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Breast Feeding My Infant Son
By Anonymous (address withheld)


A mother's confession. (FFb, toddler, inc)


I am the proud mother of a 2-month-old little son named Joey.

You see, I'm very petit. I only stand 5'9" tall and weigh only 95 
lbs. Even full of milk, my breasts are still only an A cup (well, 
just under a B cup, now) but with large, 3/4" long, fat nipples. 
Breast feeding gets my pussy dripping and I get so wet from it, 
that I had cunt-cum running down my thighs. 

I asked myself, "Do you think he will like cunt-cream as much as 
he likes mommy-milk?" I wanted to find out and so I moved onto the 
bed and straddled tiny Joey's head.

I really have a "matched set" of things to suck on... my clit is 
just as large as my nipples. It sticks out when I've very aroused. 
So, I knew that my 2-month-old son would have no problem finding 
my "other nipple" and latching on.

I had moved him back onto the pillow proper, with his face 
pointing up. He was smiling at me as I straddled his head. My 
shaved pussy was only scant inches from his beautiful tiny head 
and mouth. He started staring at my wet pussy as I started to 
slowly lower it to his waiting mouth. And then it happened.

My inflamed clit touched his delicate little lips that had just 
recently been wrapped around my friendís clit, bringing her to 
orgasm twice. Now they were starting to suck on my clit sending 
incredible electric shocks throughout my body. I shuddered as I 
felt him suck HARD on it as his tiny tongue flicked it like he 
does my nipples. He did this 4 or 5 times, and then I exploded! 

Cunt-cream was pouring out of my pussy and running towards my 
clit. With the baby's sucking, some of it drained into his mouth 
as well. I had other plans, though, so I pulled free of his 
sucking mouth and hovered right over his now open mouth and 
flicking tongue. My cunt-cream ran right into his mouth. He kept 
licking his lips and swallowing, then opening for more. It was so 
amazing. I couldn't resist, so I just dropped my cunt right onto 
his mouth and let it flow right in. I only did this for a few 
seconds, as I had his nose covered, too.

It was then that I wanted my cunt filled, so I reached for Joey's 
tiny hand and stuffed it into my burning cunt. I lowered my clit 
to his tiny mouth again and then fucked myself with his whole arm 
while he sucked on my clit. It was so intense that I only lasted 
but a few minutes before cumming hard again. Cunt-cream was 
running down his arm onto the pillow. I pulled his hand free of my 
cunt, which my little 2-month-old son immediately started to suck 
on. I pulled away and watched him suck all of my cunt-cream from 
his tiny fist.

I go back into position with my aching clit right over Joey's tiny 
little face and mouth. Once all the way in, I lowered myself to 
Joey's waiting mouth. He immediately took hold of my clit with his 
sucking mouth and drove me crazy. 

Joey was working over my clit like he was famished and trying to 
get milk out of it! I came 4 times in just a few minutes. 

I moved my cunt back over his mouth and let him drink up the 
remaining cunt-cream that dripped from it, then rubbed my cunt all 
over his tiny little face, giving him a cunt-cream facial.