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Lucky Babu

Written by Babu

Hello readers,

My name is Babu. I am living in South India. Incest, like in the rest of the world, is a taboo in India also. And Mother-Son incest is considered the ultimate taboo. But I am a lucky boy who has a loving and horny Mother and we fuck regularly. What follows is my true story of how I achieved the ultimate pleasure of regularly fucking my own Mother, which I happily continue now also.

My Father died when I was 10 years old. I was put in a boarding school right from that time because my Mother Anandam was working as a teacher in a school some 50 kilometres away from my place. I had only one elder sister and she got married and moved away to her husband's place which was very far. My Mother was staying in our old traditional tiled house in my native place with my old Grand Mother. When I was 14 years old, my Grand Mother died and I moved back to my own house from the boarding school and joined a local school.

Right when I was in the boarding school, I was used to reading plenty of adult books and watching porno magazines which other boys used to bring to the school. Around 6 months before my Grand Mother died and I moved back to my house, I read for the first time in my life some hot Mother-Son incest stories and I was immediately attracted towards that stories because I found those very exciting. Because it was the ultimate taboo, I achieved heavenly orgasms when I masturbated reading those hot Mother-Son incest stories. Soon all my fantasies started revolving around Mother-Son incest stories only, which led me to think about my own Mother Anandam.

Here let me tell you something about my Mother Anandam. She was at that time 38 years old and was a very large lady. She was having around 5 feet 10 inches height, with massive, cucumber like boobs, a swelling belly, big, round, elephant like thighs and a mountain-like ass. She was a very energetic woman who took care of the things in my house very smoothly. After reaching home and when I started living with my Mother in our traditional house, I started having very horny thoughts about my own Mother Anandam. The fact that myself and my Mother were living together and no one else other than ourselves were in our house fuelled my erotic thoughts about my own Mother.

I started masturbating regularly thinking about fucking my Amazonian Mother. I loved watching her big asscheeks jiggle inside her saree (as if welcoming me to fuck her ass) when she walked around in the house. Every opportunity I had, I watched my Mother Anandam's saree covered body, which led to me masturbating in the night fantasizing about my Mother. Several times I watched her partially covered big boobs and big stomach which was left equally uncovered when she was wearing saree.

One day it so happened that one thief tried to get into our house by removing the tiles on the roof. But he was not successful. I woke up when a tile fell down making a shattering noise during his attempt and when I saw the thief, I yelled out which woke up my Mother and some neighbours. When lights were put on, he ran away and me and Mother checked our valuables and found nothing was stolen. This incident made my Mother afraid to sleep alone in her room in our big, traditional house, where because of the old type architecture, rooms were slightly dark due to lack of proper light. When she said that she is afraid, I immediately rose up to take the chance of sleeping in my Mother's room and assured her that I will sleep along with her in her room. When I started to sleep on the floor next to my Mother's bed, she immediately told me to sleep with her in her big bed.

I couldn't believe my ears. At last I was having a chance to sleep with my Mother in her own bed. We closed the door and both of us laid down to sleep. But eventhough the lights were switched off, I couldn't sleep. Just next to me the woman was lying whom I was thinking of fucking all these months, my own Mother. I lay awake for some time with a hardened cock inside my pyjamas. Slowly I turned towards my Mother who was lying on her side, with her back towards me and as if in sleep, I embraced her by putting my right hand over her big belly. She slightly moved and I understood that she had not fallen fully asleep. Hugging my Mother increased my lust and I slightly touched my rock-hard cock to her bulging buttocks. It was as if pressing my cock against a silk cushion. I shivered with lust. Because her ass cheeks were so fat, my cock wedged between her saree covered asscheeks easily. After keeping my cock like that for some time, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth, rubbing deeply between my Mother's ass cheeks. The fact that I am rubbing my cock in between my own Mother's ass cheeks raised my lust to its peal. I couldn't control myself longer. Shivering with lust I shot my hot load inside my pyjamas. She moved slightly again when my body shivered when I shot my load. Still hugging my Mother, I went to sleep with my lust drained.

Next day morning, she woke me up. I looked eagerly to my Mother's face. She was smiling only. I was really relieved that she didn't showed any anger in her face. I was slightly afraid whether she knew what I did yesterday night but her smile assured me. That night also I repeated the procedure and shot my load against my Mother's cushion-like buttocks. Slowly I started taking my cock out of my pyjamas and rubbing against her ass and cumming on her ass. To my sheer delight I noticed her attitude towards me change day by day. She started hugging me often. It was easy to notice that her hugs were becoming more intensive, pressing me closely to her big boobs. I also started hiding my face in between her boobs when she hugged me and smelling her sweet smell.

