Becoming A Star
by Best Boy (


This is the story of how a little girl named Susan (of ten years 
old) wanted to grow up and be a movie star like her mum. Susan had 
only seen the glamour sides of Hollywood, though would soon learn 
how difficult a career in the movies can be. (Mbg, ped, bi, nc, 
rp, 1st)


Author Notes: The following story is fiction. It contains scenes 
of consensual and non-consensual sex between adults, teenagers and 
children. If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you 
are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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One morning while sitting at the breakfast table, little Susan 
said to her mother, can I grow up and be a movie star like you. 
Karen Reynolds being caring for her daughter, patted her on the 
shoulder and said sure you can in due time. Susan did not like the 
sound of that and stated to her mum, that her mum had been a child 
star at ten years old and now that Susan was ten, she would like 
to start a career in movies. Karen explained that even though 
Susan was ten, times had changed and she should wait till she was 
older. Susan was very strong about her feelings and continued to 
annoy her mother for a full week until she gave in and decided to 
set up a interview with a child star manager she knew.

The initial interview went well with the agency manager, his name 
was Michael and he informed both Karen and Susan about the 
industry at the moment and the different pay structures, for 
movies and modelling. Karen watched on as some file photos were 
taken of Susan, the photographer being encouraging, saying with a 
relaxed profile such as Susan had, she would definitely become a 
star like her mother and within half a hour, Susan was feeling 
really comfortable with the situation.

With in a week, Karen had been rang by Michael and informed a role 
had come up for Susan and could she come back to meet the client. 
Susan informed Michael that she was making a movie for the next 
week and unfortunately did not have time to bring Susan around. 
Michael explained that the shoot was worth five hundred dollars to 
Susan and it was a shame if she could not make it. Karen thought 
for a moment and said seeing she knew Michael, could he pick Susan 
up from the studio where Karen was working. Michael decided that 
he could do what Karen asked and not just three hours later Susan 
was at Michaelís office again and getting ready to do a photo 

When the photo room was ready and Susan had been introduced to the 
client, Mr. Arnold of the Top Child Swim Wear company, the 
photographer told Susan to change into the swimming costumes laid 
out in the change room. Within minutes, Susan presented herself to 
the trio of men waiting, she felt a bit uncomfortable in the 
skimpy white two-piece swimsuit, though thought five hundred 
dollars was good and so did want to be a movie star.

The photographer again made Susan at ease, with a slow start to 
the proceedings, informing her to just start with standard shots, 
face forward, back and side shots. After five minutes the shoot 
changed, Susan was told to remove the little bra, as she did not 
have much breast growth and girls of her age, sometimes just 
preferred to wear the panties and felt more comfortable. 

Susan was not quite sure this could be decent, though did agree 
she did not have boobs and removed her bra. Hundreds more photos 
were taken that afternoon, with Susan posing in all different 
positions, though clothed in all sorts of gear, shorts, long 
pants, underwear and other swimwear, Susan thought some of the 
photo were revealing and informed the photographer of that and was 
told bluntly that it was the photos required, or Susan would not 
be paid.

When the shoot was completed, Susan changed into her original 
clothes and was told when ready to come into the office. Susan 
returned to the office to find the trio of men again waiting for 
her. Michael informed her she had done well and would receive a 
extra hundred dollars, making that six hundred and to sign the 
receipt and he would take her back to her mother. Susan was 
extremely happy about the extra money and forgot all about the 
revealing photos when she was united with her mother and told that 
further work would definitely come her way.

With only two days passing since the modelling shoot, Michael once 
again rang Karen and stated that the client had really liked 
Susanís work and wanted to do some more photo sessions. Michael 
said he knew Karen was busy and could pick Susan up if Karen 
agreed. Once again Karen was busy and decided that as everyone 
knew each other, she would let Michael collect Susan for the rest 
of the week, when so required.

Once again Susan was doing another photo shoot for the swimwear, 
only this time it was a double shot and with a fifteen year old 
girl named Bridget. The girls changed in the same room and Susan 
admired how stunning Bridget looked in her swimming costume, which 
was extremely brief and really showed off her budding tits and 
slim ass. The shoot was going well, Susan again removed her small 
bra and then so did Bridget, with the three men give complementary 
comments about the girls bodies, Bridget began to slowly touch 
Susanís body.

Trying to not upset Susan, Bridget casually took things further, 
rubbing Susanís tits and ass. Soon Susan was feeling so hot and 
turned on, she completely forgot about the men and the photos. 
Bridget soon had her hand rubbing SusanĎs pussy and Susan began 
moaning in pleasure, Bridget removed her panties and then had 
Susan remove hers. 

A couple of pillows were put on the stage and with further 
encouragement, the girls were eventually in a sixty-nine position, 
with Susan on top. Susan could not believe how turned on she was, 
Bridget was licking and stroking her pussy and ass, and without 
hesitation Susan began licking Bridgetís pussy. Bridget then began 
double fingering Susan, gradually sliding a finger into the pussy 
and the asshole and in no time had Susan on the brink of a orgasm. 
Susan had no idea what was happening until she began to spasm and 
tried to get away from Bridget, though Bridget only pulled Susan 
tighter and within minutes, Susan collapsed on the floor 
completely exhausted and unable to lift her body.

