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The Experiment
by Wyspr26 (wyspr26@hotmail.com)


An experimental sex drug that goes wrong, and yet goes right, all 
in the same night. (FFb, extreme-ped, inc, reluc, oral, anal, bi, 
sci-fi, preg)


I was never into sex in high school, but when I lost my virginity 
in college, I couldn't get enough. I ended up pregnant my senior 
year and had a beautiful baby boy. I devoted my time to him and to 
the science of sex. With Viagra already on the market, I wanted to 
make something better, something for both men and women.

After years of study, I came across something. Two element 
combinations that would boost the sex drive of both men and women. 
It worked on the lab mice, but I wanted to have a human study 

With some help, I arranged a test group of all women, about a 
hundred. I wanted to see how strong this new drug was. I laced 
drinks with the female half of the drug, but I was having a hard 
time finding a male volunteer, until one fell in my lap, 
literally. Robbie, my son who was now five, loved candy, and 
mistook the male half as candy and ate it. It was too late to pump 
his stomach, so I took him to the meeting place.

It didn't take long for the drug to work. It got into his system 
and he started pumping out pheromones. If I hadn't realized what 
was going on, I'd have fucked him. Poor kid had a rock-solid hard-
on in his pants.

"Mommy, I don't feel good," he whimpered, as we drove to the 

"It's ok, honey," I told him. "I'll have you taken care of real 

I patted his crotch, feeling his little pee pee. Had it grown? 
Sure enough, it had, by about an inch. He was packing, for a 
little guy.

We got to the banquet hall I'd rented. We weren't in the room five 
minutes before I started noticing something. We walked in and all 
the women started getting antsy.

Now let me describe these women: 18 to 25 year olds, some models, 
some strippers, some college students ... All knock outs. I think 
one or two were Playboy playmates. One approached me and was about 
to talk but went straight for Robbie. She started kissing him like 
he was a long lost lover. She ripped his clothes off and started 
sucking on him like there was no tomorrow, pulling her own clothes 

"Mommy!" Robbie called out, reached for me.

"It's ok, baby." I watched, fascinated. "Mommy's right here."

The commotion drew the attention of the other women, who also came 
over and started kissing on him. While the first woman was sucking 
on him, the others were kissing him other places. I noticed one 
was licking between his buttcheeks. His face was a mix of fear, 
confusion, and elation. Some women started kissing other women 
while waiting to touch Robbie. They got him on his back and the 
first woman was now riding him. Another woman was kneeling over 
his face. 

"Lick me here," she demanded, spreading her lips and pointing at 
her clit. Without a chance to protest, she forced her crotch onto 
his face. Two others were pressing his hands to their hairy cunts. 
"Make a fist," one instructed. As soon as he did, she shoved 
inside her, working it till he was almost elbow deep. The woman at 
his other hand did the same. By this time, they were the center of 
attention, the mob of horny women encircling my son, awaiting 
their turn. Two more women approached, but straddled his feet, 
shoving his whole foot inside them. Once orgasms were reached, 
they would fall off and another round of women launched themselves 
on Robbie.

"Momma!" he yelled. I got down on the floor next to him and 
caressed his head.

"It's ok, baby. Don't be afraid."

"But it hurts..." he whimpered.

I couldn't do anything. I was too worked up to care. I watched as 
he got fucked and ridden. He cried out a few times, partly from 
fear, partly from orgasm. I watched as one woman fucked herself 
with his leg. At first I thought she was humping his leg. Nope. 
She had his foot, ankle, calf, and part of his knee deep in her 
cunt. Another woman had forced his hand into her ass and was 
trying to take it deep. Sure as shit, she got all the way to his 

The woman who was now riding his face came and squirted what 
seemed like a gallon of fluid all over Robbie's face and chest. 
She got some on me, too. I ended up eating her and making her cum 
again. This time, she squirted in my mouth and I swallowed it all. 
I told myself the next chance I got, I was going to fuck Robbie. 
So, when the woman who was on him got off, I mounted him. "Get the 
fuck away!" I yelled. "I'm his mother! It's MY turn!"

I couldn't believe what I'd just said. They all backed away but 
watched, waiting for their turn. I ripped my shirt open, busting 
buttons and breaking my bra, tore off my shorts and sat on Robbie. 
I shoved his not-so-little-anymore cock in me and pushed my tits 
in his face. "Suck on me, Robbie." 

