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Gramps and Me (Mf, Inc, Senior, teen)
by Sam Hammer <sam-hammer@usa.net>


   I'm not really a bad girl.  It's just that I want to grow up fast.
Lucky for me, I live in the right neighborhood or town or whatever.
There are plenty of boys to chase after me and I make sure that I let
my share catch me.

   That is what got me in trouble.  Mom greeted me nicely enough, she
even brought me a glass of milk and a plate of cookies.  I should've
known she was up to something when she watched me undress.

   "Kathy Lee, where are your panties?"

   "Huh?  What panties?"

   "Exactly.  When you left here, you were wearing black panties.
Where are they now?"

    I struggled for words.  I mean, I couldn't really tell Mom that
about an hour ago My panties were in my mouth to muffle the sounds 
I was making while the captain of the football team was fucking my 
lights out.  I mean, he had me leaned over the backseat of his Dad's 
big old fifties convertable and was really drilling me.   I guess 
that's what I get for sucking him off.  
   One, it sorta puts me in a daze so my head wasn't really clear 
when told me to bend over his backseat.  Two, now he was able to 
hold back and fuck me till I was senseless.  I guess he fucked me 
silly.  I know I wasn't thinkin' straight when he shot his load 
all over my ass and back.

   "I took them off."

   Mom was worst than a district attorney.  "I know that much.  But 
where are they now?"

   "Well, um, they got soaked, so I took 'em off."

   Mom just looked at me like I was crazy.  "I bet they got soaked.
   I could see the anger in her face as she just glowered at me.  We
are the same size in just about every way, but she is the mother of
the house and she proved it by putting her foot down.

   "Okay fine.  Let's see if we can keep them dry by grounding you
for two weeks..."


   "Make that a month.  I'm going to call someone to see if they 
can babysit you."

   I exploded!  "A month!  but...but...I didn't do anything wrong
except take off my underwear."

   Mom looked at me.  "Turn around for a second."  I did as she 
asked and she just shook her head.   "Yes...I will definitely call
Dad and see if he can babysit you."

   I rolled my eyes.  "Mom, I'm sixteen years old. I can take of
myself.  Please, I'll be good."

   "Go wash your hair and then tell me again. GO!"

   I had heard that tone too many times to even think about arguing
with Mom.  I hung my head and dragged myself toward my room.  Half
way up the stairs I heard her again.  "Wash your hair NOW!"

   Okay okay, man, did mom have to go all crazy like that?  I found
out why she was so mad when I went into the bathroom.  I had just
put my hands through my red mane when I felt it.  I looked at my
hands and confirmed what mom had found.

   That stupid jock didn't just cum all over my ass and back, he 
landed a really thick wad in the back of head.  I remember it
clearly now, although I wasn't think straight at the time.  

  I was making up for screwing some guys from another school.  In
a brilliant effort to makeup to my school, I took on the star
Quarterback Henry Johnson.  He pulled that old "we ran out of gas
routine" and in a few minutes he was holding my Pebbles Flintstone
style pony tail and setting the pace with my head bobbing up and
down in his crotch.  I love sucking big ones and he was plenty
big!  It took me a little bit to adjust, but he was patient with me.

   The problem was when he came, it went straight to my brain and
the next thing I know, I'm stripped, leaned over and getting banged
again.  It seemed sorta hazy again but I remember that Big Henry
was fucking me doggy style and didn't want to knock me up.  So he
pulled out and made a hot dog with my buttcheeks.  Whew!  I was
scared that he was going to drive that big wang right up my ass
and screw me that way too.  He was so big and strong, I couldn't
have stopped him.  I still remember the warm splat of his boycream
as it landed in big thick puddles on my back.

   Dammit.  It's a little hard to argue with mom when she finds 
sperm in my hair.   I took the ordered shower, dressed and slunk 
down to the kitchen table.

   Daddy was home. YES!  If there ever was a daddy wrapped around
his little daughters finger it would be me.  One, I look like a 
younger version of mom, I even have her red hair.  Two) Not even
my daddy could resist my scrumptious well stacked body.  I mean
my tits are bigger then moms and I do notice Daddy just eating me
up with his eyes.  If I wasn't his daughter, I have a feeling that
he would've cheated on Mom with me!  Well, I hope not, but he is a
real man!

