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Daddy's Baby (family, ped)
by Anon Author (c) 1991


Come here baby; to daddy, it's time for you to learn about sex. Daddy 
will teach you all the parts of your body and what they do. OK daddy, 
what do you want me to do? First, my lovely little daughter, we'll take 
your clothes off, I want to be able to show you each little feature, and 
clothes will be in the way. Raise your arms up high, I'll pull your 
dress off over your head. Yes that's good. Now lay down so I can pull 
your little panties down.

Oh baby did daddy ever tell you how beautiful you are. Your little naked 
body is a real work of art. Daddy is so proud of you. Sit up here on 
daddy's lap, and I'll point out each of your Sexual parts and tell you 
what it is for. 

These little nipples will someday grow into titties like you see on 
grown ladies. They have two purposes. They will make milk to nourish a 
baby you may someday have and they can give pleasurable feelings to you. 
I'll show you, I'll gently touch them and lick them. OOH! daddy that 
feels real good specially when you move your tongue around on my nipples 
like that. Don't stop, keep licking on my titties I want to know all 
about pleasure.

Daddy when you are licking and sucking on my little nipples it makes a 
real funny feeling between my legs. I know baby, that's your next 
lesson. Go get dressed now, we'll start your next lesson tomorrow.

She's gone I'm so turned on, I shouldn't feel this way about my own 
daughter. I have to stop this feeling. I can't stop now I have to jack 
off. Oh I can't help fantasizing about my baby daughter's little body. 
Oh! yes the come is shooting from my cock while I'm thinking about 
touching baby's little body I know it's wrong but Her tiny body really 
turns me on, this is a great climax.

It's time for your next lesson baby, lets take your clothes off. First 
I'll pull your little top up over your head, then I'll pull your pants 
and panties down your legs and off. OK daddy I bet today it will feel 
even better than yesterday. Tell me about the feeling I got between my 
legs. OK baby lay on the bed and spread your little legs apart. Oh God 
that little pussy's beautiful. What daddy? Oh nothing baby. there are 
several areas between your legs that you need to know about. See the 
little lips? They are called your vulva. When I spread your vulva apart 
like this. Oh god I'm hot doing this. What daddy? Nothing baby. you have 
three organs between your vulva. The lowest is the opening to your 
vagina, then is your urethra, this is where you pee from, and this is 
your clitoris. Your clitoris serves only one purpose, to give you 
pleasure. Like when you licked and sucked my nipples daddy? Yes but even 
stronger. Do it daddy I like pleasure I want to see what it feels like.

Daddy will gently touch your clitoris, Oh daddy that feels good, even 
better than when you licked my nipples. Do it with your mouth like you 
did with my nipples. First, baby put your hand here on the opening to 
your vagina, feel how wet it is? No you didn't pee on yourself. Its 
called lubrication we'll talk more about lubrication during another 
lesson. OK daddy now will you lick and suck on my clitoris? Oh god I 
shouldn't be doing this. I'm really getting ready to put my tongue on my 
own little daughter's pussy. Damn that tastes good! Her little hairless 
Kunt feels great to my mouth, even better than my fantasies. Oh! daddy! 
daddy! yes!. Oh Oh that feels so good! Oh Oh What's happening? I've 
never felt anything like this, I'm shaking all over! Oh! Oh! Daddeeeee! 
dadeeeeeeeeee!........ Oh god she's coming I can feel her little body 
quivering and jumping as she feels the passion of her first climax. Get 
dressed baby I'll tell you about this at your next lesson tomorrow. I 
can't talk about it now.

Shit this is becoming a habit. getting my little daughter hot, this time 
I made her come, then jacking off thinking about her wonderful little 
naked body. Oh! here it comes! The come is shooting from my cock.

