I should?" I asked her.
"Ya, you should," she said. "I know what it's like not being able 
to have sex when you really want it. It's not fair that they can't 
have sex just because someone thinks their too young. A 6 or 7 
year old girl knows when she's ready for sex, and they should be 
able to get it. They'll really appreciate it, and you won't be 
sorry either."

"What about my size," I asked her. I was very concerned that I 
would be too big for such young girls.

"That won't matter," she assured me. "Don't forget, a girls pussy 
can expand to take any size. It will do them good to learn what a 
real man is at a young age. If they learn to take you, they'll be 
able to take any guy."

I thought about it for a moment. "I think I will," I told her 
after making up my mind. "Will you get the word out when school 

Tia agreed to do that for me. But only on the condition I 
continued to fuck her whenever she wanted me. I readily agreed to 
her condition.

Tia was very sore when she tried to get up. She could hardly walk, 
and I had to help her into the bathroom where I filled the tub and 
had her soak. "The warm water will help," I told her as I left to 
change the sheets on the bed.

I returned in half and hour and climbed into the tub with her. I 
washed all the dried cum from her thighs and bum and she cleaned 
my penis. We then showered then went to the pool for a swim. She 
had a ball as we frolicked in the water. We played tag, and she 
screamed as I picked her up and tossed her.

We made love by the pool again. She was surprised to find out how 
easily I could get back into her womb. She came countless times 
and I filled her womb with more cum than she could hold. She 
screamed her delight every time I made her cum.

It was now after 5 o'clock. "I guess I better get going, Jake," 
she informed me as she dried herself and got dressed. "I had a 
wonderful time. Thanks for everything."

"It was my pleasure," I answered proudly.

"Can I see you again tomorrow?" she asked.

"Jess is coming over tomorrow morning. Why don't you call her when 
you get home and, if it's OK with her, the three of us can get 
together. We should have fun."

Tia thought that was a good idea. She kissed me goodbye and headed 
off home. You never saw a happier young girl.

Chapter 4

I was wakened the next morning by the ringing of the phone. I 
glanced at the clock. It was two minutes before 8.

"Hello," I said tiredly.

"Hi, uncle Jake," a sweet young voice answered. "This is Jessie."

"And Tia," another voice replied. The two girls giggled.

"Did we wake you?" Jessie asked.

"Ya, you did, but it's OK. I should be up now anyway. What are you 
calling for at this time of the day? Is everything OK?"

"Everything's fine," Jessie replied. "Tia spent the night with me 
and we planned a surprise for you. Daddy said he'd drive us over 
there on his way to work. Is that alright? We'll be there in about 
half an hour."

"Can't you give me a little more time?" I asked. "I got to shower 
and shave and get some breakfast."

"No," she said. "That's all part of the surprise. We want you to 
wait for us in bed." I could hear the two girls giggling.

"Well, alright then," I agreed excitedly. "I'll unlock the front 
door and turn off the alarm. See you when you get here."

I returned to bed and wondered what kind of surprise they had in 
store for me. I guess I dozed off again for the next thing I 
remember was hearing noises downstairs and the voices of the girls 
talking and giggling. A few minutes later, they entered my bedroom 
carrying my breakfast on a tray. They were beaming from ear to 

They looked lovely. They both had on a short skirt and a tight 
short t-shirt that accentuated their flat tummies and their 
budding breasts. They were barefooted. 

"Hope you like scrambled eggs, Jake," Tia said as they placed the 
tray across my lap. "That's the only thing we really know how to 
make." They giggled again as they sat down, one on either side of 

The food was exceptionally good, considering their inexperience in 
cooking. When I finished, they removed the tray and laid beside 
me. I put my arms around them and kissed both of them. My hands 
cupped their young breasts and as I did that, they removed the 
sheet that was covering me and played with my penis. It soon 
became as hard as a rock. They both giggled again.

"We have another surprise for you, uncle Jake," Jessie stated.

They both rose and stood at the foot of my bed. Tia turned on a 
small CD player that they had brought in with them and they waited 
for the music to start. A tune with a good strong beat blared from 
the machine and they started their routine. I cheered as I 
realized they were going to strip for me. They must have practiced 
their routine quite a bit because everything they did was in 
unison. They slowly lifted their shirts over their heads, pulled 
them off, and threw them at me. 

