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Baby, Pee For Me
by Daddy4girls55 (daddy4girls44@yahoo.com)


A Pee fetish lover's story. A Dad learns his young daughter has a 
fetish for peeing. He begins by cleaning her after she uses the 
toilet, and then goes for more. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, ws)


Amy had just turned 11 years old and was starting to develop as 
her young body began to fill out. I had begun to notice her cute 
little ass and had even masturbated to her soiled little panties. 
I was taking them from the laundry hamper and would sneak to the 
bathroom so I could smell her musky odor. I loved to smell her 
scent and lick the crotch of her tiny panties as it got me so 

Her mom worked during the day and would get home about 6:30 PM 
each day as that left Amy alone with me as she got home from 
school, for about 3 hours each day 

I had been working on our bathroom one day as she came in and 
wanted to use it. I told her that I was busy and she would have to 
wait a few minutes. I saw her as she clutched her crotch and 
turned to me asking, 

"Do you want me to wet my panties?" she asked as she held her 
sweet little pussy. "I need to go now. I can't wait any longer."

I told her to go ahead and pee if she needed to but that I had the 
door where it could not close. She went inside as she pulled her 
skimpy panties down, exposing her lovely, smooth pussy as she sat 
down onto the toilet seat. I almost came in my pants! 

"You should wait until I went out." I told her as she began to 
pee. "You are getting too big to let daddy see you naked."

"Why, daddy? It's not like you have never seen my Pee Pee before." 
She answered as she spread her thighs a little. "You don't like to 
see mine any longer?"

I told her that I was her father and that she was too big now to 
be showing off her nakedness. I tried to explain that young girls 
should not show their little Pee Pee's as she sort of listened to 
me as she continued to sit on the toilet seat.

"You never answered me. I asked you if you didn't like to see my 
Pee Pee." She said as she smiled up at me. I thought you would 
like it."

"Oh, baby, I do like it but it is something that a father and 
daughter is not suppose to do." I told her as she took the paper 
and folded it to wipe herself.

I watched her as she eased the paper to her young slit, as she 
sort of made sure she took her time as she teased me. I knew then 
that she was getting turned on just having someone to watch her 
Pee. She finally pulled her little panties up as she wiggled her 
little butt into them, turning as she walked out the door.

I was left there with such a huger hard on after seeing her 
beautiful little pussy spread as she peed. I had to do something 
about my raging hard on as I slipped it from my pants and started 
to masturbate.


The next day, she came home from school and went to the toilet 
again, while I was still doing a little remodeling work in my 
bathroom. She again, sat down as she lowered her panties, exposing 
that precious little pussy to me once again. I could see the 
wicked look in her eyes as she sat there, peeing in front of me.

"Do you like to see me Pee?" she asked as it trickled out of her 
young cunt. "I sort of like you watching me too."

"No baby. I am not watching you." I told her. "I told you before 
that a young girl and daddy is not suppose to se each other."

"Is that why you sneak my soiled panties out of the dirty clothes 
hamper? Because I am not supposed to let you see me?" she said, 
still sitting there in front of me. "I have seen you taking them 
and I even saw you sniffing the crotch one time. Have you noticed 
that lately, they are a little wetter than normal? It's so that 
you can get a good smell of them. I do it just for you."

My baby had found me out! She had saw me taking her panties and 
even saw me sniffing them. How was I going to explain this to her? 
I was dumbfounded as I tried to speak. My face was so red as I 
blushed, having her know my inner secrets. What was I to do? 

"What's the matter? Did I say something wrong?" she asked as she 
sort of spread her thighs, giving me a better look at her smooth 
little pussy as she held the wadded up toilet paper out to me. "I 
am finished peeing if you want to wipe me. Would you like that, 
daddy? Would you like to clean my little Pee Pee for me?" 

Without saying a word, she handed me the paper as she sort of 
stood up, pushing her smooth little pussy out to me. My cock was 
so hard by then and my hand was trembling as I brought it to her 
young pussy. As I slowly wiped her smooth, young slit, she pushed 
against the paper in my fingers. 

"Do it again, daddy. I think you left a little dew on my Pee Pee." 
She said as I took another piece of paper from her. "Wipe it good 
for me. We don't want me to walk around wet, now do we?" 

This time, I took the paper and slowly wiped her sweet pussy, 
making sure I eased it over her small slit as she reached down and 
spread it wider for me. I then took my finger and touched her 
little nubbin of a clit before drawing my hand away from her young 

"Thank you, daddy. You did a good job." She smiled as she raised 
her panties back up, me standing there with such a hard on. "If 
you like, I will let you wipe me again next time I have to Pee. I 
liked the way you did it and I will make sure I leave my panties 
good and wet for you from now on."

