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* Warning!! Warning!! For ADULTS ONLY!! * This story contains material of an adult, explicit sexual * nature. If you are uncomfortable reading material of this * kind, then DO NOT READ IT. * Warning!! Warning!! For ADULTS ONLY!!
* Please note, I did not write this story, I am posting it * for someone.

The Subjugation of Misty Bannister - Chapter 1

by Arc Light

Misty Bannister, a twenty six year old classic uppity bitch, is well on the fast track in one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the country. She is only one level below the vice presidency of the company and is in charge of over thirty women employees, in the stress filled claims department. Misty is five foot seven inches with long cascading blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulders. She has a firm tight body that she constantly pushes to the limit. She is very aggressive at the handball court and even much more so at the office. As an aggressive woman's libber she takes no prisoners, especially the weaker male sex.

Her husband, a thin, fairly frail, accountant is also considered upwardly mobile and has rapidly moved up the partnership scale of the prestigious firm. The two yuppies have an income over $150,000 per year and want for nothing. The two have a two year old daughter, and the husband at least wonders how the miracle could have occurred, as Misty allows him the pleasure of her body only on the rarest of occasions. Although married only five years, their sex live for the last year consisted of only three eventful entries.

Even though Misty does not share her many obvious charms, she does put on the show. Her elegant conservative business apparel is discretely cut to allow even the casual observer an outstanding view of her long firm legs; and her more than ample breasts. The skirts are always just a tad tight and emphasizes her tight tummy and supple thighs.

As she arrives at work on Monday morning, she is asked to come to the corporate personnel office where she sees a large muscular black applicant sitting outside the Personnel Vice President's office. She is wearing a dark blue suit, with a mid length skirt cut almost up to her firm ass cheeks in the back. What is not shown is the dark black seemed hose held up by a small black garter belt. Her partially shaved love mound is covered by black lace panties and her bra is made of the same material.

Walking past the applicant without even a minimal acknowledgment, she quickly sits down and briskly asks the vice president; "You called the meeting, and I'm a busy person. What do you want?"

The equally direct personnel vice president shoots right back, "The top floor says we are to hire a minority black assistant manager. You're the one we picked to break him in. He's sitting outside."

With the door still open Misty blurts out, "Why do I have to take the shiftless blacks. Everyone knows they are lazy and can't learn how to do anything."

Amused by how upset the "Lib" is at having to take the drogue outside his office, he is almost joyful when he informs the callous young woman, "You're the one. You want to travel the fast track, you have to solve the problems presented by the first floor. You may leave now," finishes the vice president. He is almost overjoyed by making the young arrogant woman be in charge with "Jerome". What only the VP knew was that Jerome was recently released on parole after serving three years at Joilet State Prison for aggravated criminal sexual assault.

Jerome was sitting outside the large office and could hear the entire discussion. The nose in the air arrogance of the division manager was something that he put in proper perspective. Three years in Joilet State Prison made Jerome a very patient man. He had learned to control his almost animalistic rage and had already cataloged the offensive attack.

As Misty filed past Jerome she motioned for him to follow her. She kept a fast pace and he obediently followed the shapely torso as it slid down the hallway. Stopping abruptly she turned and faced the unshaven black. "You are my charge and I expect you to be a hard worker. We have many young women in our section and I expect you to keep your distance. None of them needs the likes of you." With that speech under her tight black lace bra she turned and continued back to her department. When there she showed Jerome where to sit and told him to start studying the company personnel manual. He arrogantly threw the manual on the desk and stretched back in the comfortable chair in his cubicle.

The department was separated by removable partitions and it made it difficult to communicate with the various members of the department. Shortly one of the women started having a problem with another co- worker. Unable to rapidly get to the two quarreling employees, Misty simply stepped up on the standard office swivel chair. Although unladylike and unprofessional Misty thought the dispute would be resolved very shortly if she could get to the root of the problem. Being very careful climbing up, she succeeded in standing on the chair and kept her balance by holding to the top of the divider. The action caught the eye of Jerome and he silently stepped behind the scolding young supervisor.

As Misty was pompously scolding the two offending workers she felt a huge warm hand creep up the back of her skirt. The suddenness of the contact, and the unexpected sensation caught the frigid young woman completely off guard. Jerome silently and confidently continued to caress the back of the tight and very desirable legs. As his hand traveled up her leg, he became amused by the fact that Misty's heretofore authoritative voice became very high pitched as he continued his sensual stroking. Misty became very flushed and the two scolded employees could not understand the deep crimson complexion that the woman was becoming directly above her. Her eyes became glossed over and she was having a great deal of trouble in keeping her concentration.

One of the Vice Presidents had overheard the heated reprimands and came over to see what was going on. Just at the precise moment that he appeared, Jeromes long thin fingers had reached the top of the black seamed stockings. As he used a gentle circular motion, Misty was having a very difficult time maintaining her balance. When she started to speak to the inquisitive Vice President, Jerome let his fingers cross the crevice between the two succulent ass cheeks. As his fingers slid over the pleasant orbs they briefly grazed the now aroused oily nub of Misty's blood engorged clit. Jerome could feel the sudden intake of breath as Misty tried to ignore the very sensuous caressing. The Vice President could not ascertain what Misty's problem was but continued to stand in front of her looking up into her face.

