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Grandpa's little Fuck-Toy (Mf, incest, cons, pedo, preg)
by Frank McCoy <>
Date: 5/27/99 

     Before we get to discussing Judy, there's something I think 
you ought to know.
     Uhuh.  It's important, and besides, it's something you 
always wanted to know anyway.  Yeah, that.  This'll take a while, 
so sit down, and I'll tell you.

     You know how you've always been bugging me, to find out my 
"real" age?  Uhuh.  I know you never believed me when I told you 
I was 14, when we met.  After all, what girl of 14 has the sexual 
experience I had . . . not to mention an ass and boobs that few 
20-year-olds have.  So, you figured I was lying.  Most women DO 
lie about their ages, even if not so extreme; pretending to an 11 
year difference in their age.  You always figured I was really 
about 25 or so, and I didn't try very hard to make you believe 
the age that you saw on what you thought was my "fake" birth-
certificate was anything but that . . . a fake.  I know you 
always wondered why a woman as old as it seemed I was, would even 
WANT to pretend to be that young.  After all, most women who are 
in their 20's try to get people to believe they are 18 or 19, so 
they still get adult privileges; not a barely-teenager who would 
be "jailbait" for anybody trying to get in her pants.
     Yes, I'll get to that in a minute.  The other thing you've 
always hinted about, is wanting to know who it was who first got 
in my pants, and when.  Yes, I'm going to tell you that too; if 
you'll just be quiet.  As I said, it's important that you know, 
with the changes going on around here, since Momma died, Dad 
moved in with us, and we're going to be needing the crib for the 
     What's this all have to do with Judy?  I'll get to that 
later.  The first thing I want you to know, is that "fake" birth-
certificate isn't a fake.  I really WAS only 14 when we met, and 
my birthday last month WAS really my 21st birthday.  That's why I 
didn't vote until three years ago, when I was finally "legal."  
Think about it John . . . for almost five years you were fucking 
jailbait.  Yeah, really.  So your big protestations about men who 
molest teenagers looks kind of hypocritical, doesn't it?  Face it 
John, you're just a pedophile <giggle>.  Of course, you don't 
REALLY appreciate what a pedophile (or child-lover) really is.  
Only you will, before the night is out.  What's that?  Oh.  I see 
it DOES turn you on, to know you were fucking a 14 year old kid.  
See, being a pedophile, or child-lover, isn't so bad after all.  
As long as you're not a child molester, who doesn't care about 
the girl.  Anyway, now you know why I REALLY wouldn't tell you 
how, where, when, or with who I first got fucked.  If I had, 
somebody might have gotten hurt.  Yes, I was VERY young, the 
first time I had sex.  No, even younger than that.  Younger 
still.  Keep going.  Uhuh.

     Actually, I really can't remember the first time I had sex; 
even though I remember the date it started, and could probably 
tell you not only the date, but where, when, and with who, almost 
to the minute.  Does that sound confusing?


     Well, you see it started on my birthday.  You see, I was 
just four years old when . . . shutup and let me finish, or I'll 
NEVER tell you . . . when my mother told the whole family how 
proud she was of me, because it had been almost two whole weeks 
since I last wet the bed.  (Boy, was *I* embarrassed, when my 
mother told the whole family this, right when we were eating cake 
and watermelon.  I almost choked on a piece of the finest 
chocolate cake in Barne's county.  Momma was a GOOD cook.)
     Anyway, Momma told everybody that if I went two more days 
without needing a rubber-sheet, then I wouldn't have to sleep in 
the crib any more, and she could get it ready for the baby.  At 
that time I didn't know what she meant; even though Momma looked 
like she had swallowed a watermelon herself.
     Anyway, two days later, as a reward for being a "big girl" 
now, and Momma trusting me not to pee the bed, she moved me into 
Grandpa's room, so I could sleep on a "real" bed for a change.  
Uhuh.  As a reward for being good, Momma let me sleep in the same 
bed with my grandfather.  What happened after that, you can well 
     What?!  No, my grandfather did NOT rape me.  Being allowed 
in the same bed with my grandfather was a reward for being good, 
not a punishment.  As I said before, I don't really remember the 
first time we had real sex, though I have a pretty good idea of 
what happened; having seen Grandpa do pretty much the same thing 
to my little sister, years later.  Heck, how much do YOU remember 
about things you did when you were only four years old?  Uhuh, 
about that much.
     I DO vaguely remember something about that first night when 
I crawled in bed with Grandpa.  Huh?  Yes, we were both naked.  
Me, because Momma allowed me as a "reward" for not wetting the 
bed, she trusted me to not need panties (or worse-yet, a diaper) 
to keep from making a mess.  As I said, this was a reward for 
being good, not some abuse because my parents didn't care if my 
grandfather molested me.  If grandpa DID "mess around" with me, 
then taking care of Grandpa was just one of the small prices I 
had to pay for being a "big girl" and sleeping in a real 
bed. . . . just like the price of having to get up in the middle 
of the night to pee, instead of just lying there and letting go.  
When I learned later what was going on, (not just 'accepting it', 
because it seemed to be just something a girl does) I was proud 
that Momma trusted me to "take good care of Grandpa."  So it WAS 
sexually . . . I didn't mind.
     Huh?  As I said, I don't really remember the first time we 
had real sex.  That first time wasn't it.  That night, Grandpa 
just snuggled up to me and slid his swollen prick between my 
legs.  No, not up in my hole, you pervert; he just snuggled up to 
me 'spoon-fashion' with his thick penis between my legs, and we 
went to sleep.  (Well, OK . . . Grandpa's prick isn't all THAT 
big; being just about average size; somewhere between five or six 
inches long.  Only it sure felt big to ME.  After all, I was only 
a little girl; and up to that time I had really only seen my 
father soft a few times, and the little dangle my cousin had when 
Aunt Marie changed his diaper.)


