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Girl Scouts of America (Mf, little slut, ped)
By Anon NixPixer c 1994


John Bradford heard the knock at the front door. Irritated he 
put down the newspaper he had been trying to read all 
morning, despite numerous interruptions.

Getting to his feet, he walked to the door and much to his 
surprise was greeted by a cherry little girl, perhaps around 
ten or eleven years old, wearing khaki green, Girl Scout 

"Hi, I Cindy, and I'm selling girl scout cookies, to raise 
money for The Girl Scouts of America, would you like to buy 

John grimaced, these was the third time this week that he had 
been bothered by people soliciting for one charity or 
another. But looking at the petite little girl, he was 
strangely affected, she was so pretty, so cute, a scaled down 

Cindy was wearing a Girl Scout hat over her long blond hair, 
a Girl Scout blouse with matching scarf, a pair of short-
shorts, and tennis shoes with white knee socks. Petite, even 
for her age, she had just two tiny bumps where her breasts 
would soon be,  although John thought he could see the 
outline of her tiny nipples through the thin material of her 
tight, green blouse.

Ashamed that he was slightly aroused by a little girl, he 
decided to atone for his perverted thoughts and invited her 
in to buy some of her cookies.

"Lets see what yeah got, come on in," he invited opening the 
door wide and gesturing for her to enter the living room.

Cindy, a loving and trusting little girl, did not hesitate, 
even though her scout mother had warned her to NEVER go into 
a strangers house. Besides, she thought, he was a neighbor, 
this nice man lived just down the block from where she lived, 
so technically, he was NOT a stranger at all!

Carrying a shopping bag of cookie boxes, Cindy walked all the 
way to a coffee table in the middle of the living room. 
Placing the bag down, she removed samples of the different 
cookies she had to sell.

"I have a couple of different kinds...ah Mister?"

"Call me John honey, and what's YOUR name?"

"I'm Cindy, .,ah, John. Would you like to try a sample?"

"Sure Cindy, by the way I thought you girls always went door 
to door in a group, where's the rest of your scout pack?"

"Yes, that what we usually do, but today is not a regular 
cookie drive day, I just got bored being home alone and so I 
thought I would see if I could raise some extra money for us.

"So, how does a little girl like you end up being left by 
yourself, aren't you a bit young to be left to your own 

"Well I was supposed to go to my Grandmas, but after Mommy 
and Daddy left for the weekend I told Granny that I was given 
permission to stay with my girl friend Melissa. I like being 
by myself, I've done it before!" Pulling at her long blond 
hair, in a nervous gesture, Cindy was hopping from foot to 
foot, sort of standing with her legs crossed.

"Are you okay."

Sheepishly Cindy looked up at John, an embarrassed expression 
on her face. In almost a whisper she asked, "Ah...do you 
have, that is could,  I... use your,  bathroom!"

It was obvious that the child was in real urgent need of a 
toilet. "That door over there," said John, pointing the way, 
not giving it a second thought.

Wasting no time Cindy scampered over to the bathroom, closing 
the door behind her, but in her haste neglecting to lock it.

John started to walk into his bedroom. Realizing that he was 
dressed only in shorts and a tee shirt, he had decided to 
change, when he remembered that he needed to warn the little 
Girl Scout that the bathroom door would swing open if she did 
not lock it, but he was too late!

Turned toward the bathroom now, the door had indeed swung 
open and he was afforded a clear, unobstructed view of the 
young child sitting on the toilet, her shorts and panties 
pulled down to her ankles, her tiny knees spread apart. Cindy 
looked up at him, but said nothing as a steady stream of 
yellow pee flowed from between her legs into the white 
porcelain bowl below. He could see all of her, her tiny 
hairless pussy, her open labia and between them, her little 
hole...she was beautiful.

Fighting to keep his composure, he tried to be nonchalant. 
"Don't forget to wipe," he admonished her, turning to give 
her some modesty.

