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Babysitting Jenny
by Jdog129 (erik30304@yahoo.com)


A young married man and his wife house-sit for an out of town 
friend. Unexpectedly the eight year old daughter becomes part of 
the deal. He is lured into the depravity of sex with a child. He 
feels sick and ashamed but soon is enjoying it way too much. (Mg, 
extreme-ped, reluc, 1st, drugs, beast)


NOTE: I don't condone this behavior, this is totally fantasy. I 
know many do and having once worked with child molesters in a 
prison atmosphere have used much of the information acquired there 
to write this fictional story. I write in many genres and enjoy 
feedback as well as ideas for new stories in any genre. Either 
real or fictional ideas help me come up with realism in my 
stories. I personally can't imagine this type of sex but it seems 
to be very popular. At any rate enjoy. 

Sitting on the couch with 8 year old Jenny straddling me and 
kissing me as she laughed. I could feel her little cotton panties 
rubbing over my stiff cock only covered by my old sweat shorts. My 
wife was washing the dinner dishes having no idea the little girl 
I was baby sitting was causing me such strife. She had to catch a 
greyhound back to our home in Kansas at 3:10am and was anxious to 
get cleaned up and Jenny in bed so we could have some hot good-bye 
sex and she get some sleep before leaving. Jenny's hips were 
moving quickly and I heard her breath catch just as Susan turned 
off the kitchen lights. Jenny scrambled to the other end of the 
couch and sat innocently as Susan sat and cuddled me.

It was clear that Jenny was jealous of Sue but she played it out 
pretty well. I was amazed that this slim little dark haired girl 
was so sexual. I guess my being only 22 myself I was a little 
naïve. Sue thought the fact that I was hard and leaking pre cum 
was for her, not dreaming it was caused by this little vamp. She 
had warned me that Jenny seemed to have a crush on me. I had pooh-
pawed that.

Sue told Jenny that it was time for her to go to bed but Jenny 
said she needed her bath. She said she needed me to get the water 
ready as she got her night gown. I went into the bathroom and 
started the water and in a few minutes Jenny showed up and closed 
the door. I looked around as she slipped out of her little dress 
showing me her flat chest with the dark little areolas and quickly 
slipped her little cotton panties down. As she straightened up she 
spread he lithe legs showing me the wonderful smooth puffy little 
crack. She asked me to stay and help wash her. I declined so she 
asked me to come in her bedroom later and tuck her in. I said 
maybe…she frowned. 

Sue and I played on the couch until we heard Jenny go to bed. I 
then worked sues clothes off and buried my face in her pussy. I 
love eating pussy and Sue loves it. She was pulling my head tight 
against her wet lips as I kneeled on the floor in front of her. 
After she had several orgasm's we headed for bed in Jenny's 
parents bed. We barely hit the bed when I buried myself as deeply 
in her as I could. We screwed for a half hour or so when Sue said 
she couldn't stay awake. In minutes she was asleep. My dick was 
still heavy and sticky with her juices. I hadn't cum yet and my 
balls were blue. I lay there in the dark in the nude. I caught a 
bit of movement out of the corner of my eye. It was Jenny waving 
to me to come with her. I pulled on my sweat shorts to follow and 
see what Jenny needed. I followed her to her room and she was in 
bed by the time I got there. I bent over to ask what she wanted 
and she told me she knew what Sue and I were doing. I was 
surprised and ask if had watched. She giggled and said she had. 

She was on top of her blankets and her gown was up showing the 
tops of her legs and when she moved I could see she was wearing 
the silky little white bikinis she had shown me earlier. I could 
see a wet spot in the crotch as she widened her little legs out. 
I'm sure I could smell her little girl juices and dipped my head 
near her waist to absorb all I could. She seemed to know I liked 
her smell and moved herself closer to me. She put her small hand 
on my head and pulled me towards he silk encased girlhood. 

My lips gently grazed her panties my tongue licking out to taste 
the sweet nectar of her being. Her hips flexed tightly against my 
face as I began to softly suck her little pussy through the light 
fabric. I heard her moan again and again. I moved the leg band 
aside giving me access to her bare sweet little crack. The little 
undeveloped labia parted as my tongue swiped from her puckered 
anus to the slit's top bump. Her breath caught and she held my 
face tight against her bump and wiggled wildly. 

