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A Girl Named Moira
by Steve (smoothbimm4u@gmail.com)


Steve loves his adoptive daughter in a very special way and she 
loves him back just the same! (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral, ws, 


Author Note: I don't have time right now to elaborate on "A Little 
Slice of Heaven", so I hope this story will hold you over until 
then! Thanks for all your comments sent to smoothbimm4u@gmail.com, 
keep them coming and I'll do my best to keep you cumming!


Moira came to live with us as an emergency foster placement. After 
having 4 children of our own, my wife and I decided to open our 
home to a child in need. After going through the usual training 
and clearance process, we waited for several months until, one 
day, the call came in asking us if we'd take Moira into our home. 
At 6, Moira was very small and withdrawn. The physical abuse she'd 
received in the past made her very hesitant and quiet. Still, she 
hit it off well with our four other children and she was in need 
of a safe home. If I had known that my latent attraction to young 
girls would find an outlet in her beautiful, brown body, I might 
have said "No". But I didn't. Yes, Moira was black, or African-
American if you're that hung up on labels. Her skin color didn't 
concern us at all but, as it turned out, her race played an 
instrumental part in the events that were to come.

Moira adapated well to our family life, requiring only minor 
disciplinary actions. She was happy and eager to please and 
developed a close attachment to me from the very beginning. At 
first, it was somewhat disconcerting, the way she'd hang around, 
almost expectantly. Once I realized she was seeking attention and 
affection, I began holding her, letting her sit on my lap and lay 
with me on the couch as we watched TV. Even though Moira loved to 
rub my back and arms, I was busily practicing that 'blind vision' 
most fathers develop with their own girls, that keeps them from 
noticing the softness of their skin, the warmth of their bodies, 
the growing roundness of certain areas. 

For most of a year and a half, I didn't treat Moira any 
differently than my birth daughters. One evening before bed time, 
though, she was complaining about having itchy legs. I'd heard her 
say that, before, but always my wife did something and she'd stop 
complaining about it, so I never paid much attention. This time, 
though, my wife was busy with something else and she asked me to 
please put some lotion on Moira's legs. As it turns out, black 
children (and adults, I suppose) can develop really dry, scaly 
skin on their legs and arms. The solution is as simple as applying 
moisturizing lotion, which my wife had been doing all along. This 
time, the task fell to me.

I led Moira into our bedroom, grabbed the lotion and sat on the 
edge of our bed. She came up and stood in front of me in her 
nightgown, with a slight smile on her face. I asked if she was 
ready and she just nodded, so I pumped some lotion onto my hands, 
wrapped them around her left ankle and started smoothing the 
lotion up her leg. She put out a hand onto my shoulder as I began 
working the lotion onto her leg. My hands worked their way up 
under her nightgown and I was waiting to run up against a panty 
line to know when to stop, when my left hand slid up and over her 
right butt cheek.

Well! I stopped in mid-stroke, almost stricken by the sensations 
that were running through me as my left hand cupped the bubble-
butt cheek of her ass, my right hand frozen probably a half-inch 
from touching her hairless, 8-year-old pussy. I never had thought 
of any of my daughters as sexual beings, before, but Moira's 
smooth round ass felt so nice beneath my hand and the thought of 
how close I was to touching her virgin cunny lips gave me an 
instant hard-on unlike any I'd ever had, before!

I looked up at Moira's face and she was gently smiling at me, so I 
stroked my right hand back down, away from her pussy and squeezed 
her ass cheek with my left hand. It was only after I heard her 
utter a small, gentle little grunt that I realized what I had 
done. Without looking at her face again, I pumped some lotion onto 
my right hand and began stroking her other leg, quickly working my 
way up to her left ass cheek. Now, both my hands were gently and 
lovingly squeezing her beautiful, round bubble butt and soft sighs 
of contentment were escaping from her mouth. My erection was so 
stiff I thought my cock was going to snap, until the pre-cum 
soaking into my underwear became slippery enough for my hard prick 
to shift to a less strained position.

About then, my wife called from another room asking if I was done. 
I looked Moira in the eyes, smiled, gave her beautiful ass one 
last squeeze and let her nightgown drop back down around her 
knees. 'Bedtime, Pumpkin', I said, and led her off to her bedroom. 
For the first time, I gave her a kiss on her lips, not brief but 
not lingering, as I wished her a 'Goodnight!'