The men cheered and when Susan was placed on the couch to sleep it 
off, Bridget happily excepted a double fuck from Mr. Arnold and 
Michael. Bridget had been through this before and so had enjoyed 
the feeling of two cocks pounding at her cunt and ass at the same 
time. The fucking went on for ten minutes, with continued grunting 
and moaning from both Bridget and the men, before the men said 
they were ready to cum and the photographer encouraged them to 
turn Bridget over and they both sprayed load after load of cum on 
Bridgetís face. 

Bridget was turned on by this, as she had been before and 
gradually cleaned her face  with her hands and licked each finger 
clean. Within minutes, Bridget was cleaned up, received a thousand 
dollars from Michael and was told to go home before Susan woke up. 
Susan was cleaned up also and a new pair of panties were placed on 
her, before she woke. 

Susan was so tired, that she slept for nearly a hour and when she 
woke, she was surprised to see that no one was left in the room 
and decided to get changed and then find Michael. While Susan was 
getting changed, she thought over what had happened, the encounter 
with Bridget and enjoyment she had from receiving her first 
orgasm. In all the action, Susan had forgot about the photo shoot 
and what the men were going to do with the photos. 

When Susan entered Michaelís office ready to go home, Michael was 
working at his computer and looked up when he heard foot steps. 
Michael said how happy he was to see Susan, she had done well and 
handed her a envelope which contained a thousand dollars. Susan 
was pleased with herself, she was making heaps of money, had a 
wonderful experience with Bridget  and thought she was on her way 
to becoming a top star. Susan signed for the payment and Michael 
once again returned her home to her mother.

Karen was happy that her daughter was not only enjoying herself, 
but not asking her for spending money all the time and with all 
the work she had so far received, thought Susan might make a star 
like her. Susan had not mentioned to her mother about the naked 
photo shoot with Bridget, as she knew what lesbians were and did 
not want anyone thinking that of her, even though it was a great 

A week went by and no more work was forth coming for Susan, Karen 
and Susan both began to worry. So Karen rang Michaelís office to 
enquire what was happening, Michael when answering the phone, 
heard Karenís voice and at first thought he would be in trouble, 
as he thought Susan may have told her mother what happened in the 
last photo shoot. He was surprised when Karen asked why was Susan 
not getting work, Michael then realised that either Karen had no 
hang-ups about the naked shoot, or that Susan had enjoyed the 
action and had not told her mother. 

Michael decided to play the game further, he said that a producer 
had been taking his time looking over the photos and had only rang 
Michael ten minutes before Karen called and would Susan be ready 
for a pre-production video the next morning, being Saturday. Karen 
stated yes, though could Michael pick her up from the studio 
again, as Karen had two more days of filming. Michael agreed and 
the final stage of Michaelís plan was put into action.

The Saturday morning started well, Karen and Susan had a light 
breakfast and soon Michael had picked Susan up from the studio 
lot. This time as Michael drove the car, Susan questioned why they 
were not going to his office, Michael stated that she was going to 
do a pre-production video and that was to be done at the producers 
mansion in Beverley Hills. Susan was impressed when hearing this 
and readily accepted what  Michael said.

They arrived at a huge mansion, the gates opened automatically for 
Michaelís Mercedes Benz and they drove up to the house. They were 
greeted at the door by a Mr. Stevenson , who Michael said was a 
important producer, Mr. Stevenson had said he had liked all 
Susanís photos and was glad to meet her in person. Susan was 
impressed by the size of the house and they were both shown 
through the house and out back to the huge swimming pool area and 
introduced to the crew. Susan could see five camera men, four with 
large video cameras on stands and one with a  digital camera to 
take still photos. Susan was given a brief swimming costume, told 
to get changed in the toilets beside the pool house and just come 
out when she was ready.

When Susan returned to the pool, she discovered that the shoot had 
began, there were three teenage boys in the pool, then she also 
caught sight of Bridget in the pool naked as the other day. Mr. 
Stevenson called out to Bridget to come over and see him and 
Susan, Susan was informed by Bridget that it was good to see her 
again and would she like to continue where they left off. 

Susan felt a little embarrassed but decided she had liked what had 
happened last time and agreed with Bridget. Susan was heading for 
the inside of the house, when Bridget told her this was a outside 
set and to strip and lay down on the big beach towels on the grass 
and she would make her feel happy again. 

Susan was about to argue, when Michael informed her that this 
would be worth ten thousand dollars to her and assured her that 
nobody bar the set people and the extras could see her, as the 
walls around the house were to high to look over. Susan 
reluctantly agreed and moved over to the beach towels with Bridget 
and stripped on the way.