They were both wearing skimpy bras, which was unusual for them, as 
I had only ever seen them braless. Then hugging each other, they 
unhooked their bras and slowly dropped them, revealing their young 
breasts. Then cupping their breasts, they presented them to me in 
such a sexy manner that my cock jumped and jerked, and precum 
poured from it. They giggled again. 

They danced around for a few seconds before undoing their skirts 
and letting them drop to the floor. Stepping out of them they 
turned their panty covered bums to me, and wiggled sexually, as 
they squeezed their cheeks.

As they turned around to face me again, I could see large wet 
spots on their panties. Then hooking their thumbs under the 
elastic, they slowly pulled them down. Then they turned again and 
lowered them to reveal their perfectly shaped bums. Wiggling them 
at me they turned around again to face me. Spreading their legs, 
they ran their hands over their crotches before pulling their 
panties down and off.

Stepping out of them, they faced me with big smiles on their 
faces. Then to my surprise, Tia knelt in front of Jessie. She 
placed her hands on Jessie's hips and buried her face in her 
crotch. I could plainly see her tongue lap her friends slit, and I 
could hear Jessie moan with pleasure. Getting up, they exchanged 
places and Jessie licked Tia's slit.

The show was over. Tia turned the player off and they both laid 
beside me.

"That was really hot," I praised them. "I knew Tia was into girls, 
but I didn't know you were too, Jess."

They giggled again. "Tia taught me last night," Jessie confessed. 
"I really liked it." She turned bright red. 

"We thought you'd like to see us doing it," Tia said. "All men 
like to see girls making out, don't they?"

"You got that right," I confirmed, as I ran my hands over their 
hot young bodies.

We cuddled for a while. The girls played with my erection, 
stroking it softly and playing with my balls. They both licked the 
precum off me, and I stroked their slits.

Jessie jumped off the bed. "Come on, uncle Jake. It's time for a 
shower. The girls pulled me up and led me to the bathroom. Jessie 
turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature, then they led 
me in. They gave me a good washing using only their hands and 
soap. When they finished, I wanted to wash them, but they stopped 
me. "Just watch, Jake," Tia told me.

The girls proceeded to wash each other. It was one of the most 
erotic sights I ever saw and I almost ejaculated as I watched 
their hands washing every part of their bodies. They had at least 
one orgasm each, and they screamed their delight.

After they finished, they dried me off them dried each other and 
they led me back to the bedroom. They stripped the blankets and 
top sheet from the bed, leaving only the bottom sheet. 

Tia laid on her back in the middle of the bed. "Tia told me what 
you did yesterday," Jessie said. "You know ... you went into her 
womb. I-I want to see you do it to her." She pushed me on to the 

I didn't need to be asked twice. My cock twitched with excitement 
as I looked down at young Tia laying there with her knees raised 
and spread wide open. I could see her sex juices trickling from 
her slit and her vagina seemed to wink at me invitingly. 

I crawled between her thighs and guided my erection to the 
entrance to her cunt. Spreading a good supply of precum on her 
puffy red lips, I pushed. Her lips parted allowing me easy 
entrance. She moaned as she felt my thickness stretch her vagina 
wide apart and rub along the walls of her tunnel. 

I sank deep into her. I felt my cock head touch her cervix. She 
wrapped her long skinny legs around my waist and she dug her heels 
into my ass. She was breathing hard and I could feel her heart 
beating in her chest. Her eyes closed as I continued pumping into 
her. She showed her pleasure by moaning loudly.

"Ohhhh!" she whimpered. "T-that f-feels so g-good. Ohhhh! Ohhhh!"

I fucked her harder and faster. Suddenly her body went stiff and 
she started to shake. She screamed as I brought her to a powerful 

I pushed the head of my cock against her cervix and pushed hard. 
She yelled as her cervix resisted the pressure. "Y-you're h-
hurting me a-again, J-Jake," she cried.

"Sorry, kid," I said. "You're cervix has closed. I got to open it 
again. Do you want me to stop?"

"N-no. n-no," she insisted. "D-do it. I-I want to feel you all the 
way inside me."

I pushed harder. Tears poured from her eyes, but she didn't try to 
stop me. Suddenly her cervix relaxed and opened and the head of my 
cock popped through. I was into her womb again, and my pubic hairs 
mingled with hers.

