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Trip to Homg Kong (MF, asian, prost)
by Anonymous Author


[The following is a true account]

I'm out the door at 7:30am and make it to the airport an hour or so
later.  At 11am I board my Korean Air flight for Seoul.

The flight takes off a half hour late but is otherwise uneventful.
I speak some to the two teenage Korean girls sitting next to me and
manage to get a reasonable amount of sleep.  Having made a point of
staying up all the previous night is helpful in this regard.

I arrive at Seoul at 3:30pm the next day, courtesy of the international
day line.  After a three hour layover during which I attempt to pick out
a hotel to stay in Hong Kong, I'm off again bound for that destination
on another Korean Air flight.

[Hong Kong]

I arrive at Hong Kong Saturday night around 9:30pm.  The night arrival
at Kai Tak unfortunately makes the landing not quite the thrill I was
anticipating.  No hairpin turns in front of apartment buildings were
apparent, but still a very low passage over Victoria Harbor and Kowloon
with the bridges and streets well lit and the city in full view.

Immigration is smooth and quick, after which I exchange 3 US$100 traveler's
cheques for Hong Kong dollars (the minimum sum the cashier suggests I'll
need for a two day stay), and catch a taxi to the Tsim Sha Tsui district of
Kowloon for a stay at the Imperial Hotel on Nathan Road right next door
to the famous Chung King Mansions, a highrise backpacker guest house
tenement complex.

It's HK$775 (about US$100) plus tax a night at the Imperial for their
cheapest room which is not much larger than a closet in size.  Although
I'm in a fully equiped modern hotel in a very prime location, I still
regret the amount I'm paying.  I had opted against the Chung King, its
reputation for grottyness a bit too much should I have an overnight
guest.  And given my ignorance of the neighborhood, I didn't want to
chance staying too far from the night scene.

After check in, I spend the remainder of the evening scouting Tsim Sha Tsui 
on foot for available action.  A few of of the local bars don't turn up
anything and I don't bother venturing into the one or two topless karaoke
places I pass, assuming they're way over my already exorbitant Hong Kong
budget.  I encounter one streep pimp who offers me short time for HK$600
which I decline.

I finally end up at the Sprite Sauna massage parlor on Hau Fook Street
where HK$360 gets you a shower, sauna, and table massage in a darkened
room.  I'm served by a rather fat matronly Thai woman who proceeds to
massage me while I feel her up as much as she will allow.  Haggling soon
follows, she offering 400 for a hand job, me wanting that also to include
full access to her breasts and pussy with her completely removing her
panties.  We fail to agree on this so I withdraw my hand, tipping her
nothing, and passively enjoy the remainder of the massage, my prior
liberties taken gratis.

I call it a night, at this point on my last legs after some 20 hours in
planes and airports, and return to my hotel to sleep somewhat restfully
until 11am the next day.

Sunday, my last day in Hong Kong, is a tour day, and after a dim sum and
Tsing Tao beer lunch and a little shopping around Tsim Sha Tsui, I catch
the ferry across to Hong Kong island and get on a bus to Stanley Market
at the far end near Repulse Bay.

Nothing but tourist vendors but you're right on the water and can lean
over the rail to see the waves lapping the slip.  I walk around some, buy
a couple of chops (ink stamps used by chinese bureaucrats) with my initials
engraved in them, and hop on a bus back to Central, enjoying the panoramic
views of green mountains, valleys and beaches framed by the sea, an image
I'd not previously had of Hong Kong.

Back in downtown I note the landmark I.M. Pei Bank of China building as
I pass and get off to hike the back allies, the very steep streets in some
parts of hilly Hong Kong island making for much more of an exertion than
I planned, with me at times taking a breather and using the street
escalators to continue up.  Around 9:30pm I'm back on the ferry to

After resting a couple of minutes in my hotel, I go out again (no
time to waste in Hong Kong) and get on the MTR to Mong Kok to hunt
for brothels.

I get lucky early and sniff one out on Shanghi near Argyle next to the
Sang Po Bank.  Nothing but an inconspicuous walkup with a Chinese sign
in front.  The only immediate clue is the single red flourescent bulb
burning over the building's door.

I buzz the door with the Chinese emperor poster and incense burning by
it and am greeted by an older woman in her late 30's or early 40's.  She
wants HK$300 short time and I immediately agree.  She leads me to a closet
sized room with a bed and TV which she turns on to an American hard core
porno video.  I undress her naked but only bother to unzip myself.  And
using a condom she provides, have a relatively quick screw.  She seems
to get off with me (I can't imagine why she'd bother to fake) and
afterwards I zip up and return to my prowl confident in my abilities
to get another cheap (by Hong Kong standards) lay.

After a little wandering and hesitation, I begin picking out the brotels
with ease.  They seem invariably to be nondescript street walkups in
drab older buildings with a few Chinese characters above the door and
occasionally a red flourescent light.  You know you've found one if you
walk up one of these and find an apartment with a reflective glass,
instead of wood, door with a pot of incense and small light on the
floor by it.

I become quite good at finding these and hit perhaps a dozen that night.
The door, though, becomes the stopping point, as almost all the time
I am greeted by a man saying "no have girl" or "sorry, no service."
Rather than discourage me, though, with so many I keep finding, I only
become obsessed with finding one that will service me.

After a half dozen or more stops, I found one.  This one was on Tung Choi
Street near Argyle across from Ka Ying Fashion.  Compared with the ease
of my prior success, I was kept waiting in a room for more than 20 minutes
before a girl was presented to me who seemed to only grudgingly accept
the task.

She was quite a bit younger than the first, maybe early 20's, and had a
decent enough body, nothing spectacular.  She wasn't, as I might've
guessed, from Hong Kong but rather Guangzhou, China.

For her I got naked and we had another short time screw with her coming
or also acting through an orgasm.  This one cost HK$500 which I couldn't
get any lower.  We had a nice shower together afterwards, before I head
out again.

It's beginning to rain a little harder than when I began the evening and
I have to factor in my somewhat drowned rat appearance, in addition to
just being white, for my lack of luck.

A few more refusals later and I'm welcomed into a spot on Nelson Street
near Sai Yee and across from S Square.  At this point with the hour very
late, me becoming increasingly wet, and with an 8am plane to catch
tomorrow, and low on cash, I allow merely finding this one to be the
reward itself and pass on my turn, quiting for the night and returning
to my hotel.

I'm up at 6:30 the next morning, check out, paying by credit card, and
catch a taxi to the airport in the driving rain.  Next stop is Phnom
Penh, Cambodia with a one hour layover in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam.
Cathay Pacific takes me on the first leg, with Vietnam Airlines finishing

[Phnom Penh]

I arrive in Phnom Penh around noon and take a taxi into town to the
Hong Kong Hotel on Monivong.  For whatever reason, they only have two
rooms left and I opt for a windowless one with a large bed, TV, hot
shower/toilet, aircon and refrigerator for US$25/night.