I know My hard dick was oozing pre-cum and was still soggy from 
Sue's wet cunt juices mixed with my cum. I stood and slipped my 
shorts off and Jenny actually grabbed my dick and pulled it to her 
mouth. She made an awful face as her tongue contacted the well 
used skin. I ask her what was wrong and giggled as she said it 
tasted bad and she just wanted me to lick her some more. I held 
her face close to my stiff dripping dick and told her she had to 
lick it off before I would lick her hot little slit again. She 
tentatively licked at it but I forced her little mouth open with 
the head and she gagged several times but soon was suckling just 
like a baby at her mother's teat. 

I began running my finger along her small crack and her slickness 
soon began and those baby hip started moving. I was just able to 
get the end of my middle finger up her childish hole. I felt an 
obstruction which I assumed to be the maidenhead of a virgin. I 
had never felt one before either in a full grown woman and 
certainly in a child. She jumped as I probed it and I figured I 
better stop this madness at this point and slipped back in bed 
with Sue who was sound asleep. I was so horny I rolled her over 
and had my dick up her well used canal before she even woke up. I 
came in about a dozen strokes because Jenny had my balls swollen 
with desire. Sue exclaimed, "That's It?" I basically fell off her 
and sound asleep, a guy thing I guess.

Sue woke me just in time to drive her to the bus station. She 
commented how wild it was when I mounted her in the night. I 
wisely I think had no comment of my own. I kissed her good-bye and 
drove back to Jenny's home in deep thought. I did check on Jenny 
who lying uncovered and had at some time removed her little 
panties and she was exposed to me. I gritted my teeth and went to 
bed. Around eight next morning I was awakened by small kisses and 
the girlish giggles that only little girls are capable of. She 
tried hard to re-instigate the play from last night. I had 
resolved not to allow myself to be drawn into the web of this 
little nymph. I know she loved being naughty but had no clue that 
it could lead to my not having the strength to restrain myself. I 
quickly changed the subject and got out of bed. She sat on the 
edge of the bed and was gapping at the tremendous morning wood I 

A big gleeful smile and brightly dancing lights in her eyes. I 
headed to the master bathroom and tried to force my dick to angle 
toward the toilet. I felt her little hand on the back of my thigh 
and looked down to see her looking around my leg to watch my penis 
in it's effort to pee. She sure wasn't helping. I gave up and 
decided to take a shower and pee later. I scooted her out of the 
bathroom and stepped out of my shorts and moved into the 
tub/shower. I got the water temp about right and was stroking my 
hard dick a few times as I felt cool air play across my body. 
Looking up I saw Jenny's nude little body as she climbed in beside 
me. I thought what the hell and I soaped her up and she delighted 
in soaping me. 

She really spent a long time soaping and using her thin little 
fingers in the crack of my ass. This bothered me and not in a 
sexual way but I let her just enjoy my body. Next she went to my 
now pretty much soft dick and lathered it and my small tight balls 
up and basically jacked me off. She was totally surprised when I 
came all over her smooth baby girl chest. "It's so hot." she 
exclaimed. She did enjoy rubbing my thick cum all over herself and 
smelled and tasted it making another face. We cleaned up toweled 
off and I sent her to dress. 

We just had cereal for breakfast. Jenny ask if Sue was gone for 
good. When I said yes she told me she didn't like her and was glad 
she had me all to herself. Since it was summer break Jenny had no 
school and I had taken vacation to help a friend and get a break 
from my stressful work. Originally I was just to house sit and 
care for the family pet for a week. Jenny who had always like me 
although I hadn't seen her for over two years begged to stay with 

Since they were going to a summer school basket ball camp for 
their son and knew she would be both bored and then a pain in the 
ass they ask if I would consider having her stay. How much trouble 
could a little eight year old be? Basically it's how stupid can a 
twenty four year old guy be! Jenny was leading me around by the 
nose shortly after they left. Sue really didn't like it either as 
she envisioned our having a great week-end before she herself went 
back to work. Of course Jenny interrupted almost every attempt for 
Sue and I to be alone. She was super faked sweet to Sue who never 
fell for it a bit. I however dumbly feel for everything that sweet 
little bundle dealt out. She knew it and used it to get everything 
she wanted. Enough…on with the story of my downfall into 

After Breakfast I in loose shorts, no undies I don't like them, 
and Jenny in a above the knee little cotton gingham dress, white 
socks and black flat soled strapped shoes, went to feed "Tupper" 
the families Black Lab. He was excited to see someone paying 
attention. I put his bowl of food down and was surprised him not 
greedily snarfing it up. I turned to she him with his nose up 
Jenny's little dress. Although his head was hidden Jenny was 
petting it and saying good boy. I hadn't know the dogs sex until 
then although it was certainly obvious now. A huge bright red half 
penis was sliding out of it's sheath. 

