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Babysitter's Ordeal - 2
by Yoni Gabai Hen (yoni13g@gmail. com)


Suzi was a very popular babysitter-but baby Brian was 
her first uncut penis-and it fascinated her. It 
fascinated her so much. . . even more than the cocks 
of her boyfriends. Then along came along the brother 
and his dick completed her ruin. (fmb, toddler, ped, 
reluc, 1st, rom)



Sean has proved to be as much a nuisance as Suzy had 
feared. He followed her every movement, ogled her and 
never let her be alone with her darling Brian. 

When she thought about it at home, Suzy didn't wonder 
that Sean was so much fascinated with her. After all, 
he was nine years old, the age when boys and girls 
begin to discover the other gender, and here she was, 
a handsome, full breasted sixteen years sex idol. Yes 
she had to admit that for Brian she must have seemed 
heaven sent, but for her he has always remained a 
nuisance, preventing her from having fun with her baby 
lover, her sweet Brian. And Brian missed her sucking 
too. He was so edgy and complaining that week, so 
different from the happy, content baby that he had 
been before. Suzy waited on tenterhooks for the next 
Monday, when Sean's day-care would begin. 

At last Monday came, and Sean has left for a full 
morning day-care, leaving Suzy alone at last with her 
sweet Brian. She has stripped naked moments after Sean 
had left. Her customary suckling hour was later, after 
she had given baby Brian his bath, but now that Sean 
was supposed to return after noon, she had no time to 
spare. And baby Brian was so happy to suckle on her 
exposed boobs again! And have his tiny weenie sucked 
too! He was so excited that Suzy could have mistaken 
it for an orgasm of his own-to say nothing of her one. 
OOOH, how she has enjoyed it! At last she could have a 
freehand, and she used it time and again to cum – she 
had three orgasms in a row that Monday! And she never 
wore anything –until after she had put baby Brian to 
bed, an hour or so before Sean was supposed to come 

So Suzy started a new routine, quite content with 
having Brian for herself, even if only during the 
mornings. Brian was less content, but after all, you 
can't expect a baby to understand times and taboos and 
things. And then at Thursday it happened. 

Brian was happily suckling on Suzy's breast, while she 
was hungrily sucking his tiny erect penis and rubbing 
herself to a forthcoming orgasm, when she suddenly 
heard a shrill voice:

"Wow! You are naked! And Brian is sucking your boobs! 
Sean was standing in the door of baby' Brian's room, 
his eyes open wide open. 

God, Suzy would rather that the earth would open and 
swallow her, or Sean, or both! Talk about being caught 
red handed! She knew that she was doomed, she was 
going to jail, and the shame of it: a sixteen years 
old girl sucking a baby's penis! She wouldn’t be able 
to convince anybody that she had meant no harm!

And Sean shrill voice added: "and you are sucking baby 
Brian's pecker! I want too!"

Suzy stammered that it wasn't as it appeared and lame 
excuses like that, but she knew that she had no choice 
and she could only lamely whisper:" Not now, please! 
Let him fall asleep first." Baby Brian did fall asleep 
soon enough despite the nudging of his brother. 

Suzy knew that she had no choice. She had tried to 
postpone the inevitable, to explain and to evade it 
but at last she said simply :"Come over now, and I'll 
suck your pecker too. Just, please, keep it our 
secret. I don't think that your mom would approve. " 

Sean was standing naked next to her even before she 
had finished talking, his pecker all stiff and erect. 
No, it wasn't a baby's pecker at all, it reminded her 
of her boyfriends' cocks and in her mind she began to 
treat it as such. It was a cock or at least she could 
call it a dick...

All that musing went off when Sean has pushed the red 
hot mushroom into Suzy's half open mouth. Suzy gulped, 
opened wide her lips and let the boy's stiff cock 
enter and fill her mouth. Come on! It wasn't so bad! 
True, it didn't smell so sweet as Brian's penis, but 
it wasn't as intimidating as her boyfriend Frank's had 
been! And it didn't suffocate her, she could handle it 
quite well... In fact she found some satisfaction from 
sucking on the stiff, hot, column and wonder on the 
contrast with the soft and velvety mushroom it 
carried. Her tongue circled the erect member, 
remembering that that's what her boyfriends had liked. 
Strangely, she liked it too, and she started to feel 
those unmistaken tingles down there.