After catching up in my diary, I'm off for bottled water and then directly
to Tuol Kauk, a brothel village of wooden shacks on stilts and dirt
roads on the northern edge of town.  The motorbike driver drops me off
on the far end of the Khmer side, I pay him his dollar, and begin my

I screw two girls for $2 each.  The first had a pretty young face and
lighter skin and I consider her for later.  The second was smaller and
darker.  She was only about 4'10" still with the figure of a child with
the exception of large forward hanging breasts.  I later learn through
an interpreter that she's 18.  Although not the prettiest face, she's
of special note to me because of her very nearly hairless pussy.  The
few fine hairs on her mound are only apparent after close inspection.

I enjoy fucking her, as with all Khmer girls I've had, she's very
affectionate.  I also take note of the sticker on the wall with a condom
cartoon character and Khmer script apparently advising use of such
protection.  After that quick screw and payment afterwards, I continue
hitting the brothel shacks seeing if I can't improve on this find.
I find nothing else that compares to my narrow specifications, as I
take advantage of some girls, walking off paying nothing as soon as
I get a look at their naked bodies and decide they're not worth my

I return to the brothel with the smooth pussy girl and enter into
negotiations to buy her out for a night.  This is apparently a
significant transaction, for whereas discussion of a short time
screw hardly draws any interest, within five minutes, a crowd of
10 to 15 has gathered close around us, leaning in, and I soon
find myself talking to a guy specifically brought in because
of his English language skills.  We finally settle on US$15 with
her due back at her shack at 11am the next day.  With it only
3:30pm now, I figure I ought to be able to get my fill of her
by then and we hop on a motorbike taxi for the ride back to
my hotel.


Once back, we quickly remove our clothes for a screw and a shower.
I unfortunately allow her to discover the TV and she very quickly
becomes entranced watching a period Japanese soap opera dubbed
in Khmer.

Her next relentless demand is for a cigarette and to be fed.  So
we dress and head out walking a couple of doors down to a small
restaurant with outdoor seating.  A pack of 20 Mild Seven Filter
Lights runs 2500 Riel (a little under a dollar), a lighter,
another 500.

We sit and I let her order, and we have a beef and cauliflower dish
served with a fish and apricot soup, and rice.  She has a can of
7up and I, a large bottle of Angkor beer.

Afterwards we go back to my room for another screw and then doze off
together in front of the TV, giving me a chance to recover a bit
from my travel.  We wake a few hours later for more TV and sex,
finally calling it a night around 2am.

The next morning I get in a couple more screws with her after which
she returns to sleep and I get a chance to write in my diary and
watch a little CNN International.  My overall experience with her
is hardly memorable and I won't mind unloading her when it's time.
She's very much a product of Tuol Kauk both its poverty and its
business of prostitution.  She has an unwashed odor to her due
intermittent bathing using only a clay pot, and her cigarette habit,
illiteracy in her native language, and dressing habit including
neither bra nor panties, marks her, as much as anything, as a rough
urchin of urban squalor.


At a little before 11am we get dressed and I send her on her way, she
giving me a big hug and kiss.  I see her outside to a motorbike taxi,
give her a dollar, and wave goodby, while considering when my next visit
to Tuol Kauk will be.

After lunch at the same restaurant as before, I get a traveler's cheque
and my passport out of my safe deposit box and walk over to the Cambodia
Asia Bank a few blocks up Monivong to cash it.  I extend this excursion
to a broader walking tour of the area with stops at a local Wat, an
expat bar run by a German, and the New (Central) Market.  I end up back
near my hotel only to hop on a motorbike to the Olympic Market where I
shop there a bit, and then walk back.

Once again, the day's and previous night's activities catch up with
me as I soon doze off after lying on my bed with the TV on.

I don't wake until after 10pm where upon I shower and head off for
Martini's.  It's quite packed when I get there and I head for the
bar, order a beer, and sit on a stool to observe the action.  In
time, I'm joined by one very friendly Khmer girl who soon has her
arms around me.  I'm at the moment in no hurry so play it slow,
and in the process am joined by three other girls.  It's a bit of
a handful to share myself among them, to say nothing of the minor
spectacle of it all.  I let them play with me for some time and
appreciate that this is very reminiscent of a Bangkok go-go bar
except that there are no lady drinks or bar fines for which to pay.

Eventually, I pick two of them, or maybe they picked me as they
were the most affectionate and physical of the bunch.  And in
hindsite that tends not to bode well for an enjoyable hotel

I get them for $10 each for the night and a conventional four-wheeled
taxi take us back to my hotel for $3.  Neither of them are particularly
hot looking with the lights on.  One is 26 and kind of fat, the
other 24 and a darker beauty with very little pubic hair.  Both
have had kids.

We get undressed and I immediately screw the dark one.  The three
of us then lie on the bed and talk a bit before turning the lights
off and attempting sleep.  Around 3am I screw the big one, and at
around 4 she says she's going home, that she's unable to sleep
here.  I don't protest her departure much as it has gotten a little
crowded, and she had not become my favorite.

Sleep, though, continues not to come easily, and after finally
dozing off, I'm awakened at 7am to find the other one also dressing
to leave.  I am quite a bit less agreeable this time, but also
realize that it's my fault for not establishing a departure time.
And it's also hard to argue with getting an all night (or nearly so)
for only $10.


I eat a buffet lunch at the City Central Hotel (formerly the Allson)
on Monivong and then walk over to and along the Sap River stopping
at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant for a drink and to test their e-mail
service.  I continue to walk in the general direction of Tuol Kauk
and at one point consider trying to make it there on foot.  Eventually
I relent and take a moto-taxi the remainder of the way.

Once there, I went about my usual $2 whoring, satisfying myself a couple
of times with the accommodating Khmer girls.  The clouds had begun
to gather during my activities and while I passed the time in front of
one brothel, they burst into a torrential rain.  My interest now
is merely in staying dry as I wait out the storm in one brothel by
giving an English lesson to the girl I'd just screwed.

I also notice between storms that in the passing troop of people, I
manage to count with displeasure more than one white male clearly here
for the same reasons as I am.  And I realize I can't help but blame
myself for contributing to the publicity of the place.  But then
I think that if the political meltdown and civil war at all comes to
pass as all news reports say the country is on the verge of, this
slight uptick in brothel hounds will just as quickly be obliterated.

After a couple more brothel hops, it's after 6:30pm and the rains
seem to have finally ceased.  The girl I've just had seemed a little
sweeter and shyer than most, and with the potential of more rain
ruining an evening out, I decide to buy her out for the night.  The
mamasan there seems to have taken a particular liking to me, especially
after I gave her a dollar when I got there just to let me sit out
the rain.  Negotiations go rather easy this time and she lets me have
the girl until noon tomorrow for $10.

I end up waiting, though, an additional ten minutes or more, as this
$2 brothel girl goes to a great deal of trouble to put on her best
(and fairly conservative) outfit, shoes, makeup and jewelry.  I end
up feeling I'm taking her out on a date instead and it affects my
whole attitude towards her, starting with concern that mud from the
road not splatter her clothes as we prepare to leave.

With the sky darkening, much of the road flooded with puddles, and
downtown Phnom Penh in the middle of rush hour, three people on a
moto-taxi becomes a somewhat less than relaxed experience.  When we
get back to my hotel, the driver wants $2, and rather than argue,
I pay up.

When we get back to my hotel, I just sit her on the end of the bed
and look at her in the full light.


