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Archive name: cockwor.txt (MF, asian, whore)
Authors name: Winston James (winjames2001@yahoo.com)
Story title : Cock Worship by a Chinese Hooker

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Cock Worship by a Chinese Hooker
by Winston JaMES (winjames2001@yahoo.com)


Southern china, 1998

I'm at the street corner hang-out of hookers near my 
hotel at this southern Chinese island capital city.
The tiny woman's look who has caught my attention is 
like she's intrigued but a little cautious. I'm not 
sure if she 's even a working girl. But no rational 
woman strolls here at this time of night. She's got a 
sassy haircut and wears black jeans. Looks like has a 
small ass -- very rare here.

"You stay at this hotel?" she mimes. 

I misunderstand her question as "Wanna go usptairs?"
or maybe that's actually what she asked. But her look
is ambivalent. Did she mean she's a student when she
commented on my dictionary in hand? I smile and hold 
my dictionary up with two fingers supporting the
cover. If she's on the game she will understand this
as 200 yuan. She nods. 

We walk and she verifies the number in Chinese. I
haven't learned my numbers yet (truth is I haven't
tried. Very stupid of me. Onto my to do list). I 
give her the peace symbol. As we approach the
entrance she is steeling herself to go inside, walking
close enough to me to take advantage of being a couple
yet distant enough should arriving solo be a 
better strategy. She tee-hees when we get in the
elevator together.

In the room this streetwalker (?) sighs with relief
that no one stopped us. She's happy I run a bath. 

"You must have a big penis," she mimes, seeing the
normal bulge in my cock-asian briefs. 

I flip my genitals behind and under my groin, like a
seasoned ladyboy, and exposing myself show her nothing.
'No I am the same as you.' This silly stunt amuses

"Wanna see my tits?" she pulls her bra down, as if
she expects I'll be disappointed by her padded bra. 

'Yummy, small and firm,' she reads my face. 

I rip off the covers that the maid did wrong again (I
like them loose) and turn the blanket and top sheet
over together to create a sheet on top with extra
padding. I lie down waiting for her. She tosses a 
condom on the side table. I give her my usual lotion

I dribble some astrolube on her hand and she goes at
it, wanking me expertly. I lean back on my elbows, my
knees bent behind me as support. She stares at my cock
only. She doesn't look at me for a good fifteen
minutes, just stroking, stroking, stroking -- with
just the right pressure and double hand movement. She
is watching my cock intently, in awe, like its 
some powerful god she's never seen before. If she was
an agnostic before about raw male power, now she is a

Unlike some hookers (and women in general) who have
treated my penis like it's a piece of wood, her sexual
worship is more like 'he is this cock'. She goes on
and on arousing me (or is it arousing herself?), 
bringing me to plateaus closer and closer to orgasm.
She's doing a better job than myself, and that's an
accomplishment, let me tell you. Her hands 
fit perfectly. She never stops staring at my cock,
except a few times to look up at me as if to say
things like, "This is amazing. It's three 
hands high"(her hands are small); "Will you look at
that!" and "I'm a small woman. How could you possibly
fuck me?"

We do fuck. 

I usually don't like looking at vaginas, but hers not
only feels tight, I like her brown and purple inner
lips, like some sort of shellfish innards moving with
the tide. Her opening is very low on her body. I have
to go in slowly. 

'There is no rush, we don't have to do this in one
plunge' I say to her. 

She moves that she wants me to go deeper. It feels
good to be all the way in. Mostly I stroke shallow
with just my knob barely in. Now I am staring at my
pole in her hole.

I've never been so cunt-and-cock centered. Her look of
pleasure is not like the sensation of fucking is
particularly enjoyable. No, it's more like having me
inside her is scintillating as a whole experience.
Many times, most times in fact, fucking for me is
using a woman as a glorious masturbation aid. But at
this moment this is sex with 'her'. The fact that much
of our sex is manual is incidental. Hard to explain.
I'll just say that we are both having a very good time
and I'd rate this fuck as right up there in my life's
fucks -- a religious experience.

When I turn her over, I savor the movements of her
muscular butt, as she tightens. Usually my sexual
style is very carnal and domineering, but even though
I am controlling this woman, she is really controlling

This is highly charged sex. When I cum (a lot) its in
a steady surge rather than wild waves. Her eyes are
sparkling. She's taking it all in, not like 'Well,
that was good and now its over, but "Wow, this IS 

In the bathtub I offer her some iodine to wash with.
Unlike many hookers who are suspicious of my lotions
and potions, she uses it for its intended purpose, an
antiseptic genital wash. 

"Please wash my back," she asks by exposing that most
wonderful part of her body and shivering it at me. 

Dressing, she tells me, "This is the first time I have
fucked." (this way? With a tourist? For money?) 

I give her a crinkely lemon-colored dress. She tries
it on. It's too small but she likes it. After she
takes it off and has set it aside I insist she have

"Are you sure you want me to have it?"


Maybe she will this sheer and very short dress to a
niece to use as sleep wear. 

"Walk me out?"

In the elevator she tells me she's from Fulu(?), 
closer to Tibet than Beijing. Thinking she means
Central Asia, I mime Muslims at prayer. 


I mime Buddhists at prayer. 

"Yes." I mime a Tibetan horn. 

"Yes," she's happy I got it right  

Hmm, tantric, no wonder sex with her was so grounded.

As we pass a janitor polishing the lobby floor she
greets him -- my, she is nervous. She is uncertain
about getting out of here with no problems. In the
rotating door I wave her off ahead of me into the
parking lot. I don't stop revolving but do another
turn. Just because it feels good. I don't know if it
was our chemistry or the herbal tonics I have been 
taking. But after sex I am not drained. I feel more
solid and strong. Sex as therapy. Yahoo! 

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