     It must have been three or four hours later that I woke up 
to feeling Grandpa's prick sliding in and out between my legs, as 
my grandfather used the crevice between my legs and bottom to 
stimulate himself to orgasm.  I guess it didn't take too long, as 
having a sexy little girl in bed with him for the first time in 
two years since Grandma died, was too erotic for the old man to 
resist.  By the time I awoke, Grandpa's prick was leaking pre-cum 
all over the place, and my legs, belly, and even my cunny were 
slippery-wet with the oily goo dripping from the tip of his 
     This part of my first seduction, is the only thing I 
remember from back then; all the rest is mainly made up from 
memories of what other people told me, and later watching Grandpa 
do almost the same thing to my little sister.
     "What are you DOING Grandpa?" I asked; not pulling away in 
disgust; but not pushing back or trying to help him by tightening 
my legs around his prick, either.  As implied by my question, I 
really DIDN'T know what my grandfather was doing.  No, it didn't 
"bother me" to be used as a "fuck toy", if that was what Grandpa 
wanted.  As long as it didn't hurt, why SHOULD I mind?  I mean, I 
was only four years old.  Besides, far from hurting, the feel of 
my grandfather's prick rubbing against my cunny-lips felt pretty 
     No, of course not!  I didn't really get sexually-excited or 
have orgasms for several years yet.  Only even babies like their 
genitals rubbed . . . it feels good.  So Grandpa was using his 
"thing" to rub my cunny with . . . I didn't mind.
     "Uh, oh Judy!" was my grandfather's response.  I'm not sure 
if he was talking to me, or remembering his wife from before she 
died, as I was named after her.  "Oh, scrunch down, Honey," he 
moaned, "I'm going to cum."
     I wasn't quite sure I knew what he meant, but I DID like 
being called "Honey."
     Anyway, it didn't matter if I knew or not, because Grandpa 
pulled back a little himself, and lowered his body so the 
slippery cum-dribbling head of his fat penis was spreading my 
cunny lips even MORE than the top of his prick had been.  I'm not 
sure, but I THINK the center was actually poking into the hole 
     "Oh god, I'm cumming," Groaned Grandpa; holding his prick 
sealed against my cunny-lips, while he sent bolt after thick 
sticky bolt of incestuous cum rippling through the tube on the 
bottom of his prick, and on up into my vagina where it belonged.  
No, Grandpa did NOT fuck me that night.  In fact, I was probably 
still a virgin two or three weeks later.  Grandpa only held his 
prick up against my hole, and squirted his thick white cum up 
inside me.  He didn't even TRY to fuck me; being happy to just 
squirt his cum in my belly, without hurting me.  It was only when 
he finished and pulled away, that I realized something had 
happened.  "Grandpa, you PEED in me!" I said with extreme 
annoyance.  After all the troubles I had gone to, to avoid 
wetting the bed, and then to have my grandfather urinate in me, 
almost ensuring that I WOULD wet the bed, was making me mad!


     "Did NOT pee in you . . . CAME in you," corrected Grandpa, 
as he kept his thick arm wrapped around me; preventing me from 
making a mad-dash to the toilet to drain what I THOUGHT was his 
pee out of my tummy, before it got all over the bed.  "No, your 
mother will NOT be mad at you, if you get a little on the 
bed . . . in fact, she expects it," the old man reassured me.
     Well, I couldn't get up with Grandpa holding on to me like 
that, and it was NOT running out of me like I thought it would; 
just slowly oozing out of my crack, instead of splashing out and 
making a horrible mess, like piss would.  Besides, it didn't 
SMELL like urine . . . kind of funny . . . slightly sweet and 
pasty, like bread or biscuit dough; not sour and ammonia-laden 
like piss.  Well, if it DID get on the bed, it obviously wouldn't 
be the stinky mess that wetting the bed would make.  Besides, I 
trusted my grandfather . . . if he said Momma wouldn't be mad at 
me if it dripped out, then Momma wouldn't.  I fell asleep with my 
grandfather's thick white cum oozing from my crack.  Of course, 
this was FAR from being the last time I fell asleep with thick 
white gobs of my grandfather's seed oozing from my tight little 
     About two hours later I woke up, because this time I DID 
have to pee.  Grandpa's arm was still wrapped around me, and he 
almost wouldn't let me go, as he instinctively clutched me to 
him, in his sleep.  Still, I HAD to go, so I finally managed to 
extricate myself from his arm and make a mad-dash to the 
bathroom.   You know?  I hardly had to pee at all.  There was 
only a slight slippery seepage remaining of all the thick white 
cum my grandfather had ejaculated inside me, and the tiny trickle 
of pee I gave hardly washed any of that out.  Grandpa's sperm 
must have soaked into my vagina during the night, like he 
expected it to, as there was only a slight damp-spot on the bed 
when I got back.  That was the first sexual experience I had, and 
the only thing I remember during what must have been at LEAST a 
whole year of having sex with my grandfather.  Even that part I 
DO remember, I'm not sure how much is real memory, or memory OF 
memories, or just made up from knowledge of what I saw several 
years later with my little sister, or what I figure MUST have 
happened from what I DO remember later.
     I'm not sure, but I THINK that after that first night, 
Grandpa must have continued doing what he did then for almost a 
week or two; gradually opening me up, until one day we found that 
the head of his prick was actually INSIDE me when he came.  Then, 
after a few more weeks (or days, or months, what does it matter?) 
Grandpa was eventually screwing me like a real woman.  Once he 
did, and he was sure my parents didn't object, Grandpa must have 
been fucking me two, three, four, and sometimes even five times a 
day; squirting thick white gobs of incestuous seed in his 
granddaughter's tight little tummy, without ever having a care 
about getting me pregnant. (After all, I was only 4 and then 
later 5 years old, you know.)


