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When Jimbo first saw her, she was wearing a low-cut red dress, which fit her feminine frame nicely and complimented her very long, wavy blond hair. Her face was tiny, like she was a little china doll. And Jimbo knew she'd be broken just as easily.
Now, of course, back in Jimbo's Lair, as he called it, she was completely naked. She was sitting against a wall, with Jimbo sitting on her legs. He was a head taller than she was, and he looked down at her pretty face, staring up at him with fear. He held a sharp, serrated knife to her delicate throat.

"Make on sound, whore, and I'll slice you open like a fish." The girl was terrified, and obediently stayed quiet. Her watery eyes followed the knife as he moved it slowly down her neck, down one long arm, then back up and circling a large tit. He moved the knife to the tit's underside and lifted it up by the dull edge. He hefted it, judging its quality. Nice.

Jimbo reached behind her head and pulled her hair around, draping over her breasts. It was long enough to cover them. Oh yes, he whispered, I'm going to have some fun with this hair.

He then stood up, and pushed his crotch, still covered by this jeans, against her face. He ground it into her, crushing her head into the wall so hard she groaned.

The vibrations of her mean against his cock started making him hard. He dry-humped her head a little, slamming it back into the wall. He considered raping her, but decided he'd go out later for another fuck-toy. He had an experiment to conduct.

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her across the room. She fought hopelessly against him. He slapped her several times to control her, then a few more times just because it was so much fun to see her wince.

She fought harder when he dragged her face to face with "the horse". Her eyes got wide with fear and she screamed "NO NO NO!!!"

She tried to claw at him with her nails. He laughed and punched her in the face. She sagged, but he kept a firm hold on her hair and kicked her between her legs. "Aagh!" the slut screamed, but he kept fierce hold of her golden locks and kicked her again. He kicked her several more times until she slumped, dazed. He laughed and dragged her to the horse.

He had specially designed this horse, but this was the first time it would be used. It's main bar was cut diagonally, with the sharp end up. Towards each end were two sets of metal rings. From one end of the horse, a metal bar was raised about 2 and a half feet, and this held onto another large metal cross-bar.

It's main feature, what had caused the girl to struggle, was this: about in the middle, below the horse, was a hydraulic pump. This pump was attached to a huge metal dildo that was stuck through the horse. Even to a stupid woman, its purpose was obvious. The dildo was 12" long and made of several expandable, overlapping rings, some of which were knobbed. In addition, Jimbo had made it so that each ring could spin independently. The most interesting feature of the dildo was that it was an excellent conductor of electricity -- complimented by no less than five electrical wires snaking from the central motor, each topped by sharp metal teeth which could easily dig into and hold onto a woman's soft flesh. Jimbo could control the voltage from off, to merely tingling, to lethal.

Jimbo threw his blond toy to the floor. He took a wide metal collar from the wall and snapped it around her neck. She was beginning to recover her senses, so he again pulled her up by the hair and held the knife against her chin. He stared into her eyes and said, "If you do not sit on that dildo willingly, I WILL kill you, worthless slut." Of course, the young blond didn't realize he was going to kill her anyway, and that she'd never again be free.

The fragile girl trembled in his tight grasp. "Please ... " she sputtered, horrified, "I'll do anything ... "

"Yes you will, bitch! You'll sit down on that big metal cock of your own free will or I'll shove you face first into a fire and butt-rape you till you fucking die!" He grabbed on of her nipples and squeezed it hard to emphasize his point.

The little blond was cowed. She wanted to believe the mean man would let her go, so she hesitantly, with many sobs and shivers, climbed onto the horse.

She stopped when her cunt was inches away from the tip of the dildo, which was none-to-narrow itself and poked three inches out of the wood beam.

"Put it into you cunt, whore!" Jimbo slapped her face. Leaning on the horse, her feet feet off the ground, her hair hung over her face and made her look like a dog. But the whore didn't move, just sat there trembling and crying.

"I'll give you something to cry about bitch!!" Jimbo said and grabbed a nipple. He pulled it out hard and place the knife to saw it off. He'd planned on cutting it off and inserting it up her tight asshole, but the blond yelled, "No! I-- I'll do it."

Jimbo paused, ready to mutilate her tit. He looked at the whimpering slut. "Bitch, Id love to slice of this nipple right now. Tell me you'll sit on the dildo willingly and without any coercion and I won't."

"I-- I'll sit on the dil--dildo will--willling--ly si-ir." she stammered, crying, and sat back. Still threatening her tit, Jimbo leaned in to watch her silky cunt lips part as the huge metal monster invaded her slowly. The girl began moaning and sobbing louder. Without the rings expanded, the dildo was only 1" wide, so the cunt got the three-inches protruding from the wood into her.

Once inserted, Jimbo lifted one of her ankles back, and attached it to the ring in the horse by rope. Then he tied the other ankle back the same way. Then, a tight leather strap latched onto one of the rings on the front. While the captive slut moaned, he pulled both her arms back and over the metal bar behind her, and the tied her own long hair to the wrists. In this fashion, she was bound to the horse - which Jimbo knew, she would be bound to for the rest of her very short life.