   Unfortunately for me, Mom is a REAL woman.  Too many time I'd
heard them argue, then my mother would call him into the bedroom
and a few minutes later, he'd given in completely and mom was 
wiping her mouth.  (Where do you think I learned it?)

   "Steve, guess what?"

   Daddy just grunted.  He is so tired sometimes from working so
hard.  Good for me on a normal day, but today...

   "Kathy Lee wants to invite Dad to come over and spend some time
with her."  She looked me right in the eyes.  "Don't you Kathy?"

   Mom as usual was the boss.  I knew my choices were to agree or
tell Daddy how I got a boys cum in my hair.  "Yes Mom."

   Dad looked thoughtful.  "Hmm, good thinking.  I sometimes wonder
if my little girl is alright.  But I don't know.  I think Kathy needs
to some responsibility of her own.  Right little darlin?"

   Mom looked at me while she spoke to Daddy.  "You know, that is
exactly what Kathy said too.  But come with me, I have something 
to tell you.  It's kinda a surprise for you know who."

   I knew she was talking about me.  But Daddy was always my biggest
fan and it was really cool that he wanted me to grow up without a 
babysitter.  I should've know that Mom meant business.  I knew what
she was doing, but right in the middle of dinner?

   The two of them went into the downstairs den.  I left the table 
and pressed my ear to the door.  I was right.  They were talkin' 
about me!  I first I heard some mumbling, then my nipples crinkled
at the sound of a zipper.  For the next few minutes I heard some
sounds that was all too familiar to me.  I heard a distinct "Ahhh"
a few grunts come from Daddy and the jingling of a belt.  

   I scampered back to the table and craned my neck so I could see
the two leaving the den.  Yep, Mom was wiping her mouth with her
sleeve, but I noticed her lipstick was missing.  Damn that meant
only one thing to me.

   "Punkin," my Dad started, "I think you're mom is right and gramps
should come here to live with us for a little while."

   I looked at Daddy and then at Mom.  She had this shit eating smile
on her face.  Man, when she really wants something, she sure knows
how to go out and get it.   I sighed, stepped up to Daddy and kissed
him on the cheek.  "Thanks Daddy.  You always take care of me."

   Mom rolled her eyes, she knew I was working my old man.  "Yes
Kathy.  I always take care of him too.  Don't I...daddy?"

   I was in trouble now.  When Mom called him Daddy that meant her
pussywhip was gonna be out and her word was law!  "Are we finished
eating now.  I wanna make some phone calls."

   Mom looked at me.  "Well, I'm full.  Go ahead and go to your 
room.  You might try studying for the next month instead of making
a lot of calls to boys."

   Daddy scruffed my hair and hugged mom.  "Now, dear, Kathy Lee
isn't all that interested in boys yet."  Now It was Moms turn to
roll her eyes again.  I knew she had some snide comment but for some
reason she didn't want to upset Daddy's notion of his innocent little
girl.  Deep down I thanked her.  

   And another thing!  She said she was full!  I saw that she had
barely touched her plate.  I knew now that little comment was meant
for me!  She let me know that she had sucked off Daddy and he was
pretty much going to do whatever she wanted.

   I hung my head defeated.  I trudged up the stairs and started
making calls.  If I knew Mom, Gramps would be here by tomorrow.


   Gramps did arrive the next day.  Unfortunately for me, it was
a Friday night.  My first major night for collecting my share of
the town hunks.  Boys.  They would feed you, get you drunk or high,
(I prefer a light buzz, nothing more) and then thank you for letting
their hand under your blouse.  

   Sure I put out, but only for the best of the best.  But my only
problem is that I like to give blowjobs.  It keeps boys out of my
small nookie and under my thumb.  I know that doesn't sound like a
problem to you, but to me it's a BIG problem.  You see, when a 
guy shoots his cum into my mouth, like it goes right straight
to my brain.  I can't see straight and get kinda hazy.  Next thing
I know, I'm leaned over and being fucked...again.  There was even
a nasty rumour that said once 'Get sucked by Kathy Lee and the pussy
comes for free!'  