Amy started doing just that too as she would leave her small 
panties laying on top of the dirty clothes each night after she 
took her bath. For the next few nights, her little panties were 
soak with her juices. After her mom went to sleep, I would ease 
them out of the hamper and go to the bathroom as I locked the door 
behind me. I then took them and held them to my nose as I was in 
pure heaven as I smelled her sweet young scent on the crotch. I 
would lick them if they were still wet and masturbate each time. I 
knew that one day soon, I had to lick her sweet little pussy.


One day as she came home from school, I could tell by her actions 
that she wanted to tease me a bit. She wiggled her cute little ass 
as she went past me, on her way to the bathroom. I sort of 
followed her as she went in without closing the door. I heard her 
as she called to me.

"Daddy, would you come here a minute?" she called to me, "I need a 
little help today."

As I went into the bathroom with her, she was standing there with 
her panties on the floor. As I got closer, she sat down on the 
toilet as she spread her thighs. I could see that hairless little 
pussy, the lips so puffy and swollen as she sat there. My cock had 
an instant hard on as I saw her spread out before me.

"I thought you might like to watch me this time. Why don't you 
kneel down so you can see me Pee? I would love for you to watch 
me. It makes me so hot thinking about you watching me Pee" she 
said as I quickly went to my knees. "Have I been doing a good job 
leaving my wet panties for you? I know you have been doing things 
on them, haven't you?"

I watched as my young daughter began to Pee for me, the trickle of 
light yellow piss was streaming from her young pussy as I put my 
hands on her thighs, prying them a little further open as she was 
enjoying peeing for me. As she stopped, she eased her little cunt 
upwards, sitting back on the seat as I still held her thighs apart 
as I lowered my lips to taste her sweet, young lips. 

"You like my wet panties, don't you? I have found them with your 
cum still wet in them. You need to watch out so mom doesn't find 
them like that." She whispered to me as I began to lick her sweet 
tasting slit. "She would be so mad at us. Just be more careful 
next time and try not to cum so much in them."

I took my tongue and began to slowly lick her wet little slit, 
tasting her pee as I lapped at her young pussy lips. The more I 
licked, the more she inched her beautiful hairless pussy to me. I 
took the tip of my tongue and eased it to the entrance to her 
young pussy. She grabbed my head and tried to insert my probing 
tongue into her as I found her little button of a clit. My baby 
girl was so hot and wanted my tongue in her. 

I cleaned her little pussy so well as I stopped and got to my 
feet, my big cock wanting to be released from my pants as I 
unzipped them. My big cock sprang forth, allowing her to see it up 
close for the first time. She wrapped her hands around it and gave 
my big cockhead a kiss. Not wanting to scare her off, I took my 
cock away from her and told her that we would do this later when 
we had more time. She had a frown on her face as I saw her hand 
touching her little pussy as I turned and walked out, leaving her 
there all alone. It was my time to tease her now. 


The very next day, I was laying on my bed as she came home from 
school. I had went and bought a pink spread and some plastic to 
lay on my bed so we would not get it too wet. I had planned on 
hiding it in my garage after I used it and keep it there just for 
Amy and me. I did not want her mom to find it. 

She was looking for me as I lay there waiting for her. When she 
came into my room, I saw the look on her face as she was wanting 
to Pee for me again as she started to the toilet. I stopped her 
and told her to come sit down beside me on the bed, holding my 
hand out for her.

"Today, I want you to sit on my chest and pee so I can see you 
doing it up close." I told her as I reached down and helped her 
out of her bikini panties. "Now, daddy is going to position you 
just right, OK? Do you mind if I take my dick out and play with it 
a little while you sit on me?" 

"You want me to pee on you? Do you really want to see me pee or do 
you want something else, like trying to put it in me?" she asked 
as I positioned her hot little pussy on top of my bare chest. "It 
is too big, daddy. It is too big for my pussy."

"I know, baby. Daddy just wants you to pee on me right now. We 
will have to work on getting you big enough later. But now, I am 
just going to rub it a little as you pee, OK?" I told her as she 
lay back, me bringing my thumbs to open her puffy lips wider as I 
wanted her hot pee on my chest as she inched her cute ass forward, 
her little hole so close to me. "Now, Pee for me. Baby, Pee for 

I held her puffy little lips apart as she began to Pee, her 
beautiful pussy so lovely as I took her young body and moved her 
so it would splash on my mouth. Her hot little Pee was so lovely 
as it flowed from her small opening, the light yellow pee now 
running over my lips as I held her. She was loving it too as she 
thrashed about over me, her little cunt so beautiful as she pissed 
on me. Just the sight of her young Pee was enough to make my cock 
hard and as she let it go, my cock started to cum! I was cumming 
so hard as my baby girl fed me her Pee! 