I felt I had a precious flower before me and didn't want to do anything
to ruin it.  Finally, I went out with her again and bought her dinner
at the nearby restaurant.  When we had finished, I brought her back
to my room for a night together.

She was the shyest of all that I've had so far, locking the bathroom
door behind her, wrapping herself in a towel whenever I didn't have
my hands on her.  But she was always laughing and happy whenever I
grabbed it from her and she as much enjoyed curling up around me.
She had had a child, or had at least been pregnant, for her stretch
marks were modest and her breasts still had the firmness of a young
girl.  I also learn that although she's 22 years old, she had only
been in Phnom Penh for a month.

She was a descent lay, nothing spectacular or particularly orgasmic,
and she definitely enjoyed my company staying with me through the
night and next morning without expressing the slightest desire to
leave.  As a further plus, she didn't smoke and had no interest
in television, even after I'd turned it on and then kept it on CNN.
Her only drawback was her apparent gastro-intestinal problems,
exhibited by occasional farts and frequent trips to the bathroom.
Eventually I give her some of my own prescription diarrhea medicine
that I bring along, just to try to settle her some.

Around noon we dress and I see her off on a moto-taxi back to Tuol Kauk.
I then have another lunch at the City Central Hotel which seems like
something of a French enclave with so much of that tongue spoken around
me while I eat.

Another roundabout walk eventually takes me to the Lidee Khmer
Internet Center on Street 53 near the New Market where I send
word back via e-mail to a bunch of people that everything's
fine and I'm having a great time.

At a little after 5 I way my options beyond a repeat of my somewhat
boring previous evening.  But once again head over to Tuol Kauk,
more out of a monotonous habit than any real libidinous desire.

With a somewhat disinterested curiousity, I decide to make a fuller
survey of all the brothels in the village.  I start out where I
left the previous day and begin working my way through them, most of
the time doing no more than looking over the half dozen girls
presenting themselves to me in their plastic chairs.  Overall, I
find few I desire, they're either crudely agressive in their
advances towards me, scowl with hostility, or have such a heavy
amount of makeup and lipstick on so as to appear positively goulish (and
I'm at a loss to understand how they think this will attract business).
This time I make it past the railroad tracks, the supposed demarcation
between the Khmer and Vietnamese area of Tuol Kauk.  The Vietnamese
brothels offer much the same, only they seem a bit more clueful on
how to put on makeup.  I continue to run across the occasional Khmer
brother, though, and my interest has come to focus on the quiet, shyer,
sweeter girls.  I find one much to my liking, and after a $2 screw
test run, see about buying her out.  I've unfortunately picked a
special one, for the mamasan refuses to let her go out at all and
say's I much choose from among the other three.  I suspect that the
girl is probably new to the brothel and they don't trust her enough to
let her out for the night.

I decline the other choices and instead move on.  I stop at another
Khmer brothel and almost buy out a girl for $12, but end up backing
out, deciding she just wasn't cute enough to spend the night with.

At my last stop I do find such a Khmer girl.  She's thin with small
breasts and a very attractive girlish figure to go with her cute
face.  I settle on $15 to have her for the night and until noon the
next day.  This I make clear with the papasan, but is apparently
not clear with the girl.

Her name is Mao and the two of us take a moto-taxi back to my hotel.
I quickly have her undressed, with her attempting to conceal her body
within a towel.  She turns out to be another okay screw, not especially
passionate, and absolutely refuses to let me eat her pussy.  Her other
difficulty is her insistance on watching TV, which I will allow as no
more than a tradeoff, if she allows my tongue access to her clit.  She
has a childish inability to seek compromise, though, instead kicking
her feet in a tantrum of sorts, and the TV remains off.

We do manage a shower together to go with the sex, and the next morning
we wash each other's hair and she shaves me.  As the morning proceeds,
though, her restlessness increases turning at times into tantrums,
pouting, and even a few tears.  Having already got a read on her early
on, I don't buy any of this, and later on she just as easily allows
me another screw with her.

Finally, at a little after 11am I decide I've had enough fun and we both
dress to go out.  We go outside to hale a moto-taxi and from across the
street comes what I guess is one of the mamasans.  She joins the girl on
the moto and they head off, refusing a 500 riel note from me to pay for
the fare.

This being it for me this time round in Cambodia, after another buffet
lunch at the City Central, I stroll along Street 63 and almost go for a
$5 massage at a Vietnamese establishment, before checking out of my hotel
and heading to the airport to catch my flight to Bangkok.



The Thai Airways International flight to Bangkok was only 50 minutes
and I arrived at 5:45pm.  After passing through immigration and customs,
I immediately call Supranee, the girl I was last with in Bangkok
and with whom I had exchanged several letters since my last visit.

She's home and we agree to meet at my regular hotel, the Sukhumvit
Crown on Soi 8.  I take the 70 baht airport bus into town and along
the way have thoughts of great anticipation of seeing Supranee again.
After checking in, I wait for her in the hotel lobby.  Her older
sister, who speaks better English, arrives first and we talk a little
while, she telling me how excited Supranee is to see me.

When Supranee finally arrives she greets me with a big hug and sniffs
my face, a Thai expression of great affection.  The three of us go up
to my room and talk a little, after which Supranee's sister wants to
leave so we can be by ourselves.  She leaves with us her Thai-English
dictionary, though, which comes in very handy in later conversations.

Wondering how to spend our reunitement together, by force of habit I
return to my normal Bangkok routine, and we hit Nana Plaza to check
out the go-go bars.  The place has changed further since my last visit,
this time with the open space of the plaza courtyard nearly gone and
taken up with beer bars and night vendors making it somewhat difficult
to find the go-go bars themselves.  We only hit a couple, I find them
too crowded, and with the girls on stage in bikinis, rather than nude,
not worth sustained attention.  Our next stop is Patpong, and after a
couple of preliminary stops, settle into the upstairs Lipstick bar
for a few descent pussy shows.  We finally head back and have a light
meal at Foodland before returning to my hotel.

I soon have Supranee undressed but it requires some effort, for she is
extremely shy.  I have her that night and the next morning, the two of
us bathing together in the interval.  I note this as the first time in
Southeast Asia that I've had sex without paying for it.

The next day we go to the Ambassador Hotel for a buffet lunch and then
set out getting her photographed for a visa application and have a
Thai friend help us with the forms.

She wants to do my laundry, so we make a trip back to her apartment so
she can get her stuff and then while she's washing it in the bathtub,
I phone my friend Paul who's been in Bangkok the last month and we make
plans to get together at Thermae later that evening.  Supranee and I make
another trip out looking for a music CD I wanted and then eat at a 24 hour
Thai restaurant across from my hotel.

When I see Paul at Thermae, I bring Supranee along and spend much of my
time just sitting there with her, looking around at all the inviting
Thai girls who are suddenly unavailable to me.

Supranee and I go back to my room together and just lie there on the
bed.  She had sensed my interest at Thermae and tells me I can go back
there and get a girl for the night, that she will have "no problem"
with this.  I naively and wishfully take her at her word and excitely
hurry back, feeling like a bird let out of its cage.