Looking as if she was about to cry the girl responded, "I...I 
don't see any toilet paper Mr., ah... John,  could you get me 

Hurrying to his bathroom, John got some paper and returned to 
the guest bath. Walking into the well lighted bathroom, Cindy 
was still seated on the toilet seat, now he was blushing as 
he had to walk right up to her to hand her the roll!

"Thank you," she said, as she accepted the paper roll. For 
some reason she did not seam uncomfortable with him standing 
right next to her, despite the fact that she was half-naked.

John made no effort to walk out of the bathroom, he was glued 
into place, he could not have moved, even if he had wanted 
to. This little angel was sitting right next to where he 
stood, peeing in his toilet, it was too much, John knew he 
was getting a hard on!

As he watched her tear off several section of the toilet 
paper, to wipe herself, John heard himself ask, "Do you want 
me to do that for you?" He could not believe he had said 
those words. He was more surprised when she looked up at him 
with a bland expression, handed him the paper and widened her 
legs further apart!!!

"Okay," she said in a little voice.

Dizzy, John knelt before her pretty legs and cupped the paper 
in the palm of his hand and wiped up and down her tiny 

John could not believe what he was doing. Here he was, a new 
divorcee, with two kids of his own, fondling the bare pussy 
lips of an innocent ten year old, in his own bathroom. Beads 
of perspiration formed on his brow, as he contemplated the 
consequences of someone walking in on them... he could go to 
jail. But right now he did not CARE.

This was heaven...John continued to rub the little girl's 
sweet hairless pussy, caressing her puffy labia, teasing his 
fingers between the sweet lips, watching her take DEEP DEEP 
breaths, as his fingers danced between her slim thighs. 
Pressing slightly, between the folds of her pussy, he started 
to push his insistent finger slightly inside her.

Out of the blue Cindy got up on her feet, she appeared 
apprehensive, "Please stop, I know I was a bad girl to let 
you touch me, .I can't let you do what, what you've been 
doing...beside I promised my mommy and daddy I would be good 
this weekend."

John felt like crying, he almost screamed, trying to control 
his raging erection, .so close, yet so far. He muttered, 
"Ah...I'm sorry too, I didn't mean to, that is I only want to 
help, you tidy up, I wasn't trying to ah."

Cindy bent from the waist to pull up her panties and shorts, 
giving him a view, for the first time, of her pale upturned 
ass cheeks, and the deep furrow between them.

Looking at him very seriously she replied, "My younger 
brother likes to look when I'm on the potty... I let him all 
the time. So does my dad, although he doesn't know I see him 
looking, he kinds of sneaks looks through the bathroom 

I don't mind you looking... really, but I know its very nasty 
to let someone touch you there, Mommy says its a sin, a big 
sin, ..it feel kind of weird, nice sort of... and it made me 
all tingly, and a little gooey between my legs, but I'm a 
GOOD girl."

Relieved she was not going to get hysterical he said, "Lets 
go into the living room, I don't want you to think I'm some 
sort of molester or something."

John followed Cindy into the living room, watching her cute 
behind as she continued to tuck her blouse into the 

He still wanted her, more then he had ever wanted anything. 
Just when or where he did not know quite yet...or even how 
far he could go with her, given her undersized, still 
undeveloped body.

"Do you still want to sell me some of your cookies," he asked 
smiling at her in a trusting way.

"Oh yes! What do you want, how many?"

Putting his arm around her thin shoulders, he pointed to the 
mint and chocolate chip boxes, "How about twenty of each."

"Twenty EACH!!!! Do you mean it!"

"Sure, he replied sincerely, but you have to do me a really 
big favor for it."

"Oh yes, anything, that's as much as I usually sell in an 
entire day, maybe even a week... I love you."

I have a nice little girl, just about your age, but she went 
away with her mommy and I have missed her so very, very much. 
Could you...ah, . would you pretend,  to be my very own 
little girl for the day. I know you said you were alone and 
all, so, .I though... you know, I just miss not being a 

Cindy was almost moved to tears, it was so sad, "Sure, I 
could do that, I mean, I think your kind of nice and all, 
beside I like your place... it's kind of neat here.  But what 
would I have to do, I am a good girl you know."