     Since I didn't seem to mind my grandfather sliding his fat 
prick up in my tummy, and working it in and out until he came; 
filling my vagina with thick white gobs of incestuous cum, (once 
I got used to it) Grandpa started fucking me all the time.  
Whenever he felt like it, the old man would reach over and pull 
my panties down; slide his swollen prick up in my tight little 
hole; and use me like his own private little fuck-toy, right in 
front of my mother, father, or brother and sisters; using my body 
like some poor lonely bachelors use those blow-up dolls you see 
in the sex shops these days.  As long as it made Grandpa feel 
good, I didn't mind.  After all, even though I didn't cum yet, it 
still felt pretty good to me too.  Yes, I liked it.
     The first REAL memory I have of having sex, was looking 
upwards at a TV set, watching cartoons, while Grandpa was fucking 
me in the living-room.  My legs were wrapped around my 
grandfather; pulling his body into mine, while he stroked in and 
out.  Yeah, I was watching television while getting fucked.  
While I didn't mind fucking Grandpa; even liking the feel of his 
thick cock sliding in and out of my crack, it didn't excite me, 
like it did him.  As I said, I didn't mind Grandpa fucking 
me . . . only I liked watching cartoons even more.  So THIS way I 
got to feel Grandpa 'getting off' in me, while I watched TV at 
the same time.  I didn't mind him using me like a fuck-toy . . . 
as long as I didn't miss my TV show, that is.  Besides, as I 
said, it felt good.  Feeling Grandpa's thick dong slither up 
inside me while I watched TV, just made me enjoy the show that 
much more . . . even if I DID have to watch it upside-down.  I 
LIKE my grandfather.
     All the while I watched TV, I was vaguely aware of my father 
sitting in the big chair, watching HIS father breeding his 
5-year-old little girl on the floor in front of him, as if it was 
the most normal thing in the world for a 50+ year old man to 
breed his own 5 year old granddaughter; trying to impregnate the 
little preschooler before she even got out of kindergarten.
     All the while he was watching, Daddy was stroking his prick, 
as if he wished HE was the one sliding his engorged member in my 
tight little cunny and filling my womb with incestuous cum, like 
Grandpa did a few minutes later.
     Nobody in the room, not me, not Grandpa, not Daddy, and not 
even Momma when she looked in later, thought there was anything 
wrong or even unusual for a child who hadn't even reached the 
first-grade, to be fucking her own grandfather, naked on the 
floor where the whole family could watch, with her father 
stroking his prick as he watched the porno-show that was 
obviously more interesting to him than cartoons could ever be.
     I got a little distracted, when Grandpa's thrusts suddenly 
got harder, and I could tell he was about to cum inside me.  
Thankfully, the TV had just started commercials, or otherwise I 
would have been annoyed.  As it was, I just wrapped my arms and 
legs around my grandfather even harder, and bucked back at him, 
trying to get him to cum inside me before the commercials were 
over, instead of just lying there and letting Grandpa use my body 
like a blowup-doll to squirt his sperm into, like I usually did.


     While I didn't mind Grandpa "using" me to jack-off into; 
even liking it a little when he slid in and out of my cunny; I 
usually didn't like it enough to start things myself, as Grandpa 
started things often enough himself to satisfy any urges I might 
have.  Still, I DID enjoy it enough to not mind being "used" 
whenever the old man felt like it.  Having him squirt his "cum" 
inside me was a mixed-blessing, as far as I was concerned.  While 
it felt good, and the slippery feel of his cum in my cunny seemed 
to soothe the itch I got between my legs when we fucked, the 
bother of having to clean up afterwards made me sometimes wonder 
if the good feelings were worth it.  Of course, when we was about 
to cum in me, I was too busy feeling the good parts to worry 
about the bother of cleaning up afterwards.
     As long as I didn't object, even my parents didn't seem to 
see anything wrong with Grandpa "using" my body to jack-off into; 
fucking me and even cumming inside me, with thick white curds of 
my own grandfather's potent seed splashing in thick greasy jets 
against my developing uterus.  If I Had (objected), I'm sure that 
either Momma or Daddy would have made Grandpa stop, or use 
protection, or something, if they thought I had needed it.  Even 
Grandpa thought it was just a fantasy to impregnate a little girl 
like me.  After all, (he told me later) he had been fucking his 
big sister, from the time he was 8 (and she was 10), until she 
left for college almost 9 years later, and she never got 
pregnant.  And not once did they ever use birth-control.  (Of 
course, THEIR parents never knew a thing about the torrid love-
affair going on between their two kids . . . if they had, Grandpa 
says his father would probably have killed both of them.  He 
still shudders to think what would have happened if his big 
sister had "caught" from all that unprotected sex.)  Anyway, if 
his big sister didn't get pregnant until she was almost in her 
20's, why should he worry about me, when it would probably be 
years before I started having periods?  Just like with his 
sister, Grandpa figured that as long as I didn't object, and 
nobody got hurt, then why not?  Actually, I find it hard to fault 
his logic, even now.
     So, while I usually didn't fuck back at Grandpa, just 
letting him do most of the work, that time I worked and squeezed; 
trying to get him off, so I wouldn't be distracted by him cumming 
inside me while I watched cartoons.
     At least THAT time, it worked.  With a grunt, Grandpa sunk 
his thick prick to the root in my belly, while he jerked and 
spasmed, and filled my womb with bolt after thick white bolt of 
my own grandfather's thick white cum.  The thought that he might 
be getting his own granddaughter pregnant, was more of a turn-on 
to Grandpa than a worry.  By that time my grandfather had 
explained to me many times about how babies were made, and how if 
we were REAL lucky, my tummy might be getting big with his baby 
inside me, just like my mother's tummy had gotten big with 
Darlene a year earlier.  I didn't mind.  (Hey, I was only a kid!  
Having a baby sounded like something fun to do.)  Sometimes I 
actually encouraged my grandfather to fuck me, cum in me, and 
yes, even get me pregnant with his baby.