Sean must have felt something odd, because he now 
stretched his hand and squeezed Suzy's tender boob. 
OH! That simple act sent Suzy over the edge. She 
certainly was getting horny and she had to touch 
herself, to calm that turmoil in her pussy. Before 
Suzy had time to relieve herself, Sean had started to 
heave and rock, inserting his stiff dick deep into 
Suzy's mouth, fucking even her throat, and Suzy had to 
gather all her will not to gag, to breath in time with 
Sean thrusts, to ...and the he exploded in her mouth. 

No it wasn't a hose going off, like Frank's had been. 
Rather there was an unmistakable feeling of a warm and 
slimy, salty taste filling her mouth-come on, that 
wasn't so unbearable. Suzy was feeling some tingling 
in her pussy too. If it weren't so improbable she 
would have said that she was getting horny! But that 
was impossible, she had always hated giving head!

Now, that Sean had came off, he turned his attention 
to Suzy's tits, and was munching and squeezing them, 
like they were fruits. God! It was undeniable now that 
Suzy was getting horny! Don't squeeze so hard-OOOH, 
she moaned! God, her pussy was on fire! She HAD to 
calm those flames, and did the only possible thing. 
Her hand sneaked in between her thighs to satisfy that 

"You are jerking off! " Exclaimed accusingly Sean. 

"N-No... no, I am not!" she stammered. 

"Yes you were! I've seen you!" 

"OK, ok! So I was! Why, don't tell me that you don't!" 

"But I'm a boy!" said Sean

"Girls do it also!" Exclaimed Suzy and tried to rub 
herself to the expected and long overdue orgasm. 

"Really? Please let me see!" pleaded the boy. "I've 
never seen a girl's pussy before!"

"Oh well fuck it! Look, these are the outer lips," 
said Suzy pointing with her fingers "and here the 
inner ones-they are called labia." 

"Wow! they are red! and wet! And hot!" Exclaimed Sean, 
inserting his fingers between them. 

Suzy didn't need him to tell her that she was horny. 
She squirmed and sighed under his touch, nearing again 
her interrupted orgasm. 

"What is this button?" asked the excited boy, touching 
her clit. Suzy jerked as if electrocuted and 
stammered: " Nno, no, don't this ...OOHH! This is like 
the head of your... WOW! that's where the most 
sensitive part... OH!" her hips started heaving on 
their own volition, and she was jerking 

Sean excitedly rubbed and fondled the inflating button 
"Wow, it's growing!" He said, "and what is this hole ? 
that’s where you pee?" 

"No!" said Suzy, gritting her teeth amidst heavy 
panting. "that's where you put your cock... when you 
are fucking. OH!" And she grabbed Sean's exploring 
hand, panting and jerking heavily she squeezed it 
between her thighs. 

Sean has left her pussy, and turned his attention to 
het tits again, squeezing them and munching them. "NO! 
Don’t! Don't stop! " she wailed. Getting so near to 
her orgasm and now having to stop again?! Suzy felt 
some other hard and warm thing sliding on her clitt, 
making her jerk and heave even more. She knew it was 
Sean's cock, but she was past caring, she HAD to get 
off! Her pelvis was heaving in its own volition now, 
and an exceptionally strong heave got her cunt in the 
right, or rather the wrong direction, and the boy's 
cock entered her widely open vagina. "OH NO!" she 
exclaimed but too late. The boy's cock, having felt 
the warmth and the wetness, went in like a guided 
missile and caused Sean to jerk and heave –and Suzy's 
hips heaved just as uncontrollably on their own 
towards him. 

A piercing pain shot through her cunt, and Suzy 
realized that it was too late, she wasn't virgin 
anymore. A rush of tears streamed out of her eyes, 
more from shock then from pain. That wasn't unbearable 
at all, but it did stop her orgasm even as it had 

"Serves you right, you pedophile, to lose your 
virginity to some stupid nine years old brat! " Ringed 
a voice in her head, while Sean was excitedly pumping 
on and on his inflated cock into the deflowered 
babysitter. It didn't last long, though. After two or 
three minutes of fucking Sean spewed again his drop of 
jism and slumped down. 

"WOW! We fucked, we really fucked! It was awesome!" 
Exclaimed the excited kid. 

"You broke my hymen, you bastard!" Screamed Suzy. 


"You took my virginity, you plucked my cherry, you 
stupid imbecile!" She yelled. Bastard!!!" And she 
broke into another surge of tears. 

"Wow, I didn't mean to. Does it hurt?" Asked the 
embarrassed kid. " Ow! you are all bleeding!" 