For several opportunities after that, I held myself at either 
rubbing or squeezing Moira's ass while I applied lotion to her 
legs. I was worried, of course, that any other activities would be 
detected or that Moira would speak up about them. I still didn't 
consider myself a pedophile but I was, inevitably, planning steps 
in my head that would lead me to enjoying my contact with Moira in 
many other, exciting ways.

One of those ways came up while my wife was out of town on 
business. I had (I thought) put all the girls down to bed and was 
relaxing in bed, naked (as I always slept). The book I was reading 
lost all importance when I heard Moira's voice: 'Daddy? I can't 
sleep, my legs are too itchy!' I looked up and saw Moira standing 
in the doorway to our bedroom, clothed only in a simple, white T-
shirt that reached about mid-thigh on her. Her 8-year-old breast 
buds stuck out slightly from the front of the T-shirt and the 
gentle swell of her developing hips was just evident under the 

I didn't bother to hide my nudity, even though Moira had never 
seen me naked before. I rolled over, my stiffening cock in plain 
sight, and asked 'Did mommy put any lotion on them this afternoon, 
before she left?'

'No,' replied Moira. I noticed that her gaze had settled on my 
erection. 'Well, honey' I replied, 'I was just going to take a 
shower. Why don't you take a shower with me, I'll wash your legs 
really good and then put some lotion on them when we're done?' I 
asked. I almost couldn't believe that I'd said that, but Moira's 
eyes widened a bit and then she smiled and nodded her agreement. I 
sat upright on the edge of the bed with my erection poking into my 
stomach and held out my hand for her to come closer. 

She approached and stood next to me. I took her hands in mine and 
lifted them above her head and let go. She held them there as I 
grasped the edge of her nightgown and lifted it up. My eyes were 
riveted on that cloth edge as it inched up over her slender 
thighs. Just as it cleared her ass, her smooth, brown, hairless 
pussy came into view. As I lifted the T-shirt over her slender 
hips, my gaze settled on the gentle mound of her sweet, young sex. 
The shirt cleared her arms and I took a moment to drink in the 
sight of her dark aureolas surrounding her firm little nipples, 
erect for reasons she didn't even know, yet.

I tossed her T-shirt to the floor and rose up from the edge of the 
bed. I quietly closed and locked the bedroom door and then took 
her hand and led her into our bathroom. There, I turned on the 
water and in the time it took to warm up, I moved over to the 
toilet and bent my half-erection down toward the bowl and took a 
nice, long piss. Moira watched as I did this and after I shook my 
cock I asked 'Do you need to pee before we shower?'

Moira smiled and nodded. I stepped aside as she approached the 
toilet, turned and sat. Without thinking, I blurted out 'Spread 
your legs, honey, let me see you pee, you saw me pee, right?' 
Moira smiled and nodded again as she spread her legs and began 
urinating into the bowl. The sight of her warm golden stream made 
me think of all the times I'd enjoyed piss play, before, and how I 
might be able to enjoy it with Moira and that made my cock so hard 
I had to start stroking it.

Moira finished pissing before I came, thank goodness, and before 
she could reach for the toilet paper I told her not to bother with 
it; we were going to take a shower, remember? The water was nice 
and warm by that point, and I led Moira into the shower stall. 
There, we both got nice and wet and then I turned off the water, 
grabbed a washcloth and shower gel, and began gently washing 
Moira's beautiful, brown, 8-year-old body. She enjoyed the face 
and neck scrubbing, the back and front washing, but I could tell 
by her gentle sighs and moans that she most enjoyed it when I was 
washing and scrubbing her firm, round bubble butt and her smooth, 
hairless pussy. Washing her legs had become just an excuse to get 
her naked in the shower.

When I was done with Moira, I gave her the washcloth and soap and 
instructed her in all the ways to wash the male body. She didn't 
even complain when I made her slip two of her slender, long 
fingers up my ass while she was washing my hard cock! I turned the 
water back on, rinsed off the soap from both of us, and helped her 
dry her sweet, young body. At that point, I had abandoned all 
pretense at applying lotion to Moira's legs. The only 'lotion' I 
wanted squirted on her body was leaking from my erect cock.

