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Chapter One - The Discovery I am a 39 year old father of two. My son Ed is now 17 and a senior in high school. His has a stocky, athletic build and will be playing college football next year at our state university. My daughter Amy is almost 16. Her slim build and soft red hair remind me of her mother when we first started dating in high school. She is very athletic, involved in gymnastics and swimming. My spouse and I have a great relationship. We have always been pretty open about sex with the kids, and we enjoy a very healthy sex life.

My story begins about five years ago. After a series of attempts, I had finally hit it big in my consulting business. We set out looking for a new house. We were lucky to find a large house in a very nice subdivision. The kid's had their own bedrooms, separated by a large shared bathroom. The master bedroom had a deck with a hot tub that overlooked a large pool. A small pool house sat next to the pool. It had two dressing rooms and a large room that the previous owner had used as an office. I took over the office as a place where I could work in private and concentrate on making enough money that we could keep the place.

The first summer after we moved in the kids would play in the pool every day. My office was well insulated from the sound, so they never bothered me. They had strict instructions not to come into the office if the door was closed. One day I was cleaning out papers and storing them in the closet when I noticed a small panel inset into the wall. You could barely make out the cracks where the panel separated from the wall. As I messed around with it, I found a hidden latch that opened it if you pressed in the right places. The panel popped open and reveled some electronic equipment, a couple of VCRs, some switches and several video tapes. The previous owner had two TV sets mounted near the ceiling of the office, I assumed so he could watch two games at the same time.

I took one of the tapes and slipped it into a VCR. When I hit the play button, I saw a picture of a well-built young blonde as she changed into a bathing suit in one of the dressing rooms. The guy who owned the house before me had apparently set up cameras in them. I pressed the stop button and began to look over the electronic equipment more carefully. When I pressed a couple of power switches, I was suddenly looking at both the dressing rooms on my TV's. I went around to the dressing rooms and looked around carefully. I finally found the cameras behind one way mirrors in each room. Each room had three mirrors, so the camera's covered the entire room, including a small shower and a large couch built into the wall so it could not be moved.

I went back to the office and began to play with the equipment. I found a remote control that would allow me to change camera's and to zoom in on the couch and shower. I could also tilt them up and down and pan them to zero in on almost any point in the room. As I played with the remote, I noticed one of my daughter's young friends come into one of the rooms. Jenny was the twelve year-old daughter of our next door neighbor. As I watched, she stripped out of her clothes and began to put on her bathing suit. Her small breasts were just beginning to develop, but were crowned with nipples the size of half dollars. She slid her panties off her slim legs, and stood in front of the mirror to admire herself. Her pubic mound was covered with a thin growth of dark hair. As I watched, she rubbed her hand across her pussy and gently stroked the slit with her middle finger. My dick had erupted to life, and was throbbing in my shorts. I unzipped by shorts and began to stroke myself. I was disappointed to see Jenny suddenly turn and slip into a bright pink bikini. I could still see the outline of her nipples through the nylon material. She turned and walked out of the room to where the others were playing in the pool.

My dick was still throbbing and I needed some relief. I hit the play button on the tape machine and began to watch various boys, girls, men and women change clothes. I stroked my raging hard-on as I watched two older teenage girls compare their tits. When an anchorwoman from one of our local TV stations came on the tape and stripped to change, I exploded with a load of cum that went flying onto my chest. I went to my bathroom and got some tissue to clean myself.

I settled down to watch another of the tapes. I looked up with interest as Jane, Jenny's mom, came on the screen. She is a 36 year old brunette with apple sized tits. Where I expected to see a dark bush was a totally bald pussy. Her mound was very pronounced, and I could see her bright pink clit peeking out of its hood. She stood in front of the mirror and admired her body for a second. As she bent over to pull up her bikini bottom, she revealed a firm white ass that was in bright contrast to the well-tanned parts of her body.

As she tied the top of her suit over the cute tits, the door of the dressing room opened. A young boy of about 15 entered. "Geoff, you shouldn't come in like that" Jane yelped at him. "Don't worry, nobody saw me" Geoff replied. "You know dad is out of town this week, and Mom just left to get her hair done." Geoff walked up behind Jane and slipped his arms around her slim waist. As I watched, he ran his hands up and cupped Jane's small breasts in his hands. I couldn't believe my next door neighbor being felt up by a 15 year old. As his hands wandered over upper body, Jane turned to him and pulled his mouth to hers, hungrily sucking his tongue into her mouth. Geoff's hands slid into the back of her bikini bottom and he began to massage her butt cheeks. He slowly moved up and untied her bikini top, and pulled it over her head.

Jane's nipples had hardened into thumb sized nubs about a half inch long. Jeff lowered his mouth and sucked her left nipple between his lips. "Ohhhhhh -- yessssss" moaned Jane as his tongue deftly flicked at her swollen bud. "Hurry up," Jane said, " You know Jenny will be over soon to play in the pool." She reached down and tugged at the waistband of his swim trunks. His erection had formed a tent in them. As she pulled down his trunks, a steel-hard six inches of teen dick popped out and stood straight up against his belly. Jane kissed her way down his chest, lightly biting his nipples and sticking her tongue in his navel. She knelt in front of him and pulled his dick down with one finger and washed the circumcised head with her tongue. As she slowly sucked the head and first couple of inches into her mouth, Geoff moaned in ecstasy. "Oh Jesus that feels good" he cried as he tried to buck against her face. "Slow down a little", Jane whispered, "You're choking me." Geoff mumbled an apology but began to slowly side his dick in and out of her red lips. Her hand moved up and down on the part of his cock that she could not get in her mouth in time with his thrusts. She pulled her lips away and then seductively licked a small drop of his pre-cum that appeared on the head.

As Jane stood up, Geoff led her over to the couch. They paused as she slipped her bikini bottom off revealing her shaved cunt. Jane sat down on the couch while Geoff got on his knees in front of her. He slowly started to lap at her pussy, occasionally flicking her engorged clit with the tip of his tongue. Jane writhed on the couch, pulling his face harder against her glistening mound.

As Geoff expertly licked at her pouting cunt lips, I eased my hard-on back out of my shorts and started to pound my meat again. I could not believe that my cute next door neighbor, who I had always thought of as fairly conservative, was getting ready to fuck this 15 year old kid who turned out to be the previous owner's son.

Back on the tape, Geoff had sat down on the couch and Jane was now straddling him. He reached down and pried his dick away from his belly and positioned it at the entrance to her bald pussy. She slowly slid down his pole, moving up and down a little to spread her juices along his shaft. After four or five strokes he was bottomed out. Her firm ass was rubbing his balls. They began to fuck in earnest, Geoff pistoning his hard cock in and out of her sopping wet cunt hole. As she bounced up and down on him, his slick cock fell out of her a couple of times and they had to fumble around and re-insert it. They were both moaning loudly. After a couple of minutes, Jane got up and turned around so she was facing the mirror. He slid his dick back into her juicy cunt and began to pump again. I could see her pink clit at the top of her clean-shaven pussy. He reached around and began to massage her clit. "Oh God I'm going to cum" he said as he began to really drive his cock into her. "I'm ready" she moaned. You could hear her ass slapping against his belly as they pounded each other. As Geoff let out a final moan, Jane fell back against his chest, obviously in the throes of orgasm. At the same time I again shot my seed , this time all over some papers on my desk.

Jane slowly lifted herself off of Geoff's wilting member. Her shaved cunt was red and juicy, the lips still spread open a little. Small white pearls of semen dripped from her, hitting Geoff legs. She turned around and knelt in front of him, licking the white drops from his legs. She took his limp dick into her mouth and washed all the juices from it. She moved up his body and kissed him with her wet mouth. "Hurry up, I can hear Jenny" she hissed at him. They both quickly slipped back into their swim suits. Jane gave his crotch one last affectionate pat before she slid past him and out the door. "Don't waste that on anyone else, Lover" she said, "I'm sure I'll need it again."

As I regained my composure, I wiped the drops of thinning cum from my desk. I had a hard time believing my luck to have a setup like this. I had always been something of a voyeur, and this equipment would allow me to watch until my heart's content. I fast forwarded through the rest of the tape. Twice more I saw Geoff and Jane fucking wildly on the couch. I also saw two young girls finger each other's pussy's. I determined that the system had a motion detector that would switch it on when someone entered one of the rooms.

I watched the end of the tape, the other TV set suddenly came to life as my daughter Amy came into the dressing room with Jenny. Amy stripped off her bathing suit to get in the shower. I had not seen her body since she was about six years old and I quit giving her baths. I knew it was wrong, but my eyes were glued to the screen. Her 11 year-old body was just beginning to show signs of maturing. Her chest was just beginning to swell, and no hair covered her pussy yet. I watched as she showered and slipped into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Jenny had also stripped and taken a shower. Her lightly haired pussy glistened as she dried off and got dressed. That night, as I slid my tongue through my wife's red-haired pussy, I wandered what it would be like to run my tongue through Jane's naked slit. As I drove my rock hard cock into my wife's juicy pussy, all I could think about was what I had seen that afternoon .

Chapter Two - The Fun Begins

I knew that my new discovery would bring a lot of fun to my life. Several times over the next few days I was able to see my daughter and her friends as they changed into their swim suits. I saw several tight young pussies and just developing breasts. I also saw Jane for the first time. Her dark pussy hair had regrown and it somehow made her look even sexier.

Two weeks later I was working in my office when one of the TV sets came to life. My 12 year-old son Ed came into one of the rooms with two of his friends, Ray and Joe. Joe was carrying a paper bag with him. They closed the door and locked it, so I knew something was going on. It was raining that day so no one was using the pool. As I watched, Joe pulled a couple of porno magazines out of the bag. The boys sat on the couch and started to look at the magazines. As I watched, the boys started to rub their crotches. In a couple of minutes, Ray pulled his hardening dick out of his shorts and started to stroke it. Ed and Joe soon followed suit. I was expecting to see a circle jerk. After stroking his hard cock for a few minutes, Ray reached over and took hold of Ed's straining five inch cock.

I guess I should be shocked by this homosexual behavior, by I remembered back to when I was about Ed's age and had a similar experience with several boys in the neighborhood. We had all ended up going the straight route, so I knew experimentation like this was somewhat normal for young boys.

As I continued watching the boys, they each had grabbed one of the others dicks and were stroking them up and down. Ray then leaned over and took Joe's four inch throbber into his mouth and started to suck slowly up and down the length of it. Ray was a year older than the other two boys, and had a five inch hard-on with a little pubic hair at the base. Ed continued to stroke Ray's hard dick with increasing speed as he watched him suck Joe. Ray suddenly stopped and raised up as a small stream of semen erupted from his cock. He picked up some of the drops of cum and raised them to his mouth and licked them off his fingers. He offered some to Ed who eagerly licked his fingers. Ray returned to sucking on Joe's cock and soon the boy was caught in the ecstasy of an orgasm.

Ed was the only boy who had not yet had an orgasm. I was shocked when Ray went over to the counter and picked up a bottle of suntan lotion. He slipped off his shorts and put some of the lotion in his hand. He proceeded to smear the lotion over his tight puckered asshole. "I told you could do it to me this time" , Ray said to Ed. "Put some of this on your dick." Ed wiped the lotion on his straining hard-on. Ray got on his knees and looked over his shoulder. "Go ahead, but take it slow" Ray said. Ed feel to his knees and put his hard cock up to Ray's tight hole. The slick lotion and Ray's apparent experience allowed him to easily slip into his tight rectum. Ed began to fuck Ray with great enthusiasm. Joe slipped underneath both of them and took Ray's semi-hard cock into his mouth. The three boys went at with earnest and soon Ed gasped and pushed his cock as far as he could into Ray's tight ass. I knew that he had pumped his seed deep into Ray's ass. Ray also erupted his semen all over Joe's face.

The boys got up and pulled on their clothes. I had watched the whole episode and didn't realize that I had my own hard dick in my hand. I pulled at my meat until my cum poured out. The memories of my own experiences ran through my head. I had never really gone past the circle jerk stage other than one time I had take my friend's dick in my mouth. I had never sucked a guy until he came, and certainly never done and ass-fucking. I had soon learned what a tight teen pussy felt like and never went back to pulling my pud with the other guys.

I hoped that Ed would soon find out this sensation for himself. His opportunity came just two weeks later. When my wife had returned to her accounting practice after staying home with the kids when they were young, we had hired a housekeeper/nanny. The nannies had normally stayed about two years and then left. We had hired a new young Jamaican girl about four months earlier. Sali was twenty years old and light black skin. I had seen her in a bathing suit many times, but she always changed in her room, so I had never been able to see her plump breasts on one of my hidden cameras. She enjoyed the fact that most of her afternoons were spent lounging by the pool watching the kids.

One day as I was catching up on phone calls in my office, Ed walked into one of the dressing rooms. He went over to one of the closets, reached under a large stack of towels and pulled out a porno mag. He sat down on the couch and started to look at the pictures. He soon had his hard dick in his hand and was stroking up and down. Suddenly the door (which he had forgotten to lock) opened and Sali walked in. Ed was sitting there with his shorts and underwear around his ankles and a wilting hard-on in his hand. He stuttered and stammered and tried to cover himself. Sali quickly realized his embarrassment and tried to make him feel comfortable. She walked over to the couch and sat down beside him. He tried to keep his groin area covered with his hands. Sali leaned over and kissed Ed on the forehead. "Don't be embarrassed Ed, " Sali said, "everybody does it and it is very natural. I even do it to myself sometimes."

"How can you do it," Ed asked, "You don't have anything to pull on." Sali thought a moment and said "Let me show you." She first went over and locked the door. Then she came back to the couch and started to take off her one-piece bathing suit. She revealed a set of light brown 36 inch tits. Her nipples seemed to be a dark purple color and stood out a good half inch from her firm jugs. She slipped the suit over slim hips and down her athletic legs. Her pussy was covered with a mass of black hair. She sat down next to Ed and took his hand in hers. She guided his hands up to her ample tits and allowed him to massage them. Ed had a look of wildness in his eyes as he squeezed the black girl's firm tits. I saw his tongue slip out the side of his mouth in the way he looked when he was really concentrating on something. Sali took one of his hands and pushed it toward her crotch. She spread her thighs and rubbed Ed's hand on her pubic hair. "Its' really soft," Ed said. Sally reached down and combed apart the wild mass of pubic hair. Using two fingers, she spread apart her pussy lips.

"This is how a girl does it, " Sali said. "You see the little button at the top of my pussy?" "I see it," Ed said. "A girl just rubs on it till she can't take it any more." Ed leaned over and looked closely at the black girls cunt. He reached up and put his finger on her clit and started to rub it. "Have you already cum,' Ed asked, "you're already wet." "That's what happens to girl when she gets excited. You get hard and I get wet." Ed slipped his finger down her oily cunt lips and it quickly slipped inside. "Move it in and out '" Sali gasped. Ed followed instructions to the letter, pistoning his finger in and out of the girls slick hole. She pulled his head over to her chest and Ed quickly started to suck and lick at her hard nipples. He had obviously seen enough from the porno mags to know what to do.

Sali reached down and started to stroke Ed's now hard five inch cock. She pulled on it till it seemed to grow another inch. Sali then leaned down and took Ed's straining dick into her mouth. She washed the end where a drop of his pre-cum had appeared. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere as I zoomed the camera in on her hungry mouth. She easily took the whole length into her mouth. Ed laid back on the couch as she moved her hand up and down following her lips. It only took a minute before Ed tensed up and started to moan. Sali continued to jack him off until a thin stream of watery cum pumped from his cock slit. She licked the head until it was cleaned off.

"Now its your turn," Sali said. "What do you mean?" Ed asked. "Your turn to eat me." Sali pulled Ed's head down toward her lap. Ed seemed to fight it a little but gave in pretty easy. Sali used her fingers to pull apart her cunt lips. "Use your tongue on my clit," Sali said. Ed started to taste his first pussy. He made a face as his tongue lapped up the first of her juices. Soon he seemed to acquire a taste for pussy and began to make long laps with his tongue. Sali directed his tongue where it felt best and was soon squirming on the couch as Ed drove her toward an orgasm. I don't think I ever saw a girl come so quickly. Ed looked up from her crotch. His face was glistening with her juices. Sali pulled him up to her and started to lick the juices off his face.