"I promise to treat you just like I would my very own 
daughter, .. scouts honor!"

"Okay and I promise to be your own little girl for the entire 
day, cross my heart and hope to die."

For the rest of the early afternoon, John took Cindy out. 
First they went to the mall and then to a movie theater, 
Cindy acting just like she had promised, calling him daddy 
and letting him take her hand as they moved about. John took 
every opportunity to put his arm about her thin shoulders and 
around her tiny waist, getting her used to physical contact 
with him. Occasionally he would give her a peck on the cheek 
and a pat on her tight little behind. Cindy was very happy 
and particularly excited when he bought her a few inexpensive 
items in a department store.

Buying her gifts John had found was the key. She would hop up 
and down every time she saw something new. She was so excited 
with each purchase, giving him big hugs and kisses with each 
new surprise. John loved it, each time he would scoop her in 
his arms and hug her thin body to his, running his hands over 
her cute round butts cheeks. The little girl did not seam to 
notice or care, as long as she was showered with the things 
she wanted.

Stopping in the lingerie department of one very exclusive 
store, he stopped in front of a counter covered with designer 
sets of sexy lingerie,  they were very expensive, over a 
hundred dollars each. John stood aside as the youngster 
picked up several pairs, admiring them, her eyes shining 

"What do you think kitten, are you old enough for something 
this grownup?" He kidded.

"Oh yes daddy, I really am grown up enough for them, could I 
have one daddy, please...pretty please." Whispering in her 
ear, John kidded, "I might if I get a chance to see my pretty 
little girl be extra nice to me...but I don't know, I 
promised to treat you like my own little girl, this might not 
be appropriate."

Cindy the sexy underwear so badly! Her real mommy and daddy 
would never buy her something like this, they could never 
afford something like this... so the only way she knew she 
was about to have the lingerie, was a present from John.

Cindy did not give pause to what John meant when he said, be 
"nice to him". All she could think of was the shortly silk 
pj's she had picked out. She needed to convince John to buy 
her this gift, she knew she would have to do something "nice" 
in return...but she did not think it would be like when John 
got to see her on the toilet...or when she let him wipe her 
little cunny. After all, she had told John that she was a 
"good" girl.

Biting her lip, Cindy decided, in her most seductive voice 
she said, "I love you daddy, you're so good to me, please buy 
me this gift...I promise you a special treat if you do."

The purchase made, John and Cindy left, taking in a movie on 
the way back to the house.

As much as he tried John could not keep his distance from the 
little girl, every opportunity he got gave her a kiss, 
allowing his lips to linger just a few seconds too long. All 
he could think about was this pretty pre-teen, . and his cock 
got hard as a rock, each and every time he did. He never 
thought a pre-pubescent girl could turn him on, she had 
virtually no breast and her hips were as slim as a boys...but 
she had this certain sexual allure, maybe it was her youthful 
purity, or perhaps it was that deep down she seamed to be so 
aware of her emerging womanhood...and she used it, she was 
sort of, a tease, a little bit of a baby-slut!

Returning to John's house, Cindy wanted to watch her favorite 
TV show, cartoons. Disappointed John went to the kitchen for 
a beer while Cindy entertained herself. After emptying 
several cans, John realized that all the fluid had gotten to 
him and he rushed off to the guest bathroom, the one that was 
closest. Used to being a bachelor now for several months, 
John also forgot to lock the broken door. Sure enough just as 
he was in the middle of relieving himself, the door swung 
open, in full sight of the young Girl Scout, as she lay on 
the floor viewing her show.

Cindy was put-off AND fascinated, she had never seen a man 
pee before. Not even her brother or father. True, her 
younger-brother had pulled his pants down in front of her and 
proudly shown her his tiny penis, but this one was HUGH 
compared to Donnie's.

Wide eyed, Cindy watched the strong yellow flow pour out the 
end, just like a fountain. Several times she had tried to 
watch herself pee, but she could not bend her head down low 
enough to see anything.