Once Jerome found the little orb he was fascinated at the sensations he generated and continued to lightly rub the little hooded erection. His actions were producing an ever increasing flow of dew that was starting to literally drip down the long firm legs of his tormented captive. As his gentle stroking continued Misty became more and more agitated; the helpless feeling of standing on a swivel chair with two angry employees and facing one of the most important men in the company. A man that could advance her career very significantly. Faced with this situation she was rapidly approaching a mind exploding orgasm; an orgasm brought on by a street wise young black man. A black man who had his long fingers manipulating her agitated clitoris; and who she despised. Why couldn't her clumsy husband ever produce the same sensations she wondered silently.

Sensing that the situation was under control and not understanding Misty's dazed look, he turned and went back to his office. The two workers, at least temporarily at peace went back to their duties.

Jerome knew the white princess was nearing her climax when he chose to cease the expert manipulation. He turned and walked back to his small cubicle. The removal of the exquisite fingers exploiting her inner most sensations caused Misty to gasp. She was so close and now it was over. She had not allowed her wimp husband to even try to satisfy her passionate needs, since he was so totally inept at providing her pleasure. Gaining her composure she climbed off the swivel chair and headed to the cubicle where the insolent black had resumed his nearly reclining position in the chair and had not bothered to even open the manual he was supposed to be studying.

"Come with me you black bastard. I want to talk to you before I call security to have you arrested for assaulting me," she commanded.

The black followed the outraged manager to the large corporate board meeting room at the end of the hall. Slamming the door she asked, "Who in the hell do you think you are and how dare you lay your black hands on me. Give me one reason I shouldn't call the police on you right now," she demanded.

"How long has it been since a real man fucked you?" the Black asked.

Startled at his continuing insolence she mumbled, "That is surely not the business of some black son of a bitch like you. You have lade your hands on me and you are going to be severely punished."

Sneering at the nearly hysterical young white wife, he answered his own question, "I bet your sorry ass husband has a four inch cock and has never brought you to orgasm. I bet the limp dick couldn't fuck you right if his life depended on it. The way you gripped my finger tells me that you really want a real man, a man that has a dick big enough to reach deep into that wet sloppy pussy of yours."

Misty's resistance was starting to fade. Everything the black had said was correct; especially that she needed a good fucking. Her husband made love like a bowl of jelly. When he did get his dick semi hard he barely dribbled out when he had completed his task. "I have not made love to my husband for nearly four months," Misty stated matter of factly, looking down at the floor. "It has been nearly a year since my last orgasm," she continued. Once the words escaped her sensuous lips she couldn't understand why she had told this abrasive black man her most intimate details.

With a look of scorn for the privileged white princes before him, he slowly lowered his hands to his waist. Her eyes followed the movement and she could not believe the size of the huge bulge pushing against the tight dress pants. He silently massaged the huge woman pleasing black cock. He kept looking up to see that Misty's eyes were trained on his subtle movements and that she was absent mindedly licking her bright red lips.

After allowing his huge black organ to become hard and long he slowly slid the zipper down. Her eyes followed his every move and she could barely keep from fainting. Half heartedly she asserted her meek protest, "Don't you dare undo your zipper."

Smiling at her subservience, he continued the opening of his trousers. After the zipper was completely down he reached in and brought his twelve inch manhood into full view for the electrified young white woman. He lingered a moment before slowly walking towards the confused and excited supervisor. She unconsciously backed up against the mammoth walnut conference table. Staring at the menacing figure slowly walking towards her.

When he was nearly touching the young woman he paused and simply stated, "Take my manhood in your hand."

Looking into his intense eyes she quietly sobbed, "Please, Please let me go."

The sneer returned and he repeated his order in a more forceful manner, "Take my BLACK MANHOOD in your hand. It won't tear your hand."

Misty continued to try and back up against the table rubbing the back of her thighs raw. She couldn't take her eyes off the twelve inches of dark black cock that was merely inches away from her. Finally looking into his sneering face she pleaded once again, "Please, Please. Please I can't." However even as she was begging her black captor she was reaching out her hand for the bewitching black manhood. Staring at the pulsating black cock she could not believe the hardness or throbbing sensation to her petite fingers. As she brought her other hand down to increase the pressure on the throbbing member the cock sprang to an even greater degree of attention. At first she slowly stroked the hard man meat unable to comprehend the length, the hardness, the throbbing. After a short while she started milking the hard manhood fascinated by the difference in the hard manhood she had in her hand and the puny little sausage possessed by her husband. Each second that elapsed increased her fascination and her stroking momentum.