     At that time, I didn't know how much pain it would be to 
have a baby.  By the time I DID (know) it was too late.  Besides, 
who ever heard of a 5-year-old getting pregnant anyway?  Yeah, 
right <snicker>!
     As I said, that's the FIRST time I really remember having 
sex.  And the funny thing is, as I remember doing it, I remember 
KNOWING that this was NOT something new to me, but something I 
did all the time.  In other words, having sex with my own 
grandfather, in front of the whole family even, was so 
commonplace for me that I would probably never have remembered 
even THAT time, if it wasn't for what happened afterwards.
     Now remember, as I said my father was watching me, stroking 
his cock, the whole time Grandpa was feeling me up, fucking me, 
and finally cumming in me, squirting thick white globs of 
incestuous cum in my belly, in front of my own father.  It must 
have been incredibly erotic to Daddy.
     Anyway, when Grandpa finished and got up and left, leaving 
me with a satisfied cunny oozing a white bubble of my own 
grandfather's seed, I lay there for a while to let it soak in, 
until I finally realized that the commercials had been the end of 
the cartoons, and they were only playing the credits afterwards.  
Daddy was still stroking his prick (half-heartedly now) while he 
waited for the news to come on after the cartoons.
     I got up off the floor, and climbed on my father's lap.
     Yeah, I know . . . depending on your viewpoint, what a 
normal, or what an incredibly sexy and erotic thing to do.  I 
didn't even think about the fact that I was naked, Daddy was 
naked, I had just been fucked, and Daddy had a hard-on that must 
have been killing him.  I just got on my father's lap because I 
wanted to cuddle up to him, like I often did when we were both 
dressed.  I never even suspected that my own father might want to 
have sex with me, like Grandpa did all the time.
     Still, if I had, I probably would have climbed up there even 
faster.  As it was, I had barely settled in Daddy's lap with his 
big prick poking between my legs, when Daddy croaked, "Lift up a 
bit Honey, so I can . . ."
     I looked down at where my father's penis was swollen and 
red, with a thick pearly drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip, and 
didn't even think about it.  I lifted up and fit my own father's 
pre-cum dribbling prick up against my tight little hole, and slid 
down on it as if we had been doing this for years.
     Only Daddy's prick was quite a bit bigger than Grandpa's.  I 
hadn't really noticed this, until his thick prick slid inside me.  
The squeak of pain I let out, must have been louder than I 
thought, as both Momma and my grandfather came running to see 
what was wrong, and even my big sister and brother poked their 
noses in to see.
     Once they saw it was just me fucking Daddy, Sharon and 
Michael went back to whatever it was that a 17-year-old twin 
brother and sister do in their bedroom on a Saturday morning.  
Whatever it is, doesn't involve much clothing.  Grandpa and Momma 
stuck around to watch the first time I fucked my own daddy.


     Well, it didn't take long of me sliding up and down on my 
father's thick prick, before he suddenly got even bigger inside 
me, and flooded my little tummy with great gouts of thick white 
seed that made my grandfather's genteel squirts seem like 
dribbles.  After that, it was all over.  Momma brought me a 
pillow, and for the next hour I watched TV upside down, as I lay 
on my back to let my father and grandfather's seed soak into my 
     That night, before Grandpa came to bed, my big sister and 
brother came in to our bedroom, and proceeded to show me that 
older men did NOT have a monopoly on making little girls feel 
good.  Three times my big brother squirted thick white gobs of 
baby-juice up in my tight little slit, and three times my big 
sister licked out every drop.  Before this, I hadn't even 
realized that women COULD have sex together . . . one of the many 
things my big sister taught me, once she realized I didn't mind 
having sex with my big brother, any more than she did.  (OK . . . 
that's a joke.  Sharon no more "minded" having sex with my big 
brother than any normal nymphomaniac would have minded having sex 
with a stud like him.  The two of them were insatiable; having 
long ago worn out the rest of the family, they mostly just worked 
on each other . . . unless somebody else in the family showed the 
slightest interest in joining them, that is.  The twins liked 
threesome [or foursomes, or . . . etc.] just as well or better 
than they liked boinking each other.)  Well, you can see what 
kind of a loving family I was brought up in.
     After that first time, quite often I would find myself 
watching TV on my father's lap; only from then on when I did, I 
usually had his thick prick stuck up inside me, so we could both 
enjoy the pleasures of being mated while we did.  Sometimes we 
sat there for hours, without Daddy even cumming inside me, until 
his prick finally wilted and slid out.  Unlike Grandpa or my big 
brother, Daddy didn't HAVE to cum in a girl, to enjoy sex.  Sex 
with my father was fun, no matter what happened.
     Still, mostly I got my sex from Grandpa  In fact, we're 
almost certain that he got me pregnant the first time, as 
counting backwards, the old man was the only one who DID fuck me 
that whole week, when we figured I got knocked up.
     Yeah, I got pregnant.  Yes, I know it's almost unbelievable, 
but it's true.  My own grandfather got me pregnant for the first 
time, almost six months before I even entered the first grade.  
Ain't that a kick in the shorts?
     Oh?  Hey, you ain't heard nothing yet, buddy.  Wait 'til I 
tell you what . . . never mind, I'll get to that later.  Anyway, 
if you think YOU are surprised, you should have seen my parents' 
faces, when they found out that I wasn't just "getting a little 
fat" as I went through another growing spurt, but the growing was 
not just my body, but INSIDE my body as well.  For all their 
permissiveness about letting a five and even four year old little 
girl sleep with her own grandfather and have full unprotected 
vaginal-sex with him whenever she wanted, they never expected 
that same little girl to have a daughter of her own before she 
finished the first grade!  It had seemed kind of fun to let me 
"practice making a baby" with Grandpa (that is, as long as it was 
just "practice").