I buy a cola at around 2:30am and start to seriously prowl the now
very crowded Thermae.  After hitting on a few girls (and a couple
hitting on me), I settle on a sweet faced older one of 30 who seems
to be very jai dee (good hearted).  A little sweet talk later and
I have her agreeing to a 500 baht all night, and along the way back
to the hotel I tell her that Supranee will also be there.  She's
very uncomfortable with this, seeing only serious problems to follow.
When we get back, Supranee is very mai pen rai (it doesn't matter,
no problem) to the girl, and after a little while of convincing,
get her to go for it.

The two of us shower with Supranee sleeping on the edge of the bed.  I
have the Thermae girl only once that night and around 4am try to get a
little sleep.  Supranee gets up an hour later to use the bathroom, and
the other girl asks me to see if she's alright.  Supranee is and we
all get back in bed again.  The girl still senses there's a problem
and so dresses and leaves at 6am.

She turns out to be very right, and I soon get into a long discussion with
Supranee about what I just did and how I really feel about her, and my
intentions.  Supranee is in tears and if nothing else I learn not to place
too much, if any, credence in her declarations of "no problem."  With a
great deal of effort we manage to make up and get a few hours of sleep
into the afternoon, me having her twice during that time.

More trips are made to her apartment so she can check on stuff, make
phone calls, and change her clothes.  She also complains about the
roughness of my face, so I have her shave it.  She puts on a porno
video of some intense girl-girl action and I take this as my cue to
remove her pants and eat her pussy intensely.  I also use it as a
good excuse to get her to shave her pussy which she finally does
after a few protests of her shyness.  She also washes her hair and
wants to go to the next door barbershop to have it blow dryed.  We
dress and go over there, and I decide to also go for a trim and
shampoo.  The whole thing comes to only 130 baht.


We go back to my hotel and try to pick a nice restaurant to eat at
but end up just going to Foodland again.  Afterwards, I buy a
disposable camera and take a few pictures of Supranee to remember
her by until I see her again.  I then write in my diary some, we
make love again and around midnight as we're lying naked in bed,
her sister shows up and I'm having to clarify my intentions again.

We finally get some sleep and I have her once more in the morning,
enjoying the taste of her shaved pussy.  We talk some more, make a
trip to exchange some more traveler's cheques for baht, check out
of the hotel, and have lunch, with one of the waitresses taking a
picture of us together.  Supranee takes a taxi with me to Morchit
(Northern) bus station and sees me off as I get on the next 115
baht aircon bus for Khorat.


The traffic is fairly light and the ride from Bangkok is only about
three hours.  After I get off, on the advice of a helpful fellow rider,
I take another 3 baht bus to the Siri Hotel where their somewhat shabby
aircon rooms (no refrigerator or TV) run 250 baht/night, each night
paid in advance.  After check in, I have a steak dinner at the next
door VFW cafe and then wander the neighborhood for available night

Very close to my hotel on Jant Road off of Suranaree Road, I find a
rather pathetic go-go bar with a very small stage in the front and
most of the girls wearing one piece bathing suits with panty hose.
None of the girls speak any English but I'm able to gather that
1000 baht will get you one for the night.  I pass and walk across
the street to a brothel under a large red and white coca-cola sign
in Thai.

The place is set up like a massage parlor with the girls sitting on
steps behind glass watching TV with tables arranged before them where
you can sit and have a beer while making your selection.  The cost is
500 baht short time and I'm the only non Thai customer there.  I choose
one and we head to an upstairs room and have a fairly basic screw
and shower.  I then go back down and sit a while considering whether
to have another girl before heading out.

After some more walking, I make it over to Yotha Road, also off of
Suranaree, to a massage parlor with many lights lit out front.  The
setup for choosing a girl is the same with the exception that they're
sitting in sections marked by large colored signs advertising the
price for each quality.  I choose an 1100 baht one and we go upstairs
for a 2 hour bath, massage and fuck.  The bath is great, the massage
fairly minimal, after which she spreads her legs wide and motions
me to eat her pussy.  I oblige, bringing her to an orgasm before
screwing her to another.  She then bathes thoroughly, wraps herself
in a towel, and falls asleep in front of the TV, not allowing me to
touch her again.  I reply by refusing to let her have a cigarette, hang
around a while longer, and then dress and leave to see if I can scope
out any free lance girls.

More walking follows and I'm unable to find any, but I do run across
a number of karaoke and hostess bars though I never find out the
terms.  Down an alley way, around the corner from the massage parlor
I went to, I do find another brothel, this one set up more like a
bar with short time running 600 baht and all night 1500, though you
ought to be able to get this lower.  I pass, and after thoroughly
losing myself in late night downtown Khorat, try to find my way back
to my hotel.  I don't opt for the various tuk tuks offering lifts,
not having any small baht bills left on me, but do take up the offer
of a Thai man in a pickup truck.

I immediately recognise he's gay and is looking for some action from
me, of which I make clear my lack of interest.  He does drop me off
at my hotel and I thank him and go off to bed alone.

The next morning I have a pancake breakfast at the next door VFW cafe
and hang around to talk to the retired American military expats who
gather there each morning.  I don't learn much as they all seem to
be in their fifties or sixties and settled in with their Thai wives
and families.

I check out the city some more in the daylight to see if it's worth
another day's stay, and when I return to my hotel, one of the maids
offers me a girl to have in my room for 300 baht short time.  I
accept and a little while later am presented with a fair skinned
Chiang Rai girl of 19 whom when I get her undressed back in my room
find out she's managed to pluck out all her pubic hair.  I reward
her dedication by eating her to orgasm and we have a nice screw
afterwards, she then taking an interest in my Thailand LP guide,
flipping through all the colored plates.

I stroll out again only to return to be offered another girl, this
one a brown skinned Isan girl from Khon Kaen.  She's 30 and has had
a kid but is still a pretty descent screw, though not as fastidious
as the last one about bathing afterwards.  She also asks for her
money in advance which I refuse even after she calls up the hotel
desk clerk.  It all remains fairly good natured, though.

Around 5pm I head out again, walking a few blocks up Suranaree Road
to Klang Plaza I, a large square in the middle of an intersection
with grass, a few trees, and some benches.  I sit down to read a
travel book and after a while am approached by a street girl high
from sniffing a glue compound out of a plastic bag.  We bullshit
back and forth some before she gets down to wanting me to screw
her.  After buying a 5 baht one liter bottle of water for her and
her friends, we agree on a 100 baht short time at my hotel and I
take a tuk tuk with her back to it.  Another quick screw later
(I don't bother doing more than unzipping my fly for her, though
she's completely naked) she takes off and I relax a while, dozing
off and catching up in my diary.


I walk around late night Khorat a bit, get some chicken off a street
vendor, and then have a beer at the go-go bar before retiring for
the night.  The next morning I check out and take a tuk tuk to the
bus station to catch the next bus for Nong Khai.

[Nong Khai]

It's a rather tiring 5 hour ride with stops along the way at Khon Kaen
and Udon Thani.  When we get to Nong Khai, I take a tuk tuk into town
to the 450 baht/night Pongvichit Hotel two blocks from the Mekong River
ferry crossing with Laos.  After check in, I spend the rest of the
evening wandering through town scoping out the available action.  After
dinner at an outdoor restaurant, I go for a traditionaI massage hoping
it will lead to more, but though I choose a pretty young girl for my
masseuse, end up merely helping to continue the tradition.