She stopped crying and a smile crossed her face. "I-it hurt," she 
said. "but not as much as it did yesterday. I'm OK now," she 
added. "I-it doesn't hurt any more. Fuck does it ever feel good in 
there. F-fuck me hard, J-Jake. F-fill my w-womb with your stuff. 
Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Eighhhh!"

Jessie was laying beside us with her head level to our joined 
bodies and she watched as she saw my whole length slide into the 
12 year old cunt of her friend. "Omigod!" she exclaimed. "H-he's 
in your womb. I d-don't believe it."

The muscle of her cervix was exerting tremendous pressure on my 
penis and I found it hard to pump. But it gradually loosened and I 
could now fuck her hard and fast. She screamed through orgasm 
after orgasm, and I ejaculated into her two times. As I pulled out 
of her, she begged me not to stop.

"It's Jessie's turn now," I told her. "We'll do it again later."

Reluctantly she moved over to make room for Jess. 

"I-I w-want you t-to go into m-my w-womb too, uncle Jake," she 
informed me determinedly.

"You know it's going to hurt, don't you?" I asked her. "You're 
sure you want me to do it?"

"I-I'm s-sure, uncle Jake. I d-don't care if it h-hurts. I-I want 
you to d-do i-it."

She raised her knees and spread them wide open for me. Her lips 
were puffy and red and love juice flowed out of her slit. Her eyes 
were like saucers and I saw determination in them as well as 
trepidation. I know my Jessie well enough to know she meant every 
word she said. She wanted me to break through her cervix and go 
into her womb, and she wouldn't be satisfied with anything less. 

I coated her lips with a good supply of precum, although she 
didn't really need it as she was very wet, and my cock was coated 
with Tia's juices and very slippery. But I didn't want to take any 

Jessie's lips opened for me, and I slid inside her. She moaned 
with pleasure as she felt my thickness spread her wide open and 
rub along the walls of her young cunt. She was breathing hard and 
her heart pounded in her chest. Her eyes were wide open and showed 
her excitement. She lifted her long skinny legs and wrapped them 
around my waist. Her heels dug into my ass and she squeezed me 

I fucked her hard and fast, making her cum over and over. She 
screamed her pleasure with each orgasm. 

Tia was sitting by Jessie's head and watched everything we did. 
She was just as excited as Jessie. I knew that she would be a big 
help when I broke through her cervix.

After her last cum, I pushed in as far as I could and felt the 
resistance of her cervix. I pushed harder and Jess seemed to stop 
breathing. A look of fear spread over her pretty face as she 
waited for the pain. Pushing even harder, I felt her cervix give a 
little and she screamed as a jolt of pain spread through her body. 
Tears poured from her eyes and I turned my head so as not to see 
that. I hated the idea of hurting her, but this is what she wanted 
and there was no way of getting away from the pain.

"Ough! Ough!" she yelled as she tried to push me away. "Y-You're 
h-hurting me u-uncle J-Jake," she screamed. "S-stop! P-please s-
stop. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

I wanted to stop, but I knew that would be a mistake. If I did 
stop, I doubted very much that I'd ever be able to get into her 
womb, for all she'd remember would be the pain and not the 
pleasure and I wanted her to remember the pleasure.

Tia leaned over and wiped the tears from her face. She kissed 
Jessie tenderly on the lips. "He can't stop now, Jess," she told 
her friend. "Shhhh!" she whispered. "Relax. Just relax. It won't 
hurt for long." She kissed her again and held her hand.

Jessie seemed to understand and stopped crying for a few seconds. 
I continued pushing against her cervix. I could fee it giving a 
bit and pushed harder. The pain became too much for her again, and 
she resumed fighting. Her fists pounded into my back and her legs 
kicked my ass. She tried to get her legs between our bodies so 
that she could push me away, but I resisted. I was much bigger and 
stronger than her and her fighting had no effect.

Suddenly her cervix yielded to the constant pressure and opened. 
My cock entered her 11 year old womb, and my pubic hairs pressed 
into her. I laid still and panted.

A big grin came over Tia's face. "He's in your womb now Jess," she 
told her friend, excitedly. "He's all the way inside you." She 
leaned over and hugged and kissed, Jessie.

Jessie stopped crying, and she opened her eyes. "I-is h-he?" she 
asked. A soft smile spread across her face.