     I'm not sure WHAT my parents would have done, if they had 
known I was fertile . . . I was WAY too young to put on the pill, 
and neither Grandpa nor I like the feel of a rubber stealing the 
sensations from each other.  As for stopping . . . what chance do 
YOU think they had of getting us to stop, once each of us knew 
that the other enjoyed it?
     And I DID enjoy it, even when Grandpa "used me" like I was 
his own private fuck-toy to "get off into."  While I was too 
young to climax yet, I DID like the feeling of my grandfather's 
prick throbbing in my belly, and sliding in and out of my little 
crack.  As I said before, it felt GOOD.  Not as good as it felt 
to Grandpa of course; especially when he came in thick white 
gushes of incestuous goo inside me.  Still, I DID enjoy it, and I 
no more wanted to stop than Grandpa did.  It was fun.
     Well OK, what chance would your parents have had of stopping 
YOU from feeling my tight little hole sliding up and down your 
prick, if say they had found out how young I REALLY was?  Yeah, 
right.  About the same chance as . . . well, never mind.  Once we 
both knew the other loved it, we weren't going to stop; and both 
Momma and Daddy knew it.  Heck, both of THEM couldn't stop 
fucking with me, once they knew I liked it, so why would they 
expect Grandpa too.
     Huh?  Momma?  Of COURSE I fucked Momma too . . . Once my big 
sister Sharon showed me that girls could enjoy girls too, I 
figured it wasn't fair to leave Momma out, and I was in her bed 
with Daddy, within a week.
     Well!  If you ever think you've seen a small-town scandal, 
you ain't NEVER seen anything until you've seen the hoorah a 
three-months-pregnant 6-year-old creates when she waltzes into 
the first-grade classroom, with a big tummy, and an "under-
construction" sign pointing down the front of her swollen belly 
to where her navel sticks out of the too-short little shirt.  The 
fact that my parents were PROUD of my being precocious enough to 
not only fuck my own grandfather, but have his baby, shook the 
whole town up.
     Huh?  No, they didn't haul Grandpa off to jail, either.  
Didn't I explain?  Oh . . . I guess not.
     Well, when the army of police, social-workers, teachers, 
principals, Press, and just plain nosy onlookers finished poking 
around our house, you'd think that Momma or Daddy had KILLED 
either me or my little sister, instead of just being proud of my 
being gifted enough to get pregnant at an age when most little 
girls don't even know what sex IS.  By this time, I was sleeping 
in my own bed (at least theoretically) and it looked like I 
always HAD been.  Momma and Daddy said they couldn't tell who had 
been fucking me, as I wouldn't tell (and I wouldn't).  What 
bothered the social-workers the most however, was the fact that 
my parents seemed PROUD of their daughter for getting knocked-up, 
instead of angry.  Well, for well over a month the police (and 
others) TRIED to get me to admit that my father, grandfather, or 
even big brother was the one who "raped" me.  Only I wouldn't 
even admit I HAD been fucked; pretending to not even know what 
they were talking about.