Again I had an erection over something I would have thought would 
siken me. I started to actually kick Tupper but Jenny said don't 
he just likes to lick me there too. I ask if she enjoyed it and 
she smiled hugely and said yessss!

I backed of to watch a bit and just had to take a feel of my 
throbbing dick…I was leaking pre-cum like mad. It soaked a big 
spot on my shorts. Jenny's eyes rolled back several times as she 
apparently had several orgasms. Finally Tupper quickly pulled his 
head out from under her dress and jumped up on her knocking her to 
the ground. Jenny fell hard on her little butt and rolled over and 
up on her knees in an attempt to get up. Tupper had other ideas 
and before I could help her to her feet he mounted her from 
behind. He began humping her and she shouted for him to stop but 
began laughing. 

Tupper of course was fully extended and pumping madly all to no 
avail as even though his massive cock was sliding between her 
lithe legs both her dress material and her panties were in his 
way. He excitedly bounded off and I grabbed her skinny arm to help 
her to her feet. I ask if she was okay and she assured me she was. 
She told me her mother would get really mad when Tupper did that 
and hit him with a pan. That was when she allowed Jenny to help 
her feed. Her dad would yell at him if it was him and her alone 
feeding Tupper but he didn't really stop him from licking her and 
only stopped him from jumping on her if mom was near. Mom usually 
got after her dad for letting him eat her what ever that means 
with a shrug. Sometimes when I'm supposed to be asleep they sneak 
Tupper in and he licks mom and jumps up on her but she doesn't 
have any clothes on. 

Daddy plays with his thingy and mom just grunts and groans saying 
how much she loves it. She said that was when she would rub 
herself down there until it felt like she would bust then she 
would wait a few minutes and do it again over and over. When we 
were inside we sat on the couch and I ask if it felt good for 
Tupper to lick her she rolled her eyes saying heck yes. Does it 
feel better than when I did it last night? No cuz I love you. What 
did it feel like when he jumped up on you? I makes me laugh and 
feels good… he keeps poking my hole. Does it ever go in? No..well 
just a little sometimes…I think that's what mommy likes. She told 
me once that husbands put their thingys in there when the girl 
loves them and sometimes it makes a baby…only when the girls 
big…well old enough. She said she'd tell me more as I grow up. She 
wiggling around on the couch and when she spread her knobby pale 
knees I noticed the wet spot on her dress. 

I mentioned it and she just shrugged but then told me I also had a 
wet spot on my shorts and she could see the outline of my thingy 
which was heavy and still seeping. She jumped over and straddled 
me and began kissing me and actually pulled the light dress 
material out of the way putting her sopping wet panties directly 
on my swollen member and moving those delicious little hips all 
over my stiffness. Yes it was stiff as hell. I tried to pry her 
arms from around my neck when she pulled her face back to stare 
into my eyes and pleaded "please…please let me…just a minute". My 
dick was throbbing as she worked her hips furiously. Her green 
eyes rolled back, the lids barely parted, long red hair shaking 
wildly, moans erupting from those light pink little lips. 

I kissed her fully on those baby lips and began pumping against 
her panty clad pussy. She came again and again and I soon pumped a 
tremendous load of thick cum into my shorts. We fell sideways both 
exhausted from our carnal experience. I lay panting feeling my cum 
seeping down my stomach to soak my balls. We kissed again and 
again looking into each other's eyes. Slowly we began to recover. 
The door bell rang and we both jumped, I for sure it was the 
police to arrest me for child molestation. Jenny, I think knew we 
were naughty. She ran to her room and almost slammed the door. 
This left me to answer the bell. The next door neighbor lady, who 
knew my friends had left me to care for the house. She had brought 
me some lunch, damn time flies. I told her to come in take the 
stuff to the kitchen. 