The movie continued, Susan was again straddled over the top of 
Bridget and while licking Bridget, was again getting her pussy and 
ass, licked and fingered. Susan was having too much fun to notice 
the three teenage boys coming from the pool to watch the all girl 
action and as she was again approaching orgasm, Bridget did 
something new, she had coated two of her fingers with ĎKYí gel and 
inserted not just one, but two fingers up to the knuckle into her 
ass, this took Susan over the edge, not just causing pain, but it 
brought her to a massive orgasm and she screamed out in pain and 
pleasure and collapsed to the ground.

The producer had decided that Susan would not be allowed to sleep 
now, like Michael had let her after the photo shoot and had Susan 
bring her back to life with smelling salts.

Susan awoke to find Bridget sucking one of boys who was about 
thirteen and seeing the other two boys of about eighteen standing 
in front of her wanking their cocks, which looked massive to her. 
Susan went to get up off the ground, only to fall back down again 
from exhaustion and just began to cry, now knowing what was 
probably going to happen next.

The two eighteen year old boys were informed to pick Susan up and 
place her on the sofa, with one boy under her and the other boy at 
the back of her. Susan again began to cry when she  felt a cock 
being forced into her pussy, she had had a finger in there, but 
never a cock and it felt huge, as it was pushed through her hymen 
she let out a tremendous scream and it felt like she was being 
ripped apart, with inch after inch slowly entering her little 
body, till she felt like it was entering her stomach. 

When the cock in her pussy had stopped pushing, she next had a 
cock being forced into her ass, this again forcing her to scream, 
as the cock was forced past her sphincter and hearing a plop 
sound, with severe pain and then slowly pushed into her rectum, it 
was like a post had been inserted into her ass. With all this 
action, Susan again had passed out in exhaustion and was again 
brought back to life with smelling salts.

Bridget had made the thirteen year old boy hard with her sucking 
and was now forcing Susan to open her mouth and accept the cock, 
Susan could not believe what was happening and tried to close her 
mouth. Bridget informed her, that if she not take what was 
offered, she would be beaten senseless by the producer and then 
still raped. Susan reluctantly opened her mouth and the boy pushed 
his cock into her mouth, was told to breath through her nose and 
suck on the cock. When all the boys thought they were ready, 
without regard to Susanís comfort, they began to fuck her.

It was only twenty minutes, but it felt like hours, as Susan was 
continually pounded from all openings and even Bridget would have 
fun at times by pinching Susanís nipples and also playing with the 
youngest boys balls and ass so to keep him turned on, as Susan was 
not doing the best sucking job. Susan could not handle the pain, 
though knew there was no way out and no one to help her. Susan 
continued to scream and cry, occasionally passing out, only to 
smell the smelling salts and return back to the night-mare she 
knew she was in. 

Although the two older boys loved the feeling of their cocks 
rubbing against each other, with only the membrane between Susanís 
ass and pussy separating them, it was no turn on for Susan. The 
boys would occasionally slide the cocks from each hole, till only 
the head was left in and then push all together, forcing all three 
cocks into Susanís little body at the same time.

The relentless fucking continued in all Susanís little holes, 
until the boys grunted and gave into the excitement and informed 
the producer that they were ready to cum together. Apart from the 
boy who pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed shot after shot 
at Susanís face, the other two boys just kept fucking and spurted 
their cum into her pussy and ass. 

When the boys were finished, they pulled their cocks from SusanĎs 
body leaving her feeling empty and dirty, each boy was then to 
have their cocks sucked clean by Susan, she did not like the taste 
of cum, though worse was having to suck the cock that had been in 
her ass and had the mixed taste of shit, blood and cum. Susan was 
again going to pass out, when Bridget savagely lick and sucked at 
her pussy and brought her to orgasm, at least giving her a little 
bit of happiness, after all the pain the boys had given her.

With only one camera left on remote to capture a parting scene, 
all the crew, Michael and Mr. Stevenson, had one final action to 
make. They stood over Susanís naked little body and wanked their 
big cocks, groaning and grunting furiously until they sprayed all 
their cum in great gushes over her. Susan looked very strange, it 
looked as though her whole body was covered in some massive 
streams of thick gel, there seemed to be no spot that did not have 
man cream on it. 

Mr. Stevenson then informed the boys that they should wash the cum 
off with their piss, the scene was amazing as streams of golden 
liquid were sprayed at the little body until the cum had dripped 
off and then Susan was dunked into the pool. 

After everyone was cleaned up, Michael began handing out the 
money. A thousand to each boy, who were happy just for getting to 
fuck Susan, five thousand for Bridget and as promised, thought not 
wanting to have all the pain to get it, ten thousand for Susan and 
a letter stating that she would soon be a star and never have to 
worry about money again. Susan was too young to get pregnant, 
though was in pain for a week and just told her mother that she 
did not think being a star was all it was made out to be and would 
study like she had never done before and just like to be a good 
academic from here on.   

There will be more stories in the future, though if anyone has any 
comments, or would like to send stories or photos to me, please e-
mail me at the following address;

Look forward to hearing from you.

"Best Boy."