     Without me telling, and no suspects (outside the family, who 
all denied it) the police couldn't do a thing.  My parents 
blocked them from taking blood-samples from the baby afterwards 
too; pointing out that such samples wouldn't prove anybody in the 
family was responsible, even if they did.  After all, we were all 
related anyway.
     I think half the town still thinks my father did it, while 
the other half thinks I have a private little lover on the side.  
After a year, it didn't matter anyway, as we left that town and 
moved away.  We moved three more times, in the next 6 years; as I 
got pregnant with my father's stepsisters almost every year 
thereafter.  You might think that Momma at least, would have me 
put on the pill, or have made Grandpa either stop fucking me, or 
use a condom or at least SOMETHING.  Only she didn't.  Momma told 
me later that she figured I was STILL way too young to be put on 
the pill, figuring the hormones wouldn't be good for my growing 
body (while ignoring the hormone-rush I got from having kids of 
my own, and nursing them afterwards).  And as for Grandpa and me, 
the only way she could have stopped the two of us from having 
unprotected sex, was by turning my grandfather over to the police 
(which by then was no longer an option).  Neither Grandpa nor I 
liked the feel or bother of condoms, and wouldn't have used them 
if Momma HAD supplied them.  (Actually, she did.  The foil 
packages sat unused in my bedstand until they practically rotted 
from old age.)
     By the time I was ready to drop, my body had changed 
enormously.  Not only did my tummy stick out until it was almost 
as big as I was, but by breasts and butt started to grow, until I 
looked like a miniature teenager.  Usually, during the last few 
weeks, Daddy had to take me to school in his car, as I was 
getting too heavy to get on the bus.  By then, the kids in class 
had gotten a LITTLE used to the idea of having a classmate with a 
big belly, and usually I was ignored (except when some of the 
other kids decided to tease me).  Mostly the teacher (Would you 
believe her name really WAS Mrs. Grundy?) had me sit in the back 
of the class, so she could ignore me.  I had a hard time 
sometimes getting her to notice my waving hand, when I knew an 
answer that the other kids didn't.
     Still, it was VERY hard to ignore me, when my water broke 
one afternoon; making a mess of the floor, and me going into 
cramps in the middle of the afternoon.  I remember feeling funny, 
and waving my hand at the teacher for the LONGEST time, before 
she finally noticed and said crossly, "YES, what IS it, Melinda?"
     "Uh, Teacher," I said, "I think I gotta' pee."  At that 
time, with the weight of Julie pressing against my kidneys, it 
seemed like I was going to the bathroom ALL the time.
     "Well GO," she said, acting even more annoyed.  Another 
reason Mrs. Grundy had put me in the back, was for just this 
reason.  (She wasn't really THAT bad.)  She had long ago given me 
permission to go any time I needed to; putting me in the rear so 
I wouldn't disturb the rest of the kids when I did.  After all, 
explaining the needs of a pregnant woman (well, OK, girl) were 
NOT in the usual curriculum of first-graders.  So, I guess she 
had a right to be annoyed at my asking permission to do what I 
always did.


     "Uh, Teacher," I groaned, this time REALLY getting her 
attention, as she had started to turn back to the blackboard, "I 
don't think I'm going to . . . make . . . it . . . ."
     I felt something give inside me; and suddenly my pants were 
wet, my skirt was wet, and a big puddle was forming on the floor. 
I couldn't help myself, I started crying.  I mean, the whole 
thing had started just over a year earlier, when I showed I was a 
"big girl" by not wetting the bed.  Here I go and "goof up" big-
time, and not only wet my pants; but make a big mess on the 
floor, in front of the whole class!  I felt like I was going to 
DIE of embarrassment!  Lucky for me it WAS "Mrs." Grundy, and not 
one of the virginal young girls that passed for teachers in some 
of the other classes.  Mrs. Grundy knew exactly what had 
     By this time, my bawling had caught on, and almost a third 
of the class was crying with me; seeming to be frightened about 
me "doing it" right in class, in front of them.  Mrs. Grundy shut 
us all up with a firm "Quiet class!  Melinda is OK . . . or at 
least WILL be, in a while.  Robbie, you go call the principal, 
while I help her lie down."
     That was really the last thing I remember clearly about that 
day.  I don't remember going through labor, having the baby or 
anything.  In fact, the first time I really even remember 
anything having to do with my daughter, was when I was back from 
the hospital, and I stuck my finger with a pin, while Momma was 
showing me how to pin a diaper.  That and having to get up in the 
middle of the night to go pee, and having to take Julie with me 
when I went.  A couple of times I even remember sitting on the 
can, with the little girl sucking on my swollen titties.  Isn't 
it funny how memory can be selective like that?  Of course, Momma 
took a LOT of pictures of the two of us, but I don't really 
remember much between the time I started nursing the kid, until 
Momma had me stop, so Grandpa could get me pregnant again.
     (No, of COURSE not, silly . . . I was joking.  I think.)
     By the time I was 8, after giving birth and nursing Julie 
for almost a year, my body and boobs had developed enough that I 
looked like a teenager . . . in shape, at least.  My face was 
still that of a pre-teen, but my body looked like a miniature 
version of a nubile adolescent.  Grandpa loved it.  I was even 
developing a tiny bit of hair in the area just above the still 
tiny hole that Grandpa still liked to slide his big prick into.  
(Grandpa?  Actually, all THREE of my male relatives liked to 
stick their stiff peters into my tight little cunny, and by this 
time I liked to feel them do it, almost as much as they did.  I 
hear it took me only 3 weeks after coming back from the hospital, 
before I had Daddy, my big brother, my sister, my mother, and yes 
Grandpa fucking me just as often as they had before I left.  And 
yes, I seduced THEM this time.  I MISSED having my male relatives 
use my body like a fuck-toy.  By this time I liked sex almost as 
much as if I was having orgasms when they came inside me.
     Actually, it got to be quite funny, to see some guy admiring 
my titties and butt, before he got a good look at me, and then 
have him come over and get ready to make a pass at me, before he 
realized I was not only jailbait, but not even a teenager.  The 
consternation that caused was quite hilarious sometimes.