Again, I took her hand and led Moira back into my bedroom. I 
pulled her onto my bed and hugged her tight. 'Do you like what 
we're doing so far, baby?' I asked, as my hand caressed her ass 
and my steely cock throbbed against her abdomen. Moira shyly 
smiled, nodded and grunted 'Uh huh!' I didn't want to rush Moira 
into anything she wasn't ready for, so I sat upright, propped up 
on the bed and pulled Moira atop my legs, hers straddling mine, 
she facing me. My erection was pressed up against her pubic mound 
as I began rubbing her back and arms like she enjoyed rubbing 
mine. Moira moaned softly and her breathing quickened slightly. 
Taking that as a sign that she was enjoying our physical contact, 
I let my right hand slip down between her smooth, brown thighs as 
my other hand began rubbing and gently squeezing her soft, round 

My right hand began rubbing between her labial mound and thighs; 
after a few moments, I let my fingers brush against her hairless 
brown slit. I was rewarded with a low moan as I gazed at her face, 
her eyes closed in concentrated pleasure. I applied gentle 
pressure to Moira's thighs to signal my desire for her to spread 
them further. She shifted her weight on my legs, increasing the 
gap between her thighs and giving my hand better access to her 
sweet, underage cunt.

I gently parted her labia and began rubbing my fingers up and down 
Moira's wet, slippery slit. I was completely lost in the 
sensations of her young, underage body against mine. I didn't even 
think about what I was doing, whether I would get caught molesting 
my sweet, young adoptive daughter, whether she would tell anyone 
what her new daddy was doing with her. Everything felt so good, 
all I could do was concentrate on the feel and smell of her young, 
8-year-old body against mine.

By then, the aroma of her sweet, virgin pussy was floating up to 
my nostrils and driving me crazy. Even though the pre-cum from my 
cock was almost flowing freely, I knew I had to taste that sweet, 
virgin, forbidden poontang before I buried my cock deep inside it 
and came inside Moira; at that moment, there was no stopping me 
and I knew I was going to take her 8-year-old virginity that very 

Grasping her ass in both hands, I pulled Moira close to me and 
whispered in her ear, 'Baby girl, would you like Daddy to make you 
feel even better than it does now?' Moira just nodded, the motion 
of her head bobbing against my shoulder giving me all the 
permission I needed. I gently pushed her back, onto her back on 
the bed, rolling her off of me so that I ended up lying next to 
her, my head even with her neck. Placing my left hand on her wet 
pussy mound and sliding my middle finger between her slippery 
labia, I began kissing Moira's slender neck, her jawbone, her 
chest. I gently suckled her tiny 8-year-old nipples, causing her 
to gasp and arch her back. I knew then that she was ready to 
become my lover.

Even at this point, while I was fingering Moira's hairless, 
underage pussy and suckling her flat chest with its tiny erect 
nipples, I was wondering how I had let things get to this point, 
worrying about being caught, worrying about hurting Moira, her 
pleased moans soon put such thoughts out of mind, leaving me to 
wonder how we'd be able to keep our sexual relationship hidden 
from the rest of the family. For now, though, it was sufficient to 
the moment that Moira's little girl body was writhing in ecstasy 
under my mouth and hands as I worked my way down her body, past 
her nipples and stomach, lingering over her little belly button, 
my hands gripping that firm, round bubble butt of hers as my 
tongue worked its way down Moira's body to her pussy.

Her pussy! Ah, how wonderful! The sweet, clean taste of young cunt 
brought back memories of being in the back seat of a friend's car, 
diddling my 14-year-old girlfriend and beating off to the smell of 
her pussy on my fingers for days after that! Moira's young cunny 
was hot, slippery; I was surprised that a girl so young, only 8, 
could react in such a way, but there it was! My tongue eagerly 
lapped at her slit, licking up her tasty juices, probing at her 
pussy-hole. I sucked and licked her little clitoris as my fingers 
spread her young labia apart, my nose crushed against her pubic 
mound, my tongue and lips licking and sucking and slurping and 
probing into her pussy as my fingers gently massaged and tweaked 
her nipples. 