Ed looked at Sali with true love in his eyes. "Are you ready for a good fuck," Sali asked? Ed could hardly contain his excitement as he quickly nodded yes. Sali leaned down and again sucked Ed's limp dick into her mouth. He quickly hardened and was ready. Sally laid back on the couch and spread her legs. Ed climbed up quickly and knelt between her legs. Sali took hold of his hard member and guided it into her sopping wet cunt. Ed had to realize how much better a young girls pussy felt as opposed to his friends asshole. Ed pumped in and out of the girls slick hole. He could not quite get the rhythm down and slipped out several times. Sali was very understanding and took her time to teach the boy some technique. His ass was rising and falling as he pumped his hard five inches into her black pussy.

"Hold on a second," Sali said. She got up, turned around and got on her knees. She bent over the couch and stuck her ass up in the air. "It will be easier from behind." Ed got on his knees and slid his dick back into her wet pussy. He again started pumping his heart out. Sali reached between her legs and began to finger her clit. In a minute or so, Ed could take no more, and said "I can't wait, I'm going to come!" He pushed his hard dick one last time into her hot twat and spewed his seed deep into her .

He fell back to the floor, his dick quickly wilting. Sali rolled over and looked at the boy as he lay in the floor. "Now you see how a girl can do it" she said. Ed grinned up from the floor and nodded in agreement. "Can we do it again tomorrow" Ed asked? "No, you only get one lesson." "I can't afford to lose this job." Ed looked disappointed but knew she was right.

My limp dick was in my hand, and a pool of semen was staining my shorts. I could only wait for my next adventure in the wonderful world of voyeurism.

Chapter Three - A Surprise

I had recently returned from a four day business trip. I settled down in my office and flipped on the VCR to see if anything had happened while I was gone. My wife's sister and her family were staying with us for a couple of weeks. I hoped that Rachel (my wife Gena's older sister) had used the dressing room. We had always joked with her that her father must have been the milkman. All of Gena's family was generally fair-skinned and had red or blonde hair except Rachel. She was fair-skinned, but had brunette hair and bright blue eyes. She had divorced her husband about a year earlier after catching him in bed with his secretary. Rachel had a very slim build and almost no tits. Her small, champagne glass sized mounds looked incredibly sexy though, and she often wore tight shirts that you could see her pointed nipples through. I was hoping that I would finally get a peek at what she had been hiding all these years.

Rachel's two teenage daughters had also come with her. Mary was 14 and was developing into quite a good looking young girl, with baseball size tits and a soft but firm ass. Deb was 16 and a carbon copy of her mother. She had no bust to speak of, but her nipples were the size of quarters and often erect under her bathing suit. I hoped that maybe Ed would get a chance with one of his cousins during their stay.

I didn't have to wait long to see some action. The first thing on the tape was Ed jacking off to one of his magazines. His session with Sali a month earlier had obviously left him wanting more. The tape then changed to Mary and Deb changing into swim suits. I got my first good look at Mary's young tits. They were crowned with small nipples about the size of a dime. She held them up and squeezed them together as she looked into the mirror. Deb gave her a nasty look, obviously comparing her small mounds with her younger sister's large firm ones. Deb's nipples were a dark pink color and seemed as if they stood out from her breasts as much as her breasts stood out from her chest. As Mary slid her panties down her smooth legs, I saw a thin patch of blonde hair that covered her young pussy. She ran her hands down her taut belly and over the thin patch. Deb had dropped her running shorts and had nothing on underneath. Her pubic patch was dark, but had been shaved so it was only about an inch wide.

"At lease I know what to do with mine," Deb snipped. "Just because you let Doug have it any time he wants doesn't mean I have to be a slut," Mary retorted. "You really do need to get a dick in you," Deb said, "You don't know what you are missing." She slid a finger down between her legs and appeared to give her clit a quick rub. The girls then proceeded to slip into sexy string bikinis and walked out of the room.

I got to see the girls three more times as they changed clothes. Mary and Deb seemed to be at each others throat all the time. I guess this is typical of all kids that age. After I had returned from my trip they had been bitching at each other most of the time. Gena had told me that they had sent the four kids to the movies with Sali the day before just so they wouldn't have to listen to them. I soon found out there was another reason why they sent them.

The static on the VCR faded out and the dressing room appeared again. Gena walked in, her hair dripping from a swim. She was wearing an electric blue tank suit that molded to her slim body. Her nipples were erect and standing out the way I like them. Rachel followed her in the door, also wearing a tank suit. Hers was white, and was almost transparent after being in the water. I could see her dark patch of pubic hair through the thin material, and her nipples stretched the taut fabric. I knew I was finally going to get to see my sister-in-laws fine body. As I expected both of them quickly peeled off their suits. Gena adjusted the shower and got in. I had to pull my now throbbing penis out as Rachel admired her body in the mirror. The camera that was on was placed so you could see the shower in the mirror across the room. I watched as my wife soaped up her small apple-like tits.

"You know, I wish those two girls could get along together as well as you and I did" Rachel remarked to Gena. "You have to remember that it was about this age when we first started to get along." Gena replied, "We acted like Mary and Deb until I was 15 and you were 17." " Well, maybe they can learn to get along the way we did," said Rachel as she walked across the room to the shower. I looked on in shock as Rachel slid into the small shower stall with Gena. Gena put her arms around Rachel's neck and pulled her mouth to hers. They hungrily kissed each other in a not-so-sisterly manner. Rachel slid her hands up Gena's body and started to massage her breasts. Gena's nipples were now in full blossom. Her hands moved over Rachel's back and cupped her firm ass cheeks, pulling their groins together. Their lips remained locked together and I could tell their tongues were busy.

Rachel broke away from the kiss first. She bent and let her tongue flick over Gena's left nipple. She then locked her lips over it and sucked gently. She sucked the nipple and surrounding flesh into her mouth. Her hand massaged Gena's other breast and pulled and twisted her nipple. Gena's head was rolling back as her sister gently ministered to her heaving chest. She quickly shifted to the other nipple and worked it over too, pinching and rolling it as flicked at it with her tongue. Gena was panting and moaning by this time. She pulled Rachel's head up and kissed her gently on the lips. She then bent her head down and began to lick at Rachel's small mounds.

As Gena expertly licked and kissed her sister's hard nipples, Rachel reached behind her and took the detachable shower head from it's bracket. She slowly played the water up and down Gena's back and then slid the shower head between her legs. Gena opened her thighs and let the warm water cascade up into her hot pussy. Rachel flipped the knob on the shower head to where the water pulsed out in hard jets. Gena let out a loud moan and gripped Rachel's shoulders as she quickly shuddered to an orgasm. Rachel dropped the shower head and put her arms around Gena, pulling her tightly to her. They kissed gently as they stepped from the shower and moved over to the couch.

Rachel sat down on the couch as Gena knelt between her legs. The camera was pointed straight at them know, and I wish I could have used the zoom to focus in on Rachel's beautiful cunt. Gena slowly trailed her tongue down her sister's torso. She licked her tummy and navel and then eased down toward her pussy. Her hands were moving all over Rachel's body, from breast to thigh and back. When Gena's tongue slipped through Rachel's pubic hair and flicked across her clit, her head fell back and she arched her back, pushing her box into my wife's face. Gena slid a finger up Rachel's thigh and slipped it into her juicy hole. Another finger followed and soon she had three fingers sawing back and forth into Rachel's cunt. She continued to flick her tongue across her clit. Rachel was grunting and bucking her hips upward, trying to get Gena's fingers deeper into her aching hole. Rachel then gasped and moaned in a choked voice as wave after wave of orgasm rolled through her body.

As Rachel's body went limp, Gena slid her tongue back up her body. She slowly crawled up, letting her breasts slide along until their nipples met. As they pressed their breasts together, they kissed passionately. "I see you haven't forgotten anything" Rachel said. "You seem to remember well yourself" replied Gena. They laid next to each other on the couch and massaged each others tits. They made small talk about how much they missed each other. Rachel asked how good a lover I was. My wife replied that she could not ask for more. "I may have to try him then" replied Rachel. My heart raced at the thought of fucking my hot sister-in-law. "Maybe I'll let you someday" Gena said. I had already pumped one load of cum onto a towel that I kept in my desk. The thought of slipping my cock between Rachel's full lips made my dick start to stand up again.

Rachel had slipped her hand down between Gena's thighs and was softly caressing her sister's soft red pubic hair. She stroked her trembling thighs, then slid her thumbs into the soft tight pussy slit and gently opened it up. She pulled it wider, displaying the delicate pink flesh inside. I could still see Gena's juices rolling out of her. Rachel licked her lips, then leaned down and let her tongue slide up and down the pink flesh. She pressed her tongue against the tight hole and wiggled it into the opening. She began to pump her tongue up and down in her cunt as Gena moaned and humped up against her. Rachel pulled her tongue out and slid it up over Gena's bursting clit. Gena gasped in pleasure as her sister's tongue slithered across her clit. She used her fingers to open up the flesh and expose her hot button as Rachel sucked. Rachel slipped two fingers into my wife's gaping hole and began to move them in and out. Gena began to moan and twist on the couch. She pulled on Rachel's legs until she maneuvered her around into a 69 position. Both women licked at each others snatches until both shuddered in orgasms. I was right with them and pumped a load of sperm all over my legs.

The two women got rested for a couple of minutes and then got up and went back to the shower. They washed away all evidence of their lovemaking, gently caressing each others bodies. They even washed each others hair. I laid back in my chair exhausted, daydreaming about Rachel's tongue washing over my wife's red snatch. That night as I slid my tongue in and out of Gena's hot box, I wondered if I was as good as Rachel. I fell asleep and dreamed about Rachel's hot cunt being lowered over my face.

Chapter Four - My Turn

I opened the front door and walked in. I had just landed a big contract that would keep me busy for the next three or four months. I had expected a much harder time landing the contract, so I had told Gena not to expect me until late. I walked through the house, announcing that I was home, but received no response. I looked out in the back, but no one was in the pool. I walked out to my office to check my messages and put away my briefcase. After I threw my briefcase down on the desk, I reached into the middle drawer and pulled out the remote control. When I flipped on the TV system, a large smile broke across my face. There in the dressing room were Gena and Rachel. Rachel's face was buried deep in my wife's red-haired cunt. I thought back to a couple of days ago when Rachel said she would like to try fucking me. I knew this would be my chance. The two sisters had obviously sent the kids out with Sali again, so they could be alone. As I watched, Gena humped her snatch up into Rachel's face. She moaned and twisted as she exploded in an orgasm.

I switched cameras and zoomed in on the door to make sure it was unlocked. I knew if I walked in on them my dream would come true. As Gena recovered from her orgasm, she began to slowly stroke Rachel's dark pubic hair. The two sisters kissed softly. Gena traced her tongue down Rachel's chest and sucked one of her hard nipples into her mouth. Her tongue washed over the hard nub and then moved to the other. As she licked her way down Rachel's belly to her cunt, I knew it was time to move. I made sure the system was taping, flipped off the TV set, and locked the remote in my desk. I grabbed a pair of swim trunks and headed for the dressing room.

I opened the door and walked in. Gena looked up from Rachel's crotch and gasped in horror. I feigned surprise as the two women tried to cover their nude bodies. Rachel was the one who took command of the situation. "I guess you know our secret now" she said. Gena was sitting on the floor, naked. She seemed to have lost some of her embarrassment. I just stood there silently taking in the scene. Gena made the first move. She turned to Rachel and said " I guess now is your chance." Rachel smiled slyly at Gena, then reached up and took my hand and pulled me toward the couch. Gena reached up as I stood beside the couch and unbuckled my belt. She undid the button on my pants and unzipped them. Rachel stood up, removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I looked at my wife with a questioning look on my face. She understood my unasked question and said, "I hope this is one of your fantasies, because it is going to come true."

Rachel took my hand and guided it to her small left tit. I began to massage the hot flesh, feeling the nipple harden under my hand. Gena finished removing my pants, and started to rub my aching hard-on through my shorts. Rachel's lips moved to mine, and her tongue shot into my mouth. I returned the kiss with deep passion. Rachel's hand moved to my crotch and joined Gena's. They eased me down on the couch, stripping me of my briefs as they did. The sisters began to lick the just the tip of my hard organ. As they did, they kissed each other, surrounding my tool with two sets of lips and two tongues. Gena took over and slid my hard-on between her lips and down her throat. Her nose was soon buried in my pubic hair. I laid back on the couch and pulled Rachel to me. I began to lick and suck her blossoming nipples, occasionally nipping one between my teeth. "She yipped a little bit when I did but never told me to stop. As Gena continued to deep throat my member, I kissed my way down Rachel's firm belly and let my tongue slip into her thin patch of dark hair. She had shaved the area around her cunt lips, so they were easily accessible to me. I flicked her clit with my tongue, bringing a moan from deep within Rachel's throat. I caught one of her pussy lips in my teeth and gently began to nibble on it, as I slipped my tongue in and out of her hot pussy.

Rachel planted her knees on either side of my head and covered my face with her dark-haired box. I began to lick and lap at her cunt, switching my tongue from her clit to her juicy hole at regular intervals. I nipped her clit with my teeth, then sucked it hard into my pursed lips. Rachel began to shudder with a violent orgasm. I was concentrating so hard on making my sister-in-law come that I almost didn't realize that I was ready to cum myself. Gena realized I was about to shoot and wrapped her fingers around the base of my rod and squeezed. "Not yet, " she said. "I want some of that tongue too."

Gena and Rachel quickly switched places. As Rachel's beautiful red lips began to stroke up and down and my throbbing rod, Gena planted her cunt over my waiting mouth. I began to work her red-haired cunt over the same way I had her sister's. I let my tongue slip up and lick at her puckered asshole, bringing a squeal of delight from her. Rachel straddled my hips and began to rub the head of my dick against her juicy pussy. She let just the head slip into her hot lips and then pulled back again. She used my hard tool as a dildo, rubbing it all over her pussy lips and clit. She finally let my rock hard cock slip into her juicy cunt and slide up to the hilt in one swift move. Our pubic hair ground together. I then began to rock my hips back and forth, letting my rod slip two or three inches out of her hot hole. Her pussy lips seemed to cling to my dick as I began to pump in and out. Rachel and Gena began to massage each others tits. Gena leaned over and began to lap at Rachel's hard nips. She continued to grind her pussy into my face, covering it with juices.

I continued to pump in and out of Rachel's juicy cunt. The three of us were racing toward a massive climax. As I felt my jizz explode from my balls, Rachel began to thrash about and pound up and down on my engorged cock. As she released herself to the throes of orgasm, Gena moaned and began to cover my face with her juices. She ground her pussy into my mouth as I found her clit and sucked it with renewed vigor. The three of us collapsed in a heap on the couch, exhausted and satisfied.

As we lay on the couch, catching our breath, I asked how long Rachel and Gena had been doing this (knowing all along from watching them on tape). Gena said that they had first discovered each other sexually when they were teenagers. Rachel picked up the story at that point.

"I was seventeen when it happened. You know our house was small so we had to share a bedroom. Mom and Dad had gone out for the evening, and I had just gotten home from swim practice. Gena was sitting on the bed reading a magazine. I left the room to take a shower. I had started the shower and stripped off my clothes when I realized I had not brought the new shampoo I had bought with me. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me and went back to the bedroom to get it. When I walked in, Gena had her shorts and panties pushed down and was masturbating. She had one of Dad's magazines in one hand while her other hand was playing with her pussy."

"I was so embarrassed," said Gena. "I knew there was no way for me to hide what I was doing. When Rachel had gone to take a shower, I thought I would have plenty of time. I had found one of Dad's girlie magazines when I was putting away laundry a couple of weeks earlier. It had several pictorials in it, but the one that had gotten me hot was the one that featured two women and a guy." "I had shown it to my friend Kim a couple of days earlier, and we both ended up rubbing our pussies through our shorts while looking at it. I was really fascinated by the two women making love to each other while one was getting fucked. I really wanted to rub Kim's pussy but I knew I could never do that without someone finding out."