     While we are all quite sure that Julie is Grandpa's baby, 
nobody is quite sure WHO fathered her little sister on me, as any 
one of the three males in the house could have done it.  Of 
course, since I still slept with Grandpa, so he could use my body 
to "jack-off" in whenever he felt like it, there is still a 
chance that Daddy or even Michael did the "dirty deed" and 
knocked me up.  For sure I never objected to either of them 
"using me" as often as they wanted to, either.  There's something 
kind of fun about being a little pre-teenaged fuck-toy.  I hadn't 
yet graduated to being a slut.  THAT came after my third kid.
     The second time I gave birth it was at home.  The car 
wouldn't start in 40-below weather, and the phone-lines were 
still down from the ice-storm a week earlier.  (We had moved to 
Minnesnowta, to get away from nosy neighbors.)  Not near so fun 
or memorable as starting to give birth in a classroom full of 
first-graders.  Not NEAR so much fun.
     I must have screamed for HOURS, before giving birth to 
Colleen.  Believe me, if you HAVE to have kids, do it in a 
hospital!  Strangely, I don't remember doing all that yelling, 
though everybody ELSE in the family won't let me forget!  I DO 
remember the next day, looking down at the cute little bundle 
sucking sweetly on my (even more) swollen boobs, and wishing I 
could do it all over again right then!
     With that attitude, you can imagine that it didn't take me 
long to get PG the third time . . . only it did.
     By this time, my little sister had stopped peeing the bed, 
and had joined me and Grandpa.  Momma and Daddy bought a kingsize 
bed, so we all fit in the same room, and the babies were remanded 
to the nursery, except when they needed feeding.
     As I said earlier, I'm not really sure if what I vaguely 
remember about the first time I had sex was what really happened, 
or whether it was what I saw happen with Jennifer, and I just 
melded my memories of what happened to her, into what I didn't 
remember about what happened to me.  In any case, watching 
Grandpa seduce my little sister was quite something.
     The first time Momma moved Jenny in with me and Grandpa, was 
more of a learning experience for me, than it was for my little 
sister.  Uhuh.  Jennifer had already seen Grandpa fucking me for 
most of her life; as he made no secret about doing it in front of 
the whole family; while for ME, I never had seen anybody except 
me and Grandpa having sex.  (No, not even Michael and Sharon.)
     Of course, Grandpa didn't just climb on top of my little 
sister, the first time she climbed in bed with us.  In fact, he 
didn't do ANYTHING to her that night.  He did fuck me though, and 
had Jenny watch the whole thing from close-up; so she knew just 
what was happening.  By the time Grandpa finished ejaculating his 
thick sperm in my tummy for the second time, he was too tired to 
do anything with my little sister, even if he had felt like it.  
(Actually, I think that was his intention; as Grandpa didn't want 
to get carried away and fuck the little girl before she was 
ready.)  When he finished with me, Grandpa just snuggled up 
between the two of us, and went to sleep.  I think that sometime 
during the night he turned over and slipped his big peter between 
my little sister's legs, but that's all he did.


     The next morning, Grandpa fucked me again, but when he was 
about to cum, he turned over and squirted his thick sperm in my 
little sister, instead of cumming in me, like he usually did.  
Jenny's eyes got real big, when Grandpa spread her legs, and 
pushed his big thing up against her tight little baby-hole, but 
she didn't object; figuring that's one of the things she'd have 
to do, now that she was a "big girl" like me.  I think Jenny was 
surprised, when Grandpa didn't fuck her like he did me.
     Only Grandpa wasn't about to hurt either of us; especially 
his little 5-year-old granddaughter.  For the next week, or a 
little bit longer, this went on, with Grandpa fucking me soundly 
every night (and sometimes during the day too) and then jacking 
off into my little sister, almost every morning.  Sometimes he 
had me help out, by either having me jack him off into Jenny, or 
by fucking me until he was about to cum, then squirting his sperm 
in my little sister, like she was some artificial-vagina on a 
blow-up doll.
     As I said, it was probably a little over a week later, that 
Grandpa's prying with his prick allowed him to slip the head of 
his penis into my little sister, but he sure seemed to enjoy it 
once he did.  From then on, Grandpa didn't need me any more to 
"get him ready" to fuck my little sister; seeming to enjoy even 
part of Jenny's tight little slit milking on his prick enough to 
make him squirt inside her.
     It was probably almost a month, before I woke up one morning 
and found Grandpa fucking my little sister "missionary" style, 
with his big prick sliding all the way up in Jenny's belly, 
before re-emerging all white and sticky with both of their 
juices.  Sometime during that month or so, Grandpa had taken my 
little sister's virginity, but it seems that neither I nor she 
even noticed when it happened.  From then on, Grandpa had TWO 
little fuck-toys to ejaculate his sperm into, whenever he needed 
     Surprisingly, even with Grandpa now fucking my little 
sister, even more than he did me, I got almost as much sex from 
the old man as I had before Jenny joined us in bed.  (My mother 
explained years later, it's something called the "Coolidge" 
effect, after President Coolidge, that makes men hornier when 
they have two women to fuck, than when they only have one.)
     Grandpa didn't take "precautions" with Jenny, either.  Even 
after the (very obvious) evidence of my swelling tummy, that 
sometimes little girls COULD get pregnant by their own 
grandfathers.  Our parents (and Grandpa) figured that it was just 
a fluke.  Anyway, at just 5 years old, they all reckoned that 
Jennifer was WAY too young to put on the pill; and just like with 
me, Grandpa was NOT going to use prophylactics.  Luckily with 
HER, they were right.
     So, just like me, my little sister learned to suck cock, eat 
pussy, and even fuck like a grownup, with gooey white gobs of 
incestuous sperm squirting in thick jets against her uterus and 
soaking into her vagina, before she learned how to read.  Thus it 
was, that for the next several years, Grandpa had TWO cute little 
fuck-toys to play with, and jack-off into.  This continued until 
one day, when I was about 10 years old or so.