The black merely chuckled at the sight of the high and mighty white princess violently stroking his black manhood. As his spewing of black seed neared he moved closer to the cock stroking young white woman. The pre cum dripped from the huge eye in front of the massive weapon and fell on her skirt. Unnoticed by the excited young woman she continued her stroking of the black manhood until it spewed its massive quantity of black seed on the front of her dark blue dress. Misty could not stop stroking the black manweapon and it continued to spew vast quantities of black seed down the front of her dress. She finally drained the last small quantity and it fell onto her black spiked heels.

By this point Misty was totally out of breath and near her own orgasm. The totally bizarre circumstances had taken Misty completely away from reality. All she wanted was to continue the stroking of the black woman pleasure device; nothing else mattered. Finally Jerome backs up and reinserts his manweapon into his pants.

Turning he started to walk away and just before reaching the door he turned and faced Misty. "I want your panties, take them off and give them to me."

Misty turned to face him and was about to say something, but hesitated and then reached down to pull up the hem of her long skirt. As the skirt was pulled up Jerome was very impressed by the long perfectly proportioned legs encased by the black satin hose held up by the black garter belt. Placing her slender cum coated fingers into the top of her black silk panties she slides them down and daintily steps out of them.

Jerome makes Misty walk to him and hand him her panties. She does not look into his eyes but keeps her head bowed and looking to the floor. Jerome lifts the delicate covering to his nose and inhales deeply. The panties are very moist and he knows that he has taken the young white bitch down the first leg of her journey into total black submission.

Misty, still looking down at the floor meekly asks, "When can I meet you again."

Jerome, now firmly in control merely smirk, and walks away. As he walks out the conference room door he arrogantly tucks the panties in his shirt pocket. The Vice President unconsciously steers to the side of the black man but notices the black lace panties that he tucked into his shirt pocket.

Entering the conference room he seems the resident prick tease Misty. However this time she does not look like the normal bitch he expects.

Looking at her he sees the huge cum stain on the front of her dress as she is absently staring to the floor. The black seed is slowly dripping down her skirt and sticking at the hem before dropping in a long stream to the floor. Without looking up she quickly leaves the room without speaking.

Later in the day Misty learns that the upper management staff of the insurance company is scheduled to attend a week-end retreat at Pere Marquette State Park. The lodge has capacity for only forty couples and the insurance company reserves the entire lodge. The only invited guests are the senior management team and their spouses.

Daniel Bannister III and his wife Misty arrive early at the lodge and obtain a room with a balcony over looking the small motel pool and whirlpool. For the last week he has desperately attempted to secure a sexual encounter with his frigid wife. All of his attempts were futile which made him that much more frustrated. The company has scheduled a banquet for the first evening and Misty dresses in one of her sexiest, shortest and tightest micro mini skirts. The white satin blouse covers only her beautiful breasts as she decides to not wear any tit holders. As she smoothed the black silk hose over her beautiful legs her husband moans; from lack of sex and from the visual impact of his near perfect wife.

She arrives at the dinner and unexpectantly Jerome enters the banquet room and takes a seat next to the sexiest creature at the conference. Although he is not invited to the conference none of the white boy executives have the courage to ask him to leave. As the speakers begin Jerome lets his right hand drop to Misty's beautiful upper thigh. The contact sears through Misty like a red hot poker. She has a too vivid memory about the magic fingers of her assistant manager. Each of the self important vice presidents had to take five minutes to discuss their own importance with the gathered bored audience. During this hot aired ordeal another heat was developing at a fast pace.

Jerome's magic fingers started at the dimpled knee and was moving agonizingly slow up to the vortex of pleasure. The slow meticulous circular stroking was generating a heated moisture from the succulent lips of joy. The pussy dew that was forming was soaking her black lace panties. As each agonizing second ticked off, the droning of the speakers had intensified the internal fire building to a crescendo of unfulfilled passion. Poor Misty was having a very difficult time in maintaining her composure as Jerome continued his methodical sensual caressing. After an eternity his finger reached the hem of the micro mini black leather skirt. As his fingers tried to push the resisting tight leather up higher, Misty did everything she could to resist the rise of the extraordinary short leather skirt. It was very difficult for the lady executive to keep her concentration and not allow the burning rage in her overheated loins to show to the many assembled company dignitaries. It was made more difficult because of the sexual energy she had generated by her arrival in the short skirt covering the body desired by every man and half the women gathered in the large meeting hall.

The constant pressure exerted by Jerome's large hand and inquisitive fingers finally achieved his desired objective. Shifting uncomfortably in her chair allowed the tight skirt to be forced up the long and delightful limbs of her delightfully body. Once this shifting was accomplished Misty knew her agony would be intensified as the fingers inevitably continued their journey to her overheated and seldom used receptacle for male lust.

The index finger has found its objective at last. The throbbing hooded clit was in a constant state of anxiety and became even more so by the gentle stroking of its outer layers of skin through the sheer black lace panties. "Oh God, please stop," she urged her black tormentor.