"I started to say that I was going to tell Mom," continued Rachel. "We really didn't get along too good then and I figured this would be a good thing to hold over Gena's head." "I walked over to Gena's bed while she tried to get her shorts up. When I saw the pictures she was looking at, I was both shocked and turned on. I had already had an experience where my best friend and I had played with each other's pussies when we were about thirteen. When I saw the pictures the memories had quickly come back to me."

While the two sisters told me their story, I was slowly stroking Rachel's small tits. Her nipples had hardened under my fingers and were at full bloom. Gena moved her hand up and began to play with my slowly recovering dick. While she continued the story, Rachel moved her head to my lap and slowly started to run her tongue around the head of my stiffening cock.

"Rachel sat down on the bed next to me and put her hand on my knee. Our eyes locked together and I knew that we were both thinking the same thing. I reached up and pulled the towel from around Rachel's chest. I had seen her tits a thousand times, but this time I was hypnotized by them. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and began to lick at it as if it were second nature. Rachel had run her hand up my thigh and was lightly stroking my pussy hair. I reached out and pulled her face to mine and we kissed. I could feel the wetness running out of my pussy. She slid a finger through my hair and between my lips, gathering some of my juice, then licked her finger. "

As Gena spoke, I could see Rachel slip her hand up between Gena's thighs, slipping a finger between her pussy lips. Her thumb moved up and flicked at my wife's engorged clit, eliciting a moan from Gena. Gena's hand moved was running up and down my cock, making me rock hard. Rachel removed my hard-on from her lips and washed a drop of pre-cum from the slit. "Your turn sis," Rachel said. Gena maneuvered her body over mine while Rachel guided my rock hard cock into her juicy cunt.

Rachel continued with the story, describing how they had moved from licking each others hard nipples and finger fucking each other to Gena slipping her tongue between Rachel's cunt lips. "I couldn't believe my own sister was eating me." "I pulled her around until I could get my mouth on her pussy." "We ate each other until we were both exhausted and had had at least three orgasms apiece." All this time I was pounding my meat into my wife's hot red box. Rachel leaned over and began to suck on Gena's rock hard nipples. Gena and I soon both exploded in wild orgasms. As my softening dick slipped out of Gena's cunt, Rachel washed away both of our juices with her tongue. She then lapped the cum out of Gena's pussy. Gena was finger fucking Rachel the whole time, and soon she too came violently.

We caught our breath, looking at each other with loving eyes. We slowly got dressed, and were leaving the poolhouse when Sali arrived home with the kids. We were able to act normally until later that evening after the kids went to bed. The three of us again met in our hot tub to fuck and suck the night away. My wife is happy that she can share her love for her sister with me. Whenever we get together it always seems to end up in a wild fuck session.

I have never told my wife or her sister that I had seen them making love in the shower that day. However, I have many times enjoyed the tape of the three of us on the poolhouse couch.

Chapter Five -- Mary's Cherry

I stayed in town the rest of the time that Rachel and her daughters were at the house. Gena, Rachel and I were able to make love at least four more times before they left. But I was not the only one trying out the luscious ladies staying with us.

The next week, on the day before Rachel, Deb and Mary were supposed to leave, I was in my office trying to get some important work done. I had been neglecting my work due to the work I was doing trying to keep my wife and her sister satisfied. As I made some phone calls, I looked up to see Mary come into one of the dressing rooms. She stripped off her shorts and T-shirt looked at herself carefully in the mirror. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her dime sized nipples quickly jumped to life, hardening and turning a bright pink color. She played with her nipples, turning and twisting them between her fingers. She slid her bright blue panties down her shapely thighs, revealing her blonde haired muff. She ran her hand back between her legs and pulled her fingers through her thin patch. Mary looked back over her shoulder and checked to see that the door was locked (which it was). She used her fingers to spread apart her pink lips, revealing the hard nub of her clit. I zoomed the camera in on her clit as she rubbed it, first slipping her finger between her pussy lips to lubricate it. "Maybe I do need a dick in me" she said as she humped away on her fingers. She soon stiffened as an orgasm swept through her body.

My own cock was throbbing, but several phone calls in a row kept me from doing anything about it. Mary dressed in a bright purple one-piece bathing suit and went out to the pool. I tried to concentrate on my work, but the memory of Mary's firm young body kept popping back into my mind. I took a break, grabbed a cold beer and went out by the pool. Several of the neighborhood kids were playing in the bright blue water. Deb was sunning herself in one of the deck chairs, the strap of her bikini top unhooked. Ed and his friend Joe kept splashing her with water from the pool, trying to get her to jump up so they could see her tits. Mary, my daughter Amy and her friend Jenny were in the shallow end, talking among themselves. After about thirty minutes, Deb got tired of the boys splashing, tied her top and went inside to watch TV. I left and went back to my desk to get some more work done.

After about fifteen minutes, the kids came into one of the dressing rooms. Amy went over to the small refrigerator and took out some soft drinks. Amy, Mary and Jenny gathered to one side of the room while Ed and Joe sat on the couch. The girls were whispering among themselves for a while, then approached the boys on the couch. "We want to play spin the bottle," announced Mary. Ed, having enjoyed a session with our nanny earlier in the summer, was all for it. Joe reluctantly decided to join in. The five kids gathered in a circle on the floor, and began to play the age old game. Mary spun first and gave Joe a quick peck on the lips. Joe then kissed Amy. The game continued, the only exception being when Ed spun the bottle until it pointed at Amy. "I'm not kissing my sister," he exclaimed as he spun the bottle again. He however did not feel as incestuous when he got to kiss Mary.

The phone rang in the poolhouse. Amy answered it and announced that Jenny's mother wanted her to come home. Jenny asked Amy and Mary to come with her because her mother was going to the mall. Amy quickly agreed but Mary begged off, saying she wanted to get some more sun. I'll have to ask my dad," Amy said, running to the door. I quickly switched the TV set in my office to a baseball game. Amy knocked on the door and asked if she could go the mall with Jenny. I asked what Mary was going to do and she said she wanted to get some more sun. I gave her my blessing and she ran back out the door. The motion detector in the other dressing room brought the TV to life as Amy and Jenny ran in and began to strip out of their bathing suits. I had seen their small, lithe bodies several times, but the sight of these two girls naked always aroused me. They quickly changed and were out the door.

I did not hear any noise from pool, so I switched the TV in the other dressing room on. Joe and Mary were sitting on the couch and Ed was on the floor. I quickly determined that they had entered into a game of 'Truth of Dare". The game went on with the usual teenage giggling and quaint dares. Finally, Mary dared Joe to moon her. Joe looked nervous and declined to do it. Mary then dared Ed to do the same thing. Ed thought for a second, then stood up and dropped his bathing suit, mooning the two on the couch. It was then Ed's turn. "Mary, I dare you to show us your left tit," Ed proclaimed. "No way," said Mary. "Aw cmon," cried both of the boys. "I showed you my butt," Ed said. The boys pleaded with Mary. "Okay, Okay," Mary said. She reached up and pulled the strap off of her left shoulder, then pulled the suit away from her young chest. Her breast was only visible for a couple of seconds, but I could see that her pink nipple was erect. She quickly pulled her top back up. Joe's eyes were glued to her chest as he obviously got his first look at an actual girl's breast. Mary then declared "Truth or Dare, Ed." Ed chose "Dare". "I dare you to show me your dick," Mary said.

Ed saw where the game might be going, so he stood up. I could tell that his dick was starting to get hard. He loosened the string to his bathing suit and pulled it down off his hips. Mary stared at his slowly hardening cock, then Ed pulled his suit back up. Ed then dared Joe to show Mary his dick. Joe had figured out the game by this time. He stood up, untied his trunks and let them fall. His hard-on snapped up against his belly. Mary's tongue slipped out of her mouth and licked at her lips. Joe pulled his trunks up and announced that it was his turn. "I dare Mary to show us her pussy." Mary knew that she had brought it on herself, so she reluctantly reached down and pulled the crotch of her bathing suit to one side. The boys gaped as they looked at the thin blond thatch of hair that covered her pubic mound. I zoomed the camera in and could see that the hair around her lips was matted with moisture. Mary let the crotch of her suit slip back in place.

I watched intently as the game quickly turned into a game of sexual daring, with the boys touching Mary's tits and Mary having to touch the boy's hard-ons. Ed dared Mary to let Joe touch her pussy. Mary again pulled aside the crotch of her swimsuit. Joe ran his finger up her slit and nudged her clit. Within a couple of minutes, the game had ended and only the sexual game continued. The boys had moved to either side of Mary on the couch. Both boy were soon massaging Mary's baseball size tits. Ed took her hand and pulled it down to his crotch. Mary wrapped her hand around his throbbing hard-on. She soon reached over and took Joe's dick in her other hand. As she stroked up and down on the boys cocks, both of them leaned over and took a nipple in their mouths.

After a minute of this, Ed stood up and went over to the towel closet. He reached under a stack of towels and pulled out one of his jack-off magazines. "I dare you to do this to Joe'" he said to Mary. I could not see the picture, so I was not sure what he was asking. Mary looked at the picture, her tongue slipping through her lips again. She looked at Joe, then bent her head down and licked at the end of his hard dick. She washed the head with her tongue, then took the head into her mouth. Joe fell back on the couch as Mary began to lick her way up and down his cock. In the meantime, Ed was pulling Mary's suit down her back and over her athletic legs. He ran his hand over firm ass, sliding his hand between her thighs. Mary opened her legs a little to give him more access. His hand rubbed across her wet pussy, then he slipped a finger into her tight cunt. He moved his finger in and out of her juicy box, eliciting a moan from Mary.

"Lets try this one next," said Ed. This brought a quick protest from Joe, who was obviously enjoying his first blow job. Mary looked up from Joe's wet dick at the picture. "I don't know if I'm ready for that," she said. Ed ran his hand up Mary's thigh and sunk his index finger into her wet box. Mary groaned and rolled over onto her back, giving in to his request by her actions. Joe straddled her shoulders, and rubbed his dick over her lips. She opened her mouth and took him back in. Her head began to bob up and down on Joe's hard meat, her nose almost getting to his pubic hair.

Ed slipped off the couch and knelt on the floor. He spread her thighs and ran his tongue deep into her navel. His chin slipped down and his tongue flicked at her hard clit. He had obviously learned a lesson from Sali on how to please a woman. Ed pulled her cunt lips apart with his fingers and lapped at her puffy lips. Mary was wriggling around on the couch, pushing her wet muff up into Ed's face. After only a minute or so of eating her young pussy, Ed got on his knees between her legs. He rubbed his steel hard cock across the lips of her blonde pussy, then slipped the head inside her bright pink lips. Mary's mouth pulled away from Joe's hard pecker. "No, No," she said. But Ed's dick was already sliding in to her tight twat. As his dick slid deeper into her, she changed her mind. "Fuck me, Ed, Fuck me," Mary cried. She went back to licking Joe's pole as Ed strained to get deeper inside her. She let out a small shriek as Ed moved his dick through her hymen, but the sound was muted by Joe's cock stuffed in her mouth.

I was actually impressed that Joe was able to hold on as long as he had. He began to fuck Mary's face with gusto, actually gagging her a couple of times. Mary must have realized what was happening, because she pulled his wet dick from her mouth just as Joe's sperm erupted from the end of his cock. She grabbed his dick and pumped it with her hand, urging Joe's cum from his young balls and onto her chest.

As Joe fell away from her onto the couch, Ed began to fuck her in earnest. Mary wrapped her legs around Ed's back and moved with him as he thrust into her. I was pounding my own hard cock watching this spectacle. The three of us erupted at the same time, I shot my wad into some tissues as Ed's butt cheeks tightened and he came deep in Mary's pussy. Ed pulled Mary to him and they swapped tongues in a deep kiss. Joe was sitting beside Mary on the couch enjoying watching his friend get what he thought was his first fuck.

I was finding it hard to believe that Mary's first time was a two way with a couple of twelve year-olds. She got up from the couch and walked somewhat wobbly over to the shower. Joe protested that it was his turn to fuck her, but Mary said, "Not now". "I don't want to get pregnant from this". Ed realized that he should have used a rubber, but it was definitely too late now. Ed quickly said "I know what to do". He grabbed a bottle of soda and shook it as he walked over to where Mary was standing. He told Mary to spread her legs. As she stood in the shower, Ed took his thumb from over the opening and pushed the bottle between her still juicy cunt lips. "I read that this will keep you from getting knocked up," he said. I knew that I needed to have a talk with him about the birds and bees real quick. Mary squealed a little, but let Ed continue with his cola douche. The sticky brown liquid was running down her legs as he pulled the bottle away.

Mary turned on the shower and began to wash up. Joe continued to protest that it was his turn, but Ed told him to be happy with what he got. Joe reluctantly pulled his swim trunks back on, went over to the shower and kissed Mary. His hands moved up and squeezed her ripe boobs one last time. Ed had also pulled on his trunks. The two boys professed their undying love to Mary. Joe left and Ed lingered as Mary pulled on her clothes. The two embraced in a deep kiss. "I have some rubbers in my room," Ed said. "Maybe we can fuck again before you leave." Mary replied that she didn't know. Later that night, after a wild last fuck session with Rachel and Gena in our hot tub, I went down the kitchen for another bottle of wine. As I came back through the dark hallway, Ed's door opened and Mary slipped out of his room. I stood in the darkness as she slipped back into the room she was sharing with Deb. I knew that I, my wife and my son would miss Rachel and the girls tremendously when they left. I somehow wished that Amy could have found a way to enjoy the fun that we had.

Chapter Six -- Taking the Test

I was truly sorry to see Rachel and her daughters leave. I will have to admit that my sex life with my wife had gotten a lot better. Her rekindled relationship with Rachel had put a spark in her. It was very convenient to have a job where I worked out of my house so we could share a lunchtime "quickie".

The rest of the summer passed uneventfully for the most part. The one exception was when Amy had a slumber party on her 12th birthday. I told my wife that I would be tied up in my office most of the day getting ready for a business trip the next week, but I would help her out when I could. I was anticipating the dressing rooms being full of nubile young teenagers in various stages of dress. I was not disappointed.

We had agreed with Amy that she and her friends could sleep in the poolhouse. We warned her that no boys would be tolerated, and that she and her friends must stay in the dressing rooms after dark. She readily agreed and proceeded to plan her party. Gena and I moved a TV and VCR to one of the dressing rooms, partly for the party, and also to give the kids a place to watch movies with their friends after we shut the pool down for the season. We also put some blow-up mattresses on the floor for the girls to sleep on.

The Saturday of the party was a typical late August day. The sun was bright and the temperature was in the nineties before eleven o'clock. Gena and Amy were rushing around getting everything ready. Ed and I were helping put up some decorations around the pool. We had negotiated with Amy to let Ed have a couple of friends over during the party. As Amy's friends started to arrive just after noon, I retired to my office and turned on the televisions and VCRs. I did not have to wait long for the action to start.

Our neighbor Jenny was the first to arrive. She had been at summer camp for the last month, and it seemed as if she had matured overnight. Jenny had been the first girl I had seen when I discovered the camera system in the poolhouse. She quickly slipped out of her shorts and T-shirt. She was now wearing a bra. Over the summer her breasts had swelled considerably, and I was still turned on by those huge half-dollar sized nipples. As she slid her panties off her hips, I could see that her pubic mound was now covered by a dark growth of hair, which she had manicured so it would not show around the legs of her bikini.

As she pulled the bottom of her suit into place, the door open and a young redhead walked in. I recognized her as Patti, the thirteen year-old daughter of another neighbor. She was a typical redhead, with very white, freckled skin, almost orange hair and pale green eyes. She had already developed a nice set of tits, about the size of a tennis ball and very cone shaped. Her nipples were small, and were bright pink in color. Her pussy was covered with hair the same color as on her head. She was soon joined by Emily, the eleven year old daughter of one of Gena's business partners. She still had a young girls body, with a flat chest and totally hairless pussy. Her slit was pinkish in color and her pubic mound seemed very pronounced.