I come across many hostess/karaoke bars but nothing with more direct
offerings.  A guy leaning against a motorcyle offers me the girl
sitting across in a cafe for a 500 baht short time, and a masseuse
outside a traditional Thai massage parlor makes a non traditional offer
of 2000 baht all night, both of which I decline.  I expect (and have
heard) there's a brothel scene in Nong Khai, but given the lack of
farang influence Khorat has had, it seems to be fairly hidden.  Had
I bothered to make more serious queries of the tuk tuk drivers, I'm
sure I would have turned up more, but I decide I've had enough.  The
next morning I check out and take the one hour bus ride back to Udon

[Udon Thani]

Udon Thani is a medium sized Thai city, flat and not all that different
in appearance to Khorat.  Its first large spurt of growth came during
the Vietnam War, during which a B-52 base was set up outside of town.
Nowadays it serves as the transmitter location for Voice of America,
the high towers of which with their blicking warning lights, visible
throughout the city.  It also has a few high rise hotels, and I choose
the convention center Udorn Hotel in the center of town.  For 750
baht a night, I have my first big time hotel experience (with a huge
counter like front desk, uniformed bell hops, dull elevators, etc.)
since Hong Kong.  I eat lunch at a small Thai place and walk around
some, exchanging a traveler's cheque, getting some bottled water, and
purchasing both a Bangkok Post and Nation newspaper to read in my

In the evening I go to the church like massage parlor (a flight of
stone steps leads to the huge polished wooden front doors) next door
and for 1000 baht have one of the most passionate screws I've had in
Southeast Asia.  I pick #47, a pretty smiling girl named Oc whom one of
the staff assures me is very jai dee (good hearted).  We go to one of
the rooms downstairs and instead of the usual insisting on following
the set bath, massage, love making routine, we are quickly in each
other's arms after undressing.  Though she looks about 25 or younger,
I find out she's 35 and has never had a kid.  She has a very cute body
of about 5'1" or so with small, firm breasts and smooth brown skin.

She's very into deep french kissing and I go down on her pussy with
the same passion.  We then screw and remain embraced and kissing
until orgasm.  I then enjoy a thorough and complete bath from her
in the large double width tub, followed by another session on the bed.


Afterwards, I go to the hostess bar/night club across the street, and
quickly after sitting, am joined by two of the hostesses in their
little business suits.  Their presence requires the purchase of two
50 baht lady drinks which I go for.  Their company is enjoyable and
they peal in hysterical laughter when I demonstrate what my interest
is by tongueing the forearm elbow crease of one of the girls.  We're
later joined by another girl whose overtures towards me are even
more direct.  She's interested in a 300 baht short time, but it has
to be after work hours, which is not on my schedule.

Outside I'm soon made another offer by a samlor (foot pedaled taxi)
driver to take me to some "ladies."  I go for it and after a few
side streets and back allies, end up at a small house where I'm
offered a choice of 6 girls in their late teens or early twenties
for a 500 baht short time.  I choose a teenaged one and from there
am shuttled to a small hotel to pay another 150 baht for a short
time room.  It's a bit of a shift going to a girl half the age or so
of the one I just had, and her lack of experience and shyness is
commensurate.  Still, there's a sweetness to her relative innocence.


We have a basic screw, after which a waiting motorbike takes her
back to her brothel and my samlor picks me up to continue cruising.

We turn a corner and get on Adulayadet Road, and near Soi 2 I'm
brought to another karaoke bar/brothel.  I decline the offers
made having become tired with the late hour and instead choose
to head back to my hotel to call it a night while making a note
of the neighborhood for the next night.

I sleep in some the next day, have the hotel do my laundry and
head over to the Bangkok Bank (the only nearby bank with an
exchange window open after 3:30pm) to exchange some TCs.

At around 6:30pm I go for another massage at the next door place.
Oc, the girl I had last time, hasn't arrived and instead I'm offered
another jai dee type of 22.  This one is absolutely ravishingly
beautiful.  I wish I'd had my camera with me just to get a picture
of her sweet, soft, smooth face.  She has a lovely smile and could
easily be on the cover of any Thai fashion magazine.

We have a very nice time together.  We kiss, I eat her, she sucks me,
and we screw in multiple positions (including doggy fashion, which she
likes).  She just doesn't quite have the passion or soul that attracted
me to Oc, though, and I don't find the satisfaction of the experience
sufficient to want to try her again (particularly with about 30 other
girls to choose from).

I go for a walk afterwards, and by shear wandering manage to
eventually make my way over to Adulayadet Road where I have a
beer at one place before going to the bar I was offered a girl
at the night before.  As soon as I enter the door, a laughing
tiny girl of about 4'10" attacks me, jumping into my lap.  I
agree to a short time with her for 300 baht and a motorbike
takes us down an alleyway to a collection of shacks.

She undresses and I hold her perfect palm sized breasts in my
hands.  We then have a quick screw, typical of the kind you
get with these short time arrangements.  Then we go back to her
karaoke bar where I spend the rest of the evening with her on
my lap, she periodically bursting out in laughter at the
various happenings around us.

When the place closes, a samlor takes me back to my hotel and
though tired and a little drunk, I impulsively decide to go for
another massage.  This time Oc is available and in addition to
having her bathe me, I also have her wash my hair while I doze
off briefly.  Feeling a second wind after that, I'm up for
another session with her and we have as satisfying a time together
as the last.

It's now about 12:30am, the parlor has closed, and I invite Oc
back to my hotel to spend my last night in Udon Thani with me.
Because the hotel has a large banquet area and parking facilities,
it's a popular convention site, and the only room I could get
has two single beds in it.  The night table/control panel between
them prevents them from being pushed together.  Oc and I try to
share one of the single beds, but with me having to get up very
early to depart and needing to get some sleep, I give up on this
and move into the other bed.

I'm up the next morning at 6:30 and while Oc continues to sleep,
I dress and pack my stuff.  I kiss her goodbye and she says she
hopes to see my again if I come back to Udon Thani, I tell her
I'd like that.  I also tell one of the maids to let the girl in
my room continue sleeping, and then go downstairs, check out,
and take a tuk tuk to the airport.

[Chiang Rai]

I've decided to fly to Chiang Mai, a 9 hour bus ride not being
something I wish to endure.  Orient Thai Airlines flies this route
and I get a ticket for the next flight which includes a brief
stop in Khon Kaen, apparently a popular business commute from
the number of people who get off then.

Once in Chiang Mai I opt again for air travel as I continue to
Chiang Rai, the choice being between a 4 hour bus ride or half
hour 420 baht Thai Airways flight (the cheapest I've ever paid
for a commercial airline flight).  The only drawback is having
to spend a few hours waiting for that flight in Chiang Mai
International Airport.

It's a smooth flight and I arrive at Chiang Rai International
Airport (though I'm unaware of any international flights out
of it) and take a taxi into town to the Saenphu Hotel on
Banphaprakarn Road, one of the main streets.  For only 550 baht
a night, you get an even larger room than at the Udorn Hotel, this
time with twin beds that are placed together and with all the
modern facilities and amenities of a much more expensive hotel,
including a complementary shuttle to the airport or bus station.