A large smile surfaced on Jerome's handsome black face and he became even more direct in his stroking. As his white princess was squirming in her seat, he shifted his strategy and let his finger slip along the inner leg of the increasingly soaked panties. As his probing finger inserted itself into the moist cavity poor Misty threw her head back with her eyes rolling back into her sockets. "Please have mercy, I can't stand it anymore. You are going to make me pass out. Please, Please stop....... I can't stand it," moaned the tormented young white wife.

Abruptly standing up, Jerome ordered the near climaxing executive, "Come with me Mrs. Bannister."

As the two people leave it disrupts the entire proceedings. One of the departing distractions is an uninvited black assistant manager; the other is the most attractive lady in the entire company. Besides the obvious displeasure of having someone so lowly in the corporate structure even be at the event, the other major concern, is why the most beautiful creature at the meeting is leaving with the Black. The vice president in charge of marketing can't keep his eyes off the departing beauty, as he continues to stumble through his disjointed presentation.

On the way back to Misty's room they pass through the huge great room of the rustic motel/lodge. About half way through Jerome stops and turns towards the trailing vixen. "I want your panties. You should not be wearing any panties in the presence of a BLACK MASTER."

Still unsettled by the near orgasm and the humiliation of leaving the banquet room followed by the curious eyes, Misty could not comprehend what Jerome was asking. Looking around she could see several dozen people in the great room relaxing prior to supper. As she looked around the room it appeared that every person in the room was looking at her sexy body. Her eyes then caught the demanding eyes of the black man who had shamed her in front of her many colleagues. She started to protest, but the intense stare from Jerome convinced her to do as she was ordered. As gracefully as she could, she pulled the short skirt high enough to allow her fingers to drag down the lace pussy mound covering. Her face turned a fire engine red as she looked at the hostile eyes watching her every move.

Dying of shame she meekly handed the damp black lace to her master.

It was she who quickly walked to the long hall. She wanted to desperately put the humiliating experience as far away as possible. Hurrying down the hall she reached her room and stood at the door.

Jerome walked leisurely down the hall. He was amused at the outraged honkies offended by his domination of the white fuck bitch. When he reached the door where she was impatiently standing, he slapped her across the face. "Don't ever walk away from me again. Don't you want my BLACK DICK?" questioned the white princess tormentor.

With her eyes tearing, she meekly nodded her head.

Turning she put the key in the lock and held the door for her black fuck master to enter first. He walked to the sofa and sat down.

Following him she walked up to where he was seated and stood before him. Her black leather micro mini skirt was shining in the subdued lighting. She softly swayed to the quiet music in the background. Her actions was turning herself on. She urgently needed to be sexed. Her self induced abstention for the last four months was finally taking its toil. The degradation that she just endured would be worth it if only she could find her needed release.

She moved to him and straddled his sitting body. By placing her legs on both sides of his muscular thighs her leather skirt was forced up. Bringing her pouting lips to his large thick lips she started sucking. Very shortly he opened his mouth and her tongue rapidly found the opening. Passionately she tried to evoke a response from the largely immobile muscular black.

Her hips began a motion of their own trying to encourage the massive bulk of his mammoth cock to harden. Her pussy lips, already lubricated, found their natural fold straddling the ever increasing bulge. The dew coated lips were dripping their sweet smelling liquid on the outside of his dress pants.

Jerome casually sat back allowing his newest white bitch to work herself up. Her rapidly swaying hips began a motion of their own desperately trying to evoke a response from the throbbing black member. His trousers were becoming soaked by the constant thrusting of the blonde's aroused sex.

As she was nearing her womanly release her husband, Daniel Bannister III drunkenly barged into the room. His bloodshot eyes quickly focused on his succulent wife writhing in sexual passion above a muscular black. The same black that he was told, had degraded his wife in the great room by forcing her to remove her black panties and turn the prize over to him like some cheap tramp.

The unexpected noise of the door opening startled Misty and for the first time since entering her motel room she returned to reality. Here was her cuckold husband staring in rage from the end of the sofa.

Daniel was so horror struck he couldn't mutter a word. He just stared at the adulteress scene unfolding before his blood shot and alcohol infected mind.

Misty, deprived of her second orgasm in a matter of minutes, climbed off her black stud. She backed away from the sofa and stood looking at her enraged husband. The rage was so intense he couldn't get the words out.

Jerome, undaunted by the intrusion, carefully and in a calculated way rose to his feet and walked the several feet to directly in front of the enraged white husband. Staring into the inflamed face of the vengeful husband Jerome forcefully stated the obvious, "Your tramp of a wife wanted a real man, not some limp dicked white boy. She hasn't thought of you as a man for years. If you had a cock rather than some worthless little white appendage maybe your wife would give you the time of day. Strip those clothes off before I beat you senseless."

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* Warning!! Warning!! For ADULTS ONLY!! * This story contains material of an adult, explicit sexual * nature. If you are uncomfortable reading material of this * kind, then DO NOT READ IT. * Warning!! Warning!! For ADULTS ONLY!!
* Please note, I did not write this story, I am posting it * for someone.