   Okay it's true, but its still a really nasty thing to say about
a girl.  I mean, we all put out, but no one wants a bad reputation.
My reputation was that I would put out, but I wasn't easy.  Not
too bad, huh?

   Gramps looked in better shape then I expected.  I had forgotten
how long it had been since I had seen him last.  It must've been
at least two years.  He ogled me with a gleam in his eye.

   "Cody, where is your little girl?"  It still seems strange to
hear your mother called by her first name.  Shoot, I was five years
old before I learned my moms first name wasn't puddin'!

   Mom smiled.  "That is her, Dad.  SHe's grown up a bit."

   Gramps smiled back.  "No way!  That is a young woman by gumption!"

   I saw Mom drop her smile.  "She is just sixteen and wants to be
a young woman.  Think you can handle her, Pop?"

   Gramps just nodded, "Don't worry about us."  He looked right at
me.  "I think I can outsmart todays youth.  Just let me to get to
Steve's chair."

   With that he took up residence in small home.  I disappeared
for a while coming from my room with a tired ear.  Mom and Dad
were also out and mom looked dressed to kill.  Great.  It's Friday 
night and I should be out boyhunting instead of just hanging here
with my grandfather.

   When they left I got this idea.  I wondered if I could tease 
her father a little bit.  I mean I was already wearing my teenage
tease uniform.  A short white miniskirt that barely came past
my crotch and form fitting half t-shirt.  My flat tummy was exposed
so that you could see my pierced belly button.  I was barefoot with
my toes painted a dark burgundy (just the way the boys like it!)

   We watched them left and I took up a seat opposite Gramps.  He
just there thinking about whatever old people think about.  I 
made my voice soft as I could.

   "Hope you like staying here gramps."  I spread my legs and slunk
down a bit.  Now it was time to see how old Gramps really was!  I 
knew that he could see all the way up to my white panties if he 
cared to take a look.  

   I saw that he did.  His eyes started at my feet and lingered for
a second.  I don't know why but the younger guys (my age) don't seem
to care but older men, wow, that's another story.  I think I made 
one guy shoot off in his pants from just slipping out of my sandals
and wriggling my toes.  
   Gramps took in the sight of my legs and I heard a sharp intake
of breath when he looked right into my white panties.  When he did
that I raised one leg and threw it over the arm of the chair and
that is when It was my turn to let out a small gasp.

   I mean like it was so obvious.  There was a giant and I mean
giant tent in his pants.  He still just took in my view and let
that damn tent grow bigger.

   Damn him.  I mean, this had happened to me before.  I had
been breaking a unwritten rule by going over to next burb and
seeing the backfield of the Beaverton High football team.  Yeah, 
not just the quarterback but the all of 'em.  No, not all at once.  
What kind of a slut do you think I am?  

   I had gone through the quarterback and halfback.  Now I was 
working on their full back having successfully gotten him to ask
me out.  I wonder if it had anything to do with me putting out for 
the other two football guys?  Anyway, we had started to make out when 
I saw his jeans all bulged out.  Man that lump scared me.  It was 
absolutely huge!  I barely noticed that he was undressing me cuz
I was mesmerized by the thought of all that boymeat!

   Immediately I felt my pussy start to spit it's juice and in
only a few seconds, I was leaving a trail of Kathy Lee juice
all over his back seat.  By the time I got it out, I was literally
drooling.   The only problem was when I did work that big plunger
out he shot this really big load all over my hand and arm!  Too
bad the cops came and busted all of us kids who had been parkin'.

   I ended up with a ride home in a squad car and being grounded
for a week.  The worst part was being branded a traitor by my
schoolmates.  It's my not fault all of our own school sports star 
were taken at the time.  It took me a half a summer of furious 
cocksucking before I lived that one down.

   I had a feeling I wouldn't see a squad car tonight.  

   So there was the two of us, sitting across from each other.  I
was supposed to be the one teasing him, but just looking at that
huge bulge was making ME wet!  I licked my lips quickly and smiled
sweetly.  "Gee Gramps, sorry I'm so boring."