After check in, I scope out the neighborhood some and have dinner
at the nearby Phetburi Restaurant.  I then have a beer at the
Lobo go-go bar, about a block down Banphaprakarn inside a little
courtyard area with a couple of other go-go bars.  There's not
much happening there this early, the farang owner providing some
amusement by having his tottler aged daughter dancing on the
stage, swinging to the music as she grips one of the fire poles
with both hands.

I continue exploring downtown and though I spot a few "traditional"
massage establishments, find none that seem to offer the kind of
massage I'm looking for.  I don't bother seeing if maybe more is
available than advertised, though, so I note not to rule them out
all together.

I make my way to Sanambin Road finding what appear to be brothels
just a few blocks down from the Chiang Rai Chamber of Commerce.  I
continue walking though, looking for massage parlors.  I come across
a sign stacked with a bunch of others, for the "Mona Liza Massage
Parlor" but can't find the actual business to go with the sign.

I make another pass down Sanambin, this time on a samlor, and with
the entre of the driver, am admitted to one of the brothels.  I
must pass through two locked doors before getting to the girls, a
rather high amount of secrecy seems to pervade the place.  There's
only about four rather sullen girls at the moment to choose from
and I pick the one who manages the closest thing to a smile for a
300 baht short time screw.  Another rather perfunctory act of
intercourse follows and when I go back to the girls, there's only
three left including the one I just had.

I agree to a 1000 baht all night but find all the choices so unappealing
that I decide to pass and instead have my driver take me to another
brothel.  More of his intercessions are required before the doors
are unlocked for me and I'm led to a windowless cavern of rooms.  This
time the selection is much larger with maybe 20 girls presented before
me, more than half of which are smiling and laughing, enticing me to
pick them.

I pick a beckoning one for a 500 baht short time (the papasan is firm
about the price) and go down the hall to her windowless room.  Once
there she plays the tempting, teasing seductress to the hilt, giving
me a hardon before she's removed all her clothes.  She's a Mae Sai
girl of 18 or 19 with very little hair on her pussy which she enjoys
teasing me with.  We have a very satisfying screw together, but I
unfortunately find out afterwards that none of the girls may be taken
out for the night.  So I pick another laughing eyed girl for short
time, this one even more wild than the last.  Her room is farther
down the hall and we have to pass a garbage basket to get to it.  The
stench from there is almost overpowering, a dead animal, or something,
apparently having been left there for days to rot.

She almost seems a bit crazy in her laughter and desire for me, and I
find her more of an effort to get it up for.  In addition, her breasts
have an obvious sag and wrinkle to them, suggestive of pregancy, though
she has no stretch marks elsewhere.  She apparently gestures to me
that it wasn't carried to term.

After her, I've had enough and have my samlor driver take me back to my
hotel, paying him 70 baht for his services.  I'm soon out again, though,
looking to see if I can't find any free lance company to spend the night
with.  After a few stops, the best I'm able to come up with is a girl
from a karaoke bar who insists on 1500 baht.  I decide to pass, feeling
a need to budget my money a bit at this point, and call it a night.

[Mae Sai]

I sleep in the next day to catch up on my previous traveling and decide
one night at Chiang Rai is enough, at least for now.  After lunch,
I check out and catch an 18 baht bus for the 90 minute ride to Mae Sai.
I sit next to three high school girls on the bus and pass the time
helping them with their English exam.

From the bus station it's another 5 baht minibus ride to downtown to
the Top North Hotel on Phahonyothin, the main drag, where I get an
aircon room for 500 baht a night.  It's quite a step down from the
Saenphu in Chiang Rai, but the room is clean with its own TV, refrigerator
and hot shower/toilet.  Plus the location is great, just a short walk
from the Sai River separating Thailand from Burma with the road ending
at the bridge crossing.

After check in, I head in that direction, but walking under the bridge
and to the right along the road parallel to the river for a few
hundred yards until I reach an intersection with a Buddhist shrine at
the center.  A man motions me into one of the houses and gives me a
booklet of photos of girls to pick from.   I choose a smiling one and
that one is brought before me.  A 300 baht short time is agreed to and
we go off to another little room for a quick screw.

I find this experience quite a bit more casual and easy going after
Chiang Rai and look forward to another visit.  As soon as I leave
this girl, a girl in a different brothel approaches me with interest
in both short time and all night.  The selection looks inviting,
but I tell her I'm hungry and wish to have dinner first.

I walk back to Phahonyothin and have a chicken with cashew and rice
dish along with a Kloster beer at a restaurant right on the Sai River
near the border crossing.  The river's only about 50 feet wide at
this point and I can see directly into downtown Thakhilek in Burma
opposite Mae Sai as I eat my meal.

After dinner I go back to my room to get caught up in my neglected
diary during which a steady hard rain begins to fall.


At around midnight I decide to forget the rain and grab my umbrella to
return to the brothels for a bed mate.  The setup of the hotel discourages
late night outings with security curtains locking both the front entrance
and the doorway connecting the reception area/restaurant to the rooms
across a small bridge.  At the brothel, I pick one of the shy, quiet ones
in her late teens or so for 800 baht and we walk back in the light drizzle.

The double bed in my room turns out to be barely big enough for both
of us, and after having her once, manage only a couple of hours of sleep.
She leaves the next morning around 9:30 and I go out for a cup of coffee.

After lunch I decide to walk across the bridge and check out Burma.  The
city on the other side is Thakhilek and for US$5 and the relinguishing
of your passport, you can make day trips to it as long as you return to
Thailand by 5pm.

I shop around some but don't really see much not also available in Mae Sai.
I then engage the services of a motorbike taxi and we ride off through
the mud, a light rain blowing in my face, for a brothel run.  The scene
this side of the border is quite a bit more hidden as we end up going
through many side streets and back allies away from the business district,
before finding flesh for sale.

We hit three places, each asking more than I want to pay, before we
reach one that'll go for 300 baht short time.  After picking a girl,
an older one who turns out to have had a kid, we walk over to another
set of buildings and unlock a dark room a little bigger than the cot
like bed within.


A descent enough screw under the circumstances follows.  She's a little
more passionate than some others and if I had more time, would consider
another visit as she was quite affectionate afterwards.

I then do a little shopping for a Burma souvenir but the best I can
come up with is a key chain with a faux tiger's fang on the end.  After
crossing back to Mae Sai (and reclaiming my passport), I have a late
lunch at the King Kobra Guest House.  A little later in the early
evening, I make another trip to the local brothels for a couple more
300 baht screws.   Both were in their late teens with the second more
quiet than the first.  Neither was particularly remarkable.  I spend the
remainder of the evening, before going to bed, watching coverage of the
handover of Hong Kong to Red China on CNN.

[Chiang Mai]

I check out at noon the next day, catch the 5 baht minibus to Mae Sai
bus station, followed by the 20 baht non aircon bus to Chiang Rai Bus
Station, a 60 baht tuk tuk to Chiang Rai airport, a 420 baht flight
to Chiang Mai airport, and an 80 baht taxi ride to the Montri Hotel
at Tha Phae Gate at about 8pm.