The next week, the ultimate happened. As usual, after the lights were switched off, I slowly took out my cock and moved my hips closer to her ass cheeks. I started rubbing my cock in between Mother's big ass cheeks. Suddenly, startling me, Mother turned towards my side and hugged me tightly saying "Babu, my darling, my sweet darling". Saying this and without giving me time to utter anything, Mother kissed me squarely on my lips. I couldn't believe my luck. I also kissed her hungrily and deeply. Mother pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on my Mother's tongue like an ice cream cone. My rock hard cock pressed against her big belly. She immediately took hold of my cock in her hands and started massaging it. I was shivering with lust. My own Mother massaging my rock hard cock!!! I moved my hips in tune with Mother's caressing of my cock.

Breaking our French kiss, Mother told me "Babu, put on the light". I jumped up from the bed and put on the light. In the light, I saw my Mother lying wantonly in the bed. She rose up and started removing her clothes. Her saree fell off, revealing her melon like boobs and the lower half of body covered in her underskirt. I quickly moved to her and hugged her. Squeezing her big ass cheeks with both hands, I kissed my Mother. Squeezing her massive asscheeks made my cock twitch with lust. After some time, I untied Mother's underskirt and pulled it down. Ohh!!! the sight made me shiver with lust. In the bright light I saw my Mother's clean shaven cunt bulging out beneath her big belly. Mother's cunt was really fat and it bulged out between her thunder thighs. I couldn't control myself. I fell to my knees and hugging her ass, kissed Mother's fat, shaven cunt. "Ahhh!!! Babu, my darling", she exclaimed. I kissed and started licking my Mother's cunt. I pushed my tongue deep inside my Mother's cunt and licked her already flowing juices. Mother spread her fat thighs and held my head close to her cunt with both hands. I tongued Mother's big clitoris and sucked it into my mouth. She started pushing her cunt to my mouth and her juices started flowing freely into my mouth. After I licked for some time, Mother told me "Babu, my darling son, please get up, I need to have your cock in my cunt". I got up. Mother immediately s\laid down on the bed and spread her big thighs. Spreading her legs made her cunt also spread. Seeing my Mother's fat shaven cunt spread before me made me mad with lust. I crawled in between her thighs. Mother reached with her hand and caught hold of my jerking cock. She directed my cock to her wet cunt. Till this day I cannot forget the moment my cock head touched my own Mother's wet cunt slit. Mother fitted my cock head to her cunt hole and told me "Babu my son, push into my cunt". I eagerly pushed and my entire cock was easily engulfed by my Mother's cunt.

I was in heaven. My cock buried deep inside my own Mother's cunt, my birth place. All the fantasies which I had about my Mother rushed through my mind. At last I had fulfilled my deepest desire. I am fucking my own Mother. My rock hard cock moved in and out of my Mother's wet cunt easily. She hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. Returning Mother's kiss, I fucked my Mother deeply. Soon wet sound began coming from Mother's cunt in tune with my fucking. The obscene sound increased my lust. I fucked my Mother deep and hard. "Babu, fuck me harder" Mother whispered in my ear. I increased the speed of my thrusts. My belly banged against Mother's fat belly each time I drove my cock deep inside Mother's cunt. Mother started rising her hips each time I thrust downwards. The sound similar to a dog licking water filled the room.

My cum swollen balls slapped against Mother's big ass cheeks. "Babu, my son, fuck me faster, faster", Mother encouraged me. My own Mother encouraging me to fuck her even harder. I happily obliged and fucked her deep, each time my cock head touching against Mother's womb, where I was conceived. I was loosing control. The wet heat inside my Mother's cunt was too much for me. Cum started boiling in my balls. With a violent thrust, I buried my cock deep inside my Mother's cunt and started shooting my cum deep inside her. My cum splashed against her womb from my jerking cock. It pushed Mother also over the edge. Hugging and squeezing me fiercely Mother started shaking violently in her climax. Her hips rose up and down. We experienced the ultimate heavenly joy of cumming together. After shaking for some minutes, Mother slowly calmed down and again kissed me lovingly. She whispered in my ear, "Babu, my son, its after so many years I am having this pleasure once again". "I always wanted to do this once you started rubbing against my ass". I blushed slightly and returned Mother's kiss and said to her "My darling Mother, I am really lucky to have you, I love you more than anything". Totally naked and in each others arms we slowly fell asleep.

End of Part I

Coming soon:- Part II of Lucky Babu and his Mother.