   "Boring?  Not at all.  That little skirt reminds me of your mother.
So I'm very pleased to just sit here and watch my granddaughter 
bring back memories."

   "Memories Gramps?"

   He just sorta chuckled.  "As usual, you kids think you invented
sex.  I'll have you know that your mom was raised during the era of
the first miniskirt and something called hot pants."

   "Hot pants?  Mom?"  Now the're called Daisy Dukes and I have to
admit my cutoff jeans were cut to show just the barest bit of my ass
cheeks.  Still, knowing my mom I didn't find it hard to believe.  I
mean, Daddy is always feeling her up and giving it to her.  I know!

   I mean I couldn't really see anything that night I cracked their 
door open.  If mom had opened her eyes she would've seen me their
peeking at them.  But as it was, Daddy had stuffed two pillows under
her tummy and was banging her propped up ass like there was no tomorrow.
Mom couldn't see me because her eyes were closed in a deep grimace.
The way she gripped the bedsheets in her fists and then stuffed it
in her mouth, let me know that Daddy was really putting the wood to her.

   Hmmm, so it seemed to me that Mom was just like me.  A hot babe
with an open mind (and mouth).  After that he went on to his own
wife.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear him talk about grandma
but I had to hear what she was like too!

   "...Now there was a woman.   The day I met her, she was wearing
a green plaid skirt, a simple white top and oxfords.  Not like you
kids today who walk around in skyscraper shoes. Hmph!"

   I grinned.  "What?  dontcha like girls who wear high heels?"

   That lecherous grin was all it took.  "Well, just because there
is snow on the roof doesn't mean there ain't a fire in the furnace."

   "Whats a furnace, gramps?"

   He looked right at my skirt.  "Something to keep you warm at

   That put thoughts in my head all right.  "I thought you guys were
too poor to afford a furnace."

   We were poor but we all had jobs to do.  Back then we even assigned
a duty to your mother."  His expression changed.  "But really you 
don't want to hear about all this stuff."

   "No no no, gramps, I do want to hear.  What did Mom have to do?"

  "She had to take care of me."

  "My eyes squinted.  "Take care?"

  "Yep.  She did it on her own and after that, Mom was able to have
few more moments in the morning for everything else."

   Incest?  Mom?  I knew I shoulda grossed out but really I just wanted
to hear more.  "Gramps, will you tell me everything she did...please."

   "Well, I suppose if you're sure you want to hear about it."  I 
nodded furiously and he continued.  

   "It was a really cold morning and we all slept together for body
warmth.  Every night Maple and me would wait for your mom to fall
asleep before we would quietly work on a brother for her."

  I knew what that meant alright.  "Tell me more."

  "One morning, I was barely awake when I saw this red hair moving
up and down in my lap.  It didn't take long before I was shooting 
away.  When I finally opened my eyes, there was your mother all of
eleven years old and she was wiping her mouth.  Just behind her was
grandma who patted her on the head and told her what a good job she
had done.

   After that, each morning, I would wake up with...with"

   He stopped wondering if he had told way too much.  He had.  Now
I had to hear the rest so I finished the sentence for him.  It let
him know that I was on the same wavelength.  "With your dick in her
mouth!  Right?"

   "Right! By gum, at eleven years old your mother loved to suck
me off whenever she had the chance.  I made sure she had plenty of
chances too.  It seemed that no matter how often I would tell her
that she didn't have to do it, she would just giggle and say she
didn't mind."

   WOW!  Mom was the family blowjob artist!  No wonder she went down
on Daddy at a moments notice.  It seem like second nature to her.
The thought of my mother giving head to my father and grandfather was
making even wetter.  I had to know more, I had to see more.

   "Grandpa...did you...did you fuck her too?"

   Gramps seemed to hem and haw for a second.  "Well, yes.  I was
in one of my hornier moods and your mother was working late sewing.
We were watching "Sgt Bilko" with your mom in her usual place. 
sitting in my lap.  Suddenly she looks at me and says "Can I?"