A quick succession of other girls came into the dressing rooms to change into their suits. My office door was locked and my throbbing cock was in my hand as I watched these girls change. I saw tits of all shapes and sizes, and pussies that ranged from totally bald to covered with thick mats of hair. I took notice when a young blonde came in to the room. Joni was a thirteen year-old schoolmate of Amy's. I know that Ed was sweet on her, and had been to his first boy-girl party with her earlier that summer. Since his escapade with his cousin Mary, Ed had been hornier than a two peckered billy goat, with nothing but his hand to satisfy his needs. I had seen Ed and Joni kiss in the poolhouse, but when he tried to fondle her young breasts, she always moved his hand away. Joni had long blonde hair and a very slim body. Her small tits were very shapely and had quarter sized nipples. As she worked her tight shorts off her hips, she revealed a blonde muff that had been shaved except for the area just above her slit. She pulled on a white french bikini with very high cut legs. She tied her halter top around her neck, and then pulled it to the side of her tits so her nipples almost showed.

The afternoon progressed with the kids running and playing in the pool. I went out several times to watch their games. Ed had two of his friends over; Joe, who had shared Ed's adventure with his cousin Mary, and Kevin, a friend of his from school. One time during the afternoon, I had seen Kevin come into one of the dressing rooms and beat his meat. I was amazed that a thirteen year old could have a cock the size of his. It was at least seven inches long as he stroked it to a gushing orgasm. He packed it back into his trunks and quickly left the room.

The party began to slow down around 6:00. I fired up the grill and cooked burgers and hot dogs for everyone. After supper, the party in the pool continued, but at a slower pace. Several of the girls began to go in the dressing room and change back into shorts. I watched with interest as two of the girls, Patti, who I described earlier, and Megan began to get dressed. The two girls were giggling as they stripped off their bathing suits. Megan was a bit on the chunky side, with dark hair and eyes. She had already developed a thick patch of dark pubic hair, and her breasts were capped with large nipples that seemed to stick out at least an inch.

Patty unrolled her towel and pulled out a hot dog left over from dinner. "We'll save this for the test," she said. Megan picked up her bag and pulled something out of it. When she turned around, I could see she had a small cucumber in her hand. "I brought this'" she giggled, "and this." She reached back into her bag and pulled a small vibrator out. "I swiped this from my sister's room," Megan said. "She won't be back until Monday, so she won't miss it. Megan twisted the bottom of the vibrator to turn it on. She then ran it through her dark mat of pubic hair, letting it buzz on her clit for a second. "Let me see it," Patti said. As she spoke, the door opened and Emily walked in. The two girls hurriedly dropped the vibrator and other items into Megan's bag. "What are you doing?" Emily asked. "You'll see later," Patti replied, as she and Megan burst into giggles.

Megan and Patti began to get dressed as Emily slipped out of her suit. The room quickly filled up with teenage girls, stripping out of their bathing suits and putting on shorts and shirts. I noticed that Amy, Jenny, Megan and Patti were in one corner of the room whispering to each other. It was almost 9:00 and starting to get dark. I knew that the night was going to be interesting, so I loaded new tapes into the VCRs. I turned off the office lights and went around to the dressing rooms. Gena was there telling the girls that they had to stay in the poolhouse the rest of the night. Ed's friend Kevin was going to spend the night with him. Joe reluctantly left, having to leave town the next morning with his parents.

I was incredibly horny after watching all those young naked bodies. Gena and I relaxed in the house for a while, then slipped into the hot tub on the deck outside our bedroom. As we lay in the hot water, I slipped a finger into her slick pussy. Soon, she was bouncing up and down on my hard cock. As I pounded into her, I thought I saw the curtains in the bathroom move. I figured Ed and Kevin might be getting their eyes full. As Gena melted in a wild orgasm, I exploded my cum deep into her tight pussy. I was thinking about what would be on the video tape the next morning. My wife and I went to bed around 11:30. I was still restless, so about 1:00 I got up and walked out on the deck. I looked down just in time to see Ed and Kevin slip into the vacant poolhouse dressing room next to the one the girls were staying in. I wondered what they were up to, but knew I would find out the next morning.

The next morning was gray and drizzling rain. Around 11:00 the girls parents began to arrive and pick them up. Just after lunch, Gena said she was going to the mall with Ed and Amy to buy some school clothes. I begged off, claiming too much work that needed to be done before I left on my trip.

As soon as they left, I went out to the poolhouse and rewound the tapes. I had to fast forward through about two hours of miscellaneous stuff. I slowed the tape and began to watch when I saw Megan reach into her bag and pull out the left over hot dog.

"Who is going to take the virgin test?" Megan asked the other girls. They were all giggling and whispering to each other. Patti spoke up. "I will." The other girls watched as Patti pulled her long T-shirt over her head, revealing her cone shaped breasts. She peeled off her white panties and moved over next to where Megan was sitting on the couch. Megan reached into her bag and pulled a bottle of lotion out and squirted some of it onto the hot dog. Patti reached between her legs and began to rub on her orange-haired pubic mound. In a minute, she announced that she was ready. Megan leaned over and handed the hot dog to Patti. She began to rub it on her pussy lips, then tried to slip it inside. The hot dog broke as she tried to slip it in. "So much for that one," Patti said. Megan reached into her bag and pulled out the cucumber I had seen earlier. I was about eight inches long, but narrow, only about a half inch in diameter. She applied the lotion to it, and then slip it down to rub up and down in Patti's slit. In a moment, her lips opened up and the fruit slid into her wet pussy. Megan slid the cuke in about four inches, then slowly moved it in and out. I could see that Patti's eyes were tightly closed, and a determined look had crossed her face. "No virgin here," Megan proclaimed. Patti's hand had slipped to her crotch and she was stroking her clit. Megan continued to slip the cucumber in and out of Patti's tight pussy as the other girls watched. In a couple of minutes, she shuddered with an orgasm and fell back on the couch. Megan slid the cuke out of her dripping snatch and wiped it off with a towel. "Who's next?" she asked.

I don't think I have ever seen such an erotic display. My hand was sliding up and down on my throbbing hard-on. I had no idea these young girls had such sexual knowledge. I erupted it a torrent of semen, catching it in the towel on my desk.

As I recovered from my orgasm, I again turned my attention to the TV. The girls were all clamoring that it was "the birthday girl's" turn. As I watched, Amy got up off the floor and moved to the couch beside Megan. I could see that Megan had her hand inside the leg opening of her panties and was rubbing her pussy. Amy pulled her T-shirt over her head, displaying the small swell of her young breasts. I could see that some red hair was just beginning to sprout around her pubic mound as she slid her panties to the floor. She sat down on the couch, looking nervous but excited. Patti kneeled down on the floor in front of Amy and ran a finger up and down her hairless slit. Amy was biting at her lip, and squirming on the couch. Patti homed in on Amy's tiny clit. She rubbed the small nub with her thumb, eliciting a moan from Amy. Megan applied some lotion to the cucumber and handed it to Patti. She placed the well lubricated cuke against Amy's slit and began to push it in. Her puffy cunt lips split and allowed the intruder in. Patti moved it in and out, lubricating it with Amy's juices. When the cucumber was about two inches inside my daughter's tight box, it hit resistance. "WE HAVE A VIRGIN!" proclaimed Patti. As she slid the cucumber slowly from Amy's pussy, I could see a look of disappointment on Amy's face. She was obviously enjoying the feeling of having her young cunt filled.

Two more girls, including young Emily, passed the "virgin test" as I watched. It was then Joni's turn. She seemed very defiant as she pulled her bright red panties down past her knees. Patti began to run her finger up and down in Joni's slit. Her lips parted, revealing the bright pink flesh inside. Joni reached down with both hands and pulled her cunt lips apart. I could see a clit sticking out what seemed about a half inch. Patti immediately began to massage the nub with her finger, causing Joni to moan and twitch. To my astonishment, Patti then leaned over and began to flick at the bright pink clit with her tongue. The girls watched wide eyed as Patti began to lap at Joni's pussy, occasionally nipping at her bud with her teeth. Joni was moaning and pushing her cunt up into Patti's face. Her hands reached behind Patti's head and pulled her hard against her pussy. Joni erupted in an orgasm, moaning loudly before collapsing on the couch.

During this spectacle, Megan had pulled the vibrator from her bag and inserted it into her juicy cunt. The girls turned to watch as Megan, seemingly in her own little world, stroked the plastic phallus in and out of her dark haired pussy. She was rubbing her own clit as she fucked herself with the plastic rod. She too reached an orgasm quickly. Patti reached over and pulled the vibrator out of Megan and licked her juices off the plastic. Several of the girls had their hands in their own crotches, rubbing their young twats. I noticed at the corner of the picture that Jenny had slid her hand into Amy's lap and was sliding a finger in and out of my daughter's virgin pussy. Amy soon returned the favor. I could not contain another massive orgasm as I watched these two girls finger each other's cunts. My sperm flew in large globs all over my chest.

As I sat there with my drooping cock in my hand, I watched another ten minutes of girls masturbating themselves and each other. I believe I will never see another sight as erotic as what was on that tape. But, I had another one to watch........

##################################################### DISCLAIMER This story is fiction. It is intended for adults over the age of 18. If descriptions of sexual encounters involving adults and teenagers are offensive to you, do not read any further. The persons depicted in this story are fictional and are not meant to bear resemblance to any person living or dead.

If you like the work, have any suggestions or comments, let me know.

The Poolhouse By MikeyBear

Chapter Seven -- The Party Continues

The girls party crashed soon after. The girls slowly moved to the mattresses and began to fall asleep. I noticed that Patti had curled up next to young Emily, her arm curled over the young girl's stomach. Amy and Jenny had slipped into their sleeping bags next to each other. Several of the girls were still naked from the sex play that had gone on a few minutes before. I fast forwarded through the rest of the tape, looking for any further episodes.

The VCR had cut itself off about midnight. It started again about 1:15, the motion sensor picking up some movement. I saw the door open and a body quietly slip through the opening. The machine turned itself off again in a few minutes. I switched to the other tape machine to watch the tape from the other dressing room. The tape started with Ed and Kevin coming into the room at about 1:00. The boys turned on a small lamp. Ed went over to the closet and pulled out a couple of his jack off magazines. The boys sat down on the couch and began to look at the pictures. After a couple of minutes, Ed pulled his dick out of his gym shorts and began to pull on it. Kevin soon followed suit, his seven inch hard-on slapping against his belly.

In a minute, the door slid open and Megan slipped into the room. This rendezvous had obviously been planned, because the boys showed no surprise. "I see you're getting ready," said Megan. She reached down to the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. She was naked under the shirt. Megan moved over to where the boys were sitting and kneeled down. She reached and took the boy's dicks in her hand. She began to stroke up and down, one hot cock in each hand. Megan leaned over and took the tip of Ed's dick into her mouth, washing the head with her tongue. After a moment, she switched and began to lick at the head of Kevin's massive peter. She slid his member deep into her mouth, taking in at least five inches. She then began to alternate, first Kevin and then Ed, deep throating Ed's five inches all the way down until her nose rested in his pubic hair. As her mouth worked on one, her hand was busy on the other, pumping up and down on the hard cock. Both the boys soon tensed up and I could see that they were both approaching an orgasm. Kevin broke first, his load hitting Megan just as she lifted her head off of his dick. A big glob of semen hit her in the nose, then dripped down. She reached out with her tongue caught it as it rolled off her nose. Another blast hit her on the cheek as she bobbed her head back down on his cock. Kevin emptied the rest of his load into her mouth, a small amount dribbling out of the corner. Ed could not contain his ejaculation any more, and exploded across her small boobs, coating her left nipple with a big drop of white jizz. Megan smoothed the white juice across her chest, rubbing the fluid into her nipples like body lotion.

As Megan rubbed the cum into her skin, the two boys laid back on the couch. Megan quickly announced, "You two aren't going to have all the fun." She reached over and pulled Ed down on the couch. Laying on his back, Ed looked up as Megan climbed over and straddled his head. She lowered her black furred pussy to his mouth. Ed's tongue reached out and licked tentatively at her cunt lips. His nose was nudging into her clit. As he began to lap at her pussy, Kevin sat up and began to kiss Megan's nipples. As he licked and nipped at one, his fingers were busy pulling and twisting the other. Her nips seemed to extend almost an inch away from her small mounds. Kevin bit at one. Megan's quick move from the sensation caused her to grind her pussy harder into Ed's face. I could see Ed's head moving between her thighs, nodding up and down as his tongue slipped up and down in her pussy slit. He focused in on her clit, pursing his lips around it and sucking hard. Megan was moaning and squirming atop Ed's face. Kevin stood up on the couch and put his semi-hard dick in Megan's mouth. She greedily licked at the head before she engulfed his cock in her mouth.

Megan bobbed up and down on Kevin's cock, almost getting the entire length into her mouth. She suddenly backed off of his hard-on as an orgasm swept through her body. Ed seemed to be drowning in her juices as Megan mashed her cunt into his face. Kevin squealed a little bit as she clamped down on his dick with her hand.

"Sorry," Megan said to Kevin, "I hope I didn't hurt it." She leaned down and planted an kiss on the head of his cock. Ed pulled his head out of her muff, his face coated with her juices. "My God, I didn't think girls could cum!" he exclaimed. Megan and Kevin looked down at his wet face and began to giggle. Megan rubbed some of her cum into Ed's skin, then lifted her fingers up so Kevin could lick them.

"I want some cock in me now," Megan said, " And I want that big one first." She told Kevin to sit down on the couch. He complied as Ed got up to give him room. Megan then climbed on his lap, his rock hard cock brushing against her black fur. Megan reached between her legs and pulled Kevin's hard-on away from his belly, positioning the head at the entrance to her juice filled cunt. She let the head slip between her pussy lips, then suddenly impaled herself on his cock. "Ohhhhhhh God" she squealed as the seven inches of cock disappeared inside her. "Don't move yet," she told Kevin. Ed had gotten behind her. He reached around her and began to fondle her tits. Megan slowly began to slide back up Kevin's pole. "Oh God that's big," she cried. She moved up and down tentatively a few times until her cunt had adjusted to size of Kevin's rod. She then began to bounce up and down on his cock, moaning each time it would bottom out in her cunt. Ed slid his hands down and began to fondle her plump ass cheeks, his hand slipping down her crack, across her tight hole to where Kevin's cock was pounding in and out of her pussy. Megan reached around with her right hand and grabbed Ed's hand. She put his finger on her tight asshole and told him to rub her there. Ed complied, occasionally reaching down and getting some of her juices for lubrication. His index finger wormed it's way into her rosebud, bring another squeal of delight from her. He began to thrust his finger in and out in time to Kevin's thrusts.

"In my ass...put it in my ass," Megan moaned. Having seen Ed fuck one of his friends in the ass before, I knew he would not turn that invitation down. He ran over to the closet and pulled a bottle of lotion out. As he returned to the couch, he squirted some on the head of his hard cock.

"Hold up a sec Kevin," Ed said. "Spread her cheeks a little." Kevin quit pounding into Megan's cunt and reached around, grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. He pulled them apart, and Ed started working his cock up and down in Megan's crack. He pushed the head of his dick against her tiny hole, which opened easily with all the lubrication. His slender dick head slid into her ass, and he slowly began to sink the rest of his five inch cock into her. My wife and I had only tried anal intercourse once. She found it too painful and had not wanted to do it again. My own cock was throbbing again as the two boys tried to find the proper rhythm. For the first few strokes, either one or the other was slipping out. They finally got the proper motions going, and began to fill Megan up with a hard cock in each hole. Megan was moaning and thrashing about, pushing back against both of the boys when they reached the bottom of their stroke.