I did my best to hide my soaked shorts as I headed to the bedroom 
to change. I pulled off the soggy shorts and replaced them with 
sweat pants. As I returned to the kitchen she was looking me up 
and down, I know my dick was still heavy and showed, saying I 
didn't have to dress for her sake she was enjoying the shorts. 
Jenny never came out of her room and the sexiness of the neighbor 
had my dick swelling again and obviously so. The ring on her 
finger sure didn't stop her from moving up against me and kissing 
me lightly to then pull back and reach down to squeeze my dick 
saying "Oh you are nicely equipped, aren't you?" I was awkward in 
avoiding her but I figured she'd be back but I didn't want Jenny 
around if and when that took place.

Jenny just slept with me that night and I was licking that 
heavenly little canal when about eight the phone rang…yes early to 
bed get's the worm…or something like that. Actually we could play 
and watch T. V. so it was working good. Jenny answered the phone 
and it was her mother. I started to jump up…shaking like crazy 
when Jenny pulled my face back to her aromatic bare little slit. 
She was talking a mile a minute and the her voice got funny 
sounding and she hit me in the head with it as she dropped it. Her 
little girl ass jerking like mad. I know the sound of my lips 
sucking as I slipped away and picked up the phone was loud and 
Jenny's moans were extremely audible. 

I said hi to her mom who was asking what happened. I told her 
Jenny had stubbed her toe as she wasn't paying attention while 
talking. That played off pretty well but then she said she had 
heard a sucking sound. I told her that was me trying catch the 
phone. She ask how Jenny and I were getting along and told me she 
had been worrying about Tupper. I said Tupper was fine. She 
hesitantly told me to watch him around Jenny because he was 
sometimes naughty. I said Jenny had been sleeping in and I fed 
Tupper by myself and yes his is oversexed as he has had sex with 
my knee each morning. 

She laughed in a relieved way. I told her about the neighbor 
lady's advances and she said yes she is as bad as Tupper when a 
strange man is around. She does appear that she might be a good 
fuck if a man was so inclined. Trying not to show my shock I said 
I think I may be I mean Sues been gone several days and well I'm 
horny what with no outlet. Thinking I am a good bulls hitter cuz 
I'm licking your eight year old daughter's pussy over and over. 
Actually I have aquired a taste for prepubescent pussy and plan to 
find some when I return home. 

We chatted a bit then she and Jenny some and Jenny hung up. Jenny 
told be that all at once when she was talking to her mom and 
thinking how naughty she was while her mom knew nothing of it her 
pussy just started clenching and opening and doing it over and 
over. She had run to the bathroom to see if something was falling 
out or something. All she could see was she was all puffy down 
there and it was really feeling good. I told her that was 
natural…at least for girls old enough to be doing the things she 
was doing. She ask when older girls felt that way if their butt 
holes kept getting tight then loose too. 

I said yes if they are special girls but some girls/women never 
really feel anything and if she is feeling that already she may 
only be eight but she was as developed as much as say a twelve 
year old. You must keep it secrete from your mom that you are 
special that way. You must act like a little eight year old when 
she's around but you can be the special girl around boys. Did it 
feel good? After it scared her she said she realized how good it 
felt and she wanted more. I told her it may not happen every time 
but get all of it you can because sometimes when you grow up it 
goes away. 

She fell for that hook line and sinker…she wasn't going to miss a 
one. She woke me all night long just sucking on my long foreskin 
until I would awaken then turning throwing a leg over me so her 
puffy bare little crack was right in my face. Her pale white skin 
contrasting with the beautiful pink of the underdeveloped inner 
lips and hole. That hole opening as I used my tongue on it to 
expose the first cherry I had ever seen. I almost came from the 
sight. I had no idea what they looked like but it was a bit redder 
with a small hole kind of to one side. I started furling my tongue 
and pushing it deep enough to touch that doorway to the hidden 
chalice of her baby cervix. At first Jenny would flinch when my 
tongue brushed against it but gradually I could feel it pretty 
good and she would squirm as I put the point of my tongue into the 
hole of that barrier. She began jerking her hips and I went for 
broke. I grabbed her lithe hips as they twitched and drove my 
tongue deep. 