He did so. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I rode him hard, 
forcing my body on his. It was turning me on all the more knowing 
that the child I'd given birth to not five years earlier was back 
inside me, about to cum in me. Yeah, I was ovulating and was 
probably going to get knocked up by him, but at that moment, I 
didn't care. I needed to cum and I needed to feel him cum in me. 
"Do it, Robbie," I urged him. "Cum in mommy." 

I felt his cock swell and then spasm, filling me with his seed. 
Feeling that, I screamed my orgasm, feeling my cervix open up and 
swallow his seed. I closed my eyes, sat up, pinched my nipples 
hard, and forced my cunt onto him. That one thrust pushed the head 
of his cock through my cervix opening. I squealed as I felt it go 
in. It hurt like a bitch, but I kept going. I fucked him till he 
came again, this time directly into my womb. 

I came too, breathing hard and heavy. As soon as I rolled off of 
him, more women attached themselves to him. I passed out for what 
I thought was a couple seconds, only to wake up and see that he 
wasn't there. I panicked and glanced about. I found him sitting on 
a woman's lap, facing away from her. I got up to get a better 
look. The woman had a strap-on on. The shaft was in Robbie's ass, 
all the way in. 

Another woman was sitting on Robbie's lap, facing him. He was 
sandwiched between them, getting fucked from both sides. This got 
me horny again. I wanted a ride. I made sure I was next. His poor 
cock was so raw when I got to him. I knelt between his legs and 
took him in my mouth. "Mommy, don't," he said weakly. "It hurts 
too much." I felt sorry for him, so I sucked on him and rode him 
till he came in me again. I came and got off, watching as another 
woman took my place, riding him for all he was worth. 

By then, the crowd was thinning. One girl came up to me and asked 
me to help her. She laid on the floor, spread her legs and said, 
"Fist fuck me." I obliged her, first eating her delicious young 
pussy then forcing my fingers into her. I looked up and she was 
transfixed on Robbie. I pushed in deep and hard, rendering loud 
moans from her but she never looked at me. Only Robbie. I pushed 
in past my wrist, halfway to my elbow, and she screamed, begging 
for more. I pulled my hand out to my wrist and pushed my other 
hand in next to my first, stretching her wide. I pushed into her, 
and she still screamed for more. 

I looked up at Robbie to find another woman riding him, and a 
third woman, fore-arm deep in the second woman's ass. She pulled 
out some and seemed to be grasping something inside her asshole. I 
realized that she was jacking Robbie off. He was in the middle 
woman's cunt, and the other woman had a hold of him inside her. 
The middle woman was going crazy, orgasming one after the other. I 
told the girl I was fisting to get on all fours and to face away 
from me. I dug in immediately, going wrist deep in her cunt, and 
pushing my other hand up her ass. She winced but fucked herself on 

I wanted to give this girl something to remember, so I pumped her 
like a 2-stroke engine. I kept her cumming for at least ten 
minute. At one point, I pushed into her ass passed my elbow. 
"More!" she yelled. I pulled my hand out of her pussy and plunged 
into her ass to my shoulder. She screamed, came, and passed out. I 
didn't care. I pulled out of her and slapped her ass, leaving a 
red hand print. To top it off, I stood over her, spread my lips 
and peed all over her. I was surprised at what I'd just done. 

My inhibitions were damn-near gone. Was this an effect of the drug 
or the pheromones from Robbie? I looked over and saw my son's limp 
body being laid on the ground and the women walking away. I went 
to him and examined him. He was alive but unconscious. His body 
was bruised with hickies and his engorged cock was raw and 
bleeding in places. 

I wrapped him in my coat and carried him out to the car, promising 
myself that I'd never do this again. However, part of me still 
wanted to fuck him when he got better.

About a month later, I was at work, refining my report on the 
effects of the drug on my "test subjects". I felt queasy, so I 
took a pregnancy test and found that, sure enough, I was pregnant. 

Over the next week, I got in touch with the other women. About 30 
of them were pregnant, with no real recollection of how they could 
have gotten. 

The other 70 only admitted to being very horny that night. When 
asked if they remembered anything more, they couldn't recall 
anything. Thankfully, Robbie hadn't remembered anything either. 
Looked like I needed to do more work on the drug.