I could see Ed's butt begin to tense up, signaling that he was about to cum. Both of the boys were speeding up their thrusting. Kevin began to groan under Megan, then reached up and pulled her down hard on his cock. I could tell he was pumping his load deep into Megan's teen pussy. Ed was right behind (no pun intended) him, driving his dick as deep as it would go into Megan's tight ass. The three collapsed together, Megan sandwiched in between the two boys. Ed pulled away, his softening dick popping out of Megan's ass. As Megan lifted herself off of Kevin, large drops of cum dripped out of her pussy, falling onto Kevin's legs.

The three recovered on the couch, their nude bodies covered with cum and sweat. All three of them jumped when the door cracked open. "Megan?" "Megan?" Patti called out quietly. She stuck her head in the door, and saw the three scrambling to try to hide their nudity. Patti quickly slipped in and closed the door. "I thought I heard something going on over here!" she said. "Why didn't you invite me?" she asked.

Megan and the two boys quit trying to cover their bodies. Patti pulled her oversized T-shirt over head, revealing her cone shaped tits and a pair of black panties. The combination of her orange-red hair and the black panties made her look incredibly sexy. Megan was the first to jump up and go to Patti's side. "These guys are great," she said. "Look at Kevin's dong." Kevin's dick had become limp, but you could see that it was larger than Ed's. "C'mon and try it." Megan grabbed Patti by the hand and pulled her over to the couch. She bent down and pulled Patti's black panties off her hips. Patti knelt down in front of Kevin, and started to play with his cock. She toyed his rod, eventually taking the head of it into her mouth. As she gave Kevin a blowjob, Megan grabbed Ed by the hand and pulled him toward the shower. "Lets clean you up." she said. "I want you in my pussy, but you have to clean up first.

Patti's head bobbed up and down on Kevin's dick. He began to harden, his pecker extending itself again to it's full seven inches. Kevin was playing with her tits, pulling and twisting at the nipples. Patti's hand was between her legs, playing with her own pussy. As soon as Kevin's dick was hard enough, Patti turned her back to him, and straddling his legs, lowered herself onto his hard prong. She did not seem be as experienced or as excited as Megan had been. Kevin's dick seemed to be stuck about three inches into Patti's box. She began to move up and down, spreading her pussy juice over his large cock. She was soon able to take the full length into her orange-haired cunt. Her pink pea of a clit was exposed, and she began to finger it as she rode him. Kevin's hands reached around and played with her tiny nipples.

I was having a hard time believing that these two thirteen year-old girls were as sexually experienced as they were. I was to learn a couple of years later that Megan was considered the class "pump", fucking just about anything that walked. Ed, who had just turned thirteen earlier that year was getting more pussy than I had in college. As I continued to watch, I could see that Ed and Megan had begun to fuck while standing in the shower stall. Ed was pumping his cock into Megan's plump body while she was backed against the tile wall of the shower.

Back on the couch, Patti was nearing an orgasm. She moaned, twisting and turning, pounding her box down onto Kevin's cock. "I'm going to cum'" Kevin gasped, trying to pull Patti down on his dick. Patti, however, pulled up off of him, then reached down between her legs and pumped Kevin until he came. A thin stream of cum erupted from his dick, splashing onto Patti's stomach. Her other hand rubbed furiously at her clit until she fell back against Kevin, moaning as she reached her peak and came violently.

In the meantime, Ed pumped his load deep into Megan's pussy. It occurred to me that maybe Patti had started to have her period, and knew enough not to let Kevin's sperm inside her. I assumed that Megan either had not started or was already on some sort of birth control.

The four teenagers slowly recovered from their sexual adventure. They spent a little time making out, the boys fondling the girls breasts. They soon began to slip back into their clothes. A couple of minutes later, they turned off the light and slipped back out of the door. A remembered that Ed had seemed very tired that morning, and now I saw why.

I would see Megan and Patti again in more tapes with Ed and his friends over the next few years. I could not wait for Amy's next slumber party.

Chapter Eight -- Watching Tapes

The summer ended and we closed up the pool. We had moved a TV and VCR into the poolhouse so the kids could watch movies with their friends during the winter months. As far as my voyeurism went, I had to be content with watching tapes that I had made during the summer. My favorite was of course the one of Gena, Rachel and myself.

In early November, one of the VCRs broke and I had to replace it. I waited until a weekend when Gena had taken the two kids to visit her parents for the day. I had never gotten along with her mother, so I normally stayed home just to keep the peace. I went to a local electronics store and purchased a new VCR. Taking it home, I opened the panel in the closet of my office and pulled the old machine out. After I pulled it out, I found two tape boxes that I had not seen before. I set these aside and began to install the new tape machine. The wiring was somewhat complicated, but I figured it out and got everything working correctly. I inserted one of the new found tapes into the machine, and sat down to watch.

I soon found out why the tapes were hidden in the back of the equipment space. The first image to come on the screen was that of Cindy, a local television anchor. Cindy was in her late thirties, petite and dark haired. She was well known in the community, having been on a local station for about eight years. She was married to a doctor, and was always in the middle of the social scene in our city. I had seen Cindy on tape once before, changing into a swimsuit in the poolhouse.

The tape started with Jane, our neighbor, and Cindy coming into the poolhouse. Both were in bathing suits, their hair wet from the pool. "I'm glad Carol let us use the pool while they're gone," Jane said. "I know," replied Cindy, "I hate having to go the 'Y' to swim." Cindy pulled a comb out of a duffel bag and began to run it through her hair. "The facilities are so much nicer too," she joked. Jane pulled a towel from her bag and began to dry herself. She pulled the shoulder straps of her black one-piece down, revealing her nicely shaped, apple size tits. She rubbed the towel over her upper body, drying it. The rough material of the towel caused her nipples the harden into thumb sized nubs, a dark red in color.

As Cindy continued to comb her shoulder length brunette hair, Jane peeled her bathing suit off of her hips. As she pushed the suit down her legs, her shaved pussy was revealed. "Oh My God, you shave your pussy," Cindy exclaimed. "I've always wondered what it was like." "Don loves it," replied Jane, referring to her husband. "He says it makes him feel like he's fucking a thirteen year-old." Both of the women laughed. "Doesn't it itch though?" asked Cindy. "Not really," said Jane, "You have to rub lotion on it a lot when you first do it, but if you keep it shaved it never does really itch.

Cindy had begun to slip out of her suit. She was wearing a red, white and blue stripped tank suit. She pulled the straps off her shoulders, revealing a set of ample, grapefruit sized melons. Her nipples were huge! They must have been two inches across, the centers raised about a half inch. She stripped the suit off, showing me first a firm ass, then turning she showed a pussy covered by a thick mat of dark hair. "You look like you could use a shave," Jane remarked, looking at Cindy's thick muff. "I don't see how Howard can ever find anything in that." "He doesn't look very often," replied Cindy in a frustrated tone. "I still think he's fucking that receptionist he hired." "You mean that mousy little blonde with no tits?" asked Jane. "That's the one," Cindy replied, "I don't know what he sees in her." "Maybe you should show him something new," remarked Jane. "Like what?" asked Cindy. "I already act like a complete whore in bed with him."

"Why don't you try shaving. It sure turned Don's head back around when I thought he was fooling around." "I'll be glad to do it for you," said Jane. "I don't know," replied Cindy, "What would he think?" "Probably WOW!," said Jane. "Come on, it can't hurt." Jane took Cindy by the hand and led her over to the shower. She turned it on, tested the water, then told Cindy to get in. "I'll see if I can find a razor." She went over to the sink and looked in the cabinet underneath. She pulled out a package of disposable razors and a can of shaving cream. "Just what we need," she proclaimed, and headed back for the shower.

Cindy had lathered herself up, and was rinsing the soap away. Jane stopped at her duffel bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. She went over to the shower, waiting for Cindy to rinse off. She reached over and turned off the water, then knelt down in front of Cindy. She began by cutting away the majority of the hair with the scissors. She then squirted some of the shaving cream on her hand and began to spread it on Cindy's pubic area. Cindy had leaned back against the wall of the shower. When Jane began massaging the cream into her pubis, I could see her began to squirm a little bit. Jane pulled out one of the razors. "Don't move too much," she said, "I don't want to nick your pussy." Jane proceeded to expertly shave Cindy's pubic hair. I could see Jane's finger knock against the hood of Cindy's clit as she maneuvered around her cunt lips. In a couple of minutes, Jane reached up and turned the water on. She pulled down the detachable shower head and washed the remainder of the shaving cream from Cindy's cunt. As Jane turned off the shower, Cindy padded across the floor to look in the mirror.

"OH GOD!" she exclaimed, "I look like I'm twelve years old." She reached down and rubbed her now bare pussy, running a finger through her slit and up to the top. As she paused, fondling herself, her bright pink clit popped out of its protective hood and swelled in size. Jane had walked up behind her and was looking at her reflection in the mirror. "You look incredibly sexy," Jane said, her voice sounding husky. "Let me get some lotion for you." She went over to her duffel bag and pulled out a bottle of lotion. Cindy followed her, her hand continuing to rub her smooth shaved skin. Jane squirted some lotion on her finger. "Sit down," she said, motioning toward the couch. Cindy sat down as Jane knelt before her. She pulled Cindy's legs apart and began to spread the lotion on her bare mound.

Jane massaged Cindy's genitals, rubbing the lotion into the skin. Her fingers were bumping Cindy's exposed clit, causing her to squirm with excitement. She soon abandoned all pretext of rubbing in lotion and began to run her finger up and down Cindy's slit. She gently slid a finger through her lips and into her vagina. Her thumb reached up and massaged her clit. Cindy had laid back on the couch and was moaning, her hips raising up to meet Jane's hand. Jane bent over and ran her tongue up Cindy's thigh, then lovingly placed a kiss on her exposed love button. Cindy's clit must have been three-quarters of an inch long and was bright pink. Jane flicked at the bud with her tongue, then took it in her lips and sucked hard. Cindy's hips arched up and she ground her pussy into Jane's mouth.

Jane reached up and began to massage Cindy's giant tits, pulling and tugging at the huge nipples. Cindy continued to buck and grind her cunt into Jane's mouth. She sucked in her breath and then exploded in a massive orgasm. Jane backed off and watched as she convulsed and shook as the spasms shook her body. I could see that her fresh shaved slit was soaked, her juices running down her thighs.

As Cindy began to calm down, Jane sat down on the couch beside her. She continued to massage Cindy's large breasts. Cindy leaned over and kissed Jane tentatively on the lips. She then became more forceful, and I could see their tongues hard at work. "I have never cum like that!" Cindy said, breaking off the kiss. "I've never seen a clit quite like yours," replied Jane. "It was just begging to be sucked on." Cindy looked down at her naked pussy, then ran a finger up her slit. She quivered when she touched her clit. "I've never made love to a woman before," Cindy said, "That was incredible."

Jane replied by kissing her gently on the lips. She reached down and took Cindy's hand and guided it to her own apple sized tits. The two women continued to kiss passionately, both massaging each others breasts. Jane leaned back and pulled Cindy's head down to her chest. Cindy began to lick at Jane's nips. Both of them were soon erect, about the size of my thumb, and covers with Cindy's saliva. She bit gently on Jane's right nipple, instinctively knowing what a woman would like. Jane continued to play with Cindy's large nipples, tweaking and twisting them with her fingers. Cindy's hand dropped into Jane's lap and began to rub her hairless mound. She rubbed up and down the slit, her middle finger parting her lips and slipping into Jane's juicy puss. She started to finger fuck Jane, her finger dipping in and out while her thumb was rubbing at her pink exposed clit.

I was stroking up and down on my hard-on in time with Cindy's in and out motions. My wife kept the area around her cunt lips shaved, but the only time I had seen her totally bare was when our son was born. She had complained then about how scratchy the feeling was. The sight of these two women with bare pubic mounds was almost too exciting.

"Use your tongue," I heard Jane say. Cindy dipped her head into Jane's lap. Using her fingers, she spread Jane's cunt lips and began to tentatively lick at her bare pussy. Her tongue curled around Jane's love button, alternating licks and kisses. Cindy bent over a little more and slid her tongue into Jane's wet hole. She began to alternate in and out motions with wiggles of her tongue while it was buried deep in her pussy.

"Move around here," Jane said. She pulled Cindy on top of her and arranged her in a classic 69 position. Both women began to lap at each others pussy's, Jane ran her finger in and out of Cindy's wet box, then moved up and began to toy with her tight puckered asshole. Her pussy juice was enough lubrication to let her finger slip through the tight ring. Jane began to finger fuck Cindy' s tight ass. Both women were squirming and twisting as they approached orgasm. Cindy went first, raising her wet face from Jane's cunt and moaning loudly. She took her finger and rubbed Jane's clit until soon both collapsed on the couch spent. Jane's finger was still buried deep in Cindy's rear end. She slowly pulled it out, eliciting another moan from Cindy. The two laid on the couch, their heads cushioned on each other's thigh.

When they regained their composure, they walked arm in arm to the shower and washed away the evidence of their lovemaking. They dried off and began to dress. When they finished dressing, they headed for the door. They paused at the doorway and engaged in a passionate kiss. The door closed and the tape stopped.

The picture started again, this time with the same two women coming into the poolhouse in their street clothes. It was obvious that the previous owner of the house had spliced this tape together. This time the women made no pretext as to why they were there. As soon as the door closed, they embraced in a passionate kiss. "So how did Howard like the new you," Jane asked. "He was like a kid in a candy store," replied Cindy. "I think he ate me out at least three times last night." "He just couldn't seem to get enough of it." "I told you it would turn his head," laughed Jane. "But he wasn't nearly as good as you," replied Cindy softly.

Cindy pulled Jane to her and kissed her. Her hands ran down Jane's back to the hem of her T-shirt. She pulled the shirt over Jane's head, revealing her braless tits. Her head bent down and she nipped at one of Jane's nipples with her teeth. Jane's hands were roaming over Cindy's back. She reached around and started to massage Cindy's large tits. She pulled Cindy's top over her head. Her large melons were encased in a flimsy, sheer bra. Jane slid her hand under the light material and freed her breast. She began to play with Cindy's nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

The situation quickly accelerated. The two women were soon naked and laying on the couch in a 69 position. Jane's head was buried between Cindy's thighs, her tongue lapping at her bare pussy. Cindy's clit was fully exposed, extending it's head from under the protective hood. Jane nipped at the bright pink bud, flicking it with her tongue. Cindy was moaning, pulling Jane's head harder into her crotch. As Jane pulled her face away, Cindy began to manipulate her own clit with her fingers.

Jane reached over to her clothes bag, which had fallen next to the couch. She unzipped the bag and reached in, pulling out two cock-shaped vibrators. The first one was made of smooth plastic and was very slim. She flicked the switch at the base of the vibrator, then began to apply it to the area around Cindy's cunt. Using two fingers, she separated Cindy's cunt lips and slid the phallus into her moist box. After moving it in and out several times to lubricate it, she moved it to her pink rosebud. The tight ring gave easily as she slid the plastic dick into Cindy's ass. Cindy was moaning loudly as Jane moved the vibrator in and out. She saw the other vibrator, this one about eight inches long and very thick, laying on the couch next to her leg. She picked it up and began to use it on Jane's shaved pussy. She split her pussy lips and eased the huge vibrator up Jane's love canal. Jane easily took all eight inches into her sopping wet box. Both women set about fucking each other with the vibrators. Jane continued to lap at Cindy's pussy, sometimes sticking her tongue deep into the shaved lips. In a couple of minutes, both of them collapsed in orgasm.

My fascination with watching these two beautiful women was broken by the intercom buzzing. Gena announced that she and the kids were home. I stuffed my hard cock back into my pants, rewound the tape and went into the house. That night, as I slid my tongue through Gena's red haired pussy, I commented that her pubic hair had grown a little, and maybe she needed to shave some of it. I of course offered to do it for her, but unfortunately she said she would do it herself the next day.

Chapter Nine -- Amy's Experience

Business and the holiday season kept me busy for the next couple of months. I did not have a chance to watch the other tape that I had found until later the next spring. I spent quite a bit of time working out of town. I often checked the VCRs when I returned, but never saw anything but the kids watching movies with their friends. The only sexual escapade on the tapes was Ed jacking off to his porno mags. He had once had Joni in the poolhouse with him. The two were making out on the couch, with Ed fondling her sweatshirt covered tits. When he tried to slide his hand under her shirt, she grabbed his hand and told him firmly "NO". I had always told Ed that when a girl says 'no' it means 'no'. I was glad to see that he had learned his lesson.