   "Well, I didn't stop her.  She slid that little body down and
started giving me head until I shot off in her mouth.  The thing
was I noticed that sometimes right after I shot off in her mouth
Cody would have that same dazed look as Grandma and I was weak.

   I told her to stand up and turn around.  At the time, she was
wearing a plaid skirt and oxfords and it just reminded me so much   
of her mom, that I told her to lean over the arm of the sofa.
She obeyed like she was some kind of a trance.  I lifted her 
skirt over her small butt and mounted her."

   My mind was reeling!  "You fucked mother doggystyle?"

   "Yup. I was in heaven.  I fucked both her and grandma until
she met Steve, married him and that was that.  While I missed the
young nookie, I was more then glad that your mom had found a normal
type relationship."

    Wow, there it was.  The truth about Mom.  She had been a willing
sextoy growing up.  No wonder she handled Daddy so easily.  She had
been practicing since she was eleven years old!   "Oh Grampa!"
was all I said as I left him and flew up the stairs.

   Sure I could've told what I was planning, but this was going to
more fun.  Besides, it was also fun to let him think he had shocked
me into running from him.  Boy was he going to be surprised.

  When I came back down the stairs, Gramps didn't move.  He waited
till I stood in front of him and I saw him at a loss for words. I
had kept the same white top (I think when we just barely show our
tummies, it's kinda cute.) but had changed to a slightly longer
simple green plaid skirt.  It took some searching but I found the
oxfords in Moms closet.  Add my super loose white socks and I was
modern version of his fantasy girl.

   I remembered to keep my voice soft.  "Can I take care of you,

   He smiled.  "Well, I don't think I can stop you, me being such
an old man."

   I walked till I stood between his legs, letting him soak in the
sight of a well stacked teenager.  It worked on Daddy and my teachers
and I gotta say gramps was no different.  "MMmmm", that giant sized
dicktent had come back.  "You don't look too old to me Gramps."

  I slid down to my knees and moved my hands to his zipper.  I 
swallowed when his zipper got stuck.  I had to grasp that bulge
firmly while I forced his zipper down and the way that giant
dicked throbbed in his pants had made kinda crazy.  I finally
forced it down and let out a small scream.  Grandpa was hung
like a gawddamn horse!

   "OooOOOooH, Grampa!  You're...you're...you're so big!  I mean,
whew, I never..."  

   My nipples crinkled harder at the sight of such a tremendous
organ.  Wow!  It seemed that being overendowed ran in the family.
He lifted his butt so I could move his pants down and I gasped 
again.  Now that I cold see all of him, I was in awe.  

   "HOLY SHIT! GRANDPA!"  I was just in shock.  It wasn't just seven 
or eight inches of dick (and belive me, I hadn't found any bigger then   
that!  I know cuz I've been looking!), but a ten inch long schlong of a 
prick.  I mean, long was one thing, but I could see that my Gramps big 
dick was easily thicker then my wrist. It had thick veins that looked
liked soda straws criss crossing hise monster organ.  Even the head was 
about the size of a small apple.

   I know when he looked down at me all he could see was his teenage
granddaughter trying to circle his dick with my fingers.  I failed.
It was just too fat.  "Grandpa, your dick...it's a monster.  Can I?"

  Just like he had done so many years ago, he didn't stop me.  I 
kissed the big one on the head a couple of times before lowering my
head.  I had to close my eyes because I was grimacing to stuff so 
much dick in my mouth.  I managed to get three inches into my mouth
and my eyes crossed as I looked down the length of seven inches of
dick but nowhere to put it.

   I wrapped both hands around his big dong and tried to suck what
I could.  Gramps helped by gathering up a bunch of my red hair like
it was in a ponytail and started to force more dick down my throat.

   I loved it.  There are few things cooler then when A guy makes
you suck him off.  Gramps would tug at my hair and make me take more
and more dick.  Each time I choked, he would pull my head back, let
me rest and then make me suck him some more!

   "MMmmPh <Choke> gwanpa, I <Retch> wuv suckin awn yo dick."

   "That's it, keep talkin' with your mouth full and you'll get

   "Mmph! <suck> But, gwamps <Choke choke!> It too hawd to tawk
   wit dick in my mowt."  I raised my head.  "It's TOO BIG!"

