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by FOXI (address withheld)


Young girl finds herself sought after sexually by the two people 
she trusts most in her life. Will she submit to them? (MFg, ped, 
inc, voy, 1st, mast, oral, anal)


Dedicated to GIA for her hard work on the site.

Kate and her husband had a great sex life. There was nothing that 
they would not fantasize about together and sometimes try out. 
When Kate had a child, the sexual heat that they once had faded 
and the once wild uninhibited sex they loved took a back seat to 
the child rising. Over the years Jake tried to re-kindle that 
flame but Kate was always too tired. 

Brianne grew to a healthy twelve year old with stunning long 
blonde hair and crystal green eyes that made her look like some 
super model. Her young tight body was just getting its curves and 
her breasts just small bumps and puffy nipples. But even at twelve 
the boys wanted her. At school she was always being cornered by a 
boy or two who tried to grab her ass or breast. Even one of the 
girls she knew in her class approached her in the girl's bathroom 
to ask if she put out for other girls.

She was so confused and needed guidance. That night she approached 
Kate and asked to speak with her private. They went into her 
bedroom and Brianne told her about what happened at school. Kate 
looked horrified and quickly hugged her and comforted her.

"Not all boys and girls are that way Brianne. You will find a nice 
one to one day be close to," Kate replied.

"You mean have sex with," asked Brianne, a bit taken back by her 
moms comment.

"Of course dear. One day you will want to fuck a boy or even a 
girl if she is really hot for you."

Brianne sat amazed at her mothers blunt comments and wasn't sure 
if she were joking or not.

"Mom...I don't get it. I thought you and dad were supposed to 
protect me from doing that kinda stuff."

Kate feeling her body tingle from the conversation laughed. It had 
been so long since she was turned on by sex. Her body was actually 
responding to the situation and desires she was formulating 
talking with her own daughter. God she was a real wicked, nasty 
mom. Wait till she told Jake about this. She was sure his cock 
would be raging hard.

"Darling, despite what you've heard about parents and sex, you 
won't find that puritan attitude in this house. Your dad and I are 
very much for open and varied sex. You need to learn this."

Brianne sat stunned. Open mouthed and really confused more than 
ever. Kate decided to educate this young hot thing before some boy 
got her pregnant.

"Come with me baby. I'm going to show you something before your 
daddy comes home."

Kate led her to their bedroom and shut the door. She sat Brianne 
on the bed and went to the closet to get a DVD. Putting it in the 
player she turned to Brianne.

"Now baby I don't want you to get upset at what your about to see. 
Its really beautiful and I want you to keep an open mind. It's 
about time you understood how great sex is in its every form."

She sat next to her and hit play.

Brianne watched as the movie opened with her mom sucking a man's 
penis, not her fathers. Her eyes flew open and she felt her world 
tilt. But Kate put her arm around her patting her. The man's cock 
was huge and so long. Her mother was sucking it so deep into her 
mouth until he began to cum filling her moms mouth with thick 
stringy cum. Kate could feel her daughter tighten up and shiver. 
Maybe this was way over the top for her, but...

She had to know. To learn.

The next scene showed her father fucking a beautiful red headed 
woman in her raised ass, his thick long cock slipping so deep to 
his swinging balls. The woman was crying out in orgasm, squirting 
juices with each stroke of her daddy's cock. Brianne was breathing 
quickly, her body trembling. Kate noticed her thighs squeezing 
together as she watched. Another shot was of Kate being double 
penetrated by two black men who were driving their huge cocks into 
her ass and cunt in perfect rhythm. 

"Do you like what you are looking at baby?" asked Kate.

Brianne looked at her mom her beautiful lips were parted, her eyes 
wide. Her body was still trembling.

"I guess. Oh mom, do you like that?"

Kate smiled and kissed her forehead. She would educate this hot 
little girl. Teach her all the tricks to survive in this bad 

"I loved it baby, every bit of it. You will to someday. I want my 
lovely little girl to fuck everything and anything she wants. Like 
her mommy did."

The screen now showed Kate on all fours as two women were licking 
her cunt and ass. Soon they were both sliding their fists inside 
her. Kate's cunt was being stretched so wide as both girls drove 
their hands deep.