OK baby, It's time for your next lesson. OK daddy I'm taking my clothes 
off. Here you pull my panties down. What's next? tell me what happened 
yesterday. Well baby it's called a climax. A climax is the most 
pleasurable part of sex. It sure is daddy. I really like it, do it 
again. Well first I want to show you the one organ we didn't talk about, 
your vagina. What is it for daddy? Your vagina has two uses, One is as a 
birth canal, that is where a baby can come out. Also the seed for a baby 
is put in to your body through your vagina. How daddy? A man puts his 
penis into your vagina and leaves the seed, which is called sperm, 
inside. Penis? what is a penis? Well baby all men and boys have a penis, 
that is what makes boys different from girls. What does a penis look 
like? do you have one? Yes baby I do. Show me, I want to see your penis. 
Where is it? A man's penis is in the same area of his body as a girl's 
genital organs. Ooo! I feel it daddy. It' big and it's hard. Take your 
clothes off I want to see your penis, please daddy, please let me see 
your penis. Here, I can take them off I already got your belt loose. OK 
I can pull your pants down. There I got them off. I see your penis it's 
pushing on your underpants. I'm pulling your underpants down. Oh Wow! 
daddy your penis is big, and it sticks straight out. Oooo! daddy it 
feels neat, look how it jumps when I touch it. I like your penis. Would 
it go into my vagina? Would it leave a sperm inside me so a baby would 
come out? It looks too big to fit my little vagina.

Baby, the reason I had you feel the lubrication on your little vagina 
was so you would see how a big penis could go into a little vagina. 
Remember your vagina will stretch enough to let a baby come out. It can 
stretch enough to let a penis go in and the lubrication makes it go in 
easier. Daddies aren't supposed to put their penis into their own 
daughters vagina because if it made a baby it might be deformed. I had 
an operation so I don't leave sperm behind because after you were born, 
I didn't want any more babies. after all I already had the best little 
girl in the world. Oh daddy I love you.

Daddy I want you to make me lubricate again then put your penis in my 
vagina. I know it would feel good. Would it feel good to you too?. Yes 
my darling little girl, It would feel wonderful to make love to you. I 
told you though, Daddies aren't supposed to. I won't tell daddy, 
pleeeeease pleeeease make your penis go in my vagina. I want to feel 
your penis inside me. I love you. Oh daddy! yes! your mouth feels good 
on my clitoris. Baby remind me to tell you the sexy names for those 
parts ...  later.

OK baby, you are well lubricated, I want you to stand up over my penis 
and lower your body so it will go into your little vagina. OK daddy, Oh 
look your penis looks so nice sticking up pointing at me like that, here 
comes my vagina touching the end of your penis. Should I keep going? 
daddy I like your hands on my butt and my sides like that, guide your 
penis into my vagina. Oh look it's going in, it fits real tight, help 
push it in, pull down on my butt and push your penis in. Oh look I can 
watch it, your penis is going into me. I feel it inside me, I see it 
going in. Oh daddy this is the best lesson. It feels so good going into 
me it looks so good. Your big penis is really going inside my little 
vagina. Oh! daddy Oooo! that feels so good. Oh god I am fucking my own 
baby daughter. Her little pussy is surrounding my cock and I can see her 
beautiful naked body straddling me, my prick is disappearing into her 
little pussy. I feel the flesh of the inside of my daughter's body 
surrounding my cock.

Now baby I want you to lay down on top of me, with my big penis inside 
you I want to hold you and feel your little naked body against mine and 
your little vagina gripping my penis so tightly.. Oh daddy I love you, 
this is wonderful I've never felt so close. Your big penis is filling my 
vagina and your arms are around me holding me so tight. It feels even 
better than when you licked my clitoris. I love sex education.

Daddy when I move around like this it makes the end of your penis touch 
the end of my vagina and the other end pushes against my clitoris. That 
feels so good I can hardly hold still. Baby it feels wonderful to me 
too, my penis can feel the same wonderful things that your clitoris and 
vagina feel. Oh daddy I think I'm going to climax again but this time 
it's even better. Your penis is inside me and It feels so good. Oooo! 
Daddy It's going to happen again.. I'm going to climax too baby, Ohhh! 
my little daughter and I are going to come together, Ohhh! Babeeee I 
love you, Ohhhhhhh! I'm coming! Daddy I feel your Penis jumping inside 
me It's squirting something against the inside of my little vagina! Oh 
daddeeeee! Oooooooo! that feels good It's squirting again Ohhhh! I'm 
going to climax Ohhhhhhhhh! I can't stop Ohhh! Dadeeeee I'm climaxing 
Ohhh! I love you daddy I love your penis in me I love your naked body 
next to me. I love feeling your big penis squirting into me. I love 
feeling your body jerking and shaking because I excite you so much.