Jenny was like a rocket ship blasting off she jumped hard but I 
held her slim little body and kept my tongue insinuated and 
actually began licking her miniature cervix which began to relax 
her young body. "That hurt but it's going away". I kept hold of 
her so she couldn't get away even though I tasted some blood. She 
resumed sucking and running her small tongue inside my foreskin as 
she sucked. Her hips began to relax and soon she was forcing that 
little cervix to meet my lickings and began a rocking motion and 
just as I began pulsing thick juice in her mouth the pace of her 
hips quickened and she just short of screamed. 

We lay cooling with me gently suck her little girl slickness and 
she nibbling on my spent dick. As I pushed her pale little body 
off me and sat up I looked for the mess I usually leave when a 
major cum erupts. I was pretty well clean. Jenny ask what I was 
looking for and I said all my cum. Her face reddened and she kind 
of hung her head and said she had swallowed it. Just then as I 
tilted her little head up and looked deep in her shimmering eyes 
and put my lips to her she belched and the taste of cum was 
evidence she had done just that. She again belched and a little 
dribble covered her lower lip and I pulled that baby face to me a 
French kissed her tasting my own thick cum each time her little 
body tried to evacuate my seed. 

She loved that and I could tell she was trying to belch more out. 
This all brought more sex on and I just couldn't stand it any 
longer so when we were playing with me sliding my dick up and down 
her slicking slit I began pulling back far enough that the head of 
my dick would hit her young hole and force it to spread a little. 
Each time Jenny would jump and I say "I'm sorry" and slid along 
her slit again. I did this over and over until finally the head 
popped in. Jenny let out with a squeal and tried to get away but I 
held her tight. 

She had tears in her eyes and I kissed her forehead and whispered 
how much I loved her and that if she would just relax it would 
begin to feel good. I sure wasn't sure of that but she seemed to 
believe me and did relax. I told her it would help if she could 
begin to make her little pussy squeeze my dick just like her butt 
hole could be tightened. She tried and I saw the pain in her sweet 
eyes but as she relaxed I encouraged her to squeeze again. I had 
pain of my own as she pinched down it felt like it would pop the 
head of my dick right off. However I think we both began 
lubricating and soon she was kissing me and saying how good it 

I told her I was going to start moving a little and she should let 
me know if it began to hurt. I began by flexing my cock muscles 
which pumped more blood into my cockhead and stretched her 
childish hole even more. She wenched at first but soon was 
reveling in it so I began a back and forth movement. She was tense 
at first but soon was meeting my pushing with some of her own. I 
had my arms around her and her tiny little ass cheeks in my hands. 
I would pull her cheeks apart as I pushed against her tight hole. 
I could feel our juices leaking from her tightly stretched hole 
and down my balls. 

I sucked a little hickey on one pseudo breast and moved up to kiss 
her as she relaxed in the pleasure of the wonderful feelings going 
through her skinny pale little body. I kissed her deeply sticking 
my tongue in her mouth. She accepted it and began sucking as I 
gently pulled her little ass cheeks wide open placing a finger on 
that little pink ring just pushing a little. She began moaning and 
wiggling her hips and that's when I forced several inches or rock 
hard cock into her little belly feeling her canal opening 
grudgingly. Her body seemed racked with pain as I took my 
pleasure. After pumping several times I forced several inches more 
into her now resisting hole. Her mouth broke free and she screamed 
at the pain. I put a hand over her baby mouth and slammed the rest 
of my raging hardness into her until I felt my balls slam against 
her butt. I just held her tight for a brief moment out of pity for 
the pain I was causing her. 

Tears in the eyes that wouldn't look at me made me feel guilty. I 
fought with my self to pull out and give this little child some 
relief for at this point I realize that she was just that a child. 
Some man's baby girl, a mother's cherished love and I a debaucher, 
a pedophile whose low life desire had taken from her that little 
bit of womanhood every girl cherishes. I began pulling out my dick 
shrinking and softening. I held her beautiful face and forced her 
to look into my eyes. I told her how sorry I was and that I loved 
her. She managed a meek little smile and said she loved me too. 

Our lips meet gently and parted then more deeply then almost 
passionately the my dick refilled and she winched as she kissed me 
deeply and said do it, do it like I watched you with Sue. My 
recriminations were gone. I began to fuck her gently at first but 
gradually more fully and soon was slapping my engorged balls 
against her childishly little ass. A smile on her face and tears 
in her eyes and I just slam fucked her like she was a little 
bitch. I came from deep in my balls filling her maiden belly to 
overflowing. Her hole was so tight around my dick and she was so 
full of my cum it had to go somewhere. 