Brianne's breathing was more excited now and Kate couldn't help 
notice how her thighs were moving on the bed. She was rubbing her 
pussy on the bed, getting off on what she was watching. This was a 
revelation to Kate who suddenly realized the implications. Her 
baby girl was getting off on watching her and her daddy. Kate's 
pussy got so wet at the thought. Oh god she thought, I am a very 
wicked woman for even thinking such a thing. But it was the first 
time in a very long time her cunt got that wet. She was getting 
very turned on. 

"You like that baby, seeing what those two girls are doing to 

Brianne who was also feeling things she had never felt before 
could only nod as she slowly pushed down on the bed squeezing her 
thighs together. Her pussy was dripping wet and so excited. 

Another scene came on with her mom sucking her daddy's cock as a 
big dog was licking her cunt. Brianne closed her eyes for a second 
as she started to feel her own pussy begin to tingle and get 

Kate knew what was happening to her baby. Knew that she was ready 
to cum. She made her move. She moved closer and kissed Brianne on 
the lips. Brianne, shocked, surprised sat very still. But her mom 
did it again, this time taking longer, their lips pressed together 
in a hot lasting kiss. Now Brianne really felt her world shift, 
especially when her mom drew her closer, their bodies pressed 
together as they kissed. Brianne all but melted into her moms 
embrace. Kate knew that this was the pinnacle moment, the perfect 
opportunity to have her daughter sexually. Her tongue slid into 
Brianne's mouth and her daughter, eyes closed, moaned in pleasure.

"Ohhhhh....mommy!" she gasped.

Kate was on fire with pleasure, doing something she had always 
wanted to do. Something so taboo, so wrong but so sexually 
exciting. She reached up and cupped her daughters breast, squeezed 
it feeling the tiny nipple harden. Her hands went everywhere, 
wanting to touch her tight little girl in all the right places. 
She rubbed between her legs and Brianne cried out, her body 
trembling as she came so hard through her jeans onto her moms 

Quickly Kate removed her daughter's clothes and hers as well. They 
looked at each other with new eyes. Lust filled and so ready. 
Brianne felt her long legs spread wide by her mom and her mom's 
tongue licking her swollen clit into her mouth. She came over and 
over. Even when her mom slid a finger deep inside her she 
squirted. It was like some erotic dream that was so intense, so 
good she thought.

"Like what mommy is doing to you darling," asked Kate.

Brianne nodded, unable to speak, unable to do anything but orgasm. 

"Daddy will be home soon love. Would you like to feel his big cock 
inside you?"

Brianne came again just thinking about her daddy's big cock. Yes 
she wanted it so badly now.

"Oh yes mommy, yes I want it..." she cried out as she felt another 
finger slide deep inside her wet silky cunt.

Kate would enjoy watching her petite little girl fuck. Would love 
to see her taken by two men at once or even a dog or two. Her cunt 
was so wet and so tight as she twisted her long fingers deep 
inside her. The girl's juices were dripping everywhere. On the 
screen Kate was fucking the dog hard, her ass slamming back 
against the dogs pounding cock. The dogs knot deep inside her 
stretched cunt. 

Brianne watched too as she was feeling her moms fingers send her 
to another hot cum. Brianne wanted to do all the things her mom 
did. All of them. Her cunt exploded and hot squirts of girl cum 
hit her moms face and hand. 

"Mmmmmm....that's it baby. Show mommy how good you are. Such a 
nice sweet little cunt you have."


By the end of the night Brianne fucked her daddy hard. His big 
cock slipping all the way inside her tiny body, while her mom lay 
beneath her sucking her engorged clit. They taught her to ass fuck 
and even take her daddy's cock deep into her throat. Her mom left 
and soon came back with the neighbor's huge dog. The very one that 
was in the film. As her daddy filmed her she learned to fuck him 
too, taking the huge red doggie cock inside her stretched cunt. 
Brianne cried out over and over as she felt the knot swell inside 
her and the dog shoot loads of hot cum deep within her. All night 
they fucked and sucked and fucked again. Brianne was so spent by 
early morning. Her tiny body covered in cum and her pussy and ass 

She was now so happy. She would never want to leave this bedroom 
ever again.