Suddenly, Moira let out a loud, long moan and pushed her pussy up 
against my mouth. One of my fingers that I had been using to 
spread her labia slipped down between her labia and pressed 
against her pussy hole. She moaned again and lifted her hips once 
more, causing my finger to slip inside her 8-year-old cunny. Moira 
gasped in surprise at the sensation but as my tongue continued 
lapping at her clitoris, she came for a third time with a tiny 
squeal and a thrust against my hand. My middle finger sank all the 
way into her cunt, causing her to give a little cry of pain. 'Oh! 
That hurt!' I said 'It's OK, honey, my finger just broke your 
hymen, it won't hurt anymore!'

Moira smiled and sighed, relaxing a bit. I began working my finger 
in and out of her sweet, young cunt as I sucked on her now-swollen 
clitoris. Moira closed her eyes, stretched her arms back over head 
and arched her back, pushing her cunt into my face. I kept sucking 
her clit and licking her pussy as I worked another finger into her 
preteen twat. She just gave a sexy little grunt and pushed against 
my finger. I worked both fingers in and out of her cunny, letting 
her enjoy the feeling of two digits pleasuring her, plus my lips 
sucking her clit.

By now, my cock was just ready to explode! Pre-cum was flowing so 
much I thought I was having a continuous orgasm! I didn't want to 
tell Moira what I was going to do but I also knew she wasn't quite 
ready yet, so I gently eased a third finger into her tight, little 
girl's pussy. Working all three of my fingers in to stretch her 
smooth, pink pussy hole for my cock almost made me come just 
thinking about it! 

Keeping all three fingers in Moira's tight little pussy, I lifted 
my head and moved up so that my erection was rubbing against her 
hip. I kept my fingers in her pussy the whole time. 'Moira, baby, 
do you know what Daddy wants to do to you, now?' I asked. 

Dreamily, her eyes closed, as if from far away, Moira said 'What, 

'I won't tell you, just keep your eyes closed, but someday when 
you get older, we'll be able to make a baby, together, OK?'

Moira, her eyes still closed, smiled and replied 'I want to make a 
baby with you, Daddy! What do we have to do?'

'Just relax, baby, you're all ready for Daddy. We'll practice a 
bunch until you're old enough to get pregnant, OK?'

'OK, Daddy, let's practice!' Moira said with a gentle smile, her 
legs spread wide apart, her pink, wet and slippery cunny ready for 

I crawled up atop Moira, pushing her legs apart a bit further. My 
cock was dripping with pre-cum as I grabbed it and pushed it down 
against Moira's slick, tween pussy. My pre-cum and her pussy juice 
were so slippery together that my cock head sank almost 
immediately deeper into her 8-year-old pussy, my cock head coming 
to a brief rest against the opening to Moira's almost-virgin 

As I gazed into her beautiful, brown eyes I gave a thrust to my 
hips and pushed the head of my cock between Moira's labia. With 
another thrust, my glans were buried between her pre-teen labial 
folds, urgently pressing up against the opening to Moira's 8-year-
old cervix, the opening that had been stretched by my three 
fingers just minutes before.

With a final thrust and a grunt, I slammed my erect cock into 
Moira's pre-adolescent pussy, bottoming out with a cry of 'Holy 
SHIT!' Pulling out, I quickly pressed back into my child lover's 
body, my 7' cock thrusting in so far to her tiny body that I 
bottomed out at about 5' Not wanting to hurt Moira, I kept my 
thrusts under control, which wasn't easy as every motion in and 
out of her pre-teen pussy made me want to slam my cock into her 
tight cunt. Within a minute, though, the sensation of her underage 
pussy squeezing against my shaft, the feel of my balls slamming 
against her tight, brown, firm little ass, the look on her face as 
she stared into my eyes as her Daddy fucked her íV I came inside 
Moira so hard that I almost blacked out. 

The sight of my smoothly shaven white cock pounding her naturally 
hairless brown cunt drove me over the edge.  I shot rope after 
rope of my thick, hot sperm deep into Moira's pre-teen pussy, 
having her collapse atop me as we both fell asleep in the nude, my 
cock still buried inside her tight little cunt.

We fucked like this for 4 more years, every time my wife went away 
on business, or we just thought we could get away with it. Then 
Moira got pregnantíK..but that's another story â║