   I couldn't believe it when he just chuckled.  "Your mother took
it all, her mother took it all, so can you.  Now then."

   He pulled my hair once again and led my mouth back down to his
giant penis.  "Yes gran<MMMPH!>" Damn it!  It was hard to talk
with your mouth filled.  And at this moment he became even bigger.
I had sucked off too many guys not to know he was close.  I tried
my best to twirl my tounge as I raised my head up and down.

  I kept bobbing my head, sucking what I could, jacking off what
I couldn't get into my mouth.  He had so much precum that it was
mixing with my spit and overflowing from the sides of my mouth.
Now my hands were slick and messy, my chin soaked and my mouth
was spilling out prejuice.  I knew he couldn't deny me much longer.
   I remembered how my homeroom teacher loved to have me look him
in the eyes while I blew him.  It worked on him, maybe it would
work on Gramps.  Really, unless you like keeping your eyes crossed.

   I had no trouble looking at Mom's Dad and still keeping my
sucking up at the same time.  He was that big.  I knew he was 
really ready when he became more forceful.  I let him drag me
up and down the length of his dick.  Over and over, not caring
that he was choking me or that my throat was becoming irritated
with his forced blowjob, that old man kept raping my throat.

  He caught sight of my looking up at him and it ruined him.
  "Damn you! You little cocksucking teenage slut!"

  I wasn't shocked cuz I know that men and boys all say stuff
when they are ready to blow their tubes and my grandfather was
all man!  I just let him choke me a little more when I winked at
him.  "Cum <CHoke!> fo me, gwanpa! <Suck slurp!>Pweeze! You cun 
<gag> doit!

   Grandpa didn't scream or stuff like that.  He just grunted,
said, "OooH yeah...Yeah...YEAH!  YES!" and exploded.  It was 
like he shot that first load right into my brain.  Whew!  'The
bigger the node, the bigger the load' and it was true this time.
The old man kept coming into my mouth and filled it.  I had 
sperm leaking from the sides of my mouth and running down my
chin.  I tried to raise my head, but found he wouldn't let me.
There was no where for the sperm to go, it backed up and then
started flowing each of my nostrils.

   I started to go limp when I felt my hair being released so
I could raised my head and get some air.  I just coughed and
sperm came out spraying his crotch.  I felt some more jism
on my face and I knew I was getting a facial too.

    I was sorta dazed like I always am after delivering a 
long hard blowjob.  I felt a strong grip lift me and walk me
to the sofa.  I heard a rip and saw a pair of panties by my
head.  There was a feeling of cool air on my ass and then I 
felt him at my opening.  One hard push and he was in!

   There I was leaned over the sofa and getting the living
shit fucked out of me.  It wasn't a teenage jackrabbit screw
either.  Old Pop would slowly pull back and ram it in as hard
as he could.  It felt more like I was being raped.

   And I loved it.

   Over and over, that old man just kept popping me.  I felt
making mewing noises and moaning and an occasional scream.  
Grandpop simply grabbed the panties and roughly stuffed them into
my mouth.  Great!  The second time this week I was being fucked
doggystyle with my own panties in my mouth to muffle the noise.
I understood.  I mean, I am a really noisy fuck.  I don't say
much, but I whine and moan and grunt, and have never had a 

   Normally, I like to shake and wiggle like a fish on a hook.
but when you are just bent over and taking it, there's not that
much room for creativity.  Besides, this was a man fuck.  He didn't
seem to care that I had three orgasms while he was screwing me.
Through my own climaxes he just kept delivering the same powerful

   By the time I felt him grow larger, he had churned my insides to
mush and left me kinda babbling like an idiot.  No wonder he gagged
me while I was being fucked.  When I felt the strokes become stronger
Gramps breathing became heavy and I felt sweat drip onto my ass.

   Once again he grunted and delivered.  He lifted me onto my tiptoes
as he grinded away his orgasm, making sure I had one more before
he kinda collasped on top of me for a second.

   When he let me up, I just sank to my knees all devasted and ravaged.
"Granpa, I...er..well I wan...I want..."