"You bet I am, Jess," I answered. "Look."

I lifted my torso so she could see between us. Jessie lifted her 
head and looked. She gasped when all she could see was my pubic 
hairs pressing against her baldness. Tia joined her. They giggled 
hysterically for a few seconds.

"How does it feel, Jess?" I asked. "Does it still hurt?"

She reached up and pulled my head to hers and kissed me 
passionately. "It feels wonderful, uncle Jake," she assured me. 
"And it doesn't hurt any more. I feel really full down there." She 
giggled again.

I was relieved that she was OK now and I started fucking her 
again. The muscle of her cervix clamped my penis tightly, but it 
gradually loosened as I pumped into young Jessie. I started by 
taking slow short strokes, gradually increasing the strokes and 
fucking her faster and faster. Young Jessie moaned as I brought 
her closer and closer to orgasm, and when she reached it, she 
screamed her delight. I made her cum again and again, and 
ejaculated into her womb 3 times before I rolled off her. I laid 
on my back and panted. My cock jerked and cum continued dribbling 
from it.

"That was wonderful, uncle Jake," she gasped. "Do it again," she 
Before I could stop her, she straddled me and sat down hard on my 
throbbing cock, forcing it deep into her 11 year old cunt. It went 
through her cervix and into her womb. She screamed with delight as 
she bounced up and down and made herself cum.

"Your hairs tickle my bum, she said and giggled hysterically.

As I held her waist, she raised and lowered herself as fast as she 
could. It didn't take long before she grew tired and found it 
difficult to lift her body any more. I noticed this as did Tia. 
She stood behind Jessie. "Place your legs on Jake's shoulders," 
she instructed her friend. She did as she was told, and as she 
did, her whole weight was on me, forcing my cock deeper into her 

"Ohhhhhhh!" she screamed. "I-it... w-went in... f-further. Omigod! 
I-it f-feels... w-wonderful."

She sat up straight and her eyes closed. A look of lust appeared 
on her pretty face. Tia and I lifted her body and dropped her down 
hard. "Eighhhh!" she screamed again. We lifted and dropped her 
over and over, making her cum again and again.

"I-I'm cumming, Jess," I informed her. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! 
I-I'M CUMMMMINGGGGG!" Cum burst from my balls and burned up my 
shaft. I lifted my hips while Tia held her down. Jessie's body 
went stiff and she started to shake like a leaf. She screamed when 
she felt the first wad strike deep in her womb. I howled along 
with her.

Jessie collapsed on top of me. We were both covered in sweat, and 
she gasped for breath. Rolling her over, I slipped out of her 
womb, out of her cunt, and laid on my back. Cum still flowed from 
me as my cock jumped and jerked in the cool air of my bedroom.

Tia, not wanting to be left out, immediately jumped on me. She 
guided my throbbing cock to her slit and sat down hard. Her lips 
parted and she screamed as my manhood slid through her cervix and 
straight into her womb. She jumped up and down furiously and 
screamed through orgasm after orgasm. I ejaculated into her three 
times before I had to quit. I lifted her off me and threw her onto 
her back.

"No!" she yelled. "Don't stop. I want more. Please Jake. Fuck me 

I pushed her away when she tried to get back on. "That's enough, 
girls," I said firmly. "I know you girls can fuck forever, but I 
can't. I need a break. Let's go for a dip in the pool, then we'll 
go out for some lunch."

I got up and headed for the pool. The girls followed. We played in 
the pool for a good half hour, got dressed and headed to the 
nearest fast food restaurant. I told them to leave their bras and 
panties off. Jessie giggled and explained to Tia why.

The nearest place was a McDonald's. The girls were surprised when 
I parked the car, not going through the drive through. They 
giggled nervously as we walked in. The place was quite crowded 
with kids and parents, mainly mothers, but we managed to find a 
table in a corner. I sat the girls down and went to order the 

When I got back, I saw them licking their fingers. "Your stuff is 
running down our legs," Tia informed me, giggling.

"Well," I informed them. "You know what to do about that, don't 

They giggled again. "Ya, we know, uncle Jake," Jessie answered. 
"We're doing that."

As we ate, a cute little girl at the next table kept looking at 
us. She was about 5 years old, had long blond hair that her mother 
had done up in braids. She wore a short light green summer dress. 
Her legs were spread apart and I could see her cute little pink 
panties. God, even at that age, girls knew how to tease.