Rooms are 560 baht a night but all that's available with a double bed
is on the noisy Moon Meuang Road side.  I have a late dinner and
check out the nearby Spotlight go-go bar which I find compares fairly
descently with a basic Nana place.  I then make my way through the
Night Bazaar but don't find anything of interest and cap that with a
samurai pork burger and pineapple juice at the area McDonalds.  I
close the evening back at the Spotlight bar and pick a girl for a
1000 baht all night (300 baht bar fine).


She's 25, one baby, and is a passionate, enjoyable fuck.  We also
shower together that night and the next day and I end up having her
three times.  We're both tired after that and don't wake up until
2pm when the maid telephones us, wanting to change the room.

After saying bye bye to her, she wanting to know if I'll be back at
Spotlight that evening, I have a late lunch and buy a city map to keep
from getting lost.  Everywhere I go around the Tha Phae Gate area I run
into farangs.  I seem to see more farangs (nearly all are the trekking/
backpacker variety) than I've run across in Bangkok.  The restaurant
adjoining my hotel seems to have nothing but farang customers.  Overall,
it's a population I prefer to distance myself from when in Thailand.

In the evening I call up Supranee to meet me at the Crown Hotel in
Bangkok tomorrow at 6pm and then I walk over to the Miami Hotel on
Chaiyaphum Road and to the brothels on the soi going behind it.  One
place on the side opposite the JL Cafe with girls sitting in chairs
out front offers short time for 360 baht and I go for it.  I pick a
laughing Burmese girl of about 19 and we head upstairs to a room with
plywood walls for a pleasant screw.  I have a bottle of water and sit
with the rest of the girls afterwards who all seem quite friendly and
hospitable.  Had I more time, I'd probably want to try each of them.

Then I walk back in the opposite direction along Kam Phaeng Din Road
to see if there's any action left in a formerly major brothel area.
Sadly, I find all of the shacks are shut down, a guy there confirms
that the scene is dead, though I find a couple of cheap karaoke places.
A girl in front of one of them near Meaung Din makes the point clear
with "sing-a-song-boom-boom-500-baht."  A block or so after this one,
I enter a small "cafe" which has a selection of half a dozen girls on
steps behind glass to pick from.  I pick one and we have a quick 500
baht screw in one of the shacks connecting to the back.

I then look for any similar remaining action on Chotana but find nothing
but boarded up shacks.  A tuk tuk takes me back to Spotlight where I see
the girl from last night but instead of going for her again, go after the
free lance scene.  After finding the Bar Beer Center at Tha Phae Gate
pretty dead, I tuk tuk to the Bubble disco in the basement of the Porntip
Tower Hotel.

I become quickly friendly with one girl there who's at a table with some
friends.  We sit, hold hands and embrace for some time, but when we finally
leave (in her car) it's to a beer bar she works at around the corner from
Spotlight.  Given she doesn't get off until 5am, I decline to stay with
her and try the Bar Beer Center again.

It's past 3am and it hasn't picked up much more.  The biggest excitement
there is a katoey who enjoys taking off her top and shouting "I'm ladyman,
I'm ladyman, I am what I am."  I give up on one girl who wants 1000 baht
(too much at this hour) and is only willing to stay until 6am.  I quit
at this point, too tired to care, but as I go through the exit and walk
away from the place, a girl chases after me, wanting to go back to my
hotel with me.

Not thinking straight in my fatigue, I bring her back without agreeing to
any terms.  We're both naked on my bed, she a darker skinned one with
her pussy shaved, when she brings up wanting an exorbitant amount with
an early hour leave.  Not caring for the change in her personality, I
decide to abort this one, dress, and tell her to leave now.  I manage
to keep the situation fairly cool, choosing to just quietly sit in a
chair until she gets the message, and am rid of her without violence
at a cost of only 390 baht.  I breath a sign of relief after closing
the door behind her and go to bed.


I check out the next afternoon, the Montri Hotel generously providing
free taxi service to the airport, and get on the next plane for Bangkok.
I take the 70 baht A3 airport bus to the Sukhumvit Crown at Soi 8, and
less than 10 minutes after checking in, Supranee calls my room to let
me know she's already down in the lobby waiting for me.


I go down to the lobby to meet her and we go back up to my room together.
She tells me she has "missed me too much," to the point of even calling my
home number and not being sure what to make of my answering machine message,
somehow thinking a woman was on the line and therefore living with me.

Beyond that, my immediate interest is in getting her naked and having
a quick one before we go out.  Removing her clothes is always something
of an effort with her protests of shyness, but I manage just the same.
She particularly doesn't care for the Crown Hotel's wall and ceiling
mirrors which afford me additional rear views of her ("you can see too
much!").  Otherwise, she's quite accomodating to my penetrating her.

After I'm done, we dress (or rather she does as I never did more than
unzip my fly) and head over to Foodland for a couple of Khao Phats
(chicken fried rice with an egg on top and vegetables).  Supranee
finishes hers and orders a second as she hasn't eaten all day.  I
have another lime squash drink which I highly recommend if you like
a very strong, citrusy, real lime flavored beverage.  This is opposed
to Foodland's "orange juice" (which Supranee has) that tastes in
fact like Tang.

We then go to her apartment to pick up a CD she bought me.  After which
I have to wait on her at the next door barbershop while she gets a
30 baht blow dry.  This is followed by a trip across town (nearly 100
baht taxi fare, Bangkok's traffic is still gridlocked at 9:30pm) to
another barbershop run by her ladyboy friends.  This is a rather
interesting experience as none of them are in drag but are still quite
raging queens, Thai style.  A couple of them speak very excellent
English and say they will help Supranee with her visa forms.  When I
ask one how he learned to speak such good English (Supranee's needs
a lot of work), he starts explaining all the classes he's taken.  Another
quickly adds that he's also screwed many farang.

I have one of them explain to Supranee the various procedures to be
followed and what to expect, including obtaining a Thai passport.  One
will even accompany us to the airport tomorrow (Supranee has never
been to one and she wants to see me off) and then take her to the
appropriate government agencies.

With all that clear, Supranee and I taxi back to my hotel for a final
night together.  We bathe each other in the tub and I help Supranee
shave her pussy while I demonstrate the positive effect this has on
my arousal.  I then spend at least 15 minutes eating her pussy and
bringing her to at least one orgasm, after which she sucks me back
to a full erection and we have another screw.

We don't fall asleep until past 1am but Supranee wakes me at 6am saying
she's hungry.  I respond by fucking her and going back to sleep, or trying
to.  I don't get much more rest and I finally get up at 7:30, have a quick
shower, dress, pack, and go down to the lobby with Supranee to check out
and meet her ladyboy friend (still not in drag) who's waiting for us.

At first I want to take the airport bus to the airport but decide to
opt for the convenience of a taxi since three 70 baht bus fares isn't
different enough from the 250 baht taxi fare we negotiate (taxis drivers
refuse to use their meters for the airport run).

The flight to Kunming, China doesn't take off until 10:50am, giving us
time for a leasurely breakfast at Thai Airways most expensive airport
restaurant, followed by a few goodbyes.