The Subjugation of Misty Bannister - Chapter 2 (2/2)

by Arc Light

In one micro second, the harmed husband went from a fit of rage to one=
of total fear. Here was a muscular black man, who had just totally degraded h= is wife in public demanding that he strip. He had started with all intentions=
of beating the black for sexing his wife. That rage had evaporated and now he stood before the menacing black with fear running down his spine. He quick= ly looked at the door but knew he could never reach it.

Misty, originally staring at the floor out of shame now observed her frighten and bullied husband cowering before his black master. "You have n= o right to take my wife," was all the subjugated husband could whine.

"I told you to strip you white piece of shit. I play with your wife's pussy in front of one hundred people; make her give me her panties in the middle of the largest room in this motel and bring her back to your room to fuck the little white bitch and all you can do is whine you wimp ass mother fucker. Get your god damn clothes off or I'll break you into so many piece= s you'll never walk again," shouted the agitated black. All Jerome could fee= l was total loathing for such a pitiful white boy.

The fear level has increased to the rich, powerful, and pussy deprived=

Daniel Bannister III. He meekly unbuttons his shirt and lets it drop to th= e floor. He then unbuckles his pants and lets them slide to the floor. Taki= ng his shoes off with the hems of his pants he stands in only his T shirt, bri= efs and socks.

"Don't stop now. I want your tramp wife to see what a work of art she=
is married to. Strip your briefs off; put your hands behind your back," deman= ds the dominant black.

Unable to look the black in the face, Daniel takes the T shirt and soc= ks off and then as an act of final subrogation slides his jockey briefs down h= is legs. Putting his hands behind his back, he stares at the floor thankful t= hat the black has not beat him.

Misty, nervously fidgets, partly out of dread and partly out of loathi= ng. Her husband, completely dominated is trembling in fear in front of their bl= ack master.

Jerome, now in complete domination tells Daniel, "I'm going to fuck th= at tramp bitch until she can't walk. Have you taken her in the ass yet?"

Eyes still downcast, Daniel meekly responds, "No. My wife has not had=
sex with me for several months."

"Do you want me to fuck your wife?" questions Jerome.

Daniel, still staring to the floor does not know what to answer. His beautiful wife is trembling only feet from where he is. Finally, his eyes still downcast, he mutters; "Yes."

Misty is very torn emotionally at this point. She craves for the bla= ck cock that she has only held. Her husband has been totally shamed, totally broken by this muscular black man. Her pussy juices are still flowing down=
her legs and smearing the dark black silk hose.

"Strip your tramp wife for a black man to fuck," orders Jerome.

Head hung down, Daniel trods to where his wife is still standing. He i= s unable to look his beautiful wife in the face, as he starts unbuttoning her satin blouse. As he reaches the last button ,he unhooks the front button of=
her black leather mini skirt. He slowly unzips the skirt and tugs the tight fitting skirt down off the tight buttocks of his wife. He stoops to pull t= he skirt away from her long legs. Walking around her, he unhooks her black la= ce bra and gently eases it down over her shoulders.

As he reaches for the hook on the garter belt the black master speaks, "Don't remove the hose and garter. I like the feel of them on my black coc= k when I fuck white bitches."

"Beg me to fuck your wife white boy!" continues Jerome.

Unable to avoid the ultimate humiliation and degradation, Daniel final= ly looks up to Jerome, "Please sex my wife."

Amused by the final victory Jerome walks over to where the man and wif= e are standing and looks directly into Misty's face. "Your husband has given=
me your fine white body. Now it's your turn. Do you want my black cock?"

Returning the gaze Misty looks into her black fuck master's eyes and quietly answers, "I want your black cock, master."

"Go get the bitch's dildo white boy," commands Jerome.

Daniel without hesitating rushes to Misty's overnight case and brings = back Misty's small purse size dildo. While retrieving the requested item he als= o sees that she hasn't taken her birth control pill and brings it along to. Reaching his wife he extends his hand with the birth control pill and tells=
his wife, "You better take your pill," while he hands his black master the smal= l dildo.

Jerome stares at Misty and sternly warns her, "White bitches do not ta= ke birth control when they are with black men. I intend to give you a black bastard. Lose the pill."

Misty lets the pill drop to the floor. She is starting to have a grea= t deal of apprehension, especially about giving birth to Jeromes black bastar= d. "While your husband shows his servitude to his black master you are to prep= are your asshole for me," orders Jerome.

Misty hesitantly takes the small dildo and gently inserts the tip into=
her anus.

While she is starting to prepare her never before used asshole Jerome orders the white boy, "You can remove my clothes prior to preparing my cock=
for your wife," Jerome orders.

Daniel subserviently removes Jerome's clothing paying extra special attention to Jerome=92s boxer shorts. The huge black organ has grown as th= e domination to the two white yuppies have progressed. As he slips the short= s down Jerome's muscular legs Jerome roughly grabs both his ears and tells th= e white boy, "If I am to fuck your white bitch wife I want my black cock hard=

You will lick it until its hard enough to force its way up your wife's ass.= "

Daniel, already in a kneeling position, takes the rapidly hardening bl= ack manhood into his mouth and sucks the head. Jerome stands above the subjuga= ted white boy and enjoys his subservience as his dick becomes hard in the white husband's mouth.