Ohhhh! Babeeeee! My cock is shooting come into your little body I love 
fucking you, my own little daughter. I love having my hot cock inside 
your soft little pussy, shooting come into your little twat. Oh Baby I 
love you I love fucking my baby daughter. I love feeling your tight 
little pussy gripping my cock so tightly. Holding it, making it come 
again and again inside your little body. I love feeling your little body 
jerking and convulsing with passion with my cock buried deep inside you. 
I love your sweet voice telling me how much you love me and how much you 
love having my cock inside your little pussy. Fucking you, fucking my 
little baby daughter shooting my come into your little body stream after 
stream of hot come shooting into your quivering little form while you 
tell me how good it feels to have my big cock squirting my come into 
your naked little body. 

Daddy went next door and saw little Jenny playing in the back yard. She 
hung by her knees on the bar and her dress came up. Her panties were 
visible and he could see the outline of her little twat through the soft 
cotton fabric.

His cock began to harden and he looked around to see if anyone was 
around. They were alone. He walked over to Jenny and slipped his hand 
under the elastic waist band of her panties and felt the soft lips of 
her little kunt. Touching her tiny soft twat made him very hot. He put 
his other hand under her back and lifted her from the bar. He sat her on 
the ground and pulled her little cotton panties down, over her feet and 

He pulled her dress up and off. She cried and said he shouldn't do that. 
She tried to cover herself with her hands. He couldn't stop now. He 
lifted her by her little naked ass and sucked on her naked, hairless 
kunt, lapping up the flavors of her infantile body, lubricating her 
little fuckhole. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down, His cock 
was as hard as a rock and sticking straight out. Jenny was crying. He 
held her face between his hands and pushed her mouth against his cock.

Jenny opened her mouth to cry out and he shoved his big pecker deep into 
it. He held her face against his body, Jenny couldn't cry out, his cock 
was going down her throat. He began to pump his big cock in and out of 
little Jenny's mouth and down her throat. She stood in front of him, his 
cock pumping in and out of her little mouth as he felt his cock begin to 
tighten and relax again and again shooting come into little Jenny's 
mouth and down her throat. Again and again his hard pecker was shooting 
its load into little Jenny's mouth as he pumped her head back and forth, 
jacking off using her mouth like it was his hand, faster and faster he 
pumped her little head. His cock would come almost out then back to the 
hilt, down her throat. Shooting come all the time into her little mouth, 
and down her throat.

He laid her on the ground, spread her little legs wide apart and brought 
his still hard cock down against her little kunt. He rammed it into her 
now softly sobbing little body. His cock went deeply into her virgin 
kunt on the first try, he pulled it out and rammed it even further into 
her little body. Again and again his hard cock plunged deep into little 
Jenny's young body. The sensations were even better for daddy than when 
he had fucked his little daughter. Jenny's attempts to get away and her 
crying were even more of a turn on than he expected. Jenny's little 
pussy was smaller and tighter than Baby's because Jenny was even younger 
and smaller. His cock began to quiver and shoot its load into little 
Jenny's kunt as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her little 
body. Shooting come into her virgin pussy. Stream after stream of hot 
jizz shot from his hot cock into this child's limp body as he pumped and 
rammed his cock into her kunt shooting the last of his come into her 
little virgin twat.

He stood over her little naked form, his cock now limply hanging over 
her. He began to piss on her little body. She lay, unmoving during this 
final insult. Daddy zipped up his pants and went home.

Baby, your next lesson is to learn the sexy names for the parts of your 
body and the things we do together. Take your clothes off and I'll show 
you. Oh baby you do have a beautiful little body, daddy loves to teach 
you about sex because I love you and I love seeing and touching your 
lovely little naked body. This is your pussy. Sometimes it is called a 
twat or kunt. say pussy. "Pussy, daddy Pussy I like how pussy sounds. 
Kunt Twat Pussy Kunt Twat Pussy. I like to say those words, teach me 
more sexy words daddy." OK baby I'll unzip my pants and show you my 
cock. Here is my cock baby, hard and stiff sticking out of my pants. 
Also sometimes called Peter, Dick, Rod, Pecker or Shaft. Say cock baby. 
"Cock Cock Cock daddy I like your cock. I like it when you put your cock 
in my pussy." Baby when I put my cock in your pussy there is a word for 
that too. Say Fuck, when I put my cock in your pussy we're fucking."