   He stood there with that arrogant look that every guy has after
he made his conquest.  "Don't try to talk for a few moments.  You've
been officially fucked silly."

   I nodded.  He really had fucked me silly.  I just sorta sat there
on my haunches.  When he pulled at my hair, I immediately leaned
into his crotch and started cleaning away.

   After a minutes he was spit shined cleaned.  I remembering wiping
my mouth with my arm as his sperm continued to cough or burp up.  It
seemed that I had picked up a new habit from Mom and at least I could
form a sentence.  "Grandpa...wow!"  Well, sorta a sentence.

   "Heh heh, Thanks for taking care of your weak old grampa, heh heh."

   Did he have to laugh?

  By the time Mom came home, she was surprised to find me still dressed
in my green plaid skirt and oxfords.  I was curled up in grandpa's
lap and we were looking at albums.

   She had her hands on her hips.  "I see you two are getting along

   Gramps smiled, "Cody, that sure is a fine young girl you've
raised.  I have a feeling that she and I will be best friends."

   Mom looked at me with curiosity.  "Good...good, Maybe you can
keep her out of trouble."

   I hugged gramps,  "Dont worry Mom,  I'll stick with Gramps
to make sure he doesn't get lonely."

   Grandpa spoke up.  "I understand our little girl is grounded.
I won't tell you how to run your house, but perhaps she can go
out with me?"

   Mom looked astounded as I nodded up and down in agreement.
   "Well, okay.  But if she becomes too much let me know."

   Daddy called for her then.  Mom stayed for a few minutes 
before going upstairs to change. Grandpa looked at me and winked.  
Sure enough, Granpa and Me were inseperable.  If you found one, 
you found the other.  At my request, we never let Mom in on the
secret.  As a reward, as soon as the door was closed and we were
left alone, Grandpa would start toward me unbuckling his belt as
he approached me.  It got so I would start to get wet at the sound
of his belt being undone.  

   Plus I wasn't just his sextoy.  He took me to ballgames, arcade
and the mall.  I didn't have to do it, but whenever he would take 
me anywhere, I would slink down in the seat beside him and start 
reaching for his belt.  I told him to never worry about holding back
and it was rare that we would reach our destination without me 
getting a mouthful.  I remember the time we were coming back back
from the baseball game.  (a GREAT place to meet new guys!)  We were
sure we wouldn't finish in time and he pulled over to the side of
the road.  I'm sure it made a great sight of him with seat fully
reclined and my oxfords waving in the air as I sucked off my moms

   I still went out on dates, but I saved my itch for him.  I 
even wore the oxfords which became sorta like a signature for
me.  Because I wasn't putting out at the drop of a hat, I noticed
I had started getting a better reputation and Mom even revoked
my grounding.  It didn't matter.  I still stayed home with her
father.  Now that I was home more, I started getting better grades
too.  Let me tell you, the only person sadder then me when Gramps
went back home was mom.   She finally had the good little daughter
she always wanted.

   It was lonely around the house without Gramps telling stories and
embarrasing mom.  Dad didn't even mind as much as I thought he would
because Grandpa was so nonthreatening.  He always let Daddy have
the last word.  Mom and me missed the old guy.

   It was about another month later.  Mom had just come home and
Daddy was so nice to pick me up from school.

   "Hello Mom."  I smiled pleseantly.

   She squinted her eyes.  "Kathy Lee, what have you been up too?"

   "Nothing mom.  Daddy wants to talk to you.  He has a surprise
for you know who."

   Almost on cue, Daddy came out from den and into the living room.

   Mom turned to him.  "Yes dear?"

   Dad looked at me and then delivered his speech with that 'I am
the man of house' voice.  "I have decided that your father, if he
wants to, can come here and live with us."

   I was standing behind Dad making sure he couldn't see me.  But
I still could see Mom with her mouth opened.  She started to speak
but stopped.

   I just smiled at her, looked at Daddy and calmly used my arm to wipe
mouth.   Mom's eyes widened, but really all she could do was smile back.

   See I told you I wasn't a bad girl.  I'm growing up to be a good 
girl. you, see.

   Just like Mom.

				   The End