Her mother was busy with her younger sisters and was pretty well 
ignoring the child. I smiled and waved at her. She smiled and 
waved back. Her mother looked up. "Don't bother the nice people," 
she told her daughter. Then turning to us said she was sorry if 
her daughter was bothering us.

"She's no bother," I assured her, giving her my best smile. "I can 
see you have your hands full with your other children. Why don't I 
and my nieces look after her so you can concentrate on them?"

Before she could answer, I added, "Would you like that, 

"Can I, mommy?" she asked eagerly. "Can I? Please." She was 
jumping up and down with excitement.

I approached their table and the little girl jumped on me. I held 
her in my arms and my hand slid under her dress and cupped her 
little bum. It was soft and pliable.

"I'm Jake Brownlow," I said, introducing myself. She stood up and 
I offered her my hand which she took and shook. "Those are my two 
nieces," I continued. "The smaller one is Jessie and the other is 

My friendly approach worked on her. She smiled broadly. She was a 
nice looking young lady, in her mid twenties. She had long blond 
hair like her daughters, but hers was done up in a pony tail. She 
was tall with a slim figure.

"Hi," she said. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Mary Conrad, and that 
young scamp in your arms is Patsy. She really seems to like you. I 
think she misses her father, even though she hasn't seen him in 
two years."

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said sympathetically. 

"Oh, that's alright," she said. "He left us for another woman. 
Good riddance I say."

"Every little girl should have a father," I said. "Can I be your 
father for a little while, Patsy?" I asked her, giving her a 

Patsy giggled hysterically. "Can he, mommy? Can he? Eh?"

"Are you sure she won't be too much trouble, Jake?" Mary asked. "I 
could sure use the help. These two are a real handful."

"No trouble at all," I assured her as I picked up Patsy's box of 
chicken nuggets and Coke. "We'll just be behind you. Now, don't 
worry about her. Just concentrate on those two."

I carried Patsy back to our table, all the time fondling her pert 
little bum, and sat her on my knee between Jessie and Tia. I made 
sure my back was to Mary so she couldn't see what I was doing to 
her daughter.

Cum was still oozing from the girls' cunts and Tia scooped a big 
blob from her leg and licked her finger.

"What's that stuff on her finger, uncle Jake?" Patsy asked 
innocently, as she watched Tia lick her finger clean. I was 
surprised, but pleased, that she called me uncle.

"That's just a nice treat that the girls like," I told her trying 
to sound cool. "Would you like some?"

"Yes please," she answered politely. She had forgotten all about 
her nuggets.

"Tia. Scoop a little up and let Patsy have a taste, please."

Tia did as I told her and dipped her little finger in a blob of 
cum and offered it to Patsy. "It's really nice, Patsy," she said 
smiling at her. "You'll like it."

She put her finger into Patsy's mouth and she licked it all up.

"M-m-m-m-m! She said. "That's yummy. Can I have some more?"

"Sure, sweetheart," I replied. "Jessie has some too." Then turning 
to look at Jessie, I told her to scoop up a big amount. Jessie 
giggled and did as I ordered. When she brought her hand over the 
edge of the table, I could see a huge blob of cum, some of it 
starting to drip off her finger. She presented it to Patsy who 
gobbled it up hungrily. "Good, eh?" Jessie asked and giggled.
Patsy giggled too and licked her lips. "Ya," she confessed. "I 
really like it. What is it?"

"It's something special that only uncle Jake can make," Tia 
answered, and giggled.

"Can you make some for me, uncle Jake?" Patsy asked.

"Sure I can, princess," I told her. "But I can't do it now. We 
have to be alone when I make it. But before I make it, I have to 
be sure you can keep a secret. Can you keep a secret, Patsy?"

"Yes," she answered emphatically. "I keep secrets from my sisters 
all the time."

"What about your mother?" I asked her. "Have you kept any secrets 
from her?"

"Ya," she admitted hiding her face in my jacket and giggling.

"What secret did you keep from her?" I asked, giving her thigh a 
gentle squeeze. All the while she was sitting on my lap, I was 
running my hand up and down her thigh and I was delighted when she 
didn't question what I was doing.

"I don't want to tell you," she whispered. "I did something bad."