Smiling at the girl, who sobbed in terror, Jimbo hit the switch which expanded the dildo's metal rings and simultaneously began the hydraulic pump. He set the dildo on slow and sat back to enjoy the show. The dildo slowly invaded the girls cunt and became wider. And inch and a half --- 2" --- 2.5" --- when it reached 3.5", it was at the top of its cycle, fully into her. Unfortunately for the girl, the steel dildo was longer than her vagina, but the hydraulic pressure wouldn't be stopped by something as meaningless as a cervix, and so the girl was lifted and inch up in the air by the dildo, and her screams became shrill.

Jimbo had enjoyed watching her changing facial expression as the dildo initiated its journey. First surprise, than fear. Then her face muscles tightened as she expected pain ... and then the wonderful scream when the pain finally hit and she was bumped up in the air by the metal dildo against her tender womb.

The blond tried to struggle against his machine, but it was no use. The solid metal collar attached to the front of the horse held her forward; her arms and legs twisted behind her held her backwards, and the unstoppable rape of the hydraulic dildo held her centered.

"STOP IT PLEEAASE STO_OP IT I HATE YOU OH GAWD!!!" Jimbo just laughed at her pathetic please. The steel dick was at its lowest setting -- a mere six rpm. It provided its own lubrication -- although Jimbo had nothing against using no lubricant and ripping a hapless girls vagina to shreds. But for now he was interested to see how much this petite blond could handle. He pushed a button and the dildo began to slowly rotate -- each section in a different direction. It must have felt like her insides were being mashed.

Jimbo grabbed her face and yanked it toward him. This pulled on the hair tied to her hands behind her. He forced her clenched eyes open with his thumbs and made the bitch look at him. "Tell me how it feels slut!"

she moaned and sputtered, "i-it huuuurrrrtttts aaaahhhh puh-lease maaaake it stooop!"

He snarled at her, "Why should I make it stop, whore? You got on it willingly. Ha ha ha. Fucking cunt. Lets speed it up a little." He reached down and twisted a knob. There was no safety warning on the knob, but he guessed that 60 rpms would not be fun for her. That's one in and out stroke of the 12" steel dick into her pussy each second. At the same time, he fiddled with another knob, and brought the dildo's diameter to 5", stretching the poor girls pussy obscenely. She shrieked and wailed in pain as the dildo spun faster too. He laughed and stood back to look at her. Her whole body was twitching and vibrating in tempo with the metallic rape. He reached out and grabbed one of her ripe tits and thoughtfully kneaded it, digging his fingernails into the yielding flesh. It made him hard, looking at his woman-toy bound and raped like this. He wanted to fuck her pretty face ... but that would entail taking her off the horse.

So he adjusted the dials again so that she wouldn't tear apart too soon -- 20 rpm at 3.5" seamed safe and went out, leaving the blond alone to suffer.

He came back four hours later with two 11-year old twins and their 10-year old friend. He chained them together neck to neck and paraded them in front of the horse. The young girls were horrified. He told them they'd each ride the horse unless they pleased him -- and pleasing him now meant sucking his sweaty cock and balls. The girls had never seen a man's cock before, and were almost as horrified of it as the horse. Jimbo taught them a lesson by simply lashing one of the black-haired twins to near-unconsciousness, He thought the read lash-marks showed off her white juvenile skin nicely.

Before they sucked him, though, he made a few improvements to the tortured blonds condition. First, he stuck a drip-bag of mild stimulants into her arm because she was becoming numb, and the bitch had lost the right not to feel pain when he'd taken her. Then he attached the metal clamps to the blonds tits -- they bit into the soft flesh hard, drawing blood. He took a third clamp and attached it to the tip of her nose too -- quiet a task, for her head was shaking violently. Then he inserted a metal probe into her asshole (there was a second hole in the horse for just this purpose). This probe would gradually become hotter until it burned her tender shithole. And the last improvement to the blond's condition was an electric-slapper which hung in front of her face and slapped it with flat tin blades in time with the dildo.

He twisted the dial to 120 fucks-per-minute and turned the voltage on medium. Her body twisted like she was having an epileptic fit as electricity shot through her nipples, nose, and cunt. Her tortured mind felt the probe in her ass start to get hotter and she wailed on long, continuous scream.

The pre-teen girls were terrified by this. Jimbo asked them if they knew why this was a good thing to do to the blond. When they didn't answer, Jimbo lashed the ten-year old until she was unconscious and explained it was good because the whore had tits and a cunt, just like them. No other reason than that she was a girl...

And as the twins began to suck on his aching balls, each hoping to please him not realizing none of them would ever be free again, as the pleasure soaked into his manhood, he looked amused at the blond being tortured in front of him and decided his experiment was a success.

He wondered how the ten-year old would do.

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