I then brought my tongue to her smooth slit as I began to lick 
every drop of her Pee from her sweet tasting little pussy. Then as 
I licked her, she began to climax! My baby was having a climax as 
I licked her young pussy!

"Oh, Daddy! You are making me cum! You are making me cum!" she 
shouted as she thrust her little pussy harder to my tongue as I 
held her to me. "It feels so good to me! Oh, daddy! Oh, daddy! I 
love it! I love you licking me! I'm cumming again!"


After that day, Amy would rush home to me, sitting on me as she 
loved to piss on me. Her little panties were a thing of the past 
as I had the real thing now, her sweet young pussy to play with 
and lick anytime I wanted her. 

We began to finger fuck her and started using a small vibrator 
that I had bought just for her. She had gotten a little older and 
we were getting her ready for my cock as she was always wanting to 
take it. 

One day as she came into my room, I had prepared for this occasion 
as I had got a tube of KY jelly to use on her little pussy. I also 
had bought a larger vibrator, one with a cock like head on it. We 
were going to widen her little pussy passage up and today was the 
day I took her cherry!

I laid her back onto my bed, naked as I spread her young, puffy 
lips. I began to slowly lick her until I knew she was good and 
wet. I eased the big vibrator to her smooth, young pussy lips as I 
began to work it into her wet little slit. I turned it on as it 
began to buzz, making her jump with excitement as she reached down 
and rubbed her little clit. I had the big vibrator in her young 
pussy as I pushed it past her hymen as it ruptured very easily. 
She let out a groan as it hurt her for a few seconds. Then I 
kissed away the pain as she began to thrust her little cunt to 
that big vibrator. It was time for my cock!

"Baby. Daddy is going to put my dick in your little pussy. It may 
hurt a little to start with, but it will feel better once we get 
it in." I whispered to her as I withdrew the big vibrator. "Daddy 
wants his baby to enjoy it so I am going to let you work your 
little pussy down onto me. Take your time and don't rush it. Now, 
climb on top of me so we can put it in." 

Being a good girl, she climbed on top of me as I positioned her 
little pussy right above my big cockhead. I took her small hips 
into my hands as she reached down and took my cock in her hand. I 
told her to rub it over her swollen lips first and to make sure 
she was good and wet. Then I said for her to ease down onto my 
cock with her sweet little pussy.

She placed it to her young slit and began to rub the thick head 
along her slit, her little pussy wanting my cock so bad as she 
wasted not time as she guided it to her young pussy. As I felt her 
little flower open up as my cockhead entered her tight little 
pussy I almost shot my load right then! Her tiny pussy was so 
fucking hot inside and it was so tight around my big cock as she 
began to work her little ass in circles, taking more of my shaft 
into her tight little pussy.

Oh! Oh! Oh, Daddy! This is so good! You have it so deep in me!" 
she shouted out in pleasure. "Make me cum! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck 
your baby's pussy!"

I held her there, her hips in my hands as I began to slowly sink 
my big cock to her small pussy. I was letting her do the work as 
she felt so good to my dick. I felt her when she started to cum, 
her young body shaking as her orgasm flooded over her tender, 
young pussy. She was humping me, up and down as her little body 
went stiff, knowing she was cumming as I held my big cock so deep 
in her tight, little pussy. My baby girl was having her first 
climax with my cock buried so deep in her young pussy!

"Oh daddy! You are fucking the Pee out of me!" she moaned as she 
continued to cum, her little pussy thrusting to my big cock. "What 
took you so long to fuck me? Oh, Daddy! It's so good! I love it! I 
love your big cock fucking me! Fuck me! Oh, please! Fuck me!"

I then really began to fuck her with my big, incestuous cock as I 
started to cum in her tight little pussy. I had it all the way in 
her tight little pussy as I started to fill her small cunt with my 
hot cum. She was moaning and groaning as she took every bit of my 
huge cock into her smooth, young pussy. And sure enough, she 
started to Pee as it ran out of her and over my cock. What a 
feeling it was to have her pissing with my cock buried in her 
small pussy. I knew that I would have to lick her clean, even if I 
had to clean my cum off of her with my tongue. I knew she would 
like that too as I held her to my throbbing cock.

I hope you liked my story so email me at daddy4girls55@yahoo.com 
and let me know as I would love to hear from you.