"Well, if you don't tell me," I told her, "how can I make sure 
it's a secret worthwhile keeping? How can I know if you can keep 
an important secret? If I'm not sure you can keep an important 
secret, I won't be able to make that special treat for you."

I signaled to Jessie to give her some more "treats". She 
understood and scooped up a huge blob of my cum and stuck her 
fingers in Patsy's mouth. Patsy cleaned her fingers with vigor. 
"You like it, don't you Patsy?" Tia asked.

Patsy nodded her head. "Then you better tell uncle Jake or he 
won't be able to make any for you. That would be a shame, wouldn't 

Patsy nodded her head again. Then after a short pause where she 
seemed to be thinking things over, she leaned close to me and 
whispered in my ear. "I stole some candy from a store," she 
finally admitted.

I feigned surprise and shock. "That was bad," I agreed, as I ran 
my hand higher up her thigh till my fingers touched her panties. 
"You're a really good girl," I told her. "You can keep an 
important secret. I like that. So the next time we're alone, I'll 
make some of that treat for you. OK?"

Patsy beamed from ear to ear. "Goodie!" she said excitedly. "When 
can we be alone?"

I was now rubbing her panties and tracing the outline of her slit. 
Without showing any emotion or embarrassment, Patsy looked into my 
eyes and parted her legs giving me more room. Both Tia and Jessie 
saw what I was doing and kept a close watch on Mary so they could 
warn me if she came over.

Jessie finished her sundae, and asked Patsy if she wanted some 
more of uncle Jake's special treat. Of course, she did and Jessie 
used the spoon to scoop up all she could from her thighs and from 
Tia's. She handed the full spoon to Patsy, who put it in her mouth 
and cleaned every drop from it.

"You really like that, don't you, Patsy," I asked her.

She giggled. "Ya. It's really good," she admitted.

"Just remember, this is our secret," I reminded her. "You can't 
tell anyone about this, especially not your mother. Do you 

She nodded her head. "And another thing," I added. "You mustn't 
tell your mother that I have been touching your underwear and your 
private place. Do you promise?"

Patsy giggled again. "I promise," she confirmed, crossing her 

"Good girl," I told her. "Now we better get you back to your 
mother. It looks like she's just about ready to leave."

Jessie and Tia said goodbye to Patsy and I led her back to her 

"Was she much trouble?" Mary asked.

"None whatsoever," I assured her. "She's a good little girl. How 
old is she?" I asked curiously.

"She's 5," Mary answered.

"5 ," Patsy corrected her. We both laughed. "Can't forget that  
year, can we?" Mary said.

"Mary, I want to ask you something," I said. "I know we just met, 
and that you don't know me. But I was wondering if I could call 
around some day, maybe tomorrow, and take Patsy swimming. I have 
my own pool and she'd be perfectly safe with me. One or both of my 
nieces will be with us. Do you think that would be possible?"

Mary smiled at me. "I think that would be fine, Jake," she told 
me. "I don't trust many people with my kids, but for some reason, 
I trust you. Would you like to go visit Jake tomorrow, dear?" she 
asked her daughter.

"Yes, mommy," Patsy answered excitedly. "Can I? Can I? I like 
uncle Jake." She giggled.

"Uncle Jake? Wow, she must really like you," Mary proclaimed. We 
both laughed.

"That was her idea to call me uncle Jake," I explained, wanting to 
make it clear that I had nothing to do with it. "I like it." I 

Mary wrote her name, address and phone number on a slip of paper 
and handed it to me. "Call before you come," she insisted, "so 
that I can have some time to get her ready."

I promised to do that and gave her my cell number and the girls 
and I left.

When we got to the car, Jessie asked me if I was going to fuck 
little Patsy.

"I'd like to," I confessed, "but I think she's a little too young. 
I'll just play with her and let her play with me."

"How's she going to get her treat then?" Tia asked.

I laughed. "I think we'll figure something out."

It was around 2 o'clock when we returned to the house. The girls 
dragged me upstairs and stripped me naked before undressing 
themselves. We fucked steadily for the next 3 hours. I made each 
of them cum over and over, and I ejaculated into them at least 3 
times each. We ended the day with a refreshing dip in the pool and 
I drove them home. That day was the beginning of many pleasurable 
threesomes over the years.

The end