It was late April before the I got some new action from the VCRs. The weather had warmed up, but pool season was still over a month away. Amy asked if she could have a couple of her friends over for the night. We agreed and allowed them to stay in the poolhouse. Ed was going to be away at a soccer tournament that weekend, so I wasn't expecting any action like the last slumber party that Amy had.

Gena and I took the opportunity to spend a night out for dinner and a show. We left the girls in Sali's care. When we returned after 11:00, Sali reported that the girls had been quiet. They were watching movies in the poolhouse and sighing over the latest 'hunk' movie star. Gena and I walked out to the pool to check on the girls. They were watching a movie on the VCR, but quickly turned it off when I knocked on the locked door. Amy opened the door after about fifteen seconds and let us in. Amy, Jenny, our next door neighbor and Joni, Ed's sweetheart were all in long T-shirts. The blow up mattresses we had bought were on the floor with sleeping bags tossed on top of them. All three of them seemed a little nervous. We made sure that they were OK and kissed Amy goodnight. As Gena and I went back to the house, I told her that I needed to get some papers out of my office. I ran into the office and slid a new tape into the VCR, hoping to pickup some new action.

The next morning, the three girls were in the kitchen eating cereal and fruit when I came down. They looked a little tired, and when I mentioned this, Joni said they stayed up late watching movies. The other two girls left soon after breakfast. Gena, Amy and I spent the day doing yard work and cleaning up around the pool. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon before I got to watch the tape from earlier that weekend.

As the tape started, the three girls were settling back down after our visit. Joni reached under her sleeping bag and pulled a video tape out. "I thought we were caught for sure," she said. The other girls laughed in nervous agreement. Joni went over to the VCR and popped out the tape that was in it. She quickly slipped the other tape in. The three girls settled down on the mattresses and turned on the tape using the remote control. "O My God, look at the size of it," was the first thing I heard after a couple of minutes. I quickly realized that they were watching an X-rated movie. They continued to make comments about the action on the screen. Most were about the size of the male star's cock, and how in the world the girl could take it all inside her.

After about fifteen minutes of this, the action on the screen must have changed, because the girls got quite and began to watch intently. I saw Jenny's hand slide into her crotch and quietly rubbed her panty clad pussy. Amy and Joni soon followed. Amy turned to Joni and asked, "what does it feel like?" Joni said, "Its not like when I play with myself." "Her tongue just made me explode." She must have been referring to the party the previous summer when Patti had licked her pussy during the "virgin test" at Amy's thirteenth birthday party. It quickly became obvious that they were watching a lesbian scene on the movie.

Joni made the first move, easing the crotch of her white panties aside and running her finger through her slit. "I don't know what I want, a boy's cock or a girl's tongue," she said. "Ed would be glad to give you the cock," Amy said. "I heard him complaining to Kevin that you always gave him the blue balls." "I've felt his hard-on against me when we were making out," Joni said. "I've always wondered what it looked like." "Have you ever seen it?" she asked Amy.

"A couple of months ago I caught him in the bathroom between our rooms." "He was jacking off with a pair of my panties," she replied. "He must have forgotten to lock the door from my room." "Well what did it look like? the other two asked in unison. "Not like his," she said, pointing to the screen. "It's only about five inches long." "What happened when you caught him?" asked Jenny. "He yelled at me to get out and threw a towel at me," Amy said. " I went back into the bathroom after he left and found my panties had goo all over them." "Gross!" the other two replied.

"I caught my brother jacking off one time," said Joni. I knew that her brother was about seventeen and a basketball player at the high school. "I was taking clean clothes to his room and I didn't know he was there." "I just walked in without knocking and there he was on the bed naked." "He tried to get me to touch it, but I ran out of the room." "Later, he begged me not to tell Mom what he had done." "What was his peter like?" asked Amy. "It was pretty long, about six or seven inches," she said. "It had a huge head on it, kinda like a mushroom." "I really wish now I had touched it." "Your own brother?" said Jenny. "Yeah," she replied, "just to know what it felt like."

The whole time, Joni had been rubbing her finger up and down her slit. I noticed that Jenny had followed suit, her finger inside her bright pink panties. She suddenly got up on her knees and slid her panties down her slim legs. "I don't know about you but I'm about to explode." she said. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing a pink bra that matched her panties. She unclipped the catch on the front of the bra, revealing her firm mounds. Her half dollar sized nipples were erect and bright red in color. Joni reached to the hem of her nightshirt and pulled it off. Her small boobs were encased in a small white bra. She reached around and unhooked it, dropping it off her arms. Her small mounds were topped with hard quarter sized nips. She shed her panties, displaying her blonde muff. There was quite a bit more hair than the last time a had seen a shot of her lovely blonde box. Her clit was erect, its bright pink shape sticking out a half inch from the blonde pubic hair.

Amy was the last to strip off her clothes. She had matured quite a bit since I had last seen her naked the summer before. She unclipped her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her small breasts had swelled, and were topped with dime sized nipples that stuck out a good half inch. As she slid her panties off, I could see that her pubic mound was now covered with a thin growth of red hair. She ran her hand through the sparse growth, straightening it out. Her finger slid up her slit and stopped momentarily on her clit, which she rubbed gently. As she settled back down on the mattress, Jenny reached over and gently caressed one of her hard nipples. Joni had moved over closer to the other girls, and began to run her hand up and down Amy's leg. Her hand slid up between Amy's thighs and began to stroke the red pubic hair. Amy laid back on the mattress. Jenny began to lick at her hard nips, flicking at them with her tongue. Joni's finger had dipped into Amy's pussy slit, and soon her finger had slid into her moist hole. Joni used her thumb to nudge the hood of her love button, causing it to grow and come out from under its protective cover.

As Jenny continued to lick and suck at Amy's nipples, Joni bent her head down and began to lick at her bright pink clit. She used two fingers to spread Amy's full cunt lips apart, exposing the shimmering pink hole. Her tongue swirled around her clit, occasionally dipping into the juicy hole. Amy was twisting and moaning, raising her hips and pushing her pussy hard against Joni's mouth. Amy's hands moved up and began to play with Jenny's small tits. Jenny lifted her head from Amy's chest and pressed one of her huge nipples against Amy's lips. Amy eagerly took it into her mouth, sucking it as if she were breast feeding. Amy's hand moved up and began to play with Jenny's small breasts, teasing the huge nipples until the centers hardened into thumb sized nubs. Amy's other hand was on the back of Joni's head, pulling her harder into her crotch.

My cock was rock hard and throbbing in my hand. Different feelings were running through my head as I watched these three teenagers initiate each other into the world of sexual pleasure. The fact that one was my thirteen year-old daughter made me somewhat uncomfortable, but the sheer innocence of it all was making me horny beyond my imagination.

Amy released her hold on Jenny's small tits and pulled Joni's head hard into her wet pussy. Joni was licking furiously her hard clit as Amy twisted and moaned in a hard orgasm. Jenny bent down and kissed her gently on the lips, as naturally as if it was a boy. Joni had pulled her face away from Amy's lap, her face wet and red. She was moving her hand up and down Amy's thigh, and Amy seemed as ticklish as my wife was just after she has cum.

The three girls laid back on the mattress, catching their breath. "Oh my God, that was.....that was...," Amy stuttered, unable to find the words she wanted. Her hand was softly stroking Jenny's face. She then pushed Jenny down on the mattress and began to massage her swollen nipples. Joni moved to the other side of Jenny and began to play with her other small boob. It was obvious that Jenny was to be the next to receive the treatment. Both girls began to lick at Jenny's breasts, causing her to moan in anticipation. As I watched, Amy's hand slid down Jenny's stomach and into her dark pubic hair. In a moment, her head followed, her tongue tracing it's way down her flat tummy and through her belly button. She paused for a moment and looked at Jenny's wet mound. She had hesitated for a second, but then stuck out her tongue and took a tentative stab at Jenny's fur covered box. She already had one finger inside her, and she slowly began to pump it in and out as she licked at Jenny's hard clit.

In the meantime, Joni had moved up and was letting Jenny lick at her tiny, cone shaped tits. I could see her pull at the small buds with her teeth, eliciting a squeal from Joni. Amy had moved around and was now laying between Jenny's legs, lapping at her pussy. She would alternate flicking at her clit with lapping at her whole box. She once slid her tongue deep into Jenny's hot pussy, her nose rubbing at her clit. Jenny's hands moved down and tangled themselves in Amy's red hair, pulling her toward her wet cunt. Joni swung her leg up over Jenny's head, and planted her blond muffed pussy right over Jenny's face. Jenny released her grip on Amy's hair, and wrapping her arm around Joni's thighs, began to nibble at her long pink clit.

Soon, all three girls were moaning and squealing as tongues dipped into pussies. One of Amy's hands had moved up and was alternately massaging Jenny's firm young breasts and Joni's tight buns. My own throbbing dick exploded for the second time that day as Jenny and Joni erupted in massive orgasms. The three girls slowly moved up until they were laying beside each other, Jenny sandwiched in the middle of Joni and Amy. They wrapped their arms around each other as Amy laid her head on Jenny's chest, occasionally flipping her tongue out to lick at Jenny's nips. Joni's hand was massaging first Jenny's and then Amy's budding teenage tits. They lay there for quite a while as I fast forwarded through the tape. After a little while, Jenny got up and went toward the toilet room. Amy and Joni were kissing passionately, their hands roaming up and down each others bodies. They quickly switched into a 69 position, something they must have learned from the movie they had watched. When Jenny returned, she began to rub her hands over Joni's tight young ass, then dipped her fingers into her sopping wet slit. "This is what Ed's cock will feel like," she said as she slipped two and then three fingers into the wet hole. She pumped the young girl's slit hard, bringing an almost instant climax from Joni. She moaned loudly as she collapsed across Amy's chest. Amy too exploded in orgasm as Joni bit at her clit, then sucked hard on the little knob.

The three girls cuddled together and after Amy got up and turned out the lights. The glow of the TV set was all that illuminated the scene. As Amy turned off the set with the remote control, I saw Joni's hand settle on Jenny's small breast.

Gena and I made passionate love that night. I maneuvered her around so that she straddled my head as I dipped my tongue into her wet pussy. I was wondering if Amy's experience would turn her toward girls, or if she would be interested in a boy when the time came. As Gena exploded with her third tongue induced climax, I was thinking about the erotic scene that I had witnessed that afternoon.

Chapter Ten -- The Other Tape

It was hard to put out of my mind the scenes of the three teenage girls venture into the world of sexual pleasure. I watched the tape several times, jacking off each time I saw my daughters head between her best friend's thighs. My business had kept me away from home quite a bit, and extremely busy when I was in town. I was disappointed that after a month of the pool being open, my hidden camera system had picked up nothing more than Amy and her friends changing into swimsuits.

One rainy Saturday afternoon, Gena took the kids to visit her mother. I had just gotten back from being out of town for a week, so I was in my office attacking the mound of paperwork that had appeared on my desk the past week. After about three hours of work, I took a break. I thought about looking at one of my tapes, hoping that maybe a sexual release would clear the fog in my brain. As I looked over my selection of tapes, I realized that I had never watched the other tape that I had found when I had to replace the broken VCR. The other tape had been dynamite, a lesbian sex fest between our next door neighbor and a local TV newswoman.

I pulled the tape from its box and plugged it into the machine. I sat back and watched as the familiar scene of the poolhouse dressing room came on the TV. On the screen were two young teenage girls who I had never seen before. The first was a slim redhead about sixteen. She had bright green eyes and small turned up nose. Her small breasts were covered by a bright green bikini top. She had slim hips and almost skinny legs, topped with a very flat, almost boyish ass. The second girl seemed about the same age, or maybe a little younger. She was the exact opposite of the first girl. Her dark hair fell halfway down her back. She had a dark complexion, and dark brown eyes. Her voluptuous breast were spilling out of the top of her blue one-piece bathing suit. Her hips and ass were very shapely, and her legs were filling out to a pleasant shape. Both of the girls were quite attractive and sexy.

As the tape ran, the two girls were talking near one of the mirrors. "I tell you, we can hide in the closet and no one will see us," said the redhead. "I don't know Cheryl, are you sure?" said the dark haired one. "Come on Donna, you said you wanted to see what a guy's dick looked like," and I'm sure Ted will be in here soon." said Cheryl. She went over to the closet and opened the door. There was a space below the bottom shelf where the girls could sit and watch through the louvered doors. One of the louvers had been broken out allowing a full view of the room. I had noticed this when I bought the house, and had replaced the door.

"COME ON!" Cheryl said, and motioned to Donna to join her. Donna went over to the closet and the two girls sat on the floor and pulled the door shut. I could still hear some giggling as they waited. The tape had been edited at this point, so I don't know how long they had to wait. The picture started again as the door to the dressing room opened and a man walked in. (I recognized him as Don, a neighbor who had lived down the street. He and his wife had divorced and he moved shortly after we bought the house.) He was carrying a towel and a pair of swim trunks in his hand. Don was about forty-five, a somewhat indescript man with a balding head and a small beer gut. He locked the door behind him, then looked out through the blinds at the pool area. "Jesus, its hard to look at all that young pussy." he muttered to himself. He pulled his polo shirt off, then slid his chinos off. His back was turned to the camera as he slid his boxer shorts down and kicked them over onto the couch.

His hand appeared to be playing with his dick as he looked through the blinds once again. When he shifted around, I almost dropped the beer I was drinking. His semi-soft cock had to be at least eleven or twelve inches long. He was slowly pulling on it with his hand, obviously wanting to jack off before he went back outside. As he stroked, his dick began to stand up, not getting any longer, but thickening to the size of a flashlight. He released the hand he had on the blinds and began to pull on his massive peter with both hands. Even with both hands on it, at least three or four inches were still visible. The mushroom head was the size of a golf ball, and dark purple in color.

Don turned and sat down on the couch, never turning loose of his huge dick. He was now in full view of the closet door where the two girl were hidden. All of a sudden I heard a shriek come from the closet. Don looked up, his hands falling away from his dick and his eyes full of fear that someone had seen what he was doing. "Who's there?" he demanded. He got off the couch, walked to the closet and opened the door. There sat the two girls, Donna sitting wide-eyed and Cheryl grinning sheepishly. "What are you doing in there?" he asked. Cheryl spoke quickly. "We were hiding in here because Donna had never seen a guy's dick before." "We were hoping Ted would come in, but you came in first." "She had never seen a guy's peter and when she saw how big yours was she screamed." Cheryl rolled up onto her knees and crawled out of the closet. "You were trying to get your dick hard weren't you" "You were playing with it." "My God I've never seen a cock that big," Cheryl chattered. She seemed transfixed on Don's massive organ, which had wilted. Don just stood there dumbfounded, looking at the two cute girls in the closet.

Cheryl's hand reached out and she touched his cock with her finger. Don recoiled a little, not real sure what to do. "How big is it?" Cheryl asked. Don seemed to be in a trance. "It's twelve inches when it's hard." "A little longer when it isn't, " he replied. "Are all guys like that?" Donna asked shakily. 'No, most dicks are only six inches long," Don told her. "Then yours is twice as large as most guys?" she asked. "Yes, when it's hard" he replied.

"I'm sorry I screamed" said Donna. "Its just when I thought about that trying to get inside my body I couldn't help it." "I wish you hadn't," said Cheryl, "I wanted to see what it was like when it was hard." "Can you play with yourself some more so we can see it?" she asked Don. " I don't know...". "Pleeeaase," she pleaded, "I've never seen a cock so huge!" "I'll help you." Cheryl reached over and wrapped her hand around Don's peter and began to stroke it. Donna was sitting in the closet still, staring wide-eyed at the scene. As Cheryl stroked, Don's organ began to once again swell with blood. In a couple of minutes, it was standing out at a ninety degree angle to his body. His eyes were closed, and he moaned in pleasure as the teenager pulled on his pud. "Does that feel good?" Donna asked from the closet. "Oh yes!" he replied. "If she doesn't stop soon I'm going to cum." "What's cum?" Donna asked. "You idiot, that's the white stuff that comes out of a man's dick when he has an orgasm," Cheryl said. "Is that going to happen soon?" asked Donna.