"Sure I'm bleeding, bastard, when you are tearing my 
hymen like it was a piece of rubbish..." Oh god!!! She 
was bleeding and the armchair would stain! How would 
she explain the blood to Ms. O' Hally?! With a shriek 
she jumped up and escaped into the bathroom. There she 
took the biggest towel she could lay her hand on, 
wetted its corner in warm water and ran back to the 
stained arm chair. Fortunately it wasn't stained with 
blood, only with Sean's spunk and her cunt juices. 
Even on her thighs there wasn't very much blood, 
apparently she didn't bleed very much. Only on the 
kids cock there were stains and trickles of blood 
mixed with spunk, which she diligently wiped off. 

With a wonder she felt the familiar tingle reappear, 
and strongly than before. "No wonder that he has 
pierced me," she mused, looking at the growing, 
hardening dick "it's not a child's pecker at all! It's 
a full grown cock! Why, it's longer then my palm and 
it thick enough for me to hold in my hand.' and she 
did, circling the hot shaft with her fingers and 
sliding them up and down. 

She burst in another barrage of tears as she felt an 
intense urge to feel something hard down in her pussy. 
Even the slight stinging feel in her vagina couldn't 
drown that urge. Then Sean did something completely 
unexpected, that took her off guard. Mumbling: "I'm 
sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you!" the boy kissed her 
eyes attempting to kiss off her tears! This act of 
love and compassion made up her mind.

Suddenly now she knew why she had chosen the big towel 
instead of the handier small one. She spread it on the 
arm chair, and lying on it she spread her thighs and 
raised her legs over the arms of the chair. "Come!" 
she whispered in a hoarse voice, "come, fuck me!" and 
pulled the kid's head to her breasts. 

Sean didn't hesitate. He munched and nibbled at those 
two heavenly globes, while his erect dick came into a 
position aiming straight at the hot, open tunnel of 
love...he couldn't miss it! And he didn't. His cock 
went with a mighty heave, sinking all the way to his 
pubic bone in one stab. GOD! it was so hot and 

His butt started humping in and out, with Suzy's hips 
countering his heaves with thrusts of her own, moaning 
and growling: "OOOH! don’t stop, YES!" she screamed 
and yelled and pulled the excited kid in, spreading 
her legs even more to open the way even deeper. "God, 
don't let him end now! Let me come, Oh my god! I'm 
so..." She dug her fingernails deep in the boy's butt, 
pulling him in, pressing him into her even with her 
heels. Oh, she needed to come at last! All the pent up 
urges rose to the surface and she fucked like a wild 
animal, not caring for anything but fulfilling her 

The boy didn't mean to stop either. His cock responded 
fully to the hot, wet heaven and to the heaves and 
twists of the warm soft body under him. He pumped and 
pumped, heaved and pushed, and since it was already 
his third consecutive cum, it lasted quite a while. 
But finally, his balls started to build a pressure and 
his pace grew, together with Suzy's. She came with a 
scream and right after her, his rapid, strong heaves 
indicated that Sean was also done. Suzy slumped into 
the arm-chair out of breath, the boy slumping with his 
face sinking into her hot, soft tits. 

"Wow! This time we REALLY fucked!" Suzy exclaimed, 
when her breath returned, but she got no response from 
the boy. He was slumbering, happily smiling on her 

"Like his little brother!" Suzy thought. "Brian also 
falls asleep on my tits when he is done... Oh! Brian!" 
with a jolt she recalled that she hadn't seen or heard 
from her little protégé for at least an hour now! With 
a start she jumped up and ran to his bed. The baby was 
happily sleeping, a heavenly smile on his face and 
Suzy felt so much love and warmth when she leaned in 
to him. Then she felt something else, something hard 
and warm pushing in between her thighs, and with a 
deep sigh she dropped to her knees on the floor. 

Feeling the hard staff enter her pussy from behind, 
doggy style, she mused that this would be her ordeal 
from now till the end of the summer holidays: to enjoy 
her orgasms, sucking little Brian during the mornings, 
and to pay for it by being his brother's Sean's fuck 
doll in the afternoons. 

Two hours and two orgasms later she recalled that 
thought, while riding to her third orgasm, churning 
the boy's erect penis and she giggled inwardly: "Well, 
there are worse ordeals!" That was her last coherent 
thought before the fuck sensations overwhelmed her 
once more. 


This story was meant as an adult entertainment only. 
The author does not condone such a behavior in real