Based on the stories she had heard from her little girl 
friends, it was not nearly as menacing as she had imagined it 
would be, in fact it was kind of cute. Recalling how nice it 
had been when John her briefly rubbed her pee-pee hole, she 
wondered if it felt the same way for John when his wiener was 
touched (that's what her brother always called his). Should 
she go over and look up close at it, she wondered? She had 
heard stories that boys always wanted girls to put their 
mouths on their wieners. Cindy could not imagine that a girl 
would do anything so nasty, that was not something SHE would 
ever do...she was sure! No, she decided, a nice girl would 
not watch a grown-up make at the toilet.

Looking back over his shoulder, John realized that the damn 
door had quietly opened and that his pre-pubescent visitor 
was watching him. John's first reaction was to cover himself, 
but then he wondered, what the hell, this was a one in a 
lifetime opportunity to live out a fantasy, sex with a little 

"Cindy, come over here hon, I want to talk to you."

Cindy gulped, she could not do that, she pretended not to 

Cindy, did you like the nice things I bought for you, you 
don't want to have to take them back do you?

This has a big step for her, she was a bit frightened about 
having to be so near a near naked adult... what if he wanted 
her to do stuff, maybe even touch,  IT! Now she was 
regretting her decision to beg John for the lingerie, maybe 
she should just go home, she did not really feel grownup, not 
at all. But she wanted those things so badly, maybe he just 
was going to talk... that was okay.

"Ah,  Da...,Daddy, I'm watching TV."

His voice a bit testier, "I said come here,  now!"

With a knot in her stomach, Cindy hesitantly walked over and 
entered the bathroom. Before it had been different, SHE had 
been in control, beside she had played that game many time 
before and she was used to it. Now John was giving her 
orders, she wanted to cry.

Still playing her roll, like the good girl she was, Cindy 
muttered in a small voice, "Yes Daddy, what do you want."

Give Daddy your hand sweetly, I want you to do something for 
me. That's a good girl, now take hold of Daddy's "thing" and 
rub back and forth, that's right, just like that, yes,  yes. 
You promised Daddy a special treat, this is the present Daddy 
wants form you sweetheart, it won't hurt you at all, I 
promise. Now hold it a little tighter, yes hon with all your 
fingers wrapped around it, that's such a good little girl, 
you're my princess, the very best girl in the whole world. 
Now squeeze some more, it's very,  very good, pump your hand 
like a piston, back and forth...AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH, YES, OH 

Cindy stood in shock as a thick white fluid gushed out of the 
end of John's cock, in long spurts, some hitting her scouting 
uniform...staining the front of her blouse. John's face was 
bright red and he looked like he had just exploded. She had 
NEVER seen anything like this before. Cindy had heard about a 
boy cuming, but she had never realized to just now...what 
they meant. It had felt so weird to stroke and hold his 

Cindy knew she had promised him a "special treat", but she 
had been thinking in terms of an extra-special hug and kiss. 
Maybe, if she felt in a naughty mood, she and John could 
play, like she and her little brother sometimes did. She had 
let Rusty see her very special place, she had pulled down her 
shorts and underwear for him, and let him touch her,  briefly 
of course, between her thin legs. But this had not been in 
her wildest imagination.

Cleaning himself up, John became aware of the big cum stains 
on the pre-teen's cloths...so he leaned down and started to 
unbutton Cindy's pretty little blouse. "Lets get this in the 
washer for you," he said as he continued to undress the 
startled ten years old.

It was not until he had most of her cloths off that John 
realized that he was undressing a little girl, in the middle 
of his house, one he did not even know. As more and more of 
her petite body became exposed to view John became more and 
more aroused, his cock jutting before him like an arrow. This 
was a first for him, he was hard again, only minutes after 

Cindy was too dumbfounded to say or do anything. John was in 
the middle of pulling her shorts down and without thinking 
she raised her foot up so he could remove first her shorts 
and then her white cotton panties.

Finally she stood completely naked before him, her pale white 
body a miniature work of art. Framed between her thin 
trembling thighs, was the cutest, prettiest crack he had ever 
seen. Her mound was hairless, with a well-pronounced deep-
seated crease dividing her young pussy in two,  like an 
inviting target.