The flight itself is less than two hours but because it's international,
the airline provides the "royal orchid" treatment of a well prepared hot
meal served with wine and brandy.  I've flown Thai Airways International
five times now and they've now become my favorite airline.  Their service
has always been exemplarily, their flight crews very courteous and friendly,
speaking very good English.

We touch down at a rainy Kunming at about 2pm local time (they're one hour
ahead of Bangkok), and not spotting a metered taxi, I negotiate a 50 yuan
fare (8 yuan to the US dollar) with a freelancer into town to the Chun
Cheng Hotel right at city center.  Kunming is a mix of bright neon and
gleaming highrises amidst rotting decay and street peddlers, all of it
labeled exclusively in Chinese.  I find almost no English translations
as we ride along the streets and briefly recapture a sense of being
isolated and lost.  That quickly goes away with the rather rude greeting
I receive at the hotel front desk.  And after check in and getting up
to my room (154 yuan a night), I contemplate the quickest way to get
arrested in this town.

Once outside in the now light drizzle, I encounter no other white
people and more than a few suggestive smiles from passing females.


I grab a late lunch from the street vendors and eat pretty well for
less than $2:  two chicken legs, cheese bread, and a bottle of water.

I rest in the evening, then around 10pm walk over to Charlie's Bar
at the Holiday Inn, a reputed expat hangout, to see what I can learn
and/or pick up.  Only a couple of minutes after sitting down to a
Tsing Tao beer, I'm joined by a Chinese girl, well dressed in an
expensive looking pants outfit and somewhat heavy makeup.  Playing
dumb, I let her proposition me.  She wants 800 yuan (about US$100) to
go back to my hotel with me.  I quickly get her down to 400 and
try to find out how much time together she has in mind for this.
When I find out this will only pay for a half hour short time, I
immediately pass, not willing to pay Hong Kong prices in Kunming,
China.  She takes off after that and I return to my beer.

A little while later, two other well dressed Chinese females sit at
the table next to mine and I'm soon invited to join them.  This time
not caring to even vaguely hint at an interest in a business transaction,
we spend the next half hour engaging in teases and making jokes and
conversation of little sense to the other.

They finally take off and I stay a little longer listening to the expat
lounge singer before heading across the street to the Bluebird Cafe.
There I wait with a beer for a Brit to get free of his company before
buttonholing him for any other tips on available action.  He suggests
checking out the disco next to the Kunming Hotel where a lot of free
lancers work, and also says that unfortunately prices are pretty much
what I experienced unless I want to venture an hour or so out into the
countryside, which I'm not that desperate to try.

I take a look at the two discos at the Kunming Hotel, but at 1:30am
what might have been around there seems to have mostly dispersed.  Not
wishing to try the few otherwise involved stragglers, I decide to call
it a night and take a taxi back to my hotel to bed.

The next day, after spending more time than I liked simply looking for
a cup of coffee (I end up back at the Holiday Inn, where they have a
clue what I was asking for), I decide I've had enough of Kunming and
get on the next plane for Guangzhou, also buying another ticket to
continue from there back to Hong Kong.  This will effectively circle
me back to my starting point on this Southeast Asia tour where I can
catch my plane home.


I stay at the highrise Oriental Silk Hotel (316 yuan/night), the Pine
Forestry Hotel (my first choice) having gone out of business, I learn.
This is in the northeast part of Guangzhou and I arrive after 11pm on
a rainy night.  After a China Southern Airlines brake screeching landing
at the airport, I have to put up with the same shit from the Guangzhou
taxi drivers as from the Bangkok ones:  refusal to turn on their meters
and insistance on charging a ridiculous fare into town.  Repetitions of
"dai beou" (turn on the meter) are ineffective until an airport policeman
on duty at the taxi stand intercedes on my behalf.  Even then, when we're
a few blocks from the airport, the driver stops the car and goes back to
his haggling.  My hardened attitude to all this simply causes me to get
out of the taxi and get in another passing one who immediately flips on
his meter.

The late hour and the rain causes me to pass checking out the town to
any degree which is unfortunate since it is Saturday night.  The next
day I walk around the area some and find quite a bit less culture and
charm as I found in Kunming.  Multilane thoroughfares are much more
prevalent, the back alley markets and vendors more sparse.  In fact,
I'm unable to easily scrounge up a meal off the street as I could in
Kunming and instead go to McDonalds, a place I didn't run into before.
The positive upshot of this is getting coffee when I want it.

In the evening I make it over to the One Love bar with the assistance
of a hotel staff girl who wrote out the directions in Chinese for the
taxi driver.  With it Sunday night, there's not a lot of action,
though the girl next to me at the bar has obvious potential and is
interested.  I don't find her attractive enough to make much of an
effort, which is always required given the strong language barrier
here.  As opposed to every other country in the region I've visited,
the most basic knowledge of practical English by hotel staff and taxi
drivers is essentially nonexistant, and I'm having to get by by pointing
to phrases in the language section of my Lonely Planet China Guide.  An
obvious way around this is simply to employ an appropriate guide, which
if I were more trusting, would consider doing.

In the end, I also give up on Guangzhou as I just don't have the time or
interest this late in my travels.  If I were here for a couple of more
days, and had a hotel in a neighborhood with more of a nightlife, more
would undoubtedly turn up.  The guy I ran into in Kunming, in fact, said
that Guangzhou has even more disco action.  As it is, I'd just as soon
continue to Hong Kong, where I'm off to the next morning, and home.

In the morning, after check out, I have no problem with a taxi into the
airport.  I'm picked up at my hotel and pay a metered fare of less than
30 yuan.  It's a half hour flight to Hong Kong and I get a window seat
on the right side.

[Hong Kong]

Flying in in the daytime makes for a world of difference in terms of
view.  Though somewhat dampened by partial cloud cover, the tour of
the outlying islands and Victoria Harbor is still quite spectacular
as we move from one coastline to another, container ships below
sailing to port.  China Southern Airlines also manages to mix into
this the sight of another jet airliner clearly in view at our altitude
crossing our path less than a mile ahead.  This is then capped off by
the famous final approach over Kowloon to Kai Tak airport.  We were
flying so low over the buildings I could clearly see two people holding
hands as they strolled on the sidewalk below.  And I heard myself
saying "Jesus Christ, watch it!" as apartment blocks rushed past us
at what I thought was a little too close.  It was right after that
when the runway suddenly appeared and things returned to normal for
the landing.

I'm in Hong Kong just for the day, my plane home leaves at 8:50 the
next morning and rather than spend US$100 or more for a hotel room,
I'm going to continue my "cheap charlie" ways and camp out at the
airport.  In the mean time, I take the airport bus to Central district
on Hong Kong island and visit the Thai Airways office to try to get a
refund on the unused part of my Kunming ticket (I was originally going
to fly back to Bangkok and then to Hong Kong).  They say it has to
be done through the travel agent I purchased the ticket from.  I then
do a bit of a walking tour around Central, including a trip up the Peak
Tram for a panoramic view of Hong Kong.

At night I go into the New Territories a bit, taking the MTR subway
all the way to the end at Tsuen Wan and look around there some, also
catching a late dinner, before subwaying over to Lok Fu for the short
taxi ride back to the airport.  And with that I wait out for the flight
to Seoul and eventually home.