Fuck Fuck Fucking, Daddy I like that word too. Take your clothes off and 
fuck me now daddy. All these new words make me hot I want you to suck my 
pussy I want to suck your cock I want you to fuck me in my pussy with 
your cock I saw you fucking Jenny next door, you made her mouth fuck 
your cock and you sucked her pussy and made your cock fuck her pussy I 
watched through the fence, It made me all excited I fucked my pussy with 
my finger while I watched your big cock going in and out of Jenny's 
little twat and when you started shooting come out of your cock into her 
pussy and her mouth, that made me come. Fuck me now daddy I want to come 
again. I'm so hot just thinking about you fucking me and about watching 
you fuck Jenny. I want you to fuck me now, I want your cock in my mouth 
I want your mouth to suck my kunt I want your cock to fuck my pussy". OK 
baby, I'll fuck you, and Jenny too. Go next door and invite her over 
here to play with you.

Daddy, Here's Jenny I brought her like you said. Hi Jenny, You and baby 
take your clothes off, I'm going to fuck both of you. First I want you 
both to lay your naked little bodies next to me. One on each side. 
Snuggle up real close I want to feel two naked little girls against my 
naked body. Oh yes this is wonderful. Your little naked bodies both feel 
heavenly against me. Jenny you lay on top of me and put your little 
pussy against my mouth, I'm going to suck your pussy. Baby while I'm 
sucking Jenny's pussy, you can suck my cock and I'll finger fuck your 
little kunt. Yes that's right girls. Oh Jenny you have a delicious 
little twat. Baby your mouth feels great sucking my cock.  Fuck my pussy 
now daddy I want your cock in my pussy. OK baby, I'll keep sucking 
Jenny's little twat while my cock is in your pussy. OK daddy here goes.

My pussy is against your big cock, I'm moving down, I feel Your rod 
going into my pussy, Oh Oh Daddy It feels good its moving clear up 
inside of my pussy oh I feel you inside of me, Your big cock is filling 
up my little pussy." Oh daddy" Jenny is saying "I like it when you suck 
my pussy like this It's even better than when you raped me. Maybe 
because I know it feels good and it won't hurt. Baby told me how good it 
feels when you fuck her I want you to fuck me too. Put your big cock in 
my little pussy". (daddy is in heaven now feeling his cock inside baby 
and sucking little Jenny's twat while she begs him to fuck her too. If 
he could only fuck two little girls at once.) Oh baby your little twat 
is gripping my cock so tight! I'm going to shoot my come into your 
little pussy while I suck Jenny's little kunt and make both of you come.

Oh you wonderful little girls Here it comes, My cock is going to fill 
your kunt with come baby. "Oh daddy" both children say in unison "Oh!"
Daddy's cock is pulsating, now it's shooting come into his little 
daughter while he pulls little Jennies pussy into his mouth, savoring 
one hairless baby pussy with his cock and the other with his mouth. Both 
children are crying out in unison "Oh! I'm coming! Oh Daddy Fuck me!" 
Baby gets off and Jenny mounts Daddy. Lowering her tiny pussy over his 
still shooting cock. Watching it enter her body and feeling it shoot 
come into her still throbbing kunt. Jenny moves her body up and down on 
daddy's cock feeling it as it fills her with hot meat and jizz.

Both children are still hot, they put their little pussies against each 
other and rub clitorises. Daddy watches this and his cock comes 
immediately back to life. when the girls see this they begin to suck and 
lick daddy's cock. Watching it as it gets hard and straight again. How 
can he help himself, with two little girls licking and sucking his cock 
at the same time. Daddy began finger fucking the girls and they cuddled 
closer to him admiring his big tool and enjoying his finger in their 
pussies. Each child in turn takes his cock into her mouth sucking on it 
like a lollipop, daddy watches his cock being shared by these children.

Being sucked into the mouth of his daughter then his rape victim then 
his daughter again. His fingers inside the vaginas of both girls 
exploring their virginal little pussies while they took turns sucking 
his cock. Suddenly he felt his cock tighten and relax then tighten again 
shooting come into first Baby's mouth then Jennies, as the children took 
turns drinking and sucking the come from daddies big prick. while his 
fingers fucked both of them at the same time. The girls reached a 
climax. with daddy shooting come into their mouths and fucking them with 
his fingers. He had found a way to fuck two children at once. 
This was to be only the first of many threesomes they would enjoy.