Now that she was nude, he decided to see how far he could 
take this. Holding her in his arms, he hugged her to him, 
sliding his hands down her bare back, to her perfectly 
rounded buttocks, caressing the smooth, velvet like flesh.

"Tell Daddy you love him, sweetheart, more than anything."

Cindy stated to shake, the room had grown cold and little 
goose bumps covered her arms and legs. "My baby girl is 
turning blue...lets get you to the bed room and under some 
nice warm blankets."

Leading her by the hand they entered the bedroom, holding the 
blanket up for her, Cindy slipped quickly into bed, shivering 
as the cold bed-coverings made contact with her naked little 

She did not know what to do. She had let this strange man 
make her do awful things, if she refused to do any more, he 
would take her beautiful things from her and everything she 
had done, . would be for nothing.

Smiling John told her that she looked like she needed warming 
up. Quickly he dropped his pants and other garments, getting 
under the covers with the little pre-teenager, naked as a 
blue jay.

Taking her hands in his, he once again guided her to his 
genitals, making her hold him tight. His heart was beating 
like a drum in his chest as he felt her tiny hand enclose his 
stiff member, grasping his full, taunt, throbbing cock. "Tell 
Daddy that you love to pet his nice pee-pee.

Her voice a monotone Cindy said, "I like to pet you Daddy."

"NO CINDY, say...I love to pet your pee-pee, Daddy."

I...I...ah...ah...love to, ah, pet your, ah, pee-pee."

"Cindy, you did not say Daddy, lets try again, see if you can 
get it right this time."

"I love to pet your pee-pee, DADDY."

John moved to hold Cindy tightly, wrapping his arms around 
her tiny torso he rolled over on top of her, his weight 
resting on his arms and knees.  Looking down at her, he 
slowly moved his lips over hers, until he was sucking her 
tongue into his mouth. Despite her initial reluctance, she 
was soon returning his warm embraces and hot kisses. John 
allowed his hands to roam over her back and down to cup her 
tight little behind, and kneed each muscular ass-cheek.

Their kisses became longer and longer and after a while their 
combined passion was generating quite a lot of heat. 
Perspiring, John tossed off the enveloping blanket as he 
worked at stimulating the young child. Worked into a frenzy 
he worked his thigh up between her legs until it was rubbing 
up against her bare vulva.

At first apprehensive, Cindy was soon breathing hard herself. 
John's experienced love making was melting her resolve to be 
a "good" girl. She knew it was wrong to be naked in bed with 
a man, but that had not been her choice. However, his kisses 
did feel exciting, especially when he sucked on her tongue 
and his thigh rubbing on her cunny was even better! She had 
masturbated before, once even in front of her little brother, 
but this felt FANTASTIC.

In silent tribute to her "lover" Cindy pulled her legs 
further apart, while at the same time she instinctively 
pulling her knees up slightly, opening herself to John and at 
the same time tilting her loins up toward her seducer.

John placed his free leg inside the vee formed between 
Cindy's legs so this lower torso rested on the tiny 
schoolgirl. Teasing her he allowed his hard love stick rest 
on the top of her slit. Slowly he slid back and forth, so 
this cock-head rubbed up against her little-girl clit and 
then down the slit to the opening of her sweet, pink vagina. 
"Do you like this princess?" he asked.

Carried away with her own feelings, Cindy could only moan and 
groan, as she lay beneath him, her body getting hotter and 

Reaching down, he held the shaft of his cock and placed the 
head directly against her weeping hole. Letting go, he took 
hold of her legs, right behind her knees and pulled her legs 
way up high and pushed down with his cock...at the same time. 
With a heavy grunt, he pushed inside her, past the opening to 
her vagina, past the barrier of her pre-teen 
maidenhead...down deep into the juicy confines of her tight 
cunt hole.

Cindy gasped, as though she had been punched in the stomach, 
but after several minutes she relaxed again and dried her 
tears. Cindy had been tempted to scream, to fight John, but 
she remembered that her special presents were in the next 
room, waiting for her, if she gave John his special treat. 
She was learning, the hard way, that everything had its