Don's hand was on Cheryl's shoulder, fingering the strap to her bikini top. "You want to see my tits?" Cheryl asked. "Go ahead." Don pulled the knot on the strap and her top fell down, revealing her small tits. They were capped with dime-sized pink nipples, which appeared hard as rocks. As Cheryl continued to jack him off, Don began to moan and thrust his hips. A drop of pre-cum had appeared on the head of Don's dick. "Oh no you don't," Cheryl said, "You can't cum until I try this thing." She quickly stood up and slid her bikini bottoms off, revealing her red furred pubic mound. "Cheryl! You're not going to.....," Donna stuttered. "Oh yes I am," Cheryl replied. She turned to Don and said, "Don't worry, I've been fucked before." "But never by anything this big, so I have to be in control."

Her pussy was already dripping wet from playing with the big cock. She maneuvered him over to the couch and sat him down. Donna had gotten out of the closet and moved over close to them to watch. Cheryl began to rub the huge cock head against her tight young pussy, spreading her juices over the head his organ. "Its so hot and hard." she exclaimed. She pushed the big organ down to the bottom of her slit, and pulled it toward her. The huge cockhead pushed against the blood engorged lips, trying to force it's way into the tiny crevice. Her lips spread and the just the head of his enormous dick popped into her tiny cunt. "OH GOD!" she whimpered as he tried to stuff more into her. Her clitoris popped from it's hood like a tiny pink pea. Cheryl eased down on him and took another inch inside her. She now had about four inches of the massive peter inside her. Don gave a thrust and buried another inch into her young cunt. "STOP..I don't think I can take any more," Cheryl exclaimed. She rested on top of his cock for a second, then began to raise up off of it. Her pussy seemed to turn inside out as she began to bounce slowly up and down on him.

Don reached over to where Donna was sitting next to him on the couch, watching with complete concentration. He pulled the shoulder strap of her bathing suit down, exposing her large tit. Her nipple looked as if it was two inches in diameter. The center was erect, and stood a good half inch away from the rest of her breast. Don began to massage the grapefruit sized mound, causing Donna to moan quietly. "Does this make you horny to watch your friend get fucked by my big cock?" Don asked her, obviously gaining confidence. "I feel funny between my legs, all wet and tingly," Donna replied. Her hand went down and cupped the crotch of her bathing suit, gently massaging the area. Cheryl continued to bounce up and down on Don's prick, taking another inch into her tight pussy. Even with this, a good six or seven inches remained outside her tiny body.

"Please Cheryl, I've got to cum," said Don. Cheryl reached down behind her and grabbed the part of his dick that remained outside her young cunt. She stroked up and down with her hand four or five times until Don moaned and thrust deep into her, letting his load go deep into her teenage pussy. The two looked at each other and then kissed for the first time, Don's hands gently massaging her small breasts. His shrinking cock slipped out of her box and flopped against his leg, the huge head still a deep purple color. "Where's the white stuff?" asked Donna. "It's inside me," answered Cheryl, "all warm and gooey inside me." "But I wanted to see it," protested Donna. "Then you'll have to get this big thing going again," said Cheryl.

I could tell by the look in Don's eyes that this was his dream come true. Two pert teenagers, one an innocent virgin, were begging to play with his cock. "Here, let me help you," said Cheryl. She took Donna's hand and wrapped it around Don's limp member. "Gosh, it's all hot and sticky," Donna said. As Cheryl showed her how to stroke up and down, the huge peter began to stir back to life. "It would help me if I could see you," said Don. "What do you mean?" asked Donna. "He means take off your swimsuit, dummy," quipped Cheryl.

Donna let go of his dick and stood up. A little hesitantly, she slid the other strap off her shoulder, and pulled the suit down to her hips. Her large breasts and dark skin were a sharp contrast to Cheryl's petite young body. She pushed the suit over her shapely hips and slid it to the floor. Her ass was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, the tan lines from her suit making it extremely sexy. As she sat back down on the couch next to Don, I could see her pubic area was covered with a thick mat of dark hair.

Donna reached over and took Don's cock in her hand, stroking it up and down as Cheryl had shown her. Don began to massage her plump breasts. "Use both hands," Don suggested. Donna wrapped her other hand around his organ as it hardened. Cheryl reached up and added her hand to the massive dick, and soon fifteen fingers were pumping away. "Do you mind if I play with myself?" Cheryl asked, "I didn't get to cum earlier." "Go ahead," replied Don. Cheryl spread her shapely young legs and began to rub her moist slit, her fingers concentrating on the pink nub on the top of it. Don's cock had now reached it's full erection, and stood proudly away from his body. The camera zoomed in, and I could see a few drops of pre-cum seep onto the huge purple cockhead.

"It feels better if you use your mouth," Don said to Donna. "I don't know....." she said hesitantly. "Go on, it won't hurt you," piped up Cheryl, "I've sucked a lot of guys off." Donna bent over and stabbed at the head with her tongue, licking up a drop of the clear liquid. "It's salty," she said, then bent over and washed the head with her tongue. Her hands continued to pump Don's cock, as he laid back on the couch. Cheryl was now using one hand to spread her pussy lips as she rubbed her clit with the other. Don's hand fell into Donna's lap, and he started to finger her virgin hole. Cheryl suddenly moaned and crammed two fingers deep into her pussy as she climaxed. As she calmed down, she offered the two soaking fingers to Don, who licked them clean of her juices.

Donna's tongue was licking over the head of Don's dick like a lollipop. Cheryl got off the couch and knelt down between Donna's legs, taking over for Don fingering Donna's pussy. As Donna took the head of his peter into her mouth, Cheryl bent down and began to lick at Donna's pussy, using her fingers to clear the massive bush out of the way. Donna's clit and full, pouty pussy lips were now exposed to the camera, and it zoomed in on them for a second. It pulled back out and concentrated on Donna's mouth as it stretched over the huge cock.

"I can't take it.... I'm going to cum!" Don announced. As Donna pulled her mouth away, the first load of sperm erupted from his dick and hit her cheek just below her right eye. She had trouble getting the aim right, but by the third squirt, the white fluid landed on her tongue. She put her mouth back over his cockhead and the rest of his cum flowed down her throat. Cheryl's tongue had done it's job, and within a few seconds, Donna let go of her liplock on Don's cock and fell back on the couch in a wild orgasm. Her hands reached to the back of Cheryl's head and pulled her face hard into her crotch.

The three lovers laid on the couch for a few minutes, trying to regain their strength. A knock on the door brought them back to their senses. The girls grabbed their suit and rushed back to the closet, closing the door behind their naked young bodies. Don quickly pulled on a pair of swim trunks, then unlocked and opened the door. "Hey Ted," he said to the young man who walked in. "I must have fallen asleep on the couch for a few minutes." "Come on out and check out some of these babes in bikinis," Ted said. As Ted and Don walked to the door, Don looked over at the closet door and smiled at the two hidden girls.

That night, I casually brought up Don's name and asked Gena if she knew what happened to him. She told me the rumor was that he had gotten a young girl in the neighborhood pregnant and his wife had kicked him out.

Chapter Eleven -- It's A Family Affair

July came, and I was eagerly awaiting the return of my wife's sister Rachel and her two daughters. You will remember from previous chapters how the visit the previous year had turned out. Since they were only going to be here a week this time, I was making plans to be in town for the entire time. Gena (my wife) was also looking forward to the visit with great anticipation. The previous summer she had renewed a lesbian relationship with her sister that led to fantastic sex between the three of us. I also knew that my son Ed was looking forward to seeing Mary, his fifteen year old cousin whom he had deflowered the previous summer.

The first thing I noticed when the three arrived was how much better the two girls were getting along. I immediately wondered if they too had discovered the secret of lesbian love that their mother and my wife had many years ago. Deb, now 17, was if anything more exotic looking than ever. Her tight, slim body had changed little over the year, but a change in the way she did her hair and makeup had made her into a beautiful, sexy young woman. Mary had lost all her baby fat now, and her body had tightened up. Her full breasts had grown a bit, and the low cut tanktop that she was wearing accentuated her full bustline. Her ass was now tight and firm, encased in a pair of tight running shorts. I could see Ed had quickly developed a hard-on when he kissed his cousin on the cheek. Rachel had changed little, her dark complexion accentuated by her dark tan. The low back on her halter top showed no tan line. Her hair was now cut in a short, almost man's fashion.

After a few minutes of getting reacquainted, the kids quickly decided to head for the pool. I excused myself, explaining that I had to make some phone calls. I headed for my office, wanting to check out the girls bodies. I slipped into my office and turned on the TV cameras in the dressing rooms. In a couple of minutes, Deb and Mary came in to one of the dressing rooms carrying small tote bags. They locked the door behind them and began to change into their suits. Deb pulled her polo shirt over her head, revealing her small, braless tits. Her dark nipples were erect, but covered with Band-Aids so they would not poke through her shirt. She quickly pulled off the bandages, and massaged her quarter sized nipples. She unzipped her cut-off shorts, and hooking her thumbs in the waistband, pulled her shorts and panties off at the same time. Her dark pubic hair was as I remembered it, about an inch wide and shaved everywhere except just above her cunt lips.

Mary was also striping off her street clothes. As she doffed her tank-top, I could see her tits straining inside the plain white bra. Without removing her bra, she slid her running shorts down her firm legs, exposing her firm ass and blonde muff. The tan lines from her french cut bikini made her look even more naked. She reached between her breasts, and released the catch on her bra. The full melons popped out, the small dime sized nips a bright coral color. Mary cupped her full tits in her hands, massaging them where the bra had cut into her skin. I guess I was a little disappointed when they both began to dress in bikini's, Deb's a bright orange print, and Mary in a solid purple one. "I need a little trim," said Mary. Deb reached in her bag and pulled out a pair of scissors and handed them to Mary. She began to trim her pubic bush where it stuck out from her bikini bottom. I noticed on the other TV screen that my daughter Amy was doing the same type of manicure job on her red colored muff. The barber job complete, the two girls headed out to the pool. I joined them there a few minutes later. All four of the kids were playing in pool. Ed was trying his best to stay next to Mary, his flirting almost being obvious.

I looked up at the house and noticed that the curtains to our bedroom had been pulled. I knew in a moment that Gena and Rachel were already renewing their love affair. I headed into the house, leaving the kids and Sali, our nanny, to play in the pool. I stole up the stairs to our bedroom and quietly opened the door. On the bed, Rachel's face was buried deep in Gena's juicy box. My dick instantly sprang to life as I watched her flick at my wife's hard pink clit with her tongue. I pushed my shorts over my hips and let them fall to the floor. I wasted no time as I moved up behind Rachel, and pulling my hard cock away from my belly, eased the head into her gaping pink slash. She moaned as my dick sunk into the hilt on the very first push. She must have been expecting me because she showed no surprise. We quickly matched rhythms, as I pounded in and out of her tight box, her tongue darted in and out of my wife's pink pussy. It didn't take long for all three of us to reach explosive climaxes. As we collapsed on the bed together, I knew that this would be the first of many sexual encounters we would have while Rachel was visiting us.

The event that happened a couple of days later was both arousing and I guess a little disturbing to me. Rachel had promised Deb that as a high school graduation present she would take her on a shopping spree. There was a small city about a three hour drive from ours that was occupied with nothing but outlet stores. They planned to spend the day there shopping and drive back after the stores closed. Deb was adamant that her Aunt Gena go with them. Since Mary was not included in on the trip, Amy decided to stay home with her, much to Ed's chagrin.

Gena, Rachel and Deb left early on Thursday morning for their shopping spree. I headed out to my office to work on a presentation I was to make the next week. Amy, Ed and Mary were still in bed when I went to work. It was Sali's day off, so she had left early that morning to head for her sister's house across town. About 11:00, Amy knocked on my door to let me know that they were up. She was already dressed in her bikini. When I went out at lunchtime, Amy and Mary were laying in the sun, their tops untied. I went inside and told Ed I had to run downtown for a little while to pick up some supplies. I told him to make sure he mowed the lawn that afternoon and left.

I returned about an hour later to find the yard already mowed. I went out to my office expecting to find the kids in the pool, but there was no one around. I headed back to my office and flipped on the TV and dressing room cameras. Ed and Mary were sitting on the couch, watching TV. Amy appeared to be asleep on one of the blowup mattresses on the floor, a beach towel covering her. As I watched, both Ed and Mary seemed to be checking to be sure that Amy was asleep. Satisfied that she was, Ed slid his arm around Mary and began to kiss her. Mary returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around Ed. Ed's hand quickly slid up and cupped Mary's full breast, massaging it through the bikini top. They were constantly looking at Amy to be sure she did not wake up. Ed's hand slid under the fabric and pushed it to one side, releasing her softball sized tit. The tiny pink nipple was hard as a rock. Ed bent down and took the hard pebble in his mouth, sucking and nipping at it with his teeth. Mary's hands were running through his hair, pulling him tighter to her chest. He started to untie the bow behind her neck, but Mary stopped him. "Can we go inside?" she asked. "No, Sali will be back soon," Ed replied. He moved the fabric that was covering her other breast and began to attack that nipple.

Mary appeared to be enjoying herself, but seemed occupied that Amy might see them. As Ed sucked on her hard nipple, she pulled on her top so that the other breast was covered. Ed's hand had moved down and was running up and down her silky thigh. His hand moved up and covered her pubic mound, then he slipped a finger inside her bikini bottom and began to massage her pussy lips. "Lets go into the other room," she suggested. Ed slipped his hand out of her pants and stood up, holding her hand. His boner was obvious under his shorts. Mary reached out and cupped her hand around his hard-on, gently stroking it up and down. They slipped quietly to the door and went out, heading for the other dressing room. As I turned on the TV in the other room, I noticed that Amy immediately rolled over on her back. She had been playing possum the whole time, watching Ed feel up his horny cousin. Her hand slid into the top of her bikini and she began to rub her nipple.

When Ed and Mary went into the other room, they quickly re-engaged in a deep kiss. Ed's immediately untied the top of her bikini, exposing Mary's firm teenage tits. Both hands began to massage the large globes, concentrating on the hard nipples. Mary reached down and pulled on the drawstring of Ed's swimsuit. She hooked her hands in the waistband and pulled it down over his hips. Ed's hard-on snapped up against his belly, the blood engorged head bright pink in color. His baggy swimsuit fell to the floor. Mary's hand quickly began to stroke his hard rod up and down. Ed's hands left the blonde girl's ripe tits and began to untie the strings on the side of her bikini bottom. It soon fell to the floor beside his trunks. Mary's lovely blonde muff was now in full view, and as they embraced, Ed's hard cock began to move up and down through her pubic hair.

In the other dressing room, Amy's hand was inside her bikini bottom. I could see she was pumping a finger in and out of her young pussy, occasionally moving her hand up to rub on her clit. Her other hand was inside her bra, rolling her nipple between her fingers. She had been turned on watching her brother fondle her older cousin, and was masturbating to relieve the sexual tension.

Meanwhile, Mary had dropped to her knees in front of Ed, and was washing the head of his stiff cock with her tongue. He grasped the back of her head and pulled her down further on his cock, gagging her once. After a minute or so of cocksucking, Ed reached down and pulled Mary to her feet. They began to walk over to the couch when Ed suddenly stopped. "I've got to get a rubber," he said. "It's OK, I'm on the pill now," Mary replied. "Cool," said Ed. He sat down on the couch and Mary straddled his hips. She reached between her legs and pulled his stiff prick away from his belly. She positioned his cockhead at the entrance to her wet cunt and slowly lowered herself onto his erection. She moved up and down a couple of times until Ed's cock was fully embedded into her hot box. They began a slow rhythmic fucking stroke.