Misty observes the proceedings from her half bent position, as she tri= es to maintain the small dildo in her ass. Seeing her husband on his knees be= fore her black lover, her pussy continues to gush a stream of dew down her black silk covered legs.

When Jerome feels that he is sufficiently hard, he orders Daniel to br= ing his wife to him. She knee crawls to her black master. He proceeds to give=
her next order, "Get down on all fours."

She assumes the position with her white boy husband next to her. She continues to hold the dildo in her relaxed ass. Jerome places himself behi= nd her upturned ass and brings his black cock to rest on her upper ass. Looki= ng into Daniel's face he gives the next command, "Put my black cock in your wife's ass you fucking wimp."

Unable to not obey, unable to comprehend the grotesque turn of events, that changed this week-end from a week-end of martial sexual bliss, to a ni= ght of complete subjagation and domination by the muscular black stud kneeling = over his beautiful blonde wife, whose tight ass was thrust upward. The black's = huge cock rested on his white wife's firm ass cheeks.

Daniel, gently removed the whirring small vibrator from his wife's beautiful thrashing asshole. As the small dildo gently slid out the small wrinkled opening, Misty let out a low moan and thrust her ass cheeks agains= t the twelve inch black cock resting between the two firm cheeks.

Mournfully looking at the huge black master resting on his knees behin= d his prone wife, he seemed to beg with his eyes to save his wife's virgin an= al opening. Finding no compassion from the dominating look, poor Daniel lower= ed the head of the huge black weapon to the small pouting orifice. As he gent= ly places the enormous black cock head at the entrance of tight pleasure. At = this instance his wife looks back up at her husband. She could anticipate the intense initial pain as the huge black manhood was forced into the minuscul= e entrance. The black FUCK master showed no mercy as his first pile driving thrust buried four inches of the pole into the tight opening. The scream escaping from Misty's dainty throat was primeval.

"Oh, my god. Please stop, I can't take you. You are too large. You a= re ripping my poor ass apart," begs the beautiful white wife.

The pleading brought an immediate response, but not the one hoped for = by the beautiful Misty and her shocked husband, who had backed away and was sitting on his haunches several feet away. Jerome used the mournful entrea= ting to lodge an additional four inches into the quaking asshole.

The additional thrust nearly caused the overheated blonde to pass out. The pain was intense and she could feel the membranes of her anal canal str= etch and tear.

The warm wet fluid only caused Jerome to thrust deeper; this last time=
the final four inches of his baseball bat size cock. Misty could barely breath= e and was screaming at the top of her lungs. Her white boy husband huddled i= n the corner, could not stand to hear her mournful pleadings. Burying his he= ad in his arms, he tried to block out the animalistic mourning.

As the black FUCK master finally reached the maximum depth he allowed = his dark dong to slide out a few inches only to be rammed to the base a few sec= onds later. This action, providing a small relief at first, followed by another massive thrust caused Misty's pretty head to swing back and forth trying to keep up with the rapidly changing sensations. After several minutes the combination stroking and thrusting was bringing the young white wife to a n= ew plateau of unbelievable pleasure. Over the last two days she came within orgasm on three separate occasions only to be cheated at the last possible second.

She would have given her life to have the pleasure giving black cock t= o be lodged in her dew dripping cunt lips. Be that was not to be, as the sensat= ion of the constant begging of the white woman coupled with the tight intensity=
of her constricting asshole brought about the huge explosion of black seed int= o Misty's torn and throbbing asshole. As the huge black cock spewed forth it= s warm and salty fluid Misty involuntarily constricted her anal sphincter and sucked more of the burning fluid into her being. The spewing and thrusting went on for what Misty felt was a hour. Finally finished, but with his hug= e black cock still rock hard, Jerome ordered the white boy to crawl over to h= im, "Come and take my black cock out of your wife's asshole, Asshole."

Raising himself to a kneeling position Daniel knee crawled to where hi= s wife, still on all fours, with Jerome's black cock was still lodged into he= r petite ass. The black seed was mingled by thin strands of blood and was dripping down her perfect black silk hose encased legs. She had a constant whimper; again she had not achieved her long sought after orgasm.

Daniel took the black cock delicately and eased it out of the tight opening. As it sprang free a massive quantity of black seed surged forth drenching her hose encased legs. The sudden departure of the huge log caus= ed Misty to collapse on the carpet covered floor in the dark motel room. Alth= ough physically exhausted she was also seeking her long denied release.

Jerome slapped Misty's firm ass cheeks swiftly and with great force. "= Get your white ass up and pay homage to my black manhood. Misty, her eyes tear= ing brought her tired and painful body to a sitting position and reached for th= e ravishing black cock. Quickly and expertly, she licked the head and body o= f the still rock hard black cock. Trying to clean the entire length she lick= ed the entire length; and then started on the base twisting into position so s= he could clean the entire pleasure giving organ.