Her womb bloated and I still pumped in more furiously. The dam 
began to bust and she began to faint from the pressure, eyes 
rolling back and body going limp when cum was force between the 
shaft of my pumping dick and her tight vaginal walls. It leaked 
with such force it actually made a noise not unlike the sound of 
air escaping from a balloon's neck when you try to make music with 
it. Jenny now in a dead faint and my balls empty my dick began 
subsiding and became soft but still very heavy. When I lifted 
Jenny's limp body off me there was a distinct "pop splat" sound as 
my dick was stretched to the point it finally had to come out of 
her little vaginal hole. 

I lay little Jenny gently on the bed and checked her breathing. 
She immediately went into the fetal position holding her lower 
stomach. I was grieved by her pain. I went to my suitcase and dug 
out a stash of coke hidden there. I took one small foiled wrapped 
ball and a little glass straw back to where Jenny lay obviously 
distressed. I sucked a small amount into the straw and holding in 
one nostril and closing the other told her to snuffle and I gave a 
quick puff as she did. Her head jerked as the powder went up her 
nose and burned a bit. After a minute or so she was awake enough 
to be more help in the other nostril. I double the dose there and 
again she jerked blinking her watering eyes. A minute later she 
was wide awake and asking what that was. 

I told her it was a pain killer and ask if she hurt. She said some 
but was better. I told her if she needed more to let me know. She 
said she needed just a little more now so I fixed a pretty good 
line and showed her how to put the straw up her nose and close on 
nostril and sniff deeply through the other. She followed that line 
almost like a pro. Eyes watering and rubbing her burning little 
nose she grinned a mile wide. 

I couldn't get her to even sit down for quite a while. She was 
completely nude and my cum running down her legs and dripping on 
the carpet. She finally slowed down some and I got some clothes on 
her. I had to change her panties after about fifteen minutes as my 
cum ruined the first pair. I found a kotex and put that in the 
next pair and it looked like her pussy was swollen way out but 
later I was able to take it out and although a spot showed up on 
the panties it looked like they would hold. 

Later that day I noticed Jenny holding her stomach and sometimes 
even wincing in pain as she almost doubled over. I ask if she was 
okay and she said she was having awful cramping feelings inside. 
She was afraid and so was I. I was afraid I had damaged her 
inside. I tried to see inside but it was difficult her hole was 
swollen shut and much redder than the normal beautiful pink. There 
was still fluid seeping out which I presumed was more semen. It 
was slimy and with encouragement I was able to push my middle 
finger in with Jenny wincing and holding onto my wrist. At full 
depth I couldn't feel the little cervix that had been just an inch 
or so inside her baby vagina. 

This gave me an erection thinking I had pushed it up inside her. I 
began running the thumb of the hand I was using to feel for her 
cervix to massage her undersized clitoris. She pushed against my 
wrist more strongly and said don't. I talked soothingly to her and 
kept doing it. Gradually her pressure on my wrist subsided and her 
little legs widened some. Her small hand fell away as I continued 
my manipulation of her small bump. She relaxed back as I ask how 
she was doing. She told me she was really sore but enjoying my 
"doing her". She ask if she could have a little more of the pain 
medication. I gradually removed my finger and she was obviously 
uncomfortable as it popped out. 

I fixed her two pretty good lines of coke and handed her the 
straw. Her hand was shaking as she took it and quickly bent over 
the fix. I pulled her long soft red hair out of the way and used 
it to keep her from being able to reach the lines she seemed to 
need. I was amazed at her desire for the powder after such a small 
amount before but then her body was so small I guess that 
accounted for her first reaction to it. She even begged for me to 
let her have it. I slowly gave way and let her get close. I told 
her she was shaking so much she might lose some and she did her 
best to carefully get the straw already in one nostril to the end 
of the line. 

She inhaled deeply and her head almost cracked me as it jerked 
back. Her little body almost collapsed from the first line. I was 
hoping as I caught her that it was enough and she would forget the 
second line. That was just wishful thinking as she put the pipe up 
the other side and inhaled just as deeply. She at first just fell 
on the floor. I helped her sit up and her head was like a little 
bobble doll bouncing all over the place. I have to admit I got so 
hard I was afraid the head would just bust open. 