I was stroking my own hard rod, mesmerized by the sight of these two young people methodically making love. I suddenly noticed that Amy was standing up and moving toward the door of the other dressing room. She slid out the door and in a moment, was opening the door of the other dressing room (which in their passion, Mary and Ed had forgotten to lock). At first, Mary and Ed were so involved with their fucking that they did not even notice Amy standing there. Mary noticed her first, but just smiled at her and motioned for her to come over. Ed looked up and saw her, and for a moment was startled, but he was so determined to drive his hard cock into his cousin that her didn't seem to miss but a couple of beats.

Mary reached up and took Amy by the hand and pulled her close to her. Amy seemed to almost be in a daze, watching her brother's cock slide in and out of Mary's juicy cunt. Mary pulled the cups of Amy's top up, revealing her small breasts. Her nipples were much the same as Mary's, about the size of a dime and sticking out a good half inch. She pulled Amy closer to her and sucked one of the nipples into her mouth. Amy lost some of her dazed look as Mary bit lightly on her erect nubs. Amy's own hands reached out and began to fondle Mary's large tits. Mary dropped her hands and slid one in the top of Amy's bikini bottom, cupping her mons and squeezing it like a tennis ball. Amy moaned loudly, and began to push the bottoms off of her hips. Ed was staring at his sisters naked body. His hand moved up her thigh and I could see his thumb slip into her wet slit. I guess this was the disturbing part, because I really want Ed to get into a full fledged incestuous relationship with his sister.

Mary raised herself off of Ed's pulsing cock, and it flapped back against his belly. Mary pushed Amy down on the couch, spread her legs, and began to lick at her swollen clit and pussy lips. Ed looked at Mary's firm ass waving in the air and moved up behind her. He slid his hard dick back into her soaking wet box as Mary lapped away at his sister. This reminded me of earlier in the week when I had been in the same position, my dick deep in Rachel's box as she went down on my wife Gena. I could hear the sounds of Ed's belly slapping against Mary's tight ass. I have been constantly amazed at the sexual prowess of these young teenagers. I could see Ed's ass began to tense up, and I knew he could not last much longer. His hands were on Mary's hips, pulling her hard against him as he slammed his prick into the deepest parts of Mary's vagina. I think Mary was the first to cum, as she began to lap almost uncontrollably at Amy's red furred box. Ed slammed his rod into Mary's box as deep as it would go, emptying his load deep into her pink box. Amy too exploded in a wild climax, moaning loudly as Mary sucked her clit hard into her mouth.

The three youths collapsed on the couch, Ed falling between Mary and Amy. Amy was staring at Ed's shriveled dick, and reached out a tentative hand and touched it. She ran a finger into the small puddle of cum that had formed where his cockhead had fallen against his body. "Use your tongue to clean it up," Mary said. "I'll show you." Mary bent her head into Ed's lap and began to lick the combination of their juices from his crotch. "Try it," she said, taking Ed's cock in her hand and offering it to Amy. Amy bent down and took the soft cock into her mouth, washing it with her tongue till it was clean. Amy raised her head, seeming unsure of what she had done.

The three kids silently got dressed and left the dressing room, headed for the house. I was unsure exactly what to do at this point. I knew that I did not want Amy and Ed to enter into this kind of relationship, but I was confused by thoughts of the real love that passed between Rachel and Gena. I got very lucky that night. About an hour before the others got home, I caught Ed trying to peek through a crack in the door into Amy's room. I took him to the den, sat him down, and gave him a long talk about it was okay to be curious, but that his sister was not to be an object of his curiosity. He seemed relieved to be having the talk, because I knew he was confused as Amy was about what had happened that afternoon. I wished that I could talk about it with Gena, but I knew I would have to give up my secret to do so.

Late that night, I found myself in the same position again, only this time it was Gena's juicy cunt that I was pounding into as she dipped her tongue into her sisters dark haired pussy.

Chapter 12 First Time

The end of the summer was coming quickly. Rachel and the two girls had left without any further adventures between Ed and Mary, at least any in the poolhouse that my cameras were able to capture. I had, of course, been in heaven while Rachel was in town. Gena (my wife), Rachel (her sister), and I had spent several nights fucking and sucking each other into numerous orgasms. Rachel had even let me slip my hard cock into her tight asshole, something that Gena was not fond of at all. Gena had laid between her sister's legs, licking her dark haired snatch as I pounded in and out of Rachel's firm ass. I also had a short video of my daughter Amy and her cousin Mary. Amy was massaging Mary's firm young breasts in one of the poolhouse dressing rooms when Deb had knocked on the door and walked in. They had never had time to go any further with their relationship.

Labor Day weekend was coming, and Gena and I decided to get away for a long weekend. We had not had a vacation together alone in about six years. A friend of ours who was a travel agent got us a deal to go to Cancun for almost nothing. We made arrangements for Ed and Amy to stay at our next-door neighbor Jane's house. Since the kids would have use of the pool for a final weekend, I made sure my VCR's were loaded with fresh tapes.

Gena and I arrived back late on Monday night. Ed and Amy had to go to orientation at school the next day, so soon after we got home they headed for bed. The next morning, the kids headed out on their way to school. About an hour later, Gena headed for her office downtown. Since my business was a little slow, I was planning to work around the yard and pool for a couple of days, cleaning up and getting the pool ready to close. Just after lunch, I headed to my office in the poolhouse. I checked the VCRs and found that both of them had used almost all of their tape. I rewound them and settled down to watch what had happened while we were gone.

I fast forwarded through the first couple of hours of tape, occasionally slowing it down to watch Amy or one of her friends change into their swimsuits. I watched with interest when Joni came into the dressing room to change. She had spent the summer with her Grandmother, so I had not seen her in a while. She quickly slipped out of her brightly printed sundress, and stood in front of the mirror in her bra and panties. She reached around and unhooked her bra, and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her taut young breasts had grown over the summer. Her quarter sized nipples now topped mounds the size of oranges. She massaged them where her bra had been biting into her skin, causing the nipples to harden and turn a bright pink color. She hooked her thumbs into her bikini panties and slid them over her hips and down her shapely legs. The blonde hair covering her young pubic mound had turned a shade darker than when I had seen it last. I knew that she and Ed were "going steady" and had been writing letters to each other over the summer. She slipped on a black bikini top, and tied the straps behind her neck. The tan lines on her young body made her look extremely sexy as she pulled the bottom of the bikini up her firm legs.

I continued to fast forward through another hour of tape, without anything catching my eye. Mostly kids running to the bathroom or changing back into street clothes. Ed and Joni had come into the dressing room and engaged in a long kiss at one point. Ed's hand had wandered up over Joni's firm left tit, and massaged it for a moment. As they broke from their kiss, the door flew open and Amy and Jenny ran in. "CAUGHT YOU!" they laughed, as Ed and Joni quickly separated.

The digital timer on the tape showed about 9:30 on Friday night when the camera came to life. The tape started with the door closing. I could hear Ed's voice as he said, "Let me get the blinds closed before you turn on the light." A moment later, a small lamp in one corner of the room came to life, revealing Ed and Joni. "Nobody should be able to see that," said Ed. They quickly kissed, their arms wrapping around each other. "Are you sure your Mom won't know you're gone?" asked Ed. "She and Larry went to play cards at the Syler's house," answered Joni. "They don't ever come home before one o'clock." Ed replied by pulling Joni into his arms and kissing her deeply. "I missed you a lot this summer," Joni said as she pulled away and sat down on the couch. Ed joined her there, and the two teenagers began to make out.

For quite a while, they only kissed and hugged each other. After about twenty minutes, Ed's hand slid up Joni's slim body and began to rub her breast through her blouse. After a couple of minutes, and meeting no resistance, Ed reached up and began to unbutton the sleeveless blouse. Joni only seemed to kiss him harder as the blouse slipped from her shoulders, revealing a peach colored bra. Joni leaned forward as Ed pulled the blouse from her body, dropping it on the couch behind her. Ed returned to massaging her firm young breasts, quickly slipping his hand inside the cup of her bra. He pushed the cup to one side, exposing the quarter sized nipple. He began to play with it, rolling it between his finger and thumb. The nipple quickly blossomed, hardening into nub about the size of a piece of chalk. Joni laid her head back and moaned slightly as Ed lowered his head and took the hard nipple between his lips. As he nursed at her small, orange sized breast, Joni reached up and undid the catch on the front of her bra, letting it fall open and displaying her other pert, hard nipple.

Joni's hands were roaming up and down Ed's back. She eventually grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. "I want to feel you against me," she said, pulling him down on top of her. They had moved to where they were laying side by side on the couch. Ed's tongue continued to lick at one of Joni's hard nipples as his fingers excited the other one. Joni's head was rolling from side to side, and small moans were escaping her lips as Ed would bite down on one of her hard, pink nips. Ed's hand began to rub down along her rib cage, slowly moving down to her waist and hip. He continued to move his hand, rubbing the outside of her thigh, down to her knee. He then slid his hand back up the inside of her leg, letting it glide lightly over her crotch, and then back down. Being given no resistance, Ed slid his hand up the leg of her baggy shorts until it disappeared. I could see his hand massaging her pubic mound through the khaki colored material.

After a couple of minutes of this, Ed pulled his hand out of the leg opening of Joni's shorts and moved it to the waistband. He quickly unsnapped them and slid down the zipper. Joni raised her hips off the couch as Ed slid the shorts off of her shapely teenage legs. I could see a dark spot on her peach colored panties where her juices were seeping through. Ed slid his hand down the front of her panties and resumed massaging her pubis. The tight panties would not let him maneuver very much, so in a minute he removed his hand and began to pull them off of her hips. He quickly revealed her blond muff, and the bright pink slit which graced it's middle. Before he could start again, Joni reached up and undid the button on his shorts, quickly pulling the baggy cut-off blue jeans to the floor. Ed in turn raised his hips from the couch and slid his white briefs off, throwing them next to his shorts, exposing his rock hard five inch cock.

As Ed returned to his stroking of Joni's blond muff, she reached out and tentatively took his hard rod into her hand, her fingers closing around it. She began to gently stroke it up and down, the bright red cock head contrasting against her pale tan skin. Ed slid his middle finger deep into her wet box, eliciting a loud moan from Joni. "Shhhhh," he whispered, and covered her mouth with his. They continued this mutual masturbation for a couple of minutes before Ed pulled his lips from hers. "Faster," he said, moving his hand down to join hers on his hard rod. Joni stroked faster, and in a moment, Ed's hips jerked forward as a stream of white jism erupted from his cock, splashing onto Joni's flat belly. Joni watched in amazement as the thick juice spurted two or three times onto her stomach, then ran slowly down to the top of her pubic bush. She gingerly touched the white liquid, smearing it around on her tan skin. Ed's finger had quickly slid back into her soaking wet box, and a moment later Joni laid her head back and began to twitch her hips and legs as an orgasm rode through her young body.

The couple laid back on the couch, kissing feverishly as they came down from the height of their orgasms. Ed gently massaged her orange sized tits, and tweaked the hard nipples. After about five minutes, Joni dropped her hand to Ed's lap, and soon his penis had hardened again. Joni whispered something to Ed which I couldn't hear. Ed got off the couch, went over to the closet, and pulled something from behind a box on the shelf. As he walked back to the couch, his hard-on was banging against his flat stomach. As he laid back down on the couch next to Joni, I could see what he had gotten was the familiar foil packet containing a condom. "I've never done this before," Joni said quietly. He ripped open the packet and handed the rubber to Joni. He showed her how to place it on his hard cock and unroll it down his blood-engorged shaft. With the rubber firmly in place, Ed opened her thighs and knelt between them. He pried his hard cock away from his belly and placed the head in the pink gash of Joni's sopping wet pussy. He gently slid his cock into her virgin box, probing in and out to spread the lubrication around completely. He was soon bottomed out, their pubic hair mingling together as he held his cock as deep as he could inside her, letting her adjust to having this foreign object in her body. After about a half a minute, he slowly began to slide his latex covered organ out. They both quickly found a rhythm, and Ed was soon pounding away. Joni's legs came up and wrapped around his back, pulling him deeper into her. After a minute or so, Ed's butt started to clench, and I could see he was about to cum. Joni moaned loudly and arched her back as Ed slammed his dick home for the final time. Both of the teenagers climaxed together, then fell back on the couch.

After a minute or so, Ed slid his wilting organ out of Joni's box. Her thighs were red, and she looked flushed. Ed's rubber covered penis flopped over against his thigh. They laid there holding each other for a few minutes before Joni looked up at the clock on the poolhouse wall. "Oh God!" she exclaimed, "It's almost twelve-thirty." The two teenagers jumped to their feet, the slimy rubber almost falling off of Ed's limp cock. Joni grabbed her clothes and began to slip on her underwear. "Do you want to take a quick shower?" he asked. "I don't think I have time," she replied, pulling her blouse on without putting on her bra. She quickly finished dressing, while Ed went to the closet and got a towel, which he wrapped around his waist. The two embraced, sharing a deep kiss. Ed turned off the light, and Joni slipped out of the door, headed for home.

Ed flipped the light back on and walked over to the shower. He adjusted the water temperature and began to wash the evidence of the night's activity from his young body. His back was to the door as he soaped up his body. I was surprised to see the door slowly crack open, and even more surprised when Jane walked into the dimly lit room. She walked straight over to where Ed was rinsing himself off in the shower. "So, did you enjoy yourself?" Jane asked. Ed almost fell when he heard her voice. He turned around to see who was talking to him. "Mrs. Nichols!" he exclaimed, and realizing he was naked, dropped his hands to cover his crotch. "I was wondering where you had been for the last three hours," she said. "Now I know why you weren't watching TV with the girls," Jane said. "Please, don't tell Joni's mother," Ed pleaded, "we won't do it again." Ed was making the standard plea that any teenager would when caught red handed. "Well, I hope you at least used some protection," Jane replied. I could tell she was eyeing Ed's crotch, which he was still covering with his hands.

I remembered that the first tape I had ever seen from this hidden camera system was one in which Jane had screwed the former owner's son. So I guess I was not real surprised when Jane reached down to the hem of her lightweight dress and pulled it over her head, revealing her firm naked body. She stepped into the shower with Ed, and putting her arms around his shoulders, pulled Ed toward her. Ed's hands automatically went around her body and their lips met in a crushing kiss. Ed was quick enough to realize his good luck, and soon moved his hands up and began to massage Jane's apple sized tits. Jane directed his head down to her left breast, and Ed began to lick and nip at her hardened nipples.

After a couple of minutes spent switching between Jane's firm breasts, Ed raised his head and again kissed Jane hard on the lips. Jane then kneeled down in front of Ed and took his hardening cock into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around his hard-on and she began to bob up and down, easily taking his five inches into her mouth. In a moment, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and washed the head with her tongue. She looked up at Ed and said, "I won't tell if you won't." She stood up and pulled Ed by the hand toward the couch. They were both soaking wet, but didn't seem to care. Ed sat down on the couch and Jane immediately mounted him, reaching between her legs to pry his hard-on away from his belly and placing it at the entrance to her pussy. She impaled herself on his throbbing member and slid all the way down on the first stroke. "Hurry up and fuck me," she said, " We have to get back before the girls get suspicious." Ed began to slide easily in and out of Jane's wet slit. As he pumped, he began to chew on her hard nipples, bringing a moan from Jane. I realized that my fourteen year old son's body was bigger than Jane's petite frame. He began to pound up into her wet box. After a minute, he wrapped his arms around Jane and rolled over until she was underneath him. He then began to pound his rod in and out of Jane's dark haired cunt. Suddenly, Jane moaned and rolled her head, just as Ed slammed home and began to empty his cum deep into her pussy.

The TV screen suddenly went blank as the tape ran out and began to rewind itself. I realized that my own wilting pecker was in my hand and small pool of semen was covering my stomach. I hadn't realized how much my son had grown until I noticed on the tape that he was now taller than Jane was, and his body was beginning to fill out. The intercom on my desk made a noise and I heard Amy ask if I was home. I quickly grabbed some tissues and wiped the cum from my stomach. I would have to wait for another day to watch and see if anything was on the other tape.

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