     At that time, I was probably about two months pregnant with 
my third child, only it just hadn't started to show yet.  I 
remember that I was lying in that same familiar position, on my 
back, watching TV, while Grandpa fucked me after already "getting 
off" once in my little sister.  This time it was a nice long 
leisurely screw, with none of the urgency Grandpa usually felt 
when "using" one of us, as he had already spent himself once in 
my little sister's body.  So this time Grandpa took it slow, 
while my little sister watched our grandfather using me to jack 
off into, instead of her.
     It must have been almost 10 minutes after Grandpa first slid 
his prick inside me, that I suddenly lost interest in watching 
TV.  The stimulation of my own grandfather's thick prick sliding 
in and out of my tummy began to not only just feel good, but 
GREAT!  Before he noticed the change, I was fucking Grandpa just 
as hard as he was fucking me.  A tight knot just seemed to grow 
in my belly; winding tighter and tighter until it suddenly 
snapped.  For the first time I came, and properly too, with a 
man's thick prick sliding in and out of my hot little hole.
     Now you might think that feeling his own granddaughter 
clamping and squeezing on his prick like a milking machine, would 
make my grandfather cum like Gangbusters.  Only it didn't.  
Feeling me climax around him almost made Grandpa lose his 
erection.  It wasn't until I had collapsed in exhaustion after my 
first real orgasm, that Grandpa was able to fuck me properly and 
cum inside me.  It seems that Grandpa had gotten so used to 
jacking-off in me and my little sister, that he couldn't cum any 
other way.  Only when he was using one of us like a fuck-doll, 
could he get off.  Funny, isn't it?  Two weeks later I moved into 
my parents' bedroom with Momma and Daddy; leaving my little 
sister to act as Grandpa's fuck-toy, from then on.
     I was a little sad when that part of my life ended, but not 
too sad.  In a way, it was like back when I had stopped peeing 
the bed . . . I was growing up; and once I learned to climax, 
there was no turning back.
     As I told you earlier, it wasn't until after I had that 
third baby, that I really became a slut though; fucking anything 
in pants (or even panties) just to feel yet another orgasm.  
Thankfully, by that time Momma was able to put me on the pill, or 
who knows HOW many kids I would have had.
     Well, maybe not THAT many, as that period only lasted about 
three years, before I calmed down enough to act normally.  In 
fact, when I met you, I had actually managed to go without sex 
for almost a month, for the first time since I was 6 years old!
     That's why, when a handsome MAN (the first one since my 
father . . . and a girl can't marry her own father, can she?) 
showed he was sexually interested in me, both as a woman AND as a 
companion, I jumped at the offer.  The fact that you seemed to 
think I was almost 12 years older than I really was, just meant 
you didn't treat me like jailbait and drop me like a hot rock.  
MOST of the men who saw my birth-certificate got the willies, 
once they knew they were fucking a girl who was barely a 


     Having you not believe it, or not care, was a thrill . . . 
so much of a thrill in fact, that in the excitement of fucking a 
real man again; and feeling his thick white cum squirting baby-
juice against my (now REALLY fertile) young womb, just like I had 
grown used to my grandfather doing since before I was five, made 
me forget to take my pill.  Thankfully, you didn't get all 
up-tight when you found out I was pregnant.
     Yes Dear, I DID love you then, and still do.  It was NOT 
just your swollen prick squirting thick white baby-juice in my 
tummy, that I wanted.  <SMACK!>
     Love you too, Dear.
     Why have I been telling you all this?
     Well . . . Judy just stopped wetting the bed about three 
weeks ago; and since Momma died, I figure that Daddy has probably 
been getting awfully lonely.  The baby is going to be needing the 
nursery, and there's not enough room in the house for BOTH Daddy 
and Judy to have separate beds.  Do you suppose . . . .
     No, I do NOT expect him to do that!  She's MUCH too young.  
What happened with me and Grandpa was just a fluke.  I just want 
Judy to learn to enjoy sex like me and my little sisters did, 
when we were her age.  Please?  Besides, remember what I told you 
about me, my sisters, and Daddy . . . .
     Yeah, I'm just a horny old slut . . . always have been, and 
always will be.  Still, I can see that the idea of Daddy teaching 
our little girl how to suck cock, eat pussy, and fuck like a 
grownup, with her own grandfather's greasy cum squirting in thick 
white jets into her cute little tummy, before she even learns to 
how to read, just like my grandfather taught me and my sisters 
how to like sex, is NOT turning you off.  I'll tell Judy about 
her reward for not wetting the bed tonight.  If she doesn't 
object, then in a few days Judy will be "Grandpa's little fuck-
toy" just like I was at her age.  One thing my mother knew, was 
how to raise kids.
     OooOOoohhh!  I just KNEW I married the right guy.  Now come 
on, we've got to get busy . . . .
     Huh?  You KNOW Judy's going to need a little sister to help 
her out, once she get's too big for her grandfather; so let's get 
started, big guy!
     No silly, not big THAT way.  It'll probably be at least five 
or six years before Daddy gets Judy pregnant; even if he IS using 
her tight little box to jack-off into every night.  I meant when 
she starts having orgasms, which will probably be a LOT earlier.  
We'll worry about the other, when her belly starts to swell.  
Judy should be at least 10 or even 11 years old by that time; 
just like my little sister Jenny was, the first time Daddy 
knocked her up.  Who knows, by the time Judy gets pregnant for 
the first time, she might already have moved in with us, and the 
kid might even be yours instead of Daddy's.  As I said, we'll 
worry about that when our daughter's tummy starts to get big, not 
     Mmmmmmmm!  I KNEW I married the right guy!