Daniel, the white boy husband, remained seated on his haunches and fel= t the first pangs of subservience. He was embarrassed by the actions of his wanton adulteress wife. His stare was finally broken when Jerome ordered h= im to retrieve two of his best ties from the closet.

Upon his return, Jerome drug the still cock licking wife by the hair a= nd unceremoniously threw her on the bed. "Tie the bitch's arm to the headboar= d. I will be back in a minute," ordered Jerome to the cuckholed white boy.

Complying with the order Daniel firmly ties each of his wife's hands t= o the headboard. Once he complied with his black master's order he stood bac= k and looked at his sweat covered cheating wife. His small white cock stood = at attention, looking at his beautiful white wife spread wide waiting for her black lover to return. In an instant he climbed before his widely sprayed = wife and was a quick thrust away from driving his four and half inches into his wife's dripping marriage womb. In the split second before the excruciating pain signals reached his brain, Daniel thought that he would finally be abl= e to perform his martial duties on his cock starved wife.

Jerome had came from the bathroom and immediately saw that the worthle= ss white boy was going to prod his newest white fuck bitch. He glided over to=
the bed and placed his huge hand around the small but rock hard cock and nut sa= ck. Ripping the two useless white boy organs up and back he pulled Misty's husb= and off the bed and deposited him violently against the wall wedged between the=
bed and the wall with numerous abrasions on his forehead and his male organs ne= arly ripped from their sockets. The pain from his organs was only matched by th= e massive throbbing forehead. In a brief instance he passed into a deep unconsciousness.

Misty, shocked by the brutal treatment of her husband was about to say something when she noticed that her black fuck master's huge cock was again rock hard. As he slipped between her widely spayed legs she could only pra= y that her orgasm was to be induced by the black seed spewing manweapon.

Her hopes were increased as he gently nudged the cuntal opening with t= he fist sized head of his black cock. As he positioned the massive organ at t= he opening Misty slid down eagerly encasing the pleasure giving instrument. A= s hard as she struggled to slide down she became terrified when she realized = that despite her efforts only the head and first two inches of the cock had foun= d her flooded cunt chamber. Struggling beyond her capacity she could not mov= e lower on the bed as her hands were firmly tied to the headboard.

"Please Master, Please Enter Me! I need my release so bad. Please, Please, Please FUCK ME. FUCK ME NOW. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR BLACK COCK= ," screamed the young white division manager.

Jerome was more than content to allow the head of his rock hard black = cock to be continually stroked by the wet and constricting cunt lips of his late= st inductee into BLACK POWER. Jerome was more than able to keep his cock hard=
for hours at a time and this is torment that he planned for his latest conquest=

Misty continued her efforts at enticing the huge log to be inserted in= to her deeper recesses, albeit without success. Her sweat covered body was constantly in a state of near exhaustion. It was only several deep black strokes away from total orgasm; an orgasm that Jerome would not allow to happen.

As the hours passed, her constant wailing; pleading; begging; implorin= g only made Jerome resist the temptation to end the white bitch's torture. E= very time she could no longer thrust her clinched hips against his organ he gave=
her a inch; and as she reacted to the pleasure derived he would pull back and w= ait another few seconds for the exhaustion to set in. Her body was nearly dren= ched from the exertion she expended attempting to achieve her essential release. Sweat from her body and the body of her master continually dripped down the swollen cuntal lips and slid into her damaged and bruised asshole. As the salty liquid dripped into the crinkled opening it brought a dull ache. The nerve endings and blood vessels had many tears; nothing that would cause permanent injuries but enough to cause constant torment.

The constant pleading for her black lover to finish her droned on and = on in her husband's head. For several hours all he could hear from his wedged=
and uncomfortable position besides the bed were his wife begging her black mast= er for more and more cock. Her pleadings went unheeded for the pleasure was n= ever given.

At the point of total surrender; the point of her mind sliding into ne= ver ending begging for black cock Jerome asked her in a very soft voice, "Do y= ou want your husband to go get my three black brothers at the lounge?"

As her mind searched for release all she could understand was the ques= tion asking if she wanted more black cock. "God yes; I have to cum. Please fuck=
me black master. Please give me your seed."

Rewarding his newest fuck bitch for the right answer he allowed her another two inches which were totally engulfed into the warm wet pussy cana= l.

Ordering white boy up Jerome give him his latest instructions,"I have three black brothers in the motel lounge. Your wife wants more black meat = for her smelly pussy. Go get the Bro's and bring back some bottles of whiskey.= "

Daniel, his head still throbbing did not move. At least he didn't mov= e until Jerome smashed his head against the wall with a quick thrust. Misty's husband reluctantly got up and started putting on his pants. "You wear a towel; and you best be respectful to my friends. I'm going to ask them if = you were respectful."

Daniel Bannister III clad in only a towel around his waist made his wa= y to the motel lounge. He was extremely thankful that there was only a handful=
of people in the lounge. Walking up to the three large black men he meekly as= ks, "My wife Misty would like for you to come to her room."