I pealed off the little I was wearing and lay beside her on the 
carpet. I was amazed when I saw my hard dick below her tiny foot 
as I sucked on her swollen chest bud. I could see the hickey I had 
put on her earlier and placed another next to it. Jenny was 
mewling as her small head bobbled around. I looked up to see a 
nice smile on that cherubic face. I rolled her onto her stomach 
and pulled her small hips up putting her into a kneeling position. 
She was so fucked up that she barely could support herself and 
kept halfway collapsing. 

I had to hold her in place at first and using one hand to hold her 
and the other to guide my throbbing dick up and down her little 
slit. She would moan as it went across her clit and she vocally 
groaned as I pushed her hole open. Even slick it didn't want to 
allow me inside. Jenny hunched up her little back as I began to 
stroke into her. I wasn't as careful as I should be as my cock 
head searched for her cervix to bounce against. I only had about 
an inch of shaft left when I felt the telltale pressure on the 
crown of my dick. I drew back and slammed it hard feeling it give. 
Jenny let out a small scream and shouted, "Gadamn!"

I grinned to myself and kept it up until the cum boiling in my 
balls erupted in thick heavy ropey spurts into her. I stayed in 
place and pumped slowly as my dick began to soften listening to it 
slosh around in her little belly. 

I heard Tupper scratching at the back door. I yanked my dick out 
and heard it pop and Jenny grunt. I went to see what was wrong 
with Tupper and as I opened the door he bounded in and made 
straight for Jenny. He stuck his muzzle up her dripping little 
cunt and she arched her back. His long tongue made about two 
swipes at the liquid bubbling out of her hole and mounted her. He 
didn't even have trouble finding the right place. His hips worked 
a couple of times and I could see he was buried to the sheath. The 
knot was already formed and still in his sheath as he lunged hard. 

That forced the knot through the smooth skinned hole. Jenny 
screamed for real and tried to get him off her. She yelled for me 
to help her. I jumped down next to her and acted like I was trying 
to help her but really was making sure she couldn't get away as 
Tupper pumped her with fast hard strokes. I kept telling her I 
about have him as I held him back to the point I could see the 
knot stretching her little hole and then helped him slam back in 
her saying oh honey he got away. Soon Tupper was just hanging on 
unmoving as he jetted hound juice in on top of my thick semen. 

He fell on his side and that pulled Jenny with him. She didn't 
move and I thought she had passed out as he began panting and 
licking where they were joined. He kept trying to pull out and 
Jenny would grunt with each try. After about ten minutes of this 
he was successful and the knot plopped out. Jenny rolled onto her 
stomach as I hustled Tupper out the back door. 

I really felt sorry for what Jenny had bee through and carried her 
to the bathroom, ran a warm tub and gave her little stinking body 
a refreshing bath. She started becoming more active and smiled at 
me and said I sure hope you baby sit me all the time. I hope you 
are okay. She smiled and said she was sore as could be but was 
glad it all happened. I pointed to the hickeys on her little 
pseudo breasts and told her she would have to keep those out of 
sight until they went away. She grinned. 

We spent the rest of the day getting everything straightened out 
and cleaned up. I gave her a small hit of coke that evening and we 
fucked on the couch. I didn't cum in her so her panties wouldn't 
have a mess in them when her folks got home. She did lick my dick 
and I shot a real mess trying to get most of it in her mouth but 
much on her face and in her hair. We shampooed her hair with her 
bending over the tub and my dick up her little bare pussy. She was 
wet but it was her juice. I put her to bed in her bed and sucked 
her to several orgasms. I went to bed in her folks room and just 
after mid-night I was awakened by her dad. I got up and they were 
happy and all had gone well for them. 

Jenny's mom was pleased the house was clean and in good order. I 
slept the rest of the night on the couch and after breakfast I put 
my bags in my car. Her dad and I were talking by my car when her 
mother came out. She said I think Jenny has fallen in love with 
you. I gave her a scared look and she said she noticed Jenny's 
kiss as I was leaving. She turned me away from her husbands sight 
and quickly showed me a pair of Jenny's panties. The crotch was 
coated in a white dried substance, she put them away and hugged me 
good bye as she whispered in my ear, "Even young girls get wet 
around sexy guys and you are one sexy guy."

She kissed me softly on the lips and said come back 
anytime…anytime, ya hear.