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Jack's Mom (inc)
By Jack-be-nimble


Jack loved going to the pool because he loved to look at all of 
the hot women dressed in nothing but skimpy bikinis, but most of 
all, Jack liked to look at his hot mom, Sara, when she wore her 
bikini, which was too small for her full figure. Jack's mothers 
huge tits and round ass were too much for the skimpy suit and Jack 
got even more turned on at the thought of the suit getting wet. 

When they arrived at the pool, Jack swam his customary number of 
laps while his mother sunned herself on one of the lounge chairs.  
After a couple hours, Jack returned to his mother, at her chair, 
to see if she needed anything. "Sure, Jack, could you put some 
more lotion on my back... I'm going to try and tan my other side 

"No problem, mom." Sara proceeded to roll onto her stomach and 
Jack got a unrestricted view of his mother's bikini covered ass. 

He instantly got very hard. Sara did not help matters by undoing 
her bikini top so that Jack could rub the lotion into her back, 
now Jack could clearly see the sides of his mom's tits as she lay 
on her stomach, with her ass facing him. Jack knew what he had to 
do. Jack looked around to make sure no one was watching what was 
about to happen. 

After making sure that the almost deserted pool did not have 
anyone that was paying attention to them, Jack pulled his trunks 
down, exposing his stiff dick to the summer breeze. Sara was 
completely unaware of what was happening behind her. "Come on, 
Jack... you don't want me to burn, do you? Put that lotion on my 

"Sure thing, mom." Jack gripped his dick and began to jack-off 
only inches from his nearly-naked mother. The sight of her tits 
pushed into the lounge-chair and her barely covered ass made it 
not take too long. "Well, Jack? Give it to me... put it all over 
my back!"

"If... ungh... you insist... ohhh..." Jack let loose a huge wad of 
cum all over his mother's back. "Oh, Jack, that lotion is warm... 
I guess I left it in the sun for too long... could you rub it in?" 
"I'll rub it in..." Jack eagerly put his hands into the puddle of 
cum he had created on his unsuspecting mother's back. He spread 
the slippery stuff all over her back and around her sides on her 
ribs. His hands began to get closer and closer to his mother's 
huge tits.
"That's enough Jack... really." "I don't think it is..." That 
being said, Jack climbed onto his mom's back and placed his semi 
stiff cock between her bikini-covered ass-cheeks while he reached 
around and cupped her huge tits. "Jack! What are you doing? Why 
are you hard?
I'm your mother, get off of me! Get off of me!" "Why am I hard? 
You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen! Besides, I just shot a 
huge load on your back and that really turns me on!"
"You did what? You didn't! I can't believe this!" "Oh yeah, well, 
believe this!" Jack reached to his mother's bikini bottoms and 
tore them off of her beautiful ass. Once her ass was naked, Jack 
used some of his cum to lubricate his mother's asshole. After 
everything was done, Jack rammed his stiff cock deep into his 
mother's soft, round ass. "Oh shit, Jack! It hurts!
You're too big and too rough! And you're my son for Christ's sake! 
Take your dick out of my ass, please." "Oh mom, I love your ass! I 
am going to enjoy this..." Jack tightly gripped his mother's tits 
and began to wildly hump her ass into the lounge chair. Each 
thrust of Jack's dick was harder and deeper than the one before 

Jack kept looking at his mom's ass as it stretched to accept his 
stiff cock, the sight just made him hornier.  "Jack, please... 
oh...  ow... fuck... stop this... ow!" "Oh mom, you're ass is nice 
and tight...  I'm gonna shoot my cum up your ass, mom... oh 
yeah... you are so fucking hot! Oh mommy!" Jack continued to hump 
his mother as he felt his cum begin to come. "Here it is mom, take 
my cum up your hot ass! Oh's gonna be a it 
is! Unnnnggghhh... mom...  I'm... cumming up your... ass!!!" 

All Sara could do was lie on the chair and receive her son's cum 
deep into her ass, while he tightly gripped her tits and fucked 
her hard. Jack continued to hump his stunned mother until he had 
completely drained his dick of all of its cum.  "Oh mom, you were 
so fucking great... I've gotta go to the bathroom and jack off 
just to get rid of this hard-on!" Jack climbed up and removed his 
dick from his mom's ass and headed for the bathrooms. Once inside, 
Jack picked a stall and sat down, eager to begin jacking off to 
the thought of anally raping his mother only minutes before, but 
he was interrupted. 

The stall door opened and there stood Sara, wearing only a towel, 
which she put on in order to clear the distance between the lounge 
chair and the bathroom. "You've already cum twice, now it's my 
turn." Sara dropped the towel to the floor and gave Jack his first 
view of his mother's completely naked body. "You just sit there 
and let mommy do all the work." Sara walked over to Jack and 
straddled his lap, lowering her wet pussy onto his unbelievably 
stiff cock.
She allowed herself to sink all the way down. "Oh Jack, your dick 
is so big!" "Mom, your pussy feels even better than your ass! Oh, 
fuck me mom!" Jack's mother followed his command and pulled Jack 
to her big, naked tits while she rode his dick as hard as she 
could. "Jack, I love the way your dick feels, so deep in my pussy! 
It's making me so hot, I'm going to cum soon!" "Mom! You are 
riding my dick so hard! Oh shit, you're the best, mom!"
"Oh Jack...I'm gonna cum on your dick... oh fuck... oh baby... 
unggh...  unggghh.... that's it baby, fuck me... I'm cumming! 
Mommy's coming on your big stiff prick..." Sara convulsed as she 
rode her only son's cock in the bathroom of the pool they attend.  
Sara just kept cumming. "Mom, I'm so close! I'm gonna cum real 

"I want you to cum, baby..." Sara climbed off of Jack's dick and 
kneeled in front of him. She gripped his dick and began to jerk 
him off, aiming his dick directly into her mouth and towards her 
tits. "I want you to cum on mommy's face and tits, Jack...shoot 
that stuff all over me! Do you like the way mommy jerks you off? 
Cum for me, baby...cum all over mommy!" 

"Oh... mom... oh...  I'm almost... I can feel it..." 

"That's it... cum on my face and tits! Please, Jack, cum for 

"Here...  unggh... here it is!" Jack let go and released his 
biggest load of cum ever onto his mom's tongue, tits and face. He 
just kept cumming, drenching his sweet, kneeling mother with his 

"That's a good boy Jack, shoot it out... all over me... mommy 
loves the taste of your cum!" 

"Oh mom, that was the best!" 

"Maybe we should cum to the pool more often..."