"Does your wife want to fuck some real men; some black men, the larges= t of the trio nearly shouts."

Daniel, embarrassed beyond comprehension about his appearance, and tot= ally unprepared for the question meekly responds, "My wife wants you to fuck her= =2E"

Amused, another one of the blacks asks the next question, "I know your wife wants to be black fucked but what I wonder is do you want black men to fuck your white wife?"

Standing in the middle of the lounge, totally humiliated by the perver= se questioning Daniel submits even further; "I would like you to fuck my wife.= "

The other patrons of the lounge were all from the insurance company convention and smugly thought to themselves that Misty Bannister was finall= y receiving her just reward for being such a prick tease.

Daniel meekly led the group of three black men back to the room were h= is beautiful white wife was now being black sexed by her black fuck master. W= hen the four men entered the room Jerome had again brought poor Misty to the br= ink of orgasm by allowing her the feel of an additional several inches of black manhood.

When his black trainers arrive he abruptly pulls completely out leavin= g poor Misty in a state of near mental breakdown. For the last five hours Je= rome has brought her to the brink only to leave her one stroke short. Her mind = is starting to leave reality along with her physically exhausted body.

Daniel meekly stands to the side and is ordered to retrieve his sex ravaged wife. "Untie your wife and introduce her to my friends," orders Jerome.

Daniel knows not to show the slightest signs of disobedience and rushe= s to the bed to untie Misty's scraped and cut wrists. Not fully understanding h= er release, Daniel helps his wife to her feet and guides her to where the blac= ks are gathered.

"Introduce your wife to my friends you rancid little worm," mocks Jero= me.

Standing in front of the largest and meanest black Daniel formally introduces his wife; "Sir, I would like for you to meet my wife, Misty Bannister."

Jerome instructs Daniel on the proper protocol now that his wife has b= een formally introduced to black sexing; "When a black man enters a room the wh= ite fuck bitches are to tongue kiss their superiors and spread their legs if so ordered. Your wife is to never again wear either panties or bra in the presence of a black man."

Misty, understanding her new role of black sexing immediately moves forward and as she puts her arms around the mean looking black inserts her tongue into his pungent oral cavity. Gracefully she slides against him and starts dry fucking him. Entertained by his newest friend he allows the whi= te insurance executive to facilitate his erection.

After becoming hard he allows the still unsatisfied woman to make her introductions to the other two guests.

During the next three hours Misty is constantly fucked by the four bla= ck men. Never is there a second that she is not being entered by a black cock=

The black seed is deposited deep and often and after each has entered her precious white body the second, third, and fourth black sexing follow.

At 8:00 AM the desk clerk makes his wake up call announcing that the insurance conference breakfast will start at 8:30 AM.

Misty, her black silk hose shredded, her cunt tunnel litterly flowing = with black seed is barely conscious. Her mind has drifted between a constant or= gasm for the last three hours. Her ravished body is consumed beyond exhaustion. She is barely functional when Jerome slaps her reddened ass cheeks and info= rms her, "Get your sorry ass ready for the meeting. It's one I am looking forw= ard to."

As Misty struggles to rise Jerome heads for the shower. He has been a= ble to achieve several hours sleep since turning over the black sexing duties t= o his bro's. Grabbing Daniel by the back of the neck he drags him into the shower to wash his back, balls, and black cock.

When he comes out with Misty's husband drying his back, Misty attempts=
to rise on very shaky legs. Struggling to maintain her balance she guides her= self to the bathroom. Before reaching the shower, Jerome forces her down in fro= nt of the make up mirror. "You don't have time to shower or wash your face. = Put on some makeup and dress. I'm ready to go to the breakfast with your colleagues and friends."

Misty's face as with the rest of her ravished and bruised body is in t= otal disarray. Her mascara, lipstick and eye shadow from the previous evening a= re more than ruined. The constant sexual activity along with the face ejaculations have smeared her face beyond repair. Parts of the black seedi= ng is caked to her hair and face. At point of collapse, she tries to smear on=
a fresh coat of lipstick and brushes on a small layer of rouge attempting to camouflage some of the more noticeable streaking. After thirty hours witho= ut sleep she has bags and dark shadows under her emerald eyes. Looking into t= he mirror she resembles a ghost; a ghost that was constantly black sexed for t= he last twelve hours.

Pulling on the damaged white sating blouses missing half of it's butto= ns she pulls on her black leather micro mini skirt. Trying to disguise her to= rn and ripped hose she pulls on black leather knee high boots. As she heads f= or the door, she looks at the mirror and barely recognizes the little white wh= ore about to follow her black pimp to a breakfast designed solely to scorch her soul.

Before exiting the room Jerome takes her bright red lipstick, pulls he= r blouse apart and literally paints her nipples a bright red. Upon pulling t= he blouse together the bright red nipples are very visible. She must them ton= gue kiss each of her black sex partners before making the journey of her life d= own the long hall following her new BLACK OWNER.

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